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March 17th, 2008, 4:11 PM
There are a few open spots in this RP..

Many thousand years ago, an ancient underground city was constructed to dedicate the friendship between Pokemon and Humans, as they have been living in prosperity for even more years before.

This discovery has been a wonderful feat for a team of Pokemon Researchers, including our own, Professor Rowan.

We don't know why the ruins have been abandoned. They have complex sewer systems, and a way to deploy fresh water to every establishment. "This structure is still strong enough to last another hundred years," says the team's Professor Elm.

We are now offering tourist attractions here, in Eterna. Just go to the big pokemon statue, and look behind the old Galactic Building.
The television was blaring on the station. All of the channels were turned onto this live report.

The novice trainer, Solis, was in the long line to get into this ancient place. The stairway that led to the underground metropolis was extremely long, perhaps even a mile. It took forever to get to the admission stands, but when finally he was in, he took a look around. He saw many twisted and dark alleyways, and many more small Pokemon that have lived here for years, possibly.

Even though there were tons of people, the metropolis was so gigantic that it seemed scarcely full.

There was a sudden deafening crack from above. He saw the light of day from the tall cave ceiling from above him. The crack was soon a rumbling roar, with gigantic boulders hurdling towards the ground below. When Solis turned back, the last thing he saw was a Team Galactic emblem at the entrance, barricading people from escaping. He then was hit in the head by a heavy rock, and fell to the ground.

Where you come in:
Why was Team Galactic there? Was it part of a plan?
You are one of the few survivors of the tremor. Your job is to find a way out of the ruin. As the ground has shifted so much, the exit is covered and destroyed, so escape is no easy matter. Perhaps you will find documents and records of the old city. May be you will help find other survivors. Perhaps you will even find out the mystery of why it collapsed in the first place, and try to stop Team Galactic yet again.

1. Create up to 2 characters (they must be humans!) and give reasons why they have traveled so far to see these ruins. You can create another and introduce them in the middle of the RP, but please PM me for the sign-up. You can also switch them in and out, but I won't allow more than a few times.

I will be accepting up to 10 sign ups. If it has taken too long to accumulate, I will start if we have a reasonable amount of people.

Here is the sign up sheet:


Gender (please no jokes, here TT):

Nicknames (if any):

(What they look like)

(This includes why they are here!) (You can make a list of achievements, like how many badges, ribbons, pokemon caught, etc.)

(max of 6):
(Please don't make overpowered teams!)

(max of 4)
(Please keep moves in boundaries of the species!)

(How the Pokemon became known as a part of your character's team.)

* These are things you may make multiples of

If you're lazy, you can copy and paste this into the reply spot:









Once will result in a warning, two in a temporary ban from the RP, and thrice will result in permanent ban from the RP.

Rule 3: Godmodding and Controlling others' characters (can't remember what it's called at the time) is unacceptable, unless you PM the controller and me, first.

Rule 4: I want no arguments in this RP (even if it happens to die..), if you must, please do so through PM.

Rule 5: No extreme or pointless vulger language will be tolerated. Only use those words when they express extreme feelings.

Rule 6: I forgot to originally post:THIS RP IS RATED PG-13!!

Rule 7: Have fun! If you were a sensible person, these rules would be nothing to worry about. Use common sense and you'll be fine.

If I forgot anything, I will edit this post.
If you have any questions, please refer here. If you're not satisfied in your answer, PM me and I will help you out.

Spots (excluding me):
1. Gyro-Accepted
2. Accepted~ Trainer Kat
3. ArKannine, accepted~
4. Quasar99-accepted!~
5. .Nero.-accepted~
6. Ninetails- Accepted~
7. Stantler - accepted~
8. Obi-Wan Jerkobi - accepted
Sign ups for this RP are currently OPEN until further notice. This only may happen if those who are reserved for editing do not finish their sign-up soon (perhaps five days)

My sign up:
Name: Solis


Gender: Male

Appearance: (age 14) Solis stands about 5'4", with a slim build. He has somewhat short, blond, spiky hair, and wears a plain black baseball cap over his head. He wears a green T-shirt over a gray long sleeve shirt, and some tan-colored khakis. He has brown sneakers that he always wears.

In his deep blue eyes, there is a hint of defiance, signifying that will never give up a challenge.

Personality: A bright, sunny personality. He is always in an upright attitude, and is willing to help others. He is somewhat lazy, but tries to keep active. He is also somewhat forgetful, and always seems to have something on his mind. No matter the problem, Solis tries to learn something from every experience he encounters. In battle, he relies on his wits; he knows his Pokemon aren't the toughest. He always thinks of quick plans to maximize his growing team's power. He is somewhat of a pushover in battle. If he thinks that he is battling too rough he will let up on the strong attacks and give the foe some time to recover. This empathy proves to be his biggest weakness.

History: Solis has just recently become a Trainer of Sinnoh, perhaps just a week ago. He lives in Pastoria, next to the expansive Marsh Area. He already has a respectable team at his hand for the short time he has had Pokemon.

Solis's father had given him his first pokemon, an Oddish, unlike his friends, who have all had pokemon since they were ten. When he got his team started after catching them right away, he started right away on his journey.

Solis has just gotten his 2nd Gym badge from Gardenia, and has just seen the tourist site, so he decided to take a look around...


Nickname: [none]
History: Just read Solis's history
Moveset: Mega Drain, Sleep Powder, Energy Ball, Ingrain

Nickname: Namna
History: Solis was in the Safari Zone Great Marsh Pokemon Catching contest. He had just caught a Yanma at the time, and decide to look for a better Pokemon, such as a Drapion or Croagunk. When one finally appeared, it quickly fled. Since Solis was DQ'd from using up his 500 steps, he only got to keep the Yanma, but Solis still treated Yanma with great respect, and they soon became good friends.
Moveset: Supersonic, Sonicboom, Bugbuzz, Quick Attack

Nickname: [none]
History: Solis was just outside of Pastori, in the deep woods. He saw a purple object squirming in a tree, and decided to take a look. When he got closer, it was an odd Pokemon, obviously not native to this region. He took advantage of this opportunity, and tossed a Pokeball and captured the creature. A while afterward, he nursed it back to health at the local pokemon center and brought it home. It was still a little injured, so he let it sleep in his bed for the night. Soon afterward, Solis gained Drifloon's trust, and Drifloon became part of Solis's team.
Moveset: Gust, Ominous Wind, Stockpile, Swallow

March 27th, 2008, 9:12 AM
Name: ArKannine


Black spiked hair, 14 years-looking, around 5"58, slim body, eyes as black as the darkiest night, and always wearing an orange shirt with red flames, red pants, Black shoes, and an orange/red cap.He have a very lightly brown skin, and is very beautyfull.

He found his first pokemon while he was watching his older sister train.He is the son of the fire gym leader, and his sister was training in the gym, because no one chalenged her father that day, when he found a pokeball in the bleachers.He discovered that it was a Growlithe when it suddenly got out of the pokeball.He trained a bit with his new pokemon, but it was late and he had to go back home.He tried to get Growlithe to his pokeball, but growlithe didnt wanted to.He didnt wanteed his father to know that he found a pokemon, because he knew that his father would told him to give it back to its owner.But one week later the Growlithe appeared at his room at started to lick Ark"s father face.But Ark convinced him to let Growlithe stay.In his 13 years old B-day, his father gave him a fire sotone and Growlithe evolved.


Nickname: [none]
History:See above
Moveset:Aerial Ace, Flamethrower, Dragon Rage and Extremespeed

Nickname: [none]
History: One day, a guy named Fred went to the safari zone because he needed a Phanpy to complete the national dex.He went to the safari zone looking for Phapy, when a mighty Rhyhorn appeared to him.He called for help, as he could not face a Rhyhorn.The safari staff came and helped him, giving the Rhyhorn some pokeblocks and then capturing it.After he left the safari zone, some Bullyes stoled the safari ball from him, and accidentally released him in the city.He almost destroyed everything, but ArK"s dad came and defeated him.After capturing the Rhyhorn, it gave the ball to his son.After many time of training, the Rhyhorn evolved to Rhydon.
Moveset:Thunderbolt, Flamethrower. Surf and Blizzard
(i know its not a common moveset, but he can learn all of these moves!)

Nickname: [none]
History: ArK caught linoone while his father were teaching him about pokemon.After he explained everything that he had to do to catch a pokemon, it was time to practice it.After damaging Linoone, he caught it.
Moveset:Thief, quick attack, headbutt, fury swipes.

Oh, and he was at the ruins because his dad was amazed with the discovered underground city, and took his son to see it with him.

March 27th, 2008, 12:45 PM
Name: Rayne

Nicknames: None

Description: Rayne is of average height for a typical 16 year old male and stands at about 5'6'' with a lean build. He has light brown skin and hazel green colored eyes. Rayne's hair is a deep, dark brown color and is kept somewhat low-cut. He wears a light gray short sleeved fleece shirt and red colored fleece shorts, along with a red vest and light gray shoes.

History: Rayne hails from the small town of Littleroot in the Hoenn region. All his life, he was raised closely with pokemon. His father worked in his family's breeding center and was also a veteran pokemon coordinator. When he was young, Rayne would often travel with his dad to many different places and watch him perform in contests. All the travelling and being with his dad inspired him to start his own journey. On his 16th birthday, Rayne decided to begin his own pokemon journey to fufill his dream of seeing the world and to become an elite pokemon trainer. So far during his journey, Rayne has won 4 badges and has captured 4 pokemon.

After winning his 4th badge, Rayne decided to make a trip back to his hometown and to visit his family. His dad was very glad to see him. One day while he was watching TV, he saw a news broadcast about a very popular tourist attraction in Eterna. The broadcast was about an ancient city built thousands of years ago. Interested, Rayne hastily called the marina in Slateport City to get information on the next ship departing for Eterna. There werent many tickets left, so Rayne cut his home visit short and headed to Slateport City. He bought a ticket to board the ship, and left the next day to head for the ancient city in Eterna.


Name: Sneasel
Nickname: Cutter
History: Cutter was Rayne's first pokemon. As a present for his 16th birthday, his dad gave him one of the pokemon eggs from the family breeding center. He took good care of the egg, and it later on hatched into a baby Sneasel. Rayne began his journey with the Sneasel, and the two have a very close bond.
Moveset: Avalanche, Night Slash, Quick Attack, Double Team

Name: Lombre
Nickname: Luko
History: Luko was Rayne's second pokemon. While sleeping beside a small lake, Rayne felt something poking him on his leg. He woke up to find a curious Lotad nudging at his pocket, which held a few pokemon treats. Rayne gave the Lotad a few treats, which made it happy. However, when he tried to leave the Lotad followed him, seeming to have taken a liking to him after receving poketreats. Rayne decided to keep the Lotad and train it, where it later evolved into Lombre.
Moveset: Water Pulse, Razor leaf, Zen Headbutt, Synthesis

Name: Quilava
Nickname: Flare
History: Flare was Rayne's third pokemon. After winning his 3rd badge in Mauville City, Rayne began to make his way to Fallarbor Town. However, before he reached Fallarbor he made a stop at Mt. Chimney, where he encountered a wild Cyndaquil. He caught the Cyndaquil, and it later evolved into Quilava during his 4th gym battle.
Moveset: Flame Wheel, Swift, Ember, Quick Attack

Name: Trapinch
Nickname: None
History: Trapinch is Rayne's most recently caught pokemon, and was caught right before he returned home to visit his family in Littleroot. Rayne encountered the Trapinch while in the desert east of Lavaridge Town. Although Rayne hasnt had it for that long, he's trained it pretty well.
Moveset: Sand Tomb, Crunch, Sandstorm, Dig

March 27th, 2008, 1:48 PM
Oh, and he was at the ruins cuz his dad was amazed with the discovered underground city, and taked his son to see it with him.

Good job, Gyro! Accepted. And ArKannine, you could use some work. I'm not sure if you were in a hurry or what, but take a look at what I quoted. Your punctuation wasn't the best, and I need to see more on the appearance. You can work on your vocab, too. I don't want to see "cuz" or anything unless it's dialogue. Other that that, I can tell you put some effort into it, so the most I can do is reserve you. If you need help, don't be afraid to PM me! (please don't post a new sign-up, just edit it ^.^) With that being applied, reserved!

EDIT: ArKannine, can you also tone down the pokemon you own? I don't mind the Arcanine, since it's your "star pokemon," but can you make the others an evolution downward.. if that's correct to say. And make their history longer, at least 4 sentences.

Trainer Kat
March 27th, 2008, 3:02 PM
Silhouette -- This is my placeholder. XD I'll be working on it tonight, and should have it finished in a few hours, but I'd hate to have this RP fill up before I got a chance to post it. :< I plan on having two characters, by the way. <3 Oh, and I hope you don't mind that I included gender and age.

Red designates a female Pokémon, blue designates male.

Name: Alita Parkman

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Description: Alita is often described as quite beautiful. She's slender, standing at about 5'5". Long brown hair streams down her back, so light it could almost be considered sandy blonde. The locks grace the bottom of her shoulder blades. Oftentimes, she wears this hair up in a high ponytail, her bangs, cut straight across her forehead, hanging down into her eyes. Alita has piercing blue eyes the color of the ocean, surrounded by perfectly shaped eyelashes, which she never needs to curl prior to mascara application. Her eyes are slightly slanted. She is pale, her light skin beautiful against her pink lips. Her makeup is such that it isn't drastic, yet remains noticeable. She restricts herself to simple black eyeliner and mascara. Alita wears a sleeveless sky-blue dress, cinched around the waist. She also wears a midnight blue bandanna around her neck, and midnight blue pumps, complete with ankle straps.

Alita is outwardly very nice. She is outgoing, and makes friends very easily. She lives the life of someone from a soap opera, always out in the city, or at various social events. Oftentimes, she has an extremely upbeat personality, a smile plastered permanently onto her face. However, this is a mere illusion. Inside, she can be spiteful, a little she-devil. One can never be sure if she is truly a friend, as she doesn't hold back in terms of talking bad about others. She has an insanely short fuse, and blows up or gets hysterical at the drop of a hat. Though Alita has her nice moments, these are few and far between. The cruel side of Alita is rarely seen.

History: Born in Violet City to a pair of Pokémon breeders, Alita Parkman grew up around Pokémon her whole life. Her brother, too, followed in the footsteps of their parents. However, Alita had no desire to be another legacy. After her brother became a breeder, she obtained her first Pokémon from him, making the decision to become a famous Pokémon trainer, a rather convenient decision, since the first gym was run in her hometown. After training for some time, she challenged Falkner, snagging her first gym badge. Her fight with Bugsy, however, did not go quite as well. Alita lost miserably, throwing her into a downward spiral. It was at that moment that she decided to give up training Pokémon, instead devoting all her energy into coordinating. She has yet to win any ribbons, though she is devoted to making her Pokémon as beautiful as she. Alita decided to visit the ruins in an effort to get on TV, due to the massive news coverage.


Moveset: Pound, Growl, Bubble, Peck

History: Piplup was Alita's first Pokémon. It remains her favorite to this day. Piplup was given to her by her brother, who was a beginning breeder. His Prinplup had had a litter of Piplups. One such penguin Pokémon was instantly rejected by his siblings, the result of being the runt of the litter. For its safety, Piplup was given to Alita, a few months prior to her visit to the ruins. He immediately became attached to Alita, much like a baby does to its mother. Piplup often stays in his owner's loving arms, as opposed to his Pokéball. It is a source of safety for him.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/gbg180.gif Flaffy
Moveset: Thunder Wave, Thunderbolt, Double Team, Focus Punch

History: Flaffy was Alita's first capture, obtained as a Mareep. The Pokémon was encountered just on the outskirts of her hometown, Violet City. Though Piplup was a water Pokémon, and a baby one at that, the Mareep wasn't a horrible challenge. She proved to be a wonderful investment, demolishing Falkner's flying-type Pokémon with little to no effort. It was towards the end of Alita's battle with Bugsy that Mareep evolved into the more powerful Flaffy. Though Alita ultimately lost that battle, she was left with an even bigger prize--her first evolved Pokémon.

Moveset: Absorb, Leaf Storm, Stun Spore, Toxic

History: Budew was hatched from an egg given to Alita by an elderly man running a day care in Goldenrod City. He was a family friend, acquainted with the Parkmans through the mutual interest in breeding. A Roselia had been dropped off at the daycare, and surprisingly produced an egg a few hours after arrival. Its trainer had neglected to take the egg with him upon retrieving Roselia. Having nowhere to keep the Pokémon, the daycare owner offered the egg to Alita, who graciously accepted. Within days, the egg hatched, revealing a male Budew. Alita was surprised to learn that it knew a special egg move, Leaf Storm. Budew is undergoing training to become a future contest Pokémon.

Name: Jack Wellington

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Description: Jack is, to put it simply, what every male aspires to be in terms of appearance. At 6'0, he is an ideal height. His dark brown hair is worn in a shaggy style, parted down the middle, choppy fringe falling just above his eyelids. The rest of his hair lightly graces his chin, but dares not fall further. Jack has a slender physique, accentuated by slight muscle. His eyes are a sparkling emerald green hue. His skin is pale, flawless in texture, not a hint of acne to be found. His lips are thin, rose-colored. His abdomen is hugged by a tight-fitting black tee-shirt, atop of which he wears a white button down tee-shirt, which he leaves open and unbuttoned. On his left wrist, he wears a black sweatband, and on the right side of his hips, a single silver chain dangles. On his right thumb, he also wears a thick ring, decorated with an ornate celtic design. Jack wears light blue jeans, overtop of which you can see the waistband of his boxers. On his person, he carries a cell phone, and is almost never without it. He speaks in a smooth British accent. Yes, Jack is incredibly attractive.

