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February 16th, 2008, 10:12 PM
Pokemon are creatures like us. While they lack what we consider our supirior "intelligence" and often live off of their instinct, the have similar minds, societies within their species, and emotions. However, since the invention of the Pokeball, humans have taken advantage of them. Countless families have been torn apart. Once-great leaders have been reduced to no more than pets. Organized colonies have been reverted to past origins of scavenging and wandering in lowly existences. And yet, Pokemon survived. They have existed before us, and will likely exist after. They are a very resillient variety of creatures. Yet, that does not mean they cannot try to turn the tables on us.

It all began with a small idea. Most Pokemon now say it was a young Abra who devised the clever thought. That, though, could perhaps be a mere rumor. But the origin of the idea is of little importance. True, it would be stupid to think no Pokemon had ever gotten the idea of overthrowing humans. This time though, it actually made sense. This time, it could happen.

The group that it first spread through was a single-species Alakazam Colony. Alakazam, often being considered the "smartest Pokemon alive", pride themselves in their ability to devise plans, workings, and means of communication. This was no exception. Soon other groups of wild Pokemon were in on it. The idea was favored. No one disagreed. And before long, a whole organization existed. It spread, too. Flying and migrating Pokemon spread the word. Soon it corssed oceans. Even then though, the region where the rebel Pokemon were strongest remained Jhoto, the region where it began, now considered the "Region of Chaos".

The few humans who dare to remain in Jhoto are in grave danger. Here, wild Pokemon are trying to take over. They are just as merciless and misconsiderate as we have been to them, and perhaps more so. Humans who resist them are killed or forced into enslavement. The same goes for Pokemon who side with them, and thuse some trained Pokemon have decided to abandon their trainers to join the ultimate rebellion. At this point, the line between human and Pokemon has been drawn.

You are living in the "Region of Chaos". There is one simple law here, and it applies whether you want it to or not: If you side with the humans, you are an enemy to the Pokemon. If you side with the Pokemon, the humans are your sworn foes. Whether you choose to act is not a question. Act on either side, and you become either an enemy or a prey being. Refuse to act, and you will end up dead no matter what. Now is the time for rebellion and justice; freedom and victory; war and death. Which side will you take?


Here are the kinds of characters and sides you can have for them. Your character's views can change throughout the RP, this is just for their opinion when it starts. NOTE-Neutrals are those who cannot decide whether to be for or against the rebellion. If you are a neutral wild Pokemon, you are fair game for being caught by players who are trainers and being attacked by anyone.

Human Trainer (against the rebellion only)
Wild Pokemon (siding with the rebellion)
Wild Pokemon (neutral with the rebellion)
Trained Pokemon (against the rebellion)
Trained Pokemon (neutral with the rebellion)
Trained Pokemon (siding with the rebellion)


These rules are not to be broken. If you do break any one of them, you will be given a warning for this RPG. After three warnings, your character(s) will be removed and you will not be permitted to re-join.

Only two characters at max. No more than two. You can have a trainer and a Pokemon this trainer owns if you'd like.
Trainers can catch any Wild Pokemon, but unless that Pokemon is classed as "neutral", then the trainer must PM the person playing the Pokemon to ask about it before doing so.
If someone wants to play a Pokemon that belongs to another RPer's trainer, or a someone wants to play a trainer owning a trained Pokemon that belongs to another player, ask that player in PM and notify me.
If you're a trained Pokemon, yet are not also playing that Pokemon's trainer or do not have someone else playing your trainer, then that Pokemon's trainer becomes a minor character controlled for you. The same goes for trainers who have Pokemon they aren't signing up with.
No more than six Pokemon, trainers.
NO LEGENDS! No one is playing a legend, and no trainer is owning a legend! This will not earn you a warning if you sign up with one, I'll just tell you to change it.
All of the general rules of the RPG Forum and Pokecommunity Forums apply of course, as always. Just a reminder, as you WILL recieve a warning for this RP for breaking them.
Be creative! I'm giving you no limit as to what you do with your character other than those stated in the rules and guidelines, so feel free to make the most interesting, unique, or even perfectly average character you want.


Okay. I have one rule for the descriptive sections (description, history, and personality). It must be AT LEAST a paragraph. No limit or minumum, but a paragraph. That is a group of sentences that completes a thought. No "nice and likes to help others." for your full personality; I will not accept it if it's a sentence or sorry description that could have easily been written by a kindergartener. Not to upset anyone, but I REALLY don't like it when someone posts a sign-up like that. Most people don't, but to those that do, either put some actual effort in or don't sign up at all. Here's the sheet:

Name: What is your character's name?
Side: State your side and species (human if you are a trainer, whatever Pokemon you are if you're a Pokemon). The sides you can take are listed above the rules.
Gender: Male or female...
Age: Any...

Description: What your character looks like. If it's a Pokemon and has no special qualities/looks/abilities (which, you can be litterally as creative as you want), you can just say it looks like a normal -insert Pokemon here-. Otherwise, I need a descriptive paragraph.

Personality: Descriptive paragraph. That's all I request.

History: Whatever you'd like. Be creative and do the paragraph thing.

Pokemon: (only if you are a trainer)
<list each of the Pokemon the trainer has and any nicknames or special qualities they might have>

Other: Anything else?


Here's mine. Use it as an example of around what I'll be needing. Of course, you can do more, but this kind of outlines a decent sign-up.

Name: Kendrack
Side: WIld Pokemon; Mightyena (siding with the rebellion)
Gender: Male
Age: Six Years

Description: Kendrack is rather large for even a Mightyena. His thick dark fur keeps a gnarled, straggly look, and that combined with his menacing yellow fangs and needle-sharp black claws gives him a very demonic appearance. Not to mention the pair of horns on the back of his head, which stick straight back, and his deep red eyes that seem to stare straight into your soul. All this usually makes others quiver in fright upon seeing him, whether they have a good reason to or not.

Personality: Dark and cold, Kendrack proves himself to be very untrusting of anyone. He is a loner, and anyone who tries to be friendly with him gets a ferocious fanged growl in reply. While he can show respect for others who he feels are worthy, his trust is something to be earned, rather than simply obtained. Few have received this trust. Few really would want to. And while he really is just a misunderstood and heartbroken soul beneath his exterior, Kendrack does have the murderous mind of a carnivore, and will kill mercilessly if he feels the need.

History: Long ago, when Kendrack was merely a pup, he was taken away from his mother by humans. Their reasons, he does not know to this day, but ever since his life has been miserable. The humans caged him in a laband tested on him in what was actually an attempt to create a Pokemon mutant. Their attmps merely produced a pair of horns, however, and this was not satisfying. After a painful year of this torture, he was tossed out and considered "useless". Ever since, he has held a deep loathing for humans in his heart, and refuses to tolerate them. In fact, he admits to having killed more than one in his lifetime since his freedom. Kendrack once made a friend, another Pokemon, and that Pokemon was later captured by a human. This was one of the humans he killed, yet the orb that contained his friend was nowhere to be seen. This only strengthened his fiery hatred for the human race. They have only caused him pain, and what should he do but return the treatment now?

Other: Not much, I guess...

NOTICE: THE RPG HAS STARTED! You can still sign-up, as long as you can catch up.

February 19th, 2008, 5:30 PM
I. AM. Sebastian. Bach.

I'd would like to sign-up, but do not have the time at the moment (8: 27 Pm, Eastern Time, 2/19) to fully write one. I'd like a position as a traine Pokemon, with teh rebellion. Destroy all humans!!! I will be a Dragonair, but with Ice DNA. You'll see. I promise, no overpowers will be used this time. Hopefully this won't die...

February 21st, 2008, 2:06 PM
I. AM. Sebastian. Bach.

I'd would like to sign-up, but do not have the time at the moment (8: 27 Pm, Eastern Time, 2/19) to fully write one. I'd like a position as a traine Pokemon, with teh rebellion. Destroy all humans!!! I will be a Dragonair, but with Ice DNA. You'll see. I promise, no overpowers will be used this time. Hopefully this won't die...

Okay. You're in. Sign-Up whenever you'd like.

February 21st, 2008, 5:43 PM
Name: Emerald Rose (Rather, that's a nickname most prefer to call the Roserade. Her real name is Tenshi Bara, Angel Rose if translated to English. Long as she isn't called her original name, she's happy with Angel Rose or Emerald Rose).
Side: Wild Roserade (Siding with the rebellion)
Gender: Female
Age: Tenth year (as a ghost, she will die when she physically and spiritually dies at the same time, or if her soul can be extracted. Thus, she lives a lot longer than other pokemon of the same kind).

Description: Emerald is the same as a normal Roserade in build and height, however the coloring is slightly different. As a Shiny Pokemon, Emerald has ligher green skin, with a somewhat grey rosebud on the head. The roses which conceal her hands and thorny whips are dark purple and black, the normal rose colors of a Shiny Roserade. There is a noticable lack of a cape on the Roserade, due to an accident in her younger years, and the eyes are somewhat purple instead of red. Not much else is different at first sight.

Personality: Emerald rarely shown signs of playfulness with others than ghost Pokemon, as she felt alike with them. With her colony, she treats others with respect and remained mostly serious, though she could crack a joke or two every once in a while. Angel Rose can remain somewhat calm, though it's easy to get her angry. She is always helpful if others need it, though recently she only wants to help the group of Roselia and Roserade now. When it comes to humans, she would rather have them dead, and she would try and force them to release all their Pokemon.

History: Emerald Rose was born sometime during the rise of Team Galactic in Sinnoh (in Pokemon years, that could possibly be five or six years, though it's left up to interpretation) as a Budew, and died shortly after birth. As a result, her parents which were a Roselia and a Sunflora (they met together as they were in a trainer's party at one time) at the time greived greatly until they found that a colony of ghost pokemon in the Old Chateau found a way to bring back spirits for a short while a year after Emerald's unfortunate death. She was brought back into her body and immediately evolved into a Roselia from the happiness. This was somewhat unusual, and unexpected, so the Ghastly in the Old Chateau never actually knew what would happen next.

The family (actually a colony which were migrating to Johto due to Team Galactic's interference with the enviornment), were quite pleased with the arrival of a new clan member, even though they were set off at discovering that Emerald Rose was what humans dubbed a "Shiny Pokemon." Many at first refused to accept her, even though ghost type pokemon sensed that she was a spirit like them. She felt more at home with the Ghastly and Haunter than the Roselias and Roserades until their journey from Sinnoh through Hoenn and finally to Johto was completed.

Throughout the journey, some of the ghost pokemon played around with her, one bringing her to a rock made out of the same material in Shiny Stones. Eventually she discovered she was part ghost after she evolved into a Roserade, as she was resistant to physical attacks without any elemental properties and other ghost pokemon couldn't bring her spirit out for some reason. This was another trait of ghost pokemon, since the only way to do so would be to kill their spiritual form. Emerald accended through the ranks of her clan when battling threats, simply because attacks like Slash couldn't touch her. Some thought this was due to her agility, others thought that she could make illusions. No one was really sure except her parents, which kept others from finding out so Emerald wouldn't be eliminated from the clan.

Once arriving in Johto, many detected that there was a swarm of the Roselia family line, due to news spreading throughout the Pokemon Rangers and eventually the capital city of Johto, Goldenrod City. Trainers rushed to the forests in which the clan settled, where they tossed PokeBall after PokeBall, catching half of the clan in an instant. The remaining parts of the colony was enraged, including Emerald, as she lost a majority of her siblings in the same group this way. Due to this, the colony alligned with the Rebellion and began to fight back.

Other: Emerald is part Ghost-type, for the fact she basically is a ghost of a Budew that evolved and became contained in a new body until death.

February 23rd, 2008, 12:20 PM
AExcalibur, accepted! Nice Sign-up.

February 24th, 2008, 9:49 AM
Name: Xavier
Side: Wild Floatzel who is siding with rebellion
Gender: Male
Age: 14

Description: Floatzel has light green fur and his fins on his arms are abnormally large, and he has a very very large fin-like horn coming out of his forhead. He has large spikes on his tail that run from his neck all the way down to the tip of huis tail, getting progressively smaller as they go down. He has a scar trailing from the top of his eyebrow to the bottom of his cheek, and his claws are quite long too.

Personality: Xavier is very laid back, but has a VERY short temper. He gets aggrivated by things easily and is also very aggresive. Despite his strength and abnormalities, he tries to blend in with the crowd, but sometimes gets upset and cries easily. Also, the talk of his differences in a harmful way stimulates something in his mind to go crazy on the person talking bad about him.

History: Xavier was never normal. I mean, his appearence was just like all the other Buizels, but everyone thought he was wierd. Whenever he was outside, all of the others in his neighborhood would taunt him. At only the age of 5 years old, his fur started to brighten and turn a greenish color, along with his devolping fins becoming larger. His parents thought the horn on his head was normal, but Xavier didnt believe them. He did make some friends, which he was greatful for, and they hung out a lot. When he was 10, he evolved into a Floatzel, but only making his skin greener and his fins and horn larger. He was a freak, and he knew it. He put up with all of the being made fun of for 1 year, until he and everyone else realized something that made them back off. He was REALLY, REALLY big. Like, bigger than an adult Floatzel by about 2 feet. So, thinking it made him even freakier, he ran away 2 years later, after he grew another 6 inches. Which brought him out into the wild, which was no better. Trainers ran at the sight of him, and others tried to kill him, and being back home with all of the Buizels where he AT LEAST had some friends was better. and he was about to burst when he heard a rumor of a plan to overthrow all trainers. He immediately knew that that was what he wanted, and he would stop at nothing to sabotage the trainers.

Other: Xaviers attacks and abilities are those of pokemon which are very different from his type.

February 24th, 2008, 1:51 PM
mew2three567, I think I'm gonna say it isn't accepted. It's descriptive enough, but there's a few things I'm not so sure about:

Why is Xavier different from other Floatzels? What makes him the way he is? You should explain this. For example, my character, Kendrack, grew horns because of human testing. Emerald Rose, AExcalibur's character, was resurrected from the dead by Ghost Types. If your character is going to be unique and different from the norm, you need some sort of reasoning. While it would be reasonable to say he had some sort of birth defect, the differences you listed seemed just a bit too much for that, so it doesn't make much sense.

And, about his abilities, what are they? You said they are different and of different types, but how? If you don't specify it, then for all I know you could just be going through the RPG inventing new abilities Xavier has and using them whenever you please, which would be overpowering him.

The sign-up is good, but I'm not keen on accepting it until I at least get a bit of an idea about those things.

February 26th, 2008, 5:17 PM
I'm glad you pointed that out for me, let me see if I can fix it.

Name: Xavier
Side: Wild Floatzel who is siding with rebellion
Gender: Male
Age: 14

Description: Floatzel has light green fur and his fins on his arms are abnormally large, and he has a very very large fin-like horn coming out of his forhead. He has large spikes on his tail that run from his neck all the way down to the tip of huis tail, getting progressively smaller as they go down. He has a scar trailing from the top of his eyebrow to the bottom of his cheek, and his claws are quite long too.

Personality: Xavier is very laid back, but has a VERY short temper. He gets aggrivated by things easily and is also very aggresive. Despite his strength and abnormalities, he tries to blend in with the crowd, but sometimes gets upset and cries easily. Also, the talk of his differences in a harmful way stimulates something in his mind to go crazy on the person talking bad about him.

History: Xavier was never normal. I mean, his appearence was just like all the other Buizels, but everyone thought he was wierd. He lived by a pond just like all of the rest of the pokemon of his kind, but they often excluded him from activities and sent him away to a different part of the pond. Little did poor Xavier know that humans had polluted that part of the pond for years, and it was right under an oil refinery. Whenever he was outside, all of the others in his neighborhood would taunt him, and tell him to go away to his "swamp". At only the age of 5 years old, his fur started to brighten and turn a greenish color, along with his devolping fins becoming larger. His parents thought the horn on his head was normal, but Xavier didnt believe them. He did make some friends, which he was greatful for, and they hung out a lot at the pond that was away from the central pond-the polluted one. His friends may have known the pond was polluted and not told him because Xavier found it odd that whenever they went there the others never swam. When he was 10, he evolved into a Floatzel, but only making his skin greener and his fins and horn larger. He was a freak, and he knew it. He put up with all of the being made fun of for 1 year, until he and everyone else realized something that made them back off. He was REALLY, REALLY big. Like, bigger than an adult Floatzel by about 2 feet. So, thinking it made him even freakier, he ran away 2 years later, after he grew another 6 inches. Which brought him out into the wild, which was no better. Trainers ran at the sight of him, and others tried to kill him, and being back home with all of the Buizels where he AT LEAST had some friends was better, until he found out that his friends were not telling him he was exposed to numerous chemicals and junk that altered his genes. And he was about to burst when he heard a rumor of a plan to overthrow all trainers. He immediately knew that that was what he wanted, and he would stop at nothing to sabotage the trainers.

