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First off, I've got absolutely nothing against volunteer projects. They're great humanitarian experiences. I volunteered in a library, community center, and a couple hospitals now. All of which were actually pretty fun and taught me a thing or two.

What I dislike is when an undergraduate instructor forces you to volunteer at places you a) don't believe in, b) don't have time for, and c) expects that you actually live somewhere close to the location and it doesn't cost you $15 in gas there and back each time. Did I mention it's a required 10 hours and the services are only an hour each? Yeah, that's $150... why couldn't I just give the organization that? Oh wait, I could, if doing this didn't conflict with my work schedule forcing me to ask for these days off so I don't fail.

I don't want to sound cynical here, but I'm getting fed up with the school using undergraduate students for their every whim and study. If you're not in a university yet, you'll soon learn you're going to pay thousands of dollars to be a guinea pig to help graduate students or to make the campus look better - usually without much of a choice.

Any ideas how to fix the mess I'm in and somehow not develop a negative outlook towards something that should be done out of the kindness of your heart?


fake your death.
I guess I'll understand this more once I've switched majors. I'm sorry you have to do all this, dear. :( What exactly are they making you volunteer in?

You don't sound cynical either, don't worry. I'd be pretty mad if (and...probably when...I'm sure they'll make me do something eventually) I were forced into something.

Good luck with it though? :( <3