Unfortunately, ugly people never have the appearance to match. And that's exactly what Jack is--an ugly person. Though he looks good, he's not one to associate with. Jack is rude, and will not hesitate to take advantage of others. He is a thief of sorts--while he has never stolen anything tangible, Jack has the habit of sneaking in to places where he does not belong...and not paying for it, of course. He is arrogant, and holds himself in the highest possible regard. He gets annoyed with others easily, often resorting to spouting rude remarks at those around him. Jack is also an incorrigible flirt. It's possible that he has a softer side...he just has yet to reveal it.

History: Jack was born twenty years ago to a wealthy family in Vermillion City. He had been given anything his little infant heart desired, and that happened to be a lot. He was given private tutors. He was taught piano, a skill that he still retains to this day. However, despite all the Pokémon memorabilia he owned, Jack was not allowed to own an actual Pokémon. His parents told him it was dangerous, he could get hurt. This, Jack didn't like. Though he was merely five, he felt he could handle a Pokémon. Despite his protests, his parents would not give him what he truly wanted. Being the spoiled brat he is, he couldn't let the issue go.

Now, we're brought to Jack's kindergarten years. He was still forced to go through intensive study sessions, which he slowly began to distance himself from. Jack's one goal was to obtain a Pokémon and go on a journey, never mind that he wasn't even old enough to go outside without being watched constantly by his parents. It was at this time that he met his first friend, a sickly ebony-haired boy named Rem. This boy was frail, unable to go outside for extended periods of time due to a chronic heart condition. Jack never minded. He would go visit Rem (with his parents by his side, of course!), and play with him inside. Slowly, the two boys became closer. Rem, too, wanted to be a Pokémon trainer, though he accepted the fact that he would never be able to, due to his illness. Nevertheless, the two boys would often go on "adventures" around the house, challenging and defeating the gym leaders one by one. These adventures would often end with a warm plate of cookies and Jack's departure.

Upon reaching the age of eight, Jack convinced his parents to allow him to go to public school. Initially, the request had shocked his mother into fainting, but Jack soon explained that he desired to interact with more people. Plus, Rem was to be entering public school as well, his heart problem mild for the time being. The two friends were soon joined by a girl around their age, a small blonde named Mia. Of course, it was obvious from the beginning that both boys liked Mia, planting the seeds of jealousy in them both. However, their friendship was not so easily ruined--the two had been inseparable for three years, after all. Unfortunately, this was all about to change.

When the three were in middle school, at the ripe age of thirteen, Rem set his mind to the task of asking Mia out. Of course, this didn't sit too well with Jack, who instantly planted his fist in Rem's face upon learning that he had every intention of asking Mia out. Ultimately, neither boy worked up the courage to do it--despite being her two best friends, neither of them thought they had a chance with Mia, one of the most popular girls in school. The two became rivals. This was rectified shortly, when Mia told them she would never date either of them, and that they were too good of friends to let something like this come between them. Surprisingly, they both accepted this explanation and became best friends once more.

And now, we've reached the turning point in Jack's life. The three best friends were all fifteen. It was the start of high school, the beginning of their freshman year. Only two of them would make it to the start of the week. On the first day of high school, Jack received a phone call from Rem's hysterical mother, who told him that Rem had passed away in his sleep. Jack's reaction had been pure shock. The phone fell from his fist, and he backed into the corner, curling up into a ball. He did not go to school that week. Instead, he sat in his room and cried until his body was completely devoid of water. When he finally emerged, he looked sick as can be, and had to miss yet another week due to illness.

It was then that Jack changed dramatically. By the start of sophomore year, he was dating Mia. The two were now practically polar opposites--Mia spent all her time in the library studying, and Jack went out on his weekends, drinking his days away. Despite this, the two seemed happy together. That is, until Jack found out that he was about to become a father. He panicked, and, while he told Mia he would support her and the child, he was scared. After all, they were merely sixteen years old. He got his way out, however. It so happened that one day, in the midst of cleaning (it was a work scholarship--Mia didn't have enough money to pay for books), Mia fell down the stairs, causing her to lose the baby. The reason as to why she fell remains unknown.

Jack set his mind to one thing, then. He would live the dream--both his and Rem's. He would be a world-class Pokémon trainer. His chance came a few weeks later, in the form of a small, fiery Magby starting fires across the city. You can imagine his excitement when he remembered Magmar had been Rem's favorite Pokémon. He battled his way across Kanto, earning a grand total of six badges (he never got around to beating Blaine or Giovanni). However, this dream was not without temptation. By now, Jack had become a bad person, resorting to thievery and deceit. He is in the process of joining Team Galactic, though none of the members seem to like him much. They often keep him out of the loop, never telling him of their plans. Jack decided to go to the ruins, as it would be a place chock-full of trainers, their Pokémon ripe for the plucking.

Moveset: Flamethrower, Smokescreen, Giga Impact, Confuse Ray

History: Magmar was Jack's first Pokémon, obtained as a Magby. There had been rumors of an arsonist terrorizing Vermillion City, the city in which Jack resided. It came as quite a surprise when this criminal turned out to be a Magby. With no regard for himself, Jack decided to make Magby his after catching the little spitfire in the act. Having no Pokémon of his own to fight, Jack leapt upon the Magby, pinning it to the floor and forcing it into a Pokéball. On that day, Magby became Jack's first Pokémon. However, the Live Coal Pokémon wasn't going to obey Jack that easily. It took months, maybe more, before Magby warmed up Jack. It was then that the two became inseparable. It wasn't long before Magby evolved into a powerful Magmar.

Moveset: X-Scissor, Waterfall, Stone Edge, Thief

History: Kabutops was Jack's second Pokémon, revived from a fossil recovered in Mt. Moon. Initially a Kabuto, he, too, had to be all but whipped by his master to follow orders. Unlike Magmar, Kabuto didn't begin listening to Jack until when in his Kabutops phase...the time in which he was most dangerous. It was then that Jack realized he had to step it up and take drastic measures. Chaining Kabutops up, he refused to give the shellfish Pokémon food or water until he was broken. Though Kabutops had a strong will, he couldn't hold out for long. Though Jack himself has never taken anything, that doesn't mean Kabutops hasn't, as he is an expert thief.

Moveset: Tri Attack, Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt

History: Gamblers are such easy targets. Jack, or rather, his Kabutops, had no trouble snatching Porygon from a man who was trying his best to hit the jackpot at the slot machine. Of course, Jack knew what was inside. He had seen the man win Porygon, a trade for a large pile of coins. Initially, Porygon was going to be resold on the black market, until Jack decided that it would be beneficial to own a rare, valuable Pokémon. He kept Porygon, training the virtual Pokémon until it turned into a powerhouse. Though not his most powerful Pokémon (that would be Magmar), Porygon is Jack's trump card, and is certain to make an appearance in battle, especially in those rare occasions Jack finds himself in a pinch.

Moveset: Razor Leaf, Acid, Toxic, Wrap

History: Weepinbell is the only Pokémon of Jack's that was obtained as an evolved Pokémon. He thought of the flycatcher as being a worthwhile investment, as it would one day grow up to be a powerful Victreebel. Weepinbell was caught whilst Jack was wandering the route from Lavender to Celadon. It was the first Weepinbell he'd seen around that area, and resolved to catch it. It was an easy task for Magmar, who escaped the battle unscathed, as well as allowed Jack to catch Weepinbell. Despite its outward appearance, Weepinbell is quite intelligent, and knows how to turn a battle around in its favor. He was single-handedly responsible for winning Jack the Cascade Badge.

Moveset: Close Combat, Mega Kick, Blaze Kick, Earthquake

History: Hitmonlee is the powerhouse of Jack's team. The Pokémon is purely a physical attacker. Hitmonlee was won in a tournament in Saffron City. It was a difficult tournament, one in which only twenty applicants were accepted. It was an extremely close victory, and Jack almost lost, though you'll never hear him admit that. After muscling through the competition, Jack was given a Tyrogue, which eventually grew up to be a Hitmonlee. Hitmonlee was always extremely attached to Jack. Throughout their months together, Hitmonlee has done everything within his power to please Jack--he never relents during a fight, and he always attacks with every ounce of his power.

March 27th, 2008, 3:07 PM
Trainer Kat, you are RESERVED. Actually, I was thinking about adding another character, also. And yes, good idea about adding gender and age.

A few hours?! Man, that's dedication..

March 27th, 2008, 5:38 PM
Name: Edmund Gustav McDufus

Gender: Male

Desrciption: He's a Short(4.9), healthy looking person. He wore spiky white colored hair usually covered with his favorite cap. He wears a blue-colored coat with matching heavy pants. He wears heavy, black boots. In his right hand, he wears a glove and a military watch. He's wearing a pair of eyeglasses. He carries a blue-colored backpack, where all his stuff are stored.

History: Edmund was born in Hearthome, it is where he finds fascination to the pokemon around him. He has been a good trainer, travelling with them, talking, telling stories about his life and of course battling side-by-side with them. Because of this he has become a strategical trainer, looking for the advantage of the opponent and rebuffing it.

He's not yet an advanced trainer or something. In fact, he's still in the Sinnoh league, finishing his final badge. He's recently won 3 contest ribbons, all in a row. He heard of some mysterious tourist attraction, an ancient one too. So he decided to take a peek.

Nickname: Torrent
Movesets:Water gun, Bide, Take down, Protect

History: Edmund met Torrent at Mt. Coronet, where he had gone fishing for Magikarp(for his food). Luckily he found a this particular Mudkip. He waste no chance catching him, for Mudkip's rare in Sinnoh region. He's the only water pokemon of Edmund's. He quite jolly and likes playing around, even at battles.

Movesets: Shadow punch, Confuse ray, Curse, Foresight
History: Edmund found him as a Duskull at Mt. Pire(He was on vacation for 2 weeks). Of course, and also, he catched him fairly and reasonably. For he never seen any ghost pokemons all his life. He says by the looks of it, he's pretty scary.

Nickname: Kryo
Movesets: Quick attack, Icy wind, Bite, Ice shard
History: Kryo was found as an Eevee near his home. This is the second pokemon caught by Edmund. Kryo was not fond of battles until Edmund battled with another Eevee(with a trainer) using her. After the battle, Kryo evolved into this, along with the Eevee but surprising turned into a Leafeon. Edmund found out that, they were battling between Moss and Ice rock.

Nickname: Flora
Movesets: Petal dance, Solarbeam, Safeguard, Aroma therapy
History: She was the starter pokemon of Edmund. She's somewhat a highly energetic one, full of vigor and courage. Whenever Edmund's not in mood, she would emit a soothing scent(It usually make Edmund very sleepy). She earns 3 contest ribbons in a row. She's now the most powerful pokemon in Edmund's Team.

Nickname: Cuddles
Movesets: Quick attack, Reversal, Copy cat, Counter.
History: He was brought up as a very shy and timid pokemon. Originally he's a thief, stealing some food from Edmund without noticing. He's now a reliable and a well behaved one. He's the newest addition on Edmund's team.

March 27th, 2008, 6:40 PM
Name: Dave

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Description: Dave stands at about 6 foot 1 inches, VERY tall for his age. He has long, green hair and it covers his eyes sometimes. He wears a black T-shirt with a skateboard on it and dark blue jeans. He also has lots of bruises and scars on his arms from skateboarding. So, obviously, he carries a skateboard around with him to skate when he's not in caves or anything.

History: His family recently moved to Eterna City from Lilycove City in Hoenn. He came to the cave to explore the town a little bit while his parents unpack their stuff. (Will think of more later)

Pokemon: Combusken

Moveset: Blaze Kick, Shadow Claw, Aerial Ace, Double Kick

History: Dave recieved Torchic when he first started as a pokemon trainer. He recived the Torchic from Professor Birch. Torchic evolved after Dave beat Rustboro city's gym before they moved.

Pokemon: Ditto

Moveset: Transform (of course...)

History: Will think of a history later.

Pokemon: Larvitar

Moveset: Bite, Dig, Rock Smash, Growl

History: (will think of it later)

This sounds like a fun RP, but im not felling creative right now >.<
I'm not done, I need to think of History for Ditto and Larvitar, as well as my own character, so save me a spot :)

March 27th, 2008, 7:00 PM
Meh... I usually don't do RPs because they either never get started and all the good ones are well into page 15.

Name: Roland Niven; no nicknames
Age: 22
Gender: Male

Appearence: Roland usually wears hiking gear and is equipped with various essentials. At the moment, he is wearing faded black pants, worn black hiking boots, an olive green windbreaker jacket over a dark sleeved shirt, a gauntlet on the right wrist, and a Pokegear on the left

Roland has messy shaggy dark brown hair that top a clean-shaven yet weathered face. His heavy lidded blue-gray eyes are nothing but grim. Roland stands 5'11 in height. He's hiked often, shaping his body towards a lean figure.

History: Originally from Mahogany Town, Johto. Roland and his father took trips up to Blackthorn City as a boy. Many boyhood days were taken at the Mahogany gym, speculating Pryce and his gym trainers. Roland is a fan of caving, hiking, and overall exploring, having ventured about Johto and Kanto. In his later years, he took to study under Professor Elm. He has explored some parts of Sinnoh, having arrived at Snowpoint city a few weeks ago. Roland has set up a short system of signals for some of his main team for maneuvering in battle. Roland is a calm and cool, overall relaxed person with few outbursts.

Of badges, Roland has none. They just weren't his style.

Roland had passed through Mt. Coronet recently, and exiting on the Eterna side. When he found out about the ancient ruins, he decided to check it out just for kicks before heading off again.


Pokemon Team:
-Weavile, called Morpheus, caught in the Ice Path as a Sneasel, 1st,
--moves include: ice punch, pursuit, brick break, faint attack
---Morpheus was caught on one of many of Roland's trips to Blackthorn and Mahogany with his father, recently evolved on account of a Razor Claw Roland received in Snowpoint City. Morpheus has since accompanied Roland and is perhaps the most loyal. Morpheus, being Roland's first, often leads the other Pokemon and is the team's connection to trainer. He spends the most time out of the pokeball.

-Gyarados, caught in the Lake of Rage as a Magikarp, 2nd,
--moves include: ice fang, earthquake,
---Roland caught a tiny Magikarp at the Lake of Rage, unaware of its full potential. Team Rocket was giving out 'prizes' for the biggest and toughest Magikarp. A hopeful Roland trained his Magikarp, and it unexpectedly evolved into a ferocious Gyarados. He then decided he wouldn't be able to enter his Gyarados and kept it. Gyarados isn't as tame as the others and can be prone to anger, and can be impossible to deal with.

-Pidgeotto, called Tequila, caught as a Pidgey on Route 29, 3rd,
--moves include: aerial ace, quick attack, gust,
---Roland saw an injured pidgey upon the route, trying to get up a tree for the berries that on it. Roland was amused at the pathetic condition the pidgey was in, and plucked a berry for it. It wouldn't stop following him the way back, so Roland caught it. Tequila often competes with Morpheus for attention and attempts copying him.

-Elekid, called Taze, hatched in Mahogony Town, 4th,
--moves include: thunderpunch, cross chop, low kick
---Elekid was a birthday gift given to Roland from a cousin in Goldenrod, who happens to be a Pokemon Breeder. Roland was visiting Goldenrod for a bug catching contest. On his way home, the egg hatched, and Roland promptly added the Elekid to his team. Taze has trouble controlling its electricity, and being the most excitable of Roland's Pokemon, often shocks Roland or others.

-Scyther, called Scizz, caught at the Goldenrod Bug Catching Contest, 5th
--moves include: false swipe, slash, swords dance
---Caught at the Goldenrod Bug Catching Contest. Roland looked long and hard for this Scyther. It took Roland months to get, as he could only compete in the contest every so often. Upon being found, Scizz nearly cut Roland shoulder to leg, but some quick footwork saved Roland and he eventually caught the thing before it fled. Scizz still has issues with being a trainer's Pokemon, but respects Roland. Scizz isn't the type to enjoy a thing, and usually sulks.

-others, at Mahogany Town (Larvitar, Geodude, Graveler, Zubat)

March 27th, 2008, 7:42 PM
>> Well first off, letting it out this is one of my first RPs, but Kat has forced been telling me to try it. Also, note this is a work in progress, so reserve a spot would be nice. =]

Name: Usi Blueback

Age: 17~

Gender: Male

Usi is a lng slender fello, ranging at 6'0 tall. He's the life of anything always staying positive and mindful of everything. So his biggest trait is his unique kindness and was the very active type. He strived for perfection in most activities and can grow quite competitive. Usi has sandy blonde hair always swished to the right. He was also very well put, and cared about his apearence and never wanted to give a bad impression. His look is a pristine silver jacket, taylored blue pants. He equips himself with a chain to carry his Pokeballs and many medals or ribbons on him from various contests in Slateport and other activities held in Pacifidlog. He even shined his black shoes... Always looked like a marine, and he felt that way.

more description to come.

History: comin soon



Moveset: Sand Attack, Dragon Rage, Rain Dace, Dragon Claw

History: Jetstream was Usi's first Pokemon, given to him by his father, Tykaru, a former water gym leader apprentice under Wallace. Tykaru saved Gible after a storm flushed it away from its family. The mini shark has been by Usi's side for a while. Even in calm Pacifilog, they still did many things together. Unlike the common Gible, Usi's knows Rain Dance. He taught Gible this move during one of the Rain Dance rituals Pacifidlog has every couple of months.

http://img401.imageshack.us/img401/5273/spr1y123zb8.gif Shack Sharp

Moveset: Swords Dance, Double Team, Slash, Pursuit

History: Before Shack Sharp was even in the picture, Usi caught a Huntail one day with the help of Jetstream. This Huntail struggled many a times and disobeyed Usi as well. So one day, Usi decided he had had enough of Huntail and posted an offer of trade at the Pacifidlog Pokecenter. A few days passed before Usi found an opportunity. A little girl knocked on his house and said she accepted the offer and would trade him a Scyther. Scyther happened to be an extremely uncommon Pokémon in Pacifidlog. He later found out that the girl was from Goldenrod City in the region of Johto, and had recently moved to Hoenn. The trade completed, Usi named his new Scyther "Shack Sharp". Sharp is pretty adamant, quite stubborn and not that much of an upgrade from Huntail in terms of obedience.


