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    This is a story I've been working on for months. I know PMD is no longer popular, but i just wanted everyone to see what I've been working really hard on. Here this is. It will take several days to post the whole thing. I hope you enjoy the tale of Pikachu and his friends. Here it is:

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
    The Story of Rescue Team PokePals
    An Original Story by jb0000612
    Dialogue by the Game(Mostly)

    The Mystery

    “They say there’s a magic stone that leads to another world somewhere in this forest,” said an older boy talking to his friends in front of the Viridian Forest. They made faces of absolute disapproval. They weren’t really interested in his apparent fallacy. The last thing they cared for was gossip they regarded as stuff made up by asylum worthy prophets.

    “The stone leads to another world known as the Mystery Dungeon Realm, where Pokémon live as normal people do and form rescue forces to help other Pokémon in peril. They say the world is in danger of crumbling due to natural disasters, and that powerful rescue teams everywhere are forming to counter them," continued the boy, hoping to draw more attention from his peers.

    One of the boys he was talking to shook his head with disbelief. One of the things he hated was gossip, especially gossip that had been told over and over again. “I can’t believe you actually take this junk to be real, dude. Pokémon can’t talk and they certainly don’t think for themselves.”

    “Yeah,” said the third boy, “And even if they were true, I wouldn’t care. We’ve got better things to do then be interested in ‘magic stones’ and ‘Mystery Dungeon Realms’, like battling and earning money.” “Yeah,” said the second boy. “C’mon, I want you to see my Mankey in action!” But the first boy just sighed, shook his head no, and walked on.

    Nearby, a young boy had been listening to the older boy’s story. He wore a yellow t-shirt and had blonde hair. He was equipped with the latest blue shorts and sneakers. The popular Youngsters always dressed like that, so he did it in order to be cool. He was interested in what he had just heard, and decided to learn more about this story.

    He managed to catch the older boy’s attention by yelling, “Wait!” The older boy abruptly turned around. “What? Come to mock me some more? If you have, do it quick. I’ve got places to go and people to see.” The young one shook his head. “No, no. I just wanted to know about that story you were telling. About the Mystery Dungeon Realm. You know, where Pokémon talk and form rescue teams and other stuff?” But the older boy shook his head. “No, not anymore. I don’t even know why I even believed in that place. No one believes me, and if I told you, you’d just laugh. Good bye.” With that, he walked off toward Viridian City.

    “Sheesh,” said the boy. “I didn’t mean for him to get all depressed. Maybe I can find more about this world from the townsfolk.” So he trotted off to Viridian City. But unfortunately, the results from the townspeople were not very encouraging. “Bah! There goes another lad, blinded by fantasies and fairy tales! Do yourself a favor, boy, and forget you ever asked that question!” said the practical-believing butcher. “But I can’t forget,” said the boy. “It’s my question, isn’t it?”

    “Don’t be a smart aleck!” snapped the butcher, and he went back to cutting his meats. The boy sighed and tried the blacksmith. “Aye, ‘tis a sad day for you kiddies, gettin’ your sorry selves hypnotized by those older twits. Stick to the real world, son, and you’ll get a very decent life, not to mention a fair job.” The boy was even more discouraged than ever. So after he got about the same results from everyone in town, he decided to go for a walk in Viridian Forest.

    “I was a fool to think that such a place existed,” he said as he entered the forest. “I mean, how can you believe in something if you’ve never seen it or even found anyone else who believes in it? No, from now on, I’ll believe in what I know exists. Yeah, that’s right.” And he kept on walking.
    Viridian Forest was home to a bunch of Bug-type Pokémon, such as Caterpie and Weedle. It was also very dark, especially at night. He was glad he knew the way back, otherwise he would’ve gotten lost years ago. He decided to take his usual path around the two trees up the northern direction.

    The boy noticed that today, the forest seemed different. It was unusually quiet. Too quiet. But Bug Pokemon weren't always out and about, so he regarded the change as unordinary, yet not life-changing. He kept on walking, and he was just getting to the two trees when something bright blinded him. Then, he felt his foot trip him. “Oof!”

    As the boy brought himself back up, he caught a glimpse of what had blinded him. A shiny blue orb was glowing between two ferny bushes. Its brilliant light shone out into the darkest corners of the forest. The boy was awed by the brilliance and majesty of the precious jewel. Perhaps it might sell for a better price than the largest Nugget ever.

    So, out of curiosity, he crept towards the stone. Raising a timid hand, he brought it forth and placed it on the stone. Nothing happened. He picked it up and gazed at it. He decided he would take it back to Viridian and get rich from it.

    But just as he was starting off, he stopped. He looked at the stone. It was getting brighter and brighter. He had to squint his eyes so as not to be blinded. Then, he felt himself slipping from consciousness, and into a deep trance…

    Journey into the Mystery Dungeon Realm

    The boy yawned and stretched. He had certainly had a nice rest, though now, he felt strange. He couldn’t explain why, but somehow he felt he was losing his memory. He didn’t remember the legend he heard, and now he was forgetting he came here for a walk. But he did remember touching the strange rock between those bushes, and disappearing into its brilliant light.

    Then he realized he was surrounded by a room full of colors of all different colors. They all kept changing and forming, making new colors as they mixed and turned. He was amazed at what was happening to him. He looked forward, but all he saw were the colors.

    Then, he heard a voice emitting from somewhere. “Welcome!” it said. “This is the portal that leads to the world of Pokémon!” The boy gasped. He looked around, but he saw no one. “Who are you?” he said. “Where am I?” The voice responded, “I am the guardian of the gate leading to the Mystery Dungeon realm.” “The Mystery Dungeon?” the boy said with disbelief. “It really exists?”

    “Yes.” said the voice. “Before I can let you in, I have to ask you a few questions. Answer them honestly, as they determine who you should be.” The boy was confused, but he decided to comply. “Do you dream of lounging around idly without much excitement?” The boy thought hard. “Uhh,” he said. “Not really, no. I kind of wish I had friends to play with.” “Hmm. Good…It’s the summer festival? Do you like carnivals?” “I love them!” the boy exclaimed. “Especially with the clowns, the food, the Ponyta rides, everything!”

    “Your country’s leader is in front of you. How do you speak to him or her?” The boy got a little tense. He took a deep breath, and said, “I guess calmly, if I have the courage.” “Have you ever made a pitfall trap?” “No,” said the boy. “I don’t even know what those are.” “The road forks to the left and right. You are told there is a treasure on the right side. What do you do?” The boy said, “Does it depend on the person?” “That’s not a choice, unfortunately. You have to decide whether to go right, left, or either side.”

    “Either side,” the boy finally said after a few moments.” “You are suddenly locked inside a pitch-black room! What can you do?” “I’d clean it. It might use a little shine.” “Are you late for school or meetings?” “No.” “Are you a boy or a girl?” “A boy.”

    “Thank you,” said the voice. “You appear to be the impish type. You’re playful, cheerful, and you love pranks. You’re also kindhearted. That’s why the people around you find you so irresistible. You must be very popular. Oh? You’re not that popular? You’re either being modest, or you just don’t notice it. I bet people are too shy to let their feelings be known. There’s someone out there who’s afraid to declare their love for you!” The boy was slightly embarrassed by that.

    “A impish person like you should be…” There was a blank. Then the voice said, “This is the final step. What two Pokémon are you most interested in?” The boy thought hard, and before he could talk, there was another blank. “Okay, we’re all set! Let’s get you into the world of Pokémon! Go for it!” Before the boy could respond, he felt himself slipping unconscious again…

    The boy wasn’t awake, but in his dream, which was a shroud of darkness, he knew what he was saying. Where am I? he thought. Am I dreaming this? Then he paused. I feel a pleasant breeze…and I hear a voice from somewhere…I wonder who it is? Then he heard something. “Hey. Hey, wake up. Wake up already.”

    The boy felt himself come to. He found himself staring at a light blue sky decorated with clouds. Then he sat up and found that a Charmander was staring at him. “You’re finally awake! Great!” the little Fire Pokémon said happily. The boy sat up. “Wh-where is this…?” he asked. “You passed out here.” The stranger said. “But I’m glad you woke up! I’m Charmander. Glad to meet you!...So, who might you be? You’re a new face around these parts.”

    The boy said, “I don’t know how I can understand a Charmander, but I’m a human from the other world.” There was a silence. Charmander was confused. “What? You say you’re a human? But you look every way like a normal Pikachu to me.” “What?” the boy said with amusement. "I'm afraid you're mistaken. There isn't any Pikachu around here."

    "But you are a Pikachu," the Charmander said. The boy raised an eyebrow. "Maybe you've never seen a Pikachu before. Pikachus have long ears, red cheeks, and a yellow body. I really don't know how you..." But his confusion was short-lived as he saw his brand new zigzag tail sway behind him.

    Then he gave a small cry. “PIka! Pika!” Then when he bent down his long black-tipped ears, he knew the results. “You’re right!! I have turned into a Pikachu!" Then he pondered what he had just discovered. "But why? I don’t remember anything about this…” he murmured.

    There was an awkward silence. “Ahhh…you’re kind of weird…” Charmander said. “Well, what’s your name? What do you call yourself?” The former boy thought. “Well, I’ve never been named, so I guess you can call me Pikachu. Pleased to meet you, Charmander!”

    Charmander smiled. “Personally, I think Pikachu's a funny name!” he said with a laugh. Pikachu, as he shall now be known, was about to say something, but right then they heard a voice. “Somebody! Please help me!!”

    They turned in the direction of the sound. “Huh? I hear shouting over there,” said Charmander. “Yeah, me too,” said Pikachu. Just then, they saw a Butterfree fluttering towards them. A female one, to be exact.

    Finally, she came to a stop in front of them both. “What’s the matter?” Charmander said with concern. The Butterfree was petrified. “It’s horrible!” she exclaimed. “My Caterpie fell into a cavern! My poor baby!” The two Pokémon gasped. “What?!” they cried.

    Butterfree continued, “A huge fissure opened in the ground, and my Caterpie fell in! He’s too young to crawl out by himself! But when I went to get my baby, Pokémon suddenly attacked me!” Pikachu was very surprised. “You were attacked? By other Pokémon?” “They must be enraged by the fissure…and out of control! That’s what I think.” said Butterfree. “I’m not strong enough to fend off those wild Pokémon…what will become of my baby? Oh, what am I to do? Oh, dear…”

    Then she added, “Also, I need you to do something else. Earlier, another small Pokémon offered to go rescue my baby, but he hasn’t returned. It was a Grass-type, I think.” Pikachu and Charmander looked at each other.

    “We can’t just do nothing! Let’s go help this kid, and that lost Pokémon!” Charmander declared bravely. "O-Okay..." said Pikachu with reluctance, and they started off to where the accident had occured, which was the Tiny Woods...

    More comes later...
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      It's better than most fics I've seen. There's not a lot of PMD fanfics. =) Also, welcome to the fanfiction forum.

      A few tips:

      Hit enter twice when starting a new paragraph. It makes it easier for the readers, since you can't use tab or anything.

      Start a new paragraph when someone new talks.

      And.. make your own dialogue. Don't take it from the game. I haven't played it yet so I don't know what was taken from the game, but you gave some kind of warning in the beginning.

      Don't post two chapters in one post. Make them longer, and give readers time to view (at least 1-2 days) before posting the next chapter.

      Hope this helps, and good luck!
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        I was going to write a story like this myself, but I only ever planned one fight scene. =[

        Is the grass-type Bulbasaur by any chance? I just have that feeling that the other two will be Squirtle and Bulbasaur. Space out your paragraphs a bit more, because that was a bit painful to read.
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          Good story, everyone elso already covered the mistakes. Use a word processor.
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            I appreciate the info. I'll keep that in mind. And as for your question about the Grass type, it's revealed in this chapter. Read on and enjoy!

            Rescuing Caterpie and The Grass Type

            As soon as they arrived in the Tiny Woods, where Caterpie was located, Pikachu and Charmander got straight to work. There were only three floors, so that gave them good time to gather lots of Oran and Pecha Berries, as well as some cash.

            Pikachu was learning a lot about this world already. He learned that Oran Berries restore you to full health instead of just 10 percent. And every Pokémon they met, such as a Pidgey or a Sunkern, they took out with one slam against it.

            As they were walking, Pikachu learned he had two moves against the Pokémon he could use. They were Thundershock and Growl. Charmander taught him this knowledge himself. Both of them fought their way through the Pokémon, gaining some money along the way.

            Eventually, both Pikachu and Charmander found themselves against two Exeggcute. Pikachu used Thundershock and Charmander used Scratch. Suddenly, Pikachu and Charmander felt stronger. "I feel stronger!" replied Pikachu. "That's because we both went up levels!" Charmander said happily. Pikachu felt boosted with pride at being level 6.

            Soon, they came to the third floor. While navigating, they managed to beat two Pidgeys and a Sunkern. “The annoying thing about exploring a dungeon is that you never quite know where you’re going.” said Charmander with a sigh.

            Just then, they saw a set of stairs. “Caterpie must be at the end!” Pikachu said with excitement. “We’re almost there!” They rushed for the stairs in happiness when they heard a cry. “Help! Somebody! Auugh!”

            Pikachu and Charmander turned to see a small blue green Pokémon running towards them. It had a large green bulb on its back and dark green spots all over its body. Its red eyes were glistening with tears of fear. The little Pokémon rushed between the two companions with so much speed that the force of the air knocked them over. “Owowowow…” groaned Charmander. “Wh-what’s the trouble?” said Pikachu as he managed to get back up.

