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February 15th, 2008, 10:44 PM
Once upon a time in the world of Pokémon, there was a mighty region which shined over the others, the region of Glacia (Pronounced, Glacier). Only the rich people of the world could afford to live on its lush, green, grass and sunbathe under its bright sapphire blue skies.

This region was just on the equator and was a perfect temperature for Pokémon and Humans to live on peacefully. Glacia was filled with all different types of natural fruit and berries. But there was one thing that cursed the residents of the island day after day.

The Ember Volcano. Just on the left of the island of Glacia was a mountain in the middle of the sea. A huge mountain that stood tall over all the sky scrapers in the region.

The mountain was believed to once have been a violent volcano. But currently it had no lava inside it. Although the residents of Glacia where getting worried in the previous weeks. As the strange dormant volcano began to spit out hot ash which sometimes would reach the island and scorch some of the forest which surrounded Glacia, once or twice a few Pokémon where found dead.

The humans of the land began to panic. Scientist could not explain why the volcano was becoming active. And then one day; the exact date being unknown. A scientist known as Professor Woods told the villages that he had discovered what was causing the sudden build up of lava inside this dormant volcano.

He apparently wrote it in his diary. And in fear that the volcano could erupt at any moment he was supposed to have wrote two diaries. One which he has with him when we went to tell the villages what was wrong. And one he hid away on the island in a safe place.
But sadly and suddenly the volcano erupted and hot ash enveloped the island burning nearly all the people who lived there and the Pokémon. It was a traumatising experience for the few people who survived.


You are one of the many survivors of the eruption of the Ember Volcano, and you are on a quest to retrieve the hidden diary of Professor Woods, but there is another twist.

The Volcano is once again spitting out hot ash, but this time more dramatically. An eruption on an apocalyptic scale is due to happen.

You must find the diary! You must find what is causing these eruptions! You must inform the people of the outside regions! And the sky is full of dust and the island fully dark and full with dead bodies. The question is, what will you do?

Explore the island and see who survived? Maybe try and get a Pokémon, create a shop or a Pokémon Centre? Try and find the diary? Try and get to the people on the other regions? What you do is your choice.

You may cross paths with me; you may witness betrayed, death, romance and sorrow. Anything is possible. Make all your choices wisely. What you do, will affect the whole of Glacia.










February 19th, 2008, 8:50 PM
Great it was accepted. Right here is my sign up!

Name: Michael Alan Smith

Nicknames: Mickey, Smigger, Smithy.

Pokémon: Pikachu, Pichu, Charmander.

Personality: Michael is generally a happy character, although he gets very upset easily, especially when his friends are in danger. He is also very shy. But once you get to know him he is a great person with a big happy and funny personality. He has a big sense of humour and loves to laugh at almost everything. He also bites his nails in nerves and shakes a lot, which gives people the impression he is generally nervous, and everywhere he walks he seems to look behind himself all the time, which also adds to the believe that he is very paranoid. But the more people talk to Michael the more they learn about him. He is also honest and likes to listen to people when they need help.

History: Michael was born in a hospital in the region of Kanto. He only lived there for two years though. He was brought up with Pokémon all his life as his mother and father owned a day-care centre. Michael finds it easier to relate with Pokémon more than humans. When Michael was five he moved to Johto but leaved soon after. The town he lived in was the town of New Bark, but Michael and his family left within a year after the town was raided by Team Aqua who were hunted for Professor Birch. They killed everyone in the town but Michael’s mother and father being professional Pokémon trainers flew out of Johto to live in Heonn. He was brought up in Heonn for the rest of his life and lived in Rustburo City where he was given his first Pokémon, A Pichu called Sparky. But his Pichu evolved after a while into a Pikachu. And then his parents breaded his Pikachu for him, as they had experience after owning a Day-Care centre. They eventually give him a Charmander called Flame-tail for his 15th birthday and his egg from Sparky eventually hatched into Thunda a baby Pichu. Other than that he has just lived happily recently with his parents and his Pokémon. It was only recently when he went to visit his cousin in Glacia, Unfortunately his cousin was killed in the volcanoe.
Appearance: Michael is 15 and is only 5 foot, but his size doesn’t upset him. He has very short black hair, well it is actually dark brown but looks black, and has strange bright grass green eyes which make you shiver and get Goosebumps when you look into them. Michael also has tanned skin and freckles and a scar down his face from the top of his left eye to the bottom of his lip. He likes to wear blue jeans and a white hooded t-shirt with a purple Master Ball logo on it.

February 21st, 2008, 6:19 AM
I would like to join here is my info:

Name: Simon Holmes

Nicknames: Sherlock or Clueless

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Appearence: Will post very soon!

Personality: Intelligent, outgoing young man who is always getting lost even with specific directions. Always helps anyone out weather it be a pokemon or a trainer. Loves being outdoors and reading a good book.

