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April 25th, 2008, 3:16 PM
Pokemon Adventure I: Kanto Saga!

Welcome to the World of Pokemon!

The world of Pokemon, a place full of many surprises. A world where humans and Pokemon live together. Some living in peace, love, and happiness... others live in hate, reject, and suffer the cruel things about life... but if you think about it, Pokemon and humans could live together without extreme consequence. Unless their owners are cruel of heart, like a number of organizations scattered across the Pokemon World. The world consists of many countries and regions, the capital of Pokemon is currently known as, Kanto. This entire region is home to creatures known only as Pokemon.

Kanto is located in the center of Japan. Here, there are many Pokemon Trainers, aiming to be the best with aid from Prof. Oak. The top, leading Pokemon Scientist in Japan. But there are also thieves and crooks, the lowliest of them all is known only as... Team Rocket. This is the most evil organization in Japan, and probably the entire world. They do various maniacal things: Steal Pokemon from innocent bystanders, make them do their biddings, and worst of all, capture and use for evil, legendary pokemon. Thanks to their constant interfering in Kanto, the slumber of the pure pokemon has been disturbed. Her son, the pokemon who’s heart has been tainted was created from a cell of his mother and from the arm of a scientist, and now walks the earth, planning to get revenge. The three legendary pokemon of Kanto are now in a rage, soaring across the region of Kanto. Worst of all, all these events are occurring right during the time that Professor Oak, the top leading pokemon scientist in all of Japan, is sending out three trainers to complete his invention, the pokedex created by him and his aides. Can these three teenagers face all the perilous events? Who knows…?


The Seed Pokemon
Level 5
Timid Nature
Attacks: Tackle , Growl

The Lizard Pokemon
Level 5
Rash Nature
Attack: Scratch, Growl

The Tiny Turtle Pokemon
Level 5
Bold Nature
Attacks: Tackle, Tail Whip

The Evolution Pokemon
Level 5
Relaxed Nature
Attacks: Tackle, Tail Whip, Helping Hand

Pokemon Basics:

Pokemon Trainers:

At the age of twelve, any person can obtain their Training License from designated distributors. A Training License allows a person to legally own and battle Pokemon.

Once a year, Pokemon trainers can enlist in a Pokemon league. Official League battles are any battles that take place between two members of the league. Gym battles, Invitational, major tournaments, etc usually televised. Once a year, the championship tournament is held, where trainers with at least eight gym badges compete to be recognized as the best trainer in the league. Unless previously agreed otherwise, official league battles are six-on-six, free substitution. The exception to this is Gym Leaders in gym battles, who are not allowed substitution.

Pokeballs: The basic tool for any Pokemon Trainer is the Pokeball. Since the invention of the Pokeball their have been a few modifications to it.

(English/Japanese : )

Pokeball/Monsterball: The original model, transparent red top, solid white bottom. It doesn’t have any perks to it, just a plain pokeball.

Greatball/Superball: This model is an enhanced model from the original ball, it has an enhanced capture rate. A transparent blue top with small red stripes on it with a solid white bottom.

Ultraball/Hyperball: This is the highest capture rate enhanced model of the pokeball arsenal. These pokeballs usually host rare pokemon to ensure their capture. Transparent black top with a yellow “H” on it and a solid white bottom.

Safariball: This is a special model that is used only in a designated Safari Zone for special captures in the premises of the park. This is the most manufactured model of them all, due to the fact that a host designates a trainer twenty Safariballs for their game. It has a transparent camouflage top with a solid white bottom.

Note: You can either address these pokemon by their English names or their Japanese names.

Cities and Towns

Pallet Town: Welcome to your home: Pallet Town. The small township is located in the southern part of Kanto, surrounded on all sides by light forest and the ocean to the south. Though you will stray far from home while exploring Kanto and becoming a Pokemon Master, this place will always remain special.

Viridian City: Viridian City is the biggest township you have visited yet. The city has its own Gym, which is where you must go to prove yourself as a Pokemon Trainer. Although you cannot compete in the Viridian Gym just yet (Patience Young Trainer) explore the rest of the town.

Pewter City: Pewter City is home to the first Gym you can compete in- against Gym Leader Brock. After touring this pleasant little burg, head for the Gym and prove yourself against this accomplished Trainer. Emerge victorious and you are well on your way to becoming a Pokemon Master.

Cerulean City: Your next stop, Cerulean City, lies along the north of Kanto. After passing through the rocky straits, you come to this quiet community, complete with its own Gym.

Vermillion City: Vermillion City is situated at the south end of the long series of Underground Roads. The city hosts its own Gym, in which you must compete if you want to earn the necessary talents to progress deep into Kanto. Check out all of the town's features, such as the Pokemon Fan Club and the luxurious S.S. Anne. Didn’t Bill give you a ticket for a boat ride?

Lavender Town: Lavender, a small town at the mouth of the Dark Cave, is home to the Pokemon Tower. This small town hosts a tower where Pokemon are buried and are grieved over. There is a legend of ghosts haunting the tower, but its all just rumors…right?

Celadon City After trailing through yet another Underground Road you come to Celadon City, too bad Saffron is blocked, it would be much faster! Celadon City is one of the major Kanto metropolises complete with Gym and a Giant Pokemart! After your done sight-seeing take a gander at the gymleader- Erika the Grass Mistress.

Fuchsia City: Located near the southern coast, Fuchsia City is a small town nestled on the flatland. Though the city is very isolated from the other cities, it still boats many modern conveniences, such as a Pokemart and pokemon center, as well as a gym in the town’s south. And probably the most visited spot in all of Kanto, the Safari Zone!

Saffron City: If Saffron City isn't one of the biggest cities in Kanto, at least it’s the business capital of Kanto. The Saffron City Silph Co. Building is a monument to the hard work put into many technological advances in Kanto. But lately, there’s something odd about that building. Try out the Pokemon Dojo Gym to fight some cool karate guys, and of course there’s always the Saffron Gym!

Cinnabar Island: Cinnabar Island is an island town to the south-western of Kanto's main landmass. The island is home to the Cinnabar Gym, and Kanto’s Pokemon Research Facilities, the building where Pokemon Cell Research is being done. And something’s amiss in the abandoned Mansion, better go check it out!

Indigo Plateu:Locate in the center of a large plain, the Indigo Plateu, where Pokemon Trainers aspire to take on the Pokemon League Championship. Once you prove yourself worthy by coming up victorious in the League Competition you can take on another trainer in the Finals!

The Sevii Islands: A series of seven islands that was once deserted, and full of destruction. The islands where Team Rocket was born. Now they are full of life: Lakes, rivers, town ships, and vibrant forests and jungles. You receive information that Team Rocket returned to the island in search for something… and destroying the islands in the process. You have to go and save the islands and search for the mysterious extra islands.


1) Please use legible writing during this roleplay. You only have to write one to two paragraphs [two being preferred] in each post and you MUST have legible writing to join in. If you don't have legible writing, you won't be allowed to join. [this is only because your posts might be incomprehensible, so make sure you can type on here!]
2) Only Slight Godmodding/Power Playing! You may slightly powerplay with another person’s character, but don’t take COMPLETE control of another’s character. You can take complete control of another character, but this applies only to if you're unable to be on a computer or your character has the able to control other people or their actions. However, there is absolutely no godmoding whatsoever!
3) Please don't make a mary-sue or gary-stu and put them in the RP. Give your characters some flaws, don't make them the brother or sister of a canon character, and just make them human! There aren't going to be any supernatural beings in this RP, so don't turn them into some weird creature; supernatural powers are allowed, but not supernatural beings.
4) Only one shiny on your team. You are allowed only one Shiny Pokemon in your team at a time. You can catch a few Shiny Pokemon, but not too many. And you can only have ONE of them in your main party.
5) You are not allowed to have a legendary pokemon! You are not able to catch or allow legendaries into your team. Only under special conditions can these legendaries enter your team.
6) If you are leaving for awhile inform me first via PM. This is to prevent large blanks in the rpg, and to let me know you haven’t lost interest and dropped the rpg.
7) Taion Pokémon only on your team. This is a major rule, you are only allowed to have Kanto Pokemon Species in your team! That is Numbers 001-151, excluding the legendaries.
8) Please Obey ALL Rules. This is very improtant, please follow of these listed rules plus more rules. Such as, when we enter a new areas I will post what Pokemon appear and hoe often they do, do not make something that isn't supposed to be there appear! Also, your Pokemon's attacks are learned according to D/P version. You can be in charge of when they learn what attacks, just please make it believable. Dont go,
"Charmander, use Blast Burn! Then Fire Blast! ZOMG, your evolving!"
Evolving is also in the same matter, make them evolve in a believable manner.
9) If you've read the rules, please post "I’m The Next Pokemon Master!" above your character template. If this isn't in your post, you will be asked to post it and, if you don't post it at all, you're not in the RP. Sorry to be strict, but I have to make sure you read the rules, even if it's just the first sentence of each rule!

~If you're hardly on the computer, don't bother to apply. I want active RPers for this.
~I want RPers that are willing to stick to an RP. Please don't suddenly drop it because you've lost interest.
~The four characters are to stick in a group. But temporary straying can be allowed.

Prof. Oak’s Trainer Database:

Trainer One: Sugimori Taichi
Starter: Charmander

Trainer Two: Suzuki Hana
Starter: Bulbasaur

Trainer Three: Reishu Keiku
Starter: Eevee

Trainer Four: Junichi Masuda
Starter: Squirtle

The Order of the Trainers above is the order that we post. I inputted the names into the roullete Poketch App in my Diamond Version. And thiis how it came out. The order is to prevent from some one falling behind. But if some one doesn't post for a full day we skip that person.

April 26th, 2008, 11:50 AM
Full Name: Marusho Sigmori
Nickname: Marushy
Age: 12
Birthday:02 Feburary
Gender: Male
Appearance: Sigmori has dark, unkept hair which slightly covers his eyes. He has ice blue eyes and a ice blue tip on his fringe. He wears glasses only for reading. He is slightly tanned and is very tall for his age, standing at 5 foot 6. He wears a denim jacket over his white top which is occasionaly dirty and has red, japanese writing on an a picture of a Arcanine.. He wears baggy, denim jeans which have "Chen" written on the back and blue baseball boots with dirty, white laces.
Pajamas: Plain white top and blue, cotton trousers
Bathing Suit: Blue swim shorts with white, vertical lines on the side.
Accessories: He has a belt which hangs on the left side of his waist which he uses to keep pokeballs in.
Personality: Sigmori is a very jolly person. He is easy to get along with and gets very attached to people and pokemon. He is also rather mischevious and cheeky. He doesn't dislike many people and wants to get along with everyone but people he does dis;ike, will end up in pain, may it be physical or mental. he is also very rash and can get himself into alot of dangers, mostly from saving or helping his frenids.
History: Sigmori is like any other boy. He grew up in Pallet Town. He went to school and was introduced to Pokemon. He watched his big brother grow up and beat the league. When he was nine, his father left for a land named Johto and he hasn't seen him since. He always went on trips with his family. He has been to all of the Sevi Islands, Ciinabar Island, The Indigo Plateau and Vermillion City. In Vermillion City, He had a freak accident and was taken somewhere. He didn't know where it was but when he was there, he caught a Pokemon.
Starter: Squirtle
Final Party:
Pokemon: Haunter http://i201.photobucket.com/albums/aa113/sesshomaruluver01/Haunter.png
Nickname: Spook
Nature: Rash
Capture History: Spook was caught when Sigmori was 11. It was his very first Pokemon and ever since they met they always saw eye to eye. He caught him in Cinibar mansion when the family went on holiday.

Pokemon: Ivysaur http://animewolken.nl/pokemon/images/pokedex/ivysaur.gif
Nickname: Green
Nature: Relaxed
Capture History: Green was given as a present from his father just as he left Pallet Town. When Sigmori was first given to him, Green was a level 5 Bulbasaur, but as been trained very hard and is now at Level 34.

Pokemon: Omastar http://pokemon-safari.com/sitio/pokedex/sugi_dex/139.png
Nickname: Star
Nature: Lax
Capture History: Star was caught when Sigmori was thrown through time and space and landed in a swamp. Star was an Omanyte at first but was then trained.
Other: Not Really...
RPG Sample: Trika stared at the Hitmonlee at the other side of the long field. He shuddered with annticipation as he had not had a proper fight in a long time. Then he thought of his childhood. Maybe he shouldn't battle. He has been ignoring his purpose in life and maybe he should get back to it. He didn't see the outcome in battling the Hitmonlee and he swore not to interfeer and only battle if provoked.

"Flisica. Help please." Said Trika as he closed his eyes. Within a second he was gone and at his camp.
"I was watching on Psycam." Exclaimed Flisica,"I have never really seen you battle before. And I must say, of what I saw, you were amazing."
"Why thankyou." Replied Trika smartly,"Any news then?"
"Yes, acctually." Replied Flisica. A wide grin grew on Trika face as he sat down infront of the many computer screens. "Our scanners detect a rift in time and space has been opened. Some sort of portal to a parallel universe. I really think we should check it out."
"We?" Replied Trika Puzzled,"What do you meen we. You can't leave here remember."
"Ah, but I have perfected water veil. I can go anywhere now." Said Flisica happily.
"Oh, okay then. Activate scanners." The computer screen showed a map of Eretika and were the rift was. He walked over to his desk and opened up a draw. He then pulled out a strange gun. It was black with a green ball shape on the end.
"Oooh," Began Flisica,"Whats that then?"
"It's a gadget i've been working on for quite a while now. I haven't tested it yet 'cause it is quite dangerous but what it bassically does is rip a hole in the fabric of time. We should go to the place where he acctivated the rift and use this there." Explained Trika. Flisicas eyes began to glow and once more they had both teleported.

They were now in Valasto. The ground began to rumble and rocks began to fall from the roof of the cave. "It must be from the rift." Said Flisica,"Quickly. Activate the Dimension Ray." As Flisica said those words, Trika pulled the trigger and a whole appeared out of nowhere. It stood in the middle of the air.
"Here goes." Said Trika nervously. He hesitated to go in the hole so he waited untill Flisica went through. They came out at a place which was completly dark. Trika scanned the area and then he saw the evil Darkly. He pulled out his beam gun and put it on Psybeam mode. He pointed it towards Darkly. "For all the pain that you've caused everyone... We're going to stop it."

Master Trainer Empoleon
April 26th, 2008, 4:58 PM
I'm the next Pokemon Master!

Full Name: Reishu Keiku
Nickname: K.R.
Age: 14
Birthday: 17, March
Gender: Male
Appearance: K.R. has spiky black hair with a blue streak in the front of his hair. He has piercing green eyes and perfect white teeth. He also wears a tight black shirt with a white skull on it which stops at the first half of his top shoulder. Looking at K.R. the first thing that would come to your mind is "A no good punk." K.R. also has two silver earrings in both ears. He wears a black leather spike strap on his right wrist and is seen wearing a silver Dragonair chain on his shirt.

K.R wears Black Jeans with a large silver skull on the right back pocket. He has a silver chain wallet in his right pocket. The chain can be seen hanging out of his right pocket. K.R. wears black sneakers that are very durable and tough.

Pajamas: K.R. wears a long cyan pajama shirt and cyan pajama pants to bed. They also have white skulls on them. K.R. also has an athletic build which always catches the eyes of girls and women alike. It is known that K.R. often works out.

Bathing Suit: K.R. wears black shorts with many white skulls on them. He also wears his Chain when he goes swimming, complementing his athletic build.

Accessories: As stated above, K.R. wears a Silver Dragonair chain and has a dagger tattoo on his left arm. It is sometimes commented on.

