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May 22nd, 2008, 8:23 AM
Pokemon Chronicles
Episode I - Kanto



Greetings! Welcome to the world of Pokemon. It is a vast and diverse land, full of many different creatures as well as people known as Pokemon Trainers who control them in battle.

You are one of these Pokemon Trainers. With your new Starting Partner at your side and your fellow Pokemon Trainer companions, each having their own unique Pokemon, you must travel through the land that is Kanto, collecting Gym Badges from the various cities as you strive for one, single goal: to be the Pokemon Master!

You, a resident of Pallet Town, have decided to finally begin your Pokemon Journey. With the help of Professor Oak, the local Pokemon Expert who provdes you with your first Pokemon, you set out to begin your journey through Kanto!

Your job will be to catch wild Pokemon, as you train them to become powerful battlers. You can decide which moves they learn through TMs and HMs as well as if they will evolve or not!

Beware though, because an evil organization of Pokemon thieves is on the loose throughout the region. They are known as Team Rocket, and they will do anything to steal rare and/or powerful Pokemon. It may be up to you to stop them and their evil plans!

You can collect items and secret Pokeballs to help your chances of catching wild Pokemon. Your final goal is to collect all 8 Kanto Gym Badges and face off against the Elite Four to prove that you are indeed the true Pokemon Champion.

There will be many challenges and many people who get in your way. Will you work with your fellow Pokemon Trainers, or against them? Only time will tell. The choices are all up to you as you build your team and try to become the best Pokemon Trainer of all time!

Character Sheet

Character Name: You character's name. Please, no relation to any existing people in the games and/or Anime.
Gender: Male of female
Age: Between 12 and 16
Birth Date: This can be anything.

Apperance: This is a description of how your character looks. This should be fairly long (at least a couple of paragraphs). It should include your character's physical traits as well as the clothing they typically wear. You can also include little gadgets and trinkets in this description.

Personality: This is a description of how your character acts around others and how they interact with their Pokemon. Be sure to create a character you will enjoy playing, because I will enforce that you roleplay similar to your character's personality description!

History: Besides being born and raised in Pallet Town, your character's past is pretty much up to you. Just keep in mind, please, that they don't get any super powers or anything like that. You are a normal 12-16 year-old human. Remember, the longer and more detailed this is, the better. I will be accepting only the best characters sign-ups!

Preferred Starter: This is where you put what starting Pokemon you'd like to begin with. Remember certain Pokemon may already chosen and there is only one availible of each, so you may not get your first choice. Here is a list of them:

Bulbasaur - 001
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/thumb/2/21/001Bulbasaur.png/140px-001Bulbasaur.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:001Bulbasaur.png)http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/0/03/001.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:001.png)
Level: 5
Type: Grass/Poison
Gender: Female
Ability: Overgrow
Attacks: Tackle, Growl
Nature: Modest

Charmander - 004
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/7/73/004Charmander.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:004Charmander.png)http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/d/d5/004.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:004.png)
Level: 5
Type: Fire
Gender: Male
Ability: Blaze
Attacks: Scratch, Growl
Nature: Serious

Squirtle - 007
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/3/39/007Squirtle.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:007Squirtle.png)http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/e/e8/007.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:007.png)
Level: 5
Type: Water
Gender: Male
Ability: Torrent
Attacks: Tackle, Tail Whip
Nature: Hardy

Additionally, aside from the three basic starters listed above, there are two other Pokemon which are much more difficult to get. In order to select one of them as your starter (keep in mind that there is still only one of each), you must post an exceptionally good sign-up. If it isn't good enough, I will recommend that you redo it or choose one of the other three Pokemon, if they are still availible. Here are the other two options for very good sign-ups:

Pikachu - 025
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/0/0d/025Pikachu.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:025Pikachu.png)http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/0/0a/025.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:025.png)
Level: 5
Type: Electric
Gender: Male
Ability: Static
Attacks: Thundershock, Growl, Tail Whip
Nature: Rash

Eevee - 133
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/e/e2/133Eevee.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:133Eevee.png)http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/6/6c/133.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:133.png)
Level: 5
Type: Normal
Gender: Female
Ability: Adaptability
Attacks: Tackle, Tail Whip, Helping Hand
Nature: Bashful


The games system is fairly simple. Basically, after every Trainer has been accepted (3-5 people, depending on how many get Eevee or Pikachu with exceptional posts), the game will begin.

I, myself, will not actually be playing the game. Instead, I will be the "Game Master", helping players along their Journies. I will control the wild Pokemon as well as other Pokemon Trainers, Team Rocket, Gym Leaders, Professor Oak, etc.

The only things the players can control are their own characters and that character's Pokemon. Please do not try to "God Mod" and control other people's characters or Pokemon, or wild Pokemon either (as far as capturing them is concerned). Basically, you can fight the wild Pokemon, but I will be the one who decides if you catch it or not and how powerful it is depending on the quality of your post.

The players will not necessarily post in a specific, pre-determined order but, regardless, I will post right after that last person and sometimes even after each player individual player, depending on how busy I am. Then the cycle will start all over again. Please read the forum Role Play rules if you have any other questions or concerns.


1) No Legendaries! I don't care who you are as a Trainer. No player will ever own a legendary Pokemon. Sorry. You may, however, get to control one for a limited amount of time during a special event...

2) Play your Personality! Please, after you've spend the time creating an in-depth personality for your character, please make sure that you actually make that personality surface through good roleplaying. Otherwise, it is a waste of time.

3) YOU MUST BE ACTIVE!!!! This is the most important rule for this RPG. If you are not active, don't even bother signing up. My goal is to have everyone log in and post AT LEAST once per day. It may seem extreme, but I feel that is the best way to keep the momentum and flow of the story going. If you are going to be away for a day or two, please let me know. I will control your character until you return.

4) Kanto Pokemon Only! This is very important, seeing as we are roleplaying in the Kanto Region. This means that only Pokemon numbered 001-151 will appear during your adventures through Kanto. Please, please, please don't break this rule. We will move to other Regions later, I promise!

5) Stay Together! This rule seems dumb, but it is very important. If the Pokemon Trainers don't stick together then the game gets very dull and unwieldy. Temporary straying is, of course, permitted but please do not overdo it. You guys are a team!

6) HAVE FUN!! Anyone seen not having fun will be immedietly kicked, no questions asked. Sorry. If you are not here to have fun, you are gone...haha.

Accepted Trainers

Bulbasaur: OPEN

Charmander: Bobby Baker (played by Zimvee)

Squirtle: Adeltruat Haert (played by Ububeru)

*Pikachu*: Derek Stone (played by Diegoyayi)

*Eevee*: Jack Wellington (played by Trainer Kat)

Link to OOC Thread: http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?p=3618674#post3618674

May 22nd, 2008, 2:10 PM
dude this sounds really fun

Character Name: Bobby Baker
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Birthdate: November 3rd, 1991
Apperance: Bobby is about 5ft 5in tall and weighs about 120lb. Very thin he's skin tone is tan almost to the point of looking like he is from the Caribbean as he spends most of his time outside. He has a mess of curly black hair that is constantly knotted and has dark brown Hershey chocolate eyes. He not on the strong side so he's very boney to the point that you can count his ribs. Among his family he is tall and lanky when he is actually rather short. Wears a brown unzipped jacket all the time with a black/brown shirt underneath. Wears blue jeans and and faded blue shoes. The shoes are a pair of hover shoes that Bobby has invented. Bobby also sports a pair of goggles that his dad gave him for his 8th birthday on his head that lets him see in the rain and sandstorms. They also double as binoculars and lets him see his and the opponents pokemon's stats. Bobby has a red bandanna that he wears over his hair to hid a giant scar that he recieved when he was younger when he fell off a cliff during a fight.
Personality: Bobby on the surface seems to be rather edgy and sarcastic. While he has a sarcastic streak a mile long deep down he is a very happy carefree boy. Always thinking up random thoughts and saying them out loud Bobby is known to draw odd looks from people. He also dosen't know when to keep his mouth shut, saying the first thing that comes to his head, most of the time inappropriate at the time. Tries to come off as a ladies man, Bobby actually is hopeless when it comes to dating. This isnt surprising as he is known to be shy at first, but when you get to know him he is one of the closet friends you'll have.
History: Born prematurely on November 3rd 1991, it looked like Bobby wasn't going to last long in this world. But as fate would have it Bobby is a fighter at heart and manage to recover from his unknown condition. His first few years were rough living with his mom in his Grandma's house while his dad was at college. As soon as he graduated Bobby's father took his mom and Bobby into his small apartment in Pallet Town. They soon quickly moved to a condo where Bobby was introduced to Pokemon and other kids. In kindergarden the other kids distrusted Bobby so he turned to his wild Pokemon friends for support. Their friendship didn't last long as soon Bobby and his family moved to Vermillion City.

There life was even harder for Bobby as he was now an older brother to a little brother and a little sister. Now he had to contend with new friends, a new place, and new family members. The three years here were Bobby's loneliest as no one wanted to talk to him and he was constantly watching his brother and sister, despite being 8, and watching his parents marriage fall apart. It was at this time Bobby was given his goggles by his dad.

When Bobby was 9 disaster struck. Bobby's dad moved his family back to Pallet Town and then 2 weeks after being moved in Bobby's dad left. The family was left in pieces as Bobby's mom worked 2 jobs and his siblings were sent to various relatives. Bobby then found a way to vent out his anger at his dad. Street fighting. This started Bobby's path to the person he is today.

When Bobby was 13 he beat one of the challengers in a fight on a cliff, but the challenger was a sore loser and shoved him off the cliff. Bobby scraped his head on the way down which resulted in a scar on his forehead. Luckily his wild Pokemon friends from his younger days found and rescued him. When he got home he realized what a burdon he was being to his mother so he decided to go look for his dad as a Pokemon Trainer. His mom forbid it but in the end they compromised and he would leave when he was 16. During this time he built his hover shoes which help him cross sand, water in short periods of time, and also made him go faster. He is now 16 and is ready to start his journey.
Preferred Starter: Charmander

Trainer Kat
May 22nd, 2008, 2:49 PM
This is a modified version of one of my characters. xD; Also, a question about Eevee...I assume that there's going to be a Pokémon Chronicles for each region, so I could choose not to evolve her until Hoenn, right?

Character Name: Jack Wellington

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Birth Date: July 18, 1991

Apperance: Jack is, to put it simply, what every male aspires to be in terms of appearance. At 6'0, he is an ideal height. His dark brown hair is worn in a shaggy style, parted down the middle, choppy fringe falling just above his eyelids. The rest of his hair lightly graces his chin, but dares not fall further. Jack has a slender physique, accentuated by slight muscle. His eyes are a sparkling emerald green hue. His skin is pale, flawless in texture, not a hint of acne to be found. His lips are thin, rose-colored. His abdomen is hugged by a tight-fitting black tee-shirt, atop of which he wears a white button down tee-shirt, which he leaves open and unbuttoned. On his left wrist, he wears a black sweatband, and on the right side of his hips, a single silver chain dangles. On his right thumb, he also wears a thick ring, decorated with an ornate celtic design. Jack wears light blue jeans, overtop of which you can see the waistband of his boxers. On his person, he carries a cell phone, and is almost never without it. He speaks in a smooth British accent. Yes, Jack is incredibly attractive.

Personality: Unfortunately, ugly people never have the appearance to match. And that's exactly what Jack is--an ugly person. Though he looks good, he's not one to associate with. Jack is rude, and will not hesitate to take advantage of others. He is a thief of sorts--while he has never stolen anything tangible, Jack has the habit of sneaking in to places where he does not belong...and not paying for it, of course. He is arrogant, and holds himself in the highest possible regard. He gets annoyed with others easily, often resorting to spouting rude remarks at those around him. Jack is also an incorrigible flirt. It's possible that he has a softer side...he just has yet to reveal it.

History: Jack was born sixteen years ago to a wealthy family in Pallett Town. He had been given anything his little infant heart desired, and that happened to be a lot. He was given private tutors. He was taught piano, a skill that he still retains to this day. However, despite all the Pokémon memorabilia he owned, Jack was not allowed to own an actual Pokémon. His parents told him it was dangerous, he could get hurt. This, Jack didn't like. Though he was merely five, he felt he could handle a Pokémon. Despite his protests, his parents would not give him what he truly wanted. Being the spoiled brat he is, he couldn't let the issue go.

Now, we're brought to Jack's kindergarten years. He was still forced to go through intensive study sessions, which he slowly began to distance himself from. Jack's one goal was to obtain a Pokémon and go on a journey, never mind that he wasn't even old enough to go outside without being watched constantly by his parents. It was at this time that he met his first friend, a sickly ebony-haired boy named Rem. This boy was frail, unable to go outside for extended periods of time due to a chronic heart condition. Jack never minded. He would go visit Rem (with his parents by his side, of course!), and play with him inside. Slowly, the two boys became closer. Rem, too, wanted to be a Pokémon trainer, though he accepted the fact that he would never be able to, due to his illness. Nevertheless, the two boys would often go on "adventures" around the house, challenging and defeating the gym leaders one by one. These adventures would often end with a warm plate of cookies and Jack's departure.

Upon reaching the age of eight, Jack convinced his parents to allow him to go to public school. Initially, the request had shocked his mother into fainting, but Jack soon explained that he desired to interact with more people. Plus, Rem was to be entering public school as well, his heart problem mild for the time being. The two friends were soon joined by a girl around their age, a small blonde named Mia. Of course, it was obvious from the beginning that both boys liked Mia, planting the seeds of jealousy in them both. However, their friendship was not so easily ruined--the two had been inseparable for three years, after all. Unfortunately, this was all about to change.

When the three were in middle school, at the ripe age of thirteen, Rem set his mind to the task of asking Mia out. Of course, this didn't sit too well with Jack, who instantly planted his fist in Rem's face upon learning that he had every intention of asking Mia out. Ultimately, neither boy worked up the courage to do it--despite being her two best friends, neither of them thought they had a chance with Mia, one of the most popular girls in school. The two became rivals. This was rectified shortly, when Mia told them she would never date either of them, and that they were too good of friends to let something like this come between them. Surprisingly, they both accepted this explanation and became best friends once more.

And now, we've reached the turning point in Jack's life. The three best friends were all fifteen. It was the start of high school, the beginning of their freshman year. Only two of them would make it to the start of the week. On the first day of high school, Jack received a phone call from Rem's hysterical mother, who told him that Rem had passed away in his sleep. Jack's reaction had been pure shock. The phone fell from his fist, and he backed into the corner, curling up into a ball. He did not go to school that week. Instead, he sat in his room and cried until his body was completely devoid of water. When he finally emerged, he looked sick as can be, and had to miss yet another week due to illness.

It was then that Jack changed dramatically. By the start of sophomore year, he was dating Mia. The two were now practically polar opposites--Mia spent all her time in the library studying, and Jack went out on his weekends, drinking his days away. Despite this, the two seemed happy together. That is, until Jack found out that he was about to become a father. He panicked, and, while he told Mia he would support her and the child, he was scared. After all, they were merely sixteen years old. He got his way out, however. It so happened that one day, in the midst of cleaning (it was a work scholarship--Mia didn't have enough money to pay for books), Mia fell down the stairs, causing her to lose the baby.

After breaking it off with Mia, Jack set his mind to one thing. He would live the dream--both his and Rem's. He would be a world-class Pokémon trainer.

Preferred Starter: Eevee

Fighting Infernape
May 22nd, 2008, 5:01 PM
Character Name: Aaron Johnson
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Birth Date: September 16th

Apperance: Aaron is a 5 foot 9 inch 220 pound male. He is bald with blue eyes. He wears a white hat, a red necklace, a black t-shirt with a red hoodie on, and black pants. He wears a black and red mask to cover up his ruined face. His face has a cut on down his right eye. The only reason he wears a black t-shirt and a blue hoodie is because across his chest, he has a cut starting at his peck and going towards his hip. He also wears black glasses if he doesn't want to wear his mask. He found his glasses in his fathers closet and he stole them without his father knowing. He also matches every clothing he wears, if his mask is red and black, he'll wear red and black shirts and pants, but he will always wear white shoes.

Personality: Aaron's personality is very unique. He loves being with his friends but he can't be with them because he's trapped on an island. He loves playing with his parents pokemon because they help him out with everything. When he was outside of school, he fought with his fathers Machamp and Machoke so he can get stronger if someone attacks him. Since the two guys beat him up in school, he never been hiself, he always been ruthless and mean against people he doesn't know very much.

History: Aaron was born sixteen years ago and his parents were living in Pallet Town. All Aaron did was draw pokemon and write pokemon stories all day long. When he was 5 years old, he loved playing with his fathers Gengar and his mothers Rapidash. Since he started school, he used his fathers Alakazam to answer all of his questions for him and he had straight A's.

When Aaron was starting his 1st grade years, he wanted to start his own pokemon adventure so he started making a lot of pokemon stories in his notebook. When his father was watching him writing his stories, his father and mother had an idea.

When he was in the middle of his 3rd grade years, his father and mother handed Aaron their Alakazam and Persian. Later on in his ending of 3rd grade, his report card came into his fathers hands and his father told him to have a special tutor which was his Alakazam.

When Aaron's fathers Alakazam decided that he was good enough to start public school again, he met a friend who already had a pokemon. His friend was in the senior class and was about to graduate so Aaron didn't have enough time to talk to him.

When he was starting the 5th grade, Aarons parents told him that they found a perfect girlfriend for Aaron and it was this girl named Crystal. Crystal was a girl that wore a pink hat, a pink shirt, a white skirt, and white shoes. Aaron loved this girl so they started to date but all of the other kids made fun of them.

When he was in the 7th grade, he was still dating Crystal but that all came crashing down when she saw a smarter guy. Aaron was single again so after school he came home and created a mask made out of some material that he found in his fathers dresser.

Aaron's mask was completed and when he introduced it to everybody in school, everybody started to beat him up. One kid slashed him across the shirt with a knife and another kid cut him down his right eye. When he came home that night, his parents saw that he had a rip on his shirt, but he said it was nothing so they asked about his cut on his face.

Now he is 16 years old and his parents finally decided that he should start his own pokemon adventure. His parents decided that they should live in Cinnibar Island because his father decided to work with Blaine, but they still didn't know how to get his first pokemon to start his own pokemon adventure.

Preferred Starter: If Charmander is chosen which I see it is, I'll pick Squirtle as a starter.

May 22nd, 2008, 7:42 PM
To Zimvee: You have a great start there, but I'm afraid your sign-up is just a little short. Look to Trainer Kat's Sign Up as an example. So, I cannot accept your sign-up at this time. Add about a paragraph more to each area and fix those minor grammtical errors, and you are golden. Charmander will be reserved for you for 24 hours, then I'm afraid someone else can claim him. So hurry up man! I want you to join!

To Trainer Kat: One word. AWESOME!! That is an exceptional Sign-Up, and I would say that you definitely met the requirements to getting one of the special Pokemon. Eevee is yours, my friend. I'll PM you with all the information you'll need. EDIT: I can't send you a PM because you Inbox is full. Free up some space please so I can get that information to you. Thanks.

May 22nd, 2008, 8:44 PM
hey i updated it thanks for the tips!

May 22nd, 2008, 9:00 PM
To Zimvee: You are accepted, Zimvee. Check out the OOC Thread to find out your stats and stuff. I'll send you a PM with the information you'll need!

To Fighting Infernape: Okay then. I just need you to add about a paragraph or two more to your character's personality. I just don't feel it is deep enough right now. Bobby remade his Character, so I'm going to assume you are going with Squirtle? If not, just let me know.

I am accepting you, Fighting Infernape, on the condition that you go through and edit your character's Appearance and Personality as soon as possible! Please do that and you can get ccepted right away!

May 22nd, 2008, 9:03 PM
Character Name: Derek Stone
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Birth Date: April 21st

Apperance: The first thing most people notice from Derek is his stature. He stands nearly 6’1, probably 6’2. He has a very rough build, showing marked arm and torso muscles. He weighs around 135 pounds and is very strong and endurant. He can go for miles carrying heavy stuff and get only minimal tired. The rest of his body muscles aren’t so out there, but they are still marked. His skin isn’t completely white, but he is does not look like he tans for hours. He doesn’t even tan, for the matter. His skin has a natural mixture of white and very light tan color. His arms and legs are somewhat large, as well as his fingers.

His hair is very short and almost naturally spiked up on almost all areas. His head has a ‘normal’ shape, and his face and everything on it is somewhat small. His eyes are round and have a hazel-like color. His nose is slightly pointed, and so are his ears, but to a very small extent. Another notable fact is that he always seems blushed, this due to a medical condition known as rosacea, in which his cheeks are always pink, and sometimes his forehead. His teeth are pearl white and straight, and the skin on his hands and face is smooth, even though it’s a bit ‘rough’ in his arms.

He is almost wearing jeans, or sometimes baggy shorts, with sneakers that allow him to run and move freely. On top, he is mostly wearing a T-Shirt or polo and some thick jacket or sweatshirt. He very rarely wears long sleeves. His backpack is plain light brown. He wears a plain watch and and a few other stuff on his wrist.

Personality: Derek is a a person with a great overall personality. Calm, relaxed and respectful when he is in a peaceful place, Fiery and brave when in danger and always optimistic and cheerful. He is somewhat quiet and shy around people he doesn't, again, always treating everyone with respect, and he may be afraid to start a conversation. Once he has gotten confident with the people that surround, he will always be extremely kind and courteous. He is very loyal and acknowledges friendship as one of the most important aspects of life. He isn't afraid of anything, or at least anything he knows about. Even as shy as he can be, he will always be up for greeting or helping anyone in need, and will risk his life with no second thought for a cause.

Perhaps some of his worst features is that he may be too competitive, and even though you need to push it really far to make him angry, you don't wanna see him do so. He can also take stuff too seriously and lie, even though they are about very small and sometimes non-important things. Anywho, he is a very cheerful person anyone can go to when it needs advice or is sad, as he almost never is. He gets a jolly out of helping people and the only bad moments for him are when his family or friends get hurt. He sees himself, both in appearance and personality as just a plain average and everyday guy. He can speak both English and Spanish very well.

History: Derek was born to a pretty much average family in the small Pallet Town. His fathers were quite caring and loving to him when he was young. He was rewarded and punished for his actions whenever needed. His father was a Pokemon Trainer, a quite good one, actually, and his mom used to be a Pokemon Center nurse. Derek was taught to do a load of things at early ages, like swimming, playing basketball and playing the electric bass at ages ranging from 3 to 6 years.

When he was in kindergarten, he used to be shy around people, something he still is, but also learned how to make friends. He was taught how to always be courteous and respectful to others and how to put everyone before him. Those were some reasons he was able to make friends. He was a very smart student and got very good grades on most of the subjects.

Derek has been adventurous since birth, so his father took him on explorations with him every once in a while. He took extreme care of him, so no one had to worry; and because of this Derek knows how to survive in the wild with basic survival skills, like building tents and things resembling that.

As he grew up, his bond with Pokemon grew. Both wild Pokemon and the Pokemon that were always around him. The idea started to appear on his head about capturing his own Pokemon and exploring all of the Region of Kanto, and maybe other regions; since he hadn't ever gone too far in expeditions with his father. He read many stories of far away lands, legendary Pokemon and about historical Trainers that performed awesome deeds. He dreamed of becoming a remembered trainer, too, but he had to conform with traveling with his father in the meantime. It's not like he didn't want, but a desire of traveling further and further and with his own Pokemon inevitably formed inside his mind.

His parents, though, said he was too young to have Pokemon, and didn't allow him to request a Pokemon from Prof. Oak. Derek had to live up with the idea and continue with his life, learning about Pokemon only in Trainer Schools and by watching other battles. Eventually he grew too old like to only do that.

As he grew up, his manners, conversation skills, and knowledge about Pokemon increased.

When he was 13, his father was diagnosed a terminal illness which was even unknown to the doctors around, causing him to die not too long after. The disease had apparently been obtained on an expedition he did by himself. This caused a very profound pain inside Derek, mainly because he couldn't do anything for his father. He then had to continue living only with his mother.
When he turned 15, he finally got permission from his mother to be a Pokemon Trainer; in memory of his father. Now his goal is set: Become one of the best trainers of the world in honor of his father.

Preferred Starter: Pikachu! :P Or if my sign up isn’t good enought then I’d like Charmander, then Squirtle, then Bulbasaur..

Please forgive me for any typos or if some areas of the Sign up aren't understandable:P And wow, cool, my 100th post =D

May 22nd, 2008, 9:24 PM
To Diegoyayi: Your Sign-Up looks good man, and I think you BARELY made the cut for that Pikachu you so desire. Congratulations! I'll be posting up your Stats in the OOC Thread, so be sure to check it out. I'll send you a PM will the information you'll need to get started! Can't wait to start rping with you!

May 22nd, 2008, 9:31 PM
((Awesome! Thanks! I can't wait for this to start. I'll give my best))

May 22nd, 2008, 9:38 PM
To Zimvee: I cannot send you a PM for some reason. If you give me your e-mail address I will gladly send you the info you need (or just allow PMs).

Fighting Infernape
May 23rd, 2008, 4:24 AM
Alright, I edited my appearance and my personality, I hope that's good because I can't figure anything out.

May 23rd, 2008, 5:21 AM
all right dude i allowed PM's and if it dosen't work my e-mail is [email protected] and thanks for accepting me!

May 23rd, 2008, 7:49 AM
To Fighting Infernape: Accepted man. You got by with the bare minimum, but you did it. I'll be sending you a PM shrortly with the information you'll need.

By the way, what do you need help with? I'd be glad to help you out.

Zimvee: PM is on the way man!

Fighting Infernape
May 23rd, 2008, 8:55 AM
Hey Brawl, what do you mean by helping me? By the way, I'm in school and I'll make my trainer card pretty soon, probably still during school or at 4:00 central.

May 23rd, 2008, 8:57 AM
Alright, I edited my appearance and my personality, I hope that's good because I can't figure anything out.

Just wondering if you needed help figuring something out is all.

Fighting Infernape
May 23rd, 2008, 11:07 AM
Oh, alright, about that trainer card thing, can we fill out all of the spots with the pokemon we're going to catch, or are we just going to start out with our main pokemon and then go with it, because I'm on pokecharms right now.

May 23rd, 2008, 11:39 AM
To Fighting Infernape: You're good with that Trainer Card, man. You'll fill it in as we go.

To Everyone: The Adventure is about to begin. The only person I've yet to hear from is Zimvee. In a little bit I'm going to be posting up the beginning of Episode I - Kanto so we can begin. Get ready!

May 23rd, 2008, 11:56 AM
sorry dude i was at school i'll get right on that trainier card

May 23rd, 2008, 12:21 PM
Professor Oak's Lab

A tall man, with gray hair and a long, white lab-coat sat as his desk, fiddling with a new device he had just barely created. It was red, with small black buttons and, currently, a black screen capable of displaying information on all of the 151 Pokemon!

The room he sat in was filled with devices similar to the one he held in his hand, all related to Pokemon in some way. That's what this man was, after all. He was a Pokemon Expert! And he wasn't self-proclaimed, by the way. Many people came from around the world to hear about his latest discoveries and inventions.

There was a knock at his door. Startled out of his intense concentration, yet satisfied with the work he had done on his new device, he got up and walked over to the door. Through the glass, he could see the shadowy outlines of four figures in front of him. Opening the door, he knew instantly who they were. As he looked down to check his watch, he had been right! It was 9am, and these teenagers were here to get their first Pokemon and begin their Pokemon Journies!

"Ah, so you must be the new Pokemon Trainers," Oak said to them, inviting them into his lab as he lined them up for inspection. "Welcome to my lab."

You see, each one of these aspiring Pokemon Trainers had filled out a survey only one week ago, detailing their physical traits as well as their preferences for Pokemon along with their motivation to be Pokemon Trainers. He knew a great deal about them already.

The first of them, standing on the far left, was around 6 feet tall and equal in height with the Professor. He had brown hair and pale skin. Looking at the notepad in his hand, Oak knew who this Trainer was.

"Hello, Jack Wellington," The old man said to him. "I suppose you'd like to get right down to business. Very well. After close examination, I've decided that Eevee would be the ideal Starter Pokemon for you."

And the Professor, grabbing a red and white Pokeball from his table, handed it to the Trainer.

Moving down the line, the next person was very thin and he had black hair with red bandana.

"Bobby Baker?" Oak inquired, but was sure of his guess. "Your Pokemon is Charmander. Here you go."

Oak handed the Pokeball to the Trainer.

The next up was the tallest of the three. He had tan skin and shot, spiky brown hair.

"And you are Derek Stone, I presume?" Said Oak as he grabbed another Pokeball from the table, handing it to the Trainer. "That is Pikachu. I think the two of you will get along very well."

And then there was one. The last teenager there was one of the shortest of the Trainers, but was also the biggest. Oak certainly wouldn't have called the boy fat, because he wasn't. He just had very broad shoulders and a thick chest. He was wearing a black and red mask, which puzzled the Professor.

"And you must be Aaron Johnson," Oak toled him, grabbing the last Pokeball from the table as handed it over. "There you go!"

And with that, all of the Trainer's had recieved their Starting Pokemon. Grabbing four small devices from his desk, he handed one to each of the new Trainers.

"These are Pokedexs," He told them. "They are used for cataloging information about all the known 151 Pokemon! Use them wisely, because they can spell the difference between victory and defeat. Knowledge is power."

Then Oak handed out 5 empty Pokeballs to each Trainer.

"Those are for capturing wild Pokemon," He continued. "Use them wisely, because they aren't cheap!"

And then, with the Trainers all packed and ready to start their Journies, Oak waited, seeing if they had any questions for him.

OOC: Now is your chance to ask Oak any questions you may have before officially starting your journies. If you have no questions, then simply make a post stating that or something similar (you can also do any sort of free-form RP you'd like now, within reason of course). Once everyone has posted their questions (or lack of questions), I will answer them as Oak, and then you guys will be off!

May 23rd, 2008, 12:37 PM
Bobby woke up with a start. He knew without even looking at the clock that he was late. "Oh no!" he said. He quickly jumped out of bed, threw on his clothes and grabbed his backpack that he packed last night. He ran downstairs ate a very quick breakfast, said a final teary good-bye to his mom and ran out of the house. As he ran he started to think "I'm leaving." He stopped and turned and looked down the hill at Pallet Town. He relized he would miss the place, but he was also excited that he was leaving. He ran towards the lab and started when he saw to other guys there. "I didn't know I was going with people...". He stopped running, gave them both a tight smile and went and leaned against the wall. After a while another boy ran up. "Great, another person tags along..." Bobby said under his breath. One of the boys gave him a look when he said that.
A few minutes later a man in a white coat came out and called them in. The man in the white coat introduced himself as Prof. Oak. The boys lined up and Prof. gave the tall boy a Pokeball that had something called Eevee. The Prof. came to Bobby next and gave him a Pokeball with a Charmander inside. Bobby released the Pokemon and saw that it was an orange lizard like creature with a fire burned on his tail. "Hi..." Bobby said shyly. He quickly returned Charmander when he saw the other boys looking at him.
Bobby thought long and hard about any questions that he might have before he started his journey as the Prof. was looking at them like they had any. He debated on whether to ask the Prof. if he has seen or knew his father, but that seemed irrelevant to what was going on, so with a sigh Bobby said “ I don’t have any questions old man”. And with that Bobby walked outside.

Fighting Infernape
May 23rd, 2008, 2:46 PM
Aaron landed back on the Pallet grounds and then he saw his father leave on his his Charizard.

"Thank you that my parents decided that I should start my adventure," said Aaron to himself.

Aaron looked for route one, the route to get to the Viridian City but when he started walking towards the grass, an old man with grey hair, white shirt, and brown pants came walking towards him.

"Hey, you can't go out there yet!" hollered the old man.
"Why not Professor Oak?" asked Aaron.
"You know my name?" asked Professor Oak.
"Yes, my parents are former pokemon trainers," said Aaron.
"Oh, yes your parent are," said Professor Oak. "Come with me if you like."

Aaron followed Professor Oak towards his laboratory and then when they walked inside, they finally walked towards a brown table.

"Alright Aaron, here are five pokemon, they are Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu, and Eevee," said Professor. "You can only pick one."

Aaron looked and browsed at all five pokemon and then he picked Squirtle as a starter.

"So you picked the tiny turtle pokemon Squirtle, that's a good choice," said Professor Oak.
"Can I go yet?" asked Aaron in an excited way.
"No not yet, here is a pokedex and five empty pokeballs to catch wild pokemon during your journey, they aren't cheap so use them wisely," said Professor Oak.

Aaron grabbed the pokedex and the five empty pokeballs and put them in his black bag what his mother gave him. Aaron walked outside and sighed.

"Now finally, I can start my official pokemon adventure," said Aaron to himself.

Trainer Kat
May 23rd, 2008, 2:52 PM
Jack hadn't woken up early that morning. Not at all. In fact, he had rolled out of bed at the last possible minute, leaving him just enough time to brush his teeth. No time was had to force a compulsory breakfast down his throat, nor to bid his parents farewell. The second he pulled his toothbrush from his mouth, he strode down the stairs and yanked the door open. Though his messy brown hair had gone unwashed, he still looked next to flawless. And it was a good thing, too. Two girls, a blonde and a redhead, stood outside his front door, each fidgeting nervously. Vaguely, he recognized them as freshman from his high school. A sly grin painted its way across his face as he slung his arms around their waists. The action elicited a small squeal from the redhead, and he turned, winking at the blonde. And that was it. Just like that, he released them and pressed forward to Professor Oak’s lab.

It was no surprise that he had been the last to arrive. Already, there were three others there. Once he joined them, someone (he wasn’t sure who) took the liberty of knocking on the door, prompting the professor to emerge from his laboratory. Immediately, he looked to Jack.

"Hello, Jack Wellington," The old man said to him. "I suppose you'd like to get right down to business. Very well. After close examination, I've decided that Eevee would be the ideal Starter Pokemon for you."

Jack blinked. He couldn’t say he expected to receive the evolution Pokémon. A Charmander, perhaps, but…wasn’t Eevee a little feminine? Lightly, he tossed the Pokéball up and down, being sure to catch it each time it plummeted towards the earth. After the other three each had a Pokéball in their hands, Oak thrust a Pokédex, along with five empty Pokéballs, towards each of them. The empty containers were deposited haphazardly into Jack’s backpack. The Pokédex made its way into his back pocket. The Eevee, however, remained firmly clenched in his fist. The old man stood before them expectantly.

“Uh…that’s it, I guess…” Jack said, looking to the professor out of the corner of his eye. Instead, he turned his attention towards the Pokéball in his hand, thumb hovering over the button in the center of the sphere. A flash of evanescent light radiated from the Pokéball, eventually taking the form of a small, brown Pokémon with a big bushy tail and long ears. A ring of long, white fur grew around its neck. Blinking, it looked up at Jack with big, circular eyes. Jack squatted, getting at eye level with the Pokémon. It looked at him shyly, wrapping its tail around its face. Though Jack wouldn’t admit it, the Eevee was kind of cute. Though, ultimately, he was somewhat disappointed with the weaker Pokémon. As Jack held one arm out, the Eevee scurried up to his shoulder, where it promptly curled up. For the first time, he made note of the fact that the Pokémon was a female.

“So, like…is that all?” He asked, turning back towards the professor, lightly scuffing his foot in the dirt.

May 23rd, 2008, 4:03 PM
It was 5 in the morning, and in his house Derek was already very awake and jumping up and down excitedly. "Today is the big day.. The important day.." Derek said to himself as an enormous grin appeared on his face. This was the day he was going to pay a visit to the town's Professor to receive a Pokemon. "Today... I'll get my first Pokemon from Professor Oak. I'll wonder which one it will be... Squirtle, maybe? Or it can be Bulbasaur... Well, I don't really care, as long as I get my Pokemon to start my adventure!"

He ran downstairs from his room after an hour of fantasizing on how his adventure was going to be to have a very large breakfast. He intended to start his adventure right away after he got his first Pokemon, so he thought it'd be good idea to fill up with food so he wouldn't have to eat anything until a late hour in the day. As soon as he was finished he ran to brush his teeth and grab his backpack and all the stuff he believed he was going to need. It didn't take him too long, though, and after a short while he was ready to leave.

He looked down at his watch to see the hour, believing it was already time to leave. "It's.. It's only 8:00 AM.. I can't wait!" Derek yelled out with an impatient voice tone. He couldn't remember the last time he was so excited. "I want to leave already!" he said as he stood in front of his door, deciding that he wouldn't have much to do if he left at this hour because the lab was no more than 5 minutes away.

Derek continued to wait inside his house, his eyesight fixed on a clock and counting every second that passed by.

"8:50.. That's It, I'm going now" Derek said to himself when it was the time. He waved goodbye to his mother as he got a tight hold on his backpack and made his way to Professor Oak's Pokemon Laboratory. He jogged merrily over to the large building and noticed that a few other Trainers were already waiting outside. Derek smiled to himself as he approached the group of soon-to-be trainers and just stood there waiting for Prof. Oak to open the door. ~This will be awesome~ he thought to himself as he focused on the Lab's door without making even the slightest sound.

Not one second later after 9 AM, Derek had the courage to knock on the door, causing Prof. Oak to come out and greet the group of trainers. "Ah, so you must be the new Pokemon Trainers. Welcome to my lab." the Prof. said. ~Yep.. Trainers.. That's us..~ Derek thought happily as he and the other Trainers stepped in and they positioned themselves in a line.

Derek was anxious to hear what had he gotten for starter Pokemon. As Oak approached Derek and said "And you are Derek Stone, I presume?" A sweat drop drooled down his back. He placed a gargantuan smile on his face as he stretched his hand to receive his first Pokemon. The whole placed appeared to be muted to him, and the only words to be heard were "That is Pikachu. I think the two of you will get along very well."

As the Professor gave Derek the Pokeball with a Pokemon inside, Derek stared at it in awe. He couldn't beleive it. He now officially was a Pokemon Trainer. He smiled to himself as he looked up to receive a Pokedex and some Pokeballs, both of which he placed in his Pocket and around a belt. He then heard the Professor asking for questions, but Derek didn't bother asking. He was again staring down at his Pokeball. He started giving a few steps back without focusing on his path, just looking down at his Pokeball.

May 23rd, 2008, 6:29 PM
Professor Oak's Lab (cont.)

Professor Oak, happy that he had informed the Trainers and that they had no questions, he was very happy that such a bright young group of Trainers were beginning their Journies. They had a lot of potential, that much was certain. It was just a question of whether they would use it or not.

"Yes, that is all," He said, referring to Jack's question.

Looking at the others, he dismissed them from his lab.

"Well," The Professor told them. "You are free to go now! A world of dreams and adventures awaits with Pokemon. Get to it!"

And, just like that, he walked towards the door to his lab, letting the Trainers leave as they desired.

"Oh, and before you all take off," Oak told them. "Your best bet is probably Route 1. It is rather close by, and it leads to Viridian City. Now be off! And good luck filling that Pokedex!"

With no words after that, Oak watched as the Trainers left his lab, starting their very own, epic, Pokemon Journies.


Chapter 1
Route 1

OOC: This is where the game starts to get a little freeform. Basically, on your trip along Route 1 (from Pallet Town to Viridian City), you will get two "Turns", or posts. On these posts you can do ONE of the following, each:

1) Train your Pokemon (solo, against wild Pokemon, or against random Trainers)
2) Catch a wild Pokemon
3) Look for items
4) Battle each other (although this takes a considerable amount of time, since it is back and forth between posts. This is recommended right off.)

Or you can basically do any other thing you can think off. You guys can work together and team up, or "go it alone", so to speak. For any one of these things you do, however, keep in mind that the longer and more detailed your post is, the better your odds are of you performing the task successfully.

The guideline for these posts is at least a few solidly constructed paragraphs. Grammar and descriptions, as well as additional length, help a lot.

Remember, though, that you can only do ONE of those things at a time. This is why you get two posts each, so you can do more than one thing. After everybody has posted once, I will come in to decide if you guys succeeded in what you were doing or how well you did. So please, if catching wild Pokemon, don't actually catch them. Instead, just throw the Pokeball, after battling them, and I will tell you if you got it or not, based on the quality and length of your post. Enjoy! (PM me with any questions).


This is a relatively short, grassy path filled with wild Pidgeys and Rattatas, who are just ready to attack new Pokemon Trainers who get in their way.
There are some trees and small streams with the occasional boulder, but, in general, the route is moslty filled with walking paths surrounded by tall grass.
It is an afternoon's trek from Pallet Town to Viridian City.

Wild Pokemon

Pidgey - 016
Level: 3-5
Type: Normal/Flying
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Keen Eye or Tangled Feet
Attacks: Tackle, Sand Attack (5)
Nature: Random

Rattata - 019
Level: 3-5
Type: Normal
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Run Way or Guts
Attacks: Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack (4)
Nature: Random

Fighting Infernape
May 23rd, 2008, 7:16 PM
When Aaron was walking towards route one, he saw a Pidgey looking at him. It was Aaron's chance to catch his first pokemon so he threw out his single pokeball and Squirtle came out of the pokeball.

"Alright Squirtle, use tackle now!" hollered Aaron in an excitedly way.

Squirtle charged towards the Pidgey but the Pidgey dodged it by flying high in the air. Aaron looked surprised towards the Pidgey and then suddenly, the Pidgey flew towards Squirtle in a high speed.

"Alright Squirtle, watch out for Pidgey and used tackle," said Aaron.

Squirtle charged towards Pidgey again and then when the Pidgey was about to fly high in the sky, Squirtle jumped behind the Pidgey and knocked it against its body.

"Alright Squirtle come back now," said Aaron. "Go pokeball!"

Aaron grabbed one of the empty pokeballs from his pocket and then he threw it towards the nearly fainted Pidgey. The pokeball locked the Pidgey inside and then it started moving. The pokeball suddenly stopped and when Aaron picked it up, he was so excited that he jumped five times in the air.

Aaron was so excited that he took a break for awhile to catch his breath and then he started walking again.
Aaron kept on walking for awile and then he suddenly had a feeling of running towards Viridian City so he did that. Aaron kept on running so fast that he stumbled over a log and fell on the sandy rugged ground. When he got up from the ground he saw that he had a scratch on his leg, he felt it if there was any blood coming out but there wasn't any so he kept on walking.

Aaron basicly walked for the whole evening and then suddenly he saw a sign saying, "Welcome to Viridian City." When he was done reading the sign he grabbed a black marker from his bag and wrote "I'm Here First You Guys Lost!" When Aaron was done, he busted out laughing and stopped right there until someone else came towards his way.

OCC: Hey I added the dash to seperate my two posts or "turns."

May 23rd, 2008, 7:46 PM
To Fighting Infernape: You might've missed it in the rules, but you have to wait on your second post, buddy, until everyone else posts along Route 1 at least once. Sorry for the confusion.

I'll go ahead and mod your Pidgey capture, though, but you can redo it if you wish. It is a bit short.

Fighting Infernape
May 23rd, 2008, 7:55 PM
OCC: Alright and yes I probably did miss the rules, sorry about that.

May 23rd, 2008, 8:15 PM
OOC: Then please, if you would, edit the second part of your post out. You can post it up after everyone else has posted. Also, I'll let you off the hook this time, but if you'd like to successfully capture a Pokemon in the future, you are going to make your posts much longer. Thanks man.

May 23rd, 2008, 10:25 PM
“This.. This is my first Pokemon” Derek said as he stretched his hand to the front and eyed his newly acquired Pokemon. ~Pikachu...~ he thought as a smile appeared on his face. ~Time to meet you~. Derek then threw the Pokeball on his fist to the ground and watched it open and release a body of white light. Derek’s eyes sparkled in happiness when the blob of light took shape and then revealed itself as a Pikachu.

The Pikachu had all the normal traits a Pikachu would have, except for two facts. The end of his tail had a jagged outline, making it look like a small saw. The cuts that made it look like a saw weren’t too deep, though, so it wasn’t very noticeable. The other fact was that the Pikachu was slightly smaller in size. Not by much, but it was still easy to be diferentiated from the standard size of a Pikachu.

Pikachu examined and sniffed the area around, like if it was the first time he had seen the outside of a Pokeball. It scratched his head curiously and thoughtfully as he continued to look around, but stopped when he made eye contact with Derek.

Derek placed a very large grin on his face as he approached the yellow mouse Pokemon, then kneeled on one knee so he could take a look at Pikachu better. “Hey, Pikachu. My name is Derek. I’m your new Pokemon Trainer now” Derek said in a polite, warm and friendly tone as he smiled at the Pikachu, which stared curiously at him. “Pika-Pi?” The Pikachu murmured to himself as he twisted his head to a side slowly and fixed his eyes on Derek. “I hope we become very good friends” Derek said as he pulled out his Pokedex and recorded the information on Pikachu, then quickly placed it back on his pocket. “Pikachu!!” The Pikachu yelped merrily and with a smile on his face as he jumped to Derek’s shoulder and held himself tight so he wouldn’t fall. “Oh.. You don’t like being in a Pokeball?” Derek asked. He was about to return Pikachu to his Pokeball, but the Pikachu rejected the ball and stayed on Derek’s shoulder.

Derek hadn’t heard of any Pokemon being kept out of his Pokeball, but it could be fun to try. He knew Pokeballs allowed the Pokemon not to grow tired and slowly recover themselves, so there were some risks in not having your Pokemon in a Pokeball. Pikachu however rejected entering a Pokeball. “Fine, whatever you say” Derek said as he put his Pokeball away; for he wanted to please his new Pokemon and friend. “Pikachu!” the Pikachu said happilly as he sniffed and examined Derek. Derek just smiled to himself as he made his way to Route 1. He ventured in the tall grass, ready for any Pokemon that might appear to attack. He then noticed the Trainers he had received their Pokemon along with him were going at the same pace as him; though some were already past him and near Viridian City and some were just slightly behind.

“Be ready to attack, Pikachu.” Derek said to his partner Pokemon, which replied with a simple and cutting “Pika”. As the Pikachu said this, his cheeks released a slight jolt in front of them, meaning the pikachu was ready for anything. Derek walked on the grass cautiously and examining his surroundings, trying to make sure nothing got him by surprise. Out of the blue, a Trainer popped out and threw a Pokeball at the ground. The trainer was dressed in a plain T-Shirt, shorts, sandals, a hat, and a bug net. “Hey!” he yelled to Derek. “ I see you have a Pokemon. I challenge you to a Pokemon battle!”
“Huh? Me?” Derek asked incredulous as he searched around to be sure the Trainer was referring to him. “Of course you! Go Weedle!” The Trainer exclaimed as a Weedle formed in front of where the Pokeball was thrown. ~My first Pokemon battle!~ Derek thought excitedly as he jumped up and down slightly. “Go Pikachu!”

The Pikachu jumped from Derek’s shoulder and landed gracefully on the ground and in front of the Weedle. The two Pokemon locked their gazes, both concentrated on each other. The Bug catcher decided to make the first move. “Weedle, String shot!” the Trainer exclaimed. His worm Pokemon then stretched up as a small white ball of silk appeared on his mouth. The Weedle then shot out a a thick string of silk, which managed to connect with Pikachu, wrapping his arms around his body and cutting his speed. Pikachu then struggled wildly as he tried to break free from the gasp of the silk.

“Great!” The Trainer exclaimed. “Pikachu, hold on there.. Relax..” Derek said to his Pokemon calmly. Pikachu then took a deep breath. You could see the small Pokemon’s chest and stomach expand and contract slowly from underneath the white silk. “Wait for the attack..” Derek added.

“Weedle, Poison sting!” the Trainer yelled, beleiving he had the battle in his hands. It was foolish to beleive that, because Derek already knew what to do. The Weedle then launched itself like a spear towards the Pikachu. The Worm Pokemon was moving at a great speed, and the spike on his head seemed to be very sharp. “Pikachu, use growl!” Derek commanded. The Pikachu did as ordered and , effectively, Growled at Weedle. The speed that Weedle had been going at was suddenly cut, nearly halved, decreasing the strength of the attack. Derek now was confident that even if the attack hit, it wouldn’t do much damage to his Pokemon, unless it got a status condition.

“Pikachu, don’t move!” Derek then yelled to Pikachu, who was still under the effects of the String shot attack. The Weedle’s spike soon connected to Pikachu, but he took no damage. Not only had the attack been weakened by growl, but instead of making a direct contact with the mouse Pokemon it simply scratched the Silk away, allowing Pikachu to move at normal speed again.

It all happened as planned, but a bonus was added to this strategy. “Weedle, use string Shot again!” the Trainer yelled desperately at his Pokemon, but this time the Worm Pokemon didn’t move.. At all. “What’s going on?!” The trainer asked frantically as he tried to get his Weedle to move at least the slightest bit.

“Pikachu’s.. Pikachu’s Static paralyzed Weedle..” Derek realized. He then grinned mischievously as he stretched his arm and pointed at the Weedle. “Pikachu.. Thundershock!”

“Pika...” Pikachu then yelped as is became surrounded in blue and yellow sparks. “Chuuuuu!” Pikachu exclaimed as a blue jolt shout out of his cheeks and hit the completely immobilized Weedle. As soon as the electric attack connected, the Weedle wasn’t paralyzed anymore, but was now struggling in the ground desperately as it took the Thundershock. The Weedle soon fainted and ended up literally toasted. “No!” The Bug catcher exclaimed sadly. He ran over to his Weedle, then returned it to the Pokeball. “I was defeated..”

Pikachu then returned to Derek’s shoulder, only having received minimal damage. “Good battle” Derek said kindly as he approached the bug catcher and stretched his hand for a handshake. Instead of shaking his hand, however, the Bug Catcher placed some prize money on Derek’s hand, then ran away without saying a word. Derek shrugged, then stared at his Pikachu. “That was Awesome!” he yelled out very happily. He had now won his first Pokemon battle. His Pikachu, too, seemed stronger than what he was a while ago, even though it might just have been Derek’s imagination.

Derek took a deep breath and continued to walk with a smile on his face.

May 23rd, 2008, 10:40 PM
To Diegoyayi: Congratulations! You put up a very good post, my friend. Your Pikachu grew to Level 7! Keep up the good work man! That's a good first turn!

Posts Needed From: Trainer Kat, Zimvee

May 23rd, 2008, 11:51 PM
Hey, I read the first post and I saw that you need one more person to 100% complete your roleplay. I'm signing up to fill the spot.

Character Name: Adrian Davis
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Birth Date: July 4th, 1991

Apperance: Adrian is a 6 foot 7 inch male with green eyes and black corn rows. He wears a green bandana with a black hat. He wears a silver chain necklace with a green shirt and a black overshirt. He wears green pants with white and green shoes. He has a black tribal tattoo over his right eye. He wears black glasses to sort of cover it from public. On his silver chain necklace, he has a christain cross to remember to one who created him. On the bottom of his pants, he has green streaks and faded spots all over.

Personality: His personality is very unique to himself. He's a rotten and snotty person who disliked everything except for pokemon, he hated his friends and his parents also. He thought his personality was unique for him but it all changed when he met a girl in school. When he met the girl, his personality changed. Now his a nice, sweet, and kind gentlemen who recieves and gives presents and money for free for anybody that is in his family or part of his friend group.

History: Adrian was born sixteen years ago. When he moved to Pallet Town when he was just five years old, he started to draw pictures of his parents pokemon and any other pokemon that came towards him when he was outside enjoying his peace and quiet.

When Adrian started his kindergarden years, he was mean to everybody in his class, the teacher, the guys, even the wonderful ladies. Everyday after school, he was in detention. His detention classroom was just a door with a window and all four walls.

When he was in 1st grade, he was the same mean and non-forgiving Adrian he was in his kindergarden years but it was worse. He was stealing items from his school and from houses arounf his own house.

When he was in 3rd grade, his life started to change when he met the girl of his dreams. The girl changed his whole life, now he is a nice and care-giving man that would give people anything they wanted. When he came home one day, his parents was so proud of him that his school grades were improving every month.

When he was in his 4th grade years, him and the girl who changed his life, dated each other until one day when they were both in the 8th grade, she met another man who was more smarter than Adrian. Now since he had the women of his dreams out of his life, he decided to explore his world and become a pokemon trainer.

Preferred Starter: The only pokemon that's available which is Bulbasaur.

May 24th, 2008, 12:17 AM
Bobby walked out of Pallet Town with small spring in his step. After about 15min of walking on Route 1 Bobby stopped and released Charmander again. "Hi buddy," Bobby said "I'm your new trainer." Charmander replied with a cute "Char!" Bobby laughed happily.

Suddenly he noticed a young boy looking at him and he got up embaressed. "What are you lookin at kid?" he yelled. "Oh just noticing you and your Charmander. My names Andrew." "...Bobby" "Hey want to have a battle? I'm also new." "Sure, why not i'v got some time to kill."

Andrew threw out a purple rat like pokemon. "What is that?" Bobby asked. "That is my Rattata." "Cool," Bobby said "Go Charmander Growl!" Charmander's growl froze Rattata in fear. "Excellent! Now Scratch!" "Not so fast! Rattata dodge and Tackle!" Charmander's attack missed and was hit full force with the tackle. "Charmander!" "Finish it, another Tackle!" "Charmander wait right there..." Bobby ordered. Charmander waited in a battle position while Rattata was coming closer. "Not yet... not yet..." Bobby muttered "Now bring your Scratch straight down!" A direct and critical hit Rattata was out cold.

"Oh Rattata!" Andrew cried. "Looks like you won..." "Yeah but it was a close fight. You're gonna make a great trainer someday." "Really?" Andrew said hopefully. "You bet! And when you do become a great trainer I want to battle you again." Bobby exclaimed. "Its a deal" Andrew shouted as Bobby and Charmander walked on with smiles on.