History: Simon was born in a small fishing village on Kin Island in the Kanto Region. From and early age Simon alwaysed love exploreing the island but always longed to explore the entire world. At around age six Simon was exploreing the beach when a giant wave knocked him out and pulled began to pull him out into the sea. He was saved by a friendly blue shuckle by being pulled back onto the shore. When Simon finally woke up the Shuckle was waiting right by his side. Since then the two of them were unseperatable. When Simons 14th birthday finally came his parents decided that it was time to begin his pokemon journey and with the help of a friendly fisherman he went on his way heading for the lovely island of Glacia. When he arrived as he walked onto the rocky shore he encountered his first pokemon battle with a lazy Slowpoke and with the help of Shuckle, Simon eaisly caught it. When he entered town he stopped off to gather some supplies at a local pokemart where he met Professor Woods. They both sat down for lunch at a restaurant where he and professor woods became close friends. That was the last time he ever saw professor woods. One year later after gaining a place to live and a job the eruption happened. Simon barely survived only because he was outside searching for pokemon that day. Now with the volcano active again Simon must search for the professors dairy and help save the island while helping whoever he meets along the way.

Pokemon: Shuckle, Slowpoke

February 21st, 2008, 11:52 PM
Hmmm....Redmario your sign-up is pending you should add more detail to your personality and you haven't done appearence yet.

February 22nd, 2008, 5:56 PM
I would quite like to join this RP.

Name: Jack Distefano

Nicknames: Bigfoot, Giant

Gender: Male

Appearence: Jack has brown eyes and brown hair, which is considerablly long for a boy. It reaches down to about his shoulders, then curls out and the bangs are parted near the top right part of his forehead with one streak of blonde in it. His shoulders are broad and he is heavy set in the sense of muscles. Jacks legs are unaturally long as are his arms, and he is unusually tall for the age of 14, for as of now he is 6'1".

Personality: Jack is very shy when it comes to meeting new people, and is very often lost in thought. Although he is self conscious of his abnormal size and strength, he considers himself equal to everyone else. When he tries to figure something out, he won't stop until he has reached an answer, however that trait has a downside. When Jack tires to do something numerous times and does not succeed, he has been known to have a VERY short temper. He is frusterated but he is also very smart, and is not afraid of anything that he knows of. He ends up getting in a lot of fights with other kids, but pulverizes the opponent quite quickly, and the fights are how he stays in shape.

History: Jack was born in the Kanto region, and he lived on Cinnibar Island for half of his life in a big house that was over 150 years old. His mother died when he was only 3, leaving him and his father to live together. He was always taken outside and watched the sea for hours and hours to distract him from realizing that his mother was gone. As he grew up as a boy, he always loved to sit on the beach and watch as his father fished out on the open sea. He himself also went out into semi-shallow waters and played with the wild Wailmer. That was when catastrophe struck. On May 16 when Jack was only 7 years old, he helplessly watched as his fathers ship along with his father was savagely taken down by a herd of Gyrados. Jack did not think that his father could have survived the crash, but he assumed wrong. His father washed up on shore and was put under immediate health care. When Jack visited him in the hospital, his father handed him a pokeball, which jack soon realized contained a Gyrados his father captured while being attacked, whom Jack chose to name "Death Snake". 2 years later his father was released from the hospital, but was very ill and was bedridden. That was when more catastrophe struck. When Jack turned 11, he learned not to trust anyone when he found that his whole house was being demolished by Team Rocket. His friend was a member of the organization, and Jack had not knowingly told his friend of how unprepared his family would be if something were to happen to the house. He watched in utter shame as when he returned from the pokemart his house had TNT surrounding it and was blown up before hgis very eyes. His father was also still in the house when it was blown up, and was found dead merely hours later. Team Rocket built a plant on the land, and all that was heard from the outside of the plant was the helpless cries of pokemon having who knows what done to them. After spending a 3 years in foster care, Jack took off, in hopes to find a place that he was to call home. After a few weeks he stumbled desperately upon the region of Glacia, and it was his paradise. He made firends in the new region, and caught a Wailmer which he named "Shamu". Several days after Jacks arrival, he learned of the activity in the dormant volcano, but it didn't bother him for he was dazed by the unlikelihood of it happening. However his friends told him of a professor who had found out the cause of the eruptions and recorded it in a journal. Jack was curious, but he assumed the prof. would tell the people the cause or if not, he would have it under control. He believed that until the eruption occured, which devastated him as he watched the balls of fire rise up and out of the volcano. Desperate to find a hiding spot, he ran around the island and hid in the pokemon center that was empty at the time, for people had run to a different place that he didn't know of. Jack waited in the pokemon center until he realized that it was getting increasingly hotter and hotter. All of a sudden, the bulbs in the center blew and it was dark. He froze and to his despair, he saw magma leaking through cracks in the walls. He watched as it slithered past him, covering the way to the door, and toward the gasoline pipelines. Jack knew then what he had to do. He leaped over the lava and ran out of the pokemon center as it exploded behind him. He was thrown with such force that he hit the ground 20 feet away and was knocked unconscious. Several hours later in the nighttime, he regained consciousness and roamed the island in search of any survivors who needed help and for them to acompany in his quest to find the lost diary.

