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August 12th, 2007, 4:59 PM
There were once two powerful lords.

One, who made his home the grand estate of Glast Heim.

The other, who made his home in the great Tower of Thanatos.

The two had power beyond compare, each commanding armies of great number, each ruling over their own lands with an iron fist. They were indeed, a duo to be honored in awe. But power beyond compare was not enough for the Lord of Thanatos. If the Lord of Glast Heim had power equal to his own, then that cursed man could certainly compare his power to the Lord of Thanatos’. Thus, seeking ultimate power, the Lord of Thanatos sent his army of beasts and man alike, to attack Glast Heim, and take it for Thanatos.

However, the Lord of Glast Heim had his own forces, and war between the two powerful men was waged. The Lord of Thanatos, attacking to gain. The Lord of Glast Heim, defending to protect. It was the battle between these two very men that ended the terrible war, Glast Heim’s sword shattering Thanatos’ armor. But the price was the sword itself, as when Thanatos’ armor shattered, as his flesh was pierced, as did the sword shatter, as did the sword fall into seven shards. The Lord of Glast Heim was victorious. Glast Heim was victorious. The broken sword, Aether, great blade of legend, was left behind with the dying Lord of Thanatos, who seized the hilt, and pointed it towards Glast Heim, rejoicing over their victory.

The Lord of Thanatos’ last words were a curse, a curse to bring Glast Heim into ruin. A curse to bring Glast Heim into a chaos that would now match Thanatos’. For the two were always destined to be equal, without a Lord, Thanatos would fall. Without a Lord, Glast Heim would fall.

The two great powers decayed, and soon, Tristan the Barbarian seized power of Prontera, claiming himself King, and claiming it the capital of Rune Midgard.

Centuries pass, and all is well. Glast Heim and Thanatos Tower have become breeding grounds for monsters, home of some of the most powerful monsters, home of some of the most destructive of beasts. Both are in a state of disrepair, ivy and moss growing over once shining armor, the rugs moth eaten and souls of its previous inhabitants haunting the halls as monsters to be slayed by the new people.

But the Lord of Thanatos’ vengeful soul was not to be laid to rest. Possessing Thanatos Tower, the great man called upon his army of now undead, of demons that lived in his home. Rune Midgard would not exist, if Thanatos Tower could not exist along with it.

Sitting in one of the pubs found in Prontera, the still peaceful capital of Rune-Midgard, a strange drunken man tells the tale of Glast Heim and Thanatos to a group of travelers. This strange man tells them of Thanatos’ soul, and the great onslaught that he prepares. He tells that Aether, the great blade of legend, carries the memories of its user, and can bring the wielder, and whomever else the wielder wishes, back to the time and age of its original owner, the Lord of Glast Heim. He speaks to the travelers, and tells them that to prevent this unstoppable army of Thanatos from destroying Rune-Midgard, one must go back to the day of the great final battle. To turn the tables in a way so that neither Thanatos Tower nor Glast Heim will fall, and to bring a sturdy peace to the past Rune-Midgard.

Story by YoshiRiRu, Written by Mizzy


1. This is a PRIVATE roleplay. That means, don’t join unless you received a PM from either YoshiRiRu, or Mizuki. If you desperately want to join, PM Mizuki.

2. This roleplay requires prior knowledge of Ragnarok Online.

3. Due to the nature of this roleplay, we will be limiting the amount of roleplayer’s, so that we can all post whenever we want and not have to worry about waiting for so-and-so. You will only be accepted if we are sure that you have plenty of time, or have no issues with catching up a few dozen posts.

4. There is only one of each job class. All classes are to Transcendent Classes, or Extended Classes. This is due to the fact that we will be MvP’ing in this roleplay.

5. BE WARNED, if you post in this thread without being one of the invited members of this roleplay, Mizuki WILL delete your post without delay.

6. You may have a total of 3 characters. Use only the amount which you can handle.

7. These rules are subject to change. And you gotta read ‘em dudez.

8. We will assume that all classes have all their skills.

Sign-up Sheet

Age: (Be reasonable and make it 19+. We're as advanced in our jobs as we get. < <)
Weapon: (Describe slots here. They must be existing weapons.)
Appearance: (No custom outfits. Just custom colors. Describe headgear here as well.)

