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July 10th, 2004, 7:18 AM
does anyone here use WinMix besides me???

^^NICK^^ v.3.0
July 10th, 2004, 2:26 PM
I use WinAmp. Does that count? I also use um...LimeWire.

July 10th, 2004, 2:29 PM
well winmix is were u download music/movies/and chat with people. and like every theard i'v made u posted in it.that's weird.

July 10th, 2004, 9:56 PM
Um..it's called WinMX..you know that, right?

July 10th, 2004, 10:50 PM
This belongs in Computers... that I'm sure of...

And I use it, tis where I get most of my stuff unless I'm using BT.

July 10th, 2004, 10:56 PM
I use Bittorrent primarily.
Followed by DC++, Kazaalite and then occasionally Soulseek.
WinMX is useless to me.

July 11th, 2004, 9:42 AM
I suppose talk about a file sharing client would go there, yeah~ *moves*

July 11th, 2004, 9:57 AM
I use BT for any big files, but I use WinMX if I'm just looking for a single song.

DC++ doesn't seem to like me...

IRC is another good way to get files, if you want to deal with all the stupid commands.

July 11th, 2004, 11:29 AM
Thanks to Miss Kairi (She Drugged me..I swear!) alright i lied, I have Kazaa Lite and It's never been better, I find pretty much everything on there like A State of Trance (they're like the biggest song files ever like 100,284 MB) to songs that are only a few megabytes.

July 11th, 2004, 11:49 PM
I use them all! BT is to me the most effective, and clearly the best, but your not gonna find what your looking for on it all the time. The clients that connect to Edonkey servers are my next favoured. DC++ is good, but annoys me how most hubs I have to share so many gigs(usually 40GB+). KaZaA lite is next best, and IRC is good, but really slow and requires too much patience.

Hiroshi Sotomura
July 12th, 2004, 1:43 AM
Eck, Sharman networks is just going down for all I know. LimeWire is better than Kaaza, in my opinion. But that's because I use a client called "Acquisition". >_>; LimeWire is SLOW. Acquisition is really nice. WinMX? *thumbs down* No official Mac client.

DCC is okay, in fact the dedicated ones at #free_pokemon and #pokemon_encodes have files like the many Pokmon soundtracks. I get my soundtracks from those top two places.

File Sharing? Acqusition if you have a Mac.
Otherwise, DCC for any platform supporting IRC.

July 12th, 2004, 1:49 AM
For the longest time I couldn't get IRC to give me anything...

So I had to rely on BT and WinMX... just because I was too afraid of the multitude of spyware in Kazza. :P