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November 15th, 2008, 11:32 AM
Introducing a journey RP with Fakemon in it!!! This is not my first RP (as many of you may know) but I would love it if it stayed active. Please join and stay active! I want this to be a big hit and for you to enjoy it so, here' goes...

I am sure that you have heard of Pokemon. The advanced species that live along side Humans on a planet called Earth, helping each other and taking part in Sports like Pokemon Battling and Contests. Pokemon have unique powers that only they hold, from strong moves like the almighty Judgement, to more basic moves such as splash. Pokemon also vary, each one completly different and unique, having strengths, personalities and even tastes. These Pokemon live in harmony and peace with one another, leading a blissful, happy life along with Humans.

This Story is not that of War and Monsters, but of Discovery. Long ago, Scientists put Pokemon into categories. They were split into 17 different types, along with there moves, but there was speculation of one move: Curse. Studying its anatomy and effect, Scientists discovered it couldn't be placed into any category, so they simply labled it as ???. Many were fine with this, until someone wanted to find out what it really was with advanced technology. People argued. More than one Scientist wanted to find out what it was. Someone said it was Ghost. Another said it was Dark. Even more said it was psychic, but no one could work out what it was.

Until now. In early 2001, a small island was discovered, named Darsho, with new Pokemon on it. Scientists studied them, named them, found names, categorised them, catalogued there moves and put them into a Pokedex. The Island was then opened when it was categorised as safe. People moved onto the island and made Cities, homes for themselves. They discovered ancient ruins and symbols. But one man took it to the extreme. There was a cave that was completly out of bounds to everyone when Scientists found somehting strange in it. The Man decided to explore it and discovered new Pokemon. He took them to his Home and studied them. He found out that they were actually ??? type, and couldn't fit into any category.

Scientists soon found out about this and found even more ??? Pokemon; 3 Legendaries that had special powers no other Pokemon had, not even Arceus himself. These Pokemon escaped captivity with an amazing force,a dn now exist somewhere on the Island of Darsho. Many have searched for the Three Beings in hope of Fame and Fortune, but none have found them.

Now, a Pokemon Proffesor, named Prof. Dew (Female <.<), has decided to help budding Pokemon Trainers by giving away Pokemon native to the island. You are one of the Trainers and want to discover the where abouts of the Three beings. Will you find the Creatures? What new Pokemon, Places and People will you meet? And what is in the Cave of Origins?

So, now that you know what this RP's all about, do you wanna join? I hope so, 'cause you have reached the most boring bit of the RP: The Sign-Up!!! Please fill it out correctly or you won't be accepted :D Hope your Sign-Ups grrrrreat!!! ;D

Name: (Nice and easy start.)
Age: (Numberrrs!!! Those things that look like letters :B)
Gender: (Give yourself time to check if you need to :|)

History: (It doesn't have to be too mad, just not that boring either. And no Parents eaten by strange crab-like elephantees from Uranus when they went scuba-diving and were killed by an Avalanche either!!! I hate cliches.

Personality: Nice and unique please. Don't have them all typical and distraught 'cause their Parents were eaten by strange crab-like elephantees from Uranus when they went scuba-diving and were killed by an Avalanche. And don't say they're nasty and evil and then have them skip through field of daisy eating cup-cakes in the RP. IT'S NOT RIGHT!!!

Appearance: This might relate to your Personality and History, so make it realistic :D It would also be lovely if you could put a Physical Appearance, Casual Clothes, Winter Clothes and Formal Clothes ^^

Preferred Starter: See below :D

Below are the shexyful, new, spangly Starters that you can get off Prof. Dew. Please choose carefully ;D... Unfortunatly, there is something wrong with my Interent so I can't post Pictures (I'm gonna have to get onto the Mods about that O.O) so you will just have to click on the URL, as unatractive as it may seem O¬O

Screep (Taken by Lazy_Girl)
Level: 5
Type: Grass/Bug
Move Set: Tackle, Sting
Pokedex Entry: Screep, the Termite Pokemon. Screep love to eat wood; The more they eat, the bigger they get. Screep are also well camafauoged in thick Forests, and are very very agile.

Flurr (Taken by Gallade of the Sand)
Level: 5
Type: Fire
Move Set: Quick Attack, Charm
Pokedex Entry: Flurr, The Horned Cat Pokemon. Flurr love to play around and are always on the move. Similar to a Torchic, it is very warm and great to snuggle up to. It is also very sensitive and its feelings can be hurt easily.

