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Whirl Island Adventures! (Genre-Humor/Adventure)

  • Seen Mar 2, 2014
Whirl Island Chaos! (Genre-Humor/Adventure)

Alright, PLEASE DONT JUDGE THE ENTIRE STORY BY THE FIRST CHAPTER! I swear that it drastically improves as it goes on. I know the first chapter may make it look like the typical trainer fic, but it aint to typical trainer fic. Its very twisted .^^. (in a humorous way) This is going to sorta be like the Orange Islands from the anime. Anyway, please review my fic if you decided to read it! Rated PG 13 for some cursing and PG 13 sexual references in future chapters. Im going to admit my grammars not that awesome, but Im trying my best to fix it. Also, pay attention to the tiny details because they prove important (sort of like in Harry Potter)

Chapter 1- Meet the Trio

?Congratulations Brian Thomas! You have won the Whirl Island Pokemon League!? Ash Ketchum declared to a carrot-top adolescent boy. His brown eyes gleamed with excitement as he thrusted the golden trophy into the air while his best friends, Julie and Greg, cheered from the sidelines. Something caught his eyes; at the edge of the vast stadium, there was a glint of yellow.

?Oh no,? moaned Brian. It began to take the shape of a giant banana as it hurtled through the stadium. "The big yellow banana! That means this is a?

?Dream,? A tall, female mirror image of Brian finished. She was wearing a flowing white nightgown and had long flaming red hair just like Brian. Brian was back in his twin bed holding on tight to his Gyarados bed sheets. ? Wake up sleepy head. The ferry is going to leave in an hour.?

Brian immediately bolted up and turned to face the digital alarm clock which read 8 AM. ?That trick always gets me! But the ferry is leaving today at noon, right Mom?? Brian asked.

?Yes! So get up already. Sunkern is waiting downstairs, and I have everything packed. You know what to do every day right?? Mrs.Thomas told her son.

?I know! I?ll put on deodorant, so I won?t be a funky hippie child.? Brian replied in a drone as he scurried out the bedroom door and into the bathroom.

"Man, that sounded just like someone elses start," Mrs. Thomas muttered under her breath.

Brian took a deep breath as he glared at his reflection in the mirror. It was finally the start of the Whirl Island Pokemon League. Nearly 7 years ago, the huge pokemon officials decided it was probably not so safe for ten year olds to venture the lands of Johto because of the high injury rates and decided to make the age limit eighteen. However, thirteen year olds were able to have their own Pokemon League in the Whirl Islands for one year after 8th grade. Just like in the Johto League, there would be eight gyms, two on each of the four main islands.

Brian ran downstairs after finally changing into his blue and white striped shirt and khaki shorts. At the foot of the stairs was a yellow seed like pokemon the size of a small waste bin with green stripes, a Sunkern.

?Kern Kern!? the tiny pokemon piped up.

?Are you ready for the Whirl Island League Sunkern?? Brian asked while rubbing the two small leaves on top of her head. Brian knelt down to allow Sunkern to hop onto his shoulder. They had managed to achieve perfect balance while walking two years ago.

Over seven years ago, while playing in the Cianwood Forest, he encountered a battle between a Pidgey and a Sunkern. Brian drove the bird pokemon away with a flurry of stones and took the poor seed pokemon to his house. Once Sunkern was completely healed, she refused to leave Brian?s side, and they had been best friends ever since.

He walked into the kitchen, finding his two best friends sitting there with plates of bacon and eggs. Julie and Greg were fraternal twins with dirty blonde hair and large, pale green eyes. Next to them were their pokemon, Julie?s Machop and Greg?s Slowpoke.

?BRIAN! Are you ready for the Whirl Islands?? Julie asked. She was a very optimistic, yet crazy girl. She boasted to be the only trainer in Cianwood less than five feet tall ever since her brother began his growth spurt a couple of months before school ended. Brian noticed Greg?s pile of food was much larger than Julie?s.

Greg pretended to be a tough guy on the outside, but as Julie always says, he is a huge Teddiursa on the inside. He spiked the front of his hair to resemble a tidal wave. He had practically no body fat and pretty good muscles since he spent 90% of his free time trying to look good to impress girls (which unfortunately never happened). ?Urm Hoy Bwian,? he mumbled with a mouth full of greasy bacon.

Brian rolled his eyes and sat to eat his own meal. Machop, Slowpoke, and Sunkern had their own individual pokemon food. Originally Machop was for Brian since he came from a big family of fighting pokemon trainers. His dad was disappointed that he wanted Sunkern instead of Machop, but he eventually got over it and gave the pokemon to Julie.

According to the Johto Pokemon Law #17 A, minors under the age of thirteen were only allowed to have one pokemon. Greg was stuck with his lousy Slowpoke. Eight years ago, when Greg was only five, the entire family watched the Whirl Cup (a water pokemon competition), and he was amazed. He had a huge crush on Misty from Cerulean City in Kanto, but he never admitted it. Julie thinks the crush is alive.

He always talked about being a water pokemon trainer like Misty. Unfortunately, his Aunt Matilda, who didn?t know much about pokemon, gave him a Slowpoke on his sixth birthday. Slowpoke was a pink bear like pokemon that has its large mouth hanging open, and whose hobbies included staring at walls for hours at a time and ignoring people. Greg was making some progress with the dopey pokemon, at least Slowpoke sometimes responded when Greg yelled.

Brian noticed Slowpoke was staring at a painting of a Machamp and not taking in a single bite of food. ?HEY DUNCE EAT YOUR FOOD!? Greg yelled after finally swallowing his food. Slowpoke turned to face Greg and then looked back at its food and after much deliberation, he began to slowly munch on the Remoraid and Bits. Everyone laughed while Greg scowled.

Machop was a pokemon that sort of resembled a five year old kid, on steroids. He was completely grayish with a small tail and three fin like features on top of his head. He looked small and scrawny, but he could lift Greg in one hand and Julie on the other. After their hearty breakfast, Mrs. Thomas greeted them.

?All right kids, you have three hours before the Cianwood Ferry comes, and Chuck wants to give you a present,? She said. ?Oh, and someone else will be there!?

The trio turned to face each other wondering what surprises lay in the Cianwood Gym. They left the house and began to walk toward the gym. As mentioned earlier, Brian came from a big family of fighting pokemon trainers. His youngest uncle, Chuck, was the gym leader of the Cianwood Gym and battled with a Primeape and Poliwrath. Also, his cousin Brawly in Hoenn was a gym leader with a powerful Machop and Makuhita. Brian?s dad claimed to have the best position, a father and a husband. Mr. Thomas and his Heracross usually went around Johto to give lessons in pokemon schools.

A fresh sea breeze blew across their faces as they finished walking the first block. Cianwood City was a large seaside city. Over to the far right was a giant beach that stretched all through out the shore with many ferries, fisherman, swimmers, and just people having fun at the beach. At the other side was a large city with beautiful white houses and a pokemon center. The entire city consisted of fifty streets and over one thousand houses.

?So Julie, tell us what are you going to do. Greg wants to train water pokemon for the Whirl Cup, and I?m collecting the badges,? Brian asked Julie. She didn?t respond at first, rather sighed and tied her long blonde hair into a ponytail.

?To be honest, I don?t really care what I do. I think I?ll just catch pokemon and train them strong enough to beat Sally!? Julie declared. She made a rather ugly face at the word Sally, for Sally was one of the Pecunia Triplets. The Pecunians were a very rich family with a giant mansion in the far end of Cianwood as well as a sea cabin. They had a set of triplets containing three snobby daughters: Sally, Grace, and Jean. They always wore fancy dresses and bragged about their surplus of dollars in school. Sally and Julie were horrible enemies ever since Kindergarten.

?I really hope Misty enters the Whirl Cup this time,? Greg said misty eyed. He suddenly jerked his head up and only then began to realize that Julie and Brian heard. ?Erm, so she can give me some advice.? Brian and Julie struggled not to burst out laughing. Even Slowpoke, who was struggling to keep up with Greg, seemed to look less dazed.

After walking nearly ten blocks, they reached a large building half the size of a normal school. In front of the screen glass doors read CIANWOOD GYM. The trio walked into a large battlefield; it was very hard and made of granite with a few large boulders sticking out here and there. Some kids were training their Pokemon fiercely. A motherly looking woman with a cascade of black hair in a bun greeted them.

?Hey kids! Chuck wanted to see you in his office. You may notice the diet I ordered is finally working for my flabby husband,? Sarah, Chuck?s wife, said. The kids laughed at Sarah?s joke and followed her to a doorway that led into a weightlifting room with a desk crammed in the corner.

Every time Brian would come by, he would always see Poliwrath and Primeape, Chuck?s pokemon, working out at some random machine. Today Poliwrath was bench pressing what appeared to be three hundred pounds with Primeape behind him. It was quite something to see a giant tadpole with gloves and a cross of a pig and monkey lifting weights. They were not alone; Brian saw a variety of other fighting pokemon working out including a Machamp, the fully evolved version of Machop, who looked a lot older and had four muscular arms. Machop was glaring hopefully at a punching bag.

?Is it all right if Machop can use the bag Mr.Chuck?? Julie pleaded. She took Machop to Chuck three days a week to weight lift for the past four years. Chuck, who was watching Poliwrath, turned. He was nearing his middle ages with thick black hair and a thin, slanted moustache that didn?t connect. He was very muscular but had a lots of excess flab that Sarah always joked about.

?Oh, sorry kids didn?t notice you there for a second. Of course Machop can go Julie!? Machop quickly ran and began assaulting the large purple bag. ?Since you guys are going out to train today, I have some things to give.?

Chuck went to the storage room located in the back and returned holding a small box. He laid it in front of them and opened it up. There were three round blue CD player looking devices. ?He pressed a small grey button on the top of one, and it opened up to show a screen and several buttons. These are PokeGuides. When you navigate around them, they will give info on the place you?re at, attractions, and pokemon found there. Even better is when you press the red button in the center it will send out a transparent laser that can scan the DNA of a pokemon and send back information! Let me show you.?

Chuck pressed the button and a small bulb at the back of the Pokeguide glew red. He pointed it at Slowpoke and the device began to speak ?Slowpoke, a water and psychic pokemon. This pokemon is said to be not very reliable and will be hard to get to release an attack. This pokemon is also recorded to be able to use Growl, Curse, Water Gun, and Tackle.?

Greg rolled his eyes, and Sunkern gave a little giggle. ?Pretty cool isn?t it? I got it from a Gym Leader Conference. I said I know three reliable teenagers who are about to embark on the Whirl Island Pokemon League who can use them. These are prototypes so be sure to call me up sometime and tell me how they are!? Chuck said. He handed one of the PokeGuides to Julie, Greg, and Brian.

"Three reliable teenagers? What about Greg?" Julie commented as she examined her own PokeGuide. Greg was following a small housefly that buzzed around the room.

?Thanks a lot Uncle Chuck! By the way, whose pokemon are all those?? Brian asked pointing at a Machamp and several other pokemon.

?Those are my pokemon,? replied a deep voice from behind. There, looming over them, was Brian?s most famous relative, Bruno. Bruno was a tan, incredibly buff man with long black hair. He was Brian?s eldest uncle and a former member of the Kanto Elite Four, now a member of the Johto Elite Four. ?I haven?t seen you three in a while. Carrot Top, you must be very close with the twins as they are always around.?

Julie and Greg laughed hard while Brian?s cheeks turned more scarlet than his hair. ?Just playing with you Kiddo. Your Sunkern is looking good as always! I?m kind of glad you decided not to be a fighting pokemon trainer it is beginning to get a bit boring now. Anyway, I came over to Cianwood to give you guys some advice and fare good luck in person.?

?Hold on! Do you have a water pokemon. I have this rare Slowpoke that can be a great addition to your team! And I heard Slowpoke tails are very nutritious,? Greg blurted out. Julie sighed and crossed her arms.

?Don?t worry! Slowpoke is a powerful pokemon; you just have to find a way to harness its power. That goes along with one of my pieces of advice. Every pokemon has there own strengths you must find it. For example Caterpie and Weedle might appear to be weak, but with some proper training you can manage to use its string shot to your advantage! Also, I highly suggest you capture a variety of types unless you?re specializing in a certain one like Greg. If you capture water pokemon, be sure to be able to teach them how to fight on land. Trust me, it is possible. There?s a lot more you can know, but the rest is all in this trusty little guide book I wrote.? Bruno lectured. He handed Brian a small purple book with a picture of Bruno on the front cover.

"Did you use to be a salesman or something?" Julie asked perplexed at the weird, rehearsed speech.

"Well, how was I supposed to live before I became famous?" Bruno said looking at his large feet.

?Oh boy, it?s all ready 9:30! You children should go get your things ready! Best of luck, and did your mothers tell you boys what to do everyday?? Sarah asked sternly.

?Put on deodorant every day, so I won?t be a funky hippie child.? Greg and Brian replied monotonously. Julie giggled and Machop was at her side again.

?Good luck kids! Be sure to stay out of trouble!? Chuck and Bruno yelled as the trio walked out the gym.

?All right, Sunkern let?s see what this thing has to say about you,? Brian said as he placed Sunkern on the ground.

?Hey, I?ll do that too! Machop step in front of me,? Julie added. They both took out their PokeGuides and pointed them at their pokemon.

?Sunkern, the grass type pokemon. This pokemon is known to drain power out of it?s opponents as its offensive attack. It currently knows Growth, Absorb, and Mega Drain.? The machine responded. Julie?s began to respond as well ?Machop, the fighting type pokemon. This pokemon is very powerful and can lift a hundred times its weight. It currently knows Leer, Focus Energy, Karate Chop, and Low Kick.?

?Hey, this guide book tells what all those attacks do!? Greg yelled as he was scanning the guide book. The three crowded around the book ignoring their pokemon. ?Hey! We have plenty of time on the ferry to read this thing! Let?s get our stuff and meet back at the dock.?

"We could make great advertisers one day, you know?" Brian commented.

They went their separate ways back to their homes where Brian found his Mom waiting on the porch with her Scyther AKA Slissy. ?Oh Son! I?m going to miss you! Even though it is only a year, I?m still going to miss you bad! I have your bag packed with all necessary things, including three sticks of deodorant! If you need anything, be sure to call me. Remember Pokemon Centers offer free meals, so don?t be a Pecunia and save your money! Oh, Sunkern you be a good plant and protect Brian,? Mrs.Thomas said. She gave Brian a rib cracking hug and splattered his face with kisses as he put on his book bag. Sunkern was screwing her eyes attempting for the one too manieth time to control her laughter.

?I?ll miss you too Mom, but can you please loosen your grip,? Brian struggled to say. Slissy, a praying mantis like pokemon as tall as Greg with large scythes for arms turned away and crossed her scythes. ?Oh Slissy! You know I?ll miss you the most!?

The bug pokemon turned back smiling and raised her scythes in preparation for a huge hug. ?AHHHHHH!? Brian screamed as he ran as fast as he could away from the sharp scythes and toward the beach nearly toppling Sunkern over.

He found Greg and Julie already waiting there along with about fifty other adolescents and their pokemon as the ship appeared on the horizon. As it drew closer, the crowd gasped. It was nothing like a ferry; it was more like a cruise! Within thirty minutes, the ship anchored at the dock and the door opened as a small man with glasses holding a piece of paper came out. The ship was large and black with bulbs all around the rail gleaming different colors. It was called the S.S. Mantine.

The man began to speak ?All right, I need the following kids to step forward and walk into the ship. Oh and show me an ID. Kileen Anchorage, Chris Boid, Julie and Greg Carson?? Brian waved goodbye and mouthed "See you later". Within long, he was called up and after presenting his ID he walked into the SS Mantine and took the first step of his Pokemon Journey.

I just wanted to say that this first chapter is actually supposed to be a parody of typical beginning. A few dialgoues showed that. It will not be this unoriginal later on. Next chapter you can expect some crazy wackiness like Greg challenging Slowpoke to a pokemon battle, one of the most priceless scenes in my fic!
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C'mon any reviews?

Chapter 2 All aboard the SS MANTINE

Julie, Greg, and Brian were all on the ship?s deck which was smooth and made of brown hardwood. There were some sailors on board doing various jobs. Julie watched Cianwood slowly get smaller and smaller as the boat cruised farther and farther away.

?Hey! We?re going the wrong way! Last time I checked, the Whirl Islands were straight ahead not to our left!? Greg noted.

?Remember Dunce, there are two stops: Cianwood and Olivine. There is only one sea in Johto; everyone else has to wait in Olivine if they want to do their adventure in the Whirl Islands. Enjoy the space while you can,? Brian replied.

Sunkern and Machop were practicing their attacks. Sunkern didn?t mind the Karate Chops because of her tough shell, but in return, Sunkern had to go easy on how much energy she absorbed from Machop. Greg watching them annoyed.

?Why do you guys get to have such amazing pokemon? Their already practicing while my Slowpoke is staring at Melissa?s Shellder!? Greg moaned.

Melissa, a tall brunette, turned shocked and grabbed her Shellder, a small grey shellfish pokemon, and scurried to the lounge. ?What?s her problem? Wait the PokeGuide thing said you can do some attacks! Show me a Water Gun!?

?Slow?? The pink bear pokemon droned. He stared at Greg for several seconds then at the seas below. He did not move, rather just decided to stare at the hardwood floor.

?Hey! Machop and Sunkern cut it out now or you guys are going to be rushed to a pokemon center as soon as we land on the island,? Julie yelled to the two obedient pokemon who immediately stopped.

?Why don?t we head downstairs? That?s what everyone else is doing,? Brian suggested.

They began to head toward a door in the other side of the boat. Machop and Sunkern immediately went to their owner?s side while Greg tugged at Slowpoke?s tail, begging the idiotic pokemon to follow him.

For the first time in many years, Slowpoke finally made a reaction that didn?t involve gazing with his mouth hanging wide open. Slowpoke turned to face Greg looking furious. His large eyes were narrowed in dislike, and his mouth resembled a thin line. He then opened his large mouth wide, and a thick pillar of water bolted out and struck Greg in the face, sending him flying backwards and hitting the rail. Several people on the deck turned to face them.

Greg struggled up and touched his damp hair. He could not feel the little wave sticking out in the front. ?You stupid Pokemon; you ruined my hair! I?ll show you how a true Pokemon battles! Greg use Dynamic Punch!? Greg declared as he sprinted toward the livid bear with his fists bared.

Slowpoke began to glow a blinding light. ?What?s happening? What?s Slowpoke doing?? Julie asked, quite indifferent about Greg being attacked.

Her pokeguide answered for her.

?Slowpoke can use Curse attack which raises its attack and defense but lowers its speed,? the guide replied in the usual monotone.

When Greg was a few feet away from Slowpoke, the furious bear launched himself toward the enraged human in a Tackle attack. Greg screamed in agony and clawed his hands in preparation for a Fury Swipes.

?Looks like that Slowpoke is stronger than we thought. Machop, you better separate them; Slowpoke might get hurt!? Brian commanded.

Machop shook his head and ran to the two, who were on top of each other and sent them flying to opposite sides of the boat with a Low Kick. Slowpoke and Greg quickly recovered, breathing hard.

?Greg, use Flamethrower!? the incredible genius ordered to himself. Greg inhaled deeply and exhaled, finding no flames bursting out.

?I think that would be a Poison Gas attack,? Julie said. ?Sunkern, you better help out too.?

The seed pokemon hopped off of Brian?s shoulder with a curious expression on her face as if she wasn?t sure whether to laugh or cry. Slowpoke inhaled deeply and exhaled sending another stream of water toward Greg. Practically everyone in the deck was staring appalled at the two. Sunkern jumped just in time to take the full blow while Machop struggled to keep Greg from attacking Slowpoke. Greg resisted and tried to send what looked like a Hyper Beam.

?This is just getting ridiculous now! Jigglypuff, use your Sing attack!? Natalie commanded.

She was a girl from the Cianwood School that Greg and Brian got along with very well; Julie said a bit too well. She was a creamy skinned girl that had a cascade of black hair that fell to her waist along with black eyes, not dark brown but black. She wore a white shirt with the five singers from her favorite band, Good Clefable, and awfully short pink skirt.

Her Jigglypuff was a pinkish round balloon pokemon about one and a half foot high, but two feet wide. She had adorable large, green eyes similar to Julie and Greg?s. Jigglypuff pointed her little marker she thought for years was a microphone and began to sing.

?JIGG A LEE PUFF JIGG A LEEEE A LEEE PUFF JIGG A LE PUFF JIGG A LEE PUFF JIGA LEE!? She sung. Slowpoke and Greg immediately became drowsy and plopped asleep onto the floor.

?Thanks a lot Natalie!? Julie said as the other people on the deck resumed to their talking and water pokemon watching. Machop and Sunkern sighed out of relief and plopped down against the side of the boat.

?No problem. What are you guys planning to do for the next few months?? Natalie asked

?Oh Julie?s undecided, but I?m gonna collect the eight badges, and Sleepy Head over there is going to enter the Whirl Cup. What about you and your Jigglypuff?? Brian replied.

