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Loud and Annoying Pidgey
January 5th, 2009, 1:29 PM

long ago, The earth was nothing. All that was in its place was space until one pokemon came along. He called himself Arceus, and created earth. With it, he created two other pokemon. They called themselves Dialga and Palkia, the rulers of time and space. The two pokemon lengthened time and expanded space. With time and space created, the two created three other pokemon with their leftover power. The three pokemon called themselves Uxie, Azelf, and Mesprit. These three pokemon combined their power, and created one thing... life. As life was created, Things began to appear. Trees, land, water, and even more pokemon appeared. Alot more was also created. With the power all of this took, Mesprit, Uxie, and Azelf. fell into a deep sleep. Dialga and Palkia did the same. Arceus, concealing himself in a hidden sky chamber, alse fell into the deep sleep, only for life to begin.

This was a legend believed by many pokemon. But it wasnt the only legend. Many other legends were made and believed. these legends included an Absol's disaster-sensing abilities, Xatu's ability to see the future, and Alakazam's high IQ. There was also another legend, known to all pokemon...

The legend of Ninetales.

This legend is the most well-known legend out of the bunch. The legend consists of a nine tailed fire fox who has the ability to curse humans if they touch one of it's tails. Pokemon say they have saw a Ninetales, yet are never believed. Rumors of Ninetales are becoming even more constant lately, in the year of 2010. Pokemon have searched, and failed. Many have found orange and yellow fur, and some have even found bodies of dead nine tailed foxes. These are believed to be bodies of a Ninetales. These bodies are usually wet and hidden, and are believed to be killed by a water-type pokemon.

You are a pokemon in search of the last Ninetales, and you must find and protect it from a group of water-types who only want glory and fame
you are a water-type pokemon in search of the last Ninetales, and you must find it and kill it to gain the glory and fame you have been wanting for years.


5 Rules Of Doom-
1. No Bunnying.
2. No beating someone in one hit.
3. No legends.
4. Shinies need better and bigger sign-ups.
5. Have fun!

The Sign-Up-

Name- (Dont want to go around being called "Pikachu" all the time, huh?)
Gender- (Boy Or Girl, Male Or Female?)
Species- (What kind of pokemon are you?)
Level- (Your Level?)
Appearence- (Pictures Are Accepted)
Personality- (Atleast 6 Sentences Please)
History- (Just An Explanation Of What made You Want To help Or Kill The Last Ninetales)
Moves- (Your Attacks? Up To 6. You are allowed to make up moves.)
Kill Or Help- (Are You Going To help Or Kill The Last Ninetales?)
RP Sample- (You Should Know What It Is)

I might as well post my sign-up now. I will be the last Ninetales.-

Name- Spirit

Gender- Female

Species- Ninetales

Level- 34

Appearence- http://images.elfwood.com/fanq/v/i/viaestelar2/ninetales.jpg

Personality- Spirit is usually very brave, but scince she has become the last
Ninetales, she has become more timid. She rarely shows herself to other pokemon unless she senses a big friendship inside them. She is very strong in determination when in combat. When Spirit is mad, she will usually run away and conceal herself in a cave or a small den.

History- She Is The Last Ninetales

Flaming Howl (Made up)
Flare Blitz

Kill Or Help- She Is The Last Ninetales

RP Sample-
Diamond was sitting on a rock,his tail swishing back and forth like a cat's. He stared at the sun uneasily. "How are we going to get the Lava Gang out of here?" he thought. Diamond sighed. The blue diamond on his forehead glowed brightly in the sunlight. A few Lava Gang pokemon looked at him on their way by. "What you looking at?" Diamond said after casting a quick glance at the pokemon. They instantly walked away after seeing the scar on his left eye. He rubbed the scar with his paw and scratched his ear. He heard a small bang noise,but ignored it. Diamond looked around for a minute,jumped off the rock,and layed down with his ears still alert.
(From Hippy!'s RPG, Healing Destruction)


Ok. This Is My First RPG That I Made By Myself So Tell Me If Im Missing Something. =3

January 8th, 2009, 8:03 AM
I would like to Join BPR :P





Appearance- Chaos has a Scar in his Left eye . he Wears Sir Aaron,s Hat and Sir Aaron,s Cape . They look a bit Old because he kept wearing it During his Battles and his Trainings.

Personality- Chaos is Calm and Wise. He Trains Everyday In Order To Become A Strong Warrior. In Combat . He doesnt Let his Enemies Alive in Battles when hes So Aggressive . If his enemy is tough. He Releases A Blast Of A Powerful Aura Storm! When hes About to be Defeated. He Throws A Smoke Ball at the Ground in Order to Disappear And Farewell. He Really Cares about the Riolu Bros. as if he Were their Father/ Older Brother.

History-Chaos is The Leader of a Team Called Team Aura . Consists into 3 Riolus . one named Sacred. the Second Named Royal. the Third Named Honor. Chaos,s Master is An Old Aged Lucario named Master Force. a Wise Old Lucario who Taught Chaos How to Weild The Power Of Aura. As Master Force Told Chaos and the 3 Riolus about The Legend of Ninetales. After That. Master Force Felt Something . Telling To Chaos that theres an Alive Ninetales. and Said that this is The Last Ninetales. Chaos Starts his Journey with his Followers In Search of the Last Ninetales. Protecting it from Danger.

Aura Sphere
Shadow Claw
Double Team
Aura Storm
??? < ( will be Discovered as the Story Progress)

The Riolus( Sacred, Royal, Honor)

Gender- All Male

Level- All Level 20

Species- All Riolu

Appearance- All of them Wears just like their Leader. Chaos

Personality- Sacred is an Aggressive Riolu. Royal Is Acting Like a King among his Brothers. Honor is A Silent Riolu . Hates to Talk alot

History- The 3 Riolu Brothers who Was Born at the Same Day. Master Force Took care of them and Treated them as his Childrens. they were Trained By Chaos. and They became the Followers of Chaos.

Moves- ( All of them has the same moveset)
Force Palm
Bullet Punch
Blaze Kick

I will Control 4 Characters if u Dont mind. And u forgot to put in something in the Sign Up sheet ( Species)

January 8th, 2009, 8:48 AM
Name- Tara
Gender- Female
Level- lv 22
Appearence- http://i168.photobucket.com/albums/u181/hikari55/152.gif
Personality- Happy go lucky type with a chip on her shoulder. She generally trys to remain optomistic as a rule, but if something ever gets her down she's really down. She is however afraid of the dark and high places.
History- When Tara heard of Ninetails plight she decided she couldn't just turn a blind eye. She figured even if she couldn't help much even a little might make a difference. She was always picked on because of her choice to not evolve by her siblings, but now she wants to make a difference and prove a little Chikorita has her place.
Moves- Vine Whip, Growl, Dig, Solar Beam (learned from a tm ), Synthesis, and Hidden Power (Ice)
Kill Or Help- Help
RP Sample- Taken from another rp I'm in on here

After her pokemon capture Reina continued walking. She really didn't see too many pokemon and soon came upon a hill that seemed to over look a small town.

"Good I can head there first and decide my agenda next from there." Reina thought it over and slowly made her way down the hill being careful not to slip, though she somehow managed to anyway.

"Ow." she rubbed at her leg, and glanced around. "Good thing there was nobody to see that." she mumbled.

Reina suddenly glanced up as she caught sight of a small sign, she stood and walked over dusting herself off to read it.

"Uchuu Town. Hmm, sounds interesting I suppose." Reina smiled. She walked into the town which had a few people going here and there. "Dinky little place. I bet there's not even a gym here."

"Excuse me?" someone tapped the girl on her shoulder.

"What?!" she growled rather harshly, then softened her tone slightly at the sight of an old man. She sighed, having still not made it to the pokemon center yet. "What do you need?"

"Could I get you to come with me young lady?" He seemed to pleed.

"Why?" Reina looked suspicious, she had learned never to trust anyone, only herself. "I still have to heal my pokemon old man."

"Please..... It's my grand-daughter. She's lost and......"

"let me guess. You want me to help you find her right?" Reina smirked.

"I'm very sorry to trouble you and I know I'm probably being a bother." The old man rubbed at his weary eyes. "But could you help me?"

Reina groaned. "Your right you are a bother old man." Reina pulled out Bulbasaur's pokeball and glanced at it, before placing it back. "But whatever... What do I have to do?"

The old man's eyes seemed to light up. "You'll really help me?"

"Don't push it." Reina growled lightly. "I said I'd help, so let's go."

The old man simply nodded and led the young trainer past the pokemon center, and to his home.

Reina emerged from the old mans house a short time later, grumbling lightly to herself.

"He's got me running errands. What am I a messanger girl or something." Reina took off running around the city.

She glanced around a few places trying to spot the girl.

"How could he just lose her like that? What kind of grand-parent does that?" Reina sneered at the thought. "If someone lost me like that I'd stay lost."

There was a sniffling heard.

"Huh?" Reina looked around.

The sound was repeated.

"Got cha'." Reina grinned. She traced the sound to an older house. The place was on the verge of collapse. "Hey girl! You in here?"

"Yes." was the timid squeak. "I'm over here!"

Reina slowly made her way in wary of the creaking boards. At one point the floor almost collapsed beneath her feet.

She arrived at a small girl who was sniffling and bent down. "Are you ok kid?" she ruffled the girl's hair.

"I'm.....I'm ok." she sniffed one final time, before taking the hand Reina held out. "Can I go home now?"

"Sure thing." Reina smiled, despite the situation being overly annoying. "Let's get you back to your Grandpa's."


Reina winced and slowly led the girl out. Once she was back home her grandfather was overjoyed.

"How could I ever thank you." he shook Reina's hand.

"Just keep an eye on her from now on ok?" Reina sighed. "She could have been hurt."

"I promise I will."

Reina turned to leave, thought about it and handed the girl the pokeball containing Rattata.

"Here I think he'll be ok with you."

"Huh?" she asked, looking over the pokeball.

"I didn't really want a Rattata in the first place. I only caught him cause I could." Reina waved over her shoulder as she headed to the poke' center. "See ya."

The girl hugged the pokeball close. "Bye bye Reina."

January 8th, 2009, 9:11 AM
Name- Clare (Alakazam)

Gender- Female

Level- 40

Appearance- Clare is, due to a rushed evolution, significantly shorter than other members of her species standing at only 3'10 with her spine slightly bent backwards on the tips of her claws. She is generally well-proportioned other than her 'armored' chestpiece which ends just below the center of the ribcage, giving the appearance of a bustier. This effect is further exemplified by her longer-than-average whiskers which reach down towards her waist. Her facial features are blunter and less prominent than those of the average Alakazam.

Personality- Ditzy, jumpy and something of a crybaby, Clare is everything an Alakazam shouldn't be. Her timid nature combined with her sub-par memory capacity prevents her from getting things done, as does her tendency to procrastinate. Though she may appear to be somewhat dull, she is in fact just as intelligent as any other Alakazam - she only lacks the species' signature photographic memory. She is a little shy, yet she is also a hopeless romantic, using attract on almost everything she sees. A peculiar quirk in her already unusual personality is that although she may seem to be afraid of just about everything, she isn't afraid of ghosts or ghost-type pokemon.

History- Clare has lived a lonely, sheltered life. Not that she's complaining about that of course, though she still has no right to complain about what currently bothers her. Namely, the fact that she was stupid enough to tearily blab to her fellow team members that she had found a Ninetales corpse.

Shadow Ball
Calm Mind
Energy Ball

Kill Or Help- Help. She really didn't want to get involved, but it's still her fault that she did.

RP Sample-

(From Rubii-Naruto's PMD: Darkness Rising. Let that RP rest in peace.)

T'was a bright and sunny day, Lopunny were frolicking with their Buneary friends while sleeping Volbeat rested upon the soft, dewy grass. Among these relaxed, blissful pokemon was Clare - a panicked female Alakazam who appeared to have lost her spoons. As embarrassing as it would be for an individual who happened to be of the psychic type, she bravely approached an Eevee, who she had spotted absent-mindedly gnawing on an oran berry.

"Excuse me, have you like, seen any small items of cutlery by any chance?" Clare pleaded for an answer, crouching to bring her short snout to the level of the smaller pokemon's. It was quite an unusual scene, with a four-foot-tall fox asking a smaller vulpine creature for the directions to her own possessions. Understandably, Eevee appeared to be somewhat suspicious of the Alakazam.

The little normal-type pokemon took one look at the psychic, struck her with a quick attack and dashed off as fast as it could. To add insult to injury, the psi pokemon had been rendered unconscious by a scratch from a weak little unevolved creature.

It took her a good four hours to at last regain consciousness, after which she groggily heaved herself into an upright position with a great deal of telekinetic force. Stroking her lengthy whiskers, she examined her surroundings, later closing her eyes in order to utilize her sense of smell. Sensing the presence of other pokemon, she found it to be pure common sense to teleport before she could sustain any more damage.

As to where she teleported to, however, it was now known that she didn't exactly have the best taste in hiding places for she had now found herself in the midst of an alleyway brawl between a group of Machoke and Toxicroak. Although she was quite capable of single-handedly putting this fight to an end, her misguided conscience urged her to teleport to safety, which she did. Clare, exhausted and exasperated, was now back where she started. Setting herself down under a nearby tree, she pondered a solution to her current problem which involved missing cutlery. After a good long think, she at last managed to dig up from the very crypt of her mind a grim realization.

The explorer's guild, which she was currently part of, had a kitchen among its many facilities. From that kitchen, she had borrowed many a spoon, each one she had either lost or broken. Trying to swallow this thought, she rose to her feet, closed her eyes and struck the claw upon the hind toe of her right foot against its counterpart on her left foot.

"There's no place like home... There's no place like home..." A la Wizard of Oz, the psychic had utilized what little power she had to warp herself to the guild's main hall. Just her luck it shall be that she had teleported straight into a Pikachu's cry with her snout practically between the jaws of a Mawile. Though it was far from wise to do so, Clare released a shrill scream before frantically warping from corner to corner, her frail, furry body shivering in fright.

At last, mercifully, after five minutes of screaming and warping about, some degree of reason returned and Clare was back on her feet, standing in front of Coby, the Crobat who led the guild. Giving a sheepish grin, she slowly approached him.

"Hehe... Um, this might seem somewhat out of the blue, but like, can I borrow a couple of spoons?"

Giving her the dirtiest look a pokemon can give, a tired-looking Coby fluttered down to meet her level.

"Don't tell me you've... lost the last pair already..." Drawing a long, deep yawn the Crobat rested his large, purple blob of a body onto a perch.

"...But since you, as an Alakazam, require those spoons to function you may have as many as you need." Yawning once more, the flying-type waved a wing in a mockery of a shooing gesture, to which Clare responded by curtseying, then dematerializing. Relieved that she hadn't tried to drown him in her saliva as she had done many times before, the guild leader gave a sigh, then shifted his focus onto staying awake for the purpose of keeping his guild in order.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen where a Charizard prepared a batch of hot chocolate, Clare by means of telekinesis slipped into her hands a pair of spoons, then warped herself out of the room as quickly as possible lest she be attacked. Reinvigorated, she made her way over to the noticeboard. Now by what had happened earlier that day, she wasn't exactly in the mood to be sent on a mission whatever the priority. However, that didn't stop her from being somewhat curious about what the missions happened to be.

"Uhh... Eek. This seems kinda scary."

A high degree of curiosity mixed with a timid nature can prove to be a dangerous combination. For the mental health of the individual which happens to possess both traits, of course. Especially when they are as easily frightened as this particular Alakazam was. It was quite understandable why a glass-cannon of a pokemon such as herself would be reluctant to throw herself into any of the situation described upon the noticeboard, of course, as Beedrill are primary bug-types, which would make mincemeat out of an unsuspecting psychic. Of course, she wasn't too keen on doing any of these though since she had been eating a hole in the budget by losing and damaging a great deal of the guild's silverware, she thought it to be the least she could do. With her slanted eyes as wide as they could open, Clare appeared to fall into a trance as she stared at the letter with the blaring red text amongst personal ads and pithy complaints about the attitude of certain guild members. This trance was later broken by the voice of a female Lucario.

"Going to find and kill Rotom, who's in?" The Lucario, who Clare recognized as 'Snake', had a strange calmness to her voice as she casually mentioned snuffing the cute electric-type.

Clare, being the ditz she was, decided that she would flap her jaw and in the process make a complete fool of herself in front of the other guild members.

"Kill Rotom? But Rotom is like, so cute!" Clutching her spoons, the diminutive Alakazam levitated ever so slightly to meet the level of the oddly tall Lucario. "Anyways, sign me up - I'm not afraid of no ghosts."

Many of the pokemon who happened to be within earshot stared at the floating psychic. Clare was known to be afraid of most things, often running from things she could easily defeat. However, when it came to ghost types she appeared to be oddly comfortable around them, despite the fact that they could easily take her life without the slightest effort.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
January 8th, 2009, 9:31 AM
All Of You Are Accepted.

But 7amood, I would like you to lengthen the pokemon's personality and appearence.

January 8th, 2009, 6:56 PM
save me a slot! Is it ok if my character is a Vulpix? and if so can they somehow be related to the last Ninetales but he doesn't know yet and the last Ninetlaes reveals it to him? Also he for some reasone can't evolve. If not then nvm about that.