Other: Xaviers attacks and abilities are those of pokemon which are very different from his type, for example he could know a fire attack because the chemicals in the pond seeped into his skin and changed what was supposed to happen into something different. His attacks are Flamethrower, Thundershock, Leaf Storm, and Surf.

If I sound to powerful, just tell me, because I would rather join then get rejected.

Cosmic Tyrant
February 28th, 2008, 12:00 PM
I'd like to join as well. Here's my profile

Name: "Fists"
Side: Trained Hitmonchan, Against the Rebellion
Gender: Male
Age: 16

Description: Fists wears blue gloves, however, he is not a shiny Hitmonchan. Fists also wears black robes instead of the traditional lavender robes worn by most other Hitmonchan. He has a scar on his right cheek, and wears a big golden championship belt given to him by the officials at a local fighting pokemon tournament. Other than that, Fists looks just like any other Hitmonchan.

Personality: Fists is quite possibly the most aggressive Fighting pokemon you'll ever meet. Always looking for a challenge, Fists will test his mettle against just about any other pokemon out there, even if the odds were against him. Along with his aggressive nature comes extreme arrogance. Fists always makes sure his opponent knows just exactly who they're dealing with. Fists almost never shows any signs of humility, even after he's been beaten down to the ground and left for dead. That's where his third biggest trait kicks in. Determination. Once Fists realizes that he lost due to reasons beyond his control, he sets forth in making those factors within his control. His opponent was faster than he was? Fists will work on his speed. His opponent was stronger than he was? Fists will work on his strength. Fists takes his training very seriously. Once he feels that he is ready, Fists will confront the pokemon that defeated him without any hesitation.

History: It all started in Olavine City, Johto. Fists was born in captivity. Since day one as a Tyrouge, Fists' trainer, named Oscar, was set on making him a one Pokemon wrecking machine, but want to make sure that he did it right. So began the long greuling session that sculpted Fists into the Hitmonchan he is today. Oscar put a lot of time, love, and dedication into raising the Tyrouge, then named "Chopper", just right. In all honesty, Oscar was hoping that he turned out to be a Hitmonlee. Once "Chopper", turned into the piston punching Hitmonchan, Oscar became disatisfied, but only for a moment. After some quick thinking, Oscar decided that he was still going to mold "Chopper" into the greatest Fighting Pokemon ever, but was going to have to recalibrate his training methods. First things were first, though. Oscar had to rename "Chopper". Thus, "Fists" emerged onto the Fighting scene.

Oscar wanted Fists to have a unique look, since he was sure that his prized Hitmonchan was destined for greatness. He bought Fists various accessories to wear at all times. These items included blue boxing gloves, black robes, and black shoes. It took Fists a little bit to get used to the new look his owner gave him, but in the end, Fists was proud to look different. Then came the most greuling year of Fist's life. Fists was constantly being pushed his limits with several drills. Each day was a challenge with various training regiments to enhance his preformance in combat. speed excercises, durability excercizes, strength excercizes, stamina excercizes, and all of the like. But it wasn't all bad. Fists always got a good amount of sleep and ate like a king almost every day, though the latter of his diet consisted of meats, vegetables, and the occasional protien shake mixed with raw eggs.

After years of training, Oscar was determined that Fists was ready to compete in a Fighting Pokemon Tournament. The tournament was held in a stadium in Cinnawood City. Fists wowed the judges on impact with his overall appearance, but some were a bit skeptical on just how well he would preform in the ring. His first opponent was a Graveler, which he beat no problem. After that match, each opponent got tougher and tougher. Medicham, Heracross, Poliwrath, and Hariyama are just a few Pokemon that Fists had to go through. His final opponent was a Machamp called "Rip", who happened to be the tournament's champion for the past three years. Everyone thought that Fists was done for. But Fists put up a fight that even Rip couldn't believe. Rip may have outclassed him in strength, but it was Fists' stamina that put him over the top. Fists had shocked the entire arena. Fists was now the newly crowned Cinnawood City Fighting Type Champion.

Four months after that achievement, the Region of Chaos began to take effect in Johto. Oscar and Fists were unaware at first, but when they found out, it was too late. Oscar was dashing through the Ilex Forest in order to try and find a ship on the other side of the forest to take him and Fists out of the region. Fists was in his pokeball at the time. Oscar was ambushed by a herd of Beedrill that stung him constantly, eventually killing him. Oscar dropped dead, and the Bedrill swarm flew off in a huff, not noticing the Pokeball that dropped from Oscar's belt. Fists was released, only to see his trainer on the ground, dead. Fists welt up a tear, then started to get furious. He started pounding his gloves against each other, then against his own skull, as hard as he could. Fists then let out a large screech. Big mistake. A couple of Snubble in the area easily heard the commotion, and decided to scuut the area. Fists saw them before they saw him, however, and hid untill he was certain that the Snubble were gone. Fists vowed that he'd get revenge for his trainer, Oscar. he swore it in the higest degree. Fists was doing perfectly fine untill those Rebellious pokemon came into his life. He had a loving trainer, he was at the top of his physical game, and not to mention all of the endorsement deals that were probably coming his way, too. Fists was truly outraged. Vengance would soon be his...

Other: There is no oddeties in Fists' typing or anything of that nature, but rather in his physical appearance. His limbs are larger than the average Hitmonchan. So are his overall strength, durability, speed, stamina, and sense of awareness (Though keep in mind he's still hindered to what all other Hitmonchan are hindered to) His attacks include: Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, & Brick Break

If there's any changes you want me to make, please state them so I may edit my profile accordingly.

February 28th, 2008, 10:19 PM
Mew2three567: It's better to just edit your signup, rather than post it twice.

Anyways, speaking of signups...

What, no trainers or neutral Pokemon yet? I think I'll sign up as both a trainer and a neutral wild Pokemon. But, I'm trying to choose between two possible trainers and three possible Pokemon to RP... so I'll sign up later after I've picked one each.

March 1st, 2008, 10:32 AM
Alright. King Cosmic, it was good. Nice to have a normal Pokemon in too. Obviously accepted.

mew2three567, I'll accept it, I guess. Just don't be overpowered as you RP him. If you do, I'll ask you to change Xavier's special traits.

Ninetales, you're reserved. Take as long as you need, too.

By the way, the Pokemon don't need just four attacks. It's not like the video game in most RPGs (or at least the ones I've played in and made), and the same applies here. Just keep your moves reasonable, and you can use as many as you'd like.

March 1st, 2008, 10:40 AM
I'd like to join in

Name: Kamit
Side: Pokemon Trainer
Gender: Male
Age: 16

Description: Kamit is a trainer that likes looking cool in black. Kamit has short black hair and puts a headband on to look cooler. His hair is put down in spikes and the hairband lets him look cool. He sometimes wears black shoes but at the moment he has to wear his somewhat horrible black shoes. Kamit wears black fingerless gloves and has black eyes. Kamit has black jeans and a white undershirt that's covered by a black vest. Kamit also has a blue backpack and customized Pokeballs. Kamit's customized pokeballs are black on top and gold on the bottom.

Personality: Kamit loves to wear black but is very relaxed other than gothic. Kamit loves to talk to girl, show off for girls, and flirt with girls. Kamit is known as a perv by his younger brother and friends but denies it. Kamit always stands up for his friends when they get into danger. Kamit is always willing to play the hero if a cute girl is invovled. He is also very smart and thinks things out before rushing in. However, if he sees a girl his logic is thrown out the window and he becomes a fool in love. Even though he isn't a trainer, yet, Kamit loves Pokemon and has learned how to speak their language.

History: Kamit was born in Kanto but moved to Sinnoh when he hit ten. Instead of going to get a pokemon Kamit decided to wait an extra year and research pokemon. While he was on his research trip he encountered a very active Aipom. Kamit became friends with the Aipom but soon found his trip had ended. Kamit decided to take Aipom back home and soon they became best friends. Kamit once again took time off from becoming a trainer and raised Aipom a little more. He learned about the rebellionand finally understood the scar on Aipom's head. He continued to train Aipom and prepare for the adventure they would soon find ahead of them. When he reached 14 he became an official trainer, then he took Aipom on a journey to the Region of Chaos. He has decided to destroy the rebellion and make sure no more pokemon get hurt like Aipom was.

Pokemon: Aipom, is the only pokemon on Kamit's team so far. He has been with Kamit for three years and has picked up on Kamit's relaxed personality and his girl addiction. When Kamit found Aipom it had a scar on its back. Aipom got this scar from fighting with its friend that decided to join the rebellion. He was told about the rebellion but plans on stopping it with Kamit by his side and hopes to get his friend back. Aipom can use a powerful focus punch, thunderpunch, and swift attack.

I have made my revision

March 1st, 2008, 11:34 AM
K9S8, I'll have to say it's not accepted. It's close, but not quite there.

First off, I'd like to know why Kamit's against the rebellion. Just because I only give trainers the option of being against it doesn't mean they shouldn't have a reason. It just doesn't make much sense that this calm guy suddenly decides to go destroy the rebellion without further information. Imply something in his history or personality, or even Aipom's life, that makes his feelings toward the rebellion of Jhoto's Pokemon believeable.

My second concern is moe of a grammar issue. Almost every single sentence in your sign-up started with the name "Kamit". It's not something I actually need for it to be accepted, but it's gonna be kind of annoying to read your posts if you go through the RPG with your sentences working like that.

March 1st, 2008, 11:55 AM
Name:Grimm jaw

Side: Wild Pokemon( siding the rebellion)...A Tyranitar

Gender: Male

Age: 50
Description: Grimm jaw...he is the most accepted example of a desert Tyrannosaurus breed; his different appearance from a Tyranitar makes him look more unique and savage. He happens to be a little bit broader and taller than all Tyranitars should be slightly towering over the usual height by about a foot... He appears as a green dinosaur-like pokemon with a blue stomach with large, shiny and sharp spikes jutting out of his back. His numerous scars and horrifing sharp teeth alongside with his ever grinning face makes him a terror to look at. At first sight, he may look like a normal wounded Tyranitar, but if a close look is taken at his face, it would be seen that he happens to have a shark like face with the “golden V” found on the nose of a sharpedo…a further look at his teeth would reveal that he has two roles of shark like teeth; i.e. he has another tooth behind each tooth almost as if he has another jaw inside his mouth…this is the reason for his name. Adding to his scars is ink like markings on his body which were gotten as a result of a direct evolution process (it is explained below). One look in his 50 year old eyes would pass a message to you “ I have seen everything” not withstanding his eyes, his appearance in general has made many of his kind to respect him and acknowledge his opinions.

Personality: Grimm jaw is a very proud, selfish and territorial pokemon who would attack and do his best to kill anyone who would dare trespass his territory and would ignore his bellows. Grimm jaw has the attitude of a tyrant; one who you would obey till the end and never have the guts to question. His hate for men has pushed him to the rebellion. He would not stop till it was over.

History: Grimm jaw was born in Silver cave, Johto. He was as a result of the mating between a male Charizard and a female Tyranitar. As a result of living wild without a father or tamer, he grew up slowly and was still a Larvitar at the age of 9. At this time, team rocket came to Silver cave to take dark pokemon samples for their project; they wanted to create a pokemon who would help them to contain Mewtwo. Having found Mewtwo’s cloning devices and other machines, they took samples of Murkrows, Larvitars, Houndors, and smeargles that they could find, taking them to the lab and inserting different dark pokemon DNA’s (including those listed above) that may help to create the ultimate dark pokemon killing machine…it was a success, all the pokemon but the Larvitars responded positively to the other DNA’s and became totally inhabited with darkness, this new pokemons could never be tamed! So they took them and dumped them in Ur, a place where they would chase mewtwo to. The Larvitars were left in the labs, not being dark pokemons but ground-dinosaur like, the new genes had no form of effect, so they decided to specifically try them with a grass shiftry DNA, but their genes rejected the DNA, their ground/rock combination was totally massacred by the grass genes from the shiftry, it resulted to their death, but his (Grimm jaw) fathers fire trait destroyed the inserted one. At this time, team rocket decided to use one of mewtwo’s devices to evolve the surviving Larvitar straight to a Tyranitar. Then with the newly discovered pokemon from hoenn, they decided to implant a sharpedo’s genes into him. Knowing fully well the damage that the water genes might cause… they followed a new procedure, when inserting the sharpedo’s genes into him, they made use of a devices called and electric terminal; to neutralize the water effect as larvitars were immune to electricity. When this results were gathered, they contained him somewhere. Unfortunately for them, Grimm jaw broke out with the aid of 2 friends, an Aggron and a rhydon, their escaped could not have been prevented as Grimm whipped a sandstorm in the slowpoke cave; the team rocket research centre...the escape was strategically executed and hidden in the sandstorm. Having escaped, the 3 friends split ways to their various destinations...
The journey to silver cave was tideous for Grimm jaw, it was long...and in every city he passed through, people fled him, while trainers attempted to battle him; all eventually fled. And it happened that when he was crossing cianwood( he had no idea of the way there) he was confronted by a young 20 year old trainer...soon, he made a friend, before he knew it, he began to live as a friend with this young man...they shared this bond for 10 years. The bond between them was powerful, and anyone who saw them would never have guessed that this faithful pokemon had never seen the interior of a pokeball as the young man whom he always stood beside never actually thought of catching him. It was so, until a certain day when this once young man now 30 years of age saw that Grimm jaw was becoming more and more weary of husbandry life, and it seemed that this Tyranitar might eventually lust to the pleasures of the predators life. Immediately, he headed desperately for advice; advice that would keep this growling and grumbling Tyranitar under control...the best advice he could get was..." shove the Goddammed dinosaur into an ultra ball so that he could stop his snarling and be a good doggey, or else that creature'll kill ya" it was slacking, but acceptable, this man proceded to the act. It was shocking to him, getting home to see Grimm jaw standing as if he had been waiting for him to return back, and to his worst fears; Grimm jaw might have been waiting there to eat him. Thus, he acted foolishly, drew out the ultra ball from his pocket and tried to scare the Tyranitar away. Grimm jaw's response was a very loud unwelcome growl, without thinking, he threw the ball at Grimm jaw...and he broke out. Grimm jaw acted defensively out of anger and ran for the man, Grimm jaw used his tail to slap the man out of the window with force...the out come of the tail slap was unknown; if the man died or not Grimm jaw didn't care, he stormed out of the city towards the hills, with anger in his mind...this was the typical example of a human to his understanding, "they would stab you in the back, even after 10 years; they were heartless and must be left alone, they are different from us; separate entities who delight in using their intellectual advantage over us...they too, must die" Ever since then he had set a limit for his existence; " Even if I have to loose all my limbs in the process...I must be exalted over all men". With this reason, he reached the silver cave, and took up an idea passed to him by others...The Rebellion.
Pokemon: (only if you are a trainer)

Other: Ever since then, Grimm jaw has lived as a terror iin the mountains of johto, in a small community of Tyranitars that he leads, he would never search for a reason to kill men, but will take advantage of their misdeeds, and punish them eternally...Death.

I might still edit more stuff..hope my history's not too long.

March 1st, 2008, 12:23 PM
EDIT- Accepted. I liked the History this time. It was more a of a storyline than a brief description.
N-XIGE, I need some more on that, because of the History. Not accepted...

I'm gonna have to ask why exactly this man was advised to put Grimm jaw in a Pokeball. More importantly, why would he listen? If some random guy walked up to you and told you to put the Pokemon you've owned for thirty years without a Pokeball into a ball, why the heck would you care?

And, if Grimm jaw has considered this man a friend and had a strong bond with him for so many years, why would he tear him apart just over a Pokeball? The whole issue here doesn't make a lot of sense.

March 1st, 2008, 7:10 PM
OOC: Time to use a character I haven't RP'd in quite a while! I hope she'll fit here...
Name: Suneora Ferenachi
Side: Human, against the rebellion
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Description: Suneora's hair resembles a cascading waterfall of silver flowing down the back of her head, her face resembling a blushing pearl underneath. But contrasting that are her emerald-ish eyes. And probably the most interesting features of her are her ears--which appear slightly pointed--and her height, which is about 4'3". Ohh, or maybe it's her figure, pleasantly curved so as to often be called attractive.