Personality: Even though K.R. looks like a punk looking for trouble, in reality he is actually a kind, strong character. He always like to lend a helping hand to others and is always kind to pokemon. K.R. is known to have a strong-willed attitude towards his goals. He always keeps his head straight and likes to look on the bright side. K.R. believes that there is good in everyone and can be Naive to some extent. In the end though, he is someone anybody would be glad to have on their team. K.R. often thinks before he acts and is not afraid to be wrong. K.R. would do anything for his friends and his pokemon. He loves to train and is a firm believer in hard work and is someone who's confidence is hard to break.

History: K.R. was born and raised in pallet Town. K.R. was orignally going to start his Pokemon at the age of 10, but had a bit of fear of setting out on his own. K.R. decided to train and focus so he would be physically and mentally prepared. K.R. also stopped going by the name Keiku and began to call himself K.R. and soon, everyone else did as well.

K.R. lives with his Mother in Pallet Town, his father left home to join Team Rocket when K.R. was 8 and hasn't heard from him since. Rumors are that, K.R.'s father became a team Rocket Executive or something of that sort. K.R. became angry and bitter towards his absent father and doesn't like to talk about it much. K.R. decided to become strong for him and his mother and decided on becoming a Pokemon Master shortly after his father left. K.R. changed to his "punk" look when he was 12. At first his mother was against it, but soon grew comfortable with it. K.R. who is now 14, is ready for a Journey that he would never forget.

Starter: Eevee

Final Party:
Nature: Brave
Nickname: Bone Kollector
Capture History: K.R. catches Marowak as a Cubone in Lavender Tower at level 16. At first, he was a lonely pokemon but later opened up after seeing everyone's kindness to him.

Nature: Adamant
Nickname: Swifty
Capture History: K.R. catches as a Pidgey on his way out of Viridian Forest on Level 7. It evloves into a Pidgeotto after a battle on Mt.Moon. Pidgeotto evolves into Pidgeot while on Cinnabar Island and is K.R.'s first captured pokemon.


Nature: Relaxed
Nickname: Lucky
Capture: History K.R.'s starter as an Eevee. Eevee evolves into a Vaporeon after K.R. makes a hard decision and evolves Eevee into a Vaporeon after he sees that his Eevee is ready to evolve.

Nature: Bold
Nickname: Foxy
Capture history: K.R. catches as a Vulpix on Cinnabar Island at Level 35 and Evolves sometime before The Pokemon League.

Nature: Sassy
Nickname: Zapper
Capture History: K.R. catches Magneton as a Magnimite in an abandoned Powerplant on level 21. It's electric attacks are known to leave a mark.

Nature: Adamant
Nickname: Leafmaster
Capture History: K.R. catches it as an Oddish on Level 24 near Celadon City. Is known for it's poisonous attacks. It evolves into a Gloom in Saffron City after K.R. wins his 6th badge. GLoom evolves after K.R. uses a leaf Stone on Gloom right before he gets his final badge.

Other: Nothing else.

RPG Sample: This is from Elemental Angels, it's another RP I'm in on this site:

Hi!...please make a wish in the wishing fountain, only twenty-five cents!" yelled the voice of a woman who was standing by a wishing fountain in the mall. Jason as usual, was coming to the Mall in order to buy things that he didn't need. He thought about going to the food court and eating the food just because it was there and because he didnt want anybody else to have any, but this fountain caught his eye. Jason looked into the fountain and saw the quarters in the bottom of the fountain. Soon, a thought popped into his head and told him to grab the quarters. Jason looked at the quarters in the water again and gazed at their beauty, the silver rainbow of quarters were calling him, they were pulling him. Jason reached into the water and began to take the quarters. He kept putting the shiny quarters into his pockets. Soon, people were yelling. "Stop Theif!" and "You ruined other people's wishes!" Jason ran and ran as fast as he could until he was takendown by a Mall Cop. As Jason was in the holding station, the cop walked up to Jason and told him, "You're a very greedy yong man." Now that's no way for an Angel to behave. "Wait..what are you talking about?" said Jason

"Well boy, you are one of the seven perfect angels. My name is Greed and you have a lot to learn about yourself. But Anyway, you might as well get out of here.

"Wait!..what do you mean by Angel?!"

"Oh." said Greed "You'll see soon enough...you'll see soon enough."

Jason later left the holding station thinkiing about what seh said. "There's no way in hell that I can be an Angel." He then shook the thought out of his head and began to think about his first love...money. Jason yearned for more money and decided on what to do. He was going to sneak into a casino. Jason also had to think of a slick way to get in unoticed, for he was underaged. After hurs of rummaging throughout his closet, Jason finally found a finely-cut, pin-stripped Italian suit, which was white with green stripes and what else?, but Dollar Signs. Jason also slicked back his white and green hair and Set out for the Casino. With this wardrobe change, Jason looked like he was over twenty-one. jason now was going to accomplish his goal, and that was to get more money.

As Jason played the slot machines with the quarters he sole from the fountain, and was pulling off an incredible win streak. All was going well until, the Casino boss realised this and didn't like it.

"I don't like this kid, I mean he's good, almost better than me."

"What do you want us to do about it?"

"Kill him."

"But he's just a kid boss."

"I don't give a damn, kill him anyway!"

As Jason was enjoying himself and was having the time of his llife, armed thugs with machine guns stood in front of Jason. These thugs looked like they were in the Mafia. They wore pin-stripped suits except their's were gray. They also wore porkpie hats and shades. Thoughts rushed through Jason's head.

"Damn...how am I supposed to get out of this one?"

Jason instantly ran for his life, the thugs began to pursue him even harder. Jason ran through the streets of Miami until he ran into an ally. The thugs were in front of him.

"Why do I have to die right now? Not like this..."

Suddenly, Jason realised that the Thugs didn't shoot. Jason was wondering why and he opened his eyes and saw a blinding white light.
The thugs were blinded and ran away. Jason was baffled on why and where the rays of light came from.

"Where...I mean how...did I do that?

Jason remembered what Greed told him and realised that he truly was an angel.

"So...now that my life is spared,where do I go from here...?"

Jason looked up at the nighttime sky for a few seconds and made his way home.

April 26th, 2008, 5:53 PM
I'm the next pokemon master!
Sign-Up Form
Full Name: Junichi Masuda
Nickname: None
Age: 13
Birthday:17, November
Gender: Male
Appearance: 5'7", average build. semi curly brown hair that just covers his eyebrows. Dark brown eyes. eyelids hover as if about to close. Clothing: Black skinny jeans, torn up red converse like sneakers (off brand), Crimson button up (yet unbuttoned) shirt with a white T-shirt that says "consistantly-inconsistant" in Bold black letters across it. EDIT: Walks a little sloppy, as if he just woke up. Commonly seen with his head down.
Pajamas: black soccer shorts (no shirt)
Bathing Suit: White shorts with japan flags randomly placed on them.
Accessories: Red/black skate backpack with torn up skateboard strapped on back.
Personality: Quiet yet funny. Makes objectional jokes occasionally that get him into some trouble but polite for the most part. Has very strong views that causes him to become outspoken occasionally if he is trying to defend them. however, easily tempered and makes quick rash and sometimes unwise decisions. EDIT: Tries not to stand out in unfamiliar places or around unfamiliar people. Enjoys competitions and collecting.
History: Born in Pallet Town, Masuda had mixed interests. At 7 he took a liking to soccer only to leave it for skateboarding at 10. He started drawing at age 12 and now does all 3. When he began his art he started by drawing the pokemon that lived around his hometown. He decided that he wanted to draw every pokemon in the Kanto region. But since the only ones he had ever seen were Pidgey, Rattata, and a Pidgeotto he saw; he asked Professor Oak for a pokemon so that he could travel and draw every single one.

Starter: Squritle

Final Party:

Received from Prof. Oak. Evolved into Wartortle during an event in Mt. Moon. Then evolved into Blastoise during a Pokemon League Battle

Caught during a Safari Game. Occasionaly jealus

Found abandoned pokeball on way to Safron City. Very calm.


Caught Rhyhorn during a safari game. Evolved during boat ride to Cinnabar.

Drowzee caught around Vermillion City. Evolved while Masuda was drawing him.

Wona an Abra in Celedon Game Corner. Evolved to Kadabra during a battle in Fuchsia City. Then evolved to Alakazam during a Viridian City Gym battle.

Other: Nothing
RPG Sample: i would give one of my RPG samples, however I've never actually done one. I REALLY WANT TO THOUGH. promise to put effort into posts and keep realistic. Plus, i have no life so i will be on frequently. Please Please Please feel free to PM me with any questions or concerns. EDIT: I was just accepted into the aquas region RP on this same site. I have only posted twice on there but here is the first:

"Man that Professor wasn't kidding when he said the weather was all messed up." whispered Caydn Lawrence Jameson to himself. He sat down in the corner of the lab with his arms around his knees. He watched the door waiting to see if that trainer who was in such a rush and didnt even notice Caydn was on his way back with the other trainer.
"Hey what are you doing?" asked one of the Professors aids.
"This" replied Caydn
"Hey now don't get smart with me kid"
"I'm just sitting here"
"Why?" asked the aide raising an eyebrow.
"Because I'm really tired alright?" said caydn hastily. at this point he was just plain annoyed with the man. He looked back at the door and saw two people walk through the lab door. The first was a girl. 'Carol', thought Caydn. The second was the trainer he'd seen earlier. 'I wonder if i get my Pokemon now.' he wondered as he buried his head in his arms and drifted off to sleep.

And here is the second:

Caydn was running on grass trying to catch up with the unidentified pokemon in front of him. All of a sudden a flash of a dark face he didnt recognize startled him. he felt the floor fall out from him and began to fall. WHAP! Caydn hit the floor and felt dizzy. As he came to his senses he looked over and saw the male trainer snickering. Realizing what happened when he saw the same black face that was in his dream, he felt a stream of anger flow over him. "What the heck was that for?!" he screamed at the trainer. Ignoring the response he stood up and stretched. "Ya whatever i don't care what your excuse is." he said, cutting of the trainers explanation. "Since we are apparently traveling together you'll regret it later."
"Ah yes" said the professor. "The journey. As you two know Wes will be guiding you through the Aquas Region on your pokemon adventure."
"But Professor" interupted caydn, "didn't you say that there would be 4 travelers all together?"

April 26th, 2008, 9:05 PM
Toxic0345 I wanna say a couple of things, First off you should read the rules abit more. Second, I want you to add more description to your appearance. And add more to your personality and history. And are you planning on adding more to your final party? Pending

Master Trainer Empoleon: You should also read the rules abit more. Other than that, your profile is nearly flawless. Just read the urles abit more and then I'll accept you. ^_^

Jujibear: Good, you read the rules! But you are lacking writing skills in the RP sample. Try to lengthen that quiet a bit and make it good, add just abit more description to your appearance, then lengthen your personality abit. And you are planning on adding more to your party right?

I'll post Taichi's template soon! But for now just make the appropriate changes to your templates.

~Till later.

April 26th, 2008, 10:43 PM
((I do have a question... Can people start with the same pokemon, say, Master Empoleon started with Eevee, could I? If I could, you can garuntee I'll sign up! If theres a spot...))

April 26th, 2008, 11:09 PM
I'm sorry but each trainer must have their own starter. So thats a no to that question, sorry if you wanted Eevee. But then again, he isn't oficially accepted yet. So you can post a sign-up and I'll accept the better one.

Oh and... Taichi's Template!!!

My Sign-Up

"I'm the Next Pokemon Master!"

Full Name: Sugimori Taichi

Nickname: Tai

Age: 13

Birthday: 8th August

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Appearance:: Tai's hair is long so that it covers his entire forehead and extends well past his eyebrows and ends just before his eyelashes. He usually brushes it to the side so it doesn't annoy his eyes. Tai doesn’t really have a hair style, his head being covered by his hat most of the time.

Tai has bright amber eyes that tend to stick out to most people as they're very bright. He stands at 5 Feet, 4 Inches and weighs just around 105 lbs. Tai has a strong upper body and a slim torso. He is not "buff" but not too frail either, it's a mix between them.

Tai wears a red pokemon cap facing forwards, above the visor is a black area that spands to the back of the cap adorned with half a white pokeball sign directly above the visor. He wears a red jacket with black sleeves, collar, and trimmings. His wears a plain white shirt and a pair of blue jeans. He has red white-bottom tennis shoes and he wears a small yellow traveling bag to carry his general necessities in such as berries and potions.

Pajamas: His pajamas are a white shirt and long, black shorts.

Bathing Suit: When he's having fun swimming, he wears crimson red trunks with a white pokeball insignia on the right side.

Accessories: Tai wears crimson wristbands over black, Trainer [fingerless] gloves on each wrist and hand.

Personality: Pretty Retro style, careless nature. Tai's personality varies, but his main thought in his mind though is exploring.

Tai tends to be very rash about things most of the time. He has a tendancy to lash out before thinking a situtation through. He does argue with people alot, but not to the point where a fight breaks out. Of course, when someone he cares about is harmed, he does get very angry at the one who did it to them and will fight to the death to prevent it from happening again.

As you might assume from the above statement, Tai also has a strong sense of justice. However, he firmly believes that right and wrong are just concepts, and that it’s what you do and what you believe in that matters in the end. He personally thinks that the lives of others take priority over his own, though he’s by no means incredibly selfless. However, he will gladly risk his life so that someone else can keep theirs without so much as a second’s hesitation.

Tai lacks patience, and prefers continuous action to repetitive and monotonous situations. He may even look for trouble for the sake of entertainment.

History: Tai was born to a rural house in the hills near Pallet town. He was raised by his loving grandmother where he learned to love Pokemon. When he was 11, Tai was going to receive his first Pokemon from Prof. Oak but his grandmother became ill so he had to remain at home and watch her. Two years passed and her condition became somewhat better. She decided she shouldn’t hold her grandson back so she allowed him to visit Prof. Oak.

Starter: Charmander

Final Party:

Pokemon: Charizard
Nickname: Charco
Nature: Rash Nature
Capture History: Level 5 Charmander; Given by Prof. Oak in Pallet Town.
Pokemon: Pidgeot
Nickname: Gee
Nature: Serious Nature
Capture History: Level 5 Pidgey; Captured on Route 1.
Pokemon: Pikachu
Nickname: Pika
Nature: Jolly nature
Capture History: Level 3 Pikachu, Captured in Viridian Forest.
Nature: Careful Nature
Capture History: Level 5 Magikarp; Baught from Magikarp Salesman on Route 4.
Nature: Sassy Nature
Capture History: Level 10 Bellsproute; Captured on Route 5.
Nature: Adament Nature
Capture History: Level 30 Snorlax; Caught on Route 12.

Other: Tai loves food and according to his grandmother he seems to have his father’s same talents with Pokemon.

RPG Sample:

It was another quiet day in Pallet Town. It was just as usual, the farmers began their daily routines, the children ran around playing with each other. The mothers began cooking breakfast, and in the fields to the north a young boy was alone. The boy stood in the long plains staring out into the field. This boy is Tai Sugimori, one of Pallet’s very few trainers. Tai is doing his usual training,

“Go Charco!” Tai released the orange behemoth. A dragon with two horns and large blue wings. The Charizard snorted before yelling,

“Let’s go!” Tai said. Charco nodded.
A young woman, about in her thirties, walked out of a nicely white-painted home with a beautiful red roof. She looked around; she had nice brown hair with a green sun-dress under a white apron.

The woman walked over a few steps to her neighbor’s home, a nicely painted blue home. She knocked on the door and a young woman, in her early twenties opened the door. She had light brown hair and dark brown eyes; she had on a white lab coat.

“Hello Daisy.” The woman greeted.

“Hello Misses Sugimori.” Daisy smiled.

“Have you seen Tai anywhere?” Daisy thought for a moment.

“Well I do believe he usually goes out to Route One to train.” Mrs. Sugimori nodded and walked out to the plains.