January 8th, 2009, 7:16 PM
reserving for Takai currently upgrading him

January 9th, 2009, 7:14 AM
I'd like to reserve a space. And I am assuming that sence Ninetails are so rare, that Vulpix are too. Or because of the whole stone evolution thing that they aren't? Just some food for thought.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
January 9th, 2009, 7:49 AM
Ok, All Of You Are Reserved. And Yes, People Can be Vulpix. But Scince Fire Stones Are Going To Be Stolen By The Water Pokemon, You Cant Evolve. =3

Unless You Steal The Water Pokemon's Stash. But The Stones For Some Reason Wont Have Any Effect. =P

January 9th, 2009, 8:53 AM
Name- Luna
Gender- female
Species- umbreon
Level- 34
Personality- (Atleast 6 Sentences Please)
History- (Just An Explanation Of What made You Want To help Or Kill The Last Ninetales)
Moves- (Your Attacks? Up To 6. You are allowed to make up moves.)
Kill Or Help- (Are You Going To help Or Kill The Last Ninetales?)
RP Sample- (You Should Know What It Is)

January 9th, 2009, 9:57 AM
im sorry BPR for bad Personality. yet i never role Played before. the Appearance Shouldnt be Long huh? only giving what he wears or how he looks. Actually Chaos doesnt have Differences in shape with other Lucarios Except that he has A Scar in his Left Eye. Only that he wears Sir Aaron,s Dress.. I will Edit the Appearance a bit .

January 9th, 2009, 10:12 AM
Name- Bahn
Gender- Male
Species- Charizard
Level- 50
He looks like a normal Charizard, except for the massive number of scars all over his body. He wares blue flame fingerless gloves. He also has a necklace with a small ever stone on the end. It was a gift from a special friend.

He loves to fight. Not in a mean way though. He only fights pokemon that he thinks look tough. He is kind of a Pyro, but that is to be expected of a Fire type. Even though he tries to hide it, he is kind of a romantic. As in he likes some romantic stuff, but he will never let you catch him like that. He is very proud of his tough and intimidating exterior.

Bahn has always looked for a good fight. Recently though a lot of pokemon have ether been wimps or have refused to fight him. Then one day he rembered the Ninetails legend. If this Ninetails is as powerful as the legend makes it out to be, then he thought he might be in for a good fight. Then he heard the part about the pokemon killing the Ninetails. If those fools kill the last Ninetails, he thought, then I need to keep it alive so I can challenge it some day.

Solar Beam
Flight Toss (combination of Fly and Seismic Toss, flies really high up, tosses them up even higher, and lets them fall. He doesn’t like to use it though, because it could kill them)
Fire Fang
Shadow Claw
Dragon Claw

Kill Or Help- Why would he kill it?!?!

RP Sample-
Zeph was so hungry. He had never been this hungry before. He couldn't remember the last time he ate or what food tasted like. Zeph had been starving for about four weeks before today, unable to find any food in the ruins of his old neighborhood. He was on the knifes edge of starvation. Only a few more hours before he died. Then he heard voices. Too weak to do anything he just lay their, eyes open though they might as well have been closed.

"Man, are you sure this is the guy were looking for? He looks like he’s half starved to death," said one guy.

"More like three-fourths starved. Come on lets get him back to the base before he keels over," said the other one.

They picked him up and carried back to the RumbleRena base. An hour later Zeph awoke to the smell of…. Something he didn’t quite recognize in a small room with nothing but a small table, the bed he was in and a door, but as soon as he realized what the smell was, he shot up out of the bed he was in. Food, it was food. He saw a bowl of oatmeal on the table, and immediately began eating. When he was done with it, he saw five more bowls on another table in a corner and ran over and began scarfing down all of them. He felt like something was wrong, but couldn’t put his finger on it or even find enough reason to care. I have FOOD! He thought.Half way through the third bowl though he found reason to care. Behind him the door had opened to admit nearly thirty armed soldiers. As soon as Zeph realized that, he activated his Alter power, spun around and clapped. With the use of his power he not only amplified it but shot it at ten different soldiers. All ten dropped dead from burst vital organs.

“Halt!” yelled someone still in the hall. He pushed through to the front and with all the soldiers still pointing guns at Zeph said “I want you to participate in some kind of…..game, yes that’s it, a game. You will be fighting artificial Alter users. How does that sound? We will of course provide you with food and shelter.”

At first Zeph was doubtful, but was remedied of that as soon as he said Zeph would have food. Food. Finally food for sure. I’ll never starve again. "So all I have to do is fight some factory rejects and I’ll get food?"

“Yes,” said the man.

Zeph thought he might like this arrangement. After all his father all ways used to say that a dead fake is a good fake.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
January 9th, 2009, 10:20 AM
Ok, Callandor, youre accepted.

Neo Queen, Ill Let You Finish.

And 7amood, I'lll just let you in considering this is your first RPG. Post atleast 4 lines in a paragraph when the RP starts though.

January 9th, 2009, 10:27 AM
thanks ^^. Of course i Must right 4 Paragraphs lol. Check out the Personality and Appearance Of Chaos. I Updated a bit of it.

January 9th, 2009, 2:58 PM
Name- Flare
Gender- Male
Species- (Vulpix
Level- 35
Appearence- Flare looks like your normal everday Vulpix. Except, his tails and the tuft on his head are both blue instead of burnt orange. The flames he shoots out are blue too. He also wears a blue bandana tied around his front right leg.
Personality- Flare has always been the odd one out of the location he lived in. Everyone has made fun of him because of his his different colored fur. He has never been accepted around these parts and most likely never will be. He has never had any friends or known his family. He odly feels somehow like he needs to protect the last Ninetales. He doesn't know why but he feels like he must.
History- When Flare heard about the last Ninetales he felt an odd sensation. It made him feel like somehow he was related to the last ninetales. He wondered if he could somehow be related to him and thus he decided to help the last Ninetales.
Flare Blitz
Iron Tail
Flame Thrower
Flame Wheel
Flame Tackle- Flare darts at the enemy, gradually gaining speed and is engulfed in flames. He then slams in to the opponent with extreme force and if misses and hits something else, Flare is damaged vitaly.
Tail Slap- Slaps enemy onstantly with tail.
Kill Or Help- Help
RP Sample-
Max sighed. Today so far was so boring. all he had done was stand in the boat with a few other trainers from Kanto he had recognized. He particularly hung out with this one kid, Gold, who three years ago practically wore the same clothes as him. He looked down at his Arcanine who was sleeping next to a curled up Flareon. Max smiled seeing how peaceful his Pokemon looked.

Max heard the horn of the boat blow as a single that they had just docked. Max stood up and woke up Arcanine who jerked his head up and then stood up. Max smiled seeing Arcanine's collar Max had gotten for him over the past three years. It was a chain of gold and had a Pokeball on it. The Pokeball was gold and opened up and had a picture of Max with the word 'Owner' under it and the other side had his adress and stuff.

Max sighed seeing how Arcanine was almost his height. He then hopped on to arcanine's ack because he had done it many times before and Arcanine didn't have a problem with it. Arcanine then ran off the boat and ran towards a building that was almost the same size as Professor Oak's laboratory. Arcanine skidded to a halt in front of the door and then sat down, causing Max to slide off of Arcanine.

Max stood up and returned Arcanine to his Pokeball and sat on a bench waiting for the others. Then, six other trainers Max had no idea who they were walked up in front of the door. Then, the others walked up and Max knew them all very well. He stood up and turned the knb and pushed on the door. Inside Elm was pacing the room wondering what to do about something.

He looked up and a wave of relief passed over his face. he quickly grabbde a bunch of Pokeballs and dropped one in to each of their hands. Max blinked at the fastness of Professor Elm and then looked up at him confused. He figured allt ehy were doing was working around the lab with him. Then, he passed out some PokeGear. Now Max was really confused. He didn't realize they were going on a journey again or he would have packed more supplies!

"But, Professor. I thought us 6 from Kanto would just be helping you out around the lab. So whay are you giving us all Pokemon and Pokegear?" Vanessa asked.

Max looked from the young women and then at Professor Elm waiting for an answer.

"Well. You se I'm fine by myself when it comes to lab work, but I don't have enough time to do a bunch of field work. So I decided to let you three travel Johto doing field work for me and collecting badges and what not." Elm said.

Max sighed frustatedly. He didn't mind doing this work for Elm, it was just he hadn't been told this otherwise he would have packed more supplies.

"So, we're all your errand boys?" Max asked with a scowl.

Elm looked at him and replied: "Not necessarily.While you explore Johto I'll give you a mission to do while you're on that route or in that city. Sometimes there won't be a mission at all. But after you complete your mission I don't care what you do. You can raise a new team of Pokemon and take the Gym Challenge again for all I care."

Max eyes lite up with satifaction. He was afraid he wouldn't have much fun in Johto because he hadn't been able to enter the league in time. Max looked down at Arcanine's Pokeball and winced. He hadn't been away form arcanine since he had befriended him...and now, he would have to send him back to Oak.

"Now that we're all good and dandy here, I trust that Oak upgraded each of your Pokedexs before you left?" Elm asked passing out a Pokedex to each of the new trainers.

They all nodded and Elm dropped five little Pokeballs in to their hands as they walked out. Max wrapped his fingers around the Pokeballs and then quickly dashed back inside. He stood in front of the PC Elm owned and dropped Arcanine's Pokeball in a samll ball holder. Oak would know whose Arcanine it was and then pressed a button. A few bright lights flashed and then the Pokeball was gone, gone in to the Kanto region. Far, far away. And so was Arcanine.

Max sighed and then dashed back outside and without doing anything else he dashed to the enterance of the first route in Johto.

Also is it ok if FLare is in fact related to the Last Ninetales?

January 9th, 2009, 8:04 PM
I'd like to reserve a spot please... and also I'd like to ask somethings,Do pokemon necesarliy have to be one side or the other, can they be mercenary like or even undecided as of yet? Another one, do the people against the ninetails have to be water type or can it be like a team with a water type and a bug type ( Slowking and Vespiquen). And my last one can a water type be on ninetails side ( same team I'm just trying to decide which side to join).

January 11th, 2009, 10:26 AM
hello there BPR, your new Rp seems to be cut out for business, doesn't it? I think i might sign up, but if there are too many people, just cut me out.

Name- Kuiin
Gender- Female
Species- Houndoom
Level- 56
Appearence- http://www.pokemondb.co.uk/images/sprites/diamond-pearl/normal/houndoom-f.png
Personality- Devious and cunning, Kuiin needed all the skills she could get to escape an entire clan of houndoom coming after her. She always displays a cold and silent exterior to all, barking a sarcastic reply to anything asked of her. On the inside though, she wanted to be free from all the running and hiding, having only known the bonds that kept her away from others since her birth.
History- Since the time of her birth, her family had always been hunted by the rest of her clan, whether it was because her mother had disobeyed the clan's law and mated with another species or simply because they hated them with a passion, Kuiin and her family hid in the day and moved by night, never stopping in one place for long, nor traveling too fast as to wear themselves out. Her mother and father soon passed away, too dreary and tired to continue. She herself, kept traveling, after many a year of evading the clan's clutches and missing capture narrowly, Kuiin came upon a town with a notice advertising The Ninetales by a water type and how it must be destroyed. She knew of the legend and as she stared at the notice longer, she decided to help the poor ninetales, it was the only one of it's kind left, and now was going to be hunted into extinction. Kuiin could compare herself to the ninetales, after all, they were sort of same in a way, both being hunted and forced to hide and seek survival, though her situation was of a different kind and not so alarming. So she decided to seek out the ninetales for the sake of merely meeting it and maybe having a bit of company to relate her issues to.
Moves- Flamethrower, Crunch, Iron tail, Sunny day, Solarbeam and Faint attack.
Kill Or Help- help.
RP Sample-
From Goulerbot's PMD-Rise of the wilderness
Kyuubi watched Jirachi as she ran off into the forest and fly up into a tree, obiviously having seen something of interest. She padded over to the absol, who was partly unconscious. His eyes had stopped glowing like they had earlier but she sensed that there was more to come later. Wild pokemon were running rampant across these lands and she suspected that a pokemon had destroyed the ehaling house, therefore the reason why she had been removed. "Kyuubi!" came a call across the clearing. She looked up, Enkarey was running awkwardly towards her, panting. "the wild pokemon are coming! and Rayquaza has destroyed my house!" She was obviously devastated at the loss, Kyuubi reasoned with herself. The absol by her feet was slowly trying to struggle back on his feet but not quite having enough strength to rise.

The leaves were rustling very loudly as her hearing pinpointed exactly where it was coming from. She stood up to leave as the absol twitched dejectedly, looking down, she felt slightly sorry for it. "Enkarey, let's go, there are more wild pokemon coming, and heal this absol enough before we go" she decided, turning round to find an area which was safe to leave from. Enkarey climbed onto her back carefully and held on tight as she bounded across to the tree where Jirachi was staring at something. She ran up the tree as fast as possible to escape the pokemon that were now scratching along the bottom of the tree. Soon, the smarter, less wild pokemon would try to find ways to climb up and then, they would have no where to go. She landed next to Jirachi and followed her gaze, Rayquaza was standing in the middle of the town, roaring his rule over the area...

One question though, does the level mean it's age or not?

January 11th, 2009, 10:41 AM
Name- Takai (also goes by " The Shadow Hunter ")
Gender- Male
Species- Weavile
Level- 46
Appearence- A regular Weavile besides the scars on his right arm.
Personality- Takai has always been cold and sarcastic when he was with Darkly . However he has had a change of heart after he left Team Darko he is now just shy and timid. He has also turned wise though he doesn't like to go into convesation about it. Also he constantly shows a frown on his face for a unknown reason. He is also somewhat naive.
History- Takai comes from a dead family of many kinds of pokémon. He is the last one of his family and he believes he will die as lonely as he currently is, with no one to talk to and no one to trust. Everyone he knew was killed or kidnapped when a swarm of Scizor came to his village; he was only 5 years old, but he still remembers that day constantly, like if haunted by it, as if he just came out of a house filled with ghosts. He then joined a band of traveling merchants hoping to find someone he could trust.

Takai then was found by a Porygon Z that bore the name of Glitchy he quickly made friends with him and followed him to a place where he met a Flygon named Darkly who recriuted him into the group shortly after he discovered Darkly's plot and left the group. However he and three other pokemon found a Ninetail's corpse and vowed to protect the Ninetails.
Moves- Night Slash, Ice Punch, Double Team, Shadow Claw, Brick Break, Shadow Slip (combonation of Double Team and Shadow Claw he creates the copies and slashes the opponent many times)
Kill Or Help- Help
RP Sample- Echo looked at the two pokemon fighting with poison sting and decided to train as well . He tossed up two pokeballs and out came a Totidile and a Staravia. The bird-like pokemon flew up in the air and clutched onto a nearby tree . The crocodile like pokemon opened its mouth and started shooting a blast of water at different directions . " Ok Dive, Staravia, we are going to practice targeting attacks with a long range, Dive, you go fire your water gun at that tree over there. Staravia you fire your whirlwind attack at that rock". The bird-like pokemon obeyed and flapped its wings to create a great whirlwind and the rock was smashed into tiny fragments of gravel. The crocodile-like one also followed its orders and fired a blast of water from its mouth towards a nearby tree. The tree was cut into half with the power of the blast . Just then he realized that a poison sting attack was headed towards Kurt , he quickly yelled " Dive use water pulse to stop that attack!!". The crocodile fired a orb of water which quickly missed Kurt but turned into a wave heading towards Tony and his pokemon.......

Takai's assitants

Name : Plague
Gender : Male
Level : 36
Species : Croagunk
Appearance : He is a normal Croagunk besides the fact he wears a purple scarf.
Personality: Plague has little empathy for his opponents or regard for life he will not feel anything if his closest friend dies from his attacks. Despite his cruelty, Plague also has possession a very down-to-Earth outlook on life, rarely growing worked up over obstacles that come his way. Almost never does he show extreme emotion, and even these instances are short-lived.
History: Plague grew up just like a normal pokemon until his parents told him he was to evolve into Toxicroak. Then he was disgusted and kept a Everstone in his purple scarf. His parents eventaully found out and left him to go on his own. Takai found him under a bridge and told him that Ninetails was in danger. Plague decided to help due to the fact he had always admired Ninetails.
Moves : Sludge Bomb, Mud Shot, Brick Break, Poison Jab, Gunk Shot, Poisonous Beam (combo with Scatter)

Name : Scatter
Gender : Female
Level : 35
Species : Riolu
Appearance : A normal Riolu besides a Sir Aaron hat on.
History : She was once a member of Team Aura however she got kiddnapped by a Combusken and Takai saved her. She then devoted her life to save Ninetails .
Personality : The young fighting type is simply restless. She's very bubbly and happy and runs around like theres no tommorow. She's also very scatterbrained (hence her name) .
Moves : Aura Sphere, Dark Pulse, Bullet Punch, Vacuum Wave, Dragon Pulse, Poisonous Beam (combo with Plague).

January 11th, 2009, 1:51 PM
Hey BPR, do you mind if I create another character. I was going to make a Fire type trying to kill the Last Ninetails.

Giratina ♀
January 11th, 2009, 2:32 PM

Name- Kera
Gender- Female
Species- Vaporeon.
Level- Uhh... 55?
Personality- Kera is a reckless Vaporeon, much to the distaste of the rest of her family. She is bored easily, and always wants to find something thrilling to do. If she gets recognized for it, that's a nice bonus. So when she heard about the last Ninetales and the Water Pokemon out to find it, she eagerly signed up. She usually doesn't think before she acts, but usually finds a loophole or a way to get out. Usually.

History- Kera had left her clan of Vaporeon (well, okay. They kicked her out). While she wandered the rivers of Kanto, a particularly chatty group of Goldeen explained to her that a Ninetales has been sighted. Remembering the rumors that a Ninetales was extremely dangerous but forgetting that that was only if you grabbed its tail, Kera eagerly devoted herself to finding and destroying the Ninetales.