Jigglypuff had wandered off to talk to Sunkern and Machop in their own little pokemon language of repeating there name over and over.

?I heard Whitney?s retiring in a few years. I want to take her place, so I?m going to collect the eight badges and some more normal pokemon to take her place. The more accomplishments you have, the higher chance you have of becoming a gym leader. Nathan just wants to hit the waves and check out the ladies, but he?s gonna get the badges too. He wouldn?t be able to live with it if I become the league champion, and he didn?t get a chance at the apple,? Natalie replied.

Nathan was a typical stereotypical surfer dude. He was Natalie?s best friend and got along with Julie very well; Greg said it was a bit too well.

Nathan walked up to the three of them. He had wavy blonde hair, dark blue eyes that always seemed to be zoned out, and a dark tan from countless hours of being in the water. He wore a white t shirt and swim trunks; it was clear he planned on surfing as soon as he hit land. He had a strong athletic built, which the girls loved. Greg said his one pack should attract just as many girls as Nathan?s six pack.

?Yo, do you want to go downstairs and have a couple of little practice battles. Me and my Tangela will vine whup your butts.? He proposed. Unlike the normal surfer, he had more of a ghetto accent.

Standing three forth?s up to his waist was his Tangela, a mass of interlocking, blue vines, shielding her true form from the outside. The only part of her body not covered in vines was the small space in the center of its face where two eyes peered out. Its little red feet were great for maintaining balance on a surf board.

?Sure let?s go, but what about those two,? Brian said, pointing at the sleeping Slowpoke and Greg, who was now using a very powerful Snore attack.

?Oh, don?t worry about it. Machop grab Slowpoke! Tangela you get Greg!? Julie ordered. Machop hoisted the bear pokemon onto his soldier and scurried down. Tangela elongated two of her vines to carry Greg with a little strain, and she followed Machop down.

The four humans began to make their steps, until they heard a large cry from above.

?PELII PER PER? a large sea bird with a white body and wings tinted blue at the end cried. Practically all of the body was blinded by its large mouth with a small upper beak and a giant lower beak that looked big enough to fit five Sunkerns.

Brian pointed his PokeGuide at the pokemon, but it responded, ?Data is currently unknown for this pokemon. It may be a new species or come from Hoenn.?

?Whoa, cool this is one of those Hoeen pokemon. I wonder what it?s doing here,? Nathan pondered.

The large bird looked straight down at them at spit out a large brown parcel and flew away.

?It says "To Brian Thomas" on it, but you?re not going to touch all that spit are you!? Natalie said, but Brian was already halfway done unwrapping the moist package. When he finally got every piece of damp paper torn out, it revealed to be a letter and a white box.

The letter read:

Dear Son,

It is none other than I, your father! I am really sorry I couldn?t make it to see you embark on your journey! I was helping your cousin Brawly set up his new gym in Lilycove and taught him the skills needed for being a more advanced gym leader. It was always my dream to see you replace your Uncle Chuck has fighting pokemon gym leader, but it?s all right kiddo! In fact, I think there are too many fighting pokemon trainers in our families! Your cousin has a new pokemon in his gym lineup, a Meditite, some weird psychic and fighting pokemon. Kind of looks like a meditating monkey if you ask me. The pokemon I sent this letter with is a common Hoeen pokemon known as a Pelliper. Pretty cool right? I?m sure your Uncle Bruno told you all that you need, so I?ll let you go and continue your journey wherever you are. In that little box are fifteen pokeballs! You better share them with Julie and Greg. I?ll be in the Whirl Islands soon and hopefully seeing you!

Andrew Thomas
?Who was the letter from?? Julie asked.

?Dad. He also sent us a bunch of pokeballs for us in that box,? Brian replied grabbing the white box.

?Tough luck pal there?s plenty of pokeballs provided the first Pokecenter where we sign up for the league,? Nathan commented, but when Brian opened the box there was a variety of different colored pokeballs. Natalie uttered a soft gasp and Nathan snorted.

?WHOA! Brian your dad is nice! Look at all those different types of pokeballs. There?s four normal ones, two great balls, four lure balls, two heavy balls, two love balls, and a friend ball!? Julie exclaimed, and Brian gave her a puzzled look, ?Well Kurt?s granddaughter told me all about them when I went to Azalea Town last summer.?

?Lucky dogs! Anyway, can we please go downstairs now? I?m sure Machop and Tangela are sick of waiting,? Natalie said.

After countless delays, they finally opened the door on the far side of the boat and climbed down the ladder to a large entertainment room.

The floor was comfy carpet and there were ten different big screen TV?s, each with a Gamecube along with them. Several kid?s were playing games while others were watching shows. There were several comfy chairs and couches in which Machop and Tangela placed Greg (who was using both Snore and Sleep Talk) and Slowpoke. At the far corner, there was a bookshelf, pool tables, foozball tables, and much more. There was a door at the far right with a large pokeball picture over it.

?Pretty good for a three hour boat ride,? Brian commented.

?Let?s go into that room so we can battle each other,? Natalie said, practically pushing Nathan away from the Pokemon Surfer show. Machop and Tangela came from the couches to their owner?s sides.

They entered the door with the pokeball over it to see a whole new world. The room was about the size of half a football field with four different sections: Rock, Grass, Normal, and Water. Each section was occupied with a pair battling. A grumpy looking sailor walked up to the four.

?Hey you kids I need to see what pokemon you guys are using. Don?t use attacks that are too powerful and can hurt the boat. The SS Lapras was sunk when some genius had his Onix use Earthquake. So if my Fearow catches you about to do anything dumb, prepare for a Drill Peck!? He threatened. A large brown bird with a long orange beak flew over them and growled manically.

?Anyway, I was thinking maybe we?ll start out with me against Brian and Natalie against Julie. Then winner take winner?? Nathan suggested as the grumpy sailor and his Fearow went away.

?Looks like the people on the normal section are about to finish off,? Julie pointed out. No sooner than they arrived at the normal section the match was finished as one kid?s Aipom, a small purplish monkey, used Double Slap against a Rattata, a purple mouse. It was a white tiled battlefield with absolutely no special features.

?Ladies first?? Brian offered. Julie and Natalie smiled sweetly and took their spaces on opposite sides of the battlefield as the previous battling trainers left. Julie held out her PokeGuide toward Jigglypuff, and it spoke.

?Jigglypuff, the normal pokemon. Jigglypuff is famous for its ability to force its opponent into sleep with a Sing attack. It currently knows the attacks Double Slap, Sing, Defense Curl, and Pound.?

?Whoa, that?s a pretty cool device you got their Julie. I didn?t even know Jigglypuff knew half of those attacks,? Natalie said in awe.

?You ready Machop? We have the advantage!? Julie said to the pokemon who has his arms out looking focused.

?Chop! Chop!?

?Jigglypuff they might have the type advantage, but we have the power! Let?s go!? Natalie declared as the balloon pokemon gave an evil look to Machop. ?Let?s start things off with a little singing!?

The balloon pokemon held her marker to her mouth and began to sing. ?JIGG A LE PUFF JIGG A LE A LE PUFF!?

?Machop quickly put your fingers in your ears and use a Low Kick!? Julie commanded. Machop immediately obeyed and began running toward the little balloon pokemon who had her eyes closed, serenely unaware of what was coming.

?JIGGLYPUFF! Quickly use defense curl.? Natalie ordered. Jigglypuff stopped singing and screamed and curled up into a ball as she realized Machop was coming at her. Machop released his leg full force into Jigglypuff, sending her flying like a soccer ball into Natalie's stomach.

?Oww! That hurt you know. Jigglypuff, are you okay?? asked Natalie. The balloon pokemon uncurled out of her ball and was looking furious and expanded her cheeks to a great size. ?You know what to do!?

Jigglypuff exhaled, returning its cheeks to a normal size. She then began to take little inhales of breath that made her go higher and higher into the air until she was about five feet above Machop.

?Machop, try jumping and using Karate Chop attack,? Julie ordered, looking a little nervous.

Machop leaped into the air to face Jigglypuff with his hand glowing, ready to send the pokemon flying.

?POUND!? commanded Natalie.

Jigglypuff took one of her small hands and struck Machop?s karate chopping hand away causing him to lose his balance and fall onto the cold ground. ?Now show him who?s boss with double slap!?

Jigglypuff released all the air in her mouth and fell on top of Machop. She wasted no time in slapping Machop silly. Machop flinched as he got struck repeatedly on the cheeks.

?Umm try a Leer attack?? Julie ordered confused.

Machop opened his eyes while Jigglypuff was still slapping him, and the baloon pokemon immediately stopped and leaped off her victim. Machop?s eyes were bright red and glaring at Jigglypuff. The pokemon realized it was too late to fix her mistake of stopping the attack as Machop?s hand glew white and struck Jigglypuff sending her flying across the field. Natalie ran to the pokemon who had swirls in her eyes.

?Looks like you won Julie! That was an awesome battle. Now let?s see you guys dish it out.? Natalie said slightly disappointed. Nathan turned and smiled at Brian. It was their turn to face each other.
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Chapter Three- Brian?s first battle

Brian went to his side of the battlefield looking stern. His Sunkern kept her mouth in a thin line, releasing little puffs of air.

?This is going to be our first battle Sunkern! All the reading about it in books, all the practicing it on a rock, it?s time to put it to use! Let?s see. Growth powers you up while Mega Drain and Absorb can suck some life out of the enemies. Well, anyway let?s go! Nathan and his Tangela are confident they can beat us. Show them who's boss!? Brian declared.

He scratched his bright red head vigorously, which he usually did when he was nervous. Sunkern leaped off of Brian?s shoulder and eyed her opponent. Tangela released one of her vines and pointed it to herself.

?Tan Ta Gela (Bring it on Shorty)!? the vine pokemon taunted

?Kern Sun Ker (You?ll regret saying that)!? the seed pokemon replied. Brian pointed his PokeGuide at Tangela.

?Tangela, the grass pokemon. This pokemon uses its vines effectively and is known to be able to release a variety of spores. It currently knows Constrict, Sleep Powder, and Vne Whip?

?Nothing new to me! Tangela, you ready for this?? Nathan yelled to his pokemon. Tangela nodded, and Sunkern smirked.

?VINE WHIP!? Nathan ordered. Tangela closed her white eyes and released two thick, blue vines at Sunkern.

?Dodge and use Absorb attack!? Brian commanded.

Sunkern stood firmly until the blue vines were about a couple of inches away from her. She then jumped up and leaned a bit toward the right. Tangela immediately redirected her vines to go to the right, but Sunkern giggled her usual snicker and changed direction mid air and landed to the left.

?Sun Sun Kern Sun (I hear surfing makes you lose brain cells)? Sunkern commented. Tangela scowled and began to redirect its vines.

A dim pale green light surrounded Tangela stopping her attack and tiny spheres of the same color popped out of the blue pokemon and began to fly toward Sunkern who absorbed the life energy. Tangela stood there indifferent with her white eyes staring at Sunkern, if she had eyebrows they would probably have been raised. Sunkern hung her mouth open in confusion and felt no effect from the attack.

?Gel Tan Gela (Have you been surfing)?? Tangela taunted. It was Sunkern?s turn to scowl now.

?Wow Brian, I thought you were smarter than that. Grass attacks have very weak effect against other grass pokemon,? Nathan commented.

Brian stood scratching his head so hard a little blood appeared, although blinded by the rest of the blood red hair.

?Err, Sunkern try making your attack stronger by using Mega Drain,? Brian retaliated

Sunkern screwed her eyes shut in concentration and the light around Tangela became stronger and bright yellow. The spheres of energy coming out of Tangela also became larger and bright yellow, but it made little difference to either competitor.

?All right Tangela, time for another Vine Whip attack! Your Sunkern?s a pretty good jumper by the way,? Nathan commanded.

While still glowing yellow, Tangela released two thick blue vines again, which sped through the air like a bullet striking the seed pokemon and stopping the attack.

Sunkern flew a couple of feet backward before struggling to get up again. Brian looked at his pokemon, worrying it was hopeless. ?Sunkern, I have a plan, use Growth! Every time you dodge, use Growth too!? Brian yelled out. Sunkern was panting hard and began to shine a bright green color for a few seconds before she returned to normal.

?Really? I have a plan too. Tangela use constrict attack and bring the pokemon close to you,? Nathan ordered.

Both he and Tangela were both very confident about a win lying ahead. Tangela extended her vines to grab Sunkern, but Sunkern jumped out of the way and used Growth attack in mid air.

Julie and Natalie (who was holding her hurt Jigglypuff) were watching from the sidelines. ?Wow! This is an amazing battle; I have no clue who?ll win. I wonder what Brian is doing though,? Natalie commented.

Tangela was still chasing Sunkern with her vines and began to send out more thick, blue ones while Sunkern managed to jump over each and every one of them and fouind time to use a quick Growth attack.

?Growth powers up special attacks like Mega Drain right? Brian is definitely powering his attacks up. I have a bad idea about Tangela though. Nathan wants Sunkern up close, and I think I know why,? Julie said.

?JIGGLY PUFF PUFF PUFF (You beat her, Tangela! And cream that ugly thing later for beating me!)? Jigglypuff screamed.

Machop gave Jigglypuff another leering eye and the balloon pokemon twitched in her trainer's arms out of fear. ?Chop Chop! Machop Mach! (Sunkern, you have it in you! I?ll understand if you want to lose because you don?t want to face a strong pokemon like me though).?

Sunkern smirked while dodging seven of Tangela?s thick blue vines and flashed a strong green shade sporadically. When Sunkern jumped onto one of the vines and jumped to the right Tangela?s instinct proved correct as a strong eight vine came hurtling through the arena and knocked Sunkern out of the air and onto the ground. All eight vines swooped toward Sunkern and struck her hard. The seed pokemon winced horribly and two of the vines wrapped around Sunkern tight while the other six flew back into Tangela.

?Tangela Gela Tangela la (You should have taken Machop?s advice)?

?Oh no!? Brian and Julie screamed.

?Oh yeah! Now Tangela, bring Sunkern face to face.? Nathan smiled. Tangela pulled Sunkern toward her when Brian declared:


Tangela?s entire body was blinded by the bright yellow light and a sphere of energy, roughly the size of the vine pokemon herself, came toward Sunkern and replenished nearly half her energy. Tangela?s vines collapsed along with Sunkern, who was now only a few feet away from Tangela and still draining energy.

?Wow, all that growing sure helped. Looks like this battle is over,? Natalie said, smiling brightly. Machop was rooting Sunkern on while Natalie struggled to hold Jigglypuff with her cheeks inflated.

?It is over, but not for whom you think,? Julie said.

?Send Sunkern to where Greg and Slowpoke are!? Nathan ordered. Along with another large sphere of energy, came a cloud of green powder, Sleep Powder. Sunkern plopped asleep before she could even take in the life energy.

Tangela was released from the sooped up Mega Drain and sighed. She had little energy left, but was determined to finish this off. ?Tangela give it all you got? Nathan said. His blue eyes were shining brightly. It would all be over soon.

Tangela released about fifteen vines and struck Sunkern repeatedly and repeatedly while she stayed asleep the entire time. Finally, Sunkern was blown back to Brian?s feet with little swirls replacing her closed eyes.

?Looks like you won. Oh well, it was a great battle. Is your Tangela okay?? Brian asked. His brown eyes were looking away from everyone. This was his first battle ever, and he lost. There would be other battles he knew that, but there was just something special about the first one.

?Yeah, she?ll be fine. I think we?ll need a little rest before the next battle though. Sunkern could use a little rest too,? Nathan replied. He tried hard not to look too pleased with himself.

?Good job Nathan and Brian! That was an amazing battle. I think we could all use a little break,? Natalie commented.

?Cheer up Brian. Everyone loses sometime. I?ll make sure Machop creams him in the next round,? Julie said patting Brian on the back. Brian held his head up and smiled.

?I?m fine. I just hope Sunkern doesn?t hate me. I think I drove her a little too hard,? Brian responded. He picked up the sleeping pokemon and cradled her softly. The four were about to turn and exit the room when someone burst through the door and shut it quickly.

It was Greg and Slowpoke panting heavily while someone or something was pounding heavily at the door. Greg lifted his head after he finally stopped panting to face four confused adolescents.

?Fred?s Drowzee was eating my dream-such a good dream- and I woke up and gave it a piece of my Fury Swipes. That didn?t really make Drowzee happy and it tried to pound me but ended up hitting Slowpoke and waking it up. Now that mad thing is trying to kill us both!? Greg blurted. The pounding on the door began to stop, and Greg's eyes became very dreamy.

?Such a good dream where Misty?? Greg snapped back into reality and noticed the expressions changed from confused to eager. ?Errm was beaten by me in the Whirl Cup Competition. Anyway, what were you guys doing here and why is Sunkern sleeping, Brian??

?We were having a little battle tournament. Machop beat my Jigglypuff and Tangela beat Sunkern, who got a whiff of sleep powder,? Natalie replied. Greg?s eyes widened, and stared incredulously at Brian.

?You got beaten by Surfer Dude over there! I thought you were stronger than that!? Greg yelled. Nathan scowled at him, and Tangela gave Greg an evil eye.

?Yeah, Sunkern and I were close, but in the end Tangela beat us.? Brian said quietly. Sunkern began to bat her eyelashes and yawned herself awake.

?We?re going to take a little break before I face Nathan,? Julie added trying to steer away from the fact Brian lost. Greg was getting redder and faced Nathan.

?All right pretty boy! Me and You, go now!? Greg declared.

?Tangela?s pretty tired. I don?t know...? Nathan responded. Tangela raised one of her vines and nodded. They went back to the normal field and Slowpoke and Tangela took their places in opposite sides of the battlefield.

?Slow (What are we doing)?? asked Slowpoke. He wasn?t zoned out, but not as angry as when Greg pulled his tail.

?Gela Tan Gela (We?re battling so you better get into reality Dimwit)!? The vine pokemon responded. Slowpoke narrowed his eyes and let out a growl; he was ready to fight.

?All right Slowpoke! Let?s start things out with a Water Gun attack!? Greg declared. He rummaged through his bag, until he found his gel which he immediately applied to the front of his hair. Slowpoke began to inhale deeply, but before Nathan could even say anything, two blue wines whipped through the field and tightened around Slowpoke?s mouth.

The water was already beginning to come out of Slowpoke?s throat, but couldn?t escape with Tangela?s tight grip around the pink pokemon?s mouth. Slowpoke?s cheeks began to expand larger than Jigglypuff?s until the water couldn?t stay in any longer and broke through Tangela?s grip. A stream of water whizzed past the field like a bullet and missed Tangela. However, the force of the attack sent Slowpoke flying back and crashing straight into Greg.

?OWWW! Hey, that was a dirty move!? Greg yelled, struggling to get the large bear pokemon off of him. Nathan shrugged and walked away along with the rest of the gang, none stopping to help Greg. ?Help? Anyone? Hey! You little ugly kid! Can you help me out?? Greg pleaded. All he got in return was a barrage of needles from the kid's Ekans.

Greg winced as the painful needles struck him, and Slowpoke slowly sunk deeper into his ribs. The grumpy man from before approached Greg with his Fearow flying at his side. Greg smiled thinking he was going to escape from the massive lard on top of him.

?Hey Kid! I saw you battling. Look at the field! It?s all wet and now I have to clean it all up. Fearow, get him and his Slowpoke!? He ordered. Fearow wasted now time bringing his long orange beak down on Greg and Slowpoke, who finally woke up and rolled off of Greg, now trying to escape the Fury Attack.

?OWW! Hey quit it! Ouch! I?m going to call my lawyer. Ahh! As soon as I get one,? Greg screamed as he ran from the large bird and out the door. He slammed the door on Fearow who screeched as it crashed. Slowpoke was already there standing behind Melissa?s Shellder.

Brian and Julie were going through their packs. Natalie was waiting in line to play pool while Nathan and Tangela were glued to the Pokemon Surfer Show. The four other pokemon were socializing with other pokemon. Greg plopped in between Brian and Julie on the couch.

?So what?s in our bag Julie,? He asked.

?Umm some Miltank Jerky, Juice boxes, Money, seven pairs of clothes for each of us, Compass, and various pokemon medicines,? Julie responded. Greg raised one blonde eyebrow. The bag was only the size of a school book bag. ?Oh Brian, where did you get those pokeballs??

?Oh yeah, you were in La La land. Brian got a letter and package from his dad containing 15 various pokeballs. You missed it. There was some strange Hoeen pokemon called a Pellipper that delivered it,? Julie said. Greg pouted and opened up his PokeGuide.

?Hey, these have in depth information about single pokemon. I wonder if there?s some way to turn a Slowpoke into Seaking,? Greg said wearing out his fingers pressing the PokeGuide?s buttons. Brian and Julie rolled their eyes. ?Here it is! Slowpoke is a blah blah blah. Similar to Psyduck as it can only use attacks when provoked. Blah blah bidy blah. Hey, it can evolve into two different pokemon: Slowbro at level 37 and Slowking when a King?s Rock is attached.?

