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March 23rd, 2008, 11:57 AM
Because of the memory wipe that happened two weeks ago, my prologue to the new sequel you are all anticipating was unexpectedly deleted. But I have now restored it so you all can reread it. This will help set up things for the actual story, coming next month, so I hope you enjoy.


Once upon a time…when the world was being created, the Creator decided that just as humans would come to inherit their world and make use of it, there was debate about what the Pokémon deserved in the universe.

Thus was created the Mystery Dungeon Realm, a planet where two regions were inhabited by friendly and hardworking Pokémon who strived to keep peace in their lands. They worked together and formed societies that coexisted together and prospered in abundance.

But even in a world so kind and beautiful, there came problems. It all started with a series of natural disasters that struck the planet, caused by a powerful meteor with a disastrous aura, on its way to crush the peaceful world.

But when a human boy was sent to deliver the suffering from pain and protect the unfortunate world from an impending destruction, he succeeded, and the falling meteor became nothing but rubble.

He and his friends were eternally christened heroes and model citizens. The boy decided to remain in this new world, and became known as the Great Rescuer.

At long last, one of the regions attained peace, and no natural disasters happened again in the Realm.

But then new troubles aroused in the companion region that was to the eastern point of where the Great Rescuer lived. Traumatized by the natural disasters, the Pokémon there began to fear the balance of things, out of worry that such a calamity might happen again.

While the majority of the Pokémon there tried to move on, the other half turned to thievery and evil, as their lives had been changed by the calamities forever in ways that tormented them.

As for those who recovered from the natural disasters by both physical and mental means, they decided that these criminals needed to be stopped. Also, there were new discoveries made in the aftermath of the chaos. Brave and aspiring Pokemon wanted to explore those discoveries and pass on new knowledge to their children.

And so, the exploration team was created, and there was created a Guild, where exploration teams were formed and sponsored by a wise leader and her employees.

All seemed well again…until the Spirits who guarded and oversaw all that went on in the magical world foresaw an evil plot by the most venomous group of criminals that ever existed. It was a plot that would bring worse results then what the natural disasters would have delivered.

To resolve this…the Spirits made a quick and decisive choice. This was to once again, bring someone into their world to save it from ruin. But the only difference now, was that not one human was needed…but actually two.

This prediction was made three years earlier, so the Realm enjoyed that amount of time without trouble…until the moment arrived to bring the saviors into this world arrived.

There was no questioning it. A new adventure was to begin, one that would cause something to be born in all those who witnessed. The world was about to find out that the mission for time and darkness exploration had just begun…

The Calling

The town of Sandgem was bustling this morning. People went about their lives, discussing meetings, dinner dates, and all sorts of things grown-ups immerse themselves in. It was an ordinary day for those who had children or jobs to work for.

However, today, which was April 22nd, 2007, was a different day for 10 year old children who loved Pokémon, for today was the day they started on their Pokémon Journeys. It was every boy and girl’s dream to share an adventure with the creatures called Pokémon through the land of Sinnoh, and deciding to either become coordinators who performed in Pokémon Contests with their dazzling appeals, or to become battlers who worked their way to the Pokémon League and compete against others for the Championship Cup.

No other child was more excited about starting a journey then a boy by the name of Terrence. He was a roughly dressed boy who had spiky black hair and green eyes. He slept, dreamt, and ate Pokémon (in a metaphoric term, don’t worry).

He longed for the day when he could finally stop working as a paid servant of the selfish businessman Klaus Vanderbilt, and take on his journey as a Pokémon Trainer with his very own Pokémon and PokéDex. Working for Klaus was hard work, as Terrence was in charge of his laundry, his meals, and basically his life in every way.

But that was all going to change today. He was going to find his destiny, and be one of the greatest Trainers that ever lived. All he had to do was finish up the last pile of laundry and he would be out of this place, free to chase his dreams.

As he grabbed three pairs of Mr. Vanderbilt’s socks with his left hand, Terrence used his right hand to hang up his business coat up on the top rack. Opening the sock drawer, he finished by placing the socks in their place.

There! It was all done! “Mr. Vanderbilt! I’m finished!” he called down to his boss. “Did you take care of brushing the toilets?” “Yes, Mr. Vanderbilt! They’re squeaky clean!”
“Did you schedule my appointment with the Jubilife TV crew for Friday?” “Yes, sir. The whole world will hear your thoughts on your sponsorship of Galactic Research, Inc.”
“Did you remember to buy groceries, wash the dishes, mow the lawn, and do the laundry?”