            The runaway stammered, “I-I-I’m B-B-B-Bulb-basaur….H-H-H-H-Hellllp!!” “With what?” Pikachu said with confusion. Then, they saw two Pidgeys heading towards them. “You there!” the first Pidgey yelled. “Surrender the Bulbasaur!” “Why?” said Charmander. “Why do you want Bulbasaur?”

            “It’s his fault!” the second Pidgey yelled. “We were having a wonderful rest, and then that brat came by and woke us up!” Bulbasaur hissed. “Hey! I came here to rescue a Pokémon! Your path was the only way around. I had to get to the final floor.” “Quiet!” snapped the first Pidgey. “If you refuse to comply, we’ll have to take you down!”

            With that, they charged. But it wasn’t much of a battle, considering the Pidgey were taken down in two shots each. They collapsed, and Pikachu and Charmander turned to Bulbasaur. “Why were you so afraid?” asked Charmander. “Why didn’t you fight them?”

            Bulbasaur shook his head. “I’m sorry. I have a phobia of Flying-type Pokémon. I’ve had it since I was a kid. Flying types are the natural enemy of us Grass types. That’s why I was afraid to battle. I thought I didn’t stand a chance. Surely, compared to you guys, that makes me a coward.”

            “Oh, no!” said Pikachu. “Admitting your fears is what makes you brave.” Bulbasaur sighed. “Maybe, but I don’t wanna get involved with any more of those Pidgey. Let’s get on to the next floor quick.” With that, they climbed the steps.

            At the end of a small hall, Caterpie was bundled up, sniffling in fear. “M-Mama…Where are you?” he sobbed. “Don’t worry!” called Pikachu. Caterpie turned to see the three Pokémon at the end. They rushed to meet him. “Your mama’s waiting!” said Charmander. “Let’s get you home!”

            Bulbasaur came forward. “Here, you can ride on my big bulb. Do you want to take a nap?” Caterpie nodded. So once he climbed on, Bulbasaur emitted a peaceful aroma, which made Caterpie drowsy. Within seconds, he was sound asleep. “My Sleep Powder is the best rest medicine ever,” said Bulbasaur with pride.

            “C’mon, let’s go,” said Pikachu. They hurried out of the Tiny Woods as fast as their feet could carry them.

            I made it as long as I could. I'll add up more soon.
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              It's still hard to read - you didn't use enter twice like I told you. ;x

              Also, type out your numbers. 10% should be ten percent. There's no reason you can't type it out if it's below 100.

              Other than that, this was good. I'd add a little more detail in the dungeon. Add the battle where Pikachu learned Thundershock and/or Growl, or something.
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                I made a few edits to Chap. 3 Here's Chapter Four!

                The Start of the Team

                Later, as Butterfree was with Caterpie, she said, “My baby’s safe…I’m sorry, I don’t know how I could ever thank you properly…” Charmander blushed. “Aww, don’t worry, ma’am. There’ve been a lot of quakes and fissures lately. Stuff like that is dangerous. I’m glad Caterpie’s safe, honestly.”

                Butterfree then said, “May I have your names, at least?” “I’m Charmander,” said Charmander. “And these are my friends Pikachu and Bulbasaur.” “Cool…” said Caterpie. His little eyes glistened with wonder at his heroes.

                Pikachu made a face of little embarrassment. “He’s uh…staring at me adoringly…” he said to himself. “Those sparkly eyes…it’s a little embarrassing. But this feels great. I feel like a hero!”

                “That’s great,” said Bulbasaur. “Because you are one! Who else could’ve fended off those Pidgeys like that?” “Yeah!” chimed in Charmander. “Helping Pokémon in trouble is a great experience!” “Thank you, Pikachu and Charmander!’ said Caterpie. Bulbasaur looked a little disappointed. “Oh, and Bulbasaur too!” said Caterpie.

                There was a silence, and then Butterfree said, “I know it isn’t necessarily enough, but this is a token of our thanks. Please accept this.” She went to Pikachu and handed him an Oran, a Pecha, and a Rawst Berry.

                “Wow! Check out those Berries!” exclaimed Bulbasaur. Butterfree was overjoyed. “Thank you so much. Good bye!” With that, she and Caterpie went off in the east direction.

                Charmander turned to Pikachu and Bulbasaur. “Thanks for helping me out, guys. You two are expert navigators. I respect that.” Pikachu beamed with pride. Being called a hero made him feel proud. “So, uh…What are you two going to do?” said Charmander. After this, I mean.” Pikachu and Bulbasaur paused.

                “I’ve never had a home,” said Bulbasaur with a sigh. “So I don’t know where to go. “Me neither,” said Pikachu. Charmander thought. “…Say, guys. If you don’t have anywhere to stay, why don’t you come with me?” “Okay!” said Pikachu. “All right.” said Bulbasaur, and they headed east.

                Soon they came to a small house up ahead of them. It had big leaves for the roof, and a small hole which served as the door. A small little box on a post was at the gate. Charmander looked at his friends. “Well, this is the place…” he said at last. Pikachu gazed in awe.

                “Wow!” he thought. “I can’t explain it, but I’m happy! I’m a human being, but I like this place. I feel weirdly happy! It might be an instinct thing for Pokémon. Maybe this is what it feels like to want to wag your tail…” Then he laughed. “It doesn’t matter! I’m happy! Maybe I feel that way because I’m Pikachu!”

                Bulbasaur had a baffled look on his face. “Wha-what…? I don’t get it. You think you’re a…human?” Pikachu nodded, and told the guys his story. When he finished, only Charmander was convinced. Bulbasaur only raised an eyebrow. “Riiiight…” he said, a little confused.

                Charmander smiled. “Anyway, I can tell you’re impressed. I thought you’d like it. I figured you’d find this a nice place to live, Pikachu. In fact, I was sure you’d like it.”

                He went up to the small box by the gate. “This is your Mailbox,” he explained. “This is where you’ll get mail from other Pokémon.” Then he turned to his friends. “You know that fissure Caterpie fell into? There’ve been a lot of natural disasters all of a sudden. A lot of Pokémon are hurting from those disasters. I want to do good. I want to help Pokémon like that. I want to make the Mystery Dungeon Realm a better place.” “Me too!” said Pikachu. “Me three!” said Bulbasaur.

                “Well,” said Charmander, “I think you’re capable after seeing how you did rescuing Caterpie. How would you two like to form a rescue team with me? Guys, I think we’d make the world’s greatest rescue team. How about it?”

                Pikachu and Bulbasaur nodded until their small heads were suffering from blood pressure. “Hooray!” cried Charmander. “Starting right now, me and you, guys, we three are partners in our rescue team! I’m counting on the best efforts from you guys!”

                Then he paused. “But I haven’t thought of our name yet. What do you think, Pikachu?” Pikachu thought hard. “How about…something relating to Pokémon?” Charmander nodded. “Good idea.” Pikachu then put on a bold look and said, “Team PokéPals!” “Awesome!” said Bulbasaur. “I love it!” said Charmander. “It suits us perfectly! Team PokéPals! We begin tomorrow! Let’s do it!” Then the three Pokémon cheered.

                “Meanwhile…” said Charmander to Bulbasaur. “There’s a place I know which would suit you perfectly…Good bye, Pikachu! See you tomorrow!” It was already evening. As the other two disappeared into the west, Pikachu yawned. He decided to get a good night’s sleep.

                Inside the base, there was a fresh pile of hay at the end of the room with a giant glass window above it. Pikachu was feeling a little tired. The day’s events had been in a blur. He walked over, lay down, closed his drowsy eyes, and fell fast asleep as the sun began to set...

                And that’s how Pikachu, Charmander, and Bulbasaur began their heroic career together as a rescue team.

                I'm not done with the story yet. This has only been the set-up for the real adventure, which is about to begin...
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                  The First Mission
                  The next morning, things were still the same. Pikachu was at the end of the room, snoring on his soft pile of hay. When he gained consciousness, he got up and let out a large yawn. “Yawwwwn…I’m still the same,” he sighed as he checked himself.

                  “The way I look, it appears I’m still Pikachu. But why would I be transformed a Pokémon?” He stopped as he thought about his question. “Hmmm…I don’t understand this at all…” he mumbled. Then he groaned. “Ugh…I’m still groggy and sleepy…not feeling well…” He gave a big yawn. "UGH! Halitosis...disgusting..." he grumbled. Then he decided, “I think I’ll go back to sleep.” He went back to his hay bed.

                  Later, he felt much better. “I feel so refreshed!” he said happily. “I still look like a Pikachu, but…” He stopped. “Wait, those Pokémon, they were Charmander and Bulbasaur? We promised to form a rescue team together. I wonder what the guys are doing now? I’ll go out and see.” Pikachu twisted his tiny feet, and walked across the room toward the door.

                  When he got outside, he found Charmander and Bulbasaur both sleeping at his steps. He gave Charmander a nudge, and he sprang up. “Hunh?! Oh, no!” His yelp awoke Bulbasaur. “Yaaaaah! Flying Pokémon! Auuughauggh!” Then, he and Charmander looked at Pikachu, who was wearing a look of surprise.

                  “Heh, heh…sorry…” they said with embarrassed faces. “We were so excited to start our rescue team, we’ve been waiting out here since dawn. I guess we fell asleep.” “Anyways…” said Bulbasaur, “Today Rescue Team PokéPals officially begins!” Charmander nodded. “Let’s do this right!”

                  There was a triumphant pause, and then the mood changed. “But we don’t have any job offers yet, so…” He sighed. Then Bulbasaur piped up. “Hey, maybe there’s something in Pikachu’s Mailbox.” “Great idea, Bulbasaur!” said Charmander. “I have a hunch you’ll be a vital part of our rescue team later on.”

                  Pikachu went to his Mailbox. He opened it up. It had a golden box labeled, Rescue Team Starter Set. The box was labeled with what appeared to be an egg with wings on it.

                  The three heroes wasted no time by reading the instructions quickly, and putting on the right attire. When they were finished, they were a proud sight. They were all equipped with bright red scarves and held their Rescue Badges high. They put their Tiny Woods items in the Toolbox. There was also an issue of Pokémon News, a newspaper for rescuers.

                  Then Charmander had an idea. “Hey, guys, let’s go to the Pelipper Post Office! We can find rescue jobs on the message board there.” “I’ve never heard of that place,” said Pikachu. Do they make stamps there?" Bulbasaur shook his head. “You really need to know about this place if you’re gonna live here. The Pelipper Post Office is a…”

                  Just as Bulbasaur was about to explain, a Pelipper flew overhead, carrying a small letter between its beak. It came down, hopped on the Mailbox, and put in the letter. Then it flapped its wings and took off.


                  “Should we go for it?” asked Charmander. “Definitely!” said Pikachu and Bulbasaur. “That’s what I want to hear!” said Charmander. “Let’s do this right!”

                  Once they arrived, they found the Magnemite at the cave’s entrance. “OH, YOU ARE HERE. BZBZBZZ!” one of them said. “MY FRIENDS ARE IN THIS CAVERN. BZBZBZZ. MY FRIENDS SHOULD BE ON 6F. PLEASE HELP THEM! BZBZBZZ!” The rescuers nodded, then headed inside.

                  Inside the cave, it was tough going. There were many Rattatas and Nidorans to battle, aswell as the Elekids and Plusles and Minuns. Pikachu and the others collected tons of Apples and Cheri and Oran Berries.

                  One time, Charmander almost fainted, but thanks to an Oran Berry sent by Pikachu, he survived and beat the troublesome Elekid. Bulbasaur practiced on more Pokemon to get to level 7 like his friends so he could be strong like them.

                  At last, on the sixth floor, Team PokéPals found the two linked Magnemites. “There they are!” said Charmander. “Let’s get them out.” And they did.

                  Outside, the four Magnemites rejoiced. “OUR BODIES SEPARATED! BZZZ! REJOICE! HOORAY!” “BE THANKFUL, YOU TWO,” said the leader. “YOU ARE OUR HERO. THANK YOU! BZBZBZZ!” The team was awarded 500 Poké and a Reviver Seed, with a Rawst Berry. Then the Magnemites left.

                  Back at the base, the team celebrated. “Boy, I’m glad our rescue went well today,” said Bulbasaur. “Me too,” said Charmander. “I have to admit, since this was our first job as a rescue team, I was really nervous. I’m tired. We’ll go home for some rest. We’ll do this again tomorrow. Bye!” With that, the two others went off into the west. Pikachu smiled. He felt very special, now that he was a rescue team member. He decided to go to sleep.

                  Later that night, Pikachu was asleep, when he found himself in a room of glittering green. “Wha-Where am I?” he asked. “Maybe…Is this a dream…?” He was very astonished.

                  “Oh? There’s someone here. Who is it? Someone I know? Hmmm. Can’t remember.” This question left him as the dream faded.
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                    Didnt you listen? Leave about a day for people to read it! Not three hours. Use a word processor- Microsoft Word.
                    The Dream Team! (unlike the Philadelphia Eagles)
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                      I was already using Microsoft Word. Besides, I think the way I'm paragraphing things is OK. Any-hoo, I hope you already read the first 5 chapters. Here comes Chapter 6!

                      Fresh Start
                      As he woke up, Pikachu said, “I think I dreamt something. But I don’t know what it was about. Oh, well, today’s another day of rescues!” he said cheerfully as he got up. "I wonder if I have any mail?" he thought. "Better check the Mailbox.”