Members (So far)

1. YoshiRiRu (Creator)
2. Mizuki (Creator)
3. Niwa
4. .Marz.

Job Classes

Lord Knight: YoshiRiRu

High Wizard:

Sniper: Niwa


Assasssin Cross: Mizuki

High Priest: Mizuki







Taekwon Master or Soul Linker:


Gunslinger: Marz

August 13th, 2007, 3:57 PM

Name: Drix Dynamo
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Weapon: Slotted [1] Luna Bow equipped with Phreeoni Card, along with Oridecon Arrows
Appearance: Drix Dynamo (http://img.ragnarokonline.com/community/fanArt/sniper.jpg) has splendid dark brown hair with a wavy feel and look to it, his eyes give off the very light shiny green color. Drix Dynamo gives off the apperance of a normal sniper but with a few colorful alterations. Though the furry pelt swen into the vest at the shoulders and the collar remain the same, the upper portion of the vest is altered too a crimson color as the lower half of the small vest is ivory along with the half zipped, zipper linen at the center. The scarf tied to the neck and arm also have the same ivory color the lower portion of the vest has. The arm braces bear the crimson tone, as the elbow length gloves give off the same milky white ivory like the other sections of his outfit. Drix's belt buckle shines with the ivory color, as the pants radiate with the dark crimson tone, the shorts cut up around the pants are of the ivory color, his sniper boots are a blend, though red more then white, of the two colors that appear on his entire outfit.

Personality: Drix is the happy go lucky type of guy. The man is always enthusiastic when it comes to him "sniping" enemies, always ready for a battle and never ready for a serious moment. He has beared this personality ever since Drix was born, never experiencing that much of a dreadful or sorrowful moment to this day. One could say that he is a very pure of heart person, but that is only if they barley knew you. With a constant need to pull pranks and fool around, barley anything serious can be done when this excited character is around.

History:Growing up for Drix and becoming a Sniper was the most fulfilling thing his foster parents felt. See, as far as Drix can remember back, and by what he was told, he was given birth by his foster parents and has lived with the two ever since. However, the two foster parents and Drix's original parents knew each other, infact they were all very close and the best of friends, considerding that they have been friends since there Novice days and all decided to become one of the Sniper class. The second year after Drix was born, before he could talk and fully understand what was really going on his parents, his real parents, were going to on a quest to look for Garm, the icy wolf that roamed Lutie causing havoc. The foster parents agreed, though a fight that lasted for nearly three days, to look after Drix until they came back. They did not say why they specifically had to look for Garm or what they were going to do with him. But the foster father, Kilik, remembered hearing a rumor floating around the Hunter guildhouse during his earlier years. A rumor that proclaimed "If one could pierce the solid icy skin of Garm, then they could declare themselves the best of all Snipers, Hunters, or Archers." Kilik thought of this to be very farfetched, but he knew Drix father, Dante, had very high pride and his mother, Mellany, would follow Dante till the end. Not wanting to endanger the child they left them in the care of the two friends..

From that day to now, they have never returned and have been said to be killed. Drix was not raised knowing he had real parents he never met, he didnt even know that Kilik and his wife were his foster parents. Though he was raised on the lie of his parents, they, Kilik and his wife, did not want the boy to worry or feel a need to do something reckless and venture out looking for his parents who were more then likely, dead. Of course he was going to follow in his fathers, Dante, footsteps and have a natural pull to becoming a Sniper. Through the years Kilik noticed that the boy inhertied his fathers ability and gracefulness with a bow, whereas he inhertied his mothers spunky and overexcited personality, though not to say his mother was bad with a bow, after all, she was a sniper. During his teenage years when he decided to become an Archer, he was thrilled at the fun he would have firing a arrow at objects, the boys fun not only kept him occupied and have fun, but also helped him train, increasing his skill with every arrow shot. Kilik, helping the boy every step of the way, made sure he was ready when he attempted the Hunter guildsmen test. Passing it with flying colors, it was only a matter of time before he finally became a sniper.

One day as the sun was setting, Drix was saying farwell to his parents, his foster parents declaring that he must go out and "check out" the whole world learning new things and experincing exciting adventures. Though this made them very sad, Kilik and his wife knew he was going to do this, it was destiny you could say. Taking the bow of Kilik, the Luna Bow they gave him when he became a sniper, he made his way to the door of the wooden house and said goodbye to them. Around the entrance too the town, as he was leaving, he turned around and faced Payon, looking back at his accomplishments and smiling awkwardly, he turned back to his destination and continued to leave the town.
Years later at a pub, Drix Dynamo is sitting around a table with his fellow companions listening too an old man ramble on about an extremley exciting story, one that seems to make his heart leap with every detail.

Other: Drix has a rather fond affection towards Smokie creatures, as they sometimes wear the same type of cloth around there neck that he does.