Quwob (Taken by Dragonqueen0210)
Level: 5
Type: Water
Move Set: Tackle, Water Sport
Pokedex Entry: Quwob, The Water Orb Pokemon. Although small, Quwob are extremly strong and can lift 5x times their own weight. They ussually live in big groups called Herds and, if there is a right amount, a Herd of Quwob all sing and make a strange, mystical noise...

Here you go :D I hope you like them, and there's more new Pokemon to come ;)

Here we are, the Rules. These must be followed correctly or you will be kicked from the RP, or worse!!! Actually, I can't do worse, can I? Oh well... JUST FOLLOW THEM!!! Okay?

Follow all PC rules. You agreed when you joined PC and you'll agree now, or you will be kicked immediantly.
No godmodding at all. Any of this is not tolereated and you will be given a warning!
Please keep all violent and lovey-dovey scenes at 12 along with mild language only.
Legendaries are allowed, you just have to find them first ;)
Have fun please. What's the point in joining if you're not having fun?
Please please please stay active. Even if I'm not online, the Co-Owner probablies will be but please post any way. If you're just gonna forget about the RP then don't join please. I am counting on you. Just think, you could make someones day...
There are only three spaces so join quickly!!! Once Three people have and I've got myself a Co-Owner, we can start ^^ Happy RPing and please stay active!!!

Also, a hugemungous thanks to Neoriceisgood of Deviantart for making these increduible Fakemon :D

Fearless Love
November 16th, 2008, 4:31 PM
If you don't mind I'd like to sign up. This would be my first RP, so if anything needs to be fixed, please tell me.

Name: Astia Larige
Age: 13
Gender: female

History: Astia has three brothers and two sisters. Talk about a handfull! Her mother died when she was six, and her father left them. Ever since her mother died her three brothers have been treating her like a slave. Her three brothers Cory, Carren, and Casty are the oldest, them being 16, 14, and 15. Her two sisters, Abigale, and Cristina, are twin eight year olds.

Astia has been taking care of her younger siblings, and being slaved by her older, ever since her mother died. Because of that, Astia and her younger siblings were forced to quite school, because they didn't have enough money, her and her sisters had to drop out of training school. When she turned ten she moved to Darsho Island. Her eldest brothers, Cory and Casty died of a disease past down from their mother, called Lucemia.

When Astia reached age twelve, her brother, Carren, promised to take care of Abigale and Christina, and allow her to travel. Astia was happy to get out of the horrable place she was in.

Personality: Astia is your loner of a pack. She likes to do things on her own. Although she loves pokemon to death. To the people around her, she is mean, and backtalks. People always put her down, saying she can't do things. So she perservere's. If someone says she can't do something, she has to prove them wrong. Despite her bad nature, she can be very kind hearted in times of danger.

Appearance: she is kinda tall about 5'8. Black strait, and kinda wavy hair, that is tied into a blue skrunchy across her shoulder,and light green eyeshadow
Casual clothes: Her normal outfit would be a plain black shirt, with a red leather jacket,white biker shorts, black biker gloves, and white tennishoes.
Formal clothes: Her fancy outfit is a puffy black dress, she wears her hair in a ponytail that goes across her shoulder, black slipers, and white gloves.
Winter Clothes: Her normal black t-shirt with a pink heavy coat, black pants under a pink skirt, earmuffs, big black snow gloves, and furry white boots.

Preferred Starter: Screep

November 16th, 2008, 6:52 PM
Name: Anthony Lockett
History: As a child, he had a big brother and was watched carefully. Born in Johto, he was always in the middle of Team Rocket. He always ran excitedly around anywhere! Then he started his Johto journey when he was 9. He came to Darsho When he was 10.

Personality: Usually he has a happy disposition, But When angered, theres no stopping him.
Appearance: Casual: His cap on backwards, A long sleeve sweater, Shorts Formal: A Suit with a defective poke ball on it.
Starter: Flurr
Plz nofiy me if this works for you
this is my first rpg

November 22nd, 2008, 6:44 AM
Oooo... Two Newbies... Well, let's get started :)

lazygirl- Accepted! That sign-up was good for your first but I would like an improvement on Spelling and Grammar in the actual RP ^^ Get revising!!!

sinnohchapion- Pendng! Sorry, but that just isn't good enough :I You need to lengthen your post in all areas and as this is your first RP, I'll let you off and make it pending :/ Please improve and you might be accepted!