                      With that, he came out of his house and checked his Mailbox. But no mail was there. Just then, Charmander and Bulbasaur came to his house. “Morning, buddy,” said Charmander. “You’re up early.” Then Bulbasaur got excited. “You checked the Mailbox, did you? Is there any mail for us?!” Pikachu shook his head.

                      “What? EMPTY?!” cried Bulbasaur. “Awww…I guess so. After all, we only started up two days ago. Well, no point moping.” Charmander said, “Let’s go to Pokémon Square. I think there are jobs at the Pelipper Post Office. The square’s over this way. C’mon.” They all hurried off east.

                      Once they were there, Charmander began to introduce. “This is Pokémon Square,” he said. He pointed to a shop with two Kecleons. One was normal colored, the other was purple. “That’s Kecleon Shop,” he said. “You can buy and sell items there.”

                      Then he pointed to a house with a counter and a Persian behind it. “That’s Felicity Bank.” Charmander explained. “You can save money there.”

                      Then Bulbasaur pointed towards a fancy shop with a Gulpin at it. “That’s the Gulpin Link Shop,” said Bulbasaur. “He can link moves for you. Hah? What’s linking? Well, if you link moves, you can use them at the same time. Details are best explained by Gulpin.”

                      Then he pointed to a shop with a big resemblance to a Kangaskhan. “That’s Kangaskhan Storage. Store items so they’ll never be lost. If you have important things, store them before heading out to a dungeon.”

                      Pikachu was obviously impressed. “You like the shops, huh?" asked Charmander. "Cool. I had a feeling you would. The Pelipper Post Office is straight ahead. Let’s go.” They decided to talk with the residents. “There was a forest fire not long ago,” said Bellsprout. “It was terrible! Luckily, Blastoise and Team Hydro put it out quickly. But it could’ve been worse if they’d been slower getting there.”

                      Next, they talked to Lombre. “I don’t know why, but there’ve been a ton of natural disasters lately. Pokémon have gone violent because of them,” he replied. "Do you have any idea how these disasters got started?" asked Pikachu."Nope," said Lombre. "But luckily we have a bunch of rescue teams around. Otherwise, we'd all be squatting Golducks."

                      At Whiscash Pond, Whiscash was worried as well. “A lot of fissures have opened up here and there. It worries me to no end, thinking children might fall into them.” Everyone seemed to be worried, especially Snubbull.

                      The rescue team soon found the Pelipper Post Office. “There it is!” Charmander said. And it was. A majestic tower that resembled a Pelipper overlooked the great big ocean. The team went to the message board.

                      “This is where info is gathered from Pokémon needing rescue in all sorts of places," explained Bulbasaur, "Take a look! See the Bulletin Board? It lists rescue jobs.” Pikachu checked it out. He took every job on the board. “Great!” said Charmander. Now we’re going to be really famous!”

                      Over the day, they did four successful missions at the Tiny Woods, and five Thunderwave Cave missions raising their rank to the Bronze rank. Once they were done, and after gaining lots of rewards, the team turned in for the night.

                      That night, as Pikachu was dreaming, he found he was in the green room again. “Again?” questioned Pikachu. “I’m dreaming again? Wait. It’s that Pokémon again. Huh? They’re talking to me. I can’t hear them clearly. What are they saying?” That moment, there was a shaking. “Huh?” Pikachu said. “Earthquake!” he realized. “Whoa! It’s getting worse! For a dream, this feels strangely real!” Then, he felt the dream stop.

                      As Pikachu woke up the next morning, questions were brewing through his head. Then he heard a voice. “Hello? Are you Pikachu?” Pikachu looked but nobody was there. “Oh! You can’t see us! How rude of us!” Then, there was a shake, and a Dugtrio burst from the middle of the room.

                      “We are pleased to meet you. We’re Dugtrio,” said the Dugtrio. “Last night, during the earthquake, Our child was attacked! He was whisked away to a tall mountain. We couldn’t climb so high up, and that is why we call upon you for help, Pikachu. Diglett was abducted by a Pokémon named Skarmory. He’s a vile ruffian! Please be careful!” With that, they burrowed back into the ground.

                      Pikachu was baffled. “That was so sudden, there was no time to say no,” he said. “It’s too bad. Diglett needs me.”

                      Outside, Charmander and Bulbasaur met him. “Morning, Pikachu!” said Charmander. Pikachu told his story to the two. Charmander was astonished. “What?! We were asked to go out on a mission?” “Yes!” said a voice. Charmander and Bulbasaur surveyed the area to find out where the voice came from.

                      Then Dugtrio popped up in front of the three. “Our child was kidnapped!” they cried. “He was taken to Mt. Steel’s summit! Please we need your help! Goodbye!” And they were gone.

                      Charmander was baffled. “I see,” he said. “I guess we should go.” Bulbasaur looked very worried. ‘What is it, Bulbasaur?” said Pikachu. “Well,” said Bulbasaur. “They said the kidnapper was named Skarmory, right?” “Right,” said Charmander.

                      “Well, Skarmory is a Flying and Steel type! I can’t fight that combo!” “Aw, c’mon!” said Charmander. This’ll be a fun adventure!” Bulbasaur just fainted as his teammates looked at him with embarassment.

                      Next up is the big mission up Mt. Steel and an encounter with our heroes' first enemy...
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                        That's about a day, so here's Chapter 7!

                        Battle with Skarmory
                        From the moment they approached Mt. Steel, Team PokéPals knew that it would be their biggest challenge yet. But they knew that the life of Diglett was in their hands, so they decided to go in.

                        The first few floors weren’t that bad. Pikachu took out the Spearows and Zigzagoons, while Charmander battled the Arons. Bulbasaur had no trouble battling the Baltoys and Geodudes. At the sixth floor, Pokémon like Medidite, Beldum, and Pinsir began to show up. The rescue team fought their way through the enemies quickly as they could.

                        Their hard work and perseverance paid off when finally they reached the summit of Mt. Steel, a.k.a. the ninth floor. They were very exhausted. They were about to stop to rest when Charmander exclaimed, “Look, guys! Diglett’s over there!”

                        They looked, and found tiny Diglett was on the other side of a huge gap between them. “Hey!” cried Charmander. “Are you all right? We’ve come to rescue you!” The poor Diglett shivered. “I-I’m scared…” he said, quivering. “Gwaaaaa!”

                        A loud cry sounded through the area, and a large Steel Pokémon swooped from the air in front of them. “You!” it thundered. “What do you think you’re doing here?!” “We’re here to rescue Diglett!” Pikachu snapped angrily. “Skarmory, don’t do this! Release Diglett!” echoed Charmander. But Bulbasaur said nothing. He was quivering with terror.

                        “Ma-ma-ma…” he stammered, as tears of fear fell down his cheeks. “How dare you!” roared Skarmory. “It’s their fault! I haven’t slept in days because the earthquakes frighten me so! Every night their vibrations shook my domain with power and have been destroying my mountain! And they are the results of this brat’s ilk running wild underground! Therefore, if he is disposed of, then the earthquakes plaguing our world will cease!”

                        “That’s not true!” yelled Charmander. “Well, it’s true that there’ve been many earthquakes lately, but it would take more than Diglett’s family going wild underground to cause earthquakes.”

                        “You be quiet!” snapped Skarmory. “If you refuse to listen to my demands, then we shall fight to your bitter end!” Pikachu looked at Charmander. “It’s no use. Skarmory is too grumpy to listen. We’ll have to fight it out!”

                        Pikachu took a Gravelerock he had obtained in Thunderwave Cave and chucked it at Skarmory. He screamed in pain as the hard stone struck him.

                        Roaring, the Steel Pokémon charged. Pikachu used Thundershock, and Charmander used Ember. Skarmory was weakened, but he managed to give Pikachu a rough Tackle attack. Determined, the two rescuers used their attacks again, and Skarmory howled and collapsed.

                        As Skarmory backed off to the edge of the gap, he gave in. “Grrr…I can’t keep up!” he hissed in pain. “I’m leaving this place for good! Gwaaaaa!” And having squawked his final words, Skarmory flew off, never to return.

                        Bulbasaur sighed. “Sorry I couldn’t help out from behind,” he said sadly. “Besides, I would’ve been too afraid to move.” Pikachu patted his friend. “Don’t worry. Skarmory is gone, and all we need to do is rescue Diglett.”

                        Then he called, “Hey Diglett! It’s alright! Skarmory’s gone! We came to save you! Can you come over here?” But Diglett was too frightened to move. “I-I can’t…” he stammered. “Okay, no problem,” said Bulbasaur. “I’ll come to you.”

                        Then he climbed to the edge of the gorge. “Whoa! This cliff is too deep. I can’t see the bottom.” Then he said, “I can’t do it. My Vine Whip can’t go that far across.” “What can we do?” asked Charmander. For the first time, Pikachu couldn’t answer.

                        But he needn’t have worried. Just then, the two Magnemite came to the rescue. “BZBZBZZ!” “It’s the Magnemite we saved!” cried Pikachu. “WE GOT WORD OF THIS,” said the first. “WE CAN RESCUE DIGLETT FROM THE SKY.BZBZBZZ!” Then they went to Diglett. “HOLD ON TIGHT. BZBZBZZ!” “DON’T BE SCARED,” said the second. “WE WON’T MAKE THE MISTAKE OF ZAPPING YOU.” And they didn’t.

                        Back at the team base, Diglett was happy. “Ooh, I was very scared,” he said. “Maybe because I was up so high, my feet feel like they’re walking on air.”

                        Everybody was silent. “F-Feet?” said Charmander with confusion. “HE HAS THEM? FEET?” said the Magnemite. The silence parted. “Well, you’re safe now, and that’s what counts,” said Bulbasaur. “Yes, I give my sincere thanks,” said the Diglett. “Oh, you’ve been rescued! Wonderful!” said a voice.

                        Nobody knew where the voice was coming from. Then Dugtrio popped up. “Hello!” they said cheerfully. “Papa!” cried the Diglett. “Diglett, my baby! Are you alright?” cried the Dugtrio parents. “Yes. It was scary, but I’m okay, thanks to Pikachu’s team.” “Thank you,” said the Dugtrio. “You’re our heroes.”

                        “Please thank our Magnemite friends,” said Charmander. “We couldn’t have done the job without them.” "Thank you so much!” said Dugtrio to the Magnemite.


                        “Thank you for everything,” said Dugtrio. “We must be going. Come along, Diglett. And here are your rewards.” The team received 500 Poké, a Pecha Scarf, and a Ginseng. “Farewell!” said Dugtrio, and they and Diglett disappeared underground. Magnemite nodded. “WELL, WE MUST BE ON OUR WAY, TOO.”

                        “Wait! Don’t leave!” said Charmander. The Magnemite stopped. “WHAT IS IT?” “Do you want to join our team?” asked Charmander. “JOIN YOUR TEAM?” asked the second. “Yes. We couldn’t have done the last job if you weren’t around, Magnemite. I thought we could use more help for doing rescues in the future. Isn’t that right, guys?” Pikachu and Bulbasaur nodded. “So, will you?” asked Charmander. “Will you join our team?”

                        “RESCUE TEAM! THAT SOUNDS FUN!! BZBZBZZZ!” the Magnemite cried. “BUT IF WE SHOULD RUSH OVER TO RESCUES, WE NEED SOMEWHERE TO LIVE CLOSE BY. IS THERE ANYWHERE WE CAN LIVE IN THIS AREA?” The team shook their heads no. “OH…THERE ISN’T…” sad the Magnemite sadly. “OH WELL. SORRY, BUT WE CAN’T. GOOD-BYE!” They left, leaving the others with heavy hearts.

                        “That is too bad,” said Charmander. “It looks like we’re gonna have to find places for Pokémon if we want some to join our team.” Then Bulbasaur piped up. “Oh, I know!” he said. “We should head out to the square tomorrow. There’s a shop called the Wigglytuff Club. There wasn’t anyone when we went there days ago, but there might be someone tomorrow. It’s beside Felicity Bank. Wigglytuff is usually there. We can get some useful info there. Tomorrow, we head to the square!”

                        All agreed, and prepared to head to Wigglytuff Club the next day.
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                          Friends and Enemies

                          That night, Pikachu was dreaming again. “Again?” he said. “It’s that dream again. Then he saw a figure behind him. “That figure, who is it? Huh? I hear better this time. What? Human? My role?” The dream started to fade. “Wait! Please tell me more!” Pikachu cried, but the figure was gone.

                          The next morning, Pikachu got up and walked to outside. Just then, his friends arrived. “Morning, Pikachu!” said Charmander. “What’s with that dazed and confused look? You look half asleep!” Pikachu explained.

                          “What?” said Charmander. “You’ve been having weird dreams? What kind?” Pikachu told Charmander and Bulbasaur about his dreams.

                          “Uh-huh,” said Charmander. “Wait, you said you’re a human, right? So I was thinking, do those dreams have to do with how you became a Pikachu? So what do you think? Do you want to be a human again?”

                          Pikachu thought. “I’m not sure…” he said. “You can’t decide?” said Bulbasaur. “Well, I guess!” said Pikachu happily. “It’s more fun with you guys.” “Anyways,” said Charmander. “We said we’d go to the square yesterday. Let’s go.”

                          They soon came to the shop. Luckily, Wigglytuff was there. “Welcome to Wigglytuff Club, a circle of friends!” said Wigglytuff cheerfully. “Oh? This is your first visit? Oh, I get it! You started your rescue team! Since you’re new here, I’ll give you a surprise. Wigglytuff, Wigglytuff…Let’s be friends…Yoomatah! Congratulations! Now you can go the Wild Plains Friend Area. And you can also go to Overgrown Forest. Recruit friends that live in those areas.”


                          “Of course!” laughed Charmander. “After all, we’re the ones who asked if you could join! Welcome aboard, Magnemite!” “YAY! BZBZBZZ!” cried Magnemite with glee. And thus, began the first of the amazing recruitments. Many more would join the team, but that’s for later.

                          “Let’s make our rescue team filled with lots of team members!” vowed Charmander. But from the darkest corners of the square, a shadowy Pokémon watched them. “Not if I can help it!” he said with an evil chuckle, and then he disappeared.

                          After a few days of fulfilling and getting a few missions from the Pelipper Post Office, Pikachu, Charmander, and Bulbasaur were on their way through the square when they saw a commotion.

                          “What’s all that about?” asked Pikachu to Lombre. “It’s Team Shifty,” explained Lombre. “They’re another rescue team around these parts. Shiftry’s the one with the brown pointy nose and white hair. His team’s greedy, because they only work for money. PoorJumpluff hasn’t got any, nor any Berries. So Team Shifty’s passing her up.”

                          They saw a Jumpluff pleading. “Please! My friend’s in trouble! I need your help!” But the Shiftry scoffed. “Forget it. We’re not gonna work for that.” “But my friend needs a strong wind,” protested the Jumpluff. “And…” “Sorry ma’am, but if you have a Berry or some cash, we’ll gladly take the job.”

                          “Now just one moment!” said a voice. Team Shiftry turned to see an Alakazam, a Charizard, and a Tyranitar coming from behind. “Whoa! Team ACT!” cried Bellsprout. “Who’s that?” asked Pikachu.

                          “What?!” cried Lombre. “You don’t know who they are? That’s Team ACT themselves! The Gold-ranked rescue team. Charizard’s Flamethrower can melt mountains, Tyranitar takes out any foe with Rock Slide, and Alakazam uses his psychic powers to fight foes.”

                          Alakazam came up to the Shiftry. “Rather coldhearted, aren’t you?” he said. “For this rescue, a strong wind is required. Your leafy fans can whip up strong winds. They’re just the winds needed for this mission.” Then he looked at Shiftry sternly. “It’s an easy matter for you,” he said. “Help that Pokémon out.”

                          Shiftry looked at Team ACT, then at Jumpluff. Then, with a dismal sigh, he said, “All right. I’ll do it, regardless if there aren’t any rewards…” Then, he and his two Nuzleaf walked away to prepare for the mission.

                          Jumpluff came to Alakazam. “Thank you,” she said gratefully. “It was no problem,” laughed Alakazam. “Shiftry can be stubborn, but he means well. Good day.” They walked through the crowd and were off to the Pelipper Post Office when Alakazam looked around and gazed at Pikachu.

                          “What is it, Alakazam?” asked Charizard. “Why are you looking at that kid?” Alakazam shook his head. “Nothing. I’ll explain later.” And off they went.

                          Bulbasaur looked at Pikachu. “I think Alakazam thinks you’re special, buddy,” he said cheerfully. “That’s an honor!” “Yeah!” said Charmander. “If we keep up a good job, we can be Gold-ranks, just like them!” Pikachu nodded. “It does feel great,” he said, “And we’re gonna make them proud! Let’s go off on missions!” And they did.

                          That night, Pikachu didn’t have any dreams. So when he woke up the next morning, he felt all right. He went outside as usual, and found his friends waiting for him. “Hey, Pikachu!” said Charmander. “Let’s do our best again today!”

                          Just then, they heard voices. “Is this where that weak rescue team started up?” “I’m pretty sure. I followed them yesterday, after their training at the Makuhita Dojo.” Then they saw three mean-looking Pokémon at the front of their base. They were a Gengar, a Medicham, and an Ekans.

                          “You gotta be kiddin’ me! A rescue team in a junky place like this?” laughed the Medicham. “Hah!” sneered the Gengar. “Salutations! We’re a fellow rescue team, such as you. However, our motives are somewhat more, what say, abusive.”

                          “What do you mean?” said Bulbasaur. “Just who are you, anyways?” “We’re Team Meanies!” said Gengar. "We’re a resssscue team sssseeking world domination!” hissed the Ekans. “What?! World domination?!” cried Charmander.

                          “That’s right!” snapped Gengar. “Let’s see what we can pick up from this here Mailbox.” They looked inside. “Resssscue jobssss!” exclaimed Ekans. “Amazing!” cried Medicham. “Well, you know what this means! Extra pay offs!” laughed Gengar. He took the rescue jobs and ran off with his goons in tow.

                          “Our jobs! Nooooo!” cried Bulbasaur. “Now what’ll we do?” said Charmander miserably. Just then, Pelipper came flying by. He swooped down, landed on the Mailbox, and put some letters inside. Then he flew off.

                          Team PokéPals checked the Mailbox to find brand new jobs in there. “Hooray!” cheered Pikachu. “New jobs!” “Well, now we can get busy again,” said Charmander. “But those Team Meanies…to think that they can just steal rescue jobs from other Pokémon! Why, the next time I see them, I’m gonna give them a good old fashioned whooping!” Then he turned to his friends. “Let’s keep doing our work! Nobody’s gonna stop us!”

                          And persevere they did. They did their rescue work while Team Meanies kept trying to ruin everybody’s spirits. Luckily, Team PokéPals was soon going to teach them a lesson they would never soon forget!

                          Next comes a little competition between the Meanies and our heroes in Sinister Woods! Until then, enjoy!
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                            here is the ninth chap, where the meanies and our heroes face off! Enjoy!

                            Mission Metapod

                            Just like the other night, Pikachu didn’t have any suspicious dreams, so he eventually wondered why he had gotten them. He thought about that the next morning.

                            But he merely dismissed thoughts about going back to the human world. He had never had anything there, and he enjoyed the company of his friends Charmander and Bulbasaur. He decided if he ever had a choice, he would stay in the Mystery Dungeon realm.

                            When he went outside, he saw his friends arriving regularly as usual. “Morning, Pikachu!” said Charmander. “Let’s do our best like always!”

                            Just then, they heard a voice. “Pikachu! Charmander! Bulbasaur!” Then they saw little Caterpie coming. “Hi, Caterpie!” said Charmander. “What’s up?”

                            Caterpie seemed very worried. “It’s awful! I was playing with Metapod in the woods, and he got lost! I need your help!” “Oh, I see! That does sound bad! Kekekekeh!” said a strangely familiar voice.

                            Then, the four Pokémon saw Team Meanies in front of the gate. “Oh no! Not them again!” cried Charmander. “Don’t worry, little one. We’re here to save your chum Metapod!” “Hey, Gengar!” snapped Bulbasaur angrily. “Caterpie came to us for help!”

                            Gengar laughed. “Do you twerps honestly think you can do that kind of mission with your amateur rescue skills? It doesn’t matter who gets the job. It’s the guy who does the rescue that gets to be the hero, see!”

                            Medicham was very happy. “We’re going to get a very special reward for this!” she sneered. “But…I don’t have any money…” said poor Caterpie. Gengar shook his head. “Don’t worry about that! I’m sure we can persuade your parents to give us something in interest! Oh, and you can even join our team! That’s an offer one simply couldn’t refuse! Alright, Team Meanies! Let’s roll!” And off they went.

                            Caterpie looked at Team PokéPals. “Don’t worry,” said Charmander. “We’ll save Metapod first.” Then he turned to his teammates. “Let’s go, guys!” he said with determination. And off they went to Sinister Woods.

                            The Sinister Woods had approximately 13 floors, so the team managed to grab some Reviver Seeds and Apples before going in. They knew if they used each other’s strengths to their advantage, they would prosper. Pikachu took care of the Linoones and Scythers, Charmander took on the Swinubs and Exeggutors, and Bulbasaur smote the Woopers with his Grass powers.

                            Once they reached the 13th floor, Charmander said, “Whew, we’ve come a long way into this forest. I wonder if Metapod is ahead. Let’s move.” Before they could move, they heard, “Stop right there!”

                            Then, Team Meanies came out from nowhere and blocked the way. “Not so fast,” Gengar said. “The only way for Metapod to be rescued is by us. And for you to go ahead, well, we can’t let that happen.” “Hey, Gengar!” hissed Charmander. “Why do you always mess with us?!”

                            Medicham put on a smug look. “Oh, didn’t we tell you? Our goal is world domination,” she sang. “Caterpie’ssss mama will give ussss a generoussss reward,” said Ekans, “And Caterpie will join ussss. That brings ussss clossser to our goal.” “And,” said Gengar. “For that, your lot is in the way! Sorry to say, but your party’s over here and now! Say good bye, Pikachu!”

                            But Pikachu wasn’t about to give up. Just as he had done with Skarmory, he chucked a hard Gravelerock at Gengar. The Ghost Pokémon howled in pain. Then he signaled for Medicham to move forward. She jumped in front. But she got a nasty surprise when Team PokéPals gave her a Thundershock, an Ember, and a Vine Whip all at the same time! She gave a loud wail and fainted.

                            Ekans hissed with anger and attacked with Gengar. Bulbasaur put Gengar to sleep with a Sleep Powder to make sure the other two could battle Ekans without worry. Pikachu and Charmander used Thundershock and Ember to weaken the Snake Pokémon. But Ekans gave Pikachu a nasty Poison Sting. “Argh!”

                            Pikachu had been poisoned! Charmander angrily chucked one of his Gravelerocks at Ekans, taking it down. Then, when they cornered around Gengar as he woke up, Gengar attempted to Lick Charmander, but Pikachu got in the way and took the damage. By this time, Pikachu was too weak to reach his Oran Berries.

                            Charmander tossed an Oran Berry to Pikachu. He ate it and said, “Thanks, Charmander!”
                            “Nobody hurts my friends!” Charmander said proudly. Then they all gave the nasty Gengar a Thundershock, Ember and Vine Whip, taking it down.

                            As Team Meanies struggled to run, Gengar called as they ran, “You’ll pay for this! Don’t you forget it!” “What about the rescue?!” Medicham cried. “Forget the ressscue!” snapped Ekans. “I’m much more interessssted in sssstaying away from thosssse freakssss!”

                            As soon as they were gone, Charmander said with a smile, “No one should hold us back now. Let’s find Metapod.” “Um…excuse me?” said a voice. The team turned to see Metapod coming out from between two trees. “Did you maybe come looking for me?” The team nodded. “You must be Metapod,” said Bulbasaur. “Let’s get you home. Caterpie’s worried about you.” “Yay!” cried little Metapod. “I was so scared, so I hardened my shell and waited. Thank you!” With that, they went home.

                            Back at the base, Caterpie was very happy. “This is great! Welcome back, Metapod!” “Thanks, Caterpie!” said Metapod. Then Caterpie turned to the team. “And thank you, Team PokéPals! I wish I could pay you,” he said, “But I don’t have any money…”

                            “Oh, no, no!” laughed Charmander. "We don’t need a reward. We’re happy that Metapod is back, safe and sound.” “Cool…” said Caterpie adoringly. “You’re even cooler than I thought! I want to go on rescues when I grow up!”

                            “Wonderful!” Charmander said happily. “Chase that dream!” “Hey, guys,” he then said to Pikachu and Bulbasaur. “I have an idea. How about we do something with our base? We should make this base more impressive.”

                            “That’s awesome!” said little Caterpie. “A rescue team base is cool! I want to work here when I grow up!” “Me too!” said Metapod. “Hahaha!” laughed Pikachu. “Then that’s what we’ll do! Let’s work hard and build our proper rescue team base!” “Thanks again, guys!” said Metapod, and they left.

                            When they were gone, Charmander said, “So, we ended up working for free, but that was the right thing to do. Plus, we showed Team Meanies not to mess with us, so it’s all good!”

                            Bulbasaur yawned. “Well, the day is over…I’m going home with Charmander so I can be prepared for more rescues tomorrow. See you, Pikachu!” And they left.

                            Pikachu agreed that the day was over and he decided to go get some rest. Pikachu did not know it, but his great adventure was just beginning.
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                              Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been so busy. Here's Chap. 10

                              The Silent Chasm
                              The next day, Pikachu got up as usual and walked out the door. He saw his friends arriving. “Morning, Pikachu!” said Charmander. “Let’s do our best again today!"

                              They heard a voice. “Ummm…hello?” “Huh?” said Bulbasaur. “Who could that be?” Then they saw a Jumpluff. “Is rescue team PokéPals here?” she said. “That’s right,” said Charmander. “Wait, aren’t you…”

                              They remembered that same Jumpluff from the square that asked Shiftry for help. “I remember now!” said Charmander. “You’re that Jumpluff we saw in Pokémon Square. We saw Team Shifty accepting your job.”

                              “Yes…” said Jumpluff with a sigh, “But Shiftry hasn’t come back yet!” “Are you serious?!” cried Bulbasaur.

                              Jumpluff nodded. “My friend Jumpluff got wedged between some rocks. We Jumpluff can go anywhere if we catch a wind, but even though the skies are filled with thunderclouds, for some odd reason, the winds haven’t blown.” “Not even a breeze?” said Pikachu. “That is weird.”

                              Jumpluff said, “Shiftry’s fans can whip up powerful winds. We thought his winds would dislodge our friend, but…” “But Shiftry hasn’t come back,” finished Charmander. “It doesn’t sound like that tough of a rescue…This is weird…”

                              Then Pikachu said, “I think we should go help!” “Oh? That’s the spirit, Pikachu!” said Charmander. “Your look says you don’t need to be asked.”