Pokemon: Gyrados, Wailmer

Wow. I'm sorry about this guys. If you decline me, I don't mind because sometimes I get so involved I get carried away...

February 22nd, 2008, 10:33 PM
Mew2three567, your sign-up is acceptible. You are......ACCEPTED!

February 25th, 2008, 9:19 PM
Name: Cole Campbell

Nicknames: N/A

Gender: Male

Appearence: White/Green hat with short brown hair, green eyes, green/white striped shirt, brown pants with green socks, green/white shoes, and a brown scarf (look at my trainer card)

Personality: Very happy person most of the time, helps people when they are in need, starts to panic when he talks to girls (XD). Wasn't that smart in school, but never was a trouble maker. He loved to play video games and played with friends. he is very shy and can't talk in front of a big crowd, but when you get to know him, he is very talkative. Even though he lost alot of battles because his Piplup wasn't strong, he still loved it and took care of it always. He makes jokes and thinks there funny, but never gets anyone else to laugh.

History: Cole Was born in Veridian City, and was givin a piplup when only a child. he trained that Piplup very hard, but never got any stronger as a trainer. He trained and trained, never getting any help from his parents. Cole decided that his Piplup needed some training outside of Veridian City, so he ran away from his home and started an adventure as a pokemon trainer. Facing all the trainers, his Piplup started to get better and started to learn new moves. Cole knew he needed to fight in his first gym battle, He took off, but before he could, his friend Katie told him that there was a problem at home. Cole was thinking wrong thoughts about his parents and said he didn't care about his parents anymore. Katie told him that his house was burnt down by team Rocket and both of his parents were killed. Before he could say a word, he dropped to his knees and started to cry. Katie told him that she heard them saying something about going to a region called Glacia. Cole knew what he had to do, he took off and went to his friends harbor and started his boat ride to the region of Glacia. After hours of traveling, he finally made it, but discovered that a volcano had erupted and many were hurt, he was too late. Now Cole had to help recover the town and see how the volcano erupted

Pokemon: Piplup

February 26th, 2008, 7:32 AM
Name - RaZoR
Age - 15
Bio - Born in hoenn, RaZoR has always been travelling and becoming champion of each region. He has also trained his sceptile from the beginning to the end.This Friendship is so strong that sceptile has always been a match-winner.Now in glacia... The eruption caused by a unknown thing caused much tragedy...nut he beared it all. Now he wants to get back professor woods diary and know what is causing the eruption
Appearance - Standard Cooltrainer
Pokemon - Sceptile,Milotic

February 26th, 2008, 1:38 PM
I feel like RP'ing a girl for a change because I have never done so before and I want to try out something new.

Name: Tyler Sorano

Nicknames: Ty

Gender: Female

Appearence: Tyler has long blonde hair.She also has baby blue and baby pink highlights in her hair.Her eyes are a bright emerald green.She has a slim-streamline shape and is of average height.She usually wears a small pink-camo tanktop, dark-denim jeans and white trainers.She also sometimes wears a baby blue t-shirt,light-demin jeans and pink trainers.

Personality: Tyler is usually a happy girl.She thinks a lot and loves to read.She is very very intelligent and is the complete opposite of her brother.She can get grumpy but only when she is provoked.She also doesn't get provoked too easily so it is very very rare to find her angry or grumpy in some way.She is very nice when approached but she can get very shy when meeting new people.

History: Tyler had a very quiet childhood.All was fine untile her hometown got raided by Team Magma.A few days later, Team Aqua came and took everyone hostage.Tyler and her brother Kai managed to escape.A few days later, they had reached Lilycove City and they took shelter in a Pokemon Center.They saw the news and heard that Foretree City had been raided during the night by Team Magma grunts and noone survived except from Team Aqua and Winona who had retrated when Team Aqua raided for the first time.Kai left Tyler and Tyler met up with a young trainer.She then started to journey with him until he was captured by Team Magma.She then retreated to the Glacia region and then the eruption happened.After the eruption she found her younger brother Kai.He unfortunately died and Tyler was emotionally scarred.

Blissey - Female - Level 67
Ninetails - Female - Level 70
Raichu - Male - Level 69

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
February 26th, 2008, 8:39 PM
I'll Sign Up As Two Wild Pokemon.