May 24th, 2008, 7:38 AM
To Zimvee: That was a decent training post. You Charmander grew to Level 6 because of it! I will update your Stats.

Oh, and just one suggestion for you. When posting dialogue, make sure that when you make a new character speak that they start their speech on a new line. Example:

"Hello, how are you?" Bobby asked.

"I'm fine," Mark replied.

Trainer Kat
May 24th, 2008, 7:44 AM
“C’mon…Pokéball now, please.” Eevee, who had once been perched gently on Jack’s shoulder, now sat in the dirt at his feet. Her owner thrust a Pokéball towards her in a futile attempt to wrestle her back in. In response, the evolution Pokémon shrouded her face with her tail, shaking her head vigorously. Already, Jack was becoming annoyed with his partner’s refusal to return to the ball. “Pokémon stay in Pokéballs. You’re a Pokémon.” Once more, he shoved the sphere into her face, causing her to back up slowly, all whilst giving him a frightened look. A sigh of exasperation passed Jack’s lips as he tucked Eevee’s Pokéball into a side pocket on his bag. The little Pokémon scampered up to Jack’s shoulder, letting out a small yawn before settling back down. He had to admit, he was a little fed up with the Pokémon, but quickly shrugged the feeling off upon remembering that some Pokémon do prefer to stay by their trainers’ sides. He looked towards Route 1. Once again, he would be the last person to arrive in Viridian – already, the other three trainers had departed, leaving him behind to fiddle with his Eevee. Of course, he wasn’t about to stay here and have everyone else beat the gym before he could. In a flash, everything that had been loose was shoved haphazardly into his bag, and he shuffled off towards Route 1.

And, while Route 1 was only their first obstacle, that didn’t mean it would be a cakewalk. Several times, Eevee got knocked off of Jack’s shoulder by a low-hanging branch. He figured her tail probably hurt from all the times he had grabbed hold of it in a last-ditch effort to save her from falling. If this was true, however, she didn’t vocalize it. Instead, she pressed her nose against Jack’s cheek and ran her tongue across his skin. Immediately, he frowned, silently protesting her display of affection.

The path was riddled with Pidgeys and Rattatas – had Jack wanted, he could have caught one of them, but weak Pokémon didn’t really appeal to him (in fact, he wondered why anybody would be caught dead with a Route 1 Pokémon). His thoughts were interrupted, however, when a boy in what appeared to be a suit emerged from the bushes. With one look at Jack, a sinister smile spread across the boy’s pale face. With grayish-black eyes, and a hair color to match, this boy reminded Jack very much of a ghost…he was certain the boy owned a Gastly.

“That your Eevee?” his voice was cold, and sent a small shudder down Jack’s back.

“Yeah. She’s mine.”

“Then…what would you say to a battle? One on one.” Jack turned his head to look at Eevee. In response, she leapt off of his back and into the tall grass. Her head lowered, and her tail erect, she looked quite different from the Eevee he had seen moments ago. The boy, in turn, sent out his Pokémon – what appeared to be a purple rabbit. A single spike protruded from its forehead, and darker purple spots were scattered across its body. Jack withdrew the Pokédex from his back pocket and pointed it at the other’s Pokémon. A smooth, female voice spoke.

Nidoran Male. The Poison Pin Pokémon. It scans its surroundings by raising its ears out of the grass. Its toxic horn is for protection.

“So…” Jack mumbled. “The horn is poisonous.” Looking up, he noticed the rabbit charging his Eevee. “Eevee! Watch out for that horn!” Eevee leapt to the side, just narrowly avoiding the Nidoran’s Poison Sting attack. She resumed her former position, ready to attack. “Now, Tackle!” His command was sharp, and pierced the quiet air. The evolution Pokémon ran towards her opponent, slamming into him with her side. The rabbit rolled a few inches away before springing upright once more, and attacking Eevee. This time, she wasn’t so lucky. His horn struck her directly in the chest, sending her flying backwards before landing roughly at Jack’s feet.

“Eevee, get up.” His voice was cool and unyielding. It was not a request – it was an order. By his tone, it appeared as though he wasn’t concerned for Eevee’s safety…he just wanted to win. The Pokémon struggled to stand, but finally, she was able to get onto all four legs. Still, she tried to catch her breath, as she was heaving pretty badly. “You can’t take much more. Tackle it now!” Weakly, Eevee leapt towards the opponent, but the Nidoran quickly slapped her away with his own body weight. She skidded away, but was quick to get back up, despite the tremors passing through her limbs. It was then that Jack noticed the boy’s eyes. They were merciless…almost insane. He actually enjoyed the pain he was causing Eevee. Looking down, the Nidoran’s eyes were exactly the same.

“Eevee, give it everything you’ve got. Tackle it with all your strength!” In one final maneuver, Eevee charged her enemy, hitting him squarely in the side. This time, the move worked. Nidoran rolled onto his back and ceased movement, signaling the end of the battle. The boy scowled, recalling Nidoran.

“Worthless piece of junk!” He growled before turning to Jack. “You have a cell phone, right? Gimme your number. I want a rematch some day.” Of course, Jack obliged. As the boy left, Jack squatted down to Eevee, lightly stroking her fur. She climbed back up to his shoulder, curling up and shutting her eyes. For once, Jack didn’t complain. This time, she had earned it.

May 24th, 2008, 7:58 AM
To Trainer Kat: Excellent post, my friend. I was really impressed by your imagery as well as your attention to detail! Keep up the awesome work. Eevee grew to Level 8! Eevee learned Sand Attack!
Beware, though, that there is a Level cap of 8, here on Route 1. I will update your Stats.

To PokeUser45: I am accepting your post under the condition that you have read ALL of the rules, as well as all of the posts up to this point, because you have missed the beginning of the RPG (also, please add a bit to your Personality). Also, you MUST role-play how you recieved your Pokemon from Professor Oak as well as your first post through Route 1, all in one post.

You should also make a Trainer Card for your character. If you need help finding a site, just let me know. Otherwise, welcome aboard! Like I said though, read all of the other posts first to get an idea of how the game is played and what you need to do. It is your duty to catch up to everyone else right now (in one post, if possible).

May 24th, 2008, 8:49 AM
When Adrian woke up to the sunrise from Pallet Town, he got out of his bed because he knew it was the day, the day to pick his first pokemon to start his very own pokemon adventure. Adrian walked downstairs to eat his breakfast his mother made for him but he was really excited to get his first pokemon so he skipped breakfast and headed towards Professor Oak's laboratory.

He was walking inside the pokemon laboratory later after and when he was walking towards Professor Oak, Professor Oak started talking.

"Well, who do we have here?" asked Professor Oak.
"You don't remember me Professor, you liked my pokemon drawings," said Adrian.
"Oh yes I remember now, you are Adrian, I used to have your parents as students," said Professor Oak.
"That's right," said Adrian. "Can I get my pokemon?"
"Yes you may Adrian, here is your Bulbasaur," said Professor Oak.
"Awesome!" said Adrian in an excited way.
"Here is your pokedex and your five pokeballs," said Professor Oak. "Remember to use the pokeballs wisely Adrian and make sure you attack your pokemon before catching them"
"Okay Professor Oak, I'll do that," said Adrian while he was walking out the laboratory door.

Adrian walked outside the door and he started heading towards Route 1.
When Adrian was walking in Route 1, he suddenly found a wild Pidgey so he brought out his Bulbasaur to attack the wild Pidgey. Adrian told Bulbasaur to use its Tackle to attack the Pidgey. The Pidgey flew up high and used its Tackle attack to attack Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur got knocked down to the ground and then he quickly got up off of the ground.

When Bulbasaur got up from the ground, Adrian told Bulbasaur to use Tackle again to attack the wild Pidgey. The Pidgey flew up high again and it used Tackle again on Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur got up from the ground one more time and then it got mad at the Pidgey so it used Tackle to attack the wild Pidgey without Adrian commanding it.

The Pidgey was churping like it was laughing at Bulbasaur and then it used Sand Attack to lower Bulbasaur's accuracy. Bulbasaur felt weak for a few seconds and then suddenly Bulbasaur got up from its hind legs and charged towards the wild Pidgey. The wild Pidgey tried to fly up high but Bulbasaur was just in time to attack it.

The wild Pidgey was trying to get up from the ground from the fierce attack Bulbasaur left for it but when it got up, it suddenly tried to attack Bulbasaur but when it flew towards Bulbasaur, it suddenly fell down on the ground. After the battle against the wild Pidgey, Adrian returned Bulbasaur to its own pokeball and then he kept on walking in Route 1.

May 24th, 2008, 10:09 AM
To PokeUser45: Seeing as you arrived late, you will, sadly, be only getting one chance to post along Route 1. I'm sorry, but for the sake of the RPG going smoothly and timely, that is how it must go. So go ahead and post whenever you are ready.

To Everyone: You can now post your second posts along Route 1! Just be sure that your post ends at the entrance to Viridian City, and don't actually go into the city yet. That includes you too, PokeUser45. Once everyone has posted along Route 1, I will then open up Viridian City, where you can buy items, visit the Pokemon Center and do many other things!

May 24th, 2008, 10:26 AM
When Adrian was still walking on Route 1, Adrian sent out Bulbasaur for a little talk. When Bulbasaur came out of his pokeball, Adrian started talking to it.

"Hello Bulbasaur, it's a great day isn't it?" asked Adrian.
"Bulba!" said Bulbasaur in an excited way.
"Well now look it here Bulbasaur, there's the Viridian City," said Adrian.
"Bulba, Bulbasaur!" said Bulbasaur in an excited way.

Adrian stopped talking to Bulbasaur and then Bulbasaur and him kept on walking until they arrived in Viridian City.

"Well Bulbasaur, do you like the sunrise?" asked Adrian.
"Bulba, Bulba, Bulbasaur!" said Bulbasaur in an excited way.
Well Bulbasaur, back to your pokeball you go because I see Viridian City up ahead," said Adrian.

Adrian made Bulbasaur return to its pokeball and started walking alone to Viridian City.

May 24th, 2008, 10:31 AM
To PokeUser45: That's a good edit! Good training post. Bulbasaur grew to Level 6! I'll update your Stats. And nice Trainer Card, by the way.

May 24th, 2008, 12:38 PM
"That was a great battle back there Charmander!" Bobby said " But it looks like you only got to level 6. I have a feeling the other guys have their Pokemon up at a higher level. Looks like we have some training to do."

"Charmander!" Charmander said with a battle ready look on his face.

"Since no one is around guess we'll have to battle wild Pokemon." Bobby scanned the wind swept grass. Suddenly he spotted a bird like pokemon circling above them. "Allright a Pidgey! Go get it Charmander!" Charmander lept in to action. "Charmander use scratch!" Charmander scratch made contact, but the Pidgey was still standing. With a feirce look in its eye it started flapping its wings at the ground, stirring up sand and dirt. "Arg! A Sand-Attack!" Bobby exclaimed while blocking his eyes. "This Pidgey is at a higher level than I thought."

"Char!" Charmander cried out. It was scratching at its eyes which were covered in dirt.

"Oh no! Charmander can't see now!" Bobby exclaimed. "Looks like were going on the defensive, use growl!" Charmander growled with his eyes closed and stopped the Pidgey's assault of sand. "Charmander how's your eyes?" Charmander cracked his eyes open and formed a squint. "Allright while its cowering from your growl, scratch!" As luck would have it the attack made contact. "And while its reeling from that attack, scratch again!" Charmander made contact again and the Pidgey went down. "Charmander you did it!" Bobby yelled happily.

"Char char!" Charmander said while jumping up and down.

"Come here Charmander, lets get that sand out of your eyes." When they were done they started walking towards two figures and Virdian City.

Trainer Kat
May 24th, 2008, 12:48 PM
To: Jett
Txt: hey…where’d you get your nidoran? i can’t find any

Jack snapped his cell phone shut and stuffed it into the pocket of his low-slung jeans. Eevee, who had been forced to walk, stared up at her master and tilted her head to the side.

“Don’t give me that…” Jack mumbled through clenched teeth. “You can ride when you stop being so weak.” The crestfallen Pokémon lowered her ears and continued to plod along beside him. Jack ignored her dejected look, and, instead, thrust his hands into his pockets, his posture taking on a slouch. In fact, he had begun to slouch so much, that he didn’t even see the approaching branch.


“Oww…” he moaned, propping himself up on his elbows and rubbing his already-bruising forehead. Eevee scuttled up to him and instantly ran her tongue across the wound. “Get off…” His British accent pervaded his words as he shoved the Eevee to the side. Once more, her ears lowered as he continued to brush her off. As he went to stand, he noticed one thing – on the branch that had so rudely smacked him across the face, several blue berries hung. Each berry was about half the size of his fist, topped with sparse green leaves. Reaching up, he plucked three off of the branch and carefully deposited them in his bag. The moment he slung the container back over his shoulder, a sharp vibration could be felt from his pocket.

From: Jett
Txt: outskirts of viridian. to the west. good luck mate >:)

The text brought a smile to his face. Despite the trainer’s seemingly psychopathic nature, he wasn’t a bad guy, or at least, Jack didn’t think so. It was then that he noticed how close he really was to Viridian City. He could already see the bulbous red roof of the Pokémon Center. With the knowledge that he would be there in less than five minutes, he allowed Eevee to top his shoulder once more as he took the final steps towards his destination.

To: Jett
Txt: what a coincidence. im almost there. :)

May 24th, 2008, 7:22 PM
"That was an impressive battle, Pikachu." Derek said to the Pikachu on his shoulder as he petted his head lightly. He just didn't get tired of praising his Pikachu after it won that battle with a Weedle. Pikachu just threw it's ears back and closed his eyes to take the pats on his head happily. "Pikapi.." he murmured quietly as he smiled.

Derek was getting through Route 1 at a decently good pace. He hadn't seen any of the oter Trainers he had left off with, but didn't care, really. He still couldn't beleive the thought he had already gotten his first Pokemon, and not only that, but also won his first Pokemon battle. Derek continued to trot through the route with a grin on his face.

"So, Pikachu" Derek then started saying as he turned to his Mouse Pokemon. "What's your story?" He asked, even though he knew he wasn't going to understand anything Pikachu said; but meh, just for the fun of it.

"PikaPikachuPipiChu.." Pikachu started saying, and so went on reiterating the three syllables in his name over and over in different order. After a while of 'talking', Pikachu ended with a plain and calm "Pika...", a deep breath and a smile.
"Oh.." Derek said smiling back at the Pikachu. "That's interesting" he joked as he continued walking.

The pair was now near the exit of Route 1, and in a short distance you could see a couple of buildings with different colored roofs. "That must be... Viridian City!" Derek exclaimed happily as he punched his fist into the air, making Pikachu fall down from his shoulder. "Oh, I'm sorry, pal! I forgot you were there" Derek said with a small laugh as he stretched his arm for the Pikachu to climb back up.

As Route 1 became shorter and shorter, the grass was also becoming taller and taller. Inevitably, Derek got to a part of the Route which had so much grass he couldn't see his feet.

"Gotta be careful not to trip, Gotta be careful not to trip, Gotta be careful not to trip, Gotta be careful not to tri..." Derek was cut off his words when he tripped and landed on his face. The Pikachu managed to leap from his shoulder before Derek touched the ground, and therefore didn't suffer the fall.

"Ow!" Derek yelped as he stood up from the ground and rubbed his nose, which was luckily not bleeding, with his left hand. "That was a harsh fall.." He said to himself.
"Pi.." Pikachu just said in agreement as he laughed silently and nodded.
"I wonder what I tripped on..." Derek said as he turned around and kneeled down, then stretched his arm to feel the ground. His hand came across a leathery object, which he grabbed and identified as a backpack. He picked it up and noticed it was scratched and half opened, like if the owner dropped it while running away from an attacking Pokemon.

Then, Derek instantly stared inside the bag. Inside the backpack were two objects. A potion and an antidote, both unused. Derek opened his eyes in amazement, then looked around and noticed that no other trainer was nearby. No one to claim the backpack. "Finders, keepers, then" Derek said grinning mischievously as he raided the two objects and placed them on his own backpack, dropping the lost backpack back to the ground. After shoving the objects and closing his backpack, Derek continued his way along Route 1.

In no more than 3 minutes, Derek got to the entrance of Viridian City. "This is Viridian City.." he told to Pikachu as the both stared at the city with a smile on their faces. Derek then looked around and noticed that he got there approximately at the same time as the other trainers he left with. He took a deep breath as he continued to stare at the city.

May 24th, 2008, 9:28 PM
To Zimvee: That was a decent RP battle, Zimvee. Charmander grew to Level 7! Charmander learned Ember!

And just for future reference, please don't refer to Pokemon "Levels" in the actual RPG with your Character. They don't technically exist in the Anime or in "real life". They are just a way for us, the roleplayers (not the Characters), to represent the amount of experience a Pokemon has. That is all.

To Trainer Kat: Excellent post, once again. I assumed you were referring to Rawst Berries, so those are what I put in your Profile. If they are different, please let me know.

To Diegoyayi: Nice post with Pikachu there and, due to the quality of your post, I have no problems whatsoever with you finding a those items. In fact, I'll double them. Excellent work.

To Fighting Infernape: Seeing as you double posted this time along Route 1, we will call that both of your turns. However, in the future, please wait to post both of your turns. Thanks man!

To All: On to Viridian City!


Chapter 2
Viridian City

OOC: Seeing as you all have made it successfully through Route 1 to Viridian City, it is now your time to take a little break, if you wish. Basically, unlike the Routes, you can do as many things as you like (within reason) while in the City. Please do it all in one post, however. Once everybody has posted once, we will move on to the next area, which will be Route 2.

Since it is the late afternoon by now, the Trainers will be required to spend the night. Finding a place to sleep is completely up to you, so be creative! The Journey begins anew in the morning.

Please note that you CANNOT battle, train or catch wild Pokemon while in Viridian City, or even battle other Trainers or each other. It would cause too much comotion and must be reserved for the Routes, Forests, Caves and such.

It is a relatively small city located North of Pallet Town. There are quite a few trees and greens located within the City, and it actually blends very well in with its surroundings, not being very intrusive at all.

There are quite a few houses here, and the townsfolk are usually more than willing to help out friendly Pokemon Trainers and their companions.

Areas of Interest

Pokemon Center: A large white building with a red roof. This place houses a Nurse Joy and several Chanseys intent on healing your Pokemon for free overnight. What a deal!

PokeMart: The local stop-and-shop for Pokemon Trainers. It doesn't have a heck of a lot of supplies, but it does have the basics.
Item List: Potions, Pokeballs and Antidotes.

Pokemon Gym: The Viridian City Pokemon Gym is home to a mystery Gym Leader who, apparently, is not availible to challenge at the moment. The doors to the place are completely sealed shut and there is not feasible way to gain access.

OOC: When you are finished business here in Viridian City (and you have roleplayed spending the night somewhere in it or nearby), then just lead your Character to Route 2 and get ready for some more Journies! Oh, and to people worried about catching Route 22 Pokemon, don't worry. They have been added to Route 2, so you can get a chance to catch them anyway.

May 24th, 2008, 10:41 PM
Derek and Pikachu were still staring in stupidity at the city. After a few minutes passed, the pair decided to take the first steps into their first city. As soon as they were, the both examined their surroundings carefully, greeting every person that came along their way.They were really excited. They came across a singpost that read: "Viridian City; The Eternally Green Paradise". They thought this was ironical because not many things in the city were green, except for a couple of trees.

"Anyway..." Derek said to himself as the continued to walk, and in no time they arrived at the Pokemon Center. "Pokemon Centers..." Derek started lecturing Pikachu, " Here they heal all Pokemon for free and supply food and lodging for Pokemon Trainers. Probably the mist useful of all structures." Pikachu just nodded as he heard Derek talk, then excitedly pointed at a nearby building, this one with a blue ceiling.

"That, Pikachu, is the Pokemon Mart. It sells things like Pokeballs and medicine to Trainers at what they call a 'fair price'." Derek explained as he chuckled lightly and continued walking. Nearby the Pokemon Mart and above a small ledge was the largest of all the buildings in the city. Larger even than most of the houses. "And that building is... A Pokemon Gym" Derek started saying a large, warm smile formed on his face. Pikachu smiled too, even though he wasn't sure why he was doing it.

"A Pokemon Gym is owned by a Gym leader, which are very strong trainers that give other trainers badges when they're defeated. You need 8 badges from Kanto to take on the Pokemon League, which is said to be home of the region's strongest trainers. Becoming the Pokemon Champion is the ultimate goal of a lot of Trainers..."

"Pikaaaa...." Pikachu said, his last vowel being extended so it sounded like an "Ahh.." as if he just learned something. Derek turned to Pikachu and nodded assuringly, then they both stared up at the sky, noticing it wasn't going to be long before daylight was over. "Ok, Pikachu, lets take a look at the nearby areas before we go to sleep" Derek said as the headed west.

"That's Route... 22. It leads to Victory Road, which leads to the Pokemon league" Derek explained as he read a nearby signpost. The pair then quickly ran north. "And this is Route 2. I guess we'll be heading here tomorrow first hour".
"Chu!" Pikachu said as he nodded in agreement, then they both headed over to the Pokemon center.

"Welcome!" Nurse Joy greeted the pair as soon as they took the first step into the structure.
"Hey there" Derek replied with a smile. "We're looking to spend the night here. Have you got any lodging rooms available at the moment?"
"Of course we do!" The nurse replied happily. "Would you like to get your Pokemon healed, too?"
"Please." Derek replied.
"Ok, Sweetheart. I'll need your Pokemon in Pokeballs, though" Nurse Joy said as she pointed at Pikachu. Pikachu just sighed and stared at Derek.
"Sorry, buddy" Derek said as he pulled out his Pokeball and aimed it at Pikachu. A red beam of light shout out from the middle of the ball, and as it touched the Pokemon, Pikachu disapeared. The ball shook itself for a couple of seconds, then became immobile. Derek stretched his arm across the front desk and dropped the Pokeball on Nurse Joy's hand. "Thanks. It'll be fully restored in no time!"

After this, Derek received a key to a lodging room. He made his way through some automatic slide doors and into his room. It was pretty plain, really. It was a relatively small room with two bunk beds which were near the room's walls and separated by one bureau in the middle. Both of the top beds had a window. Derek removed his shoes and places his backpack on the piece of furniture, then jumped to one of the top beds and stared through the window at the now darkening sky. He really didn't feel like sleeping, but he knew he would have to rest eventually.

Derek started thinking about his day. Every single event that occurred in the past hours had been incredible. He then started thinking on the future of his adventure as his eyelids started to grow more and more heavy every minute...

Trainer Kat
May 25th, 2008, 11:23 AM
Viridian City was...not what he had imagined. Jack stood on the outskirts, staring blankly at his surroundings. The buildings were small (save the Pokémon Center, which was mammoth compared to the houses), and residents perused the city streets slowly. He watched as an old man doddered along before tripping. He seemed to hurt his back - despite his granddaughter's efforts, the senior citizen made no attempts to stand, instead lying motionless on the ground. Eevee looked to the side, squeaking softly at her trainer. Jack gave no response - he was too busy wondering why Viridian was categorized as a city and not a village. Of course, that was before he spotted a building that made his heart soar. There, nestled in the far northeast corner of the city, was a medium-sized building. A gym.

"Eevee, it's time for our first gym match! You better be ready, 'cuz that's our first stop!" The evolution Pokémon looked back over to Jack and let out a small whimper. After their battle with Jett and his Nidoran, she was in no shape to battle a gym of all things...especially without the assistance of any other Pokémon. Yet, her cry went unheard as the brunette bounded towards what appeared to be his first test. His joy was enough to shut her up - even in the short time she had known him, she hadn't ever seen him this happy. Of course, his euphoria quickly evaporated. Upon reaching the building, they were greeted with the sudden realization that the door was boarded shut. A sign on the door informed them that the gym was closed for repairs. With a sigh, Jack turned and shuffled back towards the Pokémon Mart. If Viridian Forest truly was as dangerous as everyone had informed him it was, he would need some supplies. After all, there was no way he was trekking back to this city if Eevee needed healing. If he ran into a situation like that, he would just have to find some sap to unload Eevee on.

"Can I help you, sir?" The shopkeeper was tall, with shaggy blonde hair that fell to the middle of his ears. A goofy grin was plastered onto his face. Jack stared at him for a moment, eyes peering out through half-closed lids. Then, in a flash, he leaned across the counter and lightly tapped the cashier's cheek with his palm.

"Wipe that smile off your face, you look like a fool," he grunted. The boy gave him an annoyed glare before repeating his question once more. "One potion...two antidotes," he paused before adding; "please." The shopkeeper ducked down and retrieved the three items from under the counter before slamming them down on the wood. Jack hastily paid and exited - his brief moment of impoliteness had made his presence unwelcome in the Viridian City Pokémart. His next stop was the Pokémon Center. If they weren't going to fight here, he figured he might as well heal Eevee in preparation for their hike through Viridian Forest. The moment the sliding doors opened, he was greeted with a peppy voice.

"Hello! Welcome to the Pokémon Center! Can I heal your Eevee?" The voice belonged to a woman with magenta hair in a high-cut nurse's outfit. Overall, she was cute, despite being a few years older than Jack.

"Heh, you're cute," he grinned, recalling Eevee to her Pokéball and handing it to the nurse, who had turned to hide the blush that had begun to paint its way across her face. The healing process was quick, and Eevee was on Jack's shoulder once more. Jack leaned forward, pressing his lips against Nurse Joy's ear, whispering something inaudible to the rest of the building. Moments later, he was outside the building, a red handprint visible upon his face. Having been kicked out of both the Pokémon Center and the Pokémart, Jack made his way to a tree on the northern side of the city. Already, night had begun to fall, and he was becoming increasingly tired. Resting against the base of the tree, the brunette closed his eyes, Eevee curled up in his lap.

Slave to the Poké-Rave
May 25th, 2008, 11:36 AM

Wow, this is a really good RP. Wish I could join, but I guess im a tad late. Ah well.

May 25th, 2008, 3:01 PM
OOC: Waiting for Zimvee, Pokeuser45 and Fighting Infernape. Since PokeUser45 and Fighting Infernape did not notify me about an absence, I may have to temporarily ban you guys for not being here and not letting me know. You guys have 5 hours (until 12am Eastern US Time).

Don't worry, Zimvee. You're still okay. Thanks for the notice!

To Diegoyayi: You made a really good RP post while in Viridian City so, as a reward, I am giving your Character a free Rare Candy! Nice job man. Be ready to start along Route 2 soon...

To Trainer Kat: Also a very good post there. I really liked how you had Jack interacting with the local townspeople. It let us see into his personality a lot more. Very well done! You, too, are rewarded with a Rare Candy!

To Fighting Infernape and PokeUser45: You guys are about to be temporarily banned, I'm sorry to say. You have not posted or sent me a PM withing 24 hours. I don't mind if people leave, just let me know from now on.

If you would like to reactivate your Characters, let me know via PM.


Chapter 3
-Route 2-

OOC: This Chapter, Route 2, is going to work EXACTLY like Route 1 did, with a few differences. The first difference is that you will be traveling from ViridianCity to ViridianForest (instead of from PalletTown to ViridianCity). The second is that different wild Pokemon will be appearing. The last difference is that you will only get 1 post (unlike to from Route 1) to get to ViridianForest, so choose your turn wisely!

Also, this is very important! I am introducing a RARITY system now, and it works like this:
Basically, every species of Pokemon has a certain chance of appearing due to their number in the area. The way this is going to work in the RPG is that, for any wild Pokemon you wish to encounter and capture (your choice), you must obviously write a post. The catch, however, is that rarer Pokemon require longer and higher quality posts to capture.

For example, a Spearow, which is Common along Route 2, will be require a much less lengthy and detailed post than a Mankey, which is Rare, to capture.

And, please do not forget, that the quality and length of your Capture post will determine not only your success rate of capture, but also how powerful the Pokemon is!

If you have any questions about this system please PM me or post them up in the OOC Thread. Thanks!

Level Cap: 9


It is a relatively short path (even shorter than Route 1), but is also contains many more trees. Because of this, there is a much more varied selection of wild Pokemon. The bad side to that, of course, is that the wild Pokemon here are stronger and more vicious than the ones found along Route 1, so be careful.
Also, there may be some experienced Trainers lurking about, so watch your step!

Wild Pokemon

Spearow - 021
Gender:Male or Female
Ability:Keen Eye
Attacks: Peck, Growl, Leer (5)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Nidoran (F) - 029
Ability:Poison Point or Rivalry
Attacks: Growl, Scratch
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Nidoran (M) - 032
Ability:Poison Point or Rivalry
Attacks: Leer, Peck
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Mankey - 056
Gender:Male or Female
Ability:Vital Spirit or Anger Point
Attacks: Scratch, Low Kick, Leer, Focus Energy
Rarity: Rare

May 25th, 2008, 9:25 PM
"Day two!" Derek exclaimed incredibly loud and contentious as he sat up on his bed and bounced up and down quickly. He jumped down from the top bed and landed on his feet gracefully. Derek then stretched for his backpack for some new clothing. He changed to an outfit consisting of a tight and long sleeved shirt, jeans, and some thin sneakers. Derek hated long sleeves, but he knew he was making it over to Viridian Forest soon; and he knew from experience that long sleeves or thick jackets were best for exploring woods or caves. He also then put on some fingerless leather gloves and a hat. "I'm ready to .." Derek started saying. He was going to end with 'leave' but was interrupted when his stomach growled. "Eat" he added, completing his sentence. "But first, gotta go get Pikachu!"

Derek ran out of the lodging room and on to the front desk. "Good morning!" He greeted Nurse Joy.
"Good morning, honey. Your Pokemon is fully healed now" the nurse replied as she handed Derek a Pokeball. As soon as the ball was in Derek's hand, he released his Pikachu. Pikachu stretched and rubbed his eyes immediatly after coming out of the Pokeball, then, as soon as he noticed Derek, smiled and jumped to his shoulder.

"Thank you very much" Derek said as he smiled at Nurse Joy. "One last thing, though. Um.. Eh... Have you got any food here?" Derek asked as he blushed slightly, wondering what the answer would be. He knew most Pokemon Centers supplied human and Pokemon food, but there was always an exception. The nurse giggled and then headed to a door, motioning for Derek to follow. Derek entered the indicated room and noticed it was some sort of small cafeteria. It had only a few tables and some Chansey serving food. Derek and Pikachu stared at each other and grinned.

After eating and grabbing some fruits and water bottles for his backpack, Derek headed outside the Pokemon Center. "On to Route 2, Pikachu!" Derek said as he again punched a fist into the air. Pikachu didn't fall this time, though, but instead, copied Derek's motion. Derek smiled, and in just a few minutes the pair headed outside Viridian City. As the walked out, Derek and Pikachu stumbled upon one of the Trainers he saw back at the Lab. He stared at the guy and the Eevee in his lap for some seconds, then shrugged and turned to Pikachu. They were about to leave, though, but Derek used this moment to pull out his Pokedex and record the information on Eevee. He now had Pikachu, Eevee, Weedle, Chansey, Pidgey and Rattata's info. Even though he hadn't had a direct encounter with the last 2, he managed to record information on them from a distance. They continued to walk for some minutes and came to a signpost that read 'Route 2'.

"We gotta be careful here, Pikachu. I know many Pokemon lie here. Let's go around silently..." Derek murmured to Pikachu as they found a small path behind some bushes. Derek made his way by crawling in between the bushes and managed to record information on Spearow and both Nidoran. Many types he made contact with thorns and other things, but the long sleeves protected direct contact with his skin. After a while of crawling and a sever knee pain, Derek stood up and decided to walk for the last parts of the Route.

The pair got to a clearing in no time, and in a distance a guard house was able to be seen. "That should be the building that leads to Viridian Forest, Pikachu."

The pair continued to walk in a very calm fashion and with a peaceful surrounding, but the silence broke when a noise was heard in a distance. "Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!" A Mankey yelled as he rampaged out of a bush and directed a punch towards Derek.
"Pikaa!" Piachu exclaimed as Derek crouched and Mankey flew above the two. Pikachu didn't hesitate in moving, and immediatly jumped down from Derek's shoulder to prepare for a battle. Derek really wanted to avoid battles at the moment, but he knew Mankey wasn't going to give up easily..

"Ok Pikachu, let's take it easy" Derek started saying. ~Mankey's all about brute force..~ He thought as he stared at the Mankey, who was now staring focused at the Pikachu. "Pikachu, Growl!" Derek ordered. Pikachu did as commanded and growled at the Mankey, whose attack seemed to be shortened by only a minum. Not even a second after receiving the growl, Mankey launched a reckless Scratch attack at Pikachu. Pikachu took the hit and was knocked away a few inches. Mankey launched a second attack, and this too connected with Pikachu.

"Agh, hold on, Pikachu!" Derek ordered. "Recover some space!" He then said, noticing Mankey was a little too close to Pikachu. Pikachu ran away to an area away from the Mankey so he could be able to react the next attack. "Pikachu, Tail Whip!"

Pikachu nodded and moved his tail from side to side. Derek wasn't really sure of how that helped, but anyway, it was an attack. Mankey darted again at Pikachu, but this attack wasn't a scratch. Instead, Mankey crouched and threw a kick at Pikachu's feet. Pikachu managed to dodge the attack by jumping up high, and while he was in the air, Derek commanded for a ThunderShock.

The electrical attack made contact with the monkey-like Pokemon, which was knocked away some feet. "Pikachu, attack again before he recovers!" Derek exclaimed. Mankey then stood up and rubbed his head in pain, but as soon as he came back to consciousness he was hit again by a second attack. This time, Mankey stayed in the ground for a few seconds. "Hm..." Derek thought as he stared at Mankey, then at his belt with Pokeballs. Without a second thought, Derek threw a Pokeball at the injured Pokemon.

The Pokeball shook itself twice, but the Pokemon broke free. "Agh.." Derek said as he proceeded with the battle. "Pikachu, one last ThunderShock!" As the attack hit Mankey, something very strange occured. The attack had seemed to his Mankey harder than all of the past attacks put together, an occurrence to which Derek yelped "Critical Hit!"

As soon as this 'Critical Hit' landed, however, the Mankey looked more enraged. His face was now bright red in anger and his fists had grown in size. ~What.. What's going on..~ Derek thought nervous as he stared at the Mankey who seemed to be much more powerful now. "Pikachu, G..."

Derek couldn't finish his sentence because Mankey immediately threw a Scratch at Pikachu. Instead of taking the attack with some damage like before, Pikachu was sent flying back, slamming himself quite harshly on a tree's trunk. "No, Pikachu!" Derek yelped as he ran towards his severely hurt comrade. "Pika..." Pikachu said tiredly. Derek was about to hive up on the battle, but when he turned back to see the now red Mankey, he noticed he was paralyzed. Again, static came into effect.

Derek could've used this time to run, but instead, he threw another Pokeball at Mankey. It shook a couple of times and...

((I'll edit this according to whether I do or don't catch the Mankey))

"That was a battle right there, Pikachu.." Derek said, noticing Pikachu was too tired like to even move. Unsure of what to do, Derek rushed to his backpack and searched for something useful, then came across one of his Potions. He used it on Pikachu's wounds, and in no time Pikachu was at at least his 90%.

The pair proceeded into the guard house, where an older lady greeted them. "Hello there, young boy. I saw your battle right there, and I must say that was very intense one. I think you and your Pokemon deserve this." The lady said as he handed the pair a Rare Candy. "Oh, awesome! Thanks!" Derek said as he walked away slowly and took a sit, deciding to wait a while before venturing into Viridian Forest...

May 25th, 2008, 9:35 PM
To Diegoyayi: Awesome battle there, and the old lady handing over the Rare Candy was a very clever thing to throw in there. Really good stuff. As soon as Trainer Kat, and possibly Zimvee, posts I'll put up Viridian Forest(it should be a pretty good challenge for you). Oh yeah, and due to the quality and length of your post, you caught Mankey! Congratulations on your first capture! I'll add it to your profile.

Trainer Kat
May 26th, 2008, 4:01 AM

It had only been a few moments since Jack awoke. He had sat there, crumpled up against the tree, for the better half of the night. The kink in his neck had been something else, and he was now remedying that problem. Once he had sufficiently jerked his head from side to side, he stood, catching Eevee as she began to slide off his lap. Now that he was in an upright position, he continued to stretch, hearing all the tiny pops as the pain left his joints. Eevee, who was seemingly used to cramped space (she did live in a Pokéball, after all), had merely yawned and resumed her position atop Jack's shoulder. Though he liked to act indifferent towards Eevee, the two were beginning to become closer.

Only one more obstacle lay in the way of Viridian Forest, and that was Route 2. In an earlier text from Jett, he had added that Nidoran could also be found on Route 2, which was Jack's next stop. Upon learning that he didn't have to sidetrack to Route 22, Jack's heart soared. With one Pokéball in hand, Jack began to take the first steps into Route 2. The first thing he noticed was the wider selection of vegetation. Though it didn't look all that different from Route 1, it definitely had a considerable amount of trees. His cheeks flushed at this, as he recalled his previous run-in with a low hanging branch. Reaching up, he touched the area where the branch had struck him. Like he predicted, there was a bruise there. How attractive. Despite this, he pressed forward, intent on finding the next member of his Pokémon team. Unlike Route 1, Route 2 had more Pokémon. Pidgeys were replaced with the more vicious Spearows, who flew overhead, threatening to drop a present on Jack at any moment. A shiver ran down his spine at the thought. And then, just like that, his reverie was interrupted by a rustle coming from a nearby bush. Turning his attention towards the foliage, Jack waited. Within moments, a periwinkle-hued bunny emerged. Nidoran.

"Alright, Eevee. Jett's Nidoran was strong, so we're gonna catch one, alright? That way I have more than just you." Despite the hidden insult, Eevee leapt off of Jack's shoulder, standing between him and the Nidoran. She had taken on the same pose as before, and an amused smile crossed Jack's lips. He really wouldn't have thought she had it in her. "Eevee, you know the drill. Tackle it!" Eevee backed up slowly before running at the Nidoran, throwing it violently to the side. Nidoran retaliated, attacking Eevee with the horn atop its head (which Jack noticed was considerably smaller than Jett's Nidoran's). The horn struck Eevee, but Eevee shook the hit off. Either Eevee had gotten stronger, or this Nidoran was a waste of time. Without warning, Nidoran seemed to grow increasingly angry, charging Eevee and flinging her aside. Though Eevee was down, the Nidoran continued the onslaught, striking her already-fallen body. Something had changed, or this Nidoran had noticed something about Eevee. Either way, her battle style was frighteningly more vicious. Without a command, Eevee stood and turned, kicking sand into the Nidoran's eyes.

"Nice one, Eevee! Now, tackle it to the ground! Don't let it hit you again!" Eevee did as she was told, attacking Nidoran while it was still trying to get the sand out of its eyes. It fell, making no attempt to stand. Jack grinned, pulling the Pokéball back, ready to capture it. All of a sudden, the color of the Pokémon caught Jack's eye. Briefly, he tucked the Pokéball in his pocket, retrieving his Pokédex and pointing it at the Nidoran. Once more, the honeyed female voice spoke. Just by the way she spoke, Jack bet she was hot.

Nidoran Female. The Poison Pin Pokémon. While it does not prefer to fight, even one drop of the poison it secretes from barbs can be fatal.

Jack snapped the Pokédex shut. So that was why it had suddenly become enraged. He had heard that sometimes Nidoran become jealous of Pokémon of the same gender - Nidoran had probably noticed Eevee was a female. Jack would not catch this Pokémon. He wanted a Nidoran Male, not another female Pokémon. Allowing Eevee to return to his shoulder, he finished the walk down the route, finally pushing open the door to the gatehouse. It was there that he took a seat to catch his breath. Viridian Forest would be hard, and he wasn't leaving without another team member.

May 26th, 2008, 9:00 AM
To Trainer Kat: Once again, you've outdone yourself with the quality of your post. Really top notch there. Because of it, I'm going to give your Pokemon some experience. Seeing as the Level Cap is 9, that's the highest I can bring your Pokemon, unfortunately.
Eevee grew to Level 9!

May 26th, 2008, 9:27 AM
Chapter 4
-Viridian Forest-

OOC: Again, just like Route 1 and 2 worked, so will Viridian Forest. This means that you can train Pokemon (one at a time), catch wild Pokemon, look for items or any other creative things you can think of. That's about it!

Oh, and Zimvee, don't worry about not being here right now. You can always catch up when you return!

And before I forget, you guys are going to get THREE posts to make it through Viridian Forest. Remember that you can only make 1 post at time. Once everyone (as of right now, that is Trainer Kat, Diegoyayi and soon-to-be-Zimvee) had posted, then you can post up your next turn.
Level Cap: 12


Viridian Forest is a thick, dense forest filled with Bug Pokemon. Due to its excessive amounts of foliage, some even go so far as to call it a natural maze. And, certainly, that is not far from the truth.
Also, there are many Bug Catchers in the area, and they will not hesitate to battle you!

Wild Pokemon

Caterpie - 010
Level: 3-5
Type: Bug
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Shield Dust
Attacks: Tackle, String Shot
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Metapod - 011
Level: 4-6
Type: Bug
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Shed Skin
Attacks: Harden
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Weedle - 013
Level: 3-5
Type: Bug/Poison
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Shield Dust
Attacks: Poison String, String Shot
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Kakuna - 014
Level: 4-6
Type: Bug/Poison
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Shed Skin
Attacks: Harden
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Trainer Kat
May 26th, 2008, 1:22 PM
He rested for a mere five minutes. It was just enough time to catch his breath and double-check his bag. After all, it would be awful for Eevee to get poisoned, only to discover that he had misplaced his antidotes. Thankfully, this was not the case. Everything he had packed was still nestled safely within his bag. He grasped the tan sack and slung it over his shoulder, Eevee resting on the other. Inside, both of them knew that this would be their toughest challenge yet, and, despite Jack's look of steely determination, he was terrified of getting lost. While he didn't venture into the woods very often, he was already aware that his sense of direction was not the best. This, he did not vocalize, as he thought it best not to alarm his partner. When both were fully prepared, Jack pushed open the double doors on the other side of the gatehouse, emerging in Viridian Forest.

Tree branches hung low, and the grass reached the middle of his calves. It was dark, and, subsequently, difficult to see. A few Butterfree flew overhead, but they were too high up to even dream of capturing. Several trainers, each in short shorts, wandered the forest paths (if there even were paths), nets in hand. Apparently they didn't have Pokémon of their own, or else they would carry Pokéballs like everyone else. Or, perhaps they preferred to catch bug-type Pokémon the old-fashioned way. Either way, it didn't really matter, as Jack and Eevee were more than a match for a few Caterpie. After taking in their surroundings, the duo began to wander (rather aimlessly, I might add) about the forest, making sure to avoid the gaze of any battle-ready trainers. Of course, it was exactly as Jack had predicted. After twenty or so minutes of walking, they found themselves back where they'd started - directly outside the gatehouse.

"We just walked in a big circle, Eevee..." Jack groaned, bringing one hand up and slapping himself on the forehead with it. Eevee let out a reassuring squeak, licking her master's face comfortingly. They walked more. Left. Right. Left. Straight. Several Caterpie poked their heads up from the grass, watching as the two grew increasingly lost. Finally, Jack settled against the base of a tree. Whatever they were doing wasn't working. Holding Eevee in his arms, Jack let out a sigh. He could only hope that someone would come along and show them the way to Pewter. And someone did arrive. As Jack leaned his head back, matting his brown hair against the bark, he felt two sticky...things touch his forehead, followed by an odd tickling sensation. If not for the sticky spots, he would have thought nothing, merely believing that his bangs had fallen in his face. Upon looking up, however, he was greeted with a large pink...nose, and one very sharp-looking horn. He shuddered before emitting a scream that reverberated throughout the forest. The worm-like Pokémon merely smiled and rubbed its cheek against Jack's.

"You're a...jolly little fellow, aren't you...?" he asked, grinning nervously. The Pokémon leapt off of his head and into the grass, giving Jack a sharp nod. While he hadn't planned on catching a bug Pokémon, this Weedle had certainly taken a shining to him, and what better way to start than by an easy capture? Jack stood, dropping Eevee in the grass before Weedle.

"Alright, Eevee, start off with a sand attack!" Eevee turned, kicking dirt into the hairy Pokémon's eyes. Clearly, it didn't like that, as it immediately retaliated by shooting a stream of silk at the evolution Pokémon. The silk wrapped its way around Eevee's front legs, making its movements more clumsy and awkward. "Shake it off, Eevee, tackle it as best you can!" Eevee leapt towards the Weedle, only to be met with its poison sting attack. The horn pierced Eevee's chest, and she stumbled backwards, collapsing at Jack's feet. Furiously, he tore her bindings off, allowing her to stand.

"Tackle it again!" This time, with nothing to stop her, Eevee hit the other Pokémon head-on. It fell backwards and ceased movement. Just when it appeared the worm was down and out for the count, it stood, launching its body towards Eevee, horn pointed straight at her. It was a direct hit. Eevee collapsed, her chest heaving violently. She was clearly suffering from the effects of poison. Jack was about to give up, that is, until he remembered the antidotes in his bag. Swiftly, he withdrew one and administered it to his fallen Pokémon. Though still wobbly and low on health, it was safe for Eevee to battle again. With one tackle, the Weedle was down once more. Jack retrieved a Pokéball from his bag and tossed it at the Weedle. It hit the Pokémon squarely in the back of its head, sucking it in. After that, it was just a matter of waiting...

May 26th, 2008, 4:52 PM
"You feeling better now, Pikachu?" Derek inquired as he stared at his hurt partner.
A tired "Pika..." was the Pokemon's reply. Pikachu seemed healthy because of the potion, but anyone could quickly tell the mouse Pokemon was completely fatigued because of the battle. ~Maybe Mankey should take charge while on this area and let Pikachu rest for some more time~ Derek thought.

"That's it, pal, let's go!" Derek yelped as he stood up and prepared his backpack to leave. Just as he turned to the doors that lead into the woods, he saw the Trainer with the Eevee go through. Derek and Pikachu stared at each other with a shrug, then they too ventured in.

Viridian Forest was nothing like the past city and routes. This place was too green. The trees of the forest were ridiculously tall, and sunlight was barely able to go through. The few areas that were touched by sunlight only showed faint glows of orange and yellow. The grass was very tall, too. Pokemon and Trainers could be anywhere.

"We have to be very careful here, Pikachu..." Derek to Pikachu, who lowered his ears in fear as he stared at the surroundings. Derek his in a patch of tall grass nearby to examine the place while no one could see him. Again, his clothing protected his skin from the various incisions he could have received. After classifying this area as 'calm', Derek and Pikachu continued to walk through the grass, trying not to make any noise. As the pair made their was through the grass, Derek became shocked when a net was placed around his head.

"Wha?" Derek gasped before he was pulled to the ground by the net.
"Ha, I gotcha... Huh?" A Bug Catcher said as he removed his net from Derek's head. "I thought you were a Pokemon!"

Derek stood up and rubbed his head in pain. It was a harsh fall, after all. "Watch where your swing your net, boy.." Derek yelped angry as he tried to walk away. "Wait!" The Trainer called. "I challenge you to a battle!"

Derek then took a deep breath, then exhaled bored. He really didn't feel like fighting, but knew he couldn't say no to a battle. Pikachu was too tired like to battle, though, so he grabbed Mankey's Pokeball from his belt.
"Go, Kakuna!" The trainer exclaimed as a yellow Pokemon came out of a Pokeball. "Go, Mankey!"

Mankey and Kakuna stood in front of each other, waiting for the other one to make a move. "Kakuna..." The trainer started saying as Derek and Mankey waited for the incoming attack. "Harden!"

The Kakuna didn't move, but it's body just seemed to stiffen. "Harden, Harden, Harden!" The trainer called over and over and over, and Kakuna did as ordered.

"Um... Does he know any attacks other than that?" Derek asked to himself. "Mankey, scratch!"
Mankey ran towards Kakuna and launched a reckless scratch, knocking Kakuna to the ground. Kakuna, however, seemed to have only take the most minimal damage. Since there was nothing else the Pokemon could do, the Bug Catcher just stood there quite.

"Mankey, Scratch!" Derek ordered again, but this time Mankey didn't listen to him. It just played around distractedly with the Kakuna; picking it and throwing it around, juggling with it and even use it as a punching back.
"Mankey, obey!" Derek exclaimed desperately. "Low kick!"

Mankey sighed in a bored fashion as he stared at Kakuna. He threw a kick at Kakuna and made it faint. "That was.. Quite easy.." Derek said.

The trainer called his Kakuna back, approached Derek to give him a money reward and then ran away.
"Good job Mankey... I guess" Derek said as he called Mankey back to his Pokeball. Pikachu and Derek soon continued to walk around the forest, having not the slightest idea of where they were.

May 26th, 2008, 5:42 PM
To Trainer Kat: A very good post there. I like how you insinuated what Weedle's nature was. And there is not sarcasm there. I think people should be able to pick the nature (in a discreet nature) of their Pokemon. You are good to post your next Viridian Forest turn whenever you like now.
You caught Weedle! I've updated your stats. Don't forget to update your Trainer Card!
Also, due to the quality of your post, your Weedle has a maxed (Level 5) possible Level.

To Diegoyayi: That was a good battle post there. Good work using the Potion on Pikachu too!
Mankey grew to Level 7! Your stats are all up to date.
Oh, and you can put up your second turn whenever you are ready.

Keep up the excellent work guys!

May 26th, 2008, 6:06 PM
Bobby and Charmander walked into Virdian City, feeling a little overwhelmed at the size of it compared to Pallet Town. "Wow..." Bobby said in amazment. They both wondered around the city wondering what to do when they came upon a building with a blue roof. The sign in the window said "PokeMart" "Hey we should stock up on items here!" So they went in and were greeted by the cashier.

"Hello and welcome to the PokeMart!"

"Sup Dude can I get 5 Potions and 3 Antiodes?" Bobby said

"Sure..." said the cashier, rather put off by Bobby's rudeness

"Thanks" and with that Bobby and Charmander left. After a few minutes of walking Bobby noticed that Charmander wasn't at his side anymore. He turned around and few feet behind him Charmander was lying in the dirt. "Charmander whats wrong?" Bobby said as he ran up to him. "Char..." Charmander said weakly. A boy passing near them said Bobby should take Charmander to the building with the red roof. With that Bobby took off running until he found the red roofed building. The sign on it said "Pokemon Center". Bobby ran inside and gave Charmander and his Poke Ball to the Nurse.

"Don't worry Charmander will be fine." she said sweetly, "You on the other hand looks like you could go for some food." With a start Bobby realized he hadn't had anything to eat all day. "Come on, I'll show you the cafeteria." She walked Bobby into another room that was filled with food.

"Allright!" Bobby yelled and took off to go get some food. When he was finished and went up to the Nurse and asked how was Charmander.

"He's doing well! We have to keep him overnight though just to make sure. By the way the Center does have rooms for trainers, would you like one?" she asked noticing Bobby falling asleep. He nodded sleepily and was led to a room and promptly fell asleep on the bed.

Bobby woke up the next morning feeling refreshed. He walked towards the counter to recieve Charmander. As soon as he got him he release him from his Poke Ball. "How are you doing buddy?" Bobby asked. Charmander with a happy "Char!" "Thats good!" Bobby said laughing.

As they walked out of the Pokemon Center, Bobby said "Ya know I bet that Nurse would have gone out with me..." At that Charmander started giggling. "What? You don't think she would?" and with that they started a play fight as they walked out of Virdian.

As they walked along Route 2, Bobby felt like they were being watched. Everytime he would look for the thing looking at them, there was nothing there. Suddenly a whole bunch of Mankey jumped from the trees.

"Whoa, whats going on guys? Bobby said nervously, as the Mankey were looking at them menacingly.

Suddenly a very large Mankey, that was clearly in charge, jumped down right in front of them and started attacking! "Arg!" Bobby yelled, "Charmander use Ember!" Charmander spat out a small flame, but Mankey simply used a Scratch to bat it away.

"Allright then, Charmander use Scratch!" Charmander started running at it, with its claws at the ready, but the Mankey used a Leer to scare it into place, where in then tripped Charmander with a Low Kick.

"This isn't good..." thought Bobby as Mankey was using Focus Energy while Charmander was down. Bobby started backing up but the Mankey wall closed in behind him, blocking his way. "Charmander get up, and use a Scratch!" Charmander looked scared but charged in. As soon as he got close enough Mankey countered with another Low Kick.

This time insted of going down Charmander went up into their air, as the Low Kick was a critical hit. "Charmander! Use an Ember while Mankey's defence is down!" Charmander complied and spat the flame out, but this time it made contact right between the eyes.

"Allright! Now quick, from the air, Scratch!" Bobby yelled and again another direct hit.

Mankey was on its knees but was still trying to get up to fight. It came rejecting offers of help from the other Mankey and was trying to stand on its own.

"That Mankey's strong..." thought Bobby, "And I could use another Pokemon..." Bobby grabbed one of his Poke Balls and threw it but the Mankey batted it away. "Looks like the fights not out of it, Charmander Ember!"

This time the attack made mankey fall on its back. "Allright, one more time!" And Bobby threw another Poke Ball, this time making contact and sucking Mankey in. The ball wiggled and Bobby crossed his fingers, hoping for the best...

May 26th, 2008, 6:25 PM
To Zimvee: Good post there.
You caught a Level 4 Mankey! I went ahead and updated your stats. Feel free to post in Viridian Forest now. Remember, you are going to get a total of three turns in there! And update your Trainer Card when you get a chance.