Moveset: Water gun, Supersonic, Wing attack

History: One month, Usi found himself being followed by an unknown figure. When he had had enough, Usi configured a plan to surprise his assailant. He began casually walking the logs before running swiftly behind a house... The figure skimmed across the path towards Usi, who revealed himself to find a tiny Wingull looking right up at him. The Wingull flew onto Usi's shoulder and pretty much nested right there, a look of serenity upon its face as it found someone to rest on. Usi grabbed his last sphere, unlocking the device to calm the Wingull. After a fall, Wingull hurt its wing, and was given a band to tie around it. The band had blue and red markings; sort of resembling an item Usi had seen his father use. From then on, the Wingull was named Band, and upon it was bestowed a much greater strength than it previously had.


Moveset: Splash

History: Usi was walking through the entrance to the cave, when a hyper-active man came up to him and offered him a magikarp. He rant'd "500 dolla!, 500 dolla, make loads money!" Usi thought it was a awesome offer as he thought he could make millions off of it, And payed 500 dollar and purchased the magikarp. Soon after the man fled as fast as his feet could take him.

March 28th, 2008, 2:01 PM
Ok, let's get started on the acceptances!

Quasar99: So far so good-reserved.

Dave-O-Rama: Just make sure you finish up those histories. Reserved

.Nero.- I know what you mean by "all the good RP's being on page 15." Can reserve you, but in turn, fill up the character's appearance and pokemon's history some more. kthx? Reserved.

Beachboy-Reserved! Loved how you brought back that wierd Magikarp salesman guy..

If the spots fill up, I'm going to accept people with sign-ups over reservations!! Don't wait too long!

Name: Destiny

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Appearance: Destiny stands about 5' 8", and is very thin. She has long, bright blue hair, normally done up in a ponytail. She has deep brown eyes that are very dark. She has a sharp face, matching her build. She wears a bright green T shirt, and dark blue jeans. At the bottom of her feet are white sneakers. Around her wrists are two cerulean-colored sweat bands.

History: Destiny lived in the quiet Pallet Town for more than half her life. She was nine when her family moved to Twinleaf Town. Destiny really didn't mind, as she had no friends in Pallet Town. Destiny came to realize that her adventure would start in one year, so she asked her parents for a pokemon. She recieved a common Sandshrew, now a formidable fighter and dear friend. Destiny was out in the wild, studying Pokemon in their wild, untamed state. She stumbled upon Eterna City and its new attraction, so she wanted to see if new kinds of Pokemon lurked down their.

Personality: She is very quiet, but when she gets a sord in, odds are that it is eiter sarcastic or humorous. She is shy, which is why she had minimal friends throughout her life. She cares for people in need, and wouldn't mind to help them out in a pinch. She is thankful for what she has, uncommon in many people. She views Pokemon as masterpieces of nature. She is a smart girl with high standards of how she wants to live. She prefers to show beauty in contests, but has strong Pokemon nonetheless. She has mustered up three ribbons, training for her last.


Sandslash (Claw)
She recieved her first Pokemon for her birthday, this Sandslash, only just a Sandshrew then. Read history for more info.
Moves: Sand Attack, Slash, Defense Curl, Earthquake.

Golbat (Aero)
When wandering in the depths of night in Eterna forest, she encountered a wild Zubat. It was a shy little child one, so she wanted to catch it in a young state, to bring out its real power. She captured it after a little weakening from her Sandshrew. After a long time of training during her journey, she came across a new town, Hearthome. It came to evolve as she arrived in Hearthome for her first Contest.
Moves: Bite, Wing Attack, Supersonic, Poison Fang

Seadra (Coral)
Traveling along one day south of Veilstone on the shore of the ocean, Destiny came across a group of men in odd, space-like outfits. She saw them kicking at something, and wandered closer. When one of the men (she observed a "G" on his shirt) turned around and saw her, he shouted something, and the ragtag group left, like nothing happened. Destiny went over to where the men were standing, and saw an odd Pokemon lying there unconscious. She went over and scooped it up, protecting it from harm. Destiny concluded that the men were abusing this small Pokemon. She brought it to the Pokemon center in Pastoria, revitalizing it. When she let it free, it wimpered a small cry, saying ,Horsea. Since then, the Horsea (now a Seadra) known as Coral has become apart of Destiny's team.
Moves: Surf, Twister, Somkescreen, Icy Wind

Torkoal (Incinerator)
HIstory: Destiny had completed her journey, and decided to check out the place known as the Fight Area. She wandered around the countryside there, finding rare and exotic Pokemon all over the place. She found interest in a special Torkoal, though, wandering around by itself like she. Destiny thought that it was much like her, and would be a great addition to her team. After confronting and weakening it, she finally caught it.
Moves: Flamethrower, Smokescreen, Smog, Yawn

Leafeon (Solara)
History: Destiny returned from the small region where she had caught her Torkoal. She visited Hearthome, hoping to get another ribbon from the contests. She ran into an old friend she had met on her journey while travelling, Bebe. Bebe mentioned that Destiny had helped her greatly by using her storage system, so she rewarded Destiny with a young Eevee. Destiny, greatly interested in training the Eevee, went to Eterna Forest. She found an odd rock in which Eevee was giving strange behavior toward. Shortly after Destiny asked Eevee what was wrong, it evolved into a Leafeon. Leafeon is still not as strong as the rest of the team, but Destiny has set her goal to training it.
Moves: Razor Leaf, Sunny Day, Quick Attack, Solar Beam

March 28th, 2008, 9:38 PM
Time for me to sign up! And one of my characters keeps me in a Pokeball... XD
Name: Tiffany Elderwood
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Description: Tiffany is of a pretty average height and a pretty average weight--if around 5'3" and 110 pounds is just around normal. Her curly black hair may sometimes make her skin look white, though it obvoiusly has a light peach tint to it. That hair falls down about to her shoulders, though it is a little shorter in front and a little longer in the back. Her eyes are a deep brown in colour and are surrounded by eyelashes that always look like they have a little bit of mascara on them...

Surely, a man might be interested in Tiffany's rather slim figure--that is, if she ever showed it. Tiffany's favourite outfit consists of a long skirt which is a deep blue at the top and fades into black on the bottom, where it ends in a rim of black lace; a black blouse that is made out of a velvet-ish material and has large sleeves that look a little bit like wings when Tiffany holds her arms out, and which has a purple ribbon tied around it just above the waist; a pair of black boots whose heels are only a half inch high, and a purse that is in the shape of a Honchkrow, her favourite Pokemon.

History:Tiffany was born into a rather large family which lived in the bustling world of Jubilife City in Sinnoh. She had two parents, three brothers, and three sisters, and she was the second-oldest out of all her siblings. (First was her older brother Ty, but that's a different story.) Most of the family consisted of rather social and outgoing people--Tiffany chose that as a stereotype for them because she didn't really know her family members all too well. In fact, the only person she did know fairly well was some old woman named Emillie who offered to look after her for days at a time. And she may have even liked her--Emillie was the adventurous sort of person, and even had a Haunter that she kept with her on her travels. There were several times when Emillie would take Tiffany out to see the world, whether it was to explore the caves within Mt. Coronet, look for Pokemon in the Eterna Forest, admire all the flowers in Floaroma Town... all the while telling little Tiffany various things about Pokemon and life in general.

Unfortunately, such childhood memories were such Tiffany seldom looked at as she grew older. This she especially refused to do after Emillie died and she stayed back at home all the time. She didn't care at all for her siblings, so she spent the majority of her time in her room, reading one of the books she inherited from Emillie. These were books on lots of different topics--some were about Pokemon, some were novels, some were collections of short and funny stories, and some were about various philosophical and spiritual topics, such as the origin of the world and paranormal matters and whether the chicken or the egg came first. (That last one was five hundred pages long! ...But that's beside the point... -.-)

But in Tifany's teenage years, she had quite a bit of fun tormenting her little sister in the night, often times by cutting up her toys or whispering strange words in her ear while she slept. Occasionally she did this same thing with her other siblings as well, though for some reason she steered clear of Ty. Maybe it was because Ty wasn't worth tormenting, or was just too boring, or was older than her... But the best part was that her siblings often blamed the problems they suffered on each other rather than Tiffany. Sometimes being in a big family helps...

But sometimes it doesn't. For one day, when Tiffany was about eighteen years old, her parents gave all her siblings a Pokemon. Ah yes, Pichu, Starly, Bidoof, Piplup, Chingling, Shinx... But, Tiffany got no Pokemon. She had secretly wanted a Murkrow, as that was the pre-evolved form of her favourite Pokemon at the time, but she didn't even get any other kind of Pokemon, whereas her siblings all got exactly the Pokemon they wanted. When Tiffany asked why she didn't get a Pokemon as well, she got a reply of "Oh, sorry, were you here? Do I know you?" from her parents.

Okay, so now Tiffany had parents that didn't know she was around, siblings that didn't care too much for her, and no Emillie. Her only choice left was to escape--to run away, in a way. That is precisely what she did, wishing the worst of luck for her younger siblings (again, she didn't bother mentioning Ty), and even placing plastic bags over their heads and such. The usual mischief... Anyways, when she did, the first thing she did was board a train headed for Sandgem Town, anxious to get a Pokemon from Professor Rowan. When she got to the lab, she was met with an "Ketchumish" situation: Rowan had already given out the three starter Pokemon to beginning trainers and wouldn't get any more for a while! However, Rowan did have one spare Pokemon in his lab that he decided, after much hesitation, to give to her... No, it wasn't a Pikachu. Actually, it was a Pachirisu, who had a personality that... Rowan found unsuitable for most of the kids he usually gave Pokemon to. Rowan even advised Tiffany not to take that Pachirisu with her, and of course Tifanny ignored him and accepted the Pachirisu anyways. So what was the problem with this Pachirisu? ...Read his signup to find out.

To make a long story fairly short... On her journey, Tiffany happened upon a girl named Eve, a frail and saturnine individual who bordered on the category of "emo" in her opinion. But one thing Eve was keen on was having a human friend (she already had Pokemon, but...), so the two traveled together. Oh, no, not the friendship disease... What is it? The tendency to draw people in as friends, and Eve had acute friendship disease. Eve ended up drawing in two such friends within a week. One was Priscilla, a beautiful and contented coordinator who also enjoyed playing the piano and the harp. The other was Violet, a wild and vivacious "lover girl" who was often known for two things: stealing people's boyfriends and speeding along on her little purple motorcycle. Yet despite all the differences, the four got along beautifully, as beautifully as a rose garden with different colours of roses. Wonderful! Wicked! ...Oh! Oh! Why not give a name to this foursome, like the... Wicked Roses? Brill...er, wicked! (Whew...)

After a while, the Wicked Roses journeyed into Sinnoh. Once they got into Eterna City, they found little to do, and began to make plans to travel to Hearthome City. After all, Priscilla and Violet especially looked forward to trying out the Super Contests there, and the Amity Square was supposed to be a fun place as well. But the following day, the group heard about an underground city that has just been discovered right underneath Eterna City. Ohh, this got Tiffany interested. Back in her childhood, she visited the Dialga and Palkia statues in Eterna City quite often, on her outings with Emillie, and had always wondered why they were there, if they held any secrets perhaps... All four Wicked Roses were eager to go, but there were three problems. Both Priscilla and Violet had made reservations for spots in the Hearthome Super Contests for tomorrow night and needed to be in Hearthome a day in advance. So they couldn't go... And while Tiffany and Eve were standing in line (they were slightly near the front of it), Eve received a call from a mysterious yet friendly-sounding man who wanted to meet her in Amity Square that night. In order to make it, she'd have to leave for Hearthome immediately... so she left with Priscilla and Violet. But the three said they would come back and visit the underground city after their business in Hearthome was done. Little did they know that trouble would brew in the city while Tiffany was down there...


Filbert the Pachirisu
Moveset: Discharge, Swift, Sweet Kiss, Fling
History: Filbert was born to parent Pachirisu in Professor Rowan's lab, but frequently left the lab to wander around the beach in Sandgem Town. There, his favourite pastimes were riding on Tentacool heads, trying on different sunglasses (finally finding a pair of Black Glasses which he kept permanently), and staring at attractive-looking ladies... Pokemon or not. Sometimes he even made a habit of trying to, er... play around... with those he found especially attractive, which unfortunately consisted of every possible female electric Pokemon, and some random other-type Pokemon or even people. It was for this reason that Professor Rowan never gave him to starting trainers for quite a while, as he felt a little uneasy about the idea of, say, a ten-year-old girl traveling around with one. It would have been especially disastrous for an older girl or a younger boy to receive him as a starter... yet when there were no other starters available, Tiffany persisted on taking him... So yes, Filbert became her sex toy fun little traveling buddy from then on.

Saft the Luxio
Moveset: Charge, Thunder Fang, Crunch, Roar
History: Saft was the first Pokemon Tiffany captured--big deal. Well actually, Saft was a good friend of Filbert--a wild Shinx who Filbert occasionally ventured towards Floaroma Town to visit. Tiffany ran into Saft while Filbert was out of his Pokeball, and the two recognised each other immediately. So actually, Tiffany didn't catch Saft--rather, Saft joined up with her as sort of an excuse to spend more time with Filbert. He had nothing to lose, after all--he had no special connection to his family, and didn't hate Pokeballs--plus, he loved to battle.

Phantom the Bronzong
Moveset: Extrasensory, Gyro Ball, Confuse Ray, Hypnosis
History: When Tiffany went through the Eterna Forest, she deliberately entered at night, in the hopes of finding a Murkrow. She had wanted a Murkrow ever since the start of her Pokemon journey, since it evolved to her favourite Pokemon. After much searching, she found one--and immediately had Filbert battle it. Unfortunately, it was a female Murkrow, so Filbert kept ogling her during the battle. When Tiffany threw a Dusk Ball to capture the Murkrow, she (although she was paralysed) swatted it away with her wing--the last thing she wanted was to be around Filbert all the time. Anyways, when the Dusk Ball went flying out into the trees, it hit a Bronzor. This Bronzor had been confused by a Zubat back near Eterna City, and had wandered all the way to the forest out of confusion. The confusion (and the amount by which the Zubat wore it down) made it easy to capture... not to mention it was a Dusk Ball in the nighttime. So Tiffany tried to catch a Murkrow, and ended up with a Bronzor instead. Oh well, it was better than ending up with, say... a Bidoof. Tiffany liked Psychic-type Pokemon anyway, so she kept the Bronzor.

Ravenna the Banette
Moveset: Curse, Shadow Ball, Sucker Punch, Dark Pulse
History: In a second attempt to catch Murkrow, Tiffany entered the Lost Tower, with her second Dusk Ball in hand. Sure enough, she encountered a Murkrow! This time, she had Saft battle it, to avoid the problem she had the first time with Filbert. And she caught it! At last! But then, after returning to Solaceon Town, Tiffany was ambushed by a couple of trainers who demanded a double battle with her. The Pokemon Tiffany used in that battle were Saft and Ravenna, her new Murkrow. One of the enemy Pokemon was a Poochyena, who used Swagger on Saft. In his confusion, Saft attacked Ravenna, much more powerfully than normal. The Spark attack Saft used on Ravenna was powerful enough to make her faint, but then out of anger, Saft used Bite. Unfortunately, he bit Ravenna hard on the neck, and ended up killing her. Drat--when she finally caught a Murkrow, it died shortly after! Not fair! Well, at least later on, Ravenna came back to life (or should I say afterlife) as a Shuppet...

Dawn the Ninetales
Moveset: Flamethrower, Will-O-Wisp, Calm Mind, Hidden Power
History: In a third attempt to catch Murkrow, Tiffany returned to the Lost Tower a day after the unfortunate situation with Ravenna, with her third and last Dusk Ball in hand. Then she encountered a Murkrow! And Phantom even helped her catch it! Finally! At last!!! ...Ah, but there was a problem. This Murkrow was a young and innocent Murkrow who belonged to an old lady who often visited the tower. However, she was a kind old lady who did not get mad at her when she captured it, and even explained that it was a Pokemon Team Galactic took away from her and then released. But she did want the Murkrow back. Still, in return for the Murkrow, she traded over her Vulpix, one that she promised would bring Tiffany much happiness. Dawn was a very old Vulpix the old lady had recently found in the area, and had acted like a priestess and a healer to wild Pokemon in the area. The old lady had captured her to "give her a nice cozy bed to sleep on when she died", but Tiffany saved her from aging a different way: by evolving her with a Fire Stone she recently won from a Pokemon Contest.


Name: Daisy Davey
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Description: Daisy is just slightly over five feet tall, and would definitely be considered cute among most individuals. No, this is not because of her figure which lacks many distinctive curves and is just... average, blah, call it what you will, and consisting of almond-coloured skin that's only mildly tanned... Rather, it's the way her amber eyes appear wide open nearly all the time underneath those long black lashes, and the tiny little freckles on her face. Her hair would be black as well if it wasn't dyed almost completely in more of an auburn. (You can still see black at the roots and such.) It's straight and goes down almost to her neck, and even sticks up in a few little places. Aww...

Er-hem. Moving on to her outfit. Daisy wears a white blouse with short, light green sleeves and a glittering green butterfly design on the front. She also wears knee-length pants that are a nice summery green in colour, rather like the leaves of a Sunflora (for lack of a beter comparison). Around that is a beige belt with white daisies on it (surprise surprise), and on her feet are a pair of sandals that have green and peach straps and a bottom that looks like it's made of wood but really isn't. Oh, and she usually wears another white daisy in her hair. (Gee, I wonder where she got her name...)