“Mr. Vanderbilt, I said I’m finished!” laughed Terrence, “I’m ready to go to Professor Rowan and start my Pokémon Journey!” He raced down the stairs and into the living room, where he found his employer sitting in a purple chair, smoking his pipe.

Mr. Vanderbilt was a well-built man with cold, unforgiving eyes, and dark black hair that reflected his own cold heart. Terrence could tell that Mr. Vanderbilt was very busy today, for he had on his best slacks and nice shoes. He turned and faced the boy and said, “Alright, I suppose you’re ready. Your folder is on the kitchen table, and it should have everything you need.”

He was referring to the contract and Starter Guide that Terence had worked hard to buy with his paid money, along with the essential Trainer’s Pass.

“Thank you so much, Mr. Vanderbilt!” cried Terrence, “You’re so kind!”

“Don’t call me that,” growled the man, “Good businessmen aren’t kind. I’m not your father, you know. And by father, I mean person who dumped you on the step of that orphanage and left you to live alone. You’re lucky I came along two years ago, and gave you some purpose for being on this Earth.”

Terrence was saddened by that, but said, “Yes, sir.” and left for the kitchen. He grabbed the red folder there, and ran out the door saying, “Goodbye, Mr. Vanderbilt!”

Vanderbilt chuckled and revealed his cruelty by pulling out the Trainer’s Pass from his pocket. “What did you switch that pass with, sir?” asked his butler.

“Something that will keep him from walking away from his destiny,” said Klaus with a snaky smile.

Terrence dashed with great speed towards Rowan’s lab. He could feel the anticipation building within him as he rushed towards the building. Today was the day! He could just see himself with his new Pokémon, proudly stroking it and loving it like a brother. Nothing was going to stop him…or so he thought.

When he got there, he was shocked to see a very long line of Trainers waiting. A very, very long line. Terrence gasped. What if there weren’t any Pokémon or PokéDexes by the time he got there? What if Vanderbilt wouldn’t let him go next year? What if-? What if-?!

He soon realized that he was wasting time, and rushed to the back of the line. It took him three minutes, but he made it.

Waiting, however, was a different matter. All through the morning, and early into the afternoon, he waited and waited, while cramps developed in his legs. But as the line grew slower and slower, he began to regain hope.

Finally, at 5:00 PM, the last of the Trainers left with his Pokémon, and Terrence proudly strode towards the entrance. An assistant said, “Ohhh..! This has been a busy day! But thankfully, we just have one more to go. C’mon in.” And they entered.

The laboratory was just like Terrence imagined it. There were researchers and Pokémon who were being studied all around. Terrence was enthralled at what his new journey would bring him. He could already tell that he was going to enjoy being a Trainer.

Eventually, they came to where Professor Rowan and his assistants were, and the professor said, “Hm! So we have one more Trainer, eh? This is going to be a squeeze…I only have one PokéDex left, and I have someone new coming by soon…” He shook his head. “Ah, oh well! We’ll make do with what we have now! Show me your stuff, please!”

Terrence removed his Starters Guide and showed it to Rowan. While he was checking it, Terrence thought about what starter he would choose.

Chimchar, a fire monkey Pokémon with amazing fire attacks, was an energetic Pokémon that had an excellent Speed stat. A Chimchar was certainly a choice to think about…

“Show me your contract, please,” Rowan requested, and Terrence gave him it. While he was checking that, Terrence thought about a Piplup. It was a cute blue penguin Pokémon that had an excellent Special Attack stat. With Piplup at your side, all your enemies would consider you a forced to be reckoned with.

“Finally, the Trainer’s Pass.” As Terrence handed him it, he finally thought about Turtwig. Turtwig was a grassy turtle Pokémon with an excellent Attack/Defense combo. A Turtwig with a personality like Terrence’s could only mean…

“Ummm…” Rowan said suddenly. “Could I see your real Trainer’s Pass please?”

“What?” asked Terrence, who was confused. “That was my Trainer’s Pass.” “Then…” said Rowan, with an awkward expression, “Why does it say ‘Ernesto’s Pizza Palace’ 15% off?” He showed Terrence the coupon.

“Oh, no!” cried Terrence. “But that can’t be! I remember putting it in there myself!!” He frantically searched his folder for the missing Pass. But to no avail.