Trainer Kat
May 26th, 2008, 6:57 PM

The button in the center of the Pokéball turned white as Weedle was captured. A smile spread across Jack's face as he raced to pick up the Pokéball. Instantly, he attached Weedle to his belt. The thought that Weedle might be able to lead them out of the forest never crossed his mind. Instead, he pressed on by himself, Eevee atop his shoulder. They walked for what seemed like ages. The brunette was convinced that they would wind up at the entrance once more, but still, they walked. Moments after his first successful capture, Jack reached a small clearing. Berries much like the ones he'd plucked earlier dangled over his head. The smell of sap filled the air. However, it was not so much a safe haven as it was an ambush point...less than a minute after he'd entered, he found himself challenged by a young boy in a straw hat. The boy had short, messy blonde hair, and carried a large net behind him. Clearly, he was one of the trainers Jack had stereotyped upon entering Viridian Forest.

"Hehehe...Bug type Pokémon are the best...don't you agree?" Glee pervaded the boy's question, despite the rather sinister-sounding chuckle he had begun with. Jack looked at him through half-closed eyes.

"Um...whatever you say," he said tentatively, reaching up to stroke Eevee's chest fur. By the way she was relaxing, it was clear to Jack that she was not yet ready to battle after the run-in with Weedle. It seemed he would have to rely on his newly-captured bug Pokémon to win this battle...he only hoped that it was less difficult than his battle with Jett had been. "I suppose you've got yourself a battle, kid." Jack nodded, clutching Weedle's Pokéball in his hand. In one swift movement, he threw the Pokéball. A burst of evanescent light filled the clearing as the hairy Pokémon emerged. Instantly, Weedle was at his master's leg, rubbing his cheek against Jack's jeans. Jack moved his foot and nudged the Weedle towards the other trainer. Now was not the time for displays of affection.

"Hehehe...for your Weedle, my Caterpie should be more than a match. Go, Caterpie!" The boy flung the sphere, calling forth a green worm-like Pokémon. Without hesitation, the Caterpie shot a spray of silk out towards Weedle. It hit, enveloping the Pokémon's torso in the sticky substance. Curling up, Weedle sliced through the string with the spike on his tail, and was quick to retaliate with a string shot of his own. The string wrapped around Caterpie's front half. However, unlike Weedle, the green worm had no way of cutting through its bindings. Instead, it ran as best it could, slamming its body against Weedle's. Weedle rolled to the side before standing. The battle seemed to unfold right before Jack's eyes, without having the need to issue a command. The rivalry between the two was intense. So much so, in fact, that neither of them showed signs of letting up.

"Weedle, Poison sting! Combo that with a String Shot!" Weedle obeyed, first blasting silk from his mouth. The string enveloped Caterpie completely, rendering it immobile. Once his opponent was unable to retaliate, Weedle charged the Caterpie, head lowered. The poison barb on his head struck Caterpie, causing it to retreat to its Pokéball.

"I don't feel so bad losing to another bug Pokémon, hehehe. At least you didn't use a stupid Charmander." The blonde walked up to Jack, hand outstretched. Jack took it, giving it a firm squeeze. With that, he scooped Weedle up into his arms, allowing him to stay outside of his Pokéball for the time being.

May 26th, 2008, 7:11 PM
Derek continued to walk through Viridian Forest, now being even more aware of the threats presented in there. He climbed trees, crawled through thorn bushes and leapt over fallen logs, all only to avoid eye contact with other Pokemon Trainers and wild Pokemon. He also used this distance to his advantage by getting the information on every single Pokemon he could find.

Pikachu now felt a lot better, too, but still, Derek didn't want to subject him to a battle yet. He knew the Pokemon was bright spirited, so he might be hiding his fatigue now.

Derek soon reached an area that was quiet... Too quiet. ~This is strange.. Not even birds chirping or insects crawling are heard..~ he thought... ~Now I've got to be careful not to make any noise..~

~No making any noise, no making any noise...~ Derek started thinking, but realized every time he repeated something to himself it always ended up the opposite way he wanted it to. ~Fine, I'm not going to start repeating things to myself because I can't focus and eventually mess up, so if I try not to make any loud sounds, I'll end up ma...~

As expected, Derek ended up stepping in a pile of dry leaves and sticks, making some noises that, quite strangely, echoed around. Immediately after this, a Caterpie snuck out from behind him and stared at them in a battle position. "Ehh... Hi there, fella" Derek said as he gulped and gave some steps back, trying to evade the Caterpie and escape. It was a miserable attempt, though, because the piles of leaves and stick continued behind him.

Every step he took ended up in more sound, and therefore, more Pokemon. Bunches of Kakuna, Metapod and Caterpie were now approaching Derek in a small path.

"Pika..." Pikachu cried out scared. He was ready for a battle anytime, but too many Pokemon were appearing.
"Ok, Pikachu, when I count three, hang on tight.." Derek murmured to his partner as all the Bug Pokemon stared at them, examining their every moves.

"One.." Derek took one step back, and the hordes Pokemon took one step forth. "Two.." Derek prepared his leg to turn around, and the Pokemon just stared at him confused.

"Three!" Derek yelled as he gave a turn and started running, flailing his arms and legs in a funny way as his foot took him as fast as he could. He took deep breaths and focused on his path, because if he tripped on something, that would be Game Over. Pikachu just bounced up and down on his shoulder.

Derek trotted each time harder and harder, his breath becoming harsher every minute that he ran. Evntually, Derek was too tired of running and stopped at a perfect circular clearing in the middle of the forest. The clearing only had 2 entrances/exits. The one which Derek just entered through and another one straight ahead. He stared around, trying to make sure there wasn't anyone around and then sat down on a log as he tried to recover breath.

"Pika.." Derek said, interrupted by an attempt to take a deep breath. "Pikachu, looks like we lost them.." Derek panted. "Chu.." Pikachu replied as he perked his ears his up and examined the area.

"But.. The faster we get out of here, the better" Derek added as he stood up and headed towards the path he didn't come in through. When he was some feet away, however, something happened. One thin line of silk shoot out from a bush on the side of the path and stretched over to the other end. ~Huh? What's this...~ Derek thought as he approached the single line and cut it in two. As he was about to go through, billions of the same strings shout out from both ends, blocking the exit with a ridiculously thick layer of silk. So many strings where piled up that the 'wall' felt like a soft plastic. It didn't take long for Derek to realize it had been tons of string shot attacks shot at the same time.

"Oh no!" Derek hollered as he took some steps back slowly. "They found us! Run Pikachu!"

Derek started to run to the other path, but before he even approached, at least 10 Caterpie fell down from the treetop and in front of the path. They were all staring at Derek cautiously.
"Okay, I'm starting to get tired of all this bugs. Let's get rid of them for good, Pikachu!" Derek burst out angry as Pikachu jumped down from his shoulder.

He thought about using Mankey to aid Pikachu, but if Pikachu managed to beat the bunch of weak bugs he knew he would grow stronger.

"Ok Pikachu, take it easy. One by one..." Derek ordered as he stared at his Pokemon. "Chu!" Pikachu said in a quick tone and with a nod as he stared at the Caterpie. One Caterpie was brave enough like to dart itself with a Tackle at Pikachu; but the mouse Pokemon literally caught the Pokemon in his tiny hands and proceeded to use a ThunderShock without Derek ordering it to do so. The Caterpie was taken down, anyway. Nine to go.

Two Caterpie then jumped towards Pikachu. One was blasted away with a ThunderShock before h made contact with the Pikachu; while the other one managed to grab Pikachu's tail with it's 'hands'. The mouse Pokemon stared in shock at the Worm that was now clinging on to his tail. He desperately tried to reach for it with its hands, but they weren't long enough. Without thought, Pikachu started to spin around quickly.

The Caterpie stared at the Pikachu that was spinning around wildly, and then made a very smart move. All of the Caterpie shot out a String shot at the same time, all aimed directly at Pikachu. Pikachu was to busy trying to catch Caterpie like to notice the attack, so he as he was spinning around he was wrapping itself into a silky doom.

"Pikachu, stop spinning!" Derek yelled as he tried to stop Pikachu, but Pikachu didn't obey. He couldn't stand the sensation of a worm on his tail. In no time, Pikachu was wrapped with a highly dense sheet of silk. "Pika!" Pikachu exclaimed as he noticed what he had brought himself into. The eight Caterpies then used this time to charge at Pikachu with Tackles.
"Pikachu! C'mon! Break Free!" Derek yelped, almost being able to feel the pain his Pokemon was going through.

After many tackles and struggling, Pikachu managed to make an incision in the silk, and therefore breaking free. Pikachu then had an idea. He waited for two Caterpie to shoot a string shot at him, and then stared at the one that was still stuck on his tail. Pikachu then let out his strongest ThunderShock yet and knocked out the three Pokemon. One by direct contact and the other ones by using the String Shot as a weak conductor. Five were left now.

Pikachu, however, seemed like he couldn't take more damage. He was strong and quick, yes, but he was also frail, and all those Tackles had hurt him. Another Caterpie let out a tough tackle at the Pikachu, which was knocked away. "That's enough..." Derek said. "Pikachu, let's go!"

Pikachu noticed how the Caterpie that landed the final blow was now paralyzed, and used this time to let out his last ThunderShock at him. After the attack, Pikachu climbed up to Derek's shoulder. Derek then turned at the wall of silk on the exit. "Chaaaarge!" He exclaimed as he ran wildly towards it. He slammed it so hard he managed to break it, but also fell to the floor. He stood up and continued to run.

After a while of running, Derek could see the Gatehouse on the exit of Viridian Forest at a distance. He knew, however, that the last path would also be toughest one, so he sat down and rested, noticing how he was in the middle of the path that lead out. He knew a Bug Catcher could ambush him at any moment, but took the risk. Both him and Pikachu had grown tired. He used this moment to pull out an apple he grabbed from the Pokemon Center and share it with Pikachu. He stared down proudly at his partner. Yeah, Pikachu might have had to retreat, but 10 Caterpie were a lot. He patted Pikachu's head and continued to eat.

May 26th, 2008, 7:51 PM
To Trainer Kat: That was a pretty good post. The battle with the Bug Catcher was pretty evenly matched too. Good choice with that one. Oh, and I liked how you brought back the Trainer that Zimvee's Character battled earlier. That was fairly creative. Due to your efforts:
Weedle grew to Level 7!
What...Weedle is evolving!? Will you allow the process to continue? (You can roleplay it in your next post if you like)

To Diegoyayi: Wow...that was a long post. Excellent job with that. I'm very impressed. The way you wrote out the battle with Pikachu VS 10 Caterpies was very interesting, and I especially liked how Pikachu didn't actually beat all of them, but still put up a darn good fight. Well done! Pikachu will be getting a big experience increase because of that lengthy, quality post.
Pikachu grew to Level 10!
Pikachu learned Thunder Wave!

Both of you, Trainer Kat and Diegoyayi, are free to post your final turns through Viridian Forest!

May 26th, 2008, 9:57 PM
Bobby and Charmander walked cautiously through Virdian Forest. The joy of having captured a new Pokemon was replaced by fear of getting lost. So far though they had been doing well as Bobby made Charmander mark trees with his claws whenever they came to a fork.

Suddenly a girl with a ponytail holding a net and a bug box appeared in front of them. "Hi! My name's Ann! What's your name?"

"Uhhh Bobby..." Bobby said put off by overeagerness.

"OH thats a nice name, i'm a bug catcher what are you?" Ann asked.

"I'm a Pokemon trainer, if you don't mind me asking arn't most bug catchers guys?" he asked tentaltivly.

"Oh well I think bugs are cute and guys shouldnt have all the fun. Hey want to have a two-on-two battle?" She asked this while taking out a Poke Ball

"Sure but can we make it one-on-one, my Charmander's kinda of weak right now."

"Sure, go Weedle!" Ann threw out an orange hairy bug pokemon with a horn on the top of its head. Bobby sent out the newly captured Mankey. As soon as it was out Mankey sent a look at Weedle that covered it with sweat. "Your Mankey looks kind of mean..." Ann said.

Bobby had to agree but didn't say it outloud. Insted he said "Mankey use Focus Energy!" Mankey instantly looked more focused on the battle while Weedle threw out a String Shot. "Mankey Scratch away those threads. Mankey tore threw the string like a little kid opening presents on Christmas Day.

"Weedle use Poison Sting!" Weedle suddenly jabbed at Mankey with its horn. It managed to stab Mankey's arm. Suddenly Mankey looked very sick and looked weak. "Ha ha ha" Ann cried, "Your Mankey has been poisoned!"

"Mankey come over here!" Bobby yelled while rummaging through his pack. "Yes! I found an Antidote!" Mankey came over and recieved the medicien then gave the Weddle a smirk. "Lets finish this Mankey, Scratch!" Mankey Scratched the Weedle so hard that it went flying. "Allright Mankey!" Bobby yelled

"Oh I lost..." Ann said deflated. "Oh well it was still fun!"

'Wow, now that's what I call a mood swing..." Bobby thought. Bobby said good-bye to Ann and he and Mankey continued through the maze.

May 26th, 2008, 10:20 PM
To Zimvee: I have updated your Stats from your post man. You can post your 2nd Viridian Forest turn now.
Mankey grew to Level 6!

Trainer Kat
May 27th, 2008, 10:32 AM
Before Jack could continue on, Weedle turned his head towards the sky and released a spray of silk. The stream reached approximately a foot above Weedle's head before splitting into thinner threads that fell back upon the hairy Pokémon. Unsure of what else to do, Jack placed Weedle back on the ground. He watched as the silk covered Weedle, enveloping him in a cocoon of silk. In fact, the string shot didn't stop until there were at least five layers of silk around the Pokémon. Now, Weedle had a different appearance. Instead of being tan and segmented, with two horns, one on either end, it appeared to be a shell with eyes. Reluctantly, Jack reached down, wrapping his hands around the Pokémon. It was hard to the touch, but smooth as well, as if he was holding a precious gem. As he lifted it, it made no noise, only stared out at him through threatening eyes. Tucking the immobile Pokémon under one arm, he reached into his back pocket and withdrew his Pokédex, aiming it at the cocoon. The female voice spoke, her tone mechanical and unemotional, despite the small fluctuations at various points in her sentence.

Kakuna. The cocoon Pokémon. While awaiting evolution, it hides from predators under leaves and in nooks of branches.

"Kakuna, huh? So, since you're pretty useless in this stage, I'll bet your next form is awesome, right?" If he didn't know better, Jack would swear that he saw a small twinkle in Kakuna's left eye. One thing that he was sure of, however, was that Kakuna emitted a small noise that could only be described as a grunt. While Kakuna would most likely be better suited for his Pokéball, Jack tucked the Pokémon under his arm, face down. It was fairly light, which was surprising, especially considering how tough the Pokémon's skin felt. The thought that Kakuna knew his way around the forest did occur to Jack, but at this point, it was far too late - even if he did know the way out, Kakuna wouldn't be able to do anything about it. He couldn't even give verbal directions, let alone actually lead the way. Instead, Kakuna remained tucked firmly under his arm. Jack supposed he did look rather silly, with an Eevee atop his left shoulder, and Kakuna under his right arm, but the practicality of having both out seemed to far outweigh the humiliation he might face. Besides, he certainly didn't care what a handful of pre-pubescent bug catchers thought of him.

Once more, Jack tackled the forest paths. Several times, he found himself in a region where no sun shone. Here, it was near impossible to see, and he had to blindly stumble underneath the trees. He did not emerge from these areas unscathed, and found himself with several bruises to match the lump on his forehead from yesterday. He was forced to traverse several patches of mud. In one such patch, Kakuna slipped free from his grasp, landing face-down in the mud. Of course, he wasn't there for very long - Jack was quick to retrieve his Pokémon and wipe him clean, instead transferring the mud onto his pant leg. Before long, he reached a crossroads. One path appeared slightly more pleasant than the other, which was laden with mud. Looking down, he didn't feel his already mud-caked jeans could take any more abuse. Before he could make up his mind, however, a redhead emerged seemingly out of nowhere. With a tight, white Oxford top, short blue plaid skirt, white kneesocks, and black shoes, along with a matching blue ribbon in her hair, her presence alone caused Jack's jaw to drop.

"Your Eevee's so cute!" she giggled, bounding towards Jack, reaching up and petting the evolution Pokémon. Eevee leaned into her hand, rubbing her cheek against the girl's fingernails. "I bet she's really strong, too!" At this, she looked to Jack, a smile spreading across his face. Her perfume smelled nice, causing Jack to grin back.

"Nah, she kinda sucks." Eevee's ears lowered, and she gave Jack the most disheartened look he'd ever seen a Pokémon give. The girl, too, frowned.

"Oh, well that's too bad! I was going to fight you, but since your Pokémon's weak, it won't be a challenge." Jack shook his head, thrusting the Kakuna towards her.

"Nah, Eevee may not be very strong, but this little guy, he's something else! I just caught him an hour ago, and he's already evolved!" The grin on his face was adorably goofy, and it was likely what had caused Mia to hurl herself into Jack's arms. However, it gave one thing away - he had no idea that bug Pokémon were quick to evolve.

"Well then! What do you say to a one on one?" Looking down, she noticed the mud caked on Jack's pants. "If you win, I'll show you the way out!" The offer was too much for Jack to resist.

"You've got yourself a deal, um..." He paused, prompting her to give him her name.

"Celeste. Now, let's get on with it. Go, Rattata!" She flung her Pokéball, calling forth a small purple rat. Its front teeth hung low below its chin, and its nose wrinkled in a display of anger. In response, Jack lowered Kakuna to the ground. He could only hope that his Pokémon was strong enough to defeat Rattata...somehow, Kakuna had to gain enough experience to transform into its next stage, and if it couldn't even beat a Rattata...well...it may never see that third stage. Suddenly, it hit Jack that he wasn't even sure what a Kakuna could do...hopefully, his moves as a Weedle carried over to his next stage. It was worth a shot, at least.

"Kakuna, use Poison Sting!" Though it didn't have a means of physically striking the opponent, it was possible that it had one way of making the attack work. A barrage of poison-charged needles, perhaps. Unfortunately, there was no response. Instead, Rattata took the opportunity to attack, slamming its body against Kakuna. The cocoon Pokémon was sent flying into Jack's arms, who quickly returned his Pokémon to the ground. "H-How about a String Shot?" Jack stammered. Kakuna failed to respond once more, and once more, it was struck. Jack was unsure what to do - both attacks that Kakuna had known as a Weedle were now useless.

"I thought you said your Pokémon was tough! Now, time to finish it. Rattata!" The Rattata bared its fangs, launching its body towards Kakuna.

"Kakuna!" Jack closed his eyes as he called out to his Pokémon. Kakuna glared at the enemy Rattata, and all of a sudden, his body seemed to gleam in what little sun there was. As Rattata clamped its jaw down on Kakuna's body, it froze. Seconds seemed like an eternity. Finally, Rattata's teeth cracked, causing it to release the cocoon Pokémon as it stumbled backwards toward its trainer. Immediately, she recalled him, giving Jack an angry look.

"That wasn't supposed to happen!" she whined. "Alright, I did promise, didn't I? Grab your Pokémon, we're almost at the gatehouse."

May 27th, 2008, 3:25 PM
Bobby and Mankey walked down the grassy path, looking for food. Suddenly the noticed yellow bolts of electricity a little farther up a head. "I wonder what those could be..." Bobby mumbled.

Soon Bobby and Mankey stumbled upon an apple tree with the apples gleaming in the faint sunlight. Mankey was preparing to jump onto the tree to knock some down until Bobby said "Hey, I have a great training idea! Mankey use Low Kick on the tree and knock the apples off!"

"Mankeeeeey!" Mankey cried as it kicked the tree until all the apples fell off.

"Now Chamander, use Scratch to slice up the falling apples!" Bobby cried while releasing Charmander in a blinding white light.

"Mannnnder!" Charmander yelled as it sliced the apples into bite size sizes.

"Allright good job to the both of you! Lets eat!" Bobby said with his mouth already full of apple. Charmander and Mankey quickly followed suit. After they had eaten, Bobby took the reamaing three apples in his pack. "We'll keep these for later." Bobby said cheerfully as the food had filled him up.

As they started to walk out of the glade about 10 Caterpie came crawling in looking injured, hungry, and really angry. "Uh hi guys!" Bobby said with a smile. Suddenly they attacked Bobby, specificly at his pack. They quickly knocked it off and opened it. Inside they found the three apples Bobby saved.

As soon as the Caterpie saw them they turned and gave Bobby evil looks. "Hey obviously we have taken your food, so you know what you can have those apples." Boby said trying to talk his way out of the trouble he had unknowingly caused.

Unfortunatly, the Caterpie were inconsolable, and started to attack Bobby and his Pokemon. Bobby knew Charmander's Ember could have easily taken them out, but most of them looked injured enough.

Soon Bobby, Mankey, and Charmander were roped together by the Caterpie's String Shot. Bobby noticed that the Caterpie were moving the apples Bobby had gathered and were rolling them towards a very sick looking Caterpie. The Caterpie had burns that looked like it had been playing aroung an electrical outlet. The Caterpie seemed too weak to eat the apples though.

"Hey! Hey!" Bobby started to shout. "Hey I can help your friend get better!" The Caterpie just ignored Bobby, one even spat more string at him. "No really I have medicine! I'll go by myself if you want." The Caterpie hudled together like they were a football team. They sent three over and ate the silk off Bobby.

Bobby got up and went to his pack and got out a Potion, went over and sprayed on the injured Caterpie. Almost instanly the Caterpie went up and started eating the apples. All the Caterpie started jumping as high as they could (which wasn't very high) for joy.

Bobby laughed as he watched them celebrate. The Caterpie quickly released Charmander and Mankey. One then went into a hole in the tree and brought out a disk shaped object that said TM 23. "Wow..." Bobby said as he gazed at the shining disk in wonder. "Is this for me?" he asked. The Caterpie nodded their heads. "Thank you Caterpie." Bobby said and with that they started walking out of the glade.

They had gone no more then 20 feet when Bobby tripped and found his legs were covered with string. "Wha..." Bobby said before the injured Caterpie dropped from above right on his lap. "Whoa!" Bobby cried out startled. Then the Caterpie used its String Shot to grab one of Bobby's Poke Balls it sucked itself inside.

"Uhh, I guess we have a new friend..." Bobby said shocked, but happy to Charmander and Mankey. "You're a rash little fella arn't you?" Bobby said to the Poke Ball now holding Caterpie. Putting the ball on his belt, Bobby, Charmander, and Mankey walked on nearing the end of Virdian Forest.

May 27th, 2008, 5:48 PM
After a couple of minutes of sitting down and resting, Derek and Pikachu decided they had to leave Viridian Forest now. They both shrugged, took a deep breath and stood up at the same time and stared around, trying to make sure there wasn't any other Pokemon or Trainer around. "The sooner we get out of here, the sooner you will be able to rest at the Pokemon Center in Pewter City" Derek said as he stared at his tired comrade.

"Pi-Ka!" Pikachu exclaimed very happily, leaving a short silence between the two syllables. He smiled as he stared back at Derek, then turned his small head to the front, watching the path carefully. Small blue and yellow sparks came out of his cheeks every once in a while.

After some minutes of walking and getting closer and closer to the gatehouse on the exit. Derek and Pikachu started taking and smaller and more careful steps. It would be really unfortunate for him if a Pokemon attacked him when he was only some inches away from the exit...

"Butterfree, Poisonpowder!" A voice in a short distance called. As soon as he heard this, Derek and Pikachu closed their eyes, took their hands to their heads and launched themselves to the ground to take cover on a fallen log.
"Pika!" Pikachu exclaimed scared as he expected a purple powder to sprinkle on him at any moment. The pair opened their eyes slowly, though, when they noticed no Butterfree or Poisonpowder attacks nearby.

"Where'd that voice come from..." Derek whispered to Pikachu, who responded with a shrug. Derek peeked his head up from the log to see a Butterfree with purple dust on its wings flying in a short distance. ~Looks like a battle..~ Derek thought with a mischievous grin as he walked towards the Buterfree.

As soon as he got there, he bent his knees to hide on a bush and see the battle that was on course. It was a Trainer Battle. One of the Trainers, the one with Butterfree, was really tall and skinny. He had blue hair, glasses, a green shirt and blue shorts. On his hand he held a bug catching net, however, this was a lot bigger than the one Bug Catchers had. He also had a very evil grin on his face.

On the other side was a very young boy, probably one that started his Trainer adventure the first day his age allowed him to. He was wearing a baseball cap, a thick jacket and shorts. He seemed extremely scared and sad; on the edge of crying. His Pokemon was an orange dog-like one with black stripes. That Pokemon now laid down on the ground aching with poison. "Lithe.." The Pokemon yelped as he was about to faint.

Derek recorded information on the two Pokemon. Butterfree and Growlithe.

"Looks like this battle is going to end really soon..." Derek said as he stared at Growlithe. Yeah, he didn't like to see the kid cry because of his loss, but he had been given a Pokemon for something, and knew that he wouldn't become stronger if he helped him. Derek turned back and started to walk away slowly, but something caused him to interfere with the battle.

The Bug Maniac approached the kid, who had by now given up because he didn't want his Growlithe to be hurt. "Now I won! Give me all your money and items!" The Bug Maniac said.... Maniacally as he placed his hand on the kid's backpack and violently ripped it out from its straps. "No, please!" The kid said as he fell to his knees when his backpack was taken away. "Shut up! I won!" The Maniac said as he started to empty the things and money from the kids backpack to his own.

"That's it, pal! Leave the boy alone!" Derek yelled angry as he jumped over the bush and walked towards the Trainer. The Butterfree then positioned himself in between Derek and the Trainer and flapped its wings violently. "Prf, are you gonna try to stop me?"

Derek froze at this statement.Pikachu was too hurt like to battle, and just about as he was going to walk away scared, he remembered Mankey, who was fully healed. He knew he would have a severe disadvantage on the Butterfree. This was, though, better than just giving up.

"...Y...Yes! Go, Mankey!" Derek yelped as he took his hand to his belt to release the fighting Pokemon. "Key!" Mankey exclaimed as he came out of his Pokeball. He examined the surroundings, then focused on Butterfree, staring at its compound eyes. Derek knew that Mankey got extremely angry if you stared at it with your two eyes, now imagine what he felt when he stared into a billion eyes.

"Oh, a fighting type! I'm so scared!" The Bug Maniac joked as he pointed at Mankey. "Butterfree, Confusion!"

After the statement, Butterfree's eyes started to glow with in a blue color. Out of nowhere, Mankey was blasted away into a tree, creating a large dent on it. "Man..." Mankey murmured in pain as he stood up. "Scratch!" Derek now ordered, but as Mankey launched itself to Butterfree to attack, the insect flew up to avoid the hit.

And so the battle when on and on for minutes. Derek knew Butterfree had been weakened from his last battle with the kid, but that was of now use if Derek couldn't connect a hit. Meanwhile, Mankey struggled more and more as he was launched to nearby rocks, trees, and the ground over and over.

As he was about to give up, Derek decided to use what was probably going to be his last move. "Mankey, Focus Energy" Derek thought it might not be a god idea to call for that attack at the moment, but he was positive that Mankey wasn't going to be able to take another hit. If Mankey fainted, anyway, a tired Pikachu was left.

Mankey then stood up and closed his fists. He turned a bright red color as all of his muscles seemed to be growing. "Huh? What's going on!? Butterfree, use confusion again before he strikes!"

Butterfree used Confusion on Mankey, scoring a critical hit and therefore activating Anger Point. Mankey didn't seem affected by the move this time. His feet were so firmly placed on the ground they seemed to be rooted. "Maaaaan.... Key!!!" Mankey yelled as he jump ridiculously high and towards Butterfree.

Butterfree tried to fly up and avoid the hit, but it didn't manage to do so; for Mankey jumped too high. On mid-air, Mankey grabbed Butterfree by the head with his left arm, then swung his right arm into the bug's face, landing a boosted, critical hit scratch. Butterfree was hit so hard that he was launched to ground and bounced when it made contact.

Mankey then fell to the ground too, struggling to recover his breath. He was very tired now, but nevertheless had he won. "Good Job, Mankey, come back."

The Bug Maniac called Buttefree back too, then ran away and vanished into the woods, dropping the kids bag on the way. Derek smiled as he turned to the kid, who was on his knees next to his Growlithe. "Help... Please... My Growlithe is poisoned. He's gonna get very ill if I don't heal him now, but that evil man stole my Antidotes.. Please." The kid said as he looked up at Derek, then burst into tears.

Derek didn't know what to do. He didn't know how to attend a Poisoned Pokemon. "Umm.. I.. I don't... Eh.. Oh, I know!"

Derek pulled over to his own backpack to pull out one of the antidotes he had found back at Route 1. "This will do the trick!" He said happily as he applied all of the medicine on to Growlithe.
"Thanks, sir!" The kid yelled happily as he stood up and started jumping up and down. Growlithe was fatigued from the battle, but at least now that he wasn't poisoned he would be allowed to recover.

"I don't have much to offer, but I want you to have this..." The kid said as he stared into his broken backpack. "I don't know what this is, but I'm guessing it'll be useful. As the kid finished saying this, he pulled out a brown CD with a 31 scripted into it. "Now, I have to leave. Thanks again!"

The kid called Growlithe to his Pokeball, then ran away. "Umm... OK" Derek said as he stared at the disc. He shrugged as he put it in his bag, then turned back to the main path.

In no time, the tired pair reached the gatehouse, and they couldn't wait anymore before they left the woods..

May 27th, 2008, 6:52 PM
To Trainer Kat: Haha. Great post with Kakuna, and the relationship between Jack and Eevee is awesome as always. The descriptions you give are coming along very nicely, and I'm glad that you don't use dialogue to drive your posts. Excellent work. Now, although Kakuna's battle wasn't very long, the content before the battle took place was long and of high quality. So...
Kakuna grew to Level 10!
What!? Kakuna is evolving!? Will you allow the process to continue?
You have made it out of Viridian Forest! You can continue your Journey as soon as I post up the next section.

To Zimvee: That was a good post you have there. I only have one issue with it. You claimed to have found TM23 AND captured a Caterpie. I'm sorry, but you can only do one of those things per post. You have a good one there and I wouldn't want to waste it. I'm going to assume you want the Caterpie instead and I'll update your stats. You can post up your third Viridian Forest turn whenever you are ready!
Congratulations, you caught Caterpie!
Oh, and because you used a Potion to heal one of them, I'm going to give you a bonus Level up for the captured Pokemon!

To Diegoyayi: That was a great post there, and sufficiently detailed enough for you to earn your TM31! Also, I'm glad that Derek didn't just "stumble" across it. It was good that you had it given to him in a realistic way. Excellent work man. You can post again as soon as I put up the next section!

To All: Don't forget to update your Trainer Cards!

Chapter 5
-Pewter City-

OOC: Okay guys, it is going to be a bit different here in Pewter City. Obviously, this is where the first Gym Leader, Brock, is located, so we will have to deal with that. Also, we are introducing three new Characters as well (one controlled by me who, don't worry, will not be very powerful and is mainly going to be used to help move the story along as certain points).

So, the way this is going to work is that everyone is going to get a chance to fight Brock, no questions asked as well as be able to go around Pewter City and do whatever the heck they want (Pokemon Center, shopping, etc). That second part (the shopping, etc) is going to work just like it did in Viridian City, so don't worry about that.

The Gym Battle, though, will work like this: Basically, you will RP a battle with the Gym Leader, Brock (entering the Gym, meeting him, etc.) . After a relatively long post, you can eventually defeat him. Obvisiously, EVERY Pokemon that took part in the battle will get experience. BUT you can only use as many Pokemon as the Gym Leader has (so two in Brock's case). This Gym Leader will be RP'd as a single battle.

This means that, if you RP this post really well and make it long, you can gain 3+ Levels for every single Pokemon that took part in the battle! WOOHOO! Also, if I think you did exceptionally well, I will give you a Rare Candy.

Oh, and when you win, just make sure you get the TM and the Badge from him. Otherwise, you wasted your time.

In closing, you will have a total of TWO posts in this Chapter. One doing whatever you want around the city (remember though, no Training or battling of any kind), and another fighting Brock. If you have any questions with the OOC Thread (the new one).
Level Cap: 14


Also known as the Stone Grey City, Pewter City is quite a sight to behold. Almost every single building in the large city is made of stones or boulders, leaving it with a very grey coloring.
The towsnpeople are tough, but friendly, however they will not help you if you do not try to help yourself.
Be sure the visit the Pokemon Gym, home to Brock, as well as the Museum of Science!

Areas of Interest
Pokemon Center: A large white building with a red roof. This place houses a Nurse Joy and several Chanseys intent on healing your Pokemon for free overnight. What a deal!

PokeMart: The local stop-and-shop for Pokemon Trainers. It doesn't have a heck of a lot of supplies, but it does have the basics.

Item List: Pokeballs, Antidote, Awakening, Burn Heal, Paralyz Heal, Potion, Repel

Pokemon Gym: See Brock for more information.

Pewter Museum of Science: This is home to a Moon Stone, which fell to earth man years ago. The place also houses many rare Pokemon fossils which are all kept under tight security. There are also many other interesting attractions inside.

Brock, known as the rock solid Pokemon Trainer, has two Rock-type Pokemon at his disposal. His style in battle is fairly straightforward, but he also likes to let his opponent wear themself down on his Pokemons' tough armor and then come in for the crushing blow.
He has been a Gym Leader for a few years now and certainly has the experience required to be an expert Trainer. People who defeat him in battle, however, instantly earn his respect.

Type: Rock/Ground
Gender: Male
Ability: Sturdy
Attacks: Tackle, Defense Curl
Nature: Impish

Level: 12
Type: Rock/Ground
Gender: Male
Ability: Sturdy
Attacks: Tackle, Bind, Rock Tomb
Nature: Brave

TM39: Rock Tomb

Boulder Badge

May 27th, 2008, 11:09 PM
Bobby, Mankey, and Charmander slowly headed towards the exit of Virdian Forest. They had taken a wrong turn which resulted in them crawling through bushes and close trees. 'Man this is taking forever...' thought Bobby. He knew he couldn't say that outloud, in fear of decreasing his teams moral.

'Too bad we don't have someone up in the trees to be our look out...' thought Bobby. Suddenly Bobby's face brightened like a Chrismas Tree. "Go Caterpie!" Bobby yelled and the newest edition popped out of her Poke Ball. "Caterpie, will you go up to the top of the tree and tell us how far we have to go?"

Caterpie nodded and used its String Shot to climb up the tree. When Caterpie got to the top, she saw that they had about a mile to go.

All of a sudden a Pidgeotto swooped down and grabbed Caterpie in its talons. "Caterpie!" Bobby yelled as he watched this confrontation. "Use String Shot on the talons!" Caterpie complied which resulted in the bird loosing its grip on Caterpie. Caterpie then used String Shot to swing to safety.

Unfortunatly, the Pidgeotto didn't give up easily. It came down using Gust managing to knock both Mankey and Charmander out against a couple of trees. Bobby only just managed to catch Caterpie.

"Caterpie, use your string shot to swing around the tree!" Bobby yelled against the wind. Caterpie obayed managing to get behing Pidgeotto. "Now, use that speed for your tackle!" A direct hit as Pidgeotto went crashing to the ground.

"Now use string shot to grab it talons and swing it around!" Caterpie followed orders and swung the bird around like it was at the tea cup ride at Disneyland. "Now release!" Bobby cried and Caterpie threw the Pidgeotto so far that they had to run to see where it went.

When they finaly caught up to it they saw Pidgeotto passed out and trapped. Bobby sighed and released the bird. He then noticed that they were at the edge of the forest. Returning everyone to their respective Poke Ball, Bobby walked out into the blazing sunlight.

May 28th, 2008, 4:40 AM
To Zimvee: Good post there, man. Your battle scene was very creative and, even though the post itself was pretty short, I'm going to give Caterpie inreased experience, seeing as though it won under extreme conditions.
Caterpie grew to Level 7!
What!? Caterpie is evolving! Will you allow the process to continue?

To All: Everyone can start posting in Pewter City now, whenever they like. Just be sure to read all the OOC stuff I posted up before-hand. Thanks!

May 28th, 2008, 5:37 AM
OOC : I managed to type up a quickie so as not to hold up the RP! Sorry for the shortness.

(I'll squeeze the Pokemon Center visit and Brock's battle into the next post, or edit this one tomorrow)

IC :

“Tackle!”A young girl’s voice called out.

The blue coloured being responded with lightning fast reflexes, slamming hard against its opponent. The collision causing the enemy to fly back a good few feet, it landed on the forest ground with discomfort.


The weak cry resounded throughout the forest, its owner plummeted onto the grassy floor no sooner than it had released the sound. The worn out Kakuna wriggled in defeat, as a large figure towered over its tiny frame. Adeltruant held a smirk on her face, nodding approvingly towards the creature that had claimed a snug space in her arms. Squirtle beamed at her new trainer, her elegant blue tail wagging with delight at her trainer’s happiness, though the Pokemon was slightly tired from all that rigorous training, she was nevertheless an eager (albeit silent) little turtle.

“That was incredible, Squirtle!”Adel cooed at her new Water type, hugging it tightly.

As they duo distanced themselves from the defeated Kakuna, they continued their trek towards the gatehouse that linked Viridian Forest to Pewter City. The girl had been late to receive her assigned Pocket Monster from the Professor in Pallet Town because her mother had caught her as she attempted to sneak out of their quaint house, harshly reprimanded her for even entertaining the idea of getting a Pokemon and gallivanting around like “a barbarian with her stray Growlithe”. After being forced back into the house, she had to pine away time until Missus Haert’s attention wandered to somewhere else. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case until a few hours later, when Leighton rang the house for a chat with his lovely mother. Adel had to maneuver her way from the back window of the premises to the front while being incredibly discreet, which really didn’t sound all that easy. The girl was grateful to the Professor for allowing her to obtain a Pokemon despite her obvious lateness.

“You managed to defeat so many Pokemon on our way over here, I’m really impressed!”Adel complimented the Water type once more as the gatehouse appeared in the distance. The girl tilted her head to the side a slight bit, as the people gathered near the gatehouse grew more and more detailed as she closed the space between them and herself. She noted a boy and his Pikachu, another male with dark hair and yet another young trainer. However, he was accompanied with a girl with red hair, a Kakuna and an Eevee.

She slowly approached the whole group of them, unsure if they were trainers on the lookout for a battle. Pewter City was looming overhead and Adeltruant deduced that a couple more battles to train wouldn’t do much harm. A Gym Leader wasn’t someone you could underestimate after all. However, upon reaching the gatehouse, she could see that most of them looked tired and exhausted from the rigorous walk through Viridian Forest. It was understandable; Adel suddenly noticed that she herself was panting quite a bit as beads of sweat rolled down her forehead.

The young female silently berated herself for being so forgetful. She released Squirtle from her grip, making sure she had landed on the ground safely before rolling up the sleeves of her long shirt. Adel let her mind wander as she did so, deciding that it would be best to let her new companion get healed at the Pokemon Center of Pewter before making any further decisions. Squirtle patiently stayed at her side through it all, hugging her trainer's right leg affectionately as her eyes lingered to the other Pokemon, a spark of interest igniting in the turtle’s eyes.

May 28th, 2008, 4:38 PM
As Bobby walked out of Virdian Forest and into Pewter City Caterpie's Poke Ball started shaking violently. "What?" Bobby said in confusion and quickly released Caterpie to see what was the problem. As soon as she was out, Caterpie started shooting silk up into the air and letting them land on top of her. Bobby looked on in confusion as the silk started incasing Caterpie. And just like it had started, it stopped just like that. In Caterpie's place was a green cacoon that had sad looking eyes and a nose like Pinocchio's. Bobby took out his Pokedex and pointed it at the cocoon. "Metapod, the Cacoon Pokemon," said the cool female voice, " A steel-hard shell protects its tender body. It quietly endures hardships while awaiting evolution."

"Allright Cater... I mean Metapod, you evolved!" Bobby said excitedly. "Lets go!" Bobby started walking, but Metapod didn't move. "Uh come on Metapod!" Bobby said trying to get moving again, but Metapod stayed there. "Guess you can't move..." Bobby said disappointed. Metapod was returned to her Pokeball and Bobby made his way to the Pokemon Center.

Bobby handed over the three Pokeballs that contained Charmander, Mankey, and the newly evolved Metapod. "You look hungry," the Nurse said, "You can go eat while i heal your Pokemon." Bobby didn't need told twice and took off to the cafeteria.

When he was done eating and got his Pokemon back, the Nurse told him that there was a Gym here, so Bobby went to go have a look. "Wow!" Bobby said, amazed that the Gym was so big. He entered and saw a man wearing a gray shirt with a pumpkin orange collar.

"Hello!" said the man with a deep voice. "My name is Brock, and I am the Gym Leader of Pewter City!"

"Hi..." Bobby said shyly, "I'm here for a Gym Battle?"

"Excellent! I haven't had a battle for a while. Lets say two Pokemon each?"

"O-ok!" Bobby said nervously. He was shaking like he had stage fright.

"Here's my Pokemon. Go Geodude!" Brock sent out what basically was a rock with arms.

'A rock pokemon,' Bobby thought. 'Only Mankey can take down rock types...' Suddenly Metapod's Pokeball started shaking again, and this time she forced herself out. "Metapod what are you doing?!" Bobby yelled.

"A Metapod eh? Interesting choice..." Brock muttered

"What! NO I don't want Metapod out!" Bobby cried. Metapod on the other had looked at Bobby and had a brave look in her eye. Bobby knew that Metapod wanted to fight. "Allright Metapod... Go!" Bobby cried accepting the turn of events.

"Geodude lets start off with a Tackle!" Brock ordered. "Dude Geodude." Geodude cried as it raced towards Metapod.

"Metapod use Harden!" Bobby yelled and Metapod quickly became steel hard. "Geodude!" Geodude cried out in pain as it hit the hardened cacoon pokemon.

"Geodude!" Brock yelled, "Go for another Tackle!"

Bobby saw this coming and said "Metapod use String Shot to get away!" Metapod complied and used the silk like a tether line.

"Geodude chase after it!" Geodude chased Metapod around the Gym, but Bobby saw that the hit it had taken from using Tackle on a hardened Metapod really wore it out.

"Allright Metapod, use that speed you have and Tackle!" Metapod spun around and directly hit Geodude.

"Ha! You should know that Normal Type moves are useless against Rock Pokemon!" Brock called out confidently. All of a sudden Geodude came crashing down. "Geodude! What happened?" Brock asked confused.

"When Geodude attacked Metapod while it was hardened, the hardness mangaged to hurt him." Bobby told Brock, "Also the speed Metapod gained helped give the tackle a critical-hit.

"Darn..." Brock said "Beaten by a Bug-Pokemon... But now you have to face Onix! Brock threw out his second pokemon a giant snake made out of rock.

"Gulp..." Bobby said intimidated by the giant pokemon. "Metapod good job return!" A beam of cherry red light shot out of Metapod's Pokeball and hit Metapod, transporting back into the ball. "Allright, Mankey lets go!" Bobby threw out his second Pokemon and Mankey looked ready for a fight.

"A Mankey good choice. Fighting Pokemon have an advantage over Rock Pokemon..." Brock said, "But I still won't let you win! Onix use Tackle!"

"Mankey jump up on top of Onix!" Bobby commanded, but Brock snickered at that.

"I knew you were going to do that, Onix use Bind now!" Onix quickly wrapped its entire body around Mankey, keeping him from moving.

"Mankey!" Bobby cried. "Use Scratch!" Mankey started scratching like crazy, but it didn't seem to do anything against Onix.

"Ha ha!" Brock laughed "Your Mankey's Scratch is nothing to Onix's defence!"

'What to do...?' Bobby wondered as Mankey tried helplessly to get away. 'Wait, I have an idea!' "Mankey use leer!" Bobby yelled. Mankey looked astonished but used leer anyway.

"What good will that do you? Onix just give it a staring contest." Brock said lossing intrest in the battle. Onix looked right into Mankey's leer.

"Mankey!" Bobby suddenly cried out. "Use Scratch on Onix's eyes!" Mankey used scratch on Onix's eyes and Onix let go of Mankey in pain.

"What?!" Brock cried out, angry for being fooled.

"Mankey use a Low Kick!" Mankey made quick work of the order bringing Onix down. "Again!" Bobby commanded.

"Oooonix...." Onix cried out in pain, then faded into unconscious, "My Onix!" cried out Brock in shock.

"Looks like I won!' Bobby exclaimed happily.

"Looks like you did. While I don't like lossing that was a good match! You have my respect and the Boulder Badge and TM 39." Brock said.

"Thank you!" Bobby excepted his gifts and walked out of the Gym and back to the Pokemon Center.

May 28th, 2008, 5:52 PM
To Ibuberu: Great first introductory first! I like how you explained why your character isn't appearing until now. Oh, and because of the quality of your post:
You've earned a Rare Candy!

To Zimvee: Good post there bud! Here are your results:
Mankey grew to Level 8!
Caterpie evolved into Metapod!
Metapod learned Harden!
Metapod grew to Level 9!
You earned TM39!
You earned the Boulder Badge!
Don't forget to update your Trainer Card man. Other than that, you just have to wait for everyone else to fight Brock now! Nice work.

May 28th, 2008, 6:21 PM
allright new trainer card with a badge!

May 28th, 2008, 7:02 PM
“Let’s try Vine Whip, Bulbasaur!” The Pokemon Trainer commanded.

Instantly, the green four-legged creature charged at its opponent to get within range. The wild Pokemon, however, was the fastest opponent the duo had seen yet, by far. The small red and brown Flying-type Pokemon handily dodged the green vine which Sean’s Grass-type shot out from its bulb. Flying high and out of range, to Trainer and his Pokemon watched and waited, hoping for Spearow to make a mistake.

This wasn’t the case though, as the speedy Pokemon then launched itself downwards toward Bulbasaur. Instinctively, the Pokemon quickly jumped to the side to avoid the peck attack. It was not quick enough, however, as the bird Pokemon smashed into it hard with its beak, sending Bulbasaur sprawling backwards. Slowly staggering to its feet after the powerful attack, the four-legged Pokemon slowly began to recover its energy.

“Watch out! It’s attack again!” Sean Florian commanded to his starter Pokemon.

Listening to its Trainer, but not having enough energy to perform a full-body dodge of the newly charging Spearow, Bulbasaur unleashed a growl attack.

“BULBA!” It shouted loudly with its raspy voice.

Spearow, completely taken aback by the attack, slowed down dramatically from its previous speed. It still made contact with Bulbasaur, but the damage it would have done was reduced. Still hit with the attack, though, Bulbasaur was knocked into a nearby tree as Spearow flew high into the air, circling around for yet another peck attack to finish off its weakened opponent.

“When it comes back, Bulbasaur, I need you to put all your energy into a last-second dodge. Can you do that for me?” Sean asked of his Pokemon, hoping it would obey.

Giving a slight nod of its head to its Trainer, Bulbasaur then refocused its gaze on its charging foe. Spearow was coming in fast. Much faster than it had previously and it seemed like, in no time, it was ready to strike yet again.

“NOW!” Sean shouted.

Reacting to its Trainer’s command, Bulbasaur used its remaining strength to roll off to the side as quickly as possible. The plan had worked perfectly, with Spearow’s peck attack barely grazing its target, and instead smashing into the tree which had been directly behind the Grass-type Pokemon. The bird Pokemon hit hard and, as it slowly staggered to its feet, flew off lopsidedly as quickly as possible, realizing it had been defeated.

Bulbasaur, having used up the last of its energy, collapsed on to the ground as it lay on its belly upon the soft grass, with its legs sticking out on all sides. Its eyelids drooped lazily as Sean ran over to check on his battle-weary Pokemon.
“You okay buddy?” He asked, petting the green Pokemon’s head.

“Saur…” It managed to murmur.

Sean realized what he needed to do. Returning the Grass-type Pokemon into its Pokeball, he then ran off down the hill he and Bulbasaur had just barely crested, as the great majesty that was PewterCity came into sight. The two of them had left Pallet down only a day prior. Sean had been VERY late for his Pokemon appointment with Professor Oak. The old man though, had been very forgiving and had held on to the Pokemon Sean had requested.

Now, since having left PalletTown and traveled through Route 1, ViridianCity, Route 2 and finally ViridianForest, the pair had finally made their way to PewterCity, where their first Gym Challenge awaited!

“I can’t wait to battle Brock!” Sean Florian exclaimed aloud as he continued running towards the city, and a PokemonCenter to heal his companion.

After a few minutes, and a lot of energy expended, Sean had arrived to the large, modern-looking building. He handed over Bulbasaur, and the Nurse informed him that the Pokemon would be healed by morning. After offering Sean to stay at the PokemonCenter for the night (with free food!), the Trainer gladly accepted, falling to sleep not long after gorging himself on a large meal. It had been more than a day since he had eaten!

Sean Florian was asleep before he hit the bed…

Trainer Kat
May 28th, 2008, 7:10 PM
“K-Kakuna..?” Jack had bent to pick up his Pokémon, but before his fingers could graze its skin, it became engulfed in a radiant white light. A long, gleaming crack began to run across what could only be interpreted as its back. As the cocoon split apart, two beautiful, diaphanous wings emerged. Slowly, they unfurled, and began to flap mechanically, slowly lifting the rest of the creature out of its shell. A slender, wasp-like body followed the wings, its yellow and black stripes alternating in the gleaming light. Its head was round, two flickering crimson eyes on either side of its face. The most conspicuous thing about this beast was the dual prongs on its forearms. They were about twice as long as the one that protruded from its abdomen, and equally as thick. Jack could only gape as the Pokémon hovered above the empty shell that had once been his Kakuna. It said nothing, only glowered back at its owner. Instinctively, Jack reached into his back pocket and extracted the red Pokédex, aiming it directly at the newcomer.

”Beedrill. The Poison Bee Pokémon. Its best attack involves flying around at high speed, striking with poison needles, then flying off.”

“Beedrill…huh…” Jack stared up at the bug Pokémon, eyes twinkling with excitement. “So…you…you’re my Pokémon?” The Pokémon slowly nodded, still glaring intensely at Jack. Without warning, it launched itself towards the brunette, whose eyes immediately filled with fear. Contrary to what he had initially thought, Beedrill flung his arms around Jack’s waist, nearly knocking Eevee off of her perch. A light chuckle escaped his lips as he wrapped his limbs around the bug’s thorax, returning the small display of affection. A disgruntled Eevee lowered her ears, licking Jack’s cheek in a feeble attempt to deflect his attention away from Beedrill and onto her. The response she received was not quite the one she had expected; the boy raised his arm and swatted her away. She shot him a doleful look before settling back down on his shoulder. For now, she would be quiet, but she vowed to win Jack’s affection before the week was up.

“Well hey, hot stuff, since you have your Beedrill, guess you don’t need me anymore, huh?” Celeste winked at Jack before planting a sly kiss on his cheek. “Maybe we’ll see each other around. We both want the same thing, after all. Until then!” And just like that, the redhead disappeared within the cluster of trees. Still tightly clutching Beedrill, Jack surveyed the girl as she left. When she was out of sight, he looked to his newly evolved Pokémon. No words needed to be uttered – Beedrill simply nodded and broke free of Jack’s grip, flitting towards the gatehouse. As it turned out, Celeste had been right – they were incredibly close to the exit. In fact, Jack surmised that they’d walked for less than five minutes. Upon reaching the edifice, the brunette recalled Beedrill before thrusting the door open.

“Young man! You wouldn’t happen to be heading to Pewter, would you?” Jack turned, eyes meeting with a senior citizen. Graying hair topped her head, and she was clad in a frightful plaid dress. Jack peered out at her through half-closed emerald eyes.

“Yeah, I’m going there. What of it, old bag?”

“Well, I was going to encourage you to visit the Pewter Museum! They have an exhibit of rare Pokémon fossils! Rumor has it that these Pokémon could be brought back to life!” Jack’s eyes widened. Ancient Pokémon being brought back to life? The thought made his spine quiver. If he could get his hand on one of those fossils, he would be set for life. There would be no one who could beat him…he would become Champion, be a true Pokémon master…keep his promise to Rem. Looking back at the old lady, he offered up his most sincere smile.

“Thanks, lady. That sounds really interesting. I’m sure I’ll learn a lot.” With those final, parting words, he pushed open the doors opposite the ones he had entered through, taking his final steps into Pewter city. The town before him was nothing like he’d ever seen. Virtually everything was built from stone. Humble rocks lined the path leading into the city. He figured that the Pokéballs here were probably made of stone as well. The thought made him laugh aloud (despite not being that funny), and Eevee shot him a bemused look. Jack ignored her disapproving stare, and instead crossed the boundaries into Pewter. Indeed, it was huge, or, at least, it was bigger than Viridian. Far off, in the distance, a sign hovered tentatively over a stone building, clearly the Pewter City Museum. The brunette wasted no time crossing over to the structure.


No answer.

“Sir!” This time, Jack swiveled around to face the teal-haired woman who was beckoning him her way. “I’m sorry, sir, but you’ll need a ticket to enter! They cost fifty dollars, so if you’d like to go inside, please pay.”

“Aah…” Jack reached inside his pocket and withdrew the necessary amount of money, placing it on the counter. His cheeks were red, obviously ashamed at getting caught. And he used to be so good at breaking into buildings, too… “There you go,” he said, giving her a devilish smile. She, of course, returned the gesture.

“Please, enjoy viewing the ancient Pokémon.”

Jack nodded at her. The inside of the building failed to impress him like the exterior had, and it seemed that all the good stuff waited on the second floor. As he began to ascend the stairs, Eevee sunk her teeth into his neck, seemingly sensing his bad intentions.