Any more?

November 22nd, 2008, 11:49 AM
Name: Echo Soundfo Stainwood
Appearance :
Physical Appearance: Echo is around 'normal' height of 5,1 and his eyes are also myopic though he often wears contact lens to correct this however he can be seen with a pair of glasses on. Echo's bang is oddly placed to the left of his left eye his hair is a messy blonde in a long ponytail his eyes are emerald green.
Average Attire: Echo often dons a sleevless brown shirt with several vermilion birds circling a azure dragon . He wears a conical straw hat to cover his ponytail most of the time except when indoors. His leggings are a pair of brown sweatpants with dark orange stripes on either sides of them.
Formal Wear:Echo doesn't enjoy parties as much as people think he might. But when he does attend to them he wears a long dark cloak with white clouds, and sliver stars with a chin-high collar.
Cold out: He just wears a bottle green scarf and two brown gloves and thats it

PS : If I don't make it can I be Co-Owner?

Personality: Echo was always social if someone befriends him he enjoys there company and respects them as if they were a relative or a brother/sister. he possesses incredible self control of his emotions. He constantly displays an emotionless personality, though at times, he appears to have a slight degree of anger or frustration on his face. He only shows surprise when opponents prove more powerful or skilled than he had expected, and even then he doesn't lose his composure. He does not possess any arrogance, and fully justifies any statements he makes about his power, and even compliments his opponents on their abilities. He also is very smart though he is not a show off and dislikes going into conversation about it.

History :As a child Echo developed a love for all pokemon. It didn’t matter if they were strong or weak, their appearance meant nothing to him, he loved them all equally. He would somehow become friends with every pokemon he came across, and his parents knew that he could become a truly great pokemon breeder someday. His parents were both pokemon breeders, people who raise and care for pokemon, so you can imagine their joy when their son showed in interest in pokemon breeding as well. He enjoyed working with Pokemon of all types, but has always loved the many evolved forms of eevee, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Flareon, Umbreon, Espeon, Leafeon, and Glaceon, and, after having his first taste of battling, which was a battle training test with his fathers Dragonite, he decided he wanted to be not only a breeder, but a pokemon trainer as well. As a kid, he was never the most popular person at school, because he didn’t have every attribute that would make him the most popular person at school, but he had a lot of good friends, Despite the fact that he had a lot of friends, he has always thought that no one knew he was there.

Perfered Starter : Flurr or Quwob

November 22nd, 2008, 12:48 PM
Gallade of the sand- Accepted!!! That was an excellent sign-up ^^ I'm gonna let you travel with Flurr :D In the RP I would like you to improve on Grammar, though. I'm unsure if they were Type-Os or what but... Please improve :D

November 22nd, 2008, 4:17 PM
Name: Max
-Age: 10
-Gender: Male
-History: Max grew up with his parents and lived a normal life until he was about 5. He turned 5 and his mom became pregnant. While his mom was pregnant Team Rocket took her away! One day they were on a picnic and 4 men from their team kidnapped her. His father was at work when this happened and Max chased after his mom for half an hour. He got to exhausted and couldn't catch up to her. He vowed since that day that he would become a trainer and with the help of other people bring down Team Rocket and find out if his mother was either alive and he had a little brother or little sister, or if his mom was dead. He hoped that the outcome was the first one.

Normally wears:Max wears a red shirt polo shirt, black and yellow shorts, a black and yellow baseball cap, black fingerless glove, a yellow fingerless glove, red running shoes, and a yellow knapsack slung across his shoulder.

On cold days wears: A red jacket, black and yellow pants, his black and yellow hat, still carries around his yellow knapsack, wears black and yellow mittens, and depending on how cold it is he switches out his cap for a knit hat.

Formal clothing: Max wears a black tuxedo top, black tuxedo pants, a blue undershirt, his hair gelled down to look nice, black dance shoes, and a red tie.

Physical Appearence: He is about 4 foot 4, weighs about 95 lbs.has crystal blue eyes, and has black spiky/messy hair.
-Personality: Max is very very hilarious. He usually tells jokes whenever he can and sometimes even helps him in pokemon battles. He loves to swim and climb trees. Some people even compare him to an Aipom due to how high and how fast he can climb a tree, and some people compare him to a Mudkip due to how fast he can swim. He usually spends most of his time in trees and the water. He looks out over the land while he is in a tree.
Preffered Starter: Quwob. Could it be a male to?