Moves- Water Melt - All Vaporeon have this ability. Kera can transform her molecules into water molecules and disappear completely underwater.
Muddy Water
Giga Impact (she is not very accurate with this move, and doesn't use it if she can help it - she usually substitutes it for...)
Hydro Pump
Kill Or Help- Kera is out to kill the Ninetales.
RP Sample- Never been in an RP before, so allow me to make something up:

The Ponyta was at Kera's complete mercy.

It had done the most foolish thing possible in front of Kera: gab freely about how he had known the Ninetales and it's location. Kera had asked politely is she could ask him something in private, and cornered him up in a cave. He was now backing away slowly, frightened by the Vaporeon who could easily destroy him with a simple Muddy Water.

"I'm repeating this one more time," Kera growled, padding towards the small, cream-colored pony Pokemon. Its fire blazed up violently. Kera could tell it was feeling very scared. "Where is the Ninetales?"

"I- I was bragging..." it whimpered, huge black eyes wide with fear. "I don't know where the Ninetales is... please don't hurt me..." Kera's catlike body sat down, and her mermaid tail curled about her. She lowered her head, clearly not amused by the Ponyta's new claim.

"You were bragging," she said coldly, "about finding the Ninetales - the Ninetales which practically everybody knows the Water-types are looking for - in an area populated with Pokemon, about 25 percent of which were Water-types, probably hunting for the Ninetales as well? And you did this at the top of your voice, shouting it out to whoever was near you?"

"I was carried away." The Ponyta whimpered softly.

Kera glowered at it for a few seconds. She analyzed its face, searching for signs that it was telling the truth - or if it was lying. It was shifting its weight rapidly - a sign of uneasiness. Fire was flaring out of its mane and tail area more violently than usual - a telltale sign of honest-to-goodness fear. It's eyebrows weren't furrowed together, and that meant it felt no guilt.

"Fine." Kera said finally. "I believe your story. Get out of here." She stepped to the side, and good thing she did - the Ponyta made full use of its speed to het himself out of the cave and that creepy Vaporeon with the voice like ice.

"I wish they would just use their minds once in a while," Kera sighed. "It would make things far easier in the long run."

I write stories like I do fanfics, so if there is any major issue please point it out to me.

January 11th, 2009, 2:49 PM
I'm going to reserve a spot for a Water Pokemon :D

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
January 11th, 2009, 6:58 PM
Yes to everybody's questions and sign-ups.

Also, Spirit would be glad to find out that Flare is related. =3

Also, we can start now. =3 i'll let somebody else start it off. Im tired...

January 11th, 2009, 8:51 PM
Sorry some of thats a bit short.

Name- Xaki
Gender- Male
Species- Infernape
Level- 100 (Hope thats ok. I have the reason in history)
He looks like most Infernapes. Only he has black fur and a blue head flame. He is also covered in scars from a number of battles. Thier leader is a Scizor(more about them later). He also has a very happy look on his face. He's never felt true sadness his entaire life.
He is always happy, and, as I said before, has never known true sadness. He also seems to have the mentality of a child. Even when explained to him he doesn't see the consequenses of his actions. All he cares about is gaining the approval of Bahn.
He is the atopted brother of Bahn. Bahns parents found his egg, and decided to atopted him so he wouldn't hatch alone. As Xaki grew up he grew to almost worship Bahn. He also became very dangerous. Because of his obsesion with obtaining Bahn's approval, he started fighting along side Bahn, the only difference was that Xaki killed his oppents. He soon became so dangerous that Bahn was the only one that could get close to him, there for making Bahn the only one that could kill him. Now Bahn loved him like a blood-related brother. He couldn't just kill him. So he sent Xaki to the Black Sound Cave (i know, the name sucks). This cave alows no light to enter and sound is swallowed up so entirely that not even the sharpest ears can hear. This was supposed to kill him without letting him know it. But he survived, and is now incredible strong. When he came out he looks as he does now. He then heard of the Ninetail legend and is going to kill it to gain Bahn's approval.
Flame Wheel
Flare Tornado (engulfs the user in flames as he spins around creating a gaint tornado of flame)
Fire Claws (It's like Fire Punch, just with open claws, not a closed fist)
Close Combat
Flare Combat (comanation of Close Combat and Flare Blitz)
Flare Blitz
Kill Or Help- Kill

January 12th, 2009, 5:19 AM
Ok im going to start.

In a Middle of a Desert. There was a Tent. Sacred Came out . Saying in a mad way :" Hey you Slackers ! Especially you Master Chaos ! Wake Up!" . as Royal Woke up and says:" unngh let us sleep for a bit. and dont shout like a Crazy Jackass" , " Oh Yea?" Sacred said " Im gonna Burn ya with ma Blaze Kick!!", Royal electrifies his Hand" And im gonna Zap you with my ThunderPunch!!" and they fight With each other....., Honor Woke up and Kindly woke Chaos up. As Chaos woke up. he Immediatly Shot His Aura Sphere at the 2 Fighting Riolus. " Stop it right now!" Chaos said " everyone go and wear his hat and his Cape!". The 3 Riolus Kindly Wore their Hat and Their Capes, and went out for Breakfast with Chaos. Sacred said" Master Chaos , Are we going to stay longer here at the Middle of this boring Desert??". " Of course not" Chaos said" we need to search for the Last Ninetales, I know it will be a Long Journey Kids but Lets...." Chaos Stopped Talking , He Felt something Coming. " Everyone! Stay alert!" shouted Chaos. The Tent Blew up as if it was a Rocket. and A Rampaged Hippowdon Appeared, " Grrr U Blewed Our Tent huh?" Sacred Said" Im gonna Show ya ma Blaze Kick!!" . " No! Sacred! its too Dangerous!" Chaos Shouted. As Sacred used his Blaze Kick. the Hippowdon got his Front-Left Leg Burned. and Couldnt Move. but Hippowdon sucked Sacred with the Sand Tomb, " Saacred!! " Chaos shouted" ... Im gonna Rescue Sacred right now! .. Double Team!" A Copy of Chaos Appeared and went to Rescue Sacred from the sand tomb, and Got sucked with the Sand tomb , and took sacred out of the Sand tomb as if he was Blasted by a Cannon , the Copy dissappeared." Waaaaaaaaaah!!" Screamed Sacred, and landed to the ground. " Hows the Landing Bro?" Royal said. " Its not time for Joking !" Sacred said" U and Honor! Stay away! Leave this battle to Master Chaos!", Its now Chaos Versus the Rampaged Hippowdon. As Chaos Became Aggressive. His Aura started Growing Stronger. Chaos Jumped to the Sky, And Used Load of AuraSpheres at Hippowdon. and then Started Releasing a Powerful Aura . it is Aura Storm! The Hippowdon got Damaged by Aura Storm! and couldnt Move at all and Fainted. As Chaos Went down. Feeling Hippowdon,s Heart . and it says it Promised not Attack Chaos, Chaos Healed the Hurted Hippowdon with Herbs and the Hippowdon Left. " I thought it was Evil...." Honor Said , " Seems like we Learned from Master Chaos lots of thing from this Battle, Not to Kill the Wild Pokemon!" Royal Said. " Urrgh why My Blaze Kick wasnt that much Great ?? am i Weak??"", " No Sacred.." Replied Chaos " The Hippowdon was just Strong for you. and Blaze Kick is not the Always Solution for everything, Just dont Forget not to Use it against a Water type Pokemon Hahaha!, " Not Funny ..." Replied Sacred. and everyone Laughed. The Team Aura Then started To continue their Journey . In Search of the Last Ninetales!

January 12th, 2009, 6:44 AM
"Vine Whip!" Tara reched out with her vines to grasp a branch higher in a tree and pull herself along. "Who says you have to be a flying type to fly?" she giggled.

This swinging from tree to tree went on for awhile until Tara reached a small clearing. There she scrambled around in the dirt, digging frantically until she found a small box containing her precious item.

"I was saving this for an emergency but......" Tara pulled the small tm from the box. "Now is as good a time as any."

Tara concentrated on the power stored in the tm, and felt it seep into her body.

"Ultimate grass move learned.....check." Tara smiled, thought it over and planted a small seed where she had dig the box up. "Just as I promised mother. The Ninetails is in danger. I may not be able to do much, but I swear I will try to help."

Her stomach growled loudly, runing the mood.

"Right after I get something to eat." she giggled.

January 12th, 2009, 10:32 AM
Bahn had been flying for a while and starting to get tired. Mabye I'll land and rest for a while. He thought. As Bahn started to circle down lazily he suddinly got caught in a thermal rising up from the ground. Unwillingly, the warm air beneath his wings took him higher then he had wanted to go,
especially sence he had wanted to go down. Crud. Now it's going to take longer to get down to the ground, thought Bahn. He got out of the thermal, and, just to save time, went in to a dive. It was a good thing he had chosen to dive at that moment, because a moment later that spot was filled with diving Pidgioto.

"Hey, watch where your going," Bahn yelled. He looked back to see what they were doing, and saw that they were coming after him!

"Ah man! I'm too tired to get in a fight right now!" Bahn yelled. Bahn slowly opened his wings as if coming in for a landing. This slowed him down so he could prepare to hopefuly scare away the bird pokemon. The whole time he was gathering the sun's energy so he could blast it towards them, while missing them. When he thought he had gained enough energy, and the pokemon had almost caught up to him, he turned around to face them and, without aiming, let the blast of solar energy fly towards the flying pokemon. It missed baerly, but was enough to scare them into retreting. He started to finish the rest of the flight down, but suddenly lost contiousness and plumited to the ground. He was about thirty feet from the ground, when out of nowhere a dark shape caught him. They both landed safely, and the monkey-like pokemon put the still uncontious Bahn down on the ground, and sat on the ground next to him. He was black in color with a blue head flame.

January 12th, 2009, 10:43 AM
Kuiin jumped rapidly from rock to rock in among the rocky outer cliffs of the mountains. The wind was a mere light breeze and it looked to be a fine day of traveling ahead of her.

By law of gravity, when ever one kicks an inanimate object, it is certain to move downwards. This is where Kuiin ended up, stuck on a single cliff merely because she had kicked a boulder.

"Raticates! how am I going to get down now?" she grumbled, flicking her tail in the slowly rising heat.

A lone Trapinch suddenly popped out of the rock on the side of the cliff below her, eliting an idea in her head.

"Hey!" she called down. The trapinch looked up at her dejectedly, "what do you want?" he asked, she sighed, one extremely miserable Trapinch that needs to be persuaded, she thought. Oh well, the more help she got, the more enjoyable her joureny to find Ninetales.

Giratina ♀
January 12th, 2009, 12:23 PM
Ponytas are so... so... Kera couldn't find a word she could use to describe how that insolent Ponyta made her feel. Insolent, that's it. Ponytas are so insolent. Mayne if they kept their mouths shut a couple more times, they could stay put of trouble?

Kera was walking along the Great Volcano, hoping to find the Ninetales here. The heat was getting to her, but she had to constantly douse Fire-types and her body didn't get over heated. As she whipped out a Big Apple to eat, she glanced around at the giant volcano.

"How in the name of Arceus do Pokemon live in this place?" She wondered out loud. "It's a no-brainer that a Fire-type would want to be in a volcano, but..." Suddenly, a thought came to her. What if the Ninetales was somewhere that a Ninetales woudn't want to be? Like... like a desert?

Kera shuddered at the thought. Deserts are the worst places ever, period. There's always sand in your eyes, and the sand that kept a place on the ground is hot enough to burn your pads straight off of your paws. You can't melt either; you would evaporate immediately! How many foolish Vaporeon's lives have been cut short by evaporation? The nights are freezing cold - this Kera could stand, but everything else was plain old horrible.

I must be going crazy, Kera told herself as she finished the apple and moved towards the exit. Absolutely mad. Regardless of her suspected lunacy, Kera leaped into the water and headed for the homeland.

The Instant Classic
January 12th, 2009, 1:11 PM
Dam it its a mental addiction i tell you!
( are sign ups still open if so )

Name: Vandar

Gender: Male

Species: Grovile

Level: 50

Appearance: http://www.arkeis.com/images/pokemonfactory/grovyle.png

Personality: Vandar is a complicated person no one can quite figure out his true feelings.
But there's one thing for certain if you anger Vandar to much then your gonna get hurt seriously.
In other words Vandar has a angry Personality and can easily be offended.

History:When Vandar was a baby his mother ( now dead ) would tell him story's of the pokemon known as Ninetails.
He was told of there great power and also of there great beauty and how they are known as great legends.
Of course though he soon grew out of these story's as he believed them to be just fairy tales......he was wrong.......
When he was older Vandar went travailing around the world but lost track of time.
In the end Vandar had been away from home for 2 years but one day changed that forever.
While walking pass a field one day Vandar heard a scream he rushed over to see what it was and witnessed the what would be the horror of his life.
A pokemon with nine tails was being assaulted by a group of water pokemon.
Without thinking Vandar let out a destructive leaf storm sending the water Pokemon to the ground
Vandar then rushed up to the wounded Pokemon but the damage had already been done.....the pokemon died in Vandar's arms.
It was then when the the water pokemon got back up it was then when Vandar unleashed his full anger and used a move known as Vine Tomb meaning you where either going to be seriously injured or dead the water pokemon got lucky.
Vandar then returned home to discover what had been happening while he was gone obviously it wasent good news.
He learned that the pokemon he tryed to save was the pokemon in his story's Ninetails.
He found out how there was now only one Ninetails left in the world and that it was being hunted down but Vandar wasent going to let that happen.....
Kill or help: help please
Moves: quick attack,leaf storm,VINE TOMB,Bullet seed ( do i have to know more? )
RP sample : you gotta be kidding me ive just had to write all that! ( cant you just look at my old posts in your other RP? )

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
January 12th, 2009, 1:12 PM
OOC- Nice sign-up Callandor! =3 Xaki is approved.

TheMaster123, Vendar is also approved.


Spirit looked down from a high cliff. She saw a couple of Wartortle looking for her. She hid in a cave before they saw her, and waited until they passed by. Spirit went back to the cliff. "If only I knew where he was..." Spirit sighed, smiling slightly at the sight in her mind. Suddenly, she saw a Hydro Pump go past her. "There it is!" yelled the leader of the small group. The leader was a Blastoise, and the team consisted of Swampert, Empoleon, Feraligatr and Blastoise. "Get it before it runs!" yelled one of the Swampert. It launched a Mud Shot that slammed her against the cliff. Spirit got up slowly, only to find the leader of the group in front of her. Spirit used Dig and kept going until she couldnt hear hem any more, making many corridors and exits to make the water types confused. Once she got out, she was in a forest on the mountainside. She heard somebody yell "Hey!". Spirit ran in the opposite direction, thinking it was the water pokemon. She came across a desert. Using her tail to shield her eyes, she stepped in and tried to deal with the hot, sandy ground. "Note to self... never sit in plain sight on a cliff." Spirit said, scolding herself. She used Flamethrower and encased herself in a shield of flames. Spirit then laid down to rest.

Nice posts everybody! =D

January 12th, 2009, 1:36 PM
Tara sighed happily as she finished off her third oran berry. She patted her stomach as she leaned against a tree in a satisfied way. "Man, am I ever stuffed. I don't think I could eat another bite."

There were still a few oran berries off to her side, but Tara ignored those.

She stood and faced a tall oak.

"Now is as good a time as ever." Tara felt her new power flowing in her and consintrated on the tree. She began glowing slightly as she gathered that power. "Solar Beam!" she cried at last.

A smalish to middle size beam of light shot forth from Tara and peirced through the trunk, creating a perfect hole.

"Not too shabby." Tara sat down, feeling a little tired. "Good thing I'm in the middle of a forest. If that hit someone it would probably hurt a lot." she laughed to herself.

"Now let's try......Synthesis!" Tara sighed as her body felt warm, and immediately relaxed, and the few scrapes and bruises she had acquired earlier vanished.

Tara glanced around at her surroundings once more, before wrapping the last few oran berries up in her leaf for safe travel. She took a sip from a nearby brooke.

"Time to start off again." She began walking, then turned back to face the clearing. "I don't know when if ever I'll see this place again. Bye bye happy medow." she giggled at her own name for the place.

January 12th, 2009, 2:03 PM
Name: Takashi
Gender: Male
Species: Riolu
Level: 16
Appearance: Takashi looks like a regular riolu just with a black scarf that he never takes off.
personality: Takashi is a nice Riolu and very friendly. Takashi is very bone headed when it comes to helping friends. He would jump into a volcano just to help a friend. Takashi is also very harsh when it comes to people who are mean to him or others who a weaker than them. Takashi will fight for others in need no matter what. Takashi is also very brave.
History: Takashi was surprised when he heard about the last ninetails and well do anything to help it. Takashi is now looking for the ninetails and is stoping anyone who wants to hurt it. Takashi is also looking for a teacher to teach him more moves.
Aura shpere
Quick attack
??? well learn on later
kill or help: Help
Rp Sample: BPR you know me and have seen my work (lol)

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
January 12th, 2009, 2:18 PM
OOC- Ok, you are in AuraGodLucario. =3

January 12th, 2009, 2:51 PM
"Left, Right," Takashi said to himself punching a tree.

"Come on,"

"Aura sphere!" Takashi yelled as he shot the aura sphere at a tree snapping it in half

"Not strong enough," Takashi said stomping the floor.

"I wish someone would train me,"

"Well it's time to go home," Takashi said walking off.

Takashi since he didn't have much money or have a job lives in a little house made of wood he built.

"Tomorrow I'll go shopping for food," Takashi said walking into his bed.

