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    "The celebrations of the dead are the lamentations of those among the living."

    So thought a Pokémon by the name of Gengar as he climbed the icy slopes of the frigid Mt. Freeze. The mountain’s cold icy winds and polar atmosphere were at temperatures cold enough to cause instant frostbite on human flesh.

    Human flesh. He hadn’t even remembered how it used to feel to have real skin instead of dark shadows for your DNA structure. He knew he wouldn’t have gotten that taken from him if it hadn’t been for what happened to him four years ago.

    How had he come to embrace this dark form of evil again? Ah, he remembered…

    “Wally, I understand how you must feel at this time…” said a white haired young boy named Ruby. Ruby…how ironic. The boy had been named after a red jewel…and in a way, Ruby was a jewel.

    He glowered with a positive attitude every time he got what he had been working for. He was the Hoenn Champion, who stood by the side of his girlfriend Sapphire, Sidney, Phoebe, Glacia, and Drake, the Elite Four. Steven had left the E4 to do more searching for rare treasures.

    “No, Ruby! You could never understand! You have everything you ever wanted! Fans, family, a girlfriend, and the title of the Hoenn Pokémon Champion! All I have are shattered dreams and people who laugh at me for not even being able to beat the first member of the E4!”

    Sighing, Ruby said, “You have it a lot better than you think, Wally. You have your Pokémon. Gardevoir especially.”

    Wally sighed. “Yeah…I guess you’re right…I just thought I could really do it. But now I know…I’m just not strong enough. I might as well not be a Trainer.”

    “Wally, that’s not true!” insisted Ruby. “You’re a great Trainer! You have courage, persistence, and a will to fight! Most of all, you have the heart of what all Trainers should be.”

    Wally didn’t get mad. Instead he turned and said, “Yeah, I appreciate those words of wisdom, Ruby. But let me ask you: What good does heart and courage do if it doesn’t help you fulfill your dreams? Nothing. So…” He turned back and said, “I just don’t know anymore…I need to sort out my thoughts.”

    “Mt. Pyre’s not a bad place to hang out,” Ruby suggested, “Maybe you should go there to pray to the spirits of Pokémon. I hear you can catch Chimecho up in those parts.” Wally grinned. “Thanks.”

    Wally used his Wailord from his PC Storage to get to Mt. Pyre. That was one of his favorite Water types. Not only did it have a cool Water Spout, but its Surf attack was amazing. Wally probably might have been able to get to Phoebe if he had used Wailord in the tournament. It sure knew how to hold its ground in battle.

    Once arriving at the area outside of the peak, Wally took a look around for some Pokémon he could catch. He had heard stories about Pokémon spirits that appeared to only those worthy of glory.

    He doubted those fallacies, but he certainly felt he was deserving of power and glory, especially after how he had come so far as a Trainer from Verdanturf.

    Wally smiled to himself. Ruby was right. Perhaps if he tried just a little harder, maybe his dream of being a master Pokémon Trainer would finally come true. He decided to search for a Chimecho. But then, he stopped.

    Standing at the edge of a few gravestones, overlooking the ocean, was a white Ninetales. Its nine tails blew gently in the wind. It remained oblivious to Wally.

    Wally was shocked. A Ninetales, living here?! This was certainly rare for Mt. Pyre. Besides, Ninetales never dwelled in the wild before. It had to be something really special to be appearing out of the blue in Mt. Pyre. He grinned. “I wonder what will happen if I catch this thing?” he wondered. Only one way to find out.

    “Go, Wailord!” ordered Wally, and the giant blue whale Pokémon burst out of its Poké Ball and into combat with Ninetales. “Use your Water Spout!” Wally commanded. The giant behemoth complied. Drawing its breath in, it tensed up. Then it released a powerful gunshot of gushing water.

    Ninetales quickly detected the coming threat. It merely jumped off to the side, and the huge amounts of water went into the lake below. “Grrr!” growled Wally, aggravated. “I’m not gonna let some stupid wild Pokémon make an Aipom out of me!! Gardevoir, go!!”

