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July 10th, 2008, 10:07 PM
A room in one of Team Rocket's expansive underground hideouts was dark and quiet. A rustling could be heard in the corner. An elderly man in a white lab coat, showing signs of hair loss, fiddled away with samples of Pokémon DNA and the various machines surrounding him. In a hallway a floor below lay many cells containing average everyday trainers, taken away from random towns in broad daylight or at midnight, or maybe in the wilderness, accompanied by their Pokémon partners. Either way, they were removed from any chance at Pokémon training or coordinating, knowing much too well about Team Rocket's selfish attempts at conquering Earth. Yet, there was nothing they could do, except wondering about why they deserved such a fate.

"Hm... Success..." the old man said, a yellow tapir-like creature beside him giving a dull, emotionless "Drowzee."

Taking several needles, with some sort of substance inside of them, he and the Drowzee exited their own private room and walked past the average brain-dead Rocket Grunt guarding his room from intruders. They weren't of importance to him, neither were the executives and more grunts patrolling the halls. What he was interested, were the captives at the lowest level of the base, located under Eternia Forest's maze-like clusters of trees.

Eventually reaching the cells containing the captives, he had the guards patrolling the area turn away from his Drowzee, not wanting them to fall under it's hypnotic spell. Commanding it to use Hypnosis, the Drowzee chanted out it's name for what seemed like a hour (although in reality it was only ten minutes), the people who even faced the general direction as it fell into a trance, under the order of the Psychic-type and it's master only. Pleased with his Pokémon's work, he patted it on the head and one syringe for each person, began to inject the sleeping victims with the substance, a grin beginning to grow on the elderly scientist's face.

By the time he was done, the first victims had fur popping out of their skin, and seemed to have grown or lost a limb. He had left, leaving the inferior grunts to deal with those who were once-human. They shown signs of becoming... Pokémon... Just what was happening?


When you woke up... You felt different. After moving around, extremely fatigued, you may of turned around, feeling something on you. Maybe you thought you were levitating, or you randomly found yourself burning up or freezing. Whatever it was, you were curious and inspected your body. Fur, wings, a tail, and more may of been found... You could of lost parts of your body, or your body itself. Alongside that, your memory before Team Rocket's arrival in your life been fading ever so slowly, as all you can remember is your name, your age, and that these people are called Team Rocket... Maybe it's in what you been fed?

Occasionally, the Rockets bring you and others above the surface and put you through tough training resulting in punishment if you fail, in an attempt to strengthen you for their own needs. Your old past was replaced by their lies, and you have gotten to know the others in the shared room you sleep in.

Eventually, they reveal their true motives, you overhearing discussions between various grunts about missions being given out by their superiors. They have been using you all along, faking any emotion about you, even though you knew it. Just all the more reason to flee, and you eagerly want to do so, too... And you may get your wish, soon enough... You're unnatural though, so will you search for a cure, a way to revert back to your human self? Or will you cope with your Pokémon form, even if you doubt that other Pokémon will trust you right away?



1. No Godmodding.
2. No Bunnying/Powerplaying (controlling another person's character without their permission).
3. This is PG-13, so don't go overthetop with gore, swearing, romance, ect.
4. You cannot be transformed into a legendary. No exceptions.
5. You can be caught by a trainer, so if you do plan on being owned by him or her for a while, just add it on to your sign-up post in a format you're comfortable with.
6. Correct (or at least understandable) grammar and spelling is a must. Talking "lyk dis lol" isn't acceptable.
7. Posts are obviously at least a paragraph (5-10 sentences long).
8. All PokéCommunity rules apply.


Sign-Up Sheet

Pokémon: (No legendaries, and don't pick something your gender won't let you, like how Blissey is female only)
Appearance: (Yes I know, you're a Pokémon, everyone knows what all 493 look like. Still, you could add a bit of your own touch to it, and just describe how your species of Pokémon look like in a decent paragraph or two)
Personality: (Your choice of Pokémon can influence your personality a bit, like how ghost-Pokémon are concieved as tricksters, especially Haunters. At least 1 paragraph)
History: (A bit of your past before you became a Pokémon, as you may find out a bit about it along the way, and what you gone through as a Pokémon, I guess. At least a paragraph, although if you can add more to improve your history, go ahead)
Other: (Anything else you want to add? If not, leave it blank or simply type "None.")


Anything Else

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Blue Screen of Death
July 14th, 2008, 10:14 AM
Hey, one question, are they half and half, or entirely pokemon?

July 14th, 2008, 11:02 AM
NAME: Elric Sullivan (referred to as "Defender")
AGE: 20
POKéMON: Lucario
APPEARANCE: Standing at a shocking six feet tall, Defender is the only known Lucario to stand at this height, due to not being naturally born in the form of a Pokemon. Large, chocolate-brown eyes that vie for vengeance are sunken into the smooth ebony fur that stripes horizontally and vertically across his face, and a large scar stabs across his skin, passing from his forehead over his right eye and ending at his cheek. Where normally there would be a smile, now only lies a grim, haunting expression that tells of years of abuse, the most current events only being a footnote in this chapter of life.

Sonic blue fur ensnares most of his body, leaving his torso to an almost banana-yellow and his forelimbs to jet black. He wears an amulet of the purest diamond around his neck, leftover by Team Rocket, which was given to him by a lover by the name of Arlene he once had as a human.

PERSONALITY: Defender is a strong, stubborn Pokemon with alot of problems behind him that he chooses to ignore for the betterment of everyone around him. He is occasionally haunted by flashbacks of a bloody war he was forced to become a part of at the young age of 16, but he does his best not to allow this side of himself to affect his social interactions. He's normally calm and compassionate, collected and smooth.
HISTORY: Being orphaned at the age of 3, Elric lived most of his life with a friend - now his lover - named Arlene. Together, as best friends at a young age, they would travel with her uncle Orion to far-away places in regions Elric had never heard of... And when the Dark War broke out between his homeland and another region, he and Arlene were forced into service at 16. They survived together and later planned to wed, with the advent of Arlene's pregnancy. Now that he has been led astray, it is not enough to put every ounce of effort into finding Arlene, whether he's a Pokemon or not.
Other: A fitting theme song. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEM5_niWEtU)

July 14th, 2008, 11:30 AM
I think this was exactly like an old RP back in the day. Oh well, I'll try it again.