History: Daisy grew up in Goldenrod City (Johto), and attended school there. School brings Daisy's strangest and most fond memories, for this particular school was one that had many Pokemon-related classes. For some reason, everywhere around her, the other kids in school were more likely to get in trouble for fighting or something than when they weren't around her. Occasionally, in the Pokemon-related classes, she got teased by a group of boys for being too soft, or for being a terrible Pokemon battler, but she didn't get as teased as some of the boys and other girls her age. All the while she just had fun with her little Sentret, her first Pokemon.

Daisy never got any gym badges, because she only had one Pokemon and lacked a whole lot of motivation for battle. Once she got to Goldenrod City, she spent a few days just wandering around the city (shopping time!) and showing her little Sentret around. But then she wandered close to Whitney's gym, and even bumped into Whitney. After the two had a short conversation, Whitney challenged Daisy to a Pokemon battle, promising it wouldn't be an official gym battle. Daisy lost of course to her Clefairy, but that was due to the unlucky situation of Clefairy's Metronome turning into Aura Sphere, which KO'd poor little Strawberry automatically. But at least before that, Strawberry proved to be good at dodging attacks in a cute little way... so as an apology, Whitney gave her a little job as an assistant in her gym. Daisy fit after all--she was "a pretty girl and loved Normal-type Pokemon". This was fine, and besides, Strawberry evolved to Furret during the time of being an assistant. And occasionally she was even a referee for Whitney's gym battles.

Yet things changed over time. When Daisy was sixteen years old, she decided to travel around a little while with her Furret. While she did, she caught a Wurmple, which evolved pretty quickly into Silcoon then Beautifly. She traveled mostly through parts of Johto and Hoenn, though she found Hoenn to be more exciting because of all the contest halls there. (And of course it was there that she caught Wurmple, not Johto.) And she caught one or two more Pokemon, ho-hum...

When the flower girl walks through the meadow, she laughs at nothing until she reaches a garden of roses... Okay, that quote was completely made up, but it does fit. For when Daisy decided to travel around in Sinnoh, she met up with this group of girls who called themselves the "Wicked Roses". Not much happened when she met them--she just introduced herself and they introduced themselves... but the real point came when Daisy bumped into only one of the Wicked Roses later on in a Pokemon Centre: Violet. Violet was a very exciting person to talk to, not to mention that she too had a flower name. Daisy just couldn't help but giggle at Violet's vivacious manner of speaking, and her shared love of Grass-type Pokemon. (Although Violet had only one--a Roserade.) So the two became fast friends. And I mean fast--the two didn't stay together for long. Violet traveled around with a group of friends called the "Wicked Roses" (see Tiffany's signup), and invited Daisy to join them. However, Daisy was rather uncomfortable around some of them--namely Tiffany and Eve. And she was rather distant with Priscilla anyways. Yet still, Violet kept in touch with her, and Daisy even followed them into the region of Sinnoh. Daisy was always in the same town as the Wicked Roses were, but she wasn't walking around with them.

When Daisy entered Eterna City, she wandered towards the northeastern area of the city to see a long line forming--it led to some place behind where the Galactic building used to be. While walking over to see what the line was about, Daisy saw a familiar face standing near the front of the line: Tiffany! Tiffany immediately recognised her, and told her about an ancient underground city (that's why the line was there). She even asked if Daisy wanted to check it out. After a long conversation about whether or not Daisy should go (Daisy thought it might be interesting, yet a bit creepy as well), Daisy finally decided to check it out--besides, if she went in with Tiffany, someone she kind of knew, Tiffany was an excuse to cut in line. And Daisy had been teetering on the idea of joining up with the Wicked Roses ever since deciding not to--because often times, people who may not seem too nice turn out to be the most fun and wonderful people around. And this experience would be a better opportunity to get to know Tiffany more than Daisy expected it to be...


Strawberry the Furret
Moveset: Helping Hand, Me First, Quick Attack, Dig
History: Strawberry was Daisy's first Pokemon, named after her favourite food. Daisy got her in a small Pokemon academy in Goldenrod City. In that little school, all the students received a Pokemon, for practice with battling and such. After they graduated, they could buy the Pokemon from the school if they found themselves unable to separate themselves from their Pokemon. Daisy was one of those who grew too attached to her little Pokemon, so that's just what she did. And Strawberry was okay with it--she didn't really like to battle, while the school always made her battle alongside other students. If she joined Daisy on a Pokemon journey, she would lose her reputation as a sore loser for good.

Jelly the Beautifly
Moveset: Silver Wind, Gust, Stun Spore, Morning Sun
History: Again named after her favourite food, Jelly was the first Pokemon Daisy captured. Daisy captured her easily (she was just a Wurmple back then) while wandering through the Petalburg Woods--she just threw a Pokeball without bothering to battle it. She was a nice contrast to Strawberry in that she loved to battle, and spent most of the day resting atop Daisy's head (while Strawberry liked to run around and explore). One time she was even mistaken for a lifelike hat!

Chickpea the Bayleef
Moveset: Razor Leaf, Magical Leaf, Body Slam, Sweet Scent
History: After a long and tiring walk through the Union Cave, Daisy encountered this meadowy patch of grass, and rejoiced at the sight of Smeargle painting designs on the outside of the cave, or Natu hopping around or leaping onto trees or trying to fly, or the occasional Unown that visited from the nearby Ruins of Alph. But what also stood out to her was a Chikorita, apparently having a jumping contest with a Natu. When Daisy approached her, the Natu hopped away to safety, but the Chikorita stayed, and even accepted the battle Jelly challenged her to. But just before Jelly was about to KO her with Gust, Daisy captured her--a Chikorita was too hard to resist.

Hima the Sunflora
Moveset: Solarbeam, Bullet Seed, Grasswhistle, Flash
History: Hima was the second Pokemon Daisy captured, and the first after she returned to Johto (she spent a short time in Hoenn first and captured Jelly). By the time Daisy got there, she had developed quite an interest in plants, and of course Grass-type Pokemon. But she didn't have any Grass-type Pokemon yet! So who to capture? Daisy saw a few Oddish on her way to Ecruteak City... nah, she didn't like Gloom, and Oddish could become one. But then she got to the National Park and saw a Sunkern--whoopee! A Grass-type! Hima wasn't extremely difficult to catch, as Daisy had a Beautifly with Gust and Stun Spore...

Dolly the Clefairy
Moveset: Sing, Dream Eater, Metronome, Wake-Up Slap
History: The first birthday present Daisy received after leaving Goldenrod City on her Pokemon Journey was from Whitney--it was a Pokemon egg. A Cleffa hatched from the egg, opening her eyes to the beaches of Olivine City and the warm sunrays of late July. Dolly was a doll indeed, and one of her favourite things to do was try on various articles of clothing whenever she came across a closet, store, or anywhere else where there's clothing lying around. She really has always been the experimental sort of Pokemon, and evolved off of Daisy's enthrallment with this fun little aspect of her character. Oh, evolution... that meant that Dolly was able to learn Metronome, which immediately became her favourite attack to use--in or out of battle.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
March 29th, 2008, 5:52 AM
Name: Solana Barkington

Age: 16

Gender (please no jokes, here TT): Female

Nicknames (if any): N/A

Description: Solana Has Purple Hair And Emerald-Colored Eyes. She Wears A Red Shirt,Black Sweatpants And A Grey Skirt Over It. She Wears The Emerald Neaklace Her Mother Gave Her Right Before She Died. She Also Wears Black And Red Shoes.

History: Solana's Main Goal Was To Collect All The Ribbons In Every Region But When She Bumped Into Her Sister Saphire In Jubilife City,They Started To Adventure Together And It Just Ended Up Becoming A Challenge Over Who Is A Better Trainer. When Solana And Saphire Were 10,Saphire's Chikorita,Chiki Attacked Solana With Razor Leaf. Quil Got Mad And Attacked Chiki With Ember,Causing Her To Faint. When Saphire Came In The House She Saw Chiki Laying There,Fainted. Solana And Saphire's Mom Healed Chiki,But That Is When Solana And Saphire Became Rivals.


http://pokemon.tcgplayer.com/videogames/rubysapphire/sprites/310.gif Quil
Flame Wheel
Quil Was Solana's Very First Pokemon,Recieved From Professer Oak. Quil Escaped From His Pokeball,Walked Up To Solana And Looked At Her. When Anybody Asks About Quil,Solana Always Answers " Quil Chose Me,I Didn't Choose Him. ". When Solana Got To The Lake Of Rage,She Thought It Was Time To Evolve,But Quil Always Disagreed. Then Solana Knew Why. Quil Thought Solana Wouldn't Still Have This Much Friendship With Him If He Evolved.
Quil Stays Out Of His Pokeball.

http://pokemon-safari.com/sitio/juegos/nds/perla_diamante/sprites/estaticos_frente/310.png Zap
Hyper Beam
Zap Was Found As An Electrike Abandoned From His Trainer. All Solana Had To Do Was Ask Him To Come With Her. Now Zap And Solana Are Best Friends.
Zap Evolved After A Battle With Somebody Else's Gyrados. Solana Sent Out Zap Because She Knew Quil Was A Fire Type,And The Other Guy's Gyrados Had Water Type Attacks. Zap Won By Jumping On The Gyrados's Head And Using Thunder,And Then Jumping Back On Land And Using Discharge On The Water. Zap Evolved Right After Using Discharge.
Zap Stays In His Pokeball

http://pokemon-safari.com/sitio/juegos/nds/perla_diamante/sprites/estaticos_frente/253.png Treecker
Leaf Blade
Dragon Claw
Arial Ace
Treecker Was Found As An Egg In A Forest Near Foretree City. Solana Took The Egg Captive So It Wouldn't Get Hurt. When It Hatched Solana Saw It Tricking The Other Pokemon,So She Named Her Treecker. Treecker Evolved Into Grovyle At Sootopolis City After The Battle With Juan. The Battle Was Intense,For Solana Only Had Quil And Treecker Left. Solana Sent Out Treecker To Give It A Try. Treecker Managed To Get Past His Last Pokemon,Seaking,And Prevail.
Treecker Stays Out Of Her Pokeball.

http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g48/surskitty/yellow/vulpix.gif Flamer
Tail Whip
Quick Attack
Flamer Was Found As AEgg By Professer Rowan,So He Decided To Let Solana Hatch It. When Solana Got To Oreburg,The Egg Still Didn't Hatch. Solana Started To Get Worried. Soon Later On The Egg Hatched In Eterna. Solana Figured She Just Wasn't Battling Enough With It In Her Team. When It Hatched She Fed It Emediatly.
Flamer Stays In Solana's Backpack

http://www.pokezam.com/sprites/rs159.gif Marina
Hydro Pump
Ice Punch
Water Gun
Marina Was Found Back In Johto(Where Solana Used To Live) At Blackthorn City As A Psydick. Marina Was Very Laid-Back And Didn't Fight Much Unless Its For Survival Then. Marina And Solana Didn't Have Much Friendship Then. When Solana Finally Got Marina To Evolve Into Golduck In ,Their Friendship Increased,And Marina's Personality Changed.
Marina Stays In Her Pokeball.

http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g48/surskitty/gold/umbreon.png Midnight
Faint Attack
Midnight Is Very Smart,And For The Team He's More Like An Idea Fountain. He Was Injured In National Park(In Johto) One Night While Solana Was Looking For A Beedrill For Her Friend. When She Saw Midnight She Quickly Brought It To The Goldenrod Pokemon Center. As Soon As Midnight Woke Up He Ran Away From The Pokemon Center And Boarded The Ship Solana Was On.
Midnight Stays Out Of His Pokeball.
Name: Saphire Barkington

Age: 13

Gender (please no jokes, here TT): Female

Nicknames (if any): N/A

Description: Saphire Wears A Black Shirt And Black Jeans. Saphire Also Wears A Red Cape,Black Shoes,And A Black Belt. Saphire Has Long,Blonde Hair.

(Look At Solana's History)


http://www.pokezam.com/sprites/rs307.gif Chiki
Razor Leaf
Solar Beam
Sunny Day
Chiki Was Saphire's First(And Only) Pokemon. Saphire Chose Chiki Because It Was The Only Starter Pokemon Left. Chiki's Personality Is Just Like Saphires,Rivals With Quil,Brave,And Annoying. Chiki Is Very Strong,Though,Not Stronger Than Quil. Chiki Wasn't Very Happy When Saphire And Solana Bumped Into Each other,For Now Quil And Her Are Traveling Together.
Chiki Stays Out Of Her Pokeball

March 29th, 2008, 12:45 PM
Ninetails- Great job! Accepted

Sandslash10- You mentioned finishing up later? Alright, but I'm going to say this: I dno't just want a picture for a description. I stilll need a paragraph or more on description. And also, I ask that you can lengthen the histories of the Pokemon a wee bit. I can reserve you for now. Oh, and add a lot more to the character's history, too.

I've added a rule: if you want to introduce another character in the middle of the RP, please PM me the sign-up. Remember, I am only allowing 2 characters per RPer!
If you want to switch one out for another, if you have 2 already, that's fine.

March 30th, 2008, 12:00 PM
Well done, ive edited the post.sorry for the taked, its because im brazilian and my english is not what you would call "the perfection"...

March 30th, 2008, 12:20 PM
ArKannine: Great! Can you just spiff up the appearance a few more sentences? Then, I'll accept you! (I didn't mean that you had to change the "cuz" and what not now, just when the RP starts ^.^) And yes, I'm quite aware of a Rhydon capable of learning those moves.

Trainer Kat: Good, it's coming along! Looking forward to Jack's history.

Quasar99: Great, accepted now! Even though you're accepted now, can you work on the description a bit more?

.Nero. : It's good, but I'm not accepting you for only one reason: you forgot to mention why the character is underground! Otherwise, you're in!

Peeple, I'm going to start the RP once there's about 4 valid sign-ups.. Those who are still editing, you have time, because the spots will be closed and no one will be able to override your spot! But take your time, because I don't want hurried sign-ups!

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
March 30th, 2008, 2:36 PM
I Am Just Telling You I Edited. :)

March 30th, 2008, 2:51 PM
Done, completed the appearance.........

Think im good to go now....*cross fingers*

March 30th, 2008, 2:59 PM
ArKannine: Great! Can you just spiff up the appearance a few more sentences? Then, I'll accept you! (I didn't mean that you had to change the "cuz" and what not now, just when the RP starts ^.^) And yes, I'm quite aware of a Rhydon capable of learning those moves.

ArKannine: 'Nuff said.

Sandslash10: Looking better.. Still don't have enough on appearance, though. May I mention saphire is spelled wrong (should be sapphire), unless you want it that way. Last thing, you don't have to capitalize every word.. It isn't something I'm not accepting you on, but it may help your sign up to look better.

March 30th, 2008, 3:02 PM
Humm....Am i accepted....?

March 30th, 2008, 3:06 PM
Almost. The only thing I ask from you is that you make the description a few sentences longer. Otherwise, you're in the clear. I hate to be a hassle like this, but I have high hopes for this RP, and I need quality. Sorry if it's annoying, but I want to see you're writing capabilities.

March 30th, 2008, 3:24 PM
Guess(and hope) that this is enough.........

Trainer Kat
March 30th, 2008, 3:57 PM
Alrighty, Silhouette. :] I'm done. I hope you don't mind me making Jack a Team Galactic prospective (though by the way they treat him, it doesn't sound like he'll ever actually join...haha). I just love playing slightly (or in Jack's case, majorly) antagonistic characters. xP

Hope it's good enough~

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
March 30th, 2008, 4:15 PM
ArKannine: 'Nuff said.

Sandslash10: Looking better.. Still don't have enough on appearance, though. May I mention saphire is spelled wrong (should be sapphire), unless you want it that way. Last thing, you don't have to capitalize every word.. It isn't something I'm not accepting you on, but it may help your sign up to look better.
Sorry,Its An Annoying Habit...

March 30th, 2008, 5:33 PM
Name: Bobby

Title: Youngster

Age: 11

Gender: Male

Description: Bobby has dark brown hair and green eyes. He wears a blue backwards baseball cap, baggy red t-shirt and blue short shorts. He has knee-high socks and has blue sneakers. Aside from this, Bobby usually has a smile on his face and a sparkle in his eye gleaming of potential greatness.

Personality: Bobby is a bit timid but nice to others. He doesn't like to battle much and prefers to explore and travel instead. He still has much to learn about Pokémon and being a trainer.

History: Bobby is your typical trainer. He just got his license, won the Coal Badge and wanted to set off to explore the world and find more Pokémon. This is why he is here. During his travels he seemed to have got stuck in the ancient city all by mistake. Trying to find his way out he finds himself lost in the city's tunnels and soon came across other trainers, will he make it out? He soon becomes part of the group of the trainers and is accepted as a fellow trainer. The other trainers tend to look out for him the most since he is very young and still has a lot to learn about Pokémon. Bobby tends to idolize his big brother Ren however and exaggerates him and his Pokémon so it's unsure whether or not Bobby is from a line of Champions or if he is making it all up.

Pokemon: http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa399.png
Mac The Bidoof

Moveset: Tackle, Rollout, Rest, Super Power

History:Mac was Bobby's very first Pokémon. It was given to him by his older brother just to use to start out and get better Pokémon along the way. However, Bobby started to enjoy Mac's company and chooses to keep him. The two are best friends.

Don't let Mac's appearance fool you, he has nerves of steel and is tougher than he looks!

Paul The Starly

Moveset: Quick Attack, Double Team, Wing Attack, Whirlwind

History: Paul was the very first Pokémon that Bobby caught. Paul likes to fly around and play rather than fight. Like Mac, he is friends with Bobby also.

It is very possible that Bobby may capture more Pokémon as he travels more but until that time this is all he has.