August 13th, 2007, 4:04 PM
Name: Hanemura Yokoai [Kallen]
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Weapon: A pair of Slotted [3] Jurs, with two skeleton soldier cards, and an andre card inside.
Appearance: Kallen (http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/52167202/) has long pale lavender hair, that is reminiscent of purplish snow. Her skin is pale, and her eyes are a bright, unnatural neon purple, slightly hidden by long, light lashes. Her face has a slightly innocent and childish build to it, being slightly round, while her long hair and bangs slightly dwarf it. However, Kallen’s average assassin’s attire quickly throws away any premonition that she might be innocent, as she wears the usual red tattered scarf, black skin tight shirt, and silver pieces of armor. If you peoples already forgot what the front of an assassin x looks like. xD (http://img.ragnarokonline.com/download/wallpaper/wallpaper_90_1280.jpg)
Personality: With a dead pan personality, Kallen is quite the opposite of her younger sister. Never having a frown, or a smile on her face, just a straight line, calculating and criticizing eyes, and a silent persona. She rather dislikes sunlight, and usually spends most of the day in dungeons. Artificial light, like the ones that light the halls in the Lighthalzen Biolabs, Kallen can stand, sunlight, like the kind in the fields of Prontera, however, simply make Kallen cringe. Her speech consists mainly of sarcastic comments, snide remarks, and blunt points, and not much else. She’s the type to eat and run, and hasn’t really honestly paid for anything herself for quite some time, usually finding a roundabout way of paying for her merchandise.
History: For as long as she could remember, Yokoai was pampered as the youngest daughter of the Hanemura family. Her father, a reknown Biochemist, and her mother, an accomplished Sage. The two of them were brains put together, and Yokoai certainly wasn’t clueless, as she was the smartest, prettiest, and all around best of the three daughters. Always all smiles, Yokoai was even pampered by her older sisters, and she never had a reason to frown. Life was perfect, and so was Yokoai. However, any Biochemist’s nightmare took place, and her father was killed after accidentally running into a Dark Illusion which her father could certainly not even hope to fight with his recently reborn homunculus. Hit with this terrible blow, Yokoai could not be torn away from the window in which she had stood, waiting for her father to return home the night he died, and didn’t even attend the funeral three days later. She couldn’t comprehend the fact that her father would never come home. It wasn’t long before her only, and younger brother, Len was born, her mother dying in the process. Yokoai, having lost both her parents in one year at the age of 4, stared with utter contempt at Len, the infant who took her mother’s life, her last living parent.

Her sisters scolded her for the first time when Yokoai refused to even look at Len, scolded her when Yokoai refused to leave the window to help take care of Len, scolded her when Yokoai refused to attend her mother’s funeral. The young girl stopped smiling entirely on Len’s first birthday, and finally left the window, taking it upon herself to do the more burdening and less desirable of chores, chopping wood slowly and laboriously with the strength of a toddler, doing everything at night, when nobody would be watching her, and when Len was asleep, when she wouldn't have to set eyes on the little beast. But one night, Len stayed up, waiting for Yokoai, and asked his older sister who she was. She had certainly never said anything to the boy before. Not even a ‘good morning’, and in return, Len had never addressed Yokoai, simply deciding she was probably a maid. Frowning, Yokoai replied that she wasn’t anyone of particular importance, and the two never exchanged words again for another decade. However, when Yokoai declared that she was going to go to Morroc, Len was the only one who bid the disgrace farewell.

Years later, Yokoai was the only one who went to watch Len become an Acolyte. The other sisters had long left the family and now lived with their own, while Yokoai, an assassin already, watched over the youngest sibling from the dark which she loved. It was only a stray Ninetail that brought Yokoai out of the dark, a monster not even a Len a Priest by now, could handle. Though Yokoai easily slayed the weak beast, Len grabbed a fistful of the assassin’s scarf and told her that she would be his escort from now on. Rather surprised at such a powerful command from a Priest, Len’s question was answered with a lie when asked what Yokoai’s name was. Giving Len the name of their mother, the boy who had never known his parents, never truly looked at his older sisters, believed that his new escort's name was Kallen, and has never asked her anything personal, in return that Yokoai never ask him anything personal. She is still unaware of any of the events that might have taken place when she was training to become an assassin.