“Ow, Eevee, what the hell?!” he exclaimed. Before she could respond with a weak noise, he grabbed her by the scruff of her neck and placed her on the wooden floor. “Stay there, and don’t come looking for me. You’re a rare Pokémon, so if anyone comes near you, go outside and hide in the bushes. I’m not going to cart around a Pokémon who feels it’s alright to bite me whenever she pleases.” With that, he continued up the stairs. The place was swarming with guards. Okay, so that was a slight exaggeration. There were only two men on patrol. Quickly, the brunette placed a hand on his neck.

“Guards!” Both men turned to face the frantic brunette. “There’s a wild Eevee downstairs, and…I think it’s rabid! It just bit me!” Security looked at him with disbelief, and for a moment, Jack thought he was done for. No sooner had the thought crossed his mind, then the guards rushed downstairs, Pokéballs in hand. A devious grin crossed Jack’s face as he surveyed the exhibits. Most were old, stone fossils that failed to catch his eye. One, however, was different. It was a beautiful, shimmering amber hue, and the light reflected flawlessly off of its polished surface. The sign below read “Old Amber. Pokémon unknown.” So, no one knew what would come from this fossil? Jack intended to be the first to find out. Stealthily, he clutched the fossil in his hands. That was the easy part. The hard part was lifting the object. His hands were dripping with perspiration, and that didn’t go too well with the glossy surface. Before he could drop it, he heaved it under his shirt and raced out of the building. He was not about to waste any time. By this point, all the guards had begun to rush upstairs, thankfully, paying little attention to the wounded Jack (even though no blood had been drawn).

“Eevee!” He called, finally breathing in the fresh air. A rustle in the bushes signaled life, and, upon closer inspection, that life revealed itself to be Jack’s partner in crime, albeit unknowingly. “Eevee, are you okay? I had to book it out of there, I was so worried about you!” She emitted a light squeal as she leapt onto his shoulder. She remained fully unaware of two things, the first being that he had stolen a one-of-a-kind fossil. The second? He had just pretended to worry about her. He had lied.

May 28th, 2008, 7:19 PM
To Trainer Kat: One word. Wow. That was on awesome post my friend. You obviously put a lot of thought and effort into it, and I must say that I'm very impressed. This is you best post yet. Anyway, keep up the good work, seriously. Oh, and I'm going to make a new Trainer Card for you, so don't worry about it. Seriously, great job. You've definitely earned the Fossil. You can fight Brock whenever you like!
Your Kakuna evolved into Beedrill!
Beedrill learned Fury Attack!
You got an Old Amber!

EDIT: Never mind. I guess you made your own Trainer Card...haha. From now on, I can do it for everyone if you like. I can just base it off the ones you guys have already. Just let me know.

May 28th, 2008, 9:00 PM
"This is it, Pikachu. This is... Pewter City..." Derek said as the pair slowly made their way into the large city. It was very easy notice this city was way larger than the last city they had visited; Viridian. The twosome slowly walked deeper into the city, amazed at how most of the buildings were made from the same material and how they were all really tall. In a distance, they could see the largest structure around; the Museum.

"Pika..." Pikachu said as his eyes sparkled brightly when he stared around the whole city. Pikachu had never gone out of Pallet Town, and this was something he tried to communicate to Derek when he told his story to him; so this city really impressed him.

"Yeah, It's awesome. We better get to the Pokemon Center now, right? I believe you and Mankey need some serious rest.." Derek said as he stared at his comrade and smiled. Pikachu just smiled back and nodded happily.

It wasn't long before Derek reached the Pokemon Center, which seemed like it had more technology and resources than Viridian's. The doors opened automatically and Derek took his first steps inside. He was appalled when he noticed how the nurse in that Pokemon Center was identical to the one on Viridian City. "Uh, Err... Hi again." Derek said as he approached the nurse on the front desk.

"Um, have we met?" The nurse asked confused as he stared at Derek, blushing slightly and giggling. The nurse, too, had the exact same voice tone than the one on the last Pokemon Center.
"Uh.. Yeah, haven't we?" Derek asked confused as he scratched his head and called Pikachu to his Pokeball, deducing that like last gym, he would have to be in the Pokeball to be healed. "In Viridian City.." Derek added.

"Oh, no, no" The nurse said as she started to laugh quietly. "That was my cousin, Nure Joy from Viridan. I'm Nurse Joy from Pewter. Nice to meet you..." Nurse Joy started to say before leaving an uncomfortable silence and suggesting Derek to say his name. "Derek" He replied happily as he shook the nurse's hand.

"Well, Derek. I'm guessing you want your Pokemon healed..." She said as she stretched her hand and motioned for Derek to place the Pokeballs on her hands.The nurse smiled and nodded, then walked away to machine. She placed the Pokeballs in small sockets in the front of the machine and then turned it on.

Derek sighed, thinking that like in last Pokemon Center, the healing process would take hours. He decided to sit down so he could rest for a while. As soon as he walked over to the couch and sat down, however, Nurse Joy called him over. "That's it, your Pokemon are fully healed. Hope to see you again!"

~What?! So fast?~ Derek thought to himself confused as he stood up in no more time than 1 minute after he sat down. He stepped to the front desk to retrieve his Pokeballs, then headed out. He released Pikachu from his ball, and as always, the Pokemon hopped over to his shoulder.

"Hey, Pikachu..." Derek started saying as Pikachu stared at him. "Do you think... We could take on the Gym leader here? I believe this is the first badge to be won"

Pikachu remained silence for a while, entering in a thoughtful state. "Pika..." He replied coldly and blankly and not showing any emotion. "I think that's a yes" Derek said as the pair walked over to the largest structure in the city.

As soon as the walked in, a shadow in a distance welcomed them with a cold voice. "Welcome..."

May 28th, 2008, 10:32 PM
After slowly opening his eyes, Sean sat up in his rather flat bed. It was a bit uncomfortable, but then he remembered that he had spent the night for free. Throwing the complaint from his mind, he got dressed and went out to the main lobby of the Pokemon Center.

Nurse Joy, strikingly similar to the one he had met back in Viridian City, greeted him with her bouncy, curly hair. Walking over as she held a Pokeball in her hand, she met Sean right at the entrance to dorms.

"Here you are," she told him cheerily as the Pokemon Trainer took the ball from her, clipping it in his belt. "Your Bulbasaur should be fully healed!"

"Thanks a lot," he said to her, very happy that his Pokemon was at full strength now.

Turning to leave, he walked through the sliding glass doors of the large, techonologically advanced building and onto the streets of Pewter City. All in all, he thought, it wasn't that bad of a place. In fact, after he was done with his Pokemon Journey he might consider retiring to the place. It seemed quiet, yet there appeared to be many things to do as far as entertainment.

Every building was made of stone which, at first, had Sean really wondering how they actually built the place. He quickly realized that stone was probably more durable than metal and wood as far as resisting the deterioration over time.

Walking down the street, he then set his sights on a large, gray building at the very end of the one he was walking down.

"Pewter City Pokemon Gym," the Trainer said as he read the sign from a far-off distance.

It appeared to be located in the north-western part of the city. As he got closer and closer to it, Sean Florian's excitement continued to grow, along with his trepidation. Sure, he should be happy for his first Pokemon Gym Challenge, but he didn't really know what to expect. Finally arriving there, and using all of his might to open up the large stone doors he entered the completey dark area.

The interior of the place was actually very surprising. Sean noted that, although very large and spacious, there wasn't much to it. Then the overhead lights snapped on and the entire arena was illuminated before him. Sean looked down and, right were he was standing appeared to be the edge of a makeshift battle area. It was full of rocks, gravel and dirt, making it the ideal battling environment for Rock-type Pokemon.

"Welcome to Pewter City," a voice called to him from across the place.

Looking up, Sean saw a brown-haired man with squinty eyes wearing a gray jacket-vest.

"Hey there," the Pokemon Trainer told the man. "My name's Sean, and I'm here for a Pokemon Gym Battle. Are you the leader?"

"You bet I am," the man responded. "My name's Brock. Now, let's get this started. You beat me and you can have the Boulder Badge. This will be a two-on-two Pokemon Battle."

"Um, about that," Sean responded quickly, yet fearfully. "I only have one Pokemon."

"Well, I hope it is well trained! Go Geodude!" the Gym Leader exclaimed as he hurled the Pokeball onto the rocky field.

What came out of the ball appeared to be a gray rock with arms. After throwing Bulbasaur into the arena, the Trainer quickly whipped out his Pokedex to get some information on his new opponent.

Geodude, the rock Pokemon, the little red machine stated. It is found in fields and mountains. Hikers often mistake them for rocks, tripping over them.

Bulbasaur didn't appear too nervous about its current opponent. Sure, Geodude was trained by a Gym Leader, the Grass-type Pokemon knew it had the type advantage, two-fold.

"Geodude, tackle it!" Brock commanded his grey Pokemon.

Suddenly, the rock Pokemon used its arms to hurl itself at Sean's four-legged Pokemon.

"Tackle it yourself, Bulbasaur!" Sean exclaimed, wanting to prove the toughness of his own Pokemon.

This was a mistake, however, as the Pokemon collided in the middle of the arena, with Bulbasaur being much worse for ware. The green Pokemon shot an angry look at its Trainer obviously upset at such a ridiculous order. Geodude, not even needing another order from Brock, charged forth yet again for another full-body tackle. Bulbasaur, not wanting another faulty order given to it, performed its own attack as it let loose a vine from its back. The green whip sliced through the air right before snapping hard against Geodude's tough skin. The rock Pokemon took the shot hard, getting knocked backwards and taking a significant amount of damage.

"Yeah! Nice work buddy!" Sean exclaimed.

If Bulbasaur was proud of itself, it didn't show it. The green Pokemon had a battle to attend to.

"Geodude use defense curl and then tackle it again!" the Gym Leader ordered the Rock-type.

Bulbasaur, seeing Geodude headed straight for it at a fast speed, almost like a cannonball, sent out another vine whip attack. The green rope-like-object hit its mark, but this time Geodude had too much momentum behind it. Smashing through the vine, and then into its four-legged adversary, the two bodies were sent flying from the collision. Geodude hit the ground hard, rolling onto its back with its eyes closed. Apparently, the vine whip had done enough damage to knock it out. Bulbasaur got to its feet with a large lump growing on its forehead. Geodude had hit it hard, and Bulbasaur was far from operating at 100%.

Brock returned his first Pokemon into its, ball as he pulled out another. Without a word, he threw the red and white orb into the center of the arena as a large rock-snake burst forth. The thing appeared to be made of boulders as it stood over 25 feet tall!

"Wow," Sean said, realizing his jaw had dropped to the floor. He couldn't remember the last time a Pokemon had inspired so much awe in him. It was at this moment that he silently vowed to himself that he would capture and train an Onix someday...

"BULBA!" the much smaller green Pokemon called out to its Trainer, snapping him out of his day dream. It wanted orders.

Quickly getting his mind back into the battle, Sean realized that, in his current state, Bulbasaur was no match for the hulking behemoth in front of it. It needed some healing.

"I GOT IT!" the black-haired Trainer said loudly. "Quick, use leech seed, Bulbasaur. Sap its health!"

Nodding as it understood, the green Pokemon shot a volley of seeds from the hole in the top of its bulb, like a cannon firing mini-shots. Most of them landed square on Onix's head and, just like that, the Pokemon's very lifeforce began getting transferred through the ground towards Bulbasaur, where it absorbed it and gained health back.

"Onix, don't let it do that!" Brock commanded. "Finish it in one blow. Tackle it now!"

Obeying its Trainer's orders, Onix quickly performed a full-body tackle towards Bulbasaur, heading for it head-first.

"Growl, now!" Sean ordered at the last second.

Bulbasaur said its name loudly and quickly as it managed to stun Onix for a moment and slow its momentum. It still collided, however and smashed Bulbasaur hard into the ground. As it pulled itself from the wreckage beneath it, a green, four-legged Pokemon was revealed as it lay there, completely motionless. Sean was in shock, completely stunned that he had actually lost his Gym Battle. It looked like he wouldn't get the Badge after all.

Suddenly, Bulbasaur got to its feet yet again, albeit relatively slowly. That's right! The leech seed was still working! Looking up at the Rock-type Pokemon, Sean noticed that it appeared to be weakening.

"Great work!" He complimented his Pokemon. "Now use vine whip!"

And, this time, Bulbasaur shot two green vines from its back towards Onix's head. Both connected solidly and, just as quickly as the Pokemon had appeared, it went crashing to the rocky terrain beneath it, knocked out cold. Brock returned his Pokemon as he walked towards the Sean with something in his hand.

"Take this," he said, offering a small grey badge. "It's the Boulder Badge, and it is your first step towards the Pokemon League."

"Thanks," the Pokemon Trainer said as he accepted the gift.

"This, too," Brock said, offering what appeared to be a CD. "It contains Rock Tomb, a technique used for slowly enemies down."

"Cool, thanks," Sean said gratefully.

And, after shaking Brock's hand and complimenting him on a battle well-fought, the Trainer left the building, having won his first official Pokemon League Badge! He was already on his way to greatness!

Slave to the Poké-Rave
May 29th, 2008, 12:06 AM
Kaiden sighed, relaxing in a long shaft on sunshine shooting through the green canopy above. Trees extended in all directions, but he knew the exit was right around the corner of 'that certain gnarly old tree that kakunas like hanging from.' Singing a catchy Johto song, he strummed his guitar, the chords ringing throughout the forest. He could see several pokemon looking at him, a mix of curiosity and natural fear in their eyes. He wasn't bothered by them though. He remembered his first time here.

'Wind and rain whipped down from the darkest clouds above. The small figure stumbled through the long grass, falling, mud splattering upon himself. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning arced across the sky, illuminating his surroundings. A spearow crowed from the branch above and he screamed, getting up and running blind through the grass of the Viridian forest. More lightning, booming forth from the heavens, like an angry, celestial Electabuzz punching the clouds below its feet. The spearow cawed as it chased him, flying from his branch and dashing towards him. Its beak was glistening with rain water, and flashed like a lightning bolt itself as it grew closer and closer. He cried out, diving to the floor as it swept over him. He cawed again as it reached him, landing on its talons. The beak flashed out, slicing his arm. He cried out in pain, sweeping an arm at the bird before running again, a yellow brick building along his path. Lightning flashed as his feet pounded.'

He sighed, subconsciously touching his arm. He flicked his hair away from his eyes as he finished singing. The red streak laid across his right left eye, and dangled as he packed up his guitar. Taking out his water, he sipped, then offered it to the gleaming white next to him.

'Cu!' he cried, causing Kaiden to laugh as the Pokemon's two stubby arms wrapped around the bottle and it suckled away at it.

'Bone!' he finished, eyes tight in joy. Kaiden was sure that he was smiling under the skull. The cubone handed back his bottle, happy to finish dining on a section of apple they had found in the forest.

'Come on Cubone, I guess we should get moving huh?' he asked, smirking and stroking the smooth skull upon his cubone's head, certain that inside it could feel him doing it. The pair stood, and in one smooth motion the guitar was on his back and they were away.

'Cu-bone!' Cubone suddenly cried, grabbing Kaiden's leg.

'Oh, close call buddy!' he said, turning picking up the long, hard bone. Cubone grabbed it from him, and clutched it to himself as the pair walked around the bend.

A girl was dominating a younger kid, The blue turtle slamming into the kakuna, beating it into the ground. He winced for the younger girl as the Pokemon fainted and the other teen girl cuddled her Pokemon. He flicked out his 'Dex at the blue thing.

'Squirtle. Tiny turtle Pokemon. After birth, its back swells and hardens into a shell. Powerfully sprays foam from its mouth.'

'Now thats cool.' Kaiden laughed, walking past the younger girl, who was now on her knees. He patted her head as cubone walked past with him. They swung open the glass doors of the entry hall. Pewter City lay ahead.

Inside were a few trainers, as well as that girl from before. She as cute, he had to admit.

'Hey you!' he said from across the room, 'I saw your battle, that was some really fancy work from your squirtle. Im Kaiden. Gotta rush, I'll guess I'll see you round cutey.' he smirked, running off with cubone hot on his heels.

'Cu...boone!' he whined, Kaiden laughing as he swept the small brown Pokemon into his arms and blew on his chest, the rippling sound causing the cubone to giggle. Its bone flicked around wildly as he flapped his stubby arms. The skull rattled slightly as he continued giggling. Kaiden put him down and they continued out of a similar pair of doors. Sunlight streamed onto their faces, illuminating everything around them and showing dust in the air. A small Beedrill buzzed past, causing cubone to hide behind his owner's legs.

'Hey its ok buddy, its just a little one, you could take him any day.' he said. It was far too high anyway, simply a speck on the bright blue skyline. A puff of leaves showed it entering the canopy of Viridian forest.

'I think its time for another song my friend.' he laughed, swinging the guitar over his shoulder, having taken it from its case inside the small building between the forest and this small path to Pewter city. He strummed out a chord, fiddling with a few of the pegs, until it was just right, and began strumming fast. Cubone let out a shrill in glee and hopped along in a small cubone-jig. Kaiden burst into laughter as his small companion found a hollow log, and, beating his bone against it, accompanied the guitars mellow strings. He saw two small bug catchers walk next to them, their nets empty. They sat down, chatting merrily and swaying in time. The boy pulled out a camera, snapping a shot of him and cubone.

He walked on with his guitar, still strumming as they passed the sign for Pewter city. Cubone was lightly tapping his bone to the skull on his head. He smoothly changed his tune, singing a few lines.

' I'm gonna master all kinds of kung fu, I'm gonna live inside a tiny zoo, I'm gonna grow my self a giant afro...' he sang, cubone let out a long happy cry, sounding as if he didn't believe Kaiden's lyrics.

'Come on chum, lets go get something from the Mart, and then lets go see if Brock is all he is worth.' Cubone happily agreed. The grey stone buildings of Pewter were bring tin the sunlight, and the red roof of the pokecentre, as well as the blue of the pokemart, were dazzling in the bright light. He smiled, seeing the orange roof of the gym near some small trees, and the large ornate architecture of the museum in the background. They went for the bright ocean blue of the mart.

'Welcome to Pokemart, how can I help you today?' the man asked from behind his counter, waving happily.

'I'll have a err... two potions please.' he said, looking down nervously, stroking cubone's shell as the small pokemon clutched his jeans.

'Here you go. I must say, I have never seen a cubone in the flesh before.' he said, smiling as he leaned over, having placed the brown bag on the table. Cubone hid itself further behind Kaiden, pinching his skin as he gripped tighter.

'He's a little shy. Hey big guy, come on, he won't hurt you.' he smiled, talking to cubone as the small pokemon, looking at him, before wrapping the stubby arms around his neck and allowing himself to be lifted onto his counter.

'Oh wow, he's cute.' the store clerk said smiling as he stroked the ridges on cubone's back.

'Cu! Cu!' he shrilled, clutching Kaiden's chest, bone in hand.

'He's a tad shy.' his owner said, placing him back on the floor, 'I better go, Brock and me got a date with destiny.' he said, laughing as cubone waddled after him quickly.

The sun was bright in their eyes after the relative darkness of the shop. They wandered lazily along the dirt path as it swirled around their feet, settling with little breeze in the town. They rounded a bend, where a tight band of trees were a natural edge on the town. They stopped and peered in, seeing a group of rattata running past. Pidgey called from above and Kaiden smiled as cubone walked by with him. They reached the door of Brock's gym.

'Lets do this Cubone, you ready pal?' he said, crouching and looking his pokemon in the eyes. Cubone nodded holding his bone and thrusting it upwards in a display of bravery. They walked forwards, the turquoise glass door sliding outwards with a pneumatic hiss. It was dark inside, the drab stone walls a reflection of the gym leader's taste in pokemon. The floor near him were planks, but dominating most of the space was an arena, the floor rocky, boulders dotted around as well as a few outcroppings of rock. They stepped forwards onto the dirt floor arena togethor.

'Hey kid, you up for it?' came a voice from the other side. A young man with spiky brown hair was opposite them, wearing a brown and orange jumper.

'Im Brock,' he continued, 'Leader of the gym here. I specialize in rock pokemon. That all you got?'

'You bet it is Brock. Im Kaiden, and this is cubone. We gonna rock your world, and then I will right a song about it.' he said, in a fighting stance as Cubone thrust his bone forward, walking forwards to the circle in the center. A brilliant white and red flash signalled Brock's beginning.

'Go, Geodude!' he shouted, the rock pokemon appearing. A small boulder like pokemon.

'Alright Cubone, try a tail whip!' he shouted, cubone running at the rock at spinning, flicking his tail out. Geodude dodged however, jumping over the tail and hammering into Cubone, sending him sprawling. Cubone's bone bounced out of his hand and he scrabbled to retrieve it.

'Tackle again Geodude!' Brock shouted, the pokemon jumping high on its rocky fists before falling fast towards cubone.

'Bone Club now cubone, you can do it!' Kaiden said.

'Cu, Cubone!' cubone roared, spinning as Brock's pokemon descended, the bone connecting with its side, as if in slow motion, before time sped up again, and the geodude flew across the arena, the critical hit sending it smashing into a natural stone piller, dust flying. Kaiden's pokedex piped up.

'Cubone, a ground pokemon. Ground pokemon are more effective against Fire, electric, poison, rock and steel pokemon.'

'Alright, so you have the advantage.' Brock said unhappily, taking the fainted Geodude back into its pokeball.

'But you can't beat Onix!' he roared, the giant rock snake appearing from its pokeball.

'ONIXXX!' it screamed, before leaping at cubone. Eyes wide, he ran back, and the larger pokemon slammed into the floor, dust falling from the ceiling as it plowed into a wall.

'Quickly cubone, bone club its head!' Kaiden shouted, tasting victory at the onix's unfortunate miss. Cubone shouted as it leapt onto onix, running across its back like a crazed Doduo, before leaping, the bone clacking onto the stone skull of the onix.

'Onix.' it whined to Brock, rising up.

'Now wrap it onix!' Brock shouted, glaring at Kaiden, who glared back. The large stone snake sounded an affirmative as it coiled its stony body around cubone's form. Cubone whined in pain and Kaiden winced, feeling it as well. It didn't deter him however.

'Growl now Cubone buddy!' he shouted across the arena. Cubone let out a loud growl, coupled with the rattle of the skull upon its head. Onix didn't relax, but its wrap was a little looser. After one more painful squeeze, Cubone repeated its attack, the Onix letting go more. Cubone wriggled free, leaping onto the stone body of the onix, still coiled. It was like a spiral ramp.

'Yes cubone, get him now!' Kaiden shouted, leaping into the air and thrusting his fist up.

'No, Onix quickly!' Brock shouted. It was too little too late however, as the onix couldn't hit the small cubone upon its body. It shook, but cubone's goal was in sight. He jumped high, the bone in both hands above its head. Both trainers looked up, the bright lights of the room blinding them, the silhouette of cubone outlined against the halogen bulbs. Onix's mighty roar filled the room as a solid crack rang through the room, and something heavy hit the floor, dust flying from the smashed rock. As it cleared, both trainers were silent. Cubone breathed heavily as he hopped off the onix's body.

'Alright, I guess you win Kaiden. Your cubone is quite amazing, though you did have the type advantage.' he said, withdrawing Onix as he walked forwards.

'No problem Brock, it was fun, huh Cubone?' he asked, stroking it as cubone let out a cry of victory.

'This is the boulder badge. It shows trainers everywhere you have beaten the first gym of Kanto. And this is TM39. It contains Rock Tomb. Its a powerful rock move, which reduces foes speed as well.' he said, shaking Kaiden's hand as the young man turned to leave.

'Well Cubone, lets rest up, and its off to Mt. Moon!' he said, laughing, putting his fist out to the pokemon. Cubone pushed his own fist up to Kaiden's.

'Respect brother!' he laughed as Cubone giggled and they walked back out of the door. The sunlight was bright on their skin, and they walked, a slightly nackered cubone and his trainer, to the Pokecentre. Kaiden flicked his guitar round and strummed several chords.

'I gotta tale, of cubone and Brock. One brave as can be, Brock's geodude as slow as a snail.' he sang, laughing with cubone.

May 29th, 2008, 6:21 AM
"Here is your Pokemon!" Nurse Joy chimed in a cheery voice, a bright smile upon her beautiful features as she placed a grey coloured tray upon the counter at the Pokemon Center. Though the tray was designed to contain up to six pokeballs, only one of the mentioned device occupied the grey board. Adel gave the friendly nurse a grateful smile, retrieving her rejuvenated Pokemon back from the older lady's care.

"Excuse me, but could you tell me where's the Pokemon Gym of this city?" the girl quickly inserted her inquiry before the nurse could turn away and carry on with her scheduled duties. The middle-aged female nodded, maintaining her glowing grin as she answered the question with nothing less than enthusiasm, "Brock's Gym is located at the edge of the town, near the hedges, the Gym is also connected to the Mueseum, you can't miss it!" Adel politely thanked the woman for her help, receiving an idyllic 'Don't mention it!', before exiting the Center without further obstructions.

Outside the Center, Adel tossed the Pokeball that was previously within her grasp lightly towards the concrete pavement. As the pale button located in the center of the red and white sphere made contact with the ground, the ball burst open and a flash of red erupted from within the casing of the Pokeball, the red light took on a distinct shape, before materializing into a cheery Squirtle. The Water type took a few moments to facilitate the new environment, gazing at her surroundings with curiousity before bounding up the her trainer. "Squirtle~!" the turtle beamed as she called out, her tail adopting a mind of its own as it began to do a little dance behind her. Adeltruat gestured to the direction of Brock's Gym before beginning to walk, her one and only Pokemon following her movements with no hesitations.

"Its our first Gym battle.. " The fifteen year old said out loud, perhaps, she thought that it would have sounded more believable if her thought could be converted into audible words. Her Squirtle stood right next to her on her two hind legs, a determined look in her cascade eyes. The Pewter City Gym hanged over the two rather tiny bodies like a daunting monster, casting a dark shadow on the trainer and her loyal companion. Adel took a deep breath to steady herself, before stepping towards the doors of the entrance, pushing them open with a hint less confidence than usual. The interior of the gym was the gloomy as the exterior, virtually everything was grey.

"HEY!" a man's voice called out.

"Ahhh!" Adel released a high-pitched shriek, her body stiffening. The yell scared her Squirtle as well, the little creature ducking behind the girl's legs in fright.

"Relax, I won't bite," one could pinpoint the exact location of the statement, right in the middle of the large gym, at one side of the battle field. The voice belonged to a sturdy young man with spikey brown hair, the male doned a grey jacket (to think that the place wasn't grey enough) and brown pants, a steeled expression plastered upon his face as he faced his latest challenger. The man was obviously the Leader of the Grey Gym. Adel nodded weakly, embarassed at her earlier outburst, grabbing her Pokemon into her arms and quickly making her way towards the center of the building, coming to a halt at the opposing side of the field. The girl looked up to the older youth, as if to confirm that she was doing the correct thing. When Brock gave her an encouraging nod, Adel relaxed, the action allowing her brain to behave normally again.

That was when she nearly wanted to give herself a good slap for forgetting her manners.

"M-My name's Adel... Adeltruat! Pleased to make your acquaintance!" She hastily shouted, it was a little too loud, as she continued with a short curtsy. Her Squirtle promptly mimiced the action, receiving an amused laugh from the Gym Leader.

"A funny Pokemon you have there, I assume its going to battle me?" Brock queried with a patient tone. His challenger replying with an uncertain dip of the head once more. The man smirked, bringing out two Pokeballs from his belt, before declaring, "This'll be a two on two battle! Only two Pokemon will be allowed for each side to use, trainers may choose to switch their Pokemon in and out whenever they wish, the Leaders, however, are exempted from this. The winner will receive the Boulder Badge."

"Looks like you'll have to take out two Pokemon, do you think you can do it?" Adel bent down and asked her Squirtle with a worried tone in her voice. The Pokemon on the other hand, gave a confident "Squirt!", brimming with self-esteem, as if she was trying to tell her training that she had full belief in their abilities as they eyes locked. The girl felt a sense of relief, at least one of them wasn't so troubled. She rose to her full height, giving Brock a more tenacious nod the third time.

"Go, Geodude!" Brock threw the round object to the center of the field, the burst of light releasing a floating Pokemon (which was, yet again, grey) with a circular body and two arms, other than the large face it had, the Pokemon had no other special features, it was a simple Pokemon.

"Don't belittle my Pokemon, I have an even greater one up my sleeve!" Brock commented sharply.

"Squirtle! Show'em what you've got!" Adel commanded her companion as soon as the Geodude appeared on the battlefield, her Pokemon charging into the fray at her order. Brock didn't seem the least bit disturbed that he was facing a Water type, despite the obvious disadvantage.

"Tackle right away!" He swiftly shouted before his opponent had a chance to react, the Geodude colliding roughly into Squirtle's shell. The damaged Pokemon staggered dizzily for a few moments, before shaking her head and regained her momentum, "Withdraw!" Adel said before Brock could have a chance to give his second command. Squirtle drew herself into her brown shell, hardening with a flash of silver.

"Tackle! Their defence isn't that strong!" Brock sighed, shaking his head as his Rock type banged himself hard against Squirtle's shell, what a waste of a move that had been. If Adel had ordered for a water attack, perhaps she could have taken down the Geodude in one shot. The Leader's mind quickly reverted back into the present, as Adel ordered her Pokemon to perform yet another withdraw.



Brock could not help but feel slightly irritated.

"Doesn't it know more than that attack?"

Adel did not answer, as Squirtle emerged from her shell as soon as she completed her third withdraw technique. The girl stared questionable at the Geog, still in full health, while her Squirtle had suffered multiple hurt despite her toughened defense.

"... Withdraw, again!"

"You're really obstinate," Brock shook his head with disbelief, ordering Geodude to go in for another tackle. As soon as Squirtle came out from her iron hard home, the Rock type slammed dangerously into her, causing her to fly back a few feet. The Water type struggled to her feet, her movements had slowed down quite considerably since the start of the battle.

"... Bubble!” A stream of bubbles shot out of the Squirtle’s mouth as soon as the command was heard, making harsh contact with the Geodude before Brock could do anything to defend himself from the attack. The Gym Leader frowned as his Pokemon shook off the suds, an exhausted look overcoming the floating being. “ Tackle!” Brock shouted out, his damaged Pokemon performing the command as fast as its injured reflexes would allow him to.

“Bubble once more!” Another jet of foam poured from the Water type, as the two attacks met in the middle of the field and a mini eruption of bubbles obscured the trainers’ views. As soon as the sea of froth cleared, only one Pokemon could be seen standing proudly on the ground.

That was Squirtle.

“ SQUIRTLE! Great job!” Adel squealed with delight and pride.

Brock smiled, recalling his fallen Pokemon before taking out the second Pokeball he had in his possession, flashing it to Adel before casting it high into the air. When the device finally landed onto the ground, the mechanism to release the creature confined within the depths of the machine triggered into motion and allowed the second Rock type under Brock’s ownership to be freed. The cherry red light rose and rose gainer height as the Pokemon’s form took shape and solidified. Soon, a large, imposing rock-like snake appeared on the field, giving out a resonant battle cry.


“You will never belittle my Pokemon! Onix, Rock Tomb!” Brock commanded his precious companion, as the snake-ish being curled up and gave another roaring cry, sending a few boulders down towards Squirtle’s vicinity.


The Water type hid into her shell at the last moment before the large rocks made impact, blowing up dusk and pebbles.

I’ve never done such a thing,” Adel replied, a tone of simplicity in her voice as the heavy amount of dusk cleared up, showing an Onix standing tall, and a small blue paw poking out from a hole between boulders. Squirtle squeezed and wiggled her way out of the cramped space, before smiling weakly, numerous bruises coating her shell and body. The Leader assumed a shocked expression, wondering how the turtle could still stand firmly on her hind legs.

“Onix, tackle!”

The large Rock Pokemon swung his tail against the shell of Squirtle, much to Brock’s surprise, his challenger’s Pokemon was only driven back a few steps from the impact of the attack. That was when something clicked in his mind, no wonder she had been buying time with Withdraw during the match with Geodude. She was preparing Squirtle for Onix!

“Squirtle! Bubble, and don’t stop the flow no matter how many times Onix hits you!”

Foam, suds, bubbles engulfed the field, as if preparing to drown out the opponents.

“Tackle! Tackle!” Brock cried to his Pokemon with haste and distress.

Onix thrashed madly at Squirtle, who staggered indecisively from one side to the other repeatedly as her sense of balance became lost to her. Even though, the dents in her shell become more and more noticeable, the Water type did not stop directing her attack at her enemy, a fire burned with determination in her eyes, as she finally clamped her mouth shut, stumbling as she caught her breath. The large Onix towering over her remained frozen as the remaining bubbles popped around him, before he finally began to shift his position, crashing to the ground with frightening repercussion as he lost consciousness.

Adel rushed to her Squirtle, bringing the hardworking creature into a warm embrace, carefully tracing out the blemishes on her shell.

“We’ll get this healed straightaway, Squirtle.” She informed her Pokemon, who merely smiled, her eyes shutting tightly as she drifted into slumber. The girl grinned at this, cradling the exhausted turtle in her arms before walking over to Brock, who had just finished recalling his second defeated companion. The Leader sighed, “ I got beaten loads of times today, looks like I need to buck up.” Adel gave him an encouraging smile, “Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ve learned a lot from all the battles you have.”

“Yup, and this is what I usually do if someone wins,” the man reached into his pocket and pulled out a shiny, grey badge in the shaped like a rock. Sort of. Adel proudly received the Boulder Badge with two hands, beaming at her achievement.

“By the way, here’s something extra I’ve got,” Brock drew out a disc and held it out for the female trainer to take.

“This here is TM39, Rock Tomb. It’s a neat attack. It might come in handy.” The Gym Leader grinned as the girl bowed to him, thanking him for the wonderful battle and the equally valuable prizes, stuffing them into a bag.

Adel exited the Pewter City Gym, a sense of greatness overwhelming here, like the bubbles that were drowning out Brock and Onix those few minutes ago, the sleeping Squirtle still snug in her arms. She stared at her new friend, her new companion, her new partner. They had only known each other for two days, yet, the girl could tell that she had just obtained herself a friend for life. She gave the turtle a soft hug, wondering what exactly could her Pokemon be dreaming about at that very moment, walking towards the Pokemon Center at a decent pace.

“You did great Squirtle, you really did great.”

May 29th, 2008, 8:36 AM
To Slave: Nice first post there. I see that you were trying to interact a bit with Ibuberu there. That's pretty cool, but just keep in mind we hold a fairly fast pace in this RPG, and those kind of "back and forths" take a bit longer than we like. We will have time for those later though, trust me. You can edit your post to make it longer now, however. You can fight Brock whenever you like.

To Ibuberu: That was a really awesome post and also very entertaining to read! Excellent work on that! As soon as Trainer Kat, Slave and Diegoyayi fight Brock you'll be able to move on towards Mount Moon. Great job!
Squirtle grew to Level 14! (seeing as that is the Level Cap for Pewter City. Otherwise it would be 15.)
Squirtle is trying to learn Water Gun, but Squirtle already knows 4 moves! Delete an older move to make room for Water Gun?
You earned TM39!
You earned the Boulder Badge!
You earned a Rare Candy! (for such a good RP post.)

May 29th, 2008, 3:17 PM
Bobby leaned against the wall of the Pokemon Center in Pewter City staring at his new Badge. He looked back on what happend yesterday as so much stuff did happen. Caterpie evolved, they finaly reached Pewter City, and he won his first Gym Badge. To his surprise he had found out that he was one of the first trainers to win his badge, as all day he had seen two of the boys from Pallet Town walk into town. There was three other ones came as well, and they looked like they came from Prof. Oak. Now all three of the guys had badges.

While Bobby thought about this, he left his lean to and headed towards the Museum, bored. When he got inside he paid the $50 entrence fee. In the main hall he saw the Eevee from the lab. "Hey little guy what are you doin here?" Bobby asked bending down trying to pet it. The Eevee on the other hand had other ideas as it bit his hand. "OW!" Bobby cried out in pain.

Leaving the Eevee, Bobby walked upstairs fuming. On his way up he saw the Eevee's trainer running down in a hurry. 'Oh, what's his name...?' Bobby wondered, but the boy was already gone. "Oh well," Bobby said finishing climbing the stairs and saw a bunch of secruity gaurds. 'Guess I shouldn't be up her...' Bobby thought.

As he was reaching into his jacket to get Charmander's Pokeball, the guards saw him and yelled "Hey! He's putting the Old Amber in his pocket, get him!"

"What?!" Bobby yelled and started running, as the guards were really big and he was small. Bobby quickly ran out of the museum, where the guards followed. Bobby ducked into the local Poke Mart, where he saw the guards run past.

"Hi! How may I help you?" the clerk inquired.

"Um, an I get 2 Paralyz Heals and 2 Awakenings?" Bobby asked, flustered by the commotion. He paid for the items, checked to see if the coast was clear, and silently walked on to Route 3.

Trainer Kat
May 29th, 2008, 6:14 PM
With the amber now tucked securely in his bag, Jack gathered the evolution Pokémon into his arms. Her body was warm, and felt terribly uncomfortable when combined with the sun’s bitter rays. She, too, suffered from the heat, and struggled within the boy’s grip. As his hold loosened, she ascended his arm to settle on his left shoulder. The fur that smothered his neck caused perspiration to roll down his forehead, but the Pokémon beside him was what really mattered now. After all, he wasn’t going to waste time by ferrying her to the Pokémon Center, so she needed to be at her best in order to claim victory. Just this once, he was willing to put aside his selfishness for…more selfishness. It wasn’t her safety he concerned himself with, rather, it was her condition. But his reasons for doing what he did had never been important in the past, and they weren’t important now. With a final look back at the museum, now brimming with police (including one rather luscious policewoman with teal hair), Jack began to make his way towards the gym, which just so happened to be closer to the museum then he had initially thought.

The building was grey, and, like the rest of town, was made almost entirely out of stone. The doors appeared heavy, and, in this case, appearances were not deceiving. The brunette had to hurl the majority of his body weight into the tablets in order to gain entrance. The interior was dark, almost pitch black. As if on command, the overhead lights flipped on, rays plummeting downwards to reveal a dirt arena. On the side opposite Jack, a boy who couldn’t have been terribly older than him stood, arms crossed, eyes clenched shut. Spiky brown hair darted in all directions. Momentarily, Jack mused on the boy’s sight – he seemed to be blind. This thought was quickly dispelled, however, when the boy spoke with words he could only use if he were capable of sight.

“I hope you don’t plan on fighting me with that Eevee. My Rock Pokémon will crush it!” He grinned, withdrawing a Pokéball from his belt. “Though, I suppose introductions come first. I’m Brock, Pewter City’s gym leader. And, by the look of things…” He gestured to the stone walls, as well as the rock-laden arena before continuing. “…I’ll bet you’ve already guessed that my specialty is Rock Pokémon!”

Yeah…not to mention the fact that you just got done telling me you used rocks. Forgetful old fart. Jack’s emerald eyes spun sarcastically at the thought. “Yeah, yeah,” he interjected, his tone impatient. “Let’s just get on with this. I’m just itching to destroy you.” He finished his sentence with a cocky smile, taking the posture of a man getting ready for a twenty-man bar brawl. Brock grinned coolly.

“Settle down, kid. This isn’t a fistfight. I’m assuming by your ignorance that this is your first gym match.” Jack shut his mouth, lowering his hands to take the stance of a normal human being. “Let me tell you some things first of all. Gym matches aren’t like normal Pokémon battles. They’re a lot tougher. If you don’t think you’re ready, back out now, because your Pokémon could get seriously hurt. The battle here will be two-on-two, so if that Eevee’s your only Pokémon, you’d better think twice about challenging me. You’re a newbie, so I would assume you haven’t faced any Rock-type Pokémon. Don’t underestimate them. Now, I’d better stop before I give away any secrets, right?” There, he gave Jack what could only be interpreted as a wink, despite the fact that both his eyes remained firmly shut. “So, you still want to take me on?” Jack’s face gushed determination.

“Do you really think…that after all of this, I’d back away now? After coming this far?” He grinned, pointing at the lightly tanned boy with his left index finger, allowing Eevee to run down the length of his arm before hurling herself towards the center of the arena. Brock smirked, tossing a Pokéball high up into the air, allowing it to come crashing down onto the pavement. As soon as it hit, the Pokéball itself shot back into Brock’s awaiting hands, leaving only the forming ball of evanescent light. The final form wasn’t much different then the ball of light that had once enveloped it. In fact, it was just a boulder…with arms. Levitating a few inches above the ground, it seemed to lack a need for legs, which was quite fortunate, seeing as it didn’t have any.

“You think that stone can beat me? Eevee! Tackle it!” The evolution Pokémon wasted no time in launching herself at Geodude, her body making a direct hit with his. Quick to jump to conclusions, Jack pumped his fist in the air. The victorious gesture came too soon. Eevee froze, still pressed firmly against the Rock type. Suddenly, she staggered backwards. Jack blinked. She appeared to be in pain, most likely due to the intense collision with Geodude’s solid frame. Soon enough, she regained her composure, and appeared ready to attack once more. Brock grinned.

“That was a free hit. Now you see the superior defense of rock-type Pokémon! Now, Geodude! Tackle it!” It was a solid hit. Eevee was propelled across the arena, collapsing in a heap in the corner of the room.

“Eevee, get up!” The evolution Pokémon struggled to stand, eventually pushing her weakened body into an upright position. “Alright, that was a close one.” He shot her a relieved smile, and she returned the gesture. “Brock’s Pokémon may be tough, but if they can’t hit you, they can’t do anything. Kick up some sand!” The Pokémon turned, shooting an intense spray of sand towards Geodude. Physically, Eevee was unable to beat the Rock type, but its speed was no match for hers. The sand hit it directly, clouding its vision. Frantically, it swung its club-like fists in a futile attempt to hit Eevee, who had leapt far outside its reach. “More sand!” Upon command, Eevee made the equivalent of a dust storm within the arena. Sand swirled around, obscuring the view tremendously. Neither Pokémon could be completely sure where the other was, a fact that was made obvious as Eevee was struck by one of Geodude’s swinging fists.

“Geodude can hear you, Eevee! You’re making too much noise. Run circles around it so it can’t determine your location!” The Pokémon obeyed, swiftly spiraling around Geodude. The Pokémon became frantic once more, and spun wildly about in order to hit its opponent. “Now, throw everything you have into it! Tackle, now!” Springing forwards, Eevee slammed the Geodude with her full body weight. A crash could be heard. Though visibility was extremely low, both Pokémon’s shapes could be made out. Geodude was down, and Eevee was weakly staggering towards her trainer, making it to his shoes before collapsing. The brunette picked Eevee up in his arms. “You did so well, Eevee. Really, you did.”

“Don’t think it’s over just yet,” Brock scolded as he recalled his fallen Pokémon. “There’s still one more you have to face, and I can assure you, it’s much more powerful than the first.” Jack swallowed rather loudly as he fingered the last Pokéball on his hip. It was up to Beedrill now, but since the ground was shrouded in dust, Beedrill would have the advantage, as he was aerial. Little did Jack know that Beedrill’s flight wouldn’t do him much good.

“Beedrill, your turn!” Right on cue, the Bug type burst from its Pokéball, positioning himself above the cloud of sand.

“Go, Onix!” Brock yelled as he hurled yet another Pokéball towards the center of the arena. Jack had to will himself not to run from the gym and give up being a trainer altogether. Before him was a mammoth snake made entirely from boulders. Just by laying eyes upon the Pokémon, he doubted Beedrill’s ability to win.

And what would you do if he loses, Jack? “Go Old Amber!”? Like that’d go over too well. But how am I supposed to take this thing out? It’s gargantuan! Jack bit his bottom lip as he mulled things over in his mind. Without warning, Beedrill began to attack, a spray of string exiting his mouth and wrapping around Onix. The attack was pointless, as it didn’t inhibit Onix’s movements in the slightest. Instead, it raised its tail and swatted Beedrill out of the air. He plummeted towards the ground, yet somehow managed to right itself just in the nick of time. He hovered in midair, his exoskeleton becoming glossy as he hardened his bones. Onix coiled its tail around Beedrill’s form, raising him to its head as it gave a tight squeeze. Beedrill struggled, and, with much difficulty, managed to free his arms. In a rage, he began to furiously stab at the rock snake’s body, causing the Pokémon to release him. Unfortunately, he was weak. He began to fall to the earth, landing at Jack’s feet.

“Beedrill!” Jack rushed to his Pokémon. His last hope. He didn’t even hesitate when he withdrew a Potion from his bag and applied it to Beedrill. The Pokémon hadn’t regained full health, but it was a quick fix for the time being. Flying up to Onix’s face, Beedrill released the attack upon Onix’s jaw.

It seemed, for once, he had gotten lucky.

Onix toppled backwards, emitting a roar of agony as it collapsed. Brock was quick to recall this one.

“Despite winning by a fluke, a win is a win. Congratulations. You’ve earned the Boulder Badge. Oh, and…you need some better moves, kid. Take this TM. It contains Rock Tomb. It’s pretty powerful…if you use it right.” Jack grasped the objects in his hands, opening his mouth to say something. He was cut off by the gym leader. “One word of advice. You’re going to need to get a lot stronger. Not every gym leader can be beaten by luck alone.”

It was a good thing, then, that Jack rarely got lucky.

May 29th, 2008, 6:17 PM
"Huh?" Derek said scared as he stared around the cold gym. Not even the slightest beams of light were visible. Pikachu used a few jolts of electricity to light up the area, but only for some seconds. The few things he could notice when there was light was that all of the gym was made of a very polished stone and that it was very plain; having just an arena in the middle. The material of the gym caused the inside of the large structure to be very cold.

After one minute of silence and dark, a single lamp lit up above a person. It was a tan skinned person with brown, spiky hair and he was wearing a gray vest. "It was me" the figure replied as he stood up and jumped down from a stone pillar he was sitting in. "My name is Brock, I'm the I'm the Rock-Hard Gym leader of this city. Have you come for a challenge?" Brock said in a cold, heartless tone.

"Um.. Yeah, Urgh, I..." Derek stuttered as he gave two steps back. Pikachu lowered his ears scared as he stared at the Trainer that stood in front of them.
"Are you?" Brock replied, getting angry that fast. "I have many challenges, so if you're not sure you'd be making us a favor if you left"

"No, wait!" Derek said as nodded unsure. "Yes, I search a battle with you. I want to start getting badges and challenge the Elite Four. I know this is the place to start."

"Did I mention I wanted to here what was your life plan? Now get on with it" Brock said as he pulled out a Pokeball. The lights of the whole gym lit up and informed Derek he was already standing on his side of the battlefield. He threw it to the ground to release his Pokemon. A white light flashed and a Geodude appeared.

"Ahh... Go, Pikachu!" Derek said as Pikachu jumped down from his shoulder. Pikachu replied by saying the first two syllables of his name blankly and then just staring at the Pikachu. Around thirty seconds passed before one of the two Trainers decided to make the first move.

"Geodude, use Tackle!" Brock called out as the rock with arms Pokemon shoved his body, which was also his face, directly at the yellow mouse Pokemon. "Pikachu, counter that with a ThunderShock!" Derek then ordered as quickly as he saw Geodude in the air.

Yellow and blue sparks came out came out of the electricity pockets in Pikachu's cheeks, then a more concentrated jolt shot out and made a direct contact with Geodude. The Pokemon, however, seemed unaffected, even though it was literally engulfed into electricity. Geodude laughed evilly as he continued with his attack, successfully landing it on Pikachu. Pikachu was knocked to the ground very harshly. Brock then laughed along with his Pokemon.

"Dont you know electricity is useless against ground types? Geodude is a rock and ground Pokemon, so there's nothing you can do to it! You should do a research on types before taking on a Gym Leader!"

"Wow... That was cold..." Derek murmured to himself as he stared at Brock, who showed no other emotion than seriousness. However, Brock had a point. Pikachu wasn't going to do much, or in that case, anything to Brock's Pokemon. "Pikachu, try... Uh..." Derek said as he thought about an attack, but before he could proceed to finish his sentence, Pikachu was tackled again.

As 'turns' continued to pass, Pikachu's efforts to stop Geodude were proved futile. Pikachu now had a considerable amount of wounds on him, but he knew he could still fight. "Pikachu..." Derek replied, unsure of what to do. Yet again, Geodude launched itself towards Pikachu. Derek ordered for a Growl and stretched his hand to point at the Geodude, and as soon as he did this, his backpack fell to the ground and opened itself, dropping all of the items contained in it. Among those items was the CD he received at the Forest. He didn't pay much attention to this event and continued to focus on the battle. Pikachu had to take another hit.

"That's it, pal. Come back" Derek said when he saw his Pikachu was too hurt. Pikachu took some steps back to go back to Derek's side, who quickly stretched his arm over to his belt to pull out his other Pokeball. "Go, Mankey!"

As soon as Mankey was released and before he could take an order from Derek, the Pokemon darted itself to the Geodude with a Low Kick, knocking it out for a while. Mankey used this moment to juggle with it. Brock was shocked at this event, and desperately yelled for Geodude to come back to his senses.

"Umm... I guess that's a good job" Derek said with a shrug as he stared at Mankey. He then looked down and noticed how all of his stuff was lying on the floor. Just when he was about to pick everything up, a man with glasses and a robe tapped him on the shoulder. "Um. Sir, is that item yours?" he said in a very nerdy tone as he picked up the TM 31.

Derek nodded at the question and replied he didn't know what that thing was for. "Well, let me tell you. This is a Technical Machine! It is an item that teaches a move to the Pokemon and then disintegrates. This one is TM 31, so I'm guessing... Um... Let me remember... Brick Break! Yes! This TM teaches Brick Break to a Pokemon! You could use it on Pikachu to have a type advantage on this battle!"

Before Derek could say anything, the man took the CD in his hand and touched Pikachu with it. The disk immediatly glowed in a white color, then disapeared. Pikachu stared at Derek confused, unsure of what had happened, then turned back to the battle. The man the kept himself quiet and looked at the battle. By now, Geodude had released himself from Mankey's juggling; and had countered with a tackle that came up doing significant damage.

"Mankey!" Derek called as son as his Pokemon rose to his feet. "Use Low Kick, Again!"

Mankey did as ordered and threw himself at the Rock Pokemon, who tried to dodge the kick bu jumping. It came out for worse, though, because while it was in the air, Mankey kicked him from below and launched him high into the sky. All of the people and Pokemon there stared up at the same time, watching how Geodude was spinning desperately in mid-air. Then they all followed Geodude with their sight as the Pokemon landed on the ground, causing a slight quake inside and lifting a dense curtain of dirt. When the cloud disapeared, you could see that Geodude had fainted.

"Gah.." Brock said bored as he withdrew his Pokemon. "Now prepare for this..." Brock added as he launched his second and last Pokemon. A giant snake that seemed to be built by yoked boulders appeared in the middle of the battlefield. "Onix!" Brock exclaimed as he laughed, believing this battle could be considered over.

"Wow..." Derek said to himself as him and his two Pokemon stared up at the enormous Pokemon. "Ok Mankey, let's take it easy. Use..." Before Derek could finish saying his command, Onix threw himself at Mankey with a fierce Tackle. Fortunately, Mankey was much more agile than Onix, and no genius was needed to deduce that. He jumped up into the air and landed on Onix's head, which literally 'bit the dust' because his attack missed. Mankey ran up and down the Pokemon's body, taking this whole deal as a game.

"C'mon Mankey! Get serious!" Derek ordered. "Use Low Kick!"
He knew that Low Kick had more power if enemies were larger, and Onix was, by far, larger than any other Pokemon he could remember seeing. Mankey sighed bored as he jumped to the ground and used the attack on Onix. Onix was brought to the ground with a lot of strength; all of the rocks on his body shook wildly. As he stood up, Mankey used the same attack again, greatly weakening the Onix.

"Onix, Rock Tomb!" Brock said while his Onix was still in the ground. Onix cried out his name, then hit the ground so hard boulders plopped up from the floor. Onix proceeded to grab this rocks with his mouth and throw them at Mankey. Every single Rock hit him, and before Mankey could react, he found himself trapped in between many rocks. "Onix, now use Tackle!"

The snake Pokemon increased his speed dramatically as he launched his head to the stones, which shattered at he made contact with them, and hit the Mankey with a critical hit. Mankey had fainted from the attack, and Derek was forced to call him to his Pokeball. all Derek had now was his Pikachu.

"You think you can go through this, buddy?" He asked as he stared at Pikachu.
"Chu!" Pikachu replied with a nod and a smile as he stepped into the battlefield.
"Prrf, Pikachu again?!" Brock teased. "This is game over, pal"

Derek made the first move with Pikachu. "Pikachu, Onix is very strong in defense, but had low HP. Weaken him with Tail Whip!"
Pikachu nodded and proceeded to stared at the Onix, however, he didn't move. He just had a confused gesture on his face. "Pika?" he asked himself as he turned back to Derek. He had forgotten that move.
"What?!" Derek exclaimed appalled. "How come you don't know the move! You could use it before this battle!"

Brock started to laugh as he pointed at Pikachu. "Onix, Bind!" Onix grinned mischievously as he slid over to Pikachu and wrapping the small Pokemon with his gargantuan body. Pikachu was held there for some minutes, crying in pain. Derek wasn't sure of what to do, but remembered what the nerd said:

"This TM teaches Brick Break to a Pokemon! You could use it on Pikachu to have a type advantage on this battle!"

~Oh, right!~ Derek thought. "Pikachu! Free yourself from there and use Brick Break!"
Pikachu did as ordered, struggling to squeeze his body out of Onix's, and after a few tries he managed to do so. Pikachu quickly ran over to Onix's head and stood on his 'snout', staring at the giant Pokemon directly in the eyes. His fist then started to glow. Pikachu then have a high jump, and as he went down, his fist connected to Onix's face, taking the Pokemon along with his fist and slamming his face on the ground. Pikachu smiled in satisfaction as he went back to his trainer, who was by now approaching Brock.

