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December 27th, 2008, 2:56 PM
Pokemon: Johto Revolutions.



Welcome to the diverse world of Pokemon. Filled with many powerful beings known as Pokemon some look cute some look tough but they all have unbelievable potential. People also connect with these creatures these people are known as Trainers, Tamers, Breeders, Co-ordinators and many more. They all hope to be the greatest of their kind whether it's becoming the Pokemon league champion or the winner of the Grand Festival. Their are Seven regions that inhabitat Pokemon these are the regions of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Orre, Fiore and Almia. This journey takes place in the Johto region. You have spotted a T.V. commercial advertising that Professor Elm of New Bark Town is letting Seven Pokemon enthusiasts come down to his lab and receive their First Pokemon.

This journey will test your courage, commitment, compassion and your love for Pokemon. Of course their will be difficulties in your quest to complete your dream, just One of these is the upcoming return of Teams Aqua and Magma but they have now combined with Team Rocket to create Team Unknown, their goal is to capture the Five legendaries of Johto in Rakiou, Entei, Suicune, Ho-Oh and Lugia. They wish to use these Pokemon to mould the Pokearth into their idea of a perfect world, can you stop them and complete your journey at the same time, can you do it ?


1. No goddmodding.
2. No bunnying. You have to lose at least sometimes.
3. Romance and Violence kept at a PG-13 rating or you will be kicked out.
4. As RP master I have the right to kick anyone out justly.
5. As RP master I have the right to change the rules.
6. No cursing or Swearing other then ones like dammit! or Crap!
7. Obey all Rules.
8. Have fun!
9. Shinies can be caught but it will take One hell of a battle post.
10. When you try to capture a Pokemon please leave your post like this Shinx was engulfed into the Pokeball and it shook Once, Twice and.... then I will decide if your post was good enough to capture the Pokemon.

Sign Up:

Name: Be inventive.. or not.
Gender: Male or Female obviously.
Age: 10-16
Personality: At least a paragraph. This is how your character acts in certain situations.
Appearance: What does your character look like? I will not accept pictures so I would like description.
History: What's happened in your character's life so far please list anything important.
Preffered Starter: Which pokemon as shown below do you want as a Starter? What nature? What Gender?
Other Pokemon: Pokemon that you have brought with you from other regions. ( Up to Three, First forms only Lv 5 ).
RP Sample: So I can see if you RP well enough for this.


Cyndaquil - Taken by slls81
Type: Fire.
Ability: Blaze.
Moves: Tackle, Leer, Smokescreen, Double Kick
Nature: Adamant.
Gender: Male.

Totodile - Taken by Wolfwhispers
Type: Water
Ability: Torrent
Moves: Scratch, Leer, Water Sport.
Nature: Adamant
Gender: Male

Wildcard/Gligar - Taken by Me

Seven Pokemon = Seven Trainers. Once Seven have been taken I'll close Sign up's.

Positons Taken:

1. Wildcard/Gligar taken by me.
2. Wildcard/Swinub taken by Frozensnowman
3. Cyndaquil taken by slls81
4. Totodile taken by Wolfwhispers.
5. Wildcard/Riolu taken by Pikalover 10

Positions Open:


December 29th, 2008, 11:12 AM
I'll take the wildcard :P
I'll put up my sign-up soon.

December 29th, 2008, 11:16 AM
I'll take the wildcard :P
I'll put up my sign-up soon.

Cool okay then I'll put a reserve up for you.

December 29th, 2008, 11:34 AM
Name : Echolocation " Echo" Stainwood
Appearance :
Physical Appearance: Echo is around 'normal' height of 5,1 and his eyes are also myopic though he often wears contact lens to correct this however he can be seen with a pair of glasses on. Echo's bang is oddly placed to the left of his left eye his hair is a messy blonde in a long ponytail his eyes are emerald green.
Average Attire: Echo often dons a sleevless brown shirt with several vermilion birds circling a azure dragon . He wears a conical straw hat to cover his ponytail most of the time except when indoors. His leggings are a pair of brown sweatpants with dark orange stripes on either sides of them.
Formal Wear:Echo doesn't enjoy parties as much as people think he might. But when he does attend to them he wears a long dark cloak with white clouds, and sliver stars with a chin-high collar.
Cold out: He just wears a bottle green scarf and two brown gloves and thats it

Personality: Echo was always social if someone befriends him he enjoys there company and respects them as if they were a relative or a brother/sister. he possesses incredible self control of his emotions. He constantly displays an emotionless personality, though at times, he appears to have a slight degree of anger or frustration on his face. He only shows surprise when opponents prove more powerful or skilled than he had expected, and even then he doesn't lose his composure. He does not possess any arrogance, and fully justifies any statements he makes about his power, and even compliments his opponents on their abilities. He also is very smart though he is not a show off and dislikes going into conversation about it.

History :As a child Echo developed a love for all pokemon. It didn’t matter if they were strong or weak, their appearance meant nothing to him, he loved them all equally. He would somehow become friends with every pokemon he came across, and his parents knew that he could become a truly great pokemon breeder someday. His parents were both pokemon breeders, people who raise and care for pokemon, so you can imagine their joy when their son showed in interest in pokemon breeding as well. He enjoyed working with Pokemon of all types, but has always loved the many evolved forms of eevee, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Flareon, Umbreon, Espeon, Leafeon, and Glaceon, and, after having his first taste of battling, which was a battle training test with his fathers Dragonite, he decided he wanted to be not only a breeder, but a pokemon trainer as well. As a kid, he was never the most popular person at school, because he didn’t have every attribute that would make him the most popular person at school, but he had a lot of good friends, Despite the fact that he had a lot of friends, he has always thought that no one knew he was there.

Perfered Starter : Cyndaquil

Other Pokemon : Aipom , Elekid, Azurill

RP Sample : Echo looked at the two pokemon fighting with poison sting and decided to train as well . He tossed up two pokeballs and out came a Totidile and a Staravia. The bird-like pokemon flew up in the air and clutched onto a nearby tree . The crocodile like pokemon opened its mouth and started shooting a blast of water at different directions . " Ok Dive, Staravia, we are going to practice targeting attacks with a long range, Dive, you go fire your water gun at that tree over there. Staravia you fire your whirlwind attack at that rock". The bird-like pokemon obeyed and flapped its wings to create a great whirlwind and the rock was smashed into tiny fragments of gravel. The crocodile-like one also followed its orders and fired a blast of water from its mouth towards a nearby tree. The tree was cut into half with the power of the blast . Just then he realized that a poison sting attack was headed towards Kurt , he quickly yelled " Dive use water pulse to stop that attack!!". The crocodile fired a orb of water which quickly missed Kurt but turned into a wave heading towards Tony and his pokemon.......

December 29th, 2008, 11:42 AM
Name : Echolocation " Echo" Stainwood
Appearance :
Physical Appearance: Echo is around 'normal' height of 5,1 and his eyes are also myopic though he often wears contact lens to correct this however he can be seen with a pair of glasses on. Echo's bang is oddly placed to the left of his left eye his hair is a messy blonde in a long ponytail his eyes are emerald green.
Average Attire: Echo often dons a sleevless brown shirt with several vermilion birds circling a azure dragon . He wears a conical straw hat to cover his ponytail most of the time except when indoors. His leggings are a pair of brown sweatpants with dark orange stripes on either sides of them.
Formal Wear:Echo doesn't enjoy parties as much as people think he might. But when he does attend to them he wears a long dark cloak with white clouds, and sliver stars with a chin-high collar.
Cold out: He just wears a bottle green scarf and two brown gloves and thats it

Personality: Echo was always social if someone befriends him he enjoys there company and respects them as if they were a relative or a brother/sister. he possesses incredible self control of his emotions. He constantly displays an emotionless personality, though at times, he appears to have a slight degree of anger or frustration on his face. He only shows surprise when opponents prove more powerful or skilled than he had expected, and even then he doesn't lose his composure. He does not possess any arrogance, and fully justifies any statements he makes about his power, and even compliments his opponents on their abilities. He also is very smart though he is not a show off and dislikes going into conversation about it.

History :As a child Echo developed a love for all pokemon. It didn’t matter if they were strong or weak, their appearance meant nothing to him, he loved them all equally. He would somehow become friends with every pokemon he came across, and his parents knew that he could become a truly great pokemon breeder someday. His parents were both pokemon breeders, people who raise and care for pokemon, so you can imagine their joy when their son showed in interest in pokemon breeding as well. He enjoyed working with Pokemon of all types, but has always loved the many evolved forms of eevee, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Flareon, Umbreon, Espeon, Leafeon, and Glaceon, and, after having his first taste of battling, which was a battle training test with his fathers Dragonite, he decided he wanted to be not only a breeder, but a pokemon trainer as well. As a kid, he was never the most popular person at school, because he didn’t have every attribute that would make him the most popular person at school, but he had a lot of good friends, Despite the fact that he had a lot of friends, he has always thought that no one knew he was there.

Perfered Starter : Cyndaquil

Other Pokemon : Aipom , Elekid, Azurill

RP Sample: Echo looked at the two pokemon fighting with poison sting and decided to train as well . He tossed up two pokeballs and out came a Totidile and a Staravia. The bird-like pokemon flew up in the air and clutched onto a nearby tree . The crocodile like pokemon opened its mouth and started shooting a blast of water at different directions . " Ok Dive, Staravia, we are going to practice targeting attacks with a long range, Dive, you go fire your water gun at that tree over there. Staravia you fire your whirlwind attack at that rock". The bird-like pokemon obeyed and flapped its wings to create a great whirlwind and the rock was smashed into tiny fragments of gravel. The crocodile-like one also followed its orders and fired a blast of water from its mouth towards a nearby tree. The tree was cut into half with the power of the blast . Just then he realized that a poison sting attack was headed towards Kurt , he quickly yelled " Dive use water pulse to stop that attack!!". The crocodile fired a orb of water which quickly missed Kurt but turned into a wave heading towards Tony and his pokemon.......

@ Shadow Thunder Lord: Okay you are Accepted only on the basis that you sort out paragraphs when a new person speaks and you write a bit more detailed a bit like this:

Echo looked at the two pokemon fighting with poison sting and decided to train as well. He tossed up two pokeballs and out came a Totodile and a Staravia. The bird-like pokemon flew up in the air and clutched onto a nearby tree . The crocodile like pokemon opened its mouth and started shooting a blast of water at different directions .

" Ok Dive, Staravia, we are going to practice targeting attacks with a long range, Dive, you go fire your water gun at that tree over there. Staravia you fire your whirlwind attack at that rock".

The bird-like pokemon obeyed and flapped its wings to create a great whirlwind and the rock was smashed into tiny fragments of gravel. The crocodile-like one also followed its orders and fired a blast of water from its mouth towards a nearby tree. The tree was cut into half with the power of the blast . Just then he realized that a poison sting attack was headed towards Kurt.

He quickly yelled " Dive use water pulse to stop that attack!!". The crocodile fired a orb of water which quickly missed Kurt but turned into a wave heading towards Tony and his pokemon.......

See it also looks alot neater.

" Aipom Rocks "

The Instant Classic
December 29th, 2008, 11:57 AM
Name: Tony Steel
Age: 12
Gender: male
Appearance: : Tony has always been a bit shorter then his brother despite being twins (His brother is 5f 7 tony is 5f 4)
A tub of hair jell will always be taken with Tony when he goes out yep takes great pride in is hair his normal style would be what he likes to call overgrown jungle in other words he just makes his hair a spikes nest he often gets called microphone for this which he hates.
He loves his jackets he collects them in fact and will always be seen wearing one his traveling suit is a black top with matching black trousers with white trainers and of course with one of perhaps 50 jackets lol i said he loves him.
Tony would wear the same thing everyday as long as it makes him look good.

Personality:If you where to ask anyone that knows Tony about himself they would probbely tell you that he is the god of confidence and he never worries about a thing.
Tony hates being last for anything he always has to be the leader or main character in anything.
His parents and brother tell him to calm down but funny enough it never works he is just like a ball of energy waiting to be unleashed.
Many people wonder where he gets all his energy from.......its a mystery

History: : As you might of guessed now Tony has a twin brother and they both share the same fashion sense and personality apart from that his twin doesn't mind being last.
From child hood Tony and his brother always dremt of being champion pokemon trainers but that dream was shattered when his brother left to become a Pokemon ranger.
Tony's dad happens to be a gym leader in a different region and he told Tony to follow his dream of becoming a champion and so Tony decided to travel to Drakeroh to start his journey and he will stop at nothing to make his dream come true........

RP example: ( if you need more just say TAKEN FROM AETHER )
Tony heard Kurt saying something about going west but he wasent really paying attention he was to busy eating custard creams.
" West huh ha ha ( points at a river ) well its a good thing that ive got Dewgong with me ha ha ".
Tony then pulls out a tub of hair jell and redoes his hair " you can never find the right look " he says.
He turns around a takes out an ultra ball " Dewgong i choose you ".
FLASH and out came Dewgong " dew Dewgong " it says in cheery tone.
Tony turns around to face the others " any one fancy a lift Dewgong can take two people " he says.

Starter: Chikorita:Female:Brave
Also : Gligar : Tauros : Trecko

December 29th, 2008, 11:58 AM
Name: Taylor Elizabeth Anderson

Gender: Female

Age: 11

Personality: Taylor acts much older than she is. She is absolutely ruthless in battle and will vow to take down any trainer she deems "cocky". She typically enjoys spending time with her Pokemon over spending time with other trainers, but she finds that she is often times lonely. She has a short temper and will challenge anyone who angers her to a battle. She has a cunning mind and is incredibly good at developing innovative tactics in battle.

Appearence: Taylor is quite tall for her age, 5'5", and looks to be about thirteen. Her arms and legs are toned on account of her martial arts training. She has long light-brown hair and pale blue eyes. She wears a blue tank-top under a white poncho with white fingerless gloves. She wears a knee-length skirt with multicolored stripes running down it diagonally and has black leggings underneath and silver boots. She keeps her PokeBalls in a black leather woven belt around her waist. She has a small diamond pendant on a silver chain around her neck. When it is cold, Taylor takes off her poncho and and instead wears a puffy white jacket and scarf and she also wears long black jeans underneath her skirt. On formal occasions, Taylor wears a mid-shin length pale blue dress and replaces her boots with high-heeled white shoes and wears her hair either up in a bun or down her back in curls. Instead of wearing her belt, Taylor wears a bracelet on each wrist, each containing her PokeBalls.

History: Taylor had always wanted to become a Pokemon trainer. Her family raised fighting-type Pokemon and she helped to train them with much success, learning various forms of martial arts from them herself. When she told her parents of her dreams, they suggested she take one of the fighting Pokemon she had trained, but Taylor refused. She wanted to make her own way as a Pokemon trainer. She wasn't sure who to go to in order to gain her first Pokemon, but when she heard Professor Elm offering starters, Taylor quickly took up his offer. Her sister, being a renowned trainer herself, sent Taylor some new Pokemon to train as a gift, seeing as they were newly captured and hadn't bonded with her yet. Taylor accepted and set off to become a trainer, unaware of what was going on with the Teams...

Preffered Starter:
Gender: female, Nature: naughty, Ability: blaze
Moves: Scratch, Growl, Counter

Other Pokemon: (do I have to put in their info?)

RP Sample:
From Kansas's Pokemorph Liberation Force
Ember's tails slammed directly into the Haunter-morph's chest with a sickening thud. Ember jumped back and twirled around to whack him across the head with all nine of her tails.

"Take that you disgusting bloated purple freak!" Ember hissed.

The Haunter-morph shook his body loose, seemingly having taken little damage, and stared at her with a curious expression. Ember growled and jumped forward again, scraping her claws from the top of his scalp down his cheek before jumping a safe distance away. He looked up at her with a dark smile as purple gas steadily tricked out of the slashes in his skin.

He doesn't bleed, Ember watched with horror as the gas continued to drip out of the cuts.

But look, Pyra said. The human part of this morph is weak and the Haunter is unstable. The human body is the only thing holding it together.

So if tear his body apart, Ember realized with a smile. The Ghost part of him will fall apart, too.

Ember's smile faded as the Haunter-morph's claw descended down on her. She lunged to the side, but the razor-sharp claws clipped her arm, instantly drawing blood. Ember looked at her arm in shock. She hadn't seen the morph come at her.

"It will be an honor to kill you," the Haunter's deep echoing voice announced. He continued to smile and look her over in amusement.

His hands began to glow deep purple and he came at her again.

Poison! Pyra warned, but Ember was already struggling to dodge the deadly claws.

Ember spun to the side and tried to knock him over with her tails again, but she missed and jumped back before she could be struck. Sweat dripped down the back of her neck. She couldn't allow herself to be poisoned now. She would be out of commission for the rest of the battle and most likely wouldn't live through it. Or worse. One of the team members would stop battling to try and protect her. Though she didn't see that happening, thank goodness.

The Haunter-morph's smile grew, spreading across his purple-tinged face like a tear in fabric. He lashed out at her with increased intensity and speed, forcing her to retreat backwards. Ember felt her Ninetails instinct slowly take over and she mimicked his smile with one of her own. She felt her body's speed grow and she began to dodge in a fluid natural movement, feeling the steady beat of the morph's attacks become increasingly easy to predict. Suddenly the Haunter-morph's fist slammed her in the side, throwing her several yards before she rolled to a halt on the pavement.

Pyra swore, utterly shocking Ember. Pyra had never once before swore. Shadow Punch, Pyra growled. It hits without fail. We're lucky he didn't poison us as well.

Yeah, Ember pushed herself up with a groan. Because we're just so lucky.

"I'm glad you came to me," the Haunter-morph said in his hollow voice as he took his time walking over. "It saved me the trouble of hunting you down and making you pay for abandoning the Gyms."

"Hmm, so you were a part of the group that tried to hunt me down?" Ember taunted. She rolled her eyes and added sarcastically. "You did a great job of it, by the way."

"I oversaw the searches for you," he said coldly. "But I had better things to do than chase after a second-rate traitor."

"Yeah, because being a flunky is a much better gig," Ember said sarcastically.

His expression grew even darker and he lunged at her again, his claws glowing with poison once more. Ember stood her ground as she felt fire flare up inside of her and held it, feeling it build. When the Haunter-morph was about to scratch her, Ember released the attack in a single fiery blast. He was blown backwards and he spun through the air before landing near the building from which they had emerged.

Ember swiftly walked over to him and grabbed his head, pricking his face with her claws. His purple spikes had been reduced to ash while his hands were dissipating and more Ghost smoke than ever was draining from his form, leaving his human body thin and limp. He was struggling to remain conscious, his ordinarily narrow eyes wide with fear.

Enough, Pyra hissed. Let us kill him quickly.

Pyra slowly took over Ember's body and drew on all the dark thoughts she had gathered over 150 years. Pyra had never allowed Ember to direct the attack herself because it would drive her insane. Ember didn't complain. Pyra lifted Ember's hand and placed it onto the forehead of the morph, releasing the dark power directly into him. He groaned, squeezing his eyes shut as he tried to fight off the attack, but then he went limp. Ember released him and he fell to the pavement. Dead.

Let's go and help the others, Pyra said, urging Ember to move forward, but Ember's eyes were glued to the morph.

The Ghost smoke was slowly drifting back into his body, which expanded at an alarming rate. Ember stumbled backwards and saw with horror that he was filling back up. A smile once again cracked across his grotesque face.

It's Explosion! Ember realized.


Ember turned and dropped to all fours, running faster than she could ever remember before. Ember heard the Haunter-morph Explode behind her and was immediately struck by a force so powerful that it lifted her off her feet and pushed her forward. Then debris struck her, slicing her skin as it rammed into her body. Ember curled up into a ball as she was tossed like a rag-doll for what seemed a lifetime as she was struck repeatedly with projectiles. She finally landed on the ground, bleeding from an unknown number of wounds. Her breath wheezed as it struggled to enter her lungs under the beam that crushing her chest.

Just so lucky.

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
December 29th, 2008, 12:03 PM
OOC: I'm sorry...I couldn't resist giving it a go :P

Name: Junsei ('Jun') Jones

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Personality: Jun is a very forgiving, generous and generally nice person to be with - in fact he is almost perfect in every way. However, Jun has absolutely no tolerance for Team Unknown (or any other evil team for that matter) as he finds their methods barbaric, despite them having a rather selfless objective. Jun generally finds that when he does (very rarely) fail at something, he just works even harder and never gives up on his goal. Jun also has an affinity for the word "kawaii".

Appearance: Jun is just under six feet tall and has a perfect physique with no fat but plenty of muscle. He has long, blond, well-groomed hair that he always keeps in a ponytail with a green stone on the hair band. He normally wears only the most fashionable and recently created clothes, but they are always from charity shops because Jun's selflessness prevents him from wearing clothes made through child labour. Jun's eyes are an icy blue and give anyone beholding his gaze the feeling that he is looking into their soul.

History: Jun's exciting life began at birth, strangely, when his parents saw his startlingly perfect blue eyes and blond hair and decided to name him Junsei (the Japanese for perfect), despite not being Japanese, because they were very multicultural. Unfortunately, his parents were far from perfect and abused and beat Jun and forced him to do all the housework. So, at the age of seven, Jun ran away from home to find his aunt who lived in New Bark Town. She gladly took him in and raised him for the next ten years, taking care of him by feeding him bacon every morning and making sure that he would be ready for the next time some starters arrived at Prof. Elm's lab. At the age of fifteen, Jun had a dream in which Arceus told him all about how he was the 'Chosen One' and must save the Pokearth from Team Unknown. Though he was completely unsurprised by this, Jun decided to do as the Alpha Pokémon said anyway.

Preferred Starter: Chikorita, Male, Adamant

Other Pokemon: Could I possibly have a Dratini? I know that they're ridiculously rare, but they fit my character to a tee.

RP Sample:
Simon shivered, partly from the cold and partly from fear. After all, this cave was pitch-black, filled with blood-sucking Zubat and giant Onix, and there was a big, creepy statue of Dialga at the entrance. The only light he had was a small flashlight, and the batteries were running low. The light flickered suddenly, and Simon gasped. But after a few heart-stopping seconds, the beam strengthened again. Simon sighed in relief. The sooner he was out of this cave, the better. He didn't feel comfortable with small, dark spaces - who was? But before he could even begin to feel relieved, he heard an odd squeak from up ahead. It was a ghastly sound, a mixture of terror, pain and anger. He froze in fear, but then the squeak came again, and Simon realised that it was a Pokemon in pain. Regardless of whether it was a Chansey of a Gengar, he couldn't ignore a hurt Pokemon. He swept the beam of light across the floor, hoping he had been mistaken. There! Lying on the floor was a crumpled, leathery shape. It turned its head, revealing an eyeless face and four pointed fangs - a Zubat. Simon sighed in relief for the second time in as many minutes. His Pokedex had claimed that no ghost Pokemon lived here, but he wasn't all that trusting of technology. Gently, he picked up the weakly flapping Pokemon. Instantly he saw what was wrong - it had a huge cut straight through its wing, and blood, faintly green, was oozing steadily from it. Resisting an urge to vomit, he pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and carefully wrapped it around the wing. Zubat thrashed a little as he pulled the makeshift bandage tight, but it wasn't strong enough to do anything.
"Calm down!" he whispered frantically, "I'm trying to help you, and if you keep writhing about, you're going to hurt yourself even more!" Zubat seemed to understand, and calmed down with a gentle squeak, to indicate it was grateful for the help. Simon looked up. He still had a way to go before the next Pokemon Centre, and he could only do so much. If he took too long...Simon pushed that thought firmly from his mind, and started forwards once again, marching with renewed vigour. He was desperate not to meet whatever had done this to the poor creature, but two seconds later, he realised he wasn't going to have a choice. A horrible, snickering roar came from behind him, and Simon froze in fear yet again. Terrified, he turned around, and standing in the middle of the tunnel was a small, dinosaur-like Pokemon, with a blue, glowing head. Its curved claws had some strange, reddish-green liquid dripping from the tips. Simon gulped, taking a step back. Then, two things happened very quickly. The Cranidos, for that is what it was, leapt forwards, landing in front of Simon. Zubat, at the same time, threw itself forwards and screamed sharply in Cranidos’s face. As it did so, blue radar lines emanated from its mouth. They engulfed Cranidos, which stopped, confused. Simon grabbed Zubat seconds before it hit the floor, then ran. Cranidos was simply gazing at its claws. “Craaaan?” it croaked. Simon guessed that if it could speak human, it would probably be saying “woaaaah…dude…my hands are huge!” He took the time to smile, then continued on through the mysterious cave.

December 29th, 2008, 12:29 PM
This is a dude I signed up with for another, but that closed before I even had a chance to use him, which is really sad for me because I really want to use this guy. Here it is.

Name:Jason Reed.
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Personality: Jason is the cliche teenager and trainer. He is determined, but has a habit of overworking not only himself, but his pokemon. Some might find his hard methods cruel and unneeded, but he is simply determined and wants his pokemon to reach their fullest potential. Jason will still give encouragement to his pokemon during training. He is not cruel. He will most likely scoff at the sight of a Coordinator, thinking that that they aren't true pokemon trainers and will never make a worthy opponent in battle. Aside from all that, he does have a kind heart. He properly congragulates and makes sure his pokemon are in good and healthy condition. He would never abuse them in anyway, and whenever they are hurt, he gives them extra care and will not leave their side. Once he has made a true friend, one he knows he can trust, he would go through hell and back if his friend were in trouble. All in all, Jason is simply misunderstood since he has a habit of being impolite to people right off the bat.

Appearence: Messy teal colored hair and light green eyes. Normally wears ripped jeans and a plain black shirt and black converse shoes. When it gets cold he switches to a black and white striped long sleeve shirt and a simple black hoodie jacket. He is neither fancy nor untidy. He just feels that whatever he wears will get dirty eventually. He is only 5ft 6in, which leaves plenty of time to grow as he ages, though it is a bit annoying to only be an inch taller than most of the girls he knows. Jason has pale skin, despite being outside a lot, and is something that annoys him to no end. He prefers dark skin, which may seem girl minded but he doesn't care. He also wears a brown poke' belt that will someday hold his main team and a thick black leather bracelet on right wrist. A determined grin is usually lit upon his face, but when the going gets tough a harsh scowl replaces his grin and his green eyes darken with an almost malicious glint as he thinks about how to remedy this.
During special occasions, he will dress in nice black pants, a white button collar up shirt and a black vest, Thankfully, however, Jason is rarely ever invited to formal occasions, so he doesn't bother with such things. Though he did particularly like his pokemon trainer's school graduation party. A few kids had brought beer and his clothes didn't seem that bad anymore...

History: Surprisingly, it his mother, Elizabeth Reed, who left him and his father on Cinnabar Island, his birthplace, to pursue her dream of becoming a pokemon trainer. When she met Team Rocket and vanished, Jason and his father moved to Twinleaf, hoping to make a new beginning. As Jason had always had a problem making friendssince he was a bit rough and preffered to be alone, it didn't bother him that much. They feared she had either made enemies with them and they had killed her and may go after them, or, hopefully not, had joined Team Rocket. Tyler's father, Mathew Reed, has been hestitant about letting his son go on a journey, but knows that it would be harder for his son in the world when he is of age, knowing he would just go on a journey then. As it's easier when they are younger, he allows his son to go, and only with the promise he calls at every town. He is a true mother hen, but despite that, Jason never became cowed by his father's overbearing attitude. However, that isn't the only reason he is reluctant. When Jason had been younger, he had tried to capture a Rattata with his bare hands. Naturally, the Rattata attacked with a Hyper Fang attack. Its teeth cut all the way through Jason's bone on his left arm. The wound had been so bad that it was a miracle it wasn't amputated. Jason took three years of physical therapy just to get it back to its original strength, his father worrying along the whole time. It is because of that, that Jason's father fears for his sons life, afraid that his pokemon may turn on him or he meet something that he isn't ready for.

His grandfather and grandmother on his father's side are really uptight, old fashion type of people. They continually begrudge Jason and his behavior and clothing style. They personally believe that a few lashes with the belt will turn him into a fine, upsatnding young man. Unfortunately for them, such a thing has never happened, much to Jason's glee. He often mocks them for that with his eyes when his father isn't around, and he knows they can read him just fine. For his mother's side, they both died of cancer when he was eight, much to his distress. He had liked them, for they had brought him treats and real encouragement.

Preffered Starter: Wild Card: Riolu (Nature: Impish. Gender: Male). If not, then Totodile (Nature: Adamant. Gender: Male) please. I know Wild Card was reserved, but if that person doesn't get it on time...

RP Sample:

In the cool evening of a mid summer's day, a young boy of only seven swam leisurely through the ocean blue, being sure to be close enough to land in case he were to get tired. Giggling with delight as he used the water's momentum to jump over a wave, young Noel swam even farther out to sea towards the much larger waves. Spinning as he jumped over another wave, his eyes caught something blue dart under the ocean.

Forgetting his earlier goal to reach the larger waves, Noel darted toward the blue thing that had dove under, though now it was simply a dark shadow underwater. Grinning eagerly, Noel dove at the shadow, squeeling as he simply went through the water with a splash.

The shadow had moved away.

"Where are you?" Neol laughed, slapping his hands against the water to send water everywhere. His light blue eyes narrowed as he moved his blond hair out of his eyes to see better. Grinning exitedly as he saw the shadow move closer, Noel lunged, this time hitting the mysterious being head on.

"Spheal!" the circular blue water type squeaked in surprise as Noel tickled his sides ruthlessly.

Noel laughed in delight as he hugged his friend in a friendly hello. Leaning on Spheal as they swam over the waves, Noel blinked at his reflection in Spheal's eyes as they glanced at him in amusement.

"So how ya been?" he asked eagerly before spitting out salt water with a sour face from the wave that hit his face.

Spheal giggled at his expression, exclaiming, "Sph, eel!" With a sly look, Speal used his small flippers to fight against the water and shoot toward the sky, dislodging Noel at the same time and sending him flying; giggling the whole way.

"Spheal!" Noel scolded with a giggle. He looked around eagerly for his friend, thinking they were now playing hide and seek. Seeing a dark shadow move under the salty water, he called, "Spheal, I see you!" After a moment of no response, Noel swam tward the shadow. "Spheal?" he called softly, becoming unnerved by the silence. "Sph--ow!" he cried, grasping at his ankle as something brushed by. Noel whimpered as he floated in the water, feeling at his raw ankle. "Spheal, why did you do that?" he sobbed, feeling betrayed that his best friend would hurt him.

The dark shadow stopped moving, seemingly paused infront of Noel. Tentatively, Noel reached out, only to jerk back with a yelp as a monstrous fish with razor sharp teeth leapt out of the water, red eyes glaring and mouth snapping ferociously. The Carvanha snarled as it fully emerged, water already running through its cleanched teeth as it prepared its Hydro Pump attack on the trespasser.

Noel jerked backward, forcing the ocean water to splash everywhere, much to the Carvanha's annoyence as water droplets got in its eye. Kicking backwards, Noel cried out as his hurt ankle started to pound at the simple movement. Whimpering, Noel gazed at the monster fish fearfully, eyes wide and already brimming with tears.

"Carvvv," Carvanha growled, letting out a smirk as it unleashed a torrent of water from its mouth.

Noel screamed as he quickly covered his eyes, naively hoping that he would be unharmed from such a dangerous attack. After a moment of nothing happening, Noel cautiously lowered his arms and allowed an eye to open. Gasping, Noel clapped in delight.

"Spheal!" he called joyfully, seeing his blue friend floating in front of him with a livid expression.

"Spe," Spheal said dangerously, black eyes glittering with unhidden rage. How dare this beast hurt his friend? "Spheal!" he roared, immediately launching his own torrent of water at Carvanha.

Carvanha was pushed back and, before it could even gain back its bearings, Spheal had rushed at it, mouth already glowing as it powered up its Aurora Beam and fired, hitting Carvanha head on, causing it to roar in pain. Unwilling to allow its opponent the chance to recover, for fear of a counterattack, Spheal, launched Ice Ball attack after Ice Ball attack, each chip of ice hitting the same spot.

"Vanha!" Carvanha roared, returning fire with another Hydro Pump.

"Dodge it!" Noel cried fearfully, not wanting his friend to get hurt. He paddled off to the side, away from the crossfire but still wary of ankle.

"Spea," Spheal cried jubilantly at the calling of his friend. Determination rose within his small body and he dodged by barely a hair by diving into the ocean.

"Yay!" Noel cried with childish glee. "Get it, Spheal!"

Scoffing at the calls from the human, Carvanha dove into the water as well, but as soon as soon it was barely fin deep, Spheal Tackled it, recoiling as its skin was rubbed raw by Carvanha's rough skin. Even still, Carvanha backed off, face becoming weary and fearful. Giving one last glare, Carvanha swam away, body sinking underwater until it was no longer visible, nor a threat.

Panting, Spheal turned toward a cheering Noel and slowly swam over, allowing him to stroke him fondly. "You did good," he said, giving a large smile that showed a few missing teeth on his childish face. He sighed in contentment and patted Spheal on the head, looking toward land. "Let's go back," he said tiredly, expressing Spheal's own exhaustion.

"Spa," Spheal agreed, giving a small smile. His eyes sparkled as he carefully swam towards the beach, knowing that they expressed not only his happiness and pride, but Noel's as well.

December 29th, 2008, 1:09 PM
@ Themaster123: sorry but your declined it's just your RP sample wasn't long enough or any good.

@ Alipeewee: Yey you decided to come accepted I'm happy to see you Chikorita and Dratini together.

@ Wolfwhispers: sorry your too late for the wildcard but your accepted with a Totodile I'll add a Riolu into your party for you.

December 29th, 2008, 1:52 PM
Thank you! But by add Riolu into my party, that doesn't mean you're just giving it to me, does it? If so, please allow me to battle it to make it seem fair. I promise to make it an excellent post. ^_^

If you want to battle it you won't be able too until way later on. By add it to your party that's exactly what I mean if you look at the SU again then you'll see that you are allowed up to Three first form pokes brought from previous regions.

December 29th, 2008, 1:55 PM
umm.... is mine accepted? Is there something I need to add or...

December 29th, 2008, 1:56 PM
If you want to battle it you won't be able too until way later on. By add it to your party that's exactly what I mean if you look at the SU again then you'll see that you are allowed up to Three first form pokes brought from previous regions.

Uh, yea, I sort of missed that one part. Nevermind!

December 29th, 2008, 2:04 PM
Seeing as we have Three confirmed let's get this party started. @ Mira, oops sorry I missed it you're accepted. Have fun with Torchic and co. And the moves you aren't right I decide to give to Two moves and a egg move so here they are: Scratch, Growl and Counter.

" Nah Gligar's better "
New Bark Town
( 1-2 Posts )

Alright then these will be at most your Two easiest posts in the whole RP. All you have to do is wake up have some breakfast. See the TV advert then make your way over to the Lab of Professor Elm, he gives you your First Pokemon and his friend Professor Oak is there too he then gives you your Pokedex. When your making your way out One of Elm's aid's gives you Five Pokeballs to help you on your journey, end your post at Route 101. That should only take you One post so if you want to do a Second post make it a Rival battle. Then make your way towards Route 101. Make it One on One please and ONLY use your starter.

EDIT: OOC Thread is now up any question to be posted there. So we don't clutter up the main thread.

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
December 29th, 2008, 3:57 PM
"Come on Jun, its time for bed!" The teenage boy pouted a little, though he still looked beautiful while doing so.
"Awwww, mum! The infomercial thing just came on, about tomorrow!" While this would have sounded whiney coming from a normal person's mouth, it was strangely persuasive coming from Jun. His mum smiled exasperatedly.
"Alright, but go to bed straight after this!"
"I will, mum, I promise!" With that shout, Jun turned his attention back to the television. Professor Elm was standing there with several Pokémon in the background.
"Alright, tomorrow's the big day when you all get your Pokémon!" Elm cheered, "Will you choose Fire, Water, Grass or Electricity? It's all down to you! Just make sure to be down at my lab by eleven o'clock!" Jun smiled as the Prof. went into his various ramblings about life on the road and Pokémon related adventures. Switching the TV off, Jun climbed into bed.

Brrrrring! Brrrring!
Brrrrring! Brrrring!
Brrrrring! Brrrring!
Jun rolled over, opening his eyes a crack to see his alarm clock going crazy. Yawning, he sat up and looked at the time, then blanched. Ten to eleven! The lab was five minutes walk away and he wasn't even dressed yet. Quick as a flash, Jun managed to pull on some extremely fashionable and anti-sweatshop clothes and bolted out the front door, only stopping to quickly rustle up some bacon before dashing out the door.

It was ten past by the time Jun finally burst through the door of Professor Elm's laboratory. Luckily, he wasn't smelling of BO despite not having had a shower that morning or the night before and despite being a sixteen year-old boy. Running forwards, he threw himself to his knees in front of Professor Elm, who was standing next to another scientist who looked suspiciously like Professor Oak of the Kanto region.
"Please, please, are there any Pokémon left?" he cried, his voice thick with anxiety. Prof. Elm frowned.
"Well, I'm afraid that all the Pokémon have been given to trainers who arrived on time." At this, Jun began to weep salty, perfect tears of disappointment. Seeing this, Professor oak stepped forwards.
"Well, actually, I do have one Pokémon remaining. It was to be a gift for my daughter, but I'm sure I can get her something else. Besides, you can't really appreciate a Chikorita when you're in hospital with two broken legs." Jun didn't really hear most of this rambling and rather disturbing speech.
"Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!" he shouted as he gleefully took Chikorita's Pokeball and a Pokedex from Oak. On his way out, he was handed four empty Pokeballs by one of the professors' aides.
"Aren't you meant to give me five?" he asked, but the aide just shrugged and swept a few fragments of something into a bin. Then, as Jun left the building, an ear-splitting screech filled his head. His aunt had appeared out of nowhere to see him off, but she had an odd looking red and white sphere in her hand.
"Here," she gasped, breathlessly pushing the Pokeball into his hands, "Take this. Your father sent it in the post, with a message to tell you that he wants you to know that he is sorry and he still loves you."
"That's okay, I forgive him!" Jun cried, forgetting ten years of abuse and neglect in less than a second, simply because he was that nice. He took the Pokeball and released his two new partners. A small quadruped with a large leaf on its noggin and a serpentine creature with two head fins materialised in front of him. The Chikorita and Dratini cried out together, overjoyed by the obvious perfection of their new master. Jun grinned as they did so.

His Pokémon journey was about to begin!

OOC: wow, this was actually quite a lot of fun...is that sad? :D

December 29th, 2008, 4:29 PM
@ Alipeewee: Great post, from his Father hey this might turn into a plot. But what about your Pokedex?

Jun received a Lv 5 Chikorita a Lv 5 Dratini and Four Pokeballs.

December 29th, 2008, 6:10 PM
" Bring!!! Bring!!!" , an alarm clock nearby Echo's bed screeched the most horrible sound causing Echo to crawl out of his resting place, a fairly large bed with red coverings . Echo then grabbed a nearby bamboo stick and sluggishly walked towards his dresser. He then toke off his bright green pajamas and donned a sleevless brown shirt with several vermilion birds circling a azure dragon and a pair of sweatpants . Then slowly walked downstairs.

He stopped to see his little brother , Bobby watching television suddenly a commercial came on with a strange looking young man with glasses saying , " I am Elm and I'm going to let five young trainers into my lab to get there first pokemon! come over here on Monday December 29th to recieve your very own pokemon!!".

When that commecial had said its last word Echo dashed out of the house quicker than a Tauros. When he got to the lab he checked his watch it was 11:02 he could still get his pokemon " I'm so getting Pikachu on this" he though as he entered the lab he realized that one poke ball was missing. " Professor Elm what pokemon are still left ? " he asked quickly .

The man with glasses replied " Well Pikachu was taken before you got here so the remaining choices are : Totodile, Cyndaquil , and Chikorita , Echo though over it a bit then he finally said " I'll take Cyndaquil " so the Professor gave him a pokeball with a red flame on it and gave it to Echo along with one pokeball and a pokedex. " Oh yes and your Echo Stainwood right ? well I got a letter from your mother telling me to give you these pokemon " the Professor reached into his bag and threw out three pokeballs out of them popped a Aipom , Azurill, and a Elekid each running towards Echo and tackling him " Whoah glad to see you guys again and we also have a new friend and Professor tell my mom that I love her" Echo said as he and his pokemon dashed to Route 1.

December 29th, 2008, 6:24 PM
Jason eagerly gulped down his orange juice and swallowed a few pancakes whole, far too excited to even care he was nearly choking to death. Riolu, his faithful first pokemon, whom he had ever since an egg, was just as eagerly gulping down orange juice and pancakes, even stealing some from Jason.

"Hey! Get your own," he laughed, poking Riolu in the forehead.

"Ri, ri," Riolu laughed, throwing a smirk at Jason and taking another one of his pancakes. "Riolu," he purred tauntingly, already jumping away from Jason's light hearted smack.

"Yea, yea," Jason yawned, pretending to be bored of Riolu's tactics. Pushing his plate away and and grabbing his back pack, he headed toward the doo, throwing an exasperated look at his still eating pokemon. "Come on, Riolu. We have to get to Professor Elm's lab so that I can finally become a trainer and you can get a new friend."

"Rio," Riolu said happi.y, stuffing a few more pancakes into his mouth before jumping over Jason with show off flip.

Jason simply rolled his eyes and rushed off towards the lab, hating the way Riolu could jog backwards while he ran at full speed. "Showoff," he called, finally catching up to the black and blue pokemon as they finally found the lab. "Here it is," Jason breathed, an eager look coming into his eyes. He jerked his head at Riolu. "Let's go in," he said eagerly.

"Ol," Riolu said with just as much vigor, all but barging into the lab and startling a pair of old men with glasses.

"My word," Professor Elm breated, holing a hand over his heart.

"You gave us quite the fight," Professor Oak chuckled as he patted Riolu on the head, smiling at Jason as he did so. "Ah, I see we have a trainer here to pick up his supplies."

Jason nodded.

"Well, we best not keep you waiting or keep you from your journyey," said Professor Elm. With a kind smile, he handed Jason a pokeball with a water symbol on it.

With an equally kind smile, Professor Oak handed him a pokedex. "Take care," he said quietly, "and train your pokemon as equals. Remember, always try your best, and you can never fail."

With only a small amount of hesitation, Jason took them. "Thank you," he said, eyes expressing his gratitide. Leaving, Jason nearly jumped out of his skin as an aide nearly tackled him in excitement.

"Oh, and here are five pokeballs! The professors always forget something."

"Er, right," Jason said awkwardly. "Thanks..."

"Ri," Riolu said, eyeing the over excited aide strangely. "Ri oil," Riolu urged Jason, all but dragging him out of the lab.

"Alright, alright," Jason laughed. "Let's see this new friend of ours..."

December 29th, 2008, 7:55 PM
(OOC: That doesn't really work with my character. My apologies if this is wrong. And are the characters going to interact?)

The ceiling tiles weren't square. Oh sure, they might look like it, but Taylor knew better. She had measured one of them the night before and it was four inches by four and a quarter inches. Not a square, a rectangle! It was driving her insane. Who in their right minds would use rectangles to tile a ceiling?

Taylor sighed and rolled on her side and stared out the window. It was still dark behind the pale floral curtains, but she could see a slight glow as the sun peeked through the trees that lined the horizon. It would be hours before she even had to get ready to leave for Professor Elm's lab. But she was already up, and thinking about the ceiling tiles was beginning to give her a headache.

Taylor threw the sheets off and swung her legs over the side, reaching for her journal on the nightstand. She glanced at the hardly legible entry she had made the night prior before flipping it closed. She found her bag in the corner and slipped it inside, taking out a set of clothing. Yawning, she made her way to the bathroom to take a cold shower, on account of the old piping, and brush her teeth, trying to ignore the metallic taste of well-water that flooded her mouth. She put her hair in a braid and placed her hand on the small diamond pendant resting at the base of her neck. I suppose this is it.

Taylor walked back to the room she was staying and looked around for the last time. More sunlight beat against the window, illuminating the chipping blue paint on the walls. She walked over to her bag and fastened the belt lying next to it around her waist and pulled out a small box sent from her sister. Inside there were three small PokeBalls, each with a silver stamp attached to them: Spheal, Vulpix and Eevee. Her sister said that as soon as they had evolved them to their final stage, she would get their names inscribed into their PokeBalls. Taylor smiled and attached them to her belt, leaving the front place open for the Pokemon she was to receive that morning.

Taylor slung the bag over her should and, with one last glance at the room, made her way downstairs. Her aunt stood at the stove, flipping something in the frying pan that was too bouncy to be anything good. She knew that she shouldn't be complaining, though. Her aunt had been nice enough to let her stay there for a few days to get ready to start getting ready to become a Trainer.

She dropped her bag by the table and walked over to the kitchen when she spotted a container in the trash can. Taylor raised an eyebrow as she read the label.

"Tofu bacon?" Taylor asked. "Since when did you become a health nut?"

"Oh, I haven't dear," her aunt answered, sliding two slices of the super-bouncy-kinda-sorta-not-really-real bacon onto a plate with a Glameow's picture on it. "But there's just been that weird sickness going around with real bacon. All those kids heading out to get their starter Pokemon only to end up bedridden for the next few weeks..."

"Uh-huh," Taylor smiled as she took the plate from her aunt's hand, grabbing a piece of toast before sitting down at the table to eat.

Taylor heard the television in the kitchen come to life when her aunt flipped it on. She rolled her eyes and took a drink of her orange juice. Her aunt couldn't miss her show, oh heavens no. Suddenly a familiar voice met Taylor's ears. She turned around and saw Professor Elm appear on the screen.

"Today's the day I will present five lucky young enthusiasts with their starter Pokemon," his slightly distorted voice announced. "Show up at 11 o' clock to receive your Pokemon and start your Pokemon journey. Remember: first come, first served."

Taylor looked down at her watch and found that it was only seven minutes to ten. She groaned and rested her head in her hand and she began poking at the wobbly mess on her plate with her fork. It almost looked like it was melting.

But surely he wouldn't mind if she was early? He did say first come first served, so...

Taylor pushed her chair away from the table and stood up. She made her way over to the door and slipped on her silver boots and put on her poncho.

"Bye Aunt Liz," Taylor walked over to the table to retrieve her piece of toast. She walked over to her aunt and kissed her on the cheek. "Thanks for letting me stay with you."

"It's no trouble at all, dearie," she smiled and placed a hand to Taylor's cheek. "Now go get that Pokemon of yours and start your big adventure."

Taylor nodded and grabbed her bag on the way out the door. She heard her aunt's faint call commanding her to come back and eat her bacon as she walked away from the small cottage. Taylor laughed and shook her head, her light-brown braid swaying from side to side as she did so. She increased her speed until she was in a full-fledged run, her feet pounding against the ground as buildings streaked past. She soon found herself standing in front of Professor Elm's laboratory. A full hour early.

Taylor walked to the base of a tree and allowed her backpack to slide off her shoulders. She sat down and reclined against the trunk, reaching into her bag and pulling out her journal. Not that much had happened yet in a day, but she still had a thing or two to say about the tofu-bacon.


"Hello there."

Taylor looked up to see Professor Elm standing over her. She immediately snapped the notebook closed mid-sentence and put it away, scrambling to get up.

"Umm... sorry," she muttered, blushing. "I just got here early, so I thought I'd just... umm..."

"That's quite alright," he said with a smile. "In fact, I have something special to offer you."

He motioned for her to follow and Taylor obeyed, not even attempting to hide the confused look on her face. It was air-conditioned on the inside of his lab and computers lined the walls on either side. But the thing that caught Taylor's attention, of course, was the metal table in the center of the room holding four PokeBalls.

"There is actually a Pokemon that was sent to me from a fellow professor," Elm said, producing a small PokeBall from his own pocket "It is a Torchic. It isn't typically brought to this region, but I suppose I shall give you the option of taking it as your starter."

Taylor took the small ball in her hand. She wasn't quite sure if she was being hasty or not, but she had always liked Torchics, and not many people here would have the same Pokemon as her... And it also evolved into a Fighting-type Pokemon.

"I'll take it," Taylor said with a grin, clipping the ball into her belt.

"Very good, then," he said, reaching into his pocket to take out several more items. "Here is your Pokedex and some PokeBalls to get you started with catching."

"Thank you," Taylor beamed up at him and placed the new items in her bag before turning to run out the door. "I promise to take good care of my Pokemon!"

December 30th, 2008, 1:28 AM
Name: Ash Ketchum

Gender: Male

Age: 12 (I think he's 12 by then)


He gets way to exited! One good thing happpens and he is jumping up and down! Somebody give him a seditive! Although, he is kind of cute acting up like that... Anyway along with a 24 hour sugar rush, he has extreme emotions, I've never seen him with an inbetween emotion! I mean he's either all happy, all depressed, all confused, or nothing at all! He needs to make up his mind! Anyway, other than that all he need his pokemon catching ills. He is horrible at catching pokemon, but he is good at losing them in tearful scenes! Anyway i'd just like to add that everything above is what gives him charater. He can be a little suck up and mean sometimes. He always thinks he's going to win all the time.

Appearence: http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/7/71/Anime_Ash.png


Ash began his journey at the age of 10 as a warm-hearted and well-intentioned but stubborn and unskilled Pokémon Trainer. He was forced to accept the irreverent Pikachu from Professor Oak as his starter Pokémon because he carelessly broke his alarm clock and woke up late on the day he was set to get his first Pokémon. He was determined to achieve his goal, however, and when he showed his willingness to give up his own safety to keep Pikachu safe, he formed a strong bond of friendship with his Pokémon which would set his course for the future.

However, from that point, Ash still had a lot to learn about becoming a Trainer. He caught his first Pokémon by luck, knew nothing about Pokémon battle, and showed a reluctance to admit when he was wrong. Many of his first Gym badges were given to him merely out of gratitude for his assistance rather than claiming a victory in battle over the Gym Leaders. Every time he thought he was doing well, he would somehow cross paths with his childhood rival, Gary Oak, who always reminded Ash that he was always a step or seven behind.

Ash's dedication to his goal paid off over time, and after earning his first eight badges, he competed in the Indigo League, and advanced further in the rounds than Gary. After recovering from his defeat, he continued on to improve his skill, take on new challenges, and compete in more Pokémon League competitions.

Ash then went to the Orange Islands, and Conpetded in the Orange League which he won. He then went back to Pallet Town, as a champion. He then learned from Professor Oak about a new region of Pokemon in the Johto Region. Ash got all packed up and left for Johto taking Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charizard with him.

Preffered Starter: Pikachu

Other Pokemon:

Charizard(Special exception won't have it long)

Other: Yes, Misty and Brock will be with him, but you as the owner can control there Pokemon, and type out there battles. There not my characters there just with Ash. If, no then I'm willing to wait a little bit longer to rp until 2 people sign up wanting to be Misty and Brock. If you don't want Misty and Brock in this I'm also willing to make Ash travel alone.

RP Sample:

Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu were on there way to New Bark Town. But it seemed as if our heroes were lost again,"Ash! Have you gotten us lost again?!" Misty conplained. "Me! You were the one looking at the map!" Ash yelled. Ash and Misty were once again fighting.

"Pika pika!" Pikachu said trying to stop the fight. It did no good. So, Pikachu let loose with a Thundershock.

"Pikachu! Quit it!" Ash screamed as he was shocked to death. He was about to say more to Misty when he saw something out of the corner of his eye. It was a blue looking Pokemon that was glowing all over, with a very bright blue,"Guys look! It's a Pokemon!" Misty pointed out.

"I wonder what kind," Ash wondered. But the Pokemon started jumping around and ran off,"Hey! Wait!"

Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu ran after it and fell down a hill,"Pika pika!" Pikachu screamed. Togepi just giggled,"Togepiiii!" Thinking that this was so much fun. When our heroes got to the bottom of the hill, they saw the strange Pokemon standing on a rock in the middle of a lake. It gave one last look to Ash before running off. This time Ash and friends didn't chass after it.

They continued on, and pretty soon found there way to New Bark Town.

They went to the Pokemon Center so Ash could register for the Johto League. Brock ran up to the counter,"Hello! Nurse Joy!"

But Chansey popped up,"Chansey!" It said.

"Chansey! Your not Nurse Joy," Brock told it.

"Chansey!" Chansey said as she pushed a buttom on the counter. A TV screen popped out of the celling with Nurse Joy's face on it,"Welcome Pokemon trainers I'm Nurse Joy." She said.

"Oh! There she is!" Brock said, excited.

"I'm over at the Elm, Pokemon Lab but I'll be back at the Pokemon Center by no later then 2:00 this evening," Joy explained. The TV shut off.

"Guess we have to wait," Misty said.

Our heroes set on a bend,"Wait. Did she say 2:00," Ash said. He looked up at the clock,"It's already 3:30."

"We can't just sit around here! Don't you understand! Nurse Joy might be in some terrible danger! Let's go find her!" Brock pointed out.

"Uh? Whatever you say Brock," Ash said. He picked up Pikachu and put him on his shoulder. Him, Misty and Brock then went looking for Prof. Elm's lab. They saw Officer Jenny standing in front of a big building.

"I can't believe it's her!" Brock ran up to Officer Jenny holding some flowers in his hand,"Hello, Offier Jenny. My name's Brock. And if we could just have a nice quite evening of..." He then get to finished what he was saying. Misty dragged him off by his ear.

Ash and Pikachu kinda laughed a little,"Offier Jenny. Can you tell me where I can find the lab of Prof. Elm?" He asked her.

"We happen to be standing in front of it," She told Ash.

Thinking it looked dangerous, Brock ran inside dragging Ash and Misty with him,"You can't go in there!" Jenny called as she ran after them.

Meanwhile Nurse Joy was screaming at Prof. Elm for loseing Totodile. Ash came up,"Excue me Nurse Joy but..." He got ready to say when Offier Jenny interuded him,"You kids can't just walk in on a priavite Police investigation."

"What happened?" Ash asked.

"I'm afaird someone has stolen a Pokemon," Nurse Joy told him.

"Stolen a Pokemon!" The three said at once.

"Agirl's first Pokemon is gone. That poor girl. That poor Totodile," Nurse Joy said as they all walked outside. Prof. Elm walked out holding a Cyndaquil in his arms,"See I was supposed to give that Totodile and this Cyndaquil to two new trainers."

"Look," Misty pointed out.

"It's a Cyndaquil," Brock said.

"Quil, quil," Cyndaquil said as fire came out of his back. Ash, Misty and Brock jumped back.

"Don't be alarmed. This is normal behavier," Elm pointed out as he held Cyndaquil out.

"New Bark Town, is the place where all beginning trainers can get there first Pokemon," Burse Joy explained.

Prof. Elm pulled out a picture,"A Chikorita. A girl just picked this one up the other day. It's a grass type. Or they can pick a Cyndaquil which is a fire type," Prof. Elm said as Cyndaquil said,"Cyndaquil!"

He then pulled out another picture,"Or they can pick a Totodile which is a water type."

"A water type. I'd pick that one," Misty said getting excited.

"Kids back home get to pick a Charmander, or a Squirtle or a Bulbasaur. But I got Pikachu," Ash explained.

"If that's the case you kids must come from Pallet Town," Elm said.

"Yes," Ash answered.

"Then I guess you must know Prof. Samual Oak," Prof. Elm said.

"Prof. Oak's the one who gave me Pikachu. He's very nice and was at my house the other night," Ash answered.

Prof. Elm then started going on about saying how much better then Prof. Oak he is.

"I just wish Prof. Elm would be a little bit more like Prof. Oak and think about humans too," Nurse Joy said.

"Nure Joy the reason we came looking for you is cause I wanted to sign up for the Johto League," Ash explained.

"Oh, I'm sorry I was supposed to be back by now," Nurse Joy answered.

But Ash was thinking and remembered how excited he was the night before to get his first Pokemon, so he decided to help get that Totodile back. Him, his friends and Offier Jenny then went looking for it.

(If I'm accepted I'll post the rest of the episode. Can I use Charizard to help get back Totodile, since after all Team Rocket's the bad guys, they shouldn't get any mercy. Sorry for misspelling words, I couldn't find a spell check, but I tried as hard as I could to spell things right.)

December 30th, 2008, 3:22 AM
@ Mira: No it's not wrong it's your choice what to do. No I don't want people interacting because it just confuses things.

Echo received a Lv 5 Cyndaquil and the rest of the Pokes. Also got Five Pokeballs and a Pokedex.

@ Shadow Thunder Lord: Could you please put a new paragraph in when someone different talks because your last paragraph had more then One speaker.

Taylor received a Lv 5 Torchic the rest of her Pokes and her equipment, Five Pokeballs and a Pokedex.

@ Wolfwhispers: Haha Riolu's going a bit hyper.

Jason and Riolu received a Lv 5 Totodile, Five Pokeballs and a Pokedex.

@ Konekodemon: Your in Pikachu's yours. That means Sign Ups are closed.

Just those of you who have done New Bark Town.

Route 101
( 1-3 Posts )

On this Route there's a few things you can do you can battle and catch Pokemon. There is a rarity factor to it the rarer the Pokemon the harder it is to catch. If it's a shiny then it's going to be Twice as hard, like a shiny caterpie is going to be damn hard but a shiny Chimchar is going to be damn hard.

Pokemon to catch:

Common Pokemon

Levels: 2-5
Type: Normal/Flying
Moves: Tackle, Sand-Attack ( Level 5 )

Level: 2-5
Type: Normal/Flying
Moves: Tackle, Growl, Foresight

Level: 2-5
Type: Normal
Moves: Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack ( Level 4 )

Uncommon Pokemon

Level: 3-6
Type: Bug/Fighting
Moves: Tackle, Leer, Horn Attack, Endure

Rare Pokemon

Level: 5
Type: Psychic
Moves: Growl

Very Rare Pokemon

Level: 5
Type: Grass
Moves: Tackle, Growl

At the end of the Route leave your character entering CherryGrove City.

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
December 30th, 2008, 8:06 AM
OOC: I did mention the dex...I think >.<

"Alright, let’s get going!" and with that exclamation, Jun's journey towards victory at the Pokémon league had truly started. With a bold stride that others could only dream of imitating, he marched out of the small town of New Bark and gazed at the path in front of him - Route 1.
"So, how about we find some powerful Pokémon to pounce on?" he asked his two partners and they cheered in response. Smiling, Jun turned around, then started. Standing there, much to his surprise, was a very rare and powerful Pokémon called a Ralts, with a flowing white gown and a green helmet that covered its face, adorned with two red horns.
"Well, what are the chances of just stumbling across a Ralts in your first hour of being a trainer?" he chortled, then motioned to Dratini.
"Why don't we see what you can do?"
"Ti, tini!" the small Dragon-type cried, slithering forwards.
"Start with Thunder Wave!" Jun shouted unnecessarily loudly and Dratini crackled with blue lightning, before firing a thin bolt towards the unsuspecting Ralts. It froze, paralyzed, then fell over and hit the ground hard before bursting into tears.
"All right!" Jun shouted, perfectly reasonably, "We've got it on the back foot! Use Leer!" Dratini loomed over Ralts and gave it an evil stare. Ralts stared back, its eyes wide with fear.
"Finish it with Wrap!" Jun ordered and Dratini wound its long body around Ralts, then squeezed tightly. Ralts cried out in pain, then somehow, threw itself back to its feet. Twisting its head to face Dratini, it growled loudly and the Dragon Pokémon fell back, a little scared. Ralts growled again, then held out one arm, beckoning in a "come and get me" manner.
"Use Wrap one more time!" Jun shouted, scaring most of the nearby Hoothoot and Pidgey into flight. Dratini threw itself forwards, ready to engulf Ralts, but the Psychic type ducked and Dratini flew over its head, wrapping itself around a tree instead.
"Come on, Dratini, you can do it if you believe!" Jun shouted and Dratini, despite having fairly severe concussion from the impact, was motivated to try even harder by this astute encouragement.
"Now, Thunder Wave it again!" Dratini zapped Ralts for the second time, but this time, it kept the stream of electricity going for much longer. Eventually, Ralts fell to the ground.
"End it now! Use Wrap!" Jun ordered and his faithful Dratini attacked, squeezing the Ralts to within an inch of its life.
"Now!" he shouted, unhooking a sphere from his belt. "POKEBALL, GO!" he yelled as loudly as he could and the ball flew from his hand, spinning at several hundred miles an hour before hitting the Ralts dead on, thanks to Jun's excellent marksmanship. The Ralts shrieked as it turned into a pool of red light that was sucked into the ball, which slammed shut before falling to the ground and rocking from side to side, the red light flashing...

December 30th, 2008, 8:15 AM
@ Alipeewee: It's a rare Pokemon it's not quite enough so just because it's your First time catching you get a Second chance.

It shook Once it shook Twice then with a flash of red the Ralts came out of the ball, it signalled with it's finger for Dratini to bring it on........

December 30th, 2008, 11:08 AM
Jason eagerly threw the pokeball he had just obtained, foregoing the cliche shout of "Go!" With a burst of white light, a small, blue crocodile like pokemon appeared. It blinked twice before looking around, a large, toothy grin appearing on its face as it took sight of Jason. "Toto!" it called out in greeting. Looking off to the side, it noticed Riolu and gurgled happily, the sound of unperfected water in its throat. If it could already do that, Jason knew this little guy would be one powerful fighter someday.

"Hey," a voice called. Jason turned and saw a boy he never seen before. He was blond and slightly shorter, indicating that he was probably younger or had not quite hit a growth yet. He had an uneasy smile, almost as if he were shy and fingered a pokeball worriedly. "Are you a new trainer?" he asked.

Jason nodded. "Yea, I just got Totodile right now." He pointed for good measure at the eager looking crocodile.

The boy's grin became a bit more determined, obviously finding something of equal ground with him. "Me too! Hey, wanna battle? My dad just got me my starter this morning."

Jason nodded eagerly. "Let's go then, Totodile!" he called. "Let's see what you've got."

The boy threw his own pokeball, shouting, "Go!" He looked at Jason. "By the way, I'm Andrew."

"And I'm Jason," Jason said, looking at the new pokemon. It was a Squirtle and it gave an excited cry, looking eager for battle.

"Squirtle, start this off with Tackle!" Andrew cried excitedly.

"Leer," Jason countered.

Squirtle, whom had launched itself, faltered slightly as Totodile bared his fangs and made his eyes glow slightly. It was a scary sight altogether and made Squirtle cower back after hitting Totodile head on.

"Toto," Totodile grumbled as he shook his head.

"That's right, shake it off," Jason encouraged. "Another Leer."

"Toto toto," Totodile teased, causing Riolu to laugh in delight as his new blue friend made the Squirtle cower in fear.

"Squirt!" Squirtle squeeked, withdrawing into its shell.

"Squirtle," Andrew called pleadingly. "Don't be scared of that Totodile! Use Tackle!"

Feeling encouraged by its trainer's call, Squirtle came out of its shell and rushed at Totodile.

"Fight back with Scratch!" Jason commanded, receiving an eager nod from his pokemon.

"Totdile!" Totodile screamed, rushing at the scared Squirtle. All those Leers had gotten to its mind, and when Totodile began to viciously claw at Squirtle's open head, it recieved a lot more damage than usual because it couldn't fight back.

"Don't give up, buddy!" Andrew screamed, looking horrified as his pokemon was getting pummeled. "Tackle! Tackle!"

"Scratch! Scratch!" Jason called back just eagerly.



The two stared each other down, a fierce glint entering their eyes before they both rushed at each. Totodile managed to get a good Scratch in before Squirtle Tackled him a good feet away. Totodile landed with a few rough bumps, looking worse for wear.

"Todo," he grumbled, fighting to stand.

"Get up," Jason encourage. "Leer as you're getting up!"

"Don't give it a chance!" Andrew said hurriedly. "Tackle it while it's down!"

Jason looked ready to protest at such an attack before closing his mouth, realizing he would have done the same thing. Luckily, while Squirtle may have Tackled Totodile, his Leer attack lowered Squirtle's defence even more. Jason grinned. Now was his chance!

"Let's give this one last Scratch!" he called. "And put all your power into it!"

"Tackle!" Andrew called back.

"Toto!" Totodile screamed, running as fast as his little legs could carry him, claws already gleaming with power. "Dile!" With one big leap, one that surprised both Andrew and Jason, Totodile fell upon Squirtle with slashing claws. He brutally buried his claws into Squirtle's head, even as the water attempted to withdraw back into its shell.

"Fight back!" Andrew screamed worriedly.

"Tut..." Squirtle tried, but one last Scratach sent it flying, and leaving Totodile trembling over a fallen Squirtle.

"Is it...?" Jason asked uncertainly, eyeing Squirtle as if it would jump out at them any moment.

When nothing happened, Totodile sat down with a deep sigh. "Dile," it crooned, looking at Jason with a small grin.

"Riolu!" Riolu shouted excitedly, giving Totodile a slap on the back that seemed much harder than neccessary.

"Good job, Totodile," Jason congragulated. "Return." Totodile retreated back to his pokeball for a good rest. "Great battle," he said, turning to Andrew.

Andrew, with a defeated sigh, returned the smile and shook hands. "You too. I suppose we should both heal our pokemon now."

Jason nodded in agreement. "Professor Elm should be able to do it. I suppose I'll see you later?"

Andrew nodded happily. "And this time I'll be the winner," he said cockily.

Jason laughed. "Yea right! You're looking at the future pokemon master here!"

"Right back at you," Andrew joked back, shoving him playfully.

With a few more laughs, the two fell back and separated, each going oto different places to heal their pokemon. After all, Jason would want a fully healed pokemon when he went up against the pokemon of Route 1.

December 30th, 2008, 12:28 PM
Sign-Up Sheet
Name: Will
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Appearance: Will is smaller in stature. He is shorter then most people his age standing at about 5 foot 3 and weighs about 95 lbs. His hair is ruffled due to the fact that Will never combs his hair. He wears a black T shirt and brown shorts/pants depending on how hot or how cold it is.

Will also carries around a green backpack which holds various items in side. One of these items is a cloak which is all sorts of greens(the color). He wears it sometimes and when sompletely still he is vertualy invisable. His eyes are a beady black and he wears a a silver leaf pendant on his cloak to keep it closed. He also wears a belt with 6 pokeball slots and a Pokedex case on his belt too. And he always has his cell phone in his pocket.

Personality: Will is in a word isolated. He is shuned out of evreything and doesn't know why. He thinks its because his father was a knight and died in a war when Will was only 2. Will is very secretive and is very sneaky. He usually listens in on conversations and nobody knows he is nearby. He can scale up the side of huge walls and cliffs without making a sound and when he walks he is silent. He has only once in his whole life ever had a friend. Horace was his name. Horace and Will where born at the same place, same day, and mysteriously the same exact time. They understood each other because Horace's father was killed in the exact same warr Will's father was.

History: Will was born and raised in Pallet Town, Kanto. He had 2 older brothers and one younger brother. His father died when Will was two, his brother Max and brother Halt were 6, and when Josh was 1. Josh died of a terrible disease when he was 4 and Will felt like it was his falt.

All his life he was tormented by his brothers and shuned out of everything. Then, that all changed when he met his soon to be best friend. He met Horace at an ice cream stand and they talked. They soon found out they were vertualy the exact same person just with a different name and appearence. 'Maybe it is just we were born same place, same year, and same time.' Will always said when they brought up the concept, but Horace had doubts.

A few years later and they both turned 10, and the two found out they were both ferturnal twins. Will was speechless. His mother had actually had triplets at the same time. She couldn't raise Horace and the other one so she kept Will and put the others in orphanges. The other one was takena nd moved to somewhere else in Kanto while Horace was still in Pallet. Now, Horace and Will are setting out on their journeys and Will plans on finding his other ferutrnal triplet.

After finishing his journey in the Kanto region with Horace, Will decided to search for his other triplet in the Johto Region. His Charizard found a mate and laid an egg, which Will decided to take along with him to the Johto Region. Horace's Blastoise found a mate also and they had an egg which Horace decided to take to the Johto Region for himself. On the boat he took to the Johto region, both of their eggs hatched. It was an awesome sight! Out of Horace's egg a Squirtle appeared and out of Will's a Charmander appeared. Right as they were getting off the boat somebody threw an egg of the top of their roof. Will saw this and dived under the egg. He saved it and nobody tried claming it from him, so he took it along with him.

Preferred Starter: A Jolly Male Pikachu please:)

Other Pokemon: An Egg and a Lonely male Charmander

RP Sample: The pokeball stopped moving. Max caught a Bellsprout!

"Yes! Riolu we caught a pokemon!" Max said retreiving the pokeball and holding it up high.

"Riolu!" Riolu said excitedly.

"Now, Go Bellsprout!" Max said excited.

"Bellsprout." She said popping out.

"Well hi there. Let's see. What would be a good nickname for you?" Max asked thinking hard about it.

Bellsprout shook hands, or, rather vine and hands with Riolu. They smiled and then soon became friends.