?I don?t think it will be evolving soon Greg,? Brian commented. Greg ignored him and began to scan his PokeGuide some more.

?This thing can also tell you what level your pokemon is at. Maybe my Slowpoke is at level 36 or something.? Greg pressed a light blue button and pointed the guide at Slowpoke.

?Based on the experience and battles Slowpoke one he would be approximately level six,? The pokeguide responded.

?Well, it?s only thirty one levels to go,? Brian said, laughing along with Julie. Greg?s ears turned a violent shade of red, and he was breathing slowly.

?All right, that?s ok. HEY ALL YOU PEOPLES! DOES ANYONE HAVE A KING'S ROCK?? Greg yelled, straining his throat. Many people turned from their activities to give Greg a weird look and immediately resumed.

?I also heard that Slowpoke can evolve by having a Shellder bite onto its tail or head,? Julie added. She flung her hand to her mouth and blushed. She was very smart in the world of pokemon, but she also tried to hide it. Greg gave a huge grin as he looked from Slowpoke to Melissa?s Shellder. Melissa was playing pool with Natalie, unaware of Slowpoke and Shellder. ?Great, why did I say that??

Greg slowly picked up the shell pokemon who immediately squeaked. ?SHELLDER!? and closed its shell. Greg started squeezing the poor pokemon onto Slowpoke?s head, knowing the consequences of trying to attach it to the tail. Slowpoke was in his usual dream state and unaware of Greg?s struggle with Shellder. Shellder refused to open up and bite Slowpoke. Greg felt a light tap on his shoulder.

?Go away! I?m busy can?t you see,? Greg said. The tapping continued getting slowly harder and harder until a particular hard one made Greg finally turn around ?Are you deaf! I just?? Greg?s pale green eyes went wide as it saw the tall brunette face of Melissa looking down on him. She took her fist and drove it straight into Greg?s cheek like a baseball into a window.

Greg skidded a few feet until he hit the wall; Melissa grabbed her Shellder and walked away. Brian and Julie were rolling on the floor, beet red from laughing. They continued to use the leisures of the boat for about an hour while Greg enjoyed the leisures of ice, until they felt the boat stop. Nathan and Natalie rushed to the three.

?The ship must have landed in Olivine. Hurry, we gotta finish up the mini tournament before the other kids want to battle.? Natalie commented. The five called their pokemon from their socializing and walked into the battle room where the normal battlefield was still unoccupied.

?Good luck Julie!? Nathan said holding out a large tan hand. Julie shook it and added

?Luck? Luck is for novices. Good luck to you though,? She smirked. Nathan gave a wry smile and they took their spots along with Tangela and Machop.

?Chop Machop Chop (Tell your mom I have her money),? Machop said to the vine pokemon.

?Tangela Tangela Gela (Tell your mom she?s the prettiest Gyarados I?ve ever seen),? Tangela responded, grinning beneath the vast cover of vines.

?Ma Ma Chop Chop (Where do you think I got all my power from)?? Machop responded.

?Tan Tan (And your dragon breath),? Tangela said. They would have gone on longer, but the trainers began commanding.

?Tangela let?s finish this up quick! Vine Whip with all you got!? Nathan ordered.

?Machop just use Focus Energy for now,? Julie replied calmly. Machop closed his eyes with his arms ready and relaxed while Tangela send eight vines shooting out across the field. When the blue vines were nearly three feet away from Machop, Julie declared ?KARATE CHOP!?

With five fast movements of his arms and closed eyes, Machop sent each of Tangela?s vines collapsing onto the floor as the vine pokemon winced painfully. ?Tangela, quickly bring back the vines! Pretty nice move Julie!? Nathan ordered.

?Grab them and play with Tangela anyway you want,? Julie ordered wearing a big smile. Machop got all the thick vines in a swoop of a fist and began to swing Tangela over his head, smashing her on the ground to his left and right.

Meanwhile, Brian, Natalie, and Greg watched from the sidelines.

?Jeeze that Tangela?s easier than I thought. How bad are you Brian?? Greg commeted as Tangela continued to smash into the ground.

?Not that bad. Just wait till Machop gets a whiff of Sleep Powder,? Brian responded. Sunkern was frowning on his shoulder.

?I don?t think Julie or Machop realizes this, but Tangela is retreating her vines and drawing herself closer to Machop each time he swings,? Natalie commented. Jigglypuff, Sunkern, and Slowpoke were also yelling their encouragements to the two fighters.

?Puff Jiggly (You can do it Tangela)!?

?Kern Sun Kern (Don?t let my loss go in vain)!?

?POKE! POKE (Remoraid and Bits! Remoraid and Bits)!?

Tangela wasn?t being swung as far anymore, and Machop realized that to his horror. He looked up to see Tangela only a few feet directly over him as she released a green cloud of Sleep Powder.

Machop immediately fell into a slumber and let go of Tangela?s vines. Tangela was on her two red feet now, but extremely worn out.

?Tangela, once your ready, attack as hard as you can!? Nathan ordered. He wasn?t too happy seeing how his Tangela was very hurt.

?Come on Machop! Wake up!? Julie pleaded. Machop was still sound asleep, spread eagled on the battlefield. Tangela retreated all her vines completely and was breathing hard.

?Machop won?t stay awake forever, and he?s at perfect health. Tangela has to take advantage now!? Natalie said.

Tangela, who seemed to be fighting out of desperation, rammed her entire body into Machop several times, groaning each time. ?Is that a struggle attack?? Brian asked

?What?s that?? Greg asked. He never was one to pay attention in class.

?Struggle is a move pokemon use when they can?t use any other moves. It?s not very strong, but takes energy out of the person using it too,? Julie yelled.

?Tangela! Don?t worry, it?s okay; you don?t have to keep hurting yourself!? Nathan pleaded with his pokemon.

Tangela shook her blue head and rammed into Machop one more time before collapsing. Machop finally began to stir and woke up. Machop rubbed his eyes and noted Tangela laying facing down on the hard floor. He flipped her over to see swirls replacing her eyes.

?Looks like you won Julie,? Nathan said. His blue eyes were watering slightly, and his normally bright face was dull and expressionless.
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Chapter 4: First stop-SLATEBLUE CITY!

Nathan began to turn away, and everyone around him heard small sobs and cries. Brian?s look of victory faded away into concern, while Greg?s smile just turned brighter.

?Oh Surfer Boy going to cry now?? Greg mocked in a babyish voice. Natalie flicked him off.

Julie began staring at her feet and walked up to Nathan, whose sobbing became steadily louder and louder. ?I am so sorry Nathan. I shouldn?t have let Machop be so rough?? Julie said quietly.

Nathan?s sobs were became really loud and other people in the Battleroom turned to look. Then, his sobs began to change sounds. He was hysterical, laughing wise. He turned to face them and began to really cry. ?Oh man, you guys actually believed that? So I have one loss, big deal! Gosh, you people are so gullible,? Nathan guffawed.

The looks of pity around him changed into looks of disgust and annoyance, though Greg looked rather disappointed. Natalie walked up with her black eyes narrowed in disgust and began to slap Nathan silly.

?Don?t you ever do that again! You made us all look like fools!? Natalie screamed over his yelps of pain. Nathan was running out the door with his best friend chasing after him. Jigglypuff walked up to Tangela, who was still laying face up and she began to poke her. Tangela shook her body, refusing to get up, until Jigglypuff put the microphone to her mouth. Only then did Tangela jump on her feet and ran to the door.

?So, kill time?? Brian asked the twins. They nodded and called their pokemon back.

When they walked into the lounge, they groaned because it was now jam packed with the additional kids from the Olivine port. Instead, they went back to the deck which was nearly empty.

They leaned on the rails while their pokemon talked to other trainer?s Caterpie and Sentret. The salty air fumed from the ocean, and the sun shone brightly overhead. Brian looked at the horizon toward Cianwood and started to become to be homesick. Out of nowhere, a yellow shape began to appear on the horizon, and it seemed to be running and following the boat.

Brian squinted his eyes and began to make out the figure a bit more clearly; he could have sworn it was returning the look. Horrible dread plummeted into Brian?s stomach. ?Please not the big, floating, yellow banana...?

Greg and Julie whipped around in confusion. ?What the heck are you talking about? Is it that stupid thing you see in your dreams that proves it?s not real?? Greg asked.

?Well yeah, I could have sworn I saw something yellow on the horizon. I don?t want to wake up being eight and having to wait another five years for our journey,? Brian replied.

?Don?t worry! There?s nothing on the horizon, and this isn?t a dream. I?ll prove it to you!? Julie said with a rather malevolent grin. She lifted her shirt sleeve and began to drive her fist into Brian?s arm.

?OUCH! OUCH! Okay I get it you can stop now! Hey that hurts! Owww!? Brian yelled, running away from Julie just like Nathan and Natalie. Greg was standing, finally able to be the one to laugh rather than the one laughed at.

?Hey, you kids cut that out! I mean now!? the grumpy man hollered.

His Fearow was still close by, looking dangerous as ever, and sporting a bandaged beak. Julie and Brian stopped dead in their tracks while a livid Greg marched up in front of the man and his Fearow.

?Hey what is with you? Just because you never got an education and you?re stuck with this deadbeat job doesn?t mean you can take your anger out on us. And I?m not afraid of you because your ugly Fearow can?t peck me!? Greg declared. The man was a violent shade of beet red and so was his Fearow.

?Oh that is it! FEAROW USE PURSUIT!? he yelled. Fearow gave a muffled cry and extended her wings. She began to glow a slight black and tackled the brave boy hard in the stomach. Greg flew back a few feet and cried in agony. He scampered up and began to run, but Fearow turned completely black and chased and attacked Greg at an amazing speed.

?You?re testing my patience Mr. Irat!? an incredibly buff sailor in his mid-twenties sighed.

He grabbed a pokeball from his belt and slung it forward. A small beam of red light came out of it and formed into a round blue pokemon with a white stomach and a zig-zag tail with a small blue orb at the end. ?Marill, use Bubblebeam on Fearow!?

Marill opened his mouth and released a stream of turquoise bubbles, all of which struck the Fearow before she could strike a whimpering Greg again. Another beam of red light shot out of the Sailor?s pokeball and returned Marill. The grumpy man swore under his breath, grabbed his Fearow, and returned to his job.

?Th-thanks sir,? Greg said pulling himself together.

?No problem Kid,? he responded.

Julie and Brian began imitating Greg?s whimpers, which he retaliated with evil looks. ?Boy, I wish I could have a pokeball so that stupid Slowpoke doesn?t have to be near me,? Greg commented. He glanced at the bear pokemon who was staring at the Sailor while Sunkern and Machop were jabbering away at Caterpie and Sentret.

?Didn?t you listen to me before? Dad sent me fifteen pokeballs. Want one?? Brian said. Greg?s eyes shone brightly, and he nodded like a little boy on Christmas.

Brian smiled and tossed Greg a normal pokeball from his box. Greg eagerly threw the pokeball which opened and released a red beam of light that flew toward Slowpoke. Although Slowpoke was still zoned out, he swatted the beam back with his tail.

?What the ****! You little ********!? Greg screamed. The sailor with the Marill began clamping the ears of other trainers.

After five minutes of loud cursing and chastisement from the sailors, Greg decided to consult Bruno in his guidebook. He flipped through the many pages madly until he came upon a section on capturing pokemon.

?Here?s something. I have to weaken the pokemon, and it would help a lot if I put it to sleep or paralyzed it. So, GREG USE HYPNOSIS!? Greg commanded to himself.

Brian and Julie groaned and the pokemon and trainers turned to watch the few minutes of entertainment Greg and Slowpoke would provide.

?Hey Sunkern and Machop. Get ready to separate the two love birds if they get too feisty!? Brian yelled. Greg searched desperately through his pack until he came upon a quarter which he tied to a string of cotton from his shirt.

?Okay Slowpoke, look at the quarter,? Greg ordered. Slowpoke turned around and faced Greg dumbfounded. Greg began to sway the coin back and forth ?You are getting very sleepy. You are getting very sleepy. On the count of three you will enter your pokeball,? Slowpoke?s eyes followed the coin, but he wasn?t getting tired ?One- two- THREE!?

Greg slung the pokeball forward and the red beam shot out toward Slowpoke again, but Slowpoke swatted the beam yet again with his tail. Greg was turning into a bright shade of purple. He sighed and began flipping through the guide book again, until he came upon a page of attacks A-B. ?Let me try an Attract attack!? Greg mumbled. Greg rolled up the sleeves of his shirt and flexed his biceps and raised his eyebrows in a seductive matter.

Slowpoke wasn?t attracted at all. In fact, it looked more as if it were about to throw up his Remoraid and Bits. Greg frowned and began rubbing his chest in a very horrifying matter. The few trainers aboard the deck turned to face Brian and Julie.

?Do you know this guy?? a chestnut haired boy with the Sentret said.

?No! I swear we don?t. He just follows us around,? Julie responded. Greg had given up on his Attract attack and returned to his usual attacking.

?All right no more of that. GREG USE KARATE CHOP LIKE MACHOP!? Greg ordered to himself. He flung himself forward with his fist straightened out and brought it down upon Slowpoke, but the dopey pokemon moved and Greg?s hand struck Slowpoke?s tail.

?Oh crap. Sunkern get ready,? Brian ordered. Sunkern hopped toward Slowpoke, prepared for the worst. Slowpoke escaped his slow mode and was looking furious. He glowed white in a Curse attack and flung himself toward Greg.

?All right Greg, time for a Harden attack!? Greg said, rubbing his hands together as the bear launched himself toward him.

?NOOOOO!? Brian, Julie, and all the other trainers yelled in unison, but thankfully Slowpoke?s attack struck before Greg could do anything. Greg flew back and struck the rail, who was nearly becoming his best friend.

Brian was positioned to order an attack from Sunkern, but a blonde girl, whose height rivaled Julie?s, intervened. ?Let me take care of this. Caterpie use String Shot on both of them!? she ordered.

Her Caterpie, a green and white worm the size of a normal computer processor, released a barrage of white string which entangled both Greg and Slowpoke in a large ball of white string. The girl walked forward and rolled the large ball of idiots to the side of the boat. Greg and Slowpoke?s heads were peaking out side by side while the girl lectured them.

?My name is Melanie, and I?m sick of you two. Your partners and should be friends not enemies! You, stupid boy with bad hair cut, if your pokemon doesn?t want to be in its pokeball, leave it like that! Now I don?t want to here a word out of both of you until we reach Slateblue city!? Melanie said.

?Yes Ma?am,? Greg responded mawkish, glaring at Melanie. Melanie slapped the daylights out of Greg and walked away. Every single person and pokemon on board the deck clapped and cheered for Melanie.

?Think he?ll get out of his retarded stage soon?? Julie asked Brian.

?Yeah, I?m sure he will. Look at me I got out of it!? Brian responded. They laughed and talked for the rest of the boat ride. And after a few hours, the SS Mantine was finally docked onto Slateblue Harbor.

Nearly four hundred children got off the boat and milled around the town center. Slowpoke and Greg were free thanks to a helpful Charmander, however, they were a little singed. Brian was perusing the town map carefully, trying to locate the pokemon center. There were eight designated places where trainers would receive their license.

The three walked down Seafoam Street in hopes of finding the Pokemon Center there. They didn?t seem to notice that no one else was heading that direction. The city of Slateblue was just like Cianwood. The fresh smell of saltwater floated in the air, and the sun shone brightly with many flying pokemon flew overhead. The houses were small and white and lined neatly together. Banners welcoming new trainers and advertising the Whirl Cup were everywhere.

The three friends ambled serenely on their path for many minutes until an old woman yelled out from her rocking chair ?Hey! You little snot nose brats! There?s no reason for you to be here the Pokemon Center is the other way!?

Greg was about to raise his fist, but Julie grabbed him by the ear and dragged him the other way. They would have sprinted, but Slowpoke could barely keep up walking. Other citizens of Slateblue city were more welcoming than the old woman, many offering food.

After a thirty minute walk through crowded streets, they finally reached the Pokemon Center. It was a large white building with a red pokeball symbol at the very front. There were only about ten people in the Pokemon Center left, and only one person was signing up for his pokemon license, and he finished up by the time they got in line.

At the counter, they were greeted by young woman in her twenties with flaming red hair like Brian?s. She was wearing a nurse?s uniform and had a large round pink pokemon that resembled an egg standing by.

?Welcome to Slateblue Pokemon Center. My name is Nurse Joy. I take it you are here for your pokemon license and signing up for the Adolescent Whirl Island Pokemon League,? Joy said to them smiling with the distinctive air of a stepword wive. Her pokemon was beaming too repeatedly saying her name benignly.

?Chan Chansey (God, I hate smiling like this)!?

?Yes we are! By the way aren?t you the same Nurse Joy from Olivine City?? Brian asked. Nurse Joy chuckled.

?Oh no. She is my second cousins sister in law. I don?t know why everyone says all us Nurse Joy?s look alike. We only share little resemblance. Hey, I think I know you! Isn?t your mother the Nurse Joy from Cianwood. She is my third cousin?s brother in law?s great aunt?s cousin?s husband?s niece,? Nurse Joy responded.

?Yes! My mom is the Nurse Joy from Cianwood, although we call her Jolene! It?s freaky how you guys are all interrelated,? Brian commented. Nurse Joy chuckled again.

?Oh, I wouldn?t say we?re all related. The Nurse Joy from Goldenrod City is so distantly related from me, it?s hardly worth mentioning! Anyway, normally the pokemon licenses are pokedexes, but Chuck alerted me that you three would have the brand new PokeGuides, so just hand me your PokeGuides, and I will upload your licenses on their after a few questions,? Nurse Joy said. They handed their pokeguides to the nurse and answered some quick questions regarding age, date of birth, ect. ?All done. Guard these with your life because they are your ferry tickets, credit cards, and entrances into all sorts of events!?

?Uhh I was wondering. I wanted to join the Whirl Cup competition this year. Is there anything I should know?? Greg asked.

?Oh yes, thanks for asking! This year the rules are stricter. You are going to need four water pokemon and three entry points to be able to enter the competition. An entry point is kind of like a badge. You receive one by winning any other competition! The fourth and fifth Whirl League badges equal one entry point. You have about sixth months before the competiton starts in Aquina Island, so I would start training and catching today! Tomorrow, the Johto Champion will make a speech to the trainers, and your journey officially begins. So for right now enjoy your time at Slateblue City, and tonight, you can sleep in the pokemon center!? Nurse Joy proclaimed as she handed their PokeGuides back.

The three turned to leave along with their pokemon ?Wait! Would you guys like to leave your pokemon here for a checkup to make sure their fighting fit?? Nurse Joy yelled out as they reached the door.

?Sure. Sunkern, don?t worry I?ll make sure you?ll be let in on our fun soon. Just stay with Nurse Joy, so we know you?re not sick,? Brian told the seed pokemon on his shoulder. Sunkern nodded and leaped toward the counter.

?Same with you Machop,? Julie said to her fighting pokemon.

?Whatever! Just get this lard away from me,? Greg mumbled as he pushed Slowpoke to the counter, leaving a startled Nurse Joy.

?So what will we do now?? Brian said to his friends. Julie and Greg pondered on this for a second then turned to face each others pale green eyes.

With their sibling intuition they declared, ?BEACH!?

By the time they reached the sandy shore, half of the other trainers were already there. Some were swimming while others were just soaking up the sun. Nathan and Natalie waved from their surfing. Greg wrestled out of his clothes and revealed he had swim trunks under his pants and ran to the water. Julie plopped onto a beach chair and took out her drawing pad. Apart from being intelligent, she was an amazing artist. Brian joined in a beach volleyball game (he loved volleyball).

Brian was dazzling on the court, and every time he looked back at Julie, she seemed to be staring intently at someone or something in the waves. Greg was testing out his self proclaimed ?Mad Pimpin Skill Dawg? on one hot girl in a bikini. In return, the ?Mad Pimping Skill? got him slapped for the third time in the day. He then swam toward another girl who was nervously trying to swim away after seeing his ?skill?. He abandoned the skill and tried to use Attract. In return, he got many bruises from that girl?s boyfriend.

After about a couple of hours, Brian went back to get the pokemon (including Slowpoke), so they could join in on the fun. Greg (who was covered in bruises) swam back onto shore disdainfully looking at Slowpoke

?Oh, why did you have to bring that dork here?? Greg asked.

?That?s something I get asked a lot for some reason,? Julie responded and Brian laughed along with Sunkern and Machop. Slowpoke was unaware of being insulted.

?Oh crap, look at what slimy thing the tide brought in!? Brian moaned with his smile drooping off as he gazed at the edge of the beach.
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Strawberry Delcatty

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Chapter 2 finished

I found a lot of awkward points in the chapter like with the beginning paragraph. Also, most of the descriptions sorta turned me off.

I found some errors:
?Remember Dunce, there are two stops: Cianwood and Olivine. There is only one sea in Johto everyone else has to wait in Olivine if they want to do their adventure in the Whirl Islands. Enjoy the space while you can.? Brian replied

Sunkern and Machop were practicing there attacks.
[wrong word: there = their]

Sunkern didn?t mind the karate chops as grass types are strong against fighting attacks
[error: Grass-types receive neutral damage from Fighting-types]

?Why do you guys get to have such amazing pokemon? There already practicing while my Slowpoke is staring at Melissa?s Shellder!?
[wrong word: there = they're]

Okay, good things now. The battle at the end was pretty cool. I was expecting Jigglypuff to win.

Overall, this is shaping up to be pretty decent so far, but since (according to you) the good stuff don't start until chapter 3, I won't say much now.
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Thanks for reviewing! Ill go proofread my posts and fix as many errors as I can. Grammar is my weakest point, I suck horribly at it. Actually, it only starts to get good in chapter three. It truly becomes my best writing in Chapter 5. Grass pokemon arent resitant to fighting? Interesting, well Sunkern THINKS they are so her psychological power goes into her physical power makign her resitant to fighting *shifty eyes*

Isaac Gravity

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Well, Nekomajo Asunya said what I wanted to say about as far as grammar and spelling is conserned (Hoenn nor Hoeen) is concerned as I'm pretty iffy on that subject myself so let me cover what I think I have a good hold on:

I've read everything you read thus far and as you claim the story ain't all that appealing at the moment. So the main character Brian seems to be part of the fighting family of Gym Leaders and body builders and he even lost his first battle... I don't see nothing wrong with that he seems to be a pretty down to a true earth guy not like most fics where the said main char is related to a famous Pokemon character and people are going gaga over them as if they were something. (That got very annoying.)

?Hey what is with you? Just because you never got an education and you?re stuck with this deadbeat job doesn?t mean you can take your anger out on us. And I?m not afraid because your ugly Fearow can?t peck me.? Greg declared. The man was a violent shade of beet red and so was his Fearow.

Fav line... Ok now to get serious.

1. The little theory you made concerning 10-year-old's being barred from Pokemon Training until 18 but still having the chance to take part on whirl islands is too far-fetched. As much as it makes sense as 10-year-old's going it alone seems too dangerous it's canon and I'm pretty sure that had the Johto Leauge attempt to make such a rule many retired, current and soon to be trainers would fight that ruling to the bitter end.

2. "Sunkern THINKS they are so her psychological power goes into her physical power makign her resitant to fighting"- No, you mean it gave her willpower and overconfidence right? Even if her belief gave her this insane drive to keep going she won't be resitant to anything it's all in her head.

3. Greg's well... I don't see the use in Greg as he's not a very good comedy relief (but has his moments like shown above) since that's what you seemed to have created him for. (One might even go as far to say he's just a hot-tempered Ash, since Ash himself has no talent as a trainer)

4. Pokemon translations. Though I have no complaints towards it but others would find some kinda bizzarre ammunition against you so beware of how often you use it.

5. Descriptions can be a problem sometimes. An example would be the kids who have names yet at the same time never introduced themselves to the chars or through your narrative.

Well as you haven't continued this all I can say is don't stop writing just because your not getting reviews. You shouldn't even be writing fics if that's all your trying to obtain. Write simply for the sake of doing it and being able to look at what you wrote with a feeling of accomplishment.
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1. The little theory you made concerning 10-year-old's being barred from Pokemon Training until 18 but still having the chance to take part on whirl islands is too far-fetched. As much as it makes sense as 10-year-old's going it alone seems too dangerous it's canon and I'm pretty sure that had the Johto Leauge attempt to make such a rule many retired, current and soon to be trainers would fight that ruling to the bitter end.

Im not quite sure what you're saying.

2. "Sunkern THINKS they are so her psychological power goes into her
physical power makign her resitant to fighting"- No, you mean it gave her willpower and overconfidence right? Even if her belief gave her this insane drive to keep going she won't be resitant to anything it's all in her head.
Ok, that was just a joke. Basically, what I was sayign is that it was a mistake that could jsut be ignored

3. Greg's well... I don't see the use in Greg as he's not a very good comedy relief (but has his moments like shown above) since that's what you seemed to have created him for. (One might even go as far to say he's just a hot-tempered Ash, since Ash himself has no talent as a trainer)
GASP! HOW DARE YOU INSULT GREG! J/k. Many other people think he's good comedy relief, and hes not just there for comedy relief he's there for the Whirl Cup as well, but mainly for the comedy relief.

4. Pokemon translations. Though I have no complaints towards it but others would find some kinda bizzarre ammunition against you so beware of how often you use it.
Just curious, how could it be bizzare ammunition

5. Descriptions can be a problem sometimes. An example would be the kids who have names yet at the same time never introduced themselves to the chars or through your narrative.
I agree, my description is not the greatest in the world, but I did actually say the named charachters knew the trio from school. Theres a world otuside the fic for them.

Well as you haven't continued this all I can say is don't stop writing just because your not getting reviews. You shouldn't even be writing fics if that's all your trying to obtain. Write simply for the sake of doing it and being able to look at what you wrote with a feeling of accomplishment.
I havent stopped updating because of reviews, its because I wanted to space out the chapters by at least a month a piece since I had a 3 month delay in the original one and I would have a bigger delay if I posted all the chapters close together. I dont write purely for the reviews as you may think, but I find reviews to be important since I find out how I can improve on my fic with reviews.

Thanks so much for your review since you pointed out somethings I need to improve on. I've been contemplating restarting this fic since the newer chapters have not been as good as the middle ones, and this along with several other reviews from different forums made me want to restart my fic. I will be sure to keep in midn the things you pointed out when I revise my fic
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Heres my newest chapter. I decided not to revise my fic even though it seriously needs it. Chapters begin to get long and better now. WARNING: This chapter is pretty racy.

Chapter Five- The journey begins

At the shore line were none other than the Pecunia triplets with their fancy, flowered Lorelei Davis bathing suits on. Jean was considered the meanest; she always shoved kids into mud and stole their regular clothes at the beach. Grace was without a doubt the preppiest; she was always fussing over broken nails and appearance and thought Tauros Wings come from Tauros. Everyone knew they came from Buffalos! The eldest (by ten minutes) and snobbiest was Sally; she always shoved her good fortune in other people?s faces, and snuggled her rare Dratini in front of others.

They had hazel eyes and tan skin. They were each identified with the style of their jet black hair: Jean had hers down to her shoulders in a flip; Grace kept hers in a curly ponytail; Sally had her black hair hang straight down to her waist.

Julie hated each and every one of them and was the only kid in Cianwood with enough bravery to stand up to them. When the three friends were only seven, she forced Greg and Brian to help her hang a banner on the Pecunia?s private sea cottage. It read "HOME OF THE BI..." Unfortunately, there was no room for the rest. Everyone took it the wrong way and all three were grounded just for wanting to put up a banner that said ?Home of the Big Meany Heads.?

In the sixth grade, Julie made a bit more of a drastic action when Jean pushed Brian into the mud of the school playground, and Sally laughed repeatedly, taunting him about his parents being forced to sell half their possessions in order to pay their bills. Julie walked up to Sally and slapped her rosy cheeks silly. Jean responding by charging at Julie, but by sticking out her foot, Jean tasted the mud that Brian was forced to.

Julie then grabbed a whimpering Sally by the back of her salon done hair, and slammed her head down right next to Jean?s. Several people began to watch as Julie made her march toward silent Grace and knocked her twenty dollar nail polish out of her hand, shattering it as it fell to the ground. Grace turned beet red and tried to rip Julie?s neat ponytail out of her skull, but with a strong elbow to the nose, Grace joined her sisters facedown in the mud. The whole school yard clapped in celebration and cheered Julie on while Brian and Greg stared at each other in amazement.

Unfortunately, for that little incident Julie was suspended for a week and grounded for nearly two months. But when she made her return, she was hailed as the bravest child alive. The Pecunia triplets swore they would get their revenge- even if it meant getting their Abercrombie and Trapinch clothes dirty.

Back in the present, Julie snapped her drawing pad shut and leaped out of her beach chair. She glared at the three snobs who steered clear of ?peasants.? Sunkern and Machop also looked fiercely at the three, while Slowpoke?s eyebrows ljust ooked more slanted than usual.

?Errm, so if you excuse me I?m going to get back to my game,? Brian blurted.

?Yeah and I?m going to finish swimming,? Greg added. They began to scramble off, but Julie?s pinsir like grip held them in place. ?Oww! Stupid Brian, why did you have to tell her the Pecunias were nearby??

?Sorry! C?mon Julie let us go. The Pecunias won?t see us,? Brian pleaded, but Julie ignored him.

?Brian, say goodbye to the people on the court. Greg, grab your clothes. We are leaving,? Julie said in a calm, yet firm voice.

?But Julie?? Greg moaned. He was interrupted when Julie slammed him into the sand. Brian nervously waved goodbye the other people playing volleyball, who were now deeply focused on the marvelous, yet sad, sight of two fairly powerful boys getting beat up by a girl who barely came up to their shoulders.

?Machop, take these two losers out of here,? Julie commanded. Machop didn?t hesitate to nod. It was very bad to cross Julie when she was mad, especially if the Pecunias were involved. She may be small, but she had the power of a hundred Donphan when angry. Julie released Brian and Greg, and Machop carried them off with one swoop of an arm.

Sunkern nervously hopped toward Machop, who was ran as fast as he can. Julie picked up Greg?s clothes and then turned to face pink bear pokemon, who gazed at Julie with his wide open mouth.

?Slow (What?s with her)?? Slowpoke droned. Julie retaliated with an ominous snarl that sent Slowpoke running like a wild Rapidash. Julie gave a wry smile and slowly followed the others onto the road overlooking the beach.

?Sorry guys. You know how I get around the Pecunias. Anyway what should we do now?? Julie asked with a grin. Along with being dangerous around the Pecunias, she had extreme mood swings when they were out of sight.

?Go back swimming?? Greg asked while he was in the process of putting his clothes back son. Brian slapped him on the back of the head.

?I heard the Whirl Island Hall of Fame is around here.? Brian commented as he pulled out his map of Slateblue city.

?That seems cool. As long as the Pecunias don?t follow us.? Julie chirped. The three walked along the road, heading toward the hall of fame as the orange sun began to descend into the horizon behind them.

Within long they were in front of the Hall of Fame building. It was about the size of two sea cottages and was dome shaped. It was mainly red, but had a crystal clear glass roof. There was a sculpture depicting a large, almost rodent like creature with a fire around its neck. It had a yellow underbelly and a teal back. Next to it was a large, green dinosaur like pokemon with large pink petals around its neck. And next to that pokemon was a large blue and white alligator like pokemon.

They were Thyploshion, Meganium, and Feraligator. The fully evolved forms of the three Johto starter pokemon: Cyndaquil, Chikorita, and Totodile. Since the age of a pokemon journey was increased to eighteen, and with the Whirl Island Quest most kids would have a full pokemon team, the starter pokemon were no longer in high demand. However, the three children with the highest scores on the PAT?S (Pokemon Aptitude Tests) before the Whirl Island Quest were allowed to choose one of them take to the whirl islands. Julie was ranked 4th place out of the nearly four hundred people who took the test.

Bellow the sculpture was a sign that said ?Champions of Johto? The six walked into the building. A woman in a blue uniform stopped them. ?We?re sorry you must keep your pokemon in a pokeball if you want to look around.?

?Errm we don?t really keep our pokemon in balls.? Greg muttered.

?Then I am afraid I will have to ask you to leave.? The woman responded.

Brian, Julie, and Greg moaned and turned around to the exit to find someone blocking their way. He was in his early twenties and had spiky black hair and brown eyes. He stood nearly 5 foot 7? inches tall and had a yellow mouse pokemon on his shoulder, a Pikachu!

?No freaking way.? Brian muttered in amazement. Standing before his eyes was the champion of Johto, Ash Ketchum from Pallet town. He was gazing at Sunkern on Brian?s shoulder. Sunkern was staring in amazement at Pikachu who was smiling friendly.


?Hey I?m the one who has the yellow pokemon on his shoulder!? Ash said jokingly. ?Marietta, if I get to go in with my Pikachu, then so do these kids.? He added to the woman in the blue uniform.

?Yes sir!? She replied and moved to make room for Ash and the three teenagers.

?It is an honor to meet you Mr.Ketchum!? Julie said frantically. Brian and Greg were staring at each other in awe. Maybe leaving the beach wasn?t such a bad idea. Before he could restrain himself Greg blurted out:

?Is Misty going to be participating in the Whirl Cup this year??

?Heh Heh. Of course she is! I haven?t seen Misty in ages; hopefully I?ll get to see to attend the Whirl Cup. Are you going to enter the tournament? Oh and feel free to call me Ash,? Ash replied.

Greg nodded furiously and then Brian spoke before Greg could make a fool of himself. ?So what brings you here anyway Ash??

?Well I?m giving a speech to you all tomorrow and I figured I might as well look around the hall of fame. I don?t want to sound all thickheaded, but I want to see my plaque.? Ash said with his hand on his head. Pikachu turned to a large painting in the fall and jumped off of Ash?s shoulder.

Julie followed it and saw the painting herself. It depicted Ash and all of his many pokemon. Below it was a list of his accomplishments which included sixteenth place in the Indigo league, winning the orange league, eight place in the Silver convention, and eighth place in the Hoeen league.

?Wow you never even won a real league have you?? Greg piped. Brian smacked him in the back of the head.

?Nah, don?t worry about it. Being a league champion isn?t necessarily about being the strongest. It?s more about how well you know pokemon and can take care of situations. Lance, the old champion, can still clobber me any day.? Ash responded.

They talked for many minutes about Pokemon and how it?s the strength of your bonds with your pokemon that matter not necessarily the strength of your pokemon. They saw other paintings depicting whirl cup winners, elite four members, and guild leaders.

As the blue in the sky began to turn darker, the three headed back to the Pokecenter where they were supposed to stay for the night. Nurse Joy greeted them with hot meals and water. After a few minutes of gorging on food and slapping Greg when he wanted seconds, they decided to call their family.

At the corner of every Pokecenter, there was a videophone that was free of charge. Brian dialed his phone number to see his mom pick up. Now that he noticed it, she did look fairly like the other Nurse Joys except she kept her red hair in a ponytail and her name was Jolene.

?There you are Snicker Muffin (Greg and Julie contained their laughs at this)! I had a long day at the Pokecenter. All the people returning from the Whirl Islands all wanted to give their pokemon a nice check up. Anyway, how was your day?? Jolene asked.

?The ship ride was pretty cool. Sunkern and I got in our first battle; it was very close, but in the end we lost. We went to the beach for a bit and,? Brian lowered his voice ?We saw Ash Ketchum and talked to him!?

?YOU TALKED TO ASH KETCHUM!? Jolene screamed in delight. Nearly everyone at the Pokecenter whipped toward Brian listening eagerly. Julie decided to divert the attention as Ash made them promise not to tell anyone about him being in Slateblue City.

?Yeah we did here of a new ash like Pokemon and we plan to catch em.? Julie said audibly to Greg with a phony grin.

?What the heck are you talking about?? Greg responded. Julie socked him in the arm and gave him a look that told him to shut his mouth. ?Why does everyone keep hitting me? Is it cus I?m too sexy??

?No honey it?s because you?re Greg,? Jolene piped up from her conversation with Brian ?Anyway Brian I?ll let you go now. Good luck, be safe, and what do you need to do every day? Greg, you too.?

?Put on our deodorant so we won?t be little funky hippie children.? Greg and Brian droned. Jolene smiled and the screen went black. Julie called her house and a tall girl with acne and a blonde ponytail like Julie?s. It was their sixteen year old sister Gina next to one of her pokemon, a Furret.

?Oh hey guys. What?s up? How was the trip?? Gina chattered in her light speed teenage voice.

?All right. Julie won a little battle tournament we had. She saw the Pecunia?s and made us leave the beach, but in the end we saw Ash Ketchum and he talked to us,? Greg responded leaning over Julie?s shoulder. They talked for a few minutes and Gina explained that they would be seeing their parents soon.

Like Brian?s dad, Julie and Greg?s parents traveled around a lot. They were scientists who studied plants were researching the links between the appearance of certain grass pokemon and plants in an area. They were attempting to prove their hypothesis that the grass type originated from pokemon mutating with plant sex cells inside of them.

Gina gave them some last words of advice before leaving them. They retired into a small room with two bunk beds (they shared a room with a friend from Cianwood Academy) and gave it up for the night.

As Brian lay on the bottom bunk he reflected on the benefits of the journey. To be able to care for and cooperate with the amazing creatures called pokemon he would gain a sense of responsibility and a stronger bond with his friends.

Before he realized it, Brian was jolted awake by the cry of the Dodrio. Greg and Julie were already awake and sprawled on the floor.

?Six o clock? But I want to sleep! Go on the journey without me I?ll catch up with you guys next week.? Greg moaned. Nurse Joy appeared at the door and offered her help by releasing a scary looking pitbull pokemon from a pokeball known as a Granbull. All four kids were out of the room and in line to go to one of the many bathrooms in the center.

After a hearty breakfast and a speech from Ash (who waved to the three), Nurse Joy gave instructions for their journey. ?There are many different places you can go, if you wish to go anywhere of course. Today some ferries will come and offer to take you to other Whirl Islands, and if you want you can take three different forest routes if you plan on going to Sunrise city for the first badge battle. If you want anymore information please feel free to ask me.?

They decided to go through Forest Route C to head toward Sunrise City which was approximately two hundred miles away. There were many cities on the way to the first gym battle and experiences that lay ahead. Also, in Masoit City Greg would receive more information about the Whirl Cup.

After a few minutes of walking in the forest path Greg was already complaining. ?There are too many trees! I can barely see the sky. I can?t even see any water pokemon! What?s up with that??

?Less complaining, more walking. The next city is only ten miles away.? Julie replied. They were interrupted by a loud noise in the sky. It was a helicopter descending from the little sky they could see.

?Greg what did you steal from the Pokecenter.? Brian groaned. Sunkern, Machop, and Slowpoke all stared at the helicopter in amazement as it landed in front of them. They struggled to stay on spot with the gale the helicopter blades produced.

?Well look at what forest scum we have here.? Julie said as the helicopter door opened. Sally, Jean, and Grace Pecunia all stepped out in fancy ballroom like dresses. Sally in red, Jean in blue, and Grace in yellow.
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?Hardee har har har. You?re very funny you know? Do you like our dresses? Of course on your parent?s salary, you would never be able to afford them.? Sally replied. Her voice was very high and girly, and she put a b****y emphasis on each word.

?Cut the boasting why are you here?? Brian replied. It was Jean who responded this time.

?We?re here to show that we?re better pokemon trainers then you three. Of course we?ll win against those thirty cent pokemon.? Jean cackled. Her voice was a lot more deep and ferocious, and she put a deadly emphasis on each word.

?Of course we?ll battle. If you?re not too scared to get your little dresses dirty.? Greg smirked.

?Then let?s go. There?s a forest clearing up ahead a few yards.? Grace responded. They walked for a few minutes while Julie gave Brian and Greg a glare that read, if you fail then I will beat your scrawny little a**.

Sure enough there was a forest clearing up ahead. All the trees curved around to form a circle where the sun glared down upon. The ground was thick with fallen green leaves and many pokemon peeked out to watch the battles.

?You and Me. Let?s go.? Jean said to Brian. Brian and Sunkern nodded to each other. They learned a lot from the battle with the Nathan. Sunkern leaped off of Brian?s shoulder and onto the ground. Jean smiled and threw out a pokeball which released a little brown bear like pokemon. He had a crescent moon mark on his forehead and a white underbelly.

?Teddiursa (You can just suck my?..thumb)!? Teddiursa said waving his tiny clawed thumb at

?Sunkern Kern (You can lick this! Right here),? Sunkern retaliated protruding her chest a bit.

?You know I?m beginning to wonder what the pokemon are saying to each other.? Brian said confused at the pokemons? strange movements.

?Probably good luck and let?s go.? Julie responded. Brian scanned Teddiursa with the Pokeguide and it gave some information:

?Teddiursa the small bear pokemon. Many people underestimate its power and the power blossoms amazingly when it evolves into Ursaring. Steer clear of these pokemon in the wild as it may call out to Ursaring for protection. It currently knows Fury Swipes, Scratch, Lick, and Charm.?

?What the heck is that thing? Anyway let?s start Teddiursa use Charm.? Jean commanded. The bear pokemon looked at Sunkern with an adorable smile and its black eyes sparkling.

?Teddi Teddi (I wuv you),? The bear pokemon said. Sunkern was amazed at the cuteness of the pokemon and could hardly move.

?Don?t worry charm doesn?t affect attacks like mega drain!? Greg called flipping through the handbook Bruno gave him.

?All right Sunkern use growth!? Brian commanded. Sunkern shook out of its amazement and began glowing green. Teddiursa stopped charming and began to charge at the seed pokemon.

?Lick it from her head down to her toes!? Jean ordered. Teddiursa released its six inch tongue as Sunkern was serenely using growth.

?Sunkern watch out!? Brian called out, but it was too late. When Sunkern snapped out of the attack she was greeted by Teddiursa?s long tongue. She felt a paralyzing sensation as the saliva streaked all over her body.

?Kern Kern (Eww I wasn?t being serious)!? Sunkern groaned.

?Show him whose boss with mega drain.? Brian ordered. Sunkern screwed her eyes in concentration and Teddiursa let out a yelp as he glowed bright green and equally green orbs the size of soft balls flew out of him and into Sunkern.

?Ahh! What the heck is your Sunkern doing! Use fury swipes on your self! Just snap out of it!? Jean commanded.

Teddiursa began scratching his chest and shoulders violently attempting to stop the attack, but the green light didn?t fade, and Teddiursa felt his energy fading faster than ever.

?Sunkern Sunkern (I am turning you into an alien),? Sunkern cackled darkly. Teddiursa screeched louder and attacked itself harder. Machop and Slowpoke were having a violent fit of giggles as Teddiursa danced around the field attacking himself.

?Hold on if you can attack yourself, then you can attack Sunkern! Use fury swipes on Sunkern!? Jean ordered.

Teddiursa snapped out of it, and although he felt very weak, he launched his claws at Sunkern who was too busy laughing to notice. Teddiursa was berserk and furiously slashed at Sunkern who fell over and winced painfully as each sharp nail left its mark.

?Sunkern, use absorb; it doesn?t have much power left!? Brian commanded. He was beginning to sweat. What would Sunkern think of him as a trainer if he lost two battles in a row?

Sunkern struggled to attack and failed. Meanwhile with one finalizing swipe, Teddiursa sent Sunkern to Brian?s feet. Both pokemon were panting heavily; the next move could decide it.

?I don?t get it. Why didn?t Sunkern?s attack come out?? Brian pondered as both pokemon glared at each other.

?Teddiursa?s lick attack can paralyze. Look?s like it took a few minutes for it to take effect.? Sally smirked.

?Come on Brian you can beat that man whore!? Julie cheered. Jean growled and was about to lunge at Julie, but Sally stopped her.

?Don?t worry I?ll show her whose better in my battle with her.? Sally said.



Sunkern tried desperately to absorb Teddiursa?s health, but she failed twice in a row. Teddiursa grinned while he was rushing with his tongue hanging out panting.

?Ursa Teddi Ursa (Papa?s come back for a second lick)!? Teddiursa declared with his eyebrows raised in a seductive manner.

Sunkern?s eyes widened in horror, and she finally released the absorb attack. Teddiursa glowed a light green, but he was too intent on running to notice. When his tongue was nearly an inch away from Sunkern, a tiny green bubble popped out of him and into Sunkern.

Sunkern felt a very slight improvement in her health. The small stamina sucked out of Teddiursa was enough to make him face down on the forest floor with his eyes swirling. Jean stared at the fallen pokemon in disbelief while Brian and Sunkern gave wide grins.

?Um there must be some mistake. You see I don?t lose. My Teddy Weddy is a lot more powerful than that little piece of s***!? Jean growled. Brian who was often the tranquil one of the group turned nasty.

?Piece of s***? I?ll show you piece of **** you f****** b****!? Brian hollered as he lunged for Jean and Jean lunged at him. Greg and Grace tried desperately to keep the two from going at it and succeeded.

?Brian you know better than that. Gosh you?re supposed to be the smart one!? Greg cried as Brian was stable, though breathing hard. Julie and Sally remained agnostic, too intent on staring at each other waiting for there turn.

?Sorry I lost myself there. Anyway, Greg you go. I think we want to save Julie and Sally?s match for last.? Brian said. He grabbed Sunkern and they plopped down on the forest floor eager to see Greg and Grace?s match.

Jean was still looking livid and returned Teddiursa to his pokeball. Jean moved back and folded her arms across her blue dress as Grace stepped forward. Grace nervously held her dress up halfway to her shins as she walked to the place where Jean stood before.

Greg sighed and poked Slowpoke who reluctantly followed him to his side of the clearing. ?All right Slowpoke I don?t like you and you don?t like me but please just try to beat whatever pokemon she has.?

?Slowpoke Poke (You don?t like me? I like you).? Slowpoke droned. He turned to see a teenage girl holding a red and white ball. Perhaps it had food inside.

?All right, keep the pokemon ten feet away from me. I don?t want to get dirty!? Grace pleaded. She slung out her pokeball and a tiny blue elephant like pokemon came out. It had floppy ears and small brown toes.

?Phanpy Phanpy (CRACK! CRACK! I want crack)!? Phanpy yelped. He ran around in little circles acting very hyper.

?Quick Sally I need some of that gourmet Columbian pokemon food.? Grace said. Sally was already expecting it and revealed a small blue box; she grabbed inside and threw out some pokemon food in the shape of white balls.

Phanpy ran over and seemed to literally inhale the food for three minutes with his long snout before finally eating it. ?What is in that stuff? Dad has to stop by in Columbia every week to get new boxes of it. I wonder why they banned selling it here.? Sally pondered.

?Are we going to battle or what?? Greg screamed. Grace turned around and had Phanpy jump into battle. He was a lot less hyper, but seemed to be in a state of Nirvana.

?Phan Phan (Oh the pretty colors)!? The little blue pokemon declared. He swayed around lethargically and Slowpoke was already intent on a Weedle watching the battle from a tree.

?Slowpoke! Get back in here! Use a curse attack!? Greg commanded. The pink bear pokemon lazily turned away from the Weedle and was staring with his eyes wide open. He was turning slightly red as if trying to release a rather hard bowel.

?Phanpy use a tackle attack!? Grace commanded. The elephant pokemon was still busy in Nirvana and not taking in a word Grace said. ?PHANPY!? That snapped him back into reality temporarily. He flung himself at Slowpoke, blindly. He landed several feet down and to the right from the constipated bear.

?This isn?t working!? Greg moaned. He rushed over to the pink tail and raised his foot as high as he could before Sally interrupted him.

?Wait a second; you know physically interfering with a pokemon during a battle is against the rules right??

Greg groaned and the two pathetic pokemon stopped trying to attack and resumed to their sluggish activities. Grace was beginning to flush.

?Please Phanpy stop this nonsense and use a tackle attack,? She pleaded.

Phanpy listened again and shot himself at the bear pokemon. Of course he missed again, but to Greg?s good fortune he landed on Slowpoke?s tail. Slowpoke?s eyes began to glow red and he turned to face the pokemon curled up in a snoring, blue ball on his tail.

?There we go Slowpoke! Use a water gun attack!? Greg cried. Slowpoke released a torrent of rushing water which finally snapped Phanpy out of Nirvana and into the battle. Phanpy screeched as the rushing water forced him of Slowpoke?s tail.

?Eeek! Water attacks are effective against ground types like my Phanpy,? Grace yelped. The drenched elephant shook violently to remove the water. Phanpy was back to normal and looking furious. ?All right Phanpy let?s try a flail attack!?

?Slowpoke use curse!? Greg yelled. Phanpy closed its eyes in concentration and flung it self at Slowpoke. Slowpoke glowed white and weakened the blow as Phanpy struck him. Although Curse raised his defenses, Slowpoke still cringed.

?Flail is stronger the more my Phanpy Wanpy is hurt,? Grace proclaimed. Phanpy digged its front paw into the Earth and taunted Slowpoke.

?Py Py Phan (You can?t battle to save your life)!?

?Slow Slowpoke (Only reason you got a hit is cause my masters an idiot)!? Slowpoke responded. His eyes began flashing a rainbow color and he glared down at a frightened Phanpy.

?Rainbow? Well, I can?t say I?m surprised Slowpoke. Don?t worry I have nothing against you if you like other guys,? Greg muttered incoherently, trying not to burst out laughing.

Slowpoke opened his mouth wide and released many tiny purple rings of psychic energy that rammed Phanpy back to his side of the field. Little imaginary ducks flew around Phanpy?s head as he swayed like he was on crack again.

?Slowpoke learned confusion. Confusion is a psychic attack that releases small amounts of psychic energy and if used properly can control small objects,? The pokeguide said.

?Rock on Slowpoke! You know, you?re not half bad even if you are gay,? Greg said with his eyes streaming in pride. Slowpoke ignored Greg and prepared for Phanpy?s next move.

?Come on Phanpy snap out of it! Try a mud slap attack!? Grace commanded anxiously. Phanpy did use a mud slap attack, but didn?t bother to turn around so Slowpoke would get the blow. Instead, he reared up his back legs and kicked large amounts of dirt onto Grace?s yellow dress. ?**** YOU PHANPY! MY DRESS! MY BEAUTIFUL DRESS!? Grace wailed clutching to her new brown polka dotted yellow dress.

?Shut up Grace. We have four more of those in the helicopter.? Sally screamed over Grace?s thunderous howling. Everyone including the pokemon corked their fingers into their aching ears.

?WAHHH! WAHHH! MY DRESS! PHANPY I?M GOING TO KILL YOU!? Grace shrieked. She began to charge at the confused pokemon. When Phanpy caught sight of the enraged teenage girl with a long stick, he snapped out of his confusion and began to run.

But Grace was going at an amazing lightning speed that confused everyone, so Phanpy curled up into a ball and rolled out of her way in much superior speed. Unfortunately, Slowpoke was on their path.

?Slowpoke (Oh crap),? He cried as the blur of blue was flying into him. He sent out a stream of water in desperation, but he was too nervous to aim accurately, and it ended up hitting Grace.

Grace stopped abruptly and looked even crazier. Her dress was not only dirty it was soaked as well. She changed targets and ran to Slowpoke with her arms and eyes wide open ready to strangle.

Slowpoke tried to run, but the effect of curse made him a lot slower. Phanpy helped out a bit when he crashed into Slowpoke sending him flying nearly fifteen feet, and crashing into him again as soon as he landed. Grace chased the two out of sight.

?What was that?? Greg asked. The Pokeguide answered for him.

?Phanpy learned rollout. Rollout is a move where a pokemon curls up and rolls into its opponent. Each time rollout hits the power doubles.?
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?Want to go save Slowpoke?? Brian asked Greg as he got up to follow the three.

?Sure why not,? Greg said indifferently. The two boys and Jean ran after the other three leaving Sally and Julie behind. They exchanged evil eyes and walked toward each other.

?So it?s just you and me,? Julie said calmly.

?I suppose it?s time for our battle,? Sally said in the same calm voice. They both nodded and called out their pokemon. ?C?mon out Dratini, the super rare pokemon my daddy bought me.?

?C?mon Machop, the brave and nimble pokemon who?ll snap that dragon in two,? Julie said to her Machop. Sally slung out her platinum pokeball which released a snake like pokemon with a blue upper half and white lower half. It had a white mouth and ears with pure black eyes.

The two pokemon stared at each other with a little friendship in their eyes. ?Ma Ma Chop (Hey Dratini, looks like our masters want us to fight).?

?Dratini Tini Dratini Dra (It?s clear they want to fight each other. Anyway don?t hold back because I?m definitely not going to),? The dragon pokemon responded.

Unknowing to Sally and Julie, Machop and Dratini got along pretty well and were friends. Sally and Julie were still focused more on each other than on the battle. Julie took out her pokeguide and scanned Dratini.

?Dratini, the dragon pokemon. This pokemon is among one of the rarest pokemon in the world. The Dragon pokemon are resistant to many different types so they are very difficult to defeat. It?s fully evolved form, Dragonite is considered the most powerful non-legendary pokemon. It currently knows Twister, Leer, Extremespeed, and Wrap.?

?Just because she?s a dragon doesn?t mean we should be scared. Machop let?s start things off with Focus Energy and Karate Chop!? Julie ordered. Machop closed his eyes in concentration as his fist glowed white.

?Stop him before he can attack! Use wrap!? Sally commanded. Dratini floated gracefully toward Machop and wrapped her long body around his torso preventing his attack. Machop struggled to break out of his blue and white prison.

?Machop don?t tell me all those hours at Chuck?s gym are going to go to waste,? Julie said with a smile. If Dratini had a tongue she would have been sticking it out in a taunt.

Machop closed is eyes in concentration and struggled with all his might to Dratini off of him. Dratini was beginning to uncoil slightly, but she kept her grip even though she was beginning to sweat. Machop opened his eyelids revealing red shiny eyes and Dratini fidgeted slightly. Machop took advantage of those few seconds and burst out of Dratini?s wrap and sending her to the ground.

?Karate Chop!?


Machop hurled his hand toward Dratini, who tackled him with amazing speed before his hand could strike. The fighting pokemon stumbled back a few feet before swiping his hand directly in between Dratini?s eyes.

?Hey we?re back Slowpoke fainted so Phanpy won and?? Brian said as he walked back to the clearing. He was interrupted with his disappointment that they didn?t wait to start the match. Greg, Grace, Jean, and all the pokemon walked in as the two battlers gave there commands.

?Dratini I know you?re dizzy, so it won?t hurt to get dizzier in a twister attack!? Sally declared.

Dratini was swaying around like Phanpy, but stood straight on the end of her tail and began to spin at an amazing speed. ?Machop, stop her!? Julie commanded, but it was too late Dratini was already the center of a small, lime green twister.

Everyone else could feel the great gale Dratini was creating. Machop was only a few feet away and about to be literally blown away. Machop raised his arm to keep the wind out of his eyes. He ran like a Stantler into the twister as it took up most of the clearing and everyone struggled to stay on spot.

?STOP IT DRATINI!? Sally roared. Her black hair was flying out wildly and the pokemon watching all escaped. The green twister immediately stopped blowing and when it completely died down it left two pokemon sprawled on the floor with swirls replacing their eyes. Machop succeeded in attacking Dratini, but the force of the wind was too much for him.

?So it?s a draw,? Julie said quietly as she went to pick up Machop.

?Since Brian won, Grace won, and we drew, so I suppose this whole match was a draw,? Sally said quietly. Grace and Jean cursed under their breaths while Brian and Greg sighed out of relief. Julie would still be mad, but she would have drowned them if they had lost.

?See you later losers. You watch it Julie, Sally will beat you next time,? Jean said as they walked off.

?Don?t bother calling us,? Greg said. They both turned to Julie, apprehensive about her reaction. She simply sighed and helped Machop get up.

?You guys did well. Next time we have to beat them though,? Julie said. Machop, Sunkern, and Slowpoke all stared at each other. They had some silly trainers.
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This is my favorite chapter!

Chapter Six-Tentacles

The blazing red sun began to sink into the pinkish wisps of clouds below. The inhabitants of the beautiful seaside city enjoyed the beautiful sights as they sat on their porches or on beach chairs. Life in Masoit City was very peaceful.

Masoit City was a bustling seaside town that organizes the Whirl Cup. The clear blue seas were home to many aquatic pokemon, even rare ones! Practically twenty percent of the people who lived in Masoit City grew up to be a water pokemon trainer. The city was also a mix of urban and rural.

Many businesses, including fishing companies, shippers to Hoeen and Kanto, and all sorts of manufacturers had their headquarters in the city. It was like New York City with the noisy cars and stereotypical business men in suits, armed with cell phones. Luckily, it lacked the air pollution. Around the urban enclave, were quite rural areas where the citizens resided. Small sea cottages and candy stores around the corner found their place here as did Julie, Greg, and Brian after a grueling day of walking through the wild forest.

?That?was?tiring?can we?please?just jack?that? helicopter,? Greg said wheezing, as he gazed around the town.

Julie, Brian, and all their pokemon were also exhausted. As the forest got deeper, more pokemon began to appear. Many of these pokemon were not very nice, especially a brown bug pokemon with dangerous horns on its head called a Pinsir. The Pinsir had chased the six for nearly fifteen minutes non stop.

?Nah?where?s the?fun?in that?? Brian responded, gasping for air, with a small smile. He plopped onto the sidewalk with Sunkern on his lap along with Julie and Machop. Poor Machop was exhausted as he had fought most of the battles.

?I think we should take our pokemon to the nearest PokeCenter. Ask the next person you see where it is,? Julie said. Brian struggled up with Sunkern in his arms. Julie was giving Machop a piggyback while Greg was struggling to lift Slowpoke.

?Oh boy Buddy, you really need to lay off the Remoraid and Bits,? Greg said as he turned bright magenta, struggling to pick up the chunky pink pokemon.

?May we offer our help?? wwo high and girlish voices offered.

Greg, Brian, and Julie turned to see two tall, skinny brunette girls facing them. The first they recognized as Melissa, a girl from Cianwood Academy. On the SS Mantine, Greg attempted to force Slowpoke?s evolution with Melissa?s Shellder.

The other girl looked similar to Melissa but with differences. Her eyes were sea blue unlike Melissa?s violet eyes, and her brown hair was waste length while Melissa?s was shoulder length. And the greatest difference was probably the other girl?s dark tan.

?Hey Julie, Brian, and dork,? Melissa greeted cheerfully, though she put a rather sneering emphasis on dork.

?Melissa told me about you Greg. Are you the idiot who thinks he?s a pokemon?? The girl asked. She seemed to try and conceal a snicker or grin.

?Yup. And proud of it. Anyway, are you going to help me carry this pound of lard?? Greg responded.

?Watch your manners! Or else I might attack you for what would probably be the seventh time today. This is my cousin Mallory. She lives here in Masoit City, and we?re both going to compete in the Whirl Cup,? Melissa said.

Both girls took out red and white pokeballs and released their pokemon. Melissa?s pokemon was a grey-blue clam pokemon with a red tongue sticking out of the black abyss that was his face (with the exception of two eyes). Mallory?s pokemon was a pink and white coral pokemon with large spikes on its back. It seemed to have a gentle disposition.

?Shell Shell (Stay away from me you pink lardo)!? Shellder piped up.

?Corsola Corsola (Wat up gangstas)!? Corsola greeted raising her front spike like paw up.

?Kern Sun (Just Chillin),? Sunkern said imitating the ghetto talk.

?Ma Ma (Ya Yay),? Machop added.

?Corsola, hoist Slowpoke onto your back. Now, where do you want to go?? Mallory asked. Corsola lifted Slowpoke with the spikes on her back. She seemed to struggle for a few seconds but then became adjusted to the weight. Slowpoke was unfazed by the spikes digging into its blubber.

?We wanted to go to the Pokecenter because we?re all tired after being in the forest with all those murderous pokemon,? Brian answered.

?Sunkern and Machop can go to the pokemon center, but I have a better idea for Slowpoke,? Melissa responded.

?Come with us to my house. You guys can spend the night,? Mallory added.

?Thanks for the offer, but we really need to go to the Whirl Cup Info Center,? Julie said.

?There?s no point- it closes in ten minutes,? Mallory replied. Everyone groaned. ?Don?t worry; my Dad is the vice president of the Whirl Cup Tournament. He?ll explain everything to you.?

They were quite taken aback by Mallory?s last statement, but soon recovered and were eager to get rest. They went to the Pokecenter to leave Sunkern and Machop with Nurse Joy (Brian?s mom?s sister?s cousin in law?s best friend).

When returning, Brian noticed that they were heading away from the little residential village. ?Hey, isn?t your house around here?? he asked.

?Nope. It?s in the sea,? Melissa responded as they got onto the beach. When the three of them squinted hard, they noticed a faint square on the horizon, which the sun was sinking into. Mallory took out a small blue ocarina and began playing a small soft tune- which turned into the Spongebob Square Pants song music.

?Whoa, nice skills there, but how is it going to get us to your house?? Greg asked. His question was immediately answered for him as a black shadow appeared on the surface of the blue and orange water.

Out of it popped a large fish pokemon who looked like it had gallons of different colors of paint poured on him. Its body was mainly orange with black near its dorsal fin. Its fins were white with streaks of orange or black spots. The most prominent feature was its menacing horn.

?Sea King Sea King (What is it lady)?? Seaking asked. It had faint bags under his eyes.

?There?s a school of Seaking who live around our house. We made them a deal. We?d give them protection from other pokemon and feed them if they run short on food if they allow us to remain where we live and give us rides back and from the island,? Mallory said.

?That?s cool, but how is one Seaking going to carry the five of us?? Greg asked. Once again, his question was immediately answered when four more black shadows appeared on the water. Out popped four more Seaking.

The fish pokemon swam closer to the five humans and turned their backs. ?All right now climb onto their backs slowly and grab them by their horns very carefully,? Melissa instructed.

Greg, being the idiot he is, did not listen and leaped onto the back of the first Seaking who arose. Seaking strained as all of Greg?s weight plopped onto him at one time, and his eyes bulged as Greg squeezed the horn as if trying to pull it out.

Seaking let out a mighty roar and spun his horn at an amazing speed. Greg shrieked and jumped off the Seaking rubbing his calloused, red hands. Seaking then turned around and shot a jet of water from his mouth to Greg?s cheek.

?Owww! Why do pokemon hate me so much?? Greg whined as the jet of water pierced his skin. Seaking let out a growl and turned back waiting for another person to get on his back.

?Sheak! King King Sea (Sheak! Remember these humans protect us)!? Another Seaking chastised.

