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[Pokeemerald] Weather, Seasons etc.


Creating an event!
So I spent quite a while writing this code for the pokeemerald decomp. I never got to fully finish it because I just don't have the time anymore. If anyone wants to use this code and implement it into there game and or modify it, then be my guest.

I have added deferent states for the time, different weather, seasons, the games own time system which allows for 1 hour in game time to equal about 20 minutes give or take. You are asked when played a new game to choose which seasons your in and what day of the seasons. I made each season (Spring, Summer, Autumn, and winter) 30 in game days long. Each season also has some implemented weather for each type. Also depending on storm strength it makes your character movement speed slower. I coded as much as I knew how to, to make it as dynamic as I possibly could at this current time.