Name: Yumikari Komoto

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Pokémon: Jolteon

Appearance: Yumikari sports yellow fur around most of his body, displaying white fur around his collar. Every piece of hair, or fur, collects massive amounts of electrical power. If the fur is touched in this state, you will be so to speak, "shocked". Most Jolteon do have deep black eyes, but Yumikari doesn't. His eyes are a blatent white/grey mix thats hard to look at. If you do however, you have a slim chance of being blinded for a small length of time. Even though its not lethal, it might be useful in some situations. Their are scars litered all around his body, most likely punishment from Team Rocket for not obeying their orders.

Personality: Yumikari is not very outgoing, but tends to speak..a little fast at times. He loves speed, the wind whipping around his body. It seems you can't keep him in one place for very long. Putting this aside, he is patient when the time calls for it. Yumikari loves to battle. If challenged to one, he will accept it, even if the consequences might be death. He cares for his friends, and can't stand it if one gets pushed around unnecessarily, and would sacrifice his life for that person. Yumikari hates to take orders, this is probably the reason for all his scars around his body.

History: Yumikari was just a normal trainer, with a normal pokemon. A Jolteon that was very loyal, and wouldn't back off from his side. They trained almost everyday to get stronger, to get the next gym badge. Yumikari's next gym badge was in another region, and he had to take a ship to get there. Alas, Team Rocket was kidnapping trainers, but this time he suspected, for stranger reasons then before. Walking on the path towards the ship, he was ambushed by an--Old Man!? With two Team Rocket grunts and a Drowzee?

Yumikari's Jolteon swiftly beat the two sad excuses for Team Rocket grunts with ease, but the old man was up to something. He gave his commands to his Drowzee. A Hynosis attack on--Yumikari? "Hey thats against the rul--" Yumikari fell down in exhuastion from the hypnosis. "Capture that kid and his Jolteon, quick!" Yumikari heard him say before he fell into a deep sleep.

Other: OOC: Short and Ugly. Im adding more soon. Ugh.

Retro Bug
July 14th, 2008, 12:16 PM
Muse Dayton

Alakazam's have strong mind, otherwise they wouldn't be able to head up that large of of their's that hang on their neck. Most Alakazam carry a large silver spoons, in both of there small hands, that can release powerful telekinesis attacks. Alakazam males have long mustaches, that hang past their shoulders. These psychic super-brains have brown skin covering their kneecaps, torso, shoulders, and upper arms. Three claws are on their large foots, two sprouting out of the top, one coming from the back, very powerful indeed. Muse has larger spoons than a usual Alakazam, and his are -more- bendable
Muse has a very simple personality, he his quiet, he has a smart-mouth equipped with him, but he doesn't use it, at all. Muse can be blunt when he does happen to talk, fortunately Muse's persona matches that Alakazam. Muse uses his brain, instead of being a brute, but he can be a brute if he wanted too. Muse doesn't care for others whom are hotheaded, because they are a complete waste of time. He also can be sneaky, and cunning, Muse always tries to get things his way, so persuasive works just fine. Though Muse doesn't usually 'honor' his skills of slyness, but he just hides them, because what's the point of using them.
Muse was one of five children that lived in central Johto, they had a house on the mountain top. He was always curious of his natural surrounding, Muse would ran mountaintops, and search for Pokemon in the grass. Muse never really knew why he never became a Pokemon Trainer, he loved them after all. His mother said he was smart as a Psychic type, he always liked that saying, all the way until his mother death. His mother death made a impact on Muse, he refused to talk, that's why he hasn't talked for a mere two years. Muse sat alone in school, he would ace his test, but he would never seem happy about it, the school was worried. Muse soon ran away from home to pursue his dream of a Pokemon Trainer, but before that could happen Team Rocket came.....

None- Short History.

Blue Screen of Death
July 14th, 2008, 7:33 PM
Name: Leon Jones

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Pokémon: Gengar

Appearance: Leon seems like an ordinary Gengar, but upon further inspection a few differences can be found. His normally red eyes are closer to purple, due to his blue eyes while he was human. His mouth is no longer caught in a permanent smile, and can be moved freely. His tail is half the size of a regular gengar, another result of the transformation. He did shrink, but he is still larger than a regular gengar. He also has a large, circular scar on his arm, from the injection.

Personality: Leon was once a happy fellow, but now is quite serious. He always tries to look at the bright side of things, but sometimes he just can't see the bright side. He often has trouble shutting up, but is quite quiet while he is concentrating. He never seems to do what you expect him to do next, but Leon is always looking for ways to make people like him more. Most would call him somewhat bipolar, but he has complete control over his emotions. Overall, his personality is quite contradicting of itself.

History: Leon was born in Kanto, and lived there for the better part of his life. When he was ten however, his mother and father died while climbing mt. Silver. After this, he was sent to live with his aunt Sarah and cousin Roy in Azalea town, Johto. Roy was always convincing him to do stupid things, and Leon cracked under the pressure most of the time. He still had plenty of fun with his cousin, even though Roy was four years older than him. The only pokemon he ever owned was a Stantler his cousin found in the woods. This Stantler, nicknamed 'Stanton' become a good friend to Leon, but never spent time in a pokeball under Leons ownership. Leon was in the forest with Stanton when a team of rocket grunts surrounded him and demanded his Stantler. He tried to fight, but niether him nor his pokemon where suited for combat, and both where knocked out and kidnapped. When Leon woke up, he was promptly put back to sleep by a Drowzee's hypnosis, and did not realize he was a Gengar until he woke up.

Other: Leon's Stantler was given to a rocket grunt, and lived for a time as its tool of war. He managed to run away one day however, and made its way back to Leon's house.

July 15th, 2008, 3:26 AM
Name:Ambellina Duce

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Pokémon: Golduck

Appearance: Ambellina looks like a regular old Golduck. She has nothing too special about her looks except that her nails on her flippers are longer & a bit sharper than a normal Golduck. For some reason she has a long scratch-type mark on her beak that she's not sure where that came from. Also instead of 2 red eyes, 1 is red while the other is a steel blue color. She wears a silver locket with a picture of her fiance in it.

Personality: She's quiet & fairly shy until she has to fight to stand her ground. Normally friendly and somewhat playful, she's very intelligent & thinks quick on her feet. She has somewhat enhanced Psychic abilities but nothing to special or outlandish.