"I got it! You name will stay Bellsprout!" Max said.

Max continued walking along with his new Bellsprout and Riolu. The two seemed to get along well with eachother. Max stopped in front of a lake and told Riolu to soak his foot in the water for a while. Riolu sat in the water with his feet dangling in it. His feet felt better already and Max was hanging from a tree branch by his legs reading his Kanto Map.

"It says here that we go from pallet Town to Saffron City to Pewter City to..." Max was saying.

Riolu walked over to him and took the map from him, flipped it right side up, and then handed it back to him.

"Oh. Hehehe. Thanks Riolu." Max said.

Riolu went back to soak his foot in the water while Max figured out were to go. A few minutes later and the bushs started rustling, scaring Max causing him to fall from the branch on his head. Riolu's foot was fine by then and the water was shallow enough to where Riolu sprang to his feet and stood in the water. Max stood up rubbing his head with the map rolled up in his right hand.

Then a boy jumped out from behind a few bushes.

"I challenge you!" He said holding a pokeball up.

Max sprang to his feet.

"I accept." He said jumping back a few feet.

The boy threw a pokeball.

"Go, Totodile!" The boy said.

A white light flashed and a blue alligator popped out.

"Toto. Totodile!" It said jumping in the air.

Max took his pokedex out wondering what the pokemon was.

Totodile, the Big Jaw pokemon. Despite the smallness of its body, Totodile's jaws are very powerful. While the pokemon may think its just playful nipping, its bite has enough power to cause serious injury.

"Ok Riolu. Watch out." Max said.

Riolu entered a battle stance.

"Totodile Tackle." The kid yelled.

"Riolu Quick Attack!" Max said.

The two pokemon dashed at eachother. Riolu was quicker and dodged Totodile's attack and hit Totodile's tail. Totodile flipped over and bit Riolu's hand.

"Riolu! No!" Max said concerned.

Riolu jumped up and kicked Totodile off him and then dashed and hit Totodile's stomach.

"Totodile Bite!" The kid said.

"Riolu use Quick Attack." Max said.

The two charged at eachother again Totodile's mouth wide open and Riolu moviung faster then normal. Riolu jumped up and kicked Totodile's jaw, but Totodile clamped down on Riolu's foot.

"Luuu!" Riolu yelped.

He landed on the ground with one of his feet in Totodile's mouth.

"Riolu use Endure!" Max said.

Riolu began shaking a little raising his defense power(i think).

"Now use Quick Attack!" Max said.

Riolu kicked Totodile's mouth cauing Totodile to spit his foot out then he charged and punched Totodile's gut. Causing Totodile to fall to the ground fainted.

"Return Totodile!" The kid said "Go Eevee!"

A brown and tan dog looking pokemon with a long tail and long ears appeared out of the white flash. Max swiped his pokedex out wanting to know what it was.
Eevee, the evolution pokemon. Its genetic code is irregular. It may mutate if exsposed to element stones.

Max smirked knowing this was going to be harder then he thought, and he loved challenges.

"Ok Riolu use Quick Attack!" Max said.

"Eevee Tackle now!" The kid said.

The two pokemon ran towards eachother. Riolu triped up and started moving off course and tripped face first, because his foot hurt. Eevee ran and hit Riolu hard enough to send him flying into a tree. Riolu slid down the hard scratchy bark and landed on the ground fainted.

"Riolu!" Max said running over to his pokemon.

"Luu." Riolu said.

"You were great buddy. Return!" Max called him back to his pokeball and then faced Bellsprout "Go get em."

Bellsprout nodded and walked out there. Max thought that even though Bellsprout was lower on health then usual she could still beat Eevee.

"Eevee Sand Attack!" the kid said.

"Bellsprout knock the dust away with a Vine Whip!" Max said.

Eevee turned around and kicked up a bunch of sand. Bellsprout used one of her vines to sawt away as much sand as possible and only some got through.

"Now trip Eevee up with your vine!" Max said.

Out of nowhere from the dust cloud still surronding Bellsprout her vine was shot out at Eevee, hit Eevee's head, and then grabbed her paw and tripped her to the ground.

"Eevee get up and use Tackle!" the kid said.

Eevee got up and ran into the dust cloud but never hit anything.

"You think your so smart eh kid? Well do you know where Bellsprout is?" Max asked smiling.

The kid shook his head.

"She's up in the air!" Max said pointing up.

Bellsprout was in midair, because she used another vine while hitting Eevee to jump into the air.

"Now Bellsprout let's finish this. Hit Eevee with both of your vines!" Max said.

Bellsprout dived down to Eevee. Eevee couldn't see anything and was hopelessly confused. Bellsprouts vines hit Eevee knocking her into the ground and KOing Eevee, but the trainers didn't know this because even more dust arose.

The dust started to settle on things again and they could see the outcome. Eevee was knocked out on the ground with Bellsprout lying on her, the impact hurt Bellsprout as well. Bellsprout struggled to get up but finally did, and Eevee didn't.

"We won Bellsprout!" Max said.

"Sprout." Bellsprout said pleased.

Bellsprout looked over at Max and smiled. Max snet Riolu out and looked at him wondering if Riolu trusted him now.He nodded his head and gave bellsprout a high-5. Max smiled with joy.

"Good match. My name is Drew." Drew said.

"You too, Max." Max said.

The trainers congratulated eachother and then went their seperate ways. Max yawned with Riolu in his arms and Bellsprout walking next to him.

"You ok Riolu?" Max asked.

"Lu." Riolu said assuringly.

Max came to a sign that said "Vermidian Forest just up ahead."

Max smiled and sat down for a break. He took out three sandwhichs he made and gave one to Riolu, one to Bellsprout, and one for himself. They ate lunch together and Max was happier then ever because he had won his very first battle against another trainer.

December 30th, 2008, 11:04 PM
"Ri. Ri. Ri," Riolu sang happily as he searched through the many bushes of Route 1 for any sign of a pokemon.

Jason, who was used to this sort of behavior from his pokemon, simply rolled his eyes from where he was searching for a pokemon. With a sigh, Jason called to the others. "Any sign of anything?"

"Tot," Totodile called back, shaking his head.

Riolu, who had been tapping his chin thoughtfully as he stared at a large tree, gave a sly grin and rushed at the tree and slammed against it, receiving loud and angry caws in retaliation. Two pokemon in particular were cawing angrily at the three of them as they fell, only to catch themselves in the air. Jason quickly took out his pokedex.
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa016.pngPidgey, the docile pokemon. Pidgey prefers to avoid conflicts unless, however, it is disturbed. It will then attack with much ferocity.

Jason eyed the angry Pidgey and wondered if Riolu's idea was such a good one. He turned to the other one.
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa163.pngHoothoot, the owl pokemon. This pokemon will balance on only one foot, even if to take the brunt of an attack.

"Well, that was useless," Jason muttered. "Alright. Riolu, Quick Attack Hoothoot! Totodile, use Scratch on Pidgey!"

"Ri!" Riolu smirked and jumped at Hoothoot, even going far enough to add in a little flip as it slammed its tail hard into Hoothoot's side. With an angry caw, Hoothoot lowered its head. Red eyes hard, Hoothoot charged.

"Dodge, and use another Quick Attack!" Jason commanded.

"Ri! O! Lu!" Riolu laughed with each dodge, adding his own attacks. Hoothoot was growing frustrated and began to fly faster and faster, trying with all its might to land a blow. "Ri," Riolu teased once more, only to get a good Tackle in the face at last. "O," Riolu spat off to the side.

"Another Quick Attack!" Jason called, earning a nod from his pokemon.

"Ro." Riolu slammed Hoothoot back a bit.

Smiling at his pokemon, Jason turned to see how Totodile was doing before inwardly cursing. While he had been paying attention to Riolu, Totodile had missed his Scratch attack and was now being pummled with Tackle's, though he did seem to be getting a few good hits in. Double battling was hard!

"Dodge the incoming Tackle!" Jason said quickly.

"Dil," Totodile said, watching closely before jumping, only to scream as he was hit right in the stomach.

"Quick, use Scratch!"

Furiously, Totodile slashed repeatedly into Pidgey's stomach, only stopping when the small bird flew back. With a baleful cry, it rushed once more at Totodile.

"As it comes, hit it with your strongest Scratch," Jason said.

Careful eyes watched Pidgey's movements before Totodile leaped into the air, jaws wide and claws glowing in anticpation as he slammed his fists into Pidgey's face and sending it flying. Totodile landed with a small thump and panted for a second before throwing a victory grin at Jason.

"Good job," Jason told Totodile before looking at Riolu. Riolu was busy dodging Hoothoot's attacks and calling out insults each time it missed. Sighing, Jason said, "Riolu, finish it off with Aura Sphere."

"Rio!" With a smirk, Riolu focused the blue energy between its blue paws before unleasing the attack. To their shock, Hoothoot just barely dodged, though it did faint from exhaustion, and the Aura Sphere went flying through the trees.

They all stared at each other with grins, but a loud, and extremely angry, growl made them jump. A large, blue bug leapt out from behind the trees, looking ruffled and dirty. It had obviously been hit by the attack. Jason took out his pokedex.
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa214.pngHeracross, the Bug/Fighting type. With powerful legs and claws, this pokemon can hurl foes over great distances.

Jason shut his pokedex with a snap and eyed the new pokemon, noticing it was male. Females had heart shaped horns, but this one's was more thornish. He nodded to Totodile. "Get in there and use Scratch, Totodile!"

Heracross, who was already mad and eager for battle, was already flying toward Totodile with a powered up Horn Attack. "Tot!" Totodile screamed as he was slammed into the ground.

"Quick, use Scratch!" Jason said desperately.

"Dile, dile!" Totodile yelled, slashing furiously against Heracross's chest.

"Hera," Heracross growled, quickly Tackling Totodile away.

"Another Scratch!"

"To!" Totodile managed to get a single Scratch in before Heracross pushed the water type away, eager to get some room between the two.

"Scratch it," Jason ordered warily.

Totodile rushed at Heracross, claws glowing in anticipation. Heracross simply stood there and smirked before glowing a bright red for a moment. When Totodile finally hit, Heracross simply brushed it off and pushed the water type back, looking as if the attack had barely hurt. With a frown, Jason took out his pokedex for help.

Endure: Endure's any attack for one turn, leaving at least one health.

Jason knew Heracross was no where near its limit, but figured it didn't want to take a chance.

As he was think, Heracross Tackled Totodile away. "Quick, use Leer!"

Eyes glowing almost murderously, Heracross looked a bit unsure before attack with a final Horn Attack. "Diiiiile! Totodile screamed, bouncing a few times before finally giving out with a defeated growl.

With a sigh, Jason recalled his pokemon. He nodded to Riolu. "Get in there and avenge Totodile."

"Olu," Riolu said eagerly, jumping in front of Heracross and smirking in anticpation. "Olur<" Riolu purred, already rushing at Heracross in a Quick Attack. His tail smacked right against Heracross and made him skid back.

"Cross," Heracross growled, taking an angry slash at Riolu with his horn. Riolu dodged with a laugh, only to wince as his tail was was scratched by the sharp horn.

"Use another Quick Attack!" Jason called.

"Olll." Riolu ran at Heracross again and tried to slam against it, only to widen his eyes in shock as Heracross stopped the attack with its horn.

With a smirk, Heracross slammed Riolu into the ground. "Cer," Heracross said with triumph.

"Ri," Riolu grimaced, eyes widening in shock as Heracross picked him up.

With one last smirk, Heracross showed just how strong his hurl foe abilities were by throwing Riolu straight into the sky. "Hersosososo," Heracross laughed as he through the flailing pokemon into the air, eyes closed happily and arms holding his sides.

"Riolu!" Jason shouted as he stared at his flailing pokemon soaring through the air. Unconciously, Jason's eyes strayed from Riolu's high pitched screaming form to Heracross, taking notice of his closed eyes. "Quick, Riolu! Use Aura Sphere!"

Somehow, someway, Riolu managed to take some amount of control of his flight and throw the blue energy ball at Heracross. Heracross, who had barely heard a word of what Jason had said, only just opened his eyes in time to see the ball of energy hit him head on. An explosion of smoke surrounded Heracross's body as he was thrown backwards.

Riolu, who had previously been screaming, landed hard on the ground, even going so far as to create a small crater. "Rio," Riolu coughed, shakily getting to his feet.

"That's it," Jason encourage. "Come on, get up!"

"Hera," Heracross growled, getting up as well.

The two glared at each other for a full minute before they both powered up at the same time, giving battle cries. Heracross flew at Riolu with a Horn Attack while Riolu powered up his Aura Sphere. With one last glare, the two attacked, hitting each other at the same time. There was a small explosion and the two were blown backwards, both bouncing harshly.

Riolu landed hard in his butt and skidded backwards. "Riil," Riolu panted, red eyes glaring as he stood on shaky feet. After a moment, Riolu gave a sigh of relief and flashed Jason a victory smirk.

Not returning it, Jason quickly pulled out a pokeball and through it at the fallen Heracross, watching as it engulfed the bug type in red light. Riolu and Jason could only watch as the pokeball began to shake...

December 31st, 2008, 12:23 AM
@Pikalover10: you're accepted but please don't put a new paragraph everytime you finish a sentence.

@Wolfwhispers: Please don't do Two wild battles in the same post.

Jason's Totodile grew to Level 7 and learned Water Gun and his Riolu grew to Level 6 and learned Counter he also captured a lonely Male Level 5 Heracross.

It shook Once then Twice then for a Third and final time then there was a dinging sound and the Pokeball had stopped shaking, he had caught himself a Heracross....

December 31st, 2008, 12:26 AM
Oh, I'm sorry. I knew Heracross was supposed to be a rare guy and you only wanted a good post if I were to catch it. Also, Totodile has already fought against a Squirtle in a previous post, right before Jason enters Route 1. I'm not sure that will make a difference but just checking. ^_^

December 31st, 2008, 12:28 AM
Oh, I'm sorry. I knew Heracross was supposed to be a rare guy and you only wanted a good Totodile has already fought against a Squirtle in a previous post, right before Jason enters Route 1. I'm not sure that will make a difference but just checking. ^_^

No that's fine I meant about you fighting both Hoothoot and Heracross in the same post so therefore I gave your Pokemon no Exp Points for that battle.

December 31st, 2008, 10:22 AM
Chapter 1: The begining of another grand adventure

It was hot inside the hotel. Will was already awak with his newly received egg sitting on the bed, wrapped in cloths, next to him and his newly hatched Charmander on the floor playing with his brother's Squirtle.

Will sighed bored and picked up the hotel phone. He opened the book sitting next to it and found the room service number. He dialed it and waited for the manager or whoever to pick it up.

"Hello?" a feminine voice asked.

"Yes. This is William from Room 205 and I would like to order some room service." Will said politely.

"Oh you're ordering room service? Get me a plate chock full of pancakes and eggs with some bacon." Horace said while Will was trying to listen to the lady at the other end.

He held up a hand to silence Horace and then the lady asked him what he wanted. "Yes. I would like a plate with 5 pancakes, 2 eggs, and 1 strip of bacon." Will said.

"Ok...anything else?" she asked.

"Yes. I would also like some Chocolate chip pancakes and an egg benedict." Will said. "That is it."

"Ok. It will be at your room in about 10 minutes." the lady said, then she hung up.

Will hung the phone up and placed it back were it originally was. He laid back in his bed and wondered what to do. Bored, he decided to watch soem TV. He grabbed the remote and turned the TV on.

The screen bursted to life and showed an older man who looked like he was in his early 40's or late 30's.

"Hello Johto, I am Professor Elm and I have decided to let 5 enthusiastic young people to become trainers." Elm said then, he held up a map with directions to hsi lab. "I will open for this turn of events at 9:00 A.M. and only at my lab." Then, the broadcast went all fuzzy and it returned to its original broadcast.

Then there was a louder knocking noise at their hotel room. Will leapt out of bed and opened the door. It was a maid of about 16 wearing a black blouse, a black skirt, and a white hat. Will took the food and handed it to Horace and then took a piece of paper and wrote Call me at 504-274-3765 I'll take you out somewhere nice. The lady took the paper and rolled her eyes and then left. She appearently had no interest in him.
Will jumped on to his bed and picked up his plate and devoured his food.

"So, Horace. INteresting how Elm will let 5 kids become a trainer today at 9. It's 8:30 and I was thinking we could be two of those people. Wanna go?" Will asked with his mouth full of eggs and chocolate pancakes.

Horace shrugged his shoulders. "I want to find our other triplet, but I want to travel Johto with Squirtle. Maybe Elm will just upgrade my Pokedex for me."

Will nodded and belched loudly as he ifnished his food. He then jumped off his bed and grabbed Charmander and his egg.

"Well, I guess I'll meet you at the enterance to Route 101. I want to be one of those 5 kids. When you leave be sure to cancel our room and all and be sure to take everything that is yours. My sac is already packed because I don't spread everything around the room. See you later today, Horace." Will said. Then, he took his room key and handed it to his brother and left.


The lab was only a few minutes from the hotel. Will had arrived there with full energy and was the fifth person in line. Then, the Professor let them all inside his lab. Will stood with his cloak slung over himself and he was concealed inside the shadows. As the Professor walked in a line to hand them all their pokemon he stopped where he had previously seen Will.

"Umm. Where is the young man who was standing here a minute ago?" Elm asked.

"Right here." Will replied sticking his hands out to receive his pokemon and pokeballs.

Charmander was currently standing outside next to the egg, holding his tail next to it to keep it warm. Elm nodded and handed him his begining pokemon, an upgraded pokedex, and five more pokeballs. As he began to go into detail about the pokedexs, Will went into vertualy invisability again and snuck out of the wide open window. He landed on the ground with a thud and put Charmander in to a new Pokeball he had just gotten.

Will then raced for the enterance to Route 101 and stopped to wait for Horace. He climbed up in to a tree, the egg craddled in his left arm. It was difficult to climb a tree with an egg in hand, but Will was little used to it since he had done it with Charmander's egg before.

He reached one of the lowest branches and leaned against the base of the tree waiting for Horace.

OOC: The phone number I made for Will's cell phone is made up!! I don't have or know a number like it...

December 31st, 2008, 10:33 AM
Interesting post, he's a triplet hey but only know One, oh by the way Claire of Blackthorn Gym is know a E4 member so the Gym is vacant. Have any suggestions anyone.

December 31st, 2008, 11:12 AM
Interesting post, he's a triplet hey but only know One, oh by the way Claire of Blackthorn Gym is know a E4 member so the Gym is vacant. Have any suggestions anyone.

You could have Lance take her place or have some type of younger brother be in charge. Or the Elder! The guy who gives you a Drattini! Or some guy you made up one your own...

December 31st, 2008, 11:17 AM
You could have Lance take her place or have some type of younger brother be in charge. Or the Elder! The guy who gives you a Drattini! Or some guy you made up one your own...

I'll doubt that Lance will as I have big plan for him it's currently Unknown.... that's your big clue about Lance read between the words. The Elder maybe how about... ( I'll PM you don't tell anyone ).

December 31st, 2008, 2:43 PM
Chapter 1(part 2): Where are they!?

Will sighed angrily. It had been a full hour since 9:00 and Horace was nowhere to be seen. The other trainers had already left the Professor's lab and went on to the route. Will's egg was very warm and occasionally it rocked a little.

Will sat there staring at the egg. He wondered what would hatch out of it. But, no matter what did hatch out of it, he would train and love it. Unlike the people who tried to kill it before it was born.

Then, the bushes started rustling and Will quickly threw his cloak's hood over his head and concealed the egg inside his cloak, making him virtually invisible. Out came a man wearing a red uniform and a weird insignia on his chest. Will swallowed silently and didn't move a muscle, afraid that even the tiniest move could alert the strange man.

The man looked up in the tree, but seemed to not notice Will. That is until something very unfortunate happened. Will was sweating now; it had been 10 minutes with the strange man staring directly at him. Then, the egg wiggled and Will was holding it so clumsily, he dropped it.

"Wah!" Will screamed as the egg fell.

He caught the strange man off guard and dived for the egg. Yes, he had been sitting on one of the lower branches, but it was still high. He reached for the egg and grabbed it and then fell on the hard, stone ground below him on his back. He coughed a few times and was then grabbed by his arm and forcibly stood up. He looked behind him and saw that the man had grabbed his arm.

"You're coming with me you little ***** of a spy." the man cussed.

Will looked at the man deathly afraid...He hadn't been ready for this kind of thing. The man saw Will reach for a pokeball attached to his belt and then quickly took it away from him.

"Hey! That's my Charmander!" Will yelled at the man.

The man smirked and then grabbed the egg form Will. Will was caught off guard and the man dashed away with his egg. Will ran after the man, but after 10 minutes of running, the man was about a mile in front of him. Will fell down to his knees and began to feel tears swelling in his eyes.

"Give them back." Will mumbled to himself as if the man could hear it.


Will was now running away from the man. He had spotted the man in a restaurant, eating food with his Charmander's pokeball next to his food and the egg sitting in his lap. Will had walked inside and snuck under the man's table while he was paying attention to some other man sitting behind him. He then quickly snatched the egg and dashed out and was now being chased.

The man grabbed his own Pokeball and threw it into the air. In a blinding white flash, out popped a black dog with a piece of metal on his head. Being trained by his dad's best friend to run backward and foreword at the same speed, Will jumped in to the air turned around and landed then started running backwards. He grabbed his pokedex and scanned the dog.

Houndour, the dark pokemon.
Entry: It uses different kinds of cries for communicating with others of its kind and for pursuing its prey.

Will continued to hold the pokedex as he took his other Pokeball from his belt.

"Go, Pokemon!" Will said as he threw the pokeball in to the air.

In a blinding white flash, out popped a yellow mouse with red cheeks. Will knew this pokemon to be a Pikachu and slipped the pokedex in to its case. He stopped running backwards and faced the man with determination in his eyes.

"Houndour, use Ember!" the man said quickly.

"Dodge and use...um...oh I got it! Dodge and use Thundershock!"

The black dog howled ferociously and then shot a bunch of circular, flaming objects at Pikachu. Pikachu waited a minutes and then as one sizzled by and singed his fur, Pikachu jumped up to dodge one hurdling straight for him.

Pikachu then seemed to curl up in to a ball in the air and there was a few small sparks shooting from Pikachu's cheeks. THen his fur vibrated and a whole spark of lightning shocked the Houndour. It was as if a blade of lightning shot down form the sky and colided with the Houndour.

Houndour yelped in pain and then shook it off. He now looked even more fierce. Pikachu landed softly on the ground and then crouched down to all fours.

"Now, Let's see if your Pikachu can stand up to my Houndour's special ability." the man began "Houndour use Overheat!" the man shouted.

Will froze in his tracks. usually Overheat wasn't a big deal for him, but in this region he only had a Pikachu who wasn't nearly as strong as his Blastoise he had left in the Kanto Region with Professor Oak.

The Houndour began to glow a faint red and then suddenly, flames started erupting from Houndour's mouth. The flames then singed Pikachu repeatedly.

"Pikaaaaaa!" Pikachu cried out.

Once Houndour was finished with the barage of flames Pikachu was sitting on the cold floor, obviously burnt. Will rushed over and craddled the Pikachu in his arms. He knew Pikachu was finished with this battle.

"Ha! That PIkachu is too weak." the man mocked.

Then, as Will was craddling him, Pikachu flinched. He then started to rise to his charred feet. Will tried to stop him, but Pikachu shook his head and then gritted his teeth at the Houndour. Then, Will remembered the Professor saying something to him when he handed Will the pokeball.

"This pokemon has a rare move. Be sure to read its moves with the pokedex" he remembered Elm saying.

Will quickly took out his poekdex and pressed a button. The screen burst into life and then the menu screen appeared. It had a picture of Pikachu and then options below it. Will selected the moves icon and it read:

Moves: Thundershock, Growl, Volt Tackle.

Will then closed the pokedex and put it back in to its case. He knew what Volt Tackle was. It was an awesome move that he had only seen the pokemon who was hit with it.

"You're going to wish my Pikachu hadn't gotten up." Will said.

"Oh yeah? And why is that, little man?" the man mocked.

"Pikachu! Use Volt Tackle!" Will said with determination.

The man took a step back. Obviously e knew what VOlt Tackle was. Pikachu nodded and then slowly started running towards the Houndour, with every step getting faster. Then, sparks shot up and Pikachu was running towards the Houndour with electricity surging all around him. The light was so intense, Will could barely see Pikachu through it.

Pikachu jumped a little over the ground and slammed in to the Houndour. The Houndour yelped in pain as it was shot straight in to a wall. It sowly slid to the ground and dust was scattered everywhere from the attack. Once it settled Pikachu was lying on the ground panting heavily, but not knocked out. But, the Houndour was sitting against the wall, knocked out.

Will jumped in to the air and almost dropped the egg again. He recovered the egg and knelt down beside Pikachu and hugged the Pokemon tightly. Then he remembered he needed to get back Charmander.

"Now. Unless you want my Pikachu to use VOlt Tackle on you, give me back my Charmander." Will threatened.

The man stopped in his tracks. He had been trying to sneak away while Will was distracted. He sighed and took out Charmander's tiny pokeball. He tossed it to Will, who caught it and then the man dashed away. Will shook his head and then headed towards the enterance to Route 101.


A few minutes later he got to the enterance and saw Horace leaning his back to the tree Will had once been hiding in. Horace heard him coming and turned to face him.

"Finally! Where have you been? I've been waiting here for you to meet up with me for like...30 minutes." Horace said.

Will stuck up a finger and opened his mouth, quick to tell him that he had been waiting for 3 hours but Horace never arrived, and then shut his mouth and ut his finger away. He shook his head and him and Horace began their adventure in the Johto region together.

((OOC: the ***** said by the man in a curse word but we aren't aloud to type it so I bleeped it out... hope that's ok.:)))

December 31st, 2008, 3:01 PM
@: Pikalover10: Haha I tricked you, anyways great post but the text mysteriously changes size midway through. Journeying with Horace then will you both by trainers or will it be a Co-ordinator/Trainer patnership or even stylists or breeders?

Will received a Lv 5 Pikachu which during a great battle grew to Lv 7 and learned Tail Whip. yey.

EDIT: 100th Post yay!! Just Before New Years!!

December 31st, 2008, 5:12 PM
It shook Once then Twice then for a Third and final time then there was a dinging sound and the Pokeball had stopped shaking, he had caught himself a Heracross....

Jason stared at the pokeball in shock, shock clearly written all over his face. After a full minute of just staring at the unmoving pokeball. Jason let out a cheer. "Wahoo! We did it!" Jason cheered, running over to RIolu and picking p the exhausted pokemon.

"Riolu!" Riolu excalimed happily, giving his friend a hug and friendly smirk. When Riolu finally unleased Jason from his hold, his red eyes widened. "Riol!" Riolu exclaimed, pointing behind Jason.

"Wha... Hey!" Behind Jason was some type of green pokemon with a leaf on its head. It was busy rolling Heracross's ball back and forth with its leaf with a gleeful expression. Jason quickly took out his pokedex.
http://www.dragonflycave.com/dpsprites/152chikorita.pngChikorita, the grass type and one of the starters traditionally given in the Johto Region. It uses the leaf on its head to determine the temperature and humidity. It loves to sunbathe as well.

Chikorita, who had heard the pokedex talking about it, turned. With a cry of "Ita!" it swung its leaf several times and faced off against Jason.

Jason narrowed his eyes as Riolu jumped forward, panting heavily and holding his arm but still ready to battle. Jason wasn't sure if Riolu was up to it, and it wasn't like he wanted or even needed a Chikorita. The pokemon had always seemed so girly to him. But as he stared, he noticed something was wrong with the Chikorita. The little studs around Chikorita's neck, which were normally a bright green, were a dull purple and it seemed to be shifting on its back left foot.

Chikorita just glared into Jason's eyes, seemingly reading them. It scowled heavily, perhaps knowing how Jason viewed its kind. Giving a smirk, Chikorita Tackled Riolu, surprising them both from the sudden movement.

"Chiko!" Chikorita snarled, grabbing Heracross's ball in her mouth and running off.

"Hey, get back here!" Jason snarled, running after the grass type. "Come on, Riolu. Stop it with Aura Sphere! It can't be that hard since Chikorita's are supposed to be peaceful types... Though that one didn't seem so peaceful," Jason muttered the last part.

"Riiiiolu!" Riolu shouted, throwing a few of the blue energy balls at the retreating Chikorita.

"Chika, chika!" Chikorita teased, getting a gasp from Riolu.

"Rio!" Riolu snapped back, running even faster and tackling Chikorita. This action caused the two to go rolling in a ball of fists and snarls. Heracross's pokeball was thrown off to the side, completely forgotten by the two pokemon. Jason took this chance to snatch it away and sigh in relief, noting that it was ok.

"Riolu, get away from that crazy pokemon! We need to get going!"

"Ri!" Riolu spat, glaring murderiously at Chikorita. With a huff and upturned nose, Riolu jumped away, even going as far as to lift his tail straight up as if he were too good for the grass type.

"Chiko," Chikorita growled dangerously, leaf spinning crazily. Chikorita had its teeth bared, but after a moment its eyes widened in shock and it spat to the side. Its sailva was a light purple and bubbled, causing them all to crinkle their nose in digust. "Chor... Chiko," Chikorita grumbled sickly, body shaking.

Turning its body off to the side, it threw up, getting a "Gross!" from Jason and a "Ril!" from Riolu before collapsing.

Jason edged over and nudged it with his foot, a bit unsure. It was unconcious, though it twitch a bit. Jason kneeled down and checked its back foot noticing it was bleeding softly and winced. There something jammed into it. Jason wasn't sure if it was a nail or a thorn.

"Should we leave it here?" Jason asked softly.

"Olu," Riolu said, nodding his agreement. Jason wondered what the Chikorita had called Riolu.

With a sigh, he picked it up. "I can't just leave it here to die. Look, we'll take it to the pokemon center and release it, how's that?"

Riolu simply turned his nose up.

"Thought so," Jason grumbled. He held his pokeball up. "Return, Riolu."

Riolu gave him one last glare before quickly disappearing in a beam of red light. Holding Chikorita gently, and ignoring the drizzle of purple saliva, Jason took off towards the next city, already beginning to see the tops of houses.

January 1st, 2009, 3:45 AM
@ That's a funny way to win a Pokemon battle, With fists ! I don't know what you're going to do because you won't be able to heal the Chikorita because there is going to be an event in Cherrygrove City. If your battle posts are good enough in Cherrygrove and you protect the Chikorita well enough then I might let you have it.

Jason's Riolu grew to Lv 7. And obtained an injured Chikorita, unable to battle.

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
January 1st, 2009, 11:01 AM
It shook once, it shook twice then with a flash of red the Ralts came out of the ball. Turning, it signalled with its finger for Dratini to bring it on. Jun scowled, though of course even that didn't mar his perfect visage.
"Don't worry Dratini," he encouraged, "We just have to try even harder! Weaken it with Thunder Wave first!" Dratini slithered towards Ralts, leaping into the air and paralyzing the enemy with blue lightning. Ralts stumbled, falling to the floor but Jun wasn't going to let off now.
"Follow up with Wrap!" hes houted and Dratini engulfed Ralts, completely hiding the psychic type behind its folds. Then, with a 'pop' sound, the pressure fired Ralts high into the air, emerging from Dratini's coils like a bullet from a gun. For almost a minute, it flew straight up, then it peaked and slowly began to fall, gathering speed as it did.
"Thunder Wave again!" Jun ordered and Dratini instantly spun a cradle of lightining, somehow understanding perfectly that this was what Jun had meant. Ralts hit the tangle of electricity and froze in mid-air, crying out as the electricity flowed through its body. Suddenly, Dratini cut off the thunder and Ralts fell, hitting the ground hard. Jun smiled.
"Finish it with Wrap, again!" he shoted and Dratini coiled its tail around Ralts's neck. The Feeling pokemon's eyes bulged and it struggled for a second, before Dratini threw it to the ground where it lay, panting, on the brink of unconsciousness.
"Okay, hold it in a Leer attack for a few seconds!" he ordered and Dratini loomed over the Ralts, who was now frozen with fear. Taking advantage of this, Jun reached to his belt.
"Go, POKEBALL!" he yelled, setting the ball spinning like a top. In fact, he threw this second pokeball in an almost identical manner to how he threw the first one. Anyway, back to the action. The red and white sphere struck the stricken Ralts and split along the equator, pulling it in with a flash of red light. Jun crossed his fingers that this time, he might be successful.

OOC: Aaarrgh...I'm not confident :S

January 1st, 2009, 12:02 PM
@ Lol, you just about got it. I've given you a male so you can choose between Gardevoir and Gallade

Jun captured a Male Lonely Lv 5 Ralts.

As it's New Years I'm giving out a free Pokemon egg to ONE Rp'er the Pokemon will be shiny and will be Very Rare. If you can find the password hidden in One of my posts on this thread and then post what it is in the OOC thread it' yours. First correct person only. There are Three passwords in quotation marks but only One is correct. This is now Closed.

" I Love You Gliscor "

January 1st, 2009, 4:23 PM
Chapter 2(part 1): Battle Time!

Will was staring in to the eyes of a nervous trainer. Will and Horace had been walking along the route casually as this little kid jumped out and challenged Will to a battle. Will quickly accepted and then reached for his Pokemon's Pokeballs. He called them both out and made Pikachu sit next to Will's feet, while holding the egg.

"Charmander, get out there and show them who's boss." Will said crouching down next to Charmander.

Charmandrr nodded and jumped out on to the battle field.

"Ok...Erm. Go, Heracross!" the boy said throwing his Pokeball in to the air.

In a blinding white flash a beetle popped out and looked at its trainer angrily.

"Hera...Cross!" it yelled and then it ran away in to the trees next to them.

"Heracross! I'm sorry guys but I've got to go find Heracross." the boy said.

And with that, the boy disappeared in to the trees after his Pokemon. Will sighed because he had gotten all worked up for nothing. Then, he shot his head up again and looked at Horace.

"Wanna battle?" he asked.

Horace smiled and then walked over to where the boy had been previously standing, then he nodded and grabbed one of his Pokeballs.

"Go, Squirtle!" Horace said throwing his Pokeball in to the air.

In a blinding white flash out popped Horace's little turtle Pokemon. Charmander stoods on the battlefield ready to fight. Her tail swung around happily in the air as if she were the king of the route or something. She stared in to Squirtle's blank expression with a little smirk on her face.

"Ok. Charmander use Metal Claw!" Will called out.

"Use Tackle, Squirtle!" Horace stated.

Charmander nodded and her claws rapidly grew sharper. She tensed her leg muscles and her claws were then covered ina metal coating. Then, she dashed off towards Squirtle. Squirtle blinked and then saw Charmander right in front of him. Charmander slashed him with her sharp claws, sending him tumbling backwards. Squirtle stopped rolling backwards as he was blocked by a tree. He rose to his feet and stumbled a few times as he dashed towards charmander with his head reclining in to his shell for protection. Charmander caught this notion of action as her claws were still coated in metal. She swerved to the right and jumped high in to the air. Squirtle dashed right under her and she came plummeting on top of him. She landed and quickly began rapidly slashing Squirtle with her claws.

Squirtle finally managed to throw Charmander off and he was breathing heavily. He didn't think he could take much more of this.

"Charmander. Let's stop. This was just a practice round. Nobody wins. Right Horace?" Will said turning to his brother.

Horace shook his head and looked at Will. "Right." he said.

Will nodded and took the egg out of Pikachu's hands. He returned his two Pokemon and then stopped moving as he was about to head to Cherrygrove City. His egg was wiggling. It moved Back and forth and for a moment, Will thought it was going to hatch in his hands. He looked at Horace nervously. Horace saw the egg wiggling and his eyes grew to the size of saucers. Will then turned and dashed towards Cherrygrove, barely missing tree branches which were going to hit him and dodging huge rocks which sometimes would have tripped him up, this was appearently very serious to Will, Horace thought.


January 1st, 2009, 6:10 PM
Taylor leaned up against a tree, panting as she observed her surroundings. A small Ratatta crouched in the field, head-butting a tree in an attempt to knock down the berries it held, but other than that she didn't see any Pokemon. She wasn't especially fond of that type of Pokemon... so she didn't even want to attempt to capture it.

She placed a hand to a PokeBall in her belt and took it out. She made it bigger and pressed the center button. A Vulpix materialized in a red beam. Taylor's sister had told her that this Vulpix was a female. In fact, the only Pokemon she had that was male was the Spheal she had been sent.

The Vulpix eyed Taylor curiously for a moment before stepping to the side of the path and pouncing into the grass to tackle an especially vicious looking flower. Taylor laughed and rolled her eyes at the simple pleasures of her new Pokemon. At least she knew that now she wouldn't have to worry about entertaining her.

Taylor heard a slight rustling from in the trees. She turned to see that the Ratatta was backing away slowly from the tree it had been head-butting. Taylor frowned and looked closer as the branches began swaying from side to side. The Ratatta turned around and ran into a patch of grass, disappearing into the undergrowth. Suddenly, a Pidgey burst from the branches, flapping its wings wildly as it looked for the Pokemon who had disturbed it. The Pidgey caught sight of Taylor's Vulpix in the grass and dived toward her with a cry.

"Vulpix, dodge it!" Taylor yelled, running toward her unprotected Pokemon.

Her Vulpix looked up to see the Pidgey diving toward her and jumped to the side, avoiding the Tackle that hit where the small fox Pokemon had been standing moments before. Vulpix turned and growled at the bird and the Pidgey let out another cry.

"Looks like here's our first battle," Taylor grinned. "Let's start this off with a Tail Whip then!"

Her Vulpix looked back at her warily for a moment before jumping forward. The Pidgey began flapping its furiously, but Vulpix jumped up and buffeted the Pokemon across the head with her tails before falling back a safe distance away. The Pidgey glared down at her and began furiously flapping its wings again, kicking up dust into the air.

"Vulpix, use Ember!" Taylor yelled.

Vulpix stepped forward, but was forced back by the dust that stung her eyes.

"Go by sound, Vulpix!"

Vulpix obeyed and stepped forward, closing her eyes and bracing herself against the wind. Her ears twitched and fire formed in her mouth. She released it in the general direction of the Pidgey. It missed for the most part, but a good portion of the attack managed to strike its wing. The Pidgey stopped using Sand-attack and only managed to stay in flight for a few moments before it was forced to land. It glared at Vulpix and clawed at the ground.

"Use Ember again!"

The Pidgey cried out and lunged forward, using both wings to glide slightly as it gained momentum. Flames flared around Vulpix's muzzle and it stayed there, building up and becoming more intense before releasing it into the Pidgey, who was now quite close. The Pidgey was thrown backwards and gave out a cry of pain when it hit a tree, but it managed to stand back up, more infuriated than ever.

"Let's see, what else would Vulpix know," Taylor wondered. "Probably no other fire attack... wait, would she know anything that might put it to sleep? Hypnosis?"

The Pidgey began charging again, flapping up dirt with its uninjured wing, glaring at Vulpix.

"Use Hypnosis!"

At first it didn't seem like Vulpix was doing anything, but the small fox Pokemon was slowly swaying from side to side, locking eyes with the Pidgey as it made a sound resembling humming. The Pidgey slowed and, after a moment of staring at Vulpix, collapsed on the ground. Asleep.

"Way to go, Vulpix!" Taylor laughed, grabbing a PokeBall from her bag and carefully tossing it toward the Pidgey.

The PokeBall wobbled once, then twice...

January 2nd, 2009, 2:40 AM
@ Mira: Good Post.

Taylor caught a Jolly Female Lv 5 Pidgey.

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
January 3rd, 2009, 6:05 AM
"Alright!" Jun shouted, picking up Ralts's Pokeball, "I caught...a Ralts!" No, I don't know who he was telling that to either. And, just for good measure, he made a peace sign, which was rather ironic considering that he had just spent half an hour beating up a defenceless animal.
"Time to meet my newest friend!" he shouted and Ralts burst from the Pokeball.
"Ralts!" it cried happily then turned to face Jun.
"Hi Ralts!" he called as he picked it up, "You're my new Pokémon, I'm Junsei Jones (but you can call me Jun) and I'm gonna be a Pokémon master!" Ralts squealed happily, then hugged Jun with glee, ignoring the fact that he'd just driven it quite close to death. After all, it was quite happy to have been captured by the future Pokémon master. Seconds, later, Jun spun around as he heard someone shout.
"Hey, kid!" Jun gasped as he saw the two people, a man and a woman standing there in white costumes, a large red 'U' on the front of their uniforms. A Grimer stood next to them.
"Who are you?" he shouted, instantly sure that they were evil. The two people laughed, then posed in front of him.
"Prepare for danger!" spat the man.
"From us two strangers!" rhymed the woman. Jun groaned.
"To bring the world to devastation!"
"To conquer each and every nation!"
"To empower the glorious Team Unknown!"
"To emulate our anime clones!"
"Team Unknown has an unstoppable might!"
"If you don't surrender, we'll give you a fright!"
"That's right!" Jun looked strangely at the Grimer, as it appeared to have spoken the last line. In a British accent, no less.
"Well, if you're with Team Unknown, then you're my enemy! Chikorita, Ralts, let's get rid of these fools!" Jun cried as he threw two Pokeballs.
"Alright, let's go, Poochyena! Tackle!" shouted the man, releasing a small grey dog.
"I'll use...Gulpin! Pound that Ralts!" the woman cried and a small green blob erupted from her Pokeball. Jun snarled.
"Tackle Poochyena, Chikorita! And Ralts, hold back Gulpin with Growl!" Chikorita collided with Poochyena and (rather predictably) sent it flying into it's trainer's face. Meanwhile, Ralts loomed over Gulpin, a deep growl emanating from its throat and paralyzing Gulpin with fear. Chikorita spun around, then charged and Tackled Gulpin, knocking him out too.
"Alright, youz asked fer it!" The Grimer shouted, then leapt forwards, throwing up mud at Jun. Our hero cried out as the mud hit his face, then ran forwards and kicked Grimer into its two companions. Then, for some inexplicable reason, the ground beneath the trio exploded and they were sent flying into the air, screaming as they did:
"Team Unknown's blasting off again!" Jun found this rather strange, seeing as they'd only actually 'blasted off' once. Nevertheless, he turned to his two Pokémon.
"That was great!" he called, "You two deserve a nice long rest!" Smiling, he set off again and soon found himself at Cherrygrove City - the first landmark on his Pokémon quest!

OOC: I hope you don't mind me including Team Unknown, I just found this quite funny :P

January 3rd, 2009, 7:12 AM
@ Alipeewee: I suppose that inclusion was well justified I love the way you got that song to work. I suppose you can have some Exp.

Chikorita grew to Lv 6 and learned Razor Leaf, Ralts grew to Lv 6 and learned Confusion.

January 3rd, 2009, 11:11 AM
Haha, that's funny Alipeewee. Having their names be Sweeney Todd. ^_^ I love that musical.

January 3rd, 2009, 2:19 PM
@Wolfwhispers: Can you please keep posts like that in the OOC thread, thanks.

January 5th, 2009, 7:16 AM
@ Everyone + more: Cyndaquil is now open and Once someone posts anything and I mean anything then I will put up Cherrygrove City.

January 5th, 2009, 10:59 AM
umm.... muffins?
Is that what you mean...?

January 5th, 2009, 11:14 AM
Yep perfect Cherrygrove will be up in and around a couple of hours.

EDIT: It Is Up

Cherrgrove City
(3-5 posts)
Pokemon cannot be caught here.

You enter Cherrygrove attempting to do many things a trainer wants to do for example you want to heal your Pokemon or but new items or even meet new people. But you cannot do any of these as men and women in Green suits with a Black U on them are stopping you unless you can defeat One of their admins in battle. Their Admin also known as Commander Missing is located in the tower of Unknowns but to get to him you must First defeat various grunts. Their is One grunt blocking the entrance to the tower you have to beat him, to progress. Their are Four floors to Tower on eac of the First Three floors there is a Team Unknown Upper Grunt. On the Fourth floor you must defeat Commander Missing to clear Cherrygrove City of Team Unknown. After you've completed this mission the Elder of Cherrygrove will give you a Pokeball containing a Pokemon, Pm me the type of Pokemon you want i.e. Electric, then I'll Pm back the Pokemon you've received. After you complete Cherrygrove City make your way to Route 102.

Note: All Team unknown members have Two Pokemon of your choice of the Pokemon below, except for the Commander's Pokemon which are located below.

Team Unknown Grunts Commonly used Pokemon.

Type: Electric
Moves: Thundershock, Charm, Volt Tackle

Type: Water/Flying
Moves: Tackle, Bubble, Slam

Type: Normal/Flying
Moves: Peck, Growl, Swift

Team Unknown Upper Grunts Commonly Used Pokemon

Type: Normal
Moves: Quick Attack, Bite, Wish

Type: Water
Moves: Tackle, Water Gun, Aqua Ring

Type: Normal/Flying
Moves: Sing, Aerial Ace, Heat Wave

Commander Missing's Pokemon

Type: Grass
Moves: Razor Leaf, Synthesis, Leaf Blade

Type: Ice
Moves: Icy Wind, Ice Fang, Signal Beam

January 5th, 2009, 11:54 AM
can i have cynda SU will be up soon

January 5th, 2009, 11:59 AM
@ Serginho: Yeah sure reserve is up for you until Noon tommorrow GMT.

January 5th, 2009, 12:53 PM
Name: Sergio Santos
Gender: male
Age: 13

Personality: Sergio is the kind of boy that will make friends with you real quickly, but he will get pissed of if you try to be smarter than he is, He does not like cocky people. He thinks that the health of Pokémon comes first and does not like people who threat their Pokémon badly. He is usually the first person to see something going on bit he will not snitch and he would probaly go insane if he would see a famous person such as proffesor oak he would go like hhhh hi nice to meet you yes nice really nice yes yes its an honour

Appearance: He stands at about 5”2, and is a bit chubby with usually a polo with blue orange and white he also wears a pair of jeans, white socks, Nike air force he also has a scar on his face (This will be explained in the history) He has brown eyes, his hair is middle long and is curly he his thin eye brows and his ears are on regular position.

History: At the age of 2 his parents got divorced and from that day Sergio still saw his father a weekend in 2 weeks, His father was a bit over worried about Sergio. When he got his wife everything changed it was a better life for all even for Sergio. A Day Sergio went hiking with his dad when Sergio fell of the mount silver ( Sergio’s dad was the winner of the Pokémon league) and the scar on his face just underneath his eyes was the permanent mark left and a really dangerous amnesia. This caused Sergio almost not to be allowed to go on his journey but eventually his dad let him remembering his good old days and all the friends he made he then let Sergio go and he also gave Sergio the scyther and starly to start off with, just in case. Sergio’s mom was just the usual mother..over concerned and caring not willing to let her child go ( you know same old)

Preferred Starter: cyndaquil male adamant

Other Pokémon: scyther (if not only starly) starly
RP Sample:
Bug trainer battle. bug-head’s break through

Finally Sergio entered the viridian forest, he looked at all the different and rare pokemon. He walked even further into the forest seeing many bug catchers and some boys with caps.

“Wow Aura we finally made it”, Sergio said looking at his aura who always walks next to him. Aura nodded. “would you like to have a battle it has been a while”, Sergio asked his aura. Aura nodded again.

“Cool”, Sergio said and he walked even further into the forest and then he saw a bug catcher with 3 pokemon: a weedle, a kakuna and a beedrill.
“aura are you thinking what I’m thinking”, Sergio asked his aura. Aura nodded. “Okay so it is time for lunch”.
Sergio grabbed a pick nick cloth and some bread and some pokefood and called out wings and bug-head. “It’s time to eat I’m starving so I would say start eating”, Sergio said while looking at all his pokemon everyone had his own bowl with food.

“Hey you”, someone called for Sergio it was the bug catcher. “yeah you let’s have a battle I saw you looking but now you are eating which means you are too chicken to fight.”
“It means that I can’t fight on an empty stomach and my pokemon also can’t but now that you are challenging me and I have eaten my bread let’s fight”, Sergio said acting smart.

“okay let’s rumble then go weedle”, the bug catcher said. “by the way I’m Tony”
“okay go wings use your sand-attack” Sergio said. “My name is Sergio nice to meet you”
“O no that is not good weedle try to sense the other pokemon and then attack with poison sting”, Tony said because his weedle became blind of the sand attack.
The attack missed due to that wings dodged it quickly.
“Use your tackle”, Sergio commanded he had fire in his eyes. This attack was dodged by the small weedle and countered with poison sting which this time hit wings but not poisoned him. “Okay wings it is time for the finishing blow use your tackle full power until it faints”, Sergio said this attack fainted the weedle.

“come back weedle, go kakuna”, Tony said. Sergio was going to call out bug-head when.

Kakuna While awaiting evolution, it hides from predators under leaves and in nooks of branches.

“okay go bug-head use your poison sting”, Sergio commanded. “Harden”, Tony said calm.
The attack did not damage kakuna at all. “Keep using poison sting and get through his defence”, Sergio said. “Keep using harden don’t get him get through your defence “, Tony said. This kept going for 2 minutes it took up many time no one was getting hurt but they were getting tired. “Okay use your string shot and throw him up and then use your poison sting full power”, Sergio commanded. Badoom the kakuna fell from the sky and slammed to the ground and thus fainted.

“come back kakuna go beedrill”, Tony said

Beedrill Its best attack involves flying around at high speed, striking with poison needles, then flying off.

“Come back bug-head you did the best you could aura it’s your turn start off with quick attack and then use the new attack you showed me previously you know force palm.”, Sergio said.
The quick attack was the best attack you could use against a beedrill but the force palm was a bit too many and was intercepted by a fury attack “Do not stop beedrill we have got this one”, Tony said. “You wish, aura endurance and use counter, now all the attack you used against me you will get back twice as hard so hard that your beedrill will faint”, Sergio said still with that fire in his eyes.
The battle was over weedle, kakuna and beedrill had lost.
“O no my bee”, Tony said. “Good match”, Sergio said he put his hand up and waited for Tony to shake it. “Yes it was a good match actually it was the first time I lost so it is a little hard”, Tony said while shaking Sergio’s hand.

After this Sergio gave all his pokemon a potion and moved even deeper into the forest.

Stay tuned.

January 5th, 2009, 12:59 PM
Um Serginho you're currently Pending can you please bulk up the Appearence and Personality bits please. Around Four lines is suitable thanks. Send me a VM when you've done it.

EDIT: Okay fair enough your in. You've been accepted.

January 5th, 2009, 1:33 PM
Jason hurried into Cherrygrove, holding the weakened Chikorita as it continued to spit to the side, though still offering weak growls of protest.

"Sheesh, sorry I attacked already," Jason scoffed. "But you didn steal my Heracross's pokeball.

Chikorita glared up at Jason, showing that he knew what jason had thinking. The young grass type wasn't stupid enough to think that everybody loved his breed. His breed were the tree huggers and could never account as fighters. Chikorita growled at the thought.

Jason sighed. "Look, we're almost to the pokemon center... What the heck is going on?"

A man dressed in black with a large U on his front stopped Jake, eyeing him carefully before grinning. "You wanna get into the next city, don't you, kid?" He chuckled. "If you can defeat me, you can enter."

"What kind of crap is this?" Jason demanded. "I have hurt pokemon.

The man simply laughed. "Do you honestly think my team honestly cares?" he sneered. "We've taken control of the city!"

Jason gapped. "What do you mean?"

The man smirked. "If you can defeat me, then I'll tell you. Go, Swablu!"

With a burst of white light, a small, blue bird with fluffy cloud like wings appeared. "Swa!" it sang, turning toward Jason in preparation.

"Chikaa," Chikorita growled, glaring at the man and bird. Jumping out of Jason's arms, it stood resolutely, giving Jason a look that clearly said he would battle.

"Are you sure?" Jason asked. Chikorita nodded, keeping a neutral expression. "Alright, use Tackle!"

"Chiko!" Chikorita bashed into the Swablu so quickly that it shocked the grunt.

He glared and quickly barked out an order. "Swablu, use Peck on this runt!"

"Chikorita, dodge!" Jason said quickly, knowing that flying types hurt grass types.

"Tc," Chikorita barked with a smirk, quickly twirling its leaf so quickly that it looked like a fan as Swablu attempted to peck him. What happened was Swablu managed to get a few pecks on Chikorita's leaf, but in the end the spinning leaf whacked Swablu a few good times in the head. "Chiko!" Chikorita screeched, launching another Tackle. "Ch," CHikorita smirked, hitting the Swablu dead on.

"Swablu, get up," the man commanded.

"Swab," Swablu grumbled from the ground. With a glare, it got up and launched a Swift attack.

"Chikorita!" Jason called as the pokemon got hit with the sharp stars. "Quick, use another Tackle!"

Growling, Chikorita slammed Swablu right into the ground, shaking a bit before spitting to the side.

The man chuckled. "That's what you get for using a pokemon that's been poisoned," he mocked.

"Fight it!" Jason snarled, though he hadn't known that was the reason why Chikorita was acting strangely. "Tackle!"

"Swablu, use Swift!"

Swablu launched the star attack, hitting Chikorita dead on. Wincing, the grass type continued with its attack, eager to get the bird out. "Chi," Chicorita panted, landing on top of the blue bird.

"Sw," Swablu coughed struggling for a moment before finally fainting.

The man scoffed and returned the pokemon. "Go, Mantyke!"

With a burst of white light, another blue pokemon appeared. "Man," the pre-evolution of Mantyke gurgled, looking a bit uncomfortable being on land.

"Chikorita, come back, you're exhausted," Jason said softly, wondering if the pokemon would follow his instructions. Chikorita glared, body visibly shaking before sighing and going to sit by Jason's side. He nodded before taking out his next pokemon. "Go, Heracross!"

Heracross appeared, looking a bit worse for wear but relatively fine.

"Ok, Heracross, use Tack..."

"Hera!" Heracross srcreamed angrily, startling both humans and the pokemon. "Cross!" Heracross snarled, charging at Mantyke at breakneck speed, horn powering up with a vicious Horn Attack. "Crs!" Heracross snarled, jabbing Mantyke exceptionally hard and sending it flying.

"Tyk," Mantyke trembled, trying to right itself up.

"Mantyke, use Bubble right now!" the man snarled.

"Tm," Mantyke said, blasting blue bubbled towards Heracross.

"Cr," Heracross winced.

"Use another Horn Attack!" Jason said quickly.

"Crh," Heracross snarled, charging again.

"Another Bubble!" the man said anxiously.Mantyke launched the Bubble attack, but Heracross just kept on charging.

With a smirk, Heracross jabbed the pokemon once more. With an even vivious smile, Heracross picked Mantyke up by the fin and slammed it on the ground and creating a small hole in the ground. "Cr," Heracross said smugly, folding his arms and glaring down at the defeated pokemon.

The man scowled. "I suppose you win," he said before smiling smugly. "But don't think this is the last of us! I was just the body guard to this tower," he said, gesturing at a Tower that Jason had somehow missed. "You still need to get past the others if you want to save the Elder!"

Jason looked at him strangely. "Save the Elder?"

The man paused. "Didn't you come here to save the Elder?" Jason shook his head. "Oh... alright then." And so he walked away.

Watching the man strangely, Jason recalled Heracross and looked at Chikorita. "Look, Chikorita, you're obviously a much stronger pokemon than I thought, and I think I'll need you. And I can't just let you go free, being hurt as you are... So, yea, I'm going to capture you."

Chikorita stared at Jason strangely before giving a loud sniff, looking as if he didn't care what Jason did.

Jason shrugged and lightly dropped a pokeball on Chikorita's head and watching it engulf the pokemon in a red light before shaking...

January 5th, 2009, 1:39 PM
@ Wolfwhispers: Good keep it going think it's a good suprise ?

Jason received a Lv 5 Chikorita that grew to Lv 6 in the process and learned Razor Leaf. Heracross grew to Lv 6.

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
January 5th, 2009, 2:58 PM
Jun smiled as he walked into Cherrygrove City. It was, as always, a perfect day. Unfortunately, the presence of Team Unknown was going to ruin his day. As he looked around, he realised instantly that something was wrong, though he didn't quite know why. Gazing around the small town, Jun saw what looked like a new building, a very tall structure. A sign was hanging across the entrance; it read: "Tower Of The Unknowns! Keep out! That means you Jun!" Not even slightly phased that his name was on a public sign, Jun walked towards the tower, determined to stop whatever evil activity was going on in there. His progress was slightly impaired, however, when a man fell from the sky and landed in front of him.
"Todd!" Jun shouted, instantly recognizing the man who had earlier tried to...um...what were you going to do again?"
"We didn't actually say that, but we wanted to steal your Ralts. They're quite rare, you know."
"Okay...where's Sweeney? The woman with the ridiculous name? And the British Grimer?"
"I dunno, she probably landed somewhere different. We don't all fly at the exact same speed you know." By now, Todd was getting rather annoyed by Jun's inane questions. "Look, you are not going up that tower, okay? It says 'Keep Out!' so keep out!" Jun, being Jun, completely ignored him and started marching straight towards the tower.
"Oh that does it," Todd moaned, "Stop him Pichu!" Jun gasped as Todd released the small yellow rat in front of him.
"I thought you had a Poochyena?"
"What, am I only allowed one Pokémon?"
"You are a villain..."
"Says who? Team Unknown wants to create a perfect world!"
"And that's why I must stop you!" Todd couldn't believe what he was hearing.
"What? "
"Well, if you go and save the world, I can't do it as well, can I?" Todd stopped, unsure if that was a joke. That was his mistake.
"Ralts, Confusion!" Before the 'villain' or his Pichu could react, they were being thrown through the air, higher and higher until eventually, they were nothing more than a twinkling spot on the horizon. Jun smiled, then turned to Ralts.
"Was he wearing green last time we met?" Ralts shrugged.

January 5th, 2009, 3:04 PM
@ Alipeewee: You know that's not quite a good enough battle post but I'll let you off this time.

Ralts grew to Lv 7.

@ Everyone: There is no Move Tutor so I'm adding in Move tutor moves during the game either as obtainable TM's or as a level up move.

January 5th, 2009, 3:56 PM
OOC: Oh yea! Its an awsome surprise! And I love it!

Jason hurried into the large tower, eager to get to the top and demand an explanation for what's going on. He noticed to the stairs and ran toward them, only to wince as a voice called out to him. With a groan, he turned and saw a woman wearing a smirk, dressed exactly the same way as the man.

"Let me guess," Jason drawled. "Another grunt?"

The smirk fell from her face. "As you already seem to know what's going on, we shall battle immediately."

"Actually, I don't know what's..."

"Go, Swablu!" the woman snarled, interrupting Jason.

Jason scowled. Fine, ignore him... Biatch. "Another Swablu?" he said, looking unimpressed.

"This Swablu is much stronger than that foolish man outside," she said dangerously. "Choose your pokemon."

Jason shrugged. "Go, Totodile!" he called, releasing the tiny crocodile pokemon.

Totodile looked around eagerly, not looking as beat up as it did before, obviously getting some rest in. "Tot," Totodile said in excitement, water beginning to run out of its mouth, much to its shock.

"Sweet, you've learned Water Gun!" Jason said excitedly.

"Like that matters!" the woman spat. "Swablu, Peck!"

"Water Gun!" Jason said eagerly, wanting to see this new move.

"Dil!" Totodile called, releasing the torrent of water from its mouth.

"Dodge," the woman commanded.

Swablu flew around the blast of water and proceeded to Peck Totodile viciously. "Dile," Totodile growled, covering his head with his arms. Finally, unable to take it anymore, Totodile blasted another Water Gun right at Swablu, blasting it right against the wall.

"Swablu, get up!" the woman screeched. "Another Peck!"

"Water Gun!" Jason shouted quickly.

Taking a deep breath, Totodile attack just as Swablu got back into the air, pounding it right into the wall again. "Swa," Swablue grunted.

"Swift!" the woman called desperately.

"Dodge it!" Jason commanded.

Totodile tried to dodge, but it was too slow and had such short feet that it was unable to attack the star attack. "Dilot," Totodile grunted, shaking his head.

"Try another Water Gun!" Jason ordered, seeing that the flying type was at its end.

"Swift!" the woman ordered, spittle nearly flying from her lips.

The Water Gun hit Swablu right in the face, nearly drowning it while Totodile was bombarded with stars. Swablu fell to the ground, eyes closed while Totodile panted from the attack.

"Dil," Totodile said softly, a pleased smile appearing as he gazed at his fallen foe.

The woman scoffed. "Beginner's luck," she sneered. "Go, Pichu! Use Thundershock!"

Before Jason could even order his pokemon to dodge, the lightning hitthe water type head on, causing him to scream in pain. "Dilt," Totodile sighed, falling on his butt and looking on tiredly.

"That's enough, Totodile," Jason said quickly. "You did a good job. Return." The beam of red light recalled his pokemon and Jason quickly brought out his second pokemon. "Go, Riolu!"

"Two baby pokemon?" the woman commented. "No challenge. Pichu, Thundershock!"

"Rio," Riolu scoffed, flipping backwards and avoiding the attack. Ri o!" Rilu sang, sticking out his tongue and spanking his butt toward the two, laughing as they fumed.


This time the attack hit, nearly bringing Riolu to his knees.

"Keep your focus," Jason ordered. "Use Aura Sphere!"

"Riol!" Riolu spat, charging the blue ball of energy and launching at Pichu. The attack hit, launching Pichu backwards into the air and causing it to bounce a few times."

"Pi pichu," Pichu snarled, charging up and sending another Thundershock at Riolu. Riolu gritted his teeth from the attack, closing one eye in pain but still able to glare successfully. "Chic," Pichu whimpered, a shock going through its body as well and causing it fall on its butt.

Jason laughed. "Seems like your pokemon can't control its own power! Riolu, finish it with Aura Sphere."

"Pichu, Charm," the female grunt quickly spat.

Large, begging eyes shined up at Riolu. "Chu?" Pichu said softly, fluttering its eye lashes and putting on a bright smile.

Riolu looked at Pichu for a moment before laughing. "Ri ri ri ri riolu!" it laughed, holding its stomach before half heartedly tossing an Aura Sphere Pichu's way.

"Pichu dodge," the woman said, a smirk appearing. "And use Volt Tackle."

That certainly cut off Riolu's laughter. Eyes widened in shock, Riolu gapped as Pichu gathered powerful electricity around its body and ran at Riolu. "Rio!" Riolu gulped, completely surprised as Pichu leapt right at him, too close to dodge.

"Quick, use Counter!" Jason yelled, hoping it would work.

"Pii!" Pichu screamed, bashing Riolu backwards and bouncing him a few times on the rough ground. "Chi," Pichu said in satisfaction, grinning at the fallen pokemon.

Suddenly, Riolu glowed purple. Eyes opening in a snap, Riolu literally flew at Pichu, palms glowing purple with power as it struck Pichu right in the chest.

"Chuuu!" Pichu screamed, flying through the air before land with an audible crunch on the ground. "Pii... chu," Pichu breathed, eyes going shut.

"Riolr," Riolu grunted happily, folding his arms over his chest, much like how Heracross had done.

The woman grudgingly recalled her pokemon. "Very well," she spat. "You may pass and go to the next level."

Jason grinned. "Not just yet," he said eagerly. She looked at him in confusion. "Riolu, hold her down!" he ordered.

Riolu slapped her, knocking to the ground but not hard enough to do anything than create a bruise on her cheek.

"Wha... what are you doing?" she stammered in terror, the first emotion other than anger she had portrayed.

Jason smiled softly. "I am in need of a few medical supplies," he said simply. "And as I can't go to a center, I'm sure a few potions and antidotes should work. I'm sure you have a few spare ones lying around, being in an elite team an' all." The smile only got large as he began to pat her down, in search of items...

January 5th, 2009, 4:08 PM
@ Wolfwhispers: Thanks, Great battle post but One complaint in the tower the grunts are upper grunts and have different Pokemon to normal grunts they are listed in the Cherrygrove City description post.

Totodile grew to Lv 9 and learned Rage, Riolu grew to Lv 9 and learned Ice Punch. Jason found Five Full Restores.

January 5th, 2009, 5:49 PM
Name: Jasper Otz



Personality:Jasper is a quiet guy who goes with the flow and keeps to himself. He is rather fast, but very timid. On the downside, Jasper can't keep a secret for very long, but to some it seems as if Jasper has a secret of his own. He has a low-temper ( doesn't get angry easily) and is very mysterious.But when he does get angry its best you stay away because Jasper gets very "into" it. He is attracted to light and has a special bond with his Pokemon.

Appearance:Jasper is tall for his age ( 5'9 ) and is skinnieer than the average 13 year-old. He has small hands and his skin is very pale. His dirty-blonde hair sticks out all over the place. His nose and mouth are small and his most reconizable feature are his big, jasper colored eyes.( jasper is an opaque variety of quartz,reddish,brown,or yellow in color.)

Clothing:Jasper has seven different colored hoodies,each one for a different day of the week.The colors are: Red,Orange,Yellow,Green,Blue,Purple, and White. He wears the hood up always to conceal a part of his face. He wears a pair of dirty,scruffed-up blue jeans. He wears a half-black,half-white backpack in which he keeps his supplies.

History: When Jasper was born,the first thing his parents noticed were his big,open,jasper-colored eyes. Jasper got sick a lot as a child, and suffered from many diseases. Later in life,his family moved from Orre to Kanto. Jasper was made fun of at school because he was different from the others. When he turned 10, his mom wouldn't let him leave for his Pokemon journey,like all the others. Jaspers family eventually moved from Kanto to Johto in hopes of making Jasper happier. But all that would make Jasper happy,would be a journey of his own.

Preferred Pokemon: Wild Card; Ralts,Male,Bashful

Other Pokemon: Mr.Mime ( Jasper leaves Mr.Mime behind when he starts his journey)Male,Calm

Sample: "Jas-pers a psycho! Jas-pers a psycho!", the kids in Jaspers class chanted.

"No! No!", the young,8 year old shouted as he ran, towards the forest, pulling up his hood. "No!"
He trudged through the mud that made the small,winding path through the forest. The rain poured down harder and harde. "NOOOOOOO!!!!!" Jasper kept running, until he reached a small clearing. The clearing was about 50 feet around, and the inside had several small stumps, planted in the ground. Jasper ran to one of the stumps and sat down,burying his face in his hands. He cried for several more minutes, until he looked up to take in his surroundings. There were rocks sprewed about in the muddy ground. No grass remained in the cleariong, just stumps, mud, and rocks. Jasper picked up a rock and chucked at a tree. The tree shook a little, then the stone plopped to the ground. Fascinated, Jasper picked up another and chucked at another tree. "Hey" , Jasper chuckled. "This is fun!" He continued for a few minutes until only one tree was left to hit. The biggest. Jasper picked up the biggest stone he could find, and chucked it. The tree shook and out fell something much bigger than a stone. It was a Beedrill's nest. The Beedrill angrily came out and swarmed towards Jasper. "AAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" Jasper yelled as he got up and bolted . He ran and ran, the Beedrill chasing him the whole way. Jasper's foot got caught in the mud and he tripped. He turned around in horror, saw the Beedrill swarm in, then blacked out. An hour later he felt a small nudge. "UUUUGGHGHGGGGHHH", Jasper awoke slowly. Once his eyes adjusted, he saw he was laying right out side the forest. In front of him was a small creature. "Who are you!?" Jasper asked sounding surprised.

"Miiiiime. Mr.MMiiiiiime"

"Wait a minute!", Jasper exclaimed. "You're a Pokemon! Mr.Mime was it? Thank you for.......", the words hung on Jasper's lips. " You.......saved me"

"Mime!" the Mr.Mime shouted.

"Well, lets get you back to my house for some hot cocoa."

"Mime!", Mr.Mime nodded.

"Come on, this way!" Mr.Mime followed Jasper, until they reached the stoney sidewalk leading up to Jasper's house. "Here it is!"

January 5th, 2009, 5:56 PM
@ King900000: I'm afraid at the moment you are rejected you really need to work on your character and you can't start off with an egg maybe a Togepi if you want but no egg. Your RP sample was poor you need to legnthen it and look for grammatcial mistakes. Once you do all this PM and I will review my decision.

Edit: All I can say is the same as above you really need to improve the sample and bulk up you Personality, Appearence and History sections. Also in the SU form I don't think I put in a Clothing sections.

January 5th, 2009, 11:08 PM
Jason smirked lightly as he pulled out his findings. Five full restores. It was as if fate was finally smiling on him. He ignored the knocked out female grunt (thanks to Riolu) adn released all of his pokemon, all of them giving surprised grunts and growls.

"Alright, here's the deal," Jason said. "We're in this crazy tower thing and need to defeat these creepy team member people. I don't know what's going on... but yea, so here." He moved from pokemon to pokemon, watching as they regained their energy.