"What?... What just happened..." Brock asked himself as he withdrew his Pokemon. He had a sad look on his face, but then his frown turned to a smile when he approached Derek and stretched out his hand. "That was an amazing battle. I can't remember last time I had so much fun in a battle. You earned my respect; but that's not it. Please, take this Boulder Badge, which acknowledges you have beaten me; and, as a personal gift, take this TM 39!"

"Thanks a lot, Brock" Derek said as he shook Brock's hand, then took the TM and stored it on his bag. He didn't take the badge, though. He just contemplated it from Brock's hand. ~ I really earned this~ Derek thought satisfied as he took the badge and pinned it to a pocket on his backpack.

After a few minutes, Derek walked out of the gym and headed to the Pokemon Center. On his way there, however, the nerd he met inside the gym ran out to congratulate him for his win. Not only that, but he also gave Derek a piece of paper that had many numbers on it and an attack next to each. The nerd classified the item as a 'TM Guide', and said it was useful because the TM CD's didn't really say what attack they had...

Derek thanked him and proceeded his walk to the Pokemon Center.

May 29th, 2008, 6:53 PM
To Slave: Awesome post there with Brock. I'm impressed by your first real showing of some RPG prowess. Excellent work. For your efforts:
Cubone grew to Level 13!
Cubone learned Headbutt!
Cubone wants to learn Leer, but it already knows 4 moves! Delete an older move to make room for Leer?
You earned the Boulder Badge!
You earned TM39!

To Zimvee: Haha! I really like your post about the Museum there. Very creative! You earn a Rare Candy for your clever interaction with Trainer Kat's Character!
You got 2 Paralyze Heals!
You got 2 Awakenings!
You got a Rare Candy!

To Trianer Kat: EPIC!!!! Wow, I really felt like I was watching an anime episode when I read that post...seriously. That was just excellent when Eevee ran into the battle from Jack's arm. You portrayed both Brock and Jack very well, and I was very impressed as I read through it. You keep this up and your Pokemon will become too powerful...haha. It's a good thing I put Level Caps, for game balance's sake! Also, I like how you don't actually name the attacks, instead you just have the Pokemon perform "techniques". Very well done.
Eevee grew to Level 13!
Beedrill grew to Level 14!
Beedrill is trying to learn Focus Energy, but it can't learn more than 4 moves! Delete an older move to make room for Focus Energy?
You earned the Boulder Badge!
You got TM39!
You got a Rare Candy! (for post excellence)

To Diegoyayi: That was an awesome post for a Gym Battle! I really commend you! Good work with that one. Both of your Pokemon will be recieving large Level gains. Also, that was clever use of your Pokemons' personalities (particularly Mankey's) and it added a lot to the post. Nice work man.
Pikachu forgot Tail Whip and learned Brick Break!
Pikachu grew to Level 13!
Pikachu wants to learn Quick Attack, but it already knows 4 moves! Delete an older move to make room for Quick Attack?
Mankey grew to Level 10!
Mankey wants to learn Fury Swipes, but it already knows 4 moves! Delete an older move to make room for Fury Swipes?
You earned the Boulder Badge!
You got TM39!

To All: Give yourselves a hand. You guys beat your first Gym Leader! Awesome job guys. I must say that I'm very impressed with all your work. A lot of you guys surpass me quite a bit as far as writing skill is concerned. Excellent progress so far. Well, onto the next Chapter now! You guys can post as soon as it is up.

Chapter 6
-Route 3-

OOC: Alright guys, this is the Route you will be travelling through before you reach Mount Moon. It works just like the other Routes did and this time you will get two posts each (in no particular order). Remember, as soon as I update the stats from your first post and can go right ahead with your second one. If Ibuberu or Slave has any questions about this, they can post them in the OOC thread, but I do suggest reading previous Route intros to get all the information you'll need.
There is a man selling a Magikarp in the Pokemon Center. If you wish to "buy" it, you must make a completely seperate post dedicated to that one goal. Keep in mind that it will be considered a RARE Pokemon for this specific event, so adjust your post accordingly. Also, it must be your second post, due to the fact that the Pokemon Center is located at the end of Route 2. First come first serve (and no, it won't be me).

Level Cap: 15


Route 3 is a rugged mountain road located in northwestern Kanto, between Pewter City and Mount Moon. There are many experienced Trainers along here, each having quite a variety of Pokemon from the area. There are occasional rock slides, but you shouldn't worry about that...too much.

Areas of Interest
Pokemon Center: A large white building with a red roof. This place houses a Nurse Joy and several Chanseys intent on healing your Pokemon for free overnight. What a deal!

Also, there is a strange man in here selling a Magikarp, an apparently very rare and powerful Pokemon for quite a hefty price. He only has one availible for sale, and he will sell it to the first bidder.

Wild Pokemon
Pidgey - 016
Level: 8-10
Type: Normal/Flying
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Keen Eye or Tangled Feet
Attacks: Tackle, Sand Attack, Gust (9)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Spearow - 021
Level: 8-12
Type: Normal/Flying
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Keen Eye
Attacks: Peck, Growl, Leer, Fury Attack (9)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Nidoran (F) - 029
Level: 9-11
Type: Poison
Gender: Female
Ability: Poison Point or Rivalry
Attacks: Growl, Scratch, Tail Whip, Double Kick
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Nidoran (M) - 032
Level: 9-11
Ability: Poison Point or Rivalry
Attacks: Leer, Peck, Focus Energy, Double Kick
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Jigglypuff - 039
Level: 8-10
Type: Normal
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Cute Charm
Attacks: Sing, Defense Curl, Pound
Nature: Random
Rarity: Rare

May 29th, 2008, 8:34 PM
OOC: Double post. Ignore this one as well.

May 29th, 2008, 11:12 PM
Bobby released Charmander as soon as they were far enough from the city. "There you go buddy," Bobby said, "Looks like you could use some fresh air!"

"Charmander!" Charmander happily agreed, and proceded to stretch, to get over being trapped in the ball.

As they walked along, Bobby noticed that the cliff beside them had many loose boulders on top of it. "We best not make too much noise here Charmander." Bobby whispered,"We might cause the boulder's to fall down on us." Charmander nodded his head and they both continued on.

"Hi Bobby!" a voice yelled out from the trees, and a girl swung down from a branch giving Bobby quite a fright.

"AHH!" Bobby said out of surprise. "WHAT THE HECK AND WHO ARE YOU?!" Bobby screamed in anger.

"Oh... don't you remember me?" the girl said sadly.

Bobby took a long look at her and then saw her pony-tail, bug box, and net in her hand. "Oh! Arn't you that girl I battled in Virdian Forest?" Bobby asked recalling a vauge memory.

"Yes! Remember my name is Ann!"

Bobby took another long look and said "Oh yeah! The weird girl who liked bugs!" As he looked at her smiling he saw that she was give him the worst sort of evil eye. The implications of what he just said dawn'd to him. "Oh... yeah um I didn't mean that the way it sounded..." Bobby's voice trailed off as she looked mad still.

"Well," she said coldly "I was going to challenge you to fun one-on-one battle, but since you have disrespected bug pokemon, we will do a double battle!" Ann grabbed two Pokeballs from her waist. "Beedrill, Jigglypuff go!"

Bobby saw that her Weedle had evolved twice. He was puzzled by the pink thing, but he thought 'She is a girl, so naturally a pink thing...' Sighing as there looked no way out of the fight Bobby grabbed his own Poke Ball and threw it, "Metapod, Charmander go!" Metapod appeared in a flash of light, while Charmander rushed into battle.

"OOO!" Ann cried when she saw Metapod. "It's soooo cute! Too bad it has too lose..." Ann paced back and forthed, while Bobby's patience waned. "I know! Beedrill, carry Metapod to the top of the cliff!" Beedrill complied and lift the inmobile Pokemon into the air.

"Hey! That's cheating!" Bobby cried out.

"Sorry, didn't want cutey over there hurt." Ann said with a wink. "Now Jigglypuff, Sing Charmander to sleep!" Jigglypuff sang a lullaby and Charmander crashed to the ground asleep.

"Charmander!" Beedrill then used Fury Attack on the helpless lizard. Meanwhile Bobby noticed Metapod had used String Shot to get to a boulder and had tied itself to it. Metapod was rocking back and forth to get off the cliff.

Metapod fell bringing the boulder with it. "Metapod!" Bobby cried out. Suddenly Metapod detached itself from the boulder and used String Shot to connect to... Bobby's face. Metapod crashed into Bobby. Meanwhile the boulder landed on Beedrill knocking the poor bug out.

"Metapod you crazy cacoon!" Bobby said looking like he was about to yell. "That was awsome! Only you're brave enough to do that!" Metapod's eyes danced with happiness at those words.

Meanwhile Ann was returning Beedrill. "Oh my darling..." she sobbed. Suddenly Jigglypuff came crashing back knocked out as well. "What?" Ann exclamied. Charmander stood awake and Bobby had an empty awaking in his hand.

"Good thing we bought these." Bobby expressed gleefully. Bobby saw Ann give him a dirty look, grab Pinky, and took off yelling "I'll be back!..." "She is crazy..." Bobby muttered. He picked up Metapod and contuied down the route.

May 30th, 2008, 12:16 PM
To Zimvee: You did put up a great post there. You did a double battle, so I am a bit confused as to which Pokemon I should give the experience to. I was planning on giving 3 Level to one of your Pokemon, but since you did have two of them fighting, this ONE time I will give different gains to each.
Charmander grew to Level 9!
Metapod grew to Level 10!
What? Metapod is evolving! Allow the process to continue?

May 30th, 2008, 7:01 PM
After a couple of minutes, Derek walked out of the Pokemon Center with his Pokemon now at 100% of their energy. "We're now heading over to Route 3, Pikachu. We have to hurry up, though. We need to get across Route 3 to arrive at Mt. Moon in the night. Let's stock up before we leave, Ok?" Derek asked as Pikachu smiled and nodded, then climbed up to Derek's shoulder.

Derek made his way to the Pokemon Mart, which was not more than 10 minutes away from the Pokemon Center. He proceeded to walk in and approach the counter; where a guy immediatly greeted him as he approached. "Hi there, how may I help you?" The Shopkeeper inquired as he stared at Derek with a smile on his face.

"Yes, please" Derek replied with a happy grin as he began to pull out money from his backpack. "I'd like 2 Pokeballs and 2 Repels, please." Derek added.

"Ok, here are the Pokeballs" The Shopkeeper said as he opened some clear glass doors behind him and revealed a storage of an infinite amount of Pokeballs of different types. He grabbed two plain red and white Pokeballs and gently positioned them on top of the counter and pushed them towards Derek. "The repels are on that shelf over the... Oh, thanks Tom" The shopkeeper started to say, and before he could finish his last statement another employee brought the repels to the counter for Derek.

"Thank you" Derek said as he shoved the items into his backpack and placed the money on the counter. The shopkeeper also thanked Derek as he put the money into the cash register and gave his change to Derek. He said goodbye to the people in there and then walked out of the store, slowly walking over to Route 3. "Say goodbye, Pikachu!" Derek said smiling as Pikachu stared in amazement at the city and waved off.

Very soon after this, Derek and Pikachu reached Route 3. It was a very rugged area and seemed like it was definitely going to be tough to get around without getting tired. Derek, though, saw this area as a perfect chance to let Mankey play around, seeing it would be just the type of area he would like.. With all this rocks and obstacles and stuff. Derek stretched his hand over to his belt to pull out the Pokeball and release Mankey.

"Keeeey!" Mankey exclaimed gleefully as he came out of his ball. He was so energetic that he started bouncing around while he was still a white beam of light coming out of the ball. When he took shape, he immediately led the way for Derek and Pikachu. Derek just stared at Pikachu and vice versa, then they both smiled at each other as they followed their excited partner, who wasn't even walking on the floor, but jumping from boulders to rocky walls.

Mankey stopped, however, when he reached something that looked like a crossroad. Instead of having one path to east and the other one west, however, this 'crossroad' had one path leading up a small hill and the other leading down a small valley; both very narrow. Derek assumed both of this paths led to the same location on the entrance of Mt. Moon, and supposing that the path below would be a safer option to avoid rock slides, Derek opted to take it.

Derek, Mankey and Pikachu continued to walk through the path, until eventually they got to an area of high grass. It had been such a nice stroll to here, it'd be sad if id had to be ruined with wild Pokemon attacks. So, Derek pulled out one of his repels and spread it all around himself, then ordered his Pokemon to stay nearby. Mankey at first refused, but int he end he gave in. The trio ventured into the grass, hearing at times wild Pokemon cries, but none of them came close because of the repel.

After minutes of walking in the tall grass, Derek took his first step out, and he didn't manage to give another step before a girl came up to him. "Hello!" She called in a ridiculously high pitched voice tone, which resulted obnoxious to Derek's ears.

"Hi..." He replied confused as he stared at her. "I see you have Pokemon with you. That Pikachu of yours is very cute! Oh my gosh! Do you want to battle? Pretty please? Woohoo! Go Jigglypuff!" The Lass said, without waiting for an answer from Derek before she released a Pink, round Pokemon. Derek recorded the information of the pink blob on the Pokedex.

"Ok then, Go Pika... Oh, C'mon! Come back Mankey! No, don't do.. Ugh..."

Derek was about to send out Pikachu, but before he was able to do so Mankey stepped forward into the battlefield and without waiting for an order he launched himself at Jigglypuff with a scratch attack. Jigglypuff was sent back a few feet, but not after a long while she stood up and dusted herself off. She seemed to have a very high defense, but fortunately the pink Pokemon was weak to fighting type.

"That's it, Mankey. Fight this yourself, I'm not telling you what to do" Derek said angry as he crossed his arms and turned around. Pikachu laughed to himself as he too crossed his arms and jumped down from Derek's arm, copying his motion.

As soon as Derek said this, Mankey heard a chorus of angels singing and a bright light shining above him. That was all he needed. Mankey grinned mischievously as he turned back to Jigglypuff and cracked his knuckles. Jigglypuff and the Lass gulped. Mankey launched himself throwing a wild scratch at Jigglypuff, but a soon as she took the hit, Jigglypuff took air to inflate herself, reflecting the attack to Mankey. Mankey fell to the ground, and before he could get back on his feet he was hit by a very strong pound. Wow, Jigglypuff was a hard hitter. Mankey was sent back harshly and slammed into a wall. Derek felt the urge to turn to his Pokemon, but Mankey earned this by himself for disobeying.

Mankey rubbed his aching head, and as soon as he came back to his senses, he saw Jigglypuff coming towards him with a fully charged Rollout attack. Mankey's eyes widened in shock, but he managed to react by climbing up the rocky wall very quickly, causing the Jigglypuff to puncture a deep dent on the wall. As soon as she hit the wall, she bounced up into the air, and without coming back to the ground she started to use her ability to inflate herself to float up and follow the climbing Mankey.

Mankey became appalled as soon as he noticed the the pink Pokemon was following him, so he began to climb faster, eventually growing tired. Jigglypuff approached each time more and more as an angry look appeared on her now gargantuan face. Mankey had an idea now. He left Jigglypuff come close to him, and as soon as she was at a safe distance, Mankey jumped on top of the Pokemon which was now nearly 6 times its actual size. Mankey had a lot of space to walk on. Mankey then scratched Jigglypuff's mouth open and jumped back to the wall. Jigglypuff was then sent back to the floor with the speed and shape of a balloon that just had it's end let loose while it was full of air.

Once Jigglypuff was back on the ground and wounded, Mankey jumped down from the high cliff he was now standing on and landed using Fury Swipes directly on top of Jigglypuff. Now being severely hurt, Jigglypuff used the last of his strengths to inflate herself one last time and push away Mankey. The fighting Pokemon, however, used this size increase to land a very powerful Low Kick.

It all seemed game over for Jigglypuff, but at the last moment the Lass called an order. "Jigglypuff.. Sing!"

"What, Sing!?" Derek said shocked as he turned back to his Pokemon. "Mankey, watch out!" Derek yelled as he covered his ears tightly with his palms. Pikachu followed.

A confused look appeared on Mankey's face, and before he could react, Jigglypuff started singing a lullaby. In no time, Mankey drifted off to sleep. Jigglypuff grinned evilly, then darted itself with many pounds at Mankey. Minutes passed slowly as Mankey took more and more damage from the pounds and wasn't able to wake up. One pound in special woke him up; a critical hit one. This not only woke up Mankey, but activated Anger Point. Mankey turned into a bright red color, then started to pound on the floor in a very strong way. In fact, he pounded the floor so hard that a small quake was starting to occur.

"Jigglypuff, finish him!... Please!" The Lass ordered as he pointed at Mankey. Jifflypuff used rollout and launched herself with full strength, however, as soon as she was about to hit Mankey, a giant boulder fell from the top path, the one Derek decided not to take, and landed directly above the Jigglypuff. The Boulder had remains of String Shot, like if a bug Pokemon pulled it out of its place. It also showed remains of a green chrysalis. The boulder then chirped to pieces, showing that Jigglypuff was now literally flat. Jigglypuff slowly inflated herself and then fell on her back, knocked out.

"Hey, that was cheating! That's mean!" The lass called as she called her Pokemon back, turned in the prize money and then ran away.

"Eh.. Good job Mankey..." Derek said with shrug and a smile as he called Mankey back to his Pokeball. Derek and Pikachu then continued to walk and eventually got to the Pokemon Center.

May 31st, 2008, 3:47 AM
To Diegoyayi: Excellent post, my friend. I congratulate you on a job well done, and it is very clear that you were going for a high level increase for Mankey. Well, you've earned it. That was one heck of a long post.
Mankey grew to Level 13!
Mankey wants to learn Karate Chop, but it already knows 4 moves! Delete an older move to make room for Karate Chop?
By the way, excellent use of items in your post. Great job man! You can go for Magikarp now.

Trainer Kat
May 31st, 2008, 5:57 AM
The brunette didn’t waste any time taking his Pokémon to the Pokémon Center. Beedrill, he wasn’t too concerned about, but Eevee…Eevee didn’t look so good. Upon seeing Eevee’s weakened condition, Nurse Joy gave him a disapproving stare. She failed, however, to utter any harsh words to him, remaining quiet as she worked on his Pokémon. Jack was thankful for this, as he had just barely beaten Brock, and didn’t think he could stomach any bitter words from such a beautiful woman. She remained professional, yet Jack could sense an air of frigidity about her, especially when she thrust the Pokéballs into his arms, only to go back to what she was doing. In the whole time he had stood there, waiting, she had not uttered a word. Not one. Jack bit his bottom lip, silently searching for Eevee’s Pokéball. When he had determined which held Eevee, he pressed the center button, releasing her along with the accustomed burst of red light. As per usual, she immediately scrambled up his arm, finding her resting place upon his shoulder. Jack knew he should apologize for letting her get in such poor shape. He wanted to apologize. Just as he was about to, he felt a small tremor in his right pocket.

From: Jett
Txt: you wouldn’t happen to be in pewter by any chance, would you? :)

Jack stared at the message, his mouth agape. Had he been followed? That thought did cross his mind, but he immediately dismissed it as a brief moment of paranoia. Of course he hadn’t been followed. It would make sense that Jett would be in Pewter, since he seemed fresh enough. He, too, was most likely trying to get his first badge. Quickly, he sent his response.

To: Jett
Txt: yeah, why?

From: Jett
Txt: im on route 3. come battle me.

The brunette would admit that he hesitated. Both his Pokémon had just fought an extremely difficult battle, and he didn’t know if they were up to another. His dubiousness was sensed by Eevee, who ran her tongue along Jack’s cheek, something he had never been fond of. Yet, for some reason, he didn’t mind this time. It was almost comforting, at least, this time it was. With one hand, he reached up and scratched behind her ear. She could battle Jett, and she could win. She had to win. Confidently, he pushed the doors of the Pokémon Center open, walking towards Route 3. His determination could be sensed by anyone within a ten-foot radius. It was then that he saw his opponent. It seemed, in the heat of the moment, that Jack had forgotten just how chilling Jett’s eyes were. Just how chilling he was.

“I have something to show you,” Jet cooed. “Something that’s all thanks to you.” His grayish-black gaze met with Jack’s emerald one. Slowly, he reached for the sole Pokéball on his hip. In an instant, he released the Pokémon inside. It…looked like Nidoran. At least, if Nidoran had been put on steroids. It was much bigger, the horn extended much farther off of its forehead. Its eyes were even crueler than Jett’s, if that were possible. “After losing to you,” he continued. “I trained harder than I ever had before. I beat countless trainers, destroyed whole areas of wild Pokémon. And finally, Nidoran evolved. And with Nidorino by my side, I won’t lose to you. Ever. Again.” His voice dripped with malice, seeming much different from the Jett he had once known (albeit not that well).

“Jett…I didn’t come here to lose. Evolved Pokémon or not, you’re not going to beat Eevee.” A smirk appeared on his face as Eevee leapt off of his shoulder and towards the Nidorino. The opponent didn’t waste any time. Immediately, he charged Eevee, clamping his jaws around her form. The Pokémon struggled to break free of his grip, but he merely tightened it in response. Jack stared helplessly at her. “C-call it off. We give up. Call off the attack.” Jett’s face oozed victory.

“Nidorino, stop.” Despite his trainer’s command, Nidorino made no effort to stop his attack, and only continued to hold Eevee in his jaw. “Did you hear me, Nidorino? I said stop!” With those words, Jett picked up a rock and hurled it at his Pokémon. The stone struck him right in the head. The irate rabbit dropped Eevee, instead turning his attention towards Jett. He emitted a low, menacing sound, one that can only be described as a growl. Quickly, Jett retrieved Nidorino’s Pokéball and shot the red beam of light at it. To both boys’ surprise, the Pokémon leapt to the side, avoiding the recall entirely. And then he did something else. Something Jett knew was coming. He launched himself at his trainer. Jett’s eyes filled with fear as the Pokémon’s jaw opened. Jack could do nothing. He was powerless against that thing. He watched…and he couldn’t do a thing.

But Eevee could. Out of nowhere, the evolution Pokémon knocked Nidorino to the side, barely saving Jett from an untimely demise. Both bodies collided with the rock walls. Eevee stood on top, but Jack knew that she could not hold the Pokémon for much longer. Jett seemed to know it too, as he whipped out the Pokéball and withdrew Nidorino. With Eevee pinning him down, he was sucked back into the Pokéball.

“That…was close…” Jett panted. Eevee returned to Jett, resting gently on his shoulder. A low rumbling signaled that they were not yet out of the woods. It appeared that when Eevee and Nidorino ran into the rock confines, they had triggered the release of a couple rocks, which now began tumbling down on the two boys.

“Run,” Jack’s voice came out as a whisper as he grasped Jett’s wrist in his hand, pulling him along as he sped down the route. Pidgeys began to make a commotion, flying towards the sky to avoid being crushed. They didn’t have to run for long, as the rocks eventually ceased their descent. Jack collapsed, his back to one of the rock sides. Still holding tight to Jett, he dragged the ebony-haired boy down with him. Both sat there, making futile attempts to catch their breath. That is, until Jett turned his head to the side to look at Jack.

“You’re…crazy, Jack…” he panted. Jack turned to Jett and gave him a weak smile.

“You’re the one with the Nidorino.”

May 31st, 2008, 7:53 AM
Adel and her fully rejuvenated Squirtle strode down the path winding out of Pewter City and into Route 3, intent on reaching the next city within the shortest time possible. Unfortunately for them, standing between the pair and their current goal would be the fast approaching route they would be making their way through, as well as a treacherous trek through Mt Moon. Sure, Adel might have exaggerated a tad bit about that 'treacherous' part of the mountain, but, she knew one thing was ascertain. That it was fairly dark within the spooky depths of the cave, practically a haven for Earth bound spirits or ghosts, something she did not want to be mixing herself with. The girl shuddered at the thought, slowing her pace as she did so. The sheer fear about that cave infested with supernatural beings was daunting her ever so, her feet felt like they had rooted themselves rebelliously to the ground. They refused to move any further. Fear was a formidable opponent, Adel had to admit.

Squirtle cocked her head in confusion, raising her blue-eyed gaze to see her trainer's face, it didn't seem as carefree or as relaxed as it was a few minutes ago. The Pokemon's brow furrowed with worry, she clambered onto the girl's shoulder with agility, shooting onto the girl's shoulder and reaching out a comforting paw to pat her trainer's forehead encouragingly. The Water type didn't say a thing, but Adeltruat felt solace anyway. She inhaled deeply, before exhaling gently, giving her Squirtle a slight grin.

"I'm fine, you don't need to worry."

Squirtle gave her a look of disbelief, her trainer was trying to put upon herself a facade of bravery.

"Really! I'm fine." Adel frowned uncomfortably, looking away from her Pokemon, moderately embarrassed from being seen through so easily. By a young turtle, nonetheless! The two beings continued on like this for quite some time, a small creature resting silently upon her owner's shoulder as they strolled through down the dirt road.

Suddenly, a rustle of grass sharply pierced through the silence. The girl reacted instantly, scrutinizing the area around her. There was a Pokemon found in this area that she really wanted to capture, it was a fairly common creature, yet, she found it interesting and delightful. Whipping out a pair of spectacles from the pocket of her raven skirt, Adel swiftly wore her glasses and surveyed the surroundings, inspecting every corner of the greenery. Then, she saw it. From the corner of her eye, the grass crinkled, and a soft chirrup was heard. A brown tail poked out from the edge the small meadow in the distance, a bird's head soon emerged as the tail feathers fell back down. The avian was chestnut and beige, with an orange beak, it stared inquisitively at the newcomers.

"PIDGEY!" Adel squealed like a young girl high on candy, her hands outstretched as she ran towards the Normal type with astounding speed, her Squirtle gripping onto her shoulder for dear life. The startled Pokemon squawked in alarm, flapping its wings and blowing up a shield of sand. The female disregarded the Sand Attack, pointing towards the bird and sending her Squirtle rocketing towards the poor creature. The turtle rammed into the bird with a harsh Tackle, sending the avian cawing and landing onto the dirt with a sickening 'thud!'

The Flying type jumped onto its feet, clearly unhappy with the hostility that was shown, opening its wings and soaring into the sky, once it had reached a suitable height, it began to beat its feathery appendages. Harder and harder the wings went, blowing up a miniature gust of wind towards the Squirtle. The Water type withdrew into her shell upon her trainer's command, though not taking the full blunt of that Gust attack, the shell was blown away due to the wind and crashed upon the ground painfully. When the turtle emerged from her home, a dazed look was seen evident in her confused eyes.

"Snap out of it, you can do it." Adel told her Pokemon in a steady and calm voice, when Squirtle crawled onto both her hind legs, the girl faced the Pidgey that had chosen to maintain flight in the air, flapping its wings once every few seconds to keep itself safely floated. Adel whispered an order to the Water type, away from the Pidgey's listening ears. The turtle quickly obeyed the order, as the bird started to create a second blast of gale. Squirtle hid inside its shell as the Gust hit her, spinning the shell numerous rounds, without warning, the turtle's head popped out of the shell and a solid stream of water gushed from her mouth and right into the Pidgey's inattentive frame. Feathers flew about as the Pidgey was shot out of the sky by the Water Gun attack.

A visible agitation was written all over the bird' face as it struggled onto its clawed feet, ruffling its feathers with irritation, it had already been weakened a fair bit. The avian crowed with indignation, all riled up as it quickly rushed towards Squirtle, carried by the passing wind as it tackled the middle of the Water type's shell. The turtle fell back a few steps from the impact, but was otherwise unharmed.

"One more time, Water gun!" Adel shouted, disregarding Pidgey's knowledge of English. All they had to do was land one more shot, and that was it. The girl's hand instinctively shot under her shirt as she unclasped an empty pokeball from her belt. The clenched the spherical object, watching on as Squirtle landed another successful shot at the confusion and dazzled Pidgey. The bird was now scrambling to keep its balance, it seemed as though the bird had only a tiny amount of reserve left within it.

Adel paused for a moment, aiming carefully before throwing the pokeball confidently towards the injured Pokemon, her Squirtle jogging back to her side as the round machine burst open and let loose a scarlet light which engulfed the flustered avian, the distinct body of the bird disappeared into the light and it retreated into the pokeball. The small capture machine fell lightly onto the soil, as it wiggled and wobbled uncertainly, it’s captive seeming reluctant to give up so easily.

"Come on... Come on.."

May 31st, 2008, 7:55 AM
Bobby walked along Route 3 carrying Metapod, with Charmander right beside him. They were being very quite, as a boulder might come down and smash them in an avalanche. Bobby felt a shake in his arms and looked down at Metapod to make sure everything is allright. A large crack had appeared on her shell. "Metapod! What's wrong?" Bobby cried, worried for his Pokemon's health. Suddenly light shot out of the crack, and beutiful wings unfolded reveling a short Caterpie body.

"Free free!" the Pokemon cried. "Metapod...?" Bobby asked takeing out his Pokedex.

"Butterfree, the Butterfly Pokemon. It's wings are coated with a special powder that let it fly in the rain."

"Oh wow!" Bobby was amazed at the beutiful pokemon in front of him. Butterfree came and landed on his head, as it was already tired from flying. "Guess you need to practice huh?" Bobby said with a chuckle.

As they walked along Bobby spied a Pidgey. It was pecking at the ground for food. "Time for some training, Mankey go!" Mankey lept out and assumed his battle stance. The Pidgey saw them and charged at Mankey with a Tackle.

"Mankey dodge, and then use Scratch!" Mankey followed the order's flawlessly, and he swatted the bird to the ground. "Now a Low Kick!" The kick sent Pidgey into the air, where you could see it had taken alot of damage.

Pidgey started flapping it's wings together fast, stirring up the wind. Mankey could hardly stay on the ground. "Mankeeeeeeeey!" Mankey cried as it was lifted up into the air. He fell back to earth when the wind blew him far enough.

"Allright Mankey, use Leer!" Mankey gave the Pidgey him most inimidating look, manking the Pidgey stop. "Now another Scratch!" Mankey lept into the air and made shot work of the Pidgey.

"Good job Mankey!" Bobby cried, and he, Charmander, Mankey, Butterfree, made their way towards the distant Pokemon Center.

May 31st, 2008, 9:12 AM
Derek took his first step steps into the Pokemon Center, and wasn’t at all amazed when a nurse that looked exactly the same as all the other nurses he had met greeted him. “Welcome to the Pokemon Center. Would you like your Pokemon fully healed?” The nurse asked happily as she rested her forearms on the counter and fixed her eyesight on Derek.

“Wow, how’d you guess?” Derek asked playfully as he returned Pikachu to his Pokeball and pulled out Mankey from his belt. He held one Pokeball in each hand. He quickly placed the Pokeballs on the nurse’s hand and saw her walk away with her Pokemon. Before she left, though, Derek asked for a lodging room so he could go through Mount Moon next morning. It would be really stressful to go through the dungeon at night, even though he knew it would be dark inside regardless of the time of the day.

“Here you go” Nurse Joy said as she handed Derek the Card Key to one of the lodging rooms of the large Pokemon Center. After thanking the nurse, Derek decided he wasn’t really tired, so he could watch the TV positioned right there in the waiting room. He walked over to a small red couch that was placed directly in front of the TV and started to watch the news.

“And in the latest news, we’ve received reports that several members of the criminal organization known as Team Rocket were spotted entering Mt. Moon, which links Pewter City and Cerulean City. Visitors to Mt. Moon are being asked to be very careful, because Team Rocket will attack anyone that gets in their way. On to weather forecast...”

The man who explained this on the news seemed to be very calm. Of course, why would he be? He was probably at some large city like Saffron recording the news at the moment. However, as he piled up a stack of papers which probably was his dialog, his hands seemed to shake a bit. Derek then started to think about Mt. Moon.

~What if Team Rocket defeats me inside there? They are a large criminal organization... I bet their Pokemon are really strong. But what are they looking inside there? Is there anything special about the place? If so.. Why didn’t they mention it on the news? This is strange... All I hope is that they do whatever they want to do tonight and that they are out of here tomorrow..~

After these thoughts, Derek stood up and decided it’d be good to get some early sleep. He had just take two steps away from the couch, though, when a man appeared in front of him out of the blue and stopped him from moving. The man was ridiculously tall and was wearing a black trench coat, a black fedora hat, black boots and dark sunglasses. The man looked really mysterious, but funny at the same type. He was so well camouflaged that Derek didn’t notice how he had been hiding in the shadow the whole time.

~Who’s this guy...~ He thought confused as he stared at the man. His head appeared to be invisible; like if the had and sunglasses were floating on top of the coat. ~And why is he wearing sunglasses inside a building... At night.~

“Hey, kiddo” the man whispered, voice sounding too distortioned. Derek was sure that effect couldn’t be achieved without the use of some machine. However, it was impossible to tell if he was using some sort of object. “Psht, I’m talking to you” he added.

“Why are you whispering?” Derek asked as he stared at the guy in confusion. “We’re the only ones here... And you’re standing directly in front of me...”
“It doesn’t matter” the man continued. “Look, I’ve got this Pokemon... It is incredibly awesome and powerful, able to math the power of legendary Pokemon...”

“Keep going...” Derek said quietly as he started to pay attention to the man that got him interested in the theme. “I wanna hear more...” He said in whispers, deciding to play the man’s game.
“It is very rare, probably this is the only one left in the whole world... The thing is I’m not a good Trainer. I can see you are one, so I’ll tell you this. I’ll sell you this Pokemon, Magikarp, for only $500! It’s a deal you can’t miss! The most powerful Pokemon ever and I’m giving it to you for that low of a price. Do we have a deal?” The men asked as he reached into his Pocket to pull out a Pokeball. A Chansey then walked out pushing a cart of Pokeballs out of the healing room and positioned herself behind the man, listening to their conversation.

“Magikarp... Sounds poweful. So Magikarp for $500?” Derek asked innocently as he pulled out some money from his bag. He hadn’t really bought anything besides a few Pokeballs and Repels since he started his adventure, so he had quite a few money to spend. The Chansey behind the man, however, waved his arms and tried to get Derek’s attention quietly. Her eyes widened in shock when she saw that Derek was really going to pay that amount for what could be the weakest Pokemon ever. Chansey shook her head to the sides in desperation, trying to convince Derek no to get the Pokemon, but he ignored her.

“Yup. Deal?”

Derek quickly gave the amount of money to the man, and in exchange he gave him a Pokeball. As Derek received the Pokeball, his imagination led him to beleive that power could already be felt emanating from the ball. “Oh... I can sense something very powerful inside here. I can just feel it” he said as he grinned mischievously and put the Pokeball in his belt, deciding to test his god-like Pokemon tomorrow.

“Thanks, si... Sir?” Derek asked as he searched around for the man. He wasn’t able to find him inside the Pokemon Center anymore, but in a distance a black shadow with a fishing rod on his back was seen walking away and placing some money into his pockets.

“Sey...” Chansey said dissapointed as she continued her path with the cart.

Derek, confident he had just taken part of an awesome deal walked away to his lodging room with a smile of satisfaction on his face.

As soon as he got to his room, he hopped to bed and started to think about his day. “I made it through Viridian Forest and got my first Gym badge today... I guess I’m starting to become a good trainer...” He said to himself with a smile as he slowly drifted off to sleep.

May 31st, 2008, 1:00 PM
To Trainer Kat: Once again, you had a very good post. My only compltaint though, is that you called it Route 6, seeing as it is Route 3. Other than that though, great work!
Eevee grew to Level 15! (that is the Level Cap, unfortunately)
Eevee is trying to learn Growl, but Eevee can't learn more than 4 moves! Delete an older move to make room for Growl?
You are free to do your second post whenever you like.

To Ibuberu: That was a long post, for sure. Excellent work on it though. You've earned a max Level Pidgey! Your stats are updated. You can post your second turn along Route 3 whenever you like.
You caught a wild Pidgey!

To Zimvee: You had a good post there with the wild Pidgey but, unfortunately, it was a bit short. I hate to say that I can only give you a slight Level increase for your Mankey. Try making your posts a bit longer from now on.
Congratulations! Your Metapod evolved into Butterfree!
Butterfree learned Confusion!
Mount Moon will be up in a bit.

To Diegoyayi: Hahaha! I really laughed when I read your post about getting Magikarp. It was awesome how you made your character think he was in posession of a LEGENDARY POKEMON. Great work there, seriously. I'll update your stats, and you are free to post in Mount Moon when I put it up (other people have to finish up Route 3 first).
You got a Magikarp!

As Sean walked along Route 3 with Bulbasaur at his side, the very idea of what he had just done finally sunk in. He had actually beaten a Gym Leader! He had taken the first step towards becoming a Pokemon Master! Looking down at his four-legged partner who was keeping pace surpisingly well, the Trainer noticed the look of absolute contentment on his face. Reaching down, Sean Florian patted his Pokemon's head in congratulations.

"Bulba, bulba!" The green Pokemon replied. He was obviously very happy to recieve his Trainer's approval.

As the two continued along, Sean looked up and noticed the treachorously large boulders sitting above them (as they were walking through some sort of valley), and was hoping very much that they wouldn't come crashing down at any point. Sean knew that things wouldn't end well if that took place...

So the two kept walking, careful not to make too much noise so as to avoid any unnessesary attention when...uh oh. Up ahead there was a rustling bush, Sean was sure of it. The two stopped in their tracks. It was probably a wild Pokemon. Suddenly, the creature burst forth, coming out into the open as it was ready for all-out combat.

Sean was taken aback by the sight of this creature. He had never seen it before. It was small and purple, with large ears and a small horn on the top of its head. It was addorned with tiny little spikes all over its body. Whipping out his Pokedex, he pointed it at the wild Pokemon.

Nidoran, the poison pin Pokemon, the small, red device droned on. Its large ears are always kept upright. If it senses danger, it will attack with a poisionous sting.

"Okay, Bulbasaur," Sean told his Pokemon. "Be careful with this guy. He seems dangerous."

Taking its Trainer's advice, but running in to the fray to fight, Bulbasaur charged forth at full speed. It seemed like, this time, the Grass-type Pokemon wanted to battle on its own terms. That was fine with Sean, too. The new Pokemon Trainer could gain valuable knowledge about Bulbasaur's fighting style this way.

Nidoran charged straight for its foe as well, with its horn aimed and poised to strike. Bulbasaur, at the last moment, side-rolled to dodge the attack, instead countering with a Vine Whip to Nidoran's back. The whip hit hard, but appeared to do only a minimal amount of damage. It didn't seem very effective. Quickly turning around and renewing its charge, the poison pin Pokemon attempted another Peck. This time, though, Bulbasaur growled at it, stunning the Pokemon and causing its to move to the left in hesitation. This caused its attack to barely graze Bulbasaur with little damage inflicted. The Grass-type Pokemon then performed a full-body tackle on its opponent, knocking Nidoran from its feet and onto its side as it skidded along the grass.

"Awesome job, Bulbasaur!" Sean Florian complimented his Pokemon. "Keep up the awesome work!"

Nidoran, though, seemed greatly angered at this point, getting back to its feet stood still for a moment, as if gathering its wits and focusing its energy. Bulbasaur, not wanting to give the wild Pokemon a chance to pull off a powerful attack, shot out another Vine Whip, this time getting very lucky as the green vine caught Nidoran right between the eyes as it snapped fast and hard. Nidoran stumbled backwards for a moment from the force of the attack, obviously slightly dazed.

Taking out a spare Pokeball, Sean launched it towards the weakened wild Pokemon. The red and white orb hit Nidoran, quickly absorbing the wild Pokemon into it as it landed on the ground, rocking back and forth with the creature inside, desperate to break free.

May 31st, 2008, 10:04 PM
A couple more times of frantic attempts to escape from the confines of the Pokeball ended with fruitless results, as the red and white coloured sphere gradually stopped all movement. Immediately after, a neat 'click!' sound signaled the capture of the Pidgey. Adeltraut smirked proudly, her hands on her hips as she sashayed over to her newly caught Pokemon, flashing the round object at her Squirtle, "My first Pokemon!" she declared in an overbearing tone, waving the Pokeball around in the air, elated with her new Pidgey. The girl had studied once before, that the evolved forms of the Pokemon were majestic and powerful, both criteria suiting her to a tee. The bird would be a mascot of some sort for her, once she could manage to make it evolve into its final stage.

Squirtle nodded her blue head in approval, clapping a few times to applaud her trainer for the marvellous capture.

Adel couldn't help but laugh softly at the sheer brilliance of her tactics, taking off her glasses and storing them safely into her sling carrier. The Pidgey's Pokeball fastened onto the clip on her belt. The girl motioned for her turtle to jump into her arms, as she quickened her footsteps. She was eager to reach the next Pokemon Center to heal up her Pidgey and get started on training. "Squirt~!" the blue coloured creature called out happily, hopping into her trainer's warm grasp with a mellow expression upon her features. The pair took to bolting down the path with decent speed, well, at least that was what Adel did.

"Hey! Wait up!"

The girl ignored the unfamiliar voice, she didn't need to waste her time on trivial matters such as conversations with strangers.

"Wait up! Please!"

Squirtle tugged at her owner's sleeve, pointing over her shoulder, a pleading look upon her face. Adel avoided eye contact with the turtle, those cute eyes could do wonders to a person's mindset. However, the Water type was not one to give up so easily, she flapped her right paw in front of Adel's line of vision, all the while gesturing franticly behind with the other one. The young female released a heavy sigh, slowing to a halt and turning around to see a schoolboy chasing after her. He was dressed in a white button up shirt and blue coloured shorts, a small bag on his back. When he finally caught up to the displeased girl, he bent over to catch his breath.

"I.. I'm... Fred.."

"Well, what is it, Fred? I'm in a rush." Adel told him in a slightly irritated tone.

"I.. was.. wondering.. if.. you'd like a battle. One.. on.. one.." the boy panted, wiping sweat off his forehead.

"Not interested," the girl replied sharply with no hesitation, turning around and walking away from the ten-year old boy, much to the young child's dismay. He stood there for a moment, feeling dejected and frozen by the older trainer's coldness. Then, as if a bright light bulb had suddenly appeared over his head, the boy reached into his shoulder bag to pull out a handful of sweets wrapped in pink. "I've got Rare Candies!" he called out, and temptation drew the girl in like a magnetic force of some kind, Adel was seen standing over the tiny boy in within a few seconds, an interested look playing upon her face.

"How did you get them?"

"My teacher gave them to me for getting the highest in class for the test, it was really tough b-" the boy was silenced by a fleeting wave of the female's hand.

"What's the deal?" she inquired.

"Defeat me and you get one of 'em!"

"Make it three."



Adel slowly distanced herself from the enthusiastic boy, brimming with energy now that he had finally gotten himself into a battle. Her Squirtle jumped out of her arms, positioning herself into a battle stance as the boy drew out a Pokeball from his school bag. He threw it with what seemed like a little too much zest, as the Pokemon burst out in a flash of light, the Pokeball got deflected into the long grass beside the path from the impact of the landing. The boy scurried after his item, scrambling to find it as the red light materialized into a large brownish Rat with absurdly large, protruding front teeth.

The Raticate bared its fangs at his opponent, his long tail whipped the ground behind him.

"Ah, um, Raticate! Go! Tackle!" The Normal type obliged, charging towards Squirtle and landing a large blow onto her underbelly. The rat growled ferociously, snapping his fangs menacingly at the startled Water type. Squirtle quickly overcame her shock and began dashing towards her adversary, " Water Gun!" Adel shouted. The turtle let loose a violent rush of water upon the Raticate, who screeched in discomfort the moment the cold water came into contact with his fur.

"Tail Whip!"

The Raticate shook off droplets of water from his drenched coat, glaring at Squirtle as his tail seemed to take upon a mind of its own, the Normal type closed the distance between himself and the Water type, his tail whipping dangerously near her fearful face, emitting loud cracking sounds as it snapped on the ground. Squirtle fell back some steps, shivering with fear, her defense lowered from the scare she had just received.

"Withdraw!" Adel commanded, Squirtle's actions lagging for a few moments, as the words slowly reacted with her brain, she quickly drove into her chestnut coloured shell.

"Super Fang!" Fred countered, as Raticate approached the shell from behind and began chewing upon it with glowing fangs. However, the attack proved to be quite useless, only visible dents had been made to the shell, and nothing more.

"Water Gun!"

Squirtle's head appeared, wasting to time in dosing the rat with a large gush of water.

The Raticate tittered and tottered, dizzy from the attack, his trainer's mouth agape. The next moment, Raticate's body fell in defeat, the schoolboy wasted no time in recalling his fallen Pokemon, sighing in defeat. " Here." he said reluctantly, handing over two Rare Candies to the joyful girl. She thanked him for keeping his end of the bargain, before grabbing onto the exhausted Squirtle and rushing off back on the road towards the Pokemon Center.

"You're on a roll today, two battles in a row!" Squirtle gave Adeltruat a weak smile at her words.

June 1st, 2008, 3:39 AM
To Ibuberu: That was a really good post you have there. I know I didn't make this clear in the first place, but Rare Candies are only really given out by me to RPers for exceptional posts. This means that, unfortunately, I cannot allow you to have them. BUT! What I can do is this...give the experience to Squirtle! And, instead of Rare Candies, I will give you 2 Potions. Sorry about any confusion there.
Squirtle grew to Level 15! (this is the Level Cap for Route 3)
You got 2 Potions!

EDIT: My mistake about the Rare Candies. Keep the Potions anyway.

And just as soon as it had started, the Pokeball immedietly stopped rocking back and forth. As the truth of what he had actually just achieved dawned on him, Sean yelled at the top of his lungs.

"I caught my first wild Pokemon!" he bellowed into from the middle of Route 3. "We did it Bulbasaur!"

His sound-waves echoed from the bottom to the top of the valley, reverberating every second or so as the sound of his voice grew more and more faint. Bulbasaur, as well, let out a roar of triumph. It, too, was very pleased at its Trainer's victory. The green Pokemon, seeing Sean Florian's joy, actually ran over to him, despite his weariness from battle and shot a vine around his chest in a make-shift hug. Thanking his Pokemon profusely, the Trainer finally decided to walk over and collect the Pokeball which was laying on the dirt road, and was now full. Clipping the object into his belt, he took off down the road once more, heading towards their goal of Cerulean City.


Sean heard something above him move. What the heck could it be? Looking up, the 16-year-old noticed that a tiny rock had fallen down from high above the valley wall next to him. He assumed it had been from the massive amounts of noise he had made. Not paying it a second thought, the Trainer continued on down the road.

Then a large cloud appeared overhead, blocking out the sun. But...clouds didn't appear that fast. Slowly, a distant rumbling could be heard from above him. Slowly craning his next upwards, towards the horrifying sound, the Trainer did not want to actually reveal the awful truth. From his massive amounts of echoing, he had caused an avalanche of boulders! Bulbasaur, way ahead of his Trainer's thinking, had already taken off down the path at full-sprint to avoid the crushing rocks. Lassoing a vine around Sean's right arm, it started to drag him into a run as well, forcing him to keep pace.

As the two sprinted along boulders crashed all around them. There wasn't much maneuverability to their left and right, but the large rocks smashed in front of them and behind them as the duo desperately performed evasive maneuvers. Finally, after almost a full minute running for their lives, the duo was eventually able to outpace the crashing rocks and make it to a safe area, leaping down into a small pond below them, almost twenty feet from their position.

Crashing down into the clear substance, Sean and Bulbasaur were instantly soaked from head to toe. Luckily, both of them were fairly decent swimmers, going right up to the edge of the pond and hoisting themselves up and out of the water. Bulbasaur, of course, used his vines to do this.

"Cheater," Sean told his Pokemon, smirking.

Bulbasaur laughed with his trademark raspy voice as he gave Sean a playful smack on the head with one of his vines. Deciding that the best option at this point would be to keep moving, the two of them set back off down the road in front of them, trying to reach the Pokemon Center at the base of Mount Moon before dark.

Turning a sharp corner as they walked through the valley, dripping water everywhere they went (although Bulbasaur was fairly dry at this point), they came across a stunning image in front of them. There, right in the middle of the dirt path, seemed to be a sleeping Pokemon! Sean crept closer, motioning for Bulbasaur to stay behind as he tried to get a better view of what it actually was. Strangely, it looked just like the Pokemon he had caught earlier. It was a Nidoran...or was it?

This one seemed to be a tad smaller, with smaller horns and a shade of blue with dark blue spots. Then Sean noticed something else about it. This Pokemon wasn't sleeping. It was hurt! Getting almost right up next to it now, Bulbasaur fully behind his Trainer, Sean saw that the poor Nidoran seemed to have a broken leg and was whimpering slightly as it lay there on the ground. Sean wasn't sure what to do at this point. He quickly came to the conclusion that it wasn't another Trainer's and, if it was, they certainly didn't know how to take care of their Pokemon.

As he looked on, he noticed that the little creature didn't even notice him. It was too involved in its own pain to realize much of anything going on around it. Sean had to help it, but he dared not touch it with his hands. If it was anything like the other Nidoran he captured, it just might attack him, and those horns didn't look friendly. Quickly decided his only option to be able to save to creature would be to capture it, Sean took out one of his empty Pokeballs, tossing it towards the Nidoran.

The ball hit the Pokemon and absorbed it, landing on the ground and quickly signifying a successful capture with a loud ding. The Pokemon was obviously very injured. Picking up the ball, Sean realized he'd have to make double-time now if he really wanted to end this Pokemon's suffering as soon as possible. Clipping the ball into his belt, he took off sprinting down the dirt path, towards the barely visible Pokemon Center in the distance. Bulbasaur followed closely behind.

Trainer Kat
June 1st, 2008, 12:34 PM
"You'll be sure to text me when you're ready for a rematch?" A sly grin slowly painted its way across Jack's face, matching the one on Jett's.

"Yeah, I'll let you know when I have Nidorino under control," Jett laughed. He held one hand out to Jack, who promptly took it, giving it a tight squeeze. "I'll see you around. That Eevee better be evolved when I see it again!" The ebony-haired boy turned, heading back to Pewter. Why, Jack didn't know, but he didn't dwell on the issue. He was preoccupied with thoughts of Eevee evolving. Admittedly, he had no idea what Eevee evolved into. He'd heard legends of the Pokémon being able to transform into a multitude of different creatures, with others still being discovered. It was something Jack couldn't wrap his mind around - all the Pokémon he knew of only had one line of evolution, not some strange sort of split-line. And if she really could evolve into whatever he wanted, how could he hope to decide? His eyes shifted over to the brown and white Pokémon resting on his shoulder. Her eyes were squeezed shut, and she had a serene look on her face, much like the one had Jack gotten after...well that was a story for a different time. One thing was for sure - she had better evolve into something strong to make up for her current uselessness.

The sun’s rays weren’t as harsh as they had been when Jack had pocketed the Old Amber. Still, the light beat down on him. It lingered especially upon his hair, dancing upon the locks and making it appear to be a lighter shade than it really was. Several Pidgeys flew overhead, one threatening to release its lunch upon the brunette, a situation that he was careful to avoid by sidestepping the descending bomb. He still hadn’t seen a Pokémon he wanted to capture on Route 3, despite his concern that two Pokémon simply weren’t enough. I’ll bet everyone else has a load of Pokémon, he thought, arms folded tightly against his chest. There was nothing to do, then, but continue on towards the mountain he was supposed to go through. In fact, there wasn’t even anyone he wanted to battle currently, anyway. The trainers that lined the route looked like the typical bug catchers, and Jack had had his fill of bugs for the day. One trainer, however, seemed to be struggling to train a disobedient Jigglypuff.

“Do you…need some help, babe?” Jack cooed, being sure to flaunt the Eevee on his shoulder. That tactic, of course, worked, as she instantly ignored Jigglypuff, who had turned her attention towards a particularly long blade of grass anyway.

“Oh, your Eevee’s so cute!” she giggled, reaching up to stroke the evolution Pokémon’s fur. Eevee moved into the girl’s hand, relishing every moment in the spotlight. Jack glared at his partner – she was typically withdrawn. Was she that starved for attention? He waved his thoughts away, instead slinging his arm around the blonde girl’s waist.

“Well, not as cute as you.” He used the line so many times that Eevee nearly gagged. What she didn’t realize, however, was that Jack was merely using her as a distraction while he slipped a hand into the girl’s pocket and withdrew an item – an Awakening, as it just so happened. Pocketing the medicine himself, he sidled away from her, giving her a sheepish grin. “Good luck with your Jigglypuff. I’m meeting family in…Mount Moon, so I need to go!” With a brisk wave, he began to jog away from her, ashamedly avoiding Eevee’s bemused stares.

June 1st, 2008, 12:44 PM
To Trainer Kat: Haha, that was a funny post. You are doing an awesome job of bringing Jack's Character out. Keep it up!
You got an Awakening!

To Slave: Unfortunately, everyone else has finished their Route 3 posts and you haven't posted one yet. I will be posting up Mount Moon soon and it will be up to you to make up for lost turns. Keep plugging away!

To All: Nice Route 3 posts! Mount Moon will be up shortly!

Chapter 7
-Mount Moon-

OOC: Mount Moon is going to work just like the other places, and you will be getting THREE posts in here, so make them count. Misty is coming up shortly.

Level Cap: 18


A large cave in the middle of a mountain, Mount Moon is home to some very Rare Pokemon. It is a multi-leveled place which some say has rare objects called Moon Stones, which are capable of magical properties. It is the shortest route from Pewter City to Cerulean City.
There are rumors of Pokemon thieves running about. Keep your eyes open!