She knew how Tai didn’t want to get disturbed, so she hid behind a nearby rock and watched her son in action.

“Charco, Mega Punch!” The Charizard rushed towards a very large boulder and punched it, causing it to explode into thousands of pieces.

“Good Job, Bell! Vine Whip!” Tai ordered a large yellow plant Pokemon with a gaping mouth. It screeched and released a long green vine, using it to whip the remaining rocks far into the horizon. Tai smiled,

“Nice jobs guys. Return!” Tai smiled and looked around. The mother hid herself more carefully. Tai turned to find a young boy maybe a year or two older than himself. He had blonde hair and was dressed in baggy red clothes,

“Hey, you Tai?!” The boy yelled over. Tai nodded,

“Yeah. Why?” The boy chuckled,

“Well I hear you the big shot of Pallet, but Pallet isn’t that big. See, I’m the hotshot of Viridian. They call me Cooltrainer Mike.” Tai smiled,

“So, let me guess. You want to battle, right?” The boy nodded. Tai sighed,

“Okay let’s go! Pika!” Tai thrusted another pokeball onto the field to release a petit yellow mouse with a thunderbolt tail and red cheeks,

“Pika!” It yelled out cutely. The Cooltrainer burst into laughter,

“You’re gonna battle with that thing?!” Pika grumbled to himself and released a few sparks from his cheeks.

“This is a real pokemon! Magmar!” The Cooltrainer released a human shaped pokemon with flames covering its body.

“Magmar, Flamethrower!” The Magmar released a stream of flames.

“Pika! Thunderbolt!” The lightning bolt ran through the flames, parting it into two around the Pikachu. The bolt struck Magmar, frying it to the floor, swirls in its eyes.

The Cooltrainer was in shock, mouth gaping. Tai chuckled and recalled Pikachu,

“Train better, Mike.” He said as he walked away. His mother smiled proudly.

April 26th, 2008, 11:47 PM
((Oh, Charizard, can I have a list of Natures? And another question, would it be alright if I used a picture for appearance?))

EDIT: Here's my character Rika. My RP sample is kinda short, and is, yes, a dream, but I didn't have much to work on at 3:30 in the morning. Oh, and "I'm the next Pokemon Master!"

Full Name: Mikumi Rika, although he doesn't know his actual last name.

Nickname: None

Age: 14

Birthday:15, November

Gender: Male

Appearance: http://i194.photobucket.com/albums/z3/shadowmaster345/Zero_relaxin_by_crazylegz42.jpg

Description of Picture: He is tall, but still short at 4'8". Rika weighs about 115 pounds, which could be light for his age. His hair is long, and appears to go into a ponytail. It is also pure yellow, and very pointy at the end. His eyes, if seen, are red, with streaks of brown in them. Rika's shoes are kinda like boots, chubbyish. They seem to be able to work as good as regular shoes though. At the bottom of the shoes is a small layer of red, going around and under.

The clothes on him consist of a white short sleeve shirt, and a red overshirt. His wear is kinda simple, as he wears blue clear pants, seemingly made out of Spinarak Silk. His red overshirt seems to have also been made of Spinarak Silk.

Pajamas: Rika never had any pajamas. He just slept in his clothes. A note: If we do(Which I'm guessing we will) use pajamas in the RP, then he'll have to get a pair, which will end up being light purple long sleeve. They (will) havewhat appears to be pictures of little wolves, or Eevee's on them, as when he gets them thats the only pair wherever they got them at had. Apparently he likes them.

Bathing Suit: Same thing as in pajamas. However, he (will) have a black-ish short-like Bathing Suit. It has yellow stripes doing from where the hip would be to the inner bottom of the pants leg.

Accessories: Rika currently has no accessories of that sort except for a funny shaped head of what appears to be a human. It looks like a Machoke just drabbed it, blindfolded himself, then just smooshed his hands trying to make a formation. It still holds sentimental value to Rika anyway, and it vaugly looks like him. Very vaugly.

Personality: He is really superstitious. If a black cat was walking on the ground, he'd pick it up and talk to it, if a ghost rumor is around, he's there looking for it. Just about any superstitions happening are being followed by him, which is why he often gets into trouble. Well, any superstitions he hears about atleast. His superstitiousness is only greatly increased by his curiosity, which often gets him into even more trouble.

He is a picky eater, and rarely eats meat, aside from bacon and chicken. He does, however, a strange addiction to...chocolate. If he sees chocolate he'll cross a gang of angry Dragonite to get to it. He can, however, control himself around chocolate...sometimes. By sometimes, I mean it's rare, about as rare as a Charmander underwater.

Rika is very Restless and Rambunctious. If he has to sit somewhere longer then ten minutes, he'd start annoying everyone to death. He is like an untrained puppy. He is also very Opinionated. So arguing with him is like arguing with a brick wall. Rika is set in his ways once his mind is made up, but he can easily change it like butter on toast.

He is very cynical and it is very hard to gain his trust easily. If someone does gain it, they must be very trustworthy. Although this is his least appearing personality, and rarely appears, if he gets a wierd feeling about someone, he won't trust them for a Mew. Well, he would, but I doubt they'd give him a Mew for his trust.

He is allergic to Lemons. It effects him if he just touches one. If he does touch it, he gets rashes all over and starts itching like a Growlithe with fleas. No cure is known, but it goes away after about an hour.

He also seems to have the ability to create very wierd nicknames for Pokemon. Although this can be good or bad, depends on if your the Pokemon getting the nickname or not. Although I wouldn't call this as much as an ability as a curse for the Pokemon who fall victim to his (Mostly) stupid nicknames.

History: Rika doesn't know when he was born. His parents abandoned him in the wild forest. He was lucky a caring Vaporeon mother found him and took him back to her nest. Rika just grew up with pokemon, a Vaporeon step mom and dad. He has an older sister Vaporeon, and a younger sister Eevee. He had an older brother Flareon, and an older brother Jolteon. Also, it appeared that he had an Eevee twin, of sorts. This Eevee was born the night Vaporeon found him, which happened to be the day Rika was born, although Eevee happens to be older, since he wasn't born on the day Vaporeon found Rika, his birthday was just that day. When Rika was just growing up, at about four or three, he thought he was an Eevee with the strange ability to talk like humans. Vaporeon knew he was a human, but acted like he was a pokemon.

When Rika turned 13, he overheard some people called "Pokemon Trainers" talking. Through this he learned what they were. After seeing some big machines drove by people similar to Rika, the pokemon and Rika overheard those people talking about plowing over that part of the forest down for some mall. Left with nothing to do and with knowledge of Pokemon Trainers, Rika left the forest to become a Pokemon Trainer, and hopefully save the forest. Knowing trainers must have a pokemon to be Trainers, he brought along his Eevee "Twin", and started in where all people in the Kanto reigon start... Pallet Town... Oh yeah, he also hopes to find his parents who abandoned him, but he's more focused on saving the forest.

As soon as the two began being a trainer, they came upon an Electrode. This Electrode was mad, and, for no particular reason, used explosion on Rika and Eevee, seperating the two.

Starter: Bulbasuar

Final Party:
Pokemon: Flareon
Nickname: Ring Fire
Nature: Relaxed Nature
Capture History: Ring Fire was Rika's "twin" pokemon from his backstory. The two got temporarily seperated when Rika first became a trainer, but re-met in Pewter. While the party(Everybody) was exploring Lavender Town's Burial Place, a swarm of Haunter attacked Rika and Ring Fire, temporarily splitting them up with the group. They ran, but to no luck. They were cornered into an alleyway with no exit. A Drowzee seemed to be the leader of the group, and used disable to prevent Ring Fire from using Shadow Ball, making it's normal moves usless. The two were pushed into a corner. Eevee happened to fall into a trash can. As the pokemon pinned Rika into the wall, he closed his eyes and wished for them to go away. Boom. Ring Fire had fallen into a thrown away Fire Stone, and evolved into Flareon. He had shot a flamethrower at one of the Haunter, making the others attack him, but forget about Rika. Obtained at level 8.

Ring Fire shot flamethrower after flamethrower, flipping left and right. The Haunter hit him with a Sucker Punch, but Flareon managed to beat them all with Flamethrower. From this Rika named it Ring Fire, since it seemed to like to use Fire Spin after this.

Pokemon: Pikachu
Nickname: Pipipi
Nature: Brave Nature
Capture History: Pipipi was captured in the area just outside of Pewter City, just in Mt. Moon at level 7. Apparently it had gotten strayed from it's family in Viridian Forest. As the group entered Mt. Moon, they witnessed an Onix attacking a Pikachu. Rika, being the idiotic hero he is, rushed in to save it, no no avail. The Onix grabbed him too. Luckily Ring Fire wasn't captured, and the Onix was rammed with Tackles The rock snake creature dropped Pipipi and Rika, to which Pipipi responded, "Pipipi!" Apparently it wanted to get out, and decided to stick with Rika for the trip. When the group left Mt. Moon, Pipipi had grown attached with Rika, and decided to stay with him.

Rika gave Pipipi the nickname Pipipi after what the first word's Rika heard from it; Pipipi.

Pokemon: Poliwrath - Shiny(If thats okay for my shiny)
Nickname: Fighting Liquid
Nature: Impish Nature
Capture History: Fighting Liquid was found as a Poliwag from a fishing net in the waters just north of Cerulean City at level 11. He had bought a moon stone and a water stone from a con-merchant in Cerulean, who told him that his Nidoran would evolve into a Powerful Pokemon if given the moon stone as a Nidorina. And that if he got a Poliwag, it would evolve into a fighting water Pokemon. Nonetheless, Rika belived him. As it turned out, they were actually fakes.

Dissapointed, he decided to still catch a Poliwag. After finding a fishing Net, he threw it into the water, only to find magikarp after magikarp, mabye even a Goldeen. As it turns out, a Poliwag was sitting next to him the whole time laughing at how he couldn't find one. Pipipi, Drill King, Eevee, and Light Weight were behind him, telling him that there was a Poliwag beside him... He didn't listen. That was until Pipipi shocked both of them with thunder shock, making them both get mad.

However, Pipipi just kept shocking both until both were knocked unconsious. The Pokemon grabbed an empty Pokeball from Rika and hit Poliwag, catching it. He evolved into Poliwhirl in Fuschia City, and into Poliwrath in Cinnibar Island.

Pokemon: Venasaur
Nickname: Wild Vine
Nature: Timid Nature
Capture History: Rika obtained Bulbasuar from Professer Oak after Eevee and Rika got split up at level 5. It evolved in Vermillion City. It again evolved into Venasuar during the 8th gym battle.

Pokemon: Nidoking
Nickname: Drill King
Nature: Bold Nature
Capture History: Drill King was obtained in the route between Viridian City and the Pokemon Leauge. It was Rika's first official catch, and was caught at Level 4. Rika, after reaching Viridian City, was anxious to catch a Pokemon. So, he decided to go to the left instead of up, to Viridian Forest. Soon before going there, he was attacked by a Nidoran. "Wait, I used to see these a lo- They're the ones who shoot the posionous needles at me!" Rika ran away, before realizing it was following him.

"Uh, Wild Vine, attack!" The Bulbasuar jumped into action, staring off the Nidoran. Time passed, until Bulbasuar was pecked on the nose. This made him jump and put his nose inbetween his paws. However, Bulbasuar was ticked now, and slammed into Nidoran with a tackle attack. It went rolling, apparently fainted almost. "Lets see... I'm supposed to use these!" Rika pulled out a pokeball and chucked it at Nidoran, missing. "Uh, lets try again!" Running and picking it up, he realized Wildvine and Nidoran were at it again. Wildvine delivered another tackle, which was combatted with a peck, knocking them both back. "For now I'll do this." Rika walked up to Nidoran and touched him with the Pokeball, catching it.

Drill King evolved into Nidorino during Saffron City, and into Nidoking in Viridian City before the Gym Battle.

Pokemon: Butterfree
Nickname: Light Weight
Nature: Relaxed Nature
Capture History: Light Weight was obtained in Viridian Forest at level 4 after a battle of silly string(String shot Attack). Light Weight evolved to Metapod before the group even left Viridian Forest, and into Butterfree during the first gym battle.

Other: None.
RPG Sample: My whole character has RPing in it, but I'll give one anyway:

"Let's see.... Hey Eevee, can you find it?" The brown Pokemon let out a simple, "Vee." With a nod left and right. "Well we need to find some of those herbs." Searching around, Rika saw something yellow. "Aha! The yellow herbs!" He dashed forward and snatched them, only to realize that it was a lemon. "Oh no it's one of those yellow things! I get red bumps all over and itchy when I touch one!"

He threw it on the ground, running to the little pond in the area. Sticking his arm in there to wash it off, he saw it was yellow. "Yellow water.... thats new.." Reaching down, he felt something. "Oh no! Another one of those yellow things! This pond must be filled with them, thats why it's yellow!"

He jumped up and ran away, only to find out all the trees were living lemons. "What's with all the yellow things! Eevee, help!" Eevee walked up, only to be a lemon Eevee. Rika ran away screaming like a girl.

"What is with all the yellow things!" The ground turned to lemon juice from the lake, him falling in. Over there, he saw a small piece of land. Kicking, he swam quickly to it, climbing up. There was a mirror, him not knowing what that was. He looked in it, and saw his reflection, only to find out that his head was a lemon.
"Ah!" He yelled, jumping up. "Oh, it was only one of those images that happen when I'm asleep. Good. I'd hate to have a head made of those yellow things." Satisfied, Rika plummeted back down to sleep. Eevee, who was beside him, just looked at him in a confused look. As if Eevee was thinking, "What the heck is he talking about?"

Master Trainer Empoleon
April 27th, 2008, 2:11 AM
I added a little more to my capture history and I read the rules a bit more. But where did you get those Sprites from?

April 27th, 2008, 5:21 AM
There, I added more to My Personality and History, Along with more Party Pokemon.

April 27th, 2008, 7:54 AM
Shadowmaster345: Good sign-up, a picture is okay but you've still got to use a text description as well. Once your done with that I'll decide between you and MSE.

Master Trainer Empoleon: Very well done. I like that capture history part, where you typed when and where they evolved. Nice touch. And you read the rules, kudos to you. Oh, i got the sprites from here:


And your acception might be postponed, or cancelled. Shadowmaster has decided to also sign-up with Eevee so the one with the better sign-up gets the spot.

Toxic0345: Okay... read the rules more, and make your personality atleast five lines okay? And work on your Final Party, change the capture histories and you say you want a Squirtle Starter and you have an Ivysaur in your party. And are you sure that's going to be your final party, your not catching more? Or evolving them? Don't put what level they are at in the capture history, and I know I didn't say this or anything but your starter is your first pokemon. And in your Omystar's Capture History you said you went through time and space? Sorry but that won't fly here, just say your revived it from the fossil.

April 27th, 2008, 8:41 AM
You know what I am really sorry for waisting your time but... i want to CANCEL MY SIGN-UP
I'm not really interested in this RP anymore and I'm a bit confuzled... see you around :/

April 27th, 2008, 8:44 AM
Are you sure? Well... alright.. I guess. It better you not be in this rp if your not interested. See you around.

April 27th, 2008, 11:11 AM
ALL EDITED. Hope its good.

Master Trainer Empoleon
April 27th, 2008, 12:30 PM
For some reason, I cant select the Sprites.

April 27th, 2008, 1:21 PM
Jujibear: Cool. I like it, your starter is squirtle? Yes, it is. I have decided to Accept you.

Master Trainer Empoleon: What do you mean you can't select them? Are you right clicking the sprite you want, then going to properties. Then copy the addres then post it here and cover it with an [img] tag?

Shadowmaster345: Okay, I see you posted an image and a dsecription. good.

Master Trainer Empoleon and Shadowmaster345: I have reviewed both of your templates over and over and I have to decided to accept.................... Master Trainer Empoleon. I am sorry Shadowmaster but his sign-up was just overall better.