Species: Raichu

Language: English

Nickname: Sparks

Gender: Female

Nature: Brave

Sparks Was Hatched In The Kanto Region,But When She Hatched The Was In A Fearow Nest. She Thought Of The Fearow As Her Mother Until She Figured Out Her Real Mother Died In A Forest Fire. Sparks Traveled Region-To-Region To Find A Place To Live Until She Found A Region Called Glacia. Sparks Made A New Friend Named Blaze On The Name There. Sparks Thought It Would Be Easier In Glacia Until She Saw Piles Of Ash Everywhere. Sparks Knew What She Had To Do. She Didn't Want Any Other Pokemon Getting Hurt Like Her Mother. She Arranged A Small Part Of The Forest To Be Hers And Blaze's So They Could Study On How To Make Antidotes And Potions. Then They Made The Small Part Of The Forest Like A Mini Pokemon Center For Pokemon With Or Without Trainers. She Taught Herself And Blaze How To Talk So She Could Interact With The Trainers.

Species: Charmander

Language: English

Nickname: Blaze

Gender: Female

Nature: Brave

History: Blaze Has An Uknown History

February 27th, 2008, 6:41 PM
Neat, seems fun. Count me in. There wasn't an age option but I added one, I hope that's okay. Age is always an important part of character building in my eyes.

Name: Kamala, last name unknown.

Nicknames: Kammie to most, Ala to close friends.

Gender: Female

Age: Twenty-two.

Appearance: Kamala is only five foot four and is fond of wearing elevated shoes to disguise her diminutive stature. She keeps her black hair quite short and often streaks it with light green. Due to her habit of living outdoors whenever possible she's tanned a deep brown, her hazel eyes a pleasant compliment to her skin tone. She prefers dressing in colorful outfits and is most often seen in a loose purple tunic and black shorts with high-heeled lace-up sandals.

Personality: It's rare to find someone as relentlessly cheerful and optimistic without absolutely driving everyone else insane, and unfortunately Kamala is known to grind on others' nerves when she really gets going. To try to avoid this she's silent whenever possible and one would truly have to get to know her to experience this facet of her personality. The world delights her in all of its forms, and her morbid appreciation for the decimated surroundings may strike others as somewhat unsettling.

History: While Glacia was once the most elite nation of all, there was always another side to the story. Despite the majority of inhabitants being quite wealthy every region always has its drifters. Homeless by choice, Kamala once spent her nights sleeping under doorways and her days happily exploring the countryside. It's unknown where she was born or where her family originated, as no one ever asked and she never volunteered information.

Pokemon: Edward -- Male Lopunny level 35. Never contained in a Pokeball, always walking at her side.
Drain Punch
Double Team
Focus Beam

Buzzella -- Vespiquen level 33.
Sludge Bomb
Silver Wind

February 28th, 2008, 7:02 AM
Hmm, looks interesting. Can you reserve me? I'll have a go at roleplaying here (I do it better elsewhere...) -_-

March 1st, 2008, 7:27 AM
Are we allowed to use made-up pokemon from other sites such as pokemon acanthite?

March 1st, 2008, 9:57 AM
Name: Brianna Moonlite

Nicknames: Bri (pronounced Bree)

Gender: female

Age- 16

Appearence: Brianna's hair is shining jet black hair thats flows almost to the middle of her back. Her eyes are bright blue, and will change you forever if you stare at them for too long. Her skin is farely pale desptite her hair color, however. Her clothing consists with a black tank top, covered by a black hoodie, black jeans, and black high heels. She is extremely skinny, being 5'2" and 80 lbs. She also wears a pearl bracelet around her left wrist and a locket, in which she keeps the picture of her beloved boyfriend, Derek, who died in the erruption.

Personality: Brianna has a mysterious personality, unlike most of the Moonlite family. She's very depressed most of the time, to the point where you can occisionally see a slit on her arms to reflect her depression. She is also very quiet and shy, and won't talk to anyone. She actually is a very kind, sweet girl, but her "hard outter shell" makes people think otherwise.

History: Brianna's parent's were both famous, her mom as a model, and her dad as a Pokemon champion. They showered her in luxary, but never exposed her to the outside world, so Brianna never knew kids her age until she was about 13 and ran away. There, she met her future boyfriend, Derek. The two became close friends, and later, sweethearts. Brianna was always so happy when Derek was around, so its easy to imagine how devistated she was when she heard he died in the eruption. Ever since, she was more depressed than ever.

Pokemon: Umbreon (Moonbeam), Quilava (Ember), Luxray (Shadow), Dewgong (Aurora), Kirlia (Grace), Altaria (CName: Brianna Moonlite

Nicknames: Bri (pronounced Bree)

Gender: female

Age- 16

Appearence: Brianna's hair is shining jet black hair thats flows almost to the middle of her back. Her eyes are bright blue, and will change you forever if you stare at them for too long. Her skin is farely pale desptite her hair color, however. Her clothing consists with a black tank top, covered by a black hoodie, black jeans, and black high heels. She is extremely skinny, being 5'2" and 80 lbs. She also wears a pearl bracelet around her left wrist and a locket, in which she keeps the picture of her beloved boyfriend, Derek, who died in the erruption.

Personality: Brianna has a mysterious personality, like most of the Moonlite family. She's very depressed most of the time, to the point where you can occisionally see a slit on her arms to reflect her depression. She is also very quiet and shy, and won't talk to anyone. She actually is a very kind, sweet girl, but her "hard outter shell" makes people think otherwise.

History: Brianna's parent's were both famous, her mom as a model, and her dad as a Pokemon champion. They showered her in luxary, but never exposed her to the outside world, so Brianna never knew kids her age until she was about 13 and ran away. There, she met her future boyfriend, Derek. The two became close friends, and later, sweethearts. Brianna was always so happy when Derek was around, so its easy to imagine how devistated she was when she heard he died in the eruption. Ever since, she was more depressed than ever.

Pokemon: Umbreon (Moonbeam), Quilava (Ember), Luxray (Shadow), Dewgong (Aurora), Kirlia (Grace), Altaria (Cloud)

March 1st, 2008, 11:29 AM
I'll just use real pokemon.

Name: Cat

nickname: Citty

gender: female

age: 14

appearence: Long, dark brown hair with a blue ballcap, and hazel eyes. A simple blue T- shirt, black jeans, and her lucky white tennis shoes with rainbow laces. Skin is light brown. And she always wears this mood ring around her right ring finger.

personality: She loves easy battles and is a sore loser. Quick- tempered and tomboyish and nature- loving. She is very unlucky.

history: When she was born, a Mismagus put a curse on her, making it so nothing lucky ever happens in her life. When she was nine, her father died of the eruption. Her mother then mysteriously disappeared the next year. Cat had always blamed herself whenever something bad happened, but she stopped by the time she was thirteen. Now she wants to find that Mismagus, and give it a piece of her mind.


-Shadow Ball
-Fury Swipes
-Shadow Claw

-Steel Wing
-Shadow Ball

-Aura Sphere
-Sky Attack
-Air Slash

March 15th, 2008, 11:09 AM
Alright your all accepted. The roleplay will start soon.

March 15th, 2008, 12:47 PM
Woot.Can't wait for the RP to start XD

March 16th, 2008, 10:37 AM
Are you still accepting sign ups?

If so, reserve me please.
I'll try to post soon if I'm reserved.

March 18th, 2008, 1:37 AM
Name:Matt Tankersley




Appearance:Matt has long black pants with clips for poke balls. He wears a black shirt with a blue hoodie. He wears black gloves and a blue hat with a black poke ball mark on the front of the hat.

Personality:Matt has a cold attitude. He doesn't like to talk to people much. But he loves to talk to girls a lot. He especially loves his Pokemon.

History:Matt was born in Goldenrod City and grew up with his mom and dad. He loved to watch his friend,Whitney, battle trainers wanting their 3rd badge. Matt was also friends with Bill. One day when Matt turned 12 Bill gave Matt an Eevee for a present. He also got an egg from the day care. It hatched into another Eevee. Those were his first Pokemon. Matt traveled in Jhoto and went on to the region of Glacia ,and heard about the eruption so that made him more determined.

Umbreon-male-level 70-Stays out of poke ball
Espeon-female-level 70-Stays out of poke ball
Dragonite-male-level 65
Togetic-female-level 67
Pichu-male-level 63

March 23rd, 2008, 5:53 AM
Name: Aaron Jones

Nicknames: "AJ" or "Jonesy"

Gender: Male

Appearence: 4Ft 11 Spiky Blonde hair, menacing green eyes, kind of skinny, weak muscles.
Wears a balck cap with a red "AJ" logo on. Matching jacket with white top underneath. Wears black trousers also with the red "AJ" on. Also wears red trainers.

Personality: Aaron is a cunning trickster at times and likes to trick his friends which can get him into trouble. Aaron prefers the psychic type due to tricks.

History: During a performance as the assistant to a magician in a card trick act the volcano erupted.
All of Aaron's friends and most of the crowd were scolded by the lava while Aaron and the magician escaped. Sadly, Aaron lost the magician and is not only looking for the diary but for that legendary magician.


Typhlosion (Typhi) - Lv 57 - Male
Raichu (Boltz) - Lv 55 - Male
Gardevoir (Psyii) - Lv 54 - Female
Drifblim (Heli) - Lv 52 - Female
Rotum (Vision) - Lv 52 - Genderless
Mime Jr. (Mimes) - Lv 50 - Male (First ever pokemon, gaven due to liking tricks so much.)

March 26th, 2008, 4:26 AM
Name:Jonathan Singer



Appearance:Jonny has Long blonde Hair,Dark brown eyes,not fat not thin just normal.
He wears a black jumper with an Orange coloured JS Logo on it.
Black Pants and Orange runners (Trainers).