Team Rocket
Rumor has it that Team Rocket is in Mount Moon, and that rumor is right! Watch your step, because they'll do anything to steal your Pokemon.
OOC: So, the way this is going to work is there will be a Pokemon 'pool' of possible Pokemon that Team Rocket members may possess. You, as the Trainer fighting them, also choose the Pokemon that the oppossing Team Rocket grunt (grunts only, for now) will have in the post. They can have up to three Pokemon.
When you fight them, it is just like any other random Trainer battle, except for the fact that you must RP Team Rocket as being Team Rocket. Here are a few things you should know:
1) Their main goals here are to gather Moon Stones, steal rare Pokemon, and steal your Pokemon!
2) You can use as many Pokemon you like against them.
3) Double battles are acceptable.
4) EVERY Pokemon of yours that takes place in the battle gains normal experience depending on the length and quality of your post.
5) You can only use ONE post to battle/encounter Team Rocket.
6) Jessie and James are not here.

And that's about it. Here is their Pokemon pool:

Grunt (Male)

Grunt (Female)





If you have any questions, let me know.

Wild Pokemon
Zubat - 041
Level: 10-12
Type: Poison/Flying
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Inner Focus
Attacks: Leech Life, Supersonic, Astonish
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Geodude - 074
Level: 9-12
Type: Rock/Ground
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Sturdy or Rock Head
Attacks: Tackle, Defense Curl, Mud Sport, Rock Polish, Rock Throw (11)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Paras - 046
Level: 11-12
Type: Bug/Grass
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Effect Spore or Dry Skin
Attacks: Scratch, Poison Powder, Stun Spore, Leech Life
Nature: Random
Rarity: Rare

Clefairy - 035
Level: 9-11
Type: Normal
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Cute Charm or Magic Guard
Attacks: Pound, Growl, Encore, Sing, Double Slap (10)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Very Rare

June 1st, 2008, 2:22 PM
"Mt. Moon" Derek said as he stood in front of the entrance of the large cave, staring appalled at the pitch black darkness that could be seen inside. "It is going to be a real challenge to get through there. Very tiring... And what the newscaster said about the criminal organization might be a problem. We might not make it out soon...Or ever." Derek said with a gulp, aware that he had probably exaggerated on that last statement.

"Pika..." Pikachu said scared as he pushed his ears back and curled himself in a small ball atop Derek's shoulder.

"Don't be scared, Pikachu" Derek said smiling as he turned to Pikachu. "Remember something. We have the most powerful Pokemon ever in our hands! There's no way some Team Rocket or anything might stop us! We got Magikarp!" Derek then yelled out very loud, bragging about his fish Pokemon. He was confident nothing could stop him with such power in his hands.

Some nerds that were walking by started murmuring something to each other, then they both stared at Derek and laughed as the continued to walk.

"Prf, ignore them, Pikachu. They probably don't beleive we have Magikarp. That, or they are sooo jealous."

As he said this, Derek sighed, then pulled out Magikarp's Pokeball and gave his first steps into the cave. ~Here we go.~
The cave was very cold, but it wasn't as dark as Derek had expected. He could see the path and walls, at least. That was more than enough. Much more now that he had Magikarp. Derek made his way through the cave, eagerly searching for a ladder or stairway or door that could lead him on to the next area of the cave. He made sure not to trip on any piece of rock or something, but wasn't really taking the time to hide from other trainers or criminals. He should've done that, though.

As Derek walked through the cave, he hit himself on a signpost positioned in the middle of the path. He fell on his back and the sound of the fall echoed loudly around the cave. Derek stood up and rubbed his head, and immediatly he heard a voice approaching. A Youngster rushed towards him with a Pokeball on his hand.

"Hey, dude!" The Youngster called as he approached Derek. He then bent down and rested his hands on his kneecaps to recover air. "I... I challenge you to a battle!"

~Oh... Yes... Perfect chance to unleash the power of Magikarp~ Derek thought mischievously as he nodded at the kid without saying anything. The kid grinned as he threw his Pokeball to the ground. "Go, Growlithe!" The orange dog-like Pokemon Derek had already seen before then formed from a beam of light and stared at Derek, growling and preparing an attack.

"Prepare, kid" Derek said as the clicked the middle button of the Pokeball in his hand, making it expand. "Prepare to face the power of my Pokemon..."

The kid stared scared at the Pokeball, expecting some legendary beast or something really large and strong like a Snorlax or a Gyarados. The kid then gave a few steps back and took his hands to his face. Growlithe's growls shifted to yelps of fright as he too gave a few steps back. Derek then proceeded to complete his sentence.
"Prepare to face the power of... Magikarp!!!!"

Derek threw his Pokeball to the ground. It immediatly opened and released a beam of light. The beam of light expanded into the largest white aura Derek had ever seen coming out of a Pokeball. Nearly 3 times larger than the light that formed from Onix's Pokeball. "Oh yes, Oh yes! Oh... What?!?!"

Derek was in complete utter shock when the gigantic light ball shrunk dramatically until it revealed a relatively small, red, ugly and weak fish. "Karp. Karp" The Pokemon said blankly as he flopped helplessly on the could ground. "Is that the mighty Magikarp?" Derek said as he stared at the Pokemon.

The kid with the Growlithe then started laughing so hard he eventually fell on his back, taking his hand to his stomach to avoid a pain from laughing so hard. "You just got fooled, dude! That's like, the weakest Pokemon ever!"

~No.. That can't be...~ Derek said, confident he hadn't been scammed by the mysterious man. "No! I'll prove it to you! Magikarp, Hyper Beam!" Derek yelled as he stretched his hand to point towards the Growlithe. After hearing this, the kid just laughed harder, now tears were coming out of his eyes.

"Karp. Karp"

Derek turned bright red in ager as he saw his Pokemon just splash there. He had been tricked... Very badly. ~Maybe if I will win if I make the kid die from laughter...~ Derek thought sarcastically as he thought for a strategy to make Magikarp do something. Deciding to make the first real move, the Growlithe launched himself towards the Magikarp and threw a strong bite, catching Magikarp in between his teeth. After some minutes of struggling and chewing on the Magikarp, Growlithe decided to let him free.

"Karp. Karp"

Magikarp continued to flop around there, showing no signs of... Anything. No pain, excitement, anger... Anything. Just stupidity. "Magikarp! Do something!" Derek ordered; and Magikarp submitted to his orders. Magikarp then released a deadly... Splash. But nothing happened.

Growlithe then released an Ember attack from his mouth, making a direct hit on Magikarp. Even though it was now wrapped in flames, Magikarp didn't do anything else than lie on his side and splash on the ground. Derek closed his eyes, ashamed of himself, and decided to let the battle end.

"Growlithe, finish him with take down." The kid ordered. Growlithe then hit the Magikarp with an immense tackle that launched the fish to a wall, slamming it very hard. Magikarp's rubbery skin, however, caused something unexpected to happen. As he made contact with the wall, he bounced back in the exact same direction he was launched; that is, to Growlithe.

Magikarp then fish-slapped Growlithe directly on the face with such a strong force that it caused the fire Pokemon to faint. Growlithe fell to his side knocked out, not beleiving what Magikarp had just done.

"This is impossible!" The kid called out loud. "Magikarp is useless! You cheated! You loser! That Magikarp won't ever be useful again!" The kid said as he withdrew Growlithe and then ran away, not giving Derek his money prize.

"Spoiled little brat!" Derek yelled at the kid that was running away. He then stared at Magikarp, not even knowing if he should congratulate him for his efforts. It's not like Magikarp did something awesome. But anyway...

"That was a good battle, Magikarp. Maybe you're not legendary, but I'm sure you'll be put to a good use sometime" Derek said as he withdrew Magikarp and continued to walk through the cave..

June 1st, 2008, 6:40 PM
The automatic sliding doors of the Pokemon Center parted to reveal a young female, arms stretched over her head, a Squirtle at her side, copying her movements exactly. On the girl's other side, a Pidgey stood, a half-hearted look plastered upon her feathery face. The bird was definitely not exhilarated about the fact that she had been captured against her own will, she still didn't even know the first thing about her new trainer. Okay, she did know that her trainer was an inconsiderate jerk, but... outside of that. At that moment, a human hand reach down towards to her, the Pidgey defiantly avoided it, shaking her head at Adel's invitation to settle upon her shoulder. The girl felt taken aback by the refusal, as Squirtle took it upon herself to take the Pidgey's spot on her trainer. Pidgey spread her wings and took off into the air, circling her new trainer expectantly.

"Okay, off we go!" The girl began to walk, her new bird Pokemon flapping her wings to keep up with her. As they approached the large mountain, stretching tall and vast across the area, the young girl's high spirits began to dampen. The large, monstrous mountain looked anything but enticing. Soon, the cave could be seen within their sights, and Adel's footsteps slowed with uncertainty.

"W-We're here, a-at Mount.. Moon.." she cringed with fear as a Zubat's screech resounded out of the mountain’s entrance, echoing off the walls at the same time. Pidgey flew into the cave without wavering, intent on getting past the mountain as soon as possible, failing to notice her reluctant traomer. Squirtle, who was bitten by the same bug, hopped off her perch and onto the ground, quietly following behind Pidgey.

"W-Wait! Why don't we go back to the Pokemon Center! Just to make sure that both of you are completely fine? That walk just now. Like, WOAH, it was tiring." Adel gestured wildly, pointing a thumb over her shoulder.

Squirtle and Pidgey retraced their steps and emerged from the dark cave, both flashing Adeltruat looks of discredit. The girl softly sighed, knowing that she had just lost the batle of wils, ".. Right!" she said, as if she was on the verge of overcoming a grave obstacle in her life. Adel straightened her posture and marched into the cave, grabbing onto her Pokemon, taking special care to hug latch tightly onto Squirtle and Pidgey, much to the bird's distaste. The Flying type gave up struggling against her trainer's iron grip after a few tries to break free proved useless.

Suddenly, a pink ball of fluff rolled across their path, causing a squeak of surprise to emit from the girl.

The pink Pokemon uncurled itself to reveal two ears, a fluffy tail and four limbs. It turned to the girl, winking with a cheeky face before saying, "Clefairy?" As soon as it had done so, the Pokemon turned around and began jogging deeper into the cave, before its whole body disappeared into the darkness. Adel wasted no time in taking out her Pokedex, it was a cute Pokemon, but would it be useful to her?

"Its magical and cute appeal has many admirers. It is rare and found only in certain areas." The computerised female voice spoke through the red device.

"Hmm.. If it has many admirers, if I catch it, won't I have more too?" Adel posed the question to herself, Squirtle clapped with elation at the idea, while Pidgey held a wing to her shaking head. If she had hands, they would be sliding down her face right about now.

As the trio ventured further into Mount Moon, in the pursuit of the Clefairy, it became increasingly hard to see, with less light flooding in from the entrance. Now, Adel could still clearly see her Pokemon and the obstacles such as rocks, signposts and walls just ahead of her, but outside of that, everything in the distance was a blur. She entertained the idea of putting on her glasses, but quickly decided against it, lest she see something... unwanted.

A large group of Zubats shrieked, their cries bouncing off the walls and echoing numerous times, triggering an alarmed cry from the girl, her two Pokemon crushed by the increased magnitude of her grip onto their bodies.

At first, it was just a small, myopic dot in the far distance, but as the dot grew in size and flew closer, the girl realised that the Zubats were flying in their direction.

"AHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Adel turned around and started running, as fast as her frantic legs would allow her to, when suddenly, she tripped over a mysterious object and was thrown onto the hard cavern ground, forgetting that she had a Squirtle and Pidgey in her arms as she crushed the duo with her weight exerting on them the moment she landed on the floor. The turtle and bird gasped for air, wriggling out of her death grip and leaning against each other for support. The large clan of bats flew overheard, as Adel coughed, standing up and brushing dust off her clothes, pretending as if nothing had happened.

"Let's find out what tripped me," she said in a calm (albeit a tad shaky) voice.

The girl and her Pokemon bent over the object, curious as to what they had found.

June 1st, 2008, 8:49 PM
To Diegoyayi: Wow! Now that is creativity! That's one way to beat a Growlithe! Good job on that post. You are free to post up your next turn now. Don't forget about Team Rocket...
Magikarp grew to Level 8!

To Ibuberu: I was laughing when I read your post. Adeltruat is a very funny character, and the way she interacts with her Pokemon is awesome. Nice work on that. Feel free to do your second post whenever you like.
You got a Moon Stone!

June 2nd, 2008, 5:46 AM
"Hey.." the girl came to realization, as she picked up the crystalline stone from the ground. It fitted neatly into her palm, looking quite dull because of its gray colour. However, the fact that it was shaped so oddly, like a crooked diamond, seemed to strike something in her memory. Adel had read about these mysterious evolutionary stones before during her studies. Said stones could change a Pokemon’s form if they were exposed to the stone's radiation, they were either extremely expensive or incredibly elusive. This had definitely been pictured on one of the pages, as a...

"Moon Stone." the girl whispered, tightening the grip on her find.

They were rare, astoundingly rare. And valuable. The girl's fearful expression had transformed into a simper.

"We just hit gold." she explained to her confused companions, who simply shrugged it off as a "human habit" to covet dull, unattractive stones that they stumbled upon. From within the tunnel, where the Zubats had initially originated from, the sound of footsteps became audible. Boots on gravel, and they belonged to an adult. No teenager could possess such heavy footfalls. Adeltruat swiftly rose to her full height, tucking the stone behind her back in a moment of haste, as a human gradually shaped himself in front of her comparatively smaller frame. Her Pokemon readied themselves to protect her, adopting their battle stances and positioning themselves between the tall, middle-aged man and their trainer.

The man was clad in a black coloured uniform and hat, with white gloves and boots of a similar shade. A logo had been imprinted onto his shirt, a smug grin across his rugged face. The moment the girl saw the large, red letter 'R' upon his attire, did she stiffen ever so slightly. "Yo, girlie. I heard you say the word gold. Where is it?" the man spoke, his cool voice sending shivers down her spine. "Leighton called us last month to tell us that there was a group of criminals running rampant in Kanto, part of their goal is to.. steal Pokemon.." she reminded herself of her brother's caring tone over the receiver of the phone, calming down as she recalled his brave voice. Adeltruat stopped shuddering, claiming a firm posture and allowing an offended look to paste itself upon her face.

"I have no idea what you're talking about. Leave me alone." she replied in a steadfast tone.

"Oh, a toughie huh?" the man snickkered, reaching out a slimy hand for the girl.

"PIDGEY!" the bird cawed violently, swooping up and pecking at the grunt's hand, the man let out a pained yell, retracting his hand, his face a shade of beet red.

"So, you think you're tough, huh? We'll show you who the real tough ones are when we steal your Pokemon!" the Rocket grunt sniffed, rubbing his reddening hand at his side as his other unharmed one reached into the pocket of his black pants and pulled out two Pokeballs. Adel backed herself away from the man, her Moonstone still hidden behind her. If she was to turn and run at that moment, the man would be able to catch up to her no problem, there was only one way. She had to defeat him so that he couldn't use any Pokemon to gain on her the moment she'd attempt to escape.

"Go, Snakey! Go, Garbage!"

The girl stood frozen upon hearing the older male's voice, the sight of the two spheres being thrown and lights from the Pokeballs illuminated that tunnel for the briefest of moments played out like a scene in front of her, a long snake and a purple coloured goo seemed to crawl out from the scarlet fire. The Ekans and Grimer respectively slithered and trudged over to Squirtle and Pidgey, both of which were still locked in their stance, poised to attack.

Adel doubled over laughing, breaking the intense silence and receiving baffled stares.

"S-Snakey? Garbage?" she repeated the comical names, much to the Rocket grunt's embarrassment.

"M-My wife wanted me to name them something! What could I do?" he reasoned, a tired expression on his face.

Adel stifled her giggles, pointing a shaky finger at the disappointed looking snake and toxic Pokemon. "Gust and Water Gun!" she ordered, still unable to fully restrain her mirth. The Pidgey and Squirtle launched at an individual opponent each, the bird flapping her winds and blowing up a vicious wind towards the hissing Ekans, while her partner aimed a jet of crystal blue at the bubbling Grimer. The attacks collided with their intended targets perfectly, blowing the Sludge and Snake Pokemon into the neighboring wall upon impact. The Rocketeer shielded his eyes with an arm from the dust and dirt hanging in the air, a picture of shock.

"Wrap both em' devils and give em' a good ol' sludge attack!" He shouted, the Ekans lunging at the two tiny creatures and coiling around them, wasting no time in crushing the bird and turtle. Grimer inhaled a deep breath and spouted out chunks of slime at his grappling opponents. The moment contact was made, Squirtle and Pidgey let loose disgusted cries, as if trying to say, "EWW!"

"Withdraw!" Adel countered, Squirtle was more than happy to obey, as the second she withdrew into her shell, the absence of the amount of matter allowed both herself and her avian partner to slide out of Ekan's grip.

"Sand Attack!" Pidgey flapped her wings vigorously, still dripping with sludge as sand engulfed the fray. Ekans and Grimer were blinded by the dirt. They retreated a few steps instinctively, as Pidgey landed, tucking her wings behind her and curtly nodding in the direction of the enemy. Adel held a hand to her chin, concocting a strategy as the man and his Pokemon rubbed the sand out of their lines.

"Combine Water Gun and Gust!"

Pidgey gained flight and began to create another gale, while Squirtle waited patiently for the right moment. As the Gust slowly advanced towards the Ekans and Grimer (who had just regained their vision), the turtle jumped forth a few steps and shot her attack to the heart of the miniature tornado. The water spinned faster and faster in the circular motion of the gust, sending droplets of liquid in all directions as it finally crashed down upon the Rocket and his two Pokemon. "… Snakey, Garbage.." she heard the man speak in a frail voice, and when the dust cleared Adel saw the man in a daze, his fainted Ekans and Grimer piled upon him neatly. Adeltruat gave a hearty laugh, standing over the losers, tucking her Moon Stone into her bag, brimming with pride.

"That'll teach you for underestimating us."

Squirtle and Pidgey stood on either side of her, dipping their heads in agreement.




"You know, the guy had really funny names for his Pokemon, huh?" the girl spoke to her Pokemon, who chuckled along with her as they continued their walk through Mount Moon. For some strange reason, even though the fact that more of Team Rocket's members might be crawling around the dark and dangerous cave, it didn’t seem that scary. A Zubat’s screech resounded from the deeper caverns of the cave at that very moment in time, and Adel could not help but shiver. As for the ghosts and weird screams, well, they were an entire matter altogether.

"If I were you give you a name, it'd sound much nicer. Like.. Ophelia.” Squirtle looked at her trainer, as if she was confirming that Adeltruat was talking to her.

“It means help and aid, isn't that what you always do?" The girl recovered from her previous uncertainty, speaking to the Squirtle in her arms as she used a frilly, violet handkerchief to wipe the Grimer's slime off the turtle's face. A large smile spread across the Water type's face in an instant, her head nodding with zest. The name appealed to her, very much. Adel cracked a slight smile, raising her head to meet the eyes of the Pidgey flying overhead.

"And you'd be Kinah." Pidgey cocked her head with confusion, her expression reading “Huh, why?"

"Because," Adel started, releasing Squirtle from her arms before jumping up and grabbing onto one of Pidgey's taloned feet, dragging her reluctantly into her arms. The bird started to struggle, before stopping halfway as her trainer wiped the sludge off her feathers, a thoughtful look on the avian's face at the kind gesture.

"It means strong-willed." the girl explained, a surprised look appearing on the Pidgey's features, the gaze directed towards her owner softening. Adel flinched as another high-pitched scream reverberated through the cave, subconsciously hastening herself. “W-We need to get out of here faster. S-So that I can get you treated at the Pokemon Center.” She explained, and this time round, the bird chose to maintain a straight face.

.. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad.

To be with the inconsiderate jerk and her goofy Squirtle.

Slave to the Poké-Rave
June 2nd, 2008, 8:47 AM
Kaiden looked up at the clouds with an bemused face. Large purple-grey clouds were smothering the sun, everything becoming a much darker and unhappier shade than in the bright sunlight.

'Well cubone, at least you got a hood on huh? Its gonna rain.' he said, bending down to his small friend, who nodded before running off from Pewter down route 3, waving his bone excitedly.

'That rest in the center helped you then!' he shouted, running off after cubone.

Route 3 was as dark as Pewter, and several trainers passed him by, one boy with ragged brown hair and a large net was running, a nidoran at his heels. The small purple animal was losing ground, and the boy had tears streaming from his cheeks, clutching a fainted weedle which had several scratches down its side.

'Hey kid! Its ok!' he shouted, the kid stopping. The nidoran stopped too, turning to Kaiden and cubone.

'Nido!' it screeched, pegging towards cubone, horn out.

'Cubone, quickly, dodge!' he shouted, cubone answering by hiding behind his legs, the nidoran stopping in its tracks, enemy hidden.

'Come on cubone, now, bone club!' he said, cubone answering with a quick 'cu' before swinging around, running at the still nidoran, the bone connecting with the spiky purple rabbit, sending it sprawling sideways.

'Now tail whip it!' he added, cubone moving over. He was too slow, and the nidoran dived at cubone, tackling him to the floor and trying to drive its horn into him. It scratched across the skull upon cubone's head, leaving light marks. Cubone responded, poking it off with his bone and hitting it again before backing off a little. The nidoran however didn't stop and dived straight into cubone, sending them both rolling. Nidoran again tried to thrust its horn into cubone, nicking his paw. The effects were already noticeable as sweat could be seen all over cubone, and he was shaking.

'Cubone!' he shouted, grabbing an antidote and running to his pokemon, quickly aiding it. The nidoran backed off as he approached but sprang back when the trainer had left him. Cubone, however, was ready.

'Now cubone, headbutt!' he shouted, his fist thrust into the air as cubone slammed the nidoran (who was in the air) to the ground. It rolled a little way, and got back up. This time however, the purple beast staggered, wobbling sideways. It stood its ground however, and, slower than before, ran at cubone. Cubone dodged easily, sending the rabbit diving into the floor, and rocketing along the dirt, sending up clouds of dust. A ledge lay in its path.

'Nidoran, no!' Kaiden cried, running towards it. Cubone dived, closer than his owner, laying flat on the edge just as nidoran went over. It squealed mas it fell, but was cut short as cubone's empty stubby paw gripped its paw, and dragged it up the cliff.

'Nido-ran.' it said in defensive thanks. It walked over to Kaiden, looking deep into the trainer's eyes. Kaiden's green met the nidoran's red eyes.

'Alright nidoran, your mine!' he shouted excitedly, startling the male rabbit as a pokeball flew at it, the white flash enveloping it and sucking it in.

OOC as soon as you reply whether I have nidoran or not, then I will get on. Next post has hopefully a trainer battle, team rocket and another pokemon catch.

June 2nd, 2008, 9:22 AM
To Ibuberu: This is one of the best posts I've read in a while. You did an awesome job of giving a character even to the lowly Team Rocket grunt. And the battle itself was awesome, with Squirtle and Pidgey's attacks being combined together and using excellent team work. Also, the way you gave them nicknames was pretty cool as well. Way to take advantage of the Team Rocket post, by the way. You are almost out of Mount Moon. Only one more post!
Squirtle grew to Level 18!
Squirtle is trying to learn Bite, but it can't learn more than 4 moves! Delete an older move to make room for Bite?
What!? Squirtle is evolving! Allow the process to continue?
Pidgey grew to Level 13!
Pidgey learned Quick Attack!

To Slave: Excellent post there with the Nidoran. I like how you actually SAVED a boy from it and it wasn't just another random encounter. Excellent work. Keep posting! You have 1 more Route 3 post, then THREE more for Mount Moon. Keep up the good work man!
You caught Nidoran (M)!

June 2nd, 2008, 5:55 PM
"So that's what Magikarp is useful for" Derek said to himself as he continued to walk deeper into the cave; which, to his surprise, wasn't at really dark. The lighting resembled perhaps the light emanated from the moon as soon as it was starting to darken. It wasn't really bad... Not at all. There was still an eerie feeling, though. Like if someone had been watching them all along their way. That, paired with screeches of Zubat made this place a not so happy area. Talking about Zubat, it wasn't long before Derek continued to walk and eventually came to a 3 way intersection. A straight horizontal path lied in front of him, but as soon as he was going to take his first step in, a girl rushed in front of him at a great speed.

~Huh?~ Derek thought as he peeked his head in and stared at the running individual. ~What's wrong with her? What's she running away fro... Oh... Th... Ahhhhh!~ Derek though to himself, screaming the last statements, when he saw bunches of Zubats coming in his direction. He dropped to the ground and protected his head with his hands; a motion Pikachu copied immediatly. The Zubat then flew away in the direction they were headed at in first place, and as soon as none was in sight, Derek stood up and rushed to the opposite the direction the bat Pokemon were headed to.

He ran through the cave for quite a while, until he reached a point that seemed like a large 'room' inside the cave. It had just 2 exits, the one Derek just came through and another one across the room. Derek was about to exit the large room, but Pikachu stopped him by pulling his hair.

"Ow, Pikachu! What's wrong with you? What... Oh..."

Derek was about to scold Pikachu for pulling his hair, but realized that had been the best idea Pikachu had had so far. Pikachu was jumping up and down desperately as he pointed to a wall. The wall had a sparkling object in the middle of it. Derek didn't notice the object at first because he was running, but know the strange glow caught his complete attention. "What is that?" Derek thought as he ran towards the wall with the encrusted thing.

As soon as he got there, he noticed it was some sort of silver-ish stone. He hadn't ever seen anything like it, but the stone seemed valuable. He pulled it out of the wall and then pointed his PokeDex towards it. Maybe it could also identify items or something. To his delight, as soon as the PokeDex lens was aligned with the stone, a robotic voice started to talk.

"Moon Stone" The voice initiated, "A very rare and valuable stone that is said to be from the Moon. Causes some species of Pokemon to evolve."

"Wow! Moon Stone! An object from space! Rad!" Derek exclaimed as he dusted off the stone. He was about to put it in his pockets, but realized what the last words of the PokeDex were. "Causes certain species of Pokemon to evolve..." Derek repeated to himself thoughtfully. "Maybe..."

"Go, Magikarp!" Derek yelled as he released his very loved 'legendary' Pokemon.

"Karp. Karp" Magikarp yelped as he flopped around helplessly. Not like he could do anything else.

"Maybe I wasn't scammed" Derek realized. "Maybe... Maybe you can evolve. Perhaps your evolution is so freakin' awesome! All you need is this stone from outer space! If this doesn't make you stronger, I'll be offering free sushi in a near future."

"So that's what Magikarp is useful for" Derek said to himself as he continued to walk deeper into the cave; which, to his surprise, wasn't at really dark. The lighting resembled perhaps the light emanated from the moon as soon as it was starting to darken. It wasn't really bad... Not at all. There was still an eerie feeling, though. Like if someone had been watching them all along their way. That, paired with screeches of Zubat made this place a not so happy area. Talking about Zubat, it wasn't long before Derek continued to walk and eventually came to a 3 way intersection. A straight horizontal path lied in front of him, but as soon as he was going to take his first step in, a girl rushed in front of him at a great speed.

~Huh?~ Derek thought as he peeked his head in and stared at the running individual. ~What's wrong with her? What's she running away fro... Oh... Th... Ahhhhh!~ Derek though to himself, screaming the last statements, when he saw bunches of Zubats coming in his direction. He dropped to the ground and protected his head with his hands; a motion Pikachu copied immediatly. The Zubat then flew away in the direction they were headed at in first place, and as soon as none was in sight, Derek stood up and rushed to the opposite the direction the bat Pokemon were headed to.

He ran through the cave for quite a while, until he reached a point that seemed like a large 'room' inside the cave. It had just 2 exits, the one Derek just came through and another one across the room. Derek was about to exit the large room, but Pikachu stopped him by pulling his hair.

"Ow, Pikachu! What's wrong with you? What... Oh..."

Derek was about to scold Pikachu for pulling his hair, but realized that had been the best idea Pikachu had had so far. Pikachu was jumping up and down desperately as he pointed to a wall. The wall had a sparkling object in the middle of it. Derek didn't notice the object at first because he was running, but know the strange glow caught his complete attention. "What is that?" Derek thought as he ran towards the wall with the encrusted thing.

As soon as he got there, he noticed it was some sort of silver-ish stone. He hadn't ever seen anything like it, but the stone seemed valuable. He pulled it out of the wall and then pointed his PokeDex towards it. Maybe it could also identify items or something. To his delight, as soon as the PokeDex lens was aligned with the stone, a robotic voice started to talk.

"Moon Stone" The voice initiated, "A very rare and valuable stone that is said to be from the Moon. Causes some species of Pokemon to evolve."

"Wow! Moon Stone! An object from space! Rad!" Derek exclaimed as he dusted off the stone. He was about to put it in his pockets, but realized what the last words of the PokeDex were. "Causes certain species of Pokemon to evolve..." Derek repeated to himself thoughtfully. "Maybe..."

"Go, Magikarp!" Derek yelled as he released his very loved 'legendary' Pokemon.

"Karp. Karp"

Derek approached the fish Pokemon and got on one knee, slowly taking the stone to Magikarp's body. For the first seconds, Magikarp looked like nothing had happened to him. Then, something unexpected started to happen. Magikarp started to splash around at a quicker pace.

~Yes! It worked!~ Derek said, proud of his smart actions. He took a few steps back and waited for Magikarp to transform into an uber powerful beast that inspired fear on every living creature that casted his or her stare upon it. Magikarp started to splash quicker and quicker with each passing second, but the results weren't at all what Derek had expected...

"Karp! Karp! Karp! Karp! Karp!.... Kuuuuuuuuuurp"

Magikarp seemed like it was about to evolve, due to all his rushing movement, but revealed the super powerful force inside himself as only a very loud burp. "Oh, come on!" Derek said angry as he stomped his feet on the ground. "All that for a burp? Maybe you are useless after all" Derek said angry. He then though about leaving the room and 'forgetting' about Magikarp. He placed the unused stone in his backpack and took a deep breath. He could only give a few steps, though, when a voice that came from the dark started to say something.

"Ahem. Did you say you had a Moon Stone right there. You see, I'm a member from Team Rocket. Ever heard of us? If you haven't, then let me say something. That item belongs to us. Along with all of your Pokemon. So I'll tell you what. You can turn in the item and all of your Pokemon the easy way and pretend nothing ever happened, or I could take them away with brute force. So?"

As soon as he finished talking, a lowly Grunt stepped out of the shadows with two Pokeballs in his hand.

"I'm not giving you anything, creep. Prf, c'mon. Get a real job" Derek said bravely as he pulled out Mankey's Pokeball, deciding he would use either him or Pikachu in the upcoming battle.

"Oh. Oh! A brave kiddo here? C'mon, pal. You really think you can win? I'll teach you a lesson you'll never forget." The grunt said as he threw his two Pokeballs to the ground. "Go, Sonic! Go, Superrat" The Grunt said as two Pokemon came out of their balls. "Sonic and Superrat? What's that?" Derek asked himself as he then noticed a Zubat and a Raticate come out.

"Oh... My... God." Derek said in a very serious tone, then suddenly started to die from laughter. "Sonic? Superrat? What the hell, man?! If you're giving a Pokemon some nicknames, be sure to have some creativity... Or 2 neurons" Derek said as he sent out Mankey. "Look, I'll play your game" Derek said. "Go.. Umm... Juggernaut!" Derek exclaimed with a laugh as Mankey appeared. "You can't stop the Juggernaut! Now.. Um... Go..." Derek started saying as he thought for a nickname for Pikachu, but before he could think of something, Magikarp rushed uninvited to the battle field.

"Go, Ness!" Derek said as he pointed at his Magikarp. ~Yeah, that's it. Ness. 'Cause I'm sure Magikarp resembles a fearsome ocean creature~ Derek thought as he sighed and let his Pokemon fight their own battle. They had more fun that way, apparently. So on the battle started.

First, Mankey threw himself with a Karate Chop towards Raticate, who took is hesitantly. Superrat was knocked away a few feet, and before Juggernaut could strike again, he was stopped by an Astonish from Zubat, making him flinch. "Sonic, take on Juggernaut. Superrat, I want you to slowly and painfully finish off his Magikarp!" Zubat was having fun at fightning Mankey. He just had to fly up and watch Mankey desperately jump up and down to reach him.

Ness, however, seemed to be having his own problems. Raticate darted himself towards the fish with a tough bite and started to chew on his rubbery skin very violently, sometimes shaking his head quickly from side to side to maximize pain. Magikarp's stare, however, didn't seem to be at all scared. Perhaps Magikapr was completely and flat-out useless, but at least he also seemed to be indestructible.

~Perhaps he's so stupid he doesn't realize he should be in pain~ Derek thought to himself as he stared at the battle. "Juggernaut, Zubat is having a blast up in there. Use Focus Energy for when he decides to come down!"

Mankey, for like 3rd time ever, obeyed Derek. He sat on the ground as he started to concentrate his force. It wasn't long after that, though, when Sonic realized what Mankey was doing, so he launched himself with a Wing Attack; landing a super-effective hit. Mankey was sent back to Ratiate flying so hard that he hit the Raticate with enough strength like for him to release Ness. Mankey then struggled for air, while Raticate and Zubat just stared laughing evilly. Magikarp was dumb as always.

Mankey then had another one of his awesome ideas. He noticed how, even though all the violent struggle he received from the powerful rat, Ness seemed unaffected. "Key!"
Mankey exclaimed excited as he picked up Magikarp with his right hand. He was now using his fishy comrade as a live shield. Raticate and Zubat stared at Mankey confused, not sure of what he was doing. Without taking any time to guess, though, Sonic used bite on Mankey. The attack wasn't landed successfully, though. It instead was taken by Ness, who apparently wasn't at all aware he had been attacked. Zubat's fangs where now completely stuck on Ness.

Mankey grinned mischievously as he grabbed Zubat by his 'legs' and slammed him into the ground with an immense strength. A one hit knockout. Zubat lied there fainted until his trainer withdrew him. Raticate then, in a moment of stupidity, also used bite on Magikarp. Mankey, however, decided to change strategy a bit. When Raticate was at a 'safe' distance, Mankey threw his fish shield at him and slapped him across the face, knocking him out on his back; and before he could react, a Critical hit, super-effective Karate Chop was delivered. Derek withdrew his Pokemon and smiled.

"Game... Set... Match" Derek bragged as he called his Pokemon back and saw the Grunt run away. "I'll tell the other ones to whoop your butt!" he exclaimed as he vanished into the shadow..

June 2nd, 2008, 6:06 PM
To Diegoyayi: That was quite the post you put up there. I couldn't really decide if you wanted it to count for the item (Moon Stone) or the battle with Team Rocket. So, in the end, I chose to let you have both, with one stipulation. You get to keep the Moon Stone, but your Mankey and Magikarp will only gain 2 Levels each, instead of the 3 they probably would've gotten. Nice work man! You can post your last turn whenever you like.
Very funny post, by the way. It was HILARIOUS when Mankey actually used Magikarp as a weapon. Keep the creativity coming!
You got a Moon Stone!
Mankey grew to Level 15!
Magikarp grew to Level 10!

June 2nd, 2008, 10:13 PM
Bobby walked out of the Pokemon Center with Charmander at his side. As they walked up to the entrence of Mt. Moon, Bobby looked in and said deeply, "Whoa, looks big." Charmander went first so that Bobby could see by the fire on his tail.

After a while of walking, Bobby and Charmander sat down for a break. Both had minor cuts by the constant attack of the wild Zubat. As they rested Charmander noticed a light up a head. "Char Char!" "What that boy? Timmy fell in the well?" Bobby laughed at his bad joke, and Charmander gave him a look that said "I wish you were more serious." Charmander then dragged Bobby towards the light.

When they got near the light, they saw a man wearing a black outfit and had a big red R on his chest. He had a purple pile of goo next to him and he seem to be scaring a pink pokemon. "For the last time get in the cage!" he yelled, "You are supposed to get me in the good graces of the boss!"

"Clefairy!" the pokemon cried out in terror. Suddenly Bobby stepped into the light. "What the hell do you think you're doing?!" Bobby roared in anger. "That Clefairy dosen't want to come with you so leave it alone!"

Charmander was surprised at the hatred ammiting from Bobby. He was usually calm and was happy. Now his face was contorted in furious frown. To be honest, Charmander was a little afraid of him.

"Who do you think you are?!" Bobby roared and the man in black chuckled evily.

"I'm a member of Team Rocket! What are you gonna do about it?" he sneered.

"I'll tell you what i'm gonna do about it! Charmander use Ember!" Charmander lept into battle spitting out a small fire ball.

"Grimer!" The Rocket called to the goo, "Use Harden!"

"Grimer!" Grimer cried as it turned rock hard. The tiny fire ball hit Grimer, but simply disengrated.

"Now Grimer follow up with Mud-Slap!" the grunt commanded, and the purple ooze started to chuck wet mud at Charmander. Some even got in his eyes.

"Charmander!" Bobby cried. This is bad, Bobby thought. That was a ground type move and Charmander's weak against ground. "Charmander use Scratch!"

Charmander charged, but Grimer simply side stepped him. "Grimer, this is begining to bore me, use Mud Slap again." Grimer complied and Charmander took a Critical Hit.

As Charmander fell, Bobby yelled "Charmander don't give up! That Clefairy needs you, and so do I!"

Suddenly the flame on Charmander's tail grew and he was back on his feet. Is this what I think this is? Bobby wondered. "I hope so, cause here go's everything! Charmander, Ember!" Charmander spat out a huge fireball, that engulfed Grimer knocking it out.

"The hell was that?!" The grunt cried.

"That was Blaze, Charmander's ability which increase fire type moves in tense situations." Bobby turned to the Clefairy. "Come here girl you're safe now." The Clefairy climbed on Bobby shoulder, the fear fading from her eyes.

As Bobby took a step towards the Rocket, fury in his eyes, the floor gave away! "I'll take that!" The grunt said snatching Clefairy out of the air.

"Clefairy!" was the last word Bobby yelled before he hit something and blacked out, as he and Charmander fell into the inky blackness.

June 2nd, 2008, 10:24 PM
To Zimvee: That was a pretty darn good post for you, I must admit. I really liked your interactions with Charmander there, and you worked in his Blaze ability nicely. Keep the posts coming man. That was a really good job on that one! Nice length!
Oh, and you still get to post twice more before you leave Mount Moon. Make them count man! Keep up the good quality you've started with this post!
Charmander grew to Level 12!
Charmander learned Smokescreen!

To All: As it stands right now, here is the progress of everyone's posts:

Zimvee: 1/2 for Route 4
Ibuberu: 2/2 for Route 4
Diegoyayi: 2/2 for Route 4
Trainer Kat: 1/3 for Mount Moon
Slave: 0/3 for Mount Moon

Nice work guys!

Slave to the Poké-Rave
June 3rd, 2008, 11:28 AM
Kaiden sighed, hiding under a rather large canopy tree as the rain finally began to stop pouring. The dirt had turned to slosh and had washed down the little cliffs and ridges of the route. The entire area seemed to be barren, the grass glistening with water droplets, said droplets falling from some of the leaves above. Cubone shivered, a bead of water falling from the skull, an ironic tear upon the bone. His bones were shining, cleaned in the rain. He looked happy and ready to go. Kaiden's mood was the same, but he was far from sparkly. His jeans had a few splatters, and his hair was flat and sodden with rain.

'Well cubone, its stopped raining. Lets get our groove on and reach Mt.Moon. It looks like the heavens will open again.' he finished, giving a cursive look to the grey clouds above. Cubone answered with a simple nod, taking off already down the path. Kaiden sighed as he took off after his first pokemon.

They went up and down hill, a patch of long grass on their right, before turning from another rocky corridor. More grass lay ahead, as well as a path up the mountain to the left, and a signpost. He walked towards it for a better view, splishing through the water.

'Mt.Moon.' it read.

'Simple enough.' Kaiden thought allowed, before having something small and heavy hit him.

'Hey!' shouted the kid, looking fierce.

'Watch where your walking. You and that stupid thing.' he finished, laughing at cubone, who had moved to hide behind |Kaiden's legs.

'Its a bit wet out for you ain't it kid?' Kaiden said, ignoring the rude boys comments.

'I can do any weather, cos im a tough pokemon trainer. Not like you!' he said, laughing with a slight snort.

'Alright kid, thats enough. You get out those pokeballs.' he said, anger flaming as he gripped the boy by the shirt. The kid backed off, holding his lip as he scrabbled for his pokemon.

'O...Ok. Go, Caterpie and Metapod!' he shouted, loosing both of them, the white forms shimmering then solidifying.

'Ok, double battle then. Go on cubone!' he said, thinking for a second, 'and you, nidoran!' he finished, smiling as the rested purple rabbit appeared. It growled slightly, obviously a bit of a tough nut. Cubone stood next to him bravely, obviously feeling a kinship already after saving the poison pin pokemon.

'Urm, Caterpie, use string shot, and metapod, harden!' the boy said, voice strong, yet wavering at the end. Cubone wailed as he was wrapped around the legs and sent tumbling to the floor, the metapod simply sitting there and appearing to turn a slightly darker shade. Nidoran could be seen visibly rolling its eyes at its comrade. Cubone shrugged off the look as he stood up, the silk dropping upon the floor.

'Ok, Cubone, use bone club on the caterpie, and nidoran, try a double kick on the metapod!' he shouted.

'Cu-cubone!' he let out, running at the bug, who squealed in response at the oncoming attack, curling up and being bowled away by cubone's bone. It screeched as it hit a rock wall and un-curled. It limped back to the fight. Nidoran, meanwhile, was right next to the metapod, sliding low as it kicked the bug again. It seemed to have little or no effect, the bug rocking with no sound.

'Nido!' he roared, stalking back to Kaiden. Cubone was perked up, ready for his next attack.

'Right, headbutt attack the metapod! And Nidoran, poison sting caterpie!'

'Harden! Harden, harden, harden!' the kid shouted, jumping up and down.

'Is that all it knows, serious?' Kaiden said, un-impressed. It was unanswered, Nidoran diving at the caterpie, which again curled up, and ended up being gashed down the side, poison taking effect straight away as it stayed curled and whimpered. Cubone was busy however, smashing his skull into the hardening metapod. He stumbled back slightly, but a visible crack in the metapod's chrysalis could be seen.

'Oh no! Come back Caterpie!' the boy said, voice filled with displeasure.

'Ok, Nidoran! Nice job both of you! Finish the bug with a scratch!' Kaiden said, victory at hand as nidoran charged, rearing on its hind paws and let out with his claws, tearing at the metapod. The edge of the chrysalis peeled away, and metapod disappeared back into the pokeball the kid held.

'Alright, you win.' the kid huffed, handing over a little cash before fleeing towards Pewter city.

'Nice job Nidoran. You to Cubone.' he said, crouching down. Nidoran gave the hand approaching him a wary glance, before accepting the touch. Cubone was already reeling in his trainer's praise.

'Your a little fighter aren't you nidoran? I wonder what you have seen.' Kaiden said, flicking the rabbit's head to the side, noticing the scar running across its right eye. Nidoran wasn't so happy with this inspection, and flicked his head away, only turning back when offered some viridian apples. Cubone squealed, until he too got some.

'Ok, come now, to the pokecentre, and then onwards!' he said, Nidoran again rolling its eyes at Kaiden and cubone, who squealed and followed.


The door clicked open with a sighing sound, a pink haired woman waving at him.

'Welcome to the pokemon center, how may i help you?' she asked, a chansey appearing next to her.

'Well cutey,' he blushed, 'Is there anywhere we can rest a little?' he asked, before being ushered into a sideroom by another of the big, pink pokemon.

June 3rd, 2008, 11:44 AM
To Slave: Well. I must say that you put up a really good post right there. Very well done. Now, normally, due to the quality of your post, you would've gained 3 Levels for one of your Pokemon. Since it was a double battle, however, I will be distrubuting those 3 Levels among both Nidoran and Cubone. Excellent work! You are at Mount Moon now!
I did also like how you made Cubone and Nidoran start forming a bond. Well done with that. The scar was also a nice touch. Keep the great posts coming.
Cubone grew to Level 14!
Nidoran grew to Level 11!

Trainer Kat
June 3rd, 2008, 4:18 PM
Mount Moon was darker than he had expected. Much darker. While he didn’t need a flashlight or anything of the sort, it was dark enough that he occasionally ran into a wall, even once running straight into another trainer, his forehead smacking against the boy’s. And yesterday’s tree branch wound had just started to heal. Apart from the occasional Zubat screech, the only thing Jack could hear was the sound of his own grumbling. Eevee began to grow impatient with Jack, even going so far as to leap off his shoulder and offer to lead the way. Of course, being the stubborn fool that he is, the brunette refused the help, cockily marching ahead of the disgruntled Pokémon. Ordinarily, he would be looking for Pokémon to capture and make his own, but all he’d seen so far were Zubats, and they were common enough that they weren’t worth his time. Despite Eevee’s gentle urges to capture a Pokémon (as he was surely falling behind the other trainers), the boy still had not seen one strong enough to be worth his time. That is, until he stumbled upon one. Literally.

“Who put this rock here?” he moaned as he stood, brushing off the dirt that had stuck to his clothes after his unexpected fall. As it happened, the rock had put itself there. In fact, it was not merely an ordinary rock, but a rock-shaped Pokémon, one he instantly recognized from his fight with Brock. The Geodude’s arms extended, and it began chasing furiously after Jack. Scooping up his partner into his arms, Jack turned and ran, as being run over by a Geodude certainly didn’t appeal to him…especially considering it wasn’t one he particularly wished to own. Every so often, the Rock Type would gain on him, swinging its arms vigorously in an attempt to knock the brunette’s legs out from under him. For the most part, Jack narrowly dodged the thrashing appendages. However, Jack’s limited luck soon ran out. In one rough swing, the Geodude struck Jack’s right leg, knocking him to the ground. He fell, Eevee coming loose from his arms and rolling a few feet away.

“You…you stay away!” Jack warned, kicking his uninjured leg wildly at the Geodude, managing to land one hit right in the center of its forehead. Momentarily, the Geodude appeared to yield, though quickly resumed the fervent onslaught. In that second, Jack thought he was a goner. That is, until salvation came in the form of a pink ball of fluff. It was a feminine looking Pokémon, with two tiny wings and a large, curly tail. It was very…pink. And, had Jack been a girl, he would have called it ‘cute’. But being a boy, he didn’t think that way. Well…maybe a little. Maybe. As soon as the Pokémon appeared, it opened its mouth and began to sing. It was a soothing little tune, and Jack could feel his eyelids growing heavy. He fought it, however, and watched as the Geodude succumbed to the glorious sound. It was then that Jack realized what the pink Pokémon was. Whipping off his over shirt, he threw it over the Pokémon, catching it in a makeshift net.

“I’ve got you, Clefairy!” he exclaimed, wrapping the button down around Clefairy. The Pokémon struggled wildly, and, for a moment, Jack considered releasing it. Once more he entertained the thought. “I’ll let you go…if you do me a favor. I want you to lead the way out. And then you can go free. Everyone wins…what do you say?” The Pokémon ceased floundering, at which point Jack let it down. It stood there for a moment, staring up at him, before skipping away. All he could do now, was hope it was leading him the right way.

June 3rd, 2008, 4:31 PM
To Trainer Kat: That was a relatively short post, and I'm not quite sure if you had a goal or not (besides straight-up RPing, that is). If that is the case, that's fine. I, however, feel I need to give you something for your post. Seeing as Eevee played a small, role, I will grant her one Level.
Oh, and clever work with the Clefairy in that post. I thought the whole catching it with a bag was kind of funny.
Two posts left!
Eevee grew to Level 16!

June 3rd, 2008, 5:21 PM
"Yeah, Whatever dude! I'm so freakin' scared!" Derek yelled at the running grunt. Derek took his hand to his belt to put his Pokemon on his belt, then he walked out the way he was originally headed before that grunt interrupted him. Pikachu went up on his shoulder again and sighed as Derek walked.

"Hey, Pikachu" Derek started saying. "There is a reason I'm using Ness and Juggernaut rigt now and not you. You see, in the upcoming areas, I here there are billions of Flying and Water type Pokemon. In fact, the gym is water type! There you and I will battle our intestines out and you will be much stronger than these two Pokemon put together." Derek finalized his explanation with a soft pat on his yellow comrade, who just smiled and punched his small fist into the air and yelling "Pika!".

~But first...~ Derek thought. ~We have to make it out of here... This is getting tiring~

Derek and Pikachu continued to make their path on the insides of Mt. Moon, which, in the eyes of the each time more fatigued travelers, seemed like an endless and impossible feat. Derek could feel however, that the exit was approaching. His feelings were then materialized when he saw some rays of light coming into the cave. That could only mean one thing, and that was, that the exit was near.

A blank smile appeared on Derek's face as he saw the exit across another room. "We made it, Pikachu! Let's get out of here!" Derek exclaimed as he started running. He was stopped, though, when something that felt like a very thick and cold rope grabbed him by the feet and caused him to drop on his face. Pikachu was launched away and slammed into a wall as Derek hit the ground.

"What was that!?" Derek exclaimed loudly as he stood up and stared at the ground. A purple cylindrical 'thing' then slid away into the darkness. Derek thought about following the thing, but instead ran to aid his Pikachu. He held him in his arms and ran towards the exit again, but was now stopped a thick smokescreen. ~Oh, C'mon! What's going on!~ Derek thought to himself in between coughs. As the smoke cleared, 4 figures walked out of the shadows. Two human and two Pokemon. "Excellent job; Python and Cig." The voices said as an Ekans and a Koffing approached. The two trainers were in fact Rocket Grunts, both wearing the same outfit as the one he fought earlier.

"Oh, so that loser told you I beat him and now you seek revenge or something? I beat a grunt, and now the whole organization is against me? Just step out of it, guys.." Derek said angry. He was so close to the exit he could almost feel the fresh air touching his hair. He could run away, but was set on beating those grunts. "Go Juggernaut. Go Pi... Ness" Derek said, realizing his Pikachu had been too hurt like to battle.

The two Pokemon came out of their Pokeballs and positioned face to face with the opposing snake and garbage ball. Before anyone made a move, Koffing let out a cloud of smoke that covered the entire arena, and the smoke lingered for the whole battle. Derek couldn't see anything, and therefore couldn't command his Pokemon into doing something.

After almost 20 minutes of Pokemon screaming, everything became quiet. The unstobble "Key! Karp! Kans! Koffing!" yells found their end. The smoke was still ont he area, so Derek didn't know what was going on. The smoke was blown away, though, when Mankey used Magikarp as a fan to clear the battlefield. Everything that was seen was Ekans and Koffing lying there, fainted, Mankey being bright red like if he just activated Anger Point, and Magikarp stupid as always.

"Oh man" the grunts said as they withdrew their Pokemon. "Adams was right. That Magikarp is deadly.. That thing he made... Oh man" The grunts whispered in fear as the ran away without saying a word.

"Huh? Magikarp deadly?.. Did you just do something I should know about while on the smoke?" Derek asked grinning mischievously as he stared at Ness.

"Karp. Karp."

Derek withdrew his Pokemon and then ran out of the cave, finally seeing the sun again.

June 3rd, 2008, 7:48 PM
To Diegoyayi: This wasn't your best post yet, but you still managed to pull of a decent one. I realize you are busy, though, and I don't hold it against you. I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt, seeing as I actually want you guys to get stronger Pokemon, believe or not. I'm certainly not here to hold you back. It was a pretty decent job though, and I saw a lot of potential in it if you'd had a little more time. Good work. You made it out of Mount Moon! The next area will be up once we get a few more people done with their Mount Moon posts.
Mankey grew to Level 17!
Mankey is trying to learn Seismic Toss, but Mankey can't learn more than 4 moves! Delete an older move to make room for Seismic Toss?
Magikarp grew to Level 12!

June 3rd, 2008, 11:30 PM
Bobby hurt everywhere and he felt like he was on fire. Pain was all that he could think about. He opened his eyes weakly and saw... mushrooms moving? I must hit my head harder than I thought... Bobby thought.

"Oh! He's awake!" a voice cried happily.

Too loud... Suddenly a cup was pressed to his mouth and a cool liquid cascaded down his throat. The heat started to dissapear, and the pain got better. But not by much.

"Looks like he's still in pain..." the mysterious voice said worridly. "Paras use a Stun Spore and Spore combo!" The mushrooms started spraying out a type of powder that eased the pain and made Bobby sleepy. He couldn't resist and he blacked out once more.

Bobby woke up feeling a little light headed, but much better. He sat up and got a good look at his surroundings. He appeared to be sitting in a dry bowl shape cave. He looked around and saw Charmander sleeping in a ball. Bobby smiled and petted him, while wondering where he was.

Suddenly a beautiful girl walked into the cave. Bobby's jaw literaly dropped. The girl, who looked a little older than Bobby, had long, straight brown hair, deep milk chocolate eyes. She was wearing dark blue jeans and had a loud rainbow shirt on. Bobby couldn't help but stare at the amazing girl in front of him.

"Hi! Looks like you're feeling better!" the girl said.

"Yeah..." Bobby hadn't registered anything she had said. "Are you the one that saved me?" he asked reganing his sences.

"No!" the girl said laughing, "It was the Paras here. They found you and brought you here." Bobby looked over and saw the moving mushrooms from before. They looked a little bit like spiders with mushrooms on their backs. "My name's Caitlyn by the way. What's yours?"

"My name's Bobby. What are you doing here anyway?"

"I'm researching ways that you can use a Paras's mushrooms to heal people. And judging by the way you look fine it seems to be going quite well!" Caitlyn said with a smile.

"So, I could have easily ended up dead?" Bobby asked worried.

"Um, yeah!" Bobby rolled his eyes and then looked down. His ribs were covered in bandages. "Yeah thats the way you were when the Paras brought you. It's not too sevier. You had only bruised you rib cage."