Suneora wears a medium-sleeved green shirt made of a silky material, and underneath a white skirt with flowery rose-coloured trim on the bottom. This look makes her look like a cherry blossom a bit, especially since the soft-looking boots she wears underneath are the same colour as a cherry. But of course, she's the sort who picks clothing that's easy to move around in--even with all this she shows a good amount of flexibility and ease in her movements, and her footsteps are still rather quiet.

Also Suneora wears a peculiar-looking necklace consisting of a purple moon, three ruby stars, and a tiny black raven. This is very special to her, as it was the last thing her mother gave her before she found her way into Johto. Also she carries a large light blue bag on her shoulder, which contains a few little bottles of unique medicines and other substances from her home planet, some random items from Pokemarts of course, and the Pokeballs containg her Pokemon, usually buried deep in the bag as she does not use them often.

Personality: Suneora's the kind of person who tends to stick to her traditional ways and the culture of the planet she's from--no wonder her zodiac sign is Taurus. (Of course, would that sign even apply on another planet?) This sometimes gets her into trouble if she ends up breaking a law accidentally, but in most cases it would make her completely individualistic. Now, as far as traditional and cultural values go, there is respect and acceptance. Suneora tries to be fair to everybody, and there's nobody she hates or disrespects. She's the sort who does not want to cause trouble for everybody, so she tries to remain calm in most situations. Also, she accepts every situation possible, or "lets her soul rest with fate" as she calls it. She is not the one to worry about the future or fret over the past too often. And in both a good way and a bad way, she trusts people very easily. This, as well as respect and a love for adventure, often makes her a fairly good leader too.

Suneora also shows a great deal of honour for nature, belief in the supernatural, and love for her Pokemon. She likens Pokemon to spirit guides of a sort, and therefore holds them in high respect. So of course it would be natural for her to be against the rebellion, for in her eyes, it is wrong for one species to be superior to another, whether it's humans being superior to Pokemon, or Pokemon being superior to humans. This is also why she doesn't keep her Pokemon in Pokeballs unless she absolutely has to, as she sees Pokeballs as a form of confinement for Pokemon, like portable cages.

History: Suneora was born on a foreign planet called Orenya--but she doesn't really look too much like a space alien, does she...? Well, there actually are quite a few humans living on Orenya, as well as animal hybrids or elves or faeries. Suneora's parents, for example, were both human, although her slightly irregular appearance was due to the fact that a distant relative was an elf. Other than that, Orenya is known as the "planet of magic", according to an obscure Earthen legend that several ancient sorcerors and such, as well as the idea of alchemy, came from Orenya. There even was a portal leading from Orenya to Earth at some point, which of course doesn't work anymore.

Suneora lived a relatively interesting life on Orenya--she lived in the seaside town of Kyonin. Her mother was a prominent healer and potion-maker, and her father was a businessman from one of the very rare areas of Orenya where English is still spoken occasionally. And, her grandmother was a member of the "Magi Police", a group dedicated to protection against evil forces worldwide. She had three older siblings--two brothers and a sister. The Ferenachi family also owned a dragon, which her father usually used as transportation to and from his job. Sometimes Suneora enjoyed riding on "Runem" to and from outings with her friends as well. However, she didn't make too many friends because several other people were embarrassed or jealous of her dragon and/or family status. (Even though Runem wasn't actually hers.) So Suneora's closest "friends" were her family, especially her mother. Her mother treated her kindly and even treated her as sort of an apprentice. But Suneora didn't really have any hopes or ambitions for the longest time--she just went with the flow and enjoyed life under the care of dragon and family.

But what kept the planet in a state of relative peace was the absence of one species, civilised or not, trying to dominate the world. There was a strong circulating belief there that all living species should be treated equally and with respect--all forms of life had a soul, all ultimately... had life. Even Runem was not a "slave" to the Ferenachi family--the family still respected and cared for her, and even let her wander about on her own. If anyone was to feel subordinate in this place, it was Suneora for her seeming lack of magical talents. But this was no reason to be left out of the world.

On a person's twentieth birthday, the tradition is to explore a special place called the "Palace of Illusions", where the person enters a sort of dream world, which helps them unlock their purpose in life. Well, Suneora entered this "palace" and happened to travel all the way to Earth. Fate did some weird things with that palace sometimes... Specifically, Suneora ended up on a strange continent called Kanto. Once there, Suneora spent the next month or so trying to familiarise herself with the place, especially with cars and Pokemon. But she came to really like Pokemon, as they seemed like super-intelligent animals to her.

In the first month or so in Kanto, Suneora wandered about the areas around Mt. Moon and Mt. Silver, mostly--she prefered to be away from all the cities and towns, as most people in those cities/towns saw her as a sort of outcast or even a laughing stock or a lunatic. Sure, what would they think if someone explained that they came from another planet? But still she occasionally visited some of the smaller towns, just to slowly get used to life in Kanto. During this period of time, she happened upon her little team of Pokemon. She didn't use Pokeballs to capture them--rather, she... Look at the Pokemon's individual descriptions to see.

After a while, Suneora got to the point where she formed a sort of communication system with her Pokemon, which consisted of recognising tone of voice and body language. Also, after some encouragement from her Pokemon, Suneora decided to enter some of the towns and go on a proper Pokemon journey with them. With the exception that she didn't need a Pokedex or any Pokeballs--her Pokemon just traveled with her all the way. She was kind of a leader among them, not to mention she could communicate best with the people in the towns, but she mostly let her Pokemon decide on things such as where to go and even how to battle.

However, disaster started to strike when Suneora started entering things like gym battles and contests. The first gym leader she interacted with told her that she "wasn't a proper trainer because she let her Pokemon take control of her, rather than taking control of her own Pokemon", and he refused to give her a badge even though her Cherrim won the battle. And in her first contest, the judge criticised her on just "letting her Pokemon do what they wanted". What? Was Suneora supposed to tell her Pokemon what to do in these battles and contests? That was what most of the other trainers seemed to be doing... but that method seemed too authoritative. It set up the implication that Pokemon were tools for fighting.

For a while, Suneora collaborated with her Pokemon on what to do. Suneora suggested just living in the wild together, but some of the Pokemon thought that would be a little harsh on a human, especially a fairly young one. Or maybe Suneora could let the Pokemon go back into the wild while she tried to fit in in the towns, but the Pokemon hated to part with her--all six of them (Suneora and five Pokemon) had become good friends. Not to mention some of them really liked to battle. So there was only one thing to do... Suneora went back to battling in a Pokemon gym or two, in which Suneora either suggested attack ideas to the Pokemon (usually in her native language), or said things that agreed with that the Pokemon was trying to do in the battle (i.e. when her Dragonair started to use Dragon Rush on the enemy, Suneora would say something like "Yes, and aim for its chest!") It was a combination of letting her Pokemon have freedom in battle, and fooling the other trainer into thinking she was giving commands to them. Although on some occasions some of the Pokemon let her give actual commands to them in battle. It was their return favour to Suneora, because Suneora let them have all the freedom they wanted outside of battle.

Then came the time when Suneora entered the Indigo League in Kanto. The officials in the league asked Suneora to return all her Pokemon to their Pokeballs while not using them in battle, but Suneora didn't even have any Pokeballs to keep them in! After Suneora explained why she didn't use Pokeballs to contain them, the officials understood, but they still insisted that she keep them in Pokeballs. Suneora didn't want to do this, but fortunately her Pokemon were okay with being kept in Pokeballs during the tournament--it was only for a short while anyways.

Something awkward happened over time in the Indigo League. In her first-round battle, the opposing Pokemon turned against their trainer for apparently no reason. Some other trainers' Pokemon started doing that as well, as Suneora observed in the next few days. This allowed Suneora to advance further in the tournament, but by the time the semifinals came, the officials cancelled the league because of such a massive rebellion among the Pokemon. Not to mention that all sources of Moltres' flame were extinguished partway into the tournament. By that time, news of the Johto-originated rebellion had started to spread to other continents, and there were even reports of trainers being killed or kidnapped by wild Pokemon.

Suneora's Pokemon had heard a few Pokemon talking about plans to rise up against humans just before the Indigo League came around, but either dismissed it as nonsense or quickly lectured the rebels about equality between the species. This process continued as Suneora started to wander off towards Johto, but things were a bit more hostile there. Wild Pokemon frequently attacked Suneora, and Suneora's Pokemon, instead of lecturing the rebel Pokemon, ended up in battles with them. Fortunately, they had quite a bit of battle experience from trainer battles in the past, but still life was becoming less and less safe all around them. What were Suneora and the Pokemon that had befriended her to do? Stopping the rebellion was becoming harder with the numbers of Pokemon joining the rebellion...


Shimuri the Altaria
While out in the wilderness, Suneora happened upon an egg that was sitting on an empty rock somewhere. What was this--a baby Pokemon that the mother had forgotten about? Whatever it was, an Ekans came along and tried to eat the egg, and no mother Pokemon came along to rescue it. So Suneora had to pry the Ekans off the egg herself with a stick, although she did get bitten in the process. Then the Ekans chased Suneora around while she ran away with the egg, only to be caught by a hungry Zangoose. What a stroke of luck... Anyways, Suneora didn't really know what else to do with the egg, so she kept it--soon after, it hatched into a Swablu.

Kaleni the Dragonair
Not too long after acquiring the Swablu egg, Suneora's travels took her to an area not too far away from the Dragon's Den in Johto. There, in a quaint little cave, a young Dratini happened upon the presence of Suneora. The Dratini had gotten lost while wandering about the cave, and asked Suneora if she knew a way out. She had never seen a human in her life before, but this one was someone to ask, right? Well, Suneora tried to help her out of the cave, but ended up just as lost as she was. Anyways, somewhere along this search for an exit, Suneora called this Dratini "Kaleni" just for the purposes of calling her by a name... Anyways, a while later, Suneora didn't find any other Dratini, but she did find an exit out of the cave, so Kaleni just followed her out of it. However, she didn't get too far before a police officer spotted her and started running after. Suneora ran away, Kaleni following close behind, and finally managed to lose the officer by climbing over a barbed wire-topped fence (and helping Kaleni over it as well), and hiding in the trees for a while. Fortunately it was nighttime, so lack of visibility helped Suneora and Kaleni escape. But why was the police officer chasing after them? Suneora didn't find out until much later, when she read somewhere that the area she had been in, the area she had entered from Orenya, was a wild Pokemon preserve which humans were not allowed in. What terrible luck to come out in a restricted area... but at least she indirectly got a Dratini in the process.

Kamina the Cherrim
Suneora's travels eventually brought her to a Cherubi falling out a tree. She and her two other Pokemon were just relaxing when the Cherubi appeared--it was little more than a pleasant little sight. However, after a little while, a little boy appeared and threw some strange red-and-white ball into the air, releasing a red energy form that materialised into an orange lizard with a flame on its tail. Whoa--this boy must have been a very talented sorceror, being able to summon something this lifelike from a ball... Anyways, then he proceeded to attack the Cherubi with the lizard, which seemed to be too lifelike to have been summoned by magic... Anyways, Suneora automatically interfered, telling the boy that he had no right to be attacking such an innocent creature. The boy then got annoyed and said something about capturing Pokemon... Suneora didn't know what the boy was talking about, and ended up taking the Cherubi and running away (Kaleni occasionally had to fight off the boy's Charmander along the way). The Cherubi thanked Suneora for rescuing her from such an attack, and seemed interested in her anyways. So Suneora called this new addition to her circle of friends "Kamina", meaning something along the lines of "pink berry" or "pink flower".

Telvia the Haunter
When Suneora and her three Pokemon went to the Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town, of course they were encountered by a few ghosts here and there... The Pokemon were a little frightened by the ghosts while Suneora wasn't, but that's not the point. For one particular Haunter recognised Kaleni--she was the ghost of her older sister. In her life, she explored the cave in the Pokemon preserve one day when she got lost. However, she managed to exit the cave, although at that point she was outside the border of the preserve. Soon enough, some crazy hunter took her away to his home all the way in Kanto, and poached her for her shiny scaly coat and those wonderful feathery wings. When this Dratini died, she became a Haunter, and lived in the Pokemon Tower ever since. Anyways, this Haunter was glad to be reunited with her little sister-in-life at last, and from then on she traveled with Suneora.

Nemora the Seviper
Suneora's wandering into the outskirts of Vermilion City led her to a man with a Seviper. As Suneora got closer, she saw that the man was shouting at and even hitting the Seviper, because "she wouldn't learn Poison Tail". By that time, Suneora had become a little familiar with the concept of Pokemon trainers... but this man was treating the Seviper a little more harshly than he probably should have. Suneora, going with her constant tendency to interfere in any evil acts, told the man to stop hurting the Seviper. But the man refused, and ended up challenging her to a Pokemon battle to prove he was strong anyways. While Kaleni (who had become a Dragonair by then) was battling his Gyarados, his Seviper tried to slither away from him, but couldn't move too fast after a fair beating from her trainer. So Telvia and Shimuri (who had become an Altaria by then) helped carry her away, and Suneora and her other Pokemon followed. Hmm... had she stolen or rescued "Nemora", as she called her? That question remained unanswered...

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Yep. That's definately accepted, Ninetales. Simply awesome creativity.

EDIT- The RPG begins now! I'm still accepting sign-ups, and anyone reserved is still reserved, but anyone new will have to catch up. Here's my starting post:


Everywhere there was bustling and moving business. All kinds of Pokemon walked about, each with some sort of mission or plot in mind. Some were of species Kendrack recognized. Others were not. All the same, they were with him, and he was with them. One side. One group. A club, one could say, with the world's most outrageous and altering protest ever. Every single Pokemon here was a living being, with a unique past and a life and something to fight for, yet their ultimate goals were all the same. In that respect, they were one heart, beating in the center of the whole entire rebellion. Kendrack wasn't sure how to feel: sickeningly joyed or sickeningly depressed. I joined an alliance. I am no longer alone and myself. I'm one of them now.

A hurried-looking Raichu passed by in front of the Mightyena, casting him a fearful and surprised glance before once more becoming a part of the endless stream of live traffic. And they don't trust me.

Would you trust you? a voice in the back of his head asked. Kendrack mentally told himself hello. This voice was what had kept his mind occupied ever since he joined the rebellion. The strange thing was, it was also the voice he knew from the years of torture he had spent in the captivity of humans. The years that made him into what he was today.

A freak, he growled to himself, A depressed and resentful freak. That's all I am.

But of course, different as he was, Kendrack had killed a human. In fact, more than just one. He didn't know the exact number. This was not because it was excessiely large, but because he didn't care for counting the humans he'd murdered. To him, they were just like any other prey- You kill them, you eat them. You don't obsess over the fact that you took their life, you don't keep count of the corpses; you just know that you killed them. Of course, the leaders of the rebellion took this as Kendrack being a cold-blooded, merciless, and flat-out dangerous manslaughterer. And that was a good thing, apparently. Now he was in an important position-a head of a section of the rebellion army. What exactly this section was to do was unclear for now, but all the same he was looked up at with great respect as well as the fear he'd come to know so well.

Tonight was supposed to be another trainer-hunt. The job? Search for any humans who have the nerve to continue treating Pokemon like slaves and exterminate them, along with any pathetic excuses for Pokemon who believe they actually want that kind of life. Stupid pets. Who would want a life deprived of freedom? A life of being called by names of our species rather than the names out mothers give us. The whole concept made Kendrack shiver with disgust.

That would all come later. For now, he remained in the shadows, dark and silent, as the never ending crowd moved. On and on and on...

OOC: There's Kendrack's intro. Come in however you would like. No one's limited to this start or anything along its lines, so feel free to do whatever you would like.

March 2nd, 2008, 12:18 PM
May I join?

Sykroth-A male Scizor, about 39 years of age.
Against the rampage
Narujia-A female Scyther, about 13 years of age. Sykroth's daughter.
Against the Rampage

Half Scyther, half Scizor, due to an evolution cancel (explained later on). HIs armor never fully colored, leaving it a dark green color. Instead of the typical claws a Scizor would normally wield, they remained large Scythes with a metal reinforcement, much like a large sword. His old bug-like carapace never fully smoothed over, making it rough and giving Sykroth a rogue appearance.
Narujia(in my sig, too =D)
She is a quick, ninja-specializing Scyther. Her generation was young when the war started, so she was trained by the rebellion pokemon (explained later on) to use against the humans, making her bred for war. Fortunately, she escaped before the Pokemon brainwashed her. Though, she is still cold-hearted.
The spikes on the back of her head grow long, much like long hair. The rebels cut her scythes short, to make up for speed, thus making her have.. short scythes.