History: Ambellina was a happy young woman, she had her mind made up on a permanent stable career. Nothing could stop her from her dream of becomming a History teacher. (Or so she thought >.< ) She was entering her 2nd year of college and was also making plans to share her future with her long-time boyfriend, Apollo. She trained at the same academy that Sabrina Psychic was in for people with 'special gifts' and was trained to not only control & conceal, but to enhance her Psychic abilities. She was abducted by Team Rocket when her & Apollo where on there way home from the couple's night out. She has no clue what happened to Apollo but will do anything to find him.
Other: N/A

July 15th, 2008, 7:06 AM
Name: Lusitania Lustro (Lusi for short, pronounced like "Lucy")

Age: 19

Pokemon: Flygon

Appearance: For the most part, Lusitania has the appearance of an average Flygon. However, there is a red triangle-shaped marking on her chest, and the tips of her antenna are also red. There are two yellow diamond-shaped markings in the center of her wings. Her eyes are a bright golden color, but it's difficult to tell due to the covers over her eyes, which make them appear red or reddish-orange. The covers on her eyes can become lighter or darker in different brightnesses of light or depending on her mood, (ex. at night they become much more transparant)

Personality: Lusitania is a calm, temperate girl. She is rather curious, always wanting to try new things and find out how things work. This has sometimes gotten her in trouble, but most of the time she knows when not to do something despite her curiousity. A prudent woman, Lusitania is smart, having aced all her classes in high school (except for World History) and went on to go to medical school. Emotional outbursts from her are rare, and when she does feel extreme emotion, it is usually directed inwards. She wasn't always this way: As a child she often threw tantrums, but as she grew up and matured, she eventually learned to control her emotions in a way many people never could. Normally, she is quite cheerful and often tries to cheer up the people around her.

History: Lusitania grew up in Johto. As a little girl she was somewhat anti-social and shy, preferring to play by herself rather than with other children. Her parents sent her to the best school in the region, and after finding a group of good friends in school, she overcame her shyness. Lusitania put a great deal of effort into her studies, and her parents were always very insistent on her doing to best she could in school. To them, her first priority as a teenager and child was to get into the best college she could find as fast as possible.
Due to this, Lusitania has never had to chance to make really close friend, a "best friend". Her parents force her to skip grades whenever possible so she can go to college faster. But they also move to the best school they can pay for every time she finishes a school, be it elementary, middle school, or high school, forcing her to leave her friends behind often. While she keeps in touch with her old friends via email and instant messaging, it's not nearly as good as being able to talk to them in person.
At the age of 19, Lusitania had already started medical school, studying to become a Pathologist in the field of Human Medicine. It was at her school Team Rocket abducted her and used her in their experiment.
Other: None.

the bitter end.
July 15th, 2008, 8:02 AM
Name: Ryuu Okinawa
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Pokémon: Ninetales
Appearance: Ninetales are slender foxlike entities with nine golden tails protuding from their thin furry body. Their tails are said to inflict a violent curse on any who touch them. Their eyes glow bloodred.
Personality: His genius level intelligence is often masked by his dark sense of pessism, often leading to self esteem issues. If he has a sense of humor it is very bleak (in other words he could fortell the destruction of the world and joke about gas prices in the same sentence). He is a loner, but he's smart enough to know he can't succeed alone, in whatever his task may be.
History: He didn't have much of a family before the experiment, just a rich uncle who would do anything for money. His only friend was a street girl named Kitty, and he had a strong contempt for anyone else; thus others generally avoided him. It wasn't long before he ran awayfrom his uncle, who didn't care an ounce for him, and thats when the Rockets found him.
Other: Captured by Kitty

July 15th, 2008, 5:17 PM
Name: Marco Aion
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Pokémon: Absol
Appearance: Marco's slim absol body is covered in pure white fur with his mane that poof up around his neck. A long sharp tail can be seen limping behind Marco when he is relaxed but when danger is sense then it can go straight up as in to tell him to be alert. Long black nails could be seen on each one of Marco's paws and bray make a sound as Marco walk on hard ground when he is running. A long thin piece of a black bone could be seen coming out of Marco's neck which has a reddish tinted while in the sun. A glass band can be seen once the white fur is moved on Marco's right arm that has a heart carved into it and the word Hearthome.
Personality: Marco as a human has a lay back kind of personality with a humorous side. Not a type of person that feels like he should get involve unless he see that he should. Marco is the type of guy that wouldn't mind laughing at a good joke and doesn't mind telling a few himself. Marco is a smart person and could take a decent job doing anything he wanted but really prefer to just go where the wind takes him. Still Marco knows when it is time to be serious as he has been shown under his time with the Team Rocket grunts.
History: Marco pretty much lead a normal life till the age of 17. Coming from the city of Lavender Town, he left for a pokemon journey at the age of 10 to give it a try. After spending a two years of gym battles along side with his charizard and his other pokemon thus making it to the top eight of the Indigo League, Marco decided that the life of a pokemon trainer wasn't really his thing so he went back to Lavender Town to go back to school. Marco still kept his pokemon and use them for small local battles and tournaments but never did anything more with them except for a few chats and lunches. Marco eventually graduated from school at the age of 17 and asked himself the question, "What now?" Marco was never sure what he liked to do the must and then remember the days of just traveling during his pokemon journey. It was then that Marco decided to be a traveler/wander by starting in Jotho with his pokemon. Marco decided that he would travel from place to place just because he wanted to and along the way battles a few people or taking a few short term jobs to make money while staying in a town for at least three days. Along the way he would help out a few people or make things worse. Depending on what Marco did or said.

Marco eventually traveled most of Jotho and decided to head for the SInnoh region to taste out what Sinnoh had. It was then that Marco finally thought he found a place to settle down, a place called Hearthome where he met a girl that made him want to stay as long as he could. Marco found this girl named Jen who he found interesting. She was a girl that worked at a coffee shop daily while taking classes at the University of Hearthome. It was her life that drew Marco to her and even got her attention in the form of having a few dates with her. Nothing romantic or anything at first but soon it was clear that Marco found something in Hearthome. Still the idea of traveling was calling Marco in the second week and in the end he decided to leave Jen but made a promise to come back. Jen understood this and gave him a glass bracelet to remember her. It has been three months afterward where Marco was capture by Team Rocket on his way to seeing the lake close to Snowpoint City.
Other: None

July 15th, 2008, 6:04 PM
I'll sign-up. I'm already in plenty of RP-related things, but this is just too interesting to not join!

Name: "Larx" (see History for more on his 'name')
Age: Eighteen
Gender: Male
Pokémon: Linoone

Appearance: A sleek creature, Larx like most Linoones is coated by long and thick, yet smooth fur that is tan and woodsy brown in color. The lithe form of a Linoone allows him to squeeze into tight spaces easily, and move quite quickly (albeit with a bit of trouble curving and turning). His ears are like furry-tipped nubs, though they are a bit longer than those of a common Linoone, and are specialized for acute hearing. Keep moving forward down his long body and the muzzle will end in an arrow-shaped fur pattern and a small black nose.