                              Then he turned to Jumpluff. “That’s it then! We’ll go look for them!” “R-Really? Thank you!” said Jumpluff. “Leave it to us!” said Bulbasaur. “Let’s go!”

                              Once they arrived at the Silent Chasm, they noticed the area was very dark. “Sheesh! Look at this place,” said Bulbasaur. “So, you say Jumpluff’s in here?” asked Charmander. “Yes,” said Jumpluff. “I’m sorry to ask, but please help.” “No problem,” said Pikachu. “Let’s roll guys!”

                              Just as they were going in, Jumpluff said, “Wait!” “What is it?” asked Charmander.

                              “There’s something I forgot to mention. This place is known as the Silent Chasm, but…” said Jumpluff. “It’s rumored an amazing monster lives here. It’s a Flying-type, I think.” “FLYING?!” cried Bulbasaur.

                              “Yes, but it’s only folklore!” Jumpluff said quickly to comfort him. “It’s also true that Shiftry hasn’t returned… I just thought I should let you know.”

                              By this time, Bulbasaur had registered the monster in his mind to be stayed away from. And he wasn’t willing to be eaten. “Owowowow!” he said in a painful tone. “What is it?” asked Jumpluff. “My tummy…” groaned Bulbasaur, “It’s feeling bad. My breakfast must have been spoiled or something! Say, Charmander, Pikachu. You’re feeling sick too, aren’t you?”

                              Charmander shook his head. “No, I’m fine,” he said. “Me too,” said Pikachu. Bulbasaur groaned. “That was your cue to back me up!” he hissed.

                              ”C’mon, Bulbasaur!” said Charmander. “Jumpluff needs help. And so does Shiftry.” “Is anything wrong?” asked Jumpluff. “No, no,” said Pikachu. “We can handle this rescue. Right, Bulbasaur?” Charmander said with a questioning glance.

                              Bulbasaur rolled his eyes. “Owowowow,” he said, “I guess the cramping settled down…Heheheheh…” Pikachu returned his attention to Jumpluff. “So, you say there is a monster. What is it like?” he asked. “I wouldn’t know very much about it,” Jumpluff replied. “It is an old folklore. I wouldn’t know if it existed or not.”

                              “Well,” said Charmander. “We’ll just have to hope the monster doesn’t exist. Come on, guys!” And in they went.

                              Since the team had bought Mt. Deepgreen as a Friend Area, they managed to snag a Teddiursia for a recruit. They were only allowed to recruit one Pokémon per dungeon. They had to battle their way through the Poliwags, Yanmas, Houndours, and Weedles, all while keeping their Teddiursia alive.

                              The dungeon had 10 floors, so it wasn’t an easy climb. But no matter what the problems were, Team PokéPals managed to prosper onto the 10th floor.

                              When they arrived, Charmander said, “Isn’t this the place? Where Jumpluff’s friend is supposed to be?” “I think so,” said Pikachu, “If we’re on the final floor, I suppose…” But we will never know what he supposed, because right then Jumpluff’s friend went flying to them. “Look! There’s Jumpluff’s friend!” said Bulbasaur.

                              They went to the little Pokémon. “We came for you? Are you okay?” asked Pikachu. “Yes…” said the Jumpluff. “I’m fine, but…” “Great! Your friend is waiting for you!” said Bulbasaur. “Shiftry’s in the back…” finished the Jumpluff. The rescue team looked and saw the big rescue team leader on the ground. “Let’s go!” said Charmander.

                              “Shiftry! Are you okay?” asked Charmander. “Forget about me! R-Run!” Shiftry cried. “Get away from here!” “G-Get away?” asked Charmander. Just then, the area turned dark. “Whoa! It’s pitch-black!” said Pikachu. “Gyaaaaa!” “It’s coming!” Shiftry cried. “Run!” “Move aside, you!” hissed the voice. “He dared to intrude my chamber! I have no mercy for foolish meddlers! That includes you!”

                              There was a flash, and Shiftry was gone. What stood in his place was a giant yellow spiky bird Pokémon that crackled with electricity. “HAHAHAHA!” he cackled. “I am Zapdos! The embodiment of lightning am I!”

                              Bulbasaur was paralyzed with fear. Zapdos noticed this and snapped his large beak at Bulbasaur. This was too much for the little rescuer, and within moments he was out cold. “If you weaklings wish to save Shiftry,” said Zapdos, “Then scale Mt. Thunder! Otherwise, I can enjoy this Grass Pokémon as a tasty afternoon snack!”

                              It was fortunate that Bulbasaur was out cold at the time. Otherwise, his tiny, hardworking heart would have stopped then and there. There was another thunderclap, and Zapdos flew off cackling with evil laughter.

                              When he was gone, Pikachu said, “Zapdos…so that’s the legendary monster…” They were silent as they saw Zapdos fly away.
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                                Here's the next chapter. Enjoy!

                                Mission Zapdos
                                Back at the base, Jumpluff rejoiced happily. “Yay! You’re saved! I’m so happy!” Her friend nodded. “Yes. But even though I’m safe, Shiftry is in trouble…” she said sadly.

                                “Can you tell us exactly what happened?” asked Charmander. Bulbasaur had been woken up by Pikachu, but he was still jittery from that encounter.

                                Jumpluff began, “Well, Shiftry whipped up the winds with his leafy fans, and that got me from the two dislodged rocks. But the winds tore a thundercloud in two, and then that villain Zapdos appeared in the sky.” Pikachu nodded. “The monster did say it was Zapdos. It’s holding Shiftry captive.”

                                “Did you say Zapdos?” asked a voice. The team turned to see…
                                “Team ACT!” cried Bulbasaur. Alakazam came forward. “Zapdos is one of the legendary bird Pokémon. I heard he had been causing some havoc for a long time,” he said. “So Shiftry’s fans disturbed him?” asked Charmander.

                                “No,” said Alakazam. “Shiftry’s winds were only the trigger. To begin with, the absence of the winds was unnatural. It must have been caused by the rash of natural disasters lately. Zapdos, being a sinister type, is not one who likes intruders upon his territory. And he will eliminate others if it is to his interest. Therefore, Shiftry must be saved.”

                                “But Zapdos won’t be easy,” said Tyranitar. “His electric attacks are wicked nasty.” Alakazam nodded. “I know that. We will need to be cautious.” Charmander said, “We’ll go too!”

                                Alakazam gasped. “What?! That is dangerous! Zapdos is too powerful. He will be too much for your skill level.” Charmander shook his head. “We’re not that weak!” he protested. “Besides, Zapdos doesn’t scare us. Right, Pikachu?” “That’s right!” said Pikachu. Bulbasaur’s eyes widened.

                                Charizard stepped forward. “Have you ever been hit with an electric blast?” he asked. “It’ll leave you stunned and shaking!” “No problem!” said Pikachu. Bulbasaur’s eyes grew wider. “Zapdos is wickedly powerful!” said Tyranitar said. “It’ll gobble you up for lunch! Can you face that?” Pikachu hesitated on that one, but he said, “No problem.” Bulbasaur’s eyes were so wide they were hurting from the strains.

                                Charmander said, “The point is, we’re a rescue team too! We want to help Shiftry!” There was a silence. Seeing that their point was made, Alakazam said, “All right. I see that you have courage. You may come if you like to stop Zapdos.” “Yes!” cheered Charmander. Then he heard a thump.

                                He turned and saw Bulbasaur was out in a cold sweat. Sweat drops of embarrassment dripped from Pikachu and Charmander’s heads.

                                Alakazam decided not to let the moment be spoiled, so he said, “Anyways, our two teams should make our ways separately through Mt. Thunder. We shall leave when we have geared up for battle. Knowing how strong our opponent is, we have no choice but to be cautious. You should go to Mt. Thunder only when you are fully prepared. Or objective is to rescue Shiftry! Let us find success!”

                                “Yes! I’m getting pumped about this!” said Charmander with glee. “Pikachu! Let’s do our best!” “Yeah!” said Pikachu and they let out a cheer. They were ready to take on the biggest challenge yet as a rescue team.

                                The next morning, Pikachu got up bright and early. Just like the last night, he had gotten no strange dreams, so he decided to get up and prepare for the great mission that lay before him. He went out the door to find his teammates waiting for him.

                                “Morning, Pikachu!” said Charmander in his usual happy tone. “Alright, guys! This is it! This is the biggest rescue team mission we’ve had so far! Let’s stop Zapdos!”

                                Bulbasaur sighed. “I don’t think I should come, guys,” he said sadly. “Why not?” asked Pikachu. “I can’t face Zapdos,” Bulbasaur explained. “I’m too terrified of it.” Charmander looked at his friend. “I know it isn’t easy, Bulbasaur,” he said earnestly, “But there are going to be times as a rescue team member when you feel you can’t do something. But that doesn’t mean you should quit. Just think of how scared Shiftry is.”

                                Bulbasaur nodded. “Okay,” he sighed, “Let’s go.” “That’s right!” said Pikachu, and they set off for the great mountain, known as Mt. Thunder.
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                                Bulbasaur is my favorite character, every trek needs a coward.
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                                  Glad you like it, Grovyle! Bulbasaur is overly afraid of Bird Pokemon, but in this chapter, you'll see some of Bulbasaur's hidden bravery, which will help develop his character as the story continues. Enjoy!

                                  Wrath of the Thunder Bird

                                  Soon they arrived at the entrance of the great mountain. They looked up and groaned. The mountain seemed to go up to the sky and beyond.

                                  Charmander looked at Pikachu. “I’m glad we stocked up before we came here,” he said. “This place isn’t any easy dungeon.” Bulbasaur remarked, “This shouldn’t be a hard climb. I hear this dungeon is only 12 floors ‘till the peak. Plus, the place is littered with Electric and Poison Pokémon. Electrics don’t hurt me, and Poisons don’t poison me.”

                                  Pikachu nodded. “Plus, if we can get through all this, we’ll reach that Zapdos villain in no time,” he added. “Alright, team!” declared Charmander. “Let’s go!” And they went in.

                                  The rescue team soon found the dungeon was littered with items, and took their time using them for their climb. But they soon found that the dungeon was harder than they anticipated. Where they managed to escape from one Pokémon, they soon found themselves face to face with another, and so on and so forth.

                                  They managed to recruit an Electrike, so that any of Zapdos’ electric attacks wouldn’t hurt them with the Lightningrod ability.

                                  The higher Team PokéPals climbed, the tougher the foes became. But they kept their cool and went on.

                                  Finally, they came to a rest stop on the 11th floor. Pikachu took out some items that the team would need later, as they had used almost all their provisions. Then they proceeded, and fended off the pests that dared to attack them.

                                  They made sure not to use any moves, as they would need them against Zapdos, for the special ability of that bird was Pressure, taking away 2 PP for every attack used.

                                  Then, they found themselves at the peak of the great Mt. Thunder itself. Lightning crashed from the dark cloud-ridden sky. “Well, this is the summit,” Charmander said. “We’ve sure come a long way.”

                                  Then he looked around. “Hey! Zapdos!” he snapped angrily. “Where are you?! We came to rescue Shiftry! Come out!” There was a great flash of light that blinded the rescuers. “Gyaaooooh!” There was a flapping sound, and Zapdos plunged from a cloud onto the peak. “Auuuugh!” screamed Bulbasaur, and he hid behind his friends.

                                  “I warned you!” thundered the ruthless Zapdos. “I have no mercy for meddlers!” Bulbasaur was at utmost fear, but he managed to say to himself, “N-not scared…he doesn’t frighten me…” Then he boldly came out from behind and in front of his friends.

                                  “Hey, Zapdos!” he yelled. “Release Shiftry! We’re a Pokémon rescue team! Team PokéPals, for your information!” There was another blinding flash of light, and Zapdos chuckled, “Hahahaha! You of all fools must be determined to utter such words. If that is your final reply, then you shall answer to my great and righteous evil triumph! Hahahahahaha!” With that, the battle began.

                                  Pikachu yelled, “Hey, Zapdos! Take this!” And he chucked a good size Gravelerock at the monster’s head. Zapdos roared angrily and charged. Pikachu emitted a linked Thundershock and Growl, and Charmander showed off an excellent combo of Leer and Metal Claw.

                                  Zapdos got cross. He turned to Bulbasaur and snapped his beak at him. Bulbasaur shot a Stun Spore at Zapdos, stunning him. Using this opportunity, Bulbasaur ran to Zapdos’ back and shot out two vines, snagging his spiky yellow wings. “With these vines, I can pull Zapdos down while you guys attack!” he called to his friends.

                                  But Zapdos was stronger than the little rescuers had suspected, and soon flew off. As the vines began to unravel and follow him, Bulbasaur gulped. Pikachu and Charmander knew what would happen. They told Electrike to stay there, and they ran to Bulbasaur and grabbed on tight.

                                  In a few seconds, they were snapped forward and off the cliff. The three Pokémon clung on tight to the vines as Zapdos advanced high into the air. Then, he plunged down.

                                  The vines were still high in the air, with Pikachu, Charmander, and Bulbasaur still clinging to them. But when the ends of the vines gave a sharp pull, their foreheads were clammy with sweatdrops.

                                  WHOOOOOSSSSSSHHHH! “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH!” the three heroes screamed. They plunged toward the earth, still on the vine. Then, just as Zapdos was almost near the ground, he halted and soared back up to the sky. The team almost hit the ground, but their strong grip on the vine prevented so.