Name: Hanemura Len
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Weapon: Though he rarely uses his weapon, Len uses a Berserk Claw, that has no slots.
Appearance: Wearing the usual High Priest outfit, Len’s outfit is a very dark coffee in color, the red portions lined with gold. He wears a boy's cap, along with an eyepatch for headgear. His deep, royal purple hair reaches just past the tip of his chin, and he usually leaves his bangs hanging between and around his bright emerald green eyes. He has very pale skin, due to the fact that he spends most of his time walking around dungeons hanging around the undead.
Personality: Len (http://iro.ragnarokonline.com/community/fanartcontent.asp?mNum=5&seqno=2403&page=3&serOption=title&sertext=priest) is a very calm person, though this is usually mistaken as laziness, he simply takes things at his own pace, undisturbed by anyone around him. His passive personality and indifferent reactions usually leave him a very quiet person with little to say in any situation. Though Len is, in reality, a very responsible and intelligent person, he has no trouble picking up puzzle pieces in which other’s might easily overlook, but has more trouble then the average person when trying to piece them together. A studious person, Len could be marked as a nerd, if he his attitude didn’t give off a cool and collected persona. However, he has trouble communicating with people around him, thus is usually shunted away. He's awkward around any female other then Kallen, which he states is due to the fact that Kallen is a silent and indifferent person who views him as a pest, rather then a person. Len is unnaturally curious, and when coupled with his terrible sense of direction, he's usually the first to accidentally stray from everyone else, getting himself hopelessly lost before he realizes he is. He has a tendency to believe that nothing is ever his fault, as if he gets lost, his first reaction will be telling himself ruefully that everyone else got lost. He usually goes about picking up after Kallen, paying for merchandise that she's already taken off with, meals which she's already left unpaid, and most of her financial issues. If he wants, however, Len is a very charming person who is all smiles, great with words, and quite the outgoing gentleman. This is rare, however, as he finds this too much effort to put up. He absolutely hates being fussed over, or worried about.
History: Len and Kallen’s past are combined.

August 13th, 2007, 7:39 PM
Name: Clezz Lolwut [Will edit]
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Weapon: Slotted Garrison [2]+Equipped Silver Bullets [100]
Appearance: Clezz follows the classic Gunslinger look, the white-gray hair, instead of having white patches on his jacket, he keeps them brown. He basically has a full brown look, keeping the really baggy pants brown as well. Gloves stay black, belt buckle has the same shape, as well as the same color. His eye color is green and not red, and has the same skin color.
[B]Personality: He's not exactly the friendliest characters, but once you're friends with him, it's not likely you'll be getting any fights. Of course, some people do find him intimidating, being able to master some of the strongest modern weapons--Guns. He won't really have a smile on his face unless he just busted some hardcore ass. Only then will he be happy. If he's just gotten through a tough situation, he will be okay with ranting about it. If it was just some pathetic foes he beat the crap out of, he won't want to look back at it, at all. He's not exactly you're stereotypical "Lone Wolf," but he does sometimes like to wonder off on his own and try to fend for himself when with a group. That sometimes does piss the people he's with off, but it doesn't last, because he's an amazing Gun handler, which is always good to have. Just like anyone, Clezz has his bad side too; He goes out of his way to have the last laugh. Of course, that doesn't involve killing or anything, but he will use anything he can get his hands on to have the best comeback, the last word of the argument.
History: He takes mostly after his father, who was an Archer. That's where he gets his long range combat likings from. His mother, a Champion, had moved away early on in his life, which means he only really got influenced by his father. He always had guns around the house because his father liked having security measures, and he knew he could handle one with easy due to his Archer training. Clezz always wanted to play with these guns, but thankfully never knew how to turn the safety off, which meant he never ended up shooting himself in the head. He had a relatively big gap of age difference between his sibling, his brother, who did have the chance to live with their mother, giving him a chance to practice in the close combat area, and that he did. His brother is now an accomplished Assassin Cross.

When he had moved on into his teen years, his father finally gave him permission to play around with guns, possibly even study them. He could tell that Clezz was drawn more to the sight of firearms than bows and arrows, and he accepted that. He would go hunting with Clezz frequently, and saw that Clezz had amazing skill with guns. Little did he know, Clezz had been playing with them for longer than he thought. In his early teens, Clezz's father would only let him use a Handgun. Once he was moving on into his later teens, and young adult years, he let him handle a Shotgun and Rifle. Clezz had always liked Handguns, like the Garrison, more than Rifles or Shotguns, and never even thought about handling a Gatling gun. He loved the idea of one gun in each hand, light and compact.

At his present age, he's found the group that he likes to spend the most time with. He never checks back with his brother, though he never hears about of from him, he assumes that Assassins probably don't talk about themselves much anyway.
Other: Clezz likes pie. :D

August 14th, 2007, 7:08 AM
OC: Champion~~<3 Can I keep Alice plz? ;; She heals 25% health if your health is under 25%. :3

Name: Kapachi Ethera & Alice
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Weapon: Claw; One Goblin Card, One High Orc Card

Appearance: Kapachi & Alice (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v376/shippostar/0906champ.gif). Kapachi has long brown hair and black eyes, her skin tone is that of a light brown. Her hair is tied back into a ponytail, though the majority of her hair is wrapped inside of the twin small ribbon boas that she wears. Her champion wardrobe is red and white with gold edging. Alice is...an Alice; with a fluffy white apron she received from Kapachi.