    He threw his Poké Ball forward, and this released the graceful Gardevoir. “See if you two can track down that Ninetales!” His loyal Pokémon obeyed and gave chase, while Wally followed close behind.

    Ninetales fled towards the end of a small peak overlooking the lake. It kept running until it stopped in its tracks, and a few pebbles fell to the ocean below. As it pondered what to do next, it heard Gardevoir and Wailord coming. It turned and fired a Confuse Ray at Wailord. Blinded by disillusions, the big whale began attacking the walls. In pain, it rolled to its side and squished Gardevoir.

    Wally came and saw this. Agitated, he reached into his pocket. He was going to take matters into his own hands. Taking out his last Poké Ball, which happened to be an Ultra Ball, he carefully aimed at Ninetales. “It’s over, you stupid fox,” he hissed. “I’m not going to fail.”

    With that, he chucked the black-and-yellow ball at the Pokémon. Its red light enveloped the Ninetales. Having claimed its target, it fell to the ground. Wally’s perspiration began to form on his forehead and his nerves tingled.

    The ball gave one wiggle, a sign of struggle. Wally remained intact. The ball wriggled twice. Wally began to smile a little. With a third wriggle, the Ultra Ball stayed still. Wally’s smile became wider. But then…

    "Oh, no....” he gasped. The ball was glowing. The Ninetales was escaping!

    Wally couldn’t lose this Ninetales! He couldn’t! He ran forward to trap the Pokémon, but it was too late. The ball burst open, and the Ninetales came free.

    Wally shrieked in anger as the memory of losing came back to him. The crowds, the laughter, the humiliation...

    Wally’s already horrified face turned red, and he squeezed his knuckles so hard that they popped. With fury, he let out a livid scream, “AAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUGHHHHH!” and ran at the started Pokémon, tacking it to the ground.

    As Ninetales struggled to get up, Wally furiously bit Ninetales’s ear, making it howl. Then, to force the Pokémon into coming with him, he did a big mistake.

    He grabbed one of Ninetales’s majestic white tails and gave it a hard, sharp pull.

    Wally didn’t know it, but he had made a BIG mistake doing that. The Ninetales turned abruptly, and stared at Wally. Like him, its face began to gain fury in it, and it began to tremble at such a violent action.

    Its crimson eyes had a fire in it that Wally had seldom ever seen. Wally backed up nervously. “I-I’m s-sorry…” he stammered. “I d-didn’t mean to…I was angry…” But Ninetales was relentless. Its mouth began to get forms of energy in it. "You shall pay for this!!" It roared, and fired the beam.

    Now at this moment, Wailord and Gardevoir had been watching. Wailord was speechless, but Gardevoir saw the coming threat. Wally! NO!! she cried, and dashed forward, just as Ninetales’s beam came in…

    Now if you have read the previous novel, you know what happens. If not, I suggest you set this novel down and read the first one. But if you have but your mind’s memories are not fully recollected, then I shall refresh your memory. But I will make a mark.

    The following section contains spoilers about the first book. Readers who have not read it are advised to stop reading this and read the first book.

    Alrighty then, I will start. You remember Pikachu, Charmander, and Bulbasaur, right? Our rescue team heroes from the first book? Well, here are some reviews. Pikachu was originally a human boy with no home or friends or family, but after encountering a magic blue orb in the Viridian Forest, he was given a personality test which turned him into Pikachu. After that…well, I hope you know what happens.

    Anyways, near the end of the first part of the book, our heroes heard the Legend of Ninetales from Whiscash. You’ve read the first part, so I’ll tell you the second.

    Well, as you know, Gardevoir received the power of the curse in place of Wally. Taking pity on her, Ninetales asked Wally if he would like to save her. But Wally, not trusting Ninetales, decided to go get help from his friends. So he ran off. Ninetales, intrepeting Wally's actions as cowardice, angrily chanted an ancient spell, which turned Wally into a Gengar.

    When Wally got to Verdanturf, no one recognized him or knew what he was saying. After all, how can a human understand a Gengar? They are completely different creatures then humans. When Wally realized this, he was horrified, and went back to find Ninetales.

    But she was gone, and so were Gardevoir and Wailord. Wailord had swum away, in fear of Ninetales. Wally, who then on became known as Gengar, knew he was all alone.

    Over time, Gengar’s sadness and newfound dark demeanor changed him deeply. He became bitter and cruel, twisted by his inner demons, strengthened by his evil DNA. Normal Gengar would not feel this.

    But Wally-Gengar was not ordinary. He hadn’t been born a Pokémon; he had been created into one. Because of this, when the shadows of his darkness and his bitter human beliefs combined, it ended up as a nasty evil. Yes, my friend, Wally of Verdanturf became the evil Gengar. Now back to Gengar’s view…

    Gengar was busy recollecting these thoughts when he realized a Seviper was behind him. It hissed, and Gengar used Night Shade. But Seviper easily dodged, and used Poison Tail. Gengar howled, and tried to run, but found himself surrounded by angry Pokémon.

    “No, not again,” he moaned, but it was too late. Gengar’s mind went blank as their attacks overcame him.

    Gengar woke up and found himself at the foot of Mt. Freeze…again.
    “ARRRRRGH!” he yelled in frustration. He had been here 10 times, and each time, things got harder and harder. But what could he do? While he could pass through walls and visit the dark world, his power couldn’t carry him up the mountain.

    Perhaps, maybe he should ask them for help.By "them", he meant a certain rescue team that had saved the Mystery Dungeon Realm one year before. Maybe, just maybe, they could help him save his friend. After all, they were very famous…

    Then Gengar’s dark soul took over. “Why would I ask them?” he humphed. “I am their enemy, and they know it, for they are my enemies... Besides, I’ve done too many things to be redeemable again. I can’t do it…can I?” Ever since the events of last year, he had changed inside. He was not the evil one he used to be. For the first time, he felt that Wally was coming back as the dominant side.

    Gengar didn’t like it, but he knew he couldn’t get up that mountain alone. Even Medicham and Ekans, his faithful cronies, couldn’t help him, as they had been off their world conquest scheme for quite a while. Maybe his sworn enemies were his only hope.

    Gengar snorted. He didn’t want to keep landing back down here, but he didn’t want to confess his needs to his enemies. And he certainly didn’t want to be seen as a softie.

    “Not yet,” he decided. “I’ll keep trying, and if I need them, I’ll ask them.”
    He knew he wouldn’t have to wait very long, and he smiled. He could wait. They would meet again.

    Anybody gonna read this? This takes place after Pokemon mystery dungeon.
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      I read it . And I like it a lot.
      Number 1 Fire and Dragon Type fan !
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        I'm glad you do, Ardhamon! Originally this was the prologue for PMD2, which takes place right after the star is destroyed, but then I thought, "Well, the second part of the story is more about the missions then an actual plot. The storylines end too soon, and I miss seing my character in his dreams and talking. So I think PMD2 will be about the second game."

        And there you have it. As soon as 2008 comes, I will buy PMD: Time Exploration and pick a protagonist and his partner, soon to be joined by a third partner.

        This is just a short story I decided to write, to explain how Wally became Gengar exactly, and what was he thinking during that time.
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          I just thought i'd take a look at your work and i gotta say this is amazing.
          Yeah, i'm just starting to write fanfics but i know what i like and i like this.
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            I'm so glad you like this! Y'know, I don't usually write short stories, but on the occasion of PMD's completion, I took it upon myself to show you all this. Do you think it's well explained now how Wally became Gengar? Any loose ends?
            JB IZ THE OVERLORD!

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            ...and its short story spin-off!

            And...the sequel's beginning!

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