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What in the world is this ?!

Soaring Sid

Now I'm motivated

Eiscue, the 'Penguin Pokemon'. This Pokemon keeps its heat-sensitive head cool with ice. It fishes for its food, dangling its single hair into the sea to lure in prey.

An ice cube on a penguin. Nice. Wow. This is one of, if not the dumbest designs ever made in the history of fiction, at least in my opinion. The Ice King from Adventure Time looks better, in my opinion. If he ever needs an assistant, Eiscue will be ready, I guess. What's the deal with this Pokemon? I may not know.
The rant is done and unfortunately, at first glance this might seem like I'm bashing Eiscue. Another funny part, however, is that I just love it. Eiscue is now one of my most favourite Pokemon. This is a silly design of course, but I love it. Never had I experienced anything like this. This design is terrible but adorable. I love it and hate it at the same time. I would surely get one if I'd have Sword right now(Of course, it has to be by trade, as it's a Shield exclusive D:)! Well, such a cute Pokemon, with a gimmicky ability, and two forms. It couldn't get any better now, could it? I am stunned and find it difficult to explain how this Pokemon has me frozen in its thought :P

Anyway, Eiscue's doing well in the meta as well! An interesting way of using it is by Belly Drumming it to get its attack maxed out, and then allowing it to be hit(its defence is decent, so it should be able to survive many attacks). Once this happens, its cube will break, and it'll make that 'Noice Face'(is it a play on nice?) causing it to lose its defence stats. But it gains an incredible base speed of 130 in return, which means it can outspeed most attackers, including Cinderace, Boltund and Weavile! And with this maxed out attack, it can wreck through teams that don't have suitable offenders against this silly guy. For example, a Pyro Ball from a Cinderace should do it before it gets a chance to Belly Drum. Even if it does manage to Belly drum, a Gengar with STAB Special move should KO it without problems.
If you've gone through this, cheers, now you can watch it! (If you want to, that is)
This is a video by Vizually: