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July 11th, 2008, 2:27 PM
Generation 1
Generation 2
Ecruteak(I will put the towns here if I forgot the name)
Generation 3
Tate & Liza

Elite Four Gen 1
Champ Rival
Elite Four Gen 2
CHamp Red
Elite Four Gen 3
Champ Steven / Wallace
Extra- Steven. (emerald)

I like Agatha and Lance. I love the ghost type and dark type. Then Lance has the dragon type and has a fire type. I love fire types over all. So, I guess I also like Flannery cause of how she uses the fire types.

July 11th, 2008, 2:46 PM
My favorite Gym Leader was probably Erika, because she was so easy to beat. Uh, actually, Jasmine's pretty cool. I guess she's my favorite.

July 11th, 2008, 2:49 PM
kanto: Lt. Surge
jhoto: jasmine
hoenn: Watson

elite 4 kanto: lance
elite 4 jhoto: lance
elite 4 hoenn: drake

July 11th, 2008, 2:56 PM
Misty & Lorelei hands down ^^

the bitter end.
July 15th, 2008, 3:45 PM
Wallace probably, I just think he's cool for some reason

July 15th, 2008, 3:48 PM
I like Flannery the most.

Also, Ecruteak's is called Morty. :)

July 15th, 2008, 3:49 PM
Lt surge is mine :) :D:D:D:D:DD

July 16th, 2008, 4:30 AM
Misty, Jasmine, Winona, Crasher Wake

Lance, Lance, Phoebe and Cynthia.

For some reason, I prefer the girls over the guys..

July 16th, 2008, 5:00 PM
Ecruteak(I will put the towns here if I forgot the name)
Those two would be Morty and Chuck Norris. You also forgot Janine, who takes Koga's place in Fuschia's gym in the second generation.

I've never chosen a favourite, but I'll go with Erika since I like her name, appearance and badge...

Sir Matt
July 16th, 2008, 5:07 PM
Defiently Lance and Drake! Dragon Pokemon rock!

July 17th, 2008, 9:58 AM
winona and claire are the bests for me :D

July 17th, 2008, 10:01 AM
I would have to say Flannery, hands down

July 17th, 2008, 10:03 AM
I would have to say Flannery, hands down

You're avatar forces me to agree....

...But my overall favorite is Clair. She was dominant, fierce, and used my favorite type (Dragon)

July 17th, 2008, 10:24 AM

July 17th, 2008, 10:33 AM
My favorites are Clair, Jasmine and Winona. Clair was tough to beat and actually had a dominant personality, Jasmine was a lot tougher than she looked, and Winona...was just awesome.

July 17th, 2008, 11:46 AM
Giovanni. I had gone into Pokemon knowing nothing about the storyline, the characters, or the Pokemon itself, and seeing him as a Gym Leader genuinely surprised me.

More recently however, I'd have to take Wallace. His Milotic was the best.

July 17th, 2008, 11:57 AM
You're avatar forces me to agree....

...But my overall favorite is Clair. She was dominant, fierce, and used my favorite type (Dragon)

Lol same here. Flannery is cool (yes, that's a pun on her fire type pokemon.)

July 19th, 2008, 5:39 PM
Flannery and Lance for me.

July 19th, 2008, 5:53 PM
MM_Zero, puns RULE!!!! RULE!!!!!!!!

July 19th, 2008, 6:08 PM
Tate and Liza are awesome!!

Moon lucario
July 19th, 2008, 8:13 PM
i would have to say my fave gym leader would have to be clair from g/s/c

July 19th, 2008, 8:31 PM
When it comes to Volkner of the Sunyshore Gym, he's just cool. I also like Flannery too.

July 19th, 2008, 11:13 PM
Considering my name used to be "BlainesApprentice" before it was Hiidoran... I must say that he is my favorite Gym Leader. However, Flannery is pretty awesome too! Just not as experienced. :P
Flint is just horrible... I can't say I ever liked him. @[email protected]

May I fill in your ???'s in order?

Unless you had a reason for leaving them ???'s, then I'm terribly sorry. :)

July 20th, 2008, 12:12 AM
Flannery and Clair. I like their types and Pokemon. They're not easy to defeat and it gives you a little sport and challenging as well.