Personality:He likes Fire ,Fighting and Electric pokemon.

Role:Jonny is the champion of the Elite 4 but will lose to the Hero (Person playing the game).
He congratulates the hero and becomes a very good friend.
He often meets the hero in the story after the hero beating the Elite 4.
Pichu does not like being inside the pokeball.Pichu is always walking behind Jonny

Pokemon:Magmortar, Typhlosion, Hitmontop, Hitmonlee, Electrovire, Pichu

March 27th, 2008, 2:41 AM
Name: Jason Power

Nicknames: Jay, Power, JP

Gender: Male

Appearence: Jason is pretty tall for his age (14), about 5'12 in height. His hair is a light black, with strands of hair pulled down onto his face, just about touching his eyes. The back of his hair, is spiked up. His eyes are a misty green, and have a ery mysterious look about them. It's very hard to read Jasons expressions as you never know what he's thinking by looking at him. He wears a base/green jacket over a blue hoodie which he pulls the hood out over the jacket. Wears blue jeans and white trainers, and finger-less gloves with grips.

Personality: Jason has a very intresting personality. Although his expressions and feelings are very hard to read, he often lets people know exactly what he's thinking. Rather than jumping into to fight's, Jay will try and settle his disputes verbally. However, if push comes to shove, Jay can more than handle himself physically. Although Jay can be extremely cranky at times, underneath he is a very kind and above all loyal person. Once given a task, Jason will put everything he's got into to it. Jay is known for being 'beyond his years', and at only 14, is much more mature than the average adult.

History: Jay was born in Celedon City in the region of Kanto. Jason lived with his mom and step-dad. His father walked on on them at the age of 6, whcih at times made Jason extremely angry. However, he loves his step-dad, as he treats him like his son. He lived their untill he was 10 years of age. He loved in in the city - all the big buildings, the people and more than anything their Pokemon. Jason has always been obsessed with Pokemon. On his tenth birthday, his parents told them that they had two big suprises for him. The first one - the were moving to the exremetly small town of Mahogany Town in the north of Johto. One, they would be moving to a new town, and two they would be moving to another region. They had another big suprise. However, this one would be alot better than the previous. For his tenth birthday, his parents gave Jason his very first Pokemon. He recieved a Pokemon called Eevee.

Jason finally moved to Mahogany, and he truley hated it. He knew everybody - but it wasn't much becasue before he came their were only around 20 people living in the town before he came. Everyday it was the same all boring thing, the only thing that was keeping him interested was his best friend and first Pokemon, Eevee. However, one day a new face came to town, one Jason didn't recognize. It turned out he was Pokemon trainer from Sootopolis City in the Hoenn region. Jason challenged him to a battle - his first trainer battle. The trainer sent out a Pokemon called Aggron. In comparison to Eevee, Aggron was massive. Even though Jason lost the battle, Eevee suprisingly held it's own very well, using it's agilty to dodge most of Aggron's attacks.

One day, Jason was walking on the route 42. He stepped on a stone, but it wasn't a regular stone. This stone had a lighting design engraved on it. Eevee, sitting by Jason's side, gestured towards the rock. After a short time, Jason figured out what Eevee wanted. So, when Jason let the rock contact Eevee. The pokemon become blinding white in colour, before finally turning a bright yellow color. Eevee had evolved into the eletric Pokemon, Jolteon.

At the age of 13, Jason finally decided to set out on his very own journey. He travelled the Johto region, obtaining all 8 of the badges in the region. He also made it to the final rounds of the Silver Conference competition. Along the way, Jason managed to capture 5 more Pokemon - Charmander, Golduck, Donphan, Scyther and Pidgeotto. After the silver Conference, he set on a jounrey to the Glacia region. When he got their, Jason saw one of the most buetiful regions ever imagined. However, one day, the volcano overseeing the region erupted - and only few survived. Luckily, Jason was one of them. However, it could erupt again, and spread to other regions of the Pokemon world. Jason heard from a group of people that a proffesor had written a diary of events, and it contained the reason behind the volcanoes eruption. However, the location of the diary is unkown. Jason wants to make it his misson to find this diary, and save the Pokemon world!

Pokemon: Jolteon, Charmander, Golduck, Donphan, Scyther, Pidgeotto.

Hopefully, I'll be accepted.

April 5th, 2008, 8:46 PM
lucario protect us and let's go find mew!!!! yes we shall go and i will restore my honour

April 8th, 2008, 7:47 AM
Name: Centi

Nicknames: none

Gender: male

Appearence: short, dark brown curly poofy-hair, wears a long brown coat and a cowboy hat

Personality:calm, asks alot of questions, really afraid of water

History: Born in Celedon City, Centi grew up in love with Pokemon, his first pokemon, a gastly, was given to him by his grandpa before his passing away. Years later Centi heard about a professor that his grandpa was friends with, so Centi left in search of him and soon was in the Glacia Region, his timing was off and visited the land when the volcano erupted...luckily he survived.