“I’m terribly sorry,” sighed Rowan, “But all the Passes are sold out at the store. I hope you’ll come by next year for a chance.” Terrence was crushed. He was so heartbroken; he didn’t even see the young boy coming up behind him with his Chimchar through his tears. “Hello, Diamond,” said the Professor cheerfully, “I have a favor to ask you…”

Terrence dashed out of the lab and along the path home. If only he hadn’t been so careless with his placing! Now he would never get to do this again, and he would spend the rest of his life as a servant.

He sadly reached Vanderbilt’s house and came in. “What’s the matter, Terrence?” asked Vanderbilt, in a way that sounded concerned, yet was actually mocking and insulting the boy’s dreams.

“I wasn’t ready to become a Trainer…” sniffled Terrence, “’Cause I accidentally grabbed a coupon instead of my Pass, and…and…”

“Oh, you poor thing!” said Vanderbilt in his mocking tone. “Here, I understand you’re upset, so…can we talk about this in my office?”

In a few minutes, Terrence and Klaus were sitting in seats. But Terrence’s seat was beaten and worn out, while Vanderbilt’s chair was more comfy. “Terrence,” said Vanderbilt, “Destiny arrives in unexpected ways, and sometimes we adults know that better than children. So, as adults, we have to ensure that the young ones get the destiny that they were suited for, even if they don’t like it or want it.”

“What are you saying?” asked Terrence.

“I switched your Pass with that coupon, Terrence. I set you up.”

Terrence was horrified. Of all the cruel things Klaus Vanderbilt had done, this by far was his most malicious crime as a human being. “How could you?!” he sobbed. “I’ve been working my whole life for this! How could you just crush my dreams like this?!”

“I’m a very busy man, Terrence. I need all the help I can get. I’m your legal guardian, so your responsibilities and life are to me. They always will be. What? You think you can pursue a dream and leave me flat? Your destiny is here, Terrence. It was always here, and it always will be. So sorry to disappoint, Mr. Pokémon Trainer, but I won.”

Terrence was silent. “Now get back to work, you little pest,” snarled Vanderbilt. Terrence raised his head, and said, “No.”

“Excuse me? That’ll cost you your meal unless you take that back.”

“I don’t want to eat expired food anymore,” hissed Terrence, “I don’t want to sleep on hard, cold floors, and I don’t want to live under the roof of a man who doesn’t care about anyone but himself!!”

“You want to be fired?” growled Klaus, “Because I can do that easily.” “That won’t be necessary,” growled Terrence, “because I QUIT!!” And he stormed away.

“If you leave right now,” warned Vanderbilt, “you’ll never have another home, and you’ll die out there, a homeless and worthless brat.”

“If having a home means being the slave of someone like you who doesn’t care about me,” Terrence snapped, “then who needs a home?! I only wish I had done this sooner!”

And that is the last thing he would say to Vanderbilt. After two years of slavery and pain, he was finally liberating himself.

Terrence packed his only things he had, which was a toothbrush, a comb, and his favorite Teddiursa Bear. Then he left the house, and vowed silently never to come back.

Terrence walked sadly along the path of Route 202, with his head and spirits down. He hated to admit it, but maybe Vanderbilt was right. He didn’t seem to be able to have a future without his dreams, and he didn’t have any money, as Vanderbilt had stolen it from him before he left for good.

Perhaps he would always be alone, with no one to care for him or comfort him. This was life from now on, after all.

He sadly watched the other Trainers battling with their Pokémon and having fun. But because of what Klaus had done, that would never happen for him. Maybe the up ahead Jubilife City had a future he could earn on his own. It seemed to be the only way.

But if Klaus Vanderbilt was ever right about anything in his unworthy life, it was that destiny does indeed arrive in unexpected ways, and the hands of fate can tip the scale anytime they wish. From another dimension…a red orb appeared, and was hidden in a nearby bush that Terrence was approaching.

Terrence was just coming to the entrance of Jubilife City when he was blinded by a piercing red light. “Agh!” he cried, and shielded his eyes. The ominous light continued to shine. “What…what is this?” asked Terrence.

"Find the Prince…

Bring Him To Here…

The Journey Begins…"

Terrence was confused. “What prince? Who is this? Who are you?” But the light had died down, and the voice spoke no more.

“What was that about?” pondered Terrence. “Talking about some prince…what am I supposed to do with him? Tell him to come with me?” Then he shook his head. “I must be going crazy. I gotta get outta here.” And he left for Jubilife City.

