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Well this is it


the princess without voice
  • 6,316
    *dusts off all the cobwebs on this blog*
    So I guess this is the end for PC as we know. I just wanted to say that, the last 6 years here were some of the best times of my life. I'm not saying that to be cheesy, I really mean it. PC was another home for me, and although I left for a while making returns everyone few months, I still have a lot of amazing memories from the days I was active. This is where I would go everyday after my classes and to escape from the stresses of life. And while I never made some of the same close friends as some of you guys have, I still made some real connections here and I'm gonna miss all that. I knew this forum would end sometime, I just never expected it to happen the way it did. Witnessing all of this unadulterated chaos unfold is truly an experience. But I'm proud of the staff members who have stepped down after what was revealed of Steve and applaud the people helping the community hold together in this mess. If we do end up creating a new forum, I'll definitely join, but it just wont be the same, PC was something special. Anyways with all the said, I'm really gonna miss this place.

    If anyone wants to stay in touch with me feel free to follow me on
    twitter: andy_dwyers

    tumblr: davids-harbour
    instagram: awolfsquared
    snapchat: awolfsquared

    So to end this, farewell PC!! Thanks for the 6 year journey!! ❤️