In 1995, the evolution of Scyther was discovered. A loyal, powerful trainer (Maksus) and his lifelong pal, Sykroth (a Scyther at this point.) were very exxcited to get Sykroth to evolve and become more powerful. The trainer visited his friend oneday, so he could trade his Scyther with a Metal Coat and back. During the trade, Maksus was having second thoughts, of his adventures long past that he shared with his dear friend Sykroth years ago. He quickly reached for his his Pokeball, which contained Sykroth, in an attempt to cancel the trade. The Pokeball glowed and wouldn't open. After a few seconds, Maksus sent out Sykroth, and their stood the half-Scyther, half Scizor Creature.
Still, Maksus treated the Scyther like an irreplacable friend..

A year later, Maksus had to train some of his other Pokemon for a while, so he left Sykroth in the Daycare Center for a day or so. Sykroth met a female Scizor and bred to make Narujia. The trainer came back, and recieved the egg from the daycare people, and left with Sykroth.

In 2001, Maksus defeated the Pokemon League. Deemed as an Elite Battler, he and his Pokemon were recruited to fight the Rebellion.

One day, at the base in Johto, they were stormed, overwhelmed, and taken as POWs (Prisoners of War). As POWs, Maksus was killed, and Young Narujia was taken to an obedience center. Narujia was trained by the Rebels and had her scythes cut short, to maintain speed and balance. Soon, Narujia and Sykroth escaped (excuse my minimal detail: don't wanna make this too long..) and hid in the wild. They had to hide from the units of searching Pokemon that belonged to the rebellion. They stayed in the forests of Johto, unabe to find there way home in this unfamiliar region.

Sykroth- Slash, Swords Dance, X-Scissor, Quick Attack, Focus Energy, and False Swipe.

Narujia (some moves were taught by the rebels)-X-Scissor, Quick Attack, Swords Dance, Focus Energy, Faint Attack, Night Slash, Double Team, and Shadow Claw.

Let me know if I have to change anything.

March 2nd, 2008, 3:34 PM
Walking through Ilex Forest, where part of the rebellion's headquarters were settled in, Emerald, an unusually colored Roserade, proceeded east through the masses of pokemon that settled there. A majority of them were bug, grass, or normal-type species, though others seem to be entirely new species such as Bulbasaur. They were all the same to Emerald, just allies or neutrals. The latter would be ignored or killed. No trainers would hopefully find their way torwards the headquarters, as they'd either be killed by rebellious Pokemon or would be lost in the dense forest.

She was currently heading torwards Azalea Town, which was a major target. Since it was one of the lesser towns, the several species settling in Ilex Forest planned to raid the town and end up capturing several resources, including berries, apricorns, and human-used healing items such as Full Heal.

Pokemon stumbled across the main path, as the rush of Pokemon into Johto caused a massive amount of human and pokemon traffic. Species such as Caterpie and Nidoran were shoved quickly, some even attacked. Many Pokemon seemed to have their own reasons for siding with the rebellion, and would even attack their own allies. Emerald didn't care however. Staying on one of the side roads, Emerald started to see several pokemon such as even a Mightyena. They were probably waiting for the raid, but she planned to do so as well.


OOC: Sorry that it is short, BRB for a second.

March 2nd, 2008, 3:50 PM
Name: Keijiryu
Side: Draglacier- see history- With the rebellion
Gender: Female
Age: 666

Description: Keijiryu, do to experimentation, is part Ice type. She is a long oriental style dragon, with royal blue scales. Her head is also covered in ice armor. Her new arms, long, and ending in hands with 5 claws, are also covered in this. Past her arms, she has snow for armor, up to the end of her tail, which is a spiked ball. Keijiryu has white eyes, but can still see. Her armor is near impenetrable, and her natural temperature is colder than that of liquid helium. HEr armor is heavily spiked (the ice armor). She is as tall and long as Rayquaza.

Personality: Keijiryu is a cold, ruthless homicidal maniac. She trusts no one, loves no one, and talks to no one at all. Her hobbies include killing, maiming, injuring and killing again. She is dark and demented- and her hatred of humans is so total she planned a mass genocide of most of the planets human beings. She really does hate humans- and believes she is absolutely right for destroying most, if not all of them- at least with help, that is.

History: She was originally created as a royal Dragonair egg 645 years before the present. She, however, never hatched, but still grew- mentally, that is. She ended up in the Orange Islands, and waited till 21 years before know to be hatched. She was born a royal Dragonair in the Orange Islands. Taken by Team Rocket at a young age, she was experimented on- and she had Ice DNA (Regice) injected into her. She was then used as a mere soldier- and when she rebelled, she was beaten. She resented that fact, and stop rebelling- but she harbored deep hate as the years went on. Finally, she escaped, killing every human in the base. She then fled to Johto- to Mount Silver. She became one of the original founders of the rebellion, and is one of the most violent Pokemon ever spawned. She is known by humans as “Death.” Her violence is so carnal, so brutal, that no human dare try to find her. Therefore, she spends her days finding humans, killing them. However, she usually finds out first if they are a good trainer or not. If they’re a bad trainer, then their Pokemon survive. If not, she freezes the Pokeball to solid ice and smashes it, killing the potentially anti-rebellion Pokemon inside.

March 2nd, 2008, 4:29 PM
Xavier watched as all of the other pokemon who were to rebel on the trainers scurryed along, not caring if they knocked someone, but if they did they just kept on walking. I really hope that this isn't the only place that's chaotic, because if it is then I'm a lot unluckier than I had imagined... he thought as he looked down at his freakishly large and discolored body with several "defective" looking fins and horns. He didn't mind it though because he was around pokemon like him now. But not deformed pokemon. His own type pokemon. He was stationed at the Lake of Rage at the moment, and the team was to raid Mahogony town quite soon. He watched all of the Marrill, Gyrados and numerous other pokemon run around collecting supplies and such. Xavier was told to be in back, so that he could provide as the pokemon who would help kill the citizens if they somehow resisted being assasinated. He was allowed to kill people anyway, but at any time a major conflict was to occur, he himself would make an appearence. Although he was significantly smaller than the Gyrados asked to be in back, and the fact that he really wasn't any larger than an average human adult, he knew he would serve as some help. Xavier was thinking though.

This is going to be great! I will kill those humans who made me what I am today! But am I over looking the obvious? Do the humans know of the commotions throughout the pokemon regions and suspect something happening? And also, what if I get seriously injured?

He pondered this for a moment, but realized that he did not want to opt out now. They would pay for what they did to him, and Xavier made that a promise.

March 3rd, 2008, 11:16 AM
Grimm jaw stood at the top of a huge rock, very close to a cave; the place where the “council of elders” as they were recognized, stayed to have their meetings…he was one of them, and so he had to stay there, planning, scheming and talking about activities that were meant to be carried out by the Rebellion team. As the name indicates, they were all old pokemon, who had seen everything, and had felt almost all pain endurable, as thus they were often referred to by lower officials and participants in the Rebellion as “Sir or Ma”. Grimm jaw was in charge of the attack and defense geography, he was the one who decided the terrain in which the raid would go. In fact, it was his years of searching for the silver cave that gave him this experience.
Grimm jaw looked at the sand as if it would explode in minutes, and immediately
His mind was carried away…he had always said to him self “ Life was a risky game, it could never be won, but yet the best could be made out of it; making the right choices consciously and unconsciously…what ever you do will determine what would happen in a matter of time” it was this that took him to making the conclusion that both man and pokemon existed as to separate entities, and were linked together by a force; something that acted on both organisms and pulled them together for different reasons. However, to the best of his knowledge, man actions were based on self importance, everything they did was to benefit themselves in some diverse way…looking himself over, he saw that he too was like man, it was the base of existence. Thoughts like this always made him feel young, and so, he always dropped topics like this, as he was a free living creature that responded to changes and opportunities, he never focused deep into mysteries that were beyond his understanding…
He was brought back to consciousness as the sound burst open and a trio of diglets sprang out of the sand. “Sand fusion,…any news on the current scouting reports?” The “Sand fusion” as they were called was a trio of loyal diglets who did virtually all of Grimm jaw’s scouting as he was to big to hide. They often seemed to be a dugtrio during operations, but somehow, they happened to exist as diglets. Grimm jaw was quite surprised to see them…he had sent them to just do some final combing on the terrain for the raid today, and he didn’t really expect them to bring back something urgent. The Trio looked around the area, “The humans are preparing an ambush at ‘raid terrain’ they seem to have figured out that we will be striking at the ‘undisclosed area’, what do we do brother.” Grimm jaw grinned, “Hmmm… I see.” he blinked his eyes several times and then looked back at the sand, “Find all scouts and…kill them all.”, he always made stern decisions when talking to them, he trusted them with his life, he they new his inside-outs. Immediately, the Tyranitar turned back and walked away, he had to inform someone of the new battle strategy, that someone was Kendrak; a Mightyena who led a sector of the rebellion that would be raiding today.

------------------------------------(OOC, that reminds me, I would be editing my sign up and adding a new character to it, don’t fail to read it and give your ultimate word

March 4th, 2008, 3:19 PM
OOC: Silhouette, you're accepted!

Brad, you're not accepted. Your character just seems way too powerful. Not only is she technically part-Regice, which breaks the Legendary rule, but she is way too large, powerful, and out-of-the-ordinary to even seem like a Dragonair. In fact, she seems more like an ice-dragon from a fantasy than a Pokemon. Please re-make the sign-up and make her more reasonable. Thanks in advance.

Note-I will edit for Kendrack's RP in a little while.

March 4th, 2008, 4:21 PM
Ah. Forgot to mention- like an experimental evo she is.

March 4th, 2008, 4:33 PM
Ah, Ok! I don't have enough time right now, but I'll get my characters' intros very soon!

March 4th, 2008, 4:42 PM
OOC: Still, Brad, I'm not accepting it, for the same reasons. The size of Rayquaza seems a bit much, not to mention the Regice part when I stated there could be absolutely no Legendary Pokemon.

Also, on second thought, I'll wait for my next in-character post. Need some more time...

Cosmic Tyrant
March 4th, 2008, 5:02 PM
Fists was currently residing in a cave in the Ruins of Alph. He wanted to be in a place that was not only void of almost all other life, but wanted to be near the Ilex Forest, near Oscar's grave. He fixed it up with trash that was found near Ecrutek and Violet City after the rampages, so he could still retain his training regiments. Today, fists was working on the speed of his punches, so he was busting up large rocks nearby as his target. Fists wasn't too afraid of making noise, as he was certain that no other Pokemon were around. Fists worked for about an hour before finally being satisfied with his training. Fists wiped his brow with his glovem then patted his belt. Fists then let out a few play jabs to motivate himself for his next task: Obtaining something to drink. Fists worked up quite a thirst, and wanted to make sure he was still in good enough shape to defend himself if any rebellious pokemon caught him.

"Man, I can't believe this is all happening." Fists thought to himself as he reached the ruin's borderline. "I'm not too worried though. I'll make it through. I have to...For Oscar. I'm going to get retribution for him if it's the last thing I do. Those pokemon are gonna pay..." He said as he made his way to a nearby lake.

Fists had arrived to his destination and took no time drinking from the lake. He took about a good five minutes drinking from the lake before standing up straight and letting out a big satisfying sigh. "That hit the spot." Fists thought to himself. "I should head back to my cave now, before I'm spotted." He thought again as he headed back to the Ruins of Alph...

March 4th, 2008, 5:29 PM
Eying Azalea Town from afar, finally getting within viewing distance of the small village, the Roserade had her rose buds open slightly. Inside were concealed thorns, ready to be thrown out, that would reveal tiny vine-like whips. A Roserade often was very agile, able to use these whips to rip apart the flesh on any pokemon. Emerald was no exception. She was able to use these as if she was a ninja, able to use them as things such as grappling hooks even. They often were a Roserade's last resort in most cases, as they were the most vulnerable, unfortunately.

She found that several small pokemon were eying the village, specifically from Slowpoke's Well. No one gone in there, not even pokemon. Pokemon stayed in the forest, while trainers didn't even go near there one bit. Rampaging Slowpoke and Onix hordes didn't bide well with the residents of Azalea, where their only defender was an elderly man by the name of Kurt. He was a Pokeball master, able to use Capricorns from Ilex Forest to make any pokeball, even the famed Master Ball, one of the few able to contain any Pokemon with several fail safes implemented. Pokemon feared it, especially the Legendaries that found that their enemy trainers had one in his or her possession.

Straying a bit too close to the edge of Ilex, a trainer spotted her. Now Kurt had even designed Pokeballs that managed to raise one's friendship with a trainer, whether they liked it or not. It was betrayed and manipulation to the highest degree, just deceiving someone for their abilities. Emerald was going to enter the village just to kill Kurt. He was a pain already when he found out how to make those damnable devices, he's even more of a nuisance as he's trying to make trainers capture pokemon with this "Friendship" crap all over again.

The trainer reached for his belt, which was designed to contain Pokeballs of all kinds.

"Another fool. Perish in the depths of Hell!" the Roserade called out to the trainer (although it came out as the normal Roserade cry to the human), just enough to gain the attention of other Pokemon, who normally had much more advanced senses than humans. Raising one of the rose bud hands, a dark purple-almost black orb started to form from the energy around the Roserade. There was a feeling of malice being generated from the orb. The hatred for the kind that basically destroyed her only friends except for those she was forced to abandon in Sinnoh and Hoenn. Those that treated her as an actual friend or family, not as a clan member or another pokemon.

The trainer, having found a Pokeball, clicked on a button in the center and threw it to the floor. Out came a Kadabra, the trainer obviously expected that Emerald would be a Grass/Poison dual-type combination. Obviously, he'd be in for a surprise.

"Kinetic, use Confusion!" The trainer ordered, with haste as he knew of how ghost type attacks were super-effective on Psychic pokemon.

"Kadabra!" the Kadabra cried out, simply murmuring a large amount of enchantments that didn't seem to do much. The Roserade ended up having a purple-ish aura surrounding her, even though there was no effect. After a couple of minutes, Emerald felt the ball of malice becoming powerful enough, and launched it, breaking whatever focus the Kadabra had.

"Kadabra, use Teleport now!"

Once again murmuring the enchantments, the Psychic creature transported the trainer and itself from the orb, though just barely. It gained size, eventually reaching to the town and burst open, releasing the energy everywhere. The trainer reappeared behind Emerald, thinking he could surprise her. All pokemon, expecially Ghosts and Grass types, had ties with nature. Ghosts could sense spiritual force, and the change in it behind her disturbed Emerald.

The Kadabra then smashed the spoon over the Roserade's head, giving off much more force than expected. The attack was physical, and Emerald didn't expect that in anyway whatsoever. Her face collided with the dirt, and there was a little bit of blood coming off from the Pokemon's head, leaking a bit off of the edge of the rosebud.

"Annoying... It seems that not all trainers are as weak as I was expecting. Still, yours just blatently sucks," the Roserade taunted, as she charged up another attack.


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March 11th, 2008, 12:35 PM
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March 12th, 2008, 9:34 PM
OOC: Let's see... Before the reset, I had Suneora enter Mahogany Town, but as Mewthree hasn't been posting lately and planned out the Mahogany raid, I'll put Suneora somewhere else...
The building that used to be the Goldenrod City Pokemon Gym was now a gathering place for the few trainers who remained in the city. Whitney had long since left the gym upon hearing of the rebellion, leaving nobody to accompany it but frightened people. It was this building that Suneora and her Pokemon were walking past this particular late afternoon. The group was approaching a fountain down the street a ways, and it was here that they took a short rest.

"Cherree!" Kamina shouted as she jumped into the water. It had been a particularly hot day, so Kamina was looking forward to a nice cool dip in the water. For some reason, being wet caused her to open her petals, just like sunlight did. At this moment the sunlight was fading, but Kamina didn't worry... yet. But just in case she did, Shimuri sat near her, perched on the edge of the fountain. Occasionally she dipped her beak into the water and splashed water on herself, as if the fountain was a huge birdbath. Nemora and Kaleni, the two serpentine Pokemon, were talking to each other near the fountain, not too far away from where Suneora sat. Telvia was floating on the other side of Suneora.