Other: Bobby tends to idolize his big brother and wants to be like him when he grows up.

(Here is the profile of Ren, Bobby's older brother. This profile is what Bobby makes Ren up to be since he idolizes him. This means the information provided below may very well be inaccurate.)

Name: Ren

Title: Ace Trainer

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Description: Ren is a tall young man about 6'3" and is very well built. He wears blue tight jeans, red sneakers, a white muscle shirt, and a worn out red jacket. Ren has wild dark brown hair and green eyes that are usually kept hidden under sun-glasses.

Personality: Ren doesn't know what the word "quit" means and is always finding ways to perfect his skills. It's claimed that he is one of the top trainers in the world and holds the destiny to be the next Elite Four Champion.

History: Ren is the older brother of Bobby. Supposedly, Ren won every badge possible and is currently training to face-off against the semi-finals to compete against the Elite Four. Not much else is known about him at the moment.

Pokemon: http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa373.png

Moveset: It constantly changes during Bobby's stories, it's unclear what he really knows.

History: Supposedly, Ren got it by capturing it with one Pokéball instantly making it his first Pokémon.

Fire Bird, The Bird, Fire, The name constantly changes due to Bobby's stories. The Moltres

Moveset: Again it varies depending on the story.

History: It's claimed that Ren literally wrestled with it in a volcano and pinned it down, thus capturing it.


Moveset: Unclear

History: It's mentioned briefly that Ren was using an Electbuzz at the time during an intense battle with an ghost using gym leader. Losing the fight, Electbuzz evolved itself and then won the match.

Strongest Monster of all time, Big, Monster. It varies. The Tyranitar

Moveset: Unclear

History: While Ren was going through a cave, he discovered the Tyranitar. Supposedly he fought it using his Gyarados. With the type advantage, he won.

Scarey Monster. The Gyarados

Moveset: Unclear.

History: During a trip with Bobby on a sail boat, they were attacked by a vicious Gyarados. Bobby being taken from the Pokémon, Ren jumped into the water to save him by punching the Gyarados in the face followed by using a dive ball to capture it. In the end, Ren saved Bobby's life and caught a powerful Pokémon to boot.

March 31st, 2008, 2:17 PM
Trainer Kat: Great! Accepted!

.Nero.: Yup, that's all I needed. Accepted!

ArKannine: I hope you now see the requirements for this RP.. but Accepted! It took a while, but finally, you're in!

Stantler: It looks good! Accepted, but on one condition - can you make Bobby's description and history a sentence longer? I trust you'll edit it, so I can accept you for now!
Actually, I was going to start the RP now..
Solis opened his eyes. The spot where the rock had hit him was bruised and tender. He took a look around.. The majority of the buildings had collapsed, and bright light was showing from the top of the cave in certain spots hundreds of feet above. He looked to where he thought was where the entrance had been, but only debris and rocks were to be found.

Being silent, he walked along, not able to see very well. He tripped over a few rocks here and there, but kept making his way. He saw a small building that was still standing. It was one story, and there were no existing windows. He quickly stepped inside through the cloth-draped entrance.

Not much lied inside. A clay table, and a few shelves with some pottery here and there. An odd bureau-type thing was in the corner of the room, opposite the door. He opened it up and looked inside. There was some type of portfolio, containing papyrus from long ago. There seemed to be some written characters and tallies. One could guess it was a tax-system. He continued to look through the folder, and found drawings of what he guessed were family members. He also found some very small shards of crystals and gems.

Just then, Solis heard some sort of roar from deep within the caves. This was not human, and no Pokemon smaller than he could make a roar that loud. He decided that the best thing to do was to stay put inside the house.

He peeked out the draped door, looking left and right. To his left, he saw a corridor that melted away to nothingness, and to his right..

OOONNNIIIIX!! he heard as he saw a gigantic snakelike Pokemon coming toward him. He retreated quickly into the establishment. A huge boulder came crashing through the entrance, doubling the size of it. It wrecked the bureau, and exited out the wall. An Onix poked its head through the hole, just big enough for it. Solis had to keep still, or the Onix would notice him next to it..

He quickly jumped up, and held out a Pokeball.

"Go, Oddish! Use an Energy Ball technique!" he shouted, startling the Onix. An Oddish appeared from within the POkeball, and charged up a small ball of green, glowing light. Before the Onix had a chance to react, it was pelted by a direct hit, and the Energy Ball exploded on the Onix. Being a doubly super effective hit, the Onix knew it was done battling. It whipped the Oddish with a flick of its tail, sending it flying into the wall. It then proceeded to burrow into the ground and make its escape.

"Oh, man! Oddish, are you okay!?" he ran to the injured Oddish.

"Oddish, Odd! (Yeah, 'tis only a flesh wound!)" it replied tiredly but anxiously.

"Okay, you need to take a break. You weren't out there long, and you weren't damaged a whole lot, but who knows how long we'll be down here for? We need to keep our energy up." he explained, recalling the Oddish back into its Pokeball.

March 31st, 2008, 6:53 PM
Behind a boulder hid a young boy no older than elven years of age. He seemed to be playing with a Bidoof which stood by his side when suddenly a loud roar can be heard,


The boy quickly jumped in freight and peeked his head out to see what was going on, too afraid to show himself.

"Oh my gosh! It's a monster! But what's that?" the boy asked himself as he saw another boy with a strange-looking Pokémon by his side trying to fight off the Onix.

"He's in trouble! We got to save him! Mac, let's go!" The boy yelled and ran off. He ran next to Solis, "Hey, my name is Bobby." He introduced himself, "And I'll help you fight this.. monster!" Bobby said with a pause, unsure what he is up against.

"Doof!" Mac cried as he jumped into battle, eyes filled with strength.

"Mac! Go for your Rollout attack!" Bobby shouted.

Mac nodded and the small Bidoof hurled itself towards the Onix by turning itself into a sort of ball by tucking in his legs and rolled across the ground smacking the onix across the face as Mac was able to get some air as he rolled off the edge of a ruined building.


The Onix cried as it collapsed into a building. Dust and debris covered the air where there was a slight pause. Mac popped back on the ground and looked around to see where the Onix went until suddenly a tail made of stone hit the Bidoof across the back sending it flying back towards its trainer in defeat.

"MAC!!!" Bobby yelled for his Pokémon as he kept his eyes shielded by the back of his arm from the dust.


March 31st, 2008, 7:22 PM
"Ugh..it won't move," said Rayne in a frustrated voice, trying to shift a huge boulder. He struggled against a pile of huge stones, which blocked the entrance he had taken to explore around the ancient city. Just a little while ago, a huge rumbling traveled through the underground city, which caused a wall to collapse behind him. Rayne was stuck in an underground hallway, and had no choice but to move forward and to try and find a way out. The hallway was dimly lit by torches attatched to the wall, which cast an eerie red glow about the place. "I guess we'll just have to find a way out on our own then..right Cutter?"

"Sneasel.." said Cutter, looking up at its trainer. It looked around the cave in an interested way, and began to claw at the clay walls surrounding them.

"Come on..I don't wanna spend the rest of my life down here," said Rayne, starting to walk down the dimly lit hallway. Cutter closely follwed. "It's too dark down here..we need more light. Come light this place up Flare."

Rayne threw a pokeball and released his Quilava, Flare. It stretched a little and looked around at the unfamiliar surroundings. "Quil!" it said, releasing the fire on its head and back. The hallway became lit more, and it was easier to see.

"That's better..now let's try and find our way out of here," said Rayne. He and his pokemon walked along the eerie ancient hallway, searching for a possible way out.

March 31st, 2008, 10:01 PM
OOC: Oh darn... I start this post, and two more people post before I finish my post... Well, it's finally finished.

Before the Cave-In

Tiffany and Daisy had curious or excited looks on their faces when they walked towards the underground city... What would be there? What sort of treasures and sights were there to behold? Why was this made such a popular attraction? All these questions passed through the minds of these two future friends (hopefully) as they walked through the entrance, past a man who went by to greet the people as they entered. When Tiffany and Daisy passed by this man, Tiffany stopped Daisy by grabbing her arm, and turned to him to ask him something.
"Excuse me... Are we allowed to bring Pokemon in there as well?"
"One only, and make sure it's no bigger than an Azumarill," the man replied as both Daisy and Tiffany took out a Pokeball.
As the two girls walked through the tunnel leading to the city, red flashes of light appeared from the two Pokeballs, materialising into two Pokemon. A Clefairy appeared out of Daisy's Pokeball and peered over Daisy's head from the shoulders she was standing on. From Tiffany's Pokeball emerged a Banette, who Tiffany held close to her--like an actual plush toy. And so the two girls and the two Pokemon entered the city. Soon after they did, they spotted an old-looking well with a modern-looking fence around it (to keep tourists out). But still, when the foursome spotted the intricately decorated orb on top of the well's roof, their jaws dropped in awe (well, Ravenna's mouth had to remain closed) at the orb's colours and the line carved around it. Resting on the line was a circle--wow, a Pokeball! Or a sculpture of one, in the very least, apparently coloured to look like a Dusk Ball. A Dusk Ball... Tiffany had gotten her hands on three of these at some point on her Pokemon journey, and had used all of them in attempts to capture a Murkrow. The Banette now in her arms was the result of one of those attempts, and in fact had been a Murkrow in her life. The foursome stared at this Dusk Ball sculpture for quite a while...

CRACK. A large crack formed in the ceiling directly above the well, causing large amounts of dust to fall on top of it. The crack kept getting bigger and bigger, and the ceiling started to rumble...
BOOM! What sounded like a large boulder hitting the ground sounded from a short distance away, although it was too dark to see anything. Soon after, more boulders started falling from the ceiling, some smaller, some larger... one even narrowly missed hitting Dolly on the head. The frightened Clefairy jumped off of Daisy's shoulders, and hopped over to the well. However, the fence was in the way, so Dolly just sat there clinging to the side of the wire fence while the ground started to shake as well.
GRUMBLE! The ground shook in one jerk towards the entrance, causing Tiffany to fall backward and Ravenna to roll sideways off her chest. Luckily, the fence caught Daisy's fall as she went over to grab Dolly. Dolly was still holding onto the fence, which tipped outward and gently fell on the ground. Daisy panicked and fell forward onto her knees, the light fence landing on her back. More boulder-falling took place, and Daisy prayed that none of the boulders would hit her, Tiffany, or any of the Pokemon...
OOF! Daisy heard a sharp yet muffled cry right near her, but it was too dark to see anything. Ohh, if only she could see... But just then, light shone behind her. Daisy turned to look at the light, but then the ground seemed to disappear underneath her...


After the Cave-In

"Fairy! Cle-fairy!"
Dolly slapped Daisy awake (there goes her Wake-Up-Slap at work), startling her trainer quite a bit. When Daisy opened her eyes, she saw that she was in a small empty chamber, in complete darkness were it not for a pile of burning wood nearby. This fire was accidentally summoned by Dolly's Metronome, a huge stroke of luck. Anyways, Daisy got up, and immediately felt her head for any signs of bumps. Nothing... whew, that was close. But then she saw something that made her gasp in surprise: Tiffany's arm was sticking out from underneath a pile of large rocks.
"Oh! Tiffany!"
Daisy ran over and knelt down next to Tiffany's arm, seventy percent certain that her potential friend was now dead. She was a little afraid to touch her (wasn't touching a dead arm creepy?), and so just sat there, frozen...

But then...
It was Tiffany's voice, although her arm did not move, and although the voice sounded weary and faint. Okay, not dead... maybe "dying" was a better word...
"Oh! Somehow we've got to get you out of there!" Daisy sounded quite worried, but that was natural when she was in a panic. And if this wasn't a cause for panic, what was? But how to get all those rocks off of Tiffany? Phantom or Ravenna could have been able to lift those rocks out of the way, but they both belonged to Tiffany, and Tiffany obviously could not reach Phantom's Pokeball. As for Ravenna... she was nowhere to be found. And none of Daisy's Pokemon could move the rocks out of the way... well, Jelly probably could with Gust, but there was the possibility of the Gust repositioning the rocks so that they sunk downward further and crushed Tiffany...
"It's all right... the rocks are not crushing me too badly at the moment..." Tiffany spoke again, just loudly enough so Daisy could hear. But if only I could reach my Pokeballs, Phantom could lift these rocks away telekinetically, a very safe manner... The truth is, I can barely move...

"Cle fairy, cle fairy..." Dolly started chanting. Daisy looked around to see Dolly waving her fingers in the air...
"No! Dolly!" Daisy shouted. "If it turns into the wrong move, it might..."
Just then, a swarm of bees appeared around Clefairy, sprinkling green dust all over her. A while later, the bees turned into dust as well.
[/i]Whew, that was just Heal Order,[/i] Daisy thought out of relief. "Er... if you want to use Metronome, try aiming at the wall first in case it's something destructive..."

After that, Clefairy tried Metronome a few times.
"Cle fairy, cle fairy, cle fairy... Fairy!"
Dolly puckered her lips, from which a stream of water appeared. This water hit the fire and put it out, plunging the area into complete darkness. Daisy shifted her attention away from Tiffany just in time to hear the last of the water spout hit the floor.
Great, Water Gun, Daisy thought. Now THAT's useful.
"Cle fairy, cle fairy, cle fairy... Fairy!"
Dolly flew right at Daisy and grabbed one of her Pokeballs. Then she flew back to her spot near the rocks, incredulous of the fact that she had just done what she did. But she just threw the Pokeball, and out came Hima.
"Sunflora flora!"
Upon seeing that it was dark, Hima used Flash to light her flower petals up. Light returned to the area, in a brighter and less dangerous source than the fire was. Daisy was finally staring at Clefairy, an awkward expression on her face--half annoyance, half gratitude.
"...That Metronome turned into Thief, didn't it?" Daisy guessed. "Well... it turned out well..."
"Clefairy fairy... Cle fairy, cle fairy, cle fairy... Fairy!"
The ground shook, at least in the area that this particular group was in. But as a result, the rocks which were carefully balanced over and around Tiffany toppled over and fell on top of her.
"Flora flora!" When the Earthquake was over, Hima walked closer to where Tiffany was and shone a bright light on her. To Daisy's horror, Tiffany's arm now had a few streaks of blood on it. No sound came from Tiffany otherwise. No sound came from Daisy either--but she stood up, gasped, and backed towards the damp spot where the fire had been seconds earlier. She shut her eyes tight, for she knew she might go crazy if she took another look at Tiffany. After all, she was a recovering hemophobe, and didn't want to risk it. But still, now that seventy-percent chance she pictured earlier of Tiffany's survival was more like ninety percent...

"Cle fairy, cle fairy, cle fairy... Fairy!"
A lucky stroke of fate indeed. No, the attack that came wasn't Psychic or Confusion, as Dolly hoped. Instead, dark particles hovered around Dolly for a while, while a light pink aura enveloped her. The dark particles flew around Dolly like orbiting planets. Then, the aura expanded outwards like a flash of light, enveloping the room in flashes of pink and pearly white energy. It wasn't properly light--more like an energy force that seemed to consist of space itself... Soon after, pearly white vortexes appeared around every single rock that was on top of Tiffany, and every single rock rose up into the air and spun around themselves, looking like a rocky solar system. For a few seconds the scene was absolutely stunning--swirls of pink and pearl, orbiting, vortex-infused rocks, and the dark particles being absorbed into Dolly. When the last dark particle entered Dolly, the energy field disappeared, and the rocks exploded into glittering white dust. When all the dust fell to the floor, it gave the impression of a pearl having melted on the floor.

"Ohhh... wow..." Daisy stammered, hardly believing what she had just seen. If what that Metronome turned into was an attack, it was certainly an attack Daisy had never seen or even heard of before. But it was truly powerful and beautiful... it was amazing how such an attack could come out of a little Clefairy.
"Fairy fairy..." Dolly muttered, looking at her hands, and examining the pearly white dust on the ground.
"Wasssss..." said a hardly recognisable voice. "...Was that... could... could it have... b-b-been... a... Spacial Rend... attack?"
"Spacial Rend?" Daisy blurted. "What kind of attack is that? I've never heard of a... Oh! Tiffany!"
Daisy stopped when she identified the source of the voice. Tiffany was standing up, one arm clutching her chest, the other arm (the one which stuck out) bleeding slightly.
"...Oh, and Spacial Rend..." Tiffany continued, in a voice that was softer and squeakier than normal, "...that's P-Palkia's... attack. Is it true? Dolly just used Spacial Rend? Oh drat, I d-didn't... see it..."
"Ohh... but that doesn't matter now. Are you okay?" Daisy asked. ...Wait, what kind of question was that? Of course she's not...
Tiffany coughed a couple of times before speaking.
"I think I might be okay." Tiffany's voice was starting to sound better--it was almost normal, although she still sounded as if she had a bit of a sore throat. "But, obviously there's no point to just staying here. We really should be trying to find a way out, or else explore more of the place."
Tiffany sounded quite excited while saying the last seven words, but Daisy was just the opposite--she was eager to get out of this place. Besides, despite what Tiffany said, she was probably not okay, and Daisy was anxious to get her to a hospital or something.

Before Tiffany and Daisy left the chamber for a tunnel nearby, Tiffany looked around at the Pokemon. Dolly was standing there with a handful of the pearly dust. Hima was lighting up the chamber with Flash. And Ravenna... wait a minute, where was Ravenna?
"Hold on a second, we lost Ravenna," Tiffany mentioned. "Let me see if she's around... Ravenna?"
Tiffany and Hima looked around the chamber. Looking was easy because now there were no rocks to conceal Ravenna, but Ravenna was nowhere to be found. The floor was littered with burnt wood and the pearly white dust, the walls were... boring... and the ceiling was formed by large rocky slabs and wooden planks. Maybe Ravenna was stuck in the ceiling... For the next few moments, Tiffany lifted Hima and Dolly up into the space between the planks to look for Ravenna. Hima flashed her light at various places between the planks, atop some of the rocky protrusions, elsewhere in the chamber... nothing. Giving up, Hima jumped down from the space and landed in Tiffany's arms, a living flowery lamp.
"Come on, we can look for Ravenna later," Daisy said impatiently. "Besides, there's no way she could be dead."
"True--but if she stays here, she'll most likely stay a motionless plushie, and we'll never see her again. Remember--she was a Murkrow in her life."
"Ohh, you Murkrow lover..."
"Honchkrow. THAT'S my favourite Pokemon. Ah well, maybe Ravenna is up there somewhere... let's head up there if we can. There is a tunnel right out there..."