"Ri," Riolu said happily as Jason sprayed him. Excited, Riolu threw a fist in the air. "Riolu!" Riolu said happily before his eyes went wide as his fist glowed a soft blue. "Rio!" Riolu sqweaked in surprise and shook his fist fruiously, coming close to hitting Chikorita a few times.

"Chika!" Chikorita snarled, whacking Riolu with a vine as he got to close.

"Ril," Riolu said angrily before finally punching the ground, only to jump back in shock as the ground became layered with ice.

"Sweet, you've learned Ice Punch!" Jason said gleefully before turning to Cikorita with raised eye brows. He hadn't known the grass type knew Vinewhip. Needing to know his pokemon's move he brought out his pokedex.

Totodile: Scratch, Leer, Water Sport, Water Gun, Rage
Riolu: Quick Attack, Foresight, Aura Sphere, Counter, Ice Punch
Heracross: Tackle, Leer, Horn Attack, Endure
Chikorita: Tackle, Growl, Vine Whip, Razor Leaf

Jason nodded. "Those are some good attacks, but I suppose we should head toward the top now." They all nodded as he returned them and proceeded up the stares, immediately meeting the next person. It was a man of medium height with blond hair and hazel eyes.

"Ah, I see we have a challenger," he said softly. "Very well, I shall attempt to stop you." He didn't seem that enthusiastic. "Come out then, Luvdisc," he said, throwing the pokeball toward a large tank in the corner Jason hadn't noticed. The tank actually sank it the ground so that there was no glass actually covering the sides.

A heart shaped pokemon swam through the water. "Luv," it sang.

"Alright, go, Chikorita!" Jason chose. "Start off with Razor Leaf!"

"Dodge by diving," the man said.

"Luvdisc easily ducked the sharp leaves before swiming back to the top.

"Use Water Gun."

"Luvv!" the heart shaped pokemon spat out the blast of water, hitting Chikorita in the side and causing it to gurgle and sputter.

"Get away and use Razor Leaf!" Jason said, hoping that he could at least get a good hit in.

"Dodge," was said again. Luvdisc dove down into the water again, causing bubble to rise almost tauntingly. "Water Gun."

"Chikr," Chikorita hissed as the water bashed against him, sliding him against the floor.

JAson growled angrily. "Chikorita, run to the water's edge and fish Luvdisc out with Vinewhip!"

"Water Gun," the man said a bit quickly.

Luvdisc fired away, but with vines already extended, Chikorita wasn't having any of that and dodged. "Chika!" Chikorita snarled, grabbing Luvdisc and slamming it to the ground and repeatedly whipping it.

"Finish it with Razor Leaf!"

With an eager grin, Chikorita unleashed the sharp leaves from his main leaf, hitting and cutting the Luvdisc quitr thoroughly.

"Luuuv," Luvdisc whimpered weakly, flopping for a moment before going still, eyes glazed over and lips still exposed as if still demanding a kiss.

Jason mentally shivered as the grunt recalled his fallen pokemon. Nodding, the man threw the next pokeball. With a burst of white light, a brown fox appeared.

"Ee!' it sqwealed, bushy tail waving excitedly.

"Eevee, use Wish."

With a vigorious nod, Eevee looked toward the ceiling, eyes glowing softly as if wishing from the gods in heaven.

"Chikorita, use Razor Leaf!" Jason ordered.

Eevee whimpered as the sharp leaves tore at its body.

"Eevee, Bite."

"When it get's close, Vinewhip it," Jason ordered.

Eevee heard the command and stopped in its tracks, ears lowering and whining pitifully. Chikorita, unimpressed by the weak display, Vinewhipped Eevee backwards.

"Ve," Eevee spat, eyes glowing again before it smile happily. Chikorita cocked its head to the side as Eevee regained some of its health.

"Eevee, use Wish again." the grunt ordered.

Eevee's eyes glowed again, much to Jason's irritation. He would need a stronger pokemon to defeat Eevee quickly. "Chikorita, return," he called, recalling the grass type. "Go, Heracross! Heracross, use Horn Attack, and make it powerful!"

Horn glowing white, Heracross charged, wings beating furiously as it flew much faster than when it ran.

"Eevee, Bite."

Eevee charged, but before it could even open its mouth, Heracross bashed Eevee right into the ground.

"Bite it, Eevee."

"Horn Attack! And knock it out before it regains its health!" Jason ordered quickly.

Horn glowing, Heracross picked Eevee up by the horn, ignoring the weak Bite on its hor, and flew at the wall, determination glowing in its eyes. "Hera!" With a mighy shove, Heracross had slammed Eevee right into the wall, a small crunch being heard as Eevee shrieked in pain as its paw broke from the pressure.

Eevee, shivering but not yet out, much to Heracross's disappointment, ran behind its trainer, even as its Wish attack healed some of its health, but not its paw. It laid down, ears lowered in defeat.

The grunt sighed and recalled his pokemon. "He never was a fighter," he said with a sigh. "Might as well release when this is all over with..." He turned to Jason. "You may go up to the third level now."

Jason nodded and quickly returned his Heracross and ran toward the stairs...

January 6th, 2009, 3:13 AM
@ Wolfwhispers: Great battle post keep it up. For your next post:

As Jason was running up the stairs he noticed something circular on the floor, he examined it carefully and saw the words TM 01 Focus Punch engraved in it.

" Ah sweet a TM ". Jason placed it into his backpack then carried on up the stairs.

Chikorita grew to Lv 8 and Heracross grew to Lv 8 and learned Fury Attack, Jason obtained TM 01 Focus Punch.

January 6th, 2009, 10:34 AM
OOC: Thank you so much for the TM!!

As Jason was running up the stairs he noticed something circular on the floor, he examined it carefully and saw the words TM 01 Focus Punch engraved in it. "Ah sweet a TM". Jason placed it into his backpack then carried on up the stairs. As he got to the nexts floor, he noticed a man lying on the ground, humming boredly as two flying pokemon flew in circles above hi. Upon noticing Jason's footsteps, he jumped up, a wide grin appearing on his face.

"Ah! A challenger! I was hoping someone would be brave or stupid enough to challenge the Tower," he said with an easy grin. "Allow me to introduce myself. I am Seven."

Jason stared. "Is that your real name?" he asked hesitently, to wanting to insult the man.

Instead, Seven just laughed. "Certainly not!" he said, trying to muffle his laughter, giving Jake plenty of time to look him over. He had vibrant blond hair that seemed bleached and some of the brightest yellow eyes he had ever seen. "Well, let's get started! Double battle is what we'll have, and so I chose these two joksters!" he said with a grin.

Jason stared at the two pokemon, having never seen them before. He quickly took out his pokedex and pointed it at them.
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfb/dpmfb441.pngChatot, the Normal/Flying type. It keeps its rythm by flicking its tail back and forth. It can also learn to speak a few human words. Attacks known: Sing, Aerial Ace, Heat Wave.

As if to prove this point, both Chatot's sang, "Battle! Battle!"

Jason grinned. "If you insist. Go Totodile and Heracross!"

With a burst of white light, the crocodile and large bug appeared called out their battle cries of "Toto!" and "Hera!"

"Alright, Totodile use Water Gun! Heracross, use Horn Attack!" Jason ordered quickly.

"Ha! Both of you nice little birdies use Aerial Ace!" Seven ordered.

Both chose their own Chatot, but as Totodile blasted its water attack, it did hit the Chatot, making it weaker, but it gained momentum mid air and hit Totodile right in the side with its talons, causing the small water type to wince from pain. Heracross and the other Chatot hit midair, horn against talon, causing them both pain on equal grounds as Heracross was so powerful and Chatot was fighting up against a bug and fighting combo, making flying attacks super effective.

"Totodile, Heracross, both of you attack one Chatot and hit it at the same time!"

They nodded and both sped towards the flying Chatot on the right, bodies glowing with power.

"Now none of that, both of you attack with Aerial Ace again," Seven said eagerly.

Totodile's body was glowing with its Rage attack, and upon it's arrival of Chatot, it proceeded to beat the helpless bird with its fists and teeth, a furious anger in its eyes that somehow made Jason shiver as it snarled furiously. "Tile!" Totodile screamed, punching the pokemon one last time to give Heracross a chance.

Heracross attempted to use its Horn Attack on the hurt Chatot, but the other one came to its aid, ramming Heracross right in the chest with its Aerial Ace and sending it skidding backwards, but not too far thanks to the sharp claw on its foot. "Hera," Heracross winced, managing to swing its horn forward and mircauliously hitting the retreating Chatot. "Cres," Heracross said with determination, though still weakly from the harsh attack.

"Alright, I think this is enough," Seven said patiently. "Both of you, go on both of their sides and finish with Heat Wave!"

Jason blanced. "Heracross, quick, use Endure!" Heracross glowed red for a moment. "Good, now pick Totodile up and begin spinning around while Totodile uses Water Gun!"

Blinking in shock at the command, Heracross quickly picked up the small gator and began to spin, just as the Chatot's got to their position and sent out the monstrous fire attack. Taking a deep breath as he was spun, Totodile unleashed his Water Gun, praying that Jason's plan worked.

And it did. As the water was shot out at all sides, creating a churning whirlpool around the room, it hit the Heat Wave dead on, creating a small explosion that hurt all the pokemon.

"Hera," Heracross breathed, grinning at Totodile as he put the gator down.

"Tild!" Totodile said happily, flashing the giant bug a thumbs up.

"Chatot, get up and use Aerial Ace!" Seven called loudly at the beaten birds.

Weakly, they both got up, flapping their wings awkwardly as they tried to dive at the two pokemon. Jason grinned as he saw the weak attack.

"Alright you guys, finish it!"

"Heraco!" Heracross said eagerly, flying at one Chatot with it's Horn Attack.

"Tildo!" Totodile cried with just as much eagerness, running at the other Chatot as its fingers glowed slightly with its Scratch attack.

As one, all four pokemon attacked at once in midair, a serious tension going through the air as they all wanted to desperately win. But the thing was, both Chatot's were simple guards, and Heracross and Totodile wanted to get to the top to discover the secret, and thus their determination was much stronger.

"Cross!" Heracross screamed, horn jabbing into Chatot's side with his furious cry,

"Dile!" Totodile screamed, small claws Scratching furiously on the other Chatot's face with a snarl.

As one, both Chatot's fell to the ground, one right after the other and right on top of each other. "Cha," one began, "Tot," the other said as they both fell unconcious with silly grins on their beaks.

Jason sighed in relief as his two pokemon high fived each other. "That was great, you guys," he said, walking up to the two of them and patting them on the backs.

Seven returned his pokemon, chuckling as he did so. "Good battle!" he said happily. "You've made my day, especially since its been so boring!" To Jason's shock, Seven actually ruffled his hair in congragulations. Jason wasn't so sure what to make of this criminal having a warm spot for him.

"Let me ask you something," Jason said. "You could have won if you used Sing. Why didn't you?"

Seven scowled, the first emotion other than happiness that had appeared on his face. "Sing? A little pansy and girl move? No way. The only people who put another's pokemon to sleep is because their own pokemon isn't strong enough to handle it while it's awake. Poisoned and Paralyzed... well, that's ok since the pokemon can still attack." Seven chuckled again. "Well, you best go on up to the last level, but good luck. The boss is up there."

Not sure what to make of this boss, Jason recalled his Totodile before taking out the TM he had found earlier. "Here, Heracross. You're a fighting type and deserve a fighting move," he said. "You might need it, because a boss is always the most powerful of a gang."

"Herc," Heracross said in thanks as Jason put it in front of his eyes. A beam of light shot towards Heracross's eyes, making it blink in confusion before it smirked. The data had been transferred into its brain.

Jason grinned. "Thanks, buddy. Return." And with that he ran up the stairs, not once hearing Seven chuckle in amusement as he watched him go...

January 6th, 2009, 10:42 AM
Last but not least.
Sergio’s mother entered Sergio’s room and put his curtains aside she then sat down next to Sergio and started to shake him gently and Sergio eventually woke up.
“Good morning my strong little man, how was your sleep”, Sergio’s mother asked. Sergio looked around as if it was the first time he was in his house, His white walls, A television, his personal computer and…. His television Sergio stopped there and remembered.

He thought about the advertising of professor elm he saw on television yesterday : “Dear boys and girls, as you can see there are 5 poke balls on this desk and it would be my pleasure to give 5 rookie Pokémon trainers one of these 5 Pokémon, if you are the lucky ones that call and make an appointment to come to my lab for a Pokémon it will be my pleasure”.
“I slept well, but can you get out of my room right now I’m going to get dressed remember, this is the day that my journey commences”, Sergio said. “That’s what I’m here to talk about, your father is downstairs, He said he wanted to give you something.”, His mother said.

Sergio rushed into the shower, got dressed, put some of his favorite perfume (playboy Las Vegas) just in case and he put some clothes and perfume in his backpack. He ran downstairs and went to sit down on the table in front of a plate with bacon and eggs and some bagels.

“Eat well Sergio you will need it just like you will need this”, Sergio heard a man voice behind him say, he turned around and gave the person a big hug, It was a man with short hair, he was a bit chubby, almost the same as Sergio but taller and a bit slimmer. “Dad how are you”, Sergio asked.

“I’m okay, but now to the point I have here some things you will need in a Journey, First of all I have two Pokémon for you a scyther and a starly, second of all I have a poke gear with a map, a radio and my and your mother’s number installed in it and you can ask phone numbers of people on your way and third of all I have 5 potions and 5 antidotes for you”, Sergio’s dad told Sergio.

A moment later Sergio left, but he was brought to new bark town first by his dad on a staraptor. “Wow I expected something larger it is really a town it has like four houses.”, Sergio said while analyzing the environment, still walking forward and not seeing that he was about to clash on someone.

“I’m so sorry it was my fault can I make it up to you”, Sergio asked he clashed upon a boy with blond hair, blue eyes, messy hair and messy clothing. “You can make it up to me with a battle”, the boy said. “I’m sorry but I have to go and see professor Elm right now, but if we exchange phone numbers I will call you as soon as I get my Pokémon.”, Sergio proposed. “well okay I will keep you on your promise”, The boy said. “By the way I’m Sam”.

After this meeting he walked toward the Pokémon lab. “Hello, Is someone in”, Sergio asked. “You’re late, I’m in quite a hurry now since we are going to goldenrod city.”, A professor with glasses and a green and yellow sweater said, there was also a man sitting on a chair. “You, you , you, you are p. pp .ppp .professor oak”, Sergio said and he was shaking the hand of the o so famous Pokémon professor, Sergio was not releasing it. “You are Sergio right I have something for you”, professor oak said and he reached for a red box. “This is your I.D. , It shows that you are registered on the Pokémon league challenged just like you asked yesterday, it also shows all the information on all the Pokémon known so far.”, Professor oak said. “This is your reserved Pokémon the cyndaquil”, professor Elm said. “Now get out of here we are getting late for our radio interview”

Sergio left the lab and he walked to route 101 upon getting there he took a few deep breath and…

To be continued.

(OOC: you can reduce the amount of items my father gave me + this is my longest ever post they will be shorter in the future)

January 6th, 2009, 10:53 AM
@ Wolfwhispers: Great post. God Team U just don't like pansies but they're using Chatot's, Eevee's, Luvdisc's and Swablu's lol.

@ Serginho: What's wrong with a really long post I like them.

Jason's Heracross grew to Lv 10 and learned Focus Punch, Totodile grew to Lv 11 and learned Aqua Tail.

Sergio received all his Pokemon and all his items.

January 6th, 2009, 12:47 PM
Flying team versus rapid team.

Sergio took his first steps in route 101 and looked around, it was an environment looking almost like a park, grass, Pokémon, items, trainers . “Wait wasn’t that an item on the floor just now it is tm…, ………, how cool is that.” Sergio said, he was talking to himself.

Sergio walked further and was already halfway the route. “You know what I’m going to call my father”, Sergio said, he grabbed his blue poke gear and tuned in on the radio. “Hello this is Pokémon today with a special interview, we are interviewing professor Elm, the person who gives the first Pokémon to rookie trainers”, A female voice said on the radio. “I’m so sorry for my delay, but a boy was to late on getting his starter Pokémon, but know I shall introduce myself, I’m……”, Professor Elm started.

“That damn professor Elm, he was one of my role models know he is just some person whom I know”, Sergio started to complain about Elm, Sergio still was looking to how he was going to get at the phone menu and he finally found it and he clicked on ‘dad’. “Hello”, The voice at the other side of the line said. “Dad it is me Sergio your son calling from route 101”, Sergio informed his dad.
“wow son that is great but you don’t have to calm me whenever you reach a place, I have to hang up now I’m actually in the middle of a battle, take care”, Sergio’s dad said and he hung up.

“Wow dad, you made my d….”, Sergio said but was interrupted, he was almost paralyzed, he saw a pidgey and a hoothoot together on fighting stance, they had a look in their eyes as if they wanted to say: “bring it on make my day”.

“Go Scyther use your quick attack, Go starly same goes with you”, Sergio said. Scyther attacked the pidgey and starly attacked the hoothoot, Scyther one of the fastest Pokémon the Pokémon world knows threw some blazing fast quick attacks all were hit due scyther being so fast, all the excitement made Sergio notice that his pokedex was bleeping a while now, hoothoot dodged the attack by twirling around and it countered with tackle.

Sergio finally opened the pokedex

scyther It is nearly impossible to parry its attacking scythes. Its movements are like a ninja's.

starly They flock in great numbers. Though small, they flap their wings with great power.

pidgey It is docile and prefers to avoid conflict. If disturbed, however, it can ferociously strike back.

hoothoot It always stands on one foot. Even when attacked, it does not brace itself using both feet.

“Let’s finish this starly final quick attack on pidgey, scyther finish starly’s job, vacuum wave that hoothoot.”, Sergio commanded, it caused a double knock out and he started celebrating. “yes we did it we won our first battle”.

After the celebration Sergio grabbed his poke gear to finally call …….

To be continued.
(ooc: the points on the first paragraph or for you to fill in.)

January 6th, 2009, 1:16 PM
@ Serginho: I'm afraid you can't have a TM because I dish them out if you want to find an item leave your post like this... Sergio needed to heal his Pokemon but the Pokemon Center was closed he had to find some way of healing his Pokemon he began to search the floors for items. So no TM. Also that wasn't a sufficent battle post so no level up but there is Exp. but not enough to level up, I'm afraid.

January 6th, 2009, 2:13 PM
@ King900000: I'm afraid at the moment you are rejected you really need to work on your character and you can't start off with an egg maybe a Togepi if you want but no egg. Your RP sample was poor you need to legnthen it and look for grammatcial mistakes. Once you do all this PM and I will review my decision.

Edit: All I can say is the same as above you really need to improve the sample and bulk up you Personality, Appearence and History sections. Also in the SU form I don't think I put in a Clothing sections.

I know you didnt put clothing,but I thought it would be easier. Also, sorry I didnt change the wanted first Pokemon, I had to go to school before I could change it. I'll work on it. When I wrote the sample on paper it seemed so significant, but when I typed it.........
Well,you get the picture.

January 6th, 2009, 3:04 PM
Jason ran up the stairs, excited that he was finally at the top level so that he could find out what was going on. Upon his entrance, the first thing he saw was an old man tied up on the ground with a man with black slicked back hair and a suite who was standing over him. The man obviously looked as if he had been expecting Jason.

"Ah, here at last," the man tutted. "Sure took your time to get here to save the Ekder, didn't you?"

Jason scowled. "Look, I don't know what you're talking about or even what's going on."

The man scowled. "Don't play stupid with me, boy. I'll deal with you right now! Go, Leafeon!"

Jason groaned as he was forced to battle again but resolutely grabbed a pokeball. "Go, Chikorita! So this Leafeon who's the better grass type!"

"Chiko," Chikorita agreed glaring at its opponent.

"Leafeon, use Razor Leaf."

"You use Razor Leaf as well, Chikorita!" Jason ordered.

With battle cries, the two launched the sharp leaves from their own respective leaf. The two attacks hit mid air, cutting each off but a few got through, hitting them both and causing them to wince.

"Leafeon, Leaf Blade."

"Meet it head on!" Jason called quickly. "Tackle!"

"Chikoo!" Chikorita snarled, running as Leafeon jumped in the air for a flip before slamming its tail at Chikorita. "Tita!" Chikorita barked, using his own leaf to hit against Leafeon's attack. They met and were at a stand still, each one trying to gain the upper hand as they pushed against each other.

"Chikorita, use Vinewhip!" Jason yelled, seeing an opportunity.

"Chki," Chikorita said, unleashing its whips and smacking Leafeon backwards.

"Leaf," Leafeon winced, shaking its head.

"Leafeon," the man said with a small smile, "use Synthesis."

Jason scowled as the grass type glowed briefly before looking completely energized. He would need a lot of power to take this Leafeon down fast. "Chikorita, return. Go, Heracross!"

With a burst of light, the giant beetle appeared. "Hera!" it called, looking prepared to fight.

"Heracross, use Horn Attack!"

"Leafeon, Leaf Blade."

Charging, the two hit midair as they both jumped, coming down on each other with a lot of power. They both winced as their horn and tail lost its energy and got hurt, immediately jumping back in preparation.

The leader chuckled. "You do know that you can't win, don't you?" Jason watched carefully, waiting. "Leafeon, use Synthesis," he said, just as Jason screamed out his order as well.

"Heracross, Focus Punch!"

Heracross smirked as its claw glowed white. "Co," Heracross grunted as Leafeon powered up once more. Grinning, Heracross flew at Leafeon like a bullet, white claw shining brightly.

"Leafeon, use Razor Leaf!" the leader commanded, losing his cool for the first time.

"Lea!" Leafeon snarled, using its tail to throw the sharp leaves.

"Cross," Heracross chuckled, dodging the attack. With a cry of, "Hera!" Heracross brought its closed claw down on Leafeon's head, slamming it into the ground from the powerful fighting move.

"Lee..." Leafeon whimpered, eyes closing as darkness overcame its minds. Heracross stood over the fallen pokemon proudly.

The leader returned his pokemon, eyes Jason carefully. "Not bad, but see if you can handle this. "Go, Glaceon! Glaceon, Icy Wind," he ordered quickly.

With a burst of white light, the ice fox appeared and immediately blasted a cool jet of air, hitting Heracross in the chest.

"Hera," Heracross grunted, looking pained as a bit of ice appeared on its chest.

"Heracross, return," Jason called. He looked down at the pokeball for a moment, proud of the monstrous bug before grabbing his next pokemon. "Go, Totodile!"

"Totodile!" Totodile called in excitement as it was released. Turning to its opponent, Totodile bared its fangs.

"Totodile, use Water Gun!"

"Dile!" With a blast of pounding water, Glaceon was pushed back a bit but otherwise looked unharmed.

"Glaceon, Signal Beam," the leader commanded.

"Dodge and use Rage!" Jason said quickly.

As the green beam came closer to Totodile, the water type dove to the ground and ran at Glaceon on all fours. Growling furiously, Totodile reached the ice type and proceeded to bash it around, only jumping back as it shot an Icy Wind at him. "Tot," Totodile mocked as it dodged the attack, only to turn around in shock and stare at his tail. Liquid was surrounding it. With a wry grin, Totodile smacked Glaceon right in the head with its tail.

"You learned Aqua Tail," Jason said eagerly. "Alright, try another Aqua Tail!"

"Tile!" Totodile snarled, coming down on the ice fox once more.

"Ice Fang," the leader said quickly.

Fangs glistening and enlarging quickly, Glaceon bit into Totodile's tail as he came at it, immediately freezing its tail. "Til," Totodile winced as it walked aorund sluggishly.

Jason winced and quickly recalled his pokemon back, knowing that it would still get a little experience. "Go, Riolu!" he shouted, his grin becoming dangerous as he realized fighting types were effective against ice types.

"Ruo!" Riolu called, coming out of his pokeball with a burst of light.

"Glaceon, Icy Wind."

"Glac," Glaceon growled, launching the cold attack at Riolu.

"Rio," Riolu grunted, closing an eye as it took the attack, arms over its face. Growling back, Riolu powered up an Aura Sphere. "Riolu!" The ball charged at Glaceon, hitting the arctic fox and blasting it backwards with a small explosion.

The leader grit his teeth in anger. "Glaceon!" he barked. "Use Icy Wind!"

"Dodge and use Aura Sphere again!" Jason called, seeing victory near.

"Riol!" Riolu howled in excitement, running past the icy attack, though his tail got a bit of ice as that part hit the attack. "Rol," Riolu growled, coming face to face to Glaceon with a smirk, Aura Sphere still in its palm.

"Ceon," Glaceon quivered as the sphere was shoved practically in its face.

Riolu smirked. "Rio," it said, sounding like it said 'good night' before unleashing the attack.

"Gllaaaaceee!" Glaceon screamed, falling backwards in defeat on its back, tail still twitching slightly.

With an angry sneer, the man recalled his pokemon. "You may have won the battle," he said lowly, "but you have not won the war. Team U will be back." WIth a smirk, he pulled out a smoke bomb and slammed it to the ground, disappearing as the area was covered with smoke.

Once it cleared, Jason quickly ran over to the old man and helped untie him. "Thank you," the Elder said gratefully, looking extremely tired. "You have done a great deed, stopping those nasty people."

"But what are they doing and what do they want?" Jason asked warily.

The Elder sighed. "Alas, I do not know. You may meet them again, and because of this threat, I wish you to have this," he said, handing Jason a pokeball.

"What is it?"

The Elder smiled. "It is a dark type pokemon." Jason's heart leapt. He loved dark types! "It is a Stunky." Jason's heart slammed down with a smash. Except for those!

"Thank you very much," Jason said, plastering on a smile, ignoring Riolu's nudge and smirk. Damn pokemon could read him like an open book. With a sigh, both Jason and old man left the tower, hopefully to find the town was once again peaceful.

After all, Jason still needed to heal his pokemon at the pokemon center...

January 7th, 2009, 8:31 AM
@ King900000: Still the same answer I'm afraid. The SU's quite good but it's the RP Sample I'm worried about, I'm not sure someone who RP's like that would be good enough for this RP, so I really need you to improve it.

@ Wolfwhispers: Yet again another great post :). Also Aqua Tail is a move for Water Pokemon that regains them health it's not for hitting others in the face with. Also because I can judge how happy Riolu is with you he is now evolving by level is Lv 25-30 okay.

Chikorita grew to Lv 9 and learned Posionpowder. Heracross grew to Lv 12. Totodile grew to Lv 12. Riolu grew to Lv 11 and learned Force Palm. In Jason's adventure Team Unknown fled from Cherrgrove City leaving Jason free to heal his Pokemon buy items and most importantly to progress on his journey on to Route 102. Jason also received a Lv 5 Female Quirky Stunky.

EDIT: Woop 200th Post.

January 7th, 2009, 10:20 AM
The first rival battle

Sergio grabbed his poke gear and dialed a number. Tuuud, tuuud, tuud, “Yo, who am I talking to man”, The voice said. “Yo, Sam what about our battle”, Sergio said. “O yeah I remember Sergio I totally forgot our battle, let’s meet up I am at route 101 just near cherry grove city”, Sam said.

Sergio walked to the end of route 101, seeing all the wild Pokémon ,but not battling them and then he finally saw the boy with messy hair, messy clothes and baggy jeans. “let’s do this then”, Sergio said.

“Alright I’m ready to rumble”, Sam said. He walked to a little lake “by the way one on one only our starters alright, go horsea” a seahorse looking Pokémon came out it was blue.
Horsea It makes its nest in the shade of corals. If it senses danger, it spits murky ink and flees.

“Wow, cool Pokémon you have there, now it’s my turn, Go cyndaquil”, Sergio said calling out a mouse Pokémon with several red dots on his back, out of which suddenly came some flames.

Cyndaquil It has a timid nature. If it is startled, the flames on its back burn more vigorously.

“Cool a cyndaquil, but it is still a type disadvantage dude, start with bubbles”, Sam said, his Pokémon started to created some bubbles out of his mouth which came to cyndaquil at great speed.

“Dodge and use tackle on it but don’t try to get in the water”, Sergio said, cyndaquil dodged the attack and where it was standing bubbles hit the ground hard almost creating small holes, the fire mouse Pokémon started to run to the lake and made an enormous jump pointing on the seahorse, the fire mouse came down with enormous speed.

“Use bubbles to intercept him man”, Sam said, the little Pokémon used the attack but due to the speed of the fire mouse Pokémon it did nothing and the fire mouse Pokémon hit horsea.

“Good job cyndaquil, now try to reach the ground and then use, use…., let’s see what the pokedex says about you attacks”, Sergio said wondering, but he did not see that his Pokémon fell in the water. “O no, cyndaquil go deep underwater and use smokescreen as a pressure to get you up, when you reach the ground don’t stop your smokescreen” Sergio commanded his pokemon and somehow saved him and he know made his pokemon invisible with his smokescreen.

“Horsea, use your bubbles another time dude, jump high and if you see him you do it”, Sam said, he tries to act dump, but he actually is intelligent, the attacks could not be dodged by cyndaquil and it got highly wounded.

“Cyndaquil, o no you are hurt try one last tackle now he is in the air”, Sergio said concerned about his Pokémon, but willing to win

Sergio and Sam saw cyndaquil’s flame on his back burn even harder they saw him run and jump to intercept the other Pokémon with a body slam.

“O No dude horsea….., you did well, come back dude”, Sam said to his Pokémon and he walked toward Sergio, “Good battle man, I look forward to our next battle” he raised his hand waiting for it to be shaken.

“I agree”, Sergio said, as he called his Pokémon back, he then shook Sam’s hand. A few moments later he saw Sam enter cherry grove city, he also noticed a crowd had seen their battle.

Sergio later gave his cyndaquil a potion and entered cherry grove city.

To be continued.

January 7th, 2009, 10:46 AM
@ Serginho: Just read what I wrote in a VM to you. Please don't put To be continued at the end it makes it sounds like a cheesy anime show.

Cyndaquil grew to Lv 6

January 7th, 2009, 1:06 PM
Terror in Cherrygrove city

Sergio entered the rather small city and looked around, there was not very much to see except for men and women with a green uniform and a black U in the middle.

“Excuse me miss, why are you all dressed like this”, Sergio asked he had approached a woman in the green uniform.

“We are team unknown and we are here to…….., don’t talk to me and don’t go to The unown ( it is named after the Pokémon right) tower”, The woman said to Sergio, she looked really though and Sergio had turned awfully scared so he went and asked a normal looking woman.

“Excuse me what is going on in here, why are all the people in green here”, Sergio asked curious.

“Don’t you know, they have taken over the city”, the woman said. “They are all in the unown tower, but don’t ask me what they are doing”
“Well thank you very much, I guess I should be going to that tower then”, Sergio said brave, he walked to the tower and saw a male man in uniform standing there in front of the door.

“Halt, you may not enter the tower order of the boss”, the male grunt said, he already had a poke ball in his hand just in case Sergio would not listen.

“Make me!!!!”, Sergio said acting though, but actually he was almost pooping in his pants “Go starly”

“You had to do it the hard way”, The grunt replied to the idiotic action Sergio made. “Go pichu”

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what got into me”, Sergio started to chicken out.

“Too late little boy, pichu stop that boy”, The grunt said, he had an evil smile on his face, the pichu quickly ran to Sergio and gave him a shock “You aren’t going anywhere”

“Okay, you have asked for it, starly use your quick attack”, Sergio said, he had some kind of fury in his eyes he was not even afraid anymore.

“Dodge it, and use your thundershock”, the grunt said. The pichu dodged the attack and then he let some sparks come out of its cheeks and he pointed it to starly who almost got fried.

“Starly keep up, use quick attack”, Sergio commanded. Starly spread his wings out causing the shock to go stop and he then attacked quickly hitting the pichu.

“Beginners luck, volt tackle that starly”, the grunt said. Pichu got surrounded by electricity and started to run toward starly who was on the ground.

“Fly up”, Sergio commanded, starly flew up and pichu missed the attack “Now glide downwards and then use your speed to tackle the pichu”. The Pichu was chanceless and got knocked by the attack.

“Once again beginners luck, but we are not done”, The grunt said as he withdrew the pichu and mumbling something about pathetic and it called out another Pokémon. “Swablu it is time to stop this little boy”

“Stop calling me a little boy!!!!, come back starly, you did well”, Sergio praised his Pokémon. “Go Scyther it is time for a fast finish”

“Exactly what I was going to say, use peck”, The grunt said. The Swablu started moving toward scyther quickly, but scyther quickly moved to the right and then stood at the back of Swablu, letting Swablu making circles but still managing to stay behind him.

“Now use your vacuum wave”, Sergio commanded his Pokémon, scyther used one of his scythes to hit the Swablu, Swablu stayed at the same position, because it was vacuumed on the scythes of scyther this caused enormous pains.

“Swablu use your swift on the other scythe”, the grunt said. Swablu tried to hit the left scythe but it did not work a bit.

“You know, I first was scared of you but you are really pathetic, scyther throw Swablu in the air and once it is in the air use your quick attack to finish this”, Sergio mentioned. Scyther threw Swablu in the air but once in the air it glided toward scyther and pecked him on his left foot.

“way the go Swablu you wounded his left foot now it cannot move that as it does, so use peck on his left wing now”, The grunt said with the intention of not letting scyther fly.

“vacuum wave when it gets closer”, Sergio said. Both attacks worked Swablu hit scyther’s wing but scyther then turned around and used vacuum wave to knock the Swablu out.

“Oh No you won, I retreat”, The grunt said and he started crying and he ran off like a baby.

“Wow what a [email protected]%@y, now let’s see what’s wrong in the building.”, Sergio said and he entered the tower.

January 7th, 2009, 1:23 PM
@ Serginho much much better post.

Starly grew to Lv 7 and learned Air Cutter. Scyther grew to Lv 7 and learned Swift.

January 7th, 2009, 4:29 PM
Hey I finished my last post bemertonboy. Sorry it is short but I couldn' think of anything else.

January 8th, 2009, 9:00 AM
@ Pikalover10: It's a fine post.

Will didn't know what to do his egg was hatching in his hands.

" Pha Phanpy ". Said his newborn Phanpy

" Wow a Phanphy, it's so cute ". Will wrapped her up in a cloth and placed her in his bag, he smiled at Horace then walked into Cherrygrove City, Will heard a funny noise, there was definatly something going on here. Will approached a man in Green to ask him what was happening....

Will hatched a Lv 1 Phanphy.


It's unable to battle until lv 3 it has it's egg move atm but doesn't learn others until Lv 3. It levels up by how well you include it in your posts for it's First Three levels.

EDIT: Oops I forgot this:

Charmander grew to Lv 6

January 8th, 2009, 11:12 AM
Jason was happy to see that the town had fallen back into its peaceful atmopshere, the resident's seemingly forgetful of the fact that they had been taken over for a short time. Shrugging, Jason bid the Elder goodbye, recieving a bow and kind smile in return.

"Now to heal my pokemon," Jason muttered, heading right away to the tall, red building, pleased that it was no longer blocked.

Entering, Jason was met with the sight of a pink haired nurse with a kind smile. "Hello," she greeted. "I am Nurse Joy, and welcome to the Pokemon Center where I can heal your pokemon. Would you like them to be healed?"

Jason nodded eagerly. His pokemon had done brilliantly and needed proper treatment. "Yes, thank you," Jason said, handing her four pokeballs.

Nurse Joy frowned at the fifth for a moment before masking it. "Would you like the other one to be healed?" she asked, holding a tray that had his other pokeballs.

"No thanks," Jason said. "But I will need to use the PC and create an account. Do you have one?"

"Yes, right over there," Nurse Joy said, pointing at the far right corner. There were three in all, one already being used by a boy with brown hair. Grinning in thanks, Jason headed over to a free one.

"Alright, place pokedex over scanner," Jason muttered, following the directions. A beam of light connected his pokedex to the PC before a screen popped up. Information about his name, age, address and pokedex I.D were uploaded before the screen went blank with a touch screen in the corner for certain features, such as withdraw, deposit, ect.

Jason pressed the deposit button and the PC immediately opened the pokeball holder that had been covered by a hard glass. Putting Stunky's pokeball in the holder, he watched a beam of light flash around it before teleporting it away to the professors lab. The PC simply showed what Jason had at the Professor's lab that he could take back. It was a handy device.

Shutting the PC off, Jason headed back to Nurse Joy, already seeing his pokeballs on a tray for pickup. WIth minor bruises all it took was a simple machine for the pokemon to regain their strength, ibut if it was something more serious, like with that Eevee breaking a paw, then it would require overnight treatment.

Taking his pokeballs and connecting them to his belt, Jason headed outside and toward the pokemart. Entering, Jason heard an invisible bell chime, indicating that someone had entered. A seedy looking man behind the counter watched his every move warily, his hands under the counter, perhaps holding a weapon or pokeball. At least he wasn't foolish enough to forget the little incident from earlier.

Giving a small smile to show he meant no harm, Jason browsed down the isles, seeing various items that just screamed 'Buy me!' How he longed to get a few super potions and even a few TMs, but those were much to expensive, and the TM's were locked under glass with a badge requirement on them. For a few of these, such as Giga Impact (which made his mouth water) a trainer must have at least five badges.

Turning his back on the expensive items, Jason grabbed three new pokeballs. He diffinitely needed more, especially since he only had two left. He wanted to capture more pokemon, though he doubted he would end up training most of them. Oh well, gotta catch em all.

The man counted it up and grunted out, "Six-hundred dollars." Jason handed his pokedex over, allowing it to be scanned.

Retreiving his pokedex back and getting his new items, Jason put them away safely inside his backpack and exited the store, breathing deeply as he did so. With an eager grin, Jason headed forward, and onto the next adventure.

January 8th, 2009, 11:38 AM
@ Wolfwhispers: Wow you made a post that should be really short into a really descriptive brilliant post well done. You may have a reward.

Stunky grew to Lv 7 and learned Screech, Jason bought Three Pokeballs.

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
January 8th, 2009, 1:25 PM
Jun sprinted up the stairs to the first floor of the tower. Much to his shock, Sweeney was waiting there.
"Not you again! Let’s go, Dratini!" Sweeney blanched.
"Are you not even slightly surprised that I managed to be here before you?" Jun shrugged... "And you aren't even going to question my strange name?" Jun shrugged again. Sweeney sighed.
"Fine, go and lose, Eevee," she called somewhat half-heartedly. Jun scratched his head.
"Why don't you have, like, an Ekans or a Seviper or something? Aren't they more your style?" Sweeney just grinned at this.
"Yeah, but the poison type sucks. Come on Eevee, Quick Attack." The small brown fox leapt forwards, moving at incredible speed.
"Wrap it up, Dratini!" Jun shouted and Dratini absorbed the bulk of the attack, then engulfed the smaller Pokémon.
"Finish with Thunder Wave!" Jun ordered and Dratini zapped Eevee with all its power. It fell to the ground, unconscious. Sweeney looked slightly confused.
"Thunder Wave doesn't even do damage, y'know..." she muttered, stopping when she saw the smug look on Jun's face.
"Well, you see," he started, "Dratini has such huge power that even a non-damaging move seriously hurts." Deciding to ignore how little sense this made, Sweeney returned her Eevee.
"Well, you'll never beat my next Pokémon!" she shouted and released...another Eevee.
"How exactly is that any better?" Jun asked, more than a little confused. Sweeney smiled deviously.
"Show them your Bite attack, Eevee!" Grinning maliciously, Eevee leapt forwards and clamped its teeth around Dratini's tail. Screaming, Dratini flicked its tail up, throwing Eevee into the air. As it hit the ground, Dratini zapped it with a Thunder Wave, paralyzing it. Gritting its teeth, it struggled to its feet, only to be surrounded by Dratini's coils.
"You know what to do!" Jun shouted happily and smiling, Dratini squeezed hard, using its wrap attack to fire Eevee like a bullet from a cannon. The furball hit its trainer and the two were bodily thrown through the wall. There was a faint cry of:
"Team Unknown's blasting off again!" and then they were gone. Jun smiled, then headed up the stair to defeat the rest of these evil-doers.

OOC: lol, Dratini has a signature move ;)

January 10th, 2009, 10:22 AM
@ Alipeewee: Good post but the battles were meant to be Two on Two.

Dratini grew to Lv 7.

@ Pikalover10: You have been kicked for threatening the Co-owner of my other RP.

Pikachu isn't open as I've removed it and made it a Wildcard. So Wildcard is open.

January 10th, 2009, 1:10 PM
Yo, when's route 2 up? And don't ban de Pikalover for something in another Rp! Where is da luv, man? Peace out*

Riolu walks away with peace sign out and flowers covering his head**

January 10th, 2009, 1:58 PM
@ Wolfwhispers Route 2 is up now. And I banned him then told him he could come back after a long chat he replied you don't have to do that I'll take the punishment. And that other RP was my other RP. But anyway as promised here is Route 2

Route 102
(2-4 Posts)

A small route linking Cherrygrove City and Violet City, there are many budding trainers on this route as Violet is the site of the First gym. There are also many kinds of Pokemon to catch here, there is One interesting girl dressed in a Pink dress.

Common Pokemon

Levels: 3-9
Type: Bug/Flying
Moves: Tackle, Supersonic (Level 6), Comet Punch (Level 9)

Levels: 3-8
Type: Normal/Flying
Moves: Tackle, Sand-Attack (Level 5)

Levels: 3-7
Type: Bug
Moves: Tackle, String Shot

Levels: 3-7
Type: Bug/Poison
Moves: Poison Sting, String Shot

Uncommon Pokemon

Levels: 4-8
Type: Bug/Poison
Moves: Poison Sting, String Shot, Scary Face (Level 5), Constrict (Level 8)

Levels: 2-7
Type: Normal
Moves: Scratch, Foresight, Defense Curl (Level 4), Quick Attack (Level 7)

Levels: 3-8
Type: Normal/Flying
Moves: Tackle, Growl, Foresight (Level 5)

Rare Pokemon

Levels: 5-8
Type: Water
Moves: Water Sport, Bubble, Hypnosis (Level 8)

Levels: 5-8
Type: Electric
Moves: Quick Attack, Leer, Thundershock (Level 7)

Very Rare Pokemon

Levels: 7-8
Type: Water
Moves: Scratch, Leer, Water Gun, Rage (Level 8)

Also there is a young girl who owns a Magikarp but wants a Sentret, so if you capture a Sentret it's up to you whether you capture a Sentret and keep it or whether you wish to trade and make the young girl happy.

January 10th, 2009, 4:03 PM
Jason trudged through the route, face frowning in disgust as his foot once again sunk into a deep mud hole. He was near a small pond that housed many water pokemon, though all he could see were their shadows. Disgruntled at not getting one to come to the surface, and most likely needing some type of fishing rod, Jason moved on, shaking his foot out as he did.

A deep chuckle made him stop and turn around, only to stare in shock as a rare sight met his eyes. An Elekid, a strong little electric type, was laughing as his irritation.

"Think this is funny, do you?" Jason said in a challenging voice.

Elekid continued to laugh, shaking his head sadly at Jason's sight. Seeing his determined look, however, Elekid smirked and gestured for Jason to come at him. "Ele," he said slyly.

Jason brought out his pokedex and scanned the pokemon while he could.
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa239.pngElekid, the electric pokemon. This pokemon generated power by whirling its arms, though it cannot store its energy.

Grinning at this chance, Jason brought out Chikorita's pokeball, knowing the grass type needed a bit more training then the others. He appeared with a burst of white light. "Chiko!"

"Chikorita, use Razor Leaf! Jason commanded right away, trying to gain the upper hand early in the game.

"Kid!" Elekid roared, dodging with its Quick Attack to the side. "Elk," Elekid smirked, using his momentum to slam Chikorita backwards.

"Chikorita, hold your ground!" Jason barked.

"Chika," Chikorita grunted, pushing back with his head against Elekid's. With a smirk of his own, Chikorita waved his leaf back and forth, spraying a purple powder everywhere.

"Ele!" Elekid snapped, jumping backwards at a safe distance. With an annoyed look at the grass type, it began to pump its muscled arms and launched a Thundershock at the Poison Power, effectively destroying it with a wild grin.

Chikorita huffed, looking unnaffected. "Chikorita, use Razor Leaf again," Jason said, watching carefully. With a sigh from Elekid, it simply dodged with its Quick Attack before launching itself once more at Chikorita. Jason grinned. His plan was working. "Now use Vine Whip on the ground right before it reaches you!"

With a vicious, "Ita!" Chikorita slammed his vines on the ground, sending debris everywhere, and, perfectly enough, right into Elekid as he slammed right into the flying rocks.

"Ele," Elekid winced, clutching his side from where a sharp rock had hit.

"Another Razor Leaf!" Jason said quickly.

"Chikorit!" Chikorita said, launching the leaved as quickly as possible so that the electric type wouldn't dodge in time. The speed helped, and Elekid could only cover his head at the incoming attack.

"Kedl!" Elekid snarled, whirling its arms quickly and launching its Thundershock attack.

With a determined look, Chikorita spun his leaf just as fast as Elekid's arms, effectively blocking the shocking attack. "Chika," Chikorita teased, launching another Razor Leaf atack.

"Ele!" Elekid snarled, charging head on, despite the harsh attack causing damage, and bashed Chikorita to the ground in anger. It would not be made a fool of. "Kid," Elekid smirked as Chikorita crashed to the ground, only to falter as Chikorita fought to get up.

"That's it, Chikorita," Jason encouraged, trying to help his pokemon with words. "You can do it! Razor Leaf!"

"Chikor!" Chikorita launhcing the sharp leaves furiously, main leaf twitching a bit in its irritation.

"Elekid," Elekid groaned, slamming on its back from the attack. It laid there for a moment, glaring at the sky before manging to sit up with a strong look in its eye. "Ele."

Jason obviously thought it had enough. Throwing a pokeball, Jason was surprised to see Elekid punch it right back into his hands. Jason checked the pokeball over, thankful it was still useable. He turned back to the struggling Elekid. "Chikorita, finish it with another Razor Leaf."

Nodding, Chikorita launched its attack, which ddidn't seem as harsh as before. The grass type obviously saw that Elekid was down.

Electricity soarking everywhere as Elekid tried to ward off the incoming attack, it finally let out a sigh of defeat and landed on his side, a few random sparks coming out of its two small horns.

Hesitating for only a moment, Jason threw the pokeball Elekid had thrown back, praying that it would work this time. To his delight, Elekid was sucked into the pokeball with a burst of red light. And that was when it began to shake...

January 11th, 2009, 7:31 AM
@ Wolfwhispers: Just about enough so.

Jason captured a Level 5 Elekid.

January 11th, 2009, 11:04 AM
Name: Aubrey Havenside

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Personality: Aubrey is very sensitive person who likes to hang around with her friends and help others. She also cares a lot of others and she tries to cover that because she thinks that it is a weakness. She likes to joke and pull out pranks that make others to laugh. Although she is considered to be very funny she has a darker side that is revealed only when she gets angry or if she gets too worried about others. In dangerous situations she likes to calm down and she usually finds a way to solve these problems. She is considered to be almost as wise as professor Oak but she is very noble and usually doesn´t take credits on her achievements.

Appearence: Aubrey likes to go out in the wild because nature makes her relaxed. That´s why she wears comfortable clothes that still look cool and doesn´t pull much attention to her. Usually she wears green boots, a green t-shirt, a brown belt and sometimes she also wears a green cap and lite green cloves. Her hair are chocolate brown but when she was still a little girlie she used to have bright red hair.

History: Aubrey was born in Sinnoh region but soon after she was born her father insisted that they would move into Johto region. Later she got a sister, Alice, and a brother who was supposed to be death, Gabriel. Gabriel´s death changed Aubrey as she became a bit more careful and started to take care of her little sister. Later when Aubrey´s parents found out that there is a possibility that Gabriel is alive they started to travel around different regions. Alice and Aubrey moved away from the Blackthorn City to live with their grandmother in Newbark Town. Soon Aubrey started to help local professor and she befriended with him and nowadays she helps professor a lot whil helping her sister Alice and grandmother.

Prefered Starter: Chimchar as a wildcard.

Other Pokemon: Treecko, Squirtle and Combee (female)

RP Sample: Suddenly somewhere from the darkness a huge pokémon sprang into the light and everyone was stunned by it´s beauty. It was huge and angry Rapidash and it was the most beautiful pokémon that Malina had ever seen before. Shining Rapidash dashed at Malina who threw her pokéball up in the air and called her Lumineon out to battle. Almost ghostly Malina stepped aside. Lumineon immediately used Gust at itself which made it to rise up in the air and when it opened it´s fins it was able to almost like fly. Rapidash´s attack failed and it was confused when it wasn´t able to see where it´s opponent was. Without any warning it started to dash at Malina with Horn Attack at it´s disposal.

Once again Malina stepped aside and yelled: “Lumineon! Use Hydro Pump at full power!” and turned over to see how Rapidash turned and continued it´s rampage. Suddenly without any warning Lumineon glide infront of Malina and used it´s the most powerful attack, Hydro Pump. Rapidash didn´t have even a change when Lumineon´s attack hit and made it to crash at the trees nearby. Still Rapidash stood up and now it took aim at Lumineon and used very powerful Flamethrower but Malina and her Lumineon was smarter. “Use Gust with Hydro Pump!” Malina shouted aside and Lumineon worked it out the way Malina had told it to do.

Now Lumineon opened it´s fins and created huge Gust that trapped Rapidash inside of it and immediately fused Gust with Hydro Pump and managed to create huge vortex. Suddenly the vortex started to crash and Rapidash got hit by the water. Now it fell on the ground and this time when Malina was sure of it she threw the pokéball at it and saw how a red light flashed and without any problems Rapidash was captured.

January 11th, 2009, 11:13 AM
Well your pending because your only allowed to bring Three other Pokemon so edit that then your accepted.

January 11th, 2009, 1:02 PM
Jason checked his pokedex as soon as the pokeball had stopped moving. He had caught a female Elekid that was at level five. Huh, that was one tough little pokemon to take on a level nine with that much power. "Good job, Chikorita," Jason congragulated to the happy grass type as he unleashed Elekid.

"Chiko," Chikorita nodded, watching Elekid materialize.

"Ele," it grunted, voice deeper than Jason thought possible for a female pokemon. It turned toward Jason with a sigh before nodding in acceptance.

"Nice to meet you, Elekid," Jason said, spraying a potion on Elekid. "You are definitely one strong pokemon; I can't wait to see what else you can do."

"Eled," Elekid smirked, batting her chest in a show of strength. Jason chuckled before a voice interrupted him.

"Hey, are you looking for a battle?" Jason turned, seeing a boy about his age with a few pokeballs on his belt, and right next to him was a girl that looked a lot like him. Perhaps they were siblings? "My name is Andy, and this is my sister Jess," the boy said. And we're both interested in a battle. Two on two."

Jason tilted his head. "Battle you both at the same time, or one after the other?" he asked.

"Me first and then Jess," Andy said. "So how about it? It'll be a double battle from both of us?"

Jason nodded, eager to try another double battle. "You're on. Alright Elekid and Chikorita, your up.



Andy smirked and tossed his pokemon with a shout of, "Go!"

"Geo!" a rock type grunted as it materialized.

"Shellder," a shell like pokemon said, pointing its tongue out. Jason knew that Shellder were supposed to be a purplish color, but this one was copper. He took out his pokedex for both pokemon.
http://www.dragonflycave.com/dpsprites/074geodude.pngGeodude, the rock pokemon. It is nearly impossible to distinguish one from a rock. Geodude slam into one another in a battle of hardness.
http://www.dragonflycave.com/dpspritesshiny/090shellder.pngShellder, it swims backwards by opening and closing its two shells. Its large tongue is always hanging out.

"You have a shiny?" Jason couldn't keep the jealousy out of his voice.

Andy smirked. "Yep. It sure was hard to find, though. Alright, both of you start off with Tackle!"

Geodude and Shellder didn't run towards Jason's pokemon, but instead hopped at a faster speed than he though possible. "Chikorita, use Razor Leaf! Elekid, Quick Attack!"

"Chiko!" Chikorita snarled, launching its sharp leaves as Elekid ran quickly at the opposing Shellder.

"Geodude, Defense Curl. Shellder, Withdraw," Andy said hurriedly.

The sharp leaves bounced off Shellder, leaving fewer bruises than it should have, and Geodude completely evaded the attack by ducking low. "Ele!" Elekid snarled, punching Shellder back a ways with its Quick Attack as soon as the water type opened its shells. At least that did some damage.

Jason gritted his teeth. "Chikorita, use Poison Powder on them both."

With a determined expression, Chikorita began to wave his leaf back and forth, sending the purple powder. "Both of you dodge!" Andy shouted, knowing that he would be done for if his pokemon were hit.

"Geo," Geodude grunted, closing its eyes in pain as in became poisoned, not having been fast enough to get away, unlike Shellder that was giving it a pitying look.

"Alright, Razor Leaf and Quick Attack!" Jason said quickly, hope in his voice. Now was his chance!

"Defense Curl and Supersonic," Andy growled

Geodude once again curled into a ball, body gleaming as the sharp leaves pounded against its skin. "Geo," Geodude moaned from the effective attack.

"Shell!" Shellder screeched, getting pounded as well from the harsh attack. These two pokemon were obviously at a disadvantage. With a fierce look, Shellder managed to send out a circular beam at Elekid right before it reached it. "Shell," Shellder cooed, watching the effects of Supersonic take over.

"Ekl," Elekid grunted, stopping in its tracks as she looked around. "Ele!" she snarled, running into a tree and punching the living day light out of it.

"Elekid, snap out of it!" Jason shouted.

"Both use Tackle!" Andy said quickly, seeing his chance.

"Chiko!" Chikorita moaned as Geodude's hard and rocky body slammed against him.

"Geo," Geodude winced, shaking from the poison.

"Shlle!" Shellder called, slamming itself into Elekid's head as it continued to pound the tree.

"Ele!" Elekid snarled, rubbing her head and looking around with glazed eyes. "Elekid!" she screamed, making everyone's ears ring as she began to run around wildly, arms rotating so quickly Jason thought her arms would come off. "Ele!" Elekid growled as she slammed her msucled arms into Shellder, sending it skivving backwards and even at Geodude that didn't look that affected. "Eldi," Elekid growled one last time, punching Chikorita in the face.

"Chikorit!" Chikorita snarled back, hitting Elekid in the face with his Vine Whip.

"Hey, hey!" Jason called. "No fighting against each other! Quick, use Razor Leaf and Quick Attack!"

"Eled," Elekid growled, shaking her head for a moment before opening unglazed eyes. "Ele," she smirked, running at Shellder with revenge on her mind.

"Geodue, use Rock Throw to stop the Razor Leaf! Shellder, use your own Tackle against Elekid!" Andy commanded quickly.

"Geo!" Geodude grunted, digging its hands into the ground and revealing large rocks and throwing them toward Chikorita.

"Chiko!" Chikorita growled, sending as many sharp leaves as he could with as much power as possible. To Chikorita's satisfaction, the rocks were cut in half by the first barrage of fierce leaves before the second barrage slammed Geodude backwards.

"Ge... O," Geodude grunted, going unconcious as the poison took effect at the same time as the harsh attack. Andy reluctantly returned the rock type and turned to watch the other two.

"Shell," Shellder growled, pushing against Elekid.

"Ele," Elekid growled back, before smirking. "Ele," she said simply, leaning back and quickly moving to the side.

"Shell!" Shellder sqweaked as the lack of force pushing agaisnt it made it fall forward. "Der," it grumbled, blinking stupidly for a moment.

"Elekid," Elekid said with a fierce grin before taking aim and kicking the shell pokemon far away and right into a tree. "Kid," Elekid winced, running her foot from the impact.

"Shell... der," Shellder said, coming to the ground.

"Come on, Shellder," Andy pleaded. "Get up! You can do it!" Shellder didn' respond. It was completely out. With a sigh, Andy recalled his pokemon. "Good match, he said grudingly.

"Thanks," Jason said. "You did really good as well, despite having a type disadvantage," he said, hoping it would satisfy the boy. He didn't want to leave someone with hard feelings simply because they lost. It seemed to work because he nodded a bit more happily.

"I guess I'm up," Jess drawled, taking the place of her brother. She gave a sly smile. "Ready?"

Jason grinned back and returned Chikorita and Elekid. "I'm ready."

January 11th, 2009, 5:23 PM
Chapter 3:

The egg began to crack and it then exploded in to a bunch of egg pieces. Will looked closer and noticed the egg had hatched in to an elephant looking Pokemon. He quickly grabbed his Pokedex with his free hand and scanned it.

Phanpy, the Long Nose Pokemon. Phanpy uses its long nose to shower itself. When others gather around, they thoroughly douse each other with water. These POKéMON can be seen drying their soaking-wet bodies at the edge of water.

Will smiled at the newborn Pokemon and looked down at Pikachu and Charmander who were standing at his feet. Max grabbed an extra Pokeball and returned his newborn Phanpy and also returned his two other Pokemon.

He looked up to find Horace, but Horace was no where in sight. Will shrugged and turned to walk down towards Cherrygrove City to get his Phanpy checked up on.


As he reached the enterance to CHerrygrove City the first thing that caught his eye was a huge tower. It was located just a little down to the right. In front of the tower stood a man in a green jumpsuit and a nother man in a green jumpsuit was approaching him right now.

"Kid. What are you doing here?" the man asked roughly.

"Oh. I was just passing through and was going to get a checkup on my Pokemon." Will said.

"No you're not. You must leave right now." the man said forcefully.

"No way!" Will said a little louder now.

"Fine. Then, Go Pichu!" the man shouted throwing a Pokeball in to the air.

Will jumped a few meters away and grabbed Pikachu's Pokeball. He threw Pikachu's Pokeball in to the air shouting "Go, Pikachu!".

In two blinding flashes two little yellow mouse Pokemon appeared before them. Max didn't bother scanning the Pichu as he already knew what it was.

"Pichu Thundershock!" the man shouted.

"You use Thundershock too, Pikachu!" Will shouted.(hah! I accidentally made a rhyme there. too Pikachu.:P)

The Pichu's cheeks started forming small sparks and so did Pikachu's. In a few seconds two bolts of lightning were shot at eachother. The bolts collided, but Pikachu's was obviously stronger. Penetrating the lightning, Pikachu's bolt went soaring at PIchu and shocked the electric mouse, but barely weakened it.

"Now use Volt Tackle, Pichu!" the man said gruffly.

"Volt Tackle Pikachu!" Will replied.

Pikachu put his left leg behind him for a push and started dashing at the Pichu. The Pichu did the exact same and dashed at Pikachu. In a few seconds the two Pokemon were engulfed in lightning and they colided with eachother. Dust went flying in to the air and surronded the two Pokemon.

A few minutes later and the dust settled, revealing the two Pokemon staring at eachother. Pikachu appeared to be a little tired while the Pichu apeared to be exhausted.

"Pikachu return!" Will shouted. He knew Pikachu was doing barely any damage to the mouse and instead, he grabbed Phanpy's Pokeball. "Let's see what you can do! Go, Phanpy!"

In a blinding white flash Phanpy popped out and looked at him confused. Max slaped himself for not realizing he should just let Phanpy watch for a while. He scopped Phanpy up and placed her on the ground next to him.

"Hah! Just kidding! Go, Charmander!" Will said. In a blinding white flash out popped Max's little fire lizard.

The smirked and called out "Thundershock!"

"Dodge and use Metal Claw!" Will said.

The Pichu sent out a bolt of lightning at Charmander. Charmander stared at the lightning and then calmly moved out of the way. The lightning shot passed her and her claws grew sharper and sharper. Then she dashed towards the Pichu and her claws seemed to be coated in a metal surronding. She then sliced Pichu with her claws and the Pichu was sent tumnbling backwards. It stopped as it hit the wall of a building and it yelped in pain. Then, it fainted.

Will smirked as the man cursed and returned the Pichu. Then, he grabbed another Pokeball.

"Go, Mantyke!" the man said.

In a blinding white flash a little kite looking pokemon appeared. Will grabbed his Pokedex and quickly scanned it.

Mantyke, the kite Pokemon. A friendly Pokemon that captures the subtle flows of seawater using its two antennae. It is also a combination of flying/water type.

Will returned CHarmander quickly and called Pikachu back out. He smirked knowing this would be a cinche for Pikachu.

"Pikachu use Thundershock!" Will said.

"Use Slam!" the man replied.

Pikachu shot a bolt of electricity soaring at the kite. It dodged the electricity and charged Pikachu. In a few seconds the kite slammed in to Pikachu, knocking him to the ground.

"Now Thundershock!" Will quickly said.

Pikachu charged electricity and shocked the unexpecting kite. It glowed magnificently as it was shocked and it fell to the ground injured. Pikachu then ran up and hit the kite with his head, knocking it in to the air.

"Now jump and use Volt Tackle!" Will said.

Pikachu was engulfed in electricity and then he jumpd up high in to the air. He met the Mantyke and slapped it to the ground. Then he dove after the plummeting Mantyke and smacked it in to the ground. Dust flew up everywhere. When it settled Pikachu was wobbling out and so was Mantyke. Then the two Pokemon fell to the ground. Pikachu was terribly exhausted while the Mantyke was knocked out.

Will quickly returned his Pokemon and dashed for the man standing at the enterance to the tower. He now knew who these goons were. They were part of Team Unkown. Will knew this because a few people had ran out of cherrygrove shouting about them.


Sorry it was short...I have to go eat and was running out of ideas...

January 12th, 2009, 11:00 AM
@ SR: Your accepted as wildcard have fun with Chimchar and co, feel free to post whenever you wish ;).
@ Wolfwhispers: Cool first intro for a shiny into this RP. Can't wait for the battle againest Jess.
@Pikalover10: It wasn't short at all it was good. But you are really nasty to Phanphy aren't you, haha making her almost battle I bet it scared the hell out of her. You seem to have called yourself Max halfway through though.

Chikorita grew to Lv 11, Elekid grew to Lv 7 and learned Thundershock.

Pikachu grew to Lv 9 and learned Thunderpunch, Charmander grew to Lv 7 and learned Ember.

January 12th, 2009, 6:34 PM
Jason grinned in excitement as he saw Jess look him over carefully, taking her time to select from her six pokeballs. She seemed to be a bit unsure. Perhaps her brother was stronger than her?

"Go!" she finally called, throwing two pokeballs to the ground. Two pokemon burst into being, giving battle cries. Jason brought out his pokedex at the strong looking pokemon.
http://www.dragonflycave.com/rssprites/156quilava.png Quilava, the flame pokemon. This pokemon intimidates foes with the heat of its flames.
http://www.dragonflycave.com/rssprites/327spinda.pngSpinda, the dizzy pokemon. No two Spinda have the same pattern of spots.

Interesting. "My turn," Jason smirked. "Go!" With a burst of white light, Riolu and Heracross appeared.

"Rio!" Riolu barked, wide grin in place as it flexed its muscles in preparation.

"Cross," Heracross growled lowly, horn looking sharp and deadly in the light.

"Let's get this started!" Jason howled. "Force Palm on Quilava and and Horn Attack on Spinda!"

"Quilava, dodge. Spinda, use Uproar," Jess commanded quickly, watching with a neutral expression.

"Rio!" Riolu called, hand glowing slightly as it attempted to slap Quilava. Almost effortless, Quilava used its lithe body to jump away, flames rising teasingly. "Lo," Riolu sapt, glaring.

"Here!" Heracross called, flying at the screaming Spinda that was running around in circles with its Uproar attack. "Her," Heracross smirked, obviously unnaffected from the odd attack. With a final battle cry, Heracross slammed Spinda far backwards, causing it to bump and tumble across the ground.

"Spind," Spinda cried out, struggling to get up despite being a bit wobbily.

"Quilava, Ember on Riolu!" Jess said quickly. "Spinda, use Faint Attack on the Heracross."

"Riolu, hit the Ember with Aura Sphere!" Jason shouted quickly. "Heracross, use Focus Punch!"

"Rio," Riolu grinned, launching the blue sphere towards he massive fire attack. The two hit, causing an explosion that pushed the two pokemon backwards and into separate trees, causing damage. "Rio," Riolu grunted.

Heracross powered up its claw, smirking as gave off power. Leering at Spinda, Heracross was about to rush off at the normal type before it disappeared from sight. "Hera?" Heracross qiuestioned, looking around in confusion.

"Spiiinda!" Spida roared, reappearing by Heracross's side and bashing its side with its overlarge head.

"Hera," Heracross winced, claw no longer glowing as it lost focus.

Jason grit his teeth, only to widen his eyes as Jess commanded, "Quilava, Ember on Heracross!"

"Cross!" Heracross screamed as the fire attack slammed onto its back, bringing it to his knees.

"Riolu, Force Palm on Quilava!" Jason said quickly.

"Riol!" Riolu barked, angry at its opponent for hurting its friend. "Rio!" With an amazing jump into the air, Riolu plummeted toward Quilava and smacked it hard, giving a new name to the word "***** slap."

"Quila," Quilava winced, body shaking as a brief static of electricity ran through its body. It had been paralyzed.

"Ember right now, Quilava!" Jess commanded angrily.

"Qui... lava," Quilava whimpered, trying to move.

"Heracross, Riolu, attack it at the same time!" Jason said quicky.

"Spinda, defend Quilava with Tackle!" Jess demanded, eyes looking livid at Quilava's misfortune.

"Spind!" Spinda growled, running at Riolu who had just unleashed its Aura Sphere.

"Rio," Riolu spat, rubbing his eye as SPinda bashed into his head. "Rio," Riolu glanced at Heracross, smirking as he saw the big bug powering up its claw. "Rio," Riolu cooed, nodding toward Heracross in an attempt to distract Spinda.

"Spind?" Spinda turned around.

"Spnda, Uproar!" Jess demanded quickly.

Spinda began to run around, screaming at the top of its lungs. It appeared to be hurting RIolu, who had his ears covered, but Heracross was unbothered. With a grin, Heracross flew at the screaming normal type, fist still glowing. "Hera!" Heracross called, bringing down its closed fist in succession, getting Spinda right under the chin and sending it flying.

"Spin..." Spinda sniffled, rolling around before falling unconcious, fighting type moves being super effective towards normal type.

Heracross smirked, only to scream as a massive Ember attack smashed right into its side. "Cross!" Heracross barked, eyes wide with shock before falling on its side. "Corss," Heracross muttered, falling unconcious.

Jason grit his teeth before muttering a quick," Return," as Jen did the same with Spinda. And now it was Riolu ag ainst Quilava.

"Quilava, Ember!" Jess commanded.

"Riolu, dodge it!" Jason said quickly.

"Eiio!" Riolu shouted happily, doing a flip over the fire attack. "Riol," Riolu smirked, launching an Aura Sphere at Quilava.

"Quilava, Quick Attack!"

"Qil," Quilava growled, dodging the attack and slamming into Riolu, sending it backwards with a grunt.

"Force Palm!" Jason said quickly.

"Ril," Riolu barked, slapping Quilava once more with much vigor.

"Quilav," Quilava growled, shaking its head from the force, sending bits of flame everywhere. "Qul," Quilava whimpered this time, static going through its body.

"Now's our chance!" Jason shouted with joy. "Rioul, Aura Sphere with as much power as possible!"

"Riolu!" Rioku shouted with just as much excitement. Powering up the large blue sphere, Riolu launched it.

"Quilava, dodge! Ember! Do something!" Jess demanded.

"Qui," Quilava muttered, paws shaking from stress. The static was doing too much. Quilava closed is eyes, taking the attack head on with one last pitiful, "Qui," before falling to its side.

"Alright!" Jason cheered, holding out his arms as Riolu jumped into them. "You did it!" Jason said cheerfully, swinging the blue pokemon with excitement.

"Rio!" Riolu laughed as he was swung around, red eyes expressing glee. After a moment, Jason put him down, turning to the two with a gleeful expression.

"That was a goo dbattle from both of you," he said, nodding to them. "I jope we can battle again."

"Perhaps one day we will meet again," Jess said. "But for now, we shall be on our way."

"Yea, see you," Andy said, waving as he followed his sister.

"Bye," Jason said, waving before grinning back at Riolu. "Good job, buddy."

January 13th, 2009, 10:01 AM
@ Wolfwhispers: What a battle fantastic post.

Riolu grew to Lv 13 and learned Zen Headbutt, also Heracross grew to Lv 14 and learned Aerial Ace.

January 13th, 2009, 8:12 PM
Jason walked with a jump in his step. He was in an extremely happy mood. He had won those two battles against those siblings and his pokemon had grown in strength, especially Chikorita. He had been surprised by the little grass types efforts. Too many rumors had clouded his mind about the Chikorita line never wanting to be fighters, just healers.

Well, that rumor was gone from his mind.

"Now what do we have here," Jason muttered, coming across a large pond.

A shadow came forward, causing Jason to tense in preparation. A blue head appeared, followed by a toothy smile. "Toto," the gator pokemon called, spraying Jason with a burst of water.