?Seaking Seaking (We don?t deserve this crap),? the angry Seaking muttered to himself.

?Yeah, I forgot to tell you. That Seaking doesn?t like humans very much. I think he?s the leader, and he certainly didn?t like the deal we made with the tribe, but I guess the tribe overpowered him,? Mallory said.

?Beware their horn drill attack. If Greg?s hand was on the point of the horn, then he probably wouldn?t have a hand right now,? Melissa said.

Melissa then demonstrated the proper way to get on the Seaking. She slowly walked up to one and then patted the pokemon?s fins in warning. The Seaking nodded and Melissa slowly lifted one leg over the fish?s right side and sat very carefully on its back and clutched her horn. It was like mounting on to a horse, with the chance of getting your hands ripped to shreds.

?See? Being careful is the key. Melissa got the nice Seaking. We think she?s the queen of the tribe and the one who is the brains behind the leader,? Mallory said.

?Seaking Seaking Seak (A man may be the head of the tribe, but unfortunately the woman is the neck),? The Seaking leader murmured to himself as Mallory climbed onto him.

The queen smiled softly in agreement. Brian and Julie climbed onto two other Seaking. Greg, still stroking his calloused hands in pain, started walking carefully to the last Seaking, who used a horn drill attack in warning.

?Okay Okay! Don?t get your panties in a twist!? Greg yelped out of fear. He took nearly five minutes to get onto the Seaking as carefully as possible. ?Hold it. How?s my Slowpoke going to get there??

Corsola answered for him by jumping into the water with Slowpoke still on her back. Slowpoke was snoring, soundly asleep on Corsola?s spikes. Melissa?s Shellder also jumped into the water and began swimming. The Seaking joined the other water pokemon in their swim across the night sea.

?Wow, this is so relaxing,? Brian said as they drew nearer to the horizon.

?Mallory, how can your Corsola stand all that weight on her back and still manage to swim?? Julie asked.

?We?ve been training for years. It?s a part of one of my strategies to use in the Whirl Cup,? Mallory responded.

?What is this strategy? I?ll close my ears, and Mr. Red Hands is asleep,? Melissa asked. They turned to Greg who was snoring blissfully with his blonde head on the Seaking?s horn.

?Don?t worry, you can listen Melissa. I already know your strategy of using Shellder?s clamp attack to your advantage. Anyway, my strategy is for Corsola to catch her opponent on her spikes and then spray them away with Spike Cannon. Simple, yes, but it should also be effective. I?m also trying to get her to learn Recover and Mirror Coat,? Mallory responded.

They spent the next few minutes talking about the Whirl Cup as darkness took over the sky and they began to see the house a bit more clearly. Five other figures also began to appear on the horizon.

?I wonder what those are,? Julie commented. They began to take shape and Mallory and Melissa screamed. It was three Tentacruel and two Tentacool.

They were both jellyfish like pokemon. The Tentacool looked like light blue top hats with red gems on both sides of its head and above its eyes, which were located at the very bottom of its face. It had two tentacles.

The Tentacruel were the evolved version of the Tentacool. This pokemon looked more like a detective?s hat with the three red gems much larger than before. Below the hat shaped structure was his black void of a face and many blue tentacles coming out of it.

?Tentacruel and Tentacool terrorize the sea. Sometimes they attack our house, but they?ve never bothered us on trips back and from the house,? Mallory said nervously.

?Seaking! Let?s try to avoid them, go the other way!? Melissa yelled out in desperation. The Seaking obeyed and swerved quickly going at the speed of a car on a highway. Greg was rudely awoken when he nearly fell off the Seaking who made a sudden curve.

?Uhh? what happened?? Greg screamed. The speed of the Seaking was making loud noises.

?We?re about to be attacked by the Tentacruel and Tentacool!? Julie yelled over the din.

Greg whipped around and saw the jellyfish pokemon on their tail. ?AAH! STEP ON IT!? He screamed as he kicked the Seaking?s side. The Seaking was too preoccupied with swimming as fast as he could to attack Greg.

?Tenta Cruel Cruel (Stop them! Use Sludge Bomb)!? The largest Tentacruel roared.

Large purple blobs of sludge flung from the mouths of the jelly fish pokemon and right in front of the Seaking. The Seaking made sudden stop to avoid the sludgy water that lay in front of them, nearly throwing their passengers overboard.

?Shellder! Use Aurora Beam on the sludge!? Melissa commanded.

?Corsola! Use Bubble Beam on the sludge! Seaking, please use water gun on the sludge too!? Mallory ordered.

Shellder released a beautiful multicolored beam at the sludgy water, which began to separate the pieces of sludge, so it wasn?t as concentrated. Corsola sprayed a beam of powerful bubbles that also separated the sludge. The combined force of all five Seaking?s water guns tore apart the rest of the sludge making it safe to go through.
But it was too late. The Tentacruel and Tentacool had circled them and joined their tentacles together to create a large ring that no one could escape. Things were looking bad.

?Oh crap. I am so sorry this is my entire fault for inviting you guys,? Mallory cried. Her eyes were streaming.

?We?re not giving up yet! Shellder, Seaking! USE SUPERSONIC!? Melissa bellowed, determined to escape.

Everybody winced as Shellder and the Seaking released screeching noises that pierced their ears. Slowpoke snapped awake and could care less about the danger of the Tentacruel. The Tentacruel and Tentacool were wincing too and their tentacles were beginning to loosen, but then the leader of the pack roared something over the horrible din. He took out two of his tentacles and covered his ears with it.

The other two Tentacruel took out four tentacles and covered their own ears along with the Tentacool?s. They then released a barrage of poisonous needles at the Seaking and Shellder. Shellder withdrew into his shell to defend himself while the Seaking swerved quickly, nearly unseating their passengers again.


?Oh gosh! If we don?t get out of this alive, I just want to say that I love you guys!? Greg cried.

Thunderclouds began to form overhead in the dark blue sky. They flashed violently and sent down a torrent of rain. Everyone was getting soaked as the water drenched their clothes.

Corsola, Shellder, and the Seaking all fired their attacks at the largest Tentacruel, but each of the pokemon released another barrage of poisonous needles, which canceled the attacks out. The sky gave a might roar and everyone flinched.
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?Greg! Your Slowpoke is a psychic pokemon and Tentacruel and cool are poisonous pokemon. Psychic attacks are strong against poisonous pokemon!? Mallory shrieked over the loud thunder.

?It?s no use. Slowpoke only attacks when his tail is hurt. If you have your pokemon attack its tail, then it will only attack the pokemon that hurt it,? Greg responded.

?Mallory, why don?t you use your ocarina to summon more Seaking?? Brian asked.

?That?s a great idea!? Mallory exclaimed. She took out her light blue ocarina and began to play it, but a Tentacruel whipped it away into the sea with her tentacle.


The largest Tentacruel extended one tentacle toward Sheak, the Seaking Leader, and began to speak.

?Tencruel! Tenta Cruel Cruel Tenta (Sheak! It?s all over for you. You don?t have those pathetic humans to help you)!?

?Seki! Sea King King Sea (Tenagon! You were always a power hungry bastard)!? Sheak replied.

?Ang! King Sea Sea King (Cruella! We used to be best friends many years ago. What happened to you)?? The Seaking queen asked to what seemed to be the queen of the Tentacruel.

?Uelenta, Cruel Tenta Tenta Cruel (Kinginy, I married Tenagon who promises me control of most of the Johto Sea)!? Cruella replied.

?Cruel Ten Ta Ta Cru Tenta Ta Cruella Cru Cruel (Enough talk! Let us decide this with a double battle. If you and your wife win, then we will let you pass. However, if Cruella and I win, then we get control of the Seaking territory),? Tenagon said.

?Sheak, se ing king seak king sea (Sheak, we can no longer hide behind the humans! We must fight!)? Kinginy, the Seaking queen, said to her husband.

Sheak nodded. Kinginy and Sheak turned to Mallory and Melissa who got off their backs and into the icy cold water. Instinctively, the three other Seaking swam closer to the two cousins and lined up close to each other. Mallory and Melissa climbed onto the left and right Seaking, but kept one leg on the middle Seaking in order to keep the weight balanced.

?I?m surprised Uncle Sheldon didn?t play his ocarina for a Seaking to come and take him home. A Seaking would surely pass this way and notice us in trouble and call more Seaking to help us out,? Melissa said.

?He wouldn?t be stupid to go out in the sea during a thunderstorm,? Mallory replied gravely.

?Wait a second, I have an idea. Melissa, have your Shellder use Aurora Beam into the sky! I?m sure Mallory?s dad will recognize it as your Shellder?s and send for help. Even if he doesn?t, I?m sure someone will recognize it as a sign for help!? Brian exclaimed.

?That?s a good idea! Shellder, use aurora beam in the sky!? Melissa commanded.

Shellder immediately fired a multicolored beam into the clouds. Hopefully, someone would see it. In the mean time, the battle between the Seaking and the Tentacruel was about to start.

Sheak and Kinginy took their sides and rubbed their horns together, which Brian guessed was their way of showing affection. Tenagon whispered something into Cruella?s ear and she nodded.

The last Tentacruel and the two Tentacool had elongated their tentacles to fill in the gap. ?Why don?t we just order the pokemon to attack the tentacles, so we can break through?? Greg whispered to Mallory.

?Don?t underestimate the power of these pokemon. If we do break out, then they?ll just capture us again with their long tentacles. **** it, can?t someone see the aurora beam?? Mallory replied. In the distance a bolt of lightning struck the sea and the clouds gave a colossal roar.

?The storm is getting worse! Let?s hope that lightning doesn?t get closer,? Brian commented nervously.

?I?m sure the Seaking will be able to defeat the Tentacruel in time. Their horn drill attack is so powerful can knock out a pokemon in one strike,? Melissa replied.

In the battle, the Seaking released piercing jets of water while the Tentacruel shot out poisonous needles from their stingers. To everyone?s shock, the two attacks canceled each other out.

?Something?s not right. Water gun attacks are much more powerful than poison stings. Let me check the Pokeguide?s level checker,? Julie said.

She pulled out the little CD player like device from her pack, aimed at the Tentacruel, and pressed a small red button. ?Based on the experience these pokemon had, they would be approximately level 41,? it droned. Julie then pointed it at the Seaking and pressed the button ?Based on the experience these pokemon had, they would be approximately level 52,?

?That?s a pretty big difference in levels. You?re right, something fishy is going on in here,? Brian said.

The Tentacruel and Seaking were still going on with their stalemate of poison stings and water guns. Neither side was looking tired of releasing their attacks, when the Tenagon and Cruella abruptly stopped their attacks and dove underwater. Sheak and Kinginy also stopped their attacks and began to look worried.

?This ain?t good. Being underwater gives them the advantage,? Greg moaned.

Then, Sheak began to release tiny supersonic waves at the water and listened for their echoes. Kinginy began to follow in his lead. They kept firing the supersonic waves at different points in the water.

?Amazing. They?re using echolocation. I thought that was something only Zubat use when they?re in a dark cave,? Julie said in awe.

Kinginy fired a supersonic wave and looked surprised. She turned to Sheak and they both immediately dove underwater. All the pokemon and humans were transfixed on the spot where all four pokemon dove.

Patches of purple began to appear on the surface of the water, but the heavy rain was separated them slightly. ?Whoo hoo! Tentacruel blood!? Greg declared as more patches of purple appeared on the water?s surface.

?Nah, that?s sludge bomb! And from the looks of it, they are missing,? Mallory said gleefully. For the first time in a while, she had a huge grin on her face. Slowpoke, Shellder, Corsola, and the Seaking all were smiling. They had much better hearing than the humans, and could tell that the Tentacruel were being crushed. The other jellyfish pokemon, however, were frowning.

Black shadows were appearing on the surface along with the purple patches. With a great flash of lightning, Sheak and Kinginy arose triumphant with Cruella and Tenagon on their horns. They tossed the two defeated pokemon into the sludgy water.

Sheak and Kinginy joined their fins together and the water below them began to form itself into a pillar of foaming madness over seven feet tall. They released their fins and the pillar collapsed along with them into the deep sea.

Tenagon and Cruella began to come around and were staring around confused when the water below them began to shake violently. They looked around in alarm, but before they could even scream, the large pillar of water erupted under them sending the two jelly fish pokemon flying. Out of nowhere, Sheak and Kinginy launched out of the water and struck the two midair pokemon with their powerful horns.

Tenagon and Cruella lay in waste, with swirls replacing their eyes. Everyone released a cry of happiness. Shellder began to spell in the sky with his aurora beam ?who?s your daddy?. Slowpoke let out a mighty cheer, happy that he could finally go back to sleep. Corsola stuck her tongue out at the pissed off Tentacool. The Seaking rushed to Sheak and Kinginy to congratulate them. The five humans threatened to fall off with their cheers. Brian and Julie gave each other a big hug, but quickly turned it into a handshake.

The Tentacruel and Tentacool released their tentacles and rushed toward their fallen leaders. Tenagon whispered something to all of them and the third Tentacruel revealed two small potions in his tentacles and fed it to Cruella and Tenagon.

?What the heck! That Tentacruel has hyper potions!? Melissa screamed. Everyone whipped around, but it was too late. A slimy black tentacle came whipping forward and grabbed Kinginy.

The remaining Seaking charged at the Tentacruel, unseating their passengers. Nearly twenty five slimy tentacles swiped at the fish and sent them flying. Then, the tentacles circled the jelly fish pokemon and glowed red. Five foot glowing red barriers appeared all around the pokemon, encasing them from the Seaking.

The Seaking attempted to go over the barriers with waterfall attacks, but before the pillars even rose two feet, the Tentacool and Tentacruel erected more barriers on top of the already existing ones. The fish then tried going underwater to save their queen, but even more barriers were placed below the jellyfish pokemon.

There was no way in.

The five humans bobbed helplessly in the raging sea, hanging onto their packs or pokemon. ?The nerve of those slimeballs! First they say they would free us, and then they capture the queen!? Mallory said with her eyes streaming once again.

?Think we can swim home? It?s only another half a mile away,? Melissa asked. Her question was answered for her when a wave engulfed them. When the wave subsided, they all remerged from the water, except for Greg.

?Oh my God! Where?s Greg!? Julie screamed. His pack was bobbing helplessly in the waves without its owner.

Brian let go of his pack and dove into the depths of the raging waters. ?BRIAN!? the three frantic girls screamed. Brian was holding his nose tight. It was very hard to see through the night sea, but then he saw a glimpse of Greg?s orange shirt. He kicked and breast stroked as fast as he could to get to Greg.

Greg was falling deeper; he was knocked out cold. Brian was never good at holding his breath, but he had to and struggled with all his might to. Brian clutched onto a part of Greg?s shirt and began to swim up. His brain felt like it was about to burst and his lungs were begging for mercy. Brian let go of his nose and exhaled.

Salty water crammed itself down his throat, and he could swim no longer. Brian began to float down along with Greg. His grip was loosening, until he felt another clutch on the collar of his shirt. He was only slightly aware of being pulled upwards.

?Brian! Brian! Are you okay!? Julie screamed into his ear when she pulled him and Greg out of the water. She began to slap Brian violently, and he finally came around.

?Ack Ack! Okay I?m back! How?s Greg?? Brian said coughing up water. With all the rain pouring down; he didn?t feel much difference from being underwater. He saw Mallory and Melissa trying to revive Greg.

?Julie! We need you to help us take Slowpoke off Corsola!? Melissa yelled. Brian and Julie swam toward Corsola and helped the cousins remove the heavy pink bear off the coral pokemon?s back.

Brian and Mallory struggled to keep Slowpoke from drowning while Julie and Melissa got Greg onto Corsola?s back, and Melissa began to give Greg CPR. Everyone looked at Melissa and Greg carefully, hoping that Greg would pull himself together. After nearly ten blows of breath, Greg still wasn?t responded.

Julie started weeping and Brian was too shocked to do anything. Melissa however was too determined to give up. After two more blows of breath, Greg finally came around and spat out a bunch of water.

?Is this heaven?? He asked when lightning flashed across the sky.

?Nope. We?re still in horrible danger and almost drowning. Anyway, now that you?re alive, get off Corsola! Brian and Mallory are having a hard time keeping Slowpoke from drowning,? Julie said. She was very relieved that her twin survived.

Back with the Tentacruel and Seaking, Tenagon kept dipping Kinginy in water for a few seconds and flinging her back into the barrier cage before the Seaking could rescue her. Kinginy kept gagging and struggling for air in her gills, while the Tentacruel and Tentacool laughed and taunted the other Seaking.
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The four Seaking tried breaking the barriers with a horn drill attack, but they still remained adamant. Sheak was holding back the massive tears in his eyes and screamed ?Seaking Seakign Seaking King Sea (Tenagon! You liar and snake! We beat you fair and now you?re trying to kill my wife! Please, spare her! We?ll give you our land, anything)!?

?Tentacruel Tentacruel Crue Tent Cruel (Foolish Sheak. I?m evil! I lied! You?d be surprised at the power I hold. I allied myself with the right humans, and now I can control all of the Johto Sea without anybody?s consent)!? Tenagon cackled. Kinginy looked at her husband and mouthed ?I love you? while wincing under the pain of the tentacles squeezing her gills.

?Seaking Seaking King (Leave her alone! Take me instead! And what is this nonsense about allying yourself with the right humans)?? Sheak yelled back.

?Cruel Tenta Cruel (You haven?t noticed anything strange yet? Perhaps you will soon),? Tenagon replied.

Julie and the rest of the humans watched in horror as the Seaking attempted to break down the barriers again. ?SEAKING! Use water gun! Physical attacks are useless against the barrier!? Julie yelled.

?Help them out Corsola!?

?You too Shellder!?

The Seaking listened to Julie and shot the most powerful jets of water they could muster (about the length and width of a chimney). Shellder used aurora beam and Corsola used bubble beam as well. The combined force of all six attacks on one barrier resulted in a small explosion. When the smoke cleared, everyone gasped at the barrier that still stood.

?Tenta Cruel Cruel (Do you understand now)?? Tenagon said slyly. He flung Kinginy into the water with his Tentacles still on her to prolong her life.

?Seak King King (You lying, cheating bastard)!? Sheak snarled as he rushed at the barrier again. Tenagon turned to Cruella and the other Tentacruel and they nodded. They slung their tentacles over the ten foot barrier and captured the four remaining Seaking.

?This is bad. Really bad,? Brian whimpered. Along with icy water, his body was covered in icy sweat.

?Tenta Cruel Cruel Tenta (I think it is time for my son to have children),? Tenagon said darkly. The nameless Tentacruel smiled, gave the two Seaking in his clutches to Cruella, and went in front of his father who brought the Seaking down.

?SEAAAAAA (NOOOOO)!? Seaking shrieked. He thrashed violently in Cruella?s grip, desperate to save his wife. Kinginy also struggled desperately, but there seemed to be no hope.

Shellder and Corsola tried desperately to break the barrier with there attacks. Slowpoke was no longer in daze and looking horrified at the Seaking who was about to be raped. Cruella noticed Shellder and Corsola and flung out her four remaining tentacles down the barrier, but Melissa was ready for her.


Shellder leaped in front of Corsola and Slowpoke and closed his shell hard on Cruella?s tentacles. Cruella?s eyes popped out of their sockets and she accidentally released the other Seaking, however they were sent flying outside the barrier. Tenagon?s son was about to make his first move when Slowpoke?s eyes began to glow rainbow.

?We?re saved! It?s the queer eye!? Greg cried.

Slowpoke let out a mighty roar that stopped all the pokemon in their tracks to turn to him. He opened his mouth wide and let out purple rings the size of donuts (the type you swim in). The other pokemon desperate in saving Kinginy also released their own attacks. With the help of Slowpoke?s beefed up confusion, every single barrier shattered.

Tenagon dropped Kinginy into the sea and all the jelly fish pokemon fired their tentacles at Slowpoke. His rainbow eyes glowed stronger, and he let out a mighty roar. The tentacles glowed red and stopped nearly inches away from Slowpoke and Corsola. Slowpoke whipped his head sideways and the tentacles followed in his lead. They swerved around quickly and wrapped themselves around their owners.

Slowpoke lifted his head up slightly and the Tentacruel and Tentacool all smashed into each other as one large pile, bound and trapped. The humans gave a loud cheer, for the pokemon were finally defeated. Sheak rushed Kinginy?s side while the other Seaking began attacking the Tentacruel.

Slowpoke opened his mouth one last time and fired several purple rings at the Tentacruel before plopping faintied on Corsola?s back. ?What was that all about?? Greg mumbled silently to himself. He pulled out Bruno?s guidebook from his pack and flipped to a page about attacks.

?Confusion can be greatly increased in power when a pokemon is under high emotion. The rings are a lot more powerful and the pokemon will be able to control small objects and some attacks. Although the attack becomes a lot more powerful when under high emotion, it also drains the pokemon of much of its energy?

Kinginy was not responding to Sheak?s cries. Her eyes were closed and she was barely floating on the water?s surface. Sheak could no longer hold back his tears, they flowed like a waterfall. He bitterly looked at the pokemon who hurt his wife and longed to join the other Seaking in their assault.