-Rp Sample:
Max woke up topling out of his bed. It was his tenth birthday today and he was soooo excited to get his very first pokemon. He closed his bedroom door and put on his red T-shirt, his black pants,his brown running shoes, his pokemon league hat he got when he went to one of the leagues, and his necklace that had a Sharpedo tooth on it. He left his hair like it was, black spiky/messy as it was. His dad often nagged at him about it and Max suspected he did it so that it was like he still had a mom.

He grabbed the letter from Proffessor Birch that said

Dear Begining Trainer,

Hi. Proffessor Birch here! I want you and 7 other trainers to come by my lab and pick out your starting pokemon! I hope that you and those other trainers have a wonderful time being a trainer.
-Proffessor Birch.

Max slipped the letter into his posket and put his backpack on. He ran out the door into the middle of Littleroot Town. Where he met 7 other trainers. They went to the proffessor's lab. They knocked on it and the door opened. They all went inside and they split up to find the proffessor, but he was nowhere there.

Suddenly they all heard a loud scream coming from Route 101. They all ran outside onto the route to find Proffessor Birch being attacked by seven pokemon.

"Quick grab any pokeball and throw it at the pokemon you want!" He yelled.

Max ran up to a pokeball along with a bunch of other trainers and looked at all the pokemon. He knew each and every one of them. There was a Torchic, a Mudkip,a Treeko, a Skitty, a Makuhita, a Electric, and a Bagon. Torchic, Makuhita, Bagon, and Electric were already taken. He looked at the remaining pokemon and threw his pokeball at the Treeko. It wriggled back and forth. Back and forth. Then suddenly it stopped moving and he caught the Treeko.

"Yes. I caught...a Treeko!" He yelled.

November 22nd, 2008, 4:56 PM
Name: Lady Kuiin Malirec
Age: 14
Gender: Female(that's a definite answer!)

History: Kuiin was born into an ancient family that was bound to protect a certain charm necklace that apparently contained something powerful enough to destroy their entire lineage. The necklace would only effect their family though. Currently, her grandmother holds the jewelled disastor and soon, she would inherit it once her grandmother reached 90 in a year and a half.

The Malirec family is strict in their discipline and Kuiin spent her childhood studying the heritage of the main house. Due to this, she has spent most of her time reading in the humongous library of the mansion. Kuiin went to pokemon school with her sister and brother, twins whom were both a year younger than her and knew nothing of their impending duty if she died.

Her great-great-great-great-great-grandmother was one of the scientists that had labeled the pokemon to their groups, she heard that a distant auntie had a friend in a newly discovered place called Darsho whom was looking for new trainers to prepare a new pokemon so that they could start their journey with. Eager to get away from her shadowing inheritance, she moved to darsho to seek out Proffesor Dew.

Personality: Straightforward and blunt yet sometimes speaking in riddles, Kuiin isn't as spoilt as others think. Coming from a big family of riches, her peers thought of her as a show-off, tantrum throwing type of person. She's sarcastic and talks-back to those who oppose her but will listen if anyone has an idea that seems interesting.

Kuiin thinks fast in any situation and is loyal to her friends. She doesn't easily get angry and has a definite answer to any question asked of her. Her best subjects in school were literature and the care of pokemon. Being slightly anti-social, you'd need to be very patient to bend her will even a fraction.

She is tall for her age at approxiately 1.76cm and has an athletic build. She's an albino, meaning that her eyes are naturally red and her hair is naturally white.
Casual(winter & summer): Kuiin wears a long split-tailed musk coat and a long sleeve white dress shirt on the inside with the words, "Azure nature" surrounded by a purplish swirl. Musk coloured tight 3/4 shorts with split edges and maroon flat heeled boots. She wears a maroon scarf with dotted edges when cold.
Fancy: A shortish silver satin dress with fluffy edges and collar. A white boa around the neck too. White high heeled boots too.

Preferred Starter: Flurr or quwob.