Personality: Kapachi is a cheerful person and extremely outgoing. She absolutely loves hand-to-hand combat, anyone that doesn't do hand-to-hand doesn't really know how to fight! */meh* Kapachi loves to explore the world of Midgard and has been almost everywhere around the world and knows most of the monsters who dwell in it. Though she's cheerful, she's not laid-back. She takes most things heart, but is likely to over dramatize if she's told to actually do something. She's extremely loyal to her party though, and if you need anything that she has, she'll give it to you out of the selfless monk side of her personality. She likes to make everyone happy and is not afraid to try something new. She's also very protective of Alice, even though she does like to pick on her at times.

Alice's personality is a very squeamish one. She's not that apt about battling, and she's extremely careful about getting into something unknown. That doesn't mean she doesn't like going to new places though; that's why she joined Kapachi in the first place. She'll spazz when she's the object of an attack or alone or away from the party. The only thing she can really do is heal, but since she doesn't like battling, she's fine with that. She's attached to Kapachi because she ultimately trusts her.

History: Kapachi was born in Morroc officially, but being born into a traveling caravan, she traveled to many other places. Kapachi first wanted to be a rogue when she grew up or a gypsy, like some who were in her caravan was, but that soon changed. On the caravan's way to Rachel, they were attacked by what seemed to be the brutal Atros (http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=mob_db&mob_name=atros&f=1&mob_search=Search) monster. Kapach was taken with another youth by a gypsy away from the battle in an attempt to save them and have them reach Rachel. Unfortunately they were attacked again by a pack of Gallions, Kapachi was knocked unconscious.

When she awoke again, she was in Rachel, but couldn't recall what happened to her caravan at all. The monks at the Rachel Temple who had found her told her that the caravan had disbanded and decided it was best to leave her in Rachel. Being to young to fully understand, she stayed in Rachel and became an acolyte. From there, she became a monk, and was given the opportunity to travel with them to the sacred St. Capitolina Abbey. This journey took her across the world, where she took in an appreciation for the world around her. After the pilgrimage, she decided she wanted to travel by herself through Midgard. The monks agreed that she was able, and hence, she's been traveling. On her way into the olden territory of Glast Heim, she met up with an Alice monster who seem quite unlike the other maids and wished to see what the world was like outside of the hapless and decaying castle. At first, Alice was extremely shy to accompany Kapachi, but eventually loosened up and became friendly. Along her travels, Kapachi made friends with a group of adventurers like herself in Prontera. She's loyal to them, but still used to traveling, Kapachi likes to travel by herself along with Alice to get stronger. Secretly, though she doesn't fully admit it herself, Kapachi through her travels attempts to find any remnants of the caravan from her childhood.

Other: Kapachi has no idea what happened to her caravan. Kapachi secretly wants to win a duel against Clezz >:3 She likes to collect dolls and cute cards of monsters from places she's visited. She doesn't like attacking non aggressive monsters >:

OOC//ph33r my amazingly super special awesome gif that pretty much is Kapachi xD Strange, huh?

August 14th, 2007, 9:26 AM
Ugh. Not as long as I'd liked it to be, but oh well. I think it'll do.

Name: Seyren Windsor

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Weapon: Hurricane Claymore (Andre card)

Appearance: Seyren, (http://img.ragnarokonline.com/download/wallpaper/wallpaper_78_1280.jpg) although not a soldier, bears the armor of a Lord Knight fully in service. With elaborate metal plates and a glistening cape, he always makes sure that his armor is free of blood or anything else that might deface it. His deep brown eyes are somber and his hair of the same color is more often than not, messy and unkempt.

Personality: Cool, calculating, deadly. Seyren is a knight in all senses of the word; nothing stands between him and his goals. He's very romantic in the sense that he feels fate will carry him to where he needs to be, and in the belief that adventure is the highest form of thrill. He is loyal to his party (his family, he calls them) and would give his life for them. Although he tries to keep the image of the chivalrous and helpful knight, secretly, he loves to fight. When in a serious battle, a madness comes over him that could only be described as Unholy. Outside of battle though, this mad side of him remains in check.

History: Seyren is of a famous line of Knights, he himself named after the renowned Lord Knight of the same name. Raised from a young age to be a knight, Seyren was exposed to his first battle at the tender age of 11. His father took him deep into the caves of Payon, and left him there with a lantern, and a sword. Seyren was not seen for several days, and his father became worried, and was preparing to go into the caves when his son emerged from the caves with the head of a Munak dangling from his hand, the woeful expression still locked on her face.