"H... hey!" Jason called, shaking his wet head Glaring at the laughing water type, Jason threw his pokeball. "Come out, Totodile, and show this one who's boss!"

With a burst of light, Jason's Totodile appeared. "Toto!" it called in excitement, jumping around before noticing its opponent. "Tot," Totodile growled lowly.

The two eyed each other, weighing the disadvantages they had against their own breed. After a moment, they bared their teeth and launched a Water Gun at the same time. The water attacks pounded against each other in a battle of strength and will, neither letting the other gain the upper hand.

"Come on, Totodile!" Jason encouraged. "Just push! You can do it!"

With determination glowing in its eyes, Totodile pushed against the wild Totodile's water attack. Growling, Totodile pushed even more, finally gaining the upper hand as its Water Gun finally over powered the wild pokemon, pushing it back.

"Toto!" it cried, trying to gain its ground.

"Use Rage!" Jason commanded quickly.

"Totil!" Totodile growled, running at the wild one, eyes glowing with a hint of madness. With a battle screech, Totodile landed on its opponenet, bashing it repeatedly with its claws and teeth.

"Dile!" the wild one growled, eyes glowing with anger as it too began to fight back with its own Rage attack. "Dil!"

It soon became a full out brawl as the two gators began to roll around on the dirt ground, bashing each other with their small fists and biting each other with sharp teeth. Their fight had even gathered a crowd of watchers. Various Totodile bgan to pop out of the pond, growling and clapping with much vigor, demanding that the battle continue.

"Todil," Totodile growled, finally punching the wild one in the face, forcing it away.

"Dile," the wild one panted, mouth open as it tried to regain its breath. It's eyes narrowed as it took notice of the other Totodile before gathering itself and launching a Water Gun.

"Dodge and use Aqua Tail!" Jason commanded, hoping that the wild on would lose its strength soon.

Running at the wild one, Totodile grinned in excitement and launched itself, doing a minor flip as it slammed its water covered tail right into the wild one.

"Dile!" it screamed, being launched into the pond with a loud splash. The watching Totodile cheered, urging Jason's Totodile to go after it as they stamped their feet on the ground.

"Toto!" Totodile exclaimed happily, excited by how much effect he had on the others. With a smirk, Totodile wasted no time as Jason commanded him to go after it. "Dil!" it called, diving into the water. It swam happily. It had been so long since he had been able to swim.

"Totodile, use Rage!" Jason shouted as loudly as he could, hoping his pokemon could hear.

Totodile could hear a warped version of Jason's voice, but go the gist of it. Unfortuanently, only after being pushed back into a rock by a strong Water Gun attack.

"Dile!" wild one called angrily, swimming toward Totodile.

Totodile growled, swimming at it as well, claws glowing. "Dilet!" it called, slashing furiously at wild one's side.

"Til," it whimpered from the strike, launching a Water Gun attack.

Totodile swam around the force, eyes once again glowing with anger. "Totodile!" Totodile screamed, launching another Rage attack.

Following, wild one attack with just as much vigor, but there was only so much it could do. This Totodile had been trained by a human...

Up above, Jason watched worriedly, the chanting Totodile's doing nothing to calm his nerves. He could see the blurry images of the two Totodile's battling it out, disappearing every now and then. Finally, when almost ten minutes passed and he was just about to send Elekid out to zap the whole pond, a single Totodile was thrown out of the pond and landed on the ground with a crunch.

Jason felt his heart drop as he stared at the pokemon, only to sigh in relief as he noticed it wasn't his own. "Tot," a voice said, causing him to turn around. His Totodile appeared behind him, looking exhausted. It clutched its stomach, and when it removed its claws it revealed three claw marks on its stomach. Jason winced, hoping he wouldn't have them forever. "Totodil," Totodile said happily, if a bit boldly as it stood over its fallen opponent.

The surrounding pokemon cheered and stamped the ground. "Toto! Toto! Toto!" they called, running around and shooting Water Gun's into the air. A single, lone Totodile appeared, bowing low and offereing a large tooth wrapped in vines. "Dile," it said with respect, causing Jason's Totodile to blink in shock.

Jason felt his blood go cold. Was that Totodile the boss of these others? And did that mean these Totodile were offering his a place in their society as leader? He stared at Totodile, watching the gators eyes glow with pride before glancing at him expectantly. "Tot?"

Jason gulped as he kneeled before his pokemon, getting at eye level. "Whatever you want I will accept," he said quietly, if a bit strained. "I... I'll understand if you..."

He broke off as Totodile laughed at him. "Tot, to dile," he laughed, giving Jason a loving lick. "Dile," he said again, shaking his head and taking Jason's hand in his. "Dilto," Totodile said, saying that he would never leave Jason.

Jason felt his throat get caught. "Th... Thank you," he murmered, hugging his pokemon close and ignoring the sighs from the other Totodile as they took their fallen leader away.

Jason learned a valuable lesson that moment. It didn't matter if he was the trainer, it was his pokemon's decision that stated whether or not they would stay and battle. It was a horrifying thought, losing such a close friend, even if they hadn't been together that long, but they had been through a lot, but it was a lesson well learnt.

"Thank you," Jason said again, patting Totodile affectionately.

"Toto," Totodile said happily, closing his eyes and giving a large smile.

January 15th, 2009, 6:24 AM
Chapter 1, Part 1

"Good morning, Granny!" Aubrey shouted while she stepped inside to the kitchen and saw how her grandmother was hustling around and poured some hot tee in three different cups. "Good morning Aubrey sweetie." Granny said as she turned over and put the tee cups on the table.

"I am really excited. I can finally start my own journey and try to become the Champion." Aubrey said as she walked across the kitchen and sat on a chair and watched how her Granny was still hustling around. "Why is there three different cups when there is only two who drinks tee?" Aubrey asked and looked at her grandmother who was smiling gently at her as she sat on the other side of the table as usual. "Didn´t you remember that Kirlia loves to drink tee too?" Granny asked and started to laugh quietly. At first Aubrey didn´t understand why Granny was laughing for but when Kirlia stepped inside to the kitchen she couldn´t help out smiling. Over the night Kirlia had finally evolved into Gardevoir.

"This is wonderful Kirlia! Oh sorry about that Gardevoir. I can´t call you Kirlia anymore as you are a Gardevoir now!" Aubrey yelled and jumped up as she walked over and hugged her old friend. Then both Aubrey and Gardevoir sat on their chairs and they started to eat some breakfast. Gardevoir only took some fruits like Oran berries and drunk it´s tee but Aubrey ate like a Mamoswine. Finally when the breakfast was over Granny stood up and said: "Your parents sent you something this morning by the way." and walked into the living room while Aubrey followed her.

When they arrived to the living room Aubrey started to think what her parents could have send to her. I wonder if they are finally going to return home. Aubrey was thinking while her grandmother took something and hand it over to Aubrey. "There was also a message that said that in those two pokéballs are some quite rare pokémons." Granny said and smiled gently as always.

Without any hesitations Aubrey threw her pokéballs up in the air and looked how two pokémons landed beautifully into the living room. "The message said that this green one is Treecko and it should be grass-type pokémon and this little blue sweetheart is a Squirtle. It should be water-type." Granny said and smiled as she walked over and started to pet both Treecko and Squirtle. Suddenly without any warning Aubrey called her pokémons back in their pokéballs and said quickly: "I think that they are very cute but we are in hurry now. Professor Elm isn´t going to wait at all as he is very busy already."

When everything was packed and Aubrey was ready to leave she hugged both Gardevoir and her grandmother. But suddenly Granny yelled so loud that even Gardevoir got scared, "I almost forgot to give you my present!" she shouted and quickly ran into the living room. It didn´t take even a minute for her to come back and she was holding a pokéball on her left arm. Almost black ball with beautiful patterns was shining in the light as Granny handed over the pokéball and said: "I caught it yesterday with this Luxury ball. This pokéball contains a Combee that is very rare and I hope that it helps you on your journey."

Aubrey hugged her grandmother and tears were falling from her eyes as she was crying. "I will take good care of my Combee, Granny, I promise it!" Quietly she opened the door and looked once more her grandmother and Gardevoir before she walked away towards the direction where Professor Elm´s laboratory was supposed be.

Soon enough Aubrey arrived to the laboratory that was easily recognised to belong to Professor. Aubrey wasn´t visiting Professor for her first time as she was a good friend of his and she used to help Elm a lot.

"Good morning professor! It´s me, Aubrey!" Aubrey yelled as she opened the door and walked right into the laboratory that was full of books and whiteboards. For a while it was really quiet in the laboratory. Suddenly without any warning Professor Elm shouted: "Nice to see you Aubrey but I am kind of buried into my books right now so could you possibly help me to get out of here?" and suddenly she realised that the big pile of books were covering professor.

Aubrey immediately threw her pokéball out in the air and called her Combee out to help to remove the books. Combee was really helpful and Aubrey knew what to do as she had lived around these pokémons. "Use Gust at those books to free Professor Elm!" Aubrey shouted and looked how her Combee flew a bit closer and created powerful gust that freed Professor.

Aubrey called her Combee back after it had removed the books. "Are you alright professor?" Aubrey asked and helped Elm to stand up and looked how he started to write something as usual. "So what brings you to here?" Elm asked and looked curious to see Aubrey in his laboratory. "Don´t you remember that I am supposed to start my journey today? You promised to give me a pokémon and a pokédex." Aubrey said and looked stunned.

"Is that truly so? Well let me check my notes what pokémon I was going to give you." Elm said and pulled out his little notebook from the pocket and turned pages so quickly that just looking made Aubrey to feel dizzy. "Yes. You were right as always and I have an excellent pokémon for you in spare." Suddenly Elm spinned around towards his desk and pulled a pokéball from a little machine that looked very exciting and attracting.

"This pokéball contains a Chimchar and it is a fire-type pokémon from Sinnoh region. I have also a pokédex that is the latest model and it is supposed to record data from every pokémon you meet on your journey." Professor said as he handed over a pokédex that was coloured in deep red and a pokéball. Aubrey smiled gently as she took her pokédex and the pokéball and hugged Elm before she started to walk towards the door. Without any warning someone yelled behind from the book piles: "You forgot something professor as always!" and stepped aside so Aubrey was able to see who was talking.

"Pedro! Where have you been?!" Aubrey yelled as he saw a white coated boy who was holding something. "I was visiting professor Oak in Kanto region but I returned here as quickly as possible when I heard that you will start your journey." Pedro said and handed over five pokéballs. "You will need these later on your journey and you can buy more of these later from PokéMarts." he said and smiled cunningly.

"Thank you Pedro and remember to take good care of professor so he won´t hurt himself." Aubrey said as he hugged Pedro and left the laboratory. While walking towards her journey she couldn´t help thinking how much fun she would be going to have with her new friends.

Chapter 1, Part 2

"Isn´t it a beautiful day, Chimchar?" Aubrey asked while she walked towards Route 1 with her new friend. Chimchar was sitting on Aubrey´s shoulder and every now and then it jumped into the trees nearby to pick something to eat.

Suddenly a wooden sign took Aubrey´s attention and she ran over to read what it was saying. Moss was covering almost half of the text but Aubrey wiped it away and read the sign.

Route 1 starts from here. Beware wild pokémon!

"I think that we´ll be just fine as long as we don´t intimitate wild pokémon." Aubrey said to her Chimchar and smiled cunningly. Aubrey was already leaning forward to take her first step on Route 1 when a voice totally caught her attention. "Hello, Aubrey!" the voice said and Aubrey instantly turned over to see who was talking to her.

"So you are finally going to start your journey." the voice said. Aubrey was confused not to see who was talking to her when suddenly out of nowhere a girl dressed in pink walked into the sunlight. "Don´t you even remember me?" the girl said and smiled coldly to Aubrey who was stunned. "What are you doing here?!" Aubrey yelled and looked now more suprised and started to smile gently.

"I am starting my journey today too." the girl said coldly and turned her face and looked at the blue and yellow coloured pokémon as she said: "Elm gave this strong Shinx to me and I also received few very strong pokémons from my parents as always." This time Aubrey wasn´t able to smile and she was more grinning.

"Why are you following me, Emily?" Aubrey asked and stepped a bit closer as Emily answered: "We are rivals you know so I am trying to become better. How about a little battle so we can see who is the best?" Emily said and smiled coldly.

"You bet we are rivals and I am going to beat you this time! I suggest that we will have a double battle." Aubrey said and threw one of her pokéballs in the air and Emily looked how Combee came out and started to fly around Aubrey. "Come out to play Cacnea!" Emily shouted and threw her pokéball in the air. Also Shinx ran over to the battlefield and took it´s position right next to green coloured, spiked Cacnea. Aubrey´s Combee and Chimchar also took their position and everything was ready.

Before Aubrey even reached to shout any orders to her pokémons Emily´s cacnea started to spin and used Poison Sting as Shinx used Tackle at Chimchar. Combee managed to avoid Poison Sting by flying up in the air but Chimchar was too slow to dodge Shix´s attack. Aubrey was in drouble from the very first second but she gathered her confidense and shouted: "Use your Gust with fullpower, Combee! Dodge Shinx´s attacks and use your Tackle Chimchar, when it drops it´s guard!"

Now everything had turned over and this time Emily was in drouble as her pokémons took some critical damage. Combee created a huge Gust that whipped Cacnea up in the air and made it to crash towards a tree while Shinx was hit by Chimchar´s Tackle and it fainted almost immediately. Now Cacnea was putting all it´s strenght to Poison Sting and managed to hurt Chimchar really badly. Chimchar had to put all it´s strenght to stand up and it was slower than before.

Suddenly an extreme idea popped into Aubrey´s mind and she didn´t hesitate at all to try it out as she yelled: "Use your Gust at Chicmhar, Combee! And you, Chimchar, use your Scratch at Cacnea with fullpower!" Combee created Gust at Chimchar that made it to spin like a drill while Chimchar was using Scratch. Cacnea´s Poison Sting didn´t hit at all but when Chimchar´s Scratch hit at Cacnea it fainted immediately.

"I guess that we are done here." Aubrey said and smiled at Emily who was boiling from anger as she called her pokémon back to their pokéballs. Emily walked away saying nothing at all while Aubrey was hugging and laughing with Chimchar and Combee.

Together they started to walk towards Route 1 and they formed a perfect team. This was a perfect start to Aubrey´s journey.

January 15th, 2009, 1:27 PM
@ Both: Well done guys great posts.
@ Wolfwhispers: Sorry I didn't rate it yesterday, I have had a load of work and my hands. That was very emotional.
@ SR: Just the One complaint, make sure you seperate every new speech with a new paragraph. Hmmm also battles need to be a bit longer than that, but overall it was a very good opening post.

Totodile grew to Lv 15 and learned Bite and Scary Face.

Aubrey received all his pokes. Then both Chimchar and Combee grew to Lv 6

Also guys Alipeewee has dropped out, but Chikorita isn't open.

January 16th, 2009, 2:31 PM
Will stopped at the door to the tower to catch his breath real quick. The first goon had obviously been watching Will battle and had fled in all the comotion. Will took in one more breath and then began to breath normally. He put his hand on the golden knob and turned it. A faint click was heard from the door and Will opened it, the hinges creaking.

Inside, the tower was musty. Will could actually see dust in the air. A muffled sound was heard from across the room. Will turned his head that way, and noticed a staricase was sitting there. He creapt up to the staircase and looked behind it.

"Wah!" a startled man from behind the stairs cried.

"Gah!" Will cried startled.

Will fell on his back and then scrammbled to his feet as he heard footsteps coming from upstairs. The man motioned for Will to sit back there with him, and Will did so. It was cramped, but there was no sign of them there other then the screams.

A man stood in front of the staircase, examining the appearently empty room. He wore a Team Unknown outfit and had two Pokeballs on his waist. Will reached for his Pokeball and then stopped as the man turned towards where they were at.

The man turned around for a moment and then Will flipped his hood over his head and sat in the corner. He stuck his head in the very cowel of the hood and appearently began to blend in with the surronding.

"Ah...ah....CHOO!" the man with Will sneezed.

Will twitched as the Unkown grunt came darting towards them and grabbed the man.

"What are you doing here?" he demanded.

"Ah....um. Well when you evaded I was trapped here. I just want to go home." the man begged.

"No way. Now you know what we're up to." the unknown grunt grabbed the man and began to head for the stairs.

Will couldn't take it. Team UNknown was willing to just go around hurting innocent people.

"Hey!" Will blurted out rising from his invisable form "Let him go."

The man's eyes lingered to Will's belt and he smirked seeing the three Pokeballs at his waist. The man grabbed one of his Pokeballs and took it off.

"Let's battle for him." the man said.

Will nodded and grabbed Charmander's Pokeball. "Go, Charmander!" he said.

In a blinding white flash Charmander appeared in front of Will and he looekd deadly serious. "Char!"

"Go, Luvdisc!" the man said.

In a blinding white flash, out popped a red and pink heart with eyes and a white mouth. Will called Phanpy out so she could see him battle again and then scanned the Pokemon with his Pokedex.

Luvdisc, the Rendezvous Pokemon. It lives in warm seas. It is said that a couple finding this Pokemon will be blessed with eternal love.

Will sneered. It would be sort of easy, but a little harder because it was water type against a fire type. The man noticed Will's sense of alarm and sighed boringly.

"Let's go! Luvdisc use Water gun on that puny little Charmander!"

"Dodge and use Metal Claw!" Will replied.

Charmander squated down, his claws growing sharper and sharper and seemed to be coated in metal. The Luvdisc shot a huge wad of water at Charmander, Charmander jumped in to a spiral towards Luvdisc, his tail slapping her across the face as he came near her, and landed right in front of her.

He slashed and dug his claws in to Luvdisc, determined to win this battle. Luvdisc yelped and then started fiercely spinning and then hit Charmander. Charmander flew back and landed on the wood floor panels right in front of Will.

"Now use Tackle!" the gurnt said.

"Use Scratch!" Will said.

Charmander's claws grew sharper again as the Luvdisc approached at awesome speed. She was getting ready to hit Charmander, and HCarmander was getting ready to slash down furiously, but the Luvdisc slammed in to him, sending him flying in to Will.

Will caught Charmander, and then sat him back on the ground. Charmander shook his head fiercely and then darted at Luvdisc. He slammed his claws in to her chest and she backwards. She landed on the floor panels in front of the man, knocked out. Charmander smiled triumphantely.

Will sighed with relief and hopped that Charmander and Pikach could hold out if there were any more battles after this one. In a blinding red flash the Luvdisc disappeared as the man returned her to her Pokeball. He grabbed another one and it grew larger.

"Go, Eevee!" he called.

Will smiled knowing tactics to beating an Eevee and kept Charmander out.

"Eevee use Bite!" the man said.

"Use Ember!" Will said.

The brown and tan cat's teeth grew sharper as he dashed at Charmander. Charmander shot out a unch of flaming embers, each hitting the cat and scorching his fur. The Eevee yelped and spat at Charmadner and then began running again.

"Now use Metal Claw and keep slashing!" Will said.

Will knew that an Eevee's defense was a lot lower then normal, but their attack power was unbelievable. If Eevee landed a few hits on Charmander that was it. Charmander's claws grew sharper and were coaed in metal. He slashed at the Eevee constantly and the Eevee cried out in agony.

It finally managed to hop away behind Charmander and bared his teeth in to Charmnder's tail. Charmander yelped and then flicked the tip of his tail to were it was touching Eevee. Eevee quickly let go and hopped away after the flame scorched his fur.

"Now use Ember!" Will said.

Charmander shot burning embers at the Eevee, all hitting him dead on target. The Eevee was sent flying in to a wall and it slid down the wall slowly. It finally came to a halt on the floor and it was knocked out. Will sighed thankfully and quickly returned his Pokemon and grabbed the other man's arm. He led the man to the door and quickly told him to leave. The man obeyed without question and left.

Will turned to face the staircase and then took in a deep breath. he quickly sneezed because of all the dust rissen in the air from their battle and began to climb the stairs.

Again sorry it is short...

January 16th, 2009, 2:39 PM
@ Pikalover10: Nah it's alright.

Charmander grew to Lv 10 and learned Smokescreen.

January 17th, 2009, 3:39 AM
Into the tower.

Sergio stepped into the tower, he started to look around to see if there is something interesting to see in his surrounding, it was an old building probably made about 50 years ago.

“So, somebody got in the tower, I knew that we had to choose another grunt, but know you are all mine”, The grunt said, looking just a bit different than the other, with a name tag on his chest saying ‘upper grunt’.

“ Another battle damn, do you think that I don’t have things to do”, Sergio said, he was not really smiling.

“We will be doing this until you give, so give up it will save me some time”, The grunt said. “GO eevee”

“So you want to play it that way, then it is time for Cyndaquil”, Sergio shouted.

“Quick attack him”, the ‘upper’ grunt said.

“Jump, when you have done that, you tackle him”, Sergio commanded

Cyndaquil jumped to dodge the attack and he slammed the pokemon from, but the pokemon had no serious harm.

“Simply pathetic, do you think that my pokemon is that weak, use your bite on his back, and stay there.”, the ‘upper’ grunt said.

Eevee had his teeth on Cyndaquil’s back, but it was not the best ever decision, actually a really bad one.

“Oh man you are so dump, I feel pity for you right now”, Sergio said, he was grinning like a real bad guy. “Now Cyndaquil, flame on”

Out of the red dots on Cyndaquil’s back came fire, this burned eevee’s mouth and teeth, but it was still not the end of the battle.

“If that is something to feel pity for then you don’t know my mentality”, the grunt said, his pokemon looked awfully hurt, but he did not care at all. “This little eevee was lucky that I found it in that garden of that old man, it has impressive power and that is why I will show you this”

His eevee knew what his trainer was saying and unleashed a quick attack, he headed straight toward Cyndaquil this time not to miss.

“Wow, Cyndaquil are you alright”, Sergio questioned his pokemon, cyndaquil shook his body showing he was ready to fight. “use your smokescreen”

Cyndaquil opened his mouth causing smoke to come out of the mouth surrounding the whole battle field.

“now use your tackle, full power”, Sergio commanded his pokemon.

In all the smoke there was no action at all see able, but a few seconds after Sergio commanded his pokemon to attack eevee came flying out of the smoke, totally knocked out.

“Wow, you are better than you look, go luvdisc”, the grunt said.

“you did well Cyndaquil come back, go starly”, Sergio called out his pokemon.

It lives in warm seas. It is said that a couple finding this Pokemon will be blessed with eternal love.

“it seems that you did not got that blessing, because you don’t even know what love is, use quick attack”, Sergio speeched the grunt.

Starly flapped his wings to get up and then at high speed he approached the luvdisc.

“Stay still and let him attack you”, The grunt said.

“Bulls eye”, Sergio cheered for the attack.

“Aqua ring now”, the grunt said.

There was a ring made of water surrounding luvdisc, it seemed like it’s wounds were cured a little bit.

“You can’t keep doing that, use your air cutter”, Sergio said.

Starly flapped his wing creating a crescent shaped wind attacking luvdisc making it fly toward it’s trainer causing both to get unconscious.

“ Next time just attack me”, Sergio said and he walked toward the stairways grinning.

January 17th, 2009, 5:46 AM
@ Good post.

Starly grew to Lv 9 and learned Wing Attack and Cyndaquil grew to Lv 8.

January 17th, 2009, 4:27 PM
Will constantly was coughing now. It was probably his allergies working up again. He was alergic to pollen but when a bunch of dust stirred it was hard for him to breath easily. He kept climbing the stairs and came to find a woman rushing down the stairs and she stopped in her tracks.

She quickly grabbed one of her Pokeballs without saying anything and threw it up in to the air. In a blinding white flash another Eevee popped out of it. Will did the same and his yellow mouse popped out and Pikachu looked ready to go.

"Pikachu use Thunderpunch!" Will said.

"Dodge and use Quick Attack!" the woman countered.

Pikachu's arm shot in to sparks and was instantly covered with lightning. He then began to dash at the Eevee waiting for an opening. He lunged at the Eevee, but the Eevee instantly shot out of reach and slammed in to Pikachu.

"Pika!" Pikachu yelped.

He sprawled across the floor and instantly shot back to his feet. He shook his head and ran at the Eevee again. The Eevee jumped over him this time and slammed in to him again.

"Pikachu use Thundershock instead!" Will said.

"Use Bite." the woman replied calmly.

Pikachu stopped moving and spun around to face the Eevee. His cheeks began sparking and then a lightning bolt was sent flying at Eevee. The Eevee opened its mouth getting lose to Pikachu, and the lightning shocked its mouth. IT flew back in to a wall and slid down to the ground.

"Now Bolt Tackle!" Will said.

Pikachu started dashing at the Eevee. He was engulfed in lightning and started racing at the Eevee getting faster with every step. He slammed in to the Eevee, knocking it through the wall. It plummeted to the outside ground and slammed in to it. Pikachu strained his eyes and saw that it was knocked out.

He dashed back to his starting position as the grunt walked over and examined her Eevee from the second floor. She grunted and then returned her Eevee. She grabbed another Pokeball and threw it up in to the air.

"Go, Chatot!" she said.

In a blding white flash a colorful macaw popped out. Will grabbed his POkedex and scanned the Pokemon.

Chatot, the music note Pokemon. It can learn and speak human words. If they gather, they all learn the same saying.

Will slipped his Pokedex back in to its case and then returned his gaze on the flying bird.

"Chatot use Sing!" the woman said.

The Chatot perched on the ground and began to sing a wonderful melody. Will quickly clammped his ears shut with his hands and watched his Pikachu fall asleep.

"Now use Ariel Ace!"

Chatot swooped in to the air and then dived down on the helpess mouse lying near it. It slammed in to Pikachu, almost breaking the floorboards under it and then swooped back to its starting position. Seeing as Pikachu wasn't yet knocked out, Will quickly returned him and called out Charmander again.

"Use ember!" Will said.

Charmander shot out a bunch of burning embers at the bird. They all hit on target and singed its feathers, causing it to fly awkwardly now. Charmander jumped in to the air and then knocked the Chatot out of the air and to the ground.

"Now use Metal Claw!" Will said.

Charmander's claws grew sharper and were covered in a metal coating now. He dashed at the unexpecting Chatot and began to viciously slash at the bird. The bird squaked in pain and slapped Charmander away. Charmander stepped backa dn then began to slash at the bird again.

The grunt obviously seemed to have atleast one nice bone in her body. She quickly returned her bird before it got seriously injured and stared at Will in the eye.

"I give up. I have lost and no reason in letting my Chatot suffer for it. Go on ahead. I'm going back to base." she said.

And with that, she left moping down the stairs. Will stood there puzzled, shok his head, and then returned his Charmander and began proceeding up the stairs again.


If I don't get EXP because Will didn't win after knocking both Pokemon out let me know and I'll edit this post with him knocking the Chatot out.:)

January 25th, 2009, 3:28 AM
Sorry guys but I'm quitting this for a small period of time, most likely a week because time isn't on my side, any questions just PM or VM me.

January 28th, 2009, 9:04 AM
Okay guys, I've pushed alot of things away so I can re-open this, so let's start with my kicking the people who hadn't posted in ages even before I'd closed this, so Mira is out and that means the wildcard is open, which I'm taking.

@Pikalover10: Sorry about this i forogt about it.

Pikachu grew to Lv 11 and learned Thunder Wave, Charmander grew to Lv 12

January 28th, 2009, 1:38 PM
I'm inquiring of a place in this other RP ;)

January 28th, 2009, 1:51 PM
Well Chikorita's open ;) So you could SU for that???

Silver's Intro (Pts 1+2)

Silver was sitting on a park bench, his Two companions, Gold, the Pokemon breeder and Crystal, the contest hopeful were in the corner playing with their Pokemon. Gold walked over towards Silver and stared at him, he then blurted out.

" Silver why don't you release Pokemon other then Pichu ". Silver looked at his Pichu, she was happily jumping up and down on his lap.

" Gold you know why ". Silver was in a mood after his recent loss againest his brother Volkner, after the battle Volkner had given Silver a egg which eventually hatched into his pride and joy, his Pichu, since the battle Silver has refused to use any of his other Pokemon in fear of annoying Pichu.

" Silver, you'll need more then Pichu to defeat Falkner in Violet City ". Silver stared at Gold with a cold glare in his eye. " You know what Silver, I know what I can do to make you use Gligar and co, I challenge you to a Two versus Two battle. Pichu versus Quilava and Aipom versus any One of your other Pokemon ". Silver ripped a Pokeball from his belt and held it tight in his hand.

" Gold, I accept your challenge ". Silver hoisted Pichu onto his shoulder so she could witness the First battle.

" I choose you Quilava ".

The flame Pokemon. The Pre-Evolved form of Typholsion and evolved form of Cyndaquil. It intimidates foes with the heat of its flames. The fire burns more strongly when it readies to fight.

" Actually you know what, I think Eevee might get a kick out of this ". Silver threw Eevee's ball and out emerged his gorgeous Eevee.

" Alright it's a real battle, Quil use Flame Wheel ". Quilava covered it's self in flames and rolled towards Eevee.

" Eevee, show him what you can do, send him back with Shadow Ball ". A Black ball formed in front of Eevee she then Headbutted it and sent it at Quilava. The ball caught the side of Quilava and shocked it into stopping. Quilava looked at Gold ready for it's next command.

" Quil use Flamthrower ". Flames flew out of Quilava's mouth and sharply towards Eevee.

" Eevee try to dodge it ". Eevee manged to dodge the move but fell on top of a strange Green rock, a bright light started to emnate from Eevee, she was changing shape. When the light stopped out emerged a much larger stronger looking Pokemon, Silver took out his Pokedex and scanned her.

The verdant Pokemon. The evolved form of Eevee. Just like a plant, it uses photosynthesis. As a result, it is always enveloped in clear air.

" Silver, Eevee may of evolved but she's now a Grass type and that makes her weak to Quil's fire attacks ".

" Gold, you have the sheer will to win but I have the tactics and I know how to win this, with a type dis-advantage or not, this is my victory ".

" Alright then Quil use Flamethrower ". The flames moved from Quil's throat and sharply towards Leafeon.

" Leafeon use your evolution move notes in the Pokedex, Energy Ball ". A Green ball moved from Leafeon's throat and towards the flames. But the flames over powered the Grass type move and closed in on Leafeon. The flames caught Leafeon full on and immediatly fainted her.

" Great work Quil, come back, that makes it One-Nil to me Silver ". Quilava ran back towards Gold and rubbed his neck againest Gold's leg. Gold signalled with his fingers that it was One-Nil.

" Return Leafeon, Yeah Yeah Gold, but you know you won't defeat Pichu ". Pichu jumped from his shoulder and reared itself for a tough battle.

" Yeah alright ". Silver noticed Gold taking Aipom's Pokeball from his belt.

" Wait, don't use Aipom, use your newly caught Pokemon ".

" What the One that the man from the tower gave me ".

" Yeah that One ".

" Alright then I choose you, Corphish ". Out from a Pokeball emerged Gold's newest Pokemom, crab like Pokemon, name Corphish.

The ruffian Pokemon. The Pre-Evolved form of Crawdaunt. Its hardy vitality enables it to adapt to any environment. Its pincers will never release prey.

" Gold, now we have the upper hand ".

" Yeah I've yet to see Corpy in battle, this'll be difficult ". Corphish turned to look and Gold, Corphish sunk to the ground in annoyance, he couldn't beleive that his trainer didn't beleive in him.

" Haha, even Corphish can sense your vibes, you know your not going to win ".

" Okay then, Corphish use Bubble ". Corphish' claws opened up and a few bubbles paced towards Pichu.

" Pichu smash them all by using Tail Whip ". Pichu jumped up and smashed it's tail into all the bubbles, they smashed in the process.

" Pichu Piii ". Pichu landed back on the floor with ease, she was telling Corphish he was going down.

" Okay she's stronger then see looks, get close then use Vicegrip ". Corphish scutulled towards Pichu, ready to use Vicegrip.

" Pichu, put him off with Growl ".

" Pichu Piiiiiii Chuuuu ". Pichu growled at Corphish.

" Corp Hish ". Corphish said in a scared tone.

" Okay Pichu now he's on the back foot use, Thundershock ". Pichu charged up then let out a fierce lightning bolt out at Corphish.

" Corphish use Harden to deflect it ". Corphish turned Silver and the Thunder bounced off and away.

" Pichu, looks like desperate times call for desperate measures, theres no getting out of ths One, Pichu use Volt Tackle ". Electricity formed around Pikachu, she started to run towards Corphish, with no fear in her mind.

" Pichu Piiiiii ". She connected full on with Corphish, smoke appeared and nothing was to be seen.

" Corphish no ". Gold ran into the smoke looking for Corphish. The dust settled and there was a victorious Pichu standing on top of Gold's Corphish.

" Great job Pichu ". Silver said and he lifted her on to his shoulder.

" Return Corphish, you did great, well Silver looks like we're heading to Violet City for your gym battle ".

" Yes we are Gold yes we are ". They walked off into the sunset together side by side.

" Hey guys wait for me ". Said the female character of their gang, Crystal ran off towards Gold and Silver and joined them, the Three of them were side by side by side.

Violet City
(2-4 Posts Please)

Well Violet's pretty much like every other city in this RP so far, you can heal your Pokemon at the Pokecenter, you can buy regular items at the Pokemart, but there is a twist, there is a Gym, Violet City is the site of the First Johto league Gym battle. There will be Two Gym trainers then the leader, you have to defeat at least ONE of the Gym trainers before you can challenge Falkner for your badge.

Trainer One:


Swablu Lv 10
Type: Normal/Flying
Moves: Growl, Peck, Astonish, Sing

Starly Lv 11
Type: Normal/Flying
Moves: Tackle, Growl, Quick Attack, Wing Attack

Trainer Two:


Tailow Lv 12
Type: Normal/Flying
Moves: Growl, Peck, Focus Energy, Wing Attack

Offical Johto Gym Battle:


This battle will be Three on Three, the trainer who knocks out the opponents Three Pokemon First is the winner, in the challengers case they will the badge, in Falkner's case he retains his pride.

Pidgeotto Lv 15
Type: Normal/Flying
Moves: Gust, Tackle, Sand-Attack, Quick Attack, Aerial Ace

Skarmory Lv 16
Type: Steel/Flying
Moves: Leer, Peck, Sand-Attack, Swift, Agility, Steel Wing

Shiny Yanmega Lv 20
Type: Bug/Flying
Moves: Sonicboom, Quick Attack, Bug Bite, Ancientpower, Night Slash, Detect, Silver Wind

Reward: Zephyr Badge and a TM40: Aerial Ace

January 30th, 2009, 3:06 PM
Hey guys, heres my first post...

Chapter One - A Fresh Start

Beep Beep

The alarm rang loudly in Ben’s ear. He opened his eyes and squinted as a small beam of light shone through a gap in the curtains and into his eyes. It was early, he knew that, but that was ok today was the day he was finally getting his pokémon. He had been waiting for six years for today, ever since his parents told him they weren’t going to let him leave all those years ago. Now, though, he was in a new region, and was making a fresh start. No-one could stop him this time. He looked over at his backpack and double checked he had packed everything he would need. Satisfied, he walked downstairs and placed the note he had written to his parents explaining that he had seen on an advert that Professor Elm was giving away starters and he was leaving to get one. With that he slid out of the door and looked back briefly, before starting the long walk to Professor Elm’s laboratory.

Ben finally reached the lab, checked his watch and saw it was just after 10 o’clock and stood at the door. Professor Oak had asked the trainers to meet at 11. Ben was early, but he decided to knock anyway. He had been waiting long enough for this after all. As he reached the door, though, a thought crossed his mind, ‘what if my pokémon isn’t here yet? Maybe I should wait until 11.’ With that he turned and was making to leave when the door opened behind him.

A tall man with glasses and wearing a lab coat was looking at Ben, with the paper he had just picked up tucked under his left arm and a cup of coffee in his right hand. “Err, well I....” Ben began to mumble

“Too excited to wait were you?” Ben nodded nervously. Elm sighed “Well I guess you better come in then”

Upon reaching the main lab, Professor Elm launched into a long and boring speech. Ben stood there and didn’t really understand any of it... until the last six words that is. “Let’s get you a pokémon then!” finished Elm. Ben nodded and followed the Professor to a table at the back of the lab, on which the three starter pokémon were seated. Ben looked at them in wonder, in just a matter of moments one of these pokémon would be his partner..

“You have a choice of three pokémon as your starter Ben: a Chikorita, a Totodile or a Cyndaquil, but you knew that already I guess?”

‘Too right I already knew that’ thought Ben, ‘I’ve been thinking about this choice since I got here...’

Needless to say any of these would make a great starter pokémon for any trainer” Elm continued, “So Ben, have you decided which pokémon you would like?”

“Could I have Cyndaquil please Professor?” asked Ben, looking down at the fire type pokémon. Cyndaquil looked up at Ben curiously. Ben reached out to stroke Cyndaquil, who immediately lit up the flame on his back.

“Don’t worry,” said Elm encouragingly, “Cyndaquil will get used to you soon enough.”

Ben nodded uncertainly and returned Cyndaquil to his pokéball before walking out of the lab towards Route 101.

January 30th, 2009, 3:08 PM
@ Good starting post:

Ben received a Lv 5 Cyndaquil, a Pokedex and Five Pokeballs.

January 30th, 2009, 3:49 PM
Can you reserve Chikorita for me? If not then Pichu is fine too.

January 30th, 2009, 3:54 PM
Okay, Chikorita is reserved for you.

January 30th, 2009, 5:55 PM
Name: Reina Moore
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Personality: Reina is a bit of a coward. That being said she is afraid of hights, spiders, thunderstorms, the dark, closed spaces, creepy looking pokemon, deep water, snowstorms....ect. Despite her fears however Reina is determined to become a pokemon coridnator. She's very cheerful and optomistic and because of this is able to bond with her pokemon quite quickly.
Appearence: Reina had long wavy brown hair held back with a headband. There are a few lose curly strands over her forhead. She has somewhat of a childish face despite her age. She's also short for her age which doesn't help matters much, standing at around four foot six. She typically dresses very causually in a pair of jean shorts, a red and pink shirt tucked into her shorts and a jean jacket. On her feet is a pair of simple white tennis shoes. She carries a small bag over one shoulder with a pokeball shaped clip holding her bag together.
History: Reina being an only child was raised by bickering parents who constantly argued over her future, despite it being her choice. Finally they got a divorce, but Reina wasn't there to see that. She had been secretly saving up money from a part time job til she could get out on her own. Once she finally gathered up enough money Reina set out to acomplish her dreams of becoming a great Coridnator.
Preffered Starter: Male Chikorita, Brave nature
Other Pokemon: Shiny Taillow female, Vulpix female, and Shinx Male
RP Sample: From Animorphs the new team

Reina had left for the construction site a little before evening while the sun was just beginning to set. Wanting to be the first one there to scope the situation out.

After all it never payed to be un-prepared.

She climbed up onto one of the old buildings there and looked about. There was no one in sight, so she sat down cross legged to wait.

A few hours later her stomach was growling in hunger as a few others began to show up.

The guy from the other night.....what was his name? Reina was never too good at remembering names showed up well after everyone else.

He held out what looked to her like a completly blue rubix cube.

Reina grabbed onto a pipe beside the building she had climbed earlier and slid down carefully. It was dark now so she had to be more careful.

A few people seemed to jump slightly as she appeared from above.

When Jacob gave the warning once more Reina payed close attention to him, looking for any falseness in his statements. Upon detecting none, she followed his instructions and placed her hand on what he called the 'Morphing Cube' or 'Blue Box'.

She felt a sharp tingel travel from her arm to up and down her spine. It felt strange, not hurting exactly just not plesent either.

She jerked her arm back and wiggled her fingers.

She followed Jacob and the others as they left for the zoo.

Once they arrived Jacob explained what they had to do and that if they betrayed him he would turn into a Hyena and rip them apart.

Reina shuddered at this.

Once everyone left she stayed behind for a moment. "Jacob?" she asked. "I get the feeling this is more dangerous then you're letting on. I'd like to know what dangers all of this."

Reina waved a hand about.

"Could have on the rest of us? Are there any issues that could happed from using the cube?" she shoved her hands deep into her pockets.

Reina slowed her pace behind Jacob, and listened to his words intently.

Strong willed.....She figured she could handle that. When she and her brothers got into fights despite her much smaller size she faired ok. This couldn't possibly be more difficult.

Her eyes widened at his next words.

"Trapped...." she almost choked on her own words. Unable to take a human form again, to be stuck living in a body not your own. "I'll just have to make sure I don't go over two hours then."

Reina walked ahead slightly. "All of this sounds dangerous and I think I understand a bit better. Part of me is telling me to run screaming all the way home."

She paused.

"Yet another part is saying this could be your chance to become part of something amazing. I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm ready to kick some alien butt." she poked her tongue out and laughed.

"So fearless leader, where can I find the lions?" she suddenly grinned, feeling an excitement she hadn't felt in a long time....maybe ever.

January 30th, 2009, 10:42 PM
Jason grinned as he finally entered Violet City. After all that happened, he was eager to get his pokemon healed. As it was still early, he thought he'd also check out the gym before it got dark. Heading toward the large red building, Jason eagerly entered.

"Welcome," Nurse Joy greeted. "Are you here to heal your pokemon?"

"Yes," Jason said. "And I'm sort of eager to get to the gym leader..."

"I understand," Nurse Joy said with a warm smile. "This will just take a moment." Putting his pokeballs in the healing machine, Jason watched the pokeballs light up for a minutes before it stopped with a ping. "Here you are, and have a good day."

"Thanks!" Jason said energetically already running out of the pokemon center. Stopping, he looked around before noticing a large building with the word GYM on it. Grinning, Jason ran over and headed inside, getting a little startled as he entered darkness. "Hello?" he called.

Immediately, lights turned on. A boy a little older than him appeared. "Here for a gym battle?" he asked. Jason nodded. "Well, I'm Shaun. If you wish to challenge the gym leader, you must defeat me in battle. Are you ready?"

"I'm ready," Jason said, pulling out his pokeball. "Go, Elekid!"

Shaun grimaced, but pulled out his pokeball. "Go, Taillow!"

Jason grinned. "Elekid, Thundershock!"

"Taillow, Wing Attack!" Shaun commanded.

"Tail!" Taillow screeched, diving at Elekid, wings glowing.

Elekid smirked, pumping her arms and sending a bolt of elecricity. "Ele!"

Attempting to dodge, Taillow reared off, faltering mid air. Seeing his chance, Elekid redirected the electric attack, hitting the bird head on.

"Taaail!" Taillow screeched in pain, nearly falling to the ground.

Shaun sighed, hating the type disadvantage. "Taillow, try a Wing Attack," he ordered.

Regaining his surroundings, Taillow dived at Elekid again. "Low!"

"Elekid, surround yourself with electricity!" Jason barked out.

Nodding in understanding, Elekid pumped her arms, surround his body with yellow energy. "Kid," he smirked.

Shaun blanched. "Taillow, turn away!" he called.

"Release!" Jason laughed, watching with excitement as the electricity shot out and hit Taillow right in the back. "Nice!" he congragulated.

"Ele," Elekid said happily, pounding her chest proudly.

Shaun sighed. "Hate those type disadvantages."

"Stop mumbling about disappointements and pay attention to the battle!" Jason snarled, irritated at this poor sportsmentship. "Elekid, finish another ThundershocK!"

"Ele!" Elekid snarled, pumping her arms quickly and sending out the electricity at Taillow.

"Taill," Taillow cawed, trying to flutter away, but to weak from the previous attacks with its type disadvantage. "Loooow!" Taillow screamed out, falling to the ground in a dead faint.

Shaun grit his teeth. "Return," he said.

"So this means I get to battle the gym leader, right?" Jason asked.

"Not yet," a new voice said. A girl came up to him, giving a narrowed look at Shaun. "That battle was pathetic," she sneered. She turned to Jason. "I'll be your next challenger, Vicki. If you can defeat me in a two on two battle, you may battle the gym leader. Are you ready?"

"I was born ready," Jason said, laughing at Vicki's eye roll. "You ready, Elekid?" he asked.

"Ele!" Elkid said, nodding her head, ready for another battle.

Vicki smirked. "Then let's begin..."

January 31st, 2009, 1:41 AM
@ Rii: Great SU, Chikorita's yours. Feel free to post whenever you wish, happy RP'ing.

@ Good battle:

Elekid grew to Lv 9

EDIT: 300th Post Woop

January 31st, 2009, 1:34 PM
The first battle

Ben was walking towards Route 101 thinking about his new pokémon... questions were racing through his head. Why didn’t Cyndaquil like him? Was Cyndaquil afraid of him? How could he gain Cyndaquil’s trust? Ben’s thought trail was interrupted by a voice from behind him.

“Hey you, want to battle?”

Ben turned around to see a young boy looking at him confidently. “Oh, okay,” said Ben, walking over to the boy.

“Cool, the names Danny, future pokémon master!” boasted the boy.

“How nice for you,” said Ben sarcastically, “Cyndaquil Go!” He threw Cyndaquil’s pokéball and released the small, cute and rather timid pokémon who yawned loudly.

Danny could barely contain his laughter, “You think you can win with that? That thing looks more likely to fall asleep than win a battle! I’ll use Sentret!”

“Sentret, huh?” said Ben, “Okay, I’ll start this off. Cyndaquil use your tackle attack.”

After Ben’s command, Cyndaquil perked up a little and lit the flame on his back. Then the small pokémon slammed into the Sentret, causing it to tumble over.

“Good work Cyndaquil!” called Ben happily, “Tackle it again!”

Cyndaquil once again charged into Sentret, just as the pokémon had got back to its feet. The Tackle winded it and sent it skidding through the dust.

“Come on fight back!” Danny yelled at his pokémon, “Use your tackle!”

Sentret charged at Cyndaquil and slammed the small fire-type to the ground. Cyndaquil got back to his feet slowly, but looked in pain. Sentret also looked very tired from Cyndaquil’s previous attacks.

“Oh no Cyndaquil!” said Ben concerned, “Let’s finish this, Tackle!”

Cyndaquil leapt into the air and Tackled Sentret again, crushing the Pokemon between the Tackle and the ground. Then Cyndaquil leapt away, leaving Sentret lying on the ground.

“What? I lost?” said Danny in disbelief. Then he grunted, returned his pokémon and walked away.

“Way to go Cyndaquil!” said Ben, happy that he had won his first battle.

“Cynda,” cried Cyndaquil, obviously pleased to have won.

Ben returned Cyndaquil to his pokéball, and continued on to Route 101 filled with optimism.

January 31st, 2009, 1:38 PM
Excuse me, may I reserve Pichu, my favorite Pokemon!

February 1st, 2009, 2:39 AM
@ slls81: Good First battle, maybe Cynda just needs to adjust.

@ King900000: Done until 20:00 GMT 01/02/09

Cyndaquil grew to Lv 7

Gym Battle?

Silver, Gold, Crystal strolled into Violet City, Silver pointed out to Gld the Gym in the left hand corner of the City, they began to walk in that direction, Silver moved his hand onto the buzzer and pressed it hard.

" Hello Violet Gym, how may we help you ".

" My names Silver Blackenside, form Blackthorn City and I'm here for my Zephyr Badge ".

" Okay push the door and advance ". With a feint push on the door from Crystal, the doors wildly flew open and the trio walked in.

" Hi you must be Silver, my names Vicki and I'm going to stop you from challening Falkner ".

" No your not ". Silver said trying to push past her.

" Ah, you must be unfamiliar with the rules of the Johto league. You must defeat the willing to battle gym trainers, before the leader can accept your challenge ". Silver looked stunned.

" Well I suppose in that case, let's go Riolu ". Riolu's Pokeball ripped from Silver's belt, and out came his Aura using Pokemon, Riolu.

" Okay then, time to take the stage let's go Swablu ". Out emerged a Blue flying type, with cloudish like wings. Silver took out his Pokedex and scanned the Pokemon.

The cotton bird Pokemon. The Pre-Evolved form of Altaria. Its wings are like cotton tufts. If it perches on someone's head, it looks like a cotton hat.

" Riolu use Aura Sphere ". Riolu used Aura to conjure out a blueish sphere.

" Swablu, disappear by using Astonish ". Swblu disappeared but the aura sensed the wearabouts of Swablu, and hit her, uncovering her in the process. " How did you do that ". Wondered Vicki.

" Easy, Aura Sphere is a aura move and aura moves are effective and never miss ". Silver confidently replied ".

"Okay then you little twerp I give up that is an unfair advantage!" A huff and a gruff from Vicki and she walked off.

"Nothing a good trainer can't over come," said a squeaky voice from behind Silver. It was the leader Falkner.

"Falkner I challenge you to an official Johto league battle!" Replied Silver.

"Your on I choose you.....

February 1st, 2009, 3:07 PM
"So what's your name?" Jason asked as the girl took a ready stance.

With a smirk, she threw her pokeball, revealing a Starly. It screeched loudly, beating its wings to stay airborn. "Then names Vicki, and I'm here to win! Startly, start off with Wing Attack!"

"Elekid, wait for it," Jason said, grinning at the rushed order. It seems she was really eager to battle.

"Ele," Elekid grunted, nodding. She smirked, arms at the ready as Starly flew at it, wings glowing with power.

"Staar!" it cried out, nearly there.

"Now!" Jason roared, almost at the last minute.

"Eeeeelleee!" Elekid roared just as loudly, if not more, and pumping her arms so fast that all Jason could see were swirls. With a smirk, her whole body was covered in electricity.

"Ly!" Starly cawed in shock, going too fast to stop. It ended up bashing into Elekid, causing minimal damage by sending her back, but Starly was elctrocuted, causing it to go crashing back with a series of cawes and twitches.

Vicki grit her teeth at the display, eyeing Elekid warily. "Smart," she allowed. "Stay ready, Starly. That Elekid can cover itself with its electricity at any moment."

"Thundershock!" Jason ordered quickly.

"Dodge!" Vicki called, cursing herself for not paying attention.

"Ele!" Elekid called out, sending the attack.

Star!" Starly cried, flapping its wings desperately for some crazy acrobatics in the air, just barelyu missing the attack.

"Keep at it!" Jason ordered.

Nodding, Elekid kept up the Thundershocks, pretty much filling the air with crackling electricity. Jason was amused feel his hair stand on end. It seemed Vicki had the same problem, but she was ignoring it.

"Starly, keep dodging and try to get in a Quick Attack!"

"Starl!" Starly cried in understanding, darting quickly at Elekid, almost too fast to see and nearly out of sight.

"Ele?" Elekid questioned, stopping the attacks as she gazed around in confusion. "Kid," she growled, narrowed eyes looking around as it tried to find the bird.

"Starl!" the bird cried, seeing its chance and striking.

"Eleee!" Elekid cried out, getting rammed in the stomach.

"Thundershock!" Jason ordered hurriedly. "Quick, before it gets away!"

"Ele!" Elekid roared angrily, spinning her hands quickly and striking the poor bird as it tried to fly away.

"Sataaar!" Starly cried, falling to the ground, still cawing weakly under its breath.

"Starly?" Vicki questioned softly. When nothing happened, she sighed and returned the pokemon. "Good job," she told the pokeball. "Now its your turn, Swablu!" she cried.

With a burst of white light, a blue bird with wings made out of cotton or clouds appeared. "Swaa!" it sang happily.

Jason groaned in rememberance of the previous Swablu's he had battled. "Elekid, Thundershock!"

"Dodge and use Sing," Vicki said with a smirk.

"Swaab!" Swablu sang, diving out of the way and opening its beak, allowing a soothing melody to escape.

"Ele," Elekid said weakly, her eyes fighting to stay open. "Kid," she murmered at last, falling to the ground, completely asleep.

"That's a cheap shot," Jason said in irritation, recalling his pokemon.

"How so? It's a real attack," Vicki said, smirk still in place.

"It's a cheap shot because people use it know they can't win with strength," Jason crowed, grinning as Vicki's cmirk disappeared and she gave him a deep scowl. "Go, Riolu!" he called, releasing the go happy pokemon.

"Rio! Rio!" Riolu laughed doing a little show off flip.

Vicki's smirk returned in full force. "You do realize that flying types are strong against fighting types, don't you? Swablu, Peck!"

This time Jason smirked. "Ice Punch!"

Twirling happily, Riolu ran at the diving Swablu, fist glowing a baby blue color. "Riii!" Riolu barked, slamming his closed fist down on Swablu's head, sending it flying back in a series of out of control flips and spins.

"Swaaa!" Swablu cried, trying to right itself.

"Lu lu," Riolu laughed, clapping his hands as Swablu finally righted itself, showing that its side was covered in ice. "Rooo!" Riolu howled, completely amused. Jason couldn't help but grin at his pokemin's antics.

Vicki snarled at the pokemon. "Swablu, Sing!"

"Riolu, you use sing as well!" Jason laughed, loving the way Vicki's face lit up with confusion.

Grinning, Riolu opened his mouth at the exact same time as Swablu opened its beak. With a high pitched squeal, Riolu sang, "Ri lo! Lu lu rio lio looooooooo!"

Even Jason had to wince at the horrible voice, but at least it drowned out Swablu's attack.

"Wha... what the heck?" Vicki asked weakly, staring at Riolu and Jason as if they should be put into an insane asylum.

"Hey, Teacher! Leave them kids alone!" Jason laughed. "It's Pink Floid! First time Riolu here heard them he wouldn't shut up for days."

Vicki narrowed her eyes as Riolu and Jason continued to laugh. "Swablu, Peck!"

"Swaa!" Swablu shouted angrily, annoyed at what just happened.

"Ri, ri!" Riolu grunted, shielding his head from the sharp beak as it struck. Loo!" Riolu shouted angrily, finally just sending a vicious Ice Punch at Swablu, hitting it right in the head, making the other side of its face ice up.

"Swaa," Swablu shook in pain, finding it hard to fly with the weight.

"Swablu, try a Growl," Vicki said desperately.

Glaring angrily, Swablu let out a deep screech, which Jason thought was its Growl attack. Riolu just yawned, looking unnaffected by the not-so-scary attack.

"Riolu," Jason said, grinning like a maniac, "finish it with Ice Punch!"

"Rioo!" Riolu howled, launching itself into the air and practically dive bombing Swablu.


"Swablu, try to get away!" Vick shouted.

The blue bird tried to fly away, but the ice made it too heavy to fly fast, and with a loud smack to the face from Riolu, it was sent careening into the floor where it twitched occasionally.

"Yea!" Jason whooped, giving Riolu a high five.

"Rio!" Riolu laughed.

Vicki grit her teeth in annoyance, sending a glance at Shaun as if daring him to say anything. "I guess you won, she said bitterly.

"Yes, he has," a new voice said, causing them all to jump. A young man walked out. "I am Falkner, and I am the gym leader." He smiled slightly. "Do you wish to challenge me?"

"Of course!" Jason said excitedly. "What else would I be here for?"

Falkner smiled slightly. "True. If you wish to heal your pokemon, do so right now and then we shall start." He pointed to a wall that had a healing machine by it. Eagerly Jason got his pokemon healed. "Are you ready?" Falkner asked, a secretive smile on his face.

"Oh yea," Jason said, grinning.

"Good, and just so you know, there have been new rules that state the gym leaders can have stronger pokemon." His smile widened. "It's so nice to finally use something other than a weak PIdgeotto..."

Jason just stared at him with confusion before it hit him. The Johto League had always been considered a 'beginning league' since all the gym leaders used rather weak pokemon, especially compared to the other league's. Jason just grinned.

"Well, I'm glad! I want a challenge!"

Falkner grinned back as well, his smile a bit softer. "I'm glad to hear. Now, shall we begin?" He waited for Jason's nod. "Good, now go, Skarmory!"

Jason watched, eyes wide as a large, steel bird appeared, wishing he had that pokemon. "Cool..." was all he could say.

OOC: Sorry for the lack of updates lately. A lot been going on and stuff, but I'll get them all up. Also, are you having someone grade your own stuff?

February 1st, 2009, 4:32 PM
Name: Jake
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Jake has always been a curious boy, which sometimes got him into trouble. He also Has always very outgoing, Making friends with poeple and pokemon alike whenever possible.

The only problem with Jake is that he gets ticked off very easy. Sometimes he is jokingly called "psycho". This just makes him more angry. But despite this problem, he stiil manges to make friends, And when he is not angry he is actually pretty fun to be around.

Some people say "Travis has a quality about him that makes people feel good about themselves." Maybe this is because Jake is always trying to get people to laugh, being a class clown. If you are feeling down, Jake will surely cheer you up, if not with his jokes then with his kindness. He always asks what's wrong if he notices, and most of the time he will try to do something about it.

Apperance: Most of the time, Jake doesn't wear anything fancy. He mostly wears a t-shirt in the summer months, with shorts, that vary in colors. His clothes are normally a solid color though, withou anything extra.

In the fall and winter months, Jake usally wears Sweatshirts, colors vary. He also wears His coat, which is blue with white on it.

He has blue hair that is kinda short. He is the short and stocky type, weighing in at 120 pounds and only being 4'8. He doesnt have very tan skin, but he figures it's good enough. He has a mix of eye colors. One eye is dark blue, the other eye is orange. People sometimes make fun of him for this.

When he was 9 years old, a team rocket grunt invaded his home. Both of his parents were killed in the robbery. He was soon adopted by foster parents, which is when he decided to start to raise pokemon. He wanted to protect the world from crime, so that nothing to anybody else like what did to his real parents. He caught two pokemon, a poliwag and a Bagon. After Before he go to raise them, his family moved to Johto. Here he will get one more pokemon from Professor Elm and begin his journey!

Preferred starter: Wildcard Phanpy, if not Pichu.

Other pokemon:
Bagon lvl 5
Poliwag lvl 5

Rp sample:

Jake walked over to the Growlithe. Growlthe took a battle stance, since he knew that Jake wanted a battle.

"Go Poliwag!" Shouted Jake, throwing the pokeball in the air. Poliwag came out. "Poliwag!" it said. "Ok Poliwag, this is our first battle, but take it easy ok?" said Jake."Poli!" Answered Poliwag.

The wild Growlithe jumped into the air and used ember.
Poliwag dodged, but the ember hit Poliwag's tail.
"Ok Poliwag, Use Bubble!" yelled Jake. Poliwag did just that.
Growlithe flew back, but didn't seem to be shaken. Growlithe Came back with a tackle. "counterattack with Bubble!" shouted Jake. They both hit eachother and both flew backwards. "Hang in there poliwag, and use Watersport!" yelled Jake. With an enthusiastic "poliwag" Poliwag used Watersport. "Now use Bubble Again!" yelled Jake.
Poliwag used Bubble, and after that, Jake used a pokeball, but Growlithe broke free.

"Oh you stuborn little.... Poliwag, finish off this joker, Use Bubble!" yelled Jake, frustrated. "Poli!" said poliwag in a serious voice. Poliwag used a bubble attack, but Growlithe Dodged and used Tackle. Direct hit. Poliwag was obiously shaken from the blow, which left him vulnerable. Growlithe charged Poliwag, And poliwag jumped in the air in the nick of time. Poliwag landed behind Growlithe. "Use bubble with all you've got!" said Jake. It was a direct hit, but growlthe was still standing. "Man this thing is strong!" said Jake. "Ok, now use water sport!" Poliwag did. growlithe used an ember, but it wasnt very effective.

Both of them were struggling to stand, but Jake knew this was an opprotunity to catch this pokemon. "Poliwag are you okay?!?!" shouted Jake. "Poli" poliwag said in a detrmined voice. Jake knew poliwag was detrmined, but Jake knew that one more hit could be trouble. Suddenly, He got an idea! He set down 3 pieces of food for Growlithe. Desperate, Growlithe. Trudged weakly to the food. "Now use bubble!" shouted Jake. "Poli" answered poliwag. Growlthe looked up to the attack, and got hit in the face. "Go pokeball again!" said Jake. The Ball sucked up the weak growlithe, and Jake waited patiently to see if it was successful or not. It was! the Growlithe was caught! Jake had his first ever pokemon that he caught.

This is from another rp im in that i posted, edited some things so that it wouldn't be considered stealing.

February 1st, 2009, 4:49 PM
I'm sorry, but I'm dropping the SU.

February 1st, 2009, 6:55 PM
Since King dropped his SU, I'd gladly go for the Pichu position :) And note: I'm probably going to use a lot of sociology terms in this (Sorry in advance :P), so excuse the random definitions is parenthesis, as I don't really know what people know about the subject.

Name: Cody Simmons

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Personality: Cody is a rather peaceful person. He enjoys peace and quiet, and hates a lot of noise, interruptions, and surprises. Cody prefers to work alone, as well as be alone most of the time, due to a trust issue that developed earlier within his life (I'll go into depth in the History section). He still has the ability to work well with others in a group, no matter how much he does not want to. Due to the fact that he is alone most of the time, he has a lack of friends, which sometimes sends him into a deep depression, which causes self-doubt, self-hate, and a lack of a will to continue on. Fortunately, Cody does not take this depression to the end of the abyss and back, and he always manages to find a way to push through. Even though he is mostly calm, there is a rare side to be seen of him, one which you would not want to see (But don't worry, you will if this is accepted :D), as it is as harsh as it could be. Yelling at the very few close to him, ruining his relationships, spiraling even further into depression, all the way to self-infliction of pain to calm himself down. Although this is a rare sight, it is one to fear, as it will not allow you to see Cody as the same ever again. A rather religious person, Cody usually is only seen in church, as he has a strong faith.

Appearence: Cody stands at about 5' 10', and weighs roughly 135 pounds. He has shaggy, deep black hair, which he never straightens up, even in the most formal of situations when he is required to attend them. Usually wearing a simple black, and a tad oversized hoodie sweatshirt, as well as an older, baggy, cargo shorts. He sports black and white, beat up Puma sneakers. His eyes are a deep brown, and he has thick eyebrows, that when he frowns push together to form a straight line across his forehead. Due to the exclusion he puts himself through, he has rather pale skin for a boy his age. He tries to do his best to stay in shape, so he is built, but not to any sort of extreme. He sports a golden crucifix necklace that he never takes off, as well as a Rosemary that he carries in his pocket at all times.

History: Cody was born in the Hoenn region in Verdanturf town. Sadly enough, Cody wasn't even meant to be born, as an "accident" took place. During his critical period (Ages 0-5, the most important time in human developments where most of the personality is formed), he was uprooted 3 times (First from Verdanturf to Odale Town, followed to Ecruteak City, and finally to New Bark Town). With each of these transports, his parents had even less time to be with him (They are both lawyers, so with each new case, there is even less time to be spent with Cody). Because each move took up so much time, his parents barely even nurtured him during his critical period. While growing up, he was always in the daycare center, as his parents didn't have the time/want to deal with him. Due to the lack of expressive needs (Emotional aspects needed for functional human development, such as warmth and love) his parents gave him, he didn't have the ability to make friends with the other children there. Every time a child was picked up, their parents gave them a big hug and kiss, told them how much they missed them, and carried them all the way home. Cody's parents just picked him up, didn't even say hello, and just drove home, leaving Cody to do whatever he could do. Cody felt alone in the world, and even his parents didn't care for him. He didn't feel like he could trust anyone, not even himself.

As Cody continued to grow old enough to attend school, get himself home, and get himself food, his parents completely ignored him.

"He's old enough now," his parents would tell each other, but he was only at the age of 10.

As he continued into high school, he saw that everyone else had Pokemon that they took to school. Cody never even left his house, let alone attempted to catch a Pokemon to have as a friend. Cody felt he couldn't trust one, no matter what Pokemon it was.

After returning home one day, there was a Pokeball with a note sitting next to it on his desk, and there was no trace of his parents. The note read that his parents had left to go on a cruise for 3 months, and that he would have to fend for himself with the food they had bought him (Thankfully, it would last him at least 5 months, knowing the pace that Cody eats at). Reluctantly, Cody opened up the Pokeball, and a brown and white Pokemon appeared. Cody knew what it was, as everyone always wanted one, except him of course. An Eevee sat infront of him, and it gently rubbed against his leg.

Cody wasn't totally sure what to do, but he picked it up, sat it on his lap, and started to pet it.

"You know, I feel like you could be a Pokemon I could get used to," Cody thought aloud.


Preffered Starter: Pichu. Naive Nature. And Male.

Other Pokemon: Eevee, Relaxed Nature, Male.

RP Sample: Mount Moon, Part 2

After wiping the floor with the Team Rocket grunt, Colin was all the more pumped to get to Cerulean City and pounce on its Gym Leader. He took extra large steps, with a nice bounce to his walking. He decided to walk with his Pokemon, so he sent them all out of their Pokeballs. They continued through the cavern, until they came up to a fork in the road: They could traverse down a ladder, or continue forward.

"Well, the road straight ahead looks way easier, while the ladder could take us who knows where! But those rungs looks heavily used, while the road looks like only a few people of taken it. What to do!" Colin thought aloud.

All of the sudden, a few lines from a poem came into Colin's head.

"I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages henceL
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference."

(OoC: Sorry, Robert Frost is awesome :D)

"Well, the road it is!" Colin said with a smile.

The walked through the road, and surprisingly, what looked like a treacherous path was quite calm. Colin was happy he enjoyed poetry. He continued to walk forward, until he saw a few more Team Rocket grunts in front of him. He decided to quickly return his Pokemon, as he knew that they would most likely try to steal them otherwise. In the group, he saw a familiar face. It was one of the grunts he and Brock beat together at the museum.

"Well well well, look who we got here..." Started one of the grunts. "A kid wandering through here alone. He must have some Pokemon!" He finished.

"I'm sitting this one out guys, this kid is tough. He kicked my *CENSOR* back in the museum at Pewter City," Said the familiar grunt.

"Smart move," thought Colin.

"Alright. Here's how this will work kid. It's going to be 3 on 3. Each one of us will take you one on one. We win, we get your Pokemon. You lose, be grateful we will let you out unharmed," Demanded the first grunt, who had a giant maniacal smirk on his face.

"That works with me," Colin said, with a smirk equally as large.

"Fine, you'll start it off Don," Said the first grunt.

"Alright sir! Go Zubat!" The first grunt shouted as his Zubat appeared before him.

"Go Iris!" Shouted Colin, as Iris the Taillow appeared before him.

Colin ordered Iris to charge using Quick Attack, but the grunt had another idea to repel it.

"Leech Life," he ordered.

Iris was stopped in her tracks, with her energy being sucked out by the Zubat.

"Iris, break free and use Wing Attack!"

Iris was able to move, but the Zubat dodged the Wing Attack with ease.

"Once more Iris!" Commanded Colin.

"Dodge it!" The grunt ordered.

The Zubat couldn't move out of the way in time, and Iris' Wing Attack struck the Zubat directly in the back. Zubat was knocked to the ground, but not for long. I got back into the air in a matter of seconds.

"So your Zubat is pretty strong I must say, but no matter, it's still a wimp," Colin teased.

Colin ordered another Quick Attack, while the grunt ordered for another Leech Life. This time, Colin had Iris dodge the attack completely, know that he knew how the attack worked. The attack struck Zubat directly in the face, knocking it out cold.

"Grah! Zubat, return you useless piece of garbage!" The grunt shouted.

'Well, that guy has just a FEW anger issues," Colin thought.

"Alright, you are next Maggie," The so-called "leader" ordered.

"Yes sir, go Geodude!" She cried out.

"Return Iris and go Aether!" Colin said as Aether appeared before him.

"Use Tackle!" She ordered.

Colin then ordered Aether to use Confusion to lift up and through the Geodude away. Geodude hit the wall, then landed on its head.

"Grr, Rock Throw!"

This time, Aether used Confusion on the rocks, stopping them. He then threw them at Geodude, knocking it out cold.

"*CENSOR*ING BRAT!" She screamed.

"Jeez, are ALL of them mouthy?" Colin thought while laughing to himself.

"You incompetent fools! You leave me no choice! Go Sableye!" The "leader" called out, as the familiar Sableye appeared before him.

"Another one of these things eh? Go Vulcan!" Colin said as he threw Vulcan's Pokeball.

Colin waited for Sableye to make the first move, which ended up being a Fury Swipes attack.

"Wait for my order Vulcan," Colin said calmly.

"Tor!" Vulcan said.

Sableye was approaching, and when it was within 5 feet, Colin made his move.


The close range Ember attack hit the Sableye head on, knocking it out in one big fiery blast.

"Wow, it seems the "leader" is the weakest one of all!" Colin said in a gloating matter.

"We'll get you next time kid! Team Rocket, we are done here, MOVE OUT!" He ordered.

"Sir yes sir!" The grunts responded in unison.

"Jeez, what goobers!"

February 2nd, 2009, 3:25 AM
@ WW: Atm no, I'm grading it myself, unless you'd like to do it :D, and don't worry I'd say about 2 maybe 3 updates a week would be fine.

@ Coolboydude345: Maybe, beef up the peronality, appearence and history if you want that wildcard, so you're pending.

