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  • I always hated coloring when I was little. I'd do dot-to-dots then refuse to color them.

    And I can imagine...I wouldn't mind traveling out of the country but probably not for more than a few weeks at a time. Can't imagine how some people spend a year or more studying abroad.
    Random. And I have enough to do to pass the time. XD
    And hiiiiiii Greg, how's Europe?
    I've barely been on PC because I've been operating one-eyed for about a week and a half, and haven't really felt like being on PC until a day or two ago.

    Still really freakin' windy, though, especially when walking across large parking lots with no trees nearby.
    Have you not looked at the new theme being worked on by Forgotten Memory?! I would have thought you would have came all over your computer screen. You and your purple.
    Your best and easiest option would be to use a free forum provider. You could try http://www.forumotion.com. They provide free IPB 1.3 and phpBB hosting with unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth.

    I have had experience with them and I think they are pretty good as there are a quite a lot of skins and modifications available and so on.
    >.< I haven't seen the show in forever *waiting for the DVD's to get cheaper* lol...I need to finish the manga too...I've read up to like 11 or 12...but yeah if you open it up again I'll join...
    "Who the HELL are most of you people?!?! I don't know any of the current usernames or anything ;___;"

    I agree with that statement. =P
    o.o I somehow found my way back to this site...again. Anyway, when did this forum turn all MySpace-y?
    ono its a greg. :o

    Remember me? 8D Tis Kimi~ From like....four years ago? D: It's been a while, right? RIGHT? Yeah. Hai. XD

    ...I think I'm on something today. I'm like hyper for no apparent reason. o_o Anyway, add plz? :D
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