From then on, Seyren began to take his training more seriously than anything he had ever before. Morning, Noon, Night, it made no difference, as long as there were swords to swing or beasts to battle. He quickly rose to the top of his class of Swordsmen, surpassing them with what appeared to be ease. While most of the Swordsmen were still struggling with basic one handed swords, Seyren would be outside with a Slayer. By the age of 16, he had become a Knight. 3 years passed, and he graduated from Kenneth Drasin's school of swordsmanship with the highest honors. However, when asked to become a soldier in King Tristan's army, to everyone's surprise and horror, he refused.

To be invited into the Royal Army is one of the highest honors available to the common man. Having a son in the army is almost like being in the army yourself. So when Seyren refused, he was disowned by his father, and banished from his home. Seyren spent the next three years wandering, a freelance soldier. He finally found a group of travellers that he could really identify with, and has been travelling with them ever since.

Other: Seyren refuses to return to Izlude to face his father; not because he's ashamed of himself, but he's ashamed of his father. In a way, Seyren disowned his father more than his father disowned him. He is descended from the original Seyren Windsor, who was the "perfect" Lord Knight, and the subject of the Lighthalzen Biolabs' cloning project.

August 14th, 2007, 11:25 AM
OoC// Can't see your picchurs Chibi-chan. xD

IC// "He's off his rocker." Kallen said bluntly, as the old man waddled away from the small group, obviously a little more then just tipsy as he muttered under his breath, recounting the story he'd just told to the travelers. Having not ordered any food or beverage for herself, Kallen had simply sat and stared with pity at the old man who looked as though he might've been dragged from the depths of Payon Dungeon after five weeks of getting drunk with the zombies. Or at least, this was how Kallen saw the little balding man, who probably didn't even reach the towering and impressive assassin's shoulder.

Re-adjusting his hat, Len shrugged, "Seems as valid as it gets from a drunk old douche. Somethings up at Thanatos anyway."

"Not like you were conscious for very long last time we went." Kallen interrupted rudely, and Len pointedly ignored the remark, taking a long swig of water.

OOC: ...My character's are too silent. < <; Whatever. Niwa can be all, "omfg happy story lezz goooo!" Or something since his character liked the story. Kallen thinks it's BS, Len thinks he'd rather not get lost in Thanatos.

August 14th, 2007, 11:40 AM
"Off his rocker eh? Ha!" Smirking like an eccentric old fool, Drix was having wild thoughts of the two places the man mentioned. Having visted Thantos Tower only once and only exploring the first floor before having to retreat from the swarm of monsters, it seemed as though it was quite a place packed full of strong monsters, this excited him even more. An adventure, one filled of mystery behind the old mans words. Whether he was lying or telling the truth, the questions were piling up in his head.

Slamming his hands on the table, knocking a plate with bread off, he shouted so loud that everyone in the pub must of been staring now."Guys! Lets do this! Can you imagine what awaits for us!? If these places kick so much ass now in the present, think of what would be roaming the halls in the past! Well at least Thantos Tower" Smiling he looked around among the friends at the table. "We should at least explore and see what this guy's saying is true, eh?"

August 14th, 2007, 1:19 PM
OOC// They work now~ *hopefully* [/badhotlinker]

IC// Kapachi slumped down a bit it her chair. "You're attracting so much attention! Shh, I'm sure he's told this to every other group of travelers that come by this pub, and everyone's going to think we're crazy for being the ones to fall for this old man's trick to get us killed." Usually Kapachi would have been psyched in such an exploit, but this was Thanatos Tower the old man was talking about. Did adventures really happen because of some drunk guy at a pub? Laying her head on the table, she played with the toothpick in her mouth. "I dunno, it sounds interesting and all, I'll give it a try if you all are willing to." Beside her, Alice blinked but stayed quiet, a little perplexed.

"Have we been to Thanatos?"

"No, we haven't been to Thanatos before."

"Uwah. It's probably all dusty and stuff isn't it?"

"Most likely." Sitting back up in the chair, Kapachi stretched and put her arms behind her head with a rejuvenated spirit. "Mkay! I'm ready to if everyone else is in! Thantos!~ If this old man is just trying to kill us; then he'll have my dead spirit to mess with, eh?" Alice blinked.

"That's a bid morbid Kapachi-sama..."