"Haunter haunter." Telvia looked over to Kaleni, who replied with "Dragonair draga...". Telvia pointed to a spot near the Ilex Forest, a spot that Kaleni and Telvia started heading off to. It was one of the fairly frequent sister-sister moments the two shared, for Suneora was perfectly okay with her Pokemon wandering off on their own for a while. Whatever they wanted...

Suneora was gazing out towards the Ilex Forest, having mixed concerns about it. She had badly wanted to wander around this forest ever since coming here, but once she arrived here in Goldenrod, she heard rumours of large numbers of rebel Pokemon living there--some of the more deadly ones in fact. Speaking of the forest, when she spotted Telvia and Kaleni headed off towards it...
"Seyu!" Suneora instinctively called after them. The two Pokemon looked around at her, but kept on heading towards the edge of the city.
"Let's meet somewhere later on... would, erm... someplace in Azalea Town be okay?"
Telvia's form of answering was the summoning of a shadow energy form in her hands, which she formed into an Apricorn shape. Then she moved behind a lamppost.
"Behind the Pokeball-maker's shop?" Suneora clarified, referring to where Kurt (used to) make Pokeballs out of Apricorns.
Telvia and Kaleni nodded simultaneously, and soon were off.

A few seconds after Telvia and Kaleni disappeared out of sight, a man walked up to Suneora.
"Haven't you been following the news?" the man asked.
Suneora paused for a while, and lightly shook her head.
"I hear Azalea Town is supposed to be very dangerous at this time--it's a popular target for rebel Pokemon. It's really not a good idea to be going there..."
Suneora stared at the man for a while, slightly incredulous. She knew rebel Pokemon were abundant here, but would they really go so far as to raid towns? What was this--a sort of unified fight? A war, even? War was a really strange concept to Suneora, considering that she spent twenty years on a relatively peaceful planet, which has not seen a war since at least a milennium or two ago. Anyways, as Suneora was thinking about this, the man spoke again...
"I'm late for work... but please don't go there, okay?"
Again Suneora didn't answer. Usually when she spoke, people mentioned or gazed awkwardly at the way in which she spoke, particularly her distinctive accent. If being bilingual was bad enough, imagine one's first language being one that nobody else on the planet spoke... It occasionally turned Suneora into a laughing stock.

"Cherrim cheree..." Kamina said as she walked towards Suneora, her petals drooping slightly.
"Sio ile zuri..." Suneora mentioned, looking towards the orange sun, barely visible above a building on the outer edge of the city. "And when there's night, so your petals close. Sen Kamina..."
On the last two words (well, one was the Cherrim's name), Suneora picked Kamina up and held her close. She knew Kamina was rather afraid of the dark, especially when there was no hope of sunlight for a good twelve more hours. Especially when times were touch, the little Cherrim sought protection, and that's what Suneora mainly was to her. Somehow her compassion and otherwise benevolent nature comforted her, like a light of hope in a world she quite possibly would not be able to survive in on her own. Well, maybe she could survive on her own--she did it when she was a Cherubi--but then again, maybe not...

"Well then, Nemora, shall we start heading out towards the Pokeball-maker?"
Nemora didn't hesitate to nod yes, and coo in an enthusiastic manner. She uttered a low hiss, a sure indication of an eagerness to battle. If what the man said was true, the forest and/or the town would be full of rebel Pokemon, possible battle targets. Nemora shook the tip of her tail swiftly, brimming with energy and confidence in any battle that would be taking place. It was this confidence she had always been eager to built up, even when she was with her previous trainer. She had hoped the trainer would make her stronger, but he ended up just yelling at her for the things she did wrong. Some trainers were just plain arrogant or stupid... It was probably because of such people that the Pokemon wanted to rebel against all humans in the first place.

So that's what this is, then... a stereotype, Suneora thought. Those radical Pokemon took the example of a selected few people who treated Pokemon like playthings or fighting tools, and rebelled on the opinion that ALL humans were like that. It saddens me greatly to see Pokemon acting like this... Pokemon, of all creatures. I just don't understand how each species of Pokemon can respectfully live with each other, but not with any civilised beings who are not Pokemon. Surely with intelligence that precedes capability of at least understanding spoken languages must come this type of wisdom...

As Suneora thought this, she walked along towards the Ilex Forest, planning to skirt along the northeastern edge of it and the southern edge of the Ruins of Alph, until finally meeting Kaleni and Telvia behind Kurt's place in Azalea Town. Nemora slithered along in front of her, keeping a sharp eye out for any rebel Pokemon. Shimuri flew above, scouting the area for any sight of Kaleni or Telvia or any rebel Pokemon. Kamina sat in Suneora's arms, looking rather worried... and sleepy as well. She was tired due to the absence of sunlight, but she was too worried to go to sleep... Soon enough, the four were heading along a narrow path that led along the northern edge of the Ilex Forest. Suneora kept glancing around for possible dangers, but she was confident that everything would be all right. After all, she did have the tendency to not to be worried about any sort of possible dangers, until they were right there in her face...

Meanwhile, Kaleni and Telvia were already in the Ilex Forest, in the southwestern region. The two thought they could hear Pokemon cries in the near distance, but Telvia was already forming a plan.
<"So we're freelance rebels if anyone asks, okay?">
<"Right. We don't need no army--we are strong enough to fight humans on our own!">
Kaleni blurted the last sentence with a false yet fairly convincing confidence.
<"Ssh... some of those rebels might hear us..."> My little sister, always so loud and annoying...

March 13th, 2008, 2:47 PM

Well, hopefully everyone remembers what they posted. I don't really remember mine, though. Why did it have to disappear?

I'll edit this post when I remember the full details of my story..

March 13th, 2008, 5:40 PM
I remember the full details of mine so far, but I'd have to wait for Emerald the Roserade to be cornered by the Quilava...and then Piez and Kendrack when he encounters Kendra.

March 14th, 2008, 12:07 PM
After Kamot and team had finished off the mankeys, Primape began an attack. Primeape looked at the team and used his fire punch attack on Aipom. Hoops swooped in and allowed Aipom to dodge. Aipom came down from the sky and delivered a focus punch. Primeape was amazed at the normal pokemon's focus punch. With that in mind Primeape also unleashed his focus punch attack. Aipom jumped off the fist attack and then Hoops came diving at Primeape. The aerial ace was able to knock Primeape off his feet.

The battle seemed over but Primeape rose up. Kamot was amazed at how strong this Primeape was and had to deliver a knock out move. "Aipom, into the air and create a ring of stars around Primeape. Then Hoops deliver a aerial ace to his legs." and so the plan went into action. The stars surrounded Primeape and Hoops cdame with an aerial ace to Primeape's legs. Primeape was kmocked into the stars then fell to the ground.

Kamot threw the pokeball and captured Primeape. After the capture Aipom came over to Kam with a sad face. "I understand, you think Primeape will never obey us and destroy us. Well with my custom pokeballs the memory of the rebellion is erased and the pokemon's hearst are cleaned. My plan is to destroy this rebellion with my own rebellion." Aipom jumped on Kamot's shoulder with a smile. Kamot sent Hoops to scout again and later found the road was clear. Hoops also jumped on to Kamot's shoulder and smiled. As they took the clear path Kamot had no idea he was being watched again.

I tried to redo my post.

March 15th, 2008, 9:26 AM
OOC: Ugh! I had to "leave" for like a week and now all the posts got messed up! Oh well... Here's what I remember to be happening before I "left", and we can start from around there once posts start picking up again:

There was a raid planned for Azalea Town, in which trainers and trained Pokemon were to be killed. Kendrack (my character) was supposed to lead the raid, but Grimm Jaw (N-XIGE's character) and the diglets who reported to him spoke of a Roserade (AExcalibur's character) being attacked by a trainer's Quilava. Kendrack went to find her, and met Seliana's characters...

Grimm Jaw was headed off for the raid, I believe, during this time.

Fists (Kind Cosmic's character) was about to fight off some Smeargles in the Ruins of Alph).

K9S8 and Ninetales recently posted, so they can continue from their lasts posts just fine.

Hopefully we can work this all out in a few posts... I can check back regularly at least for now, so don't worry about any more unexpected absenses from me.

~Pie. (just because I felt like adding it)

March 15th, 2008, 10:25 AM
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March 15th, 2008, 5:05 PM
OOC: I'm gonna remake the post now (though it's gonna be a bit shorter), so we can get this out of the way. Until I'd get this done, you'd all be stuck. The shield attack Emerald uses is Protect, so there's no confusion.


Eying the Kadabra, Emerald released another blast of dark energy. It leaked out droplet-like fragments, as it was rushed. Speeding towards the Kadabra, the telekenetic creature whispered the enchantments which began to annoy Emerald. The Kadabra disappeared, and reappeared behind the Roserade. Obviously, the creature was too stupid with it's supposed high IQ to realize this won't work again.

"Kadabra, use Shadow Ball!" the trainer called out, as the orb of darkness Emerald created disappeared, only to be remade by the Kadabra. Launching the orb, it hit the Roserade, only to bounce off of a near-transparent shield of light that surrounded her. The attack then was launched back at the Kadabra, which ended up being hit by the attack. The Pokemon didn't expect it's own trainer's plan to backfire just like that. Leaves and branches were torn off of a few trees around the two, and flew torwards the Kadabra, trapping it in a minature tornado. With no time to react, it took the attack and fainted.

"Damnit, Kadabra return!" The trainer called, as the creature dissolved into a red light, revealing the trainer's position. He was shortly knocked out later by a redirection of the Leaf Storm, and Emerald began to redirect the assault torwards Azalea. This would have to be avoided, so the Roserade climbed up onto a tree branch, using a tree which was literally split in half by the force of Emerald's Leaf Storm.

"Hey," a somewhat young voice called out to Emerald, a few minutes after the Roserade changed her position in order to avoid having to re-battle that trainer.

"Your performance was nice. However I gotta kill ya, knocking out my trainer and that Kadabra. Also look down," the voice said again. Jumping to another branch, Emerald looked down, expecting that threat to rush up the tree she was, only to see a Quilava staring at her. It launched itself off of the ground, and rammed into Emerald with amazing speed, knocking her off of the branch.

"Damnit, another annoyance..." Emerald thought, and waited. Hopefully she could devise a plan by seeing this creature's battle stragegy. Either that or possible death.

March 16th, 2008, 12:33 AM
OOC: I’d say I love you AExcalibur, but it might like, freak you out or something.
Now to remember mine…

EDIT: AExcalibur, the Quilava was in the tree right? If it wasn’t, I’ll fix my post. And Piez, I hope this doesn't mess you up. ><


Darkness. Shadows. Twilight.

To many, these words, these elements were the epitome of inducing fear, yet to the female Mightyena, they were what ensured her survival.

Body close to the ground, she crept quietly along the forest floor, ears perked for every sound; the rustle of a hidden enemy, the scent barely masked by the woody smell of dewy tree branches, the…wait, what was that scent?

She stopped and behind her, a younger Mightyena muffled a yip as she nearly ran into her sister’s legs.

“Now is not the time to dream.” Shigeko murmured, casting her sister and ward a disapproving look. Sakendra’s head drooped in a show of shame before she raised it again, nose twitching as she caught the smell.

“Smoky…and blood.” ‘Kendra said softly, and Shigeko hushed her silently before moving forward, tail twitching in a silent command to follow closely. Something has occurred, and was occurring. Besides that, she recognised the scent of a Roserade she’d happened to meet mere days ago, and her instincts immediately quivered at the idea of a type such as Roserade’s mingled with the scent of smoke.

The thumping sound caused her to freeze, and she waited before carefully peering through the thick bush and into the clearing. There…the Roserade was on the ground, not too dazed or injured, much to the Mightyena’s relief. Glancing up, she saw a Quilava seated on a lower branch, and her eyes narrowed maliciously. Fool creature, it was too busy gloating in what, to it, would be an easy battle to even notice her presence.

Looking around, Shigeko was delighted to see the branch that hung a good, workable distance between her and the Quilava’s position. Leaving a quivering Kendra in the thicker bushes, Shigeko silently crept closer to the branch, gaze fixed on her prey. Using the powerful momentum of her hind legs, she suddenly burst from the brush, relying on her speed as she launched herself up the branch, using it as leverage as she launched herself up and at the Quilava.

Her snarl was savagely triumphant as flesh connected with flesh, and they plummeted to the ground. Her shoulder was painfully jarred as she hit the dirt, but the adrenaline borne from the prospect of death won over and she was on the creature in a heartbeat, standing over it, quivering with fury and anticipation as she placed a clawed paw on the creature’s short neck. Face terrifyingly close, her amber eyes flashed with the thrill of bloodlust as she bared her fangs.

“Give me one good reason to not prolong your death.” she whispered into its face, tone soft and deadly and promising of terrible things.

In the brush, Sakendra’s eyes narrowed and she sidled slightly to the right. A part of her, the young innocence borne of childhood, trembled at the sight before her. Yet, she’d seen this before, and the innate bloodlust of a carnivore crowed at the imminent bloodshed.

March 16th, 2008, 3:16 AM
Kendrack was silent as the younger Mightyena noticed him. After all, what could he say to her? Judging by this battle, and how mingled the female Mightyena scents were, the two strangers were likely together and both with the rebellion if not intending on joining it. There was no reason to as much as snarl at her, and no reason to give a reassuring word of ease. So, with that through his mind, he simply turned back to see what was happening outside the bushes, keeping a cool and calm mood to at least let the female know he was not intending any harm.

The Roserade seemed too surprised to act; that or still trying to figure out what exactly was going on. The Mightyena had growled something to the Quilava, though Kendrack could not make it out. From the sounds of it, it was a death threat. That was the only thing that could sound so positively dark and serious.

What will she do? Kendrack asked himself, full of curiosity, I'm sure she could bring herself to kill it, on second thought. Why wouldn't she? The Quilava, on the other hand...

The only thing Kendrack could think of that would save its life would be if it chose to serve the rebellion, which simply did not happen with trained Pokemon. It seemed the Quilkava's fate was sealed, and Kendrack had already figured out the ending to this story, but he did not move. Anything could come up... That or, anything could just as well stay behind today and decide not to bother. They would see.

March 16th, 2008, 5:14 AM
Despite her wariness and Shigeko’s calm orders of before, ‘Kendra could not help but be cautiously intrigued by the new being, and she slowly, almost demurely backed away from her vantage point towards Kendrack. Shigeko was busy, she would not notice…

He would either snarl at her or be alright with her, and though she was cautious, ‘Kendra wasn’t afraid of the male Mightyena. In fact, he intrigued her childish curiousity a great deal and it wasn’t as if she wasn’t used to oddities, her sister was hardly a normal creature herself.

Instinct dictated she was supposed to crouch back on her haunches, a natural thing when you were faced with one who was obviously higher ranked than you, but ‘Kendra hadn’t been raised in a pack; no, that prospect had been ruined during that night of blood and pain and bright lights.

Tail wagging ever so slightly, her head tilted in a mildly trusting way as she looked into Kendrack’s red eyes, though one ear was kept perked towards the battle.

“Did the two legged weaklings hurt you too, like they hurt Shigeko?” she asked very, very softly, before adding, “I’m ‘Kendra.” Not realising she’d supplied him with her nickname, rather than her birth name.

March 16th, 2008, 6:15 AM
Kendrack turned to look at the other Mightyena, who had just introduced herself. He would not always speak upon meeting someone, but he was definately polite enough to reply when a stranger asked a question.

"If that is what you'd call them, yes," he replied in his deep and raspy voice. He blamed it on the humans that his throat had been hurting ever since they took him. "Though I would not say they are 'weaklings'. While alone, on our grounds, they are defenseless, yet they are also capable of unimaginable things. I suppose you would know that, though."

He was silent for a moment, just long enough to let the words sink in. No longer than that.

"You with the rebellion?" he added before waiting for a response.

March 16th, 2008, 10:14 AM
Ok, my last post was when the Donphan kidnapped Narujia, and the battle between Sykroth and the herd leader started.

As the Donphan rolled at Sykroth, Sykroth was charging at it. He had no idea what he was doing, just.. improvising. He jumped out of the way of the Donphan, and stuck his sword-like claws into it. It was only repelled forcefully, blasting Sykroth into a rolling flip. He must've hit the hard carapace of the creature. His only hope was to get the Donphan's flesh hard enough for it to lose balance..