The next morning Takashi went to a near by water fall to wash up. Takashi went back to his house to get his money.

"200 poke that's enough for the rest of the week if i eat a little," Takashi said taking the money and walking out of the house.

Takashi lived in a near by small town which supplies rare food not found in other areas

Giratina ♀
January 12th, 2009, 5:40 PM
It was a mirage. Kera was suffering from heat exhaustion, she was sure of it. There was no other way to describe a huge flash of fire in the distance. No matter how hard she wanted to turn into water if only to cool herslef down, the constant threat of evaporation loomed over her. The Vaporeon shook her head and kept walking towards the direction the fire had come from.

Maybe she was right for once. Maybe that Pokemon knew something about the Ninetales. Maybe.

Kera looked upwards, and practically screamed with relief. It was getting darker, and it was getting colder.

But she couldn't keep going... as much as she hated to do it, Kera dug up a small shelter within a huge dead cactus shell, curled up, and waited for herself to fall asleep. She crawled and churned in her sleep, wanting to inspect the fire. The wriggling cactus shell made a heck of a lot of noise, but Kera was half-asleep. She didn't notice.

January 12th, 2009, 6:11 PM
"Well let's see what do i need," Takashi said looking around the market in town.

"Let's see a couple of oran berrys and some bread to make a pie,"

Takashi walked to the owner of the shop which was a Kecleon. Takashi placed his items on the counter and started to take out money.

"Hey Takashi still living in the forest?" The Kecleon asked putting Takashi things in a bag.

"Yeah Kel," Takashi said. Kel is what everyone in town calls the Kecleon at the market.

"How much is this going to cost me?"

"Well for you 20 poke since you're my number one customer,"

"Thanks kel you're too kind," Takashi said handing Kel the money.

When Takashi finnally reached his home he saw smoke coming from the west.

"That's really close i wonder what's going on?" Takashi asked himself.

Takashi went inside and put his things down and ran back outside.

"Well then let's go find out what's going on," Takashi said as he ran towards the smoke

The Instant Classic
January 13th, 2009, 8:25 AM
Vandar had been walking in the desert for a whole day now and needed rest.
" Huh whats that " Vandar said noticing some kind of dug out shelter as he went to inspect it.
He sore a lone Vapoureon lying there " Mind if i join you " Vandar asked while sitting down.
He noticed that the Vapoureon was half asleep and so he didnt bother asking " im sure we can talk later then ha ha ".
But then Vandar started to feel warm as if there was a heater behind him.
" What the?..." He said as he turned around noticing a huge ball of fire.
As he went over to inspect it he noticed something about the fire ball " theres somebody inside it! ".
Vandar started to run up to the ball of fire.

January 13th, 2009, 10:30 AM
Bahn was mumbaling in his sleep when he suddenly woke up, eyes shooting open and gasping for breath. Lying on his front, because if he layed on his back he'd crush his wings, he looked left then right, then took a double take back to his right, and saw a black shape in the shadow of a large tree. Has he been their the whole time?! thought Bahn. he must not like fighting defence less opponites. Bahn slowly got up on his hind legs, streched out his wings, and sent a blast of fire towards his opponent. The tree was immediately destoryed, but the adversary easyly avoided the attack. Bahn leapt in to the air and took flight to gain the upper hand. The other pokemon found another tree, climbed up it and leapt into the air after him. This shocked Bahn, and he strugeled for more air, because it was dead air, no wind at all. He wasn't able to avoid it. The pokemon slamed into Bahn, and both fell to the ground. Bahn managed to get his wing out from under him so it didn't break upon landing. Before he hit the ground he looked at the other pokemon, and yelled "OH MY GOD, It's yo-" just then they hit the ground.

Xaki leapt off of Bahn and said, "How was that Great Master Bahn, did I do good? Do you approve?"

Bahn was still in shock from seeing Xaki alive, so he didn't say a word or even hear him. Xaki just kept staring and smiling, waiting for an awnser. I forgot how happy he always is. thought Bahn. Just then he relized that Xaki asked something.

"Huh? Oh yeah, you were good. He Xaki, what about the cave?" said Bahn.

Xaki frowned and looked down at the ground. "I am afraid I couldn't find it."

Bahn looked puzzled, then asked, "Find what Xaki?"

Xaki sat down, giggled, and said, "The horrible monster, Great Master Bahn. Now I am going to find the Last Ninetails and Defeat it for you."

January 13th, 2009, 12:26 PM
When Takashi reach the smoke there was a huge fire. Takashi ran back to his house got a bucket and ran to a lake and got some water and dumped it on the fire. The bucket had no effect.

"Help!" Takashi yelled as the fire became bigger.

The fire then engulfed Takashi and became bigger. Takashi tired to fight it but he couldn't

"Help me!" Takashi yelled as he started to disappear in the fire.

The last thing Takashi remembers was seeing a figure in the distance.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
January 13th, 2009, 12:26 PM
Spirit woke up and lifted her head after hearing something. There was a Grovyle running straight for her. She used dig inside of the fire shield and made it go away. She stayed hidden in the sand. She didnt realize one of her tails were still up on top of the sand. "Whew... that Grovyle looked tough... But I did sense some friendship in him... oh well, if he is a friend he will surely keep those other pokemon away from me." Spirit said quietly. "GET OUT OF HERE!" Something yelled and bit Spirit's paw. "OWWW!" Spirit yelled. "What was that for?" She growled at the pokemon. It was a Trapinch. "Your on top of my house! Now get out!" Yelled the Trapinch. It used Headbutt and Spirit flew out of the sand. "Owwww......" Spirit said, looking at her paw. It had tooth marks on it. "Great, now im vulnerable..." Spirit growled, pointing her nose at the Trapinch's den.

Giratina ♀
January 13th, 2009, 12:49 PM
Blinking slowly, Kera opened her eyes. "Wha-" She became aware immediately, glancing around her cave-hole. She noticed another small indent in the sands, and realized that someone else was in this cave - while she was. Bursting out, Kera noticed the fire was still burning.

She scrambled towards the great wall of flame, certain that the creature in there could help her find the Ninetales. As she put her paw down, the sand below her collapsed. Kera screamed as sand collapsed around her, fighting to keep her head above the great force that was washing around her like a tidal wave.

Kera struggled and fought, taking heavy gasps of air and screaming when she could. If this didn't go well, she could always turn into water and get out like that - but it was still light out, and the danger of evaporation was still present. Flailing, Kera continued to push upwards.

The Instant Classic
January 13th, 2009, 12:54 PM
" Get out of here thats not very good is it? " he then noticed the Trapinch blocking the Ninetails way.
" Bullet seed " Vandar yelled while sending out the attack sending the Trapinch running.
" If i where you Ninetails or whatever your name is id get out of here if i where you " Vandar suggests.
He noticed the Trapinch coming back " back for eh? well bring it " he shouts while running to battle.

But before he could Vandar noticed the Vapoureon he sore earlier in trouble " dam it they pick the best times to get in danger dont they? " Vandar says sarcastically.
Vandar quickly runs up to the the sinking pokemon and holds out his paw " grab my hand " he shouts.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
January 13th, 2009, 1:03 PM
Spirit nodded to the Grovyle. She spotted a Vaporeon sinking in the sand. She ran over to it and pulled it out. She put it on a rock and ran. she was now back in the forest. "Ok, it may have been with the water types but I cant do much right now..." Spirit said talking to herself. She paced back and forth continually. She stopped pacing after a while and drew a flame in the dirt. "Mark of the Flaming Souls clan. Perfect." Spirit smiled. She then ran up a tree and layed down.

January 13th, 2009, 4:11 PM
Flare woke up and yawned. He had been asleep for a while after running away from an angry group of Piplup, Prinplup, and Empoleon. He had found shelter in the bottom of a tree and slept there for a while. He walked out and looked down at his feet. He then saw a flame drawn in the dirt on the ground.

"What the? The Mark fo the Flaming Souls Clan? Who would mark this in the dirt?" he wondered looking around confused.

He then looked up in to the tree hearing a cracking sound and saw a Ninetales lying on a branch. He then jumped back and faced the Ninetales. He was afraid, but he thought that the Ninetales would hurt him. Then, in blinding speed the Ninetales jumped from the branch and landed on Flare. Flare fell to the ground and was stuck. He wanted so bad to get up and show this Ninetales who was boss, but he knew he was outclassed.

Struggling, the Ninetales got an impression that this Vulpix was just a nusence and a joke. She sighed disappointedly and kicked the Vulpix away.

Flare then started tumbling toward a river and landed in it with a splash. He then started to sink. He couldn't swim and the river was appearently deep. He then started losing conciousness....

January 13th, 2009, 5:27 PM
The Trapinch wasn't one to talk much, Kuiin figured out later, though it was willing to help her get down, for a price. She placed one paw on it's head and pressed down, eyeing it directly in the face, "now, I may not look like the type to murder other pokemon, but I am sure I could make an exception for you" she threatened, the heat was getting to her slightly, even though she was part fire type. The Trapinch snapped it's jaws, "alright already" it mumbled, "but only if you do something for me" he replied. Kuiin nodded, even if she did personally think that the ending wasn't going to be a good thing.

Later, as Kuiin finally managed to get back on safe ground, though in the sweltering heat of the desert blaze, the Trapinch began his side of the deal. "well, I need you to help me build another den, my neighbour decided earlier to crash mine while in a huff, something to do with increased pokemon numbers and a dumb ninetales" She blinked, 'dumb ninetales? I wonder if it's the one I'm looking for, or just a hoax' she pondered, following the Trapinch back to an extremely large hole in the ground.

"there's not too much for you to help me with, as your not a ground type, but it would be good of you to melt that pile of ore" beside the hole, a giant stack of metal was teering on the edge, waiting to be used. This was going to take a long time.

January 13th, 2009, 5:42 PM
Can I still join this?

Name- Sapphire

Gender- Female

Species- Umbreon

Level- 32

Appearance- She has a blue teardrop birthmark on her front left paw, and her eyes are light blue. If you think my form is good enough, she's shiny also.

Personality- Sapphire is a gentle-natured Umbreon who doesn't like hurting others, except prey. She would rather heal; however, she doesn't know any healing moves, much to her disappointment. Occasionally, she is in a dreamy, absent state, remembering Sol, the Lucario from her past. Sapphire is determined and never gives up on something she puts her mind to, and no one can deter her once she makes up her mind. She has a very adamant nature. However, she can be timid, shying away from some things if they seem too tough. She's also a bit rash and doesn't think before she acts, often getting her into trouble. Her short temper is a flaw, too, and she snaps very easily, often being fierce when she is angry. She is good at helping anyone who needs it, even if it's supporting others in battle. Careful, Sapphire doesn't like making mistakes and usually is hard on herself. She never accepts anything less than her best work. The Umbreon is also rather artistic at heart, and she enjoys writing things in her mind. Occasionally, she also has the urge to create something, to draw, but never has the right things.

History- Sapphire was born in the middle of spring in the year 1997. Her mother was a Flareon, but her father was a Purugly. It was a cold year; it hadn't snowed much in the past, but when she was born on that day, it began to snow softly. It wasn't cool enough to stick, but it still made the baby Eevee cold. They wanted her to evolve into Glaceon when she got older, so they helped her get accustomed to the freezing weather. But it didn't help, and once she almost froze. She never remembered this, luckily.

When she was old enough to at least speak a little bit, they told her of the legends of the Ninetales; why never to touch one of its tails and what other mystical powers it had. She was utterly fascinated and always wondered and had many questions about the Ninetales.

When she was a year old, however, an enemy pack of Poochyena attacked. Sapphire was hidden and watched in horror as her parents were severely outnumbered. They didn't manage to hold off all of them before eventually being killed. Sapphire had a burning urge to destroy what was left of them; however, she knew if she retaliated, she would suffer the same fate. Later, she vowed to either avenge her parents' death or never kill any creature, other than prey.

Alone, she fled, living in the darkest areas of the forest. She never got close to anyone, but watched other Pokémon to learn the survival skills that she didn't have as a child. It was a night around May in 2008 that she spotted a Lucario living among the forest. But instead of trying to drive him out like she usually did, accidentally, she fell in love with him. She didn't reveal herself, but she evolved into Umbreon unintentionally. He seemed to notice, and turned around to face her. Sapphire discovered with that glimpse that he was blind, but immediately began to doubt it. How had he seen all his targets?

Utterly fascinated but also, admittedly, slightly afraid, she backed away. But he showed no hostility, so she allowed him to live where he was.

When Sapphire found that there was only one Ninetales left, she wanted to help it and make sure that it wasn't killed by a Water-type like the other ones had been. She left on a journey to find the Ninetales and never saw the Lucario again. However, before she left, to say goodbye, she admitted her love for him. And in return, he told her his name. Sapphire promises never to forget Sol. Someday, she hopes to find him again.

Bite (from when she was an Eevee)
Quick Attack
Charm (Egg Move)
Confuse Ray

Kill Or Help- Help

RP Sample-

Sapphire held back the urge to cry out, or jump and fight those Poochyena who were attacking her parents for no apparent reason. The Flareon and Purugly supported each other gracefully in battle, combining Normal and Fire moves with expertise. But still, they were greatly outnumbered, at least thirty to two. The Poochyena didn't fall fast, and were tenacious, slowly overcoming these two Pokémon whom they didn't know were parents of a single Eevee.

And all at once, they were overtaken in a pile of gray fur. Sapphire flinched and whirled around, dashing away. Those Poochyena had killed her parents, and she wouldn't forgive them. Sapphire would live in the forest from now on, alone.


It was approximately three months later. Sapphire had grown considerably, as far as knowing the move Bite. It was useful in battle, she knew; however, she had only targeted bushes and caught Rattata, and perhaps a Pidgey. She knew she wasn't usually that good at battle, being timid and all. So, she just let strangers like the common Houndour, and occasional Houndoom, go. However, she watched them and learned how to hunt better and bury her prey to mask its scent.

One day, it changed. She didn't completely ignore the next stranger that May. He was a Lucario, and she believed he was a magnificent one at that. He used Force Palm and Bullet Punch with ease. Sapphire was captivated. There was a little feeling in her heart that made it beat harder, but at the same time, it felt like it had stopped completely. And before she knew it, bright light covered her, and she grew almost three times larger, her fur becoming very dark and yellow rings appearing on her shoulders, head and ears. Her tail gained a ring as well, and became longer, less fluffy.

Sapphire flinched as the Lucario whirled around, and for the first but not the last time, her fearful but infatuated gaze met his brave eyes. But valor wasn't all they showed. They were gray as mist. Was this Fighting-type... blind?

That was impossible. He aimed with precision and dodged quickly, even if his enemy didn't exist. Still, Sapphire was fascinated by this Pokémon. She backed away shyly, a blush building up on her face. But the Lucario was calm, and soon, she calmed, not knowing what to do next. Stumped, she nodded to him, turning away and scenting the air, then dashing off. She was suddenly not hungry as she was before, and just returned to her den. She needed to think, to get things straight.

That was when she remembered the stories of the Ninetales. She ultimately wanted to find out more! But not now. It wasn't the time.

Her sleep was calm and almost dreamless that night. She was restless but also exhausted, but she didn't know how that was possible.

In the morning, she crept out of her den. She had to see the Lucario again. But first, she would hunt. Sapphire had just realized how hungry she was.

After catching a nice Rattata, she explored the area a bit. But she froze when she saw a mystic golden pelt. It looked exactly like a Ninetales's. And to the touch, it was soaked. It her afraid. She had to find out. She had to tell the Lucario she was leaving, but how?

When she turned around, he was standing right in front of her. She hadn't heard him, but it didn't matter now.

"I want to find out who did this," Sapphire said, determined. "I need to travel, and defeat whoever did it."

The Lucario nodded.

"But there's one thing I need to know before I go."

"What is it?" He replied.

"What is your name?" Sapphire asked.

He paused. "...I am Sol."

"Sol..." Sapphire said. Before she left... "I love you, Sol. Goodbye."

She was tall enough to nuzzle him on the nose with her own before dashing off, probably never to see him again. But there was some light, some hope in her, that perhaps, their paths would cross again in the future.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
January 14th, 2009, 4:09 AM
OOC- You are in Pumpkinziggy.


Spirit looked at the Vulpix she had knocked in the water. Instead of it being a water type like she expected, it was a fire type. Spirit sighed and lifted the Vulpix from the water and put it on land before it drowned. One thing was going through Spirit's mind when she saw the blue on the Vulpix.


Spirit smiled slightly at the sight of the Vulpix. "Flare? Is that you?" she asked.

January 14th, 2009, 6:18 AM
OOC: Welcome Pumpkinziggy! I haven't seen you around in a while!


Flare shook his head to free it from all the water. He coughed a few times, spitting water out, and then he looked up at the Ninetales who had knocked him in to the water. He slowly stood up and then sat down and examined the Ninetales more closely.

"Yeah. Why do you wanna know?" Flare asked.

The Ninetales sat there, staring at him sympathetically. Flare stood up and shook himself free of the loose water on his fur and then he lingered back to the hole he was sleeping in, figuring the Ninetales wouldn't give him an answer.

I've grown up without a family. I'm not stupid to that kind of stuff. I don't know how she knew my name and I don't really care. She was trying to trick me most likely. Flare thought to himself as he laid down in the hole. He was lying in a comfortable position with his head in just the right position to were he could see outside.