August 14th, 2007, 2:40 PM
OC- This is like, my first ever RP post, so uh, yeah o_o;

IC- Standing with the rest of the group, Clezz felt extremely bored. Although, he was very amused with the sudden rush of energy Drix had just had, that put him in a better mood. Clezz really didn't give a crap if what the old man said was true or not, he just really needed to shoot something. The only thoughts he had about the subject were "What do we have to lose, seriously?"

"Guys, if the guy's telling the truth with this story, think of what a hell of an adventure that would make us go through. If it's not, then we'll just like, never come back to this pub or whatnot, and maybe get some other quest to do. Either way, we're strong enough to take on whatever this man's dishing out, so I say we go for it."

That was Clezz's two cents. Even though he had his own views, he would be fine with whatever decision the group makes, since the Thanatos Tower is not the only possible thing to explore in Rune-Midgard. He exited the pub, leaving the door open without any cares, to get a breath of fresh air; the fumes of the pub were slowly angering him.

August 16th, 2007, 7:15 PM
OOC: Er.. bad. But this is a boring part in the RP. Soon, Porings and Phreeoni alike will feel my wrath.

IC: Seyren closed his eyes, relieving his auburn eyes from the overwhelming sights and lights of the pub. He leaned back in his chair, the front two legs lifting up from the ground, and he took another sip of his drink.

"Sounds good. I haven't saved the world in a while." he droned, sarcasm dripping from his words. "But seriously, guys. Are we really going to listen to.. that?" he pointed at the old man, now oddly silent, sitting in his corner, reeking of drunken filth. "I'm all for some action, but I don't know if running into a death trap like Thanatos Tower or Glast Heim is the greatest idea. And besides.. where IS this sword anyway? Maybe he said it and I wasn't paying attention, but that seems to be a fairly important aspect of this whole shindig. And I'd hate to have you guys die before you pay me back the five-hundred thousand zeny you owe me..."


August 16th, 2007, 7:35 PM
"If you and your principles weren't in the way, I could get you double." Kallen snapped irritably, referencing the fact that getting money was her job class' specialty. Len simply continued to pretend not to hear, and shifted his Berserker at an angle in which Seyren would not be able to see it clearly, "But as things stand, Assassin's don't normally make an honest living. Wait another hundred years, I'll get it to you." This was a mouthful for her, but the subject of her owing Seyren money was a touchy subject, since she'd expected Len to clean up after her when she took off, but instead, Seyren just went and BUTT in.

"The old guy said the sword is in pieces. They're in each dungeon. So, we could head for Geffen Tower from here, and... Dracula might have a piece. He's the most powerful monster in there..." Len mused allowed, "So, how about we head there?"

Geffen Tower was about four days away. No particularly powerful monsters in the way. It would be a breeze to get there, and hunting with this crazy powerful band? Dracula wouldn't last a second. Len readjusted his hat, a bad habit of his, and stood up, picking up his Berserker and twirling it around his finger before equipping it snugly around his right hand. Following example, Kallen picked up the two Jurs in one hand, before heading straight out the door of the pub, waiting for no one and scouting ahead for any stupid, annoying people, fully prepared to do away with them, as Len lingered behind, a little more gracious with his companions.

August 19th, 2007, 11:16 AM
Noticing stares at him from around the pub, Drix decided to settle down after his rather loud outburst about the adventure. Pulling his chair back from afar and taking his seat, he continued to look at his fellow friends with anticipation on what the desicion will be, to go or not. Though he knew that the idea of going on the adventure was going through to his companions, as Kallen barged out of the pub defiantly leaving her stubby little partner behind. "Actting so Independantly, she has always been this way haha!" Looking at her walk out of the pub Drix noticed what Seyren said only understanding it a couple of seconds later.

"He- hey! Whats a debt between a couple of friends aye Seyren?" Playfully nudging his Lord Knight friend, thinking of oweing someone else money was a terrible thought too Drix, seeing as he wouldnt even remember he owed money in the next thirty minutes or so. "Anyways you'll have your money bud! Seeing as Clezz said he'd pay it for me!" With that little lie said, Drix quickly grabbed his Luna Bow and made way towards the exit of the pub rushing past Len. "Come on everyone, see she has the right idea!" Pointing at Kallen from the entrance.

August 19th, 2007, 12:43 PM
Kapachi gave a slight chuckle as everyone left the pub, debt or not on their minds. Being a monk, she'd barely had money to begin with; so hence she didn't have to trouble herself with such debts. "Whatever they don't pay you back, I guess I'll try to compensate...which means you're going to end up with a pile of fluff; literally." Getting up, she stretched, "Soooo, Geffen now? Awesome! I've heard a couple of Dracula stories, you know Alice? Wouldn't it be neat to actually slay him? Even if we didn't find this sword peice, this is going to be pretty awesome~" The maid beside her dusted off her apron and got up with her.