April 27th, 2008, 1:24 PM
Jujibear: Cool. I like it, your starter is squirtle? Yes, it is. I have decided to Accept you.

Master Trainer Empoleon: What do you mean you can't select them? Are you right clicking the sprite you want, then going to properties. Then copy the addres then post it here and cover it with an [img] tag?

Shadowmaster345: Okay, I see you posted an image and a dsecription. good.

Master Trainer Empoleon and Shadowmaster345: I have reviewed both of your templates over and over and I have to decided to accept.................... Master Trainer Empoleon. I am sorry Shadowmaster but his sign-up was just overall better.

Uh, I wasn't done. I was(And still am) adding more to the Capture History. But Ok. Can I still join though?

April 27th, 2008, 1:26 PM
Well honestly, I don't think my mind will change ust cause of the capture history. I chose Master Trainer Empoleon because of his writing style, and his rp sample. That threw him over the top.

April 27th, 2008, 1:30 PM
Well honestly, I don't think my mind will change ust cause of the capture history. I chose Master Trainer Empoleon because of his writing style, and his rp sample. That threw him over the top.

His RP sample was better then mine, I agree on that... Shouldn't've made it at 3:30 AM. But writing style? What was different? And can I still join Charizard_Man?

April 27th, 2008, 1:31 PM
Oh yeah, you can still join! You just have to use the only starter available, Bulbasaur. I was hoping for atleast one female trainer joining, but oh well. THings change.

April 27th, 2008, 1:33 PM
Oh yeah, you can still join! You just have to use the only starter available, Bulbasaur. I was hoping for atleast one female trainer joining, but oh well. THings change.

But darn, now I have to re-make my entire Profile(Or some of it). Could I still have an Eevee, just not start with it?

EDIT: Fixed my character. Instead of starting with the Eevee, they get seperated and re-meet, I hope that's okay.

April 27th, 2008, 2:40 PM
YAY. thank you for the approval. looking forward to when the RP actually starts. I'll be checking this page for updates!

April 27th, 2008, 4:24 PM
Shadowmaster345: Cool, good profile. But I am currently speaking with another user who is thinking of signing up also. So... you'll just have to wait and see.

Jujibear: Don't worry, I'll be sure to keep this thread updated. And I'm thinking the rp is going to start soon, there is only one spot left.

April 27th, 2008, 4:36 PM
Shadowmaster345: Cool, good profile. But I am currently speaking with another user who is thinking of signing up also. So... you'll just have to wait and see.

Jujibear: Don't worry, I'll be sure to keep this thread updated. And I'm thinking the rp is going to start soon, there is only one spot left.

Okay. I'd not want to not get accepted, but I'll wait!

April 27th, 2008, 6:11 PM
Full Name: Uchiha Sasuke
Nickname: optional
Age: 12
Birthday:August 7
Gender: Male
Appearance: cool black hair cool red shirt cool black pants cool red and black shoes
Pajamas: Red cheap clothing
Bathing Suit: underwear
Accessories: Gold bling
Personality: bold
History: i am an orphan
Starter: Charmander
Final Party: Charmander

Other: My real name is kelvin and my sign up sucks

April 27th, 2008, 6:14 PM
Kelvin376: Are you kidding? IS this a joke? That sign is horrible, no offence. DENIED

April 27th, 2008, 6:19 PM
So is the other person joining Charizard Man? Oh by the way, you might wanna make an OOC thread in the lounge.

April 27th, 2008, 6:40 PM
Yeah, i was planning on doing that once the rp started. And the person isn't on right now, but she's still gonna post her template later.

Master Trainer Empoleon
April 27th, 2008, 7:03 PM
That and your character's name isn't original. :\

The Confuzzler
April 28th, 2008, 6:56 AM
I'm the next Pokemon Master!

Full Name: Kamoru Chi

Nickname: Kami

Age: 12 years of age

Birthday: 4, November

Gender: Male

Appearance: Kamoru has spiky black hair that fits perfectly with his well built body. He wears his trademark Pokeball fleece and T-Shirt along with his navy blue jeans. You can probably tell he has a well built body and this is true because he studies martial arts. He has grass green eyes.

Pajamas: He has three types of pajamas, one to represent fire, one to represent water and last to represent grass. His fire ones are orange his grass ones are green and his water ones are blue.

Bathing Suit: Again he has three colours of swimming shorts, one for fire one for grass and one for water.

Accessories: None so far but may pick up some on his journrey.

Personality: Kamoru has a very cheerful and outgoing personality and is a ray of sunshine to all he meets. He can be your best ally or your best enemy. When he vgets into fights he is always the person to go up and say sorry. He never gives up on anything he does no matter what. Kamoru isone of a kind with his sunny cheery personality but in fights is a force to be reckoned with.

History: He was born in Pallett Town Hospital and rumor has it that he was smiling even when he was just born. But sadly at the age of four his parents died in a dramatic car accident and was forced to move to Pallet Town Orphanage. At the age of seven he was kidnapped by a pidgeotto for 2 days and from then on has hated flying Pokemon. Now at th age of twelve he has gulped everything down - even the mysterious events taking place - and is ready to start his Pokemon journey.

Starter: Bulbasaur

Final Party: Venusaur
Nickname: Razor
Nature: curious
Capture history: This was Kamoru's very first Pokemon. Kamoru met it at level 5 in Professor Oak's lab.

Pokemon: Butterfree
Nickname: Wings
Nature: hasty
Capture History: Kamoru met this friendly Pokemon in Viridian Forest. When he first met him he was an injured Caterpie and evolved at Pewter Gym into Metapod. Then again evolved into Butterfree on the way to Cerulean City.

Pokemon: Raichu
Nickname: Shocker
Nature: Admant
Capture History: Kamoru met this little guy in the Safari Zone. At first it was a Pikachu and didn't like Kamoru but after a while Pikachu and Kamoru grew a bond that nobody could break. It evolved on cycling Road when Kamoru took on a big Cue Ball.

Pokemon: Pidgeotto
Nature: Timid
Capture History: when Kamoru was walking in route 1 and saw a pidgey. He tried to stay away from it but later was forced to see it after being kidnapped along with the Pidgey by team rocket. From the on Kamoru got over his fear of flying Pokemon and even has one himself. At Mt.Moon Kamoru battled a Team Rocket grunt and in the heat of the battle, Pidgey evolved into a strong, loyal hard working Pidgeotto.

Pokemon: Poliwrath
Capture History: Kamoru met tjus little guy on the way to Celadon City. It jumped out the lake water,hurt and Kamoru took it to the Pokemon Center to heal it. Then it decided to join his party. When Kamoru was at Celadon Gym this little guy evolved into Poliwhirl. Then At Cinnibar island Gym it evolved yet again into A strong Poliwrath.

Capture History:Yet another Pokemon Kamoru caught in the Safari Zone. He found as a Dratini and had a rough battle against it. Then at the final gym it evolved into a Strong Dragonair. Then at the Sevii islands it evolved yet again into a very strong Dragonite.

That's all the Pokemon Kamoru gets in Kanto at least @[email protected]
Other: none at all

RPG Sample: Kamoru, a young boy at twelve woke up on his twelfth birthday. He woke up to hear the Pidgey singing some kind of song. Then he jumped up at this thought, he was twelve! finally he could go to Professor Oak and get his very first Pokemon. He then shuddered at another thought, the mysterious events going on in Kanto. But he didn't care nothing could get in his way! He got dressed into his trademark Pokemon fleece and T-Shirt and got into his navy blue jeans. He washed his face and got his Black training shoes on. He then continued downstairs to the living room.

" Goodmorning Kamoru " said his mother happy for the excited new trainer.
" Hello mom " he said back with a smile. Then his mom started looking in her bag of endless items as he called it. Then his mom took out a pair of shoes. Kamoru took a closer look and saw they were running shoes! " Wow thanks Mom! "
said Kamoru smiling. His mom smiled back as she gave him the shoes. " No problem " said his mother smiling.
Then she went on to talk about the mysterious events but Kamoru wasn't listening he was too busy looking at his shoes. Then his mom started to cry a bit. " N-now go " said his Mum, her ocean blue eyes filling with water. " You have a whole adventure ahead of you! " she said.
" Thanks mom! " he said and then he proceeded to the door and ran out forgetting to close it behind him.

April 28th, 2008, 7:45 AM
Sign-Up Form
Full Name: Kenshin Centi

Nickname: Centi

Age: 14

Birthday: 20, April

Gender: Male

Appearance: A tall scruffy young boy who wears a tattered up black shirt. Over the shirt he wears a black Navy Coat that has the right side over the left and has six buttons. He wears black slacks and grey converse style shoes, that are somewhat torn on the bottom. A chain dangles from his belt, he is light hispanic brown-cream colored, and has a green colored eyes. His hair is wavy and is reaches down to his neck.

Pajamas: A camo-shirt that is extremely light, and a pair of blue sweats.

Bathing Suit: He wears greenish-red swimming trunks.

Accessories: A dark yellow-brown cross on a red velvet string around his neck.

Personality: Very serious, he has been through a lot and has witness even more. He doesn't like to swim, and will make any excuse not to. He will usually stand back and view a battle, so that he may come up with a strategy.

History: Upon being born he had a heart failure, two of his valves were not working. After three operations, Centi was kept alive, but at the cost that he may die at the age of 18. His parents, not able to afford the operations left Centi and moved to the orange islands. Centi was then sent to a foster home, and raised in Pallet Town.

Starter: Bulbasaur

Final Party:
Pokemon: Venasaur
Nickname: Whipped
Nature: Hasty
Capture History: Got it from Prof. Oak

Pokemon: Gengar
Nickname: Nightmare
Nature: Curious
Capture History: Caught with a Monsterball in the Tower(forgot what its called) as a Gastly and evolved it to a Gengar.

Pokemon: Jolteon
Nickname: Zippy
Nature: Curious
Capture History: Got from Bebe(forgot who you get it from in Kanto, so im putting Bebe from Diamond/Pearl, she travels to Kanto lets say.)

Pokemon: Arcanine
Nickname: Lupe
Nature: Hasty
Capture History: Found in the wild, caught it as a Growlithe with a Monsterball.

Other: None...i think.

rp sample:
Samuel enters a dark cave, the only sound is the drip..drip..dripping of an icicle melting. He steps slowly farthur in, he cant even believe hes doing this. He flicks a match, frawth! and lights up the room. He looks around, it's completely empty. But then suddenly a noise makes Samuel rethink, footsteps coming from farther in, the sounds get louder, and louder. The sounds are heading towards Samuel.

Samuel:"Shoot! What do i do? oh man...uh...a rock..ill hide there..oh soot i better be quiet!"
Dark Figure 1:"Who's That, huh! Whos there show yourself!"
Dark Figure 2:"I think it was just a zubat or something, forget about it."
Dark Figure 3:"No! I heard it too, and... I saw whoever it was run behind that rock" The third figure points at the rock in which Samuel is hiding behind.

Samuel thinks as hard as he can: 'Oh man they found me! how do i get out of this?!'
The three figures walk to the rock, the first figure grabs Samuel and throws him against a nearby wall. Thump!
Samuel:"AHHH!!!....oof!" As Samuel gets up his body begins to cahnge..his hair grows into a mane, his nose gets larger, his legs and arms turn red and yellow, his eyes turn bright yellow. Soon where Samuel stood, now stands a large Arcanine.
P.S. this is from one of my other Pokemon Rp's

April 28th, 2008, 7:49 AM
I'm the Next Pokémon Master!

Since you've not yet officially accepted Shadowmaster, I would like to wedge my own character into the competition. If I can't, I guess there's not too much to do about it.

Full Name: Sanzunokawa Inago
Nickname: N/A
Age: 14
Birthday: June 13th.
Gender: Female

Appearance: Inago is of an average build, height and complexion. Her hair is jet black and stretches no further than the base of her neck, and somehow keeps entirely out of her face. Inago's eyes are a bright pink, and appear to be locked in a perpetual, piercing stare. Even if she does not even pay attention to what she's looking at, Inago's eyes give off this appearance. This tends to creep people out. Always dressing comfortably, she's rarely found wearing anything other than plain T-shirts and jeans. Along with these, generally wears cheap sneakers or sandals.

Pajamas: Inago does not own one. She sleeps in her underwear and scarf.
Bathing Suit: A deep cerise bikini, the sort of colour that burns in your eyes and makes you wonder where the hell people get that sort of thing, and why the hell anyone would even want to get it.
Accessories: A massive white scarf.

Personality: Calm and egocentric, Inago just can't bring herself to care. It is not that she lacks empathy, but she believes in putting #1 first - not that she'd admit that to just anyone. Most of the time, she likes to take it easy, and would rather just accept it than freak out if the little things in life go wrong. She's curious, however, and will go to great lengths get an answer if she gets some sort of mystery or question on her mind. Inago's sense of humour is many-faceted - she is a great fan of mean-spirited jokes, enjoying them more the more taboo they are. However, she also has a sense for weird comic relief stunts, and performs them energetically whenever she sees an opportunity.

Though generally unshakable and unworried, Inago is terrified of colds and always wears a large scarf to protect herself from catching one. Despite this fear, however, she might well go outside half-naked in the middle of December to get the mail - just as long as she's wearing the scarf - seemingly completely oblivious to the risk. Inago has little or no sense of shame, and doesn't understand the fuss people make about being seen in their underwear - they don't mind bikinis or speedos, so what's up with that?

History: Inago was born to a pair of psychics originally from Saffron city, who moved to the quiet of Pallet to start a family. Inago had a very relaxed and rational upbringing - she was allowed to make her own mistakes and learn from them, and had the choice of asking her parents for advice, rather than having them nag at her the whole time. Her parents both had the same manner of putting themselves before others, and she learned both psychic abilities and how to live from them. In fact, she had a rather pleasant life.

Growing up, she faced no greater catastrophes than other children. Leisurely floating along in life, she eventually discovered that she felt like becoming a pokémon trainer. Luckily for her, it would not be long until Oak would start handing out trainer licenses. Sweet.

Starter: Bulbasaur

Final Party:

Pokemon: Venusaur
Nickname: Vinnie
Nature: Lax
Capture History: Lv5, Professor Oak's lab.

Pokemon: Lapras
Nickname: Sidney
Nature: Lax
Capture History: Lv35, won by cheating at pa*****o in Celadon city. (You've got to be effin' kidding me, censoring something like that. All o'ya japanese diggers should know about p.a.c.h.i.n.k.o - take that, stupid censor scheisse).

Pokemon: Alakazam
Nickname: Desmond
Nature: Calm
Capture History: Caught as an Abra at Lv14 north of Cerulean city.

Pokemon: Nidoking
Nickname: N/A
Nature: Sassy
Capture History: Traded at Lv48 for a Gastly in Lavender town.

Pokemon: Hitmonchan
Nickname: N/A
Nature: Adamant
Capture History: Lv20, won at the fighting gym challenge in Saffron city.

Pokemon: Magmar
Nickname: Lucy
Nature: Jolly
Capture History: Caught at Lv34 on Cinnabar island.

Other: N/A
RPG Sample:
Inago grinned as she inserted the little ball into the pa*****o machine. She'd found it on the floor, and it had given her an idea. She'd always wanted a Lapras. Glancing left and right, she let the little thing roll into the machine, and pushed the button. Delighted, she watched the ball fly straight into the gate collector in the middle. Humming a little dilly, Inago cracked her knuckle, collected her new pa*****o balls and put them back in the machine.