Bobby nodded and saw a pile of his clothing. "Um... could you... um..." Bobby said getting cherry red in the face.

"Oh! Um... yeah sure!" Caitlyn getting equaly as red. She turned around and Bobby quickly changed.

"Where are my Pokeballs?" Bobby asked.

"About those..." Caitlyns voice trailed off as she showed them to Bobby. The openings had been crushed by the fall, preventing Mankey and Butterfree from escaping.

"Is there any way we can fix this?" he asked, tears forming in his eyes.

"I don't know..." Bobby nodded sadly. He woke up Charmander and they started walking out. "Are you made at me?" Caitlyn asked.

"Of course not, it wasn't your fault. I know whose it was." Bobby said, his face turning dark with anger. He said good-bye and started running to catch up with Team Rocket. Suddenly he tripped over something. "What the...?" Bobby picked it up. It looked like a black stone set in the night sky (OOC: it's a moon stone). Thinking not much of it he pocketed it.

When he got near their base, Bobby saw a cage full wild pokemon. One of them was Clefairy. "Allright move out!" Said the Rocket Bobby had battled. His fist shaking in fury he tried to catch them but a Rocket blocked his path.

"Y-your-r not g-goi-ng any-ywhere!" he said in a nervous voice.

"I don't have time for this!" Bobby roared. "Charmander use Smokescreen!" Charmander coughed up thick black smoke, that soon covered the entire battle field. Bobby lowered his goggles to his eyes and saw Zubat's heat signeture. "Charmander! On your right! Ember!" Charmander threw out the fireball and the Zubat went down.

"Waa my Zubat!" the Rocket cried. Bobby ignored him and caught up with the cage.

"Stop right there!" Bobby yelled.

"Well well well. And here was I thinking that you were dead." The Rocket said mockingly. "I'm going to assume that you want me to release the pokemon? Not gonna happen!" the rocket laughed manically. "Grimer Pound!" The rocket threw out the purple ooze which charged.

"Charmander use Scratch!" Charmander charged as well. Both pokemon with their arms held high began the ramatch.

June 3rd, 2008, 11:40 PM
To Zimvee: This is a really good post for you, and it is very long. Well done! Even though it left off as a cliff hanger, I'm going to assume this is a completed product. With that said, keep in mind you only have one post left in Mount Moon, so make it count! The other thing I'd like to say is, although you did find a Moon Stone, I'm going to give your Charmander some experience anyway for the length of your post. Nice work man!
I really like the little story you decided to work into the adventure. Very well done.
You found a Moon Stone!
Charmander grew to Level 15!

Oh, and Zimvee. If you aren't planning on catching a Pokemon in your next post, be sure to do a Double Battle with a Team Rocket member. Both of your Pokemon will get full experience from it (not split).

June 4th, 2008, 5:30 AM
"Walk faster, walk faster!" Adel urged her Pokemon, the speed of her footsteps far exceeding their own. However, the girl could not bear to separate herself anymore than four paces from her Squirtle, who decided that she preferred to walk on her own legs instead of constantly hitching rides on her trainer. Kinah was deliberately gliding gently and slowly in the air, it was far too dim for the girl to notice a cheeky smile drawn upon the avian's features. The female was presumably hurrying her Pokemon on the basis that she wanted to reach Cerulean quicker, before night could fall. It was probably partially correct, since it was incredibly obvious that Adel wouldn't want to be in a spooky place such as Mount Moon after the sun had set, with the higher probability of spirits awakening and matters of the like. Ophelia obediently quickened her movements, while Kinah merely gave a disgruntled caw, following the both of them with a reluctant expression.

"We're almost out, I can feel it," the girl reassured herself in a mock-calm voice. Despite the collected tone she used, if one squinted their eyes and concentrated on her actions, they would be able to see her shivering, ever so slightly. Ophelia called out with delight to acknowledge her trainer's statement, while Kinah merely gave a dry chuckle. The single thought of escaping from the dark clutches of the cave seemed to soothe and brighten up Adel quite a fair bit. Suddenly, with no prior warning, she ran into something solid, and a two screams filled the previously silent atmosphere. Hearing another cry only made the girl feel more frantic and alarmed, as she began flailing her arms wildly around, "I come in peace, I come it peace! Leave me be!" she shouted in a high pitch, an equally terrified voice replying shrilly, "Ahh~! G-Go away! Away!"

The sound of the young girl's voice led Adel to believe she had just bumped into a female poltergiest, but her rational side told her, in a commanding voice, "Its just another girl! Relax! I-Its not like you'd be so unlucky to meet a-a..."

"Hello~!" Adeltruat jumped at the girl's voice.

"P-Pleased to meet you!" She curtsied, wondering if the other girl would be able to notice the gesture.

"Hey, you really scared the jeepers out of me just now!" By the sound of her speech, the trainer could tell that the female was around her age, the owner of a strong and mature voice. Adel scrutinized the figure standing in front of her, her eyes adjusting to the lack of light after being frightened so badly, noticing shoulder length hair and hands placed on hips, the faint outline of a mini-skirt could be seen, barely. The lass held a spherical object in on hand, as she raised it and positioned it at Adel's line of sight. "Anyway, since we sort of met eyes, I say it’s time for a battle!"

Before the young trainer could react, the pokeball was thrown and a red light illuminated the tunnel for the briefest of moments, allowing the two young females to clearly see each other. A beautiful blond with curly locks, a purple sleeveless shirt and white skirt stood opposite Adel, a genuine look of interest on her delicate face. Both girls exchanged smiles, as Adel pointed to the creature taking shape before her, a pink Pokemon that looked hauntingly familiar stood in place of the light, a pleasant smile on her face. The Clefairy danced around in a small circle, awaiting her trainer’s command. Kinah flew into the fray before Adel had given clear indication as to which Pokemon was to do battle. Adel resisted the temptation to shout at the Pidgey for being so impatient, but decided not to do so in front of company.

“Go, Kinah! Quick Attack!”

The Pidgey seemed to be an expert at the newly learned attack, swooping forth with inhumane speed and slamming into the Clefairy’s small form, beak first. The impact caused the poor thing to topple over, crying in pain as she did so. The avian gave no qualms and showed no signs of relenting her fierce rivalry with her opponent, jumping back a few paces before resuming flight, circling around the Normal type, eyeing it suspiciously. Upon the lass’ order, the pink ball of Pokemon unleashed a large, uncharacteristic growl, throwing Kinah off guard. Adel bit her lip, lowering the Pidgey’s attack instead of performing a head-on attack, she felt as if the opposing girl had some sort of strategy concocting within her head.

“Sand-Attack!” she decided to fight fire with fire, as Kinah landed firmly, before using her clawed feet to dig up soil on the ground and spray it towards Clefairy. The Normal type covered her eyes as the sand blinded her, lowering her accuracy, releasing a squeaky yelp.

“ENCORE~!” the blond female shouted proudly, as Adel’s eyes widened at the command.

Clefairy smiled smugly, through watery eyes, she circled the confused Kinah, clapping her paws loudly, as if encouraging Kinah. The bird became dazed for a brief moment, before shaking her head violently and regaining her composure, pretending that nothing had taken place as she spread her wings to take off. However, a shocked expression covered her feathery face, as it seemed that an invisible force of gravity pulled her down towards the ground, preventing her from gaining flight. One taloned foot struck out awkwardly, against the avian’s will, clawing at the ground and allowing dirt to splay out in a miniature wave. A forlorn look was upon the Pidgey’s face through it all.

“Kinah, return!”

A red line of light shot at the bird, recalling her back into her respective Pokeball.

“Ophie, go on, start off with Water Gun!” the Squirtle charged into the battle, full of eager energy after watching her companion exchanging blows with the Fairy Pokemon. She shot up a very familiar beam of water from her mouth, landing a direct hit upon the startled Clefairy. The strength of the water overwhelmed the creature, as she retreated back a few steps, clearly tired from what had happened thus far.

“Pound!” the Normal type’s trainer ordered firmly, not wanting to give up without a fight. The Clefairy plodded towards the turtle, raising a glowing paw as she readied to deliver a nasty blow. However, she missed her intended target, just barely, as Squirtle managed to avoid the attack. Adel struggled to control a smile from forming on her face. Kinah’s two Sand-Attacks had not been used in vain. Ophelia gave another tremendous blow of water right after the Clefairy’s failed offensive attack, knocking the weak Pokemon into an unconscious state.

“Woahhh… That was a great battle.” Was all the Lass could say, as she withdrew the fainted Clefairy.
Before Adel had a chance to reply, Ophelia began to emit a white light, soon engulfing her entire body. The girl watched on expectantly, a wide grin appearing on her face, her body tingling with happiness. She knew what this was; it was a sign of evolution. Her Squirtle has going to become even stronger. The turtle grew in size, and even obtained a pair of protruding ears. When the light died down, in place of the Squirtle, a Wartortle stood, examining and feeling her new form. The white, cloud like ears and tail she now possessed elicited coos from both girls. The trainer grabbed onto the newly evolved Ophelia, shaking her with a little too much enthusiasm, “You look so strong and cute~! “

June 4th, 2008, 7:37 AM
To Ibuberu: EXCELLENT WORK so far, Ibuberu. Your excellent quality posts are clearly paying off for you! Really well done on this post, I must say. The entire battle was very entertaining to read and I was also held captive by the pre-battle and post-battle as well. I'm not sure if you're writing is getting better or you are just trying harder now, but either way, that was a TOP quality post. Really good work there. I'm going to give all of the experience to Kinah, seeing as though Ophelia has reached the Level cap for Mount Moon.
Kinah grew to Level 16!
Congratulations! Ophelia evolved into Wartortle!

Oh, and I'm not sure if you wanted Squirtle to learn Bite or not (after it grew past Level 16), but if you want it to, just let me know what move to delete. Congrats on making it out of Mount Moon. The next area will be up shortly.

Chapter 8
-Route 4-

OOC: Okay guys, here is the next Chapter. I realize that not everyone is done with Chapter 7 yet, but we have a couple people who are ready to continue, so I am not going to hold them back for right now. If you are behind, catch up please!
This is Route 4, obviously, and you will get 2 posts on it to get to Cerulean City. Good luck guys. Keep those awesome posts coming!
If you have any questions, just post them up in the OOC Thread of PM me.

Level Cap: 19


It is a slightly rocky, vaguely mountainous path connecting MountMoon (in the West) to CeruleanCity (in the East). There are some unique Pokemon here, as well as plenty of grassy patches and ponds for them to rest in or around.

Wild Pokemon

Rattata - 019
Gender:Male or Female
Ability:Run Away or Guts
Attacks: Tail Whip, Quick Attack, Focus Energy, Bite
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Spearow - 021
Gender:Male or Female
Ability:Keen Eye
Attacks: Peck, Growl, Leer, Fury Attack
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Ekans - 023
Type: Poison
Gender:Male or Female
Ability:Intimidate or Shed Skin
Attacks: Leer, Wrap, Poison Sting, Bite, Glare (12)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Sandshrew - 027
Gender:Male or Female
Ability:Sand Veil
Attacks: Scratch, Defense Curl, Sand Attack, Poison Sting
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

June 4th, 2008, 9:49 PM
Derek was running out of the cave as fast as his legs allowed him to. He needed to heal his Pikachu, quick. When he finally made it out, he placed Pikachu on the ground and fell to his knees; struggling for breath. ~I... I need to make it to Cerulean...~ Derek thought desperately as he tried to pull himself up from the grass on which he was lying. His weak knees wobbled to the sides as he managed to get back on his feet, and he could almost hear them breaking when he bent down to pick up Pikachu. In a short moment of intelligence, Derek used his repel to ensure no wild Pokemon would attack.

Derek ventured inside the route, examining how Pikachu recovered by himself with every passing minute. The pair slowly made their way up the mountainous area of the route, beleiving less trainers could see them there. So now he had trainers and Pokemon covered... Or at least he believed that.

Minutes passed slowly, and no matter how much Derek walked, the city just didn't seem to come closer. When he saw what he believed to be a path leading down from the mountain and into Cerulean, a loud yell coming from somewhere nearby stopped him.


All of a sudden, a fat man with an unshaved beard and a lame hiker outfit appeared in front of him. "Hold it right there, pal? Where'd ya think ya goin'?" The hiker exclaimed as he stood in front of Derek and pushed him back, almost making him fall down to the ground.

"I'm headed for Cerulean, let me go!" Derek cried out tired as he tried to push the fat man out of the way, but he just bounced off his belly.
"Not so fast, boy. You aren't getting past here without a battle!" The hiker said as he pulled out 2 Pokeballs. "Go, Geodude!" He said as a Geodude sprang out of his ball. Derek, unsure of what to do, just let out Magikarp, wondering what he'd do in this battle. Magikarp came out of his ball and just lied there on his side, staring at the Geodude.
"Karp. Karp"

"Oh, you've got to be kidding" The Hiker said with loud laughs that echoed all over the rocky path. "Geodude, this guy isn't serious. Beat that Magikarp up and lets get out of here quickly." The hiker said bragging as he walked over to a rock and sat on it, not even thinking Geodude, or by the matter, any Pokemon, needed advice to beat Magikarp. Geodude grinned mischievously as he launched himself towards the fish Pokemon, throwing jabs of great power at him. All Magikarp did was say "Karp" after every single hit. The punches really just seemed to bounce off, however.

It was like that for so many minutes, and Magikarp didn't even notice. Geodude, on the other hand, was starting to get tired. The rock eventually had to stop to catch some air, and Magikarp used this time to make a plan. For once, Magikarp didn't lie there looking stupid. The fish bounced over to the edge of the mountain path to recover ground and waited for the opponent to recover.

Geodude then did a wrong move. Instead of grabbing Magikarp and bringing him over to safe ground, he threw a tackle at him. That's how desperate he was to beat the fish. Geodude hurled over at Magikarp, and when it all seemed over for Derek, Magikarp sprang up into the air, jumping over Geodude. Geodude couldn't recover, and so, he helplessly fell down from the cliff. A puff of smoke just appeared when he landed on the ground, and the Pokemon was automatically withdrew to the trainer.

~Thanks, Inertia~ Derek thought smiling mischievously.
"And yet another one is beaten by the unstoppable power of my friend Magikarp" Derek said as he tried to make his way past the hiker, but was pushed back again.
"Not so fast, bud. Let's see your ugly sardine beat this! Go, Fearow!"

As the Hiker said this, a very large flying Pokemon came out of the Pokeball, flapping his wings loudly to intimidate Magikarp. Derek was going to let Magikarp fight again, intrigued by the fact that Magikarp could actually think now. Pikachu, however, jumped down from Derek's arm and decided to take the battle on his hands. "Are you sure, Pikachu?" Derek asked as he withdrew Magikarp.


Just before the battle started, Derek applied a potion to Pikachu, hoping that would help. That was all he could do for him right now, anyway. Pikachu examined the flying Pokemon thoroughly, and before he could even plan a strategy, Fearow darted towards him with what seemed to be a Drill Peck.

Pikachu took the hit hesitantly, being knocked out to the ground. Fearow flew up again to try to do the same thing. That way he could bring Pikachu down easily and without worrying about electric attacks. Surprisingly, Fearow's strategy worked, for a couple of times. Pikachu didn't feel like battling anymore, but he stood there bravely. Fearow used Drill Peck again, but this time Derek interfered.

"Pikachu, Quick Attack!" Derek exclaimed. Pikachu nodded, and before Fearow could land the attack, Pikachu's image just turned blurry, disapeared and appeared somewhere else. That's how fast he moved.
"Now, Pikachu, wear him down with thundershock!"

Pikachu started to shoot jolts of electricity to Fearow, who simple reacted by flying away. He was pushed back to that he eventually was flying not over the battlefield, but past the edge of the mountain which Geodude just fell. As soon as Derek saw this, he knew it was the chance to win.
"Pikachu, Thunder Wave!"

The Hiker and Fearow stared in shock at the Pikachu, who almost immediatly obeyed his trainer. Fearow didn't have time to fly back to land; so he was paralyzed in mid air and past the edge of the path. Fearow couldn't move, and so he fell down on the exact same spot as the last Pokemon.

"GAH!" The hiker exclaimed as he withdrew his Pokemon, dropped the prize money and ran away angry..

June 5th, 2008, 2:10 AM
Adel had to suppress the temptation to pinch Ophelia’s new, cloud-like ears. After all, she was a respectable, mature individual, who wouldn’t need to resort to such means to please her childish whim. She folded her arms tightly, a strong expression upon her delicate face as she withheld the urge to call out to Ophelia and inform her that she was pretty much one of the cutest creatures that the girl ever had the fortune to come across. The larger-sized turtle trotted in front of her, leading the way towards the exit of the cave, a shining ray of hope in the shape of a large, unnaturally shaped door that was located not too far from their current location. The young female was glad that the squeamish that had resided in the pit of her stomach since entering Mount Moon was slowly dissipating, the previous fright and uncertainty was also vanishing bit by bit. It must have been due to her Squirtle’s unexpected evolution, it was quite the pleasant surprise for the girl, not to mention the fact that the exit was just… just a stone’s throw away. Adeltruat genuinely wanted to break out into a sprint towards the end of the arduous tunnel, screaming happily like a child. However, the rational part of her simply would not allow it.

When they did finally emerge from Mount Moon, the girl was elated to realize that the Sun had yet to set, she could contain it no longer, a fit of giggles burst out from within her tiny frame, as she waved her arms over her hand and controllable laughter poured from her lips, a large, uncharacteristic grin of pure blithe pictured upon her as she starting prancing down the traveler’s path with giddy joy. “We’re FREE~! Free from that dreadful, dreadful place!” Ophelia tumbled down behind her, an expression of astonishment plastered on her blue face. Who knew that her trainer was actually such a child at heart?

Adeltruat continued on like this for a few moments, before coming to halt, clearing her throat and taking a deep breath. She turned to face the Water type that was chasing after her, an intense look on her face.

“Don’t tell anyone what you saw just now, it’s strictly between both of us only.” She spoke in a professional tone, sounding a lot more like the Adel that the Wartortle had grown accustomed to. Straightening her tie and brushing dust off her skirt as she did so, the girl felt that a great burden had just been lifted off her shoulders. She was lucky that she had a reason to recall Kinah into her Pokeball, if the bird had seen such a sight, she probably would have never allowed Adel to live it down without a good teasing or two every once in awhile.

At this moment, the meadow of long grass located just beside the dirt road that Adel and her Pokemon were standing on emitted a quiet call, “Shreww..” the patch of greenery went. The girl instinctively dug her hand into her bag, drawing out her Pokedex and pointing it towards the grass. The female voice spoke the moment the device detected the creature hiding within the vegetation, “ Sandshrew, the Mouse Pokemon. It burrows and lives underground. If threatened, it curls itself up into a ball for protection.”

At the hint of sound, the afformentioned creature shot its small head above the grass, yellow ears poised as it began sniffing around nervously, the Ground type squinted its black eyes in the sunlight as it stared in the direction of Adel and her Wartortle. It took the Sandshrew a couple of seconds to realize that a human and its Pokemon were staring at it. It released a distressed squeak, immediately curling into an uneasy ball. The girl lowered herself and took small steps to lessen the distance between herself and the Mouse Pokemon, poking the balled up Sandshrew curiously. The shivering yellow sphere had yet to run away. It looked like such a cowardly thing, it probably wouldn’t prove itself much in battle. Unless of course, an expert trained it up well enough. Naturally, she was a talented young person, it was painfully obvious that she had the capabilities to raise the Sandshrew into a brave and valiant fighter, it would prove to be no problem to someone as gifted as her. With this in mind, she detached an empty Pokeball from her belt and tossed it onto the unsettled Sandshrew, with a little less zest than usual. The startled Pokemon cried again, as it was sucked into the Pokeball.

However, the Pokeball stayed still for no more than three seconds, before it burst open and allowed the Sandshrew to emerge once again. Adel raised an eyebrow, maybe it wasn’t as weak as she had assumed.

“Ophelia, Water Gun!”

The Wartortle stood by her trainer’s side, allowing a stream of water to shoot from her mouth and knock down the Mouse Pokemon. In one shot, the Sandshrew fell back, completely dazed and nearly unable to move its limbs, struggling to return into its curled up ball. Adeltruat sighed, “It really is weak..” as she tried again once more, weakly tossing the Pokeball to the critically injured Sandshrew.

June 5th, 2008, 3:51 AM
To Diegoyayi: That's a decent post and it was pretty long as well. Normally, I would give 3 Levels to one of your Pokemon for a post like that, but since it involves multliple Pokemon, I am going to split the experience up between Ness and Pikachu.
The battle itself was pretty funny though, I must admit (especially when Fearow and Geodude fainted in the same exact spot). And the way you used Magikarp was very clever. One post left, and Derek finally gets to rest in Cerulean for a bit.
Magikarp grew to Level 14!
Pikachu grew to Level 14!

To Ibuberu: You present me with quite a bit of a dilemma, to be honest. For such a good post, I feel like I must reward you with a high-leveled Sandshrew, but at the same time you mentioned twice, though, that it was weak. I'm going to assume it was for the sake of good rping, so I'm going to go ahead and give you the Pokemon that I think you deserve.
And as a side note, I really like how Adel's relationship is growing with her Pokemon.
Congratulations! You caught a Sandshrew!

June 5th, 2008, 8:00 PM
Charmander's and Grimer's attacks met at the same time sending the Pokemon backwards. "Looks like your Charmander has gotten stronger..." The Rocket said noticing that Grimer went back farther than Charmander.

"You got that right! Now we'll beat you even faster this time!" Bobby roared his anger fueling his cockiness.

"Hm we'll see about that won't we Ekans!" The grunt sent out a large purple snake that hissed "Ekansssss" when it came out.

"What is that?" Bobby wondered as he took out the Pokedex. "Ekans the snake pokemon." the woman's cool voice said, "It sneaks through grass without making a sound and strikes unsuspecting prey from behind."

Noticing that Bobby was distracted the Grunt took action and said "Ekans use Glare! Grimer use Mud-Slap!" "Mander!" Charmander cried as it became frozen in fear from the Glare and in pain as it was pelted with Mud-Slap.

"Charmander!" Bobby cried. "I'v got to get this Pokeball open!" Bobby pulled and tugged, but the ball was wedged shut. Finally out frustration, and what any guy would do, Bobby threw the ball at the cave wall which, ironicly released the seal.

"Allright now we're in action!" Bobby said with a battle grin on his face. "Go Mankey!"
The pig monkey pokemon lept into action, relieved that it was out of it's Pokeball. "Mankey use Focus Energy! Charmander use Smokescreen!" The Pokemon complied with Mankey building energy and Charmander belching out thick black smoke.

"That's not gonna stop us!" the Rocket yelled confident. "Grimer suck up the smoke! Ekans use Poison Sting on Mankey!" Grimer inhaled the thick smoke, while Ekans shot out thin purple lines at Mankey.

"Mankeeeey!" Mankey cried as the purple lines connected. When Mankey got back up on it's feet, Bobby noticed that there was a sickly look about his eyes. 'Probally nothing...' Bobby thought. "Charmander use Ember on Ekans! Mankey go use Scratch on Grimer!" The Rocket was ready however and made Grimer use Pound to retaliate the Scratch and Ekans used Poison Sting to reflect Ember.

"Your attacks are too predictible!" the Rocket roared mockingly.

"He's right..." Bobby muttered, "There has to be something we can do..." Bobby saw Mankey getting worse and called him over to take an Antidote. When he was done, Bobby saw the TM Brock had givin him. "I wonder..."

Bobby picked up the TM and held it toward Mankey. The TM flashed and turned from its gray color to a pure white color. "Guess I can use it anymore." Bobby said prepared now with their new move.

"You ladies done over there?" the Rocket yelled goadingly.

"Yep we're done. With this match." Bobby said confident. "Mankey use Rock Tomb!" Mankey pulled the new move off flawlessly by buring Ekans in a pile of rubble. The poor pokemon was stuck.

"Ekans!" the Grunt cried.

"He's the least of your worries. Charmander Ember!" Charmander shot out its fireball and Grimer not knowing what to do took a direct hit, knocking it out.

"NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" The Rocket cried knowing he was defeated. Bobby came up and took the key to the cage releasing all the Pokemon inside.

In the back he saw Clefairy, who's eyes widened when it saw him. She jumped into his arms happy to be away from the Rocket. Bobby saw the Clefairy eyeing his black stone. "Pretty huh?" Bobby said.

Suddenly a shadow lept at Bobby. "That's my Clefairy!" the Rocket roared. The Clefairy lept in front of Bobby taking the black stone with her.

"Clefairy don't!" Bobby yelled as Clefairy become engulfed in a white light. When the light faded in Clefairy's place was a pokemon that looked like Clefairy but bigger and with wings. "What is that?" Bobby said pointing his Pokedex at it.

"Clefable the fairy pokemon and the evolved form of Clefairy." the female voice said, "Rarely seen by people, it is said to be drawn by the full moon to play at deserted lakes."

"Wow this Clefable's gonna make me rich!" The Rocket said, practically drooling at the thought.

Clefable on the other hand had other ideas. She started waving one finger back and forth until a giant Flamethrower came out. The torched Rocket took off running from the powerful trainer and the newly evolved Clefabel.

Laughing Bobby said "Good job Clefable! You sure sent him packing." Clefable nodded and started walking the way the cage was going. "Hey where you going?" Bobby asked running to keep up.

The Clefable had showed Bobby to the exit of Mt. Moon. "Oh wow thank you so much Clefable!" "Clefable!" the former Clefairy said, obviously thanking Bobby for helping her out of a dire situation. Its eyes began glowing and the seal on Butterfree's Pokeball was released. "Oh wow! Thanky you so much Clefable! Take care now! I hope to see you again!" Bobby said walking out of the cave, "And if I see Team Rocket again, they won't know what hit them!" Clefable waved good bye to her friend as Bobby walked onto Route 4.

OOC: if its ok ill replace Leer with Rock Tomb!

June 6th, 2008, 3:51 AM
To Zimvee: Now that's a post! You really took advantage of the non-shared Level gains. Nice work there, Zimvee, and I really liked all the strategy you involved into the battle, especially the part with the TM. Really nice work. You finally made it out of Mount Moon! WOOHOO! You can post in Route 4 now. Awesome job man. Keep up the great work. Oh, and I'm going to give you a Rare Candy for that post, seeing as you sacrificed your Moon Stone on the Clefairy, and for you skillfull use of other items.
Charmander grew to Level 18!
Charmander wants to learn Dragon Rage, but it already knows 4 moves. Delete an older move to make room for Dragon Rage?
What!? Charmander is evolving! Allow the process to continue?
Mankey grew to Level 12!
Mankey learned Rock Tomb!

June 6th, 2008, 5:52 AM
"What'll we do with you, you don't even know any good moves," Adel muttered in a frustrated tone, directing her statement towards the pokeball she clenched in her hand. The Sandshrew proved to be of no difficulty when it came to the capturing part. The easy part of her grand plan had passed, now came the tough segment. How on Earth would she train the young Pokemon up? Sure, she had assumed that an intelligent plan would come to her sooner than later, but still... The girl sighed, shaking her head as the Wartortle strolling along beside her brought her blue paws to the front of her shell and gave her trainer an encouraging cheer, her fluffy ears and tail straightening as she called out as loud as she could.

"War! Tortle!"

The girl politely thanked her turtle for giving her moral support; however, she was still facing a dilemma. With such a weak movepool, how could the Sandshrew even begin to battle without standing a chance of winning the fight? Adeltruat would and could not afford a loss. At that very moment, did she see a large, plump man standing not too far from her, hand shielding his small eyes as he looked towards the distance. Clad in mountain gear and heavy boots, the female instantly recognized him to be a Hiker. They specialized in Rock types, and... A sneaky grin curled upon Adel's features, a hand shot to her chin in an instant, as a plan concocted within her brain.


"HE-AY~! MR HIKER~!" The fifteen-year old chimed in a chipper voice, waving one hand in the direction of the large, burly man. He turned to face her, a smile breaking on his face as he set eyes on the cute little female approaching him. She had sparkling eyes, and seemed to be alone, but looked adorable and friendly all the same. The Hiker placed his hands on his sides as Adel drew nearer, giving out a hearty laugh before inquiring, "Well, what can I do for you, little lass?"

"I was wondering, if you had a certain TM I wanted, you being such a strong-looking man and all, Mr Hiker.." Adeltruat spoke in a impressed and amazed voice, sprinkling a tinge too much cutesy into her words. However, the middle-aged man with chestnut brown hair did not seem to notice, instead, his grin widened at her comment, as he proudly replied, "Why yes, I do have a few TMs with me." The girl seemed honestly pleased the second she heard his words, as she immediately masked a delighted, angelic face.

"D-Do you have the Dig TM?"

"Well, you aren't going to get it out of me that easily, now, are you?"

Adel pretended to pout, before speaking in her shrewd voice, "What if I managed to win a battle with you?"

The Hiker allowed his eyes to wander, as he decided. After a few moments of suspense, the older male exhaled a breath, one hand scratching his head as he replied in a difficult tone, "Well, not like I can reject a face like that." The girl smiled sweetly at him for a brief moment, before returning to her true self, a nonchalant expression revealing itself as she walked back a few paces to give enough space for an acceptable battlefield. An intent gaze locked on the startled man, as she swiftly took out a Pokeball and threw it. From out of the little device and the red light, a Pidgey appeared, flapping her wings as she encircled the area.

The Hiker took one look at the bird, before chuckling to himself as he threw his own personal Pokeball into the fray. "Woah, you had me scared there, lass. I thought you had a super Pokemon up your sleeve."

"Nooo~! My Pidgey isn't strong at all!" This resulted in a menacing glare from the bird.

"You have no idea," Adel mumbled under her breath immediately after that, as Kinah charged towards the Geodude on her own accord. Contact was made and both creatures retreated back from the impact of the Quick Attack. Once again, the girl did not want to openly admit that the little avian had acted on her own decision, silently approving the attack. Kinah shook her head and ruffled her feathers, trying to get momentum as she hopped back and forth a few times, stretching her wings out threateningly at her opponent. The Rock type and his owner merely snickered at the funny scene, as the Geodude sped forwards and rammed into the Pidgey's form. His rock-hard defense seemed to increase the attack's effectiveness, as the bird fell back, struggling to maintain balance, a confused look upon her face. Adeltruat beckoned the avian to approach her; Kinah did so, and would have probably avoided doing said action if she had been in her right mind.

Retracting a Potion from her pack and spraying it onto the Pidgey to heal her up, Kinah leapt back into the field, feeling energized enough to continue battling for a while more. Geodude charged in for yet another Tackle, but this time, upon her trainer's order, the bird flew out of the way in time, dodging the irritated Rock type's attack.


The Pidgey swooped forth and collided her feathery body with her adversary's solid build. The Geodude may have taken damage, but it certainly wasn't effective enough. The girl folded her arms, a disappointed expression on her face as she withdrew her Pidgey and called out for her second Pokemon to assist her. Ophelia burst out from the scarlet light, poising herself before running into the fray, bearing her sharp teeth at the Geodude.

"Water Gun!" In one agile motion, a healthy beam of water erupted from the Wartortle's mouth and made instant contact with the intimidated Rock type. The outcome of the battle ended with a victory from the girl and her turtle in no less than five seconds later. The Hiker reluctantly withdrew a disc from his pocket and handed it over to Adel, who still had the words, "serious" and "intent" written all over her face. She curtsied once, maintaining her straight face before proceeding off in the direction of Cerulean City, grasping onto the newly acquired TM, a sense of accomplishment brimming within her. The girl, of course, did not let it show on the outside.

The Hiker stood in shock, his mouth agape. He... had a feeling that he had just been tricked by a little child.

June 6th, 2008, 2:02 PM
To Ibuberu: That is probably one of your best posts yet, and maybe even you best. It was obviously well planned out, with a clear beginning, middle and end and Adel's character REALLY shined here, and we got a very good glimpse into her personality. You've earned your TM, and I'm going to give Pidgey one Level just because I thought the post was so good. Excellent job here. Really well done.
Pidgey grew to Level 17!
Pidgey is trying to learn Whirlwind, but Pidgey already knows 4 moves! Delete an older move to make room for Whirlwind?
You won TM28!
The next place up will be Cerulean City. I won't have it up for a little while because everyone is still trying to catch up. Don't worry though, it won't take too long. It will be up in less than 24 hours.

June 6th, 2008, 2:05 PM
As Bobby walked along Route 4, he noticed that Charmander and Mankey were behind him. "Oh wow you guys must be tired from that last battle! Here take a rest." Bobby took out their Pokeballs and recalled Mankey.

Just as he was about to return Charmander, he let off a brilliant white light. "Ah! Charmander whats happening?" Bobby cried as the light blinded him. He couldn't see what was going on, but he could hear Charmander's voice deepening, as he was roaring.

When the light finally stopped glaring, Bobby looked over at Charmander. The Lizard Pokemon had grown taller, his flame was getting biggger, his claws had grown even longer than before, and a small horn was growing on the back of his head. To top it off Charmander turned an orange red.

"Wow! Charmander you evolved!" Bobby exclamed happily. "Wonder what you're called..." Bobby said as he took out the Pokedex. "Charmeleon, the Flame Pokemon," the cool female voice said. "In the rocky mountains where Charmeleon live, their fiery tails shine at night like stars."

"Cool so your name's Charmeleon!" Bobby said happily. "Do you know any new attacks?" Charmeleon nodded and began blowing out blue flames. "Amaaaaazing!" Bobby cried amazed at Charmeleon's power. "I wonder what that is?"

Suddenly the Pokedex spoke "Dragon Rage. The foe is stricken by a shock wave. This attack always inflicts a set amount of damage." "So that's what it's called. Ok Charmeleon, back in your ball!"

Charmeleon on the other hand had other ideas. "Char..." he growled menecingly. "Charmeleon what's wrong?" Bobby asked worried. The Pokeball shot a red beam of light at Charmeleon, but he simply deflected it. "Cmon, get in the ball!" Bobby said, starting to get a little pissed off. Charmeleon insted went to sleep. "Oh boy maybe evovling wasn't such a good idea..." Bobby muttered. He grabbed Butterfree's pokeball and sent out the butterfly pokemon. Knowing that Charmeleon was beat up pretty bad from the last battle Bobby made Butterfree use Confusion on Charmeleon, knocking the lizard out. "Sorry boy..." Bobby said sadly.

"Ahoy!" a man's voice called, a little farther up ahead. "I saw your Butterfree in action. She's pretty strong! How bout a battle?" The man asked. The man was wearing an orange vest and an orange hat. He was carrying a fishing pole and a tackle box.

"Ok sure!" Bobby said quickly getting over Charmeleon's odd behavior. "My name's Bobby by the way."

"Name's Wilton!" the fisherman said. "Go Poliwhirl!" Wilton sent out a blue pokemon that vaguely looked like a tadpole.

"Looks like a strong Pokemon!" Bobby said grinning furiously, wondering where he could get one. "Butterfree, Stringshot!" "Freeee!" Butterfree yelled as she spat out a glob of silk.

"Poliwhirl dodge and use Bubble!" Poliwhirl dodged the silk and sent out a flurry of small bubbles towards Butterfree.

"Butterfree use Confusion!" Butterfree complied and sent the bubbles back towards Poliwhirl. The tadpole pokemon however just absorbed them. "What?" Bobby cried surprised.

"You like that? That's my Poliwhirl's ability! Its called Water Absorb!" Wilton said, thinking he had won.

"Can it absorb rocks?" Bobby asked with a sneer on his face.

"What?" Wilton asked, but soon he understood as Butterfree was using Confusion on the rocks nearby and pelting Poliwhirl with them. Poliwhirl was defenceless against the assult.

"FREEE!" Butterfree yelled suddenly and bravely, if not stupidly, flew into the barrage. She used Harden and Tackle at the same time causing her Tackle's power to be doubled. Poliwhirl couldn't take any more and collapsed.

"Yeah I win! I think..." Bobby said as Butterfree had acted on her own.

"Ho ho, that was a good match lad! Your Butterfree has quite a way with stratigy." Wilton said smiling.

"Thanks! Your Poliwhirl was amazing!" Bobby said still wondering where he could get one.

"Thanks," Wilton said. "You wouldn't happen be headed towards Cerulean would you?" he asked. Bobby nodded. "Well you don't have too much farther! Just go down this road and you'll reach it in no time!"

"Thanks!" Bobby said, as he ran, his empty stomach urging him towards the city.

June 6th, 2008, 2:45 PM
After his battle with the old and fat hiker, Derek continued to walk along the mountain path. He stared at the rocky outcrops with a bedazzled look on his face, impressed on how such an amazing piece of rock could have formed in such a small path. Coming back to his senses, he realized the end of the mountainous path was over, and so he needed to walk the last parts of Route 4 along the grassy area. Derek wasn't quite sure if he wanted to go through there, but he had no other choice. Only thing he could hope was that his Repel still lingered.

He skillfully jumped down to safe land, getting a tight grip on Pikachu so he wouldn't drop him on his way down. As he fell, a dense smoke of dust formed right on the spot he landed. He shook the particles off of his clothe as he continued to walk. Cerulean Buildings where each time closer and closer, and he really hoped he could make it to the Pokemon Center soon. Mt. Moon had been very tiring. It made him hungry and fatigued and hurt his Pokemon.

Derek crouched and hoped no other trainer would see him. His plan had been effective; but it wasn't a trainer what was bothering him now. Instead, he acknowledged his repel was now futile; because a very menacing looking Spearow darted at his Pikachu with a quick attack. Derek didn't have time to react, and was shocked when his Pikachu was hit directly with the attack and was knocked back from his shoulder and into the tall grass.

"No! Pikachu!" Derek exclaimed sad as he turned over to the very tall grass. He didn't care about the Spearow now. He just wanted to find his partner. Even though he clearly saw where Pikachu landed, the grass was so tall and there were so many things on it it was very difficult to spot the Pokemon. He feared he might spike himself with a poisonous thorn or maybe receive an Ekans bite. Despite knowing what the risks were, Derek literally dived into the grass to search for his Pokemon. While he was in mid-air, Ness' Pokeball fell to the ground and released the Magikarp.

"Karp. Karp"

Magikarp stared around and noticed he was left alone in a grassy path with a raging Spearow. Derek was nowhere to be seen, nor were Mankey or Pikachu.

Spearow, as soon as he spotted the weak fish, started to fly above him like a ravenous vulture, crying out his name every once in a while to intimidate Magikarp. Magikarp just lied down and splashed there, since it was impossible he could do anything to a Flying Pokemon.

Spearow, now quite confident that his opponent was now wobbling from fear, decided to make the first move. He threw himself at the fish with a Peck attack, landing it successfully. It was not very probably it would miss, anyway, because Magikarp couldn't really move. His scaley and rubbery skin made him get stuck on small twigs and similar things. Magikarp was sent flying away for a short distance. He seemed unaffected by the attack, however. Like always, Magikarp was just too dumb to feel pain.

Spearow then stared confused at Magikarp, not sure why he seemed to be so normal after his though attack. Spearow flew down to the ground and landed near the fish, then he slowly stared at him, scrutinizing every single area of him. Still not seeing anything that might have saved Magikarp from the attack, he decided to play it on the safe side with Leer. A beam of light shot out from the bird's scary eyes, who was just staring directly at Magikarp.

For the first time ever, Magikarp seemed to feel an emotion. He now seemed scared. His expression of stupidity changed to one of fear and weakness; and Spearow used every single second of the intimidation state to attack. Spearow used Peck on Magikarp again, and instead of just taking the hit, Magikarp was sent flying at a larger distance than last hit while he exclaimed a yelp full of pain. The battle went on and on with the same strategy. Spearow was beating up Magikarp very bad, and Magikarp couldn't do anything about it.

When it was obvious that Magikarp couldn't take any other hit, he tried to escape; but was stopped when he noticed one of the scales near his tail was stuck on a very thick root that was buried on the grassy area.

Spearow could have ended this battle with any other attack, but being cocky and arrogant as a Spearow is, he decided to terminate this extravagantly. He approached Magikarp and grabbed him by his yellow 'whiskers', getting a very tight hold with his claws. Spearow then started to fly up as fast as he could. In the beginning it felt easy, like if Magikarp didn't weigh a thing.

The more he flew up, though, the tougher the trip was. Spearow didn't take the time to look back to see why was this trip so tough and continued to go up. Eventually, a moment appeared when he just couldn't fly any further. The force pulling him down was almost 6 times the one he was using to go up. Spearow then stared down at the ground and saw the most unbelievable he had ever seen.

Magikarp's rear end was still on the ground and his face was on his toes. His body was stretched in a ridiculous way, much like a very long rubber band. Spearow became appalled at this sight, so his strength and wings shut down. Immediately when this happened, he was brought down to ground by Magikarp's retraction. He hit himself so hard on the ground that he immediatly fainted. Magikarp flopped around to free his tail from the root and then just twirled his body around, hoping to relieve the aching parts of it. he had never stretched like that, and was amazed at how rubbery and flexible he was.

Even after Magikarp's victory, Derek was nowhere to be seen. Magikarp was starting to beleive Derek abandoned him for being weak, and with a sad look on his face, Magikarp started to splash away. He didn't manage to move very far, though, before Derek sprung out of the grass with Pikachu on his hands.

Derek stared down at the fainted Spearow, then at Magikarp. "Wow.. Did you really do that?" he asked to Magikarp, who just replied with some sort of smile. "That's wicked, bud. Awesome" Derek said cuttingly as he withdrew his Pokemon and continued his path to Cerulean city.

June 7th, 2008, 3:55 AM
To Zimvee: Great post there. I like how you played out Charmander's evolution, and the possibilty of Charmeleon becoming disobedient is very intriguing, even though it had already been done in the anime. Good job on the battle, with Butterfree and such. That was creative use of Confusion. One more post and you'll be in Cerulean! I'll have it posted up fairly soon for you guys.
Congratulations! Your Charmander evolved into Charmeleon!
Butterfree grew to Level 13!
Butterfree wants to learn Poison Powder, Stun Spore and Sleep Powder, but it can only learn 4 moves! Delete an older move(s) to make room for them?

To Diegoyayi: Once again you've made a very funny post with Magikarp. Somehow, the little fish manages to pull off the victory every time. Very well done with that. I also liked how you showed Derek's affection for Pikachu, literally risking his own well-being to save his starting Pokemon. Excellent work man. You are at Cerulean City now. I'll have it posted up in a bit.
Ness grew to Level 17!
Ness learned Tackle!


Chapter 9
-Cerulean City-

OOC: This is going to work very similar to the way Pewter City worked. This Chapter includes Cerulean City, Route 24 and Route 25, all in one. Basically, you are going to get 1 post in Cerulean City (to battle Misty and to take care of any other busniess you may need to, such as shopping) and you will get 2 posts along Route 24 and Route 25, combined. That's a total of 3 posts.
The most important thing to remember about this is that you can do either Misty or the Routes first. It doesn't matter to me. That means you have a little more time to train up and catch Pokemon if you need it.
If you have any questions please ask.

Level Cap: 22


CeruleanCity is a mid-size city which also happens to be a seaside city. It is home to Misty, the Water-type Gym Leader, and it has a few attractions to keep tourists busy. It is almost always sunny here, and there is even a small beach to enjoy! Route 24 lies to the north.

Areas of Interest
Pokemon Center: A large white building with a red roof. This place houses a Nurse Joy and several Chanseys intent on healing your Pokemon for free overnight. What a deal!

PokeMart: The local stop-and-shop for Pokemon Trainers. It doesn't have a heck of a lot of supplies, but it does have the basics.

Item List: Pokeballs, Antidotes, Awakenings, Burn Heals, Paralyze Heals, Potions, Super Potions, Repels.

Pokemon Gym: See Misty for more information.

Bike Shop: Here you can purchase your very own Bicycle for only $1,000,000! Or, if you have a Bike Voucher, that might work too.



Also known as the “Tomboyish Mermaid”, Misty is an expert when it comes to Water-Type Pokemon. Typically, her strategy involves an all-out offensive, not giving her opponents a chance to recover. Her hero is Lorelei, of the Elite Four, and because of this she is not afraid of any trainer, no matter how powerful. She’s ready to take you on!


Ability:Natural Cure
Attacks: Tackle, Harden, Recover, Water Pulse
Nature: Modest

Ability:Natural Cure
Attacks: Rapid Spin, Swift, Recover, Water Pulse
Nature: Modest


TM03: Water Pulse

Cascade Badge

-Route 24- -Route 25-


Located north of CeruleanCity, this place contains a few important locations. The first of which, connected directly to the city, is the NuggetBridge, which passes over a section of the sea. On it, various Trainers compete to make their way across, but some say that one can sneak by. If beaten, the lead Trainer will hand out a Nugget, but this is not small task!
Along Route 25, at the very end, is a sea cottage owned by a self-proclaimed Pokemon expert, Bill. He knows a lot about Pokemon, especially their evolutions. Perhaps it would be wise to give him a visit.
Also, be on the look-out for wild Pokemon. Rumor has it there are rare ones! Strong trainers are also around, so be ready.

Wild Pokemon

Oddish - 043
Gender:Male or Female
Attacks: Absorb, Sweet Scent, Acid, Poison Powder (13)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Bellsprout - 069
Gender:Male or Female
Attacks: Vine Whip, Growth, Wrap, Sleep Powder (13)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Venonat - 048
Type: Bug/Poison
Gender:Male or Female
Ability:Compound Eyes or Tinted Lens
Attacks: Disable, Foresight, Supersonic, Confusion, Poison Powder (13)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Abra- 063
Gender:Male or Female
Ability:Synchronize or Inner Focus
Attacks: Teleport
Nature: Random
Rarity: Very Rare

Slave to the Poké-Rave
June 7th, 2008, 6:56 AM

Part 1 - Cleffa?


Kaiden thanked the staff of the pokecentre as he dashed through the door, only just making it past the automated opening. He turned left, feeling drops of water again hitting him. The heavens opened and cubone wailed as they dashed into Mt. Moon.

At first he couldn't see a thing, glare from outside causing him to see black. His eyes got used to it, and he looked out, smiling at the calm sound of rain hammering and pattering against the dirt outside. A flock of spearow burst from their tree, squawking in anger at the rain for disturbing their roost. The small entranceway of the mountain was quite tight, but grew wider quickly. A sign lay ahead of him, but bore no interest for himself. He could hear voices echoing, but the acoustics of the cave denied him any idea of their position. Squeaks also ricocheted around the cavern and Kaiden swore he heard a 'clef' ring around him from the darkness.

Large pathways were open on his left and right.

'Well cubone, which way we gonna go?' he asked, turning to his frightened friend who was still behind his legs, and jerked as something squeaked from the ceiling.

'It alright its nothing buddy.' he added, stroking the skull of his little pokemon. Cubone appeared to lighten up, pointing his bone to the right. Kaiden stroked him again as he took off, cubone still hot on his heels as the gloom enveloped them.

'Hey you!' a voice said from nearby, and both Kaiden and his pokemon turned. A girl was there, a little younger than Kaiden in a short skirt and top.

'Hello to you to.' he said, turning and smiling.

'Lets battle man!' she shouted, 'Go, Clefairy!' red beams shot from her pokeball, becoming a round, pink pokemon with small ears and stubby arms. The pokedex popped out of his pocket and he flipped it open.

'Clefairy, the fairy pokemon. With its magical and cute appeal, it has many admirers. It is rare and found only in certain areas.'

'Clefairy huh? Go Nidoran!' he shouted, smirking as the purple rabbit appeared, snarling a quick 'Nido' before charging straight at the pink puffball.

'Alright, now, poison sting!' Kaiden shouted as Nidoran dived at clefairy, poison horn straight out. He dived into the ground however, and clefairy sent a pound at nidoran, connecting with it.

'Alright nidoran, fight back with a scratch!' he said, the rabbit agreeing as it scratched its front paws viciously down clefairy's side. The girl burst out with a shriek at this, running to her pokemon, but stopping as nidoran growled at her.

'Alright, another poison sting!' nidoran again dived, this time connecting and driving its horn deep, the poison seeping in quickly as they scrambled around on the floor. Clefairy already appeared weakened, but pounded nidoran twice.

'Cu! Cu!' Cubone wailed, worried for his newfound friend.

'Oh no! Nidoran, scratch it again!' he shouted in desperation, both pokemon rolling around, his rabbit pokemon finally scratching down clefairy's side. They stopped fighting as nidoran struggled free of clefairy's limp form, returning to his pokeball with a sigh.

'Alright, that was hot. I'll see you around.' he added with a wink at the girl as he took her money. He continued deeper into the tunnel. More trainers could be seen in the gloom, one dashed past, chased by a swarm of bat-like pokemon.

'Gotta get me one of those!' he chuckled to cubone as they descended down a ladder.


Part 2 - Zubat attack!


It was getting darker and darker as they were below ground level. He cracked out a glow stick from his back and snapped it, illuminating everything in its warm green glow.

'Come on cubone, lets get outta here and to the next gym!' he said, fiddling with the badge he had on his guitar strap. They were in a thin tunnel, and a corner was ahead. Several pile of rocks decorated the tunnel. They turned the corner and could see another ladder at the end.

'Cu-bone!' he suddenly wailed, clutching Kaiden's legs.

'What is it?' Kaiden said, looking back and down at his friend, and then back at where the small pokemon was pointing with its bone. Small blue and purple shapes were hanging from the ceiling in the green glow. Suddenly they all screeched, tearing themselves from the ceiling and whirling around the pair, fleeing past them. As they opened their eyes, one remained. It seemed larger than the others. The pokedex quickly identified it as Zubat.

'Alright, nidoran, go!' he said, cubone glad he didn't have to fight the bat. Suddenly, the bat left the ceiling, swooping low. It gashed nidoran with its teeth, stealing life from him. It didn't seem to do much however.

'Nidoran, when its closer, pounce and scratch!' he shouted, nidoran trying it, but missing as Zubat screeched its name at the pokemon. Kaiden grabbed his head as a high pitched sound filled the tunnel, omitted by Zubat. It swooped low again.

'Now nidoran!' he shouted. Nidoran jumped, wildly off course, and flurried scratches, catching the side of his head and plummeting into the ground. It moaned, trying to rise. Zubat dived in for the kill. It groaned as Cubone hammered it into the wall with a solid headbutt, defending his friend.

'Ouch! Go, pokeball!' he laughed, withdrawing Nidoran as Zubat was sucked into a pokeball. It wobbled to and fro, the light eventually fading.

'Yes!' he shouted.


Part 3 - Team Rocket


Kaiden couldn't help but clutch the pokeball containing his Zubat tight.

'Can't wait to try this one out!' he said, to cubone, who was still trying to clean his skull from a small splatter mark. The cavern was beginning to lighten up again. They had come down another ladder from the tunnel, and a thick wall was on their right. One the left was a long descent into blackness. He could have sworn some mushrooms scuttled past him and cubone pinched his leg.

'Oi, cubone, none of that.' he said, cubone letting out a small apology, clutching his bone close. They turned another corner, and two pillars of stone seemed like a gateway.

'I guess we gonna find a way out through there.' he shrugged, heading for them. Someone jumped them from the side.

'A cubone, thats rare! I'll be rich!' the girl said. If it wasn't for her attitude, Kaiden would have said she was hot. She had long brown hair, a tanned complexion and nice legs which her short skirt showed off well. She wore a black top with a violet 'R' upon it, and it showed her midrift off too.

'Hey, go catch your own pokemon!' he said, clutching up cubone into his arms, pushing her away.

'Don't mess with team rocket cutey!' she said, smiling evilly.

'The boss would give me loads for something as rare as that, I'll give you something in return.' she said, licking her lips at him.

'How about no?' he said. She sighed.

'Go! Raticate and Koffing!' she shouted. The pokemon appeared, a large dirty brown rat and a floating purple ball, with a rough surface and odd protrusions, as well as a skull and crossbones on its chest.

'Alright, go, Cubone and Zubat!' he shouted back, releasing his new pokemon. The bat screeched, awaiting its commands from its new master. It wasn't bitter like his nidoran, if anything it appeared glad to be free of the routine life of a wild bat.

'Ok, use supersonic and cubone, use bone club on the raticate!' he shouted. The high pitched noise battered the opponents. As they recovered, raticate was sent rolling from a bone down onto his skull. It recovered fast.

'Smokescreen Koffing! Quick attack!' Raticate quickly dived at cubone, but his attack was way off, and he ended up hurting himself, head ringing from supersonic. The smokescreen succeeded however, as black smoke poured from its pointy orifices.

'Cubone, hit raticate again! Zubat, try and clear that smoke!' Zubat flew up high and flapped crazily, the smoke dissipating.

'Alright!' Cubone again hit the raticate, which was recovering from its fatal dive to the floor.

'Hyper fang raticate! Tackle the zubat, koffing!' The koffing flew up, trying to catch his zubat, but missing terribly, too slow for the agile bat. The fang connected however, biting deep onto cubone.

'Cubone, come back!' he said, bringing cubone back to him.

'Alright, bite the raticate, zubat!'

'Try another tackle! Quick attack!' she screeched, desperate, tasting victory. The raticate jumped high, still missing the bat and hurting itself more. Zubat dived, latching its fangs into the raticate, which squealed and fainted, returning to its pokeball in a flash. The koffing did hit though, and knocked zubat back a little.

'Smog koffing!' she said, desperate for a new reason.

'Alright, bite koffing again!' the smog hit zubat, pouring from its craggy pours. It did hit, filling the cavern with its foggy gas, before dissipating. It seemed to have little effect on the poisonous bat. It screeched in triumph as it bit deep into the koffing's thick skin. He flew into the floor with zubat connected to him. It too returned to its pokeball.