Tiffany, Daisy, and the two little Pokemon headed along the tunnel, which turned out to be very short. It bended sharply to the left, and beyond that, it ended at water. It would have been a river, except the water was completely still. Tiffany and Daisy looked at each other, back at the river, back at each other... then Tiffany looked at her purse and took one of her three Dusk Balls out.
"Come on out, Phantom."
Tiffany's arm still hurt a little bit, so she just dropped the ball towards the water. But it still worked--a Bronzong appeared and hovered just above the water.
"Phantom... do you think you can carry both of us?"
"...Zong," Phantom shrugged. Then it descended partway into the water, so that Tiffany and Daisy could climb atop it.
Soon enough, Phantom was floating over the water, Daisy and Tiffany sitting atop it and holding onto the arch on top of the bell Pokemon. Hima sat atop Tiffany's and Daisy's shoulders, lighting the way with Flash. Dolly was flying in front of Phantom, keeping an eye out for anyone else... She was still holding some of the pearly dust from before, except now it was more like a muddy clump since she dipped it in the water.

OOC: My first post is always long... But anyways, at least now we know where my characters are... except for Tiffany's Banette of course.

April 1st, 2008, 1:58 AM
ArK was walking through the ancient city with his dad.
"Dad, isnt it dangerous around here?"
"No, th scientists said that this will survive for at least some hundred years...There is no need to worry."
Then, a huge rock fell from the ceiling, separating ArK from its father.The boulder fell into ArK`s leg, making it impossible to move.
"ArK?Are you allright?"
"Yeah, but i cant move!"
ArK`s dad searched a way to find ArK but didnt succeeded.
"I can not use my pokemon!They only have fire type moves, and the normal attacks are too weak!"
Luckyly, ArK could reach his pocket, then, it got the pokeball and released Rhydon.
"Rhydon, use blizzard to freeze the rock!"
Rhydon used blizzard, even not understanding why.
"Great, now use flamethrower!"
Rhydon used this sequence many times, until ArK could free himself from the rock.
"ArK, can you use this to destroy the entire rock?"
"No, Rhydon is too tired!"ArK shouted.
"But i will try to find a way out of here!"

ArK released Arcanine, then used his flamethrower to light a torch.
"Thanks Arcanine!"He said, while arcanine returned to its pokeball.
After walking for some minutes, he noticed a white dust on the floor, but ignored it.He also saw a type of river.
After releasing Rhydon, he ordered it to use surf, following the water channel.

April 1st, 2008, 2:04 PM
Roland found himself surrounded by darkness, aware of the soft breathing coming from Morpheus near him. He was sitting, fumbling for a flashlight that would sweep the dark. He always kept a small flashlight at his belt. Roland clicked the small button that operated the flashlight, spreading a wan light around the ancient hall.

He swept his gaze around the dimly lit walls. The light allowed a good view of an unknown darkness beyond him. Morpheus intoned his own feelings of doubt. It was almost a whimper.

"I have spare batteries," Roland said, his voice quiet and as dim as the walls around him. The tone set a shiver of doubt through Morpheus.

Roland whirled around, saw the new wall formed in the midst of the confusion. Oh good, he thought wryly. He observed the ceiling, saw the fragile cracks that could give way any moment. He faced the dark corridor beyond.

Light on, Roland stepped into the unsound dark, footsteps echoing throughout. Morpheus followed his trainer in silence.

April 1st, 2008, 2:48 PM
"NOOO!" a kid no older than he screamed. He had intervened the fight with his Bidoof before Solis had time to realize it. The dust settled, and it became quiet. The only sound Solis could hear was the roar echoing from the Onix fleeing. It soon died down, though, and quiet once again.

"Hey, your Bidoof alright?" Solis faced the stranger, who was obviously concerned for his Bidoof.

"By the way, I'm Solis," he said, his hand outward, ready to receive a shake,"if you need anything, I have some supplies," he added.

Destiny was walking, clutching her arm. It was in unbearable pain, as a rock had slammed right on top of it. It was inky dark, and reminded her of Mt. Coronet. She continued to wander, and came across a light. It was much to far away to see clearly, and would barely even hear her if she yelled across the large clearing.

She continued to walk, keeping an eye on the suspicious light across the clearing. It disappeared for a moment..

"Oh, there's a wall here," she said surprised, "there must be others down here. Gee, I hope no one got killed.." she hoped in vain. She knew there were deaths, and maybe even countless ones. She still continued to walk.

As if fate was playing a joke on her, she stumbled upon a dead body, head crushed by a mountain of large boulders. She was too scared to move. She slowly reached for a Pokeball on her belt, and sent out her Torkoal.

"Incinerator, would you light it up in here.. please?" she asked her Pokemon. It replied with a grunt, and let a small flame flicker from the opening in its shell.

Hey, all. I've made an OOC, so please no outside converstion. It's here (http://pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?p=3457677#post3457677).

April 1st, 2008, 3:14 PM
When the litle river were over, ArK returned his rhydon to its pokeball, when heard a loud but distant scream:"NOOOOOOO!!"

"There must be survivors nearby!"He said as he tried to follow the coice`s direction.

Still wondering about the white dust on the floor, he went to the direction of the loud scream, even forgotting about his father.

"Damn, what happened?The scientists said that it would last for years more!"
ArK said, not having a clue about what happened.



April 1st, 2008, 3:28 PM
As Rayne and his pokemon walked along the underground path, he began to really take notice of the details in his surroundings-mainly the walls. There seemed to be heiroglyph-like drawings and pictures along the clay walls, as well as mysterious writing that seemed to be in another language. Rayne momentarily stopped his pokemon from going any further, and decided to examine the walls.

"Hmm..whoever built this old underground city must've drawn these," he said, looking closely at the wall carvings. His eyes followed the drawings from left to right as he ran the tips of his fingers over them. When he lifted his hand from the wall, a small bit of dust clinged to it. Rayne blew the dust from his hand as well as a small section of the wall, so hecould get a closer look at the drawings. "Well it looks like these drawings are drawings of pokemon.."

The carvings seemed to be telling some type of story. On one particular portion of the wall, it seemed to show a pokemon battle going on. The two pokemon that were drawn resembled an Armaldo and a Rampardos in a fierce battle. Apart from the pokemon, there were also two human-like figures situated at opposite sides of the battle. "I guess they knew how to train and battle, even in ancient times," thought Rayne to himself, looking at the drawing. Suddenly, Cutter began to call for Rayne's attention.

"Sneasel! Snea!" said Cutter, calling to its trainer. It seemed to be gesturing toward the direction ahead of them, off into the darkness of the underground path. Rayne turned around to see what was going on.

"What is it Cutter?" he said, looking over at his Sneasel. He abandoned his inspection of the cave drawings and walked over to Cutter. Rayne looked over in the direction Cutter seemed to be pointing out, but he couldn't see too much farther beyond the space that was lit by Flare's flame. "Show me what you're talking about."

Rayne and his pokemon resumed their walk down the dark underground path. After about ten minutes or so they ran into another trainer, who was accompanied by a Weavile. "So I guess Cutter must've sensed that trainer's Weavile's presence down here," thought Rayne, looking down by his side at Cutter. He walked over to the other trainer, followed by Cutter and Flare. Cutter in particular seemed keen to follow closely behind.

"So you're lost and stuck down here too," said Rayne, walking up to the other trainer. He decided to introduce himself. "My name's Rayne.."

April 1st, 2008, 3:59 PM
Solis reached into his pocket, and pulled out the small shards of jewels.. or that's what he thought it was. He examined them closely, and stuffed them back into the portfolio. He decided to take a longer, closer peek. In there, there were the documents he had looked at earlier. Along with those, there were sheets that looked like maps. What startled him the most was the size of the map. It unfolded many times, producing a map the size of him, if not, bigger. He laid it down, but couldn't see it clearly by the scarce light.

"Dang.. I can't read it!" he said to no one. He thought about what Pokemon he owned, but none were able to create light. He decided that he needed to find a light source. He looked overhead at the ceiling far above, and noted where the few spots of light were directed. He started to make his way to the area he thought closest. Until then, he folded up the map, and put it in the proper pocket of the portfolio. He started on his way.
Destiny was behind her Torkoal, Incinerator, who was lighting up the path with small, flickering flames. She noticed the paintings on the walls. They seemed like, to her, Pokemon data, like that of a Pokedex. They were organized into boxes, with pre-evolutions before the evolved form. She also saw the text below, perhaps describing the characteristics or something on the POkemon. Finally, she saw how there were so few Pokemon compared to with today. While she was lost in thought, Incinerator grunted, causing Destiny to jump slightly and return to the undergroung metropolis.

"What is it?" she asked him. Incinerator nodded to farther down the same pathway. It seemed to be afraid, seeing as how it hid behind her. Destiny focused down te path, but found nothing but darkness. She couldn't even hear anything. But, she knew how keen a Pokemon's senses were, so she was still worried.

There was a noise from behind her and Incinerator, and they both turned to see what it was. The noise passed them, as if the source was invisible. Destiny realized it was from underneath them, and heard a cry, much like "OOOONNNNNIIIIIxxx...," echoing, and finally dying out. Destiny figured it how dangerous this was going to be. Escape was going to be difficult.. especially when both her and her Pokemon were too scared to move!

April 1st, 2008, 5:21 PM
"Nice to meet you Solis but, I think I have a berry..." Bobby told Solis, he searched through his pockets and finally dug up a berry which he gave to his Bidoof. "I think it's time that you get some rest." He told his faithful companion and with that he zapped him back in his Pokéball.

"Wow did you see the size of that monster? It was HUGE!" Bobby said still excited about the battle, still unclear that the Pokémon's name is "Onix". "Gee, if only my brother Ren was here. Did you know that he is training for the Elite Four? He beaten all the gyms in the world! All of them!" Bobby carried on, "He could of beat that monster in two seconds with his Pokémon bird made out of fire!"

However, Solis was too occupied looking at strange paintings on the walls of the ruins. The ancient architecture holds many riddles, perhaps this is just one of them.

"What's this? Are these drawings? Who would draw this here? And why so old?" Bobby asked one question after another like any other child around his age. Bobby noticed that Solis was looking up at something, Bobby looked as well. There were faint rays of light coming from the ceiling, perhaps he could shed some light on the situation.

"Hey! I have Paul! Paul can help us!" Bobby told Solis who remained busy with the situation at hand.

Bobby threw another Pokéball and out popped a Starly.

"Gyroo!!" Paul the Starly screeched. It flapped up to Bobbys shoulder and began to make a purr, similar to that of a pigeon. "Paul you see that light up there? Do you think you can move some of that dust and rocks with a whirlwind?"

The young Starly nodded and flew up to the ceiling where it became nothing more but a fluttering dot in the distance and rapidly flapped his wings to create a whirlwind, knocking away any small rocks and debris that came in the way of the light. It wasn't much, but it was enough to get a clear enough view of the drawings in front of Bobby and Solis.

Paul flew back down to Bobby and landed on his shoulder once more where there he looked with Bobby to see the paintings.

"Solis, what is that?" Bobby asked in amazement.

April 2nd, 2008, 2:31 PM
The kid was shooting question after another. Apparently, his name was Bobby, as he told Solis.

"What is that?" Bobby asked in awe. Solis noticed he was eying the portfolio he had stuffed the map into.

"You know that house that was destroyed by the Onix? Well, there was a cabinet that had this in it. It's cool, its got old papers of stuff, and small pieces of jewels, and I found this map.." Solis's voice trailed off. He was beginning to sound a bit childish himself. He saw the Starly known as Paul shoot some rocks and angling the light toward them. The light was just bright enough to see a little clearer, but was still dim.

"Uh.. thanks, Bobby," Solis thanked Bobby. He began to unravel the map he had just put back, not thinking of the plan Bobby came up with. He laid it on the ground, and took a good look at it. They were no where near the center, by the looks of the surrounding cave. He noted how there were many small channels webbing out from the center, all flowing down into one big depository. The whole city was on a giant pedestal, surrounded my water. This was going to be fun to get out of..
Destiny arrived at the end of the tunnel. Still dark, she was already beginning to despise this damned place. She thought they had said that it would last another thousand years, perhaps! She wandered in the dark, Incinerator's flame flickering weakly from walking too long. If there was one thing a Torkoal wasn't good at, it was walking for a long time. It collapsed and yawned, and looked up innocently at Destiny.

"Graaah.." it sighed heavily. It laid weakly on the hard ground, forcing itself to stay awake.

"...Fine. In you go," Destiny reluctantly gave in to her Pokemon, and Incinerator disappeared back into the Pokeball.

About five minutes later, the silence was starting to kill her. She needed some source of sound to make the silence go away. So she decided to call out her Sandslash. It came out the same way Incinerator disappeared.

"Sandslaaash!" it cried with a stuffed sounding cry. It was ready for battle, not knowing what had happened to the underground until now.

April 2nd, 2008, 8:21 PM
Edmund arrived at the place. He must've thought it's a nice place to hang around. But by the look of his face, he was disgusted. It look like a ghost town crossed over with ancient ruins. Lots of dirt and weird looking spires dominate the view. But as he began to turn his back, he thought.

'Hey! Why not explore his place? It's worth a lifetime!' said his conscience

For a few minutes, he thought it over and over until he decided to explore. He came down to some ramps until his foot touched the main plain. But before he touched one of the runes embedded on the wall, a huge roar shooked the earth, then a crash. He quickly run for cover under a falled spire lodged within a boulder.

"What is that?!" he said. Without thinking, he called one of his pokemon, a Dusclops by the name of Cyclops.

"Cyclops, go ahead and investigate over there..." he pointed to the place where he heard the voice.

"Clops...." said the Dusclops in an eerie sort of way.

Then he called on one of his Pokemon again, this time a Meganiun.

"Flora, I need you this time, I don't know what the heck's happened and I need a companion, shall we go?" Edmund said hastily, for he's quite pannicky.

"Ganium!" said the Meganuim enthuisaistically.

Then, they head down to some winding paths and roads. They creeped up slowly, for they don't know what surprises they could encounter. After a while exploring some houses, they heard voices. This time human voices.

"Flora! Quick, hide in here!" Edmund said hastily. Edmund then peeked from his window, he saw two boys talking and walking. The other one is holding some prachment."So, I'm not the only one here..."

April 3rd, 2008, 12:34 PM
"The only thing we can do is find an exit.." explained Solis to himself. He took a good, long study at the map; he couldn't walk while holding it, it was way too big to. After a few minutes, he folded up the map for the last time, and stuffed it into the portfolio. He then began his way in the direction he thought was toward the edge.
Destiny had to calm Claw down.

"It's all right, it's just me, no battling!" she said to Claw. After a brief moment of standing there, it confirmed with a grunt. Destiny motioned her hand for Claw to follow her. After a while of walking, she cam across a lit up house. It looked like it was still inhabited..

The whole street was lit up, in fact. It seemed like a trade street, where there were many shops, among other things. But, no one was outside. She heard loud music coming from the house closest to her, deciding to take a look. She peeked through a window, seeing a light bulb right in front of her. Across the room, there were some men that were dressed up funnily.. They wore a "G" symbol on there torso, and all had bowl haircuts.

It seemed to be a party; the men were all smoking, playing cards with one hand. In the other, most of them held some sort of alcoholic beverage. The music was playing on some oldies station, with an annoying banjo playing. She was interested in the party, wondering if the men were from the surface. She was too afraid, though, to go inside. She decided to walk down the street, and check out some other places.

She found another place, with men of the same sort inside. This time, they were moving bags and boxes into a wooden cabinet. The bags seemed to twitch, as if there were things inside of them. Just then, one of the men saw her in the doorway, and shouted.

"Hey, girl, get back here!" he shouted angrily. She was startled by his voice, not knowing they were hostile. The man reached for a Pokeball, and sent out a skunk-like Pokemon.

"Skuntank!" it screeched loudly. Destiny knew she would not be a match for all of these men, so she decided to run from the scene. Claw was close behind her as they fled around a corner. They kept running until the light from the street was gone. They turned into an abandoned house, thinking they were safe. After a while of resting, Destiny decided to look out the doorway.

"..I don't see them. They must've given up on us," she said quietly. Then, Claw let out a cry, and attacked the air. Destiny didn't know what was going on because she couldn't see in the dark. Then, she heard the same cry.


April 3rd, 2008, 3:35 PM
Name: Taku
Nick Name: Xea
Describtion:Red Jacket,Some what strong,Blue Jeanes,dosent like humans, White spikeynhair
History:Borne in Jhoto and moved to Kanto with his Blazikan, Falid at the kanto reagion trying to get past Brock,so he left for Shino and then went in to the cave loking for treasure.
Pokemon: blazikan LV.50,Sky uper cut,blaze kick,flame thrower,mach punch.
got as a starter from Elm, cause he was late for getting a totidile.

April 3rd, 2008, 4:01 PM
Morpheus walked in front, Roland holding light behind him. The walls show color and shapes as they edged along its halls. He listened to the silence beside the soft drumming of footsteps.