Pokemon: Gengar, Arcanine, Electivire, Dragonair, Garydos, and Charizard.

April 10th, 2008, 10:37 AM
so when is this gonna start?

April 10th, 2008, 10:55 AM
Name: Wes

Nicknames: Wes

Gender: Male

Appearence: Tall roughly 6', like on the trainer card below

Personality: Kind, but can be cold and mean

History:He started his journey at age 7 at Pallet Town with a Pikachu and sense no other trainers were
starting a journey at the time, Prof. Oak gave Wes all 4 of the starters. He won the last needed league, Sinnoh, at age 13.
He won All of the contest as he went through challenging the different leagues. He completed his PokeDex recently
at age 15.

Pokemon: Pikachu, Charizard, Venusaur, Blastoise, Glaceon, Leafeon and . all 6 shiny
also has at least 1 of each and every Pokemon in PC

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
April 23rd, 2008, 12:55 PM
I'll Take Over Until Charchic Gets Back.

PokeMaster1 - Now Accepted!

Everybody Else - Accepted

We Can Start Now.

April 23rd, 2008, 3:27 PM
I'll try to start it off.

'The Region of Glacia is currently subjected to mass amounts of apocolyptic volcanic eruptions around the region. The reason of this is currently unknown. We need trainers to come and try to locate the lost diary of Prof. Woods, it may contain vital information about the eruptions and possibly how to stop them. Thank you and good morning.'
''Huh, He must have been talking about all that ash and melted rock that had been falling from the sky lately.'' said a tall, nearly shoulder length haired boy as he sat inside the Pokemon Center, waiting patiently for his pokemon. The Nurse Joy for this particular Pokemon Center came out of the double doors to the waiting room and walked over to Wes,'' Your pokemon will be perfecly fine, all they need is rest.''
The teen boy responded in a semi-confused voice,'' May I ask you a question?''
''You may, whats on your mind?'' ''Well, I was just wondering if it is safe for my pokemon to go look for that diary they were talking about on the news. You know, Prof. Woods's diary.'' ''It depends on three things you, your pokemon, and the weather.'' ''Thanks for the help,'' he responded in his usual kind voice.
He stepped outside as soon as most of the volcanic activity had subsided. He reached for two pokeballs at his waist and threw them straight into the air saying, ''Come on out!'' The pokeballs opened and the pokemon Glaceon and Leafon appeared at his side simultaniously with the usual crimson beam. ''Guys, I've got a job for us to do and it may help this acursed region from the apocolyptic conditions.''

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
May 30th, 2008, 4:16 PM
Sparks Stood There On A Rock Staring At The Sun With Blaze. " Isn't It About Time We Got Back To Our Part Of The Forest? " Said Blaze Looking At Sparks. " You're Right. We Still Gotta Find Some Oran Berry's And Herbs. " Replied Sparks Jumping Off The Rock. Blaze Jumped At The Same Time. " Let's Go. " Said Sparks Running Back With Blaze. When They Finally Arrived They Got A Bunch Of Oran Berrys And Herbs. Sparks Used Her Tail To Chop Up The Berrys While Blaze Heated Them Up. Sparks Used A Rock To Make The Herbs A Green Liquidy Substance. After That They Mixxed Them Together And Cooked Them Using A Big Bowl Carved Out Of tone And Blaze's Flame.

May 30th, 2008, 6:46 PM
is it too late to join?

Name: Bobby Baker

Nicknames: None

Gender: Male

Appearence: Has a mess of black hair that you never see as it is covered with a red bandanna. Has a pair of goggles that let him see through sandstorms and rain. Tan skin tone and about 5ft 5in tall. Very thin only 120lb. Brown unzipped jacket with an black shirt underneath. Wears blue pants and blue shoes.

Personality: Jolly around people he knows, but is shy around new people. Has a very carefree outlook on life. Also has a sarcastic streak a mile long.

History: Bobby's family has lived on the move only recently settiling in Glacia. Always facinatied with Pokemon Bobby left home right before the eruption for his Pokemon Journey.

Pokemon: Charmeleon, Raichu, Croconaw, Heracross, Flygon, Roserade; all have been raised since baby's and as such trust him without question, but are leery of strangers

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
May 31st, 2008, 2:59 AM
Its Never Too Late For Somebody To Join. :)

Also,You Can Now Sign Up As A Pokemon-

June 1st, 2008, 4:10 PM
A large buzzing sound filled the air. "Flygon!" a boy in a flapping brown jacket with a pair of goggles over his eyes yelled. "Cmon let's land!" The green dragon pokemon nodded and landed right in front of a Pokemon Center. "Excellent landing, as usual!" Bobby complimeted his pokemon. "Gon Flygon!" Flygon cried. She disapeared in a flash of red light. Leaving his goggles on until he walked into the red building, Bobby walked up to the counter and gave the nurse his pokemon. "Thank-you, they are in good condition so they will be ready shortly."