July 20th, 2008, 12:48 AM
Bruno is my fave E4 guy because he looks funny. =P
Every time I battled him I would laugh at his sprite in Red Version =3.

July 20th, 2008, 2:04 AM
Hmm.... from Kanto, I like Misty and Erika. Bugsy from Johto. And last, Norman from Hoenn

Roy G. Biv
July 20th, 2008, 4:28 AM
My favorite is Misty. When I was a little kid I was a fanboy, I didn't know of the existence of fanboydom, but I was a fanboy. I lubbed Misty to death and I was, like, 6 years old.

I got over that, but I still like Misty the best. She wears a freaking bikini for God's sake!

Banjora Marxvile
July 20th, 2008, 4:51 AM
I like Bugsy from Johto, but from Hoenn, I think it has gotta be the twins, Tate and Liza. They were hard for some people with their Tag Battles.

July 20th, 2008, 5:48 AM
1st Gen: Misty, Erika, Sabrina :)
2nd Gen: Jasmine, Morty (Ecruteak?), Whitney
3rd Gen: None :(

E4: Lorelei, Bruno, Koga, Agatha, Cynthia, Lance, Champion (Blue)

July 22nd, 2008, 5:34 AM
I've always been a fan of Koga. Needless to say, I was pleased when I realized he had become a member of the Elite Four in Jhoto.

July 22nd, 2008, 6:48 AM
I like Lt. Surge in Kanto. The Lightning American! I also like Blaine and Sabrina, but unfortunately most of the generation 1 gym leaders were kinda flat; watching the show was what really gave me the affinity for those trainers.

Amplified Ampharos
July 22nd, 2008, 6:55 AM
I like Jasmine and Price I seem more drawn to Johto

July 22nd, 2008, 8:24 AM
Honestly, I like all the Gym Leaders. Each has a interesting personality and great pokemon to match. However, I will say I liked Clair the best.

July 23rd, 2008, 1:53 AM
Haha lance owns all E4 members. Agatha is cool to

July 23rd, 2008, 6:18 AM
My favorite gym leader would have to be the guy from Canalave City. He is Roark's father but I can't rember his name.

July 23rd, 2008, 8:17 AM
My favorites are:
Kanto: Lt. Surge
Hoenn: Flannery
Johto: The Dragon Type Gym Leader(forgot name)
Shinnoh: Volkner

July 24th, 2008, 6:38 AM
Kanto: Surge/Koga
Johto: Price
Hoenn: Brawly/Watson

Sceptile Queen
July 24th, 2008, 4:44 PM
I don't really have a favorite gym leader, but I do have a favorite Elite Four trainer. My favorite Elite Trainer is the Dragon-type one in Generation 3.

July 24th, 2008, 5:21 PM
For the gym leaders... Sabrina, Clair, Winona, and Volkner. For the Elite Four... Lorelei, Lance, Steven, and Cynthia.

July 24th, 2008, 5:55 PM
i liked Giovanni, i want to see a pokemon game with the return of team rocketjust like Giovanni said when you beat him!

July 24th, 2008, 6:35 PM
Kanto: Erika and Sabrina
Jhoto: Jasmine and Morty
Hoenn: Flannery

Elite Overlord LeSabre™
July 24th, 2008, 7:31 PM
Kanto: Lt. Surge, Giovanni
Johto: Whitney, Jasmine
Hoenn: None in particular. They were kinda bland:/

July 24th, 2008, 7:35 PM
My favorite Gym Leader would proably be the guy with Steel Types (I dont remember name) of Hoenn. And my fav Elite 4 person would be Cynthia of Sinnoh. =)

July 24th, 2008, 8:13 PM
Kanto: Brock
Johto: Whitney
Hoenn: Flannery
Sinnoh: Roark

July 26th, 2008, 5:10 AM
I like Winona
her clothes are so cooool

July 26th, 2008, 11:22 AM
Well what can i say?

1st Gen: Well probably blaine.
2nd Gen: -
3rd Gen: Juan

Elite four: Wallace and Loreli

July 26th, 2008, 12:52 PM
Blain, I like Fire type the best.