?It?s over. It?s finally over,? Mallory sighed. The Tentacruel and Tentacool had swirls replacing their eyes. The three Seaking swam toward the humans and let them sit on their backs.

They went over to Sheak and Kinginy and the Seaking attempted to comfort Sheak. Mallory put her hand toward Kinginy and stopped it to make sure Sheak wouldn?t get mad. Sheak was willing to risk his anti-human pride if it meant it would help his wife.

Mallory got off her Seaking and began moving her hand around Kinginy?s gills, but she never actually touched them. ?Mr.Seaking Leader, your wife is still breathing- but barely. We have to rush her to the house and use our medicines. Then, we?ll have to take her to the Pokecenter,? She said to the wailing fish pokemon.

Sheak dipped his head into the sea and shook it violently to get rid of the tears. When, he emerged he nodded slowly and let Mallory get on his back, and they began to ride home. Sheak had some mixed feeling about the humans and Mallory who was holding Kinginy by her horn and back fin as they swam. These humans brought them into the mess, yet why was he feeling so grateful to them.

They rode peacefully and silently for a few minutes until the water around them began rumbling like there was an underwater earthquake. ?What is that?? Julie said quietly and fearfully.

?Please oh Spongebob! We?ve gone through enough already!? Greg cried with his hands in the air.

Right then, about a hundred Tentacruel and Tentacool arose from the murky waters all around them about forty feet away. They were circled and trapped again. They were outnumbered at least twenty to one.

?Thanks a lot Spongebob,? Greg muttered annoyed and frightened at the same time. Brian was too shocked to do anything while Julie and Melissa were hysterical. Mallory, however, looked determined and yelled out to the Tentacruel and Tentacool.


Several of the sea terrorists laughed insanely and shot large amounts of sludge at her from their stingers. Mallory fell off Sheak screaming and collapsed into the water.

?MALLORY!? They all screamed. Melissa jumped off from the Seaking and swam to rescue her cousin, but several sludge bombs came flying at her. Many pelted her head as she screamed violently and sank in to the depths of the water. Seconds later, both she and her cousin emerged from the sea, unconscious and with large purple stains on their heads.

?Cruel Cruel Tenta Cruel Cruel (What a foolish human. The great Tenagon does not underestimate you Sheak. That is why he had us wait here just in case he lost),? One of the Tentacruel said.

?Sea Sea Sea King King (Land, Food, My army! What will it take for you to let us pass)?? Sheak cried.

?Cruel Cruel (How about your wife)?? Another Tentacruel asked. The rest of the murderous pokemon began laughing as if they were drunk.

?Ing Seaking (Over my dead body),? Sheak growled quietly, yet dangerously.

?Cool Cool Tenta Cool (That can and will be arranged),? A Tentacool piped up.

At that moment, hundreds of purple, messy sludge bombs came flying at the humans and pokemon. Many fell into the water surrounding them, but some still struck their targets. Greg, Brian, and Julie flailed and thrashed violently to avoid the sludge bombs however with the amount of sludge flying around Julie was struck down first, then Greg, and lastly Brian.

They still managed to stay conscious and on the purple, polluted water, but with horrible pounding headaches from the sludge bombs hitting their heads. The Seaking dove to avoid the sludge bombs, and the three friends mimicked them. Eventually, the water below the surface became polluted and dense with sludge.

The Seaking couldn?t take all the poison seeping into their gills and passed out. It also was seeping into the humans? mouths. They arose to vomit onto the already polluted water.

?Blech! Julie, Greg I just want to let you guys know that you?re the best friends a guy could have! Blech! It sucks that it?s going to end this?BLECH!? Brian struggled to say while Julie rubbed his back as yellowish vomit poured out of his nostrils and mouth.

?Now would be a good time for your little giant floating banana to come Brian!? Greg moaned as a sludge bomb hit his noise. Sludge bombs were hitting them all over the place and the toxic fumes were beginning to seep into their noses.

?THERE IT IS! THE GIANT FLOATING BANANA!? Julie declared pointing up at the wailing skies. Greg and Brian whipped their heads up and did see something large, yellow, and glowing in the sky. Even the jellyfish pokemon stopped their attacks to look at the giant floating banana- although they looked more horrified.

?HOORAY! THIS IS ALL A DREAM! NOW WE?LL WAKE UP!? Brian and Greg cheered. They were so glad this was all fake and hoped that the banana was not a hallucination caused by the poisonous fumes.

A large jagged bolt of lightning came from one of the clouds near the banana and knocked out a Tentacruel. The rest of the jellyfish pokemon created barriers over themselves to protect them, but they proved to be weak when more lightning came down from the sky, shattered the barriers, and knocked out the jellyfish pokemon.

?Oh crap, if that lightning hits water, we?re all dead!? Julie said. But by some miracle, the lightning didn?t hit the water. Instead, it only hit the Tentacruel and Tentacool. The smell of singed, sizzling jellyfish joined their nostrils along with the poisonous fumes.

Greg began to get extremely light-headed. The toxic fumes were too much and he passed out in Julie?s arms. ?GREgggg? Julie cried before passing out herself. Brian began to feel lightheaded himself. He looked up at the sky once more and the large yellow thing seemed to look back at him.

?Are you a banana?? Brian yelled softly. The ?banana? gave out a large roar and everyone surfaced from the depths of the water. Brian smiled softly before finally passing out.

The next day at 7 AM

Mrs. Jolene Thomas sat in the bland, white waiting room of the Masoit Hospital. Her usually neat red hair was a frizzy mess and her eyes were red and puffed. Sitting next to her, was Chuck clutching onto his wife Sarah?s hand.

The image of her son when he was rushed into her hospital was painted onto her mind. He was completely drenched and saturated with purple sludge. They said the toxic fumes could have caused brain damage

Nearby, were the parents of two of the girls who were also rescued. The mothers looked so alike with their long brown hair and blue eyes. They were squeezing the blood out of their husbands? hands. Jolene so longed for her own husband and her son?s father. He was somewhere in Hoeen separated from her. She just wanted to be in his arms.

A young nurse walked in, smacking on a piece of gum rather loudly. Jolene didn?t like the fresh look on her face. She was holding a clipboard and was looking down on it carefully. She looked around and asked in a bored, annoying voice ?Is there a Mrs. Thomas here??

?Yes, that is me,? Jolene responded frantically. She stood up and faced the nurse with her large brown eyes.

?Oh, anyway your son is dead,? The nurse said very indifferently.
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This is one of my most humorous chapters. A rather weird response to such a huge cliffhanger, but this ends with another cliffhanger!

Chapter 8- Battle of the Sexes/The Aftermath

Jolene was paralyzed for a few seconds; she didn?t know what to say. Her red eyes bulged powerfully, and she began to rock back and forth in her place. Chuck and Sarah leaped out of their seats and went to console Jolene, but it was too late.

She let out a horrible cry of grief and collapsed onto the floor, screeching like a banshee. ?He can?t be dead! He?s my only child! He can?t be gone!? She was releasing tears like her eyes were the cliffs at the end of rivers. Sarah helped Jolene up, and they both held onto each other and cried.

Chuck?s eyes were getting watery, and he joined his wife and Jolene in crying. The nurse was still rather indifferent and spoke again ?Well, he was sick for a long time. You knew he wouldn?t survive with brain cancer that bad!?

Jolene stopped her bawling abruptly and hiccupped trying to speak. ?What hic are you hic talking about. My hic son doesn?t hic have brain cancer,? She said with her eyes on the nurse. Sarah and Chuck also stopped crying and looked disgusted.

The nurse still maintained her fresh, indifferent look and reexamined her clipboard. ?Whoops, you?re not Jemela Thomas are you? Sorry, I got you confused with another lady,? She chortled. She then let out the most horrendous, annoying laugh they have ever heard. It resembled a car trying to start.

?Anyway, your son, Brian, is perfectly fine except for a few bruises. You can see him in Room 157. Oh boy, I don?t think Jemela will be happy when she sees that white sheet over her son?s body? I have more people to talk to, Toodles!? The nurse said as she walked away.

Jolene?s sense of relief combated with her fury at the nurse. She growled lightly and was about to lunge at the little insensitive person when Chuck grabbed her. ?It isn?t worth it; what?s important is that Brian and the others are okay,?

?Yes, let?s go see them,? Sarah added. They were about to walk away when ?Wait a minute I hear something,? The three continued walking outside when they heard.


?Calm down Jemela! It?ll be okay!? They heard a doctor reassure to her, but her screaming continued.



Brian opened his eyes and saw himself in a white room with draped windows and many beds lined side by side. His head was throbbing a bit, and he was trying to recall what happened. He turned his head and saw Julie and Greg also awake.

There were some bruises on their dead and buckets of purplish substance near the bed. He began to remember. They were brutally attacked by the Tentacruel last night. So many sludge bomb attacks, the sea must be purple now. He and the rest of his friends all were knocked out by the poisonous fumes. The last thing he could remember was the giant yellow banana?

That must have meant the whole ordeal was a dream! He looked around excitedly and realized he was in a hospital room. He plopped his head back onto the cushy hospital pillow and winced. He remembered being rushed to the emergency room and given something to drink. He was vomiting, vomiting a lot. His stomach lurched uncomfortably.

?Hey, you?re finally awake,? Julie said with a smile. He saw a bandage on her forehead. Her blonde hair had tints of purple in it.

?Yeah. I hope Mom will let me stay here after this. You know how overprotective she gets,? Brian groaned. A young, attractive nurse was tending to Greg, who of course decided to put on his full ?Mad Pimpin Skill, Dawg.?

?Hey baby, what?s say you and me go to the cafeteria and get ourselves a bite of Carson love,? Greg asked in his frightening ?sexy? voice with his eyebrows in their horrifying ?sexy? position.

The nurse smiled softly and leaned down closer to Greg and began to respond in her own odd sexy voice ?You?re in no condition to do anything like that. I have a better idea, why don?t I get you a nice deep skin sponge bath??

Greg grinned broadly and nodded madly. The nurse also grinned and walked away. ?This is the first sign of the Apocalypse: Greg?s Mad Pimpin Skill, Dawg working,? Brian commented as he watched the nurse walk out of the room.

?Nah, there?s gotta be some catch,? Melissa piped up from three beds to Brian?s right.

?How you guy?s feeling?? Mallory asked from the bed near Melissa?s

?Not bad actually. I?m just feeling a little nauseous that?s all,? Melissa replied.

?Eh, I?ve been better,? Julie said.

?I?ll survive,? Brian chuckled.

?I?m about to get a sponge bath from the hottest nurse ever,? Greg muttered dreamily into space. Everyone rolled their eyes. At that moment, their doctor walked in. He was in his middle ages with light hearted soft blue eyes and straight brown hair. He had a dark tan like Mallory. When they thought about, everyone in the Whirl Islands had a dark tan.

?So, you guy?s are feeling good? That?s nice to know, we were really worried. Never in my entire life have I seen Tentacruel or any other wild pokemon attack innocent passerby like this,? The doctor said.

?I think they were trying to attack the Seaking we were riding, not us,? Mallory said to him. He nodded solemnly and asked rather too casually

?Did you notice anything suspicious about the pokemon that attacked you??

The five turned to each other, muttered, and then nodded. Melissa was the one to speak ?Their attacks were abnormally strong. The Seaking were at much higher levels, but for some strange reason even small poison sting attacks were able to cancel out their most powerful water gun attacks,?

Brian racked up his brain and spoke ?Also, there was something weird about their sludge bomb attacks. I?ve watched battles with pokemon using sludge bomb, and usually the attack is like a bunch of small brown bullets, but the Tentacruels? sludge bomb attacks were purple and the size of diapers.?

Julie was the final one to add something in ?Their barrier attacks were really adamant. Not even special attacks could get through, until our Slowpoke used confusion.?

?Speaking of Slowpoke, where are our pokemon? Please tell me they?re okay!? Mallory said frantically.

?Don?t worry; I?m sure your pokemon will pull through if you guys were able too. They?re at the pokemon center right now. I?m sure your parents will take you there when they pick you up,? The doctor answered.

?So, how are we doing? Are we going to die or what?? Greg asked as he sprayed breath freshener into his mouth.

?You guys are very lucky! We were expecting a much worse case. The laxatives made you vomit all the sludge out, and because humans have natural resistance to pokemon attacks, you guys weren?t poisoned and the bruising wasn?t that bad,? The doctor said again with a grin.

Then, Jolene, Chuck, and Sarah rushed inside the room. Brian tried to hide himself in his sheets as Jolene rushed toward him with her arms stretched out wide, but it was no use. She wrapped her arms around him tight and kissed his face multiple times violently. Brian gasped for air after it still continued after thirty seconds.

?Release him before you kill him Jolene!? Sarah laughed. Jolene let go and pulled herself away. Her face was covered in fresh tears, and she was sobbing uncontrollably out of relief and joy.

?Relax Mom, I?m okay,? Brian said quietly when he noticed the four other adolescents were snickering.

?Relax?? Jolene asked dangerously. Brian nodded with a bad smile. ?RELAX!? Jolene roared. Everyone in the room jumped out of fear, even Chuck jumped into his wife?s arms. ?IT?S BEEN TWO DAYS! TWO DAYS! AND YOU GET YOURSELF IN THE HOSPITAL! AND YOU WANT ME TO RELAX!?

Everyone was cowering now. ?So, can I stay?? Brian asked in the softest voice he could muster. Everyone plugged their fingers hard into their ears for Jolene?s reaction. Her eyes bulged wide and a vein in her temple popped out. Surprisingly, she talked in a voice just as quite as Brian?s.

?Oh you lit?? Jolene muttered, but she was interrupted when two more parents bursted into the room. They could immediately tell it was Mallory?s parents from their same shockingly sea blue eyes.

The mother immediately wrapped her arms around Mallory and squeezed tighter than Jolene. Everyone awed as Mallory began gagging horribly. Jolene began to get very envious, and she threw her arms around Brian.

?Oh, my sweet little girl, I?m glad you?re all right,? Mallory?s murderous mother sobbed. Everyone?s eyes filled with pity as Mallory?s eyes began to bulge out.

?Oh, thank goodness you?re alive Brian,? Jolene wailed. She tightened her hug and Brian began to turn bright purple. Everyone turned to the two and their eyes filled with more tears.

Mallory?s mother silently popped one eye open

?My baby?? She wailed.

?MY BABY!? Jolene cried in response.

?MY BABY! MY BABY! I LOVE YOU!? Mallory?s mother hollered at the top of her voice.

?IIIIIIIIII LOOOOOOVE YOOOOOOOU!? Jolene screamed at the top of her own voice. Both overprotective mothers? din could be heard all over the hospital. They rest of the people in the room, plugged their fingers in their ears rather than saying aww. Mallory and Brian were on the point of passing out.

?Uh, we got your discharge forms,? A nurse said over the horrible din in the room as she walked in. Jolene and Mallory?s mother immediately released their poor children. Chuck and Mallory?s father took the five forms and handed them out to discharge the children.

Mallory?s father walked in front of Jolene and extended his tan hand. ?Greetings! My name is Sheldon Quagmire, Vice President of the Whirl Cup Tournament. I am so sorry for what happened last night. In the forty years I lived in the Whirl Islands, I have never seen something like this happen, but the important thing is that our children are okay,? Sheldon said in a firm, business like tone.

Jolene hesitated to shake his hand, but she gave in. ?Yes, I suppose you?re right, but if stuff like this is suddenly happening, I do not want my son in the Whirl Islands anymore.?

Brian groaned. He would have to go back. ?No Jolene, you can?t do that,? Chuck interrupted.

Jolene turned around furiously, but before she could say anything, Sarah interrupted.

?There?s more to the Whirl Island Quest then just a bunch of adventure and fun. This is the time when our children our growing. They need to learn the responsibility of raising pokemon because it?s a taste of the true responsibility needed in our world. The experiences someone experiences during their pokemon journey are what shapes and molds them into the human they are in the future. Why do you think Ash Ketchum fought so hard for this Whirl Island Quest? This attack has shown Brian the dangers in the world. If this happens when he?s eighteen, and he has no new pokemon from this journey, and God forbid no one sees, then what will happen!?

Everyone was blown away by Sarah?s mighty speech even Jolene. ?That?s my famous Cianwood Government Spokesperson,? Chuck laughed, hugging his wife who was grinning.

?Guess I?m beaten. All right, Brian you can stay, but I?m buying a cell phone for you!? Jolene said sternly. Brian and Julie gave each other a thumb up.

?So, can you tell us exactly what happened Mallory?? Mallory?s mother questioned.

?Okay, Melissa and I finished buying and eating ice cream when we saw Melissa?s friend Julie with her brother and friend. They came out of the Masoit-Slateblue forest, so obviously they were extremely tired. We offered to take their pokemon to the center and take them to rest at our house. The Seaking were taking us to our house, when a bunch of Tentacruel and Tentacool appeared. Two Tentacruel and Two Seaking battled, and as I said before the Tentacruels? attacks were abnormally strong. The Seaking won, but one Tentacruel gave the two fainted ones Hyper Potions, and then captured the queen. One Tentacruel was about to rape Kinginy, but with Slowpoke?s help all the pokemon managed to break the barrier cage in which the Tentacruel covered themselves in. Slowpoke finished the Tentacruel off, and next thing we know at least a hundred Tentacruel attack us. I remember screaming at them, and then getting knocked out by a few sludge bomb attacks,? Mallory said

Everyone was wincing throughout the story as Mallory explained details. Her mother?s small hand was covering her mouth in horror.

?After that, Melissa tried to save Mallory, but the Tentacruel got her too. Julie, Greg, and I were able to evade some of the sludge bombs, but eventually the water got so polluted that we passed out,? Brian continued.

They sat in silence for a few minutes. ?So how did you guys save us? How come we didn?t die?? Greg asked breaking the harmony. Sheldon and his wife gave each other uneasy looks, but in the end Sheldon decided to speak.

?Well, the reason I didn?t come through the ocean was because of the large storm forming. Luckily, I saw the aurora beam signal, and I immediately knew something was wrong. With the help of Officer Joy and Nurse Jenny, I was able to get a boat to follow you guys, because I didn?t want the Seaking taking me across in the storm. I was rudely interrupted by a gang of Tentacruel, but with my good old pokemon, I was able to stop them and capture them. They put up one heck of a fight, I?ll tell you; it took me at least fifteen minutes to beat them. By the time I got to you guys, you were already passed out. It was a miracle that the lightning struck only the Tentacruel and Tentacool. I immediately got you guys rushed to the hospital before rushing to the Pokemon Control Center to have them round up those murderous Tentacruel so that something like this never happens again,? He said.

They adults just finished the discharge forms, and the nurse collected them. Greg was staring at the nurse with an expression of disgust. She was the most hideous thing he had ever seen. She was at least fifty five years old and two hundred pounds. Her face was covered in moles and her skin seemed to be several sizes too big. Her arms were like spoiled hams, and her love handles drooped to the floor.

The nurse turned her hideous face toward Greg, who immediately looked away. ?Are you Greg Carson?? She asked in a raspy, deep voice. Greg was too terrified to do or say anything, so it was Julie who answered.

?Yes he is; I believe he is the one in need of the sponge bath?? Julie asked. Greg let out a yelp of fear, and an invisible light bulb popped over the nurse?s head.

?Oh yes! I nearly forgot about that. Can you people please wait until I?m done giving a Greg a nice skin deep sponge bath?? The macabre nurse asked.

?Oh yes!?

?Of course!?


Were among the answers given to the nurse, sentencing Greg to his horrible punishment. Greg began to whimper as the nurse took him by his arm and began to drag him away. The four other kids began to snicker as the nurse and Greg drew closer and closer to the door.

?Would anyone else like a sponge bath?? The nurse asked as she was about to leave the room.

?NO THANKS!? The kids bellowed instantly and unanimously.

?Suit yourself,? The nurse said as she disappeared from sight.

?Serves Greg right for all the times he humiliated us,? Brian muttered to Julie who nodded in response.


?You stay right here while I get the sponges,? The nurse told Greg who was shaking and shivering violently. He watched closely as the nurse left the room, knowing it was his chance to escape, but his hopes were shattered as the nurse slammed the door and a locking sound was heard from outside.

Greg began pacing around the room thinking of a way to escape. It was a small room with several sinks and a large, pink, plastic tub in the middle. Atrocious thoughts of Greg being in that tub with the nurse came to his mind, and he shuddered and was more desperate to get out of the room. Greg turned and saw a window with light shining from it. He could here angelic music in his ears as he walked toward it.

Greg reached up to open the window, to find that his cursed height was several inches too short to reach it. ?**** you slow puberty?? Greg then looked around for something he could stand on, until his eyes met the plastic tub.

He dragged the tub under the window and started pushing the large window with all his might. Greg?s face turned beet red and his muscles were nearly about to come out of their, uh their

?MUSCLE SOCKETS!? Greg yelled

Right, they were about to fall out of their muscle sockets, but to no prevail the window would not open! Greg heard mumbling at the door and jumped off the tub and placed his ear on the door to hear what was going on.