@ Jake: Good SU, Pichu and Eevee are yours, feel free to post whenever you wish because you are accepted.

Elekid grew to Lv 11 and learned Low Kick, Riolu grew to Lv 15 and can evolve.

Whilst Jason was staring awe at the Skarmory, Riolu looked at the majestic Pokemon and knew he had to evolve if damage was to be caused, Riolu jumped in front of Jason and a bright White light emnated, it was now up to Jason whether he wanted a Lucario...

February 2nd, 2009, 9:48 AM
The first capture?

As Ben entered Route 101 he remembered that Professor Elm had told him to use Cyndaquil to protect him from wild pokémon, so he released Cyndaquil from his pokéball. There was a bright flash of light as Cyndaquil was released from his pokéball.

“Cynda?” he questioned, looking at Ben.

“Erm, well... I thought you could keep me company on this route,” Ben said nervously, “And we could talk and get to know each other a bit.”

Cyndaquil didn’t give Ben an answer, and just started walking along the path. Ben followed his small fire-type pokémon, and after a few failed attempts to start a conversation kept quiet. Looking down at Cyndaquil, Ben began thinking. Cyndaquil didn’t seem to dislike him particularly... he had listened to him in the battle against Danny after all... Cyndaquil seemed rather to have an indifference to his new trainer. Ben wondered if he had to earn Cyndaquil’s respect rather than just expect it from the beginning. It would make sense, after all...

Ben’s thought trail was halted when he realised Cyndaquil had stopped walking and was looking into a tree to their left.

“Quil?” said Cyndaquil inquiringly to whatever was in the tree.

Just then, what looked like a large, blue beetle dropped out of the tree and looked at Cyndaquil questioningly. After a brief pause, the beetle slammed into Cyndaquil and knocked the fire pokémon backwards.

“Cyndaquil!” said Ben concerned, “Are you okay?”

Cyndaquil got back to his feet and immediately lit the flame on his back, indicating he was ready to battle.

“Okay then,” said Ben, feeling a little worried as the bug type pokémon was a lot bigger than Cyndaquil, “Use Leer and follow up with Tackle!”

Cyndaquil’s eyes glowed for a second, causing Heracross to drop its guard. As soon as Cyndaquil saw Heracross drop its guard he charged at the bug type pokémon and slammed into it, sending it skidding backwards.

“Good job!” said Ben encouragingly. Inside however he was worried by the fact that the combination of Leer and Tackle had failed to even knock Heracross off its feet.

Ben heard a buzzing, and looked up to see Heracross flying at Cyndaquil with its horn raised. Before Ben or Cyndaquil could react, Heracross slammed into Cyndaquil with its horn and sent the fire type flying. Cyndaquil struggled back to his feet and looked up to see Heracross flying towards it again.

“Use Smokescreen!” Ben yelled.

Cyndaquil released a cloud of smoke and obscured himself from Heracross’ view. This caused Heracross’ attack to miss Cyndaquil, and the bug type slammed straight into the tree Cyndaquil had been standing in front of.

“Cyndaquil try a Double Kick,” Ben ordered, seeing his chance to capitalise.

Cyndaquil leaped up and delivered two hard kicks to Heracross’ abdomen. The Heracross struggled back to its feet, but was looking extremely tired now.

“Okay let’s end this Cyndaquil!” said Ben confidently, “Use Tackle!”

Cyndaquil charged at the panting beetle and put all of his force behind a tackle attack that knocked Heracross to the ground. Ben then threw a pokéball at the fallen Heracross. The ball hit and sucked the bug pokémon inside, Ben watched anxiously as he awaited the result of the capture...

February 2nd, 2009, 9:56 AM
@ slls81: Nice post, Cyndaquil's still not really paying attention outside of battles though is he.

Ben captured a Lv 5 Heracross.

February 2nd, 2009, 11:28 AM
Reina awoke early that morning, and rushed through getting ready. Her mother had to actually forcefully stop her and make her eat breakfast, which she did so almost choking herself in the process.

It was a little past nine in the morning when Reina finally left home. She grabbed her bike and headed to Prof. Elm's lab.

It was a nice ride there too. Several types of flying pokemon soared high in the clouds, and all in all it was a peaceful feel.

The perfect day to began a new journey.

Until it began raining.

Reina reached the lab a little drenched and sneezed lightly. "Sure is cold...."

"What happened to you?" Prof. Elm asked as he answered his door.

"I don't think today agreed with me after all." she laughed lightly.


"Nevermind." Reina suddenly looked serious. "You said you'd give me a pokemon remember?"

"Don't worry. I didn't forget." Prof. Elm handed her a towel. "Have you decided which one?"

"Yea. I actually spent some time thinking it over. Gotta say it wasn't an easy choice but... I decided to go with Chikorita." Reina rubbed the towel over her hair, and was rewarded by lots of static, as her hair stuck straight up.

"Chika chika..." a small voice laughed from a nearby table.

"Oh, you must be my new pokemon." Reina rushed over to the table. "Hi there."

"Chika...." the small pokemon turned his head to the side with a snort.

"What....What's wrong?" Reina wondered. She actually felt a little hurt.

"Don't mind him." Prof. Elm laughed. "He's just a little cranky this morning."

"Chika!" Chikorita glared at him, which only made the Professor laugh harder.

"It's fine." Reina felt somewhat releaved, she thought her new pokemon hated her. "So, we'll be going no if that's fine?"

"Here then..." Professor Elm handed her a device, and three empty pokeballs. "A pokedex and a few empty pokeballs to catch wild pokemon."

"Wait...." Reina paused, not wanting to seem un-grateful. "I thought new trainers were given five empty pokeballs."

"That is normally the case." he suddenly smiled warmly. "They're here."

"Really?" her eyes brightened. "Kaya, Ember, and Volt are here?"

"See for yourself..." he gestured over to another table where there were three pokeballs, along with a note. "I know you were sick for awhile and couldn't finish your journey, but Prof. Oak asked me to hold onto these til you were ready."

Reina couldn't hold herself back anymore and rushed over to the table, clutching the pokeballs to her chest. "My friends....it's been so long."

"Chika...." the leaf pokemon yawned, bored by all of this.

"I hope your journey finally go's well." Prof. Elm waved as Reina left the lab with a Chikarita named Chip, a shiny Taillow named Kaya, a Vulpix named Ember, and a Shinx named Volt.

Kaya sat proudly upon her shoulder, while the others walked at her side. "I'm finally ready."

February 2nd, 2009, 11:47 AM
Reina received her Four Pokes, Pokeballs, Pokedex and nicknamed her Pokemon.

February 2nd, 2009, 1:13 PM
Into the unknown...

“Alright we did it Cyndaquil,” said Ben happily. He ran over to high five Cyndaquil, who turned away to indicate that he wasn’t interested in a high five. Ben sighed and returned Cyndaquil to his pokéball. ‘At least he listens to me in battles I guess...’ he thought. Ben had heard of trainers whose pokémon wouldn’t listen to them at all, not in battle or out.

Ben then decided it was time to meet his new pokémon... maybe he could have a better relationship with this one. He released Heracross from her pokéball.

“Hera?” she asked, looking at Ben.

“Oh... hi,” Ben stuttered, “My names Ben and I’m your new trainer and I hope we can be the best of friends.”

For some reason Ben’s words seemed to delight Heracross, and she jumped up and down excitedly. Ben let out a huge sigh of relief and returned Heracross to her pokéball before continuing on his journey. At least one of his pokémon liked him...

After a short while Ben entered Cherrygrove City, and was immediately confronted by a man.

“Get out of town you!” he yelled at Ben before immediately releasing a pokémon, “Go Swablu!”

He released a blue parrot-like creature with two long feathers on top of its head and cotton bud wings.

“Erm, okay I guess,” said Ben confused, “I’ll use Heracross!”

Ben released his newly caught pokémon, who looked eager to battle... so eager in fact that it flew straight at Swablu and used Horn Attack.

“Wow your keen...” said Ben.

“Hera,” she said happily.

“Swablu use Peck!” yelled the Grunt, obviously unhappy to have been caught off guard.

“Dodge and use Tackle!” called Ben.

Heracross expertly side stepped the Peck attack from Swablu, before slamming into its side and sending it flying. For good measure, Heracross tackled the Swablu again, knocking the pokémon out.

“That things violent!” the Unknown grunt yelled at Ben.

“No she’s not,” Ben defended his Heracross, who had looked hurt at the Grunts words, “Shes just a little over eager.”

“Whatever,” said the Grunt, “You won’t be able to beat my next one. Pichu go!”

The Grunt released a small yellow rodent, which Heracross towered over. Fearing for the creature’s safety, Ben switched Cyndaquil into the battle.

“Okay lets start this off with a tackle Cyndaquil,” said Ben confidently.

Cyndaquil charged towards Pichu, who just stood there and watched Cyndaquil advance, not moving to avoid contact from Cyndaquil and was knocked backwards off of its feet. The small electric pokémon was quickly back to its feet though.

“Don’t just take it you stupid thing!” yelled the Grunt angrily at his Pichu. Instead on inspiring Pichu however, the tiny electric mouse began whimpering. “Pathetic,” sighed the grunt exasperated.

“Nice shot Cyndaquil, tackle it again,” called Ben.

Cyndaquil charged at Pichu a second time, who seemed to have the same idea and charged towards Cyndaquil. The two pokémon slammed into each other, and both were sent flying backwards by the impact. Cyndaquil was slow in getting back to his feet. Pichu, who was up much quicker, had launched a quick attack and slammed into Cyndaquil before she could react.

“That’s better you stupid rat! Show ‘em what we’re made of!” yelled the Grunt, despite the fact Pichu had made the last few attacks without any instruction.

“Are you okay?” Ben asked Cyndaquil, he nodded and got to his feet. Ben looked over at Pichu and saw it was covered in electricity. Pichu, who looked as surprised as anyone at this, charged towards Cyndaquil.

“Use Smokescreen!” yelled Ben desperately. Cyndaquil shot out a cloud of smoke to try and distract Pichu. It wasn’t enough to stop Pichu’s attack however, as it slammed into Cyndaquil.

“What was that move?” asked Ben, getting his pokédex out.

Volt Tackle
The user charges at the opponent while engulfed in electricity. It then tackles the opponent. The only pokemon known to use this attack are Pichu, Pikachu and Raichu.

“Volt Tackle?” said Ben, “That’s one powerful move. Be careful of that from now on Cyndaquil!”

Cyndaquil struggled back to his feet, but was breathing heavily. Ben knew he needed to end this battle fast.

“Use Double Kick,” he commanded.

Cyndaquil leaped into the air and delivered to hard kicks to the baby Pichu’s head.

“Get up you wimp!” yelled the grunt at his pokémon, causing the baby electric pokémon to burst into tears. Embarrassed, the Grunt returned his pokémon and ran off.

“Great job Cyndaquil,” said Ben to his pokémon.

February 2nd, 2009, 1:42 PM
A Two-Sided Sword

Cody awoke to Nyx (By the way, Eevee's nickname is Nyx) snuggling against his chest, hoping to have his head scratched. Being no one but Cody, he pushed Nyx off to the side so he had the ability to get out of his bed and meet his instrumental needs (Physical aspects need for one's functional development, such as food, water, and shelter).

"I know you want to get some loving, but at the moment it will have to wait," Cody said sympathetically to Nyx.


After putting on his standard black hoodie and cargo shorts, Cody walked down the stairs, into the kitchen, and grabbed a bowl of cereal to eat. He decided a look on TV couldn't do any harm, and besides, he had nothing better to do than eat in silence.

"Remember kids! Today is your last day to start your Pokemon journey! Come on over to Professor Elm's laboratory and join up today!" Was the first line Cody heard as he turned on the television.

"Well Nyx, what do you think? Why be stuck up in this house, when we could be relaxing out in nature together, in the calmness of Earth?"


Wow, I didn't think I would actually ever go for this. I guess my parents gave me two gifts I actually wanted. I guess their trip is a blessing in disguise for me.

After returning Nyx to his Pokeball, Cody walked outside into the vivid sunlight, which managed to hurt his eyes a little. Thankfully, Elm's laboratory was about 50 feet away from his household, so he ran as fast as he could out of the rare amount of sheer passion and excitement flowing through every cell in his body.

I can't believe it. This is going to be one of the most exciting this that has ever happened to me. But I'm not sure if I want to handle all the excitement. Oh well, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

After walking into Elm's laboratory, he walked up to him, seeing that only two Pokéballs remained on the table.

"So, I see you want to start your Pokemon journey! What is your name young one?" Elm asked calmly, while trying too hard to sound cool.

"My name is Cody, nice to meet you."

"Well, as you can see, we only have two Pokémon remaining for choosing. The first one contains a Pichu, while the other one is a random Pokemon, and it could be anything! If you already have a Pokémon, we'd appreciate it if you didn't take one of these," Elm explained.

Cody slid Nyx's Pokéball into his pocket, out of sight. "I hate surprises, so I'll go with Pichu then," Cody said happily.

I know I shouldn't be doing this, but I need more than just a Pichu. It's already a baby Pokemon, what real power could the thing possess? I need them both.

Professor Oak came out from behind Elm, and introduced himself and his purpose of filling the Pokedex. "Now, take this Pokédex and begin your journey!"

"Thank you sir, I will try my best," Cody responded.

Elm's assistant stopped him on his way out of the laboratory, and gave Cody five Pokéballs. "You will need these to catch Pokémon in the wild. Good luck!"

Cody continued out through the door, covering his eyes from the bright sun.

So, that was a double-sided sword, but at least I have two Pokémon now.

February 2nd, 2009, 5:09 PM
Whilst Jason was staring awe at the Skarmory, Riolu looked at the majestic Pokemon and knew he had to evolve if damage was to be caused, Riolu jumped in front of Jason and a bright White light emnated, startling Jason.

"Ri... Riolu?" he asked in awe.

The glowing brightened, and RIolu's form grew taller, sleeker, more powerful. When it was done a new pokemon stood in Riolu's place. "Lucario," it grunted coldly. The new pokemon turned to look at Jason seriously, its gaze no longer the goofy pokemon that it had been before.

"Ri... Lucario?" Jason asked, this time a bit unsure. He had heard of pokemon changing quite dramatically after evolving.

"Lu," Lucario grunted, looking at Jason with a dead serious gaze when, suddenly, it jumped at Jason, giving him a big hug and a ton of wet kisses. "Lu lu lu," he laughed.

Jason laughed as well. "You're still the same old prankster, Lucario!"

Falkner cleared his throat. "While this is an interesting surprise, I believe we should start our battle."

Jason grinned. "Right. Alright, Ri... Lucario! Start off with Zen Headbutt!"

With a guttural growl, Lucario lunged, form much more agile than its previous form had been. Charging, Lucario's head glowed a bright pink.

"Steel Wing," Falkner commanded.

"Skaar!" the previously immobile pokemon screeched, flying quickly at Lucario, its wings glowing silver.

"Cario!" Lucario barked, smashing his head into Skarmory's wings in midair, causing a temporary battle of strength as they fought in the air.

"Use Aura Sphere close up!" Jason called quickly.

"Luuc!" Lucario roared deeply, still pushing with his head but managing to erect the blue ball in his hands. With a smirk, Lucario unleashed the Aura Sphere, blasting Skarmory back.

Falkner grit his teeth in agititation. "Skarmory, Steel Wing!"

"Dodge with Quick Attack!" Jason shouted in joy, hardly believing the strength his pokemon was displaying.

Laughing, Lucario flipped and dove quickly in the form of a blurr as Skarmory continued to constantly strike with its wings at the spot where Lucario had once stood, missing each time.

"Lucario, another Aura Sphere!" Jason demanded.

Nodding, Lucario bared his teeth in a sharp toothed smile, shooting the attack at the metal bird.

"Dodge and then use Swift!" Falkner ordered.

Flapping hard, Skarmory just managed to fly over the blue sphere. "Skaa!" Skarmory called, opening its sharp beak and unleashing bright stars at Lucario, hitting the blue coyote head on.

"Lu..." Lucario growled, shielding his head from the force.

"Now try a Peck," Falkner ordered with a smile.

"Meet it head on with Force Palm!" Jason said hurriedly.

Jumping up at the incoming Skarmory, Lucario gave the metal bird a nice slap in the face, startling it enough not go through with the attack. "Skar," Skarmory grunted as electricty sparked occasionally throughout its body.

"Paralyzed," Falkner muttered. "Skarmory, Swift!"

"Luu!" Lucario yelled out, shielding his head from the attack.

"Now use Steel Wing!"

"Dodge!" Jason ordered.

Lucario jumped back, missing the first swipe, but Skarmory surprised them by striking out with its other wing, slamming Lucario into the ground.

"Lucario!" Jason shouted worriedly.

"Luc," Lucario grunted, standing back up and flashing a Jason a thumbs up.

Jason sighed in elief before turning back to the Skarmory. It was wincing, unable to move. "It's finished," he stated, seeing Falkner give a nod of understanding. "Lucario, close up Aura Sphere!"

"Luuuucario!" Lucario screamed, charging at the still pokemon, completely ignoring its glare as he focused the energy in his palms and slamming the energy right into its face.

"Saaaar!" Skarmory screamed, bouncing off the ground a few times in a dead faint. "Skaarr," it grumbled, eyes shut.

"Skarmory, return," Falkner said, watching Lucario jump up and down in excitement, though with a slight limp from exhasution. "Go, Pidgeotto!" he called.

"Lucario, come back," Jason ordered.

Pouting, Lucario ran by Jason's side where he gratefully sat down, eager to watch the battle. "Cario," he grumbled.

"Go, Totodile!"

With a burst of white light, the blue gator pokemon appeared with a happy snap of the jaws. "Toto!"

"Totodile, start off with Water Gun!" Jason ordered.

"Dodge and fight back with Aerial Ace," Falkner ordered.

Jason grinned as Pidgeotto dodged the water attack, doing a dive to charge at the watchful gator. "Meet it with Aqua Tail!" he ordered.

Grinning, Totodile jumped, doing a slight flip as it bashed its water tail right into Pidgeotto's face. "Peee!" Pidgeotto screamed.

"Interesting," Falkner murmered. "I didn't think you would meet head on." He wore a strange look. "Pidgeotto, Gust!"

Jason watched the incoming tornado warily, grimacing at its large size. This Pidgeotto was obviously well trained. "Totodile, blast Water Sport and Water Gun at the tornado! Make it turn the other way and turn it into a water tornado!"

"Totodil!" Totodile screamed, launching the huge blast of Water Gun from its mouth and the rain like water from its back, Water Sport, right at the Gust, but going the opposite direction of the wind.

"What in the world..." Falkner gapped as the wind wonado soon became a swirling vortex of water that had turned around, heading straight at Pidgeotto. "Dodge!" he shouted desperately.

"Push it in with Bite!"


"Pid!" Pidgeotto blanched, flapping its wings furiously to avoid the collision. The result was that it got sucked into the water vortex, which resulted in the poor bird being spun constantly around.

"Pidgeotto!" Falkner cried out worriedly.

The faithful bird pokemon tried to call out, only resultig in letting out a bunch of bubbles from within the vortex.

"After it!" Jason all but crowed.

"Tot!" Totodile said happily, jumping into the massive water attack, easily swimming with the current and toward Pidgeotto, where it then proceeded to bash the drowning pokemon repeatedly until the water torrent finally lost power, and the two pokemon fell onto the wet floor.

"Dile!" Totodile laughed, landing perfectly and doing a little dance in celebration.

"Peo..."Pidgeotto coughed, not even bothering to get up, its body completely soaked and twitching in pain.

"I commend you for your quick and artful quick thinking," Falkner said, showing that he was truly impressed. "Return, Pidgeotto." Falkner looked up at Jason. "You have gotten far, but I think this may be the end of the line for you."

Jason just grinned. "Bring it."

Falkner nodded. With a smirk, he threw his pokeball. "Go!"

Jason could only blink in confusion as the next pokemon appeared...

February 3rd, 2009, 7:01 AM
Cool posts guys

@ WW: Good battle but you should know, thaty Aura Sphere is unavoidable.

Heracross grew to Lv 7 and learned Fury Attack, and Cyndaquil grew to Lv 9

Cody received Pichu and all his essentials.

Riolu evolved into Lucario, he grew to Lv 17 in the process, Totodile grew to Lv 17 and learned Ice Fang.

Can't wait for Yanmega Vs ???? (Elekid?) or Heracross??? Please tell me your not using Chikorita or maybe the next One loses and you have to bring back Lucario or Totodile???

February 3rd, 2009, 8:18 AM
Into the Unknown part 2

Ben decided to follow the Grunt he had just defeated, and was led to a large building. Sneaking inside, Ben wandered around for a little while before...

“Hey Kid!” came a voice, “You’re not supposed to be in here!”

Ben turned around to see another man in a strange uniform with a large U on the front.

“Cyndaquil your up,” said Ben placing his Cyndaquil on the ground.

“A fire type huh? Then I’ll use Mantyke!” said the grunt, releasing a pokémon with wide fins, and a completely flat body.

“Okay Cyndaquil, start with a tackle” called Ben.

“Dodge it Mantyke” yelled the Grunt. His Mantyke tried to take flight to avoid Cyndaquil, but was not quick enough, as Cyndaquil jumped into the tackle attack and knocked Mantyke back to the ground.

“Get up!” yelled the Grunt, “Use your Bubble attack!”

Mantyke shot a stream of bubbles at Cyndaquil, but Cyndaquil nimbly managed to dodge all of them.

“Great job! Now Tackle it again Cyndaquil!” called Ben.

Cyndaquil charged towards Mantyke, which was again too slow to avoid contact from Cyndaquil and was knocked backwards off of its feet.

“Mantyke get up!” instructed the Grunt and Mantyke struggled to its feet, “Now use Slam”

Mantyke flew towards Cyndaquil and shot down at a great speed, knocking Cyndaquil off of his feet.

“Again!” yelled the grunt gleefully.

“Smokescreen!” called Ben.

Cyndaquil released a cloud of smoke and obscured himself from Mantykes view. This caused Mantykes attack to miss Cyndaquil, and the Grunts pokémon slammed straight into the ground just to the left of Cyndaquil.

“Finish it with a final tackle!” called Ben, sensing victory.

Cyndaquil rammed into the side of Mantyke and sent it skidding across the ground. After a brief wait, it was clear Mantyke couldn’t continue and the Grunt returned him.

“You won’t beat this one,” he said confidently, “Go Chatot!”

The grunt released a brightly colored bird with blue wings, a yellow "bib" and a green stomach.

“Cyndaquil tackle!” said Ben quickly, anxious to get the first strike.

Cyndaquil ran at Chatot and slammed into the Bird pokémon, knocking it backwards.

“Hah, couldn’t even knock Chatot off its feet,” said the Grunt smugly, “Chatot show them your Heat Wave!”

The bird released a burst of fire that hit Cyndaquil dead on. Cyndaquil was still standing, just, and was panting heavily.

“Cyndaquil tackle it again,” said Ben desperately.

Cyndaquil charged at Chatot and slammed into the bird pokémon, knocking it to the ground.

“Don’t take that!” yelled the Grunt, before smiling, “Use sing!”

Ben covered his ears, and could only watch as Cyndaquil fell asleep. He returned Cyndaquil and got ready to release his next pokémon...

“Go Heracross!” he yelled, “Use Fury Attack!”

Heracross flew over to Chatot and rammed it with her horn over and over, knocking the bird to the ground. Chatot got back to its feet, breathing very heavily.

“Good Heracross, follow up with Tackle!” called Ben.

“Chatot use Ariel Ace!” yelled the grunt.

Heracross went to tackle Chatot, but the bird disappeared. Looking around, Heracross just had time to see Chatot reappear behind her before the bird smashed into her, sending Heracross flying.

“Heracross please get up,” said Ben worried, Heracross struggled back to her feet. Both pokémon looked tired now, “Heracross use Horn Attack!”

Heracross charged at Chatot and slammed into the bird with her horn, sending Chatot sprawling across the floor. Chatot struggled to get back to its feet, and briefly did, before collapsing again. The Grunt gaped at his fallen pokémon, before returning Chatot and running off...

February 3rd, 2009, 8:31 AM
Heracross grew to Lv 8 and Cyndaquil grew to Lv 12 and learned Ember

February 3rd, 2009, 9:54 AM
As they entered route 101 Reina walked merrily along.

A little further down the route she caught sight of a Rattata trying to gnaw open a nut.

"This is great." she smiled. "Our first battle. Go Chip!"

Chip sighed, and strolled forward making sure to take his time about it.

"Huh? What's wrong?" Reina asked.

"Chika..." Chip shrugged, and turned to face the Rattata who had ran up.

"Alright, tackle it!"

"Chika ri!" Chip crashed into the Rattata a little clumisily.

"Ratta..." Rattata climbed back to his feet and answered with his own tackle.

Chip whirled around and lept into the air, rebounding off the small rat's back.

Reina's other three pokemon were cherring from the sidelines.

"Vulpix vul!"

"Ta taillow!"

"Shinx shinx!"

The Rattata turned quickly and surprised Reina when he suddenly used a quick attack to get into Chip's space before she could blink.

"So, your a little bit of a higher lever then I thought." Reina blinked. "No matter though...tackle him again Chip!"


Rattata used quick attack again and the two crashed together in the middle. The more Chip pushed though, the more the Rattata seemed to push back.

"Chikari!" Chip cried as the Rattata used his small tail to trip him.

"Rattaaa!" Rattata lept for Chip as soon as he was down.

"Roll to the side!" Reina shouted.

"Ka!" Chip dodged just in time, and Rattata hit the ground where he was.

"Now tackle again, quickly Chip!"

"Chika Chika!" Chip slamed into Rattata once more and sent the small pokemon flying backwards. He rolled several times before coming to a stop completly out of it.

"Yay! You did it Chip!" Reina cheered, along with her pokemon.

"Chika." Chip whipped his leaf around as if to say 'naturally.'

Reina then held out everyone's pokeballs. "Return!" they were all turned into light, and the girl continued down the route.

February 3rd, 2009, 10:28 AM
OOC: Aura Sphere seems to miss in the show, so I thought I would add that. Honestly, I don't see why a pokemon can't jump over it unless it immediately goes after the pokemon like a heat sensor or something...

It was a strange pokemon that appeared, and it was nothing he had ever seen. Quickly, he pulled out his pokedex to see what it was.
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpffsb/dpffsb469.png Yanmega (shiny), the bug/flying pokemon. By churning its wings, it creates shock waves that inflict critical damage to foes.

"Dang," Jason muttered, unable to believe he was looking at a rare shiny.

"Yanmega, use Ancient Power!" Falkner ordere quickly.

Jason blanched, not ready. "Totodile, use Water Gun!"

"Tot!" Totodile cried, unleashing the blast of water.

"Yaa!" Yanmega called, dodging the attack and unleashed the blast of sharp rocks. First its eyes glowed, and then sharpened rocks appeared from the ground and bashed into Totodile, blasting the poor gator back.

"Diiil!" Totodile screamed, landing a bit awkwardly and looking dead beat.

"Take a rest, Totodile," Jason ordered, nodding to his side by Lucario.

"Dile!" Totodile agreed, eyes widening in curiosity as it stared at Lucario for the first time. "Dile?"

"Later," Jason murmered as the gator poked Lucario in side curiously. "Go, Heracross!" he called.

With a burst of white light, the great bug appeared. "Hera!" Heracross called, slashing his horn about in the air. It turned toward Yanmega, and suddenly the air filled with an angry buzzing as the two eyed each other up and down.

"Yanmega, Silver Wind," Falkner ordered.

"Yaa!" Pumping its dragonfly wings quickly, it unleashed a blast of a silvery substance toward Heracross.

"Dodge it," Jason ordered.

"Cross," Heracross spat, looking incredulious at the command. It could take this attack! "Hera!" Opening its shell to uncover its wings, Heracross pumped the tiny wings quickly, picking up the air current and destroying the incoming bug attack with ease, smirking at Yanmega the whole time.

Falkner gave a small smile. "It seems that your pokemon often do no listen to your commands," he commented softly.

Jason scowled. "Heracross, Aerial Ace!"

Nodding, Heracross charged, whole body glowing as it attacked with the flying attack. "Herr!" Slashing angrily at Yanmega, it sent the giant pokemon back in the air, but it easily got back into place. It was obviously well trained.

"Close up Night Slash," Falkner commanded.

"Yaan!" Yanmega cried, many arms glowing a sickly black color as it charge at Heracross, intent on swiping the giant beetle.

"Heracross, hit it back with Horn Attack!"

"Cross!" the bug type called, charging with a horn a glow. "Heeer!" The horn bashed into the glowing claws, and soon it became a fight of pure strength.

"Yaa," Yanmega growled lowly, swiping Heracross in the gut with one of its many legs. "Mee!"

"Cross!" Heracross roared, using Yanmega's distraction to bash its claw into Yanmega's side in a messed up version of Mega Punch. It was amusing, but just ended up acting as a Scratch attack as it left little marks.

The two lfew back a bit warily.

Jason grinned at the gym leader. "That dark type attack won't do much against Heracross being both a bug and fighting type," he mocked.

"Sonicboom," Falkner ordered.

"Cro!" Heracross was pushed back by the wind slash and rubbed his arm carefully from the impact.

"Never give your opponent an opening to attack," Falkner told him.

"Alright, well here's a taste of your own advice! Heracross, Focus Punch!"

"Crooos!" Heracross called, arm glowing with power. Grinng up at Yanmega, it leapt, intent on bashing its head into the ground.

Falkner looked on a bit carelessly. "Protect," he said simply.

"Meg," Yanmega said with a simple gri, erecting a powerful blue shield around itself.

"Croos!" Heracross yelled, bringing down his fist on the shield, gritting his teeth as nothing happened.

"Yanmega, Ancient Power," Falkner ordered.

"Dodge!" Jason yelled.

"Yaa!" The sharp rocks were flung at the retreating beetle, hitting the poor bug in the back.

"Heraco!" Heracross cried out in pain, lying on his stomach for a moment.

"Yanmega, finish it with Bug Bite," Falkner ordered.

"Heracross!" Jason yelled out in worry. "Protect yourself with Horn Attack!"

"Hera..." Heracross said weakly.

"Mega!" Yanmega called out in victory, mouth wide open, a green substance covering its teeth in a disgusting way. "Meee!"

At the last moment, Heracross raised his horn, stopping the giant bug in midair and leaving to dangle awkwardly in its horn. Smirking, Heracross slammed the shocked Yanmega into the ground, making it screech out in surprise.

"Cross," Heracross said boldly, getting back up and looking ready.

Jason grinned. "Good job, Heracross. Let's try another Focus Punch!"

"Cross!" Arm glowng with power, Heracross charged at the tired Yanmega.

"Yanmega, Protect," Falkner said simply.

"Megg," Yanmega said, erecting the blue shield once more.

"Heeeerrr!" Heracross roared in anger, pounding into the blue shield to no avail.

"Yanmega, Sonicboom!""

Blue shield disappearing, Yanmega pumped its speedy wings and sent the air slash at Heracross, striking it back. "Meeega," Yanmega taunted.

"Her!" Heracross cried out in pain.

"Heracross, pull yourself together and use another Focus Punch!" Jason ordered.

Nodding, Heracross charged, arm glowing with power.

"You never learn," Falkner said with a sigh. "Yanmega, Protect."

Jason smirked as the blue shield came to life, confusing the gym leader. "Fly over the shield but keep your focus!" he ordered.

Eyes lighting up in understanding, Heracross gave a hearty laugh and flew over Yanmega, arm still glowing with power.

Falkner grit his teeth as the Protect failed and disappeared. "Ancient Power!" he ordered quickly.

"Dodge and use that Focus Punch!" Jason yelled with excitement.

"Croo!" Heracross called eagerly, wings pumping quickly as it ducked and wove under the sharp rocks. Eyes narrowed, Heracross called out a, "Hera... Crosss!" before landing the incredibly strong punch on Yanmega, sending the poor bug type crashing into the ground and creating a small crator.

"Yanmega, Sonicboom!" Falkner ordered quickly.

"Mega! Mega!" Yanmega huffed out, completely wiped out.

jason laughed. "It's over, Falkner. Heracross, finish it with Aerial Ace!"

Nodding, Heracross charged, wincing as the Sonicboom crashed into its stomach, but otherwise ignored the pain, too eager to get this battle finished. "Heracroooosss!" he roared, swiping his body down on the fallen Yanmega.

"Yaaa!" Yanmega screamed, but shaking furiously in pain, wings pumping extra hard to keep it in the air. "Yan... mega," it said at last, falling to the ground.

Heracross stood over the fallen pokemon, but when it was clear that its opponent wasn't getting up, Heracross fell on his butt, completely wiped out. "Hera."

Jason cheered, running up to his pokemon and hugging the surprised pokemon hard around the middle. "You did it!" he cheered. "You were awsome!"

"Tototo!" Totodile cheered, hugging Heracross around the horn.

"Lucario," Lucario smirked, startling the giant beetle.

"Hera," Heracross said in wonder, smirking back and playfully nudging the pokemon.

"Cario," Lucario laughed, elbowing back as the two had their manly moment of play fighting.

"Congragulations," Falkner said, recalling his unconcious pokemon and walking up to Jason and his pokemon. "As proof of your win in the Violet City gym, I award you this TM: Aerial Ace, and the Zephyr Badge." He handed them over to an awed Jason.

Jason held the items in his hand. "Woah," he said as he and his pokemon stared at the items proudly. "Thanks!" he said energetically, shaking Falkner's hand.

Falkner laughed. "It is I who should be thanking you for that excellent battle. If your are still interested in gym battles, you should go down the next route, where you'll come across a cave, but first I suggest you look around town. There's Sprout Tower, and then we have some old ruines a bit aways."

"I'll look into it," Jason said, grinning up at the elder man. Getting up, he led his pokemon to the outside world. "Come on," he told them. "We've got to get you guys healed up before we go anywhere."

His pokemon heartily agreed as they limped toward the pokemon center.

February 3rd, 2009, 12:54 PM
Onto Route...Nevermind

After exiting Elm's laboratory with his new Pichu (Now nicknamed Ares), Cody was just about ready to hop on the road and begin his journey.

I sort of have this feeling of nervousness, but that's rare for me. Oh well, onto route....nevermind. Who's that kid coming over here?

"Hey there you noob, the name's Tyler, and I'm about to kick your arse in a battle. Alright? GOOD!" Tyler said very pompously and confident.

Cody replied calmly, "Of course you will. Whatever, go Ares."

Ares appeared in front of Cody in a vivid white light.

I still don't know what moves it knows. I guess I'll consult the Pokédex.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa172.png"Your Pichu knows Thundershock, Charm, and Volt Tackle."

Now THIS should be interesting...

"Come on out Pidgey!" Tyler exclaimed, as a Pidgey appeared in a vivid white light.

Okay, this should be even better...

"Tackle Pidgey!" Tyler commanded.

"Ares, counter with a Charm attack." Cody said with a calm reaction.

As Pidgey charged, Ares cutesy-fied Pidgey to the point where its attack power was useless.

"This isn't good!" Tyler yelled out helplessly.

Someone needs to learn how to act under pressure, apparently.

"Clean up with a Volt Tackle Ares."

"WHAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!" Tyler shouted in utter hysteria.

With a yellow glow enveloping Ares, he charged the Pidgey, knocking it to the ground, in a OHKO!

Too easy.

"IT WON'T HAPPEN LIKE THIS AGAIN!" Tyler screamed as he stomped off.

Now, let's get out of this town.

February 4th, 2009, 1:29 AM
@ WW: Great, gym post, yeah but in the games Aura Sphere's description is something like, a ball of aura is released from the user, cannot miss. And I think it searches the opposing Pokemon out as Aura uses heat seneses so it cant miss. And I've decided not to use Sprout Tower in this RP so make your way to Route 103.

Totodile grew to Lv 18 and is ready to evolve into Croconaw, Heracross grew to Lv 17.

@ Jake: Battle posts need to be a bit longer then that, thanks.

'Ares' grew to Lv 6 and learnt Tail Whip

February 4th, 2009, 4:08 AM
Okay, drop my reserve on the other, may I reserve the wildcard please!

February 4th, 2009, 4:24 AM
Into the Unknown part 3

Ben climbed to the next, and what looked like the final, floor. The floor appeared to be made up of just two rooms. A small room on Ben’s right, and what looked like a large office on his left. Ben thought the office would be where he would find the leader, so he started off to his left. Then he heard a noise from his right and looked over to see a Grunt coming through the door of the smaller room. Ben wordlessly released Cynaquil and prepared for battle. Seeing Ben, the Grunt charged over to Ben yelling...

“How did you get up here? I’ll stop you! Go Luvdisc!”

Ben gulped; the Grunt had released a water pokémon, meaning Cyndaquil was at a severe disadvantage. He saw the Grunt grinning as he realised this as well. Ben looked down at Cyndaquil who was looking at Luvdisc apprehensively... and decided he needed to get the first shot in.

“Cyndaquil, use Tackle!” Ben shouted.

The small timid pokémon looked up and nodded the flame on his back lighting up. Cyndaquil charged at Luvdisc and slammed into the little heart shaped pokémon who tumbled over, but quickly got back up.

“That’s your best shot?” chuckled the Grunt, “Luvdisc use Water Gun!”

Luvdisc took in a deep breath before releasing a huge spray of water towards Cyndaquil.

“Dodge it Cyndaquil!” Ben yelled, all too aware of Cyndaquil’s weakness to water.

“Cynda!” cried Cyndaquil as he leaped to the side to dodge the water attack.

Ben knew that he had to come up with a plan quickly, because Cyndaquil wouldn’t last long against Luvdisc’s water attacks. To buy some time, he ordered Cyndaquil to use Smokescreen, and the small fire type released a cloud of smoke to obscure himself from Luvdisc’s view.

“Tackle Luvdisc!” called the Grunt with a mad look in his eyes.

Luvdisc shot straight though the dense smoke, and passed through without hitting Cyndaquil.

“Cyndaquil Double Kick!” called Ben.

Cyndaquil jumped out of the smoke straight at Luvdisc. Luvdisc didn’t have time to react to Cyndaquil emerging from the smoke, and received two hard kicks to either side. This knocked Luvdisc to the ground again, but the water pokémon was back to its feet quickly.

“Alright Luvdisc use Water Gun!” cried the Grunt.

The heart shaped shot a stream of water that hit Cyndaquil square in the chest. “Cynda,” cried the fire pokémon as he was sent flying backwards. Cyndaquil landed and skidded along the ground, before slowly struggling back to his feet. Ben saw that his pokémon was beginning to struggle, and had to finish this battle quickly.

“Luvdisc Tackle!” called the grunt, clearly sensing victory.

“Cyndaquil dodge and use Double Kick!” said Ben desperately.

Luvdisc shot straight at Cyndaquil, who managed to skip to the side to avoid impact before unleashing his attack. He jumped into the air before unleashing two hard kicks to Luvdisc’s side, sending the water pokémon skidding along the floor. The grunt grunted (lol) as he returned his fainted pokémon.

“I don’t know how you beat Luvdisc with a fire type,” he began, “But you won’t beat my next one! Go Eevee, use Quick Attack!”

The Grunt released a creature with brown fur, a bushy tail with a cream-colored tip, and a furry collar that was also cream-colored. As soon as the creature hit the ground it set off at break neck speed straight towards Cyndaquil. Eevee slammed into Ben’s exhausted pokémon and sent him skidding along the ground.

“Cyndaquil return!” said Ben quickly, not wanting to risk further damage to his pokémon, “It’s up to you Heracross!”

He threw Heracross’ pokéball and released the oversized beetle into the battle.

“You think a giant bug can beat me?”asked the Grunt cockily, “Eevee use Bite!”

“Take flight Heracross!” called Ben.

Eevee jumped towards Heracross, who took flight and got just high enough to evade Eevee’s attack.

“Great job!” said Ben happily, “Now use Fury Attack!”

Heracross dropped back to ground behind Eevee, and struck the small pokémon over and over with her horn.

“Great! Now Horn Attack!” called Ben.

Heracross’ horn began to glow and she smashed into Eevee horn first, sending it flying. Eevee landed on the floor with a loud crash, but managed to struggle back to its feet.

“Eevee Bite!” called the Grunt.

“Heracross Horn Attack!” called Ben simultaneously.

Eevee jumped at Heracross, whose horn began to glow, with its fangs bared. Just as Eevee looked like it was going to bite into Heracross’ side, Heracross swang around and bashed Eevee with her horn. Eevee was sent flying across the room, before it landed and went sprawling across the ground. Eevee slowly got back to its feet and took a step forward before collapsing from exhaustion. The grunt returned Eevee and stormed off. Ben let out a large sigh of relief, before he heard a voice...

“So you’re the one who has been beating my men?” said the voice, “Well let’s see if you can beat me!”

February 4th, 2009, 4:44 AM
@ King: Wildcard is reserved for you.

@ slls: Dun, dun, dun... it's Commander Missing up next lol

Heracross grew to Lv 10 and learned Pursuit, Cyndaquil grew to Lv 14 and learned Quick Attack; Congrats Cyndaquil is ready to evolve into Quilava

February 4th, 2009, 4:48 AM
Okay, I'll try to get it on tonight, in the OOC, but I have "limited" computer time now, and also a meeting tonight, so I'm kinda busy. Then, tomorrow night is the talent show that I'm anouncing at, and on Friday, I'm auditioning for a play. So, if it's not upo then, I'm kinda really busy......
I'll be sure to have it up by Saturday though!

February 4th, 2009, 4:58 AM
Okay, but the reservation only lasts till tommorow at Three PM GMT, so if it's not up by then, then the position will be open to ohters, but if your lucky nobody else would of SU'ed for it by Saturday, therefore leaving you with a chance to SU.

February 4th, 2009, 8:26 AM
Bemertonboy, you ignored my post. O.o

February 4th, 2009, 9:18 AM
@ Rii: Oops sorry, I didn't ignore it, I missed it, well here it is:

'Chip' grew to Lv 7 and learnt Razor Leaf.

February 6th, 2009, 9:22 AM
The unknown commander

Ben spun quickly round to see where the voice had come from. He saw a tall man in a dark suit standing by the door to the large office. He was quite clearly in charge around here...

“I am far tougher than any of the men you have fought so far,” gloated the man, “I am Commander Missing and you are finished! Go Glaceon!”

He released a fox-like creature covered in light-blue fur. ‘An Ice type, perfect I’ll use Cyndaquil,’ Ben thought, instinctively reaching for Cyndaquils pokéball, ‘No wait, he need to rest after his last battle...’

“Heracross you’re up,” he said, looking over at his bug-type pokémon, “Start with Horn Attack!”

Heracross nodded at her trainer, before charging at Commander Missing’s Glaceon.

“Glaceon Signal Beam!” called Commander Missing.

Glaceon shot a beam of light at Heracross. The beam hit her, but she shrugged it off quite easily and kept moving towards Glaceon. Her horn lit up as she rammed into Glaceon with it, knocking the Ice type pokémon off its feet.

“Grr, Glaceon get up and use Ice Fang!” growled Commander Missing.

“Heracross dodge and use Fury Attack!” called Ben quickly.

Glaceon charged at Heracross, with its fangs glowing brightly. Heracross flew up above Glaceon to avoid its attack, before smashing into Glaceon repeatedly with her horn to knock Glaceon to the ground.

“Get up!” yelled the Commander, “And use Icy Wind!”

Glaceon struggled back to its feet, and shot a gust of chilled air at Heracross. The attack hit the Bug pokémon who fell to the ground.

“Follow up with Ice Fang!” yelled Commander missing.

“Roll out the way!” yelled Ben.

Glaceon jumped at the fallen Heracross, with its fangs glowing from the ice. At the last moment Heracross rolled to the side, causing Glaceon to smash into the floor. Heracross got to her feet and got into a fighting stance... before dropping it and giggling. Ben looked and saw that Glaceon’s mouth had been frozen to the ground, and the Ice pokémon couldn’t break free.

“All right Heracross lets end this!” he said, “Horn Attack!”

Heracross’ horn glowed once again and she slammed into Glaceon’s back, smashing the pokémon into the ground and causing it to faint.

“You got lucky kid!” said Commander Missing, returning his pokémon, “But you won’t get lucky twice! I choose Leafeon!”

He released a cat like pokémon with sprouts growing all over it, making it look more like a plant. Ben looked over at Heracross, she looked very tired. ‘Come on girl!’ he thought, looking down at Cyndaquil’s pokéball, ‘Just hold out a little bit longer.’

“Heracross let’s show him that win wasn’t a fluke!” Ben said, “Use Tackle!”

Heracross charged at Leafeon, and slammed into its side knocking it back slightly.

“Leafeon use Razor Leaf!” called Missing.

Leafeon shot a number of razor-sharp leaves in Heracross’ direction. Although she managed to dodge most of them, the final one hit Heracross dead on and sent her flying. Ben looked at Heracross, and saw that she couldn’t battle any more. He returned her and unclipped Cyndaquil’s pokéball. ‘I hope you’ve had enough rest...’ he thought, looking at the ball.

“I choose Cyndaquil!” he called loudly.

The pokéball opened to release the small fire type. Looking down at Cyndaquil Ben saw that although he had, physically, largely recovered from his last battle with Luvdisc, he still looked a little worn out. However, Cyndaquil did have a type advantage over Leafeon, so Ben hoped he could end the battle quickly.

“Leafeon use Razor Leaf to start this,” said Commander Missing.

“Use Ember to burn the leaves!” Ben told his Cyndaquil.

Leafeon shot a number of razor-sharp leaves in the direction of Cyndaquil. Cyndaquil lit his back and shot a small flame at each leaf, causing it to burn and fall to the ground harmlessly.

“Good work!” called Ben, “Now use Double Kick!”

Cyndaquil ran at Leafeon, before jumping up into the air and delivering two hard kicks to the Grass type pokémon.

“Don’t take that!” Commander Missing told his pokémon, “Use Razor Leaf!”

Once again Leafeon shot a number of razor-sharp leaves in the direction of Cyndaquil, and once again Cyndaquil burnt them all with his Ember attack.

“Argh!” yelled Missing, “Try a leaf Blade!”

“You know what to do Cyndaquil,” said Ben smiling.

The leaf on Leafeons head began to glow as it ran at Cyndaquil. “Wait for it,” said Ben quietly. Leafeon kept running at Cyndaquil, and was just about to strike when Ben yelled...


On his cue, Cyndaquil shot and Ember straight at Leafeon from point blank range. The attack hit the Grass pokémon full on in the face, and set the leaf on the top of its head on fire. Leafeon looked up at its leaf and began running around wildly trying to put it out.

“Use Synthesis to recover!” called Commander Missing desperately.

Unfortunately for him, Leafeon was far too distracted by its burning flame to listen to what its trainer had to say.

“Let’s put it out of its misery,” Ben told his Cyndaquil, “Use Tackle!”

Leafeon was far too distracted by the flame on top of its head to see Cyndaquil charging towards it, meaning Cyndaquil had no problems getting a good hard shot in to send Leafeon flying. The Grass pokémon skidded across the ground, before coming to a stop... knocked out.

February 6th, 2009, 10:38 AM
@ slls81: Good battle post, have some exp:

Heracross grew to Lv 12 and Cyndaquil grew to Lv 16

February 6th, 2009, 11:56 AM
Leaving the unknown...

After seeing their leader beaten by Ben all of the Unknown Grunts legged it out of the building, leaving Commander Missing no choice but to follow them. Ben breathed a sigh of relief, neither of his pokémon were in a good enough state to last another battle. He collapsed against the wall exhausted, and looked into the large room on his left. ‘Nice place,’ he thought, ‘The furniture must be really expensive, and that plant in the corner looked... hey where did it go?’ He got up and walked into the office. He looked around and saw the plant, which was now in the opposite corner of the room.

“What the...” he said walking over to the plant.

As he got closer he noticed that the plant was shaking slightly, but there was no wind... plants couldn’t just shake on their own... could they? Just as he reached the plant it turned around to look at Ben... it had eyes! The plant also looked as if it was crying.

Just then a voice came from the door. “You must be the trainer who drove those Unknown away!” it said.

Ben turned to see an elderly man walking towards him. He then looked down at the plant, who was still crying.

“Err yeah, that was me,” he began, “Why is your plant crying?”

“Ah yes, young Bonsly,” said the elder, looking at the plant... sorry Bonsly, “Came out of an egg I received off my friend from Blackthorn City. He must have been scared when the Unknown grunts took the tower.”

“How come the Unknown didn’t take him?” asked Ben.

“Oh... Bonsly’s very good at hiding...” said the elder, “Why even you thought it was a plant.”

“True...” said Ben.

“I feel sorry for Bonsly... it needs a trainer to toughen him up a bit and help him grow...” said the Elder, “With me he just sits around all day... I know! Why don’t you take him.”

“Oh no... I couldn’t possibly...” said Ben, looking down at the crying plant with apprehension.

“Nonsense... you saved the tower from those horrible Unknowns!” said the elder happily, “Consider Bonsly my way of saying thankyou.”

Despite Ben’s best efforts to politely refuse the elders offer, ten minutes later Ben left the tower carrying Bonsly in his arms. Bonsly had stopped crying and had perked up, making Ben feel a bit better about taking the plant... sorry pokémon... along with him.

Ben headed to the pokémon center and got his Cyndaquil and Heracross healed by Nurse Joy, before leaving Cherrygrove City and heading towards Route 102...

February 6th, 2009, 6:28 PM
Suddenly Reina found herself ambushed by a trainer. She growled lightly in annoyance, having wanted to get to the next town before dusk.

"I'm challanging you to a pokemon battle, and I'm not taking no for an answer."

"Fine....Let's get this over with." Reina sighed.

"Go Beedrill!" the boy released the evolved bug.

"Kaya, let's do it!"

Kaya appeared in a burst of sparkley light. "Taillow!"

The boys jaw dropped. "It...sparkled?"

"Yup." Reina grinned. "Taillow may not be all that rare, but shiny ones are."

"Ta!" Kaya looked proud.

"Beedrill, fury attack!"

He sure got over his shock fast enough.

"Kaya, dodge."

Kaya nimbly dodged each stab of Beedrill's front stingers.

"Try a peck." Reina called next.

Ta loo!" The small bird hit the much bigger bug in the gut.

Beedrill buzzed angerly as it cluched it's gut.

"Poison sting!" The boy yelled next.

Beedrill suddenly dived at Kaya with the third stinger.

"Dodge, and focus energy!" Reina reacted quickly. Had she been a little slower and her bird would have been a sheash kabob.

Beedrill flew past, as Kaya glowed slightly focusing all her energy in one spot.

"Now peck again, quickly!"

Kaya dived at Beedrill, who dodged. She turned to the side and dived again and once more the bee dodged.

"Fury attack again!" the boy yelled.

"Peck!" Reina yelled at the same time.

Kaya dived in recklessely as Beedrills blows rained down upon her.

Both she and Beedrill began spiriling down to the ground. They both hit with a loud thud, and both attempted to stand.

"Come on Beedrill, get up!"

"Kaya..." Reina looked worried.

Finally Beedrill collapsed, and Kaya shakly stood.

"Ta!" she flapped her dusty wings slightly. There was no doubt she was tired.

"Rattata go!" he quickly called out his next, and hopefully last pokemon.

"Why can't I just go get dinner?" Reina wined slightly. "Kaya, return."

The bird was pulled back into her pokeball.

"Your not using the Taillow?"

"In case you hadn't noticed, she's exausted." Reina glared. "Get em' Ember!"

February 7th, 2009, 2:13 AM
@ Slls81: Nice way of receiving Bonsly

Ben obtained a Lv 5 Bonsly, as a reward.

'Kaya' grew to Lv 7

February 7th, 2009, 8:17 AM
Cry baby...

Ben walked along Route 102, with his new pokémon Bonsly walking alongside him. Bonsly had certainly cheered up from when Ben first met him. He had stopped crying and was happily trotting alongside his new trainer. Bonsly also had the innocence of a baby, and was running over to play with every wild pokémon he saw. Of course this made it virtually impossible for Ben to capture them, but he didn’t have the heart to stop Bonsly’s fun.

Just then, Ben saw a Caterpie crawling towards them. He looked down at Bonsly, expecting the young pokémon to go and play with the bug pokémon. Sure enough, Bonsly began running enthusiastically towards Caterpie. Mistaking Bonsly’s gesture for an attack, Caterpie tackled the baby pokémon and knocked him to the ground.

Ben was about to run over to check Bonsly was okay, when the Rock pokémon began crying his eyes out. Caterpie shifted very uncomfortably and slowly turned to run away from the crying baby. Ben shook his head, how could he be expected to raise a pokémon that cried every time it got attacked or threatened?

Then Bonsly did something very surprising... as soon as Caterpie’s back was turned, he stopped crying. ‘Huh?’ though Ben. Bonsly then curled into a ball and rolled at Caterpie. Bonsly smashed into the bug and sent him flying.

“How did he...” questioned Ben, taking out his pokédex and looking up Bonsly’s attacks.

“Fake Tears” barked the pokédex, “Bonsly feigns crying to make the foe feel flustered and drop its defences.”

“What a sneaky little... treething,” said Ben shaking his head in amazement.

He watched, as Bonsly once again rolled into Caterpie and sent the bug flying. Caterpie got back to its feet looking very confused and very angry. It didn’t seem to have like being played like that by Bonsly. Ben was about to give an order to Bonsly, when he realised he didn’t know any of the young pokémon’s attacks. He decided to watch for a little while to see how Bonsly did... after all, he was doing all right so far.

Caterpie launched a tackle attack at Bonsly, which knocked him to the ground. Bonsly hopped back up quickly though.

“He can sure take a hit,” Ben remarked, taking his pokédex out again, “Wait Bonsly’s a rock type? I guess that explains it... but he looks like a tree...”

Caterpie shot a line of silk at Bonsly, to try to hinder his movement. Bonsly jumped up and managed to avoid the String Shot, before spraying his own line of silk at Caterpie.

“Now there is no way that Bonsly could no String Shot...” said Ben, consulting his pokédex once again.

“Copycat,” chimed the pokédex, “Bonsly mimics the previous attack of its opponent.”

Ben took note of this, thinking he should get to know how to use Bonsly in battle if he was going to train the young pokémon. Looking up, Ben saw that Bonsly’s String Shot had been successful, and Caterpie was stuck to the spot. Smiling, Bonsly rolled into a ball once again, and rolled towards Caterpie. The rock pokémon smashed into Caterpie and sent the bug flying and knocking it out. Impressed by the power of Bonsly’s final move, Ben got his pokédex out one last time.

“Rollout. An egg move of Bonsly,” the pokédex informed Ben, “Bonsly rolls itself into a ball and gains momentum, before smashing into the opposing pokémon to cause damage.”

Ben looked down to see Bonsly smiling at him.

“You were amazing,” he told Bonsly, picking the small pokémon up, “You really battled well out there!”

Bonsly smiled happily at Ben’s and let out a happy “Bons,”, before falling asleep in Ben’s arms. Ben smiled; the battle must have tired the young pokémon out. Ben unclipped Bonsly’s pokéball from his belt and returned Bonsly, before continuing down Route 102.

February 8th, 2009, 4:56 AM
@ slls81: Nice way to introduce Bonsly to battling:

Bonsly grew to Lv 7 and learnt Flail

February 8th, 2009, 6:16 PM
Name: Platinum
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Personality: Detirmind (much as a primeape), Friendly, kindhearted, Quite brave, a joker, clumsy (sometimes)
Appearence: Black cap with PLATINUM written on it with red, Black messy hair, Tanned skin, Red jacket with short black sleeves, Black singlet, Blue jeans with black belt and Black and red sport lace up shoes
History: At the age of ten Platinum could not gain a pokemon as he woke up late but he was too determind to gain a pokemon so he left on a journey to gain a pokemon and he searched around Kanto He got lost and accidently got onto a boat that was headed toward Johto (S.S. Anne) and was tring to get back home but couldn't then a kind woman led him into her house and treated him as family untill he found out that he could gain a pokemon from professor elm so he heads off towards Newbark town. Oviously he got lost but a pair of wild pichu led him to a pokemon ranger who was patroling the area and he found his way to Newbark town and he also gained a Pichu which liked him and followed him all the way to Newbark town. At Newbark town a wild Pidgy attacked pichu which Platinum defeated but the Pidgy was persistant so he followed Platinum.
Preffered Starter: Wild card
Other Pokemon: Pichu (Male), Pidgy (Male)

February 9th, 2009, 8:28 AM
@ Lenoik: At the moment you are pending as you need more in peronality and history, also you said you want the wildcard but you haven't listed what Pokemon you want as the wildcard.

February 9th, 2009, 12:59 PM
A new stage...

Ben moved along Route 102 quickly, without too much alarm. In the distance he could see Violet City... he wondered if the City had a Gym he could challenge... he fought his team was now good enough to start challenging Gyms now. After all, he had beaten a number of Team Unknown members back in Cherrygrove...

His thought chain was broken by a movement on his left hand side. Ben wheeled around to face the pokémon and saw what looked like a giant ladybird staring back at him inquisitively. Ben smiled and reached for a pokéball...

“Go Cyndaquil!” he called.

His fire type burst out of his pokéball with far more interest than usual. Upon seeing Ledyba, he immediately lit the flame on his back. However upon seeing Cyndaquil’s flame, the inquisitive Ledyba let out a shriek and flew off as quickly as it could. Cyndaquil looked back at his trainer with a very disappointed look.

“I know you wanted to battle it...” said Ben, “But I think there’s a Gym in the Town up ahead, so we can challenge the gym Leader there.

Cyndaquil cocked his head, almost as if to ask Ben if he thought Cyndaquil was ready to be in a Gym match.

“I mean after the way you guys handled Team Unknown,” Ben continued, “I think we can start challenging Gyms!”

Cyndaquil smiled at his trainers words, before beginning to chase a nearby Butterfly playfully. Ben laughed and left Cyndaquil out of his pokéball to have some fun. He sat down on a patch of grass to get some rest. After a while, the butterfly flew away and Cyndaquil came and lay down next to his trainer. Ben idly began stroking Cyndaquil, before quickly pulling his hand back from the flames... hey wait! He looked down and saw Cyndaquil hadn’t lit his back when Ben had gone to pet him.

“Do you like me now?” asked Ben, hoping their experiences in Cherrygrove had made them closer.

Cyndaquil happily nodded his head and hopped onto Ben’s lap. Ben smiled and began stroking Cyndaquil again. All of a sudden, Cyndaquil began to glow brightly... Ben placed Cyndaquil on the ground and backed away staring at his glowing pokémon. When the glowing had stopped, Ben saw that Cyndaquil had grown considerably. His flame was also no longer on his back, but had split into two flames. One on his head and one as a tail.

“Lava?” He questioned his trainer.

“Oh my god Cyndaquil, you evolved!” said Ben happily, getting out his pokédex.

Quilava, the Volcano pokémon. It intimidates foes with the heat of its flames. The fire burns more strongly when it readies to fight.

“Quilava huh?” said Ben, looking down at his newly evolved pokémon with a smile, “You and me are going to have a lot of fun!”

“Quil!” said Quilava happily.

“All right, let’s get going!” said Ben.

With that the two of them continued down the Route towards Violet City...

February 10th, 2009, 7:52 AM
The Vulpix named Ember faced the Rattata growling menincingly.

"Ember, use tail whip!" Reina ordered first.

"Rattata, tackle!"

Ember dodged the tackle and swung in a circle, smacking the rat in the face with her tails.

"Now try ember!"

"Vulpix vul?"

"Not your name Ember, the attack ember."

"Vulll!" Ember opened her mouth and released a series of flames at her opponent.

"Ratttttaaaa!" he yelped upon being bombarded by the fiery attack.

"Grrrr....Get up and use bite!" the other trainer actually looked pretty mad.

"Ratttt!" he lept for Ember, but caught her tail.

"Vulpix!" she screached. running in circles after the Rattata, who held on despite all of this.

"Face your tail and use ember." Reina told her. "Don't panic."

Ember glanced over her shoulder and released an ember directly into the rat's face.

Rattata got a pained look on his face before he toppled over with a puff of smoke.

"Return!" the boy recalled his pokemon. "This isn't over!" he stormed off, leaving Reina with a puzzled look.

"Hmmm? I wonder what his problem was?"

"Pix vulpix vulpix."

"Yea, your probably right. One of those types who doesn't like to lose." she picked up Ember and continued on to the next town.

February 10th, 2009, 8:46 AM
@ slls: Yey Cynda... I mean Quilava finnaly likes you.

Ben's Cyndaquil evolved into a :) Happy ;) Quilava

@ Rii: Battle posts need to be a little longer, thanks.

'Ember' grew to Lv 6

February 10th, 2009, 11:44 AM
Sorry, I've got to drop out. I have been grounded, so yeah, I can sneak on occasionally, but not enough to keep up with the RP :(

February 10th, 2009, 11:51 AM
You sure? Because I only expect 1 post a week maybe 1 every 2 weeks if your strecthed, would you like to rethink?

February 14th, 2009, 10:47 AM
Route 103
(2-4 Posts, 5 maximum)

This route links Violet City and the start of Union Cave. Well it's pretty much the same as any other route, you can catch Pokemon, you can battle trainers and stuff like that. Please inform me if you want to catch a shiny, receive an egg, find TM's, find items. No meeting up with other role players. Oh and have fun. At the end of the route make your way to the beginning of union cave.

Note: Depending on whether your battle post was good enough or not, when you capture a Pokemon some of them will have an egg move but you will not know this until I put the Pokemon up in the OOC thread.

Common Pokemon

Ekans Lv 12-15
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/5/57/Spr_3e_023.gif (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_3e_023.gif)

Type: Poison
Ability: Intimidate or Shed Skin
Gender: Male or Female
Nature: Random
Moves: Wrap, Leer, Poison Sting, Bite, glare

Wooper Lv 12-15
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/8/88/Spr_3e_194.gif (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_3e_194.gif)
Type: Water/Ground
Ability: Damp or Water Absorb
Gender: Male or Female
Nature: Random
Moves: Water Gun, Tail Whip, Mud Sport, Mud Shot, Slam (Lv 15)

Nidoran♂ Lv 11-14
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/a/a0/Spr_3e_032.gif (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_3e_032.gif)
Type: Poison
Ability: Poison Point or Rivalry
Gender: Male
Nature: Random
Moves: Leer, Peck, Focus Energy, Double Kick, Poison Sting (Lv 13)

Nidoran♀ Lv 11-14
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/3/3d/Spr_3e_029.gif (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_3e_029.gif)
Type: Poison
Ability: Poison Point or Rivalry
Gender: Female
Nature: Random
Moves: Growl, Scratch, Tail Whip, Double Kick, Poison Sting (Lv13)

Uncommon Pokemon

Sunkern Lv 12-15
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/4/45/Spr_3e_191.gif (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_3e_191.gif)
Type: Grass
Ability: Chlorophyll or Solar Power
Gender: Male or Female
Nature: Random
Moves: Absorb, Growth, Mega Drain, Ingrain, GrassWhistle (Lv 13)

Tangela lv 11-15
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/0/0d/Spr_3e_114.gif (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_3e_114.gif)
Type: Grass
Ability: Chlorophyll or Leaf Guard
Gender: Male or Female
Nature: Random
Moves: Ingrain, Constrict, Sleep Powder, Absorb, Growth (Lv 12), PoisonPowder (Lv15)

Duskull Lv 12-15
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/b/b5/Spr_3e_355.gif (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_3e_355.gif)
Type: Ghost
Ability: Levitate
Gender: Male or Female
Nature: Random
Moves: Leer, Night Shade, Disable, Foresight, Astonish (Lv 14)

Rare Pokemon

Cleffa Lv 8-10
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/4/4f/Spr_3e_173.gif (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_3e_173.gif)
Type: Normal
Ability: Cute Charm or Magic Guard
Gender: Male or Female
Nature: Random
Moves: Pound, Charm, Encore, Sing, Sweet Kiss (Lv 10)

Burmy Lv 13-16
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/2/23/Spr_4p_412.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4p_412.png)
Type: Bug
Ability: Shed Skin
Gender: Male or Female
Nature: Random
Moves: Protect, Tackle, Bug Bite (Lv 15)

Aipom Lv 13-16
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/5/52/Spr_3e_190.gif (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_3e_190.gif)
Type: Normal
Ability: Run Away or Pickup
Gender: Male or Female
Nature: Random
Moves: Scratch, Tail Whip, Sand-Attack, Astonish, Baton Pass, Tickle (Lv 15)

Very Rare Pokemon

Cyndaquil Lv 15-18
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/f/fb/Spr_3e_155.gif (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_3e_155.gif)
Type: Fire
Ability: Blaze
Gender: Male or Female
Nature: Random
Moves: Tackle, Leer, SmokeScreen, Ember, Quick Attack

Snover Lv 16-18
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/d/d9/459.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:459.png)
Type: Grass/Ice
Ability: Snow Warning
Gender: Male or Female
Nature: Random
Moves: Powder Snow, Leer, Razor Leaf, Icy Wind, GrassWhistle, Swagger (Lv 17)

February 14th, 2009, 12:26 PM
K, here's my sign up:

Name: Ricky Redd
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Personality: Ricky's a natural leader. He knows what to do in certain sutuations and his actions usually work for the best. He's a king guy though, and he'll help his friends, be they his best friends, kind strangers, those in need, or pokemon. He also likes action, and can get bored with basic activities like reading or fishing. This is why he loves pokemon battles, and this love has also resulted in a lifetime hobby of raising pokemon. Ricky is also quite smart, and a good character.
Appearance: Ricky has dark brown hair that stands upwards. He has ligh green eyes and stands at 6 feet. He has a pretty standard frame and is only slightly muscular.

He wears a black short sleeve shirt under a red long sleeve shirt, aswell as a bug catcher style hat (only it's black and white). He also wears a baggy pear of black cargo pants and a belt with a few compartments (mainly for pokeballs and the like). Aswell as this belt, he has a backpack with all of his other supplies (like sleeping bag, food, medicine etc).
History: Ricky was born in Pallet Town, Kanto, but he was never interested on going on a journey through the region, even when he was 10. He knew of every pokemon in Kanto and, being a neighbour to Prof Oak, he has seen or came into contact with the majority of them. He was interested in a land to the west - a region called Johto - were there were new, different pokemon.
Luckily for Ricky, Pallet isn't too far from Tohjo falls, and so, when he was 15, he set out to Johto - where he heard Prof Elm was giving 6 people the chance to start their journey there. It was dangerous to travel to New Bark alone, though, so Prof Oak gave Ricky a Growlithe to aid him on his journey.
Preffered Starter: Wildcard, male (if possible)
Other pokemon: Growlithe, male (lv 5 I guess, lol)
RP Sample: (From Beamertonboy's 'My New RP' aka, The Hotjo Islands):

Beep! Beep! Beebeep! BEEBEEP!

The dreadful sound grew louder, or so it seemed to Loman. As he slowly got out of his bed, he remembered what day it was - Saturday, his free day. With that thought, he got out of his bed and took a morning shower.

A while later, he walked downstairs to see his Stepdad, Will, sitting, eating his toast, "What time d'you call this?" he said harshly.
"Oh shut up. It's Saturday you idiot." replied an stern Loman - he was used to this.
He decided to watch TV, mabey watch a little before he took a walk...
"Have you always wanted to be a pokemon Trainer?"
"Today only - Professor Haikio is giving away not one, but Four pokemon! Do you like Swablu? How about a Cranidos? Or does a Cacnea take your fancy? Mabey you'd just like to settle for a lucky dip!"
Did he just say Cacnea?
"Today only, at Professor Haikio's Lab!"

Pokemon, Lomans only light in his life, "I'm going. Bye Mum!"
"Hah!" an evil laugh came from Will, "You? A trainer? Don't make me laugh! You'll never succedd!" He was clearly trying to put Loman down
"Know what?" Loman replied, "I don't really care, know why? Because this journey will make me more of a man than you'll ever be you little creep..."

Loman left the house.

"Ah, good! Glad to know you're interested!" said Professor Haikio, as Loman gave her his completed registration form, "What did you say you wanted?"
"Cacnea. Please."

"I'll be a moment." she replied... after reappearing again, "Here you go! All yours!"
Loman took the pokeball, and released his new Cacnea. He took a look at the little plant like creature, it looked back. It looked like a Lonely little fellow, but he also looked tough.
"Do you want to give him a nickname?" asked Haikio.
Loman took another look at hisw new Cacnea, "Vince." he said - this was the name of his late father.
"Oh! Go and see Prof. Lipsow aswell." said Prof. Haikio.
"Thanks." said Loman, before withdrawing Vince and heading to Lipsow's office.

"I see, well, that shouldn't be a problem!" said Lipsow, as he looked for a spare pokedex, "Now enjoy yourself young man!" he said, before going back to his work. Loman took the hint, and started to leave...
..."Hey! You! Yea, take these with you. Pokeballs, essentials, you know?" Professor Haikio's assistant gave Loman five pokeballs.
"Cool. Thanks buddy." he said, with that, he left the building.