July 26th, 2008, 2:38 PM
Kanto:: Erika, Misty, Brock
Johto:: Bugzy, the one with the flying type and Clair because her name is close to mine: Claire. lol
Hoenn:: Wallace, Flannery, Winona, Liza & Tate
Sinnoh:: I don't know I haven't played it yet

E4:: Glacia, Sidney, Agatha, Phoebe

July 27th, 2008, 1:17 AM
Flannery's just too beautiful and unsure to resist, but Clair has such a dominant personality. And she uses dragons. Wallace is pretty, and has a Milotic and a reeeeeeally irritating Kingdra. 3-way tie.

July 27th, 2008, 1:47 AM
Kanto: Probably Sabrina or Blaine
Johto: Clair or Jasmine
Hoenn: Juan or Tate & Liza
Sinnoh: Volkner or Fantina

E4: Lorelei, Flint, Drake, Karen (I think her name's Karen, E4 in Johto - Dark-type?)

July 27th, 2008, 8:19 AM
Eh, guys, since when do any of the Elite Four members count as Gym Leaders?

Anyways, from the first region, my favourite Gym Leader would most definitely be Giovanni. There was always something so dark about that character in the game that made him seem like a villian more than a Gym Leader, which, when you look at the fact that he was the person in control of Team Rocket, I suppose he was. The second generation, my favourite Gym Leader would have to be Whitney because Jeremy brainwashed me of the fact that she uses Normal-Type Pokémon and she has pink hair. In the third generation, Flannery steals the crown, unfortunately for the rest. For one, she is one of the best designed characters to ever hit the world of Pokémon, and for a second point, she uses Fire-Type Pokémon. What isn't there to like? My favourite Elite Four member/Champion would have to be Lance. Pink hair plus dragons? Yes, most definitely the coolest character to ever hit the games/anime.

July 27th, 2008, 8:58 AM
Kanto; Giovanni, and Gary
Johto: Claire
Hoenn:Norman and Brawly
Sinnoh: none

Elite Four: Agatha,Bruno, Drake, and Lance (if he counts, since Gary beat him and he became the champ)

July 27th, 2008, 12:07 PM
mine are Lance , Claire and Drake but Lance is my fave cos dragons rule :)

July 27th, 2008, 2:45 PM
Kanto Gym Leader (R/B/Y): I guess I would have to say Sabrina, because even though she had Psychic Pokemon, I was able to beat them with my Jolteon. :3
Kanto Gym Leader (G/S/C): Blue/Green, he was obviously the hardest of the Gym Leaders, though he was still easy. >_> -was able to beat him with high forties on her Crystal-
Johto Gym Leader: I would say Whitney because she was the only one who gave me a challenge, but I know my mind is saying Claire, because Dragonair > Dragonite and such. >_>;
Hoenn Gym Leader: Flannery, because she's just awesome like that. :]
Sinnoh Gym Leader: ... Let me get back to this one. >_>;;;

Kanto Elite Four: I'm going to say Lorelei, because I'm going to say Lance for Johto because she's grew on me due to certain reasons. :] Besides, Ice/Water pokemon are awesome, and tend to become my favorites.
Johto Elite Four: Lance, because Dragon > Everything else in the Elite Four. :]
Hoenn Elite Four: Steven, because he's the only one I remember he's awesome like that.
Sinnoh Elite Four: ... let me get back to you on this. >_>;;;

July 27th, 2008, 7:04 PM
Overall, my favourite gym leaders are Volkner & Jasmine. Just the way they... er, carry themselves. Really showing what a true gym leader is in my eyes. Yeah yeah, Volkner is a lazy guy at times, get just looks for that worthy challenger. And Jasmine destroyed my so many times in Gold she deserves my respect. XD So, I'd have to those two are my top two gym leaders.

July 27th, 2008, 8:54 PM
I don't see any 5th gen. Pokemon Gym Leaders...
Oh, just to fill in the blanks,
*checks serebii*
Ecruteak's Gym leader is Morty... (Ghst Type)
The E4 in the 2nd Gen. that are blank are Will and Karen... (Psy and Dark i believe)
Below Sydney should be Phoebe...
Oh and doesn't Bertha look like Agatha's Twin?
They're name's sound alike, too! ^_^

July 27th, 2008, 9:48 PM
I love clair. I love it how they used dragon types for her..

of course I think cynthia from the elite 4 is pretty cool as well. But lance is cool as well..Argh to much of a selection to decide x_x