?Are you serious?? Greg heard a young, surfer voice say.

?Yeah, the ugly lady gives them the most painful sponge baths ever. I?ll never forget when I got one. I was expecting one from this really hot nurse, but in the end the hideous one ended up giving me it,? Another young, surfer voice said.

?Didya learn your lesson? Never flirt with hot nurses?? The first voice said.

?Well, at least in this hospital. Rumor has it that sometimes, the ugly nurse sometimes gets in a bikini and joins the sponge bath with you!? The second voice said horrified.

?AHHHHHH!? Greg screamed. He was really determined to escape. Like Popeye and his spinach, Greg?s muscles seemed to strengthen harder than steel and were strong enough to pull the tight window open. ?Now for the tough choice, fall two hundred feet or get into a tub with a hideous, hideous, HIDEOUS woman. I?ll say fall two hundred feet,? Greg shuddered too himself as an image of the nurse in a bikini popped into his mind.

Before Greg could climb up to the windowsill, he heard the sound of a key turning in the door knob. His heart froze with terror, and he was about to leap up when he heard a creaking sound. ?That can?t be good?? He whimpered. He looked down at the pink tub he was standing on. Several large cracks were making their path throughout the tub, and the tub began to wobble like mad.

Greg jumped like Politoed, but the two distractions limited that jump, so he fell about one foot short, and when he fell down, the tub smashed into smithereens. ?I shouldn?t have eaten that eight pancake last morning,? Greg moaned. The door knob had completely turned and Greg?s worst nightmare was standing in the doorway holding a large yellow sponge and bucket of soapy water.

?Oh boy, the tub is broken,? The nurse said in a dangerously sweet tone. Greg was vibrating like a dryer and managed to keep a corny smile on his face.

?So, I guess that means no sponge bath?? Greg said in a small and fearful voice.

?NO YOU?RE STILL GOING TO GET A **** SPONGE BATH!? The nurse hollered with a voice so loud that it slammed the open window shut and knocked Greg over.

?Menopause?? Greg asked in a voice quieter than Ratata?s as he got himself back on his feet. He found himself in the same situation that Brian was in with Jolene.

The nurse?s left eye began to twitch uncontrollably, and she walked slowly toward Greg making a very hard stomp on each step. Greg was the mouse and the nurse was the cat. His fists were covering his mouth and he was vibrating faster than ever. After what seemed to be an eternity, the nurse was right in front of Greg looking down on him, growling like an angry Tauros. Greg looked up at the nurse with his wide, fearful eyes only expecting the worse.

?Boo,? The nurse said quietly.

?AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!? Greg screeched. He jumped into the corner, putting his head in between his knees and wrapping his arms around them, with one eye looking up at the ferocious nurse.

?Wow, you are pathetic,? The nurse laughed. She then began to pluck the moles off of her face and threw them at Greg?s feet. Greg picked up the ?mole? dumbfounded.

?What the heck? These are raisins!? Greg said ruefully.

The nurse said nothing. She pulled her shirt forward and many small pillows fell out of it. It turned out she had a very slim and well curved torso. Greg stood there staring at her in disbelief. Then, the nurse pulled several pillows out of her pants and removed copious amounts of what seemed to be silly putty from arms that was the same tan color of her skin. She put her hands on her hips and stared at Greg.

?Wow, you?re an old hag stuck in a Playboy model?s body,? Greg said delighted, with his eyes fixated on her chest. The nurse then pulled at her face, which turned out to be a mask. With all the accessories removed, it turned out that Greg?s nightmare was really the nurse Greg flirted with in disguise.

She scowled in disgust and slapped her head. ?Haven?t you learned anything??

?Yeah, never break a tub,? Greg said quickly with his eyes still staring in amazement.

?You filthy little?thing! You?re still the same dirty pig! It?s time that? MY FACE IS UP HERE!. Anyway, it?s time that you started treating women with respect. They?re not you?re little eye candy to?WHAT DID I JUST SAY!? The nurse was fed up with the gleeful Greg. She marched up to him and punched him right in the nose.

?Oww! Dang, for a pretty girl you sure pack a punch,? Greg whined as he rubbed his nose. The pretty nurse was dark crimson and about to erupt. She grabbed Greg by his collar and forced him up to look into her eyes.

?Listen you little thing. You are going to repeat everything I say,? She growled in a nearly demonic voice. Greg was back to the sniveling coward that he was.

?Yes, Ma?am,? Greg whimpered as if he was talking to her ugly side again.

?I will respect ALL women.?

?I will respect ugly women,? Greg said firmly. The nurse pulled him closer to her and snarled deeply.

?I?m not playing games here,? She said softly.

?I will respect ALL women.? Greg said like a private to his commander.

?You are a dirty pig! You will admit that!? The nurse said in a commander to private voice.

?I AM A DIRTY PIG!? Greg hollered.









The nurse released Greg who stumbled back looking confused. ?What do you say to me?? The nurse asked

?I?m sorry for treating you like a brainless whore. I now know that you are a strong, intelligent woman who deserves respect. I am going to ask something I should have asked a long time ago. What is your name?? Greg said in a flat, monotone voice.

?Very good, and my name is Leela. I have one final thing to do, come to me,? Leela responded. Greg marched up right in front of Leela like a robot. She smiled then reared her right leg; the point in her boot shined as it swung through the air.

Greg didn?t even bother to scream. The pain was too excruciating to release in a scream. He stood there with his mouth half open releasing tiny noises of pain. Finally, he fell backward with his eyes wide open.

Leela smiled to herself, swiftly turned around, and marched out of the room. Right before she opened the door, she turned around one last time and threw a pile of clothes at Greg.

?Change out of your hospital uniform and into these, your friends and family are waiting outside,? Leela told him sharply.

?Yubu Casta Maka,? Greg muttered in response.

When Leela left the room, Julie, Mallory, and Melissa were standing there looking through the glass window in the door. They had notepads which were full of notes. Brian was there too, wincing horribly.

?What?s with you Brian?? Melissa asked looking perplexed.

?We guys have a psychic link that makes us feel the agony of another guy when that guy gets nailed in the nuts,? Brian said groaning.

?Guys?get?hurt?when?they?see?guy?squashed?in?nuts,? Melissa muttered as she wrote in her notepad.

?Thanks a lot for your teachings oh great Leela!? Julie exclaimed to her heroin.

?Oh, it?s nothing. Just remember how easy it is to take care of a perverted guy. I?m sure you girls don?t need a disguise in order to do it. Of course, some pigs never change their spots, but at least they?ll remember the consequences,? Leela replied.

?We?ll miss you Leela! Be sure to take care of all those future perverted guys in your life. And give them extra hell from us three!? Mallory grinned as Leela walked away.

?So, how long is Greg going to take Brian? I want to make sure the pokemon are okay,? Julie asked.

?It?s going to be quite a while,? Brian replied, putting an emphasis on quite.

Five years later?

Just playing, I meant one hour later?

Greg staggered out of room in his new clothes, white khaki shorts and a blue shirt with a Swinub in the center saying ?Dirty Pig? in big, brown letters. Everyone was snickering quietly, even the parents.

?Took you long enough, now let?s go the Pokecenter,? Sheldon said. Greg nodded with a small smile. He was obviously still recovering.

The group of ten turned to leave the hospital, when the first nurse that Jolene met came running to them. Jolene grumbled and turned around ready to kill. ?Oh, I?m so sorry; I forgot to give the children a very important cream to apply on their bruises to make them heal faster,? She said with her annoying laugh that sounded like a car trying to start.

All ten people of the group, except for Jolene, crammed their fingers into their ears to protect themselves from the sound of the horrible laugh. Jolene?s left eye began to twitch violently, never a good sign in Johto. The nurse handed five tubes of cream to the children, who stared at them perplexed.

?Umm?maybe Julie needs it, but for some reason I don?t think Greg and I need it,? Brian said uneasily to the nurse.

?What?s the problem with it?? The nurse asked.

The five children responded by turning the tubes, so she could see the big blue letters that read VAGICIL. The eyebrows of the adults rocketed straight into their hair, while the nurse started to shake and turn red.

?HA HA HA HA HA! Sorry, WRONG TUBES!? The nurse cackled insanely. Her horribly laugh was at full volume now. There was a wheezing noise added to the whole car starting sound. No one bothered to cover their ears, as the laugh was too thunderous to block out.

Jolene?s eyes stopped twitching, and she walked forward to the nurse slowly. ?Oh snap!? Greg exclaimed. The next moment seemed to happen in extreme slow motion (imagine it in slow motion for full effects). The nurse?s curly black hair was all over the place as her head went back and forth laughing her head off. Jolene was only two feet away from the nurse. Her mouth opened wide in a deep snarl. She reared her left arm all the way, and turned her snarling face in a ninety degree angle following her arm.

Mallory?s mom and Sarah flung their hands to their deep hanging mouths. Chuck and Sheldon?s eyebrows ascended even higher to their foreheads, and their eyes became the size of pool balls. Jolene?s released her arm and head at the speed of light, and her fist thrusted straight into the nurse?s nose.

(Back to normal speed)

The nurse immediately stopped laughing and plopped to the floor out cold. ?Don?t mess with me, Janice,? Jolene said, eyeing her victim?s name tag.

?Your mom took care of her good!? The three girls said in unison, and they were completely right. The nurse was sprawled on the floor with blood trickling down her large nose. Her mane of curly, black hair looked like blood seeping from her head. What was surprising was that her mouth was still open in her laugh.
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?Mom, YOU ROCK!? Brian exclaimed with his arm in the position for a high five. Jolene gave him is high five with a big grin.

?I told you I?m a cool mom.?

?I?m not too sure about that,? Brian chuckled. The rest of the hospital staff was now staring at the sprawled body of Janice and gave Jolene a huge applause as she walked out the double doors of the hospital.

Before long, they were at the pokemon center. Brian smiled softly to himself; he couldn?t wait to see Sunkern again. Julie was apprehensive and constantly fidgeting, knowing how painful Machop?s hugs were. Greg had his hands together in an intensive prayer for Slowpoke to have drowned at sea.

They opened the doors of the center and were immediately attacked by their pokemon. Sunkern flung herself onto Brian?s chest as if trying to give him a hug. Brian wrapped his arms around Sunkern in an enormous hug.

?Sun Kern Kern Sun Kern Sun (I don?t care how hurt I am, I?m never leaving your side again)!? Sunkern cried in her high pitched voice with tears drenching down her yellow and green body.

?Ah, don?t be a worrywart Sunkern. I survived, and that?s what?s important,? Brian responded.

Julie was turning mahogany as Machop hugged. His hugs had her held at the waist nearly three feet above the ground. ?Ma?chop! I?think?I?heard?a?crack,? Julie struggled to rasp. Machop immediately let her go, and she landed on her behind flinching.

?Ma Chop Chop Chop (You deserve that pain for making me worry like that)!? Machop growled sternly.

Julie stuck her tongue out at him, and Machop snapped his fingers with an attitude in response. They laughed and hugged again, softer though. Slowpoke stared at Greg with his large, blank eyes. Greg pretended to be interesting at a Pidgey flying in the air, but he had one pupil staring down at Slowpoke.

?Ah, give me a hug you big lummox!? Greg cried. He stooped down and wrapped his arms tightly around Slowpoke?s neck. The pink bear was still staring blankly into space, only slightly aware of Greg cutting off his air supply.

?Slow poke poke (Who the hell is this guy)?? Slowpoke mumbled to himself.

Melissa and Mallory were also enjoying heart warming reunions with Shellder and Corsola. By some miracle, everyone came out okay.

?What about the Seaking?? Mallory asked Nurse Jenny, who was standing at the door watching them.

?Most of them are perfectly okay; it?s a good thing that we just had a new supply of anti-toxins come in,? Nurse Jenny said to them. There was something about her face that showed that she was holding something from them.

?What do you mean most? How?s Kinginy, the Seaking queen, doing?? Melissa asked anxiously. Nurse Jenny hesitated for a minute, but knew she couldn?t lie.

?Kinginy isn?t doing that good. She wasn?t just poisoned. She had tentacle marks all over her body; they damaged her gill system. She?s barely breathing, and the ventilator won?t be able to help her eventually. We have to an extremely difficult surgery on her sometime this week, and there is only a twenty percent chance of survival,? Nurse Jenny said solemnly, looking at her moccasins.

Her speech was followed by a silence. Mallory began crying and went into her mother?s arms. ?It?s my entire fault! It?s because of me this happened!? She wailed.

?NO! Don?t you dare say that! Trips across the sea are a regular part of our lives! Nothing like this EVER happened! The Seaking and us would have been attacked at our houses anyway. Blaming yourself for this is like blaming yourself for doing something like taking your friends to the ice cream shop, and on the way a thief pops out and robs you blind! The blame rests on the TENTACRUEL AND TENTACOOL!? Mallory?s mother roared.

Everyone was taking aback by her speech. ?Is this dramatic speech day or something?? Chuck joked. Sarah was looking at Mallory?s mother with some curiosity and something finally struck in her brain.

?Was your maiden name Shelly Westcutt?? Sarah asked.

?Why, yes it was. And before you say it, I was in fact the Whirl Cup winner of 1988,? Shelly groaned. Everyone gasped in awe.

?How could I forget your face? You and your Blastoise were amazing!? Jolene exclaimed.

The children quietly looked off to the side as the woman babbled on like a bunch of adolescent preps. They could have sworn the words ?Like oh my gosh!? were used several times. Greg decided to drive them away from the situation.

?So lady?? Greg started to say, before Julie made a strong emphasis of clearing her throat. ?I mean respectable, professional female! How did you heal our pokemon??

?Shellder didn?t have any traces of the toxins, because he probably clamped his shell to prevent any poison from getting in. Slowpoke and Corsola had natural type resistance to poison, so the poison didn?t do much damage to their internal organs. Just give them a table spoon of this medicine every three hours, and they should be perfectly fine,? Nurse Joy said, handing a bottle of purple syrup to Mallory and Greg.

?What about the Seaking? How are they doing?? Brian asked.

?Well, you see they had no type resistance, so they were much worse off then Slowpoke and Corsola, but as I said before I had a new supply of anti-toxins, so with the proper doses, most of the toxins were cleaned out of their bodies. One Seaking is going to need surgery since the toxins messed with his stomach acids, but either way they should all make a full recovery within a week,? Nurse Jenny responded once more.

?What about Kinginy? How much did the toxins hurt her?? Mallory asked.

?Pretty bad. We weren?t able to give her anti-toxins because there was a chance it could mess with her respiratory system, and we couldn?t risk that because it would be risking her life. The Pokecenter?s Granbull was able to use Heal Bell in order to weaken the toxins, and then we had to remove it with extremely precise and careful surgery. Damage still remains, but we have her on simple antidotes that can hopefully reverse the damage. The damage in her gills and other respiratory organs are our number one priority right now. I?m only a rookie at nursing, and respiratory surgeries are extremely complex. I don?t know what I can do!? Nurse Jenny whimpered with tears forming at her eyes. She was feeling like a failure.

?Jenny, you?re my sister?s cousin in law?s best friend. Don?t worry! Respiratory surgeries are my specialty! Remember I was training during the bacteria infestation of the Johto Sea? I had to treat hundreds of water pokemon because of their respiratory systems being heavily damaged. Call me up on the day of the surgery, and I?ll come to assist you,? Jolene said, consoling her fellow pokemon nurse.

?Why do I feel like I?m in that hit show, The Errr?? Greg said irritated.

?Don?t you mean The ER?? Melissa asked disgruntled.

?Eh, Tomato, Tomahto,? Greg shrugged.

?May we see Kinginy?? Sheldon asked. Nurse Jenny nodded, and the group of what was now fifteen went inside to the Err.


I mean ER stupid Greg. Yes, the ER, where Kinginy was being taken care of. They entered her room and saw two separate tanks. One tank contained the unconscious body of Kinginy, with multiple tubes attached to her body. She looked extremely sickly. The streaks of usually vivid orange, white, and black were now pale and faded. Her eyes were glued shut, and she had multiple dark marks all over her body. Small spheres of air bubbled out of her gills thanks to her ventilator.

The humans and pokemon felt terribly sorry for the queen. She was one of the kindest pokemon to swim the seas; she didn?t deserve a punishment like that. ?Are the Tentacruel going to pay for what they did?? Mallory asked her mother.

?You betcha. I hope they get electrocuted until their brains fry enough for the evilest Houndoom to devour,? Shelly growled as she held her daughter in her arms.

In the other tank was Sheak. He was conscious and tube free. He looked just as sickly however. Large crow?s feet were formed at his eyes, and the bottom of his tank was soaked with vomit. He never removed his large eyes from Kinginy?s body. He kept staring at her as if he thought she?d explode if he looked away.

?He truly loves her. He leaped out of his tank while I was giving him his medications. I had Chansey use sing, just so I could take care of him. I did take his tank to his wife?s room though. He never took his eyes off of her from the moment he woke up. I tried giving him food, but he refuses to eat. If she needed a heart transplant, I?m sure he?d donate in a second,? Nurse Jenny whispered, wiping her tears with a hanky.

?Awww,? The woman all said in unison. They reached for their hankies too as tears filled their eyes. The guys scoffed, but deep down in their hearts they were saying ?Aww? as well.

?I wish I had a man like that,? Julie sniveled, blowing her nose like a trumpet.

?What happened to the whole ?I don?t need no man? fad?? Brian teased.

?I can be a feminist and adore sweet guys at the same time. It?s simple, if he bosses me around, I kick his a**,? Julie snapped. Brian formed a cross with his fingers and slowly walked away.

?If it?s okay with you, I?d like to take in your son and his friends into my home at the shore for the next week as a repayment for this whole ordeal,? Sheldon asked. Brian immediately squatted on the floor with his hands over his head.

?Well?? Jolene said firmly.

?Need I remind you that he will be under the protection of one of the greatest water pokemon trainers to walk Johto?? Shelly reminded.

?Don?t be too full of yourself Mom,? Melissa lectured sternly.

?All right! Fine! But I swear, if my Snicker Muffin gets hurt, then you and your wife better sleep with one eye open. And Snicker Muffin, if you don?t call me by 10 o Clock each night, I?ll come to wherever you are in my purple, Muk pajamas with a towel on my head and drag you back home in front of all the other children just like I did at Chris?s co-ed slumber party!? Jolene snarled.

?I?m really trying to forget that memory you know?? Brian mumbled.


The middle aged doctor who treated the five children was speaking to a female police officer back in the cafeteria of the hospital. ?And you are 100% positive that all of the Tentacruel and Tentacool were captured Wendy?? He asked.

?Yes, positive Dr. Goron. We even had a search done overnight for any remaining the **** sea terrorists. They?re locked away in a vault in the Whirl Cup Headquarters,? Wendy said quietly.

?Good, Good. Those children did confirm my suspicions. Those pokemons? powers were tampered with. This attack was definitely human orchestrated,? Dr. Goron responded even quieter.

?Perhaps the source of this was by a former Whirl Cup loser?? Wendy suggested.

?No, No. They wouldn?t go through that much trouble of creating the proper steroids; it must have been an experiment, to see how effective the drugs were,? Dr. Goron replied solemnly.

?If that was just a test, who knows what the real plan is. The person who is behind this may be looking to conquer the Whirl Islands!? Wendy exclaimed dramatically.

?Shush! We don?t want anyone to here. Make sure to send as many members from the Sea Guard here, this person could be looking to strike again at next week?s big race,? Dr. Goron replied.

?Don?t worry I?m on it. We?ll catch who did this. I?ll have the top notch pharmacists come and examine the drugs that are found in the jellyfish pokemon?s systems,? Wendy stated with a strong sense of determination in her voice.

?One more thing, in which vault are the little *astards stored?? Dr. Goron asked in a voice so minute that Wendy had to stick her ear into his face to hear it.

?In the basement. Half the people in the building don?t even know about it, so you need not worry about it. Also, the vault is heavily guarded with four trusted guards, electric fields, and a complex security code,? Wendy muttered as quiet as the doctor.

?The drugs were only beginning to take effect last night. As we speak, the drugs are getting more and more assimilated into the Tentacruel and Tentacool?s bodies. Their powers will be unimaginable if released,? Dr. Goron said in a finalized tone.

The doctor and police officer parted ways. In the corner, a blue haired woman with most of her face hidden by a large trench coat and sunglasses sat quietly sipping coffee with a small smirk on her face. Hidden underneath her table was a large tape recorder which was still running. She pressed the stop button and ejected the tape out which she quietly slipped into her purse as she got up to leave the building.

?The beginning of the end? She thought as she walked out of the double doors.


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?Flail is stronger the more my Phanpy Wanpy is hurt,? Grace proclaimed. Phanpy digged its front paw into the Earth and taunted Slowpoke.

Phanpy dug.
Prolly more out there but I'm too lazy to find them. I cant wait for the next chapters for the main antogonist.
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