January 14th, 2009, 7:36 AM
The battle had been raging for a couple of hours. The land was totaly destoryed. Any one who got in the way was killed. Bahn was almost dead, with Xaki standing over him getting ready to deliver the final blow. The blow that would end his life. Just as Xaki was about to crush his head, Bahn woke up. It was still the middle of the day. He estimated about two hours sence they had stoped to rest, an hour sence he had fallen asleep. Xaki had wanted to rest, and ended up falling asleep two minutes later. His head was on a rock in order to not catch the grass on fire. The rock was sufficiently burnt, and on it's way to melting, but at least the suroundings would not burn for a while. Bahn heard a comotion off to his right. He looked over and in the large open field next to him was a gigantic herd of Tauros stampeding around.

So long as they don't come over here, I could care less what they do, thought Bahn. As if his thoughts were summons, the Tauros suddenly changed direction. Their direction! As Bahn was heading back to the sleeping Xaki, he heard a sound, and looked back to see the Tauros charging him. AH CRAP! Bahn got back to Xaki and started to wake him up, when he relized that sence Xaki was still alive, it was still his responsibilaty to see him dead. He was starting to turn when Xaki woke up saying "Great Master Bahn, what's that sound." He was still very sleepy. He wouldn't be able to fight off the whole herd of Tauros, would he? Bahn thought very fast, and came up with somethimg.

"Xaki....um...training time!" That woke him up fast. "You have to....um...out run those Tauros!" He pointed to the cloud of dust that was very close now.

Xaki looked at him and said "I can't just fight them?"

"No! You must out run them! Evasion training! If you don't.......I won't approve."

Xaki imitatly ran in the oppisit direction. Bahn flew off in the oppisit direction as Xaki. He couldn't watch Xaki get trampled to death. He knew Xaki couldn't out run them forever. He would become tired and eventualy lose contionsness, and be trampled.
Later that night, Xaki was standing in front of a herd of dead Tauros. They died of exsaution, and Xaki was bearly breathing hard. Xaki started looking around in the night and didn't reconize any of his suroundings. So he started looking for Bahn. Couldn't see him ether. So he got up and started walking.

The Instant Classic
January 14th, 2009, 8:27 AM
" Man i know its been hunted down but Ninetails certainly could be better at introductions ".
" Oh well though whats done is done " Vandar says as he heads over to the Vapoureon.
" I dont think we have had a proper introduction yet but anyways the name is Vandar and as you can see im a grovile but i dont seem to know of your species tell me what are you?".

January 14th, 2009, 12:11 PM
Takashi woke up in a cave cold and confused. Takashi looked around and didn't see anything except for the cave and some books.

"Hello is anyone here?" Takashi asked as he picked up a book.

"The Last Nine tails?" Takashi said confused as he started to read the book.

Takashi sat there and read the book for an hour. Takashi was surprised on what he read.

"Hello there seems you are up," A Pokémon said.

"Who are you?" Takashi asked as he got up.

"I am Kadabra and you must sleep," The Kadabra said using hypnosis.

"Wait a minute help," Takashi said as he fell asleep.

Giratina ♀
January 14th, 2009, 4:17 PM
Suddenly, Kera was pulled up out of the sand. A flash of cream and red, and her savior was gone. Shakily, the blue Pokemon got to her paws, keeping her tail stuck out behind her for balance. "Thank you for saving me, whoever did..." She whispered, turning towards a random direction.

Wait a second. Kera straightened up. Cream and red? There was only a prick of red, so... The Vaporeon's face drained itself of color. I think...

...I think I owe my life to my target.

At that point, Kera began to rethink. That's true, the Ninetales does curse people, but... that was only if... they pulled their tail... and nobody in their right mind would...

Kera looked up. Her hunt was over. The only reason she would find this Ninetales is to thank her. The Vaporeon scrambled off across the sand, moving in the direction she thought the fox-like Last Ninetales had fled.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
January 14th, 2009, 4:48 PM
"Flare, Its me Spirit. Your mother..." Spirit said calmly. Suddenly a quick yell for help broke the silence. Spirit's eyes glowed red and there was a sleeping Riolu nedt to her. She dug a den and placed the Riolu inside it. She turned back to the den Flare was in. The only reason the clan left is because we were migrating, Flare." Spirit explained. Flare obviously wouldnt have listened, but Spirit was trying.

{in the distance}

"Hear that boss? That Ninetales's name is Spirit, and that Vulpix named Flare is related!" said a Mudkip happily. "I hear, good thing we stole all the Fire Stones..." said the boss, a Squirtle. "We have enough to deal with, now lets go before they hear us..." said the Squirtle, jumping in the river that lead to Solar Night Lake.

January 14th, 2009, 7:52 PM
Flare stared at the Ninetales for what seemed like hours. He felt an odd sensation around her, but he knew they weren't realted. He was the only left in their clan...right? Flare sighed heavily as the Ninetales tried to talk to him, but he wasn't listening. Then, the Ninetales dug a hole and placed a Riolu in it for safety.

Then, a hole appeared right under Flare. He yelled for help and began to fall through. He clung on to the top of the hole wondering if he was holding on for his life. Why is this happening? Flare wondered. He wished he knew where his mother or father was, but he figured he never would.

"I wish I just could have had a normal life." Flare muttered to himself.


January 14th, 2009, 8:44 PM
Appearence- http://www.dragonflycave.com/images/spirit.png

OOC: I think that's Dragonfree's sprite, Black Pendulum Rayquaza...


Sapphire saw nearby Pokemon, but she didn't recognize them. Who were they? Or more likely, where was she?

She emerged from the shadows and showed herself to the light-colored Ninetales. "I've heard stories of Ninetales, but I don't believe I know who you are. My name is Sapphire."

She studied the Ninetales curiously. "My parents never got into much detail." A tear came to her eye as she remembered their horrible deaths. The Dark-type shivered with regret but also excitement. "I-I want to help you." She lowered her head slightly, sitting down calmly. Rarely did she ever submit herself to someone, but this was serious. T-This was the Ninetales from the legend! Just from the few details that her parents had given her, she positively knew this. Maybe it was just instinct, but whatever it was, she trusted it.

After a few seconds, she stood up again and glanced at the Ninetales, looking around quickly. There was a Pokemon falling into a hole, but it was too late to help it....

January 15th, 2009, 3:51 AM
Team Aura Traveling.... From the Strong fight against the Hippowdon. Chaos Grew to lv42. As they Travelled. Saced Kept Shouting" A Cave A Cave!!" ,

"Stop shouting like a Jackass..." Replied Royal.

" U wanna Fight Again huh??" Said Sacred.

" Stop it My brothers. this is meaningless...." Said Honor

" -.- ok...." Replied Sacred

" Hey Kids" Chaos Said." Lets go to this Cave. i See a Shadow there".

" Yes Master!" the 3 Riolus Said

As they got there. they found a Kadabra and And a Fallen Riolu.

" What Happened to this Riolu, Sir?" Asked Chaos

" Hehe" Kadabra Replied " This guy needs A Nap. so i made him Asleep.

" That means u Wanna Attack em??" Said Sacred" Im Gonna Show Ya Ma Blaze Kick!! Yaaaaaaaah!!!"

Boom! Sacred Torched the Kadabra with his Blaze Kick. Since the Kadabras has low Defence. The Kadabra Fainted. and Chaos Took the Sleeping Riolu inside the Cave. Finding the Way to Wake him up. Also Honor took the Fainted Kadabra inside the Cave.

"Why u Bring this Demon inside the Cave huh??" Said Sacred.

" I Feel Sorry for this Kadabra" Replied Honor" Lets keep him here until he wakes up and tells us why he Hypnotized the Riolu"

"Thats just a Fine Idea Honor" Said Chaos " I just need you kids to find a Chesto Berry and a Revival Herb Outside the Cave.

" Yes Master!" The 3 Riolus Said

To be Continoued.....

The Instant Classic
January 15th, 2009, 8:16 AM
" Wait " Vandar shouted while running up to the Vapoureon " if your looking for that Ninetails then let me give you a hand ".
" You see that? " Vandar says pointing to the forest " the Ninetails went that ways into the forest but if i where you id hurry that Ninetails can sure run fast " Vandar says while walking up to a river.
He sits there examining the water like he was looking for something " the enemy have been swimming in this river ".
Vandar stands up looking to see how far the river goes.
A grin appears on Vandar's face "its time for some tracking " he said and with no question at all he begins running up river.

January 15th, 2009, 1:03 PM
Takashi woke up and noticed 3 riolus and a Lucario.

"What happen?" Takashi asked as he looked around.

"Well i guess i should be thanking you for helping me," Takashi said to the Lucario

"My name is Takashi what is yours?" Takashi asked the lucario.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
January 16th, 2009, 9:12 PM
OOC- Im Back!


Spirit turned around and saw a Umbreon. Spirit kept her distance as it intrduced itself. Spirit turned back quickly and grabbed the Vulpix's paw with her mouth. She gave a signal to Sapphire for help. Spirit whipped one of her tails down and wrapped it around Flare. Struggling, Spirit kept pulling. She had to hold on to a tree with one of her other tails to add extra strength. Spirit was determined to try and get Flare up. Flare's paw was slipping from her mouth. Suddenly, all Flare was hanging by was his other paw and her tail again. She sent out a short, loud howl to get help from anybody she could get. She then tightened her grip and continued to pull and wait.

January 17th, 2009, 7:09 AM
He was slipping. Flare knew it. The Ninetales couldn't climb in because it was to small. He was hanging by his left paw now and one of her tails was wrapped around him. Suddenly, he began slipping from her tail. If he fell, he couldn't blame her. He was the one to blame for not realizing something was digging a hole right underneath him.

Suddenly, he slipped. The Nintales had howeled for help and a nice Nuzleaf had come to help, but right before he had grabbed the Nintales tail, Flare slipped from her grasp. He began plummeting in to total darkness. His life flashed before his eyes and he wondered if he would die.

Was she really my mom? Was she lying or not? Flare asked himself.

Then he hit the solid ground and landed unconcious. The Nintales could no longer see him from where he was for it was to dark.


January 17th, 2009, 8:33 AM
I wanna join as well . I am going to post my character soon. A swampert.. Just let me read this.

PS: This is my 100 post.

The Instant Classic
January 17th, 2009, 9:16 AM
" You know you guys really need to do some training " Vandar laughs while tying up a group of Prinplup's " grrrrr you just got lucky! " the group leader shouts.
" yeah yeah ha ha see ya " Vandar begins to walk off until.....HOWL!!! " what the?..... thats Ninetails voice dam it i gotta go help " Vandar runs up to a tree and begins climbing it to the top.
He then jumps off and begins swinging vine to vine at this speed it didnt take him long to reach his destination but it wasent Ninetails that he found.

" Oh no " Vandar says noticing a Vulpex knocked out a the ground and even worse it began to rain " dam it rain and fire pokemon dont mix to well ".
He had no choice so Vandar picked up the Vulpex and put it on his back " come on little guy lets get out of here ".

Shortly after running with the injured Vulpex Vandar found a tree thats truck was hollowed out " this will have to do " he says while putting the Vulpex inside by now the rain had become a storm.
Just then a loud laugh was heard and the group of prinplup Vandar beat earlier appeared out of the bushes.
" Back for round 2 eh " Vandar laughs.
But this time the Prinplup wernt alone the brought an Empoleon with them and this time Vandar was way out matched.
Suddenly the Empoleon unleashed a Blizzard attack onto Vandar instantly freezing him.
And with that the Empoleon and Prinplup group pick up Vandar and take him away.....

January 17th, 2009, 9:24 AM
Name- Skipper


Species- Swampert

Level- 45

Appearence- He looks like a Swampert, but he has a red color, for a reason that will be revealed later. He is also fatter than most Swampert weighing nearly 200 pounds. He wears a Choice Band, King's Rock, and Choice Scarf to make him stronger and faster, but it makes it difficult for him to switch moves. The choice items also make him feel more hate towards other after being modified by Azerbu.

Personality- He has a proud nature, and thinks he is better than everyone else. He never battles for fun as he thinks he is better and stronger than everyone else.

History- Skipper was raised by an evil Buizel named Azerbu who hates fire types. I is unknown of who are his real parents, Since he was a baby Mudkip, he was taught to hate fire types as they were evil and threatened the existence of water types. He was constantly spoiled and and manipulated by Azerbu. He is very strong and tends to defeat other Pokemon easily altought his power comes from Azerbu's strange powers.

Waterfall(which secondary effect of flinching is increased with the King's Rock)
Ice Punch,
Stone Edge,
Focus Punch,
Hydro Cannon

Kill Or Help- He wants to kill it, althought deep inside he later realizes he doesn't.

Lv. 80

Appearance- He has only one normal eye. His other eye is red and posseses the ability to watch things from Swampert's perspective. His appearance is that of someone who is pure evil. He wears a coat like that of an evil magician. He has a darker color than most buizel.

Personality- Pure evil and demented. He only cares for Swampert a a tool

History- His past is unknown, except that he possesses a deep hate for fire types He plans to kill evey fire type, including the rare Ninetales. He lacks the ability to use water type moves, and is weak at battling. Instead, he seems to have psychic powers.

Moves- He never battles but he seems to use his psychic powers to manipulate Skipper.

Kill or Help: Obviously kill

This is my first time on an RP. So if i did anything wrong help me.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
January 17th, 2009, 6:12 PM
ooc- Gars, your accepted.


Spirit gasped. Flare had lost his grip and fell into the dark hole. "Flare!" she yelled. Spirit stood there staring into the hole. "He... slipped..." Sprit whined slightly. She ran straight past Sapphire. "How could I have done this? And to my own son!" Spirit scolded herself. She slammed her head into a tree, but stayed standing. She slammed her head into it many times now. "Wow, that was harsh." Said a squirtle, watching from the distance. Spirit didnt hear or see the squirtle.

January 17th, 2009, 6:32 PM
Flare struggled to get up. His right hind leg was hurting immensly. He felt as though it were broke. He hobbled to his feet and looked on the ground in front of him. He saw two orange feet. he looked up more and saw an angry looking Buizel with his arms crossed staring at Flare. Flare gulped and looked above himself. It was about a mile up and with a broken leg he couldn't get to the top.

"Uh." Flare started.

"Be quiet pest! My name is Azerbu but you will not talk to me at all!" the Buizel shouted.

Azerbu. Flare shuddered at the name. He knew it, and he wished he hadn't fallen in to the Buizel's trap. Flare shuddered, he was frightened. Thinking there was no better thing to do he howled loudly.


The Ninetales heard Flare's howl. She knew what was going on.

"Azerbu." she muttered to herself.

Every fire type in the region knew who Azerbu was. They knew to watch out for him because he plans on killing every fire type on the planet.

"Oh no, Flare!" she gasped.


January 17th, 2009, 10:17 PM
Tara walked on noticing the change in her surroundings as it shifted from forest to clear open spaces.

Now that she was free from the shadows beneath the trees Tara was free to bask in the warmth that was the sun.

"Ah, this feels great." she sighed trotting a little faster. "I haven't seen nor heard anything about that supposed Ninetails since way before I left."

Tara glanced up as a flock of Pidgey flew by overhead.

"Now that I think about it. I've been walking for quite some time and I've yet to run into any other pokemon. Maybe it's better this way, but I have no idea where to find a Ninetails."

Tara stopped and sat, deep in thought for a few moments. "Actually, now that I think about it I have no real idea what a Ninetails looks like."

Her eyes suddenly widened as a picture of a scary slimy monster appeared in her immagination.

"I really hope Ninetails doesn't look like that." she giggled. "That would be really scary."

OOC: Wow I got kinda behind. lol

January 18th, 2009, 2:48 AM
" My name is Chaos" Replied Chaos " and im the Leader of Team Aura and in search of The Last Ninetales, and these are the Riolu Brothers"

" Im Sacred! " Sacred Shouted " Im dreaming one Day to Be the Strongest Fighter ever!"

" Even when you Introduce Yourself you Bark like a Stupid Dog? -.- " Said Royal " Anyways im Royal. Im A Wise Riolu"

" .... Im Honor " Honor Said " ........"

" Why he is shy?? " Said Takashi

" Honor is a Silent Person " Replied Chaos " Talking is Something hard for him"

The Kadabra Woke up " urrgh....."

" The Demon Woke up! " Shouted Sacred while hes burning his leg . Readying to use his Blaze Kick

" No! Noo!" the Kadabra said as he goes and holds Chaos,s Leg " Please Please. im sorry for Hypnotizing the Poor Riolu. i didnt mean it..."

" its ok im not gonna attack you" said Chaos " just tell us what u were doing it for.. "

The Kadabra answered" im gonna tell u a pretty long story. and the Last Ninetales Is related too.. , The Ruler Of Time Dialga & The Ruler Of Space Palkia are Searching for 2 Strong and Reliable Warriors . in Order to Defeat Giratina . Giratina is a Beast of the Distortion World. The Opposite side of Our World. wants to come to our World. To Take the Last Ninetales with it to the Distortion World , and I want You and Takashi to get these Orbs. The Adamant Orb for you. and The Lustrious Orb for Takashi."

" What shall we do with these Items? " Said Takashi

" you will use these Orbs to Gain The Power of The Ruler Of Time and The Ruler of Space," Replied Kadabra" If Chaos Used The Adamant Orb, He can Transform into Dialga,s Form, and if Takashi Used Lustrious Orb, He Can Transform into Palkia,s Form. Yet these are Powerful but Dangerous . And after the first time of using these Orbs . Both of You will Learn a New Move that you Cannot Learn it normally"

" And what are These Moves ?" Asked Chaos

" You .. will Discover it by yourself.... get the Permission ... Of the Rulers .. Of Time.... and space ... to Enter .... the Distortion World....... however..... The Journey will be Long ..... Good Luck " The Kadabra Said as he slowly Dissappearing"

" I dunno what i say but... this will be Great and Harsh" Chaos Said

" I Agree With you , Chaos" said Takashi

" So Takashi? " Said Chaos " How About you Join Team Aura?"