Roland checked the ancient walls, saw a string of art starting-or ending-a tiresome sprawl across a single dimension. The color in them had faded over time, cracks forcing their way inward. The scene appeared to depict a brutal fight, between what appeared to be a Pokemon... and a human. He stood, thinking: The past brings much to light, especially the hidden.

Yet it struck odd, moving along. A great battle scene of sorts? He noted some strange, foreign script on some part. The letters reminded Roland of an inscription he saw somewhere. Quite possibly at the now collapsed and ruin entrance.

Morpheus seemed to show signs of excitement. "Weavile..." he said, in a half-snarl. Roland stopped, listening.

Footsteps. They got louder, sounding faintly.

Roland saw the figure emerge, flicked his light, saw the shadows play across the stranger's face. The newcomer introduced himself.

"Rayne," Roland said, twisting his mouth. His eyes were fixed in a still, brutal stare. Morpheus dropped pace, saw the strangers. "My name is Roland," he said.

April 3rd, 2008, 6:23 PM
"Hmph..this Roland guy doesn't look too chill to me," thought Rayne to himself. He looked at Roland, narrowing his eyes in a slightly defiant way. Not wanting to put static in the air with someone he just met, Rayne kept his composure and merely stood there and crossed his arms. Although Rayne tried not to immediately act too aggressively towards Roland, the same couldn't be said for Cutter.

"Sneasel.." said Cutter in a low growl, eyes fixed on Roland's Weavile. There was obvious tension between the two, as Cutter's three red tails and long red ear all pointed out at sharp angles. There was an intense look in Cutters' eyes as it stared at Roland's Weavile, and an agitated look on its face. Rayne took notice of Cutter's aggressive behavior and stood beside his pokemon in a reassuring way to keep Cutter from trying to attack Roland or his Weavile. Flare approached Rayne as well and stood on the opposite side of him, eyes fixed on Roland. The fire on Flare's back and head burned slightly hotter than normal, but it didnt act as aggressively as Cutter.

"Um..Roland these are two of my pokemon, Cutter and Flare," said Rayne in a calm voice, trying to break the tension. He gestured down towards Flare and Cutter as he introduced them. "Just excuse their behavior..they usually dont act this way.."

"Sneasel..Quil.." responded Cutter and Flare in low voices as their trainer said their names. Rayne's attempt to ease the situation didn't seem to help much; Flare's eyes were still fixed on Roland, and Cutter still showed its aggresive body language towards Roland's Weavile.

April 3rd, 2008, 6:51 PM
Bobby's eyes followed Solis as he began to walk away, Bobby swiftly turned and chased after him, "Hey, what's that? Is that a map? Can I see again? Lemme hold it!" Bobby kept saying over and over. He can't help being this way, he is young after all.

Solis however seemed to keep his cool and walked towards an edge of the land they are on and below one could see a gigantic ancient city scape of a ruined city well long forgotten...

... until now.

"Wow, look at that! It's gonna take forever to get out of here! I wish my brother was here." He turned to face Solis, "He has this huge monster Pokémon that's green and big! It could go through anything! I bet if he was here he could tell that Pokémon to knock down the walls so we could escape!" Bobby carried on, however it was only wishful thinking. Which is normal in such a situation.

"Well c'mon Solis! No time just standing around! Ooo! Look! What's that?" Bobby pointed out towards something in the distance. He began to run down the slope they were on, uncaring of his surroundings when there, Bobby lost his footing and tripped down, rolling down the slope into the darkness.


His screams turned into an echo as he fell further down, Paul who was once on his shoulder flew down to his trainer to see if he's alright. Alerted "tweets" and cries could be heard as the Starly made its way down. Down below a Sneasel and a Quilava can be found near a teen trainer wearing mostly red. There seemed to have been some sort of situation going on between him and another trainer but that will all soon change with a loud,


Bobby landed right smack on his face ontop of the red clad teen. Paul flew down crying, circling above Bobby unsure what to do.

April 5th, 2008, 10:05 PM
OOC: Time for someone to encounter Destiny... provided that's okay.
The tunnel was long and dark (except for Hima's Flash lighting the way), the water below so still that it looked like glass. It took quite a few minutes to get through this tunnel, few minutes that Daisy and Tiffany spent by conversing with each other...
"Do you have any idea of what we should no next?" Daisy asked Tiffany.
"Well, it's obvious: find Ravenna, that's what we do next. I thought I told you that already..."
"I wonder how long that will take... I still can't believe this explosion happened."
"Oh, that's not a problem," Tiffany mentioned quite excitedly. "This gives us an excuse to explore the city. Don't worry... come on Daisy, it will be fun!"
Tiffany grabbed Daisy's shoulders in a one-arm hug as she said this.
"I just hope nothing bad happens to us..." Daisy commented. "Like that cave-in."
"Aww, don't worry, now that we're in danger, we can expect more of it now! Besides, you have me to protect ya... as well as ten Pokemon. And if any cave-ins happen, Phantom can lift the rocks out of the way."

For the next few silent moments, Daisy thought it odd that Tiffany was acting so calm and even a bit... bouncy... despite the fact that she was probably hurt badly in the cave-in. When she had first met her, she thought of her as a rather cold and selfish person who frequently made bad remarks about other people. It turned out that she never saw how Tiffany acted towards her friends... nor how easily she considered people as friends. And... just then, Tiffany tickled her.
"Hee hee hee... stoooopppp..." Daisy giggled. "Don't make me fall off your Bronzong..."
"Ha, feeling better yet, flower girl?" Tiffany asked as she took out her Pokenav. "Well, I'm gonna ring the Wicked Roses to see how they're doin'... perhaps you can say hi to them as well."
"Oh, Violet, hello hello," Tiffany greeted over the phone. "For a second I thought there would be no reception here, but... anyways, something freaky just happened. We just... hello?"
"Well, it worked for a while..." Tiffany muttered as she put away the Pokenav--somehow the call had dropped its connection.

A while later, Tiffany and Daisy found themselves amongst a group of old-looking buildings. However, there was a lighted street barely visible in the distance, and the faint sounds of a banjo playing came from that area. There was also the occasional shout and the occasional silhouette of a person running towards them from the street. By this time, Tiffany had returned Phantom to its Pokeball and let Filbert and Saft out instead, having just explained to the two of them what happened with the cave-in. But Hima and Dolly were still out, although Dolly had given the pearly lump from her accidental Spacial Rend attack to Daisy for safekeeping. Anyways, one of the silhouetted people turned a corner and disappeared into the darkness, and soon after, two more appeared running towards Tiffany and Daisy (although unable to see them), ready to follow the first.
"Hey Tiffany, do you think we should follow them?" Daisy asked as she spotted the silhouetted people. "Maybe they can help us out..."
Tiffany shrugged. "Might be worth a try--although let's check out that street afterwards."

And so Tiffany and Daisy followed the silhouetted people around the corner, still unable to make out what they looked like. Filbert and Saft ran along in front of them, Hima sat atop Daisy's shoulders and lit the way, and Dolly bounced along near her. After a while, Hima's light shone on two of the silhouetted people--who Tiffany and Daisy immediately recognised as members of Team Galactic.
"Hima, quick, turn off your light!" Daisy commanded in a whisper.
"Flora..." Hima muttered as she did so, and the whole place went dark, except for a tiny bit of light from above.
"What was that?" one of the Galactic men said as the light that shone on him for a few seconds went out.
"I dunno, maybe a friend of that other girl..." said the other. "How about I keep watch out here, and you go in with Dylan and take care of the girl with the Sandslash?"

Tiffany and Daisy quickly hid behind an abandoned building, but they were close enough to hear the voices of the three Galactic men. There was also the voice of a Skuntank, and the Sandslash they had been talking about. And there were the hushed voices of Tiffany and Daisy as they spoke to each other...
"What in the world is Team Galactic doing here?!?" Daisy exclaimed, although still whispering.
"Hmm, there must be some rare items or Pokemon in here, I suppose--why else?"
"Heyyy wait--what if they came in here to take Pokemon from trainers who entered this city? That idea creeps me out..."
"It surely is a possibility..." Tiffany muttered, as she looked around at the four Pokemon with them. "If that's true, I hope they don't have Ravenna..."
"I hope not either... I'd hate to think what they'd do with a Banette."
"Well, at least they can't hurt her very much, without her laughing loud enough for us to hear." Tiffany took a glance once more at the Pokemon--only this time, Filbert was missing. "Hey where'd Filbert go?"
"Lux lux luxio," Saft answered, pointing his tail at another building where the Galactic men and the supposed girl with the Sandslash were.
"Oh drat--doesn't he know what he's dealing with?!" Tiffany groaned, forgetting that the Galactics could hear her.

"Hey! You!" the Galactic man who was keeping watch shouted, and started walking towards Tiffany and Daisy.
"Quick!" Tiffany whispered to Daisy. "Put everyone back in their Pokeballs!"
"Come back everyone..." Daisy said hastily. In the Pokeballs Hima and Dolly went.
"Lux-io," Saft tried to explain, dodging the Pokeball lasers, and pointing towards the other abandoned house where Filbert went. Tiffany understood this comment because it was one Saft had used frequently--it meant that wherever Filbert went, Saft would follow--he would stick up to him as a good friend.
"Okay... but be careful..." Tiffany commented, just as she saw a bright flash coming from the abandoned house where the girl was.
"Skun skun tank..."
"Chiiiiiirisu!!!" Filbert sounded like he was in trouble...

OOC: I know how much Claw probably wants to battle the Skuntank, so I didn't steal your battle, Silhouette... in fact now my character's Pachirisu is being crushed underneath Skuntank, having attempted to use Discharge on it. (Now Destiny gets to be a hero as well by saving the poor squirrel. Whoopee...?)

April 6th, 2008, 1:30 PM
Just as Solis was about to turn to Bobby to quiet him down, Bobby had taken a fall down below.

"SSSOOOLLLIIISSSssss," his cry echoed, then quieting. Solis could still here the chirp of the Starly, so Bobby must've finally shut up. Solis ran to the edge of what looked like a mini cliff, and saw a couple of shadows of other people. There were also a couple of humanoid Pokemon and a dim light.

"Bobby, you alright?!" Solis yelled frantically. He sat down on the ground and slid on his rear. He came to an edge and fell a couple feet, but remained upward. He saw Bobby lying there.
"Chiiiiiirisu!!!" Destiny also heard in unison with the cries of Claw. Who else was down here? It didn't matter to Destiny.

"Claw, where are you? Who else is down here?" Destiny yelled worriedly. She saw the glint of two very evil eyes for a split second. Then, they winced, as it seemed Claw had attacked it.

"Hey, girly, your porcupine just cut my Skuntank!! That's it! Use Poison Gas!" yelled the apparently drunk Galactic guard. The room started to fill up with a noxious stench. It was so horrible, there was a barely visible haze in the room. Destiny felt sick to the stomach, but knew she needed to battle.

"Claw, give it a weak Earthquake!!" she yelled to Claw. With a grunt, it stabbed to groud harshly, and the room started to shake violently. The roof collapsed over where the Skuntank was, battering it with.. whatever the building was made of. Soon, the Skuntank shot a green liquid at Claw, making it unable to see (or smell for that matter), which disabled it.

"Claw, get back! Go, Coral!" she retreated Claw into his Pokeball, and sent out a Seadra. This battle was going to be difficult in the dark.

"Use Water Gun!" she ordered. The Seadra shot some bursts of water at the foe, but missed them all.

"No! We need some light!" Destiny yelled frantically.

April 10th, 2008, 4:18 PM
OOC: Hm, now that's strange... no one else posted yet.
As soon as the room collapsed, the Skuntank released its grip on Filbert, allowing him to run out and escape. The Pachirisu couldn't see anything in the dark, but could smell something awful in the room--perhaps the Skuntank had sprayed some sort of noxious gas while Filbert was still being crushed underneath its paw. But although he couldn't see anything, he could hear voices... one belonged to a Sandslash, and the other belonged to a girl who was apparently the Sandslash's trainer.

Just then, the Skuntank squirted a fluid at the Sandslash, and shortly afterward, Filbert saw the Sandslash being hit by a red laser beam--meaning it was returned to its Pokeball. Another red energy form appeared, and out came a Seadra. Soon after that, the Seadra tried to fire several Water Guns at Skuntank. All the jets of water missed Skuntank, but one hit Filbert, and the other flew out the window and flew an inch above Saft's head.
"Pachiru!" Filbert shouted at the Seadra. To Coral, it sounded like he was saying, "HEY! I'm on your side, you know!"
Just then, Destiny mentioned something about light--and a light turned on in the little Pachirisu's mind.
"Pachii!" Filbert used Discharge again, just enough to form a field of electric energy around him. The current hurt a bit since Filbert was slighty wet, but at least the room was now lit by the orb of yellow sparks surrounding Filbert.

"Lux!" came the cry of Saft jumping through the window. Saft looked around and saw two trainers, one of which was in Team Galactic. There was Filbert glowing with electricity, and a Seadra and a Skuntank who appeared to be battling each other.
<"Filbert, are you okay, bro?"> Saft asked in Luxio language.
"Chi." Filbert had to focus on using Discharge, but managed to point at the Skuntank.
At that point, Saft growled at the Skuntank, the hair on his head sticking up like an afro. Soon after, he too has sparks surrounding him--he was using Charge, ready to attack the Skuntank if necessary.
<"Anyone who harms Filbert has to deal with me!"> Saft shouted at the Skuntank.


Meanwhile, outside the building, one of the other Galactic men shone a flashlight at Tiffany and Daisy, who had just finished returning all their Pokemon (except Saft and Filbert, of course) to their Pokeballs. Then he sent out a Purugly.
"Reeeeow," the Purugly growled, ready to pounce on the two girls.
Daisy jumped in surprise, but Tiffany held out an arm in front of her and glared at the Galactic person.
"Uh-uh, we ain't battling you," she declared. If you're looking for a battle, you'll have to try over there." Tiffany pointed to the building where the battle was taking place.

Then Tiffany grabbed Daisy and slipped past the Galactic man, causing the pouncing Purugly to fall on its face. Noticing that the two were trying to escape without giving him some Pokemon, the Galactic man reached out and grabbed Daisy by the hair.
"Oww!" Daisy cried out as Tiffany and the Galactic man pulled her by the arm or the hair in opposite directions.
"Urrgh, pest," Tiffany growled as she hit the Galactic man on the arm, a strike that resembled a karate chop appearance-wise. The Galactic man winced at the impact and momentarily released Daisy.
"Come on Daisy," Tiffany said to her, as Daisy too started to run away.

Tiffany and Daisy ran right past the building where the battle was, causing one of the two men standing near there to spot her and run after her as well. The two Galactic men chased Tiffany and Daisy around the building three times before Purugly jumped out in front of the two girls. At this, Tiffany jumped over the fat cat, while Daisy ran around to the side of it and narrowly missed one of the Galactic men grabbing her again. The chase continued, until...

"Urrgh, fine," Tiffany grumbled as she and Daisy halted to a stop behind the building. "Come on out Phantom."
Purugly crashed right into the Bronzong that appeared in front of it all of a sudden.
"Use Hypnosis!" one of the Galactic men commanded.
"You too!" Tiffany ordered.
It was a Hypnosis contest--the two Pokemon stared at each other, trying to put each other to sleep. Both Pokemon's eyes grew steadily droopy...
"Nah, this is boring," the other Galactic man groaned. "Go Sneasel."
The Sneasel that came out started running at Phantom to distract it.
"Eek! Jelly!" Daisy called, sending out her Beautifly. Jelly blocked the Sneasel's path, causing the Sneasel to instead pin her down.
"Stupid butterfly..." the Galactic men mumbled. "Sneasel, use Icy Wind."
"Use Silver Wind!" Daisy commanded. It was a wind contest. Jelly lay down on the floor while Sneasel hovered in midair, held up by the force of its own Icy Wind and Jelly's Silver Wind.

The force of the two winds caused Sneasel to fly up and hit the cave ceiling, then be blown at by both wind attacks. At the same time, both Purugly and Phantom fell asleep, and Phantom hit the ground with a loud thud.
"Return!" Tiffany and one of the Galactics shouted in unison. "Go Dawn/Golbat!" Both recalled the sleeping Pokemon, and in their place was a Ninetales and a Golbat.
"Golbat, use Confuse Ray!"
Before Dawn could react, a flashing orb of light hit her in the head and spun around her, and she began to feel dizzy...
The Sneasel hit the ground with a softer thud, having taken a lot of damage from the super-effective Silver Wind.
"Byoo." Jelly frowned at the Sneasel and flew up into the air again. She could faintly see it, for a little bit of light came from Golbat's Confuse Ray. Taking advantage of this, she blew some Stun Spore at the annoying little weasel. But a second later...
Jelly was burned by Dawn's Flamethrower. Dawn meant to attack Golbat, but out of confusion, hit Jelly instead. The scorched Beautifly fell to the floor, unable to get up.
"Oh--sorry, that stupid bat confused Dawn!" Tiffany apologised to Daisy, although her tone of voice was never apologetic.

Daisy rolled her eyes and sent out Hima. At the same time, the Galactic man returned Sneasel and sent out Kricketune. This was going to be a long battle...

April 10th, 2008, 5:41 PM
Bobby got up but the trainer he fell on didn't say a word. Him and other were too busy to care and ran off deeper into the darkness, leaving poor Bobby by his lonesome. His Starly came flying down,

"Tweet" Paul said.

Bobby sat up and realized that he found himself in a strange tunnel made of gold. The walls had markings of all sorts of creatures, especially those of Pokémon and figures that resemble Humans.

"Bobby!" yelled out a familiar voice, Bobby turned with Paul at his side to see that it is Solis calling out for him, "DOWN HERE!" shouted Bobby, "Come quick! I found a shiny tunnel!" Bobby quickly got up and ran for it with Solis sliding down and tailing the young boy.

