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Volcano Erupting In Iceland..


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    So yeah, tonight around midnight a volcano under the Eyjafjalla Glacier started erupting (Eyjafjallajökul). So the last time this volcano erupted it was like 1821 and it lasted until 1823.. A funny thing is that volcano's erupt in Iceland, each with it's rhythm, each erupts in like this many years.. Like lets say A erupts every 100 years and another erupts every 150.. Well what is so funny about this is that almost every volcano in Iceland is... Late.. They have all past their time and well over that, my geology teacher told that most of them could erupt any minute.. Like the one erupting tonight. Well Iceland kinda new about that, since there had been a lot of earthquakes there the past 2 months.

    So lucky me lives far enough from this volcano, so I don't have to relocate like some people..

    So since non of you really know were I am then I'm gonna post this map...

    Ok the Volcano is at the bottom of Iceland, the Glacier there...

    Well I live on the left side were it says Reykjavík.. :) And yeah, for those whom know something about volcanic activity's on Iceland the past years, this Volcano is kinda close to Vestmaneyjar which erupted in 1970 something, making everyone having to evacuate the island, and yeah there close by Surtsey (A small island that was formed in a under sea volcano) was formed in 1960 something.. So yeah..

    Anyway I finished downloading both Heart Gold and Soul Silver.. xD But after having everything ready I cant find the goddamn charger so I won't be able to play until I find it.. xD