The Donphan barreled toward him, and he stabbed for it, but got the ear. It nearly pulled him underneath the crushing force of the thing. He had to attempt numerous times before the donphan was finally struck right into it's thigh. It bellowed, and Sykroth thought that the whole herd of Donphans, sure to be miles away now, would still here it. He took advantage of the opportunity and swung his blades at the creature. Donphan swung it's trunk and tusks to avoid it, but Sykroth was faster than it. It reared to swing another Protect, but Sykroth stuck his scythe into a soft zone, that wasn't protected. Then, a blaze of green swung by him and sliced at the Donphan many times. It was Narujia, Sykroth's daughter. She must've been revitalized somehow.

When the beast was finally slain, the two decided to see if their treehouse was still up.

"How did you come about so fast?" asked Sykroth.
"you must remember, when I was taken captive, they specially trained me to adapt to my surroundings and take hits," she reminded him.

When they finally arrived, they were relieved that the hut was untouched, still up in the tree, when it finally hit Sykroth.

Huh.. I've never seen a gigantic unit of Rebels in this forest since I was here.. They must be initiating a move to conquer more of the region. I wish there was a way home soon...

March 21st, 2008, 8:26 AM
Kamot and team had stopped in a city that was only a few miles away from Violet City. Kamot was hoping that he could use the gym leader's power to defeat the rebellion. Aipom was drifting off to sleep on his shoulder, but tried his hardest to stay awake. As the two continued to walk a sense of danger filled their hearts. They turned around and saw a very evil Zangoose with a Pikachu by its side. Aipom jumped off Kamot's shoulder and rushed at the Zangoose with a focus punch. However, Pikachu stopped it with an iron tail. Aipom moved back in shock and stood still. Kamot could tell that the Pikachu was Aipom's friend and Zangoose gave Aipom the scar. Kamot called out Primeape. Zangoose smirked and unleashed smokescreen. The two had disappeared. Instead of battling the Zngoos wanted to analyze Aipom's emotions. Kamot knew that the em,otions Aipom had may hold it back, but he didn't care and promised to get Pikachu back.

March 26th, 2008, 3:28 PM
OOC: From this point forward, all Pokemon in or around the Ilex Forest may encounter my character... (That's sort of why I put her in Azalea Town)

*Did Seliana's signup disappear as well? I can't find it anywhere... I believe her characters are... let's see, two Mightyena, then... I think there was a third Poochyena... I think? (Okay, so I think Sakendra's a Poochyena, and Kendra and Shigeko are Mightyena...)
Fortunately, there were few (if any) rebel Pokemon wandering about at dusk along the narrow path Suneora took to Azalea Town. The only sound present on the path came from the soft little lullaby Suneora sang to Kaminda, while cradling her in her arms. And then there was the occasional flapping of Shimuri's cottony wings. Before it got too dark outside, Azalea Town was in sight, and Nemora had already wandered amongst the buildings in search of Kurt's place. The town was oddly quiet otherwise--maybe this was a sort of warning sign that indeed a raid was about to take place. Yet Suneora paid no attention, and simply sat down on a log right in front of Kurt's place. If Kurt was working, he probably might have seen Suneora out there, yet she couldn't be so sure. The tree above was filled with white Apricorns, and little red flowers whose petals floated down like red confetti. By that time, Shimuri was sitting on the log next to Suneora, humming another lullaby for Kaminda. Nemora slithered in a circle around them, keeping an eye out for rebel Pokemon.


Meanwhile, Kaleni and Telvia continued wandering through the Ilex Forest, after being sure that nobody heard Kaleni's little outburst. For a while it was quiet, but after a while of wandering around or through trees, Kaleni's feathery ears began to twitch--she heard Mightyenas barking in the not-too-far-away distance.
"What is that??" Kaleni shrieked. She heard the cries of some sort of rodent-ish Pokemon as well, and the Mightyena seemed to be angry.
"SSSSHHH!" Telvia silenced her. "Look what you did--that Poochyena just spotted us."
Right there behind a bush was a Poochyena, apparently watching the Mightyena meet up with another Mightyena--a Mightyena that had horns. Nearby was a Roserade and a Quilava (who was being attacked by the hornless Mightyena), and a horrified-looking trainer.

"Oh, I'm sorry... that we interrupted you..." Kaleni apologised to the three Mightyena. "We were heading to Azalea, of course--we just heard about a raid happening there..."
Kaleni ran out of things to say.

"Hmm, interesting..." Telvia muttered to herself as she drifted towards the Roserade. "She's a Roserade, but I feel a ghostly presence about her..."
The Roserade was sitting on the floor, apparently planning something. Telvia didn't want to interrupt, so she just appeared where the Roserade could see her.
OOC: Alright, so now Kaleni and Telvia (Suneora's Dragonair and Haunter) have met up with Emerald Rose and the Mightyenas. Good thing Suneora's not with them...

March 27th, 2008, 1:52 AM
OOC: LOL. Nearly Ninetales, but not quite. However that's my fault for not reposting. Shigeko is a Mightyena yes, but Sakendra and 'Kendra - not the abbreviation - are the same character. Kendra is Sakendra's shortened name. And yes, she's a Poochyena.

Also Shigeko hasn't killed the Quilava yet, I'm waiting on AExcalibur - I think that's Emerald's RPer - to give the go ahead. Might have to edit that.

I'll reply after I've done homework, promise.

March 27th, 2008, 8:22 AM
Name: Darkly
Side: His own
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Description: He is a black and gray flygon. he got this way by injecting himself with giratina dna

Personality: An evil twisted pokemon that has experimented on himself to make him the ultimate pokemon. he can talk and do everything a human can. he leads team dark sky, a team that plans to use darkly's invention(the zap-o-matic 9000) to wipe out both the humans and the rebels so team dark sky will rule the region. he has a human assistant called tiffany and another assistant who is a talking salamence

History: he was mistreated by his trainer so he decided to leave and join the rebels but they kicked him out for being too dark and twisted. He then started to use DNA to turn himself into the ultimate pokemon. he built the zap-o-matic 9000 and created a team known as team dark sky

Darkly is not a neutral wild pokemon he is more of a human than a pokemon because of the way he behaves and acts. his experiments have made him uncatchable

March 27th, 2008, 2:01 PM
That night, Sykroth was awakened by a noise far, far away. It had to be much farther than the edge of the woods. He shot up straight. It wasn't a destructive noise, either. It was more of a "spy messing up on his job to be quiet" sort of sound. He left the tree house, with Narujia deep asleep inside.

He made his way through the dark abyss of night. He wandered for what seemed to be a half-hour. He still didn't hear the noise again. He came to the clearing where the Donphan had destroyed the part of the wood. He kept walking, and saw a scratch on some of the few remaining trees. The same hiss he heard before was close, even right behind him. He turned around to see a sneasel standing in the middle of the clearing.

March 27th, 2008, 4:03 PM
OOC: Sorry, missingno, not accepted. Here's why...

Side: His own
he leads team dark sky, a team that plans to use darkly's invention(the zap-o-matic 9000) to wipe out both the humans and the rebels so team dark sky will rule the region.

This part's a pretty big deal. I only gave the options of rebels, neutrals, and resistance for a reason, and throwing random new armies into the mix will just fall away from the original plot.

And, in many ways (Giratina DNA, human speech, uncatchable, etc.), he is overpowered. Having his own "Team Dark Sky" on his side, DNA manipulation, and over all being more unbeatable than any other RPer are all unfair advantages.

What I find most important though is the lack of reasoning. First, the Rebellion's been accepting in murderers, mutants, and cold-blooded human-haters. What makes Darkly so much worse than that? And, if he is so evil, wouldn't that be all the better for their cause? You should explain more.

Second, he pretty much decides to rule the world because he doesn't get accepted into the Rebellion? Doesn't make much sense.

Third, how the heck does a Flygon have access to DNA-altering machinery? How does he know how to build more of this machinery on his own, and why do so many people/Pokemon choose to join his group in the first place? He can't just all of a sudden have his own army, a bunch of DNA experimentation machines, and become almost invincible from out of nowhere. It doesn't add up.

You've got more chances; don't worry. Just try to re-do it a bit more reasonably.


Kendrack cast a fiery glare at the two new arrivals, no longer concerned with 'Kendra. The fur on his back and haunches rose, and his stood large and tall, fangs bared, horns held forward. This was his most intimidating pose, and he had practiced it plenty of times.

"You smell of humans," he growled at the Dragonair. While the Haunter had no distinct scent, being a ghost, he could tell that these two were together, and if one had been near a human, the other had likely been there as well.

"Don't try to tell me you were involved with the raid either; you show no signs of blood. Either you belong to a trainer, or I'm severely mistaken, which rarely happens," Kendrack added. By now it was obviously nightfall. The raid would probably be going on now, unless they'd decided to wait on him. At the mention of blood, he held his jaws in a position that cleared showed the red stains from the Quilava-trainer he'd killed only just before.

"Don't try to fight us, either," he spat, "We're all rebels here, save for the Quilava. You can't take us all."

Whatever happened now with the two intruders, he knew he was in charge of the situation.

March 27th, 2008, 4:10 PM
Finding herself a bit surprised, Emerald stared as the Mightyena that the group known as Shigeko. Using as little energy as possible, the Quilava tried to ignite the flames on his back, thereby increasing any power. There was the smell of fire, as the flames ignited slightly.

"Because of this," the Quilava whispered to the Mightyena, as he spewed flames infront of him, ignoring the fact that one mistake and the forest could catch on fire. Obviously, he didn't care, long as his trainer got out of there and if he ended up alive. The Quilava attempted to turn his head directly towards the Mightyena, but the paw prevented the Pokemon from doing so. Thus, he just felt satisfied with that, until he stared at two new Pokemon.

A Dragonair had arrived. Normally this would be a lucky occurance, however there was a scent of a human on it. Chances are an ally and a traitor wouldn't end up traveling together, so Emerald thought they most likely traveled together and were taken care of by a pathetic human.

"...Who are you?" Emerald said, standing up and seeing a Haunter appear in front of her. Even if it was a ghost-type, she was cautious of it, as it was a caught Pokemon. It could try to lead the group into a trap, or anything else. She had her attention focused on the two arrivals, and ignored everything else.

March 27th, 2008, 10:35 PM
Kendra, (Sakendra), stiffened in surprise at the two new Pokemon, and then in angry fear at the smell of human on them. Shigeko was occupied and not thinking of any potential danger it might associate, 'Kendra had pressed herself to Kendrack's back leg, the Mightyena cub shaking in fear and anger at the scent of humans, even as her hackles rose and she uttered a low growl at them.

The flames singed Shigeko's scarred shoulder, and she howled in rage and pain, instinctively driven by the emotions as her paw left the Quilava's neck, only to be replaced by razor sharp fangs as she clamped down in a death grip, a growl of elated fury surging through her limber frame as she felt the windpipe give, the jugular vein sliced as hot blood filled her mouth. And just as quickly it was over, and she pulled away, the blood dripping down her silver fur as she stepped gingerly off the Quilava. It was obvious the singing had aggravated her old injury somewhat, but she quickly ignored it as she realised others had appeared while she had been concerned with the pitiful creature.

A glance at the Roserade was spared before Shigeko leapt forward, seeing red and danger at the sight of her cub sister seemingly cornered between a large male of her kind and two...human smelling Pokemon. She suddenly registered Sakendra's cry of "Don't Shigeko!" and the female Mightyena broke her forward momentum. The harsh move cost her dearly though, and she yelped in pain as her shoulder gave under her, leaving her to sprawl to the ground, body ablaze at the re-emerged agony.

"Big Sister!" 'Kendra forgot the potential danger of leaving Kendrack's side, even forgot her strange trust in the male for the moment as she left his side, barrelling over to her snarling and whimpering sister. She skidded to a stop and nosed the older female fearfully, growling and licking with a rushed tenderness at the blood that soaked Shigeko's muzzle.

Shigeko bit down on a whine of surprise and pain, her dignity not allowing her to do so, or whatever she had left of it, and though it was impossible to get up - she had landed down on her bad shoulder - her unusual golden eyes glared up at the others, promising punishment to the human smelling creatures if she got a hold of them, for they had obviously been with humans. And a defiant, challenging gleam of her eyes to Kendrack, as if daring the male Mightyena to ridicule her, or worse, carry out any murderous intentions he might have to her. He would not have Sakendra though, Shigeko would rather attempt a futile fight against the larger male than allow her baby sister to be harmed. Not when she'd done so much to protect Sakendra.

March 28th, 2008, 5:05 AM
Name: Darkly
Side: Rebels
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Description: He is a black and gray flygon. he got this way by injecting himself with giratina dna(all it did is change his color and let him use shadow force).his old trainer was a scientist and when Darkly ran away, he took all his machines with him

Personality: An evil twisted pokemon that has experimented on himself to make him the ultimate pokemon(he's not really the ultimate pokemon, he just thinks he is:)). he can talk and do everything a human can. he leads team dark sky, a division of rebels that are mostly dark, ghost or dragon type.He has a salamence assistant who is very dumb

History: His trainer was planning to use him to test certain poisons so one night he decided to run away and steal all of his machinery and dna. he used the dna to make his mind develop more, so he could speak both human and pokemon. he also can build advanced macinery easily and that is why the rebels let him join and now he leads his own rebel team

there. I made him more reasonable and now team dark sky is a division of rebels

March 28th, 2008, 3:51 PM
Telvia automatically turned to Kaleni upon seeing angry reactions or looks on the other Pokemon--especially Kendrack.
"Erm..." she started to say to Kendrack.

Telvia was interrupted by the Quilava, who ignited the flames on its back and continued fighting Shigeko. But it was over quickly--despite being pretty badly burnt by the flames, Shigeko killed the Quilava with one bite.
Oh, I suppose they were right, Kaleni thought as she watched, about rebel Pokemon killing anti-rebel Pokemon...
Kaleni thought there was a possibility at this point that Shigeko or any of the other Pokemon (except Quilava, obviously) might try and kill her as well, since she was indeed a "trained Pokemon". But the others had no proof of a trainer being present, so there was still time to convince them otherwise... Still, would she be caught if she lied, and said that she actually hated her trainer? Hmm... that was still probably not a good idea, since if she really did hate Suneora, Suneora would be dead by now, and Kaleni wouldn't look so... relaxed. Then again, she could say she was neutral to the rebellion, which was partially true... After all, she sympathised with those who rebelled--they simply didn't want humans controlling them, acting like their masters. Kaleni wished the exact same thing. But then again, the rebels also considered themselves superior to humans, while Kaleni considered them equals. For what reason would ANY species be superior to another? The rebellion made sense, but it had an aspect of foolishness as well. She was all too willing to fight against those trainers who considered themselves superior to their Pokemon, and leave those who didn't alone. She was even willing to brutally murder people who treated Pokemon with cruelty, like the hunter who killed her sister... Aha!

"Our trainer is not our master," Kaleni said truthfully, glancing blankly at Kendrack. "We control her much more than she controls us. She's more like our friend, and we never say or do any bad things to each other. And in battles, we do what we want, and she does whatever she can to give us credit for..."

"Imoto-chan!" Telvia snapped. "Look what you just did--you just gave us away! Arrrrgh, my little sister still has lots to learn..."
Telvia noticed a few awkward stared at the mention of the word "sister".
"...Oh yes, this is my sister--I just call her Imoto." Best not to mention the name Suneora gave her--our family never gave us a name, so we have to do with "Imoto" and... I dunno... Oneesan, Sissy, Sapphire, or something... "I am only with our trainer because Imoto here BEGGED me to stay with her..." (here Telvia rolled her eyes) "You see, I was a Dratini in my life, but a hunter... a human... killed me just for my wings. How low, if you ask me... fortunately I was able to become a Haunter so I could stay with Imoto-chan here..." (here Telvia hugged Kaleni) "...and I've hated (most) humans ever since. Anyways, would you mind us starting the raid, or...?"

Telvia floated backwards towards Azalea Town, while keeping a close eye on the four rebel Pokemon. Despite the harsh words she said about Kaleni, she didn't want anyone harming her. As the older sister, she had a duty to protect Kaleni, the same duty that Shigeko probably had towards Sakendra. If Shigeko can't understand that (and attacks Kaleni), then... well, she would be one hypocritical Mightyena.
OOC: I'd post about Suneora and the other Pokemon, but she'd just be in the same spot anyways...

March 28th, 2008, 4:14 PM
OOC: Ninetalues, you didn't read my reply from before properly did you? I told you that Sakendra and 'Kendra are the same Mightyena! And was the one near Kendrack, the baby! And Shigeko is the adult female, and the one that killed the Quilava! Please, read my messages correctly.