About an hour later she filled her twentieth bucket. It was like magic, how each and every ball just seemed to go right down the collectors. Putting on an innocent, happy smile, she picked up her winnings and stumbled over to the prize counter. Her unstable trek was followed by many wide-eyed stares. Indeed, even the lady at the counter looked a bit doubtful as Inago put down her twenty buckets and asked for prize #7. Of course, someone would get really lucky every now and then, but this was a bit much. Never the less, there was no way Inago could be refused her prize, and moments later she left the building, smirking to herself as she admired her new pokéball.

April 28th, 2008, 9:46 AM
"I’m The Next Pokemon Master!"

Full Name: Suzuki, Hana

Nickname: Shorty, Flowergirl, or just plain Hana.

Age: 13

Birthday: The 4th of June

Gender: Female

Appearance: Hana Suzuki is a typical short preteen standing around 4'9". Nothing outstanding to really speak of about this girl because she has small curves on her body since she's still too young to have a fully developed chest. However she still is rather pretty with her pale skin that is almost as white as snow and her pale light green eyes. Her eyes don't get much attention though due to the fact that they are hidden behind a pair of small black square framed glasses. The best physical trait of her's though is her raven mid-back length hair that is cut in three different layers and that is dyed with some streaks of pastel green.

As for what she usually travels with? Well Hana Suzuki tends to walk around with some sort of flower behind her right ear, whether it be a lily, a rose, or some daisy that she found out in the open field. She usually wears clothes that are of pastel colored shirts, skirts, and pants. However she enjoys green colored clothing and basically any type of clothing that has images of flowers and leaves on them. One particular outfit that Hana is fond of is her pastel pink long sleeved shirt with a green elbow-length jacket over it. Along with that she would pair up the top with her green jeans that have little flower designs on the back and her pink sneakers.
Pajamas: When the moon rises up in the sky and it's time for trainers like her to get some well deserved rest, Hana has a pair of pastel green pajamas that have various images of flowers all over them. Along with her pjs, she also sleeps with an Oddish plushie since she was given it when she was a little girl.

Bathing Suit: Hana doesn't swim often, but she does have a bathing suit that is a two-piece pastel pink bathing suit with an image of a rose on the right side of the top. She also owns a pink towel to wrap it around herself after she's done swimming.

Accessories: As mentioned before, Hana does use actual flowers she finds to use them as accessories, however she does own a pair of small pearl earrings for both of her ears. She also has a silver bracelet with some flower themed charms that she puts on her left wrist.

Personality: Hana Suzuki is a sweet girl who obviously loves flowers, colors, and pokemon. She could be considered rather naive at times since she still is innocent and somewhat childlike. She could also be considered rather timid at times, speaking to strangers with a soft voice that could be barely heard, plus whenever a loud noise catches her off guard, she'll jump up in surprise and most likely freak out for a few moments before quickly calming herself down. Thus making her an easily startled young girl.

However Hana does have another side to her, a competitive one that only comes out during pokemon battles or whenever people insult anyone she likes, flowers, or her pokemon. Her usually soft voice will be heard and she'll look as confident as could be, especially during pokemon battles. Which is why people have been known to raise their eyebrows when watching her in her competitive mode. The only downside of this though is that it'll last only for a few minutes after the battle is over, then she'll most likely return to her average everyday self.

History: Hana Suzuki was born in Celadon City, home of the grass type gym leader Erika. However she didn't live in the large city for too long, for eventually her father lost his job in the giant pokemart he worked in. So her family moved to Pallet Town when she was just three years old, however it seems as if her brief stay in Celadon City had made her develop a strong love for flowers, plants, and grass-type pokemon.

So at age twelve, not only did she receive her first pokemon, but she also got her first pair of glasses. Which were hard to adjust to at first, but eventually during her travels, she got used to them and their black small square frames. And as soon as she left Pallet Town, she left with a similar dream as many pokemon trainers her age. To become the very best. And if that didn't work, then she'd settle for being one of Erika's followers or take over Erika's spot and become the Grass-Type gym leader.

Starter: Bulbasaur

Final Party:
Pokemon: Venasaur
Nickname: Lilium
Nature: Timid
Capture History: Lilium was given to her a starter pokemon by Professor Oak as a simple Bulbasaur, but as they trained together more and more, her Bulbasaur had grown and eventually evolved into Ivysaur in Cerulean City when they were getting ready for Misty's Gym. She then evolved once again in Fushia City while training to challenge the gym leader in the City.

Pokemon: Vileplume
Nickname: Oxalis
Nature: Quiet
Capture History: Oxalis was captured on Route 5 with Lilium's help once again. Lilium evolved into Gloom after arriving to Vermillion City and then she evolved once again when they got to Celadon City.

Pokemon: Exeggutor
Nickname: Eucomis
Nature: Lax
Capture History: Eucomis was captured in the Saffari Zone with Oxalis' help. Eucomis had evolved in Viridian City before challenging the big bad eighth Gym Leader Giovanni.

Pokemon: Ponyta
Nickname: Ixia
Nature: Mild
Capture History: Ixia was captured on Route 17 with Lilium's help. Ixia never was able to evolve though since Hana used Ixia more for transportation than for battling.

Pokemon: Starmie
Nickname: Liatris
Nature: Modest
Capture History: While fishing nearby Lavender Town she had caught Liatris, and began to use her frequently whenever encountering fire-type pokemon that could easily KO three out of her six pokemon. Liatris then was exposed to a water stone in Cinnabar Island before challenging the gym leader.

Pokemon: Gengar
Nickname: Gloriosa
Nature: Jolly
Capture History: Gloriosa was captured in the Pokemon Tower located in Lavender Town with Lilium's help and once she was captured, she was trained until she evolved once in Saffron City and once again in Cinnabar Island.

Other: None

RPG Sample: This Roleplay Sample has been copied and pasted from the roleplay located on this forum known as "Home in Armageddon: The Underworld" It's on page two.

"I'm almost there."
This voice came from the petite sixteen year old Nidoqueen Zoanthrope as she walked down Route 1 towards Pallet Town, the same town where all brave citizens of the region were gathering to stop all the madness going on between the Bats and the Dogs. After all if no one stopped the fighting then it'd continue for years and years until one day there's no one else to die. And no one wants that, especially Anna Regina Donnella. For most of her family died because of the ridiculous battle between the pokemorphs in Saffron City and no matter how hard she tried, the memory of her loving parents and her younger sibling's death still lingered in her heart.

Her pure black eyes looked up at the night sky, her gaze locked on the glorious full moon that was her only flashlight to guide her through the route that was filled with grass and rocks. However in a few minutes or so, the moon would start to leave for the sun to take over. "I wonder if Professor Oak and the others are still accepting people to join them." She mumbled under her breath as she stepped over a rock and adjusted the lavender straps on her backpack as she kept moving forward, never stopping once to rest. And why would she? She was used to walking for long distances and this simple walk to Pallet Town was absolutely nothing compared to the walks she had taken with her only currently living family member.

The sign that read,'Welcome to Pallet Town' was now more visible than ever as Anna walked, and as soon as she saw it, her walking pace increased slightly. For she had been wanting to stop the fighting for a while now. The only problem was finding someone good enough to take care of her little sister Maria while she was gone, and now that she found a perfect babysitter for Maria, she was going to stop the fighting. No matter what it took.

As soon as she took another step though to travel deeper within the small area that was named,'Pallet Town'. She noticed some sort of Lucario morph who looked to be right now out of control, a white haired male who threw a rock at the Lucario, an old man whom she assumed was the professor, some blond girl who was with him, and some other guy with curly hair. Which meant that basically these people here in Pallet Town were obviously crazy folk who were up at who knows what time in the morning hurling rocks at each other... Oh how lovely.

However instead of barging in and finding out what was going on, the pastel blue haired female just sat down on a nearby flat stone and crossed one leg over the other as she removed her backpack and placed it on her lap. And as she sat there, her black eyes were focused on the Lucario. After all if things got too out of hand, she'd have to step in and take care of the out-of-control morph herself.

[[By the way, since it looks like a ton of people are competing for this spot of owning the Bulbasaur, I wouldn't mind being rejected so my character could be some sort of trainer who is a reoccurring character who could pop in every once in a while in the roleplay.]]

Master Trainer Empoleon
April 28th, 2008, 9:55 AM
I think we have a winner^ :)

April 28th, 2008, 2:27 PM
Okay, wow...post explosion. Looks like alot of people did want to join this rp, you guys hsould've signed up earlier. There were like 2 full days without a single post on my rp, I thought no one liked it. Anywho...

Okay, I read all of your sign-ups and then I narrowed it down to two people, [email protected] Weru and Cariger. Sorry for the other guys, okay. Now between you two... Okay, both of you guys have awesome profiles. But the thing that I mainly look at other than the length of your appearance, personality, ect. Is, your Rp Sample. So I'm gonna have to pick...


I'm sorry, but she had the best rp sample out of all of you. I'm sure others would agree with me. Okay, now... I will post a list of people who were denied, which I think is four? And you guys WILL be able to participate in this rp. Just later in the journey, as reoccuring characters and what not. But you can't have one of the starters as a pokemon, that includes: Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, AND Eevee. SOrry but you can't have those in your party if your not one of the main characters.

Okay, I am going to try to move this thread into the rp lounge, and if I can't I'll just make a thread in the Rp lounge and keep this as the main thread. So for those accepted, just sit back and wait.

April 28th, 2008, 3:44 PM
Aw..... Oh well. But okay! Atleast I'll be a reoccuring character. Note to self: Next time, don't try to make your character at 3 in the morning...

April 28th, 2008, 3:51 PM
lol..ok ill be ok with being an occuring character

April 28th, 2008, 4:25 PM
The Kanto Journey Begins!


In a battlefield at the Indigo Stadium of Kanto, the goal of many Pokemon trainers, two specific trainers were opposing each other. The Trainer on the red side of the field had sent out a purple demon with a nasty smile; a Gengar. The opposite green side had chosen a Nidorino, a purple Pokemon with a large horn and spikes on his back. The chosen Nidorino reared up, sending poison spikes from his back, which were launched at Gengar. The Gengar's trainer's eyes narrowed, and he ordered his Gengar to dodge. The Gengar started to move out of the way-

“Tai! Tai honey, get up! You’ll be late!” Tai’s mom’s voice traveled through the air upstairs to where a massive pile was sleeping, buried under a mountain of comics and blankets, the pillow over its would-be head.

“Mhnmmmm………” The pile groaned, then bolted upright, the blankets and cd’s falling off it like water off a cliff. Once the pile had fallen off, it revealed a young boy of about thirteen with dark brown hair and chocolate eyes, dressed in a white shirt and black shorts.

This was Tai Sugimori, notorious prankster of Pallet Town’s Pokemon School, and a soon to be pokemon trainer.

In about five minutes…

“Crap!” The boy swore under his breath, jumping out of bed. He hurriedly changed into a plain white shirt and his signature red jacket, black trimmings, black collar, and black sleeves with a pair of blue, denim jeans over a pair of red, white-bottom sneakers. He ran towards the door and took the two red wristbands on the handle and put them on followed by black, fingerless gloves. The boy then hurtled down the stairs, two at a time.

Tai’s mother was a pretty woman of about 30. With a pink apron, happy smile, and her Ivysaur house-helper at her side, there wasn’t a single chore Mom couldn't do. Tai gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and grabbed a piece of toast that lay in a heap on the table.

“Morning sweetie. How’d you sleep?” Mom asked.

“Horribly. I was too excited to sleep.” Tai mumbled truthfully through a mouthful of toast and sweatdropped.

“Oh, so that’s why you woke up late.” Mom giggled as she gave a bowl of milk to Ivysaur.

“Saur, Ivy, ivy……” The green pokemon smiled and slurped the milk happily.

“Yeah……..” Tai mumbled and gulped his orange juice. “Man, I better get going. I don't want to be late."

Mom giggled again. “You’ve grown so much. I’m proud of you. Now here’s you’re traveling bag, I stocked it with everything you’ll need. Toothbrush, compass, some pokeballs I picked up, sleeping bag, extra boxers……..”

“Mom………” Tai flushed and grabbed his bag from the table.

Mom laughed and placed her son’s red and black, Trainer Hat on Tai’s head. “Don’t forget to call me when you get to Viridian City.”

“I won’t.” Tai hugged his mom tightly and then smiled. “See ya later!!” He smiled and then patted Ivysaur on the head as he raced out the door.


The late morning sun hung in the sky like a lazy, oversized glowing bug. It was too bright. It was too early.

IT WAS TOO DAMN COLD! Tai cursed mentally. This was tiresome. Professor Oak’s lab was too far away for its own good. Just when he was beginning to think violent thoughts that involved the dear professor’s death, the tallest spire of his quaint farm/lab appeared on the horizon. The boy charged up the hill, and burst through the door……..

“PROFESSOR! GOOD MORNING!” He shouted, barging in and walking up to the professor, who was standing behind a counter, looking at a large book.

Graying hair, tanned skin and a nice white lab coat completed Oak’s look. He had the air of a jolly old man who had experienced much in his life, too much perhaps. He looked up at Tai, smiling.

“There you are! Glad you came.”

“Whew! Thanks…I thought I was late.”

”Oh you are, hideously.” The professor chuckled. Tai sweatdropped,

"Uhh... okay. Well, can I choose a Pokemon now?" The Professor nodded.

"Of course." Tai smiled and looked down at the three capsules on the table with labels.





Tai thought this out carefully, the remembered Charmander's evolution. A Dragon/Fire Type, that was a great combination.

"I Choose You!" Tai picked up the pokeball and released the pokemon, the red laser soon materialized into a solid pokemon. A small, orange pokemon with blue eyes. Professor Oak smiled,

"You two will do great together! Here..." The Professor handed Tai a tray with a red, high-tech note book like thing with five pokeballs besides it.

"Take it, it's your Pokedex and Five Empty Pokeballs for you to capture pokemon with. I am sure you know what a Pokedex is, once you fill this Pokedex with all the pages you will truly be one of the greatest Trainers. Now please, just wait here. I need you to do something for me." Tai cocked his head slightly,

"Do What...?" Oak smiled.

Master Trainer Empoleon
April 28th, 2008, 5:15 PM
"Where's the Rx for that?--" the music suddenly stopped

"Oh no!!!... I listened to my music too long, I'm late!"

Reishu Keiku looked up at the clock and stopped listening to the heavy metal. Reishu Keiku or better known as K.R. slipped his signature black clothes on. He made sure he took care of his personal hygiene and dahsed down the stairs. His mom threw his breakfast of riceballs at him. K.R. wquickly caught them and rushed out the door.

"Bye Mom!..I'll call you whenever I can!"

His mom gave a quick wave and K.R. now focused on getting to Prof. Oak's lab. K.R. was 14 and finally ready for his journey. He had a feeling that while he was out in the world of Kanto, he would cross path with his father. He knew that thinking about it, gave him mixed feelings. Just as he was thinking harder about it, he looked up and seen that he was standing in front of Prof. Oak's lab. K.R. ran down the hill and burst through the door.
"Prof. Oak!, Sorry I'm late!" yelled K.R.

"Oh hello K.R."

"Hi Proffesor, Still got any pokemon?"

"Of course K.R., you can choose Bulbasaur, Squirtle, or Eevee."

K.R. realised Eevee's many choices of evolved forms and knew that this could be useful in the future.

"I choose Eevee!" said K.R.

K.R. took the Pokeball and said, "Alright Eevee, let's go!"

K.R. threw the Pokeball and out came Eevee, a brown and white fox-like pokemon.

"Qui." said Eevee

"Take this too." said Prof. Oak As he gave K.R. five Poeballs and a Encyclopeda-looking thing.

K.R. turned and looked at the boy standing next to him. K.R. stared at the boy, wondering what his first reaction would be. K.R. seen this boy around at school before, but never introduced himself before, K.R. also remembered that he was a little bit older than the boy standing next to him. So K.R. decided to speak first.

"Hi, I'm Reishu Keiku, but you can call me K.R., I'm just starting my journey today too." K.R. said with a smile as he bowed.