There are two mainly noticable quirks about Larx. One is his eyes. While looking into them, you would see them as crimson in color, but actually they are completely clear, save for his pure-black pupils. Thus, the blood flow and insides behind his eye sockets are visible but blurred through as a reddish shade. His sharp, curved claws are also quite similar. The nails are fully transparent, and due to the awkward transformation of fingers to long claws, blood veins still flow through the claws and give them the same red color as his eyes.

Personality: While rather quiet and reserved, Larx witholds a bit of a dark, sadistic nature. He gets a 'pleasant' thrill out of slashing things with his claws or chasing down a weaker being. The sight, smell, or taste of blood interests him instictually, making him slightly more aggressive and anxious. Put simply, he is a carnivore, and though this side of him is invisible while it is calm and unprovoked, it is more than willing to take control in certain situations.

Larx acts, more often than not, like a cold loner. He would rather not bother with others, and keeps to himself unless he absolutely must leave his outer shell. However, if someone bothers or questions him, he can become easily agitated. He is very opinionated, and refuses to accept some things that go against his way. Many would consider Larx an undesirable companion, and indeed he can be.

Despite his apparent flaws, though, he is intelligent and calculative. Most of the time in his silence Larx is thinking and devising plots or ideas. Sometimes he will use his intellect for purposes of deceit and trickery, as he is not afraid to 'play dirty'. In a way, Larx could be considered self-centered. Normally he thinks only for the benifits he himself gets, and cares little for others. Yet more reason for him to be undesirable as a companion. Few see through his calm, indifferent air, though, and most never suspect his sudden betrayal or selfish choices.

History: There was a boy who never knew his parents. This boy lived in an orphanage in Veilstone, Sinnoh for most of his younger life, not knowing anything about his real past and failing time and time again to be adopted by a loving family. By the time he turned fourteen, he was sick fo it all. The boy did the only thing he could think to do, and snuck out one night. Before even a single "Missing Child" poster could be put up, he had managed to get a poor excuse for a job with an organization called Team Galactic. When he was asked his name, he simply replied with "Larx". Ever since then he has been known by that name, and nobody has ever questioned it.

At first Larx stole various trainers' Pokemon after being given one of his own. Gradually he was given more Pokemon, and the weaker ones were swapped for more powerful ones as he began to prove himself more skilled at the simple task of gruntwork than expected. Finally, after successfully swiping away a trainer's Tyranitar, the higher staff of Team Galactic decided to promote Larx. By this time he was seventeen (soon to be eighteen), and perhaps one of the most elite grunts they had.

A new plot was being made for Team Galactic: They were going to expand to the region of Kanto. However, first they knew they would need to discover more about the other "Team" currently in that region. Team Rocket. That was where Larx came in. He and a few other Galactic members were to join Team Rocket undercover and find out as much as possible about them. Unfortunately, it only took about a month for Team Rocket to find out he was working with Sinnoh's Team Galactic. That was when this whole ordeal began for Larx...

Other: None.

July 16th, 2008, 12:54 AM

Name: Osmond

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Pokémon: Monferno

Appearance: Osmond looks like any average Monferno in many aspects. Same size, similar capabilities, indifferent colouring. However, there are several things that set him apart from other Monferno. The flame on his tail, as well as flames he'll try to breath, is green, possibly because of his green human eyes. His collar of fur is blue instead of white. Osmond stands upright proudly like a human, except that his knees are slightly bent because a bend in the knees is natural for a Monferno. The bands on his arms are black.

Personality: One to give just about everything at least one try, Osmond quickly jumps at every opportunity. He is knowledge hungry, and this trait gives him all the enthusiasm he needs. Osmond has a wide scope of interests, ranging from Pokémon contests to paintings. Osmond is not competitive as he prefers to enjoy himself in whatever he does. He has an odd habit to decline help if it wasn't asked for or if he can handle the situation because he doesn't believe people are trying to help him out of kindness. Osmond is quiet, because he thinks that nobody will take him seriously anyway. Even during the seldom times he talks, he refrains from saying anything directly. He loves being sarcastic. Osmond is careful, realistic and alert. Take care not to insult him, as Osmond cannot tolerate it, and worse, he can remember them effortlessly, making everlasting grudges along the way.

Osmond doesn't believe in letting anyone know his strengths. He prefers to be perceived as weak even though he knows he isn't. He has a tendency to protect his privacy fiercely, and therefore hates attention and the limelight. He prefers to do backstage work, letting others grab the spotlight instead. Everything Osmond does probably had been thought over. He rarely, if ever, makes a move without a good reason behind it. Because Osmond thinks differently, other people had problems understanding him. He hates taking risks or testing his luck as his luck had failed him too often, and only accepts the sure-fire and reliable methods in anything and everything.

History: He was a trained archer and a tightrope walker of a circus, who had no sense of his origin. Working in a circus, he knew many tricks. He never had any real friends before, aside his Riolu circus partner, and definitely not felt the warmth of genuine human friendship. Osmond and Riolu were inseparable, and no one had ever seen one without the other.

As the only child working in the circus, he wasn't given much appreciation, and of course, no pay. Afterall, his basic needs - food, clothes, a place to live - were fulfilled, what more should he want? He was being treated like one of the circus Pokémon, to be fed and trained. Osmond's only source of love comes from Riolu, and vice versa. At that time, to them, love is important. Osmond needs it to grow properly. Riolu needs it to reach her fullest potential.

There were times when Osmond wanted money, but mostly to treat his sickly Riolu. He can never get money by begging to be paid, so he earned them through dishonest means. If he wants to learn something, he can and he will. Osmond learned the art of pocket picking. He managed to get money under the very noses of the victims. His Riolu got very ill one day, and Osmond cared deeply for her. He knew circus Pokémon can be replaced easily, and all unfit Pokémon will be left to fend for itself, because the total cost of treating them is far more than training them. When he went out to pick pockets, Osmond was kidnapped.

Not surprisingly, Riolu was discarded. She miraculously recovered and planned to search for Osmond. She truly believed they are the best of friends, and they will not abandon one another. Riolu

Other: If you are fine with it, Riolu follows Osmond around after believing he's Osmond. It'll be a long time before they meet up again, though. If you are fine with it again, Riolu evolves, but it'll take some time before she decides to evolve. If you are not fine with it, I'll cut the last paragraph of History off, and put none here.

July 19th, 2008, 6:28 PM
This is my first RP I hope that I do OK...anyways here I will give this a try. (And if I do something wrong I apologize in advance)

Name: "Knil"
Age: Fourteen
Gender: Male
Pokémon: Dratini (If we are allowed evolving otherwise I'd like to be a Dragonite)

Appearance: Knil is smaller than an average Dratini, with an unusual navy flame-like streak on his belly. Hes also got crystal clear blue eyes. Finally Knil is more slim than other Dratini.

Personality: Knil is usually quiet and tries to stay calm when pressured, but of course this doesn't always work, and when Knil gets angry he tends to be quite mouthy. He can be a very sensitive Person (Pokemon) at certain times, and he tries to keep everyone happy.

History: Knil was born in Kanto on Cinnabar Island, being the eldest son of a single mother Knil was usually given many responsibilities (mainly looking out for his younger brother & sister, thus Knil never really had a chance to make many friends. He had kept watching over his younger siblings, and around the age of 11 his younger brother and sister had matured enough were he could go out and make some friends, but he was nervous so he stayed home until one day...

He had been walking to the market to run an errand for his mother when he heard a scream coming from the mountains. He took off towards the mountain and about half way to the summit he spotted a little girl being attacked by a Skarmory! He picked up a rock and chucked it towards the Skarmory and it then started towards him, but just then "DRAGONITE HYPER BEAM!" *LOUD EXPLOSION* It was a Trainer who has also heard the screams and had saved both of them with his Dragonite. Knil and the girl thanked the trainer and asked him his name he told them "The name's Ryuuko." Knil had imagined Ryuuko and his Dragonite as a "Gallant Knight & His Trusty Steed." Knil started asking him many questions about being a Pokemon trainer and then before Ryuuko could answer Knil thought out loud "I wish I could become a Pokemon Trainer just like Ryuuko." After that Ryuuko just grinned and decided to give him his Pokemon Egg which was in his pouch. Little did Knil know that the egg would hatch into his best friend, a Larvitar (Now a Pupitar.)...

Other: Knil loves Dragon and Fire Pokemon.

July 21st, 2008, 10:05 PM
Name: Dusk
Pokémon: Umbreon
Appearance: Your average Umbreon accept her rings are red.
Personality: Dusk is a shy kind of Pokémon. Because she is so shy most pokemon mistake her for being mean, but she is as sweet as can be to her friends. She has problems sticking up for herself because of reasons unknown
History: Dusk was once named Fumiko, she started her journey when she was twelve, and her Pokemon was charizard
Other: None

July 22nd, 2008, 8:23 AM
Name: Spike
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Pokémon: Pineco
Appearance: Spike has more of an evergreen colored body. He is very heavy for being as small as he is. His eyes are icy blue, making him stand out from other Pineco. He cannot move fast except while spinning, which he can sometimes lose control of and crash. With the lack of mobility, his defenses are high and he has a wide arsenal of long-ranged attacks.

Personality: Spike is a very happy pokemon who loves to have a good time. He does, however, have a short fuse and is angered pretty easily. The main thing that bothers him is being interrupted while eating. His short fuse will literally go off in your face. He prefers his happy and nice personality but sometimes can't control his outbursts. He does hold grudges but if you get on his good side, he'll be a valuable partner and a trustful friend.

History: Being from the cold region of Snowpoint, he always enjoyed cold weather. The one thing he longed for the most though, was to visit the Johto region. His wish came true when his parents sent him there to start his journey at the age of fifteen. As a young trainer, Spike was talented and strategic. He loved and cared for his pokemon deeply. He was only angered by trainer who mistreated their pokemon and held grudges against forever. The main thing that bugged him the most was Team Rocket. They once stole his first friend, his Meganium, and Spike set his whole course to get it back and destroy Team Rocket from the inside out. He managed to get his friend, but in the end he was caught and his life would change forever...

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
July 22nd, 2008, 8:49 AM
Name: Shadow
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Pokémon: Ninetails
Appearance: http://www.dragonflycave.com/images/wingedblackredninetales.png
Nature: Brave
Will Edit

July 23rd, 2008, 3:57 AM
Name: Opal
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Pokémon: Charmeleon
Appearance: Opal, as a result of her transformation from human, carries herself in a very humanoid manner. Her expressions and body language are undoubtedly human as well. The flame on Opal's tail burns with a tenacious spirit, and to put it out would take a lot of effort. She is fast and agile, despite her short legs. When she needs to run like the dickens, she does so on all four limbs.
Personality: As a human, Opal had a burning spirit of adventure. That same spirit fuels her as a Charmeleon, and has yet to be broken by the Rockets. She has a bad habit of not taking situations seriously enough, and can get overconfident. Her motto in life seems to be "Live your life and have a hell of a time while you're at it."
History: Opal was nothing more than your typical Pokemon Trainer from Kanto (Cinnabar Island to be precise), traveling alongside her Charmeleon partner. She didn't care much for collecting Badges, preferring to simply explore the world in search of adventure. People she met on her journey kept telling her that her tendency to leap into a dangerous situation would get her in trouble...but unfortunately, she never listened.

Being the adventurer she was, Opal decided to help out a Trainer whose Pokemon was stolen by Team Rocket...by going into their base and getting the Pokemon back, taking the situation far too lightly as usual. She was immediately overpowered by the Grunts; so overpowered, in fact, that a Grunt's Golduck was able to put out Charmeleon's tail flame, killing the lizard that was Opal's best friend. For the first time, Opal's spirit broke, and she was easily captured. As a Charmeleon herself, she doesn't remember the death or even existence of her beloved partner.
Other: Though she can't remember why, Opal is deathly afraid of Golducks. Her tail flame directly draws on her emotions; if she is sad, it will dwindle to a low flicker, while if she is fired up (no pun intended) for a battle or confrontation, it will become a raging blaze.

July 23rd, 2008, 10:38 AM
Appearance:Scar looks likes normal raichu except he has a scar on his eye also his tail is straight.He also carries a bag full of all the pokemon berries.
Personality:He is a funny pokemon and loves to joke around and thinks he is brave.He just walks on a place and says this a a piece of cake but then a trap goes on him.Some times he see's the trap an walks out the place.
History: Before he was a pokemon he loved pokemon and played alll the games.He liked raichu.His mother gave him a hard pokemon game.Scar was hard at it.But he is kinda funny when he plays pokemon games to help him get thru.He is very smart at the games.
Other: none

July 25th, 2008, 12:13 PM
Name: Deigo

Age: 20

Pokemon: Glalie

Appearance: Deigo has striking, almost neon green eyes, unlike the usual Glalie. He can move his mouth around, also unlike the usual Glalie.