" That Will be so Great Master!" The Three Riolus Said

Takashi Thinked about it. Should he Join Team Aura? Or Not?

The Instant Classic
January 18th, 2009, 4:48 AM
The group of Prinplup and there leader Empoleon where quite pleased with there capture of Vandar who was still frozen in a block of ice.
" So what should we do with him boss " one of Prinplup asked.
" First off call the Grovile it got it and secondly well......im not sure.......yet " Empoleon said in an unsure type of voice.

" Hey do you even know where we are boss because i have no idea " Another Prinplup asked.
" WHAT!!! " the Empoleon shouted " that cant be right we have a map remember? "
" Ohhhhhh oops i think we left back at that tree where we captured it ( Vandar )" the Prinplup said in scared voice.
" Then lets go back and get it then numskull " The Empoleon commanded.

It wasn't long till they got back to the tree.
" Huh whats going on here " the Empoleon asks while putting Vandar down.
" Boss wait thats Azerbu you know the Buizel that wants to kill all fire type Pokemon " the Prinplup shouted.
That made the Empoleon stop right in his tracks " ohhhhhh nooooo we need to get out of here now " Empoleon says.
He rushes up to his group and says " i owe Azerbu money and i dont want him to see me ".
They where just about to leave when " where's it ( Vandar ) gone? " one of the Prinplup shouts.

" Up here mates " a voice says.
The group look up and in the tree's was Vandar the ice had melted.
" Thanks for the bath " he says and then unleashes a leaf storm sending the Prinplup group and Empoleon running.
Vandar then jumps down from the tree's but the leaf storm caught the attention of Azerbu.....

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
January 18th, 2009, 8:20 AM
Spirit heard the howl. She could tell from the start why Flare howled. Spirit dashed towards the noise, and ended up back where the hole was. She dug it bigger and squeezed in. She fell into a dark cavern. She looked around for Flare and Azerbu. She blew a flame to light up the cavern. She walked around. She finally spotted the two, and hid behind a rock to see what happens. Flare looked scared, and of course he was. Spirit kept the flame lit slightly so she could watch.

Nice posts guys. =3

January 18th, 2009, 9:43 AM
Takai and his team was racing towards the hole. They had just hear'd a howl possibly from a Ninetails that was coming from there. " Takai are you sure that the Ninetails will let us help it ? " said Plague while running . " I hope it does Plague, I hope it does". When they made it to the source of the howl they found a extremely large hole at their feet. " Should we go down? " whispered Scatter , quite obviously frightened of the size of the hole. " Of course we should Scatter " said Takai in a very serene voice .

Then they all hopped into the hole and saw a very small light in the dark cavern , Scatter and Plague both stood on either side of Takai as they approached the light . Then suddenly they saw a Buizel, and a Vulpix looking quite frightened . Scatter quickly without hesitation fired a Aura Sphere at the Buizel. " Don't worry Vulpix we are here to assist the Ninetails " said Takai in a firm voice.

January 18th, 2009, 11:24 AM
"Sorry I couldn't do more," Sapphire said, padding along behind the Ninetales. "I was just trying to take in all that information at once. However..." She twitched her ears and narrowed her eyes; she had gotten an idea. She slipped into the hole behind the Ninetales, landing beside the mystic Fire-type. "If you need assistance, I can help you. Now what is it you were planning?" She asked, lowering her voice so that Spirit could barely hear. The Umbreon stood up and shook herself off, glancing at the birthmark on her left front paw. I was born shiny, but... not even a normal Eevee, or Umbreon for that matter, has this mark. I wonder what it means...?

There was something ominous about this cave. Sapphire could just tell. It didn't give her a good feeling. "What is this place?" She asked, mostly to herself, but she was open for answers from Spirit, also. It made her shiver just looking around in the limited view that the small ember of Spirit's gave. Whatever it was, it couldn't be good.

She thought she heard something further down the tunnel, but ignored it, for if she thought about it, it would just bring her more bad feelings.

January 18th, 2009, 11:48 AM
Flare stood there terrified. Nobody was coming to help and he looked outwardly calm even though his heart was pounding. He knew he ahd to fight this Buizel who would most likely kill him.

"Fine." he muttered quietly to himself.

He dashed at the Buizel and bit down on its foot.

"Gah! Insolent pest!" it yelled kicking Flare in to the wall.

Dirt piled on top of Flare. Flare got up and shook it off, this was going to be hard. He decided to do a move that only the clan he came from knew, Flame Tackle. He was engulfed in fire and dashed at the Buizel. Flare became faster then normal and he tackled the Buizel to the ground, but he Buizel kicked him off and suddenly a huge Swampert appeared. It then sprayed Flare furiously with water and the Buizel stood on top of Flare now.

Flare coughed as water was stuck in his throat. As soon as Azerbu stepped on him he coughed the water up and Flare could tell Azerbu was getting ready to kill him. He wished he had been able to atleast meet his mother...

Azerbu picked up a sharp rock sitting next to Flare and stabbed Flare near his heart. Flare thought he was dead as he felt that warm trickle slide down his chest...

(Flare doesn't die...the rock missed his heart so he is still alive but it hit a certain nerve that parlyzes his front right paw and he can't walk on it...or atleast for now anyway.)

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
January 18th, 2009, 4:28 PM
Spirit looked behind her and saw Sapphire. She nodded. "We can just head straight towards Swampert scince Azerbu doesnt know any water type attacks. Also, we are in the lair of Azerbu..." Spirit whispered. She then broke the rock into pebbles with her tails and dashed straight towards the large Swampert while howling loudly, hoping to find any other pokemon to help. She pinned down the swampert and charged her Flaming Howl attack. "Now, tell me what you are doing with Azerbu or i'll finish you!" Spirit yelled. The swampert just stared at her, as if asking what she was doing. "Im here to protect my son, Flare! Now talk Skipper!" Spirit yelled in Skippers face, now charging up the attack even more.

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January 18th, 2009, 4:43 PM
Flare looked over at the Ninetales. She still called him her 'son'. Was she really his mother? Azurbu was looking at the Ninetales too.

"It's to late imbecile. Your precious son is dying." he said with a smirk "One less stupid fire type to deal with."

"Get away fom him!" the Ninetales snarled.

She leapt at Azurbu, who umped out of the way, making Ninetales crash in to Saphire. Flare could feel it getting harder and harder to breath. Finally, a blanket of black darkness formed over his eyes, and he thought he was dead.

OOC: Flare only blacked out...he didn't die...

January 18th, 2009, 4:53 PM
Sapphire tumbled backwards, and in pain, she let out a fierce growl, unintentionally unsheathing her claws into the Ninetales. Immediately, she jumped off, licking at the wound. Then, she lifted her head, shaking herself off, glaring at the Swampert. To make sure he stayed in place, she used Confuse Ray on him, her eyes glinting, sending a dark but hardly visible ray towards the Water-type. If it hit, his own eyes would have glowed blue like hers, and maybe he would have gotten a bit drowsy, but all she had to do was wait. Sometimes it didn't take effect immediately.

Though she was tired, her heart was racing with anger and hostility, her pelt bristling. She needed to put and end to all of this! How could someone be so senseless? Azerbu was such a... person who didn't think hard. Sapphire couldn't think of any other terms. He opposed the Ninetales in fear of being ruled by her, or something like that.

Still, even though it was just because he didn't think hard, he didn't deserve to be trying to kill a whole Pokemon species. He had to disappear.

((Do I control Skipper too, or is it just you, BPR?))

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
January 18th, 2009, 5:17 PM
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Spirit could feel it. Flare wasnt actually dead. She launched herself at Azerbu one more time and hit him with her Flaming Howl. She howled loudly, sending flames out at the same time. She kicked Flare behind a rock and continued to attack. Azerbu countered all of the attacks Spirit sent at him. Spirit was now bruised in places, and blood was trickling down her muzzle. She launched herself at Azerbu one more time, using up the rest of her energy. She didnt use an attack this time, knowing it would just make the counterattack hurt more. She slammed Azerbu down this time, and held him down. He was struggling to get out. "Get off of me, pest!" Azerbu yelled at Spirit. "No... not until you are gone!" Spirit yelled. She began to scratch Azerbu hardly, but at the final blow something stopped her. Nothing had hit her, bur her paw stopped where it was. Was it an instinct that told her to keep him alive, or was it just free will? Whatever it was, Spirit trusted it. She kicked Azerbu to the side and glared at Skipper while Sapphire was confusing it.

January 19th, 2009, 8:27 AM
Despite the confusion, Skipper was too bulky to be taken easily, and could go over his confusion. Skipper easily defeated Saphire with an Earthquake. Saphire thought to herself, "How is this Swampert so strong and fast" She could barely move"

Skipper and Azerbu left to their lair located on a cliff above a lake. "You incompetent doofus, you made me do all the work" Said Azerbu. "Sorry" The red water type said, "I had a long night". Well you shouldnt play so much with that insolent Quagsire", said Azerbu . I heard ya, "said Quaggy, a lazy Quagsire who was Skipper's best friend. "Will you get out of here". "Ok i'll leave, dont forget about our card game tonight". "Maybe you should help us instead of wasting our time". "But pops I can never play", Said Skipper. "Well your job comes first, like it or not."

"Listen Skipper, head to the village, if you see any water types, recruit them to join our team. Oh, and if you see that Prinplup, tell him he owes me money." "Yes sir," Skipper said, "Im on it". Skipper left the lair. "Hmmm, let see if you do this right. Hopefully im not gonna need to risk myself for that stupid Ninetales like last time. And to think i nearly had her son" Azerbu said. He watched from his left eye the road as Skipper skipped into the village.

January 19th, 2009, 9:29 AM
Skipper easily defeated Saphire with an Earthquake. Saphire thought to herself, "How is this Swampert so strong and fast" She could barely move"

OOC: That's bunnying and godmoding! Sapphire is my character and my character alone. You have no idea how angry I am right now. Let me set things right.


Sapphire fell over, landing on her shoulder, but managed to stand, facing Skipper. However, her gaze softened and she sat down, curling up with a Charm attack. Finally, the Swampert was less wary. He wouldn't be that powerful again. Now she was at the clear advantage, and even if he knew Growl, she always had Pursuit.

With all the speed she could muster, Sapphire combined Quick Attack and Bite, aiming straight for Skipper at the rate of a Dodrio. Rage burned inside her, but she kept herself from killing the Swampert. However much she wanted revenge and to defend Spirit, killing was not an option. She just had to make them submit enough to not bother them again.

When the attack was over, Sapphire was awfully tired. But she would not give up. She turned to Azerbu and watched him leave, still feeling hatred.

January 19th, 2009, 5:58 PM
sorry about that. As i said, this is my first time on an rp and was on a hurry, so ill try to not do that again.

January 28th, 2009, 4:18 PM
What happened. did this die?

January 29th, 2009, 10:42 AM
Yep. =(

BPR got banned for some reason.

January 29th, 2009, 4:54 PM
OCC : However if we find someone else to be the leader we can countinue

The Instant Classic
January 30th, 2009, 8:40 AM
Then we need to find someone quickly any ideas?

Nidoking OriginGiratina
January 30th, 2009, 10:31 AM
Name- Akui

Gender- Male

Species- Toxicroak

Level- 41

Personality- Normally, Akui is a kind and defensive Pokemon. When angered, however, he'll quickly lash out with a series of jabs from his venomous knuckle claws and kicks from the backs of his heels. He prefers to stay silent unless discussing battle tactics with his team. He doesn't flee from a battle and continues to try until he defeats a dungeon or strong Pokemon. Akui is intelligent and cunning, but he can't make leader like decisions very well and relies on someone else to do that most of the time. He can be easily disctracted with various thoughts, but (ironically) only if he's concentrating on the problem. He prefers agility and speed over attack power and prefers confounding his enemy before striking their head, neck or back from behind.

History- When Akui was a Croagunk and first heard of Ninetales, he thought it was too majestic a creature to be harmed enough to die. That was when he started respecting Ninetales and lighting his imagination with what he thought they looked like. When he heard that the Ninetales were being preyed upon, he began training hard so that he could defend any he came across. He evolved soon after he started his training regime, and vowed never to harm a Ninetales.

Moves- Poison Jab, Brick Break, Mud Bomb, Faint Attack

Kill Or Help- Help

RP Sample-

A nimble azure shape darted through the trees. Anyone who was looking its way would only see a blur of movement. Akui was hunting down today's prey, which he had decided would be a Raticate. There was a clearing near here, and he had guessed that it was a good place for the mouse Pokemon to make their burrows. He gripped the trunk of each tree with his dexterrous fingers and then bounded off with his strong legs. A couple of times he got a leaf or two in his face, but otherwise he was unbothered by the gentle tap of the soles of his feet striking the smooth bark of the birches. At the sign of slightly more sunlight piercing the leaf shields, he knew he was nearing his destination. Slowing down a bit, he decided to continue from lower branches. On this jump he let himself fall for about one second before continuing. He wasn't sure how far he descended, but it was enough to get a good lock-on on his prey. Not once did he look up or down to check; he knew that he had to stay focused on the front of his vision to make sure he was at the highest speed. When the brightness nearly drenched him, he dug his right claw into the bark of the tree and slowed to a stop before perching on the limb. Below him nested a pair of tan fluffballs; he was positive that they were what he was searching for.

Fortunately, Akui was camouflaged with the half-gloom of the dense woods behind him. He didn't dare move, for if he did he would reveal his location to his prey and they would escape. His claws itched to tear at damp flesh, unlike his dry skin. He would see himself as some sort of zombie controlled by his own mind, but that was a bit too harsh. One rat darted into the hole in the ground directly below Akui's foot. He was almost sure it was the female; the males usually stood guard because their mates usually had children to guard. Well, he thought, say goodbye to Papa.

And he pounced.

January 30th, 2009, 4:54 PM
OCC : Well I think I could take over if thats fine with you guys un

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
February 2nd, 2009, 4:56 PM

Sorry im late guys I got banned(again)...

Anyways, Pumpkinziggy will be left in charge if i get banned again.

So, sign-ups accepted and lets continue the RPG. =3


Spirit picked up Flare. "Come on Sapphire... Lets go." Spirit said. She jumped out of the hole that Flare fell into. She then climbed up a nearby tree and set Flare into the hollow trunk. Spirit then curled up on the tree branch next to it, and stared down to the ground. "Flare..." Spirit said softly, waving her tails back and forth slowly. She thought about when the pack left Flare behind. She got up and looked in the hollow trunk. She stared at Flare. Spirit's ears perked up. A fellow member of the Flaming Souls Clan, Blitz, was nearby. Blitz was an Arcanine. He always wore a blue bandana around his neck. Spirit ignored his presence and continued staring at Flare.

February 3rd, 2009, 8:27 PM
OOC- All right.

Tell me if this thing below is too mystic, and I'll re-type this so that it's less so.

If you've seen Avatar: The Last Airbender, it's kind of like that. Except, not exactly.


Sapphire nodded, leaping up after Spirit. She ran quickly, her dark blue ears, ringed with sky blue, blowing behind her. Her eyes were squinted with determination. I will save Spirit... I will save all Ninetales, no matter the cost. All Pokemon are Pokemon, and we all have the right to live. Her heart burned with range, powering her on. She made a graceful leap into the hole, landing at the base. As she sat up, she rubbed her head with a forepaw. "Why are we here? Are we just staying here for tonight? My guess is that we have to either keep moving or face that Azerbu... or whatever his name is..." Shaking her head, her eyes still closed, she unsheathed her claws and climbed out of the trunk, sitting on a branch and gazing longingly at the room. She felt like howling, but knew it was wiser to stay silent. So, the Umbreon just closed her eyes and lowered her head, as if it was a prayer, and the moonlight reflected off of the ring on her forehead. All of the rings started glowing, and then began to pulsate. An Electric-type would think she was recharging, but she was really trying to get contact with the realms of dreams... otherwise known as other universes, where fiction was fact. There, she could see her parents if she wanted to. But right now, all she wanted was to wander. Under her eyelids, her eyes glowed white as she finally was surrounded by the darkness, and her mind grew absent from her body. But still, in the Pokemon realm, her rings flickered, and she sat with the moon on her face. Right now, she wanted to see the Lucario that she remembered, the one she had been longing for. His name was Sol, and if she tried hard enough, she could visit him.

But there were three flaws to this method. One, it didn't always work. Sometimes, in an attempt to enter another of the "Dream Realms," as she called them, she would be sent back to her own body instead.

Two, her body was immobile while she searched. She could easily be hurt or taken away while making contact with the moon,

And three, it would only work if the one she was trying to visit was dreaming. She entered others' dreams while kind of falling asleep herself.

Soon, the vision of the dark forest came to her, and she descended to the ground, where she could see a tall figure. Immediately, she knew it was Sol, and that she was in his dream. A small blush spread forward to her cheeks for a moment, but faded as he turned around. "...Sapphire?"

Sapphire turned her head to the moon behind her. "That's how I got here. But it's not in real life... just a dream. Anyway, I just wanted to see you again..."

Sol, as always, was not ostensibly amazed, but knew it inside.

"I'll need to get back to Spirit. Goodbye for now." She paced towards him and touched her nose to the side of his muzzle, and then let herself fade, locking her eyes on his for just a moment.