Loman was standing at the entrance to route one, "Well. Here I go." he said.

"... you can't say no!"

"Hmm?" said Loman, looking at the fast approaching figure: he was a young boy, about ten or eleven. He wore a plain shirt and shorts, aswell as a cap. He halted a few meters away from where Loman was standing.

"One on one! Go Zubat!" he threw the ball in the air, releasing a small bat creature, it hissed at Loman.

Confident with his Cacnea's previous display, he wordlessly summoned his pokemon, "After you..." he said.

Mabey he shouldn't have done so, as Zubat used it's supersonic attack on Vince, confusing it, "Damn." he said under his breath, Vince was walking about in circles, clearly dazed. "Try to use leer!" Loman ordered, before Vince looked... and ran head first into a tree, hurting itself in it's confusion.

"Haha! This is hilarious! Zubat, leech life please..." Zubat did so, seriously hurting Cacnea. "Man, you gotta get another pokemon! This one sucks!" the youing boy said while laughing.

NOW it was serious, "Vince! SNAP OUT OF IT!!!" Loman yelled. The Cacnea suddenly stopped swaying, it looked at Loman, nodded, and turned to face his opponent. "Poison sting it!" ordered Loman. Vince, eyes fixed on Zubat, showered it in poisonous needles. The Zubat - being part poison - only inflicted minor damage.

"Are you going to put up a fight? Supersonic again Zubat." Zubat got ready...

"... not this time! Leer!" Vince glared at Zubat... the Zubat who - like all other Zubats - had no eyes. "Dammit!" Loman said, before realising, why couldn't he pull off something similar? "Vince! Cover your ears!" Vince located his earholes and put his hands over them. The soundwaves passed the little cactus, who's face was tight with trying to block out the noise. The waves ended, and Vince - to Loman's releif - shook it off.

"Great! Now, Poison sting again!" he commanded, as Vince released a barrage of needles once more. True, they weren't hurting Zubat much, but they were slowing him down. If he could just poison it..., "C'mon Vince! Keep going!" Loman belowed. Vince increased the volume of needles, and their ferocity. Loman could almost feel each blow pounding Zubat...

"Zubat! Leech Life!" shouted the kid, before his pokemon sapped Vince's HP. The needles stopped, and the Zubat gained health... before losing it! It had been poisoned!

"Now Vince: take back that health!" The Cacnea held it's arms up and absorbed some of the Zubats health. Loman now had the upper hand - but just barely. Zubat and the boy weren't going down easy.

"OK Zubat, time for our new move, Astonish!" The Zubat immidiatley darted right infront of Vince, giving him a fright.

"Absorb!" said Loman, trying to retaliate - Vince had already flinched, however. Zubat's poison did take effect though.

"Now! Leech Life!" commanded the boy.

"Absorb!" shouted Loman.

The two attacks clashed, Zubat bit the Cacnea, taking it's health, while Cacnea was stealing Zubat's. It was a stale mate - but Zubat was poisoned! It couldn't keep the attack up, giving Vince time to Absorb a little more health.

"You're really annoying me little guy." Loman said to the boy, "Vince! All out Absorb!"

Vince again took in some of the remaining health the Zubat had, before the Boy ordered,

"Supersonic!" Soundwaves emitted again, confusing Cacnea. "Great, now: Leech Life!"

...there was a pause, "Zubat? Z-zubat?"

It was too late. The poison had finished off the little bat pokemon. It fell to the ground. The boy withdrew his pokemon.

"Oh, and by the way," Loman said, "I intend to keep my Cacnea."

The boy scoweld at him... and then he ran off.

After giving Vince a well earned potion, Loman looked at the ship he was about to board. He'd had a taste of the pokemon world; now he wanted to see more...

Well, there it is :D

February 14th, 2009, 1:26 PM
"Here you are; all of your pokemon have been healed," Nurse Joy said brightly."

Jason grinned down at all of his pokemon. "How do you all feel?" he asked, feeling extremely proud of his pokemon after their display at the gym.

"Lucario!" Lucario said happily, tail wagging and giving that same goofy grin he's had since he was a Riolu, which was only an hour ago, actually.

"Heracross!" Heracross grunted, looking extremely proud of himself.Jason couldn't blame the beetle. That Yanmega had been strong.

"Tot..." Totodile said, holding his stomach.

Jason immediately kneeled. "Totodile, what's wro...?" he traile off when the gator began to glow.

After it stopped glowing, a much larger gator with a huge mouth and vicious teeth stood in Totodile's place. "Croconaw!" the Croconaw said enthusiastically, pounding his tail to the ground.

Jason and his pokemon quickly congragulated the water type, recieing a very toothy grin that didn't look so innoccent. Jason brought out his pokedex after congragulations were given out.
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/3/3e/Spr_3e_159.gif (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_3e_159.gif) Croconaw, the fang pokemon. Once this pokemon has bitten down, it will not let go until one of its fangs have been lost. Fangs regrow quickly.

"Woah, just like a shark," Jason said, grinning widely at this new powerhouse.

"Croa," Croconaw said, chomping his teeth together a few times...

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Have you found anything, Elekid?" Jason asked after an hour of walking down Route 103. He had the electric pokemon out because he really needed to power this little powerhouse up.

"Kid," Elekid said, shaking her head as she looked through some bushes. She did see a rock, which she randomly tossed through some bushes with glee. "Ele ele ele," Elekid laughed, sounding too much like a pleased child.

A low snarl from the bushes, however, stopped her laughter. "Snooo..." it said lowly, causing Jason to hurry over to his pokemon. Really,all of his pokemon had a habit of pissing off the wild ones. "Snover," the pokemon said angrily, finally coming out in plain sight.

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/d/d9/459.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:459.png)Snover: This pokemon, usually living in snowy mountains, and having little contact with humans, is very inquisitive.

Didn't look so curious now, and were there any snowy moutain's around here? Jason didn't think so.

"Alright, Elekid, start off with Thundershock!" Jason ordered.

"Ele!" Elekid growled, pumping her arms quickly and shooting the electric attack.

"Snoe," Snover grunted as the Thundershock surrounded its body. With a smirk, it broke free of it easily, causing Elekid and Jason to blink in shock. "Snover!" it cried, pointing its two arms at Elekid and letting loose a very cold attack.

"Eleki!" Elekid cried, getting blown back by the Icy Wind attack. The icy attack bit at her skin, causing goosebumps to appear and for her electricity to generate much faster to keep her warm.

"Come on, get up," Jason commanded. "One attack is not going to get you down."

"El," Elekid agreed, grtting her teeth and standing up. In irritation, she brushed off some ice on her chest.

"Good, now use Low Kick!"

"Kid!" Elekid barked, charging forward with anger.

"Snov," Snover said, aiming his arms once more and allowing another icy attack to make its way at Elekid, but this time a Powder Snow.

"Keep charging but avoid the attack," Jason ordered to his pokemon.

Elekid nodded in understanind and jumped over the attack, landing right in front of a surprised Snover. "Eleki!" Elekid cried, bringing up her foot and kicking the ice/grass type with as much power as she could.

"Sno!" Snover cried, tumbling backwards in pain from the strong kick, fighting type moves being its weak point. "Snov," Snover said lowly, standing back up with a pant. It had literally had the wind knocked out of it. "Ver!"

Jason watched the Icy Wing come at Elekid. "Dodge with Quick Attack!" he barked.

"Ele, ele, ele." With each blast of cold wind aimed at her, Elekid became a blur and simply moved to a new spot.

"Sno! Ver ver ver!" Snover cried angrily, attacks now becoming more dangerous and colder with its picked up speed. Elekid was having a hard time dodging, especially with the ground beginning to ice over.

"Keep dodging!" Jason ordered.

"Eli," Elekid said cheerfully, raising a hand up in understanding. She smirking and prepared to take off once more as another Icy WInd shot out at her, but as soon as put her foot down, she slipped on the icy ground. "Eli!" she cried out.

"Snov," Snover said approvingly as its attack finally hit, sending the annoying pokemon tumbling back, body already forming ice shards around it.

"Kid..." Elekid breathed, looking extremely worn out. She panted hard and pushed herself back up, only to wince it pain from the ice and her own exhaustion.

Jason eyed his pokemon worriedly, wondering exactly how strong this Snover was. "Elekid, break the ice with Thundershock," he ordered.

Nodding at the command, Elekid pumped her arms and generated the high voltage attack around her own body, smiling as the ice was destroyed. "Eli!" she cried, looking ready to continue the fight.

Jason nodded approvingly. "Low Kick!" he cried, realizing this would be the only real effective attack.

"Elik!" Elekid charged, her horns sparking occasionally from her anger and exhaustion.

"Snov," Snover said easily, aiming his arms at Elekid and firing away.

Elekid smirked, dodging the attack easily, much thanks to her speed. Body now crackling with electricity completely, each time she took a step on the ice, the elctricity destroyed it instantly, allowing her free passage.

Jason grinned in wonder. "Nice idea!" he called to his pokemon. "Keep up that Thunder Kick!"

"Ele el!" Elekid laughed at the name and eagerly dug her foot into Snover's gut.

"Snov!" Snover gasped, clutching its stomach as the a few sparks went through its body. It had been paralyzed as well as hurt.

Jason knew he would be using this made up attack much more in the future. "Try another Low Kick!"

"Ele!" Elekid brought up her leg once more, but Snover beat her to the punch. It let a deep breath, and Jason could actually see its breath hit Elekid in the face. "Ele... lelelelelele!" Elekid cried, running around crazily and even whacking her head against a tree.

"Elekid!" Jason barked, astonished by his pokemon's behavior. He quickly brought out his pokedex and was told that the attack had been Swagger. It confused a pokemon. "Low Kick!" Jason yelled to his pokemon, hoping that Elekid could hear him.

"Snov..." Snover said lowly, pleased with its work. It aimed its arm at Elekid and fired the Icy Wind.

"Elekid, watch out!" Jason called.

In Elekid's daze, she managed to hear the command and actually turned her dazed eyes toward the attack. "Eleee!" she screamed, getting bashed into the tree from the force of the ind. She struggled as her body became stuck to the tree. In a rage, electricity flowed through her body and helped her break free and fall to the ground almost immediately.

Jason rushed over to his keeled over pokemon, worry evident on his face as he brought his hand onto the fallen pokemon's back, only to jump back from a spare shock.

"Elel!" Elekid cried, still as confused as ever, but only this time she had rage to fuel her. Ignoring Jason (or perhaps not realizing he was there), Elekid charged a surprised and panting Snover. It had evidently thought she was out.

"Sn...!" Snover began to cry out its battle cry, and had just about raised its arms, but a spasm of electricity rushed through its body, paralyzing it. "Ver..." it growled, only able to watch worriedly as Elekid charged and brought up her leg right into its head.

"Ele!" Elekid roared, kicking Snover with all of its strengh right in the head, sending the poor pokemon flying. The attck was much more powerful, thanks to the Swagger attack. "Ele ele el," Elekid panted, muscled arms touching the ground like crutches to support her body.

"Snoo," Snover said weakly, unable to lift its body from the ground. In a desperate attempt, it brought its hand to its mouth and let out one, last, soothing melody before it fell unconcious.

Despite the fact that the failed Grasswhistle only let out one note, Elekid wobbled horribly, a daze still in her eyes and her chest rose up and down rapidly. She had put too much power into the battle, not that Jason blamed her. In fact, if it wasn't for its Low kick and the fact that Snover had been paralyzed, he was pretty sure Elekid would have lost.

"Good job, Elekid," he said softly, proud of his pokemon. "Have a good rest. Return."

The beam of red light returned the exhausted pokemon back to her pokeball, where Jason was sure she could rest in peace.

February 14th, 2009, 2:05 PM
@ ZephyrII: Your accepted but you need to tell me what Pokemon you want as the wildcard, then I'll add you to the OOC thread and you can begin posting.

@ WW: That was an epic battle, I think 3 levels is in order

Elekid grew to Lv 14 and learnt Thunderpunch

After jason returned Elekid he noticed a small yellow and black box on the floor, it was an electricizer, Jason picked it up and carefully placed it in his backpack.

Jason found an Electricizer

February 14th, 2009, 2:26 PM
OK, umm... could I have a Nincada, male, and a Jolly nature?

February 15th, 2009, 12:01 AM
@ ZephyrII: Okay, feel free to post.

February 15th, 2009, 7:00 PM
"Chikorita, Razor Leaf!" Jason called eagerly.


Jason had been eagerly walking down the new route, his eyes set on an escaping Duskull, before this pokemon showed up and attacked him with a Water Gun.
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/8/88/Spr_3e_194.gif (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_3e_194.gif)

"Woop!" the Wooper cried out in pain as the sharp leaves tore at its exctremely tough body. What people weren't aware of, was that this pokemon was also a ground type of pokemon, and thus had extremely hard skin. The bad thing about this little ability was that up against grass type attacks, the double was double the power.

"Nice, Chikorita," Jason said, grinning as the blue pokemon breathed harshly.

"Woopo!" it called, opening its mouth and unleashing a blast of hard mud.

"Chikorita, watch out for that Mud Shot!" Jason called.

"Rita!" Chikorita barked, jumping to the side and moving his body in such a way that Jason thought impossible for Chikorita's body. "Tita," Chikorita smirked, spinning his large leaf.

"Wooper woo!" Wooper said angrily, bashing his tail against the ground and opening its mouth, this time unleashing a Water Gun.

"Chika," Chikorita said with a sigh and a roll of the eyes. The Water Gun sprayed against his body, rejuvinating him.

"Water types don't work so well against grass types," Jason informed the water type. "Chikorita, Tackle!"

Chikor!" Chikorita charged, his head lowered and leag waving in the wind.

"Wopp!" Wooper charged as well, tail wagging determedly. "Ppperp!" Wooper called jumping into the air and bashing Chikorita away with its Slam attack.

"Chi," Chikorita winced before quickly bashing his head into Wooper before it could bound away.

"You ok, Chikorita?" Jason asked.

Chikorita gave an inidnant sniff, annoyed at the question. Of course it was alright! "Chiko."

"Alright, then use Razor Leaf!"

"Chio!" Large leaf spinning, Chikorita sent out the sharp leaves.

"Wooper!" Wooper called, sening another Mud Shot attack that struck Chikorita right in the face, but unfortuanently for the water/ground pokemon, the Razor Leaf struck true, and with double the damage, the already hurt pokemon went down.

"Chiko," Chikorita snarled, shaking his head to get the mud out of his face.

Jason chuckled and moved to help his pokemon. "Here you go, buddy," he said, removing the mud with his shirt. "Feeling better?" He got a nod. Jason grinned and looked around, already seeing the defeated Wooper jump into the small river close by and get away. "You know, this seems like a good place to have a rest."

"Hika," Chikorita said with a shrug, not really caring.

"Come on out, everybody!" Jason called, throwing up his pokeballs in the air, not at all bothered by the grass types attidtude.

With a burst of white light, all of his pokemon appeared.

"Lucario!" Lucario called, doing a few kicks to show off.

"Croconaw!" Croconaw called, chomping his teeth together and grinning ferally.

"Heracross!" Heracross called, waving his horn around and stamping the ground.

"Ele..." Elekid said with burp, still looking a bit dazed from its ealier battle.

The pokemon immediately rushed to help the dazed pokemon, making her as comfortable as possible. It amused Jason that Chikorita and Elekid didn't seem fazed by the evolution of Totodile and Riolu, who were now Croconaw and Lucario.

Getting settled, they all had a nice lunch and just generally relaxed...

February 16th, 2009, 1:03 AM
@ WW: Okay, nice post so:

Chikorita grew to Lv 13 and learnt Synthesis

February 17th, 2009, 12:22 PM
The Initial Challenge...

After what seemed like hours, Ben finally reached Violet City. After a short trip to the Pokémon Center he felt ready to try for his first badge. Not wanting to waste any time, Ben headed straight to the Gym. He burst into the Gym and loudly declared...

“I’m here to challenge the Gym Leader!”

He looked around and saw a kid laughing at him, “Are you the Gym Leader here?” Ben asked the boy.

“No, but you can’t just barge into a Gym and expect to challenge the Gym Leader straight away,” said the boy irritably, “That’s not how things work around here.”

Ben almost choked, “How can I challenge the Gym Leader then?” he asked.

“If you want to battle Falkner, you’ll have to beat me first!” said the boy confidently.

“Who are you?” Ben asked.

“I’m Billy,” the boy said, “One of the Gym trainers here at Violet City Gym.”

“Okay Danny,” Ben said rather loudly, “You’re on!”

“All right kid,” said Danny, “I’ll start with Swablu!”

He released a blue parrot-like creature with two long feathers on top of its head and cotton bud wings.

“Ha! I know how to deal with that,” said Ben, “I’ll use Heracross!”

Ben released his pokémon, who looked over at Swablu and began the battle... before an order had been given. The giant Beetle flew straight at Swablu and used her Horn Attack.

“You really don’t like those things do you?” chuckled Ben.

“Hera,” she said happily.

“Swablu use Peck!” yelled Danny, obviously unhappy to have been caught off guard like that.

“Dodge and use Tackle!” called Ben.

Heracross expertly side stepped the Peck attack from Swablu, before slamming into its side and sending it flying. For good measure, Heracross tackled the Swablu again.

“That things violent!” Danny yelled at Ben.

“No she’s not,” Ben defended his Heracross, who had looked hurt at Danny’s words, “She’s just a little over eager.”

“Whatever,” said Danny irritably, “Swablu try another Peck attack!”

“Dodge it Heracross,” Ben called, “And use Fury Attack!”

Once again Heracross easily evaded the attempted Peck attack from Swablu, before ferociously slamming into it over and over again. After the attack, Swablu fell to the floor and was knocked out.

“Swablu return,” Danny said angrily, “Starly your up! Start with Tackle!”

Danny released a a bird with a gray-coloured body. The lower half of the birds wings as well as its head were black, but the birds head, as well as a large spot on its chest, were white. As soon as the pokémon was released, it launched straight into a tackle attack.

“Dodge and use your Tackle Heracross!” Ben responded.

Heracross expertly side stepped Starly’s attack, before slamming into its side and sending it flying.

“Damn that things fast!” said Danny annoyed, “But I’d like to see it dodge this! Starly Quick Attack!”

Ben was just about to order Heracross to dodge, but before he could get the order out Starly had slammed into the giant beetles side.

“Haha, not so clever now are we?” Danny mocked.

Ben let out a relieved sigh when Heracross struggled back to her feet. “Pursuit,” he ordered simply.

Heracross disappeared from view for a second, before reappearing behind Starly and slamming into the back of the bird pokémon. Starly was knocked to teh ground, and was beginning to look tired. Looking over at his pokémon, Ben saw that Heracross was also looking tired... he needed to win this fast.

“Starly use Quick Attack!” Danny ordered, while Ben was still in the middle of his thought process.

“No!” he said.

Starly slammed into Heracross before the Bug had time to react, knocking her to the ground.

“Finish it with Wing Attack!” shouted Danny.

Starly flew towards Heracross and its wings began to glow. Starly then slammed into Heracross with its glowing wings, knocking Heracross out.

Ben returned Heracross wordlessly, before releasing his next pokémon. “Go Bonsly,” he said quietly, releasing his newest pokémon.

Bonsly emerged energetically from his pokéball, jumping up and down looking pumped.

“Haha, you’re going to battle me with that baby?” laughed Danny, “Starly use tackle.”

Ben didn’t bother to issue any orders, and just hoped Bonsly would do what he thought the young pokémon would. Starly slammed into Bonsly, and knocked the rock pokémon to the ground. Bonsly sat up slowly, before he began bawling his eyes out.

“Pathetic,” sighed Danny.

Starly however, was far more moved by Bonsly’s tears than its trainer. The bird flew back over and tried to comfort the crying pokémon. Bonsly began flailing around and ‘accidentally’ smacked Starly right in the jaw. The bird pokémon looked angry for a moment, but after seeing Bonsly was still crying went back to trying to comfort him.

“Don’t mother it!” yelled Danny, “Attack it!”

This made Bonsly cry even more loudly, and Starly shot its trainer a sharp glance. Danny shook his head in disbelief. After a short while, Bonsly started flailing around again, and once again ‘accidentally’ caught Starly with a sharp whack to the jaw. The bird pokémon staggered back dazed, and Ben saw his chance.

“All right, I think it’s time I stepped in,” he said confidently, “Bonsly use Rollout!”

On hearing his trainers order, Bonsly immediately stopped crying and rolled into a tight ball. He then shot at the dazed Starly and slammed into the bird, sending it flying. Starly landed hard on the ground and skidded along. When Starly came to a stop, it had been knocked out... Bonsly had won.

“I don’t believe it,” muttered Danny, shaking his head and returning Starly.

Ben ran over to Bonsly and picked his pokémon up in his arms, “You’re a cheeky little one aren’t you,” he said, shaking his head disbelievingly.

“A cheap trick to pull on one of my trainers,” came a voice from above Ben, “That sort of trick won’t work against me though...”

February 18th, 2009, 1:46 AM
@ slls: Good start to the gym... can't wait for the battle. Nice way for Bonsly to win.

Heracross grew to Lv 14 and learnt Aerial Ace. Bonsly grew to Lv 8

February 19th, 2009, 11:34 PM
Chikorita eyed the other pokemon from a distance. He was currently brooding, and he knew it too. He wanted to be left alone, and tht was that. Lucario was currently doing flips by Jason, getting a rolled eye for showing off. Heracross was sucking on some random tree, depleting it of its sap. Elekid was currently curled up in some shade, dead asleep. All those pokemon knew he wanted to be left alone, but unfortunanetly for him, there was one pokemon that couldn't take the hint.

"Whatchya doin'?" the new and improved Croconaw asked, sauntering over to him.

"Being alone," Chikorita grumbled, twirling his large leaf in agitation.

"Where's the fun in that!" Croconaw laughed, chomping his teeth down a few times. Chikorita scoffed and turned away, determined to get away from everyone. "So what's really wrong?" Croconaw asked, following after.

"Nothing," Chirkorita said coldly. "Why do you insist on following me?" he demanded.

"Why do you insist of walking away from me?" came the cocky reply.

"You are so annoying!" Chikorita roared, finally just running off.

"Hey! Wait up!" Croconaw called, trying to keep up with the grass type by bounding after him on all fours.

"Back off!" Chikorita called back, finally just diving into some bushes and hiding in them until the great blue beast bounded by. Chikorita didn't have to wait long. The water type had run by at a faster speed than Chikorita thought possible. Sniffing with disdain, the grass type turned, only to knock into something.

"Watch it!" the thing cried out angrily.

"You watch it!" Chikorita snarled, glaring at the pokemon.

It was a little mousy looking, with a long nose and a black back with a tan underbody. "I was here first!" the Cyndaquil spat.

"Well, what're ya doing creeping along in bushes!" Chikorita demanded.

"None of your business," Cyndaquil hissed, flames bursting from its back in irritation, which only succeeded in causing the bush to erupt in fire.

"See what you've done!" Chikorita barked.

"Like I did it on purpose," Cyndaquil growled back as the two quickly jumped out of the bushes before glaring daggers at each other.

Chikorita felt his leaf twitch violently. He only ever felt a deep sense of competitivness when he was around males of the elemental trio of each region. He could remember getting into a huge battle with a male Bulbasaur and Torchic long ago. He hadn't felt like that for a long time, not since he met Totodile, but it was so fleeting since they rarely saw each other. Especially now that Totodile was now Croconaw, everything had changed, and Chikorita could feel the cold claws of envy wrapping around him, especially as he faced off against this male Cyndaquil who was feeling the same thing.

Their feet parted at the same time, both about to pounce...

And then they were interrupted. "Aha! Here's where our punching bag has gone!" a haunting voice cackled insanely. Before Chikorita's eyes, three ghost type pokemon with skulls for faces and one single eye appeared.
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/b/b5/Spr_3e_355.gif (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_3e_355.gif)
They all laughed as they circled the two of them. "You all know I could beat you one on one, cheater's!" Cyndaquil barked, flame erupting on his back.

"Now where's the fun it that?" one laughed.

"Let's get them!" the last one cried. Laughing, they all charged.

With angry growls, Chikorita and Cyndaquil dodged their bulleting bodies. "Looks like we have other things to worry about," Cyndaquil told Chikorita. Grudgingly, the grass type nodded.

"Let's see how you like this! Razor Leaf!" Chikorita snarled, spinning his large leaf and sending the sharp leaves towards the ghost types.

"Nah nah nah!" two of them laughed, flying around the leaves while their third screamed in pain, too slow to dodge.

"Let's see how you like this!" the others said loudly. "Night Shade!"

Chikorita and Cyndaquil gasped as the ghostly attack tore at their minds, taking away their health. "Ember!" Cyndaquil shouted in anger, mouth wide and sending hot flames at the two Duskull. "Attack with me!" Cyndaquil ordered.

"I know how to battle!" Chikorita said angrily, vines whipping out from his spud collar and snapping at their opponents.

"Not enough! Not enough!" the three of them cakled, almost as if they had the same mind. "Astonish!" they cried, charging at them with a purple fire surounding them.

"Like that weak attack could hurt me!" Cyndaquil snarled, charging as well, flames going everywhere as he fired an Ember.

"Idiot!" Chikorita snapped. "Razor Leaf!"

"Too slow! Too slow!" they laughed, spinning around the attacks and only getting the brunt of the burn and scratches. "There!"

"Yeoow!" the two screamed, getting bashed back painfully by, not just one, but all three.

"I... I can't move," Cyndaquil gritten out, shaking.

"That's... what... I tried to warn... Yeow!" Chikorita cried out, getting another Astonish attack. As the attack had caused him to flinch, it was easy enough for the gang of ghost types to land one free attack in. Cyndaquil went through the same thing, getting pounded back with a yowl.

"I'll get you," CYndaquil said angrily, getting to his feet. His body was dirty and bruised, and now that Chikorita really looked, he could see a few old looking scars across his back. "Ember!" Cyndaquil yelled, firing away.

"Razor Leaf!" Chikorita snarled as well, wanting revenge and, most of all, strength from this battle.

The three ghost typr pokemon gave a loud, and very haunting, scream of anguish as the two attacks intermized and hit them all. "Not enough, not enough," they whispered, circling around each other slowly as they came closer and closer to the two.

"How much is enough?" Chikorita asked angrily before blinking in shock as a large, and very powerful, burst of water pounded against the three of them. "Croconaw!" he called out.

"Thought you could use the help!" the gator called, bounding over to them.

"Friend of yours?" Cyndaquil asked.

"You could say that," Chikorita said, turning back to face the ghost type pokemon.

"One more, one more," they said, voices so hallow. "One more! One more!" they screamed, shocking the elemental trio by circling each other so fast that they seemed to be one.

"Are... are they merging?" Croconaw asked.

Cyndaquil hissed, his flames becoming stronger. "Get ready," he warned them.

When the three ghosts had finally stopped, in front of them, to their shock, was large ghost pokemon. It was a Duskull, one the size of a Dusknoir, but it had three heads. "One more! One more!" the three heads laughed before charging, body covered in the purple flame.

"Get out of the way!" Croconaw screamed.

"No ****, sherlock!" Cyndaquil and Chikorita snapped, the three of them running in different directions and avoiding the attack.

"One more... one more..." the three headed ghost said, beginning to fly lazily. The eyes (it had three; one per head), which was always a burning red, was now a blurry blue. It was...

"Its insane," Chikorita said with distaste, leaf twitching horribly at the thought.

"They were made to be like that," Cynaquil said with a shiver. He took a deep breath. "It loses its energy in that form."

"And you know that because...?" Croconaw asked.

"Who cares. Let's just finish this," Chikorita said, standing up to the pokemon. The other two nodded and faced the ghost type.

"One more..." With a haunting laugh that sent several Pidgey flying into the sky, the three headed Duskull monster flew at them, body erupted into purple flame, but this time with glowing gray eyes.

The three pokemon screamed as the Night Shade tore at their minds, but they knew they had to do this, to finish this thing. "Water Gun!" "Razor Leaf!" "Ember!"

With those three attacks bellowed, the charging pokemon was swept away by a tornado of water and fire mixing together, sharp leaves in the middle to cut at its skin and fire to burn and water to cool the wounds irritably. The combination of all three attacks sent the three headed monster into a screaming and seizuring rampage.

"And now to finish you!" Cyndaquil screamed with hatred, mouth filled hot fire. With a loud bellow, the small fire pokemon released the Ember attack and pounded against the three headed monstrosity.

Screaming with rage, the giant ghost pokemon flailed about, body becoming burned and charred. When at last the attack had stopped, the giant ghost shivered once more before shifting away from itself. The three Duskull were back, and they were incredibly weak.

"No more, no more," they moaned. "No more, no more."

"Leave!" Chikorita barked, vines snapping at the ground as he glared at them.

Croconaw opened his mouth readily and licked his teeth, wanting to give them a good Bite. "Yea, before we get real angry."

Cyndaquil walked up to them. "Don't go back to them," he said with a deadly seriousness. "Never!" With that finaly scream, Cyndaquil shot flames at the retreating pokemon. Watching them until they were no longer visible, Cyndaquil walked back to the others, just as exhausted as them.

"Glad that's over," Croconaw said with a hearty laugh.

Chikorita spared the gator an annoyed look before he looked over at Cyndaquil. The two of them glared at one another before they both collapsed. "Why haven't you evolved yet?" Chikorita demanded.

Cyndaquil was silent for a moment. "I'm waiting," he said at last.

"For what?" Chikorita demanded, enraged that this pokemon would wait for such a miracle. As much as he feared his final evolution, he knew he would be ok for his first one, and was readily prepared and waiting for it to happen.

Croconaw started laughing, startling the two. "Is that what's got you so hyped up? Evolving?"

The two ignored him. "I have my reason's," Cyndaquil said. "But I don't think I would mind gaining that experience with you."

Chikorita faltered, eyes glancing between the water gator and the fire mouse. Croconaw was grinning with understanding.

"Together, we would be invincible," Croconaw said, thumping his tail down on the ground.

It was true, though not well known since it was so rare for a trainer to have all three starters of the same region in one party. When together despite their differences and raw competitivness, the power they controlled together was incredible, but only if they knew how to control it.

"What do you say?" Cyndaquil said, shaking a bit from exhaustion.

Chikorita frowned, both in frustration and in thought. "I just want to get strong," he said simply. Lead lowering onto Cyndaquil, the two of them glowed. "Synthesis," Chikorita said softly, leaving the two of them healed.

The two stared before giving a grudging nod of respect before Chikorita lead them back to camp.

"He... hey!" Croconaw called to them. "How about healing me!?"

February 20th, 2009, 12:10 AM
@ WW:Omg, I loved that post; it was brilliant with how you did it in the Pokemon's perspective. See VM's regarding Cyndaquil.

Chikorita Lv 15 and Croconaw grew to Lv 20

March 2nd, 2009, 10:40 AM
Jason looked up from his lunch as Croconaw and Chikorita made their way back to him. He hadn't been nervous about their going off, knowing they could take of themselves, and if they couldn't against a trainer, the trainer wouldn't be able to capture them. They did look a little ruffed up, meaning they had obviously gotten into a fight, but it also seemed that they had brought along a new friend.

"Finally back, eh?" he called to them. "And who's your new friend?"

"Cr coroc!" Croconaw called back happily, bounding forward and licking the food right out of Jaon's hand, earning a disgust cry.

"Uhg, Croconaw!" Jason cried, pushing the bulky water pokemon away with a laugh. Curiously, he turned over to Chikorita and their new friend, Cyndaquil. The fire type was tilting his head at him before letting loose some flame on his back and giving a bark. Jason knew that look anywhere. The way Chikorita and CYndaquil were close meant that the fire type wanted to come with, but only if he proved himself. "Alright, if it's a battle you want, it's battle you'll get!"

"Cyd!" Cyndaquil cried happily, jumping back a bit and making the flame on his back grow bigger.

"Chiko," Chikorita growled, moving forward and not giving, or wanting, Jason a chance to call out another pokemon to do this battle. Off to the side, all the others came to watch and began to cheer. Not neccessarily for a single pokemon, but simply for the thrill of battle. It made the blood pump faster, and Chikorita could wait no longer. "Rita!" he barked, spinning his large leaf and sending a barrage of leaves towards the fire mouse.

"Cy," Cyndaquil smirked before lowering his back toward the leaves and shooting a blast of fire from his back, completely destroying the leaves.

"Be careful, Chikorita," Jason warned. He had never seen a Cyndaquil fire from its back, and only its mouth. In fact, he had never even seen a Cyndaquil. he had only ever seen a Quilava battle on television and that pokemon fired fire from its mouth. "Use Poisonpowder!"

Nodding in understanding, Chikorita began to run around the fire mouse, spreading the purple powder all around the air from both his leaf and the tiny studs around his neck. "Chika!" Chikorita called out, almost mockingly, thinking he had won.

To his surprise, Cyndaquil just snorted. "Cynda!" Cyndaquil cried, flame erupting on his back as he became a blur, running towards random openins in the poisonious powder field by running this was way and jumping that way and doing all sort of acrobatics. "Quil!" With a final jump, Cyndaquil burst through the purple powder and landed on a tree branch so that it could look down at Chikorita. "Cyq!" Mouth wide open this time, small Ember's shot toward Chikorita.

"Watch out!" Jason cried, wanting to run closer to his pokemon to get into the heat of the battle, but too wary of the poisonious powder. Instead, all he could do was watch back from a fair distance.

"Chiko!" Chikorita cried loudly as the fire balls pounded against his back. "Tita," Chikorita mumbled, wobbling a bit as the flames finally stopped. He only had a brief time to relax, because his trainer's surprised yell made him jump back, and luckily he did. Cyndaquil was bashing his head right into the ground exactly where he had been a moment before with a strong look Tackle attack. "Chikoir!" Chikorita cried, vines escaping in a flash and knocking Cyndaquil back.

"Cynda!" Cyndaquil cried, staggering back a bit on two legs.

For a moment, they stood facing each other rather awkwardly, almost as if they were suddenly unsure of what to do, but as soon as Cyndaquil began to cough and shake, the moment was ruined.

"Tackle!" Jason yelled, a fist forming in his hands as excitement tore through his body.

Barking, Chikorita quickly slammed his head right into Cyndaquil's gut and sending the smaller pokemon flying back. "Qulll!" Cyndaquil cried before giving out a choked grunt as he fell to the ground. Hmm, apparently the fire mouse hadn't completely escaped the Poisonpowder. On that note, Chikorita wasn't about to let this opportunity waste, especially when his opponent was down. Giving out a guttural cry, Chikorita charged, head lowered as he prepared for another Tackle attack.

"Turn back!" Jason barked at his pokemon just as the grass type began to charge. He had seen the Cyndaquil land on his stomach, back facing Chikorita. The fire mouse wasn't moving, but he knew the fire type wasn't out yet.

"Chika?" Chikorita skidded to a halt, having run too fast so he ended up just skidding even closer to the pokemon. This was what Cyndaquil was apparently waiting for, and giving out a loud, high pitched, cry, Cyndaquil released a blast of flame from its. "Chiooo!" Chikorita cried as the flame engulfed his whole body this time, leaving him burned and scorched. "Rita," Chikorita gasped, staggering back a ways as Cyndaquil coughed a bit from the poison.

"Quick, use Synthesis!" Jason cried.

"Rit-A!" Chikorita cried out. Chikorita's body had already been engulfed in a bright colored green color, but before the true healing affects could commence, Cyndaquil used Quick Attack to bash the pokemon away before he could heal himself. "Chiko," Chikorita growled deeply, spinning his leaf around in anger.

"Quil," Cyndaquil said smugly as the smoke from his fire began to grow thicker and thicker from his flames.

"That's a Smokescreen!" Jason called to his pokemon unneccesarily. Chikorita was already aware of what was happening, but that didn't help much. The grass type was looking aroudnd cautiously as the whole area was filled with the Smokescreen, making it nearly impossible for them to see. "Razor Leaf!" Jason ordered, trying to peer through the smoke with out luck.

"Chiko!" Chikorita barked, sending a barrage of sharp leaves in the last place he had heard Cyndaquil. Unsurprisingly, there was no loud cry of pain, signifying Chikorita had hit its mark. Instead, it was Chikorita that cried out as he barely dodged an Ember that was aimed from behind. "Chi!" Chikorita grunted, flipping away just as the Ember pounded against the ground. Unfortuanently, the smoke and fire gases mixed horribly, creating the whol area a poisonious airzone. The two fumbled around, coughing horribly before they bumped into each other.

"Guess me and my flame always miss something up," Cyndaquil coughed.

"Chikorita, blow the smoke away with you leaf!" Jason called as he heard the pokemon's loud cough's. He had figured something like this might happen, but he could already see possibilities forming in his mind for future battle's if he caught this pokemon.

"Alright!" Chikorita called, even though its sounded like "Chic!" to Jason. Leaf beginning to spin, the smoke began to blow away into the air before it disappeared completely, becoming one with nature and causing no further harm.

"Nice," Cyndaquil said as a way of thanks.

"Don't thank me yet," Chikorita smirked as vines wrapped around Cyndaquil's body raised his squirming body into the air. "This is for that Smokecreen!" With a large glare, Chikorita sent a sqealing Cyndaquil down to earth with a mighty slam.

"Quil..." Cyndaquil mumbled, lying in the small hole his pokemon created. It didn't matter if Vine Whip was a grass type move. Any pokemon that was slammed to the ground like that would feel incredibly weakned.

"Finish it with Razor Leaf!" Jason ordered.

"Chkka!" Chikorita called as he spun his mighty leaf towards the fallen pokemon.

"Cy," Cyndaquil grunted, quickly shooting flames out of his back and bruning away the sharp leaves.

"Tch." Jason watched the small fire type rise. It's body was full of bruises, but it was still ready to battle. Chikorita didn't look too much better. In fact, it almost seemed like they would collapse at any moment. All the fire attack's Chikorita had taken was pushing him to his limit, and the poison Cyndaquil had endure, along with Chikorita's attacks, had wiped him out. Looking from one pokemon to the other, Jason knew that the two would like to finish this on their own terms. "You can do it, Chikorita!" he cheered, startling the pokemon. The Johto grass starter was expecting a command.

"Culio!" Lucario barked happily, waving his arms crazily in support as well.

"Cros cross!" Heracross called, jabbing his fists through the air and stomping his feet.

"Kiik!" Elekid cried, sparks coming off her horn in excitement.

"Croco!" Croconaw called, raising his head up and shooting a small Water Gun attack.

"Chiko," Chikorita smirked as he turned away from the cheering. "Chiko!" he roared, spinning his leaf and sending out a large barrage of Razor Leaf's.

"Cuda!" Cyndaquil cried, back erupting in flame as he shot an Ember attack from his mouth. The two attacks hit midair, creating a small explosion simply from the power of the two attacks. From the force of the explosion, Chikorita and Cyndaquil were thrown backwards.

"Chikorita!" Jason called out in worry as his pokemon tumbled back painfully from the force and smoke momentarily blinded them for a moment. "Get up, Chikorita! You can do it!"

"Chio," Chikorita grunted, standing back up on wobbily legs. For a moment, he stood there, watching Cyndaquil fight to get to his own legs. They stood there, glaring at one another. "Cho!" Chikorita roared, being the first one to give a battle cry and already charging.

"Cyy!" Cyndaquil cried next as he began to charge, head lowered and back giving off the occasional weak spark of a flame.

Jason and all of his pokemon watched as the two finally made impact. From the force of their two Tackle's, neither one of them was pushed back or thrown away. Instead, they simply met head to head, a jolt of pain running through their bodies as they pushed and pushed.

"Chik!" Chikorita roared, vines quickly whipping Cyndaquil's back and sending the pokemon tumbling back.

"Qui," Cyndaquil grunted. He had seen the whip coming and quickly sent out a small Ember attack from his mouth, right at the same time as he was launched back, so this way the both of them were tumbling back in pain.

"Chikorita!" Jason called, running over to his pokemon. That last flame attack had been more than enough to take down the gutsy grass type. While Chikorita may have been not knocked out, he certainly wasn't getting up. "Don't worry, Chikorita," Jason said, carefully petting his burned pokemon's back. He looked over to Cyndaquil. It was down, but still awake. "It was a tie," he stated.

"Chi," Chikorita said softly, eyes lowering half way. He was feeling way too groggy.

"I'll handle this," Jason told his pokemon as he stood. He stared down at the fallen fire type, wishing the small pokemon had eyes so that he could tell how the pokemon felt about this. But it didn't, and Jason was a trainer, a person destined to capture pokemon, and that's what he would do. Still eyeing the fallen pokemon, Jason brought out a pokeball. "Go, pokeball!"

And with that, the red and white sphere hit the fire mouse, sucking it in with a beam of red light. And then it began to shake...

March 2nd, 2009, 11:04 AM
@WW: Because you are so amazing. You can have Exp. and a capture:

Jason captured a lv 17 Cyndaquil. Chikorita grew to Lv 17 and learned Razor Leaf. Both Pokemon can evolve.

March 5th, 2009, 3:50 AM
Soaring Ambitions

“So you think you’re ready to challenge me?” asked Falkner, “Judging by the way you fought against Danny I’d say you’ve still got a lot to learn.”

“Oh yeah,” said Ben confidently, “If you think you’re so much better than me why don’t you prove it?”

Falkner sighed, “Gym Leaders are a big step up from any trainer you’ve faced before. However, if you are challenging me I have no choice to accept,” he turned to Danny, “Can you officiate this match please?”

Danny nodded his head, “Yes sir!”

Ben and Falkner took their places on the field, before Danny launched into the rules of the contest.

“Each trainer will use three pokémon. The challenger can switch pokémon at any time, however the Gym Leader may not switch pokémon during the contest. The first trainer to knock out the opposing trainers three pokémon will be the winner. Begin!”

Falkner smiled, “I guess I’ll start this off! Go Pidgeotto!”

Falkner released a large, raptor like bird to the field. The bird was primarily brown, but had a light underbelly. It also had a red and yellow tail, and what looked like red hair. Ben looked at the pokémon and started thinking, he only had three pokémon to use and he planned to save Quilava till the end. As Heracross was at a type disadvantage he only really had one choice...

“I choose Bonsly,” he called, throwing the rock pokémon’s pokéball onto the field.

The young pokémon burst enthusiastically from his pokéball. Bonsly looked up at Pidgeotto and then back at his trainer, and began bouncing up and down happily. Ben smiled and shook his head, he thought back to the short time ago he had met Bonsly cowering in the corner from Team unknown... that little pokémon had certainly gained in confidence since then...

Unfortunately this reminiscing cost Ben, as Falkner caught him off guard.

“Pidgeotto Aerial Ace,” said Falkner calmly.

Pidgeotto shot at Bonsly with incredible speed and smashed into the rock type pokémon, knocking him off his feet. Ben held his breath and hoped that Bonsly wouldn’t burst out crying. Luckily, Bonsly quickly hopped back to his feet.

“Haha, Pidgeotto fly out of Bonsly’s reach!” laughed Falkner, “How does it feel Ben? Knowing Pidgeotto has a move that cannot be avoided?”

‘Oh no,’ thought Ben, ‘Aerial Ace never misses, and Pidgeotto is out of reach for all of Bonsly’s attacks... what can I do?’

Then he had a brain wave, “Bonsly use copycat!”

“What?” Falkner yelled.

Bonsly suddenly shot at Pidgeotto at a speed Ben thought impossible for the small pokémon. Bonsly slammed into Pidgeotto and knocked the bird pokémon out of the sky. Pidgeotto fell to the ground, and landed with a loud bang.

“Okay Bonly let’s take advantage of this Roll Out!” yelled Ben excitedly.

Bonsly rolled into a small ball and rolled at Pidgeotto at a high speed.

“Dodge it Pidgeotto,” cried Falkner.

The bird pokémon struggled to its feet, but couldn’t move before Bonsly slammed into its back and sent Pidgeotto sprawling across the gound.

“Keep rolling Bonsly!” said Ben.

“Pidgeotto Gust!” yelled Falkner frantically.

Pidgeotto struggled back to its feet and began flapping its wings frantically, whipping up a string breeze in Bonsly’s direction. While the attack didn’t really do any damage to Ben’s pokémon, it did manage to stop the rock pokémons momentum and stop the Roll Out attack.

“Good Pidgeotto!” sighed Falkner relieved, “Now Quick Atttack.”

“Bonsly Rollout!” Ben called quickly.

A very tired Pidgeotto began charging at Bonsly at very high speeds, causing a white slip stream to appear behind the bird. At the same time Bonsly leapt up, curled into a tight ball and rolled towards Pidgeotto at high speed. The two attacks met head on... literally, with the two pokémon’s heads smashing into each other. Both pokémon flew backwards towards their trainers.

Ben looked down at Bonsly and saw the young pokémon walking groggily in circles looking very dizzy, but still standing. Pidgeotto on the other hand was laid on the floor knocked out by the force of Bonsly’s roll out, and the previous attacks the flying pokémon had endured.

“Pidgeotto is unable to battle!” called Danny.

“Well you managed to beat one of my pokémon,” Falkner said to Ben, “But that won’t happen again! Go Skarmory!”

Looking down at Bonsly, Ben noticed he wasn’t in the best shape and could use a rest.

“Way to go Bonsly you were awesome! Have a well earned rest,” he said to his pokémon before returning Bonsly to his pokéball, “Skarmory’s part steel type... so I’ll guess I’ll have to use you earlier than I thought! Go Quilava!”

Quilava burst onto the field and looked ready...

“The second round will be Skarmory versus Quilava,” announced Danny, “Begin!”

March 5th, 2009, 4:01 AM
@Slls: Yey that's a good battle. Can't wait for the rest. Could it be Bug Vs. Bug Heracross Vs. Yanmega.

Bonsly grew to Lv 10 and learnt Low Kick.

Union Cave
(5-7 Posts, 9 maximum)

This cave links Violet City and Azalea Town. Union Cave used to be quiet and calm. It used to be like any other route/cave in the region of Johto. That was until Team Unknown started their search to find the legendary Shiny Lapras. The Lapras used to be a myth and a legend. That was until one young explorer caught a glimpse of this majestic Pokemon. Team Unknown believe Shiny Pokemon are much stronger; this is why they want this Pokemon. Please inform me if you want to catch a shiny, receive an egg, find TM's, find items. No meeting up with other role players. Oh and have fun. At the end of the cave you may end your post with the player at the start of Route 104; the route that links Union Cave and the site of your second gym battle; Azalea Town.

Note: Depending on whether your battle post was good enough or not, when you capture a Pokemon some of them will have an egg move but you will not know this until I put the Pokemon up in the OOC thread.

The Wild Pokemon:

Common Pokemon:

Geodude Lv 11-14
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/4/43/Spr_3e_074.gif (http://www.pokecommunity.com/wiki/Image:Spr_3e_074.gif)
Type: Rock/Ground
Ability: Sturdy or Rock Head
Gender: Male or Female
Nature: Random
Moves: Tackle, Defense Curl, Mud Sport, Rock Polish, Rock Throw

Onix Lv 12-15
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/7/7a/Spr_3e_095.gif (http://www.pokecommunity.com/wiki/Image:Spr_3e_095.gif)
Type: Rock/Ground
Ability: Sturdy or Rock Head
Gender: Male or Female
Nature: Random
Moves: Tackle, Harden, Bind, Screech, Rock Throw, Rage(Lv 14)

Uncommon Pokemon:Rhyhorn Lv 12-14
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/0/0a/Spr_3e_111.gif (http://www.pokecommunity.com/wiki/Image:Spr_3e_111.gif)
Type: Rock/Ground
Ability: Rock Head or Lightningrod
Gender: Male or Female
Nature: Random
Moves: Horn Attack, Tail Whip, Stomp, Fury Attack(Lv 13)

Rare Pokemon:

Nosepass Lv 13-15
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/c/ca/Spr_3e_299.gif (http://www.pokecommunity.com/wiki/Image:Spr_3e_299.gif)
Type: Rock
Ability: Sturdy or Magnet Pull
Gender: Male or Female
Nature: Random
Moves: Tackle, Harden, Rock Throw

Aron Lv 14-16
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/b/ba/Spr_3e_304.gif (http://www.pokecommunity.com/wiki/Image:Spr_3e_304.gif)
Type: Rock/Steel
Ability: Sturdy or Rock Head
Gender: Male or Female
Nature: Random
Moves: Tackle, Harden, Mud-Slap, Headbutt, Metal Claw(Lv 15)

Very Rare Pokemon:

Larvitar Lv 15-16
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/0/07/Spr_3e_246.gif (http://www.pokecommunity.com/wiki/Image:Spr_3e_246.gif)
Type: Rock/Ground
Ability: Guts
Gender: Male or Female
Nature: Random
Moves: Bite, Leer, Sandstorm, Screech, Rock Slide

Mission: Save the Shiny Lapras

Team Unknown wish to capture a very strong Shiny Lapras. You cannot let them do this as the Lapras is the protector of the cave. Without the Lapras there to watch out for the cave who knows what will happen. There are three Team Unknown grunts to defeat. Then once you defeat them you will go head to head with Commander Forgotten. Once you defeat him you will have one shot and one shot only at capturing the Lapras. Even the cave may fall to pieces there are other Lapras' who can take over the helm. I suppose the rest is up to you. All the grunts will have two Pokemon. I will list three or four and you can decide who you wish to use. And Commander Forgotten will have three Pokemon and you have to beat them all.

Team Unknown Grunt's Pokemon:

Eevee Lv 15
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/e/e9/Spr_3e_133.gif (http://www.pokecommunity.com/wiki/Image:Spr_3e_133.gif)
Type: Normal
Ability: Run Away or Adaptability
Gender: Male or Female
Nature: Random
Moves: Tackle, Tail Whip, Helping Hand, Sand-Attack, Growl

Magby Lv 16
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/c/ce/Spr_3e_240.gif (http://www.pokecommunity.com/wiki/Image:Spr_3e_240.gif)
Type: Fire
Ability: Flame Body
Gender: Male or Female
Nature: Random
Moves: Leer, Smog, Ember, Smokescreen, Faint Attack

Pachirisu Lv 17
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/7/79/Spr_4p_417_m.png (http://www.pokecommunity.com/wiki/Image:Spr_4p_417_m.png)
Type: Electric
Ability: Run Away or Pickup
Gender: Male or Female
Nature: Random
Moves: Growl, Bide, Quick Attack, Charm, Spark, Endure

Yanma Lv 18
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/9/9b/Spr_3e_193.gif (http://www.pokecommunity.com/wiki/Image:Spr_3e_193.gif)
Type: Bug/Flying
Ability: Speed Boost, Compoundeyes
Gender: Male or Female
Nature: Random
Moves: Tackle, Foresight, Quick Attack, Double Team, Sonicboom, Detect

Commander Forgotten:

Lucario Lv 20
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/8/80/Spr_4p_448.png (http://www.pokecommunity.com/wiki/Image:Spr_4p_448.png)
Type: Fighting/Steel
Ability: Steadfast
Gender: Male
Nature: Adamant
Moves: Aura Sphere, Force Palm, Bone Rush, Sky Uppercut, Fire Punch, Ice Punch

Weavile Lv 20
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/d/d8/Spr_4p_461_m.png (http://www.pokecommunity.com/wiki/Image:Spr_4p_461_m.png)
Type: Dark/Ice
Ability: Pressure
Gender: Female
Nature: Lonely
Moves: Ice Beam, Aerial Ace, Ice Punch, Pursuit, Swift, Iron Tail

Gliscor Lv 23
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/c/cb/Spr_4p_472.png (http://www.pokecommunity.com/wiki/Image:Spr_4p_472.png)
Type: Ground/Flying
Ability: Hyper Cutter
Gender: Male
Nature: Timid
Moves: Ice Fang, Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Guillotine, Poison Jab, Knock-Off

One-Off Pokemon:

Shiny Lapras Lv 25
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/a/af/Spr_4d_131_s.png (http://www.pokecommunity.com/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_131_s.png)
Type: Ice/Water
Ability: Water Absorb
Gender: Female
Nature: Timid
Moves: Water Gun, Sing, Water Pulse, Body Slam, Ice Beam, Aqua Tail, Thunderbolt

March 5th, 2009, 10:23 AM
Jason was handed back his pokeballs from the happy Nurse Joy at the rest stop just outside of Union Cave. He had given her a large thanks before blinking surprise as a kid at least a year younger came up to him.

"Hey, I was wondering if you had any poison type pokemon?" he said by way of greeting. "Nothing like the common pokemon around here, but I was hoping for a trade."

Intrigued," Jason said, "Well, I have a Stunky... What are you willing to trade for it?"

The boy brightened. "Oh, wow! A pokemon from Sinnoh! I... let's see... Oh, here it is! A Spoink!" the boy showed Jason the pokeball that held the psychic pig pokemon. "Oh, and my name is Brett."

"Nice to meet you," Jason said, shaking the boy's hand as soon as the boy pulled back the pokeball. "Sure, that sounds like a good idea. Hang on, I already have six pokemon and its in my pc..."

Brett watched Jason take out Stunky's pokeball in replace of of Heracross's ball. "We have a machine right here," Brett said, pointing to the trading machine next to the pc. "You ready?"

Jason gave one last look at the pokemon he was given from the old man. He knew this pokemon would be better off with a trainer that would actually use it. "Yea, I'm ready."

With two eager expressions, the boys placed the pokeballs on the machine holder's and watched it do its thing. With a few blinks and dings, the pokemon had finally been traded.

"Thank you," Brett said as he hugged the pokeball to his chest. "I promise to take good care of Stunky!"

"And I'll do the same for Spoink!" Jason called to the boy. Watching him run out of the pokemon center rest stop, Jason finally turned to his new pokemon. "Come on out!"

With a bright flash of white, his new pokemon appeared...

March 5th, 2009, 10:28 AM
A little pig with a pearl on top of it's head appeared. This was Jason's newest Pokemon.

Jason deposited Heracross. And traded his Stunky for a Spoink.

March 5th, 2009, 11:29 AM
"Spoi!" the little pig with the gem on it head cried. She turned her head curiously around before her eyes landed on Jason. "Po?"

"Hey there, Spoink," Jason said with a kind smile. "I'm your new trainer; its nice to meet you. He offered his hand by way of greeting.

"Poii..." Spoink sniffed his hand before nodding a little, clearly accepting her situation. She said nothing more, clearly expecting some order or something.

With nothing really to say, Jason simply recalled the pokemon and entered Union cave.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Hey, you," a large man with a beard said to Jason after he literally took his first step inside the cave.

"What do you want?" Jason asked of the large man.

Grinning down at him, the large man laughed. "Well, a battle of course! Caveman George loves to battle! Double battle at that!"

Jason grinned eagerly. "You're on! Go Chikorita and Cyndaquil!"

"Hoho! What an intersting combination! Go, Larvitar and Rhyhorn!"

With a burst of white light, two rock pokemon with horns appeared and immediately gave their battle cries.
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/0/0a/Spr_3e_111.gif (http://www.pokecommunity.com/wiki/Image:Spr_3e_111.gif) http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/0/07/Spr_3e_246.gif (http://www.pokecommunity.com/wiki/Image:Spr_3e_246.gif)

"Alright, let's start this off with Razor Leaf and Ember!" Jason ordered with vigor.

"Chikoo!" Chikorita cried, immediately launching the sharp leaves at the rock pokemon with his leaf.

"Cyyn!" Cyndaquil snarled, firing away from the flames on his back.

George gave a mighty grin before bellowing, "Rhyhorn, jump in front and use Protect!" With a loud grunt that echoed throughout the cave, the large horned pokemon moved infront of the incoming attacks and surrounded Larvitar and itself with a protective blue bubble.

"Smart," Jason conceded. "But Protect can only be used so much! Poison Powder!"

"Chiko!" Chikorita snarled, waving the purple powder over the two rock pokemon as fast as he could, determined to get revenge for that missed attack.

"Hoho! Smart moves!" George laughed as he smacked his large belly. "Larvitar, let's show these outsider's how we make use of our surroundings! Rock Slide! And Rhyhorn, you use Horn Attack!"

"Laar!" Larvitar cried as he stomped the ground, creating a small earthquake in the area.

"Watch out!" Jason cried. "Chikorita, block those rocks with Vine Whip and CYndaquil, you use Quick Attack to get away!"

"Chikoo!" Chikorita cried, releasing two vines and twirling it over his head in an effort to knock the rocks away.

"Quil! Quil!" Cyndaquil cried, becoming a fast blur and just barely missing not on the rocks, but Rhyhorn's incoming attack. "Qulll!" Cyndaquil cried, slamming into Larvitar and making the green pokemon go skidding back.

"Tar," Larvitar spat in anger, rubbing his stomach as he did so. "Taat!" he cried, charging forward with his horn lowered, only to let out a loud yelp as Cyndaquil released a monstrous amount of flames from both his back and mouth.

While Cyndaquil was doing alright, Chikorita was easily being taken over. One stray rock managed to make its way through his vines and knock him on the head, momentarily shocking him. Rhyhorn took the chance to attack. "Ryyy!" the monstrous rock pokemon roared as it continually hit the small grass type pokemon with its horn.

"Quick, get it away with Razor Leaf!" Jason called to his pokemon.

"Protect," George said with a smug grin.

Jason clenched his teeth and made a fist as Ryhorn easily made the protective blue bubble surround itself, making the super effective Razor Leaf useless. "Get back," he ordered to his pokemon.

Both Chikorita and Cyndaquil nodded and immediately went to the other's side while Larvitar stood by Rhyhorn's side. Jason frowned as his eyes moved back and forth between the two pokemon. What could he do? Larvitar would attack with Rock Slide, and then Rhyhorn would attack while Chikorita and Cyndaquil were too busy dodging. Cyndaquil had already dealt Larvitar with some damage, but not enough... He needed them to be blinded, for just an instant, when Rhyhorn couldn't use Protect...

"Rock Slide and Fury Attack!" George bellowed.

Jason grinned as he finally formed a plan. "Razor Leaf!" he called before muttering something under his breath.

"Hold that last one and use Protect," George said simply. Rhyhorn quickly jumped in front of Larvitar and quickly brought up the blue bubble, causing the Razor Leaf to be useless. "Now follow up on those previous orders." Jason's grin only widened as Rhyhorn came charging forward, only to falter as the area became dark with a Smokescreen. "Wha... what is this?" Goerge asked as he tried to peer through the thick smoke.

"My Smokescreen that Cyndaquil has been working on ever since Chikorita first attacked and you Protected," Jason explained as he watched the black smoke escape from Cyndaquil's back. "Razor Leaf!" he barked.

Smirking, Chikorita sent a small barrage of leaves, knowing he would need to save his energy. George acted just like he had hoped and quickly bellowed, "Protect! And Larvitar, as soon as those leaves are gone, Rock Slide!"

"Ryyy!" Rhyhorn cried, once more creating the large bubble. As soon as the last leaf was destroyed, Larvitar quickly pounded his feet to the ground, all the while giving a loud screech.

"Great job!" George laughed as he made out the rocks falling through the black mist. From the force of the wind of falling rocks, the Smokescreen was finally blown away, revealing... "Nothing?!" George cried, looking around. The falling rocks were all jumbled together on the ground, but there was no sign of the two pokemon.

Rhyhorn and Larvitar were also looking around desperately, both grunting to the other to be on the look out with, "Lar ra," and "Ry ho."

Jason's grin was now nearly breaking his face in half. "Now!" he bellowed, not at all surprised to find out his voice echoed just as loudly throughout the cave.



"Where?!" George cried, still looking around before blinking in shock as he looked straight up.

There, among the sharp stones on the ceiling, hung Chikorita and CYndaquil. They were both smirking down at them before releasing a mixture of sharp leaves and burning hot fire balls towards the two pokemon with a loud cry. The swirling attack came down like a beam towards the two rock type pokemon.

"Quick, Protect!" George bellowed to his Rhyhorn.

"Ry..." Rhyhorn said pitifully as he turned to his trainer when nothing happened before screaming in pain. "Ryyyy!"

The same happened to Larvitar. The two powerful attacks beat at his body, forcing out a loud cry of pain. "Laaarrr!"

"Larvitar! Rhyhorn!" George yelled, quickly running over to his knocked out pokemon. "Jus one attack?" he asked in disbelief. "And how?" he muttered, watching Chikorita and Cyndaquil fall to the ground in front of Jason.

"I was hoping you would use that Rock Slide and Protect combo," Jason said, looking extremely pleased with himself. "I knew I couldn't get a direct hit in, so I had Cyndaquil use Smokescreen to cover the area and Chikorita use only a small Razor Leaf to make you use up more Protects but not tire Chikorita out at all. When you used Rock Slide, they simply jumped from rock to rock and hung to the holes and random rocks that hadn't been used for Rock Slide." Jason quieted for a moment before he glanced over at the two fallen rock pokemon. "Of course, it wasn't jsut one attack. They were poisoned, remember?"

"So they were," George said quietly, apparently in awe. "They didn't so much as flinch when they went through that poison... It must have made me forget, and since we did so many attacks..."

"The poison pretty much took away their strength for me," Jason finished, his grin growing bigger. "And all they needed was on good combo from these two," he said to his pokemon.

"Chik," Chikorita said with a bold nod.

"Quil!" Cyndaquil said with much more vigor than Chikorita as his flames rose up happily.

"Hoho!" George laughed heartely. "That was quite the strategy! I've learned plenty from this battle, and sure hope we can battle again sometime soon."

Jason shook the man's hand, but as it was so large, George pretty much shook his own arm. "M.. e t...oo," he said as his body was being shaken.

"Well, I'll see you someday in the future! Oh, and be careful," George said seriously. "There are a bunch of strange folk on the lower level of the cave. They all wear these strange uniform's with a U on it." Jason's eyes widened, as did his pokemon's. "So best stay away from them," George said seriously before moving away after recalling his pokemom.

Jason waited until the man had disappeared. "Team Unknow..." he whispered, thinking of what happened last time he met them. "Return," he said, recalling his pokemon and quickly running towards the lower part of the cave. if Team Unknown were here, they were doing something bad...

March 5th, 2009, 11:59 AM
Soaring Ambition Part 2

Ben looked at the steel bird perched in front of him, and had to admit that Skarmory was an impressive sight. However, with Quilava having the type advantage, he was confident he could beat it.

“Okay Quilava start with Ember!” he called.

Quilava shot a series of embers at Skarmory, which lit up as they travelled. They hit dead on and Skarmory called out loudly.

“Hmm, that all you got?” sneered Falkner, “Skarmory use Peck!”

The bird shot at Quilava, and slammed into the fire pokémon with its beak before circling away again. Quilava quickly recovered his composure and was watching Skarmory carefully.

“Okay follow it up with Steel Wing!” called Falkner.

Skarmory’s wings immediately began glowing, and it shot towards Quilava.

“Quilava use Smokescreen!” called Ben quickly.

Quilava released a cloud of dark smoke, and obscured his position from Skarmory. The steel bird stopped in its tracks and looked around frantically for Quilava. Ben grinned and looked over at Falkner, who was laughing...

“Not a bad idea Ben,” said the Gym Leader calmly, “But not good enough... Skarmory use Swift.”

Skarmory shot a number of bright stars into the smoke. A second later, Ben heard a cry from Quilava and saw his pokémon flying out of the smoke. Quilava smashed to the ground, but was able to return to his feet quickly.

“Quilava use Quick Attack!” Ben said.

Quilava charged at Skarmory at great speed, leaving a white slipstream in his wake. He reached Skarmory in no time, leaping up and smashing into the bird and knocking it to the ground with a thud.

“Skarmory get up!” yelled Falkner, after a short while Skarmory regained its feet and took flight, “Okay now Peck!”

“Dodge and Tackle!” yelled Ben.

Skarmory shot at Quilava, beak extended. Quilava stood his ground for as long as possible, before leaping up at the last second to avoid impact. Quilava then smashed into Skarmory’s back, slamming the flying pokémon to the floor. Quilava landed on top of Skarmory, which gave Ben an idea...

“Close up Ember!” he shouted quickly.

“NO!” shouted Falkner.

Before the Gym Leader could react Quilava released a number of embers from close range straight into Skarmory’s face. Skarmory cried out in pain, before going limp. Due to the steel types weakness to fire and the proximity of the attack, the damage dealt had been huge.

“Skarmory is unable to battle!” shouted Danny.

“I have to say I’m impressed that you managed to beat two of my pokémon Ben,” Falkner admitted grudgingly, “But there’s no way you’ll beat my final pokémon! Go Yanmega!”

Ben looked at the pokémon Falkner had released and gasped, “But that’s...”

“That’s right it’s a shiny!” said Falkner confidently, “Not only is it unbelievably rare, but Yanmega is also more powerful than a normal Yanmega!”

‘Wow, this is going to be hard...’ thought Ben.

March 5th, 2009, 12:09 PM
Both of you great posts.

Chikorita and Cyndaquil both grew to Lv 19. Cyndaquil learned Flame Wheel in the process.

Quilava grew to Lv 18 and learned Swift in the process.

March 6th, 2009, 11:58 AM
Soaring Ambition Part 3

“The third round will be between Yanmega and Quilava,” announced Danny, “Begin!”

“Haha, Yanmega start with Quick Attack,” said Falkner confidently.

Yanmega shot at Quilava at unbelievable speed, and left a white slipstream in its wake. The flying bug smashed into Quilava, and sent the Fire Type sprawling across the ground. Quilava quickly got back to his feet though.

“Okay Quilava use Ember!” Ben told his pokémon, hoping that type advantage would be enough to see Quilava beat Falkner’s shiny Yanmega.

Quilava shot a series of embers at Yanmega, which flared up as they neared the bug. The flaming embers hit dead on, causing Yanmega to cry out in pain. Ben smiled, knowing the attack had caused major damage to Falkner’s prized pokémon.

“Sonic Boom!” cried Falkner.

Yanmega flapped its wings hard, creating waves of Sonic energy and sending them at Quilava. The sonic waves struck Quilava who skidded backwards, but managed to keep his feet. Ben looked down to see Quilava was breathing heavily, obviously still feeling the effects of his battle with Staravia.

“Quick Attack Quilava!” called Ben.

“Use Detect!” said Falkner Quickly.

Quilava shot at Yanmega at break neck speed and launched himself at the flying bug. Somehow, Yanmega managed to evade Quilava’s attack, by dropping underneath the incoming Quick Attack. Ben gasped, as Falkner followed up with another command.

“Good work, now follow it up with Quick Attack!”

Yanmega smashed into Quilava’s back, and sent the fire pokémon smashing into the ground. Ben watched, hoping his pokémon would be okay. Quilava struggled determinedly back to his feet, but was looking very tired.

“Finish this with Bug Bite!” called Falkner happily.

“Quilava shoot an Ember straight forward!” said Ben having an idea.

Yanmega flew straight at Quilava and bit down on the fire type. Quilava managed to release a few Ember’s straight at Yanmega, before going limp. Yanmega cried out in pain and released of Quilava from its jaws, causing Quilava to drop to the ground knocked out.

“Quilava is unable to battle!” announced Danny.

Ben returned Quilava to his pokéball. Looking up at Yanmega, he could tell that the two ember attacks had made an impact. The bug was particularly weak to fire attacks, and was beginning to look tired. Ben knew he had to keep the pressure up!

“I choose Heracross!” cried Ben, throwing Heracross’ pokéball onto the field.

Heracross burst out of her pokéball, and looked up at the shiny Yanmega with apprehension. She looked back at Ben, who gave an encouraging nod, before taking her battle position.

“The next round will be between Yanmega and Heracross,” announced Danny, “Begin!”

“You’ve got no chance kid!” taunted Falkner, “Yanmega use Night Slash!”

Yanmega’s left wing began glowing, before it slashed Heracross with a dark energy. Heracross was sent skidding a few feet backwards, but managed to stay on her feet.

“Are you okay Heracross?” asked Ben, upon Heracross’ nod he continued, “Good, now counter with Aerial Ace!”

Heracross flew towards Yanmega at amazing speed, before disappearing from view momentarily. Yanmega looked around desperately, before Heracross reappeared behind the giant bug and slashed across Yanmega’s back and wings. This caused Yanmega to fall from the air and slam into the ground.

“No Yanmega!” cried Falkner, watching as his pokémon tried to get back up. After a short wait, Falkner gave a sigh of relief as Yanmega managed to return upright.

“You nearly had me there kid,” said Falkner, “But I’ll end this now! Yanmega use Ancientpower!”

“Heracross use Endure!” Ben called out quickly.

Yanmega glowed white for a moment, before building up a huge ball of energy in front of it. Yanmega then released the ball, and sent it towards Heracross. Heracross braced herself and the attack smashed into the bug type.

“It’s over!” said Falkner happily.