Personality: Deigo is easy going most of the time, and isnt afraid to speak his mind. He is very curtious and is quick to greet any new pokemon he meets. He is very eccentric, and before he was turned into a pokemon, he spent most of his free time wrighting thrillers and adventure stories. He does have a good sense of humor, and his subtle quirkiness adds to it. Besides from being chiper and observative, he can be caut floating in a corner somewere, feeling the full weight of his current predicament (and also the fact that he no longer has hands).

History: Deigo was raised in the small Solaceon town. From an early age his was introduced to pokemon, and learned to properly care for them. He helped his family run a small farm, and recieved his first pokemon, Rusty the Poochyena on his 6th birthday. Him and Rusty were unseperable, and he trained his pokemon to deal with the daily physical and mental stress of running a busy farm and
Rusty soon grew very strong. He and Rusty grew up together, and soon the time came or Deigo to leave the farm to start his own life. By this time, Deigo had grown quite fond of wrighting, and had already had a few of his stories published already. Deigo decided to try and further his skill of wrighting by moving to Heathome City, to be closer to his publishers and perhaps be inspired by the contests there. He and Rusty (now a Mightyena) moved into a small apartment, then a small ranch style home. Deigo found the contests to be amazing, and decided to fulfill his life long dream of becoming a pokemon breeder. He soon had many pokemon, but his number one friend and helper was always Rusty.
One night, Deigo and Rusty were lounging in the living room watching the nightly news when Rusty sprang to his feet and growled at the sliding door facing towards the backyard woods. Deigo cautiously crept over to the door with a baseball bat and looked outside. He ventured outside, leaving Rusty inside. He looked into the woods, then noticed something...a little red, blinking dot. Before he could react, he felt a sharp pain on the side of his neck. He fell to the ground, and the last thing he could remember were Rusty's alarmed and frantic crys.
(He was apparently dragged away by a special opperative of Team Rocket.)

Other: Deigo's eyes were an exotic green color before his mutation. His favorite season is winter, perhaps another reason for why he was turned into a Glalie.

Swampert trainer
July 25th, 2008, 9:34 PM
Name: Tyler
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Pokémon: luxio
Appearance: At first Tyler may look like a normal luxio but he has a beautiful streak of turquoise going down his back and up his tail.Also he has grey eyes instead of the normally yellow eyes of a luxio.

Personality: Very bold and and brave, he is never afraid of strangers and always makes a wise crack when things look its bleakest. he is also hard headed and firmly stands for what he believes in.

History: Tyler was born in johto in cianwood city but quickly moved to olivine city because of financial troubles. ever since then Tylers family had hard times.One day his family decided to send him off on a pokemon adventure so he could get more money for the family. so they saved enough money to travel to newbark to see professor Elm.once there Tylers familey promptley said good bye and left him to go get his pokemon. once in the lab he got a totodile and named him Zehaas then headed off only to see strange men with big Rs on there shirts he taped one and asked what was happening and he said "none of your concern little kid" Tyler responded "Look you creep im not afraid of you if any thing i could take you right now" after that the rocket grunt kneed him in the stomach and walked away. once Tyler got it together he headed off to violet city to chase the grunt that kneed him. on the way he found a cave that was pitch black once there he bumped into the same guy. the guy said "listen leave now or else i will have to hurt you" Tyler responded "Who cares your just some creep that wears a black shirt with a R you cant do anything to me" then the rocket guy got mad and challenged him to a battle.The grunt had a meganium that completley K.Od zehaas and knocked Tyler out.Next thing he knew he was restrained to a table and panicked he tryed to call zehaas but he got no answer.A man walked into the room with a drowzee and said "look if you didnt meddle you wouldnt be here" Tyler responded in a angry tone "Wheres zeehaas!" the man replied "his mind was erased and he was released back into the wild. Now drowzee use hypnosis" Tyler fell asleep for the last time ever has a human.


July 28th, 2008, 6:40 PM
Name: Calvin
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Pokémon: Donphan
Appearance: Looks like an average Donphan except for his red eyes
Personality: Calvin was the hot headed type. He has a high temper if he's temted. Though when he was'nt, he was alway very brave. He took on any test of bravery thrown at him.
History: Calvin was born in Johto in the city of Goldenrod. He always the way he was now. He wasd alway quick temperd. He got in lots of fights as a kid, once accidently hitting his Dad. He didn't get his first pokemon until 11 because his parents were afaid he might hurt it. It was a Magby. They got together great. He actual evolved in a matter of months. Calvin was a natural. He could beat anyone in a battle. One day he saw a strange man. He had a black shirt with a big red R on it. He came right at him. Calvin quiclly brought out his Magmar, but was quickly defeated by the man pokemon. He then attack him with the ame pokemon. Calvin fell straight to the ground. He couldn't believe this was happening. "Who in the heck do you think are you?" He didn't answer. Al he saw has a Drowze. He he went to sleep...
Other: None

August 1st, 2008, 11:53 PM
Attention: OOC thread is located here: http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?p=3818216#post3818216

Sorry for being so late with this post. Whenever I get a chance to go on the computer for July, it's barely enough to judge everyone's sign-ups and create one of my own (poor excuse, I do know that, but at least the RP won't die, if you're still interested). However I'm starting to have some free time, and I made a sign-up sheet, inside the spoiler tags. Unfortunately I'm still in a rush, but I'll do what I can.

Name: Naito Sukai
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Pokémon: Gardevoir
Appearance: Naito stands at five foot three and weighs 107lb with a small build, characteristics set when he was turned into a Gardevoir. Forest green hair styled as if it was a crescent moon goes down the center of his face and ends at the mouth, hiding his nose. The only other feature on his ghostly-white face would be two red eyes.

If one were to go below the head, one would notice that Gardevoirs wear a ballroom gown they subconsciously create and maintain using their psychic powers. It's always the same, a gown with a low back and front cut with a green top and gloved sleeves. Then you have the flowing white skirt, cut into several sections with a green underside. All of this topped of with white pants underneath, covering all of his slender legs except for the pointed ends. With the green top is a red fin-like horn on Naito's chest, and also on his backside, although slightly smaller.