                                  Pikachu then cried, “Guys! I know what Zapdos is trying to do! Look up!” Charmander and Bulbasaur looked up and saw a giant cloud rumbling. “When we reach the top, thunder will shoot out and kill us!” “Good bye!” cried Bulbasaur. “No, wait!” cried Pikachu. I’ll get that other flailing vine and pull Zapdos down!” “Not alone!” Charmander said.

                                  He and Pikachu climbed the vine as fast as they could. But they didn’t have much time. Zapdos was preparing to maneuver. Pikachu desperately looked for an item in the toolbox. He found a Quick Seed. He split it into two, and he and Charmander ate them. They suddenly felt a boost of energy, and they scurried up the vine.

                                  When they reached the flailing one, Pikachu attempted to grab it. But Zapdos saw them, and gave Pikachu a harsh Thundershock. Electrike couldn’t protect them, and even with Pikachu as an Electric type, it still did a lot of damage. Charmander called, “I’ll distract him! Get that vine!”

                                  Then he leaped onto Zapdos’ head and gave him a nasty Leer and Metal Claw. While he did this, Pikachu managed to grab the vine and pull it back. Zapdos then gave Charmander a nasty Thunder Wave. The Fire type was paralyzed, and fell off the monster’s head. Pikachu saw this and grabbed his friend.

                                  Pikachu groaned. He couldn’t hold the vine and Charmander both! Then he had an idea. He leaned back with the vine in his hand. The vine pulled back harder. But then, it came off Zapdos’ wing! Pikachu fell back with Charmander. Bulbasaur was so startled, he let go of the vine. The three rescuers fell toward the ground. “Waah!” cried Bulbasaur. “We’re dead!” Pikachu looked and saw a pointed rock near the edge of the mountain. “No, we’re not!” he said.

                                  Still holding the vine, he lassoed the rock. He, Charmander, and Bulbasaur grabbed on. They kept falling until finally the vine halted them. Charmander sighed. “That was close,” he groaned. Just then, they heard a clash of lightning, and a loud


                                  The rescuers saw Zapdos being electrocuted by the lightning bolt meant for them. They climbed up the vine and onto the peak. Bulbasaur said, “I think Zapdos is dead. No one could have survived an attack like that.” “Don’t be too sure,” said Pikachu. “Zapdos is an Electric type. It might have just injured it.”

                                  When they got back on the top, they saw Zapdos emerge from the lightning cloud. It was flying slower now, so they knew the lightning had severely hurt it. They backed up as it landed.

                                  Zapdos prepared to finish them off, but just then, they all gave a mighty attack with Thundershock, Ember, and Vine Whip, and Zapdos collapsed.
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                                    Here's Chapter 13!

                                    Quest for Xatu
                                    As Zapdos lay panting heavily, the rescuers heard footsteps. They turned and saw that Team ACT had arrived at the summit. Alakazam couldn’t believe his eyes. “Wh-What is going on?” he asked.

                                    Just as he asked, Zapdos began to get up. Lightning began to fill around him. “Gyaaaaa! I’m not done yet! Prepare for the end!” Zapdos roared, and he got back up and prepared to end the rescuers’ lives when Charizard boldly stepped up. “Leave these kids alone! You want more? We’ll take you on!” “Yes!” said Alakazam, and he and Tyrannitar stepped up.

                                    Alakazam readied his Psychic attack, Charizard’s mouth was ready to spew a Flamethrower, and Tyrannitar held up his hands, prepared to use his Rock Slide. Zapdos gasped, “Team ACT?! Wait…if I was beaten this easily by a Bronze, than battling a Gold rank would mean…” His eyes grew wide as he calculated the results.

                                    “Gyaaaaa! No! I want no more fighting! I’ve calmed down! Take Shiftry back!” he screamed. Then he gave a heavy sigh and turned to Pikachu. “I must say,” he said, “You kids have impressed me. But things won’t be easy next time. I will go all out next time, so you’d best be prepared! Until then, you’d better hone your skills!”

                                    Having made his point, Zapdos flapped his wings and soared off into the dark-clouded atmosphere.

                                    For a few moments, nothing happened. Then, just as they feared the worst, there was a gleam of light, and when it faded, Shiftry was there, lying unconscious.

                                    “Look! There’s Shiftry!” cried Bulbasaur. The two rescue teams went over. “Are you OK?” asked Charizard. “Ungh,” Shiftry moaned, “Uh, yeah. Somehow I am…” Charmander smiled. “I’m glad you’re safe!” he said happily.

                                    Tyranitar spoke up. “But that was an eye-opener,” he said, “Driving off that Zapdos.” “I agree,” chimed in Charizard. “You’re awfully strong for a plain Pikachu.” Alakazam was silent. Then he said, “Yes…I sensed it when we first met…perhaps…you aren’t a Pokémon, are you?”

                                    Charmander gasped. “Wow! How can you tell that?!” Then he said, “But you’re right. Pikachu isn’t a Pokémon. Pikachu is a human.”

                                    The others gasped. “A human?!” Shiftry cried. “Unbelievable!” Charizard said. “Is it possible?!” asked Tyrannitar. “Can something like that happen?!”

                                    Charmander nodded. “Pikachu doesn’t understand much either. Pikachu woke up one morning as a Pokémon, and didn’t remember anything about being a human.”

                                    Then Bulbasaur said, “Wait! Lombre said something in the square! He said Alakazam knows everything!” Charmander asked, “Alakazam, can you figure out why Pikachu became a Pokémon?”

                                    The great rescue team leader shook his head. “No, I can’t determine that…” he said with a sigh. Charmander moaned. “Oh…I thought you would know…” he said sadly.

                                    Alakazam then said, “However, there is a way for unveiling the truth.” Charmander cried, “Oh, really? How?” “Make way to the Hill of the Ancients,” Alakazam explained. “There, you will find a Pokémon that stares into the sun all day. A Pokémon that is said to see into the future. Xatu is his name. He should shed light on your puzzling friend.”

                                    Charmander smiled. “Thanks! So, we’re off to see Xatu! C’mon gang! Off to the Hill of the Ancients!” Then he said, “But first, let’s get you back, Shiftry. You deserve a nice rest.” Shiftry nodded, “OK…” They started leaving.

                                    But Pikachu was looking at Alakazam. He knew Alakazam would be a big help on his journey as Pikachu. Alakazam was looking at Pikachu as well. If only you knew what you mean to this world, young Pikachu, he thought. You truly are the chosen one.

                                    Then, Pikachu heard Bulbasaur call, “C’mon, Pikachu! Let’s go home!” And they left. Pikachu took one last look at Alakazam, waved, and ran to catch up with his friends.

                                    Electrike looked awkwardly at his new rescue teammates, then at Team ACT. Baffled, it ran to catch up with the others.

                                    After they had left, Charizard said, “Alakazam. I know you. I don’t think you’re completely ignorant about this. You know something, don’t you?”

                                    Alakazam sighed. “There is something that concerns me,” he said. “But it should go unspoken for now…at least, for their sake.” They were silent as they watched the rescuers disappear.

                                    The next morning, Pikachu woke up bright and early and went out. He found his friends waiting for him.

                                    “Morning, Pikachu!” said Charmander cheerfully. “Today’s the day we set off for the Hill of the Ancients!” Bulbasaur said, “I’d like to know…do you remember anything about being a human, Pikachu?”

                                    Pikachu shook no. “I’m sorry,” he said. “I wish I could remember…it’s just that…so much time has passed since I came here.”

                                    Charmander laughed. “That’s alright, Pikachu. As long as we keep doing what’s right, that’s the important thing!” Pikachu was deeply moved by how Charmander and Bulbasaur believed in him. “Okay, gang! Let’s hit the road!” And they all went off.

                                    After they had left, it was revealed that someone had been eavesdropping on them. It was Gengar, and he was still bitter about being defeated in Sinister Woods. He was determined to make sure Pikachu suffered because of it. So, without making a sound, he followed close behind.

                                    Just like Sinister Woods, the Grand Canyon leading to the Hill of the Ancients was 13 floors, so Pikachu, Charmander, and Bulbasaur made sure to stick together and take out any threat to them.

                                    They ate every Apple on that dungeon, so as not to use their own, in case they were needed for later.

                                    There were lots of Flying types in that dungeon, such as Murkrow and Doduo, so Charmander had to pull on Bulbasaur’s leg every time he tried to run away.

                                    Thanks to Pikachu and Charmander, most of the dungeon was easy going. They recruited a strong Heracross and continued up the long mountain until they finally made it to the peak.

                                    From there, they left the Canyon and set off for the Hill of the Ancients.

                                    Hope you enjoyed! Next up is meeting with Xatu!
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                                      Here's Chapter 14! Enjoy!

                                      Xatu’s Foreseeing

                                      Team PokéPals soon found themselves at the Hill of the Ancients, The giant peak made the distance they had traveled look very miniscule.

                                      “Yes!” Pikachu cheered. “We’ve made it to the top, guys!” Charmander looked around. “This is the Hill of the Ancients, all right,” he said, “But where’s Xatu?”

                                      Then he looked straight ahead and cried, “Look! Over there!” The team saw an odd-looking Pokémon sitting at the edge of the cliff. It had two red feathers sticking from behind its green head. “I think that’s the Xatu dude,” Bulbasaur said.

                                      They went over to him. “Excuse me?” asked Charmander. “Are you Xatu?” But the sleeping figure didn’t respond. Bulbasaur took a look at him and screamed. Xatu had a long yellow beak. “Bird!” he squealed.

                                      He tried to run, but Charmander and Pikachu restrained him. “Oh, no you don’t,” said Charmander sternly. Xatu was still sleeping. “Maybe he doesn’t hear us,” suggested Pikachu.

                                      Charmander went in front of him and said, “Helloooo? Anybody alive in there?” But Xatu still was silent. “It’s no use,” sighed Charmander. “He’s not responding at all. Pikachu, what should we do?” Pikachu thought. “Uh, tickle him?” he said with reluctance.

                                      “OK…” said Charmander. “It’s worth a try, I guess.” So he plucked his fingers and tickled his hardest. Finally, when it seemed he was getting nowhere, and when Xatu didn’t wake up, he gave up. “It’s no good…” he moaned.

                                      “Good!” Bulbasaur said quickly. “And I should really hate to disturb him. Let’s leave!” Just then, they heard Xatu giggle. “Bufufufufufu…” he chuckled. Then he squawked, “Kwaaaaaaaaaah!”

                                      “Auugh!” screamed Bulbasaur, and this time, he got away. But luckily, Heracross came back with him struggling, kicking, and screaming. The rescuers then heard Xatu speak.

                                      “Witness it…” he murmured. “The sinking of the sun.” Then he turned. “Indeed,” he said. “I am Xatu. You discerned my true identity. You are not an ordinary sort.” Pikachu was confused. “We guessed your identity? That’s a bit much.”

                                      Xatu replied, “No. I can tell this. You, Pikachu, are no ordinary Pokémon. You are…human, yes?” “Huh?!” cried Bulbasaur, forgetting his long-time phobia for a second. “How can you tell that?!”

                                      Xatu explained. “All day, I stare at the sun unblinking. It gives me sight for all things, including the past and future as well.” Charmander then came up. “If you know, tell us, Xatu!” Then he turned to his best friend. “Here is my friend, Pikachu. My friend woke up one morning as Pikachu. And without any memory as a human. Xatu, you know, don’t you? Please tell us.”

                                      Xatu sighed. “The calamities of nature…there have been many in recent times,” he said, “They occur because the world’s balance is upset. And your becoming a Pikachu, they are tied together. Inseparably so.”

                                      Charmander was confused. “Wait, you mean…Pikachu and the calamities are related?! What does Pikachu have to do with the calamities we’ve been seeing?!” Xatu was silent.

                                      “What is it?” asked Charmander. “Why did you clam up?! Please, tell us.” Xatu sighed, “There are bigger concerns, I am sad to say. The world’s balance must be restored, or…” He shuddered. “…the unthinkable shall befall our world.”

                                      Bulbasaur gasped. “What?! The world…the unthinkable is coming?” Xatu replied, “Every day I see it. The same future every day. I dread it…” he finished with a shudder. Charmander was very sad. “X-Xatu…” he said sadly. Pikachu was stricken with fear. Could he be the reason for all the natural disasters? And if that, did he deserve to have good friends like Charmander and Bulbasaur? For a few moments he did nothing but stand there in misery.

                                      Meanwhile, watching them from behind a rock was that villain Gengar. “Kekeh! Isn’t that a surprise!” he chuckled evilly, and ran off.

                                      In a dark part of the square where nobody went, Team Meanies were discussing what Gengar had witnessed. “And that’s what happened,” Gengar finished. “That Pikachu wasss human…” Ekans said with awe. “I can’t believe it,” replied Medicham.

                                      Just then, as he did when he got an evil idea, Gengar broke out in a series of wicked chuckles. “What’sss sso funny?” asked Ekans. Gengar smiled and said, “You know that old Ninetales story?”

                                      When he was done discussing his plan, all of Team Meanies’ faces were crooked with evil grins. “That’s going to be very useful!” sneered Medicham. “Yes,” laughed Gengar, “This will be interesting!”

                                      That night, when Pikachu went to bed, he thought about what Xatu had said. If he was the cause for all the Mystery Dungeon’s troubles, then should he be the one to fix them? He also wondered if he should tell the townsfolk about this. These questions soon left him, and he dozed off.