November 22nd, 2008, 5:07 PM
Cool I want to join if I may

Name: Allison Dandel Michelio
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Bio: She was an only child but her parents could trust her except when it comes to staying of the tall grass. She always use to play with pokemon instead of people. She was born in Hoenn and she was born in Fortree City. She always use to go with her friends to watch the gym battles against Winona.
Personality; She is a michef one and can cause trouble but other than that she gets along well with humans but excellent with pokemon and loves to battle
Appearance: Brown hair, brown eyes, wears a blue shirt with a mudkip design on the back, jeans, and blue sneakers
Preferred Starter: Quwob

I hope I get accepted

November 23rd, 2008, 3:46 AM
Pikalover10- Declined! Sorry but there was too much competion. You needed to improve on Grammar, but the character was good :D

Dragonqueen0210- Accepted!!! That was an excellent sign-up. the grammar is great and I love yur character. Very unique indeed :) I just hope you stay active with Quwob!

Well, now that all the spaces are filled, we can finnaly start the RP ^^ Just stay active please and post ASAP! You'll make someones day :D

Chapter 1- Oakwater Town
This small little Town is your home. Just North of Oakwater Lake, this Town is surrounded by thick Forests of ancient Pine Trees. The Weather is ussually fine but Today it seems very windy. Towards the edge of the Town, Professor Dews Lab can be found.

Posts: 1

Your task in this Chapter is to simply wake-up, get ready and go to Proffesor Dews Lab. There you will recive 5 Pokeballs, a Pokedex and your Pokemon. Towards the end of your post, describe walking to Route 201 with your Pokemon. As soon as 2 people post, we will start the next Chapter.

Get RPing!

November 23rd, 2008, 6:18 PM

That's right! the evil Darkly the flygon is here!. normally, I would do something mean, such as some kind of random event. but this time, I'm here to warn you about strange crab-like elephantees from venus. that is alll.

Fearless Love
November 25th, 2008, 10:57 PM
The light streamed through the closed blinds, hitting a young thirteen year old girl in a bed. With a groan she lifted up her hand to cover herself with a blue blanket.

"Astia, are you coming. Get up!" A little voice called up the stairs.

Recognizing the voice as her eleven year old sister, Christina, Astia threw the blanket off the bed and stood up. Upon contact with the floor she stumbled forward, hitting the floor hard. A grunt came from her as she landed on the cold, brown, wooden floor.

"Astia, did you hear your sister? Get-"

"Hold on Carren!" Astia interrupted her older brother.

She picked herself up off the floor and dusted her self off. The bright light from the sun still blinding her, she ran to the closet. When she came out she had a b big black towel. She threw it over the blinds and the sun rays shut off.

She smiled triumphantly and walked back to her closet to find her clothes. When she came out this time she had on a black shirt, with a red leather jacket, white biker short, black biker gloves, and white tennishoe's. Her shoulder length black hair was tied in a ponytail crossing her shoulder.

She picked up a small red backpack off her floor and looked around the room. She had packed the night before everything she though the needed. Looking down at her desk she picked up a copy of "Bridge to Terabithia" and stuffed it in the backpack, closing it afterwards.

Feeling satisfied with everything she nodded her head and ran out of her room, rushing down the stairs. In the kitchen her brother Carren, and her twin sisters Abigale and Cristina sat at the table eating. The only difference between her two sisters, were that Abigale died her hair from it's original blonde, to red.

Astia sighed. It was a little weird with her two oldest brothers Casty and Cory gone. She shook her head, and her brother looked up.

"Ya gonna eat sis?" Carren asked shoving blonde hair out of his eyes.

Astia's lavender eyes looked dull at the question. "Not hungry, can I just go?" Her voice rose at her impatientness.

Carren stood up and walked up to her. "Just be careful kay?" he said hugging her.

A disgusted look appeared on her face as she shoved him away. "No hugs, ever!" She said. He nodded.

She walked to the door before her little sisters ran up to her. "See ya Asti." Abigale said putting up a two finger peace sign.

"Yeah, bye ya Astia." Cristina said running upstairs, Abigale following.

Then Astia turned to Carren who waved her off. She waved back and left.

She walked along the little path in Oakwater Town that would get her to Professor Dews Lab. The lab was located at the far edge of her town. The walk was a very enjoyable one except that the normal sunshine was replaced with a high wind. "Darned thing." She said.

Astia shook her head once more once she arrived at the lab, with her hands in her pockets. "Well, here we go." She said in a monotone voice.

Slowly she stepped into the building. Inside was kinda big. Machines and stuff were everywhere, like she couldn't find her way through almost.

Then someone came up to her. "Are you here to see Professor Dew?" The person asked.

Astia nodded and they led her farther back into lab. Once they reached their destination the person left.

When Astia looked up a women was standing behind a desk feeding three little pokemon.