At the end of the tunnel rests a statue of an ancient deity, a monument in the shape of a Dialga, across from it has a statue of a Palkia. As bobby walked towards the center of the two he could see some sort of passageway that leads further down into a dark abyss. Suddenly a rumbling came that shook the very foundation of the city itself and a two strange voices could be heard,

"Human, you have come to the sacred passage. Only those of a righteous heart, a pure mind, and, swift as wind may pass." They said at the same exact time, suddenly the eyes of the statues began to open giving a red glow with some sort of electricity charging up and then shot a bolt directly towards Bobby!

"What? WAHH! HELP!!!"

April 11th, 2008, 1:31 PM
"What? WAHH! HELP!!!" Bobby yelled loudly.

"What the-- what is it?" Solis yelled worriedly. He ran down the passage way, coming into a room, that looked more like a tomb. Inside stood two statues, apparently deities of some sort..

They shot a bolt of electricity straight at Bobby, who took the hit dead on. Solis covered his eyes from the brightness, not knowing what was going to happen.

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April 11th, 2008, 9:04 PM
Roland hissed away from the fallen shower of ancient dust; the dust revealing a boy who had landed upon Rayne. Morpheus jumped to meet the newcomer, twitching. Roland saw the ceiling above, seeing the existence of a dark hole that tumbled from above. Suddenly, the boy leaped and dashed off into another dark sprawl.

Roland stepped toward the dark, turning to follow the boy. He turned towards Rayne: "I'm going," he said, tense.

April 12th, 2008, 12:14 PM
Destiny was trying to think of a plan, when she heard it again..

"Chi!" yelled a high pitched voice. Instantly, a Pachirisu was lighting up the room with an orb of energy. Coral stared at the Skuntank, which awed at the Pachirisu. They all stood there for a second, surprised. The Skuntank turned toward Coral with a Shadow Claw move. The remnants of the shadows in the room began to form around its claws. They were gleaming sharp, as if they were forming of nothingness.

"Seeee" cried Seadra, realizing what was to happen next.

"Show 'em what yer made uv!" shouted the Galactic guard, with a slir in his speech. The shadows flashed out, covering up the light from Filbert for a split second. Right after the light was back, Coral was in the corner, with slashes along its stomach. There was also something different about the room..

"Lux!" shouted a Luxio that mysteriously appeared in the window. Coral knew it was an ally, however, because it was yelling in revenge to the Skuntank. The Luxio was going to attack, and Destiny had a plan.

"Coral, soak that Skuntank with a Surf attack!" she shouted. A wave suddenly appeared out of nowhere, and slammed into the Skuntank.

"Yer kiddin' me, right?" the Galactic guard shouted. Just then, he withdrew his Pokemon.

"No, there goes our plan!" shouted Destiny. Out came a Pokemon that hovered above the ground a few feet, with glowing yellow eyes. They seemed to be naive, more than ominous, though.

"Dustox!!" it shouted. The Galactic guard smirked, and called out an attack.

"Confusion!" he shouted. Without warning, Coral flew backwards and slammed into the cave wall.

April 12th, 2008, 9:45 PM
There was a large blast with dirt and concrete flying in all directions. Then the flash ended in a second. Bobby could be seen at the other side of the tunnel, it seems that he rolled out of the way of the two statues just in time. It must be some sort of booby-trap, if someone is caught in the center they may get hurt.

"Wowee!" Bobby said to his own surprise that he rolled in time, otherwise he would of been Pokéfood.

"Solis! I made it! Look!" Bobby waved his hands around shouting at Solis who is at the other side of the statues from where they started. "Wait until my brother hears about this! I'm gonna be the greatest trainer ever!" Bobby said, proud of himself that he made it to the other side.

Paul however is shivering in fear, "There, there Paul, maybe you should go back in your ball and relax." Bobby said and then he zapped Paul back in his rightful Pokéball. He turned his attention back to Solis but before he could speak any further another rumble came.


Dust from the ceiling began to fall when suddenly the statues were turning on their own and then were lowered under the ground, it seemed that escaping this trap has triggered some sort of event. As soon as the statues finished lowering themselves underground, the tunnel was lit up by a row of torches revealing that the passageway ahead of them is not to go further into the city but to go into a hidden chamber. There within the golden chamber lit by torches holds an ancient tomb. As Bobby approached the tomb a bunch of Zubats flew towards him fleeing from the light, and there, he discovered an ancient treasure.

"Hey, um, Solis, you better take a look at this!" Bobby cried out unsure of what he just discovered.

April 15th, 2008, 9:23 AM
"EEEKKK" A bunch of Zubat screeched as they flew overhead of Solis. Bobby was wandering into a dungeon he had no idea about, and it made Solis feel unsafe. Wandering into that perfectly lit room with gold on the ceiling and two gargantuan Pokemon statues didn't really meet Solis's comfort needs.

"Hey, um, Solis, you better take a look at this!" Bobby shouted. It cut through the spanning silence, and it almost made Solis jump. He wandered into the relic a bit farther, finally bringing Bobby into his sight.

"What? What is it?" he said, impatience beginning to build up in his tone. He looked at Bobby, ignoring anything that might be in here. Until he saw somethng shift in the darkness of the corner of the room. Solis pushed Bobby behind him.

"There's something in here with us.. I don't like the feeling I'm getting," he whispered to Bobby. He quietly reached for a Pokeball, containing his Yanma. With a small red flash, Yanma was right above Solis, "go see what that thing is, Namna."

Namna buzzed over to the corner, but still kept distance. It let loose a very weak supersonic move, and waited for the sound waves to return, much like a bat. As soon as the waves reached Namna, it zoomed behind Solis and Bobby, quivering.

Just as Solis was about to open his mouth, the room began to shake violently. A loud, deep-pitched hum was screeching through the cavern.


Obi-Wan Jerkobi
April 17th, 2008, 5:20 PM

As Mike opened his eyes, he saw...nothing. He was in complete darkness. Darkness was one of Mike's only weaknesses and to be surrounded by it was more than just frightening. He frantically searched for his pokeball, hoping the light from Blaziken's arms would show a way out. Once he felt a round metal object, he threw it as fast as he could, impatient of the current situation.

"ZIKEEEN!!!" the Blaziken yelled as he flew from his pokeball like a nuclear explosion.

"Light up your fists Bruce." Mike whispered.

The cavern finally lit dimly, Mike's body finally loosened up from its Rigor-Mortis-Like state. And he calmed down, trying not to hint to Bruce that he was afraid. He got up and looked around for his backpack, which couldn't have gone far. Finally finding it, he searched for supplies, even more impatiently than when he was searching for Bruce's pokeball. Relieved to find 4 days worth of food in his pack, he zipped it back up and put it on his back.

"Now let's find a way out of here." said Mike.

Bruce rolled his eyes and followed. Before they could get very far, Mike stopped to listen...

"I swear, I just hear talking, and not whispering, I mean like outside voice kind of stuff." Mike said as he pushed his ear up to the wall to his right. Bruce, curious, also put his head up to the wall to listen.

"Can anyone hear me-" Mike yelled, but before he could finish the sentence, more annoying rumbles commenced and proceeded toward the area of the cave that they were in. Before Mike and Bruce started running, they could barely hear a yell.


Their pace quickened to escape the threat they expected, but slowed to a stop once they considered whoever was talking could be in trouble. And, in an effort to help, Mike told Bruce to use Flare Blitz on the wall next to them.

Bruce's body became enveloped in a ball of fire and he frantically charged at the wall. The rubble gone, Mike noticed several people, frozen out of fear of the coming threat.

"Are you all OK?" Mike asked.

April 19th, 2008, 4:41 AM
OOC: I've accepted a new member, Obi-Wan Jerkobi. His character is Mike, and he owns a Blaziken (if you've already read..). Anyway..
The wall to the right of Solis was blasted away, followed by numerous flames. It seemed someone didn't care about the structural building of this underground..

"Are you all right?" a young man asked. He looked no older than Solis, yet he sounded slightly more mature. Solis just stared at the human-like Pokemon, with flames around his arms. He also noticed the man's appearance in the dim light. He seemed to wear a long jacket, with slightly long, black hair. He looked almost like a proffesional battler.

"Uhh.. yeah, I'm fine. I don't know about my 'partner', though--" his answer was cut off by another shriek.


It was way closer than last time. For all Solis knew, it could be right behind him. The screeching seemed to be a metallic sound, as if a huge piece of steel was scraping up against the rock wall.


The floor gave away underneath Solis, but he jumped out of the way, next to the short, young man. A Steelix and two Onix shot through the ground and blasted away at the walls. They seemed to rampage around, not caring what happened to the other. Though, the Steelix was knocking down the two Onix like nothing.

"Holy--" Solis stopped himself to rear up and run. Namna was behind him, ready to do the same. There was no way he could take on the these things at his level. He then looked at the Blaziken, and got an idea.

"Hey, uh.. person. You up for a fight?" he said, holding up another Pokeball, other than Namna's.

Obi-Wan Jerkobi
April 19th, 2008, 9:19 AM
"Been aching for one since I finished training!" Mike replied.

"Are you ready, Bruce?" Mike asked his comrade.

The Blaziken lit up its wrists and glared at the rampaging pokemon. The Steelix and Onix continued duking it out and causing more harm to the structure of the building.

"I think the Steelix is the biggest problem for now." Mike said to the young man.

The kid nodded in agreement.

"Well, let's get this over with before we all get stuck in here!" Mike cheered.

The young man readied his pokeball and Mike was ready to battle as well. The Steelix turned to them, leaving the other 2 onix's to fight amongst each other and let out a large...


April 19th, 2008, 3:37 PM
For now, Solis could only watch as the Blaziken leaped at the Steelix, full force and flames burning around the wrists. It seemed almost.. eager to battle.

When the flailing Steelix finally knocked one Onix to the ground, Solis had to take control of the opportunity. He threw a Pokeball, blasting out an Oddish. It leaped to the ground happily, like nothing was wrong. It then saw the Onix, by which it was injured earlier. Oddish saw red.

"Oddish, Energy Ball, now!" Solis said, knowing that this would greatly affect the Onix. Some odd, green light began to form around Oddish, and finally, it burst, almost like a mini Solar Beam. The green bubble slammed directly into the Onix's chest, making it roar in pain. The other Onix was still flailing, and smacked Oddish to the wall behind Solis. It was all happening so fast.

Solis stood there for a second, and then remembered Bobby, who was still in the chamber ahead. He yelled something about a.. treasure? Solis couldn't wait to get these rock snakes out of the way.

Oddish stood up, ready for more. Just then, the Onix that was attacked slammed right into the wall where Oddish was, making it collapse.

"Yaaaanmaaaa" shouted Namna. It seemed to feel the pain Oddish was going through. It decided to get in the battle. Since there were two Onix, it only felt fair for Namna. It flew by the Onix, screeching loudly by its head.

April 19th, 2008, 11:38 PM



Loud noises of an intense battle echoed across the deserted city, Bobby who was in the chamber ahead, turned around to see what happened behind him, it seemed that he is behind a Steelix and two Onix. As he is about to escape a Blaziken kicks an Onix just above the entrance of the chamber, the impact caused the wall to shatter and stone to fall. Bobby is now trapped within the treasure room.

"WAHHH!" He whelped as he braced himself for the falling rock, as the smoke cleared he realized that he is sealed in the room.

"Aww, nuts, I wonder what is going on there. If only my big bro were here. He could take out those Pokémon in a snap!" He told himself.

The intense battle are nothing more but mere muffled noises as the stone prevents even sound from entering the room. There has to be another route. Just then Bobby looks back at the treasure chest. The torches around it are still lit and above the chest where the Zubats were lies some more ancient hieroglyphics. The symbols show various Pokémon surrounding a human-like figure that is holding some sort of stick. Bobby looks back down at the chest, its covered with dust. He blows the dust off and coughs while doing so. He rubs his hands together and opens the chest,

"Gee I hope there aren't any more traps!" Bobby says to himself as he opens the chest.

Bobby squints his eyes for a second as there is a bright light coming forth from the object within the chest and then gasps. He reaches out for it to reveal the treasure, a wand made out of pure gold. It is decorated with pictures of Pokémon and humans holding hands that circles around it.

"Wh---wow..." Bobby says to himself, "This is so shiny!" Just then the chamber rumbles and a Geodude appears, it seems to have fallen with the rocks from before.

"GEO!" It roars.

"Wah! D-don't hurt me!" Bobby cries out and waves the wand in front of the Geodude in a panic swing. As the wand waved across the Geodude, it's eyes became more friendly and less intimdating.

"Huh?" Bobby asked as to why he was not attacked. He opens his eyes and sees a Geodude looking at him as if it wants to be friends.

"What the? Oh! You're not such a bad Pokémon after all. Hehe, what's your name?"


"Hmm, Geodude is it? Gee, I wonder, can you lift those rocks for me Geodude?" Bobby asked the Geodude.

The Geodude nodded and began to push the rocks blocking the entrance, creating a path back to the previous chamber. The fight between with the Onix and Steelix continue. Bobby looks in horror by this and waves his wand towards the Steelix that was about to attack the Blaziken.

"Stop!" Bobby shouts, and there the Steelix stops moving and slithers away from the Blazkien towards Bobby in a friendly attitude, much like the Geodude.

"What the, what's going on?" Bobby asks himself of how he is able to control the wild Pokémon. He sees a trainer he hasn't seen before staring at the Steelix and Solis, "HEY SOLIS! OVER HERE! LOOK AT WHAT I FOUND!" He shouts waving the wand around above him as Solis is still fighting off two Onix.

April 20th, 2008, 11:45 AM
Yanma was about to send a Supersonic at the Onix. Just as the waves hit it, Solis heard a cry from across the gigantic room.

"HEY SOLIS! OVER HERE! LOOK AT WHAT I FOUND!" Bobby yelled. He was swinging a golden-looking wand around, not taking any care to protect it. Just then, a Steelix approached Bobby, but was almost purring. Loud crackling sounds were being created from inside the Steelix as it glanced happily at Solis.

"What the--"


Solis was cut off from what he was about to say. The two Onix were still battling it out among themselves and Solis's Pokemon. Somehow, Solis forgot about it.

"Oddish, use Energy Ball once more!" commanded Solis. The green burst slammed into the same Onix, and it fell to the ground, fainted.

"Hey, how did you make that Steelix stop? Can you do it to this other Onix?" he shouted frantically. If the rampage didn't stop soon, the ceiling above them would collapse..

Obi-Wan Jerkobi
April 20th, 2008, 5:35 PM
"Bruce, use Close Combat!" yelled Mike

Blaziken let out a flurry of punches and kicks, so many that the Onix could eventually not avoid them. The 2nd Onix was down. But Mike didn't really care, as he wanted to know how that kid could get the Steelix to stop fighting.

"Thanks for stopping the Steelix, my Blaziken, Bruce wouldn't have been able to take an attack like that from the back. What's your name?"
"Bobby." the kid replied.
"And I'm Solis" the other one said.
"Well nice to meet the both of you." Mike cheerfully said. "Bruce, you must be tired, wanna switch out with Zechs for a while?"

The Blaziken nodded. Mike pulled out the pokeball and returned Bruce to it.

"C'mon out Zechs!" he yelled.

A giant lizard-shaped pokemon erupted from the pokeball. It was a charizard and was bigger than any normal one you'd see. It let out a grunt and then spewed flames from its mouth. The light it gave off was bigger than the amount the Blaziken gave off.

"How'd you sleep?" Mike asked the pokemon.

The stern looking expression of the Charizard changed to an awkward smile. The Charizard let out a series of odd grunts which seemed to be chuckles.

"This cave is not holding up very well, we need to get out soon." Mike said to the others.
"I'm not arguing with you about that." Solis replied. "Also, what is that gold thingy you found, Bobby?"

April 20th, 2008, 6:47 PM
Bobby cheered the trainers on as they finally beat the last two Onix. Immediately afterwards the new trainer introduced himself as Mike, Solis trailed closely behind. After proper introductions, the two trainers gathered around the Youngster Bobby to see the treasure he has in his hands, a golden wand. The Steelix and Geodude from before were in a playful manner and just stood next to Bobby as if they were waiting to play.

"I don't know what this is, but isn't it shiny?" Bobby told them, he swung it around so that it could woosh through the air, "Anyway I dunno why the Pokémon stopped fighting." Bobby said referring to the Steelix, "Maybe he got tired?" he asked the two trainers however the Steelix seems to be in top condition.

"Wait a minute maybe they aren't so bad, Geodude helped me get out of that room over there. Maybe this guy can help us get back home!" Bobby told the two trainers with his first ever idea that was actually good for a change. Bobby turned to face the Steelix and waved the wand around it, "Mr. Pokémon, can you lead us back home?" Bobby asked the Steelix.

The Steelix made more crackling noises and then turned around and began to move north where there it burst open a hole through a building, knocking it down and continued onward in a blazing speed.

"Hey! Wait! C'mon guys!" Bobby chased after the Steelix with a wild Geodude tailing behind him.

April 28th, 2008, 3:21 PM
Solis was talking to the other trainer while Bobby was yelling excitedly. The Steelix and Geodude were just standing there, expecting something to happen. Something made them more friendly and way less intimidating than normal.

"Hey, what's your name?" he said, the other trainer not telling his name like Solis did earlier. Bobby started to yell.

"Hey! Wait! C'mon guys!" He heard Bobby yell. Solis didn't know what was going on. It made him jump, the sudden sound of the Steelix tunneling through the cave. Solis wasn't listening to Bobby, so he didn't know why Bobby was chasing them.

"Hey, Bobby, I don't think that's a good idea--" he said, realizing Bobby couldn't hear him. He looked at the ground for a moment, knowing Bobby was already too far ahead. It would be too much for the two trainers to find Bobby if he had made a turn anywhere.

"So, where should we start?" he asked the other trainer, the roaring fading and silence filling the air once again.