                                      Looks like Pikachu has some thoughts to think out. What could the connection be? And what sinister plan is Team Meanies going to put into action? Find out as more is revealed...
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                                        The last few chapter have been quite interesting, haven't they? You thought the real drama was over? Well, that's not true. This is only the beginning...

                                        The Ninetales Legend

                                        Despite Pikachu’s worries, the rescue team continued daily, doing rescue missions and helping other Pokémon in trouble. Soon, they increased to Silver rank. On that day, they held a delectable picnic and took the day off, even asking time to visit with Alakazam and his team.

                                        From them, the rescuers learned a lot of good advice. Pikachu did not know it, but soon, he was going to end up in a point where he would need to find out the truth about himself.

                                        Pikachu, Charmander, and Bulbasaur were out on a nice walk one day in the square when Bulbasaur said, “Hey, why are those guys crowded around?” They looked and saw Lombre, Bellsprout, and Snubbull all in a small circle, chatting.

                                        “I always thought it was only a legend,” said Lombre. “Are you sure? I’m having a hard time believing it?” Snubbull remarked.

                                        Then they saw Team PokéPals coming over. “Hey, everybody,” said Pikachu, “What’s going on?” Lombre said, “You know the Ninetales legend? That old story?” Bulbasaur was confused. "What could that be?"

                                        “The Ninetales legend?” Snubbull explained, “It’s an old fairy tale that happened long ago. All this time, everyone thought it was just a legend. But lately it’s been rumored that it really happened.”

                                        Bellsprout said, “Well, it is still a mere rumor. I wouldn’t put too much stock into that story if I were you. Personally, I don’t believe in rumors of that sort.” “If you want to know more about the story,” Lombre said, “You should go see Whiscash. He knows the story well.”

                                        Then he pointed to the northern point of the square. “Whiscash is, uh, you know, in his pond. You should go see him if you want to hear the legend.” Pikachu said, “I think this would be nice, especially since we’ve been so busy lately.” “I agree,”

                                        Charmander chimed in. “Maybe this has something to do with…” Then he realized they were still in earshot of the townsfolk. So they said no more, and headed north for the pond.

                                        When they arrived, they saw the kindly elder at the edge of a large stone following a small set of stone steps. “Hello, Whiscash!” Bulbasaur said cheerfully. “Hello, children!” Whiscash replied with a smile. “Do you wish to hear folklore from long ago?” “Yes, please.” Pikachu said anxiously. “All right,” Whiscash said, shaking his long golden whiskers. “Do you want to hear the Ninetales legend?”

                                        “Yes, yes!” Charmander and Bulbasaur echoed. “All right then,” Whiscash chuckled. “Let me recount the tale. Hohoho.”

                                        Pikachu, Charmander, and Bulbasaur all sat down in a circle, and Whiscash began.

                                        “There once lived a Pokémon by the name of Ninetales. Now, Ninetales had many tails, all of them imbued with psychic power. It was said that anyone so foolish as to touch a tail would be cursed for a thousand years. But there was someone foolish as to grab a tail. And it was a human.”

                                        Charmander was puzzled. “A human?” he asked. Whiscash nodded, “Yes, a human. As one might expect, the human that grabbed the tail was subjected to a thousand-year curse. However, just when the curse was cast, a Pokémon named Gardevoir shielded the human, and sacrificed herself to absorb the curse.”

                                        Bulbasaur was understandably sad for Gardevoir. “Why would that kind Pokémon take the human’s place?” Whiscash said, “To Gardevoir, that human was her partner. There exist strong bonds between humans and Pokémon.” Charmander decided to ask, “OK…but humans, aren’t there good humans and bad ones too?”

                                        “Correct,” answered Whiscash, “Originally, the human was a decent soul. But he kept losing so many times to a talented Trainer from a small town. And when he tried to become the world champion, he suffered an embarrassing defeat. Distraught, the human went with Gardevoir to a mountain by the name of Pyre. There, he saw Ninetales. He was so careless and angry, that he dared to attack Ninetales. After Gardevoir absorbed the curse, Ninetales took pity on her and asked the human this: ‘Do you wish to save Gardevoir?’ it asked. But by that time, the human had already abandoned Gardevoir and fled. Ninetales became disgusted at such a selfish act, and made this prediction. ‘That human will one day be reborn as a Pokémon.’”

                                        “What?!” cried Charmander. “A human turn into a Pokémon?!” He looked at Pikachu. He saw that his friend had a look of horror on his face. Whiscash continued, “And when the human becomes a Pokémon, the world’s balance will be upset.’ And that is how the legend ends. Well, did you find it interesting?”

                                        Pikachu’s face was filled with sorrow. “Ah-hah!” Whiscash said, “You found it so interesting, you’re at a loss for words? Hohoho. There’s no need to wear such a serious expression. Certainly some rumors say that the legend may actually be true, but it is only ancient folklore, nothing else. If you feel the urge to hear my tale again, come see me. Hohoho.”

                                        But there was no urge to hear the tale again. Slowly and silently, Pikachu went off with a glum heart.

                                        Charmander and Bulbasaur looked at each other. They decided maybe Pikachu should go home with them.

                                        At the base, Pikachu said, “Hey, guys. Sorry for wanting to go home before we’re done. I just can’t seem to get motivated.” Charmander was sad as well, but he understood Pikachu’s worry. “Pikachu, we want you to know that we believe in you no matter what happens,” he said.

                                        Bulbasaur nodded. “We’ll discuss this tomorrow. Good bye, Pikachu!” And they left. Pikachu said nothing, but went to bed and did not find rest until late into the night.
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                                          I really like this fanfic. It's rare to see an MD fanfic, let alone a good one. I really like how you made it different from the actual game.
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                                            Glad you enjoy! You're in for a surprise during this chapter! A surprise that will put Pikachu in danger and set him out on...well, I'm not gonna reveal too many spoilers.

                                            Team Meanies’ Revenge

                                            That night, while he was sleeping, Pikachu found himself in his usual dream. “It’s that dream again,” he said.

                                            Then, he saw a figure appearing behind him. “I always see this silhouette,” he said, “Who could it be?”

                                            Then he paused and said, “Oh! It’s saying something! But…I can’t quite make it out. It’s clearer than it was before, but…I’ll try talking to it.”

                                            He cleared his throat and said, “Hello. Please tell me. Who are you?” The voice then said, “I am Gardevoir.” Pikachu was shocked. “Ga-Gardevoir?!”

                                            Gardevoir smiled and said sweetly, “I’m so glad. Finally…I finally got to meet you again.” Pikachu was confused. “Again? You knew me from before? What about me?” Gardevoir said, “I am your…” And then she began to fade.

                                            “Wait! Just a little longer!” Pikachu cried. “I want to know more…”

                                            But by now, Gardevoir was gone, and Pikachu’s dream was coming to an end.

                                            The next morning, Pikachu recalled what he had dreamt. “What a strange dream…” he said groggily, “It’s the dream I always have, but it’s clearer than it was before. I think I finally learned who that Pokémon was. That’s it! Gardevoir!” he exclaimed. “It was her!”

                                            Then he remembered about what Whiscash had said yesterday. Gardevoir had absorbed the curse. He had also said the human who grabbed Ninetales’s tails was human that became a Pokémon. And if Gardevoir knew him from before, did that mean…

                                            ”Maybe I was the human who was Gardevoir’s partner. Maybe I was the one who abandoned her when she was cursed. Maybe that’s…” he said sadly, “Why I’m Pikachu.”

                                            Pikachu went outside as usual, and found Charmander and Bulbasaur waiting for him. “Good morning, Pikachu!” Charmander said. “Oh?” he said, recognizing his friend’s worry. “You look pale.” “Is something wrong?” asked Bulbasaur.

                                            “Well, anyway,” said Charmander, “As always, let’s try to do our best! Wait!” he suddenly said. “When we were on the way here, I think there was a commotion at the square. I wonder if something’s happened.”

                                            Pikachu said nothing, but followed his friends to the square.

                                            Something had happened at the square. The shops and bank were empty, and somehow, the town’s atmosphere seemed different.

                                            Pikachu noticed this and said, “You have any clue what this is about?” Charmander shook his head. “Maybe something’s happened. Let’s check it out.” And they walked over and found a surprise.

                                            “Look!” Bulbasaur exclaimed, “Why is everyone gathered together?” They went over, and Pikachu asked, “Hi, everybody! What’s going on?” Bellsprout left the crowd and went over to them. “Let me tell you, I was amazed!” he exclaimed, “It really was true!” “What was true?” asked Pikachu.

                                            “The Ninetales legend!" Bellsprout exclaimed. "I never believed the rumors, so you can bet I was shocked to learn the truth!”

                                            Caterpie turned to them as well. “Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur,” he said quietly. “Oh, hi Caterpie! Even you came out!” Bulbasaur said cheerfully. “Yes,” said the small one.

                                            “Ssh!” an agitated Snubbull hissed. “Those guys there are telling us. Keep it down.” “Huh?” Charmander was confused. “Who’s talking?” “It’s…” Caterpie began, but he remained silent.

                                            Team PokéPals joined the circle to find Gengar, Medicham, and Ekans all standing around. “Team Meanies?!” cried Pikachu.

                                            Gengar began, “So I went up to the Hill of the Ancients. It was shocking stuff, I tell you! Kekeh!” “Shocking stuff?” questioned Lombre. Gengar continued.

                                            “This certain Pokémon was getting advice from Xatu. That Pokémon…it looks ordinary. But get this! It was originally a human!” “What?!” cried Bellsprout. “It really existed…” Snubbull whispered in disbelief, “A human that turned into a Pokémon...”

                                            “Oh, but there’ssssss more,” hissed Ekans, “Ssssources tell usss Xatu told the human that how thisss human became a Pokémon hasss a lot to do with how the world’ssss balance being upsssset.”

                                            “Wait a second,” Lombre gasped, “That’s exactly like the Ninetales legend!” “Don’t be too shocked yet, Lomby,” Medicham sneered. “There’s more to tell. You know how there’ve been many natural disasters, correct? According to Xatu, these disasters are caused by the world’s balance being upset.”

                                            “And…” continued Gengar, “If the Mystery Dungeon Realm’s balance isn’t restored soon, it will all be destroyed! That’s what Xatu said! Kekeh!”

                                            Great panic broke out among the people. Charmander was cross, and said, “Those Team Meanies! They’re deliberately working everyone up!”

                                            Deciding now was the time to take their chance, Gengar said, “Now, now, people. There’s no need to panic.” “I think there’ssss a way we can sssolve thisss problem,” Ekans hissed with an evil grin. “What can we do?” asked the townspeople after calming down.

                                            “Oh, it’s quite simple really,” Medicham chuckled. “If the world’s balance is upset by this Pokémon being here…” “Then,” finished Gengar, “Then, if that human is gone, everything should return to normal, correct?” “T-That’s true!” Lombre agreed. “When they put it that way, maybe they’re right,” Snubbull echoed.

                                            “And, that human is the rotten coward who abandoned Gardevoir, correct?” asked Medicham. “That’s right,” Gengar chortled. “I don’t think the human can complain about anything if we get rid of it. Isn’t that right, Pikachu?”

                                            As soon as he said that, the square instantly erupted into a state of utter shock. “Wh-What?! It can’t be!” “Y-you were that human?!” “Is that true? Hey!”

                                            Pikachu was shocked. He couldn’t say he wasn’t the human, because he didn’t know. He had lost almost all his memory when he came to the Mystery Dungeon. But Charmander believed in his friend. “W-w-wait…This is, like…There’s a good explanation…”

                                            “We’re not asking you!” snapped Snubbull. “We’re asking Pikachu! So what is it, Pikachu?! Are you really the human who appears in the legend?” Pikachu stammered, “I….I can’t be…I…” But then he fell silent. “Pikachu…” sighed Charmander.

                                            “Kekekekekekekeh! Looks like you have nothing to say in your defense, Pikachu!” cackled Gengar. “That’s how it is, my people. Let’s get rid of Pikachu and regain peace. Kekekekekeh!” The entire town started to slowly crowd Pikachu, Charmander, and Bulbasaur, especially Team Meanies.

                                            "W-what?” Charmander stammered with disbelief. “Everyone, what’s gotten into you? What are you going to do to us?”

                                            Lombre stepped up. “Pikachu, forgive me!” And he slashed at him, knocking him down. “Hey!” snapped Bulbasaur, and he pushed Lombre back. “Waaaah! Run for it!”

                                            And they scampered off in the west, towards their base. Team Meanies simply erupted in a fit of evil cackles as they watched them run.
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                                              This is it. In this very chapter, Pikachu and his friends will make a choice that will put them in danger...yet promises a chance of truth.


                                              After running back to their base, the three rescuers panted with exhaustion.

                                              “Gasp, gasp,” groaned Charmander, “Wow, that was a real shock! I never expected everyone to just attack us like that. But listen, Pikachu,” he said, “Why didn’t you say anything?”

                                              “Yeah!” snapped Bulbasaur angrily. “Why didn’t you say it’s not you, huh?! Why didn’t you say you’re not the human who appears in the legend of Ninetales?! You’ve probably cost us our lives!!” Charmander stepped in front. “Calm down, Bulbasaur! There’s probably a good reason for this.”

                                              Pikachu had been thinking about a question for quite some time now. He decided to ask. “Hey, guys,” he said miserably, “I’m tired of this.” “Huh?” Charmander asked. “What do you mean?” “I don’t think I deserve to be your friend,” Pikachu said sadly, “Or to be on Team PokéPals.”