"Cool." and with that Bobby went and laid on the couch.

June 2nd, 2008, 1:40 PM
Name: Blanch Sil

Nicknames: Joey/White/Sil

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Appearance: Joey (what he prefers to be called by) stands near five feet and seven inches. On his head, he wears a red and white bandana, with fabric spreading out the back of it. This gives a sense that he has long hair, though he doesn't. Under it, you can see spikes of pure white hair that jut out from underneath it. He wears a red T-shirt, and blue, slightly baggy jeans. His eyes are a light, crystal blue that shine brilliantly in the sun. His eyes have a menacing look that add to the effect of his coldness. His shoes are white, with some white laces.

Personality: Very quiet and smart. He knows advanced forms of Martial Arts, and will use them at any cost. He isn't withdrawn, though, like other shy people. He will confront anyone that is causing problems. He has a strong sense of justice, and will sacrifice nearly anything for friends. His one weakness is his bandana. If he loses it, he will try to get it at all costs, for some odd reason.

History: For reasons unknown, Joey has been living by himself. He was from the Kanto Region, Cerulean City. There, without parents, he has been residing. There was a girl he loved, known as Jenny. He had to stay in the same town, for she lived there also. But suddenly, some homeless children began to live with him in the run down house, however, he wanted to live alone. When he heard of the region of Glacia, he decided it was a new chance for life there, full of opportunities. He gave up on trying to stay in Cerulean, finally sacrificing the life he used to have. There, he arrived with terror to greet him, for natural disasters have been occuring recently.

Pokemon: Honchkrow, Banette, Cacturne, Crawdaunt, Houndoom, Absol.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
June 2nd, 2008, 1:59 PM
I'll Post When I Think Of Something. Lol,

June 5th, 2008, 12:23 AM
Name: Rachel

Nicknames: Rai, maybe

Gender: Female

Appearance: She has a white shirt with a Pokeball logo on it. She had a pair of peach jeans, and trainers. She also has a pink ribbon clip on her brunette hair.

Personality: Extremely humourous, can make up good jokes. VERY VERY serious in a life-and-death situation, battles or after being angered. She loves electric pokemon.

History: She was the heir to "Leon Interprises" (in Kanto) but she hated it. So she escaped to Johto. There she met a Pikachu who was willing to be her Pokemon. She met the regional professor and started her journey. However she had no luck on catching anything and soon Pikachu was taken from her by evil forces. She became lonely.
Then, she came to Glacia, where everyone was nice. She received a Pachirisu from an old lady and treated it well. Months passed, and she got 5 Pokemon already. She met a Raichu, who reminded her of her lost Pikachu (which REALLY was her lost Pikachu). When she knew the truth, she took Raichu and she was very happy. She decided to bring happiness to the world, so she started to bring out jokes that worked.
One day, they met a very strange mountain, and there she saw Entei who saved Rachel from a volcanic eruption.
She is now working in a day care center.

Pokemon: Pachirisu, Leafeon, Lopunny, Raichu, Grotle, Marshtomp.

Oh yeah, are you still recruiting?

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
June 6th, 2008, 9:31 AM
Your Accepted.

Again,I'll Post When I Finally Think Of Something.

June 23rd, 2008, 1:28 PM
OOC: Well, it hasn't technically died, yet, I'll add. Made my character. Look at my avatar..

Joey awoke with his head throbbing. The last thing he remembered was the boat being hurled through the air by a tidal wave. It slammed onto the beach, and that was when he became unconscious. Joey reached for his head, and scratched it. He felt the softness of his pure white hair. He relaxed for a moment, then jumped up.

"Where's my bandanna?" he asked awkwardly to no one in particular. The inside of the boat was black, silent, and messy. He started to rummage through the bags of now deceased passengers. He reached for his side, calling upon his Absol. It burst out with a ray of bright light, that faded back into the Pokeball.

"Aaaaabsoool!" It screeched.

"Quick, help me find my bandanna!" he commanded. The Absol rolled its eyes, and went searching away. Eventually, the Absol found it, and unexpectedly tossed it on Joey's head. He jumped, felt it, and sighed. He recalled the Absol back into its Pokeball, then putting the Pokeball back into his belt. He started to look for a door to the way out. After searching for a few moments, his eyes adjusted to the dark. He made out what was almost devastating to him.. He was standing on the roof. The boat must've been flipped before it hit the beach. Finally, he saw a door. He went to it, and opened the latch. The outside wasn't much darker than in the boat.

"It must be night.." he said to himself, "There's no one around.." he finished as a crack of lightning struck the sky above. The boom came only milliseconds afterward. This was not going to be fun, he thought..