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What's your favorite of the Switch Pokémon games?

  • No love for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX? It's as much a main game as New Pokemon Snap, Legends Arceus, and Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee! Which is to say not at all, it's a spinoff (sorry, but until we get another Legends or Let's Go title I will see those as spinoffs no matter what GF/Nintendo/marketing try to push to the contrary) but I would say it's the best of the bunch on the Switch at the moment. The visuals are slightly more appealing than New Pokemon Snap and look absolutely stunning on the OLED screen, the gameplay has been improved quite a bit from the original with the revamped gummi system - although the removal of proper Friend Areas is a bitter pill to swallow - and, unlike every other Pokemon game on Switch, this one has a more tangible narrative with actual characters. I really hope we get an Explorers DX in a similar format in future!
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    • Seen May 13, 2024
    It's either Legends Arceus or Scarlet and Violet, although Sword and Shield are also very good and even BDSP are guilty pleasures of mine.


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  • From what I've played:

    1. Legends Arceus
    2. Scarlet & Violet
    3. Sword & Shield
    4. Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl
    5. Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee

    Legends Arceus definitely my favourite Switch Pokémon game so far, still haven't finished all the side-quests yet though. LGPE the only one I didn't bother finishing, really wasn't a big fan of the catching mechanic.


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    • Seen May 4, 2024
    I've played a good bit of them all except LGE which I'll get to later this year, but thusfar my favorite hands down has to be Sword. I know it's streamlined to an almost ridiculous amount, but I love linearity, I thought the battle animations were excellent and I really liked the plot. Also the character customization was wonderful. Then I'd probably go Scarlet, followed by Snap (if only cause I never played original Snap), and then Brilliant Diamond - which is perfectly fine, it's just a remake, though I'm not a huge fan of the chibi design in the overworld - and finally plop Legends at the bottom because oh BOY is that a stinker. Easily the worst Pokemon game I've ever played hands down. It's amazing to me that it gets as heavily applauded as it does.
  • Sword/Shield is, to me, the most replayable. It's got a great variety of Pokemon available at the start, especially with Isle of Armor added in, the trainer customization is pretty nice and the gyms can even be a bit of a challenge when I don't use Dynamax. I've played through Sword and Shield more times than I can count and every time my team feels different.
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    I liked New Pokemon Snap the best, considering how it seemed to bring the Pokemon World to life way better, when compared to the main games. Also liked Legends better due to more realism within the game, as well as following a more less is better approach to things.