The women turned around. "Oh you must be here for your pokemon, I'm professor Dew!" The women said walking up to Astia and holding out a hand.

Astia's eyebrow raised. "Astia Larige. I don't do handshakes, kay?" Astia said looking over at the pokemon.

"Well, yes, um you can choose your pokemon." Professor Dew said leading her over.

Astia studied the pokemon. Two of them were just plainly eating, trying to ignore the third. The third one small and greenish. It was picking a fight with the other two trying to get their attention.

"What's that one?" She asked pointing to the little green one.

Professor Dew looked over and smiled. "That is Screep." Professor Dew answered looking back at Astia.

Astia's lavender eyes grew a little kinder as a smile crossed her face. "I want that one! Screep?" She said not sure if she pronounced it right.

Professor Dew went and grabbed a pokeball. "This is it's pokeball, I'll just return"

"I want to leave it out for now, kay?" Astia said grabbing the pokeball and putting it in her bag.

Professor Dew nodded and walked back to a farther away desk. A few minutes later she came out with a green pokedex, and five pokeballs.

"You'll need these to travel." She said handing them to Astia. The girl grabbed them and stuffed them into her bag with everything else.

She looked up and nodded her head. "Guess I should be going. Can I nickname my pokemon?" Astia asked.

Professor Dew nodded. "Skit. That's it's name." Astia named it calmly.

The newly named Skit jumped into Astia's arms and solemnly fell asleep. Astia looked up at Professor Dew. "Bye." She said turning around to leave.

Professor Dew didn't say anything else, seeming as the girl wouldn't listen anyway.

Once Astia got outside she headed to route 201. Walking she looked down at Skit. "Looks like this is our adventure now. Just ours!" She said and walked forward. She reached up with one of her hands to try and move the part of her bangs which kept flying about in the wind.

The dew drenched grass was wet, and slimly. She stopped at where the entrance to the route was. She took a breath and closed her eyes. She was now leaving her home behind.

November 26th, 2008, 1:55 AM
It wasn't unusual that Kuiin sometimes woke up tense and tired after a restless night's sleep. Dreams and Nightmares haunted her wherever she went. Kuiin sighed, her feet creaking along the polished wooden floors as she got up to open the curtains covering the windows. Streams of sunlight came shining into the room, not a shadow could escape it's brilliant glare that morning.

Kuiin yawned, stretched and jumped slightly as a knock on her door startled her fiercely, "Lady Kuiin? are you up already? I have breakfast laid out on the dining table, come out when you're ready," she let out a breath, it was only her butler. She frowned, thinking about her butler always reminded her of her family back in their homeland.

She pulled on her clothes, making sure to pack anything and absolutely everything she needed into the bag laid on the desk for her late last night, probably done when she had gone to bed. Kuiin stuffed one last spare bottle of sun cream into her bag and slung it over her shoulder, opening the door and hearing it creak long and loud, a signal that she was officially awake to all the servants in the building.

Did it have to be her family that was rich and proud of it's ancestry, no matter how far she ran and how hard she tried to hide, it would always, always find her. In the end, she had given up trying to leave and simply went with the flow, making the most of her time before she was confined to the main house and bound till she was 90 or dead to the duties of the protection of the necklace. She sighed, it was evitable, but at least, an adventure without servants or any other people seemed so wonderful a prospect.

Breakfast was indeed on the table when she entered the dining hall, a huge chandelier hung silently above her head as she sat down at the table. Kuiin ate her breakfast fastly than normally, being trained with table manners, it was hard for one to notice whether her eating speed was different than normal. her butler was an exception though, he had worked for Kuiin since she was born, "M'Lady, you seem to be rushing slightly this morning," he said calmly. She stopped eating, glanced back at him and resumed her breakfast, refusing to meet his eyes. As she left the building, she decided to spare a glance at the house she was leaving. Her butler was standing outside, watching her leave, a knowing look in his eyes. Just what it meant, Kuiin had no idea.

Oakwater town wasn't a very large town, a few shops, houses and a pokecenter. A breeze blew her hair across her eyes and she brushed it back as she began along a path to professor Dew's lab. Prof. Dew's lab was on the far west edge of the town, along the border of the forest of ancient pine trees, older than her family line. She opened her scarf and wrapped it around her head like a shawl, successfully blocking out the wind buffetting her hair around.