As she returned, the glow of her rings slowly faded, and she opened her eyes, whirling around, keeping her gaze on the hole in the trunk.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
February 6th, 2009, 12:58 PM
Spirit looked at Sapphire. "We should stay here for the night. I need to wait until Flare wakes up." said Spirit. "You know Sapphire... there is also a legend of an item called the Philosipher's Stone. It is said to turn any item into any other item." Spirit said. "It is said that you can only obtain it during the Full Moon, and that an huge pokemon gaurds it." Spirit continued. "I do know this pokemon, but the only this is he hasnt been active lately... in other words, he lost the stone." Spirit kept on going on and on about the stone. "So he sent out a water pokemon to go get it. The water pokemon disobeyed hm, and when it found the stone, it hid the stone and went back to the huge pokemon empty-handed. That is when I was created. Well, born to be exact. The huge pokemon raised eggs. He was like a day-care, except your mother doesnt come and get you when you hatch. The huge pokemon was like your own mother though." Spirit said, smiling.



Some Of The "Huge Pokemon"'s Eggs-


More Of the eggs-

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/tvsea09_005.jpg (Im the small orange one with the Vulpix tail marks)

http://www.geocities.com/ultrastupidneal/Vulpix1.gif (Spirit Hatched)

February 6th, 2009, 1:49 PM
OOC: Welcome back BPR

Flare's eyes flickered open. He heard the Ninetales talk about some sort of stone, what was it? A Philosipher's Stone? It could turn any item in to any other item, but was only obtainable on a full moon. Flare thought deeply for a few seconds. The next full moon would be in a month's time exact!

Flare shook his head and looked up at the Ninetales. The Ninetales was currently looking at an Umbreon, appearently called Saphire. Flare stood up and shook himself off, and realized that the bleeding had stopped. Sapphire gasped in amazement and the Ninetales looked back at Flare and gasped in amazement.

The Ninetales jumped from the branch she was sitting on to the ground, after Flare jumped to the ground. Flare still wasn't sure about this Ninetales, though. He had grown up without a family, and had been betrayed by many pokemon who he had considered friends before.

Flare looekd behind the Ninetales sitting in front of him and saw an Arcanine. It wore a blue bandana and had the same symbol of his clan painted on it. Flare was deeply confused. He wanted to get away from everyone and then he saw an opening between the Ninetales legs as she stood up.

"Flare-" the Ninetales began but then Flare quickly darted underneath her legs and sped off in to the woods, but was unknowing of what lurked inside of them, wanting to capture him.

Sir, the Vulpix is on the move. We must report to master. A gruff voice said from within the shadows about twenty meters away.

Yes. But we must bring the Vulpix with us. For he will want to know everything about the Vulpix's mother. A rougher voice said. Then, they darted in to the woods, unnoticed by Flare, the Ninetales, and the Arcanine.

February 6th, 2009, 9:17 PM
Sapphire hesitated, listening intently. Her dark blue ears twitched, her sapphire-blue rings dark and not glowing. They had ceased to pulsate long ago, as now she was aware of the world around her. The Umbreon seemed to be in a better mood than before, but didn't say anything. "That's fascinating. It's not like I could imagine, but... I'm wondering if it's better to have someone who's not your real mother take care of you or to have your parents die at a young age." She lowered her head slightly but showed no other signs of sadness. The black fox turned back around and raised her head as if to howl at the moon, but this time, her forehead ring was not directly in the light. It seemed as if she was gazing intently into it; as if she were in a trance. The moon had always fascinated her, mainly because she had discovered the power. Any other Pokemon could dream, but for her, as long as the moon was up, even in the daytime, she could do it. Of course, the other Pokemon had to be sleeping, causing difficulties if it was light out.

OOC - Is it summer, autumn, winter or spring right now?

Nidoking OriginGiratina
February 6th, 2009, 9:19 PM
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Loud and Annoying Pidgey
February 6th, 2009, 9:45 PM
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Also, I'll post tomorrow. Im tired.

Nidoking OriginGiratina
February 6th, 2009, 10:13 PM
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IC -

Aiku bounded across the ground. His six toes made nary a noise on the ground as he approached the group of Pokemon. Could they possibly be doing something to the last Ninetales? If he didn't know better they could be doing anything. It was hard to be too careful in this situation; no one knew what anyone else was aiming to do until they spoke to each other. He decided to query them, started to form a speaking plan in his mind. He wouldn't bother asking them why they were here, since that would probably be answered with a simple "uh." He would just ask in a friendly tone, "What is your business with the last Ninetales?" That would be sure to get attention, especially if he pointed a toxic knuckle claw at them to make them speak. He didn't want to be too cruel, though, or he would make a bad impression. Sighing quietly, he decided against the threatening-to-strike part. It was about time, because he had landed about three feet from the group.

Focusing, he went with the plan. In a gentle tone that wasn't all demanding, he eyed the Pokemon. "I am not here to cause harm. What is your business with the last Ninetales?" Time for ad-libbing, he thought, since he liked that. "Like I said, I am not here to cause harm. I am only wondering so I can know whether to ally with you or swiftly dispose of you." He clamped his mouth shut instantly after the last sentence. Did that sound too evil? Probably. "I mean...." He moved his foot around on the ground a bit. "Venom, I'm not good with words...."

February 6th, 2009, 10:35 PM
Sapphire whirled around, glaring into the frog's eyes for a moment. She was hostile for the first second, even just after he said he meant no harm. But he was convincing enough, and her fur flattened again. In one graceful move, she leaped down in front of the Toxicroak. "I," she began, "am assisting the Ninetales in a nearly constant battle with someone named Azerbu. He's a Water-type I didn't recognize."

She paused for a moment, tilting her head to the left and twitching her ears. "My name is Sapphire. Have you heard the legends?" She asked. For a moment, she sat down, and didn't reveal the Ninetales's location behind her. Just in case this one was hostile, she didn't want to reveal too much information.

The fox-like Pokemon waited patiently for his reply, careful not to flick her gaze towards the moon. Now was not the time for stargazing; she needed to take care of this Toxicroak first. Whether he was sincere or hostile, she didn't know, but she couldn't take any chances, and just in case, she was prepared to spring at any moment.

The Instant Classic
February 7th, 2009, 1:37 AM
Man i thought this RP was dead lol.

Vandar had been walking for ages now with no sign of the last Ninetails.
It was there when he began to hear voices in the bushes whats that? he thought.
Without thinking Vandar went to investigate.
He started to tiptoe to see what was happening he pull the bushes away and BANG!!!.
Vandar had been knocked out by a Psybeam Vandar could not open his eyes but he could hear clearly " HEH HEH HEH HEH! " a voice crackled.
Vandar knew this laugh and could not believe it " no......it cant be.......not......you....... "" YES VANDAR IT IS ME HEH HEH ITS GOOD TO SEE YOU OLD FRIEND HEH HEH!!! ".
Vandar finally managed to open his eyes and when he did his heart stopped ( for like 10 seconds ) " no.....please no......Azerbu....please leave me be....... "" HEH HEH........NO........NO VANDAR WE HAVE UNFINISHED BUSINESS AND YOU KNOW WHAT BUSINESS IM TALKING ABOUT HEH HEH.....YOUR PARENTS ARE SUFFERING BECOUSE OF YOU!!! ".
" No....please.....dont make me do that again.............. "

Nidoking OriginGiratina
February 7th, 2009, 7:31 AM
Aiku stepped back a bit. This Umbreon appeared to be hostile, so he had to be careful. Venom, she's the leader? He stood there a moment before regaining his composure, which was when he stood up straight once more. There was no telling what these Pokemon would do, or which one was the leader, although thte Umbreon seemed to be pretty dominant. He bowed his head slightly, keeping his eyes on the Umbreon's forehead. He never made eye contact unless he was about to strike.

"Azerbu... I've never heard the name. Has he left?" He blinked. This Umbreon's name was Sapphire, and that was when he noticed that she was shiny. blue where yellow would be... not too strange. At least she wasn't pink and green. "My name is Aiku. I'm what one might call a self-agent, a wanderer and an imminent assistant to the last Ninetales. Well, hopefully at least. Pleased to meet you."

February 7th, 2009, 8:36 AM
Flare stopped in his tracks. He heard talking and conversation going on back where the Ninetales had been. He turned around and saw the Umbreon that had been traveling with him and the Ninetales, talking to a mysterious Toxicroak. His hearing had always been better then all of his other senses except smell. His hearing and smell where exactly the same in skill, but they were better then all others.

He slowly walked back to the group and hid inside some bushs. Appearently, the Toxicroak was wondering what they were doing here. He held up one of his hands, and that was when Flare heard him talking.

"I am an assasan for the Ninetales." Flare heard.

Little did Flare know, he got the Toxicroak's words mixed up. He bared his teeth and then jumped out of the bushs, and clamped his teeth down on the Toxicroak's right arm. It startled everyone. The Ninetales blinked at the sudden fiercness in Flare, and Sapphire stepped back a few paces wondering why Flare attacked.

The Toxicroak just stood there, as if nothing had happened. It was when Flare let go and then shot out a column of flames at the Toxicroak did it react. Flare knew he had started a battle, and he planned on winning it.

"Leave. Leave the Ninetales alone." Flare said.

The Toxicroak readied himself and Flare didn't know this, but the Toxicroak thought that Flare was trying to hurt the Last NInetales, and so the battle began.

February 7th, 2009, 12:23 PM
OOC: Not "assassin," Assistant!

And, you can't say what the Toxicroak is thinking. That's player control.

Why does this always happen to my sister and me?


Sapphire turned to Flare. "He just wants to help," she said gently, taking a few paw steps towards the Vulpix. She sat down in front of him, nodding to Aiku. "Assistant means he wants to go along with the Ninetales and help, not kill her or something." She didn't mean to be disrespectful, but couldn't get the edge out of her tone. As she realized the glare of Flare's eyes, she climbed back up the tree and stood in front of the hole in the trunk, balancing. "You aren't after the Ninetales yourself, are you? Why would a Vulpix hurt one of its elders?" With that, she hopped into the hole, but kept an ear to the bark so that she could hear the conversation outside.

OOC again: Sorry for the short post, but I have something to say in OOC too, so that must count for something.

February 7th, 2009, 1:06 PM
Takai, Scatter and Plague all were jumping through the great forest when they stopped and heard a voice in the distance and ducked to take refuge behind a stone and listened patiently for information.They then heard a crackle of fire and a voice saying " Assistant means he wants to go along with the Ninetails and help , not kill her or anything ". At the mention of the Ninetails they instantly jumped out from behind the rock and gazed at the group of pokemon. One of them was a Arcanine with a scarf , another a Vulpix , apparently attacking a Toxicroak. And the most noticable of all , a Ninetails. Takai and the others bowed down to one heel and then Takai said " Greetings Ninetails , I am Takai , and we are here to defend you".

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
February 7th, 2009, 1:45 PM
OOC- Ok, im here. XD


Spirit just stared as Flare attacked the Toxicroak, ignoring Takai and his team. Why is Flare being so protective? Spirit thought. Spirit couldnt even speak. "AAARRRGGGHHH!" Spirit yelled as she ran. She ran swiftly away from the group. She was now a great distance away from the group. She hid herself inside of a small den under a tree. "Im sorry Flare... I need to think..." Spirit whispered to herself, as if Flare could hear her. After a while, Spirit left the den and walked farther and farther away from the team. She reached the Water Pokemon Base near TurtleShell Pond. Spirit looked at it for a while, and entered the base. The Water Pokemon looked at her suprisingly. She walked past them all, and up to the co-leader. She looked at the co-leader, and passed by him. She walked through the base and nobody attacked her.

She was usually the one running.

She put her head down sadly, and approached a silver door. "Im sorry Flare..." Spirit sighed. She walked through the large silver door and approached a Blastoise. It looked at her intrestingly. She then looked up at it, and launched a swift Flamethrower at it. It looked at her, and in return launched a Hydro Pump at Spirit. The swift fox countered it with a Flaming Howl. She shot a powerful blue flame out of her mouth. The Blastoise spun out of the way, and growled. "WHY ARE YOU EVEN HERE, FOX!" he yelled. He shot a Hydro Cannon at Spirit this time, and it hit. Spirit was forced back to the wall, and her fur was soaked. "So much for my dreams of peace..." Spirit whispered. She put her head down, and imagined her fate now. "Flare... take my place as a Ninetales when peace comes..." Spirit whispered and closed her eyes, awaiting her fate.


Dont worry, im not dying. XD

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February 7th, 2009, 3:31 PM
Something was happening...Flare could feel it in his gut. He looked around as he dodged one of the Toxicroak's Poison Kabs and noticed that Spirit wasn't there. He landed on the ground softly and looekd up at the Toxicroak.

"You're trying to help the Ninetales...aren't you?" Flare asked.

"Yes. But you're trying to kill her!" the Toxicroak yelled. He then jabbed Flare's stomach, sending him flying in to a tree.

"No...I thought you were trying to kill her...I think... she was right. She tried telling me she was my mother, but I denied it. And, if she is my mother, I'm very angry then. She abandoned me...my own mother." Flare said realizing who Spirit was.

The Toxicroak looked at Sapphire and the two fled towards where Spirit had gone, or atleast where they thought she had gone. Flare somehow knew where she was, although he couldn't explain it. He started running in the opposite direction of where the other two had gone.

He soon came to a huge base, and Flare knew his mother was in there. Suddenly a voice boomed "WHY ARE YOU EVEN HERE, FOX?" Flare gritted his teeth and dashed inside the base. Suddenly two things grabbed his front paws and held him to them.

"LEt me go!" Flare yelled. He looked at the things and saw that they were two Poliwrath. Flare managed to wriggle out of their grasp and quickly dashed up the stairs. When he reached the top he saw his mother on the ground next to the wall, soaking wet and a Blastoise standing in front of her, with his cannons pointed straight at her.

Then, Flare knew what was going to happen. The Blastoise shot a huge gush of rushing water at Spirit, and Flare jumped straight in front of it. He knew he was most likely going to die, and for his traitor of a mother, but his body just seemed to move. Suddenly, he was hit and was sent flying straight through the wall.

As he was hit, he had his back pointing to the Blastoise and his mother was staring straight at Flare. Then, Flare landed in a rushing river and was sent flowing with the stream. HE flowed away, as he heard his mother calling "Flare! Don't worry I'll find you! Please be ok."

Flare was so confused. He wanted to love his mother, but how could he. She was going to die for some reason, and leave him alone in this world again. She had also abandoned him, and he was forced to live on his own for his entire life. Then it struck him, who was his father?

This is getting fun!! And yes, I plan on having Spirit and Flare look for eachother while their seperated on different parts of the world far away from eachother:D

The Instant Classic
February 7th, 2009, 3:59 PM
" What do you want from me Azerbu!? " Vandar shouted.
( Vandar stood up ) " you were forcing me to kill fire pokemon " Vandar shouted " you made me a murderer but then i witnessed the greatest horror of my life " " A Ninetails being slaughtered and for what? i'll tell you for what for fame ha fame.....only a monster would wipe out the Ninetails species for that and i wasent going to let you make me monster parents or no parents ".......

" WHAT " Vandar barked.

Vandar laughed " do you really think that trick will work on me again Azerbu? like you said ive grown up i know your tricks ".


Suddenly a circle of purple energy surrounded Vandar " THIS TIME THERE WILL BE NO ESCAPE! ".
FLASH........and all went quiet.......

" RISE VANDAR ".....
Vandar rosed up like Azerbu orded and surprisingly there wasent a single mark on him but.....
When Vandar showed his face it reveled that his right eye had been colored completely red Vandar was under Azerbu's control " HEH HEH NOW IT BEGINS " Azerbu cackled.
Without saying a word Vandar ( under Azerbu's control ) went off to search for the last Ninetails his new mission was to kill it.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
February 7th, 2009, 5:03 PM
"NO!!!!" Spirit shouted. Spirit slammed her head against a tree. "Flare..." Spirit whispered. She collapsed on the ground and licked her aching paw. "Dont worrk Flare... I'll find you..." She said. Spirit looked at the sun enviously. She was absorbing power from the sun. Her eyes turned an Amber color and she ran down the edge of the river. She wasnt able to catch up to Flare. She stopped and stared worryingly into the distance. Torrent, a Vaporeon, lived at the end of the river, but Spirit held a secret about themselves. Flare didnt even know, so Spirit knew...

She had to find Flare before Torrent did. She ran down the river faster, still knowing she wouldnt be able to catch up.

February 7th, 2009, 5:14 PM
Flare opened his eyes and looked around the place. He had floated unconciously down the river and was now mysteriously sitting in a dark cave with a dimly lit fire. Sitting at the enterance was an oddly colored Vaporeon. He was a light purple, deep pink vaporeon.

"Umm escuse me, but where am I?" Flare asked nervously, he had a feeling this Vaporeon was up to no good.

The Vaporeon looked at him and smirked evilly. "Hello Flare. You are in my cave, your father's cave, and will soon be leaving."

"Umm. I don't even know you. And I'm sure my mother wouldn't marry a water type Pokemon when she is a Nine-"

"Don't ever talk about your failure of a mother! I hate her!"

"uh...ok, erm, dad." Flare was getting even more nervous. He had a feeling this Vaporeon wanted to kill him, and in fact he did. The Vaporeon dashed at Flare in blinding speed and knocked Flare in to the cave wall.

Flare fell to the floor and quickly got up and ran for the exit. His father ran after him and chased him for a long time.


A few hours later and Flare couldn't run anymore. His father was out of sight and Flare knew he was no longer safe. He kept walking and soon came to the edge of a cliff, with many flowers on the edge. He stood at the edge and gazed in to the night time stars and then flopped down on the groun, causing many flowers to burst in to the air and flow with the air current.

"Mom...what do I do? I'm so confused. My father wants to kill me. I've lost you. I'm alone again...and I always will be. It's like the universe doesn't want me to be happy." Flare pleaded to what he thought was himself.