                                              “You…” started Charmander, “Don’t think you deserve to be on our team? What’s wrong, Pikachu?”

                                              Pikachu said, “Every few nights, I’ve been having dreams that I’m in a green room. And one time, I heard a voice mentioning why I became Pikachu. And last night, Gardevoir appeared in my dream.”

                                              “So you think you’re the human in the legend?” asked Charmander. Pikachu nodded. “So that’s what happened…” Bulbasaur then said, “Listen, Pikachu. Did your dream make you remember what it was like as a human? Since it didn’t, you don’t know what happened, right?!” Then he became softer and said, “I believe in you too, Pikachu. You know that?”

                                              Just then they heard footsteps. They turned to see Alakazam, Charizard, and Tyranitar behind them. Alakazam came up. “After that scene in Pokémon Square,” he spoke, “We held a town meeting on what we must do to save the world. And we arrived at a consensus. We must get rid of you.”

                                              “W-What did you say?!” cried Charmander with astonishment. “I was incredulous too,” Alakazam sighed, “I hoped it would not come to this, but…it is unfortunate. We will defeat you…with all our might!” They started to crowd around Pikachu, Charmander, and Bulbasaur.

                                              “Wait! Stop!” Pikachu begged. “Maybe I’m not the human in the legend! Can’t we at least find that out before you attack? Please, don’t hurt my friends!” Alakazam stopped. He looked at Pikachu. Perhaps he is right. He is the chosen one. Why would he be such a human? He thought.

                                              Then he signaled for Charizard and Tyranitar to back off. Then he said, “We will give you tonight.” “Huh?” asked Bulbasaur. “Pack up your supplies and get out of here,” Alakazam explained. “Come tomorrow, rescue teams of all sorts will take up the chase and attack you without hesitation. And not just you, Pikachu. Anyone who goes with you will be considered an enemy to them. The trackers will attack without mercy. That goes for us as well. We will join the hunt to be rid of you. But only in the presence of the other rescue teams. When we have both reached a point where no rescue teams can follow, we will wait until the truth is discovered. "

                                              "Against all odds, you must run. Run, run and survive. You must escape until you uncover the truth.” Pikachu was grateful. “Thank you, Alakazam…” he sobbed.

                                              “Things won’t be this easy the next time we meet,” Charizard warned, “So farewell, and good luck.” With that, Team ACT left the three rescuers.

                                              Charmander tuned to Pikachu. “Pikachu,” he said, “In their own way, Alakazam’s team believes in you, too. I believe in you, buddy. Because you’re a friend…like I’d never get again.” “Yeah,” chimed in Bulbasaur, “Even if we’re attacked by an all Flying-type rescue team, I believe in you.”

                                              Pikachu laughed. “Thanks, guys.” Then they heard a small voice say, “Pikachu?” They turned and saw little Caterpie. “Hi, Caterpie,” Pikachu said meekly.

                                              Caterpie crawled over. “Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur…I made a promise, remember? That we would build an awesome rescue team base. That I would join your rescue team when I grew up. Don’t give up, guys. You’re heroes to me, and I believe in you.” Pikachu was astonished. Even when his friends would suffer because of him, they still confided in him.

                                              “I’m over self-doubting!” he declared. “No giving up!” “That’s the Pikachu we all know!” cheered Charmander. “We’ll have to leave here for the time being, but we’ll come back strong and brave.” “Go, Pikachu!” cheered Bulbasaur. Pikachu knew that the journey he was about to embark on was nothing like he had ever known before, but he knew he couldn’t give up.

                                              The next morning, at the crack of dawn, Pikachu woke up and took in a deep breath. He checked the Toolbox. For now, they had everything they needed. Plenty of Apples, Oran Berries, Reviver Seeds, and Max Elixirs were in store for the trip.

                                              He went outside to find Charmander and Bulbasaur waiting for him as always. “Good morning, Pikachu!” Bulbasaur answered. “It’s early, but of course you’d be up at this time. Are you all set to leave?” Pikachu nodded with a sigh. “Yup,” Charmander agreed. “I guess we’re ready to leave. From now on, we’re fugitives. This’ll be one dangerous trip. I don’t want any of our recruits involved. Let’s not tell them until we come back.

                                              “If we get back…” Bulbasaur sighed. “C’mon, Bulbasaur!’ said Charmander. “We’ll be back! And soon we’ll stop these natural disasters. For now, we just have to run from the other rescue teams stalking us. We have to escape because we can’t afford to be caught.” Pikachu nodded.

                                              Like Alakazam had said, he had to run…run and survive. He had to run until he knew the truth. "Yes…who am I?" he asked himself. "Until I discover that truth, I have to escape. Even if it means going to the edge of this world."

                                              “OK, let’s get going!” Charmander said. Then they heard voices say, “Pikachu!” They turned to see their friends in front of them. “Caterpie! And Metapod!” Bulbasaur laughed with joy. “Oh, and even Jumpluff!” “Wow! I’m glad we made it!" Caterpie sighed with relief. “We wanted to see you three off,” Jumpluff explained.

                                              “M-me too!” said a voice. Everybody was confused. Then, out from under the ground popped the small head of Diglett. “Good morning!” he squeaked. “Mama and Papa are still sleeping, so I wanted to come see you off, too.” Charmander looked around at all those who had come to support them and got teary-eyed. “Everyone…” he sniffled.

                                              Flap! Flap! All looked up to see Pelipper flying above the team base. He flew down and plunked a letter inside the Mailbox. Bulbasaur checked. “It’s a letter. Can you read it, Pikachu?”

                                              Pikachu took out the letter and began. “Take care! It’s farewell, but only until the day I can deliver mail to you again. I’ll always be waiting. Signed, the wandering postal carrier, Pelipper.” “Even Pelipper…” Charmander whispered. "Everyone, thank you!”

                                              Diglett looked around. “The others will be waking up soon,” he said. “You have to go! Hurry!” “Yup!” Charmander agreed. “Let’s go! Hit the road, guys!”

                                              And they started to leave their base. “Take care!” called Caterpie. “We’ll be waiting for you all to return!” called Jumpluff. “Yup! Goodbye!” called back Bulbasaur. “We’ll be back! That’s for certain!” Charmander said proudly.

                                              “Until then, take care!” called back Pikachu for the last time. And then they set off.

                                              And thus began Team PokéPals’s cruel and arduous journey as fugitives. Over forbidding mountains, across fields of fire, and all sorts of natural disasters trudged the young heroes.

                                              But throughout it all, Pikachu’s team held their heads high. Without a complaint, they marched on. They found the trip pretty easy going…until they came to a small blue rocky cave in the distant east.

                                              End of Part 1

                                              So now, Team PokePals are fugitives. They're determined to fulfill their mission as rescuers. Tomorrow...the Lapis Cave awaits, and from there, who knows...
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                                                Alrighty then. Let's recap Part 1.

                                                A boy goes into a forest, touches an orb, and answers a personality test which turns him into Pikachu. He befriends Charmander and Bulbasaur, and the three have started a rescue team.

                                                Pikachu has a series of mysterious dreams, and can't decode them, but apparently, they have the answers to why he became Pikachu.

                                                They find enemies in Team Meanies, an evil team led by the notorious Gengar. They seek world domination, and want to get rid of Pikachu.

                                                Team PokePals make many friends, like Caterpie, Metapod, Diglett, and Jumpluff. Even the powerful Team ACT led by the brave Alakazam likes them, and is amazed by their strength when they save Shiftry from the powerful Legendary Pokemon, Zapdos.

                                                Pikachu discovers that he is connected to the rash of natural disasters plaguing the Mystery Dungeon Realm by the wise Xatu, and his doubts are strengthened when he hears the Legend of Ninetales. After meeting Gardevoir in one of his dreams, Pikachu is worried he is the human in the legend who attacks Ninetales and abandons Gardevoir, and thereby, the cause for all this trouble.

                                                Team Meanies takes advantage of this, and frames Pikachu as the human in Pokemon Square. Team PokePals become fugitives, but Charmander and Bulbasaur are faithful to Pikachu, and even Team ACT vows to help them when they have both reached a point where no one else can follow.

                                                Saying a temporary goodbye to their friends, Pikachu, Charmander, and Bulbasaur head into the eastern territory, where danger, legendary Pokemon, and untold surprises await...

                                                Escaping the Mob

                                                When they came to the giant cave, Bulbasaur said, “This place is known as the Lapis Cave. No one’s ever explored it before.” Pikachu sighed, “Whew. We’ve sure gone a long way.”

                                                “You know, guys,” Charmander then said, “While we were walking, I couldn’t help thinking that all sorts of places have been affected by the natural disasters. I’m sure many Pokémon are suffering because of the calamities. I wish we could get back to doing our rescue work soon…” Then he shook his head. “Sorry, I shouldn’t complain. We have to get away now, period.”

                                                Then, they heard voices. “I think they went this way.” “They can’t get away. Not from all of us.” “We have to get rid of Pikachu quickly.” “Aw, no!” Bulbasaur panicked. “They’re catching up! Let’s run!” And they scampered into the cave.

                                                The Lapis Cave had a few poorly-lit floors, so the rescuers had to be aware of every surrounding that dared stand in their way.

                                                Fortunately, there were tons of items to collect and use, so the three friends decided it wouldn’t be that tough.

                                                The Zubats and Nincadas were complete pushovers compared to Pokémon like Nidorino and Bagon, the first Dragon type the friends had seen.

                                                Aside from the items, Team PokéPals found a lot of money on the floors. In case they ever returned, the money would be very useful.

                                                They made sure not to use food items in their Toolbox, as they would be needed for the greater journey ahead.

                                                Finally, after climbing 14 floors, Team PokéPals found themselves out of the dark cave and into light again. “Whew!” panted Pikachu. “We finally made it through that cave. I think we lost the Pokémon mob that’s after us.”

                                                But his words were proven wrong when they heard, “Hey, look! There they are! Over there! Catch Pikachu!” “Auugh!” Charmander yelped. “Run for it!” And they ran away in terror.

                                                “Stop right there!” “Don’t let them get away!” “They expect us to stop and wait for them?” cried Charmander. They kept fleeing.

                                                After running some distance, the three tired Pokémon stopped to rest. “Pant, past…” panted Bulbasaur. “Oh, no! Look!” Charmander groaned.

                                                They looked and saw ahead of them a giant mountain. Hot magma poured from its sides like syrup on waffles. “It’s a mountain of fire…” Pikachu said with disbelief. “Look at all the lava pouring from the crater. Can we even make it through there?” Then he remembered the mob. “What’ll we do?” he asked his friends.

                                                Then they heard, “There they are! Get them!” There was no choice now. Team PokéPals got back on their feet and fled towards the mountain.

                                                “Look at them go! They’re headed towards Mt. Blaze!” “Are they insane?! Mt. Blaze is doomed desolation!” “I don’t wanna go anywhere like that.” “It can’t be helped. Only those brave enough will take chase.”

                                                Thus, the remainder of the mob continued to pursue Pikachu and his friends, while the others went home.

                                                Meanwhile, hiding behind some rocks were Pikachu, Charmander, and Bulbasaur. They saw the mob coming. “Darn it! Where’d they go?” “I think they went this way.” “They had to go this way. Keep your eyes open.” “Roooooarrr!” Tramp, tramp, tramp, tramp, tramp! There was silence.

                                                When it became so silent that it almost frightened them, Charmander said, “I think they’re gone.” “That’s a relief,” Bulbasaur groaned, “My bulb was holding so much energy I almost burst. Whew!”

                                                They came out from the rocks to find themselves at the entrance of the mighty mountain. “Oh! Look!” Pikachu said. They looked to see a Kangaskhan machine in front. “Great!” Bulbasaur said happily. “Now let’s put some of our items in storage and take out the items we need.”

                                                They did so. Luckily, they had plenty of Rawst Berries, Max Elixirs, and Reviver Seeds. When they were all ready, Charmander said, “We have to get over this mountain to get away.” “I agree,” Pikachu said, “Plus, we could escape from more of the mob. Not many will be able to get through here.”

                                                Then Bulbasaur said, “How about we take a trip through the Rock Path?” “Don’t wanna risk it,” Pikachu said. “We might run into the mob by accident.” “Sigh…” sighed Bulbasaur. “Let’s do our best on the climb, guys!” said Pikachu bravely.

                                                And with determination, they began their climb up the mountain.

                                                Tomorrow we will view Pikachu's adventure up Mt. Blaze, where an angst-ridden Pokemon rules the mountain with fury and power...
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                                                  I decided to read your fanfic and leave you a review because you weren't getting many reviews. So, here I am.

                                                  It seems as if you are writing a novelization of the MD games. Novelizations are when you take the plot of a game and write it down as a fanfic. They're good because they allow one to practice writing skills. With novelizations, you should add something different from the basic plot of the games to make it exciting for readers who have played the game. Though it's been a while since I've played MD, I still remember these events.

                                                  But don't worry! Your writing skills are actually quite good. Aside from the proper paragraphing when it comes to dialog, this isn't that bad. It's a shame that you aren't getting the reviews that'll help you grow as a writer.

                                                  All that I can suggest for you to do is write this to the end. You put a lot of effort into this to just drop it. And once you finish it, you'll have ample opportunities and knowledge to write another fic to keep growing as a writer.

                                                  The prologue begins now! Before you start to run
                                                  Reach out with your hand and grab your freedom
                                                  An absolute protagonist, a perfect hero...
                                                  Sadly, these are things I'll never become

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