Terrence thought that Jubilife City looked very dashing and radiant this evening. Its brilliant lights made it look the most beautiful place in all of Sinnoh. Many famous people were supposed to be here on vacations during the weekends. Terrence wondered if he might find this so-called “prince” here in this bustling city. But searching for someone of royalty in a city is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Nonetheless, when a TV announcement was made across the city, Terrence listened carefully. “This is a breaking news report. Young child celebrity Prince Pippi P. Luppington has just arrived from the nearby region of Hoenn and is staying overnight at the Drowsee Inn in our very own Jubilife City. Fans will get a chance to meet this young star of ten years and get autographs, ask questions, and maybe even be touched by him! This is Maybelle DiCaprio, signing off.”

Terrence slowly smiled. “There’s my prince,” he said, and dashed off towards the Inn…which was at the end of town.

Pippi Luppington was polishing his golden crown for the fourth time as he was driven in his elegant long black limo by his faithful servants. His attendant, Sir Lungsbury, said, “My boy, you’ve been polishing that crown for an awfully long time. Why don’t you study your speech instead?”

The young fellow scoffed. “Please! I only need to look good, not act smart! I’m a prince, and my life is only going to be easier for me once I start getting the full hang of things. And another thing…can you ask the guards to keep those meddlesome peasants away from me?” The attendant nodded, and wrote that down on his pad of paper.

Finally, the limo pulled up to the elegant hotel. There were hundreds of girls who were screaming and rushing to try and give the prince a piece of their eager young minds. From inside the limo, the attendant said, “Your Highness, I would think it best if we get in as quickly as possible…”

“I can handle myself!” Pippi said arrogantly. “Besides, my adoring public does not need to be denied their daily dose of Pippi!” With those words, he stepped out of the car, and waved his hand to the eager crowd, flashing a toothy smile.

Meanwhile, Terrence had just arrived at the Drowsee Inn’s entrance. “This Prince has gotta be here somewhere,” he panted, “And I need to bring him back to Route 202 so this…journey can begin, whatever that means.”

Then he slapped his forehead. “Am I insane?! I’m actually supposed to think that just because some jewel talked to me, I should listen to it? Oh…why can’t I be briefed about why I’m doing these stupid things?” But he joined the screaming crowd to get a better look.

There, through a series of jumping up and down to get a better view, he saw the elegantly blue-dressed Prince Pippi Luppington. Save for his skin and nails, every part of this boy just screamed blue. Blue hair, blue eyes, blue jewels, blue-crested crown, every part of him seemed blue.

“This guy is the prince?” said Terrence questioningly. “He sure has a weird sense of fashion. But who am I to talk? I don’t have much good clothes myself.”

He decided now was the best time to debrief the Prince on what he had heard, and pushed through the adoring crowd (most of which were girls), and made it to the security ropes.

Between the two sets of ropes, the Prince was about to make another showboaty stunt, when Terrence tripped, and accidentally crashed into him, knocking him down.

“Oh! I’m so sorry!” cried Terrence, trying to help the prince up, but Pippi, who was a hot-tempered, as well as a sassy prince, was less then pleased.

“Get off my suit, you reckless dolt!" he snapped, "You’ve ruffled my best outfit which I intended to wear for tomorrow’s film premiere! Guards! GUARDS!!”

The security men came rushing forward, grabbed Terrence by the shoulders, and threw him into the streets, then went back to survey the prince. “Owww…” moaned Terrence with pain, “Who knew royalty could be so pushy? Ohhhh…”

Terrence then decided he needed a newer approach. He decided to wait until the crowds and reporters were gone, then sneak in and get the prince to come with him to the orb. This of course was a long time, and the crowd finally departed for home at midnight.

But Terrence had grown used to being up late, when he had been doing late work for Vanderbilt, so he was able to gain enough patience.

When he re-approached the closed building, he looked up at the high floors that awaited him. He knew that he would have to climb on the outside to reach the penthouse where Pippi was staying. Luckily, he had swiped two plungers from a garage sale in the city, and decided to use them to climb up the building.

Taking one of the plungers, he stuck it to the side of the building, then took the other one and did the same, and so on and so forth. As he ascended higher and higher, his fear increased as well. But he had a mission to fulfill, so he kept going.

Finally, he reached the balcony, and climbed over. Taking a big look over the distance he had climbed, he took a deep breath and went through the glass door.

He found Pippi sleeping in his elegant big bed, with feathery pillows and comfortable sheets. His surroundings, that were his room, were something to talk about. A huge plasma screen television, several posters of attractive women in swimwear, and royal furniture were placed in an orderly fashion around the room.

Terrence was so stupefied by the room’s furnishings that he decided to wait a little and explore.