March 28th, 2008, 4:29 PM
Name: Darkly
Side: Rebels
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Description: He is a black and gray flygon. he got this way by injecting himself with giratina dna(all it did is change his color and let him use shadow force).his old trainer was a scientist and when Darkly ran away, he took all his machines with him

Personality: An evil twisted pokemon that has experimented on himself to make him the ultimate pokemon(he's not really the ultimate pokemon, he just thinks he is:)). he can talk and do everything a human can. he leads team dark sky, a division of rebels that are mostly dark, ghost or dragon type.He has a salamence assistant who is very dumb

History: His trainer was planning to use him to test certain poisons so one night he decided to run away and steal all of his machinery and dna. he used the dna to make his mind develop more, so he could speak both human and pokemon. he also can build advanced macinery easily and that is why the rebels let him join and now he leads his own rebel team

there. I made him more reasonable and now team dark sky is a division of rebels

March 29th, 2008, 6:18 AM
Kamot couldn't believe what he had seen earlier. He actually saw the Zangoose that had attacked his Aipom and his pal Pikachu. As Aipom rode on his shoulder sleeping Kamot was too worried. He believed that the Zangoose was too powerful by just looking into its eyes and that no Pokemon on his squad was ready for that opponent. The other thought that occured was the thought that Zangoose wasn't the strongest of the rebellion. With that in mind Kamot knew taking down Primeape was just their luck.

As he walked a little more he saw a trainer battling against a wild Elekid. The trainer had just lost his Pokemon and then ran away. Kamot saw the look in that Elekid's eyes and knew that he was abandoned by his trainer. The Elekid turned to Kamot and shot a thunderbolt. Kamot quickly moved back. Their eyes locked and Kamot tried to talk to the Elekid. "I'm guessing that the trainer you had left you. They must have been afraid of this rebellion." Kamot held out his hand. The Elekid smacked it away and ran away. Kamot's guess was right.

March 29th, 2008, 2:38 PM
Still, missingno, he's still overpowered. You're not just controlling him, but a whole team of rebels, which is far too powerful. And, how can a Flygon really understand machinery? Even if his trainer was a scientist, it just doesn't make sense that a Pokemon can move, operate, and use it effectively. You also did not explain Team Dark Sky's origin and meaning. Please re-do it if you want to gte accepted.


"Is that so?" Kendrack growled. He lowered his head, deep in thought. This could very well be a lie. If they were with a human...

You shouldn't accuse all humans for what some of them did to you, the voice in his mind nagged.

They do worse... Not just to me. Them even existing pollutes and builds into our land...

Suddenly, an idea popped into his mind. A cruel, wicked idea, but an idea, all the same. It would prove their loyalty to the rebellion, if they had any

"You can stick with me until I leave for the raid, in that case. Then, we will look for this human of yours, and you will kill her. If you refuse to do this, I can easily take both of your lives."

At this, Kendrack snarled darkly. True, he was being quite an antagonist, but whoever said that was a bad thing? Besides, it was for the rebellion. A human, especially one with Pokemon, left alive could be dangerous to their mission, no matter what could be said about them...

March 29th, 2008, 2:46 PM
The Sneasel was looking at Sycroth angrily.

"You destroyed my home.." it said in an aggrivated, fatigued voice.

"No, it wasn't me, it was the Donphan herd. Didn't you see them?" he corrected.

Suddenly, the Sneasel collapsed, falling to the ground. Sykroth ran up to it, and observed the detail of it. The Sneasel had many battle wounds, with blood coming out of it from many scratches and slashes. Sykroth felt for a pulse, but there was none.

Sykroth suspected it was the doing of the Donphan, but then realized that the scratches were too small. He wondered what it could've been. He sadly, but quickly, departed the Sneasel, and went back to his fort, only to be stuck on this war-threatened region tomorrow.

OOC: I guess my pokemon are more on the neutral side. Could you change that on the first post you made?

March 29th, 2008, 3:06 PM
Name: Darkly
Side: Rebels
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Description: He is a black and gray flygon. he got this way by injecting himself with giratina dna(all it did is change his color and let him use shadow force).his old trainer was a scientist and when Darkly ran away, he took all his machines with him

Personality: An evil twisted pokemon that has experimented on himself to make him the ultimate pokemon(he's not really the ultimate pokemon, he just thinks he is:)). he can talk and do everything a human can. he leads team dark sky a team made up of only him and his salamence assistant who has an IQ of 2. Their goal is to make it Dark all the time so the humans will be unable to function

History: His trainer was planning to use him to test certain poisons so one night he decided to run away and steal all of his machinery and dna. Before this his trainer used dna to make his mind develop more, so he could speak both human and pokemon and build the trainer's machinery for him. as a result he can build advanced macinery easily and that is why the rebels let him join

I made him more reasonable

March 29th, 2008, 3:52 PM
“And I will be glad to assist,” Shigeko added in a honey sweet tone to Kendrack’s warning. He was certainly the dark one, yet despite that he had ‘Kendra’s trust, or some form of it, which always intrigued her. But then, ‘Kendra had always had that innocence that she herself had never had, not since she had been left to the tender mercies of that Houndoom.

“I’m fine darling.” Shigeko muttered to ‘Kendra, nosing her away with a gentleness that seemed to utterly contrast the savagery of before. Her shoulder throbbed yes, but it was but a hindrance. She would walk, and she would be damned if she was left out of this.

With a pained sigh, she attempted to heave herself up, only to lose her balance and end up on her side again.

“Oh for god’s sake!” she snarled, amber eyes narrowed as she panted and glared at the burn along her already touchy limb. She was not going to show weakness, she had to get up!

‘Kendra evidently had other ideas. Ignoring the others and seemingly oblivious to the dark words of the male Mightyena, ‘Kendra left her sister and bounced up to him, nudging his leg beseechingly, gazing up at him with large, pleading eyes to in the very least, lend her older sister some assistance.

“Please Kendrack sir?”

March 30th, 2008, 12:52 AM
*sigh* It still doesn't quite cut it, missingno. All you changed was that the trainer made him more inetlligent. I'm going to mention the biggest issue, but please, if you aren't going to do a full re-making of that sign-up, it isn't going to be accepted...

Okay, so Team Dark Sky is now only him and a Salamence? If you're intending on making it that small, why not just cut out the Salamence? And, the Salamence having an IQ of 2 is completely unrealistic. That would make the poor thing like... beyond mentally retarded... litterally. If you include the Salamence, and it's only him ans Darkly, shouldn't you give him his own sign-up as well?

It's closer, but not close enough. My advice? Re-do it from scratch, and really put some effort into it. It lacks enough description, and isn't believeable. I might also reccomend reading soem of the other sign-ups. As I'd said, mine's sort of a basic-minimum amount, and Darkly's story really seems interesting enough to write a good few sturdy paragraphs on. Sorry if it's discouraging...


As Kendrack's eyes met with the younger Mightyena's, something clicked inside his mind. Somehow, she wasn't afraid of him. Not even nervous about contact with him. No Pokemon showed that kind of acceptance for him, the twisted and horned beast. This was not expected. In fact, it earned her some respect of all things, at least in his mind. And her sister needed help...

"You two," he growled softly to 'Kendra and Shigeko, "Stay here. I'll return with a medicine-Pokemon. As for you..." he cast a glance at the Dragonair and Haunter, "Come with me. I'm not risking the chance that you'll run off if given the opportunity."

Kendrack ensured that his words were as sharp and strict as possible, to let them know of his mistrust. With a brief pause, he headed for the trees, casting a look back as soon as he began walking to make sure they were following...

March 30th, 2008, 1:20 AM
OOC: I need to say this as someone who reads up on psychology if Piez doesn't mind. missingo, someone with an IQ of two would literally need to be on life support to survive. It is impossible.

Erm Piez, I'm not trying to be an egomaniac, but would you like me to put my signup back up?


Shigeko stared at the male Mightyena, amber eyes for once, unguarded and showing her surprise and vulnerability. He was helping them? Why was he helping them? He didn’t seem to be the kind to help at all!

But then, her conscience whispered, He basically protected ‘Kendra while you were occupied. She would not have been able to take those two Pokemon on her own had they been unfriendly, she’s still too young, barely a cub. And Mightyena who didn’t own cubs generally didn’t protect them…

Shigeko shuddered inwardly. She knew what they could do. Ears drooping slightly, she allowed herself to relax ever so slightly, watching Kendrack carefully but with a touch of gratitude.

A soft smile curled ‘Kendra’s muzzle and she nodded, tail wagging happily.

“We trust you,” she said brightly, “Don’t we Shigeko?”

“I..I guess so…” Was the quiet reply.

March 30th, 2008, 7:06 AM
Name: Darkly
Side: Rebels
Gender: Male
Age: 27

Description: A black and grey flygon. he has huge twisted dragon wings and claws as long as unsharpened pencils. he has a blade on the end of his tail and eyes that glow red. he always chooses to wear a black cape. the slight downside to having the long claws is that he sometimes gets them stuck when slashing wood.his eyes also have a small hypnotizing effcet because of their glow it, only lasts for a few seconds though.

Personality: A very smart pokemon, he can build machines and polt evil plans. he is as smart as an alakazam. He is very dark and twisted. he does not care how many people or pokemon die to make his plans work. all he cares about is himself, he often kills the pokemon that fail him.he only lets his salamence assistant survive.(see next sign up sheet)

History: His trainer was an evil scientist who was trying to make the ultimate weapon. he experimented on darkly to make this happen. when all it did was boost his intelligence and change his color and looks. the scientist started plotting to kill him. but darkly overheard these plans and killed him first. Darkly took all of the scientist's equipment and flew away so he would not get caught. he soon came across the rebels and joined them. currently Darkly is one of the highest ranking admins

now for the salamence(he won't be as descriptive as he is just a normal salamence):

Name: Krusha
Side:Rebels(Darkly's assistant)
Gender: Male
Age: 20

Description: He is basically a normal salamence except for the spines running down his back

Personality: a rather stupid pokemon, he is always getting into trouble with other rebels. Nobody knows why Darkly puts up with him. he always goofs off and is usually found playing around with darkly's machines.He has an IQ of 50. He is the only pokemon that Darkly does not kill when he fails him.

History: He was born in the wild as a bagon and suffered extreme brain damage from bashing his head into walls. As a result he got extremely stupid and got kicked out of his clan. so he joined the rebels

March 30th, 2008, 8:12 AM
OOC: They're accepted, but I am expecting you not to overpower either of them in the actual RP.

Seliana, he's been accepted now, sooo... XP

Also, I'm getting rid of the little note on the starting post that tell how many Pokemon are on what side, and all that, just because I'm losing track and it isn't mattering so much to me any more.

AND, here's a little something else:


Name: Shilah (pronounced "shy-la")
Side: A Neutral Togekiss, technically.
Gender: Female
Age: 18

Description: Shilah is rather small for a Togekiss, and she severely lacks physical strength. Her creamy-white down is speckled with red and blue spots on her underbelly, as is normal, but it also has a certain sparkle to it, which is clearly visible if you're looking at her right. (She is a shiny Pokemon.) Her eyes are a deep blue in color.

Personality: Violence and fighting go against Shilah's beliefs. She never cared for causing pain and suffering, and long since vowed to never be part of any kind of battle again. However, she uses her special abilities to aide and heal others in need. Otherwise, she's rather modest, but willing to stand up for herself and sate her mind.

History: Shilah led an uneventful childhood, and was caught on the first day she left gher mother's protection. While her trainer was kind, he was also very concerned with winning battles, something she couldn't bear to do. Shilah told him she would rather be harmed than cause harm, and he ended up releasing her. She had nowhere to go, and had barely an idea of how to live wild (due to how early in life she was captured), so she decided to follow her old trainer, keeping out of sight.

By this time she had evolved into a Togetic thanks to her love for her trainer, and could fly into the trees for shelter. One night, she found herself in a tree with a Staravia who spoke of the Rebellion. The idea did not appeal to Shilah, as she understood how not all humans were cruel. Yet, she couldn't lie to herself either. Her trainer had abandoned her just for her unwillingness to fight, despite their supposed bond. It was a thought she could not argue.

At some point in time, a pair of Rebellion Pokemon murdered Shilah's trainer. At first, she was furious, but a small voice inside her whispered, he deserved it...

Shilah met the same Rebellion Pokemon son after, and one of them, a Raichu, had an infected gash on his paw. This was not the first Pokemon Shilah had healed by concentrating her moves, but it was definately the start of her "occupation".

Ever since, Shilah has operated in and with the Rebellion as a sort of medic. She would never kill or harm a human, or a fellow Pokemon for that matter, but she knew of nowhere else to go and nothing else to do. Besides, she was helping others in working with them...

Other: Shilah is not classed as a Rebellion Pokemon because it goes against her views to fight, and therefore she would not go about performing raids and the like. Also, her alliance is set to change at any given time. Her side is not set in stone by any means.

March 30th, 2008, 10:21 AM
'uh... boss?"krusha asked "WHAT!?!" Darkly screamed back "Don't you think that we should kill the captured trairner as soon as we take them hostage?" Krusha asked "No" Darkly said"we must make them suffer first, as we have suffered at their hands" "Uh... what does that mean"krusha asked "ugh... never mind... Here's a question for you! why do I put up with you?" Darkly asked "wait. on second thought, don't answer that..." "ok" "I have a plan... but we are to big to pull it off... Krusha! go get me kendrack... he might be able to help with my plan...

March 30th, 2008, 12:50 PM
Kamot had reached Violet City and immediately went to the gym. The gym leader and the others were battling a group of Pokemon. Kamot was highly concerned this was another rebellion attack so he summoned all his Pokemon. Aipom, Hoops, and Punch wer all ready to fight. The attacking group seemed to be led by a group of Dugtrio. With that in mind Kamot sent Punch and Aipom to use Focus Punch on them. The Dugtrio retreated to the holes and the attacking Diglett changed their targets to Kamot. He was in deep trouble but he had to pull through. "Hoops, steel wing and then hypnosis on the targets you miss." the Diglett were hit hard then the ones that dodged were put to sleep. Then Punch and Aipom delivered some sneaky Focus Punches. The Diglett refused to retreat like the Dugtrio had and were willing to risk their lives. Kamot was conflicted but he had to do the right thing.

Then below his feet the Dugtrio appeared and captured him with Sand Tomb. The sand was squeezing the life out of him and the trainers couldn't do anything. As he started to feel the oxygen slip a thunderbolt struck the hole gym field. Even though it was invunerable to Electric attacks the Dugtrio flinched. The sand disappeared and Kamot took the opening. Dugtrio was hit hard by Punch's brick break and was knocked back into their hole. The Diglett were very hurt from the attack so they retreated too. Kamot knew who had used thunderbolt and thanked them.

With that settled Kamot talked to Falkner about joining him in a rebellion take down. However, Falkner refused. "My Pokemon were almost killed by an army of Diglett there is no way I can help. But, I can give you my badge, that way you can use its power." but he declined. Kamot wanted to do it with Falkner not with Falkner's badge. So with that plan shot Kamot left Violet City and headed to the next gym.

March 30th, 2008, 3:07 PM
OOC: uh, missingno? Your post was a bit confusing. It didn't explain anything about your situation, and I'm not sure I'm willing to let it slide. Where are they? Why do they have humans they will torture? And you didn't describe anything about the characters or the environment. That's what RPGs are all about, and that post completely left those things out. Please re-make the post. That one did not count toward the RP. Sorry again...


Shilah lay in her next of twigs and leaves, huddled tightly into her warm feathers. She was worried. The raid had just left without its leader, and there were likely to be serious injuries. Injuries she would be expected to heal.

The Togekiss closed her night-sky-blue eyes and sighed. All around she sensed pain and confusion. Being the species she was, she had a sixth-sense, so to speak. Her aura noticed emotions, and when it felt as much sorrow as it did now, it brought her spirits down in an instant

Suddenly, an eerie howl split the silent night air. It chilled her spine and forced her weary eyes open. A call for help.

Her whole being drawn, Shilah rose and flapped her wings. In a few moments she war flying, airborne, darting toward the sound, passing tree after tree in the Ilex Forest. It was her duty to help those in need now. How could she deny such a desperate plea?

March 30th, 2008, 3:26 PM
Darkly had just captured some random trainer and was torturing him in the abandoned skyscaper that Darkly currently lives in, when...