OOC: I like how this is starting out. :)

April 28th, 2008, 5:37 PM
~ Ring! Ring! Ring! ~
A circular alarm clock that was set to ring at five in the morning rang loudly before the sun even had a chance to get up itself. It also was pretty loud, so perhaps that was going to be loud enough to not only wake up the slumbering female pokemon trainer, but it was probably loud enough to wake up the entire small town called Pallet Town... Well okay, perhaps it wasn't that loud, but for the raven haired girl, it was the loudest thing her little ears have ever listened to. Thus why her petite hand immediately slammed on the top button of the alarm clock to shut it off.

"I need to really buy a new alarm clock..." The small girl named Hana Suzuki mumbled under her breath before sitting up on the bed. She was tired, and who wouldn't be? She slept really late last night and she set up her alarm clock to ring so early since she was scared that she was going to oversleep, just like many new trainers often did on their big day. "But I'll get one later, right now I have to get ready." She mumbled, her soft high-pitched voice still sounded rather groggy since she was still rather tired. And she was so tempted to lay back down to get some more sleep.

Hana then hopped out of bed, rubbing her closed eyelids with her hands before shaking her head a bit so she could wake herself up. And in a few minutes she changed from her regular boring old pajamas to her favorite pink long sleeved shirt with her green short sleeved jacket, green jeans, and pink sneakers. It was her favorite outfit to wear and since today was a special day, she wanted to look good for it. She then took hold of her brand new black framed glasses that her parents gave her last night and put it on. However when she looked in the mirror, she frowned a bit and took it off, shoving it in her jean pocket.

"Okay so I got my backpack, my glasses, myself..." She mumbled as she looked around the room trying to see if she forgot anything and then she spotted her stuffed Oddish plushie. "Oh yeah I nearly forgot about you." She said this with a soft giggle as she picked up the pokemon plushie that was lying on her small twin sized bed. She then stuffed it in her backpack before leaving the bedroom. That way she could head over to the kitchen and make herself some quick breakfast. After all, both of her parents already told her their goodbyes last night and now they were both most likely heading over to their own jobs. "I still wish they were both here to say bye to me again." She mumbled as she began to make herself some pancakes.

After the young Hana had finished her breakfast, she tidied up the kitchen and began to head out of the house. She walked at a slow calm pace, not rushing at all, because Professor Oak's lab wasn't too far away and most likely since it was still pretty early, he probably was still snoozing. 'Oh well, at least today is a beautiful peaceful day. So even if he is sleeping, I wouldn't mind standing outside of his lab.' She thought as she looked up at the sky, which now was brighter than before since the sun already had begun to rise.

However, after she climbed the hill that led her to Professor Oak's lab, she spotted him reading a book. It was about Pokemon Breeding, which wasn't surprising since he was a Pokemon Researcher. "Good Morning Professor, I hope you don't mind I came early." Her voice was soft and she silently hoped he wouldn't look at her tiny self too oddly since she had arrived rather early, but instead he just chuckled and motioned for her to sit down. So she did just that. "Just wait here and wait for the others to arrive Miss Suzuki." He told her with a smile. "Alright Professor." She then sat down on one of the seats infront of the counter.

So she sat down and began to read one of the many pokemon related books scattered on the counter using her black glasses to help her see the words on the pages. But after twenty, thirty, forty, or sixty minutes, some young male busted through the door and shouted 'Good Morning'. And soon enough, both him and the professor were talking about him receiving his starter pokemon and she watched silently as he got his Charmander. And then some other male walked in and spoke to the Professor, requesting for the Eevee starter pokemon. Which was why Hana decided to speak,"Sir, before any other trainers burst in here, would you mind giving me my starter pokemon? Because I've been wanting to have my very own Bulbasaur for quite some time now." Her voice was soft and polite. For she didn't really want to interrupt the Professor, however she did want her starter pokemon before anyone took it away from her.

[[Okay I'm not sure if I'm allowed to take control of the Professor or anything, which is why I didn't post up his reaction. ^^o Also I had to edit my post a bit since someone else posted before me]]

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April 28th, 2008, 5:53 PM
OOC:Yeah, I think it's ok. Charizard didn't say you couldn't control a nPC for a bit. :)

April 28th, 2008, 7:29 PM
OOC: Yes, that was a very good first post. And guys, if you ever wanna talk thorugh OOC like we are right now, do it in the OOC thread okay? It is okay to control the professor, like MTP said you can control NPC's.

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April 30th, 2008, 5:16 PM
...I'ma hijack a plane and fly it into your house
Burn your apartment with your family tied to the couch
And slit your throat, so when you scream, only blood comes out
I doubt that there could ever be...a more wicked MC
'Cuz AIDs infested child molesters aren't sicker than me
I see the world for what it is, beyond the white and the black
The way the government downplays historical facts
'Cuz the United States sponsored the rise of the 3rd Reich
Just like the CIA trained terrorists to the fight
Build bombs and sneak box cutters onto a flight...

Junichi Masuda woke up to his mom turning off his music.

"Why do you listen to that crap?" she asked

"It aint crap whatchyou talkin bout?" he shot back.

"Whatever get up you're late"

"What time is it?"

"After ten."

"WHAT!?!?! O SHIZ I'M LATE!!!"

"Watch your mouth."

"Do you have breakfast ready? Or do i hafta skip?"

"You're skippin"

"Crap see ya then"
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Masuda sped down the hill on his skate board wearing his black skinny jeans, red tennis shoes, and his "consistantly inconsistant" T-shirt under his unbuttoned, crimson shirt. I'm so late, he thought to himself. i should go faster. Just as he put his foot down to push himself a little faster, his wheel hit a rock, stopping the board and sending Masuda sliding down the hill.


Masuda walked into Prof. Oaks lab at 12 covered in dried blood and small rocks.

"Sorry im late Proffesor. I fell." Said Masuda to the aw-struck man.

"What happened?" asked the professor.

"Its a long story so I'll tell you later. Right now then i need to clean myself up a bit and then if its not too much trouble I'd like to get rolling." As Masuda said this he looked around the lab, looking at the three other trainers. Of course they were all waiting on him. He recognized K.R. from school but couldnt tell who the other two were.

"Alright you can use the bathroom to clean up. We'll get started when you get out."

April 30th, 2008, 5:40 PM
Tai was so happy he had finally recieved Charmander, or Charco as he nicknamed him, but the professor said something that had surprised Tai. He asked for something, but Tai didn't really know what it was. After a few minutes Tai was sitting down on a nice, red velvet couch next to a young girl his age, and an older boy. They had done a few introductions and were shocked as a boy who looked as if he had just been mauled by a bear walked into the marbled-floor laboratory.

"...I fell..." The boy said as Tai chuckled abit, he found that funny. The professor allowed the final boy to go to the bathroom and quickly clean up. He was the last one, so far Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Eevee were taken. Tai wondered what the last one was.


The boy stepped out of the bathroom and looked at the Professor and smiled. He wasn't perfectly clean, but he was better than he was. Oak smiled and motioned for the boy to sit on the couch,

"Okay. Now that we've got all of the Beginning Trainers here, we can finally begin! Okay, Taichi Sugimori and Charmander, Keiku Reishu and Eevee, Hana Suzuki and Bulbasaur, Masuda Junichi and Squirtle, the young Duos. Masuda, here is your Squirtle. Since you were abit late this is the only one left." Prof. Oak handed the boy the pokeball.

"Okay, I need to ask you all a favor..." The professor began as Tai looked at him oddly.

'What does he want us to do?' He thought to himself. Oak chuckled,

"This is the first time in history that I have sent out four trainers! This is a special ocassion, so... I want you all to travel in a group!" Prof. Oak smiled. Tai shrugged, he was originally going to travel alone but he figured it wasn't that bad.

"And that's not all! I would like for you all to follow me!!!" Prof. Oak looked childish as he skidded off to his back door. Tai sweatdropped as soon followed, waiting to see if the others were coming.


Outside, Tai was the first one out. He watched the Professor skipped out into his backyard, a wonderful field with boulders and small rivers. Even a lake and wonderful trees, in the center was the best thing Tai has ever seen. A Pokemon Battle Arena! Tai was in awe and ran out,

"Oh my god, Professor! T-This is awesome! Did you barely get this?" The Professor nodded at Tai's question. He looked over,

"So, what did you want us to do with this?" Professor Oak held back a large smile,

"A DOUBLE BATTLE!!!" He yelled out. Tai's eyes widened, as his mouth gaped open in a happy manner...
OOC: Well seeing as this is all I can do without controlling others I'll end there. This is also an examply of a rule I made. MINOR powerplaying, I only made Masuda come out of the bathroom.

April 30th, 2008, 6:37 PM
Hana Suzuki smiled a bit when the professor finally handed her the pokeball with her starter pokemon inside of it. He also handed her a pokedex along with five empty pokeballs. You know basically the same old materials that he gave the other males in the room, the only main difference was the fact that her pokeball contained a grass-type starter pokemon known as Bulbasaur while the other two males had an Eevee and a Charmander inside of their pokeballs. "Thank you Professor Oak." She told him with her soft yet high-pitched voice.

Then she looked down at the pokeball in her hand after stuffing the other pokeballs into the front pocket of her backpack. "I think I'll name you Lilium." She mumbled as she looked down at the pokeball, then her attention went to the male who sat down on the couch next to her, however instead of saying any sort of greeting to him, she just gave him a small smile and looked away from him so she could see the beat up male who just came in. He looked as if he either ran through a bunch of rose bushes with super pointy thorns or a bunch of grass-type pokemon used razor leaf on him over and over again.

The small girl then watched as he disappeared into the bathroom and watched as he received the last remaining pokemon, Squirtle. Which was a decent pokemon and was her second choice if someone already took away her Bulbasaur. After all plants need water to live, so it wouldn't be bad for her to have started out with a water-type. But Hana snapped out of her thoughts as soon as Professor Oak began to speak and as soon as he told them that they'd be traveling together, her jaw dropped. Was he serious?

From his excited facial expression he was. 'It's not that I mind being with a group, but I'm not sure if I'd be all too comfortable traveling with a bunch of strangers.' She thought as she looked at each of the males for a brief moment each, then she looked down at her pokeball containing Lilium and that made her feel slightly better. Perhaps these guys weren't all too bad and perhaps they'd treat her nicely unlike the other rude boys who teased her for being so shy and quiet. And hopefully they wouldn't make rude remarks on her glasses.

As soon as Professor Oak practically skipped out of the room, Hana stood up. But she let the other males go before her since she was scared they'd all dash out of the room all at once and push her out of the way. After all most boys their age found joy in a little girl's pain. So she waited for a few moments before walking slowly out of the room, shutting the door softly behind her before walking out into the open field. And while the others were admiring the arena, she was admiring the flowers that were planted to beautify the backyard.

But eventually she caught up with the others, getting there right when Professor Oak mentioned them all having a double battle. 'A double battle?So that means I have to pair up with one of them... Well I know that automatically the boy with the eevee shouldn't be my partner. His normal-type can't do a thing to help Lilium with Charmander... However if I pair up with the boy with the Squirtle, then I'll have an advantage over the trainer with the Charmander.' She thought as she bit her bottom lip. And finally she had came to a conclusion.

"Hey, you got Charmander right?" Her voice was soft as she tapped the shoulder of the boy who sat down next to her on the sofa. "I was thinking we could probably team up and take the other two boys down. But if you don't want to be my partner, that's okay." She told him, her pale light green eyes were focused on the ground, scared to look up at the boy as she waited for some sort of reaction. Hopefully one that didn't involve him laughing at her and telling her that he wouldn't team up with her because she was a girl. But she wouldn't be shocked if he did.

She selected him because if her partner's pokemon was a Charmander, then she wouldn't even have to worry about having Lilium knocked out because of type disadvantages. After all Hana Suzuki knew almost everything about grass-types, their moves, their advantages, their weaknesses. Everything.

Master Trainer Empoleon
May 1st, 2008, 2:26 AM
K.R. seen Masuda burst out of the door cobvered in blood. "Damn...what happened to Masudda?" he thought as he walked to the bathroom. K.R. looked at his Eevee and smiled "Since it's my lucky day, then I'll call you Lucky."

After Masuda recieved his Pokemon, they wee all led to the backyard where there was a Battle Arena. After Prof. Oak told them about the double battle, K.R. was excited

"That's aewsome! I'm definately in!" he said

Now K.R. needed a partner he looked into his Pokedex, and saw that his Eevee knew Tackle, Tail Whip and Helping Hand. "Helping Hand should be useful in battle and if Im not mistaken, Squirtle is strong against Charmander but Weak against Bulbasaur.So if we take down..."

K.R. snapped out of his thought and approached Masuda. "Hey Masuda, let's team up and take those other two down." K.R. said happily Masuda gave sort of a nod and the two turned to face Tai and Hana.

"I'm ready to do this!" said K.R.

K.R. drew his Pokeball and was getting ready to toss it. K.R. has battle at school on the Pokemon Battle Simulator and learned exclusively on Eevee. He also knew the others also used the Battle Simulator frequently and also know a thing or two about the Pokemon they were using.

"Masuda are you ready to battle?" K.R. asked as he waited for a response

May 2nd, 2008, 4:54 PM
"yah sure" replied masuda to K.R. He clicked the silver button on the pokeball, releasing his Squirtle. He knew that squirtles water moves could take down charmander but hed hafta steer clear of bulbasaur.

Squirtle erupted from the pokeball and charged forward. "Tackle" yelled Masuda

OOC::: science project= finished. but we are going out in our boat. ill post again on sunday. SRY for the inconvinience. feel free to god play me.

May 2nd, 2008, 5:15 PM
The girl he sat next to had walked up to Tai and asked him if he would like to battle with her. He was surprsied a bit,

"Oh, you want to battle with me? As a partner? Umm... sure!" Tai smiled, she seemed nice. The two other boy trainers were standing next to eachother and the opposite end of the battle feild where Tai and the girl stood. One of the boys sent out their Squirtle,

"Okay, Let's go...uhhh.what's your name?" Tai sweatdropped as he clicked the metallic center button on the Pokeball, causing it to resize into the size of a baseball,

"Let's Go Charco!!!" He sent out his Charmander who scratched the dirt ready for battle, he waited for his partner and the final battler to release their pokemon.


Oak sat on a solemn wooden bench to the side of the battle field. He rasied his fists underneath his chin, like a fan girl would.

"I am so excited! I love Pokemon Battles, I want to see what the top students of Pallet Pokemon Academy can do with their first pokemon." Oak watched as the trainers esent out their pokemon one by one. He sighed,

'I just hope Viridian's gym leader has come to his senses about that silly evil plot. If he hasn't, that must mean the other gym leaders have some problems as well.' He thought to himself.

May 2nd, 2008, 5:48 PM
Hana Suzuki was almost as shocked as the young male with the Charmander was. After all she had expected him to laugh at her and tell her there was no way he was going to do his first pokemon battle with a girl as his partner. However she just smiled slightly and answered his question,"My name is Hana Suzuki, but be free to call me Hana or whatever name that you would like to call me." She told him before pressing the center of the red and white sphere that contained her first pokemon, Bulbasaur.

Hana was always seen as a shy girl in her pokemon school, one who was smart, yet lacked a back bone when it came to bullies. However if any of her former classmates looked at her right now with her usual soft and gentle smile curved into a more confident grin. They probably wouldn't have recognized her. "Come on out Lilium!" Her usually soft voice was now louder than before and remained high-pitched for that's how her voice naturally sounded. And as soon as the pokeball was thrown up in the air, it opened up automatically and with a bright red light, the grass-type pokemon Bulbasaur came out. "Bulba." The pokemon said as she glanced over her shoulder to look at her trainer with a small smile.