He took out a book titled, “The Story of Sinnoh”, and began to read. The legends he read were extraordinary, and the pictures were realistic and vibrant. But after a while, he decided it was time to wake the prince and inform him of what he had seen.

Pippi was having a pleasant dream. He dreamed that he had just finished starring in a movie called “The Pippi Extraordinaire”, and thousands of fans were screaming to get to their favorite star. Just then, he saw Princess Peach from the Mario Bros. Series come over and give him a kiss on his cheek, causing a crimson blush.

Just when he thought things couldn’t get any better, he suddenly saw a black-haired boy in a green T-shirt and brown pants running towards him, saying, “Hey, wake up. Wake up.”

When the prince woke up, he was alarmed to find that the same boy from his dream was staring him in the face.

“Oh!” said the boy, who we know as Terrence. “You’re finally up. Listen, I need to tell you something…”

The prince was startled by being woken up facing a stranger, and as a result, began screaming, “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH!"

“Nonononono!” cried Terrence. “Listen, you have to come with me…”


“Would you calm down?!” snapped Terrence irritably. “You’re gonna wake the…”

At that moment, three guards stormed in. “What’s going on here?!” snapped the head guard. “He’s trying to kidnap me!! Arrest him!” yelled the angry prince, pointing to Terrence. Terrence slapped his forehead.

“Alright, twerp! You’re coming with us,” growled the head guard. Terrence sighed, “I didn’t want to do this, but…” He grabbed Pippi’s hand and yanked him off his feet as he dashed for the window, grabbing one of his plungers along the way.

“Stop right now!” thundered the guards as they charged towards the two boys.
“Sorry, security!” replied Terrence. “But this is a matter of something I only know about!” And with that, he jumped with Pippi off the balcony.

“Are you insane?!” shrieked Pippi. “You’re gonna kill us both!”

“No I’m not,” said Terrence, and he prepared his plunger. Taking careful aim, when they were almost about to smash against the ground, he jammed the plunger right into the wall’s side.

They drooped, then hung from the plunger as the ground below them(which was just three feet) faced them. Then Terrence and the prince dropped from it onto the pavement.

“You’re a maniac!” snapped Pippi, who was clearly annoyed. “I’m going back up there, and my first order will be for your arrest!” “Oh no you don’t,” said Terrence, grabbing Pippi, “You got us into this mess, and I’m gonna have to get us out!”

Then he charged down the silent streets, with a protesting prince complaining all the way.

Finally, the two boys reached Route 202, where Terrence was supposed to bring the prince. “It should be right around here…” muttered Terrence.

Pippi, however, was not interested in what Terrence wanted to do. “Let me-GO!” he snapped, freeing his arm from Terrence’s strong grip. “You’ve gotta be some kind of criminal! No other human being would have the audacity to pull something this! Is there some kind of method to your madness?! Huh?! Huh?!”

As he said this, he stuck his face in Terrence’s, and kept rambling, “In all my years of service to the Throne, I have never…” Terrence ignored him and looked around for the orb. “Where is it?!” he cried frantically. “We’re being chased!”

“You’re being chased,” said Pippi, “but I’m going to be rescued and sent back to the hotel while you serve jail time. And what do you mean, ‘where is it?’ Just why are you trying so hard with this, anyway?”

Terrence explained himself to Pippi, and he included every detail about the voice and stone. “And I’m really sorry I did all this to you,” he finished sadly, “But for some reason, I felt as if that voice knew what I wanted. It’s weird, I know, but after I show you to this Spirit, then you can go home, while I go on this ‘journey’ they have planned for me.”

The prince’s usually unfazed face was now smitten with a ridiculous grin, and he soon began having spasms of laughter. “Hahahahahaha!” he chortled. “At first I thought you were insane, but now I know you’re just plain stupid. Ahahaha!”

That annoyed Terrence a bit. “I’m telling the truth, you stuck-up jerk,” he growled. “Whether you want to believe me is your choice, but you’re going to help me find that orb.” “And if I don’t?” said Pippi impudently. “Well…” said Terrence with a sly grin, “I’m a smart guy, and I can make sure the police will never find your body…”

That was a joke, but Pippi took it the wrong way and began screaming again. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!”

As that scream echoed through the area, Terrence heard the sounds of police sirens blaring. “Oh no!” he cried. “The police are gonna find us!” “Good,” said Pippi, “Now they will find me…and put you behind bars.” “Enough smart-mouthing, kid!” snapped Terrence. “I’m in enough trouble as it is!”