Personality: Naito usually isn't too outgoing, and tends to stay quiet. Even as a human, he was always one who was rarely aggressive, and tended to stay on the sidelines and observe first then act. This feature of his personality still remains the same, although he's more encouraged to avoid others if he senses hostility from them than before. Alongside that, Naito tends to act more supportive than offensive to help and protect his allies, a change from the mixed battle style of defense and offence when he was a human Pokémon trainer.

History: Born in Oreburgh City, Naito was in a middle-class family who made a living by working in the mines and selling treasures found in the Sinnoh Underground. He had two siblings, two older sisters who set off on a journey as a Pokémon Trainers. For the majority of the day he was at a private school and focused mostly on education rather than a social life. That could wait for when he was a trainer, and he'd have the freedom to do whatever he wanted like his siblings whom were already approaching the early twenties by the time he was thirteen, the legal age to become a trainer in the Sinnoh region. He couldn't wait, since he just would borrow a Pokémon from his father and head off to Sandgem Town to earn his official starter.

That didn't go too smoothly. His parents entrusted him with a Machoke, to make sure there was no difficulties throughout his journey. Unfortunately it refused to obey Naito, causing problems on the path to Sandgem. Deciding it would be better to keep the Machoke in it’s Pokéball until he had earned enough badges, Naito attempted to rush through the league with a Turtwig that eventually evolved into a Torterra through excessive training. Now his next target would be Hearthrome Gym, and he decided to take a quick path through Eternia Forest to hunt Ghastly, Misdrevous, and Murkrow, knowing these Pokémon’s typing gave them an edge when it came to fighting the ghost-types of Hearthrome Gym Leader Fantina.

It was a bad move, considering he knew the fact that Team Galactic and some other criminal organization in black outfits been located around that area. However Naito was too confident after not losing any gym battles yet, thus resulting to him being one of Team Rocket’s many experiments.

Other: None.

Now for rating sign-ups. If you have "Pending," I'll give you a chance to improve. If you don't meet the requirements, your status will be changed to "Denied" and your sign-ups will be ignored.

@Shedinja8: Fix up your spelling and grammar, and touch up your history and personality in the details department. PENDING.

@Swampert trainer: Fix up spelling and grammar, as well. Your history could use some work. PENDING.

@Wilow-Wisp: A few spelling problems from what I could see (wrighting and caut stood out the most, they should be "writing" and "caught.") For the most part, you meet the more important of the basic requirements. So, ACCEPTED for now. Don't disappoint me.

@LordScar: Sigh... I'd hate to say it but right now you're looking like you're going to be denied. Grammar and spelling for the most part, along with you not meeting the one paragraph requirements in personality and history, which can make or break your sign-up. I'll give you a chance, if you need help don’t be afraid to consult any other members whom are accepted. PENDING.

@Aqua059: Something about you makes me want to give you a chance. Your history meets the requirements, and apparently your personality does as well. So ACCEPTED for now.

@The Silent Pidgeot / Anyone else still editing: Obviously PENDING., considering you haven't finished your sign-up.

@IceDragon2439: I guess ACCEPTED? You seem to meet the requirements of the sign-up, so don't disappoint me.

@美しさ: PENDING. There doesn't seem to be much detail, unfortunately. Improve personality and history.

@KnilShadowLink: Things such as *LOUD EXPLOSION* and the lack of commas drove me off, but you seem to be decent. I'll give you a chance. ACCEPTED

@iLike2EatPiez: Since when did you disappoint me in RPs? Your sign-up meets the requirements, so ACCEPTED.

@charizard_maa: Meets requirements as well, so ACCEPTED.

I skimmed through this topic occasionally before (however due to my personal business, and if I'm correct everyone below charizard_maa met the requirements, so there's no need to go further. Unfortunately, I hadn’t expected to get so many people by the time I had the chance to write a profile down, so aside from the people who are still in the pending phase, sign-ups are closed.

I'm still busy right now, so I don't have the time to start us off (I just wanted to make sure I could start the RP today). If anyone is willing to, may you create the opening post? Sorry for the inconvenience, I planned to make the first post but stuff keeps on occurring.

August 2nd, 2008, 10:59 PM
[[OOC: Thanks for ignoring my signup :(]]


The sky wept.

Rain battered the beach with unyielding intensity, and wind kicked up dust and forced out a brutal trunade unlike any Elric had ever experienced. The zodiac he was present on neared the shore from the deep, jet-black sea as the rain pelted him relentlessly - almost too much for him to tolerate. What short hair he did have since joining the military was being forced back due to the extreme weather, and his skintight black wetsuit was probably going to be stuck to his body from the moisture - great.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, the zodiac's engine came to a stop and Elric was able to step out to the beach. The night-vision goggles strapped to his forehead seemed to have more weight to them than usual, but it was probably just an anxious kind of weight; one that Elric did not need to carry with him for his mission. His sharp eyes scanned the rock face ahead momentarily, searching for an entrance; a deep fissure was ahead that he could squeeze through, it looked like. Perfect.

But... Something was wrong with this scene. As lightning entered Elric's ears, the rain seemed to change... It grew thicker, more sloppy; it painted whatever it hit a deep crimson. It was raining blood...? In disbelief, Elric began to shake his head, and look upon the scene a second time...


Elric found himself shaking his head from one realm of thought to another. As he woke from a drugged slumber, immediately, he sensed something amiss. His vision seemed to be more spaced apart; like his eyes weren't where they should be; and he was in a prison cell. That was no good already. Attempting to force himself to get up, he found that his limbs were stiff and uneasy - he found it very difficult to rise onto two feet, like an unseen force was holding him down. Every part of him seemed... Heavier.

As he rose, his drifting gaze met with his hands - rather, his paws. Two appendages had receded on each paw, leaving him with 3, and a jet black fur had sprouted about the foremost parts of both, along with a rather deadly looking steel barb on the backs of both paws. Sonic blue fur drenched most of the rest of his body, save for the vest of banana yellow that coated his midsection. Also of note, his legs had reverted to a digitigrade formation, making it very difficult to stand, let alone move them; he also felt that he was very hot with his new fur in the dank dungeons he was now present in, but he also felt the urge to hang his mouth open - he seemed to have lost his sweat glands as well, somehow...?

Needless to say, Elric was fearful. Very scared of his new appearance - not that he hadn't dreamed of what it was like to be a Pokemon, and that he actually liked the idea of becoming one - but the fact that he had no idea where he was and that he had unwillingly contributed to some sick experiment. Once again in disbelief, he struggled to stand on his new, unusual legs, feeling the weight of fur on his body and of strangely developed bones for purposes that had not occurred to him yet. One of them being his tail, which on a normal Lucario was meant for balance - unaware, Elric almost toppled down to the floor again, before catching himself on the steel bars that separated him from freedom.