'Nice one Zubat!' he said, jumping with joy as he took it back with his pokeball. The gril was slumped on the floor, balling her eyes out.

'What am I going to do? Ill be punished for sure! she wailed, knees together yet legs wide.

'Who's gonna punish you?' he said, running next to her and crouching, hand on her shoulder.

'The guy above me, and my dad. He pushed me into joining.' she continued.

'Joining? Joining who?' he said, stroking her softly.

'Team Rocket! They... We are criminals. We steal pokemon from far and wide fro our boss so he can rule the world. My dad joined long ago. It was why my mum left. I was forced in, he said it was the 'family business.' she cried.

'Can't I help you? Can't you run away?' he asked.

'What? How? Team rocket are everywhere! I must leave now. Listen, I may see you again. Help me then. If not out, I work at the Celadon game store. Ask for Natalie. Take this. Please remember me' she said, tears drying as she lept into his arms.

'Ok. Im Kaiden. And I'll find you, and rescue you!' he vowed, holding her tight. She let go, fingers lingering on his as she fled.

'That was.... strange.' he said to cubone, who was tapping his foot, and Kaiden was sure, if he had any, was raising one eyebrow. In his hand was what she gave him. It was a shiny rock, glistening.

'What?!?! It wasn't like that!' he said, walking off. The light could be seen ahead, at the end of the tunnel, if you will.


Route 4 - Hiyaah!


As they burst into daylight, their eyes burnt, and they both blinked it off. The sun was bright, shining off rain droplets. Running water could be heard nearby, a river in the distance. A few small cliffs heralded the way down to Cerulean. Two men could be seen practicing something like kung fu, one kicking, another punching. He lazed against a dry rock, tired from his long trek.

'Here kid, sweets contain sugar for a burst of energy.' said an old hiker, walking past. He had a large rock pokemon with him, round and craggy, with four arms. He threw the candy at Kaiden, then walked on. Catching it deftly, he got up, dusted himself off, and continued to Cerulean. There was some rough grass along his path. As he walked, a snake appeared. It was large, purple, with yellow stripes. The pokedex identified it as Ekans.

'Alright, you go do it Zubat.' he shouted, releasing his bat pokemon. The Ekans shot a dart at the bat, which he deftly dodged.

'Bite the snake!' Kaiden shouted, Zubat screeching as it dived bomb, latching onto the snake's tail. He was flicked off after doing significant damage. The Ekans jumped at Zubat, catching it in its jaws and dragging it down. Zubat flapped wildly, biting down again and again with its fangs. This continued quite some time.

'Supersonic zubat!' Kaiden shouted, worried. The sound reverberated around. Ekans released Zubat as it writhed under the sound. It flew high out of the Ekans' reach. It jumped, trying to bite Zubat again. It seemed to flip in the air, and Kaiden saw it's mouth bite something. Zubat flew down next to Kaiden. He looked at it, then the Ekans, then quickly back at it. He laughed. Ekans had bitten the end of its tail, and was now a living purple wheel. It passed out shortly afterwards.

'Good job Zubat.' he said as he returned it. He simply shrugged at the Ekans and walked on.

He saw the pair fighting. One sent a kick, then a scissor kick, then landed on one foot and roundhouse. All were blocked, the other man returning with a flurry of punches. They stopped as he approached.

'We can teach Mega kick and Mega punch.' one began.

'Both are powerful moves.' the second added.

'I don't think any of my pokemon can learn them.' Kaiden shrugged.

'I'll see you around though. Teach me something next time.' he smiled as he left, entering Cerulean. The river ran around the north edge of the town. He managed to stumble to the pokecentre, exhausted. The doors opened and he dragged himself through, cubone similarly tired.

'Hey, can I have somewhere to rest please?' he asked, collapsing backwards onto a bed being pushed by a chansey, a smaller one brought for cubone. The nurse released Nidoran and Zubat, similarly putting them on beds. All were asleep quickly.

OOC and there it is, the mighty wall of text. Enjoy.

June 7th, 2008, 2:14 PM
To Slave Results for post #1:
Nidoran grew to Level 13!
Nidoran wants to learn Poison Sting, but it already knows 4 moves! Delete an older move to make room for Poison Sting?

Results for post #2:
Congratulations! You caught a Zubat!

Results for post #3:
Cubone grew to Level 17!
Cubone is trying to learn Focus Energy, but Cubone already knows 4 moves! Delete an older move to make room for Focus Energy?
Zubat grew to Level 14!
Zubat learned Bite!

Results for post #4:
Zubat grew to Level 16!

I am very busy right now. I will post up your other stats in a while. You can continue posting though. Sorry for the little responses.

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Brawler, you missed post 4, my route 4 post.

June 7th, 2008, 11:13 PM
"This is it" Derek said as he took his first steps into Cerulean City. "A Mysterious, Blue Aura Surrounds It" Derek thought to himself as he saw how the city was distinctively blue. Then he started saying: "Cerulean. Home of the second Gym, which belongs to the water-type trainer Misty. To the North is Nugget Bridge, which leads to Route 24 and 25. I heard a very knowledgeable guy called Bill lives at the end of the Route. It might be nice to pay him a visit. Also a Bike shop is here, we might be able to get a bike on a good deal. Finally, that cave right there is Cerulean Cave. I believe ridiculously powerful Pokemon lie there."

Derek gave his whole sermon of the new area, same way as he did on Pewter. Pikachu, also like in Pewter city, just examined the area carefully, paying attention to everything Derek said. His little black eyes shone in excitement, especially as he heard how the Gym here was full of water types. He knew their days here would be radical, but right now he wanted to rest.

"But I'm sure you want to rest now" Derek said as he turned to Pikachu smiling. The pair quickly made their way to the red roofed structure and entered as soon as the sliding doors allowed him too. He approached Nurse Joy in the front desk, and after exchanging looks with each other, the nurse finally greeted him like all others had. He turned in his Pokemon and walked over to a couch to rest his tired body. He collapsed on the couch, glad he finally had a place to rest. This Pokemon adventure was getting harder and harder; and he just had one badge. Deciding to leave future issues for the future, Derek unintentionally fell asleep on the couch.

After one complete hour of delightful napping, Derek awoke. He stood up from the couch and stretched himself, all of his bones cracking slightly as he did. He yawned loudly and walked over to the front desk to pick up his Pokemon.

When they were out of the Pokemon Center, Derek decided to look at the Bike Shop. "That will make us the trip much more easier, Pikachu" Derek explained. As they both approached, they saw tons of bikes on sale, all of different styles and colors. Inside the store there were loads of Bike accessories and tools. As the couple stared around, an employee asked them if they wanted to do something. After a chat, Derek walked out of the store with an incredibly angry and disgusted look on his face.

"What the hell!? $1,000,000?! That's insane! I doubt anyone around here even has an approximation of that amount! What are you thinking?!" Derek yelled incredibly loud as he walked away from the store. He was bright red in anger, and his closed fist trembled as he talked.
"You gree... Woah!" Derek started saying, but was interrupted when a wrench was thrown at him from one of the employees. He crouched to dodge it, and luckily it missed. It would have been a very sad Game Over if it hit him.
"Greedy idiots..." Derek said as he finished his statement and then headed over to Nugget Bridge.

As soon as he gave his first step on the bridge, a young boy walked over to him. It was very obvious that he wasn't aged enough to be a Pokemon Trainer. He was probably around 10, and his stature yelled that fact out loud. The kid then started to introduce Derek to this whole bridge deal and how it worked. His voice tone revealed his evident nervousness; and if that wasn't enough, his knees were all wobbly.

"Umm... Sir" The kid started saying. "Welcome to Nugget Bridge. If you make it through the 5 trainers here you will get a price"

After that, the kid went on with some illogical rambling. Derek didn't pay any more attention to him, but inevitably stared at the kid when he pulled out his Pokeball for a battle.

"Look, Kid" Derek started saying. "I really don't have time for this. I'll give you $20 if you let me through." As he finished saying this, Derek rifled to his bag to pull out the money, then handed them over to the kid without really waiting for answer.

"Deal!" The boy said as he took the money. "I wonder what I can do with this amount!" He asked to himself excitedly. "You can go buy a Magikarp. I heard they are incredibly strong. Like, whoa..." Derek said jokingly, expecting the kid to already know about Magikarp. It resulted the opposite, though.
"Wow! Really? Thanks! I'll go get one! Thanks!" The kid yelled as he darted away from the bridge and vanished in the distance.
"Wait!" Derek yelled. "I didn't... Oh well"

After this, Derek continued to head north. In a matter of minutes, a lass came up to him with a jolly expression. "Hello there" She said flirting as she walked teasingly towards Derek. "I'll tell you what. If you win you can continued up the bridge. If you lose, you take me out on a date tonight."
Derek stared at the girl for some seconds, then burst out in laughter. Pikachu did the same. Before he could say anything, another lass appeared. "No! Hold on! Go out with me!" She cried out as she pushed the other girl outside Derek's vision range.

"No way!" The other girl exclaimed. "I saw him first!"

After this, a long quarrel of unintelligible insults arose between the girls, and the discussion went on for minutes. Two girls fighting over Derek? That's awesome. The bad point? They were both probably around 10. Derek gave one long sigh, then got an idea. He saw this girls' desire to date him as a perfect chance for a double battle. After proposing his idea, the girls finally agreed.
"Hey. Why don't we do a double battle? If you win, I'll go out with you both"
"But I hate sharing!..." "Yeah, Me too"
"But better than nothing, I guess. Go, Jigglypuff!"
"True... Go, Clefairy!"

"Excellent..." Derek said. If he lost the battle, he would be left in a rather uncomfortable situation, but alas... He was confident he would win.
"Go Pikachu. Go Ness!"

His now fully healed Pokemon stepped out into the battlefield and prepared for the battle. "Pikachu, let's warm up with thundershock! Ness... You lie there"
Pikachu let out a ThunderShock attack to the Clefairy, who took it considerably well. Magikarp, obedient as always, did what he was ordered. Derek was totally unaware, though, that Ness now knew an attacking move.
When Clefairy came back to her senses, it was the girls' turn to do something.

"Jigglypuff, sing!" One lass ordered as the two girls, Clefairy and Derek covered their ears. The Jigglypuff then proceeded to sing her soothing lullaby, then inevitably Pikachu fell asleep. Magikarp was just flopping around carelessly.
"Excellent! Clefairy, Wake-Up Slap!"

~If Pikachu is asleep... Why would they want to wake him up? The could pretty much make him faint right there...~ Derek thought confused, now knowing that a Wake-Up Slap on an asleep Pokemon was deadly. Clefairy walked up to Pikachu and landed one slap across his face. Just one, powerful hit.

Pikachu was sent flying back and slammed into Derek. Derek yelped in pain, and so did Pikachu, as they both stood up. "Are you Ok, Pikachu? I can let Mankey take it from here.." Derek asked concerned, but then immediatly Pikachu used Brick Break on Clefairy, making her faint.

"No! My Pokemon" The lass said as she started to cry and withdrew her Pokemon.
"Hold, on, we still have a chance!" The other lass said. "Jigglypuff, Doubleslap!"

Jigglypuff then launched herself towards Pikachu, her fists ready to make contact with the Yellow Pokemon's face. Magikarp then decided to really do something in the battle, so as soon as there was going to be a fist-face connection, he leaped in between the two Pokemon to make his rubbery body take the hit.

Both Pikachu and Derek where impressed on how Magikarp took the hit without being ordered to do so. Magikarp was earning more and more respect from his teammates after each battle.
"Pikachu, Magikarp took the hit for you. Don't waste the chance. Finish this off with Brick Break!"

Pikachu launched himself at Jigglypuff with his fist shining in a white color as he prepared for the attack.
"Jigglypuff!" The lass said before Jigglypuff took the attack. "Metronome!"
The pink blob then starting to wave her small hands from side to side slowly and at a steady rhythm, distracting Pikachu.

The results of Metronome were unknown, so perhaps getting to close to Jigglypuff wasn't a smart option. Just then, Jigglypuff started to shine in a white color, like if it was evolving.

"What?!" Derek said shocked. "Is there an attack that makes Pokemon evolve?" He said confused. His mind cleared up though, when he realized the Pokemon wasn't evolving. Derek then took many steps back nervous.

"Pikachu! Hurry! Take cover!" Derek said without giving out further explanation. Pikachu was confused, but anyway did as ordered. He ran over to Magikarp, grabbed both ends from him with his hands and stretched him so much it could be used as a blanket. The expected then happened. Jigglypuff used Selfdestruct.

A wide explosion occurred in the area, raising loads of dust from the ground. When the dust cleared, however, all you could see was Pikachu standing happier than ever in the middle of the battlefield, Magikarp retracting back to his actual size and a fainted Jigglypuff.

"Oh no..." The girls called as Jigglypuff was withdrawn. "We'll never go out now..." The both said as the started crying. Derek felt a deep remorse inside of him. He hated to see sad people; especially when there was something he could do to cheer them up. Derek sighed, then approached the girls.
"Hey, I'm sorry. Perhaps I'm just not the guy for you. I'm sure you'll find someone adequate for you, girls" Derek started saying in a happy voice.

"Really?" The girls asked incredulous.
"I'm positive about it" Derek said with a nod.
"Well... Thanks" The girls said in a slightly more cheerful tone as they flashed a smile. They both then walked away and motioned for Derek to proceed.

Derek continued to walk along the bridge. Only two more trainers left. As expected, this two trainers stepped in front of him and tried to stop him, but Derek was getting tired of this and didn't feel like battling anymore.

"C'mon guys... Can't you just let me through?" Derek asked bored.
The trainers didn't say anything, but instead let out a Pidgeotto and a Spearow.
"Fine, we'll do this the tough way"

Derek send out Pikachu and only him. The two quiet trainers stared at each other confused, wondering why had he sent out only one Pokemon in a double battle. "This will be easy..." One trainer managed to say as his Spearow rifled from the skies unto Pikachu.

"Pikachu, Quick Attack" Derek said coldly. As the Spearow came down, Pikachu turned blurry, then disapeared and reappeared on a nearby area, causing the Spearow to hit himself on the ground. Pikachu then proceeded to ThunderShock the bird, resulting in a critical hit and therefore and instant knockout.

"Whoa..." The trainer said. "That was rather quick..."
He withdrew his Pokemon and then ran away, now not even caring what the result of the battle would be. The other trainer became appalled at this event, and wanted to end the battle as soon as possible.

"Pidgeotto, Twister!" The trainer ordered as the Bird Pokemon flapped his wings wildly, causing a twister that engulfed Pikachu.

"Pikachu, just finish this" Derek said coldly as he 'prepared' to head down the last path of the bridge. Pikachu, who was inside the twister, nodded, then used the whirl of air against Pidgeotto. Pikachu shot out ThundeShock at a random place, and as soon as the jolt made contact with the 'walls' of the twister, it was shot out in a different direction and with more speed and power.

Only being able to hope one attack hit, Pikachu used ThunderShock wildly, until one of the jolts hit the flying Pokemon, knocking him to the ground. Before he could stand up, Pikachu rushed out of the twister with a Quick Attack, making Pigeotto faint. Pikachu and Derek didn't even bother getting the reward money. The electric Pokemon ran up to Derek as the finally made it across the bridge.

An eerie voice then greeted them.

Slave to the Poké-Rave
June 8th, 2008, 3:08 AM
Kaiden woke steadily, the sound of a busy pokecentre surrounding him. He just kept his eyes closed and listened. Someone, female, giggled nearby. He slowly opened his eyes, then shot back to the head of his bed. Zubat was flapping inches from his face, mouth open, fangs displayed.

'They've been waiting for you sleepy head!' came the voice from his side. Turning he saw the nurse, her pink hair tied up and her white nurse outfit gleaming. On the floor was nidoran and cubone, looking up at him. Zubat screeched, and Kaiden grabbed him, hugging him close. Which caused him to flap even more wildly. Letting go, it fled, straight to the darkest area in the centre.

'Hey, come back zubat!' he yelled, laughing. He got out of the bed slowly, followed by his other two pokemon.

'Here are your pokeballs.' The nurse said, bowing slightly as she handed them over.

'Thanks, I needed the rest. Cya round.' he said, waving as he returned nidoran and zubat. He headed north, to the large bridge over the river. There were several trainers upon it, talking and lazing in the sunlight. As he approached the first one, he sighed, a small kid with a cap on backwards.

'This is the nugget bridge, get past us all and get a nugget!' he laughed, walking towards him.

'Sounds cool kid. Im surprised your here however.' he shrugged, giving a small look back to town.

'I heard there was a bike sale.' he finished. The kid was long gone. There was a large space, he supposed girls there must have already have left. There were two people left. The man ahead turned to him, pokeball bouncing in his hand.

'Come on child, lets do this, beat me, and your one step closer to the nugget. Go Mankey!' he shouted, releasing the rather large and nasty looking monkey pokemon.

'Alright, go Zubat!' Kaiden replied, releasing his bat pokemon, already a firm favourite. Cubone jumped up and down in support of his buddy.

'Ok, Mankey, focus!' the trainer said, the monkey slowly moving his limbs.

'Alright, lets get it started with a bite zubat!' he replied, the bat screeching and swooping down, sinking its fangs into the Mankey's shoulder, before taking off again.

'Ok mankey, karate chop!'

'Come on zubat, dodge the attack!' Kaiden said, desperate, worried about the fighting nature of mankey's attack. The karate chop slammed into zubat, pushing him to the floor, hand still on its back. Zubat stopped, flapping, pushing Mankey's arm up.

'Alright, bite now!' Kaiden said, laughing. Zubat flew in, past mankey's defense, and bit his side deep, hanging on. Mankey began running around crazily, Zubat still attached to him.

'Bite again!' Zubat chomped away. Mankey flinched, flinging the bat away but not moving.

'Come on Mankey, scratch!' his trainer shouted, worried. As zubat sweeped in, Mankey gashed his wing.

'Oh no! Zubat, one more, bite!' Kaiden shouted, Zubat struggling to stay airborne. Mankey went in to scratch again, both pokemon heading for each other. Kaiden winced as zubat screeched. Then something mental happened. Mankey ran around, flicking his limbs out. Zubat had bitten him in the wrist, hand inside of it. Slowly Mankey slowed down, and then stopped, falling backwards. Zubat only let go when Mankey turned into white and red light.

'How you like that man?' Kaiden laughed, returning zubat as he walked on.

'Hey you kid, well done, your at the end of nugget bridge.' came a voice from the end. Kaiden stepped off the wood of the bridge to see another member of the so called 'team rocket'.

'Team Rocket im guessing?' he asked.

'You are correct. Are you interested in joining?'

'You must be joking. You steal peoples pokemon!'

'If thats how you feel, then face my wrath. Go, Ekans and Rattata!' he shouted, flinging both the pokeballs.

'Alright, Cubone, Nidoran, you up!' he replied, releasing Nidoran, cubone stepping up from behind his trainer.

'Hyper fang! Poison sting!' The team rocket grunt ordered his pokemon. The Rattata bit hard on cubones skull, causing him to flinch in pain. The poison sting bounced harmlessly away from Nidoran, a poison pokemon.

'Come on guys, nidoran, poison sting rattata! Cubone, bone club ekans!' he shouted. Cubone flicked off the rat, running at Ekans at smashing his bone onto its serpentine head. It hissed, but backed off, coiling up. Nidoran's horn dove into rattata, who was starting to sweat and having trouble standing.

'Come on you stupid beasts! Attack! Attack!' the grunt said. Ekans tried wrapping nidoran, who wailed in pain from the crush, but was released as Ekans got struck by the poison pins along nidoran's body. It too appeared to be sweating.

'Alright! Nidoran, scratch Ekans! Cubone, headbutt it!' Kaiden said, again tasting victory. Nidoran ran, scratching the Ekans just on the yellow neck band. The snake looked down, mouth open. It screeched as it was slammed with a flying headbutt, bone could be heard as Cubone's skull collided with the snake's head. It flew into a nearby wall, and was withdrawn.

'Damn! Rattata, hyper fang again!.' he shouted. It tried to run, but stumbled and fell. It too was withdrawn.

'Fine. Happy, happy. You win. Take the nugget.' he said, annoyed, turning to leave across the bridge.

'Hey, do you know a grunt called Natalie?' Kaiden asked.

'That stupid little girl? I think she is back at Celadon after failing miserably in Mt moon. Why?'

'None of your business grunt.' he shrugged. Nidoran turning and chasing the Rocket. Cubone and Kaiden laughed, the poison rabbit constantly trying to stick the rocket with his horn.

'You get back here Nidoran!' he shouted, the rabbit complying, turning and walking back.

'Nice job guys, hows about a break?' he asked them, who both nodded, and he turned, seeing some grass to the left with a cliff. They all moved over there, and he slumped against the rocks, looking down at the gold nugget in his hand. Cubone was too slumped with his owner, whereas Nidoran was busy, chewing on some of the grass. He released zubat, who found a nearby rock, and was hanging by his two long toes, upside down, wings wrapped across his body.

Nidoran suddenly wailed, jumping back defensively as the piece of grass he was chewing moved...

OOC when I was younger and played blue, I always thought the nugget was a chicken nugget :cheeky:

And oo, Bellsprout or Oddish?

June 8th, 2008, 3:33 AM
"Okay, hold still," Adel told the Sandshrew positioned in front of her as she pulled out the disc she had won from the Hiker not too long ago. Basil sniffed her hand curiously as she placed TM28 upon the Mouse Pokemon's head. Adel stood back and waited for the device to work its magic. The Ground type froze, his eyes widening as the TM registered something brand new and alien to his brain, blinking his eyes and flinching as the Dig attack inputed itself into his brain, as the disc atop his head broke into half and fell to the ground, completely useless now. The Sandshrew got on all his four paws, before proceeding to claw at the ground, a mischievous smile upon his yellow face, before the girl could comment on anything, Basil had disappeared into the hole he had dug up.

"Come out! Now!" Adeltruat folded her arms and called out in an irritated tone, much like a mother ordering her child not to wander off. Before long, the Mouse Pokemon emerged at her feet, receiving a startled yell from the female as she fell back and landed on her rear. She inhaled and exhaled a few times, while Basil groomed himself next to her, licking his paws as she calmed herself down. Even though the Sandshrew wasn't exceptionally strong, he certainly didn't lack a sense of humour. The fifteen-year old got to her feet, releasing a "tsk" as she tried to straighten and smoothen her crumpled skirt. After doing so, she grabbed onto Basil's arm and hoisted him into her arms, gesturing to the bridge located a short walk away from their current location at the exit of Cerulean City.

"With your current level, I can't obviously bring you into battle with a Gym Leader. We need to train you up first." She explained to him in a serious voice. The Sandshrew cocked his head, before burying his face in his paws and snuggling comfortably into Adel's chest, a soft "shrewww" came from his mouth as he stared up to her with pleading eyes. The girl had almost,almost, been won over by this trick. "No! You're going to battle, whether you like it or not!" She replied in a sharp and commanding tone as she started making her way over to the Nugget Bridge.

The first young boy was occupied with conversing with a young male. That trainer seemed awfully familiar, Adel had seen him before, she was sure of it. However, the girl decided not to dwell on it, as she saw Derek passing the young child some money, a few seconds later, the little trainer ran off the bridge and into the distance, mentioning something about a Magikarp before doing so. The girl slowed her pace, standing at the beginning of the bridge with Basil still snuggled tightly in her arms as she watched on as the boy journeyed further down and started a battle with two young girls. Adeltruat couldn’t help be allow a slight smile upon her features, as she confidently strolled past the trio, glad that she had avoided three battles out of the supposed five. Even though her Sandshrew did need some training, the female obviously did not want to waste anymore time than necessary.

A young male stepped out to block her way, holding out one open palm as an extra measure. The girl nodded to show her understanding, allowing Basil to leap from her arms and land on the sturdy floor of the bridge. The Sandshrew pawed the air, bearing his fangs as the silent trainer retrieved a Pokeball from his belt and released a medium sized Bird Pokemon. The Pidgeotto spread his wings and crowed loudly, launching into the air in a majestic fashion that astounded the excited girl. Adel clasped her hands together and cooed in a high voice, “Oooh~! Pidgeotto!” It was incredibly rewarding to know that Kinah would soon look exactly like that; of course, she would look far more elegant than the boy’s Pigeotto. The Sandshrew gazed in awe at the avian as well, a look of interest plastered on his face. Swiftly, he reacted to Adel’s words, shooting forth and jumping as high as he could manage, scratching the Pidgeotto’s left leg, resulting in the injured bird to caw in agony. Basil landed firmly on all fours, as the Pidgeotto rose higher into the air and began beating his wings faster and faster. Adel immediately recognized it as the Gust attack, and reacted accordingly.

“Defense Curl!” Basil unleashed his favourite move with delight, tucking himself into a neat orb just before the strong gale of wind made impact. His form withstood the large wind, as he slowly uncurled himself and regained his battle stance. Charging forward at the girl’s command, the Sandshrew raised a glowing claw and struck the bird squarely in the wing. The poison damaged the bird critically, as he collapsed on the ground, struggling to regain flight; however, the toxic proved to be too strong, as all the avian could do was to muster up a Sand Attack in the direction of the Sandshrew. Startled, Basil rolled himself into his favoured shape, despite Adel’s command to dig. The Mouse Pokemon finally realized that his trainer was directing a statement to him, franticly burrowing underground and digging a tunnel out underneath the earth. Pidgeotto and his trainer looked around with haste, unsure where the Ground type would pop out. Without warning, the Sandshrew burst out of the soil right below Pidgeotto’s withered frame, sending the bird spiraling into his trainer. The dazed bird lay atop the boy, as he raised a shivering arm and gestured for the girl to continue.

After no more than ten steps, Adeltruat was confronted by yet another male. As careful with his words as the one before him, he slowly took out his Pokeball and awaited the girl without any pleasantries. Despite the uneager look on Basil’s face, the female sent him out into the fray. His tail between his legs in despair, he watched on as a Spearow emerged from her Pokeball and approached him carefully. The Ground type straightened his posture and held his ready position, as the battle commenced and the bird flew into the air in a hauntingly familiar way. With as much agility as he could muster, Basil leapt and attempted a Scratch attack. The avian avoided it clearly, as if she had read his mind. Her trainer shook his head, before speaking in a soft and barely audible voice, “Don’t assume that I didn’t see that last battle you had.” A difficult look appeared on Adel, before she proudly replied.

"Don't assume that an old Growlithe can't learn new tricks."

“Dig, remember to use the plan I taught you!” the girl shouted to her Sandshrew. The young yellow mouse obeyed without question, tunneling into the ground. The Spearow circled the area, eyeing every single part of the field, ready to attack. Basil broke out of the underground in one corner of the field, and the bird quickly swooped down, her talons readying to slash at the Ground type. Moments before such a thing could happen; the young Pokemon ducked and retreated back into his underground tunnel. The Spearow crashed into the ground, unable to stop herself so suddenly. As the bird regained her bearings, another hole in the earth appeared behind her, the Sandshrew leapt out of it before she had a chance to take note of her trainer’s warning, and dug his claws deep into her feathers. The Spearow cried in pain, falling onto the floor due to the Sandshrew’s weight. Basil scratched her once more, as the bird arched her back and shook the Mouse Pokemon off her. Landing with a horrible ‘thud’, Basil sprang to his feet, still far more energetic than the Spearow. As the bird started to take off, he jumped forth and grabbed onto her leg, as Adel commanded, pulling the avian down, this is turn resulting in the bird crashing loudly onto the Sandshrew. As exhausted as the little mouse seemed, he still managed to wriggle his way out from underneath Pidgeotto’s comparatively larger build. He looked over his shoulder to see an unconscious Pidgeotto, and instantly, a grand smile came upon his adorable face.

He punched the air in victory, as his trainer jogged over and pulled him into a congratulatory hug.

The young trainer withdrew his fainted Pokemon with no remarks, nodding with respect to the girl before thumbing over his shoulder; the end of the bridge was just there, waiting for her. She approached cautiously; as a large man in an overcoat appeared from behind the bushes flagging the path that lead further down Route 24. Adeltruat stopped, feeling a sinister vibe emitting from the adult, she surveyed him carefully, as he pulled out a golden brick from his pocket and held it out for the girl. The nugget gleamed in the sunlight, and the female couldn’t resist the temptation, she bowed to the male out of courtesy, before taking the gold and stuffing it into her bag. The girl then hastened to continue her walk along the route; however, the tall man blocked her way.

“Listen, girlie. You seem like a tough chickie. Wanna join me and my men?” He muttered in a low, creepy voice.

Adel hadn’t the faintest idea what the man was talking about, but she stood her ground, stiffened her shoulders and strongly shook her head. Preventing her body from shivering was a laborious task, but she had to do it, to show that she wasn’t afraid, to show that she was from the Haert family.

The middle-aged man chuckled softly, drawing closely and hissing in his terrifying voice.

“Sure? There are benefits. Loads of em’. All the nuggets you could ever dream about, and all you have to do i-“

“YES! I am quite sure about it!” Adel shouted loudly, pushing past him and running down the trail, daring not to look back as she escaped from the man. Her whole body shook with fear, she had never felt so.. so much uncertainty in her whole life, not even in Mount Moon. The way he looked at her, the wild eyes he possessed, and the way he spoke and moved, she shuddered at the memory, coming to a halt at a tree that had grown in the middle of a quaint meadow, sitting herself down and bringing her knees to her chin as she rested.

She wished that Leighton was around to comfort her, like he used to so many years ago.

June 8th, 2008, 3:49 AM
To Diegoyayi: Wow. Talk about a long post. If this had been dedicated to a single Pokemon it would've gained 4 Levels! But I am going to make give 2 Levels to each, seeing as it wasn't a special event. Great job here though. Probably your longest post yet!
Pikachu grew to Level 16!
Ness grew to Level 19!
One more post and then you can fight Misty!

To Slave: That was a good post there. I see you decided to train all three of your Pokemon in one post, which is fine because it was sufficiently long. They will all gain 1 Level because of it. And yes, you did get the Nugget. One more post, then you can fight Misty! Oh, and the Pokemon you want to find is up to you.
Cubone grew to Level 18! (you still have to let me know about Focus Energy)
Nidoran grew to Level 14!
Zubat grew to Level 17!
Zubat wants to learn Wing Attack, but it already knows 4 moves! Delete an older move to make room for Wing Attack?
You got a Nugget!

To Ibuberu: This was a great post for you. I was very impressed by the strategy she used for Basil. Very well done with that. Awesome work. Sorry it took me so long to update, though. I've been very busy BUT, for the next few days I will be around pretty much 24/7, so if you post I will update it, for sure!
Basil learned Dig!
Basil grew to Level 16! (yes, you earned a 4 Level gain for that one)
Basil is trying to learn Rapid Spin and Swift, but it already knows 4 moves! Delete an older move to make room for them?
You get one more post here before you can challenge Misty. Make it count!

June 8th, 2008, 6:58 PM
((Lol.. I thought the same about nuggets))

"Congratulations, Kid... I see you successfully reached the end of Nugget Bridge." A man in a shady outfit said as he plopped out from the shadows and started to walk towards Derek. The man's outfit strangely resembled the one the Rocket Grunts in Mt. Moon were wearing. This clothing, however, gave Derek the impression this man was in a somewhat 'higher' rank than a grunt. Derek couldn't be sure of anything, though; and he really couldn't care less about how the Team Rocket ranking system worked. Then Derek replied:

"Um. Well, yeah. I mean, that's Nugget Bridge" He said as he stared back at the bridge, then turned back to the man, "And this is the end of it. So yeah" Derek finalized teasingly as he tried to move past the man, who emanated a strange and sinister aura all around him.
"Didn't they teach you manners, kiddo? You can't just past walk through me in the middle of a conversation" The man teased back as he positioned himself in front of Derek, bringing him to a sudden stop. His rough built and height resulted intimidating to Derek, so he didn't do anything but taking a step back.

"Yeah, I was taught manners. But I was also taught not to talk eerie and creepy strangers" Derek replied as his face started to turn red in anger. It was getting so tiring dealing with all this trainers. Again, Derek tried to walk away, but the man pushed him back, now with a greater strength.

"Listen, boy. I'm not in the mood, Ok? So now you stay here and listen to what I have to offer. I am a member of this organization... Team Rocket. We are conquering the world with Pokemon soon, and a strong trainer like you would be of great use in our team. What do you say? Consider Joining... You can get everything you want..." The grunt spoke in his low voice tone as he stared directly at Derek.

Derek thought about this for some seconds. He examined his words and offerings over and over... And over. An brilliant idea then entered his mind. For sure the best idea he had ever had in his whole life. A grin of mischief spread across his face as he approached the grunt and stretched his hand.

"I'd be honored to be a member of Team Rocket. I will do everything I can to help Team Rocket rule the world"

"That is incredible." The Grunt said as he shook Derek's hand. "I declare you an official member of Team Rocket. Take this badge to show your accomplishment to other grunts." The man then gave Derek a red R-shaped badge. Derek took the badge and pinned it to his backpack, but in an area that was hidden so that no one could see he was a member. "Also, for joining, you can have this nugget"

"Oh, thank you, 'cause I'm starving." Derek said as he stretched his hand and waited for the man to place the object on his palm. Instead of receiving a chicken nugget, though, he got a gold nugget. Derek stared at the small pebble in amazement, but was pulled out of his thoughts when the grunt started to talk.
"Not a chicken nugget. A gold nugget. You can get many of this just for being member of Team Rocket. Well, anyway, I have to leave now. Your first mission is to get to Celadon City, go to the game corner, and ask for a guy named Poncho. He'll know what to do." After saying this, the man vanquished into the shadows.

~It all worked to perfection...~ Derek thought. His plan succeeded. He had agreed to join Team Rocket. Now, no Rocket Grunts would attack him, so that let a class of trainers out of the roster. Also, he could get access to Rocket items, and he could cause major havoc to the organization from within. Bedazzled at how gullible and dumb the Rockets were, Derek decided to continued his path along the Route.

Only a few minutes passed, however, when Derek was stopped to stare at the area around and how it was full of trainers. Wow, it was going to be tiring to get through the route; but whatever. Before Derek could take another step, a girl that was familiar to his eyes rushed past him, running away desperately. Derek was sure she had seen her before, so he examined his mind and searched for an image of where had he seen her before. He then remembered it had been in Mt. Moon. She was the girl that was running away from the Zubat herd.

Just as Derek was going to turn around to see why was she running away so quickly, his answer arrived when a man nearly identical to the one that recruited him a while ago ran down chasing the girl. When he spotted Derek, though, he yelled something to him. "Hey, New guy! Help me catch her!"

"Eh... I don't think so, pal" Derek said, not moving from his spot. Instead, as the girl ran away, Derek threw a Pokeball in front of the chasing grunt. "Go Magikarp!" Derek exclaimed as the red fish came out from his Pokeball, directly in front of the bad guy. The grunt didn't have time to react, so he just tripped on the water Pokemon and fell down, slamming his face on a nearby rock. A loud scream of pain rose from the area and echoed along all of the Route. The evil grunt had apparently passed out; but Derek couldn't be sure. Maybe he was playing it so he could catch anyone that approached. Whatever the case was, Derek decided to walk away and avoid further trouble.

After some minutes, Derk finally got to the route where Trainers were appearing. But instead of going all 'Woohoo!', he actually got very depressed. Seriously, it was getting tiring. Why did everyone want to fight, anyway? And why didn't they fight each other? Why did the only want to bring him down? Who knew. Anyway, Derek slowly made his way through the path filled with trainers of many classes. The first one to step up to him was a youngster. The young kid, without saying anything, released a Rattata who prepared for battle immediatly. Derek realized it was already too late like to run, so he sent out Magikarp for a battle. As always, he opted for letting the little fish fight for himself.

Rattata made the first move and started by using a Super Fang attack. Magikarp took the hit with his rubbery skin and then just pushed purple rat away. Then it was Magikarp's turn, and he opted to use a deadly Splash. But nothing happened. Rattata laughed evilly, and with a mischievous grin on his face he darted towards Magikarp with a tackle. Magikarp flopped up high into the air and dodged the hit. Then, to everyone's surprise, Magikarp used an attack. He used Tackle on the Rattata. The water type Pokemon fiercely and bravely catapulted his whole body and made direct contact with Rattata's face, a loud slapping noise heard as he did. Rattata was apparently very weak or low-leveled, because the Tackle almost brought him down.

"Wow..." Derek said impressed on how his Pokemon turned really cool out of nowhere. "Use Tackle again!"

Magikarp smiled and used tackle on the little rat again, taking him down for good. The kid withdrew his Pokemon, and without saying anything, he dropped his prize money and ran away. As Derek was going to continue to go through the path, nearly 20 trainers, ranging from Youngsters to Hikers stepped in front of him and stopped him. "My turn!" "No! Mine!" "No, you fools, I saw him first!" "I'm telling my mom!"

All of the trainers started to brawl with themselves as they tried to decide which one should battle Derek first. Derek tried to sneak past through them, but the path was completely blocked by trainers. Derek sighed bored, wondering what he could do, then he go another idea. He reached towards his backpack and pulled out his just awarded nugget. "Hey, Guys! Check this out!" He exclaimed as he held the nugget on his open palm.

All of the trainers stared at the piece of gold in amazement, wondering what Derek could do with it. "Fetch!" He then yelled out loud as he threw the piece of gold downhill. The nugget rolled down the path, getting more speed and momentum on every passing second. All the trainers then, like ravenous beasts, ran towards it desperately, hoping to place their hands on the valuable item. Not even 10 seconds after, the path was cleared; and it revealed the entrance to Bill's house.

"Tada..." Derek said tiredly as he approached the house and entered.

Inside, a Clefairy ran in circles desperately. Pikachu was about to Brick Break him, but before the attack even started the Clefairy yelled something at them. "Hey! Hold it, guys! I'm not a Pokemon! I'm Bill! The Poke-Expert! One of my experiments went wrong, so I turned into a Clefairy. Go over to my computer and click the red button once I'm in that strange capsule over there. Help me, please. I'll give you a reward."

Derek didn't say anything; he just nodded and approached the computer. Bill then entered one of his machines, and when the door closed, Derek pushed the indicated button. A light then flashed inside the house, momentarily blinding Derek and Pikachu. When their eyes weren't burning anymore, though, the say Bill standing in front of them. "Hah, Thank you" Bill said as he stretched his hand to introduce himself.

"I'm Derek Stone. Nice to meet you." Derek said as he shook Bill's hand. The two chatted for a while on things about Pokemon, especially about evolutions. Something Bill was supposed to know something about.
"So Bill, tell me something. I have this Magikarp right here." Derek said as he released Magikarp. Bill then examined the Pokemon thoroughly, and when he was done he just stared up at Derek and smiled. "Seriously, friend. This Fish Pokemon will give you a surprise when you least expect it."

After saying that, Bill reached to his pocket and pulled out around 5 pieces of paper. "Look. For helping me, I'll give you this. Tickets to the S.S. Anne. I heard they have will have an awesome party somewhere around this days. I can't go, so I'll give you this tickets so you can go in my place. Now, I have some work to do. It was nice meeting you, Derek."

Derek registered information on many Pokemon on his Pokedex from Bill's PC, then walked away as he stuffed the tickets into his bag. He walked carelessly around the route, but had to quicken his pace when he noticed how the Trainers chasing the nugget were returning. "Oh snap..." Derek said to himself as he started to run back to Cerulean.

He got tired before he arrived at Nugget Bridge, though, so he stopped for a moment to recover his breath. He was standing in a clearing with almost nothing but a tree. He was about to walk towards the tree, but was stopped when he noticed someone was already there. In fact, it was the girl he saw a while ago. She seemed fatigued from all the running she had done. She apparently hadn't noticed him, for just before he got to the meadow his moves started to become really quiet. He was about to approach, at least to ask something like 'Are you Ok?', but he stopped when he stepped on a small pile of twigs and dried leaves. The crackling sound caused goosebumps to Derek. The silence was broke all of a sudden, and he felt like a robber that had just been caught jumping over a fence. He stood there immobile and nervous, unsure of what to do.

June 8th, 2008, 8:00 PM
To Diegoyayi: Like you already said, this was yor second post, yet it leaves you still on Route 24/25. As long as you RP yourself getting from their to Misty and fighting her in your next post, all will be fine. Wow. That was really long though. It was obvious you were going for a large Level increase there. For your effrots, obviously, you would've gained 4 Levels. Seeing as the Level Cap is 22, though, I can only give you 3. Sorry man. But, just so you know, that was a great post! Excellent work man!
Magikarp grew to Level 22!
What!? Magikarp is evolving! Allow the process to continue?
You got five S.S. Anne Tickets!

June 9th, 2008, 5:28 AM
Adel had forgotten how long she had been sitting under the tree, lost in her thoughts as she reflected the times when her older brother was around to teach her about Pokemon and to protect her from the neighborhood bullies, something that wasn't extinct in a quiet town like Pallet. The young boys with large builds and menacing height used to tease and taunt the small girl when she was just a child. However, Leighton was always there to chase them away before things could start to get even worse, the sense of security and protection her big brother gave her, was something that... she probably should have appreciated. Sighing softly to herself, her head still resting on her knees, she wondered what she could do now. After that experience with the Rocketeer, the girl had lost all enthusiasm and feeling for getting involved in a battle anytime soon. Of course, the Gym Leader or Cerulean was an exception. At the sound of snapping wood and the rustle of leaves, she lifted her gaze at lightning speed to see who had intruded her personal space.

Standing not too far away, a young male stood, this was the first time she had had a chance to survey him closely, noticing his broad build and strong frame, as well as rosy cheeks. That boy, he seemed to be around the same age as her, and he had been on the bridge as well, not too long ago. She had also dashed past him in her mad escape from the crazy man. And, come to think of it...

Adeltruat scrutinized her surroundings, realizing that the man had stopped chasing her. She held her breath, as the thought struck her like a hammer. Had.. had this trainer possibly saved her from the Rocketeer? Inwardly cursing herself for her lack of manners, she sprang to her feet and approached the tall boy, noticing that she was a fair bit smaller than him, though glad she was still taller than his shoulder. Adel bowed curtly, though unable to produce a proper smile.

"Hello. Did you happen to see a large, scary man in an overcoat following me just now?" The female inquired as pleasantly as she could to confirm her suspicion. If, if Derek had really saved her from Team Rocket, wouldn't it mean that she was somehow in his debt, now? The girl shuddered at the thought, spotting a Bellsprout crawling out from the long grass behind the boy. With his front turned to face her, Derek had failed to notice the approaching Grass type, its sharp leaves raised as it prepared to attack. Swiftly unclipping a Pokeball from her belt and releasing her Pidgey in a flash of scarlet, the girl pointed over the boy's shoulder, directing Kinah's attention to the hostile Bellsprout. The bird cawed with excitement, elated that she could finally participate in a battle. She had failed to claim victory during the last two matches she had taken part in, the avian would not allow such a thing to repeat itself for the third time. Raising her wings and beating a large gust attack at the startled Grass type, she delivered massive damage due to the obvious weakness of the opponent. The injured creature began to hobble away from Kinah, who simply would not let it run from a battle. The bird viciously chased after the Grass type, as Adel shouted out a command.

"GUST!" she had to strain her voice, as the two creatures ran further and further away from her and Derek. Kinah acted the moment she heard the girl's voice, swooping low and kicking up another large gale, knocking the Bellsprout out the moment the effective attack made contact. Kinah nodded confidently at the unconscious mass lying at her feet, before spreading her wings and proceeding back towards the direction of Adeltruat.

The girl turned to look at Derek, speaking in a relieved voice, "Now, I don't owe you anything."

June 9th, 2008, 5:34 AM
To Ibuberu: Nice job with the Character interaction there. It fit in well. Yes, you did make a long enough post to gain a Level for Kinah. Nice work! On to Misty, whenever you are ready.
Kinah grew to Level 18!
What!? Kinah is evolving! Allow the process to continue?

Slave to the Poké-Rave
June 9th, 2008, 8:29 AM
'Nidoran, whats wrong?' he said, jumping up as Nidoran lept into a defensive pose.

'Nido! nido - ran!' he growled. The grass jumped up, and starting running around extremely fast.

'Oddiiiisshhh!' it screamed. It had a small blue body and tiny stubby legs. The grass appeared to be hair. Hair which now had a bite mark in it.

'Alright Nidoran, use a peck!' he shouted. Nidoran dived at the running oddish, tackling it to the ground. He bit it all over its little blue body.

Something spurted from the body of the oddish, and it hissed on contact with nidoran. It seemed to have little effect and Nidoran pecked again, the oddish quickly fainting.

'Well that thing was really, really pathetic.' he said, shrugging.

'Still, good job nidoran.' he finished, lazing down again. The sunlight was warm upon his skin, and he got to sleep. Before he did, he noted his Pokemon's locations. Zubat was long asleep, hanging from his rock. Nidoran was still chewing grass, but would sleep soon, and cubone was already dreaming. He slept well.

Kaiden awoke. The sun had gone in, even with his eyes closed, he couldn't feel its heat. Opening his eyes slowly, he noted something about the seize of his head, nosing around inside his bag. Something purple and furry.

'What the hell!?!?' he shouted, jumping up. The furry thing turned. It had a pair of clodhopper feet and stubby forepaws. It had a pincer-like mouth, red compound eyes and white antenna.. It didn't run however.

'Veno!' it cried, dead still. Both of them stared deep into each others eyes for a second. Its eyes began to turn blue, and Kaiden's head pounded.

'Alright, none of that, go, Zubat!' he shouted, who flew from his perch, screaming its high pitched sound. Venonat's blue eyes disappeared, returning to red as it stumbled slightly. As Zubat swooped back and forth, Venonat trying to catch it, the pokedex clicked in.

'Venonat, the Insect pokemon. Venonat is said to have evolved with a coat of thin, stiff hair that covers its entire body for protection. It possesses large eyes that never fail to spot even minuscule prey.'

'Venonat huh? Sounds cool, your mine!' he shouted, 'Alright, zubat, bite it!' he finished.

'Zu!' his pokemon screeched as it swooped once more, digging its fangs into the Venonat's furry body. It replied however, its eyes turning blue once more and Zubat flew off, flapping irregularly, spinning in a circle and slamming into a cliff.

'Alright, Zubat, return!' Kaiden said, not happy as Zubat was taken into his pokeball.

'Go on Nidoran, a little more.' he said, the rabbit stepped up.

'OK, try a peck!' he said, nidoran running at venonat. Venonat also ran at the rabbit, and dived, throwing its body weight at him. They tumbled into a heap, but Nidoran managed to nip the venonat, who seemed to be getting weaker.

'Your mine!' he laughed as he threw his pokeball, absorbing Venonat into itself. It shook, eager to escape.

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June 9th, 2008, 3:19 PM
As Bobby neared the next city he heard a sound like thunder. "Is it raining?" Bobby said. He looked up into the sky but it was a crystal clear day. As he walked he noticed that the sound seemed to be getting closer, and that another sound was now mixed with the thunder. Bobby looked ahead and saw a boy just a little younger than him, screaming his head off.

"What was that about?" Bobby wondered. He looked down the path and saw a pack of Sandshrew headed this way. And they looked pissed. His eyes bulged. "Oh crap!" Bobby yelled and took off running back the way he came.

Soon he passed the boy who looked like he was almost out of energy. He also noticed that the Sandshrew hord was getting closer.

"AH!" the boy cried out as he tripped and fell to the ground. The Sandshrew were almost on top of him.

"Crap!" Bobby said as he turned around and put the boy on his shoulders. "Hold on!" Bobby yelled as he pulled back his sleeve to revel a braclet like object with a red button. He pushed the button and his shoes roared to life. He began moving like he was roller skating, as he shoes had become Hover Shoes.

Insted of speeding away, Bobby turned right and headed for a small pond. "What are you doing?!" the boy yelled.

"Sandshrew don't like water!" Bobby said curtly. Soon they were hovering over the pond with the Sandshrew blocking their exit

"How long can we stay up here?" the young one asked tentivly.

"About three more minutes." Bobby said, as he tried to think of a way out. The young boy gulped in fear. When he finished thinking Bobby told the boy to hang on very tight.

"Go Butterfree!" Bobby cried, releasing the pokemon. "Use Sleep Powder!" "Freeeee!" she cried as she flapped her wings, spreading a green powder over all of the Sandshrew.

Soon they were all asleep, and the Hover Shoes were almost out of power. Bobby began charging up the remaining power in his shoes and, using the built up power, did a giant front flip over the sleeping mice pokemon.

"Thank you!" the boy said when they had gotten far enough away. He explained that all he wanted to do was catch one, but things had turned sour, and soon the whole pack was after him. "I want you to have this as a reward!" The boy gave Bobby a TM that had the number 62 on it.

Bobby accepted the gift, and made his way to the Pokemon Center. "May I take your Pokemon?" the Nurse asked. Bobby could only nod. It had been a long journey and he was tired. "Your rooms down the hall and two the left." Nurse Joy said smiling knowing that he was tired. She took his pokemon for rest. Bobby wandered down the hall and found his room. He made his way to the bed and passed out from exhastion.

June 10th, 2008, 11:10 AM
The girl that was sitting down on the tree instinctively rose her sight and brought it up to Derek. As she stared at Derek and examined him, a cold sweat drop drooled down his spine. Unsure of what was making him nervous, he stared around with his head, pretending he didn't notice the girl watching him. His efforts were pathetic, though. It was obvious what he was trying to do.

He noticed Adel stood up and proceeded to walk towards him, to which he couldn't respond with anything but another drop of sweat. His tensed sensation then disappeared when he heard the female say something.

"Hello. Did you happen to see a large, scary man in an overcoat following me just now?"

For a moment, Derek was positive she would challenge him to a battle; just like every other trainer he had encountered with before. The thought that maybe she wasn't a Pokemon Trainer didn't even cross his mind, though, because he saw she was carrying Pokeballs on her belt. After a few seconds of thought, Derek's mumbling finally formed words.

"Do you mean that guy over the..." Derek started saying as he pointed to the fainted Grunt who could still be seen passed out from their spot. He couldn't finish his statement, though, because a bright flash of light formed from a Pokemon that had been released nearby him. The distance from the ball was very short, and this only cause Derek to take his forearm to his eyes to cover them from the light. When the luminosity disappeared and Derek came back to his senses, the female standing in front of him stretched out her arm to point at the Pokemon in Derek's back.

Th boy quickly stepped out of the way so he wouldn't interfere and proceeded to watch how the Pidgey brawled with the hostile Bellsprout. It wasn't long before Pidgey ended with the Grass Pokemon in a quite sublime manner. Pikachu and Derek stared somewhat amazed at the Pokemon who was now returning to her trainer.

"She's a good battle, I can tell." Derek murmured to the Pokemon on his shoulder. Maybe it took Pidgey only 2 attacks to take down Bellsprout, but the way Pidgey fought and how she gladly returned to her trainer expressed an excellent training.
"Pika" Pikachu said cuttingly as he nodded.

Derek then slowly walked back towards the female, but was stopped when she turned to look at him. "Now, I don't owe you anything."

Derek scratched his head discretely just after she said that. No clear emotion was represented on her voice tone, so the boy didn't really know how to take it. ~It's now like she ever owed me anything...~ He thought confused as he gazed off staring at the ground. After a few seconds, Derek realized how stupid he probably looked by just standing there with his eyesight lost; so he just shook the thoughts out his head and stared up as he blushed slightly in embarrassment. It wasn't noticeable, though, because his cheeks were naturally always rubious color.

Derek soon broke the silence by saying: "Um.. Ok. You know, I think I've seen you before. In Mt. Moon I beleive." After his nonchalant comment, Derek proceeded to stretch out his hand and motion for a handshake as the words "My name is Derek. Derek Stone" came out of his mouth. He was unsure, however, if the girl would accept and complete the greeting.

June 10th, 2008, 4:03 PM
As the avian began her descent, the girl allowed Kinah to perch upon her arm gracefully. The Pidgey then proceeded to hop onto her shoulder and carefully examined the new trainer and Pokemon. The girl watched on as he slowly as he scratched his head, as if puzzled by her recent statement. She inwardly sighed, wondering if she had wasted Kinah's efforts for naught. As the boy snapped back into the present, Adel didn't know if he was blushing, the expression upon his face indicated so, yet, she realised that his cheeks were going to keep it a secret from her. Kinah abandoned her trainer's shoulder on her own accord, fluttering down and landing in front of Derek's Pikachu, tilting her head to the right with curiosity, scrutinizing the Electric type with a blazing fire in her eyes.

[Yo', let's fight!] The Pidgey cawed to the Mouse Pokemon, folding her wings neatly at her sides as she waited for his response to her greeting.

"Um.. Okay. You know, I think I've seen you before. In Mount Moon I believe." Derek finally spoke, breaking the dead silence between the two humans. Adel gave him a thoughtful gaze in reply, raising her eyes as she tried to remember the horrors she had witnessed in the frightening cave. The girl recalled seeing a young male that resembled him, as she was running away from some Zubat. She gave a quick nod of agreement, as the boy began to introduce himself as Derek Stone, stretching out a hand, willing her for a friendly handshake. It.. Had been a long time since this had happened to Adel, she had locked herself up for so long, it was a tedious task for her to remember how it was like to make friends, and the girl's hand was shivering as she tried to return the warm gesture.

"Give them a smile, a warm handshake, and just tell them your name, and you're set!" she could hear Leighton's voice resounding in her mind.

Adeltruat slowly composed herself, flashing Derek a warm smile that was a rare sight, Kinah couldn't help but turn away from Pikachu. She grabbed onto his hand and shook it with light strength, before stepping back and curtsying, raising herself to her full height and placing a hand upon her chest as she spoke with confidence, "Adeltruat Haert, please to meet you."

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