At that precise timing, the voice sounded again, and the orb, red and glowing bright, appeared to the two boys. “Yes!” cried Terrence. “It’s here!” “What is that thing?!” gasped Pippi with aghast. The voice of the orb spoke:

“You have come at last…I am so happy to meet you both at last. Follow the path I shall open to you. From here…the journey begins…”

The orb began to float away towards the wooded areas. Instantly, the trees subsided to make way for the passing orb, and the two boys. “This is it!” cried Terrence. “It’s time!” “No way…” started Pippi, but Terrence grabbed his hand and began dashing off with his companion into the woods.

After running for some time, the two boys came to a clearing where the orb was. They eyed it with curiosity and disbelief. “Orb,” said Terrence, “Why have you called us? What do you need?”

The Orb replied, “Our world…it is in danger of falling to darkness permanently. All around it…both perfidy and friendship surround it. We must see that the perfidy is eliminated, and light continues to shine through for those who live among the world that has been touched by the natural disasters. To accomplish this…we have sent you.”

Pippi stepped forward. “What is the meaning of this?! Why have I been pulled from my comforting life and thrown into this twisted plot of yours?! I demand a proper explanation!”

The Orb laughed, “So arrogant and hasty are you…you do not have sympathy for those who are in suffering. You have been brought here so that you may learn humility and true courage. Be thankful to Terrence, who has risked danger in order to fulfill our wishes. Because of him, your life shall be changed in a way that until now, you have never known…”

With that, it began to glow intensely bright, and the boys found themselves slipping into unconsciousness, fading away from reality…

When Terrence and Pippi awoke, they found themselves suspended in midair, in a chamber of mixing colors, all of them different, yet same. It was an environment that was too complex to describe by words. “W-where is this?” asked Terrence. “Somewhere from a dream?”

“Welcome!” said a voice. “This is the portal that leads to a world inhabited only by Pokémon. Beyond this gateway, new adventures and fresh experiences await your arrival. Before you depart for adventure, you must first answer some questions. I want you to answer them truthfully. Are you ready?”

Terrence nodded. “Good! Let’s begin! We know quite a bit about you, so we’ll ask you a set of questions I think you’ll know how to answer.”

“You discover a hidden secret passage in your basement. What will you do?”
“Ummm…go through it?"
“Hmmmm…good. Do you think that lies are sometimes necessary?”
“I guess when in desperate times…sure?”
“I see. Do you feel comfortable stating your opinion to a very important person?”
“Of course.”
“Can you state your opinion even if it’s not what everyone else thinks?”
“Yes, I can.”
“You’ve stuffed yourself with a great meal when dessert arrives. What do you do?”
“Eat it! Who cares if I’m stuffed?”
“Are you male or female?”

The voice then said, “Alright, now let’s see your aura. You aura is the energy you radiate! Hmmm….your aura is a firey red!” Then it replied the results. “You appear to be…the bold type. You’re so brave, and you never back down from anything! You’re also gutsy and brash in a way others aren’t! You’re not shy when you ask to take home all the leftovers from restaurants, right? If someone’s treating you to dinner, no problem! You have the right of ordering all sorts of good stuff!”

Terrence was amazed. This test was so accurate!
“And you aren’t fazed about doing things others would think twice about doing! Perhaps you don’t even realize…when others are upset with you? But it’s OK! You have the potential to be a really great person…because you’re the last one standing! So a bold person like you should be…”

There was a blank, and suddenly, Terrence disappeared!
“What-?!” cried Pippi. “What’s going on here?” “Now as for you,” said the voice, “You seem unwilling to tell us the truth to the questions we ask you, so…we shall determine who you shall become on our own.”

“What the? Hey!” cried Pippi, and he disappeared into nothing.

The two boys were placed inside a glowing yellow ball, and the Spirits sent them towards the bottom of the universe, where there lay a new world. The boys began experiencing changes.

These were changes that would change their lives forever…and open up their minds to unbridled possibilities. This was the beginning of what would soon become to be known as the Time and Darkness Explorations…


APRIL 2008

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“I’M BEING KIDNAPPED! HEEEELLLLLP!” “Would you calm down?!” snapped Terrence irritably. “You’re gonna wake the…”

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"Would you calm down!?", snapped Terrance irritably. "You're gonna wake the..."

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It's nice. At least it's not a big block of text. But, when a new person is speaking, you seperate it by entering twice. And here:

No, no. More so:


"Would you calm down!?", snapped Terrance irritably. "You're gonna wake the..."

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The storyline is great! nice job! :)

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The storyline is great! nice job! :)

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