Kuiin pushed open the gate of prof. dew's lab, walking up to the door, carefully avoiding the thorns of shubbery lining the path, which was overgrown immensely. She pushed the doorbell hesitantly before pushing open the door when she recieved no answer. A lab assistant walked up to her as she strided in, "you're here to see professor dew about a pokemon, right?" she nodded at the assistant. He pointed her further into the lab, towards the back, where the silhouette of a person working was barely seen. She nodded again to the assistant, moving to where he had directed her.

Kuiin immediately caught sight of the two pokemon fighting eachother for food on a small table. She walked up to it, entranced by the pokemon fighting. It made her wonder, why didn't she retaliate against her family like these pokemon was fighting food. "Ah, are you here for a pokemon?" came a voice behind her. She whipped around, staring straight into the eyes of a woman standing behind her. Recognising the lab coat, she relaxed and nodded, not taking her eyes off the woman. The woman held out her hand, "I'm Professor Dew, and you are...?" Kuiin shook her hand, "Lady Kuiin Malirec," she replied confidently, a habit inherited throughout the woman of the family.

Prof. dew smiled, "well, Kuiin, you may pick one of the two pokemon behind you, one has already been taken so you cannot get that one"
She turned back to her work, leaving kuiin to debate over her decision herself. She watched the two pokemon intensely, one was covered in fluffy red fur and had horns, constantly using quick attack against it's opponent. the other was a milky blue. She stroked it's head softly and it turned it's eyes towards her. She smiled and picked it up, "you would like that one, would you?" prof. dew asked, coming up to the table. A trace of a smile ghosted over her face, "yes, I think I'll take this one" she replied mildly. Prof. dew smiled again, "would you like to name it?" she asked, Kuiin thought for a moment, "Nightberry," she said simply in reply. Prof. dew nodded and handed over a pokedex and 5 pokeballs, "I believe you will need these on your journey" She nodded, placing then carefully in her bag. She placed nightberry on her shoulder and took it's pokeball from Prof. Dew as she handed it to her. "Thank you" kuiin said, walking back towards the door.

Kuiin stepped onto route 201, the air was moist with morning dew and the grass was wet. She breathed in the air and off she went.

November 26th, 2008, 7:40 AM
I am not making a character, Im asking, are you going to credit Neoricesgood for those sprites? He made them. ;/

November 27th, 2008, 9:57 AM
Fearless Love- That was an excellent post! It was very impresive and descriptive. Good first impresions ;)

You Recieved Skit the Screep!

You Recieved 5 Pokeballs!

You Recieved a Pokedex!

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You Recieved 5 Pokeballs!

you Recieved a Pokedex!

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Chapter 2-Route 201
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This small Route is home to many Pokemon. It is a dense Forest of which not many venture through, especially without any Pokemon. There is a tiny little pond near the centre and sun occasionally manages to glisten through the Trees, so it is rather dark alot of the time.

Weather: Breezy

Your Task is to simply describe your Journey to the next Town, Glowton. You can catch and battle the wide range of new Pokemon here but you can't battle Trainers. You're not alowwed to travel with any other RPers (right now) but you can interact with made up Trainers (Remember though, don't battle!).

Pokemon Available on this Route:

Level: 2-5
Type: Grass/Dark
Ability: Battle Armour
Moveset: Withdraw, Pin Missile
Rarity: Common
Pokedex Entry: Cagro, the Young Chesnut Pokemon. Cagro are very anti-social, even though they do normally pile up together to stop themselves getting blow away by the wind. they often climb up trees and fall onto peoples heads.

Level: 3-5
Type: Flying
Ability: Keen Eye
Moveset: Peck, Leer, Quick Attack (Level 5)
Rarity: Uncommon
Pokedex Entry: Tweekle, the Lonely Pokemon. Tweekle hate what they look like, so other Tweekles aren't very easy to make friends with. They tend not to fit in with there surrounding, which makes them an easy target for Predators.

Level: 3-5
Type: Rock/Water
Ability: Swift Swim
Moveset: Salt, Quick Attack
Rarity: Rare
Pokedex Entry: Ranton, the Water Snake Pokemon. Ranton are extremly Rare and can only be found in one place, the Pond on Route 201. They are very brave and will battle any foe fearlessly. They like to talk and have fun, though.

New Moves:

Move: Salt
Type: Water
Attack Type: Special
Damage: --
Effect: Lowers foes Accuracy
Description: The User throws salt at the opponent, stinging their eyes.

There you go! Get catching :D And remember, I want good posts! The better the post, the higher the level!

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