"What the hell is going on here...?" he rasped, finding using his vocal cords difficult; probably since his throat had undergone some form of change as well. His voice sounded deeper and more defined than his normal speaking voice, but what worried him was the fact that he would never find the urge to speak to himself as he just had. It was entirely possible that whatever had happened to him during his dazed slumber had affected his nervous system. A worrying prospect.

"He-...Hello...?!" he attempted, barely registering an echo down the hall. Maybe if he was lucky, there would be no Rocket grunts around for him to deal with during his inevitable escape from the wretched bowels of this dungeon.

August 3rd, 2008, 3:59 AM
The first thing Opal noticed was that her rear end seemed to be on fire.

One part of her brain - the part that she could think in - was screaming frantically about this fact, and telling her to find some water, pronto. The other part lazily observed this fact and somehow knew that nothing was amiss. Thus assured, Opal's eyes began to slide shut again.

And flew back open. Wait, what?!

When finally she did jump to her feet(her legs seemed shorter than they should be...) in alarm, she found a situation even more pressing. (More pressing than a burning backside? her thoughts screamed. Girl, you need to fix that priority list!)

She was in a cell. Like a prison, but much less clean. Opal wrinkled her nose at the smell of mildew that permeated the air...

Which brought her to her next observation. Her face was shaped strangely...her nose seemed too long, her mouth was...stretched...and her eyes didn't seem to be where they should. She reached up to feel her head and froze at what she saw.


August 3rd, 2008, 2:41 PM
Larx's eyes slid open slowly. Carefully, as if he thought he was being watched. What he saw was peculiar. Unfamiliar. Wrong. He blinked twice, adjusting to this new setting. It was dark. He found himself on a cald flooring, and the air around him was of the same temperature. And there were black bars, sealing him in from the outside world. Odd. He didn't recall falling asleep in a prison cell. In fact, he didn't recall falling asleep in the first place.

As soon as he attempted to stand he became fully aware that something was, indeed, wrong. He could not rise onto two legs. When he tried, he fell back onto his hands. And yes, he did try more than once after the first frightening fall. Growing impatient, Larx glared down at his hands, only to find something quite different from what he had expected.

Paws. But, more interesting than that, claws. Red claws. The color of blood. Upon further inspection, small spaces of this crimson color seemed to move, ever so slightly, like a current or a miniature river. They weren't just the color of blood, he figured. Blood ran through them.

Curiously, he lifted one of his paws and scraped a small mark on the floor with the tip of his newfound weapons. Larx's eyes widened, though he actually felt as calm as ever. And then, for some unknown reason, he heard a humored voice laughing sadistically in the back of his head. Larx smirked slightly at this. He wasn't sure why, even. But all the same, there was something he found pleasure in, simply by glancing at those curved claws...

August 4th, 2008, 7:47 AM
Deigo snorted. His eyes slowly opened...everything seemed dark. His face was pressed against something cold...and hard.

He felt himself begin to rise. Was he standing up? It was hard to tell. He couldn't feel his legs. They must be still asleep, he thought.

He knew he was standing upright now, but everything was completely dark. The musky smell of a basement filled his senses.

He moved forward, trying to figure out were he was...when his forehead came in contact with something hard. CLANG! Deigo fell backward, dizzied and surprised. "Ow! What the heck...?"

As the lights left his eyes from the pain, he began to make out what was around him. He was in a dark, small room...bars stretched from one side of the room to another. He moved towards them, confused.

"How...did I get here? Were am I?" Deigo franticly searched his memory for a clue, but...everything was about as black and empty as the room he was in.

He looked down. It was odd, he still couldn't feel his legs. It was too dark to see an outline, but still...why couldn't he feel them? What about his hands? Why couldn't he feel those? He tried to move them up to his face, but he felt nothing. Where were they? Did he still have hands? Arms? Legs?

Deigo began to panic, moving around the dark room. He bumped into the wall, then the bars again. If he didn't have legs, then how was he able to move? Deigo was confused. Very confused. He wished that a light would go on...he could see light in the distance, in other rooms, but why not his?

Deigo moved to a corner of the room and got closer to the floor. He calmed himself. The room he was in...really resembled a jail cell. Deigo's heart skipped a beat.

Jail cell...?! He began zooming around the room again, more frightened then ever. "Hello? Is anybody there?" he called, his heart racing.

August 4th, 2008, 7:31 PM
His eyes opened but nothing seemed to change. Spike looked upon a black ceiling but he didn’t remember falling asleep to this color above him. In fact, he couldn’t remember much of anything as his mind began to race to find an answer to where he was. He went to push himself up but something was odd. He couldn’t feel the ground. Something was missing and he felt small and heavy.

With each attempt of trying to maneuver to a standing position failed he realized that the things that were missing were his arms and legs. This sent his mind into frenzy. Many thoughts flowed and churned through his head. “What happened,” and “when did I become a cripple,” he asked himself over and over again.

He attempted again to stand and it sent him into a spiral into cold metal. He was now on his side and he saw iron bars protruding from the ground. “And now I’m a prisoner.”

He looked into the room that he was separated from and saw a few metal boxes and machines that had multi-colored lights blinking upon them. He needed an answer. He rolled backwards and again ran into metal. This time it was the back wall. He lay upon the hard, cold ground in defeat when he noticed a small puddle near him. He slowly inched his heavy body to look upon himself. What he saw was not what he expected as his body was in a cone shape. Two points, one on his head and one at his other end, protruded from his body that was covered in spikes.

“This is going to take awhile to get use to,” he said to himself trying to grasp and put together what his reflection showed him. He rolled his body back to the front of his cell to see if anything or anyone was around to give him an answer. He waited in silence when he heard a voice shout, "hello, is anybody there?" He yearned to answer but nothing came from his voice.

the bitter end.
August 5th, 2008, 7:24 AM
Ryuu slowly opened his crimson eyes. He looked around, he was in a cell, outside were two men in black uniforms, Team Rocket his mind answered for him, and for some odd reason he felt a contempt for these men, but he couldn't grasp why so he stayed put, pretending to rest. He rested his head on his paws. Wait... paws, he inspected his body, he had cream colored fur, and nine long tails protuding from his hindquarters.

If he were to find out how this happened he would have to play along with these "Team Rocket" people until he could figure out a better solution. Then he noticed in similar cages all around him there were other pokemon. Some were asleep, and others were just coming to their bearings.

How did this happen? He wondered a grim expression entering his face.