"Alright Lilium listen up, you're up against Squirtle and Eevee and that Charmander over there is your ally." She told the grass-type pokemon before glancing over across the field to look at the two boys. One of them still hadn't taken out his pokemon from it's pokeball, however the other boy already shouted out a command to his Squirtle who was charging over towards either her Bulbasaur or her partner's Charmander. And since Lilium only knew two moves, one that was defensive while the other offensive, she decided to do the smart thing and start off with a growl.

"Okay stand on your ground and growl, if the Squirtle gets too close then charge and tackle." She told the grass-type pokemon who nodded slowly. And as soon as she finished nodding, she defensively ran infront of Charmander and narrowed down her eyes at the charging water-type pokemon, then after taking a deep breath, she opened her mouth and growled. "Bulba!"

Master Trainer Empoleon
May 3rd, 2008, 5:29 AM
K.R., who was ready for battle decided to fight. He pressed the silver butoon on his Pokeball and threw it. "Lucky, I choose you, let's go!" he yeleld "Qui."

"Lucky, use Tackle!"

Eevee looked at K.R. before he attacked. "Lucky, you're fighting Bulbasaur and Charmander, make sure you assist Squirtle in evey way possible. "Qui." Eevee then began to charge across the field and was coming towards Bulbasaur. Eevee was going to focus its attacks on Bulbasaur in order to protect Squirtle.

K.R. had an idea and was waiting for the right moment in order to do what he was planning.

May 3rd, 2008, 1:02 PM
Masuda's squirtle dashed towards the green dinosaur pokemon, but was halted suddenly when a loud growl pierced the blue turtle's ears. Hana had ordered the Growl Attack!

"Lucky, Use Tackle!" Tai heard a command as the eevee rushed towards Bulbasaur as well.

"Charco! Scratch Attack!" The Eevee was slashed to the side as Charco leaped in front of Bulbasaur. The Squirtle was still abit dazed after the close Growl Attack. Tai smiled, Eevee was damaged, and Squirtle's attack was lowered.

"Charco, Growl!!!" Tai ordered. The charmander opened its small orange mouth, showing its tounge and let out a growl. The attack's sound waves traveled towards the dazed Squirtle.

"Squirtle, watch out!" Masuda shouted, the Squirtle shook his head slightly and scurried away. The sound waves depleated. Tai gritted his teeth,

"Squirtle Tackl!" Masuda pointed at Squirtle. It bashed its head into Charco's stomach, Tai's eyes widened.

"Scratch!" Charco leaped into the air...

Master Trainer Empoleon
May 3rd, 2008, 3:10 PM
OOC: K.R. has Eevee, Masuda has Squirtle.

May 3rd, 2008, 3:28 PM
OOC: Lol, my bad. I'll fix it right away!

May 3rd, 2008, 9:02 PM
'Smart that boy is focusing his attacks on Lilium since she has a type-advantage over Squirtle.' Hana Suzuki thought as she watched the brown furred pokemon charge forward after given the command to tackle. However before she could tell the grass-type pokemon to dodge or counter-attack, the boy next to her told his Charmander to scratch the charging Eevee. This made Hana let out a small sigh of relief before her pastel green eyes widened slightly as she realized that the Charmander was standing a bit too close to her Bulbasaur.

"Lilium! Take a few steps backward, even though Charmander is your partner, don't get too close to his tail!" She shouted. The crimson-eyed plant nodded and moved slightly away from the fire-type pokemon, not wanting to get it's bulb burned by the lizard's flame. Then Hana took a deep breath as she watched Charmander do a growl to Squirtle, that way it's attack could go even lower than before. However the Squirtle quickly ran off and avoided the attack. Smart move. What was smarter though was that another moment later the same water-type pokemon did a successful tackle on the Charmander, thus causing the pokemon to fly up in the air.

'Too bad Lilium doesn't know vine whip yet.' Hana thought as she watched the fire-type fly over her Bulbasaur,"Okay try to be as quick and agile as you can Lilium, I need you to charge and ram yourself into Squirtle before he gets another chance to attack!" Sure she would have told Lilium to attack the Eevee, but so far the major problem was the water-type turtle. So it'd be best to get rid of that rascal before dealing with the furball.

Master Trainer Empoleon
May 3rd, 2008, 9:40 PM
Masuda then looked at K.R. and nodded.

Masuda yeleld,
"Squirtle, use Tackle on Bulbasaur!"

K.R. then said, "Lucky, use Helping Hand!"

Eevee and Squirtle charged at Bulbasaur. Squirtle was speeding towards Bulbasaur, Eevee was glowing and strengthening the tackle. Eevee wasn't happy with Charmander and wanted to go after him but stayed focused on Bulbasaur.

"This should work." said K.R. with a smile

May 3rd, 2008, 9:55 PM
Tai had ordered Charco to use Scratch Attack, so the little orange lizard leaped into the air to strike Eevee. The small brown pokemon began glowing, it was using Helpin Hand!

"What?!" Tai whispered to himself as he saw the Squirtle rushing towards Bulbasaur! Hana, the girl he was partnered with, decided to use tackle as well against Squirtle.

'If I can hit Eevee before Squirtle hits Bulbasaur. It shouldn't hurt Bulbasaur too much.' Tai tightened his fist as Charco pressed onward. His claws dug into Lucky's fur, launching him backwards next to K.R.'s leg. It shakily stood up then fell down, swirls in his eyes.

Oak stood up from the bench and lowered his hand,

"Lucky is unable to battle!" Tai grinned, but Squirtle still managed to hit Bulbasaur. Both of the pokemon were launched backwards, now each of the remaining pokemon have been damaged once. One more hit to any of them and they went down. Tai's eyes widened,

'Wait, Squirtle's attack has been lowered by Hana's first Growl Command! That means we can probably take two more hits by Squirtle before being taken down.' He thought. He soon adapted a smug grin.

"Charco, hurry! Scratch attack on Squirtle!" He ordered, the Squirtle retalliated with a Growl of its own. The scratch attack hit, but with lower attack strength, so it survived the attack.

'That was smart.' He thought.

Master Trainer Empoleon
May 3rd, 2008, 10:32 PM
"Meh." said K.R. as he returned Lucky back into its' Pokeball

Masuda on the other hand was still into the battle. Squirtle then tackled Bulbasaur again and knocked it out. Oak raised his hand said, "Lilium is unable to battle!" This left Squirtle and Charmander locked into battle. Squirtle and Charmander were facing each other in battle. It could go either way. Masuda grinned and said,

"Squirtle, use Growl and jump back towards me."

Squirtle then began to Growl which lowered Charmander's Attack, Masuda was going to try and finish off Charmander. As he waited to see what Tai would do.

May 4th, 2008, 12:50 PM
Hana frowned slightly as she watched Lilium crash her leafy body against the turtle, but both of them survived that blow, however the Squirtle was fast enough to pull off another tackle attack and that knocked Lilium out like a light. "Well you tried your best and you did a good job out there." She mumbled with a small smile as she took out the pokeball that was meant for her Bulbasaur and soon enough the grass-type pokemon disappeared with a bright red light into the sphere-shaped device.

She then stuffed the pokeball into her green jacket's pocket before glancing over at her partner who looked rather nervous, but he also looked as if he had some sort of plan in his mind. And she secretly hoped he did since her pokemon was knocked out, leaving him as their only hope to win this double battle.

Her pastel green eyes then looked back at the battle in front of her, although she really couldn't see what was going on too clearly, which is why she took out her black framed glasses and put them on so she could watch as the Squirtle used Tail Whip to try and lower Chamander's defenses.

May 4th, 2008, 5:23 PM
Tai clenched his fists,

'Damn!' He cursed mentally. His Charmander's attack was now lowered. He thought this through and created a plan in his mind. Tai smirked and pointed at Squirtle,

"Scratch attack!" Tai yelled out. Masuda smirked,

"An offensive attack? I just lowered your Charmander's attack! That's not a smart idea..." Masuda yelled out. Tai chuckled as his lizard pokemon dashed at the Squirtle. Charmander raised his claw,

"Squirtle, Tackle!" Masuda yelled out. Squirtle grinned and lunged his head forward swiftly.

"CHARCO, JUMP!" The Charmander leaped into the air, cauing Squirtle to loose his balance slightly. The turtle looked around to see Charmander land on a boulder in the battle field,

"Now Charco! Scratch!" Charco used the boulder to cataupault himself into the air and swiftly fall to the ground. He slashed Squirtle's side, launching him off of the battle field.

"Squirtle is unable to battle! Tai and Hana are the winners!" Tai grinned and raised his fist up into the air.

"Yeah! We won our first battle, Hana!" He ran over to Hana and gave her a hug! He quickly let go,

"Oh, sorry!" Tai took a few steps back and picked up Charco into the air. Masuda returned Squirtle back into his pokeball and he placed his hand on his head.

"I don't get it, I used Growl! Squirtle should've survived that Scratch!" Tai walked over,

"The boulder provided a cataupault. With the added pressure of his launch his scratch attack was much more powerful." Tai grinned. Masuda nodded,

"I guess..." Oak walked over to the four trainers. He motioned them to follow him into his laboratory. Tai was the first to walk in, he led them all to a large machine in the back of his lab.

"Please place your Pokemon into the machine." Tai placed his pokeball into the machine along with the others. After a few seconds Oak handed back the pokeballs, their pokemon fully healed.


The four trainers stood on the outskirts of Pallet Town, Prof. Oak standing in front of them.

"Okay you four, to fill those pokedex's of yours, you should head out to these northern fields. I named it Route One during my explorations in my younger days. I inputted all my knowledge of the Kanto Region in those Pokedex's. So use them for your ALL your needs, it has a map, phycic pokemon translater, and a lot of more features. So now, I bid you four goodbye." Prof. Oak smiled. Tai and the others looked at Oak, Tai raised his hand. Oak did the same,

"Thank your Professor! We'll make you proud!" Tai smiled. They walked off into the horizon as the headed into the fields.

The made their ways down the large plains until Pallet was only mildly visible.

"Wow, we've been walking a lot! Wonder how far we are." Tai opened his pokedex and checked the map,

"We're half-way through?!" Tai shouted. He sighed,

"Well let me check what kind of pokemon are available here." Tai told the others. The pokedex then showed a loading screen,

“Location, ****yzing…”

After a few seconds, it let out a chime like sound.

“Pokemon Identified. List as follows: One: Pidgey, Two: Rattata, Three: Pokemon Unknown.”

Tai stopped walking, he looked at the picture of Pidgey and smiled, it looked very strong, and continued down. Pokemon Unknown?

"Hey guys, what pokemon around here look Unknown?" Tai looked around.

He looked around for any sign of the unknown pokemon……when a shadow caught his eye and the boy did a double take.

The shadow was standing in the bushes, silently.

It was there, tall and imposing upon the back drop of peaceful green foliage.

Tai shuddered. It was staring at him; he could feel its eyes boring into his.

"I-I think we should go..." Masuda shuddered.

Master Trainer Empoleon
May 4th, 2008, 5:46 PM
K.R. also seen the Mysterious pokemon. K.R. didnt know what it was either and slowly backed away. "Um guys, I think we should run!" K.R. said as he and Masuda turned around and ran towards Viridian City. "I'm not taking any chances!!!" yelled K.R. as he and Masuda ran like Track Stars.

K.R. kept running until he ran into a tree. K.R. had a red mark on his face with swirls in his eyes and he was in a Groggy position. Masuda, however had fortunately com to a stop befor ehe hit the tree. Masuda turned around in order to wait for Tai and Hana. Masuda then turned to k.R. who was still knocked unconcious, Masuda who was looking for a seat sat right n to K.R.'s head.



Masuda heard a muffled noise.



"Get off."


"I said Get off!" yelled K.R. as he hit Masuda on the head with a mallet. (Don't ask where he got it from.)

K.R. then looked over himself and stood there, waiting to see if The other two would catch up to them.

May 4th, 2008, 6:30 PM
Hana watched as the battle came to an end, her partner winning it by using one of the arena's boulders to give his Charmander's scratch attack a small boost of power to knock out the Squirtle. 'Hmm amazing... I didn't even think of that.' She thought as she looked at the knocked out Squirtle for a few moments before feeling a pair of arms wrap around her for a few brief moments, causing the young girl to blush slightly at the sudden contact, but she quickly shook it off as soon as he let go. "It's okay really, and you did a great job." She told him before following her partner for the double battle and the other guys inside of the building since Oak wanted to drag them somewhere else.

In his labratory, they healed up their pokemon and Hana listened as Professor Oak spoke about the Pokedex and how they all were required to use them during their journeys. And right when they all were leaving, Hana gave a quick goodbye wave for Professor Oak before leaving the labratory so she could follow the boys, trailing behind them since she still felt rather uneasy around them. After all even though her battle partner whose name she still didn't know seemed like a nice person, she wasn't sure about the others. So following at a safe distance behind the group was the best option for her.

"Hey guys, what pokemon around here look Unknown?"

This was something her battle partner said as he looked away from his pokedex to look around. "Perhaps it's an error in the pokedex. All I see are Pidgeys and Rattatas." She told him, although she spoke softly, so there was a chance he probably didn't hear her. However the other guys had different opinions for they swore they saw something and eventually two of them ran off, faster than humanly possible. Or at least in her opinion they ran faster than humanly possible. "I don't see anything..." She mumbled under her breath as she tried to look around, but then she shrugged as she began walking forward, taking her sweet time as she walked over in the direction that the two boys ran in.

Yeah, Hana was pretty cool, calm, and collected about the whole 'unknown pokemon' situation since she just automatically assumed it was a technological error in the pokedex. Perhaps it was programmed wrong or something along those lines.

May 4th, 2008, 7:01 PM
Tai was frozen in place, as though the mysterious object locked him in place. He could only feel the prescence of the other three trainers leave.

His eyes were watering, he couldn't maintain contact. Every fiber in his body told him to blink.

So he did.

And when the boy looked back, it was gone.

What had that been?

Tai shook his head slightly,

"I-It was probably nothing..." He turned around to catch up with the others. The two other boys were sitting on a piece of pasture while the girl he battled with walked mildly along. The sun was beginning to set, once he made his way to the group he spoke aloud.

"Hey guys, the sun is starting to set. I think we should set up camp here. What do you think?" Tai asked the other. He always assumed himself to be the leader of groups. But then again, it did make sense to make camp. He didn't think they'd make it to Viridian by the time it turned dark.

May 5th, 2008, 8:02 PM
hmm. maybe we should se up camp. Thought Masuda

"Yah i agree." said Masuda to Tai. "we should probably get ready to go to bed before tomorrow. We'll have a bit to do tomorrow. If i'm not mistaken there is a gym there. Maybe we should hit that shigadeebamdeebam up eh?" Masuda waited for the rest of his groups response and then began to take out his sleeping bag.

Masuda thought back on the day as he did this. He fell on his skateboard and cut himself up pretty bad, he lost in a double battle, got extremely scared over something he couldn't even really see, and got hit in the head with a mallet (WTF M.T.E. ???) all in one day. He had definantly had better.

Laying down, Masuda grabbed his possesions and placed them next to him. He sat up quickly looking around at the people around him. Something was missing.

May 6th, 2008, 3:11 PM
Tai and co. had finally agreed to set up camp. It was late now, the sun had set behind the rolling hills of Route One. Tai flipped open his pokedex and pressed a button,

"It's 9 'o' clock guys, we've got to hit the hay early if we want to reach Viridian early tomorrow. Tai had found a perfect spot where they could set up camp, it had four stumps where they could sit and he had collected some fire wood for a fire. Tai laid out his sleeping bag and so did the others.