Ben looked at Heracross and smiled. Heracross was breathing very heavily but, thanks to Endure, was still standing.

“Finish it with Horn Attack!” Ben yelled.

Heracros ran at Yanmega and her horn began to glow. She smashed into Yanmega with her horn and sent the shiny bug pokémon sprawling across the ground. Ben watched anxiously as he waited to see if Yanmega would be able to keep battling. When the dust cleared, Yanmega was revealed to be lying face down on the ground... knocked out!

“I don’t believe it...,” said Danny shocked, before remembering his duties as match referee, “Oh, erm... Yanmega is unable to battle! Meaning that the winner of the match is Ben!”

Ben smiled and returned an exhausted Heracross to her pokéball for a well earned rest.

“Congratulations Ben!” said Falkner, walking over, “You battled well. I apologise for insulting your battling techniques before the match.”

“Don’t worry about it,” said Ben, thinking back to Bonsly’s victory against Danny. If he was honest, Ben wasn’t entirely sure about Bonsly’s methods either...

“Anyway,” Falkner continued, “Take this badge to show that you have beaten me in battle. Oh, and take this TM. If you need it I know you will use it well, judging by the way your Heracross used it against Yanmega.”

Ben thanked Falkner, and accepted the Zephyrbadge and TM from the Gym Leader. He then left the Gym with a big smile on his face. He decided to head back to the pokémon center before pressing on, he had a feeling all of his pokémon would appreciate a well deserved rest...

March 6th, 2009, 12:48 PM
Loved it absolutely loved it :):

Ben obtained a Zephyr badge and a TM40: Aerial Ace. Quilava grew to Lv 19. Heracross grew to Lv 16.

March 7th, 2009, 11:46 AM
Trainer terror part One

“Thanks Nurse Joy,” said Ben, gratefully taking his pokéballs back off of the Nurse.

Now that his pokémon had been healed, Ben decided he would push on to the next town. The last Gym battle with Falkner had been the most exhilarating experience of his life, and he was eagerly anticipating his next Gym battle. He left Violet City with a big grin on his face and made his way onto Route 103. Ben made his way along the route for what seemed like an eternity without coming across any other people or pokémon. The monotony was finally broken by a rustling in one of the bushes on the side of the main path. Ben turned around and saw a small pokémon run out of the bushes, before stopping in the middle of the path to eat the berry it was holding.

The pokémon looked a lot like a squirrel with predominantly white fur, except for a light blue stripe which ran from the top of the pokémon’s forehead and went all the way down to the tip of its tail. The pokémon’s tail was twice the size of the pokémon itself, and had three spikes at the top of the curl. Put simply... the thing was cute.

Ben smiled and unclipped a pokéball from his belt; he wasn’t going to turn down an opportunity like this when it presented itself!

“I choose you Bonsly!” he called, releasing Bonsly from his pokéball

“Bonsly!” said the small rock type pokémon happily as he emerged from his pokéball. The wild pokémon looked over at Bonsly, but didn’t really pay any attention to the young Rock type. Instead it curled its huge tail around its body and lay on top of it, kind of like a pillow. Ben was just about to tell Bonsly to attack it, when he heard a voice from behind the bushes the pokémon had come out of.

“Pachirisu where are you? Come back!”

Ben turned and saw a young girl come through the bushes and see her Pachirisu, and then Ben and Bonsly in battle stance.

“What have you been doing to my Pachirisu?” the girl demanded.

“Oh erm... nothing,” Ben stuttered, “I...er... just saw it and...”

“Thought you could catch it?” the girl yelled, “You were trying to steal my Pachirisu!!!!”

“No, no...” said Ben, “Well I didn’t know it was yours...”

“Right that’s it! We’re battling!” she yelled, “You and me right now! 2-on-2!”

‘Oh god...’ thought Ben... how did he get himself into these situations.

“Pachirisu your up!” said the girl confidently. Pachirisu didn’t seem to keen on battling, but after a stern glare from its trainer, the small pokémon stood up to face Bonsly.

Ben sighed, “I guess I don’t really have a choice...”

“No you don’t!” said the girl, “Pachirisu use Quick Attack!”

Pachirisu seemed to sigh, before charging at Bonsly with incredible speed.

“Bonsly use copycat to dodge!” called Ben.

Bonsly seemed to focus on Pachirisu for a second, before setting off at the same break neck speed. Thanks to this, Bonsly managed to avoid the attack, and both pokémon came to a stop.

“Good. Now Rollout!” ordered Ben.

Bonsly jumped up and rolled into a tight ball, before rolling towards Pachirisu at astounding speed.

“Pachirisu, use Quick Attack on Bonsly!” ordered Pachirisu’s trainer.

“What?” questioned Ben, shocked by the girls order.

Pachirisu shook its head violently at its trainer, obviously not keen on ramming into something with as much momentum as Bonsly had.

“Do it!” yelled the girl.

Pachirisu gave its trainer a fearful look, before running at Bonsly. Ben watched, knowing what the outcome would be. Pachirisu tried to slam into Bonsly, but the momentum of the Rollout attack caused the small pokémon to be sent flying backwards. Pachirisu landed with a thud, and skidded painfully across the ground.

“What was that?” demanded its trainer, “Get up!”

Pachirisu struggled back to its feet, but looked in pain.

“Now use Bide!” called its trainer.

‘What’s the point?’ thought Ben, ‘If that Pachirisu takes one more hit its going to be knocked out anyway.’

He felt terribly sorry for Pachirisu. The way its trainer used it in battle was completely wrong. A small creature like that couldn’t be expected to take the hits Pachirisu’s trainer expected it to. The only way Pachirisu could win was speed. He finally realised why it had been on its own earlier, it had been trying to run away! Ben could certainly understand why it would want to, and decided it was time to end the battle and put Pachirisu out of its misery.

“Bonsly use Low Kick,” he said softly.

The young pokémon nodded, before launching itself at Pachirisu. As it had been ordered to use Bide Pachirisu didn’t even try to avoid the attack, instead the small pokémon just stood there as Bonsly delivered a hard kick. Pachirisu tried to keep its feet, but collapsed exhausted.

“Get up!” yelled its trainer, when Pachirisu didn’t respond she screamed, “Pathetic!”

Ben shook his head and turned to leave.

“Where do you think you’re going?” demanded the girl “This is a 2-on-2 battle remember? I still have one more pokémon! And unlike Pachirisu this pokémon isn’t weak and can take a few hits!”

‘Oh god...’ thought Ben, instantly feeling sorry for the pokémon.

The girl continued, “I choose....”

March 7th, 2009, 12:14 PM
@ slls: Good so far.... wonder who that Pokemon could be :P Can't wait for the conclusion.

Bonsly grew to Lv 12

Snow Phoenix
March 7th, 2009, 12:30 PM
Name: Lucy Diamante

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: Lucy is an average height of five feet. She is rather slim and her body is considered one of her most attractive parts. Her hair is a rather shiny black and it is in a complex bun. Detatching from the bun near the base are a couple strands of hair that form a ribbon on both sides and two loops come from the outter edge to the center of the bun forming pretzel like rings. It is lastly secured by two chopsticks and at most comes down to her neck. Her face is rather clean and without pimples. She wears highly sophisticated glasses and usually a serious expression is upon her face. Her common attire consists of a dress that falls down to a point just above her knees and a long-sleeved matching shirt. Most girls carry purses around, however, Lucy perfers books than purses and so always carries a book around for which ever reason may occur that requires a book.

Personality: Having been rather intelligent she has always been stuck up. She has always been highly regarded for her natural born intelligence and position in society. Having such a high status getting anything less than the highest marks is failure and she'll scorn any of her close friends for this. Truthfully she hopes that by angering her friend that she can help then improve themselves and challenge them to do better. It's an unshown kindness that she gives to them. By watching out for them and fussing over them about thier flaws she actually sees herself as a motherly character and she cares for them.

History: Her father came from a large wealthy family and her mother an innocent beautiful woman came from a poverished background. She had captivated him and he ran away from his family. The two lived together in Sinnoh peacefully except for the husbands natural greed of money. They were poor and Mr. Diamante could not handle it, so he spent most of his time working at a local resturant and investing in oil companies over seas. They quickly became quite wealthy, but her mother loved the simplicity. She refused to move into a mansion like he wanted, but she finally submitted to him when she discovered her pregnancy.

The two of them loved Lucy and would spoil her with public tutors and foriegn goods. Mr. Diamante sought to perfect Lucy by heavily scolding her and whipping her whenever her faults showed. Her mother dissapproved of his actions and ran away with Lucy. They returned to live the simple life, but they had been brought in to an even worse poverty. Finally all the stress got to her and Lucy's mother died of a heart attack. Lucy then was forced to live on her own and she received a local education until finally she was allowed to travel for the sake of learning more about the world. She took a few pokemon from the native land with her to the Johto region.

Perfered Starter: Swinub

Other Pokemon: Snover, Spheal, Skorupi

Rp Sample: (From Old Lace's Johto RP)
It was late that night.

"Time to set up camp" Silver exclaimed looking up at the pitch black sky.

"Good. Now Cyndar come on out" Zack said in response while scanning the clearing. The Cyndaquil popped out with a gleeful cheer. "Now help that peon set up camp" Zack said to the fire Pokemon.

"My name's Silver!" Silver yelled at Zack.

"Okay, moving along then peon" Zack said getting progressively softer so that Silver wouldn't hear the last word at the end of the sentence.

Zack then pulled out his and Silver's sleeping bags from his backpack and set them on the ground. "Okay camp is set! I set up camp so that means you'll cook." Zack said slyly while handing silver a net. "Okay like I said, I'll have Cyndar help. After all Cyndar didn't help and he could use some practice."Zack continued seeing Silver's mouth drop and with a hint of evil in his voice and eyes.

Cyndar squealed.

Silver went through the woods to a nearby pond.

Meanwhile Zack had been bossing Cyndar around…

“Cyndar, Don’t slack off! You’ve got to become stronger! You shouldn’t have lost!” Zack said partially angry.

“Burn that tree, but only enough so it’ll fall and we can use it for firewood.” Zack commanded.

The Cyndaquil obeyed and the tree came falling down.

“Now use your ember to shorten it and then drag it to the center and don’t forget to trim the branches and… it’s pointless Cyndar I’m just so angry! It was my fault. My weakness, I curse you!” Zack yelled into the sky while sparing Cyndar from his wrath.

An emotion came to Cyndar. Water was actually coming from the fire Pokémon. Even though Cyndar thought Zack’s training and care were too tough and harsh the Cyndaquil still felt the same sadness and ran into Zack’s arms.

A tear fell down Zack’s eyes as he accepted the Cyndaquil.

Cyndar began to glow.

“Is this a tear? It can’t be tears are for the weak… or maybe.” Zack said to himself and he felt an odd shape between his arms.

Who are you and what did you do to my Cyndaquil?” Zack said accusatively to the slender fire Pokémon that had replaced Cyndar in his arms.

He pulled out the Pokedex and pointed it towards the Pokémon.
Quilava the volcano Pokémon. It is the evolved form of Cyndaquil.

It intimidates foes with the heat of its flames. The fire burns more strongly when it readies to fight.

“Quilava? You evolved… was it something… I said?” Zack stuttered bewildered.

Zack still shocked thumbed through the Pokedex pages one more time…

“Quick Attack- an extremely fast attack that always strikes first.” Zack mumbled to himself and then he fantasized about his Quilava speeding through as a blur.

“Quilava use quick Attack” he commanded to his Quilava with confidence.

The Quilava gained speed quickly and swerved across the ground.

“Eeh… it’s not that fast.” Zack sighed and stared at the fallen tree.

“There’s still the matter of making a fire. Cyndar let’s go!” he shouted with confidence.

The Quilava took a deep breath and blew hard. Flames covered the tree and out came a spider…
(It's a Shiny Spinarak)

Spinarak the string spit Pokémon.

It sets a trap by spinning a web with thin, but strong silk. It waits motionless for prey to arrive.

“Quilava Tackle it!” Zack said after shuffling to the side.

The Quilava came running towards the spider. The Spinarak spat string at the tree and retracted onto the tree. The Quilava came charging and missed it running into a tree behind where the Spinarak left.

“It’s taunting you! Don’t take it! Flame it down!” Zack shouted towards his Quilava.

The Quilava quickly turned around and spat flames at the landing spider, but once again the Spinarak dodged it and spat string directly onto the Quilava’s face.

“Try your Quick Attack!” Zack shouted next.

The Quilava obeyed, but it was no use the string had slowed the Quilava down and the Spinarak immediately left its roost to make Quilava bump against the tree again. This time the Spinarak had landed on the ground.

“Now’s your chance! Quick Attack!” Zack shouted.

The Quilava leaped at the Spinarak on the ground. It would have hit if Quilava hadn’t hit something. Cyndar was caught in a giant spider web barely visible to any human. The Spinarak had purposely landed there so it could trap its prey in the web.

“Break loose!” Zack shouted frantically.

Quilava could not and the Spinarak crept up its body and covered the Quilava’s face.

“The poison sting” Zack mumbled through clenched teeth.

The Spinarak dug its pincers into Quilava’s face and a malignant grimace appeared on the Quilava. Quilava was in pain and the Spinarak was going to continue this torture the whole night.

One… Two… Three… Four…

Quilava was hit by every blow from the Poison Sting and Zack could tell the Quilava had already been poisoned.

“Spiders… Spiders… Spiders… Poison… Poison… Poison” Zack thought while trying to help his Pokémon.

Zack frantically swept across camp for anything that might help, but there was nothing. Zack glanced at the burning tree and an idea came to him.

“Cyndar release all of the flame from your body!” Zack shouted.

The Cyndar spent a tremendous amount of energy expelling flames from its body, but it had worked. The resilient string finally burned from the immense heat. The Spinarak had tumbled from the shock onto the ground and the Quilava landed on its feet.

“Few people would know this, but Spider Venom even coming from a Spinarak is easily neutralized by boiling temperatures. Although flames coming from small fire Pokémon can’t reach that high this Quilava was able to produce enough heat on its own, so the poison has been eradicated.” Zack said out loud in a victorious voice.

“Now that it’s off-guard sweep it in your flames Cyndar!” Zack continued with full confidence.

The fire Pokémon spew its flames and buried the Spinarak in them. When the flames lifted the Spinarak had fallen.

“We won Cyndar.” Zack shouted coolly to the Quilava.

The Quilava turned towards Zack and nodded in agreement, but the Spinarak pulled back and the Quilava went tumbling. There were strings coming from the Spinarak that were attached to Cyndar’s legs.

“Burn them!” Zack shouted unaware.

Cyndar shot flames towards the Spinarak’s string, but the Spinarak spat string at the Quilava’s torso bringing it lower and redirecting its flames. The Spinarak now had Quilava’s legs and midsection in its string. The Spinarak swung its string as hard as it could to the left and Quilava went slamming into the ground on the Spinarak’s left still attached by the string. Then the Spinarak swung right and the Quilava slammed into the ground to the right of the Spinarak.

Right… Left… Right… Left… the Spinarak continued. The Spinarak had achieved full dominance over the Quilava.

“Quilava is being swung by Spinarak’s string. The string is an axis and Quilava is being swung around like a pendulum. I can’t get a clear shot at the string, but if I can burn it Quilava should be released.” Zack thought while closely examining the Spinarak’s movements.

“That’s it! Cyndar when you land on the ground the next time, spew your flames straight across.” Zack shouted towards his Quilava.

Quilava did as it was told and when it landed on the ground its flames went soaring past the Spinarak and the Spinarak swung him to the other side like it had been previously doing and it placed the string directly in the path of the flames. The flames burned the string and Cyndar was free.

“Now use another ember!” Zack shouted after the Quilava was free.

The Quilava doused the Spinarak in flames once more and the Spinarak finally collapsed.

Zack threw the pokeball at the Spinarak and crossed his fingers hoping to capture it.

I hope this okay for an SU.

March 7th, 2009, 12:38 PM
Okay it's a very good SU so your accepted feel free to post whenever you wish. I'll add you to the OOC thread.

March 7th, 2009, 1:31 PM
Trainer Terror Part 2

“I choose Gliscor!” she yelled.

Ben gawped... how did this kid have a Gliscor? As if she had read his thoughts, his opponent answered Ben’s unspoken question.

“This is my Daddy’s Gliscor,” she said cockily, “It was his best pokémon. He gave it to me for protection. Gliscor would do anything for me, wouldn’t you Gliscor?”

Gliscor gave her a bored expression, before nodding in agreement with his trainer. Ben knew Gliscor would be a difficult opponent... but thought that in the hand of its trainer he would still be able to win.

“Okay Bonsly use Rollout!” he called.

Bonsly nodded and jumped up, rolling into a tight ball and rolling towards Gliscor at astounding speed.

“Gliscor use Harden!” called Gliscors trainer.

Gliscor glowed just before Bonsly slammed into it. While the attack still caused some damage, the effect had been reduced by the Harden attack and Gliscor was still standing.

“Good,” said its trainer, “Now use Quick Attack.”

Gliscor shot at Bonsly at break neck speed, leaving a white slipstream in its wake.

“Bonsly copycat!” Ben called.

“Not that old trick again!” said the Girl exasperated.

It wasn’t though. This time Bonsly charged straight at the oncoming Gliscor, and the pokémon collided head on. The impact sent both pokémon flying backwards and smashing into the ground. Both pokémon struggled back to their feet. Ben saw that Bonsly was beginning to look tired. Obviously noticing this as well, his opponent tried to take advantage.

“Gliscor screech!” she called.

Knowing what was coming Ben quickly put his hands over his ears to try to block out the sound. Although this partially worked, the ear splitting screech still hurt his head a little. Looking at Bonsly, he saw the pokémon fall over onto its bottom and sit down. ‘Please don’t do what I think you’re going to do...’ he thought. Just after sitting down however, Bonsly started crying at volumes comparable to Gliscor’s screech attack.

Ben shook his head; he had hoped Bonsly would outgrow this habit fairly quickly. While it had been useful in the young pokémon’s early battles it was quickly becoming embarrassing, and didn’t reflect well on Ben as Bonsly’s trainer.

“Gliscor use Night Slash!” called Gliscor’s trainer.

Ben looked up to see that Gliscor had not been taken in by Bonsly’s fake tears like every other pokémon had. Gliscor was giving Bonsly the same unimpressed look he had received from Falkner during the match with Danny in Violet Gym. Due to this Gliscor had no problems attack the crying pokémon. Gliscor’s left wing began glowing, and it flew at the crying rock pokémon. Upon reaching Bonsly, it slashed him with a dark energy. Bonsly was sent flying a few feet backwards and crashing to the ground. Ben looked down and saw that Bonsly had been knocked out, so returned him to his pokéball.

“Okay finish the job Quilava!” said Ben.

Quilava burst out of his pokéball, and immediately took up a battle stance.

“Okay start with Ember!” called Ben.

Quilava shot a series of embers at Gliscor, which lit up as they travelled through the air. The attack hit dead, causing Gliscor to call out loudly in pain.

“Gliscor use Quick Attack!” called its trainer.

“Quilava use your Quick Attack to meet Gliscor head on!” called Ben, confident that as Quilava was fresh to the battle this would hurt Gliscor more than his Fire type.

The two pokémon shot towards each othe at great speed, a white slipstream being left behind both of them. The two pokémon collided head on and were sent flying backwards, smashing to the ground. Quilava quickly jumped back to his feet, but Gliscor was really struggling and took some time to get back up. ‘One more attack and this is over...’ Ben thought to himself.

“Okay Gliscoruse Sand Attack to lower Quilava’s accuracy,” called Gliscors trainer.

Gliscor sent sand flying in Quilava’s direction and some got in his eyes, making it difficult for Ben’s pokémon to see. Normally this would worry Ben, but he had a plan...

“Okay Quilava let’s end this! Use Swift!” Ben called.

Quilava nodded and a number of glowing stars shot out of his body. Much to his opponents amazement, the stars landed a direct hit on Gliscor and sent the Bat falling to the ground. Gliscor landed with a loud bang and was revealed to have fainted. Gliscors trainer gave a loud “humph”, returned her pokémon and ran away in the opposite direction to Ben. Ben let out a sigh of relief and returned Quilava to his pokéball. The battle had taken a lot out of him, so he decided to take a little rest against a nearby tree before continuing on down Route 103...

March 7th, 2009, 1:36 PM
@ Good battle :P

Bonsly grew to Lv 13. Quilava grew to Lv 20 and learned Flame Wheel.

Snow Phoenix
March 7th, 2009, 4:07 PM
BOOM! The loud double-doors opened and a women appeared at its entrance.

"I request a challenge with the gym leader!" she shouted. Gazes returned her action and they stared at her menacingly as if she were an outcast or ignorant.

"And who did ypu think you are missy" a woman called to her from somewhere inside the chambers.

"Lucy Diamante and I request a challenge! This is a gym isn't it?" Lucy said rather calmly, but almost sarcastically when asking the last question.

"Hmph, yes this is! And that is not the way things are done" the woman replied with emphasize on the first question and an explainatory tone on the second.

"Then how do you suppose I set about challenging the Gym Leader?" Lucy replied in a very sarcastic way.

"You've asked for it!" the woman replied again while preparing a punch.

"Vicki stop! I'll handle things, okay" a new man said while coming down towards the two girls and stopping Vicki's punch.

"Fine. Just trash her for me, k Shaun" Vicki responded to the man who was obviously named Shaun. She then proceeded to place higher up so that she may watch from a far.

"Now what is your name pretty lady" Shaun said to her.

"Lucy, now what's with you people? I just want to get my badge and I don't feel like flirting with you scum bag" she retorted very fiercely.

"Alright chick. Like Vicki said you won't see the Gym Leader until you defeat us. We're the trainers of this Gym" the man replied to her very cooly.

"Hmm, I'll be fighting with Skorupi" she said while pulling out the pokeball and releasing Skorupi from its ball.

"Ah, that's a good girl. Tailow will be my partner for this match" he responded to her while releasing his pokemon.

"One on One Pokemon Battle begin!" a voice shouted from somewhere. It was a referee.

"So official matches have judges" Lucy mused to herself.

"Yes they do and now that you're aquainted I'll begin. Tailow hit it with your Wing Attack and blow it away with your powerful winds!" Shaun yelled to his Tailow.

"Tailow!" the pokemon chirped before ramming at high speeds towards the Skorupi. It then crossed its wings and begin flapping vigorously in front of Skorupi blowing heavy winds at it. The Skorupi dug its claws into the stadium to prevent it from blowing away

"Skore, use your Pin Missile at the Tailow!" Lucy shouted across the stadium. The Skorupi used its claws to position its tail towards the Tailow and shot needles from its stinger. One of the needles pierced the Tailow who cried out in pain on impact stopping the attack.

"Now Bite it and follow up with a Poison Sting Skore!" she shouted at the moment of oppertunity.

"Recover Tailow, don't get hit!" was all Shaun could say in atempt to prevent the attack, but to no avail as Skore dug its fangs into the helpless bird. The Tailow whimpered before falling helplessly to the ground. The Skorupi began to prepare its stinger. The Skorupi then jumped and prepared to land directly on the Tailow with a tail of poison.

"Tailow Peck!" the man shouted at his Tailow. The Tailow came to consciousness and shot out its beak. The Skorupi fell and the Tailow caught it in his beak.

"Skore..." Lucy said through clenched teeth.

"Now Tailow bat it away!" Shaun issued to his pokemon. The Tailow swatted the Skorupi with its wings and into the wall. The Skorupi fell back hard. The Tailow then began to glow orange.

"Finish it Tailow" Shaun said with no emotion. The Tailow then sped towards the semi-unconsious Skorupi and slammed into it. The Skorupi showed signs of intense pain as it was push into the wall. The Tailow then prepared to ram the now seemingly unconsious Skorupi again. The Tailow sped towards the Skorupi again and it came close when the Skorupi's tail popped forward and stabbed into the back of the Tailow. The Tailow winced in pain as the poison oozed inside. The Tailow could not move and after a moment of silence the Tailow just collapsed where it lay.

"I've won" Lucy whispered into his ears coldly. Shaun just stood in awe.

"Yes, you have won" was all he could reply back still in shock.

"Now let me go up against your leader" she shouted all around the stadium.

After a moment a response came back "Hmph, I won't let you fight Falkner! I'm next you witch!"

March 7th, 2009, 4:12 PM
@ FS: Okay nice first post:

Skorupi grew to Lv 16

Snow Phoenix
March 7th, 2009, 5:40 PM
"Hmph, I won't let you fight Falkner! I'm next you witch!" Vicki had shouted at Lucy from Lucy's old spot at the opposite side of the stadium.

"You too, eh. I won't lose now, you insolent woman" she replied sharply.

"Let's see how you do with two pokemon. Double battles are different thing and they're my specialty, I can't lose!"Vicki said while releasing her Starly and Swablu.

"We'll see about that!" Lucy shouted confidently while releasing her Skorupi and Spheal.

"Two On Two Double Battle Begin!" the Referee shouted on to the Stadium.

"Hmph, Starly Quick Attack and Swablu Peck!" Vicki shouted. The two bird pokemon flew rapidly towards the Spheal and began to continuously attack it. The Starly constantly ran into it and the Swablu would peck it at the same time.

"Oh, no" Lucy whispered to herself. "Skore go help Yuki! Use your Pin Missile!" She shouted at her Skorupi. The Skorupi ran towards Spheal and shot its pins at the bird pokemon.

"Heh" Vicki mused to herself. The bird pokemon dodged the pins and they skewered the Spheal. The Spheal let out a moan of pain.

"Yuki!" Lucy yelped as the bird pokemon continued thier rampage. "Skore do something! Anything even Leer!" She cried out to her Skorupi. Skore obeyed by reapproaching the pair and stareing at them intently. Swablu and Starly noticed and were shaken.

"Don't take that! You can beat it! Growl it down!" Vicki shouted at her pokemon who shook off the Leer and began screeching together at Skore.

"They've stopped attacking Spheal. They won't stop cawing...hmm... Spheal use Encore!" She said with a sudden inspiration. The weak Spheal began to clap and as the clapping grew louder so did the two pokemon. Soon Vicki noticed the clapping.

"The puny Spheal's up, pummel it!" Vicki shouted. However, her pokemon would not obey. Their beaks would not close and Vicki was confused.

"What happened? Why won't you obey!" Vicki shouted in frustration.

"Hmph, this is the power of Yuki's Encore! Now Yuki use Ice Ball!" Lucy shouted with a smirk and the Spheal launched a ball of Ice at the Swablu releasing both pokemon from the Encore.

"Starly Quick Attack and get that Spheal before it attacks again. Swablu try to recover" Vicki commanded to her to pokemon. Starly sped towards the Spheal.

"Not so fast! Pin Missile!" Lucy shouted in response. The Skorupi then shot an array of missiles towards the unsuspecting Starly who was pinned down. Yuki shot her second Ice Ball and it pummeled the already down Swablu again.

"Skore Bite the Swablu and Yuki prepare your third Ice Ball!" Lucy issued to her two pokemon. The Spheal began charging while Skore ran off towards the Swablu.

"Starly Wing Attack!" Vicki shouted and the Starly knocked the Skorupi down next to the Swablu. Both were struck by the third Iceball and the Starly charged towards the Spheal and Tackled it.

"Hurry and finish off the Swablu!" Lucy shouted to her pokemon. Vicki made no atempt to issue an order. The two pokemon approached and the Swablu opened its mouth.

"Heh, thanks for falling into my trap! Swablu begin to sing!" Vicki said while approving her Swablu's action.

"Quick get out of there" she ordered her to pokemon, but they were not fast enough and were begining to snore.

"Oh, no too late" were Lucy's thoughts until something occured to her. "Yuki! Use your Water Gun!" she yelled across to her pokemon. The drowsy Spheal spat water causing the Swablu to fly backwards into the wall and the Spheal and Skorupi to fly backwards. Both of them had recovered from thier drowsiness and the Swablu had finally fainted.

"Swablu return! Starly we've got to win this! Use your Quick Attack!" Vicki shouted.

"Heh, Vicki that was check mate! Skore Pin Missile and Spheal Iceball!" Lucy said very victoriously. The Skorupi sprayed needles at the Starly which hit easily because of the open space and Spheal shot an Iceball at the crushed Starly. Like Lucy had said the match was over.

"I've beaten both of you, now please take me to Falkner" Lucy said calmly to Vicki.

"Alright" Vicki sighed after crying for a bit and shaking Lucy's hand. Vicki then led Lucy to a seperate area with a door at the end.

"This is it" Lucy whispered to herself.

March 8th, 2009, 2:04 AM
Name: Zach
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Personality: Zach is one of those confident looking guys. When you see him walking down the road he always has his head held up high with a very convincing walk. He has long, brown hair with blue eyes. He is about 5"10 and has an earing pierced in his left ear. Zach also has his signature white hat on backwards all the time with the pokeball logo included. He wears a pair of dark blue jeans with a red shirt. Zach also has a black and white jacket over top. It is a thin one and he keeps it unbuttoned. After winning a battle, Zach always goes over to his pokemon and praises them for their victory. After a loss, Zach still praises his pokemon for the effort but feels a hurt in his pride. Depending on how each opponent treats Zach, he will normally treat them the same way. Zach is never one to judge, he is a very friendly guy and enjoys meeting new people. Most trainers panic in dangerous situations but Zach always stands tall and knows what to do. He is extremely affectionate and close to his pokemon. The thrill of an aventure always makes Zach excited. Challenges is what keeps him going and is his motivation.

History: Zach grew up just like the normal kid, with two parents. Zach was born in late September in Cerulean City. He was raised around water type pokemon from both parents. But as young Zach was growing up, his parents divorced. This left young Zach devesated for a while but recovered over time. His mother remained in Cerulean City and so did Zach. But he had visits to both parents. Zach also has a little sister who he looked carefully for. It was very tough for her to get over the shock of her parents being seperated and didn't really understand at her young age. This made the two closer as time went on. As for Zach's father, he moved to New Bark Town. Zach normally transported there by the water type pokemon he grew up around. The odd thing was, a water type wasn't Zach's first pokemon. While out in the wild outside of Cerulean City at a young age, Zach was caught in danger. A wild sparrow felt it's territory was being trespassed and went in for the attack. But a wild Koffing tackled the wild bird and used it's smokescreen so Zach could escape. Ever since that day Zach and Koffing have been close companions and Koffing eventually became Zach's pokemon. On his birthday, Zach recieved a Staryu from his mother as a gift. Zach jumped up in excitement as it was soon before he could begin his journey.

Preferred Starter: If not wildcard, I will take Pichu as a male

Other Pokemon: Koffing, Staryu, Pidgey

RP Sample: It was that time in life that every teenager dreamed of. Going off on a pokemon journey. Zach had hardley gotten any sleep the night before and woke up with great excitement. He walked in the kitchen, smelled like something was cooking. Zach entered only to see his mom at the stove as usual making Zach some pancakes. The kitchen was very bright, spotless. Zach's mom couldn't stand if a speck of dirt were to get on anything. Whats this? A dark blue backpack all set up and ready to go for Zach for his journey.

"Morning hun, you ready for you big day?" Zach's mom asked eagerly. "I haven't been able to sleep at all, boy I can't wait to start! I see you packed my stuff already?" Zach said already knowing the answer. Zach's mom paused for a second and started to tear a little "Zach, I am going to miss you so much you better be careful! Now eat some pancakes." she said. "Mom I am too eager to eat, it's time for me to set off. i will be back to visit of course! I will catch you soon, your the greatest" Zach said as he grabbed his backpack. "You becare Zach, I love you. Be sure to send mail and call me!" Zach's mother said. *Zach's mother hugs Zach very closely before he exists*

Zach walks down the road to the professors to receive his first starting pokemon. The lab in Cerulean City, which was less then two blocks away from Zach's house. He enters the professors lab with such excitement. "Good morning professor! How are you?" Zach said with a smile. "I am good, it's great to see you Zach" the professor said nodding. "I can hardley wait to see which pokemon I get to train first!" Zach said, he was too excited to stand still. "Well, your a bit late." the professor said with a dissapointed expression. "Oh no! Don't tell me there aren't any left!" Zach said, all the sudden his spirits dropped. "Don't worry, there is still one left *grabs pokeball* it is called a Pichu." the professor concluded. "A Pichu?" Zach said amazed. *the professor released the Pichu from it's pokeball* "OH WOW MY FIRST REAL POKEMON!" Zach said thrilled. "Yes Zach, it is an electrical type. Be very carefull It looks cute but it is very powerfull." Zach nodded. *Pichu jumps into Zach's arms with a playfull smile* "One day, Pichu will be strong as ever." Zach whispered to himself. Zach thanked the professor then exited the lab. He looked at the pokeball which contained his new friend and smiled.

Now it is time for Zach to embark on his pokemon journey. He has no idea what to expect as he heads out into the sunset. The scenery is beautiful and the sky has turned a shade of pink. There is much to lie ahead of the young trainer.

March 8th, 2009, 2:04 AM
@ FS: Okay good battle. Could you please either VM, PM or post in the OOC thread your Pokemon's nicknames please.

Spheal grew to Lv 17. Skorupi grew to Lv 18 and learned Acupressure.

@ XxDawnfanxX: Your rejected unfortunately the rest of the positions have been reserved I'll PM you if they open up.

March 8th, 2009, 4:02 AM
Rock solid


A loud roar caused Ben to wake from his nap with a start, in the process banging his head against the tree behind him. Rubbing his head, Ben looked up and saw a pokémon battle starting on the path right in front of him. The pokémon that had woken Ben up with the loud roar was an Onix. The giant rock type pokémon was certainly an impressive sigh. It was made up of a chain of boulders that was nearly thirty feet in length. Behind Onix stood a large man wearing a bulky green jacket, a hat and carrying a huge rucksack. Facing Onix was a small tadpole like pokémon, with a swirl covering its entire belly. Behind the Poliwag was a young boy with a confident grin on his face.

“Good Poliwag use another Bubble attack!” screamed the boy.

Poliwag let out a stream of Bubbles which hit Onix, and caused the giant pokémon to roar in pain again.

“Your Onix doesn’t stand a chance against Poliwag!” the boy confidently told his opponent.

“You think so?” asked the large man, “It’s not always about typing young man. Onix use Dig!”

Onix leapt up, before smashing through the soil and tunnelling underground and disappearing from view. Poliwag began looking around desperately, trying to locate Onix.

“Now!” called Onix’s trainer.

On command Onix burst up through the soil and smashed into Poliwag, sending the small Water type flying into the air. Poliwag smashed to the ground with a loud thud, but managed to struggle back to its feet.

“A fighter huh?” laughed the large man, “Okay Onix, use Bind!”

Onix grabbed Poliwag with its tail, and began squeezing tightly. The tadpole let out a cry of pain, before going limp and passing out.

“That’s enough Onix,” said the large man calmly.

Onix gently lowered Poliwag to the ground and place the Water type in front of its trainer.

“That was a good battle young ‘en,” said the large man kindly, “I really enjoyed it.”

“Thanks mister,” said the young boy, returning his Poliwag, “So did I.”

The boy then walked off, and the large man noticed Ben leaning against the tree.

“Hey kid!” he said warmly, “What did you think of my battle? I’m Keith by the way. I’m a hiker, and travel around caves looking for pokémon. I’m on my way to Union Cave.”

“It was really good,” said Ben, “Your Onix is really strong to be able to beat a water type. Oh and my names Ben”

“Well I specialise in Rock type pokémon,” explained the man, “So a lot of trainers use their water types against me. So I came up with some strategies to get around that.”

‘Makes sense,’ thought Ben. If he specialised in one type of pokémon, he would definitely make sure he had some sort of plan for inevitable battles against types your pokémon is weak to.

“So kid, you got any Rock types?” asked the Hiker eagerly.

“Oh,” said Ben surprised, “Yeah, my youngest pokémon is.” He released Bonsly, who energetically burst from his pokéball.

“Bons,” said Bonsly in awe, looking up at the Hiker’s Onix.

“Haha,” chuckled the Hiker, “He is young. How are ya little fella?”

“Bonsly,” said Bonsly, nervously backing towards Ben.

“Haha, still nervous are we? You’ll grow out of that!” laughed the Hiker, “I like you kid, I haven’t seen too many trainers with Rock pokémon recently. Take this TM; it’ll help your Bonsly grow up a little quicker!”

Ben took the TM off Keith... after all Bonsly couldn’t rely on crying his way to victories all his life. He thanked Keith, before turning to Bonsly.

“Erm Bonsly, do you want to learn a new move?” Ben asked.

“Bons,” said Bonsly nervously, looking apprehensively at the disk in Ben’s hand.

“It will be fine, I promise,” said Ben gently.

“Ly,” said Bonsly, slowly walking over to his trainer.

Ben smiled, and held the disk to Bonsly’s head. All of a sudden, the disk began to glow and a bright light erupted from it. Ben shielded his eyes, but the light was gone in as second. The disk had disappeared and everything looked exactly as it had done, save the confused look on Bonsly’s face. Bonsly looked at Ben confused.

“Do you feel any different?” asked Ben.

“Bonsly,” said Bonsly, shaking his head.

Ben looked up at Keith for some advice. “Tell Bonsly to use Rock Slide,” Keith suggested, “That’s what was in the TM...”

Ben nodded, “Okay Bonsly use Rock Slide,”

Some rocks to Bonsly’s left lifted up and were sent flying forwards, causing Ben to dive out of the way. Bonsly began jumping up and down happily, excited by his new trick. As he did this the rocks continued to fly around, causing Ben and Keith to take evasive action. Onix let out a huge roar, and Bonsly immediately dropped the rocks back to the floor and burst out crying. Ben ran over to Bonsly and tried to comfort the young pokémon... clearly Bonsly needed a new move in order to grow out of this particular habit. He looked up at Keith who nodded.

“We’ll leave you to it,” he said.

“Thank you,” Ben said. Keith nodded, and along with Onix made his way onwards towards Union Cave. Ben was left sitting in the middle of the path, with a crying baby pokémon cradled in his arms....

March 8th, 2009, 4:13 AM
@ slls: Good post and because it was good Bonsy can grow a level as well!

Bonsly was taught Rock Slide via TM. Bonsly grew to Lv 14 and also learned Rock Throw

Have fun with these new moves :P

March 8th, 2009, 8:49 AM
When Jason finally reached the lower level of the cave, he was imediately met with the sight of flying fire balls. "Woah!" he yelped, just barely evading the attack by diving to the side.

"Well, well," a man said with a deep chuckle. "A little cave rat coming in here? I suggest you leave, boy."

Jason scowled. "And leave you jerks here to ruin something else, just like in Olivine? I don't think so." He eyed the pokemon that attack him with an Ember just now. It had a red body with a black collar. It also had a small yellow beak that occasionally let out a bit of flame. "Go, Croconaw!" he shouted, sending out the water gator.

With a burst of white light, Croconaw appeared with a large grin. "Cronon!"

"Typical," the grunt drawled. "Magby, Smog!"

"Maag!" Magby cried as it aimed its beak towards Croconaw and sent a purple fog towards Croconaw.

"Don't breathe it in," Jason warned, knowing that the attack could poison his pokemon. "Break through it with Water Gun!"

Naw naw!" Croconaw barked before narrowing its jaws and sending out a blast of cold water. The jet of water broke through the Smog easily enough as it was simply gas and slammed hard against the flame pokemon.

"Maaaaag!" Magby screamed, thrashing around as it tried to escape the onslought. "By... Mag!" Magby snarled, desperately shooting an Ember attack at Croconaw.

"Croro," Croconaw chuckled as the Ember beat against its chest, hardly doing any damage.

Jason grinned. "My Croconaw's tough hide is too strong for a simple fire attack," he boasted. "Finish it with Water Gun!"

"Magby, Smokescreen!" the grunt barked.

"By," Magby said as it quickly released the smokey substance before getting blasted away. "By..."

The grunt grit his teeth as he returned his pokemon. At least the little fire type managed to blind his opponent with the Smokescreen. Silently, he released his next pokemon. Motioning for it to be silent, he sent out a whispered command: "Spark."

Jason tried to peer through the thick smoke, but all he could see was darkness. "Can you see anything, Croconaw?" he asked.

"Na," Croconaw said negatively, shaking his head before blinking as a bright light made its way over to him. "Coo...? Croco!" Croconaw screamed as the bright light finally made itself known. It was a small squirrel pokemon, and it was covered in electricity, dealing a great amount of damage to Croconaw. Unfortunately, Jason didn't see what the pokemon was.

"Return," Jason said bitterly. As soon as the water gator was returned, he tossed his next pokeball. "Go!"

With a burst of white light, his strongest, and best friend, appeared. "Lucario!" Lucario let out, doing his standard show off kicks. Taking notice of the area, it got into a battle stance.

Jason looked around, still unable to see anything. "Lucario, Aura Sphere," he whispered.

Grinning, the blue coyote, powered up the blue sphere in his hands and shot it randomly. Waiting a moment, they both heard a scream of pain, followed by the grunts enraged, "But how!?"

"Aura Sphere neve misses!" Jason called. "Now, another Aura Sphere!"

"Lci!" Lucario barked, immediately powering up the Aura Sphere.

"Quick Attack!" the grunt shouted just as Lucario released its attack.

"Too slow," Jason murmered with a smile as he heard the pokemon let out a high pitched scream. There was a bump, and he frowned as the Smokescreen finally dispearsed. Had the pokemon really been that weak? As the air cleared, he finally saw the pokemon that had been attacking him. It was a white squirrel, known as Pacharisu. It was struggling to get up, but Lucario made quick work of it with one last Aura Sphere, blasting it right at its trainer.

"Cario!" Lucario barked happily as he waved his tail. Gesturing at Jason, the boy could only blink before realizing Lucario needed him to follow. Ignoring the angry grunt, he followed Lucario deeper into the cave. While Jason assumed it was because they needed to stop unknown, and so he followed Lucario, but the blue coyote heard a low scream in the distance...

Snow Phoenix
March 8th, 2009, 9:10 AM
Lucy swung the door open to reveal man with some sort of odd clothing on.

"Ah, you must be the challenger!" he greeted her. "I am the Gym Leader of this Gym. Birds are such majestic creatures! The way they soar in the sky, magnificant! Trainers from all parts come here to battle my birds and those who succeed win this" the man continued and flickered a decorated pin towards Lucy. "My name is Falkner and if you wish to obtain this badge you must defeat me. Are you ready for my flock, my dear?" Falkner asked her.

"Enough chit-chat my good-sir. We must do battle" she replied very politely and almost chuckling from the embarassment of his words; she was flattered.

"Pidgeotto come out!" Falkner screamed into the air summoning the bird from a place on the roof.

"Frio it's your turn!" she shouted in response. The Snover emerged from the pokeball upon hearing her name and raised her left arm in victorious stance.

"Three on Three Pokemon Battle. No time limit and only the challenger is allowed to do substitutions. Snover vs. Pidgeotto begin!" the referee shouted.

"Alright, Pidgeotto ram it with your Quick Attack" Falkner commanded his Pidgeotto. It came speeding along in a straight simple line.

"Tch, Frio dodge it" Lucy responded. The Snover dodged the attack by side-stepping to its left. "I know this isn't how weak you Gym Leaders are! Now fight or else I'll win" she smirked back at him.

"Very well, Pidgeotto!" he responded back. The Pidgeotto spun back around and sped back towards the Snover in a Zig-zag fashion. The Snover's eyes darted back and forth at the increased speed.

"Snover defend yourself with Razor Leaf!" Lucy shouted and Snover shot leaves from its arms.

"Pidgeotto blow them away!" Falkner returned her attack. The Pidgeotto continued to fly forward while flapping its wings ever harder and a gust of wind blow the leaves back at the Snover. The Pidgeotto's attack connected and Snover fell back from the impact.

"Snover quick use your Icy Wind while it's still in range" she shouted at this oppertunity. The Snover chased after the Pidgeotto after recovering from the blow. She waved her arms towards the Pidgeotto while running after and a chill came by. The Pidgeotto's wings began to freeze.

"Pidgeotto Tackle your wings with the rest of your body!" the leader shouted at his pokemon. The Pidgeotto slammed its torso into the freezing wings and cracked the ice. It flew upward upon being free.

"So Icy Wind and Razor Leaf against your Pokemon, eh" she shouted across the field. "Try them again anyways Frio! Let's use that plan we've talked about" Lucy continued by issuing a command. The Snover shot another set of the leaves at the Pidgeotto and it cocked its head to the side.

"Pidgeotto blow them away with your gust again" Falkner sighed. The Pidgeotto flew from its spot and flapped its wings at the leaves, but these were different; they did not blow away easily and the Pidgeotto's wings began to grow tired. A few cut into it like glass and the secondary effect began to take place, the Pidgeotto's wings began to freeze.

"Ha, Icy Wind and Razor leaf! The frozen leafs were heavier and harder to blow away, the Icy Wind increased the speed of the leaves and is freezing your Pidgeotto! Frio once more!" she said victoriously.

"Break the ice and dodge with an Aerial Ace!" Falkner shouted alarmed by the results. The Pidgeotto broke the ice with the same maneuver and quickly switched into a flight swerving around the frozen leaves and cold air. It then proceeded to finish its attack by ramming into with its Razor Wings.

"Tch" she whispered as the Pidgeotto collapsed by being hit by something on its back.

"What!" Falkner shouted at this unusual calamity.

"Hail" she explained calmly. "Snover has a unique ability that causes hail everywhere it goes even inside. Your bird was just struck by hail" she said while pointing to a storm cloud in the air. "Now blow your Grasswhistle Frio!" she shouted to her pokemon. The Snover hobbled over to the Pidgeotto and played a melody. The Pidgeotto began to shuts eyes and upon realising what was happening released dust from the ground and into the Snover's eyes. The Snover was forced to stop and stumbled backwards, however, the song had been finished and the Pidgeotto began to snore.

"Frio bury it in snow!" she shouted across to her pokemon. Her Snover blinded by the Sand lifted it's arm and shot snow from it. It took her eight shots before actually hitting the sleeping Pidgeotto and when it did a solid chunk of hail fell on the bird finishing the burial. The Pidgeotto was most definitely finished.

"Pidgeotto is unable to battle Snover is the winner!" the referee shouted.

"Hmm, good battle! Let's see how you play with this and let's see how you like my gift! Skarmory take battle position!" Falkner shouted while releasing his steel bird.

"Skarmory vs. Snover, let the battle commence!" the referee called out.

Instantly to pokemon began staring at each other intently. After a few seconds Snover's eyes blinked because of the Sand in them, during that blink the Skarmory hustled a bit and the two continued thier stare-down until Falkner shouted "Now Peck"

"Quick dodge it Frio!" Lucy issued to her Snover, but because of the sand in its eyes when it side-steped to avoid the attack it wasn't able to move its stomach and was pecked in the stomach. The Snover lurched in pain as the Skarmory swept by and then again when it nipped its head.

"Frio defend yourself with Icy Wind!" Lucy shouted to her pokemon. The Snover put up an aura of Ice around itself, but when the Skarmory swept by for another peck the ice broke instantly from the immense speed. The Snover was helpless.

"Now Skarmory finish it with Swift!" Falkner commanded. The Skarmory temporailly flew away and launched a barrage of stars at the Snover causing it to fall back unconsious.

"Snover is unable to battle Skarmory is the winner!" the referee said as he waved his flags around.

"Now what will be your next pokemon" Falkner said while staring at Lucy with a malicious smile.

"Hmm, Snowy come on out!" she shouted back and releasing her Swinub.

"Swinub vs. Skarmory begin!" the referee shouted.

"Go Skarmory pick it up with your claws" Falkner shouted. Lucy said nothing. The Skarmory flew to where the Swinub was a dived with claws onto the Swinub. It had missed the Swinub completely.

"What! How?" Falkner responded.

"This is Swinub's ability Snow Cloak. On account of my Snover's hail Swinub is protected from your attacks. Well, it just makes him more evassive" Lucy explained. "Now Snowy attack it with your Powder Snow!" she continued to issue a command. The Swinub shook its fur and the Skarmory was caught up in it. The Skarmory winced while being shooken up and another peice of hail fell on its shoulder dislocating a joint.

"Hmm, blind it like Pidgeotto did!" He shouted at his Skarmory. The Skarmory flew to the Swinub dived and kicked dirt at the Swinub.

"Snowy return the attack!" she shouted triumphantly. The Swinub absorbed the attack and spat a large glob of mud at the Skarmory.

"Heh, I knew you'd use that same trick so I used a ground type that could use the sand against you!" she shouted back at him.

"Skarmory use Wing Attack! A little bit of mud won't hurt!" he shouted back. The atempted to obey, but its movements were rickety and the crossing of winds produced nothing.

"Skarmory is a machine pokemon so if it gets anything in its mechanics it severely screws it up. Snowy use your Powder Snow!" Lucy shouted. Her Swinub approached the huge gunky Skarmory and shook off more snow. Now there was both Mud and Snow in its mechanics. As the snow melted and entered its system it moaned and grew weak. Finally a chunk of hail fell on its head and when Swinub tackled the machinery it fell apart and collapsed.

"Skarmory is unable to battle! Swinub is the winner!" the referee called out.

"Heh, now its time for my true terror! You ready girl!" Falkner shouted at Lucy.

This was it, the final round.

March 8th, 2009, 12:16 PM
@ Both: Both of you good posts.

For WW:

Croconaw grew to Lv 22 and Lucario grew to Lv 18.

For FS:

'Frio' grew to Lv 17 and learned Swagger and 'Snowy' grew to Lv 16 and also learned Endure.

Snow Phoenix
March 8th, 2009, 1:53 PM
"Come on out! Yanmega!" Falkner shouted as he released the giant bug.

"Snowy we aren't afraid!" she shouted back.

"Swinub vs. Yanmega commence" the referee said solemnly.

"Alright, Snowy start things up with a Powder Snow!" she shouted to her pokemon. The pig pokemon rushed up towards the giant bug and shook its fur, but alas it just dodged it by elevating to the rafters.

"Night Slash Yanmega" He shouted to his Yanmega. It flew lower and launched to black rays at the pig. The Swinub remained unharmed and was charging towards the Yanmega.

"Powder Snow once more!" Lucy hollered. The Swinub had caught the Yanmega off guard and succeed at crushing it in snow.

"Shake it off and bat the Swinub away with Silver Wind!" Falkner screamed. The Yanmega shook the snow off and flapped its wings producing wind full of its scales. The Swinub fell back.

"Swinub once more!" Lucy shouted.

"Tch, childs play! Yanmega bat it away once more with Silver Wind!" Falkner commanded. The Yanmega flapped its wings and the wind slammed it into the walls before the Swinub could get close.

"It's stronger!" Lucy exclaimed.

"That's the power Silver Wind and Yanmega try it once more!" The Yanmega swarmed the Swinub and began flapping its wings. The wind produced by it was strong and the Swinub was thrashed into the wall several times. There was nothing she could do.

"Arr, Snowy return!" Lucy said while returning it to its ball and away from perilous winds. "Skore! Make an entrance!" she shouted while releasing her pokemon.

"Yanmega show it no mercy and attack with Ancient Power!" Falkner shouted. The Yanmega swept by and with came a pile of rocks aimed for the Skorupi.

"Skore hit them with Pin Missile!" she shouted in response. Skore aimed its tail at each of the rocks spliting them in two and avoiding getting hit. The Skorupi then shot a few needles towards the Yanmega.

"Detect them!" Falkner shouted. The Yanmega swerved past each of them. "Follow up with Quick Attack!" he continued. The Yanmega sped towards Skore at tremendous speeds. The attack was to quick for Lucy to issue a command. Yanmega ran through several times in succession.

"Skore! Retur..." she atempted to say, but Skore shot her a dirty glare. His time wasn't over yet.

"Skore what are you going to do?" she asked with tearfilled eyes. The Skorupi rolled to the side avoiding Yanmega's next hit and stabbed itself in the back.

"Skore!?" Lucy questioned when her pokedex chimed out of her pocket "Acupressure, the user stabs itself to relief pressure randomly increasing its natural abilities". "Go Skore" she shouted with hope revived. The Skorupi braced itself for the Yanmega's charged and when it came by the Skorupi caught it in its grip. The Skorupi then procceeded to bang against the floor until its grip on it slipped.

"Hmph, Yanmega use bug bite!" Falkner shouted. The Yanmega turned around and nipped the Skorupi. Skorupi whimpered a bit and then turned its flexible body to bite it back.

"Now head into an aerial Poison Sting" Lucy shouted back in command. The Skorupi used the Yanmega's body as a springboard and flew into the air. When it came down it dug its stinger into the fallen bug. Yanmega cried out and whacked the Skorupi with its tail before retreating to a corner.

"Sonicboom!" Falkner shouted to his poisoned Yanmega. The Yanmega let out a terrifying invisble beam shoot out of its mouth. The Skorupi was hit directly and blown back into the wall. "Finish it Yanmega" he commanded to his Yanmega who shot its Night Slash at the Skorupi causing it to faint.

"Skorupi is unable to battle Yanmega is the winner" the referee shouted.

"Snowy finish this!" Lucy shouted while rereleasing her Swinub. The two pokemon charge straight forward.

"Now Snowy" Lucy commanded. Her Swinub stopped and the Yanmega continued forward into its jaws. The Swinub had caught the Yanmega in its jaw and bit it. The Yanmega slashed before atempting to retreat.

"Snowy use Powder Snow!" she issued to her pokemon. The Swinub chased after it and flicked the snow towards it.

"Yanmega use Sonicboom and finish it!" Falkner shouted in response. The invisible beam was released from the Yanmega's mouth and collided into the snow. The resulting force knocked the Yanmega into a wall and directly struck the Swinub. A flurry of snow erupted rendering the field unvisible. When it cleared the Swinub had survived the attack and was glowing red. Lucy was sure that she had lost and was in total awe until her Pokedex chimed in again "Endure, the user may survive an attack with minimal health left over".

Both pokemon were at minimal health and were staggering. One hit was all that was needed to win. "Yanmega finish it!" Falkner shouted from across the field. The Yanmega charged towards the weak Swinub and just before hitting the Swinub a peice of hail came crushing down on top of the Yanmega. Lucy had barely won thanks to that last peice of hail.

"Yanmega is unable to fight meaning the Gym Leader Falkner has lost and Lucy is the winner!" the referee shouted.

"I can't believe I won" were the only words she could say as she returned her Swinub.

"Great going kid! Here take this badge and TM you've deserved!" Falkner said to her with a cheery smile after coming across to her.

She took what he offered, healed her pokemon, and set out for Union Cave and the next step on her journey.

March 9th, 2009, 8:17 AM
@ FrozenSnowman: Okay congrats to you; you are the third proud owner of the Zephyr Badge. Now have fun in Union Cave :P

'Snowy' grew to Lv 18. 'Skore' grew to Lv 19. Lucy won a Zephyr Badge and obtained TM 40: Aerial Ace

March 9th, 2009, 9:41 AM
"So, a cave rat coming here, huh?"

Jason groaned as the next person he met said this. "Really, do all you Team Unknown people have the same brain? That's what your partner said earlier!"

The man's face darkenes. "Enough words. Let's battle. Go!"

Jason rolled his eyes. The man was too blunt to be normal. Did these people even have an education? Deciding to ponder on this another time, he watched as the two pokemon appeared in front of him. They were both Eevee, and they both gave a high squeak as they appeared. "Alright, go Lucario, and go Elekid!"

With a burst of white light, Elekid appeared right beside Lucario. "Ele," she said as they both took fighting positions.

The grunt smirked. "Eevee, Helping Hand," he commanded.

"Ve! Ve!" the two cried happily as they both started cheering for one another, even going so far as to bump heads with one another. Jason had never seen the attack before, but for some reason, the two looked stronger.

"Good, now use Tackle!" the grunt commanded, looking as if he had a plan that work no matter what.

"Don't let them!" Jason shouted. "Force Palm and Thunder Punch!" he commanded.

"Luu!" Lucario howled as it ran forward, his hand crackling with small sparks.

"Ele!" Elekid barked as she too ran forward, he own hand sparking but at a much higher levek as it was full of electricity.

Fists faced forward, the two aimed their fists right at the two Eevee who were right infront of them. With a smirk from the two fox pokemon, they both disappeared, earning loud gasps from Jason and his pokemon. The Eevee quickly reappeared right by Elekid's and Lucario's side, quickly butting them in the sides.

"Ca," Lucario spat as he was pushed forward. He took a quick swipe at where Eevee had stood, but the normal type was gone.

"Id," Elekid grunted, quickly sending a Thundershock at her own Eevee, but it too was gone.

The grunt laughed loudly. "Helping Hand is a very special attack that boosts the power and wariness of a pokemon," he boasted. "Now, use Tackle again!"

Jason grinned. "Helping Hand may be nice, but I have an attack that never misses! Aura Sphere!"

"Cario!" Lucario roared as he powered up the attack and shot it towards the two charging pokemon. The sphere exploded right infront of them, sending them skidding bakwards.

"Now's our chance! Thunder Punch!"

"Helping Hand!" the grunt barked.

"Ve! Ve!" the two pokemon cheered, looking like they were being pumped up. Just as soon as the two were surrounded in light, and looking as if they felt slightly better, Elekid landed her electrical punch right on the Eevee to the right, thoroughly electrocuting it. "Veeev!"

The Eevee on the left growled angrily as it watched its friend get hurt right in front of it. "Ve!" it cried, quickly butting its powered up body into Elekid and making her go skidding back.

"My power continually grows thanks to this attack," the grunt ontinued to boast. "Tackle!"

"Car," Lucario said as he helped a breathless Elekid get up. She gave him a quick smile of thanks before they turned their attention on the two Eevee. "Ca," Luario said, pointing at one of the Eevee.

"E!" Elekid said happily, noticing as well.

"Good, its been paralyzed!" Jason said happily, thinking it must have been Elekid's static ability. "Attack only the charging one with Force Palm and Thunder Punch!"

The two pokemon smirked at each other and ran forward, fists crackling with energy as they came up on the lone Eevee. "Vee," it growled, determined not to show any weakness as it charged recklessly in.

"Helping Hand!" the grunt barked at the flinching Eevee that stayed behind.

"Vee," it grimaced, trying to power up its partner with its voice, but as it couldn't move, nothing happened. It could only look on it fear as its friend was pounded on both sides by the two larger pokemon. "Veee!" it shouted out as its friend tumbled head over heels away from the two, shaking horribly as the two stood over them. "Ve! Ve!" it said, trying to power up its friend.

The grunt grimaced as he took in the sight of them. "Helping Hand!" he barked.

Jason let out a laugh. "You rely too much on that. Helping Hand is good, yes, but when one of your pokemon has a status problem, it doesn't work so well anymore, does it?" The man glared. Jason turned to look at the two pokemon that were shakily standing. Eevee's had such a ridiculiously defense that it was almost sad. Not to mention he had a fighting type that could cause super effective attacks to them. "Aura Sphere!" he commanded.

"Luc!" Lucario barked as he powered up the blue sphere and shot it forward.

"Helping Hand!" the grunt snarled. "Make each other stronger!"

"Ve... Ve..." the two pokemon panted, throwing desperate glances at their trainer. Couldn't he see that Helping Hand only gave them energy in spirit, not a healthy body? They could only scream as the blue sphere exploded right in front of them, throwing them in seperate directions. "Vee!"

"No! This will not end! Tackle!" the grunt roared.

"It's over," Jason said coldly as the two pokemon staggered towards them. "Finish it with Thunder Punch and Zen Headbutt," he ordered.

"Ele!" Elekid cried, running forward as she pumped her arms in a circle, releasing a Thundershock as soon as she was pumped up with energy. The attack hit, but to her surprise, while the Eevee screamed in pain, it still managed to throw its body at Elekid's, Tackling her back. "Ki!" Elekid grunted as she skidded across the ground. Sitting up with a wince, she let out a deep breath as she saw the Eevee was unconcious.

"Lu! Lu!" Lucario barked as Eevee kept trying to Tackle it. The blye coyote kept dodging by jumping over the smaller pokemon.

"Stop fooling around and finish it!" Jason called to his pokemon. He shook his head. Sometimes his pokemon cared more about himulating the opponent instead of simply finishing them off.

"Aario!" Lucario called back as it waved a black paw in the air. Looking down at the Eevee as it jumped in the air, Lucario slammed its head down right on Eevee's, his head surrounded with a purple glow.

"Vee..." Eevee groaned as the psychic attack tore at its mind and body. It collapsed in a pile at Lucario's feet, its body twitching occasionally.

"Good job," Jason congragulated his two pokemon who returned to his side, looking a little tired. He turned to the grunt. He had his head lowered. He gestured that he would do nothing. After all, he had no pokemon, what could he do? Returning his pokemon, Jason rushed deeper into the cave.

"So... you're the problem," a new voice said slyly as Jason neared some water. He jumped as he saw a woman with long, red hair. She had a much neater uniform, showing she was of higher rank. "I think its time to get rid of the problem... Go, Yanma!" With a burst of white light, Jason's opposng pokemon appeared.
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/9/9b/Spr_3e_193.gif (http://www.pokecommunity.com/wiki/Image:Spr_3e_193.gif)

He looked at his pokeballs, noticing that the new Spoink he had recieved was bouncing up and down in its ball, giving him eager looks. "Are you sure?" he asked the psychic pig. "These are some strong guys here." The Spoink gave him another nod. Not wanting to let the pokemon down, he threw his pokeball, getting prepared to do battle...

March 9th, 2009, 9:59 AM
@ WW: Can't wait to see how Spoink gets on. Good battle have some Exp:

Lucario grew to Lv 20 and learned Bone Rush. Elekid grew to Lv 16 and learned Swift.

March 9th, 2009, 11:41 AM
Entering the Unknown... again part 1

After what felt like an eternity, Bonsly finally stopped crying. However, the young pokémon had completely tired itself out and fell straight to sleep. Ben sighed and carefully stood up, before continuing towards Union Cave cradling Bonsly in his arms. After a short time, Ben saw Union Cave and made his way towards it. When he got there however, he was greeted with a most unpleasant site. Guarding the entrance was a man dressed in green, with a large ‘U’ plastered to the front of his shirt.

‘Not them again...’ thought Ben making his way towards the cave. As he neared the cave, the Unknown guard spotted him.

“Hey stop, nobody allowed in today...” started the Grunt, before slowly recognising Ben, “Hey, I know you! You’re that kid from Cherrygrove! I’ll teach you for messing up Team Unknowns plans! Go Eevee!”

“You want to battle again? Okay then I choose Heracross!” Ben threw Heracross’ pokéball and released the giant bug pokémon. Heracross burst out of her pokéball energetically and upon seeing the Unknown Grunt, immediately took a battle stance.

“You think a giant bug can beat me?”asked the Grunt cockily, “Eevee use Tackle!”

“Heracross Aerial Ace!” called Ben.

Eevee started running towards Heracross, but before Eevee could reach Heracross the bug type momentarily disappeared from view. Eevee skidded to a halt and began to look around wildly to try and locate Heracross. The bug type reappeared behind Eevee before delivering a sharp blow, sending the Unknown grunt’s pokémon skidding across the ground.

“Great job!” said Ben happily, “Now use Horn Attack!”

Heracross nodded and charged towards Eevee. The fox pokémon was struggling back to its feet, and had just about got up when Heracross’ glowing horn smashed into its side. This caused Eevee to skid across the ground once again, and caused major damage.

“Get up!” yelled the grunt. Eevee slowly struggled back to its feet, but was panting heavily, “Now use Tackle!”

“Heracross use Tackle as well!” ordered Ben.

The two pokémon ran at each other and collided head on. Eevee, as the much smaller of the two pokémon, was sent flying backwards, and landed in a heap at the grunts feet.

“Grrr, Eevee return,” growled the grunt, “Now Pachirisu I choose you!”

“Okay take a rest Heracross,” said Ben returning Heracross to her pokéball, “Now Bonsly, I choose you!”

Bonsly burst out of his pokéball, and Ben was relieved to see that the young pokémon seemed to have cheered up after a nap.

“Pachirisu use Quick Attack!” called the grunt.

Pachirisu began charging at Bonsly with incredible speed.

“Bonsly use copycat to dodge!” called Ben.

Bonsly seemed to focus on Pachirisu for a second, before setting off at the same break neck speed. Thanks to this, Bonsly managed to avoid the attack, and both pokémon came to a stop.

“Huh, you’re not going to win by running away!” said the Grunt, trying to torment Ben, “Pachirisu use Spark!”

“Bonsly Rollout!” ordered Ben.

Bonsly jumped up and rolled into a tight ball, before rolling towards Pachirisu at astounding speed. Pachirisu’s cheeks began to flicker with electricity, and the small electric type threw itself at the oncoming Bonsly. Due to Bonsly being a Rock type the attack had little effect, and Pachirisu was sent flying backwards by the force of Bonsly’s Rollout attack.

“Good now use Low Kick!” called Ben.

“Endure!” called the grunt.

While Pachirisu was still struggling back to its feet, Bonsly sent it crashing back to the floor by kicking the electric types legs out from underneath it. Thanks to the use of Endure however, Pachirisu managed to slowly get back to its feet.

“Don’t let that thing get close to you!” yelled the grunt at Pachirisu.

‘I don’t need to get close...’ thought Ben, smiling to himself.

“Bonsly use Rock Slide!” he called.

There was a loud rumbling, and Pachirisu let out a cry of terror as a number of heavy Rocks fell on top of the electric pokémon. The grunt ran forward and pulled the rocks off his pokémon. Upon seeing Pachirisu had fainted, he grunted and returned his pokémon before running into the cave to warn the others.

Ben returned Bonsly and walked into the cave after the grunt. He had to find out what Team Unknown were up to...

March 9th, 2009, 11:51 AM
@ slls: Good introduction to Team Unknown's event.

Heracross grew to Lv 17. Bonsly grew to Lv 15.

Snow Phoenix
March 10th, 2009, 4:36 PM
The sun was beating down hard this day. The sun glimmered on the her newly won possession.

"Ah, the Zephyr Badge" she cooed to herself while walking down the road. While she was walking down the road and noticed a smudge on her badge. She removed it from her bag and began to shine it while walking when she stumbled over something.

"Burrrrm!" a walking bush screamed at her and ran away. On the back of it was her Zephyr Badge.

"Hey, wait up you walking bird nest! That's my badge!" she shouted while chasing after it, but it was no use she was being outrunned by the walking nest.

"Frio come on out! Freeze the ground!" Lucy shouted while chasing and releasing her pokemon. The Snover came out and froze the ground causing the pokemon to slip away instead of run. The odd walking nest was now sliding across the Ice on its belly.

"Argh, you stupid peice of trash" she shouted as she slid after it. Sadly the nest was still faster than her and her temper was building. She really wanted her badge back.

"Now Frio use your Razor Leaf!" she shouted to her snowy comrade. Frio raised its arms towards the bag of leaves and shot its own leaves at it, but sadly an aura went around it and the leaves dissolved. The nest began sliding faster.

"Frio it's not working! Switch to Icy Wind and make a ramp!" Lucy shouted to Frio. She then waved her arm summoning a chilly wind and creating a ramp made of ice like Lucy had asked for. The nest slid upon the ramp and flew upwards into a tree. The nest came crashing and upon further inspection it was a pokemon. The pokedex chirped from Lucy's pocket

http://dragonflycave.com/dpsprites/412burmy.pngBurmy: The Bagworm Pokemon. It shelters itself from cold, wintery winds, it covers itself with a clock made of twigs and leaves.

"Why don't they just call it the nest pokemon!" she screamed to herself as the Burmy recovered from its fall. The Burmy began to charge in its own rage across the snow covered floor.

"Tsk, Frio just knock it aside" Lucy sighed at its atempt. The Snover batted it away, but it wouldn't give up that easily. It came back charging again.

"Frio once more" she sighed again. She procceeded to slug it again, but the Burmy ducked under its arm and tackled the main body. Frio fell to the ice covered floor and slid into a tree. The Burmy took no hesitation and used the ice to slide its body into the Snover. After the second tackle the Burmy bit the Snover to finish the combo and dashed away for another high speed tackle.

"Frio wait just a bit longer!" Lucy shouted to her pokemon. The Burmy slid towards the Snover.

"Now use Icy Wind!" Lucy shouted when the Burmy could no longer change directions. The cold wind flew towards the incoming Burmy and the Burmy knew what was to happen. It launched a bit of its leafy coat ahead of it and as it the leaves froze the Burmy used it to push away from the direct attack. "Burmy!" it shouted triumphantly. Fortunately for Lucy the Snover had time to stand.

"Now Frio Razor Leaf!" she shouted. The Snover launched its leafs at the Burmy, but it just absorbed the attack.

"Frio try another" she said this time with a wink. The attack once again was absorbed, but it had served as a distraction for the Snover to come close to the Burmy.

"Now Powder Snow!" Lucy shouted. Frio dropped a huge pile of snow on the Burmy, but the Burmy just used its tackle to escape. It then jumped back and bit Frio. The suprising attack caused Frio to fall down.