'uh... boss?"krusha asked "WHAT!?!" Darkly screamed back "Don't you think that we should kill the captured trairner as soon as we take them hostage?" Krusha asked "No" Darkly said"we must make them suffer first, as we have suffered at their hands" "Uh... what does that mean"krusha asked "ugh... never mind... Here's a question for you! why do I put up with you?" Darkly asked "wait. on second thought, don't answer that..." "ok" "I have a plan... but we are to big to pull it off... Krusha! go get me kendrack... he might be able to help with my plan...

OOC:you are not supposed to know what his plan his... you will find out later. I explained everything this time

April 1st, 2008, 2:07 PM
OOC: Missingno, it really doesn't seem to be going well... This plan that drags Kendrack away from his current business in the Eterna Forest is a bit much, if you ask me. If you've been reading the past few posts, you'd see that there is plenty going on with him right now, and that there's more than one character that hasn't gotten involved with other RPers much yet. They'd be great chances to start getting Darkly involved, but Kendrack really doesn't seem to fit in with this at all. If you insist, I suppose I can try to work around it to fit in what's already going on, but it would be better if you could consider meeting up with another RPer...

April 5th, 2008, 11:41 PM
OOC: Sorry Seliana.. In my last post I meant to type Shigeko and ended up typing Sakendra instead. *fixes post* I'm perfectly aware of who your characters are. But maybe I (and perhaps others) would have been less confused if you had re-posted your signup. (hint hint)

Missingno: You can attack my character if you want. Just kidding. She's already gonna be.

Telvia tooked to Kaleni, up at the sky, at Kendrack, at Shigeko, at Sakendra, and back at Kaleni again, the now beady-eyed Dragonair who kept looking between the little Poochyena and the two Mightyena. When Telvia looked at her, she had an apologetic look on her face.
"Now what?" Kaleni whispered to Telvia.
"Hold on, I think I can get us out of here..." Telvia whispered back.

Then Telvia fired two Shadow Balls into the sky. However, when they reached an area of sky some hundred feet above the trees, they materialised into what looked like lines of black smoke...
"Is that so?" Kendrack's voice brought Telvia's attention back to the forest. "You can stick with me until I leave for the raid, in that case. Then, we will look for this human of yours, and you will kill her. If you refuse to do this, I can easily take both of your lives."
"And I will be glad to assist," Shigeko added, trying with a bit of difficulty to get up.

After that, Sakendra went over and said something to Kendrack, a plead of some sort. Then Kendrack mentioned Shigeko and Sakendra staying there, and afterward...
"As for you... Come with me. I'm not risking the chance that you'll run off if given the opportunity."
Telvia and Kaleni looked at each other, glad that Kendrack did not see the shapes the two Shadow Balls Telvia fired took (they just looked like smoky lines from underneath anyways).
"Come on, now's our chance to get out of here!" Kaleni whispered to Telvia.
"Oh we will eventually..." Telvia whispered back, "but not now. I think now it's best if we followed Kendrack."
"But why? You heard what he said--we have to kill Suneora!"
"...And we'll find a way out of it," Telvia whispered, as she pulled Kaleni by the ear. "Now come on, let's go..."

Kaleni followed uncertainly behind Telvia as the two wandered through the forest behind Kendrack. Kaleni looked mildly frightened as to what would happen, but Telvia did not. In fact, she eyed Kendrack with a look of displeasure on her face, a look that communicated both "You must be crazy" and "You have frightened my sister" when Kendrack looked back. As long as Kendrack (or any of the rebels for that matter) were nearby, Telvia would do anything to protect Kaleni, and it seemed that Kaleni would do anything to protect Suneora. Yet right now, Telvia and Kaleni had to pretend that they were indeed intent on killing Suneora.
"Oh come on Kaleni, if you cry I'll throw a Shadow Ball in your face," Telvia whispered to Kaleni, trying to sound a bit harsh.


Meanwhile, in Azalea Town...
"Shite lati-na
Suni-no sai shile mord-na
Sio meitura ida kaora
Ri tou-bi toli, sen latria."
By the time Suneora finished singing the lullaby (Shimuri had provided humming accompaniment), Kaminda was fast asleep, a smile on her face. Of course, nobody could blame her--it really was a happy and calming song, one that always seemed to bring a smile to Kaminda and Shimuri and even Nemora when they heard it. It told about a musical instrument that produced no sound, yet seemed to give those nearby a wonderful feeling that felt a lot like music, the song of their souls. It was quite possibly one of the most popular folk songs from Suneora's home planet, or most definitely the happiest and most beautiful. Which was odd--folk songs were few and far between back there, since most people came up with their own songs to play or sing, based on their own observations of life and its wonders. Or at least that was an idea that was strongly encouraged worldwide--expressing one's creativity was of utmost importance indeed, creativity being one of the so-called twelve wonders of life. That certainly was a quiality that produced beautiful results...

Suneora and the Pokemon were also waiting for Kaleni and Telvia to meet them, as usual. However, the two Pokemon seemed to be taking quite a long time to arrive... But perhaps it meant nothing. Suneora knew perfectly well that Telvia and Kaleni liked to spend some time alone. She even remembered an occasion in the past when she visited Mt. Moon, and Telvia and Kaleni proposed going off on their own for a while. While the two were away, Suneora, Kaminda, Nemora, and Shimuri wandered into Mt. Moon and ended up getting lost. They ended up having to stay in the mountain for two days before finally finding a way out, and by that time Kaleni and Telvia still had not arrived at the meeting spot they had picked out. They instead arrived a day later, having encountered a group of Clefairy and even got to participate in their annual Moon Stone ritual. Suneora was just thinking about that incident, while Nemora continued to slither in a circle and Kaminda continued to snooze and Shimuri continued to sit and hum.

"Se-viper!" Nemora shouted all of a sudden, causing Suneora and the other two Pokemon to look her way. For above the forest, a couple of shadowy shapes appeared. The first was an exclamation point, and the second was some sort of dog-like shape. These shapes hovered in the air a few seconds before quickly vanishing.
"Oh!" Suneora jumped up at the sight of this, waking Kaminda up. But not by much--the sleepy Cherrim yawned and kept her eyes closed. She was still thinking about that latria Suneora sang about, still wondering what it was, what it looked like, and especially how it sounded.

But now Suneora knew that Kaleni and Telvia were in trouble, as the exclamation point signified. The dog-shape thingy probably indicated the cause of the trouble, although it wasn't very clear as to what it was. Maybe, though, it was a rebel Pokemon... in which case Suneora had to help them.
"Shimuri, for a while would you mindly protect Kaminda?" Suneora asked hastily. For her, it was easy to tell she was in a panic, because her speech would be messed up--she would not be thinking about non-native language use while in a panic.
"Chiru chiru tarisu," Shimuri replied, as if to agree--and so let Kaminda sleep instead on a nice, soft, cottony wing.

"Kami ata tou nave," Suneora said to Nemora, inviting her to come along with her.
And with that, Suneora bolted towards the forest, her intent set on helping Telvia and Kaleni with whatever it was that was troubling them. Nemora followed behind, excited at the possibility of fighting rebel Pokemon.
"Viper... viper..."
Although Nemora had a bit of a hard time catching up with Suneora, she slithered along the forest floor as best she could, occasionally getting poked by sharp sticks on the floor. True, a Seviper could travel a little faster than a human could, but Suneora was definitely one of the faster humans out there, and Nemora had the disadvantage of having a rough surface to slither on, and trees to maneuver around. At least the good thing was that she could feel Suneora's footsteps from quite a distance away, so if she couldn't see her anymore, she could still find her. Which was good at this point, for just then Suneora leaped over a tree stump, weaved between a couple of trees, and disappeared behind some bushes, not losing speed during any of it.

As Suneora ran, she occasionally glanced to the side in the hopes of finding Telvia or Kaleni. But once she got a little bit further, she bumped into something... It was too small and soft to be a tree--it felt more like a bird of some sort. As Suneora got a look, she realised she had bumped into a Togetic, who apparently was also in a hurry.
"Oh, sorry, really, I am sorry..." Suneora panted, bowing slightly to the Togetic.
OOC: Hmm, both Suneora and Shilah seem to be in a hurry to help someone...

April 6th, 2008, 10:45 AM
Kamot had just reached Azalea town and found that Bugsy was ready to help him in the rebellion attack. So Bugsy decided to take some of Kamot's rebellion balls and captured the Pokemon that he was keeping locked up. Bugsy chuckled as he now had an army to protect his gym and the town. As thanks Bugsy tried to give Kamot his badge. Once again he denied the badge then left the gym. He looked over to the forest and got a weird feeling. Kamot understood this place was about to be attacked so he went to Kurt's house. Once he got into Kurt's house they started to discuss how they could improve the abilities of the rebellion balls. They thought of adding the abilities of the other pokeballs to the rebellion balls. Kamot thought that was a good idea so he started to go pick some acorns and helped bill add the abilities. The other pokemon layed on the floor and napped as they were tried from travelling. Aipom soon sensed a strange vibe and jumped out the window. Kamot took a rebellion ball that was ready and went with Aipom. Kamot knew something was bugging him. When he reached Aipom he was standing outside the forest ready to fight something.

April 6th, 2008, 1:51 PM
"Toge?" Shilah yelped, realizing that she had just flown straight into something. Her eyes widened. It was a human!

Just... Just fly away. Don't tell anyone... Just go.

The howl came again, this time even more pleadingly desperate... Shilah stared straight into the human female's eyes, a feeling of curiosity rising in her mind. The next second, she sook it off. Now was not the time.

"Togek..." she seemingly whispered under her breath. Then, she flapped her wings and darted back into the trees, toward the howl, half fearing that she would be chased and captured, and somehow, half-fearing she would not see the human again.


"Why isn't help coming?" hissed Kendrack. He was growing agitated now. His howls were an obvious plea for help, seeing as it would be better to get someone to come to 'Kendra rather than to have to lead them back. It would take less time. Then he could proceed with the raid.

Glancing back at the two Pokemon following him, he recieved a furious glare from the Haunter's red eyes.

"I don't decide the laws the Rebellion sets into place," Kendrack growled coldly, "Did you honestly expect me to simply let you both go?"

Then came an unfamiliar scent. A flicker of noise came to his ears. Someone was coming. By the sounds of it, they were flying.

April 10th, 2008, 6:02 PM
OOC: And now it's Telvia and Kaleni who have nothing to do.

As the Togetic flew off, Suneora saw that it was headed in the exact same direction Suneora was initially heading. Therefore, she decided to follow it. Maybe there was even the possibility that she was answering a distress call, one that came from Telvia or Kaleni perhaps. So Suneora continued her previous routine of running and jumping over obstacles and weaving in and out and around trees... although Shilah was flying faster than she could ever run, even if the ground was level. But Suneora continued running. Occasionally the thought of how Kaleni and Telvia were doing entered her mind, but for now most of her focus was on the path ahead of her, so as to minimise her chances of running into something or someone else.

Meanwhile, Nemora sat still for a while, having slithered over a sharp pinecone a few seconds earlier. But she did focus on the ground underneath her after a while, laying the entire length of her body on the ground to feel for vibrations... and soon enough she sensed the pattering of footsteps moving swiftly away from her. Knowing this to be Suneora, Nemora raised her head back up and continued through the forest, heading in the direction of Suneora's footsteps. She tried to hurry up a bit, in case someone attacked Suneora upon reaching her destination...

As Suneora got closer to her destination, she heard howling... most likely coming from a Pokemon. As she was wondering where it came from, she slowed to a stop near a clearing, where there was a Poochyena, a Mightyena, a Roserade, and a dead Quilava, and a glimpse of the Togetic she saw earlier. Fortunately she was far away enough so that none of these Pokemon could see her, but she wondered if they could hear or smell her... and therefore kept her guard up.

A hiss sounded behind Suneora, who turned around to see that Nemora had arrived. Nemora had just spotted the Pokemon in the clearing, wondering if they were rebels or not. If any of them were, she would be prepared for battle...
"Nemora," Suneora whispered, "I follow that Togetic... I will... all right?"
Again Suneora had messed up her grammar in a state of (however mild) panic...

OOC: I'll end it here to give Shilah a chance to do whatever she wants to do before Suneora finds Kaleni and Telvia... and to give Shigeko and Sakendra (and maybe Emerald, if AExcalibur posts) a chance to encounter Suneora.

April 10th, 2008, 10:46 PM
OOC: Ugh! Guys I am so sorry for any scarcity from me! I've lost my Net and am currently on my Nan's. I promise to try and get on when I can, like now.

Shigeko stiffened at the howl, her nose twitching and realising it was the male Mightyena...Kendrack, hadn't 'Kendra called him that? Shigeko frowned slightly, struggling once more and muffling her fear of being vulnerable as the burn twinged. Damn it! This was not supposed to be so hard; it was only a burn! A burn in a hell of a spot on her scarred neck but still...

Chest billowing as she breathed deeply, Shigeko turned to regard Sakendra silently, her amber eyes both seeking and accusing. The young Poochyena had the grace to look sheepish, but she quickly backed it up, tossing her young head stubbornly.

"Shigeko, he was protecting me when those human smelling Pokemon came. He could have killed me when we saw each other, but he didn't!"

"And what was stopping him from killing me as I am now?"

"He looks scary, he does, I know he does Sister. But I still like him, and I know you felt like you could trust him too, because you NEVER let anyone help us!"

'Kendra's ears drooped slightly. "Besides, I don't like us always being alone. I want to make a friend, and he's a good choice, because he's like us!"

Shigeko looked as though she wanted to argue, but as usual, her baby sister's wide eyes and simple, childish logic won over, and she sighed, shifting slightly. The blood from the Quilava still clung to her, and the metallic smell was actually starting to get to her in her vulnerability.

It hadn't fogged her senses though, and a soft sound immediately carried to her ears. She stiffened at the unfamiliar scent, swivelling her head towards the front of them. Likewise, Sakendra stiffened, her ears flattening against her head. She wasn't a strong fighter, she was too young...and Shigeko was out! Sakendra glanced at her sister's quickened breathing as Shigeko began to growl, and a terrifying though came to the young Pokemon.

What if it was a HUMAN?

That did it. Not caring if it wasn't a human, 'Kendra did the only thing she could think of. Backing towards her sister protectively, her tail swished violently as she threw her head back and howled. It was shriller than her sister's and broken, the cry of a young one only testing her lungs, but it was a howl. A howl for help, the only image in the cub Pokemon's mind that of her newest, to her, protector.

April 12th, 2008, 12:30 PM
Kendrack's fur stood up on end as he caught a whiff of the air. His eyes widened and his heart skipped a beat. I smell it. Human. And a Poison Pokemon... That can't be good. Especially not for 'Kendra's wounded sister...

He was about to turn to the two Pokemon he'd taken as prisoners, so to speak, and to act as if he were completely calm with the situation when in reality he was growing quite frightful. Something stopped him, however. A flurry of shimmering, glowing white feathers. A Togekiss. A shiny one.

"I heard your howling cries," she explained in a gentle, honey-like voice, "You are in need of aid? I am a healer of the Rebellion."

"Back there, by the tree in the clearing," Kendrack growled, "There's a wounded female Mightyena."

The Togekiss nodded and zoomed off, guided by the sound of another, much weaker howl. Kendrack looked to the Dragonair and Haunter.

"Do you sense that? A human is nearby. This may be your first chance to prove your loyalty."

His tone was very serious, and all fear had left his crimson-colored eyes. It was clearly pointed out by his expression that he would expect them to kill the human, be it their trainer or someone comepletely harmless.

April 24th, 2008, 10:50 AM
Kamot and Aipom had stood around long enough so he got his bags and pokemon. He ran outside to the forest and rushed in with Aipom clinging to his shoulder. While he ran a mysterious pokemon was following them, but it wasn't a rebel pokemon. Kamot suddenly stopped and saw a group of pokemon together. The pokemon didn't seem too friendly and one of them looked like they had just got done fighting. Kamot's leg started to shake as he could feel that he had gotten into deep trouble. Aipom rubbed his head and soon the shacking started to stop.The Mightyena that was standing with a Dragonair and Haunter was the one givng out a bad aura. He knew he wasn't ready to fight them. Then a pokemon appeared by his side. The pokemon was the Elekid that had protected him at the Violet City gym. Elekid was ready to fight, but at the same time wasn't ready. Kamot grabbed Elekid by the arm and decided they would leave and get stronger. So they attempted to rush out before the pokemon noticed them. As he walked out he stepped on a twig and knew what was next.