The moon made its way high into the sky as they all went inside their sleeping bags. They all fell asleep pretty quickly, but after a few hours something made Tai awaken. His eyes shot open and sat upright,

'What was that?' He thought to himself. He looked around and saw a series of miniature tornadoes forming a few meters away from their camp sites. Tai stared oddly at the tornadoes,

"What the hell is that?!" He whispered to himself, the tornadoes slowly started to make their way to their campsite. He shook the person nearest to him, K.R.

"Hey, K.R.!!!" Tai whispered at him, shaking him. Trying not to wake the others.

Master Trainer Empoleon
May 6th, 2008, 5:20 PM
"I...I'm not sure." said K.R.

"Let's go check it out."

K.R. was really curious about this. K.R. thought that it could've been a pokemon that made such huge tornados. K.R. would definately want to catch one of those. He looked at his Skull pajaas and decided to change. Once he had his black skull shirt. His black jeas, his chain wallet, and had his earrings back in. K.R. looked at his tattoo and slipped his Dragonair chain back on. K.R. checked his Pokedex, it said 3:15 a.m.

K.R. slipped his shoes on and hooked his Pokeball back on his belt. He was ready to go. K.R. also took a pokeball with him, just in case he saw a pokemon. K.R. looked at Tai and was waiting to se if he was ready to go. K.R. then broke the silence and asked Tai, "Explain to me what exactly happened, I have a good feeling about this one."

May 6th, 2008, 6:03 PM
K.R. finally awoke and Tai decided not to wake the others, they needed their sleep. K.R. changed as Tai quickly turned the other way, he didn't need to see another boy change. He looked at himself and saw he still was wearing his pajamas, then he shrugged.

K.R. and Tai started walking down the path, Tai had put on his Charmander slippers. K.R. asked Tai what exactly had happened and he looked at him,

"Well umm... I woke up and then I looked around. Everything was quiet then I saw the dirt start swirling around, and then a couple of tornadoes appeared and started moving towards us. Look here they come!" Tai whispered loudly, the currents of wind made their way over to the boys. Tai shielded his eyes from the constant dirt being piled upon him.

The Tornadoes seemed to taunt them, stopping right on them. Tai took out his pokedex, gripping it very tightly. He rasied it up pointing at the top of the tornadoe he was in,

"Pidgey, the Tiny Bird Pokemon. It is docile and prefers toa void confilct. It disturbed, however, it can ferociously strike back. Tai squinted his eyes as he tried to listen to the male, technological voice. He pressed a few buttons leading to more information.

"K.R.! There's five of them! One is Level 3, Two are LEvel 4, and Two are Level 5. I think those Level 5 Pidgey's are the leaders! Let's take them down first!" Tai shouted.

"Charco! Go!" The Charco appeared in a red light, it leaped into the air causing the tornado to dissapear. The Pidgey was left,

”Kerukroo!” The Pidgey screeched, its head lowered.


The little orange pokemon landed, and then braced its legs as it faced the Pidgey.

“Alright! Charco, Ember!”

The pokemon swung its tail over its head releasing a pyro sphere from its tail, burning the flying pokemon.

The Pidgey squirmed, and then let out a gust of air that blew back the fireballs, and Charco, its burned wings still very much active.

“Ah!” Tai shielded his eyes from the whipped up sand.

“Char!” Charmander righted itself in the air and landed.

“Scratch!” Tai pointed at the Pidgey, and Charmander charged, scraping the Pidgey in the air, feathers and all.

“Go! Pokeball!” The boy threw the capsule at the Pidgey, and it opened, the bird pokemon sucked inside.

Both pokemon and human held their breath as the ball moved back and forth.

Ding! Pidgey was caught!

”Alright! Great job Charmander!” Tai patted Charmander on the head and it smiled. The boy went over, picked up the ball and clipped it on his waist, he had just made his first capture.

Tai looked over at his friend to see how he was doing...

Master Trainer Empoleon
May 6th, 2008, 6:24 PM
K.R. took his Pokeball off of his belt and yeleld, "Lucky, let's go!"

After a red glow, an Eevee appeared. "Qui."

"Lucky, go! use Tackle!"

Lucky runs up tocharge at the other leader. The pidgey is taken aback but then response with a huge blast of sand.

"Watch out for that sand-attack!"

Eevee, squints through the sand waves, and soon got through the sand. Eevee then charged into the Pidgey again and again and again.

"Keep using tackle Eevee!" said K.R. excitely

Pidgey crashed to the ground and K.R. threw a Pokeball.

"Pokeball Go!"




Ding! Pidgey was caught!" K.R. was overjoyed. "All right, IO caught me a Pidgey!" he said as he flashed to Pokeball.

'Go Pidgey!"

Pidgey popped out of the Pokeball.

"Ok, Pidgey you work for me now, but I need you to talk to those Pidgey and tell them to leave now, so we don't have to use violence against them."


Pidgey talked to two of the weaker Pidgey and they flew away.

"Maybe you should do the same Tai." said K.R. as he looked at him

"I dont think that they would let us leave unless we talk or fight."

May 6th, 2008, 6:42 PM
Tai looked over at K.R., almost with a blank look on his face.

"Huh? Oh yeah, Gee!" Tai released his weakened Pidgey in a ray of red light. The Pidgey weakly flew there,

"Here, get on my shoulder." Tai commanded, the Pidgey lay on his shoulders. He whispered into Gee's ear. Or, whatever Pidgey's use to hear. Gee flew off to the most weakest of the Pidgey's, Gee being the leader they quickly obeyed their leader and took off.

Tai smiled as he and K.R. walked back to the campsite. As they arrived the moon was starting to give way to light, purple. Tai looked at his pokedex,

"Oh no. It's already 4:45! We're only gonna get a couple of hours of sleep!" Tai whispered, and then groaned as he tumbled onto his sleeping bag. Soon falling asleep...

Master Trainer Empoleon
May 7th, 2008, 6:37 PM
K.R. opted not to go to sleep. "I got a better idea." he said

K.R. reached off his belt and said, "Pidgey, I choose you!"

The tiny bird appeared. "Pidgey, use Gust."


Soon, a large tornado appeared and knocked over a tree.

K.R. and Pidgey began to train for about 4 hours inside the forest. K.R. then looked up at the forest and realisd that it was sunrise. "I'm going to have to go back to camp."

K.R. then returned from the forest and he smelled breakfast cooking.

"Morning, so who's cooking/'

May 8th, 2008, 4:03 PM
Masuda looked around. Where was his skateboard???? Did someone take it? No, he probably just dropped it when he was running. Masuda go tup quietly and began to retrace his steps and sure enough he found it on the trail. however, there was a caterpie on top of it. "Lets train a bit eh squirtle?" said masuda as he pulled out the pokeball containing squirtle. "SQUIRTLE GO!" the pokeball opened and a beam of read shot out as squirtle jumped out. "Squirtle Squirt!" Squirtle examined the caterpie. "Tackle!" yelled Masuda. The squirtle lunged forward and hit the caterpie head on. The caterpie shot back a string of something sticky. "squirtle shake it off!!" Squirtle began to rip at the string. "Bubble attack!" The squirtle looked at Masuda blankly. "Huh, maybe he doesnt know that attack yet" Masuda muttered. "Tail whip!" The squirtle swung its tail around, connecting with the caterpies right side of its face. The caterpie was thrown back and the turtle pokemon sprung forward as Masuda yelled "TACKLE!!!" the caterpie was thrown back even further and began to retreat into the bushes. "YAH SQUIRTLE!!!" yelled Masuda. "SQUIR, SQUIRTLE!"


Masuda got back to the camp and layed down in his sleeping bag. The morning comes early. he thought to himself.


Masuda was the first awake (other than the missing K.R.) in the morning. He looked around at the other trainers. Tai and Hana were sound asleep. Masuda walked over to the now burnt down fire and began re-kindle it. Once it was up to a medium heigth, he pulled out a pan and some bacon and began to cook breakfast for everything. As he was flipping a piece of bacon he heard the bushes rustle. alarmed he leapt for his pokeball containing squirtle. K.R. emerged from the bushes.

"Morning, so whos cooking?" K.R. asked

"Me" said Masuda. "You startled me. Bacons all ready and Hana and Tai are asleep. Want some?"

Master Trainer Empoleon
May 10th, 2008, 7:34 AM
"sure." said K.R. as he sat down ready to eat some Bacon

K.R. then asked Masuda what he had been up to. K.R. was ready to get a move on to Viridian City and to get this Journey going. K.R. also was ready to do alot of things. K.R. then decided to start a convo

"Masuda, I just caught a new Pokemon a few hours ago and I've been up ever since training it."

K.R. then explained the whole thing that happened to Masuda.

"And that's how we caught our Pidgeys." he finished

"You and Hana should eventually catch some Pokemon soon as well."

May 10th, 2008, 8:03 AM
Masuda handed K.R. some bacon. "Ya, we should catch some. I really just like seeing them though. If they look cool enough, ill try to catch them ya know?" Masuda looked at his pokeball. "like squirtle, He looks really cool. I need to draw him sometime so I think ill do that now as we have time." Masuda released squirtle and began to draw the soon-sleeping pokemon. "Hana though, I can't see her catching anything other than like an oddish or a bellsprout. Shes so... Green."

May 10th, 2008, 12:38 PM
Tai's eyes opened automatically and he shot upright as he drooled slightly,

"I-Is that food?" Tai almost glided over to the pan holding some eggs and bacon. He looked up to Masuda,

"Can I have some?" Without even recieving an answer Tai served himself some on a plate.

"EAT!!!" Tai lowered his head onto the plate and ate like a savage.

He liked food.

Bits of pieces of food flew out from the side of his head and then he rasied his head,

"Oh yeah, Charco!" He released his small orange lizard and shared some of his food as well. Tai heard a slight yawn as Hana stretched from her sleeping bag and yawned.

"Ohio!" Tai smiled, yup. He knew japanese terms.


It was around 8:00 am as everyone just finished dressing and finished eating. They had some cool experiences on Route One and saw a Pidgey. But no one saw a Rattata, hmm...

Tai and co. all gathered their stuff and began walking down the dirt road. Then they saw a small purple rat,

"No way! A Rattata! Hey, let's go catch it!" He led the other to the small rat.

"Charco! Ember!" The lizard released a pyro sphere that burned the Rattata. Little did Tai know, it was a baby. Level 1 Rattata. The rat fainted, and soon enough a pack of Rattata appeared behind the baby. It seemed an infinite number of Rattata gathered,

"Uh-oh..." Tai whispered to the other. He recalled Charco and stepped back slightly, the Rattata charged at the trainers. Tai turned around,


Master Trainer Empoleon
May 10th, 2008, 8:25 PM
The Rattatta were running prettyfast, K.R. was running, screaming like a girl with his hands thrown into the air. K.R. ran throughtout the forest, dodging rocks, twigs and stumps. K.R. kept running until he hit a sign.


Welcome to Viridian City.

"Eh...I think we're here." K.R. said with a smile

The group wa finally at their destination. K.R. figured that they should go to the Pokemon Center. Then they could go from there.

"Sp it's off to the Pokemon Center!" K.R. said happily

May 11th, 2008, 7:26 AM
Tai panted as he and the gang were running for their lives, he heard a girlish shreak every now and then and looked over at Hana. But it wasn't Hana, it was K.R. The blue-haired boy finally ran into a sign that read: Welcome to Viridian City. Tai's eyes widened,

"This isn't the way I expected to get here but Oh well. Things change." Tai began running again, but one Rattata bit his ankle. Tai cringed at the pain,

"Get off of me!" He pulled off the pokemon and threw it into the crowd of Rattata. He limped into the Pokemon center. The four sat down in a couch panting, Tai grasping his ankle. A nurse with a dress and pink hair in two elaborate curls came over,

"What seems to be the problem?" She asked. Tai looked up and his eyes widened.

'Wow, she's hot!' He thought. Then a slight tremor was felt as everyone looked at the glass double doors. The Rattata were charging against it,

"That's the problem!" Tai shouted. Nurse Joy screamed as she picked up the phone, a few moments later that were filled were fear, appeared a blue haired woman and a motor bike and scared off the pokemon. She came into the Pokemon Center and saluted Nurse Joy,

"There, problem solved." She said. Tai looked at her,

'Hmm. She's okay.' He thought. Finally Tai could heal his pokemon, and himself.

Master Trainer Empoleon
May 11th, 2008, 7:54 AM
K.R. also seen Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy and began thining about one of perverted fantasies. K.R. quickly snapped back into reality and put his two pokeballs on the table. "Heal my pokemon, lease." he said K.R. then turned to the others and saw that they were going to do the same.

K.R. then recieved his Pokeballs from Nurse Joy and put them back on his belt.

"So where we going now?" he said

"Is there a gym nearby?" he asked as he paced around the room, ready to move

K.R. then turned and told Nurse Joy that they'd like rooms for the night. K.R. ket staring at Nurse Joy after she told him "Yes" K.R. was thinking about a nuse fantasy until he was struck on the head by somebody, K.R. rubbed his bum and turned around to see who it was.

May 13th, 2008, 5:53 PM
Mausda began to laugh. He had let squirtle out to hit the Pervy-Day-Dreamer K.R. in the head. "Shigadeebamdeebam" said Masuda

"Squir!" Chimed squirtle as he handed Masuda back the mallet.

"What was that for?" asked Nurse Joy.

"oh nothing heh Heh" snickered Masuda

Masuda pulled out his skateboard and began to roll around in the Poke center. Squirtle jumped on and clung to Masuda's leg. Masuda ollied and squirtle flew through the poke center only to land on a chair.

"Squirtle Squir" said the pokemon as its head moved around in circles due to the squirtles newly found diziness.

"So we gonna get going?" asked Masuda.

May 14th, 2008, 4:15 PM
Tai looked at Masuda,

"Yeah. I was thinking, we should probably go challenge the next gym leader." Tai suggested. Charco looked up,

<Gym Leader?> He said, Tai nodded.

"They distibute badges, and once you get 8 of them you can enter the League. That's our goal." He explained to Charco, he didn't mind the fact he could understand his pokemon. Tai walked over to the cafeteria of the Pokemo Center, followed by the rest of the group. Tai ordered some ramen and began eating and looked up,

"Well what'd you guys think?"

Master Trainer Empoleon
May 17th, 2008, 5:03 PM
"sounds good." said K.R. who was still rubbing the big bump on the back of his head

"So when do we move out?" said K.R. who decided to go to the Virirdian Gym.

K.R. began going through allies and streets until he came across a large building. K.R. look at a sign that said "Closed for the time being."

"Damn." said K.R. as he stared at the building.

"So what do we do now?"

May 18th, 2008, 10:02 AM
The four trainers stood there, at the entrance of the closed Viridian Gym. Tai looked at the decreted building filled with dirt and moss,

"Well okay, let's just train for the time being until we reach the next city...Pewter City. There is a gym there too! So we need to train first, theres a wonderful spot just outside of Viridian City. It's full of new pokemon like Weedle and Spearow. Let's go!" He pointed dramatically.


Tai face faulted, then whirled around to see an old, hunched man standing before him.

”Who are you buddy?” He demanded, squinting at the man with distaste.


Tai sweatdropped and immediately attempted to walk around the hunched, balding man, but the man tripped him with his cane.

“Where are you going mister? This is my property! You hooligans get off it! RIGHT NOW!” The man stuck his face in Tai’s and yelled. The browned hair boy rubbed his forehead and sat up, scowling.

Hana tried to interrupt. “Ummm. We’re on our way to Viridian you see-“

”NO! How many times do I have to say it?!”

“Oh father, stop being so pig brained!” A woman came up from behind the old man. She had black hair pulled back tightly into a bun and kind brown eyes. The old man sniffed, then walked off.

The girl smiled, then turned to the three trainers. “I’m sorry, my father lost his Weedle this morning, and we’ve been scouring the property for it. He’s a little grumpy.”

Tai smiled,

"That's okay. I'm Tai. Tai Sugimori."