"Geffen sounds interesting..." Alice looked down at the mess of plates and bread left on and off of the table they had sat at. "Uh, should we leave this place a mess like this?" Kapachi sighed and grabbed her by the sleeve.

"The people who actually work here will clean it all up; we're leaving to Geffen now."

"But shouldn't we pay for all this?" Alice stated. Kapachi hadn't thought about this. But then again she cheerfully continued pulling Alice out of the pub.

"No, Seyren's got it all covered. He's the best knight ever!" Though Alice still seemed intent on cleaning up their mess, Kapachi managed to drag them out of the smug pub and into the air with the others.

August 19th, 2007, 1:01 PM
Realizing that indeed, they would need to pay for the meal, Len cast a sideways glance at Seyren before hightailing it out of the pub, leaving Clezz alone with the man who was ending up treating them all to a nice lunch and drink. Except for Kallen, who hadn't eaten anything. When he found himself standing outside, there was no Kallen in sight. She'd probably already gone ahead and destroyed the porings and lunatics in the way. Glancing around, he noted that Drix and Kapachi were also outside. He opened the rucksack he wore under his jacket, and sifted through berserk potions, yggdrasil leaves, yggdrasil berries, and awakening potions. The berserk potions were for Seyren, just in case. Almost nothing in the bag was for Len himself. Buffs did plenty good compared to these.

"Well, let's go." Len said flatly, flexing his fingers around the handle of his berserker before marching out of Prontera. The pub they'd been inside had sat on the very edge of Prontera, a fact that Len had been quite glad of, because as soon as he stepped onto the grassy fields he cast Increase Agility. Len always loved the renewed spring in his step that got him where he wanted to go twice as fast as normal. Hating the ban on using skills within city boundaries, he waited for his comrades to step into the field as well before casting Increase Agility on them as well.

Taking note that there were no monsters in sight, Len decided that Kallen had indeed chosen the correct direction to go, and thought no more of her, glancing back at the door of the pub, which was still visible from where he stood.

August 19th, 2007, 5:37 PM
Having wondered Prontera for a few minutes, Clezz decided to go check back at the pub to see if we had actually come to a conclusion. He thought maybe by now they'd have decided at least something to do. Upon arriving in front of the pub, he saw Drix, Kapachi and Alice, Kallen and Len lounging around outside the pub. Drix seeming a little nervous seeing Clezz, as if he had done something that wouldn't have been the best to do, involving Clezz. Since almost everyone was outside, he thought that we had came to some sort of conclusion.

Clezz bursted into the pub, not caring about the attention he'd be getting, because he had assumed we'd be out of the pub very shortly. "Yo! Seyren! Why are you the only one left? You having some alone time with the crazy Thanatos dude? ... Being a little quiet, Seyren? Ah, that's fine. I'll let you think of something, big ol' crazy smart guy. Maybe I'll just head off to Lighthalzen. Eh, knowing you, you'll have some answer soon. I'll be in Prontera Field then, shooting Lunatics as target practice. As for the money I owe you..." He thought a little while, and thought maybe he'd have a little fun. "Meh, Drix said he'd pay most of it for me, so you're covered, bud! Later!"

With that, he rushes out the pub, not bothering to look at Drix, headed off to Prontera Field.

August 21st, 2007, 8:52 AM
One by one, Seyren's friends left the pub, leaving him with the bill. Grumbling, he pulled out his bag, dropped a few hundred zeny on the table, and stood up, scooting his chair in behind him. He closed his eyes a leaned back in a great big stretch, his back cracking in several places. As he headed towards the door, the old man from before hobbled towards Seyren and grasped his arm in a surprisingly strong grip. Seyren flinched at the stench of the old man, and the sight of his deteriorating body.

"Beware, young man..." he croaked, letting out a hoarse laugh. "You seem very confidednt about your ability to defeat Dracula. He isn't called the king of vampires for nothing.. very tricky... very... tricky..." his raspy speech faltered to a mumble, and the old fell into a pile at Seyren's feet, passed out and drunk as a skunk. Smelled like one too.

After getting the man into a chair (not breathing through his nose the entire time), Seyren made his way out to Prontera city, the midafternoon sun beginning to descend to the heavens. As usual, it was bustling with everything from tramps to Lords to prostitutes to Ladies. Clezz was gone, for one thing; but that was normal. Beautiful Prontera field stood before him, and once he stepped out of the city boundaries, the melancholy feeling that had hung over him when in that foul smelling pub was whisked away. Walking beside Len, he clapped the boy on the back, and smiled.

"Here we go again, eh Len?"