"Frio do it!" Lucy shouted when the Burmy prepared for its attack. The Burmy came and Snover waved its arm as if it were to use Icy Wind. The Burmy threw its cloak ahead so that he may escape, but as he came sliding the leaves had not froze and it continued towards the Snover.

"Grasswhistle, Frio!" she chirpped at tricking the Burmy. As the Burmy came sliding the Snover played a melody and was helpless to the attack as it slid and landed besides Frio. The Burmy fell asleep and was an easy target.

"Frio end this with Powder Snow!" she shouted. The Snover crushed it with snow dealing the nessicary blow to knock it out. She then threw a Pokeball and it engulfed the Burmy. Her badge was the only thing that remained on the ground so she retrieved it and waited for the balls judgement. One... Two...

Would the third shake mean her success or failure? She did not know.

OOC: I hope this was good enough to catch the Burmy. With only Tackle, Protect, and Bug Bite only it was hard to make an impressive battle XD.

March 11th, 2009, 8:04 AM
@ FS: Okay..... it's just about enough.

Lucy captured a Docile Female Lv 15 Burmy.

March 12th, 2009, 11:03 PM
As Spoink appeared with a bright flash of white light and a happy cry of "Spoi!", Jason felt that this was not the time to doubt his pokemon's abilites. The little guy wanted to prove to both him and herself that she was strong, even if she was just slightly older than a baby.

"You can do it, Spoink," Jason said softly, earning a happy smile in return and an excitable bounce. The woman only smirked in amusemnt before giving a nod to her pokemon. Not wanting to give it a chance, Jason shouted, "Psywave!" There, that was a simple attack that put his baby pokemon some distance away.

"Spoii!" Spoink cried as the gem on its head began to glow. It swirled with many colors before shooting off a bright colored beam.

The Yanma gave a small cackling noise that really sounded like insect arms grinding against each other. The noise sent an unpleasant shiver down Jason's spine before the speedy bug type pokemon disappeared from view just before it blurred. "Ya..."

"Po..." Spoink said dejectedly as its beam simply shot down the cave and hit the wall, creating a small indent.

"Don't let it get you down," Jason said, fighting the urge to snap at his pokemon to pay attention to its surroundings. This was dangerous, and the way he Yanma kept appearing and reappearing made it seem like their were four of them, making it almost impossible to pin point its position. When he saw his pokemon look around boldly, he made his next command: "Another Psywave!"

"Spoo!" Spoink cried, its gem lighting up as it shot several beams this time.

"Ya, ya, ya, ya..." It went on and on. One beam would shoot out at Yanma, but it would simply blur away and reappear somewhere else so quickly you couldn't follow. "Ma!" Yanma finally cried as it pumped it bug wings and shot at Spoink.

"Spoink, watch out!" Jason cried.

It was too late. No matter how fast the little pig tried to bounce away, the Yanma was too fast and bashed right into Spoink's stomach, only to become a blur and disappear. "Spoo!" Spoink cried out again as Yanma somehow got behind it and bashed it into the ground once more. It was obviously using Quick Attack... but this speed.

"Spoink, try surrounding yourself with Psywave and shoot out a circle!" Jason called, trying to think up creative ways to stop his opponent, just like how he had Chikorita and Cyndaquil crawl along the top of the cave..

"Spo..." Spoink said a little hesitently as it tried to focus. The command seemed to be a bit too much for the young pokemon, and it only accomplished in launching a Spywave attack straight at the ground. "Poink," Spoink said apolgetically.

The woman laughed. "Is that really the best you've got? I tire of this. My darlings, Sonicboom."

Jason's eyes narrowed. 'Darling's?'

"Spooii!" Spoink cried out. During Jason's musing, Yanma whipped up a blast of air with its wings, which it shot right at Spoink, only right after Spoink was hit from the front by this one, it was hit in the back, and right then Jason knew that there were really two. "Spooii," Spoink said pitifully as it was thrown at Jason's feet where it just lay there, quivering and very dirty.

"It's alright," Jason said gently as he picked up the young pokemon and placed her on his shoulder where she gratefully wrapped her tail around his arma and shoulder to stay in place. She deserved to watch the rest of this battle after all she went through. As Jason made sure she was ok, he turned to glare at the two Yanma that floated above him. The Yanma that had kept itself hidden had appeared at last, and Jason was surprised to see that it was a shiny.
"Do you like my darlings?" the woman said softly, her lips pursed as she watched him. "They are my speedy tools that can always get away."

Jason scowled. "Always get away, huh? Well, what about from attacks that never miss?" He shot her a chocky grin. "Go, Lucario! Go, Croconaw!" As his pokemon appeared, he gave his command. "Aura Sphere and Ice Fang!"

The woman gave a mocking laugh. "Your Aura Sphere may hit, but don't be so sure about that Icy Fang. Darling, Sonic Boom!"

Jason waited until she attacked before allowing a small, sadistic grin to replace his coky smile. "Who say's I'm going for both?"

"Cario!" Lucario barked with a laugh as it shot the glowing blue sphere at the shiny Yanma. The blue sphere followed the Yanma all around the cave as it desperately tried to escape, but, like a heat seeking missle, it finally landed.

"Yaaa!" Yanma cried out as it began to descend to the ground. Its four wings twitched as it tried to regain it surroundings, but the shock of the attack damaged its frail wings.

"Coro!" Croconaw babbled happily as it shot towards the shiny pokemon as well, trying to take advantage of its low defense, just like his trainer planned, but the Sonic Boom attack from the other Yanma proved to be a problem. "Naww," Croconaw grunted as it shut its eyes against the fierce air as it struck him, nearly sending him tumbling back. He was sure that if he had still been a Totodile, he would have been flying through the air.

"Lucari!" Lucario snarled, coming to the defense of its friend as it slammed its colored head into Yanma, sending it reeling away and feeling the effects of its Zen Headbutt.

"Cra," Croconaw said in thanks.

"Good job guys," Jason said to his pokemon as Spoink gave a few grunting cheers. In response, his two pokemon waved at the younger pokemon, earning a delighted squeal. "Pay attention!" Jason barked, only to wince as his two pokemon were slammed into by the two Yanma's using Quick Attack. He groaned as the stood back up on wobbily feet. "Remember, we have a battle," he told them, only recieving innoccent smiles. "Let's try that Aura Sphere and Ice Fang combo again!"

The woman tuttered in disappointment. "Don't think that'll work again, dearie. My darlings, use Detect."

"Yaa," the Yanma intoned as a spark appeared in the eyes. Easily, the two dodged Lucario's thrown blue sphere and Croconaw's Icy Fang attack. "Maa," they said mockingly.

"That's right, my sweets. Use another Sonicboom."

"Dodge," Jason said angrily, his mind racing to think up a plan. As soon as Lucario flipped away and Croconaw bounded away on all fours, he commanded, "Aura Sphere and Water Gun!"

"Detect." With that simple command, the two Yanma zoomed out of reach of the attacks. Jason had to admit, that attack was good. Even though his pokemon dodged most of the attack, the extra blast of wind still exploded against their skin, causing little damage.

"Water Gun and Aura Sphere!" he barked again, not wanting his pokemon to get into close range at the moment.

"Detect." Again the attacks missed. Jason groaned. What an annoying attack! And how long does such a thing last? "Sonicboom." Jason cursed. He hadn't been paying attention, and his enemy was using his lack of focus against him.

"Corao!" Croconaw cried as this time, it was actually picked up and slammed into a rock. "Naww," it said weakly, but still managed to climb back to its feet.

"Cario!" Lucario howled as it dug its feet into the ground as it slid back. "Ca... Cario!" Lucario gasped in shock as a long, golden light appeared between its two paws that connected, creating a staff. After the glow disppeared, they were all surprised to see it was a giant bone. "Ca..." Lucario said with a smirk before it charged, roaring like a mad man and waving its giant bone around.

"Ya! Ya!" the two Yanma cried as the large bone/staff slammed against them. With the way the pokemon was randomly swinging the thing around, you'd think it had gone crazy.

Jason couldn't help it. He laughed. Trust Lucario to go and do a crazy stunt like that when he was trying to think an elaborate plan.

The woman scowled at the disgraceful display. "Detect," she snapped, face pinched up in a frown.

Jason grinned. Perfect! "Feint!" he cried, having wanted to try that attack for ages.

"Cario!" Lucario cried happily, its eyes glowing a brief purple as it slammed its two fists right into the two Yanma, seemingly following their every move.

"Arlight, now finish it with Ice Fang and Ice Punch!" Jason cried as he saw the two pokemon fluttered about in a stunned way.

"Double Team," the woman said simply as she folded her arms, hands resting on her elbows.

"Yaa!" the Yanma cried as they blurred and became dozens and surrounded the two pokemon, successfully stopping them in their place.

The two pokemon halted and allowed the ice to disappear from the fist and teeth with a rejected grunt. Lucario followed the circle of Yanma before grinning widely. Before anybody could do anything, Lucario picked up a shock Croconaw with a go happy look on its face. "Naw na!" Croconaw demanded.

"Car lu!" Lucario said quickly as Jason said, "Croconaw, follow Lucario's plan, even if its crazy!"

"Naww!" Croconaw cried in understanding as it took a deep breath and began to fire a Water Gun, which went right through a fake Yanma.

"Ca ," Lucario grunted as it began to spin with the slightly heavy pokemon in its arms, successfully making a make shift Water Gun circle thing.

The woman sneered as the water began to shoot out in a circle. The Water Gun managed to prove useless for a moment, but it was all too soon before her two pokemon were hit and came crashing down to earth. She could do nothing as the two pokemon pounded her darlings with their brutish attacks. Not even Detect could save them now.

"Yes!" Jason cheered as his pokemon jumped away with a prideful grin as the two Yanma remained frozen on the ground thanks to their ice attacks that finally landed.

"Spoi! Spoi!" Spoink said happily as it bounced a little on Jason's shoulder. Both Lucario and Croconaw flashed it a thumbs up before they all turned their attention back to the woman, only to blink in surprise. "She's gone," Jason murmered, eyes wandering around. The two Yanma remained... Had she abandoned them? It was a shocking and horrifying thing to think, but Jason had to take this into consideration. The woman had said they tools, and they had lost, so perhaps they became useless.

"Car," Lucario said knowingly. Getting a nod from his trainer, he used Force Palm to break the ice surrounding the two pokemon.

"Ya..." the two Yanma intoned weakly. They could barely stay in the air. They looked around, but when there was no sign of their trainer, they drooped.

"Perhaps its best you leave," Jason said quietly. "The exit is just up that way." He made sure to point the way and try avoid giving them pitying looks.

With slow nods, the two fluttered in that direction, and all Jason and his pokemon could do was watch them go. Who knows, maybe a kind trainer would capture them in their weakened states and five them a better home?

"Come on," Jason said as he walked deeper into the cave. As his pokemon followed him, he couldn't help but think the hardest challenge lay directly ahead of him...

March 13th, 2009, 7:21 AM
Entering the Unknown... again part 2

Upon entering the cave Ben caught a glimpse of the grunt he had just defeated, and decided to follow him. Running around a corner, Ben saw the man talking to a woman in the same uniform. The male grunt looked back nervously over his shoulder, and saw Ben standing there.

“There he is!” he told the female grunt, “Hold him up while I tell the boss!”

The female grunt stepped forward while the male grunt ran deeper into the cave. She released her first pokémon without saying a word. Her pokémon was red in colour, and resembled a salamander stood on two legs with a ducks beak. The pokémon was small and looked quite young and innocent, a complete contrast to its trainer.

Ben looked around and saw that the female grunt was blocking the only way through. With a sigh he unclipped a pokéball from his belt.

“Go Bonsly!” he called, releasing the young Rock type.

Bonsly burst from his pokéball energetically, and upon noticing the grunts young pokémon ran right over. The two young pokémon seemed to be having an energetic conversation, before they both began jumping up and down happily. Ben smiled as the two pokémon began playing, happy that the young fire type hadn’t been affected too much by his trainer.

“Magby use Ember,” said the female grunt, obviously not as happy as Ben was too see the two pokémon playing together. Magby looked back to his trainer with a surprised look on his face.

“Do it!” said the Unknown grunt aggressively.

Magby gave Bonsly a sad look, before releasing a few embers at the young Rock pokémon. The embers lit up and smashed into Bonsly, knocking him backwards. Bonsly got back to his feet and gave Magby a hurt look. Ben shook his head, feeling desperately sorry that Magby had a member of Team Unknown as a trainer.

“Now Leer!” said the grunt emotionlessly.

Magby shot her another sad look, before turning back to Bonsly. He stared at the young Rock type, before Magby’s eyes glowed and caused Bonsly to take a step back in surprise.

“Bonsly we have to fight back!” said Ben. Bonsly nodded in agreement, “Okay good, use Copycat!”

This time it was Bonsly who was staring at Magby. After a few seconds, Bonsly’s eyes began to glow, and pushed Magby onto the back foot.

“Don’t take that!” yelled the Unknown grunt at her young pokémon, “Use Smog!”

Magby took a deep breath in, before exhaling a purple poisonous gas at Bonsly. The young pokémon looked around in a panic, and began coughing and spluttering because of the gas.

“Use Rollout to get out of there!” called Ben.

Bonsly curled up into a ball, and rolled out of the gas back towards his trainer. Bonsly uncurled from the ball and hopped to his feet. Ben looked down at his young pokémon nervously. Although Bonsly had been damaged by the attack, it looked like Bonsly had been lucky and avoided being poisoned by the toxic gas.

“Good now use Rock Slide!” Ben called.

There was a loud rumbling, and Magby let out a cry of terror as a number of heavy Rocks came loose from the ceiling and fell towards the small fire type pokémon. The rocks fell down and landed on top of Magby, knocking the pokémon to the ground and piling on top of him.

“Magby get up!” yelled the grunt.

Magby tiredly pushed the boulders on top of him away, and pulled himself wearily away from the pile.

“Good now use Faint Attack!” called the Unknown grunt.

“Copycat Bonsly!” yelled Ben instinctively,

Both pokémon began walking slowly up to each other, before trying to distract their opponent. Magby was trying to make Bonsly look at an object supposedly behind the Rock type. Bonsly wasn’t being affected by this, because at the same time the Rock type was trying to convince his fire type opponent to look upwards. Ben couldn’t help but smile at the two innocent young pokémon trying to fool each other at the same time. His opponent however didn’t see the cute side of this.

“This is ridiculous!” she screamed, “Magby stop and use ember instead.”

Magby stopped trying to convince Bonsly there was something behind him, and instead released a few embers from his mouth. The embers ignited and smashed it to Bonsly, causing the Rock type to stagger a few paces backwards. Ben noticed that Magby’s last ember attack had been much weaker than the ember attack he used at the start of the battle.

‘Magby must be tired,’ he thought...

“Bonsly end this with Rock Slide!”

Bonsly nodded, and a loud rumble was heard. Some rock’s became dislodged and began rolling down the walls towards Magby. The rocks smashed into the Magby and piled on top of the small pokémon.

“Get up!” yelled the grunt. After a few seconds of no response she growled and moved the rocks away, to reveal that Magby had fainted.

“Grr, return Magby,” she said angrily, “Go Yanma!”

She released a large, red dragonfly pokémon with a long thin abdomen. The pokémon had three pairs of legs and two pairs of wings with red bands on them. Its head was also mostly red, except for a pair of very large bright green eyes which took up most of the space on the bug pokémon’s head. Looking down at Bonsly Ben saw that the young pokémon was beginning to look tired, so decided to give the rock type a rest.

“Bonsly return,” he said, returning Bonsly to his pokéball, “I choose Quilava!”

Ben released the fire type pokémon onto the field, feeling confident due to Quilava holding the type advantage over the grunts bug type pokémon.

“Yanma start with Quick Attack,” said the grunt.

Yanma shot at Quilava at unbelievable speed, and left a white slipstream in its wake. The flying bug smashed into Quilava, and sent the Fire Type sprawling across the ground. Quilava quickly got back to his feet though.

“Okay Quilava start with Ember!” Ben told his pokémon.

Quilava shot a series of embers at Yanma, which flared up as they neared the bug. The flaming embers hit dead on, causing Yanma to cry out in pain. Ben smiled, knowing the attack had caused major damage to the grunts pokémon.

“Sonic Boom!” cried Yanma’s trainer.

Yanma flapped its wings hard, creating waves of Sonic energy and sending them at Quilava. The sonic waves struck Quilava who skidded backwards, but managed to keep his feet.

“Quick Attack Quilava!” called Ben.

“Use Detect!” said Falkner Quickly.

Quilava shot at Yanma at break neck speed and launched himself at the flying bug. Somehow, Yanma managed to evade Quilava’s attack, by dropping underneath the incoming Quick Attack. Ben gasped, as the grunt followed up with another command.

“Good work, now follow it up with Quick Attack!”

Yanma smashed into Quilava’s back, and sent the fire pokémon smashing into the ground. Quilava got back to his feet looking mighty annoyed. Ben looked over at his opponent, surprised a lowly Team Unknown grunt had pulled a move like that out of the bag. He would have to be more careful from now on.

“Okay Quilava fight back with Swift!” called Ben, “And follow up with Flame Wheel!”

“Detect!” said the grunt lazily.

Ben smiled, he had given this girl too much credit. Quilava released a number of glowing stars, and sent them flying towards the unknown grunts pokémon. Yanma quickly ducked to the left to avoid the Swift attack from Quilava, but the stars veered left with Yanma and smashed into the bug type. Yanma cried out in surprise, allowing Quilava to take advantage. Quilava rolled into a flaming ball and flew towards Yanma, smashing into the flying bug and sending it smashing into the ground.

“How?” asked the grunt, looking at her pokémon struggling to get back to its feet.

“Quilava’s swift attack can’t be avoided,” Ben explained, “And since you wasted your detect trying to avoid that, I capitalised and followed it straight up with Flame Wheel.”

The grunt growled, and looked down at her Yanma who was looking exhausted.

“Yanma use Double Team!” she called, before turning to Ben, “Now hit it big shot! You’ll never be able to work out which one the real one is!”

Yanma began to glow for a second, before creating a number of copies of itself and surrounding Quilava.

“Were you even listening to me just now?” Ben asked with a sigh “Quilava use Swift.”

Once again Quilava released a number of glowing stars, which all shot at the Yanma to Quilava’s left. The stars collided with the flying bug, and caused it to cry out in pain. Yanma smashed to the floor, and all of the copies disappeared.

“No!” yelled the grunt. She gave Ben a filthy look before returning her fainted pokémon and running deeper into the cave, presumably to try and warn her leader.

“Good work Quilava,” said Ben to his pokémon. Quilava nodded in thanks to his trainer, and the two of them continued deeper into the cave...

March 13th, 2009, 8:11 AM
these posts are great sorry for talking on here i just want to save it so i can come back to it

March 14th, 2009, 7:21 AM
@ WW: Great post and another shiny lol.

@ slls: Sorry about the delay.

@ AndyB4325: Why are you posting here?

Spoink grew to Lv 8.
Lucario grew to Lv 22.
Croconaw grew to Lv 24 and learned Thrash and Flail

Note - Croconaw knows 9 moves already one needs to be deleted. All move changes to go in the OOC thread.

Bonsly grew to Lv 17 and learned Mimic. Bonsly is ready to evolve.
Quilava grew to Lv 22.

Snow Phoenix
March 14th, 2009, 9:21 AM
The ball clicked at last and she went to retrieve it. She was dumbstruck and had not particullarly atempted to capture the Bagworm pokemon.

"I didn't mean to catch that stupid walking nest!" she screamed partly frustrated, however, she couldn't be too mad after all it had been a while since she had last caught a new pokemon.

She threw the pokeball at the ground and it popped out. "Welcome to the team Burmy" she said in a calm voice with a faint smile. The Burmy ignored her and walk off into a few bushes. The Burmy was offended and rejected Lucy as her owner.

"Wait Burmy!" she cried after it and ran the way it left. She searched for a while before she noticed that it was becoming quite chillier despite the fact that she had been accostumed to the temperture drops from her Snover which was right behind her. She popped her head through a bush and discovered the source. A large Snover was mauling her poor Burmy and the Burmy was fighting back. The Burmy was losing badly. "Tch, that Snover must have been searching for my own because of the snow. This one's huge, it must be powerful and it looks stronger than Frio" she whispered to herself from behind the bushes.

The wild Snover slugs the Burmy with its left fist and then right while the Burmy hobbles backwards to avoid the blows. The Burmy tripped on a rock and fell back. The Snover moved into a tackling postion and rammed forward into the Burmy pushing it back hard into a rock. The Snover than began to ravage it with a flurry of blows. Lucy had remained quite, but could no longer. "Burmy protect yourself!" she shouted to the wincing Burmy.

The Burmy took the adviced and a blue aura blocked the punch repelling the Snover back. The Burmy jumped up and bit the Snover knocking it down.

"Now Tackle it using that snow maneuver!" Lucy shouted to it from behind the bushes. The Burmy used the ice to slam into the Snover at high speeds like it had done to Lucy's Snover. It repeated the movement once more, but was stopped by a swing of the Snover's arms. The Snover then began a rythmic dance and the Burmy began to spiral.

"Once more tackle it!" Lucy shouted from behind the bushes. The Burmy jumper up and hobbled into a tree out of confusion. Afterwards the Snover slugged the Burmy into the tree and followed it up by using the same dance to confuse Burmy.

"Burmy stand still!" Lucy shouted. The Burmy remained still like the unidentified voice told him to do. The Snover ran up to the Burmy and threw a fist at it.

"Protect!" the voice shouted and the Burmy did as it was told. A blue barrier shot up defending it. The Burmy snapped out of confusion.

"Now dive in for a tackle!" Lucy shouted. The Burmy ran towards the Snover and jumped into it. The Snover began its rythmic dance.

"Protect!" the Burmy heard and it erected its barrier which protected it from attack. It then slammed into it knocking it down.

"Uncurl your twigs!" Lucy shouted. The Burmy obeyed, but was slightly hesitant. The Snover raised itself and then used its attack to confuse the Burmy. Unfortunately the Protect would not work and Burmy became an easy target for the wild Snover. The Snover ran towards the dizzy target and stepped on something along the way.

"Now tackle it!" Lucy shouted from her hidng place. The Burmy shot itself in random direction before it recoiled along the twigs it had dropped. Burmy was attached to those twigs and because the Snover was on those twigs the Burmy could no longer travel further away. It shot back to the end of its twigs which was underneeth the Snover and slammed into it at an incredible speed knocking it out.

The Burmy then hobbled over to the voice of the bush where the voice that had helped it was. Lucy was waiting for her and the Burmy was shocked. The Burmy then decided to stay with her and nuzzled into her leg. Frio, Burmy, and Lucy then approached the wild Snover.

March 14th, 2009, 9:25 AM
@ FS: Good post. And I wonder whats going to happen to the Snover.

Burmy grew to Lv 17

Snow Phoenix
March 14th, 2009, 10:46 AM
"Hmm, what should I do with this Snover?" Lucy asked to herself and two pokemon. "This Snover is to large and wild to leave on its own. I would take it, but it would be to much of burden to have two Snovers especially with the personality of this one. I guess I'll capture it for now" she continued and threw a ball at the Snover causing it to dissappear inside.

Lucy began continued walking with ease. She stopped once in a clearing to look at her map and to feed her pokemon simple berries found in the woods. She enjoyed petting her newly caught pokemon and she observed its nature. It was a quiet pokemon that perfered not to talk or fight. She was also very sweet and Lucy gave her a name to fit her.

"If you don't mind Burmy, I'd like to nickname you Silk. Silk is such a nice pretty and soft fabric. It's also something a lot of bug pokemon produce" Lucy said to her Burmy while the other pokemon played. The Burmy nodded a little with a blush and accepted ownership under Lucy. The group then was returned to thier pokeballs and she set of again until she approached a skinny strip of land.

"Hello would like to buy one of our delectable Slowpoketails!" a woman shouted while running up to her from an unavoidable spot.

"Slowpoketails!? I LOVE Slowpoketails! I remember always having that delcacy at my father's mansion as child. How much are they!" she replied energetically.

"Only ten-million and three thousand pokes!" the woman shouted back eager to get her first customer.

Lucy had already pulled out her wallet and upon hearing that outragous price her face dropped. "Ten-million and three thousand pokes! I don't have that kind of money!" she screamed back at the lady and stormed off.

"Geez, what's with all these poor people. Hopefully the Team Unknown grunts working in the cave will have better luck than me" the saleswoman sighed.

Lucy had stormed off south and hadn't noticed she was beside a wooden cabin until she bumped into someone.

"Ouch, what was that for" replied the clutsy nurse Lucy had bumped into.

"Huh, Nurse Joy what are you doing here?" Lucy wondered staring at the nurse.

"Oh, you see this route tends to be quite lengthy so we have a cabin out here. Would you like to come and rest. We can heal your pokemon for you" the nurse replied.

"Sure!" Lucy hollered back and she was escorted inside the building where the nurse put her pokemon onto a machine. The healing was commencing diligently, but there was one thing that puzzled the nurse.

"Hey, I was wondering why do you have two Snover?" the nurse asked Lucy.

This envoked some discomfort and Lucy raised her voice. She was up against the left wall and recalled all that had happen. "You see now I'm stuck with two Snovers and I can't keep both of them. I need to find a nice trainer for it because they are extremely rare" Lucy concluded and her voice had seeped through the wall so the saleswoman had heard every word. The saleswoman came crashing inside the center.

"Hey you!" she shouted while pointing a finger at Lucy. "I'm a trainer and I've been looking all over for a snover! Will you please give me the one you just caught!" she lied full of enthusiasm at finally being able to get her hands on a rare pokemon.

"Only if you give me a box of those slowpoketails for free!" Lucy retorted.

"Uh, sure!" the saleswoman lied and she dashed out to her stall at the side of the building.

"I can't give her a box of those!" she thought to herself as she dumped all the tails out of a box of slowpoketails.

"Hmm, she'll notice if its empty!" she whispered quietly to herself. "What do I have... what do I have" she thought while searching for something to replace the tails.

"Hey do you have my box!" Lucy shouted at the saleswoman.

"Coming!" she shouted back and she stuffed a heavy peice of something in the box. She ran back inside and handed her the box.

"Here you go!" the saleswoman said while handing her the box.

"Hmm, seems light" Lucy said while eyeballing the saleswoman and feeling the box. She began to pry her hands on the seal when the salewomans interupted.

"Oh, you wouldn't want to open it now. They spoil easily when you open them and your not hungry because you just ate!" the saleswoman lied while beckoning for a trade.

Lucy finally submited and gave the woman the ball containing the second Snover. The woman ran away to her stall and laughed maniacally at her accomplishment. Lucy just stared into space for a moment in bewilderment of the odd woman. She then placed the box in her bag and waved the nurse good bye before leaving. Lucy set out to finish her travels on that route.

Meanwhile the saleswoman released the Snover from its ball. "Okay, Snover we have a precious taste sample that will make you stronger! Are you ready!" she snickered sinisterly and then she began searching across the store. She could not find what she was looking for anywhere.

"Where is that sample?" she screamed while searching the store frantically. Then in occured to her that she had given that sample to Lucy in that bo of "Slowpoketails".

"Wait! Come back Lucy!" she shouted while running towards her direction, but it was too late Lucy had entered the cave and the sample of Rare Candy was with her. The saleswoman would never be able to find her inside.

OOC: I tried to put some of the elements that were in the games in my post. I hope it was okay. I'll start my next post inside of Union Cave if my posts was good enough to keep the Rare Candy that's in the box XD.

March 14th, 2009, 10:52 AM
((can I start with either tyrogue, rialou, or slakoth?))

March 14th, 2009, 10:55 AM
@ FS: Okay good post:

Lucy captured a Lv 99 Snover lol.
Lucy nicknamed her Burmy 'Silk'
Lucy gave away her Lv 99 Snover
Lucy obtained a Rare Candy

@ Slaking: Eh? No learn to spell then post an SU with correct Pokemon then come back.

March 14th, 2009, 11:08 AM
((Sorry if my grammer is not the best I have read all your post on the first page, now what ar my choices on starters then?))

March 14th, 2009, 11:11 AM
Chikorita. The wildcard is reserved in future could you post in the OOC thread and read through the thread because if you did you would know these things.

March 14th, 2009, 11:58 AM
Name: . Gregory "Greg" Giygas

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Personality: Greg is a always there for you guy, but he is also extremly shy and antisocial. Greg isent one for showing his emotions he keeps them bottled up inside, he never will argue with someone even if he knows he is right. He will believe almost anything anyone tells him.Greg thinks that everyone dislikes him because that is the way he feels about himself.

When greg was little he was extremely brave and diden't let anything anyone said get him down. But one day he was in a small forest late at night when he was attacked by a swarm of angry murkrow with their leader a large Honchkrow. Greg manages to escape with only a few scratches and bruises but was now scared of almost everything

Preffered Starter: Chikorita Adamant nature

What Gender?Male

Other Pokemon: Pokemon that you have brought with you from other regions.
Slowpoke level 2 timid nature
pidgey lvl 1 serious nature
tyrogue lvl 1 brave nature

RP Sample:
So I can see if you RP well enough for this. Greg gazed at the ledian glowing in the night sky he decided to let out his pokemon so they could see to.

He called out his slowpoke and they together gazed at this amazing sight. Suddenly at amazing spped some sort of pokemon ran past greg and his slowpoke at lightning spped greg was frightend by this "lll..ets go slowpoke I think its getting to late be out." the pokemon obeyed him and they both slowly walked back home.

But suddenly the fast pokemon came back this time it started attack slow poke it was a linoone "slowpoke sssettleit down with hypnoses!" greg said frightend slowpoke attempted to put the linoone out but it was to fast and wild. "return" greg said to his slowpoke as he brought it back to its pokeball "I got to get out of here!" greg said outloud as he ran as fast as he could with the linoone still on his heels.

March 14th, 2009, 12:02 PM
@ Slaking:

You are going to finish this aren't you?

March 14th, 2009, 12:06 PM
((yes I am how do you think of it so far? What exacly am I missing I used the format on the first page?)) ((Odd I based my rp sample off someone who got accepted))

March 14th, 2009, 12:07 PM
Eh? Well er no it's not very good especially the RP Sample. Please work on your spellings.

Snow Phoenix
March 15th, 2009, 7:37 AM
Lucy traversed the deep and dark caverns very carefully as to not disturb the pokemon there. It had been a couple of airs she had traveled throughout and her stomache was groaning. She found a nice smooth patch and sat upon it. She then released her Burmy and began prying her fingers into the box. It was very difficult to fumble into it without a light and she was unable to light a torch because she had neither matchs nor a fire pokemon to light her wooden torches. When she finally opened the box the lid went slamming into a cave wall and she swept her fingers into the near empty box. She was filled with rage and threw the box against the cave wall. The sound resounded and a piece of something in a wrapper flew into Lucy's hands.

"Candy?" she question and brought it up to her nose. A putrid smell drifted towards her nose and spread to the Burmy's as well. The smell was iresitable for the Burmy and she began nipping Lucy's sleeve. The Burmy made loud thumping noises and Lucy responded "Hey, what's gotten into you!". Her voice echoed and all was then quiet.

It was a very awkward silence that was only broken by the shuffling of feet.

"Faint Attack!" a voice yelled at Lucy and then some shadow collided into the Burmy knocking it down. The Burmy stumbled to attain footing and Lucy was dumbstruck.

"Tch, Burn it with Ember Magby!" the voice shouted again.

This time Lucy to no hesitation and shouted back "Silk, Protect yourself!". The red flames came out of nowhere and the Burmy erected its blue aura to defend itself. The flames reflected off and onto the ground. Lucy quickly grabbed a wooden torch and ran to light her torch with the flames. Burmy's opponent and the Magby's trainer were revealed.

"Little girl, children shouldn't be playing in caves like this. Just hand me your pokemon and I'll let you walk free" the man snickered to her.

Lucy recognized his uniform and spat "Your with the thiefs from before! You will not take my pokemon you delinquent! Silk, tackle it!". The Burmy launched itself at the Magby.

"Faint Attack once more!" the man shouted in return. The Magby dissappeared just before the Burmy hit and came charging from behind.

"Turn around and Tackle!" Lucy shouted to the Burmy. The Burmy changed directions by jumping from the ground and headed towards the Magby. The Magby once again dissappeared and rammed into Silk from behind. The Magby then charged it again while it was unable to move.

"Burmy protect your self!" Lucy shouted to her pokemon. The Burmy erected its aura and the Magby was sent flying back to the ground.

"Now move in for a tackle!" she shouted again. The Burmy dove at the falling Magby.

"Smokescreen!" the man shouted and the Magby billowed smoke obscuring the Burmy's vision.

"Spin!" Lucy shouted in defense. The Burmy spun into a drill form and propelled the smoke away from it. It then drilled into the Magby with its Tackle.

"So sloppy!" the man shouted. "Magby use your ember!" he continued shortly after nodding his head.

The Magby shot a pillar of flames as the Burmy landed. The Burmy was hit directly and its leaves were on fire. The Burmy was in great pain as the fire steadily burned

"No! Burmy roll in the dirt to put them out!" Lucy shouted frantically.

"Too bad! Magby use smog to intensify the flames!" the man shouted coldly. The Magby blew a gas and the flames on Burmy grew bigger.

"Burmy! Do something! I trust you to win!" Lucy shouted to her pokemon. The Burmy ached and upon hearing those words the Burmy nodded a little. Suddenly the fire was put out.

"I lost" Lucy began to cry and the man began to pocket through her poccessions. Something hit the grunt hard and he was knocked down leaving them in her bag. It was Burmy, but she was somehow different. She was covered in several small rocks and dirt. Her once dormant Pokedex perked at the sight.

"Burmy's abiltiy: Shed Skin, The Pokemon sheds its skin, cloak, ect. to cure it of status problems"

"Burmy also have the unique ability to wear different cloaks depending on thier enviroment. The traditional is Leaf Cloak and the other two forms are Sand and Trash; This is Burmy's Sand Cloak. Covered in dirt it is protected from some Fire Attacks."

"Silk... I didn't know you had that power!" Lucy yelled with power. "Now tackle that Magby!" she continued. The Magby was caught off-guard and flew back into the cave wall.

"Magby use your faint attack!" the grunt shouted and the Magby flew into it. The Burmy could not react at all because the rocks had made it too heavy. The Burmy was hit and took no damage infact the Magby suffered a recoil from the Burmy's sharp exerior.

"Ram into it again!" she shouted to her Burmy.

"Magby just leer it down" the man told his Magby. The Magby nodded its head in dismay. He knew waht the battle strategy was this time. The Magby stared the Burmy down as it ram into it over and over again. The Magby eventually collapsed and fainted. The man returned his Magby and sent out a different winged pokemon.

"Heh" he smirked at Lucy. "Quick Attack, Yanma!" he yelled at his new pokemon. The Pokemon flew quickly at the Burmy and dashed into her several times in succession. The Burmy was in intense pain and could not move at all.

"What! But, Burmy's defenses are supposed to be high now" she exclaimed.

"I knew that my Magby had lost so I told it to purposely take those attacks so it could score a bit of a curse in its place. My Magby used Leer to lower its defenses and I saw that its new form makes it way to slow" the man responded as Yanma terrorized the Burmy. The barrage ended briefly when the Burmy was blown onto a pile of rusty machines. The Burmy had changed its appearance again and the Pokedex pointed that out.

"Trash Cloak: Burmy's defenses are increased, however, it is not as high as its Sand cloak. Trash Cloak also prevents the speed reduction that Sand Cloak brings"

"Good so your faster!" Lucy shouted, but her Burmy was still very weak. It pointed one of its wires in its cloak at the candy that was in her pocket.

"You want that candy?" Lucy asked. The Burmy nodded its head.

"Okay, I'll trust your instincts!" she shouted and she threw the Rare Candy into the Burmy's mouth.

OOC: Okay I know it might be kind of a long shot, but I'm hoping that my Burmy has grown at least 2 levels from its battle with Magby and Yanma. That would make it level 19 and plus 1 level from the Rare Candy makes it level 20 so it will evolve into Wormadam Trash Cloak and Learn Hidden Power. That's the what I was trying to do. I wanted to use that Rare Candy for something like this so I could pull of an epic victory by using something new learned ;).

March 17th, 2009, 1:15 PM
Okay I hope this is okay.....

Burmy grew to Lv 19
With the help of a Rare Candy Burmy grew to Lv 20
Burmy learnt Hidden Power (Fire)
Burmy can now evolve into Wormadam (Trash Cloak)

March 18th, 2009, 8:21 PM
The bad feeling that Jason had been feeling as he walked into the heart of the cave proved true that something was wrong. A lean looking man in expensive looking clothes, obviously the leader, was standing directly in front of a tied down Lapras. It was an odd color, but Jason wasn't paying much attention to that. What he was watching was the poor thing struggling to get free. With hateful eyes, Jason turned to the man. His pokemon tensed, ready to attack if needed.

The man watched him coolly. "Ah, I remember you." His lip twitched. "The young lad that stopped us back in Olivine."

"And I'm here to stop you now!" Jason spat.

The man chuckled. "You may certainly try, but perhaps we should introduce ourselves, hmm? I am Jerl, and you are?"

"Jason," Jason replied in a stubborn voice.

Jerl nodded. "Shall we begin then?" With a sly smile, he pulled out a dark colored pokeball. "Go!"

With a burst of white light, a black pokemon with a head full of feathers appeared. "Weavile!"
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/d/d8/Spr_4p_461_m.png (http://www.pokecommunity.com/wiki/Image:Spr_4p_461_m.png)
Jason eyed the pokemon before grinning, knowing the perfect pokemon to go up against this ice type. "Go!" With a burst of white light, Cyndaquil appeared with a blast of fire from its back.

"Cynda!" Cyndaquil said happily before turning to face it opponent. For a moment, there was stillness as CYndaquil stiffened. "You," Cyndaquil hissed, suddenly feeling the scars on its back begin to itch.

The Weavile licked a paw carelessly. "Me," he purred, giving a nasty smile. With a wink, he bounded off as swift as a bullet.

Cyndaquil snarled loudly, its back erupting and making the whole cave get hot. Before Jason could call him back, Cyndaquil was gone. Just as he was prepared to run after the fire type, Jerl said, "Ah ah ah," before releasing his next pokemon.

"Lucario!" barked out the pokemon, surprising them all.

Jason nodded to his own. Eagerly, Lucario jumped forward, prepared to face off against its own kind. Grabbing another pokeball, Jason released Chikorita. As soon as he appeared, he ordered, "Go after Cyndaquil," before turning to face his new opponent.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

"How does it feel?" came the taunting voice as Cyndaquil fired another Ember attack. "How does it feel?" came the same question. "To be the only survivor of your family's massacre?"

"Shut up!" Cyndaquil roared, firing more Ember's. "Where is he!?"

"Cyndaquil!" Chikorita called, finally catching up to the fire type.

"Ah, a friend of yours?" Weavile teased as he flexed his claws. The dark pokemon turned its attention back to Cyndaquil. "Where is who?" he asked innonccently.

"You know who," Cyndaquil hissed. "My brother... that murderer."

"Like I'd tell you," Weavile said with a laugh.

"Cyndaquil, what's going on?" Chikorita whispered.

"Oh, don't you know?" Weavile called mockingly as it became a dark blur and used it Pursuit and swept passed them with a graceful ease. "His brother and I killed his family!"

Chikorita gapped, not expecting such an answer. Sure he knew the fire type had a bad past, but nothing like this. Unbiddingly, the grass type began to feel his power surge.

Snarling, Cyndaquil's rage reached its point. Fire erupting from his back, Cyndaquil couldn't help what happened next. The fire surrounded his whole body, and with a violent cry, he rammed into the vile pokemon. The screamed that echoed throughout the cave were bittersweet. "Flamewheel," Cyndaquil remarked in awe, mouth wide with shock. "The attack that came so eaily to my..." Before he could finish his sentence, a bright glow surrounded not only his body, but Chikorita's as well. Their rage against such a sin was giving them power... Once the glowing had stopped, two very new pokemon appeared in their place.

Weavile gritted his teeth angrily. "Like that'll help you!" he snarled, already powering up an icy orb between his paws and firing.

Eyes bright with power and hate, the newly evolved Quilava let out a loud bellow, flames erupting from its head and fighting against the Ice Beam. "That won't help you anymore, either," came the cold reply.

Amber eyes looked at each other, and as one, Bayleef and Quilava nodded as they turned to glare at a glowering Weavile. "Charge!" they roared, one body erupting in flame as the other began to charge with thick, vicious whips swinging about.

Weavile scoffed. "You may have evolved, but that won't be enough!" he roared, body charging with a swift agile body, butt feather's glowing silver. "Take this!" he snarled, spinning and slammed his Iron Feather at Bayleef.

Bayleef scoffed and slammed his vines to the ground, sending his body flying up just as Weavile slammed to the ground and created a small hole. Weavile snarled angrily, only to let out a loud huff as Quilava slammed into him with Flame Wheel. "Oof!" Spinning head over heels, Weavile finally got control of himself with a few simple flips, being sure to put some distance inbetween its opponents. The dark type eyed the two pokemon darkly, now starting to get a little worried. Two on one would be hard.

"This is the end for you," Quilava growled, evolved eyes now fully open as they stared the horrible pokemon. "But not before you tell me where my brother is!" he yelled, mouth wide as the burning hot fireballs exploded from his mouth.

"You just don't get it, do you!" Weavile snapped, flipping high over the fire attack and landing on a tall rock expertly. His face was uptight in a sneer, fangs glistening ever so slightly.

"I suggest you tell him," Bayleef said darkly as he swung his much larger leaf, smiling at the fact that his Razor Leaf attack looked much bigger and sharper. He felt... content.

Weavile scoffed as he blasted an Ice Beam, successfully freezing all of the incoming sharp leaves. With a satisfied look, Weavile slammed a clawed foot on one of the frozen leaves, giving a smirk towards Bayleef.

Bayleef scoffed at the display. "Poison Powder," he said with a deadly look. As the poison attack swept towards Weavile, he blinked once at Quilava.

"Right," Quilava muttered as he used his Quick Attack to get behind Weavile, but stayed low in the rocks where he couldn't be seen.

Weavile looked bored with the display. "Such a slow attack," he said in boredom, already disappearing in a black blur. "You need to speed it up!" he roared, reappearing at a tsunned Bayleef's side, claw glowing a baby blue color. "Ice Punch!"

"Now!" Bayleef roared quickly before letting out a thunderous grunt as the Ice Punch landed a hit on his leaf color.

"I've got ya!" Quilava snarled, coming out from within the rocks, mouth wide open as it blew a mass of stars, but they weren't aimed at Weavile. Instead, they spun around the cave, blowing the Poison Powder towards Weavile.

Stunned, Weavile quickly brought up a claw to his mouth, trying not to inhale the poisonious powder, but it was too late. With a wracking cough, Weavile slowly being weakened and was left open. "Now!" both Quilava and Bayleef roared, spewing flames and leaves everywhere.

With a loud snarl and disgusted glare, Weavile focused his Ice Beam attack, desperately trying to blast their attacks back. The ice attack was good for the sharp leaves, but Quilava's Ember attack blasted right through, burning away at Weavile's chest.

"Rurg," Weavile grimaced, bending over and coughing up a storm, which only worsened the burn on his chest. Being part ice type, his body was slowly misting, indicating that he was losing his freeze, which could be deadly for an ice type. "Scum... traitor," he hissed.

Quilava's fire grew in anger. "You're the traitor!" he roared, charging forward, body comply enflamed in a bright blue, indicating that even his flame knew his anger.

"Nice try," Weavile sneered, using an Iron Tail against the wall and bringing down it own makeshift Rock Slide.

"Keep going!" Bayleef snarled at his friend, spinning his large leaf to send many Razor Leaf's at the incoming rocks. When the rocks kept coming at Quilava, even after the barracage, Bayleef charged, vines flying.

Grateful for his friends help, but almost too furious to take much notice, Quilava continued his charge, loving the look of fear on Weavile's face. The vile thing had never expected his old punching bag to get so strong. "Flame Wheel!" he roared, an enferno all but being created.

"I-ice Beam!" Weavile spat out, completely startled. Cold icy beam flying, Weavile focused all of his strength, but it wasn't even close to being enough. "N-no!" he spat, eyes wide as, at last, Quilava burst through his own attack and ran right into him, sending him sliding on his back as this blasted fire type rested on his stomach, burning him completely. "Bass... tard," Weavile gasped, body no longer the simple black he had been, but a charcoaled black because of how badly he had been burnt. Quilava was going for the kill. "Ice pu-!"

Weavile was cut short as a Vine Whip grabbed hold of his claw and twisted it, easily breaking it as it slammed against a sharp rock. The ear splitting scream that echoed throughout the cave was music to Quilava's ears. "Where is he?" the fire type hissed. "Where is my brother."

Weavile was gasping in pain, completely immoble as Quilava stood on his chest, still burning him. "De... dead."

"What!" Quilava snarled, digging his claw into the wretched Weavile.

"Dead!" Weavile gasped, grasping weakly at the paw with his unhurt one. "When..." he gasped for more air, and regretfully, Quilava let up. "When you escaped," he hissed, voice turning raw as even his insides began to burn, " you used an explosion as your distraction." Quilava remembered. He had burned a gas tank in the kitchens. "He... he was in there..."

For a moment, Quilava stood there stunned, unable to believe what he was hearing, but then, suddenly, a weight left his shoulders. He felt... almost free. As he turned hatefully towards the other murderer of his family, Quilava forced his snout into Weavile's mouth, allowing hot magma to seep into the seizuring pokemon.

"Finally... Now I am," Quilava said with a sigh as he fell to the ground, exhausted as he watched the one he hated burn away. "I... don't want to fight anymore."

With a nod, Bayleef laid next to his friend. As he watched the pokemon burn away, he felt the last of his own resolve burn away. He had dreaded evolving, but he was alright now. Now that he had done it, he felt at peace. He was a fighter, and he accepted that even in his new form, though he knew he would never evolve into his last form, but right now he needed to be at a friend's side. And for now, they both felt their fighting spirit burn away with this pokemon's ashes.

With a sigh, they both returned to their trainer's sigh, only to see a disaster taking place, but they both knew they would not, and could not fight anymore.

March 19th, 2009, 8:19 AM
Will smiled as he stood in front of Violet City's gym. He had just gotten his Pokemon healed and had gotten some food before hitting here. He looked down at Focus, Flare, and Multi who were standing on the ground next to him. He drew in a deep breath of air and then released it. He returned his Pokemoon and stepped inside.

As soon as he entered a kid a little younger then him was standing there. "You have to go through me to get to Falkner." he said.

"Fine. Go, Focus!" Will shouted throwing hsi Pokeball. In a blinding white flash Focus appeared, ready to battle. The kid took out his Pokeball and threw it in to the air.

"Go, Swablu!" he shouted. He tok off his hat and a bunch of hair unrolled from it...he was a girl. In a blinding white flash a blue bird thing popepd out and it looked like it had clouds for wings. Will took out his Pokedex and scanned it.

Species: Swablu the cotton bird Pokemon.
Entry: Its wings are like cotton tufts. If it perches on someone's head, it looks like a cotton hat.

"Ok. Focus start it off with a Quick Attack!" Will shouted.

"Use Peck!" she shouted.

Focus placed on of his feet behind the other as the bird flew in to the air, her beak geting sharper and sharper. He waited to see if the Swablu would dive for him or would wait. Just as he predicted, swablu dove for him at blinding speed.

Focus leapt in to the air, on a collision course with Swablu. He pulled up just a little and was barely off collision course and Swablu missed. He grabbed one of her wings while she was still diving and slammed his fist in to her back.

Swablu yelped in surprise and flung him to the ground with her wing. Focus landed on the ground just fine, ready for the next attack. Will smirked because he knew this would be an easy battle.

"Focus use Aura Sphere!" Will shouted.

"Sing!" the kid shouted.

The Swablu opened ehr mouth up and began to sing a lovely tune. The kid smiled and Will noticed that she had ear plugs in. Will quickly covered his ears and so did Focus. Will cringed, Focus couldn't use Aura Sphere now. Once Swablu closed her beak, he quickly searched his back for earplugs. he found two sets of them and tossed a pair to Focus.

Focus caught them and quickly put them in, and so did Will. Focus placed both of his hands in front of him and closed his eyes to focus. Then a small blue ball fo energy started forming in front of him. He popped his eyes open and shot the ball at Swablu. Swablu tried to dodge it, but it didn't work and it slammed in to her.

"Swablu use Astonish!" the girl yelled.

"Use Force Palm!" Will replied.

The Swablu flew straight for Focus. She feigned trying to hit him with her beak, and instead slammed him with her talons. Focus yelped and placed his paw between her wings, but Swablu quickly flew back, knowing what would happen otherwise. Someone with a Riolu must have come by earlier.

Focus fel down to one knee, cringing. Will knew this was bad and waited for something to happen, but the Swablu just continued to fly there.

"Use Peck!" the girl shouted.

Will didn't reply knowing Focus couldn't do anything. The Swablu flew in to the air and waited for a few seconds for her beak to grow sharper. She then dove straight for Focus. Focus watched in pain of not beign able to do a thing. He blinked a few times as he was starting to get feeling in his arms.

Swablu was just inches away now. Focus could stand up, but it was too late. Swablu slammed herself beak first in to Focus, knocking him back. Focus landed on his back, did a backwards roll, and skidded across the floor on his feet.

"Now use Peck again." the girl said.

"Take the hit and use Counter!" Will shouted.

Swablu flew in to the air with her beak growing sharper every second. It looked as if it could tear through steal. Focus stood where he was, blinking furiously. Swablue then dove for him, not thinkign about what could happen.

She hit him and Riolu turned bright red. He then slammed his palm in to Swablu's stomach, sending her flying back from a countered super effective attack. She slammed in to the wall and slowly slid to the ground knocked out. Will smiled and returned Focus and took out Blaze's Pokeball.

"Go, Starly!" she shouted.

"Go, Blaze!" Will confidently rang out.

In a blinding white flash Will's small orange fire lizard appeared. He wagged his tail around, small sparks flying off and being smothered in the air. In another blinding white flash out popped a tan and brown bird. Will was stumped as to what it was and took his Pokedex out to scan it.

Species: Starly, the starling Pokemon.
Entry: They flock in great numbers. Though small, they flap their wings with great power.

"Ok, Blaze! Use Ember!" Will shouted.

"Starly use Wing Attack!" the girl shouted.

Blaze nodded and leapt in to the air, his flame tail making him look like a streak of fire. He drew in a deep breath of air and then shot out tons of little smoldering hot embers. They were black, but they soared through the air and quickly caught on fire. One after another they began pelting Starly.

Starly flew back to get away from the embers, but rounded back around to hit Blaze. Blaze turned his head around just as it was about to hit him, and knocked it away with his tail. Starly caught itself in midair and then came up and smacked Blaze with his wings.

Blaze fell to the ground in a tumult of turns and landed. He shook his head to get rid of his dizziness and turned back towards Starly, anger burning in his eyes like tiny little flames.

"Blaze use Scratch!" Will shouted.

"USe Quick Attack!" the girl replied.

Starly started hovering over the ground and then bursted off in a blinding streak of swiftness. Blaze blinked and could just barely see Starly in front of him, but it was to late to dodge. He tried moving but was hit and sent flying back in to a hollow log. He hit the log hard and crushed it to pieces, sending dust fly in to the air.

Blaze sat there waiting for his claws to sharpen and then slowly stood up. The dust was still in the air and Blaze darted from it, surprising Starly. He slashed at the bird and began rapidly slashing. Claw after claw Starly tried to bat him away, but it didn't work. The anger in his eyes was like a full grown campfire.

Finally Starly managed to bat him away, but was heavily panting now. Blaze gritted his teeth together. For a while now whenever Blaze got angry, his power boosted or somethign because he woudl go full out.

"Starly use Tackle!" the girl said.

"Use Ember." Will replied knowing this battle was over.

Starly nodded and dove for Blaze. She came crashing down towards him, but Blaze moved out of the way easily and she came crashing in to the ground. Will cringed as she tried pulling her stuck leg from the ground and eventually did.

Blaze shot out embers, but this time were already on fire. They pelted Starly one after the other and left her on the ground knocked out. Will returned Blaze and the girl returned Starly. The girl then walked away out of the gym and Will continued on.

(Sorry about suckiness of battle with Starly and Blaze...Gym battle and enxt oe will be nothing like that!)

March 19th, 2009, 10:00 AM
Entering the Unknown... again part 3

Ben and Quilava continued to push on, deeper into the cave. After a short while, Ben heard a voice and slowly made his way towards it. He peeked around the corner, and saw the first Grunt he saw being yelled at by a second larger man. The man still had a grunt uniform on, so obviously wasn’t in command, but he was obviously higher ranked than the poor guy he was laying into.

“How could you let a kid into our hideout so easily?” yelled the new grunt.

“Well I...” whimpered the man Ben had defeated.

“I don’t want your excuses,” The higher ranked grunt boomed back, “Go tell the boss and I’ll go find the intruder.”

The younger grunt nodded, before running off... presumably to inform the Unknown boss that they had an intruder. The larger grunt turned and began walking towards Ben. Realising he would be discovered soon, Ben revealed himself to the member of Team unknown. He stepped out and stared at the man.

“So it’s you...” began the unknown grunt, “I hear you’ve been causing a few problems...”

Ben took a deep breath to try and calm his nerves, but didn’t respond to the man.

“A quiet one huh?” said the grunt, “No matter, a pokémon battle might open your mouth! Go Bayleef!”

The Unknown member threw his pokéball and released his pokémon. Bayleef resembled a small, pale yellow dinosaur; or a lizard with leaf-like growths sprouting in a ring around its neck. A large leaf, shaped like a scythe, protruded from the pokémon’s head. Bayleef had red eyes, and one large toenail on each foot. The creature also had a small tail.

Ben knew this pokémon had evolved from a Chikorita, and was a grass type. For this reason he looked down at Quilava, who was standing to his left.

“You ready buddy?” Ben asked his fire type pokémon.

“Lava,” replied Quilava, nodding his head to confirm he wanted to battle.

“A wise choice,” said the Unknown grunt, “Bayleef lets begin with Tackle!”

“Quilava use Flame Wheel!” called Ben quickly.

Bayleef began running at Quilava. Quilava began rolling while shooting flames, becoming a fireball shooting at Bayleef. The grass type tried to slam into Quilava, but was sent flying back by the Flame Wheel attack. Bayleef hit the ground hard, but was able to return to her feet fairly quickly.

“Grr, keep your distance Bayleef!” the Unknown grunt told his pokémon, “Try using Razor Leaf!”

“Burn those leaves with your Ember Quilava!” Ben told his pokémon.

With a flick of her head, Bayleef sent a number a sharp leaves flying towards Quilava. The fire type pokémon shot a number of burning hot embers at the incoming leaves, burning them to a crisp and causing the attack to fall to the ground harmlessly.

“Quilava Quick Attack!” called Ben.

“Use Reflect Bayleef!” called the grunt quickly.

Quilava began to charge at Bayleef with incredible speed, leaving a white slipstream in his wake. At the last moment, Bayleef caused a protective barrier to raise up in front of her. Quilava slammed into the barrier, and took a few steps groggily backwards.

“Quilava are you okay?” asked Ben.

Quilava gave his head a quick shake, to try and clear his thoughts. Then the fire type gave his trainer a nod that he was okay.

“Good, now use Ember!” said Ben.

Quilava shot a series of embers at Bayleef, which flared up as they neared the grass type. The flaming embers hit dead on, causing Bayleef to cry out in pain. Ben smiled, knowing the attack had caused major damage to the grunts pokémon, this match was as good as over...

“Bayleef use Synthesis!” cried the grunt.

Bayleef began to glow for a few seconds. Once the glowing had stopped, Bayleef to have recovered a little health.

“Damn,” said Ben, “Okay Quilava we still have the advantage! Use Swift!”

Quilava shot out a number of gold stars from his chest, which shot towards Bayleef. They slammed into the grunts pokémon, sending her flying backwards.

“Good! Now use Flame Wheel!” Ben told Quilava.

Quilava rolled into a flaming ball and flew towards Bayleef like a fire ball. Quilava smashed into the grass type and sent her smashing into the ground. Ben smiled, knowing Bayleef wasn’t getting back up from that attack.

“Grr,” growled the grunt, returning his Bayleef to her pokéball.

“So you beat all my grunts?” came a voice from behind the Unknown grunt, “I guess I’ll have to deal with you myself then...”

March 19th, 2009, 10:08 AM
@ WW: Pm me when you are done thanks.

@ slls: I think this is in order:

Quilava grew to Lv 24.
Quilava learned Defense Curl

@ Pika: Good post:

'Focus' grew to Lv 17
'Blaze' grew to Lv 16
'Blaze' learned Dragon Rage
'Blaze' can now evolve into Charmeleon

March 19th, 2009, 2:21 PM
Will stood in front of another kid who had challenged him to a battle. He sighed and called Blaze out for another battle. Blaze was relaxed a little bit more and was ready. The kid took off his Pokeball and threw it in to the air. In a blinding white flash a smal blue swallow appeared.
Species: Tailow, the Tiny Swallow Pokemon.
Entry: It has a gutsy spirit that makes it bravely take on tough foes. It flies in search of warm climates.

Will smirked. "Blaze use Ember!"

"Taillow use Peck!" he shouted.

Blaze leapt in to the air. His eyes had a tiny spark of fire in them, but Will could tell he wasn't made. Suddenly, he began to glow a bright white color. Will squinted his eyes and saw that Blaze grew a bit taller, his claws longer, his tail longer, and a smal horn sprouted from the back of his head. The glow stopped and Blaze was a bigger fire lizard. Blaze had evolved! No longer was he a Charmander, but he was now a Charmeleon!

Blaze took in a deep breath of air and shot out tons of little embers at the swallow heading on a collision course for him. One after another the embers pelted Taillow. Taillow dropped a few feet but recovered balance and sped towards Blaze. He then slammed himself in to Blaze, shooting him to the ground. Will took out his Pokedex to scan Blaze to learn more about his evolved form.

Species: Charmeleon, the flame Pokemon.
Entry: In the rocky mountains where CHARMELEON live, their fiery tails shine at night like stars.

"Ok! Blaze use Smokescreen and then Scratch!" Will shotued excited that Blaze had evolved.

"Use Wing Attack, Taillow!" the kid said, frightened that Blaze had just evolved.

Blaze coughed up a billow of smoke, al towards Taillow and his trainer. He then stood in the same position, sharpening his claws. Taillow began rapidly coughing and couldn't stop. Suddenly, Blaze appeared in front of him and began rapidly slashing at him.

Taillow screeched in pain and then furiously tried hitting him with his wings. Every time they missed because all Blaze was doing was taking a few steps back. He got bored of Taillow trying to hit him, so he did a full turn and smacked Taillow back with his tail. Taillow shook his head and tried to see through the smoke, but couldn't.

"Now use Ember!" Will said.

The oter kid said nothing, not knowing what to do because he couldn't see what was going on through the smoke. Blaze shot out a flury of smoldering hot, blaxk embers. They soared through the smoke and caught on fire. Then one after another they slammed and hit Taillow, knocking him back a litle with every hit.

Finally Taillow collapsed to the ground in exhaustion. The smoke settled and the kisd looked horrified. Blaze then dashed over to the Taillow, claws sharpened and ready to finish the battle. "Wait! I give!" the little boy shouted. Blaze stopped running and shrugged. Will returned Blaze and the boy ran out of the building, craddling Taillow in his arms.

"Hehe. No worries. You still have me to battle." a mysteriosu voice boomed. Will turned around and saw Falkner standing in a huge arena based field. He had blue hair and wore a ninja get up.

"Falkner! I, William of Pallet Town, Kanto; challenge you to an official gym battle!" Will shouted as loud as he could without sounding stupid.

"He. Easy win. I accept!" Falkner shouted just as loud. Will smirked and hopped on to the stage and got in to position. He was ready to win this.


March 20th, 2009, 2:15 PM
@ Pika: Can't wait for the battle.....

'Blaze' evolved into a Charmeleon.
'Blaze' grew to Lv 17.

@ WW: By the way Jason didn't stop them in Olivine.... it was Cherrygrove lol. He is called Commander Forgotten not Jerl. Okay so.... Quilava and Bayleef are unable to battle and so is Weavile? So Lucario and Gliscor against two of your Pokemon I think. Well the Pokemon didn't get too much exp. seeing they didn't win but meh it was a good battle:

Chikorita evolved into Bayleef
Cyndaquil evolved into Quilava
Cyndaquil grew to Lv 20
Bayleef grew to Lv 20

March 20th, 2009, 9:59 PM
Name: Kenji Shinra
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Personality: Kenji is a relaxed kid by nature. Although he doesn't look like it, he sometimes looks deeper into things other people overlook. He is also sensitive and a good listener. At times, Kenji is not so friendly only in the sense that he doesn't start conversations and would just sit down quietly and take a nap. Once he does become friends with a person though, Kenji starts to strongly care about him or her, regardless of the situation.
Appearance: About 5'4, dark brown, almost black hair, usually semi spiked. A skinny body frame, almost no muscle. (hates exercising)
History: Moved to Johto when he was young, too young to remember anything about the Kanto region which was the place he came from. As he started going to school, Kenji has always had a hard time making friends regardless of how hard he tried. Eventually he gave up and turned to Pokemon as his companions though he still does look for a friend he can count on.
Preffered Starter: WIldcard: Lax Sneasel Male
Other Pokemon: magnemite and growlithe
RP Sample: Today is finally the day... Kenji thought to himself as he came to the border of Newbark Town, Today is the day I leave... Having finally gotten permission from his parents, Kenji has finally been able to leave the small town of Newbark town. As he walks down the road, observing pokemon around him, he can't help but gently smile as the warm sun washes over his face. He looks towards his side as his trusty sneasel walks by him, someone he could always trust. As the two of them continued walking, Kenji shot a glance at his right wrist and could not help but admire the new PokeGear his mom had bought him for his 15th birthday, the day when he got the green light to set off. In the distance, Kenji noticed a group of sentret chasing another pokemon around. Getting closer, Kenji noticed that it was a Hoothoot who must've perched in the Sentret family's tree. Running towards the group of pokemon, Kenji shouts towards Sneasel, "Snee use Scratch!"

March 21st, 2009, 1:02 AM
um er your rejected....... to be honest it's a bit short. In appearance you've put he hates exercise maybe you could expand on that in personality or something I don't know. But whatever it's a bit too short.

Snow Phoenix
March 21st, 2009, 10:41 AM
The Burmy perked upon the boost of energy and flew into the Yanma with its Tackle. The Yanma flew back.

"Yanma you still have speed as an advantage!" the man shouted on to the field. The Yanma flew into the Burmy at high speeds and proceeded to ram it into the wall.

"Silk tackle into it!" Lucy shouted to her pokemon. The Burmy tackled it back with enough force to blow it away.

"Sonicboom" he shouted back. The Yanma corkscrewed through the air and launched a billow of sonic air.

"Tackle the Sonicboom!" she shouted in response. The Burmy leaped into the vaccum and proceeded to defeat it with sheer force. The Yanma billowed more powerful and was in a strain. The Burmy was being blown back steadily. The Burmy was going to be crushed. Lucy could only moan. Lucy was counting on it to win and Silk could feel the tensions rising.

"Buurrrrmmmmy!" she strained as an invisible force flew from the Burmy and into the Yanma. The Yanma stuttered in the air as the attack crisped it. The power of the attacks knocked around the rest of the cave. Lucy flew back and the Pokedex slammed back faraway as it chirped the effects of this new move. Lucy could not hear a word of it and was completely shocked yet gleeful. Silk glanced back to see the expression on Lucy's face and smiled back. When faced frontwards it faced the Yanma that rammed into it with massive forcing knocking it to the ground. The Yanma proceeded to maul it. The Burmy drifted off into unconsciousness.

"Where am I? Am I dead?" the Burmy's thought drifted off into the pitch dark blackness. Above voices could be heard.

"Burmy! Do something! I trust you to win!" and "If you don't mind Burmy, I'd like to nickname you Silk. Silk is such a nice pretty and soft fabric. It's also something a lot of bug pokemon produce" were the words Silk hear. It was Lucy. The Burmy was filled with thoughts and tears began to flow.

"Lucy" she cried into the darkness. "I want Lucy!" she cried even louder. The darkness responded and the blackness shimmered with white. Something was emerging.

The light blew the Yanma off of Silk and she had become different as she emerged from the dark. "Wormadam" Silk uttered because her thoughts no longer needed to be expressed. Her hidden power was shown and she was no longer a Burmy, but a Wormadam.

"Burmy?" Lucy uttered at the spectacle. Wormadam nodded its head and responded "Wormadam". Some how Lucy could understand.

"Wormadam tackle!" Lucy shouted to commence the battle. The Wormadam Steel ramed into the Yanma painfully. As its body was crushed the Yanma spat a Sonicboom. The Wormadam spat back with its new attack and the Sonicboom was easily dissapated. Lucy had defeated him as the Yanma burned into a state of not being able to battle.

The man returned his Yanma and dissappeared. Lucy returned her Wormadam steel, retrieved her Pokedex, and set down the cave once more.

March 21st, 2009, 11:23 AM
@ FS: Okay my brother, good evolution:

'Silk' evolved into Wormadam (Steel)
'Silk' grew to Lv 21

Snow Phoenix
April 4th, 2009, 6:09 AM
Lucy kept walking further into the cave. She was now on the lower floors of it. Her footsteps echoed through out.

Suddenly something sharp screeched out of the cave. "Missssss!" were the words coming from someone behind her. It was the saleswoman of whom Lucy had bought that piece of candy from. The woman was running at incredible speeds to catch up with her.

"Miss, there was a mistake when I gave you that box! Here this what you should've gotten!" the saleswoman yelled at Lucy while handing her a box of assorted junk.

Lucy switched the box with woman and began walking away with what she thought were Slowpoketails. From behind her the saleswoman opened the box and searched everywhere with in it. She gasped and ran up to Lucy.

"Miiisss! Where's that piece of candy!" she hissed at Lucy.

"Wormadam ate it..." Lucy sighed.

"WHAT! You wretched little... little... WITCH!" the saleswoman spat at Lucy as she released a pokemon on top of Lucy's face. What ever it was it slapped sand directly into her eyes and tackled her to the ground. Before hitting the ground Lucy slipped out a pokeball from her bag and released it. The saleswoman began attacking Lucy once more, but it was blasted into the wall by a sphere of ice.

"Good Spheal! Now hit it with your Water Gun!" Lucy shouted after recognizing the attack. The pokemon shot a squirt of water at the shadow of the pokemon.

"Eevee! Use the wall as a spring-board and dodge it!" the furious saleswoman shouted. The pokemon cracked the ice at its foot and jumped from the cave wall avoiding the water gun and approaching its opponent.

"Follow it up with Tailwhip!" its owner shouted. The Eevee flipped sending the only wet part of its body towards the Spheal and slapping it. The Spheal cried out as the wet tail stung it.

"I see! You used my Water Gun to dampen its tail so that it would damage my Spheal. Heh, clever tactic, but... Spheal use Powder Snow!" Lucy's voice echoed out.

"Oh, no! Eevee get out of there!" the saleswoman shouted in response, but it was too late and the Eevee's tail froze it in place.

"Now blast it with Ice Ball!" Lucy shouted. The Spheal launched a ball of ice at the Eevee and hit it directly. The Eevee was blasted and sent tumbling further in.

"Once more!" Lucy shouted and the Spheal shot an even bigger ice rock at the Eevee sending it further in the cave. The cave suddenly went silent as Lucy waited for it to attack.

"Heh, it looks like I win" she muttered after the pause. The Eevee, however, had not given up and indeed came charging in for a tackle.

"I thought so! Spheal aim your Water Gun at Eevee!" Lucy shouted at her pokemon. The Spheal ejected the burst of water towards the Eevee, but it still came straight forward into the blast. Moments before impact a shadow jumped from behind it and rammed right into the spout. Electricity went surging through out the pillar. It climbed all the way back to the source and it was still connected to Spheal. Spheal let out yelp as the electricty struck hard and then tumbled back when hit by the Eevee.

"Heh! You should be glad I was here too Roxy!" a man's voice hollered from the direction that Eevee had landed.

This battle had now errupted into something that Lucy now had a dissadvantage over. She tumbled over quietly over the Spheal and sprayed it with potion to revitalize it while the two reaquainted with each other.

"You heard that little girl! Your in trouble now" the woman snickered at Lucy.

This battle was only just begining.

April 4th, 2009, 6:17 AM
@ FrozenSnowman: Yeah good beginning to the battle. I thought Spheal was called 'Yuki' but meh. Can't wait for the rest:

'Yuki' grew to Lv 18