"No Flare. You are never alone. As long as you believe that I am your mother, I will always be with you." He heard.

"How are you able to talk to me mom?" Flare asked.

"We are from the same blood line and clan. If we are related, we can here what the other says as long as we are talking to them in general." His mother explained.

Flare felt like crying. He as on the other side of the planet, and he could still talk to his mother. He wished she were with him right now.


February 7th, 2009, 5:26 PM
Takai saw the Ninetails run away and , with his team searched for her , hoping to protect her. After which he eventaully saw her by TurtleShell pond, entering a large base. The team countinued to follow her into the base until being hit by a giant Surf attack from a Feraligatr . Scatter and Plague both got hit and attempted to fight the large Water Pokemon while Takai heard a booming sound "WHY ARE YOU EVEN HERE, FOX!". Takai then, frightened but strong leaped through the sliver door and saw the last Ninetails knocked out cold, and a Blastoise laughing and screaming with glee " FINALLY THE LAST ONE IS DEAD AND I KILLED IT". " No...... this can't be happening" Takai thought looking at the Ninetails. Takai then yelled in a angered voice " HOW COULD YOU DO THIS! " to the Blastoise and started using a fury of Night Slashes on the Blastoise with a rage of a Tauros.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
February 7th, 2009, 5:36 PM
"Flare, if your father gets near, dont be afraid. Im always with you Flare. You see, I didnt abandon you. I saved you. Your father was chasing us, so I threw you into our den. I ran away and your father was lost. He then found me when i noticed you were gone, and we were seperated." Spirit explained. "Im going to find you Flare. Try to stay away from youre father until I get there." Spirit said, running faster and faster down the river. She stayed silent for now. If she was going to find Flare, she had to go alone. A few Butterfree flew out of the bushes when Spirit ran by. Spirit watched ahead. She couldnt wait to knock some sense into Torrent.

February 7th, 2009, 5:53 PM
"ok mom." Flare said standing up. He heard his father coming closer with his strong sense of hearing and he had to move. "I'll talk to you in a little mom. Dad is coming closer and I have to move now...I'll hopefully see you soon."

Then, Flare dashed away towards where he knew he would be safe. He was going to Fiery Field...to meet someone he had met when he was only 6 and loved. It was Entei's daughter. Her name was Flame, and she was beautiful. He knew he would get approval from her father to live with them for a while until his mother found him.

February 7th, 2009, 6:24 PM

Pikalover10... *sigh* Not again... that's character control. N.OG. DID NOT SAY THAT HER CHARACTER DID ALL THAT, DARN IT!

Sorry, I have a short temper... but I'm serious. You're really annoying us.
I don't have anything to post right now. Just set things right while I cool down...

February 7th, 2009, 6:26 PM
OOC: Pumpkinziggy: I really didn't goddmod...I just said she left the area...not anything like she lost a battle and what not so I don't see anything wrong with it...

Nidoking OriginGiratina
February 7th, 2009, 6:33 PM
OOC: OOC: Pumpkinziggy: I really didn't goddmod...I just said she left the area...not anything like she lost a battle and what not so I don't see anything wrong with it...

There IS something wrong with it. You specifically controlled Aiku by causing him to attack, yell and flee the group.

IC: Aiku turned. He didn't notice anything new, for he hadn't noticed Spirit was with the group in the first place.

"Is there something wrong?" he inquired Sapphire. "Why is everyone acting all weird all of the sudden?" He didn't know where everyone went either, but he didn't bother asking that question since it wouldn't produce very useful results. Something told him another thing was very wrong... but he had no clue what it could be. And chances were he didn't want to know.

"I'll travel with you and assist you on protecting the last Ninetales," he said, bowing and trying to look as gentlemanly as possible; some Pokemon such as him were known for naturally vicious natures and the tendency to be dangerous. He wanted to erase that stereotype if he could. He had two goals: Get people to not run away from every Toxicroak they saw, and make sure the last Ninetales wasn't obliterated.

The Instant Classic
February 8th, 2009, 2:35 AM
Vandar ( still under Azerbu's control ) began to hear voices.
He identified one of them as a Toxicroak.
Vandar could barely make out what it was saying but then.....
"I'll travel with you and assist you on protecting the last Ninetales," the Toxicroak went.
That made Vandar jump out of is hiding place.
He then realized that there were other pokemon with the Toxicroak but he wasn't intimidated he points to the Toxicroak and shouts " YOU KNOW WHERE THE NINETAILS IS? TELL ME NOW!!! " Vandar commands waiting for the Toxicroak's response.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
February 8th, 2009, 4:40 AM
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February 8th, 2009, 7:40 AM
Flare quietly yanwed. He was sitting in a bush while watching his jerk of a father look for him. He was being perfectly stilll inside a bush, which was a very ad idea. He knew if he even just repositioned his tail his father would hear him.

His father sighed and then walked back towards his den. Once Flare was sure he was gone he turned around in the bush and started walking out. Then, he heard footsteps on the ground where his father had been. He gulped and turned his head around and just over the bush he saw a Weavile with scars on his right arm.

Flare took a chance and he walked out of the bush, and in to the opening and he sat down right in front of the Weavile.

"Hi. Are you trying to help or trying to kill the Last Ninetales?" Flare asked.

(ShadowThunderLord take it from there:))

February 8th, 2009, 7:58 AM
OOC- I know this sounds childish, but... character control is more annoying than you put it as. You act like it's nothing, but it can severely affect the RP and will anger the members, especially the ones who own the characters who were powerplayed.


Sapphire nodded to Aiku. "You can come with me. My name is Sapphire. And you are...?"

As soon as she realized the Ninetales was gone, she whirled around. "Spirit, where are you?" But there was no answer. The Umbreon sighed, exasperated. "We can't look for her now. I didn't even see the direction she went in."

She then whirled around at the newcomer. "What the Vulpix said." Her fur was standing on end. "Who are you? Are you in search of the last Ninetales?" She waited patiently for his reply, her amber eyes glowing furiously. The rings were pulsating again, signaling she was about to attack. But usually, no one knew that without doing research, or if they were once with a creature called a "human," which mystified Sapphire. The black fox-like Pokemon glared at the one who had just arrived at the scene, rings still pulsating. Anger was building up in her as she waited.

Nidoking OriginGiratina
February 8th, 2009, 8:09 AM
"You told me your name already," said Aiku, with as much politeness as he needed to cover up his slight annoyance. "But that's fine. I might have already introduced myself too, but since we're doing it twice I might as well do so too." He bowed his head a bit. "My name is Aiku, a wanderer who looks to assist the last Ninetales."

He turned his head at the sudden shout, and remained calm. He didn't know [Vandar] from anywhere.... who was this guy.

"I have no idea where he or she is," Aiku replied, "but Sapphire may."

"Spirit, where are you?"

"Who's Spirit?" Aiku asked, dumbfounded. He didn't know what else to say when the Umbreon finished her phrase. Guessing it would be answered later, he turned around again. He decided that Sapphire would take control of this conversation unless she needed help with a bit of persuasion. With a croak he stepped up to her side.

February 8th, 2009, 8:28 AM
Takai walked out of the Water pokemon base with his team after defeating everything in there and saw the little fox pokemon. He replied " Well for some reason she keeps on running away when me and my team try to help her " . He then bowed and said in gentlemanly style " My name is Takai and these two little guys are Scatter and Plague, we came to theses lands to protect the Last Ninetails" . Scatter and Plague , both seeing what there master was doing and both bowed and said like a noble " Pleased to meet you ". Takai then realized that the fox pokemon was the same one that he saw at the spot when the Ninetails retreated. He then asked in the same gentlemanly voice " Do you want to protect the Last Ninetails ? , if so then would you like to join us in our search for her ? ".

The Instant Classic
February 8th, 2009, 9:57 AM
" Humph very well then "........
" I am Vandar and yes i am also looking for the last Ninetails but i wish to help it " ( incase you haven't guessed Vandar was lying about that ).
" Well i assume that you lot are out to help the Ninetails to ha ha then i guess the three of us are going to be working together ( for now )".

" Yes Vandar trick them into thinking that you want to help the Ninetails get them to take you to it and then strike HEH HEH "( just so you know Vandar and Azerbu and speak with each other by thought )

" So have you got a plan? " Vandar asks.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
February 8th, 2009, 1:34 PM
OOC- I know its annoying Pumpkinziggy, but you dont have to go all in on Pikalover for it. Your supposed to tell the RPG Owner about it. Im sure Pikalover wont do it anymore. Just tell me and ill talk to that person about it, ok guys? Im allowing Pikalover to control my character off and on, so dont tell me if he does that. XD


Spirit kept running. Faster and faster she went, dodging the Butterfree as they flew by. "I hope Flare doesnt get caught by Torrent..." Spirit whispered to herself. "Flare, are you alright?" Spirit asked. She ran faster until her legs hurt. She fell to the ground. "How long is that river?" Spirit asked herself. "I need to keep going..." she told herself bravely. She forced herself up and ran down the river again. She was becoming exausted, but she knew she had to do anything she could to get Flare back.

February 8th, 2009, 5:34 PM
"I'm fine, erm...mom." Flare still felt a little uncomfortable calling Spirit his mother. He looked up at the Weavile and nodded.

"Yes....I'm trying to save the Last Ninetales...actualy. I think she is my mother, but I don't know." Flare said. He looked up the river,as if to expect to see his mother coming down the river towards him. "Yes...I would love to join you."

With that, Takai, Flare, and Takai's two teamates, together searched for the Last Ninetales.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
February 9th, 2009, 7:17 AM
Spirit heard. Flare was ok. She sighed and ran faster. Suddenly, a pack of hungry Mightyena surrounded her. Spirit growled, and used a flamethrower of a nearby tree. The flame rose high, and the heat of it caused the Mightyena to run away. Spirit then ran faster and faster. Spirit stopped running rinally and blew a small flame into the air. It rose up, marking where she was. If Flare saw it, she was probably getting close. She then placed her tail in the water. It hurt, but she wanted to see how long it was from where she was currently standing. A small flame trail slithered above the water, and came back. "Yes... im close." Spirit said confidently. The small ball of flame moved as she did, following her every step.

February 13th, 2009, 3:06 PM
Flare looked at the spot in the sky where he had seen his mother's flame shoot in to the sky, hoping to see it again. Suddenly, seomthing in the air started pushing him towards the ground. He looked up and saw a huge Aerodactyl coming straight for him.

It screeched and wrapped its foot around him and then another around Takai. Flare yelled and stared at the ground in fright. He then saw his mother come to the clearing they currently had been at. Then, another Aereodactyl grabbed Takai's two teammates and flew off before Spirit could jump on to the creature's back.

"Mom!" Flare yelled after his mother.

He felt tears slide down his face and he watched in horror as his mom became a smaller and smaler figure as he was taken away.

(Sorry it is short)

February 16th, 2009, 4:49 AM
((*does CPR on the thread*))

Whilst other pokemon embarked and continued upon their adventures, a rather unfortunate team of budding explorers were being held back due to an uncooperative teammate.
"...B-but, I'd rather babysit Puffy than go on a scary mission to find like, a really scary pokemon!"
Meet Clare, the Alakazam with the memory span of a Magikarp and the temperament of a traumatized Pachirisu. She isn't as stupid as she may appear, though she might as well be with her cowardice and refusal to practice rational thought. Understandably, seeing these traits on a pokemon which is supposed to be genetically predisposed to having a brain like a supercomputer cause those around her a great deal of psychological harm. However, the team's second-in-command - an impish Hitmontop by the name of 'Spinner' - found this incredibly amusing. As he enjoyed watching Clare squirm, he decided to rile her up to the point where she would break down completely.
"I heard Ninetales breathe fire and love to eat psychic pokemon's brains for dinner!"
Spinner licked his lips, then rubbed his stomach.
To this, Clare reacted most erratically. Her psychic power manifested, causing objects to fly across the room as she teleported from corner to corner in tears, screaming for the team leader, Baby-Doll.

Baby-Doll floated gracefully into the room, a chilling low moan emanated from deep within the center of her majestic form. Her arms outstretched, the mouth upon her round abdomen opened to its full capacity, sucking in a great amount of air before expelling it in a gigantic yawn of such volume which caused the entire room to shake violently.
"Yes, Clare? I heard."
Clare looked up at the Dusknoir, still shivering slightly.
"Umm... yeah, well, Spinner said that Ninetales will eat my brain! I love my brain!"
Baby-Doll rolled her single eye, then proceeded to float towards the Hitmontop, then unhinged her 'jaw', emitting a banshee's shriek. Spinner winced. his entire frail form trembling before the enraged ghost-type.
"Spinner," She boomed, "How many times have I told you not to scare Clare?!"
Though the pair had known each other since they were Tyrogue and Duskull, Spinner never truly got used to her. Baby-Doll crossed her lengthy trunk-like arms above her grimacing lips, awaiting a response.
Understandably, Spinner was lost for words. Baby-Doll uncrossed her arms, allowing herself to sigh.
"Just... promise me you'll never do that again, dear. - Or you're getting a time-out in the spirit world." To this, the Hitmontop shakily gave a squeak of affirmation - he couldn't nod, for he was currently standing on his head. Dusknoir, seemingly satisfied with his response, turned away with the slightest of smiles upon her oddly-placed yet rather expressive face.
"Now let's all get going on that mission, sweeties. Clare, please be a sweetie and teleport us to the woods where you found that poor dead Ninetales." No matter how she sugarcoated this, she still couldn't somehow trick her little psychic underling into following a single instruction without looking as if she were on the edge of tears. Nevertheless, she did as she was told and warped the trio to a nice, quiet spot beside a lake. It didn't remain quiet for all that long, though as a shrill, somewhat muffled female scream filled the air. For once, it wasn't Clare's.
Clare turned to see a Torterra, drowning in the lake. With a swift Psychic, she pulled the continent pokemon from the water and set her upon dry land.
Torterra keeled over and gagged, before coughing up a very annoyed Remoraid. Baby-Doll floated over to the grass-type and struck her upon her islandlike back lest anything else end up flying from her throat. Grateful for what the team had done, Torterra gave a weak smile and thanked them.
"Oh, thank you so much... I thought I was a goner!"
Clare, having witnessed the larger pokemon's swift recovery hid behind Spinner, who gave her a dirty look. Baby-Doll remained floating over who had for a brief period been the damsel in distress, a look of concern in her single eye.
"Thank goodness you're okay, sweetie - But what in the world were you doing in the water?"
Torterra's eyes were now glued to the ground. Giving a sigh, she weakly produced her response.
"Well, you see... I was having a little nap here and all of a sudden my tree got hit by someone's Flamethrower." She turned around to show the team the charred, soggy mess where her bonsai back-tree had once stood. "...and it really hurt. I was so scared... I threw myself into the water to try and put out the flames, but..." Her voice trailed off along with her mood. Tears welled in her tawny eyes as she succumbed to the pain which lingered upon both the grass and ground sections within her shell. Clare shivered, gnawing on one of her spoons. She didn't like the thought of being hit by a stray flamethrower. Nor did anyone else for that matter, though Spinner reacted in a way most unusual for an Impish creature such as he.
"Well who did this to you? We'll teach 'em a lesson - won't we, Clare?" Shooting the Alakazam an accusing look, he turned once again to face the large tortoise-like pokemon, who didn't appear to be in the best condition to speak. Noticing this, Baby-Doll unhinged her jaws and placed a hand beneath her black spectral tongue from which she pulled her team's treasure bag. After much rummaging about, she at last produced a small yellow seed. She gently wedged this seed into the soil upon Torterra's shell, then floated back to meet her teammates.
All of a sudden, the usually sweet, motherly Dusknoir appeared to experience a change of heart. Her hands began to glow with an eerie blue glow whilst the temperature of the air around her dropped a great deal. She spun around, leant forward and with one hand in a fist she lunged at Torterra, dealing a knockout blow with Ice Punch. This was when the reviver seed which had been planted upon her back took effect, its energy seeping into the soil and throughout the rest of her body. Now that the job was done, Baby-Doll confronted Clare on the subject as to what they had originally come to the forest for.
"Now Clare... You and Spinner search this area for any Vulpix or Ninetales. I'll keep watch over Torterra."
Clare nodded, though she did seem quite uneasy. The thought of risking injury to find a creature that may no longer exist didn't appeal to her at all. After her reluctant agreement to follow her leader's command, she immediately wrapped her scrawny arms around Spinner's torso.
"Protect me, Spinner." She winced, her weak grip hardly felt by the now blushing fighting-type.
"Err, yeah... Hey, do you mind if we stay like this for a few minutes?" Fortunately for him, she respected the privacy of others' thoughts, only reading minds when it is absolutely necessary. As he wished, the pair remained in that very position, neither of them aware of the events which had occurred beforehand, or the heartache of a Ninetales and Vulpix - mother and son - who had become so tragically torn from each other only minutes prior to their arrival.

February 20th, 2009, 10:36 PM
pleas can I join and reserve a spot for ninetails side. I want to be a vulpix but I am not related to the last ninetails.Oh and I form a clan of vulpix but no one can evolve because the water type took all the fire stones and can I be shiny so I am difrent from the rest of my clan.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
February 22nd, 2009, 5:04 PM
OOC- Ok, Yes, And Yes. lol

February 23rd, 2009, 12:15 AM
cool ok
Name- flame
Gender- girl
Species- vulpix
Level- 18
Appearence- pic in signature
Personality- some times she may be a bit timed. Some times she mite be realy brave. Can be very sad at times. can not come up with any more ides sory
History- her mum told her the tail of the last ninetails and the water pokemon.
flame tail, tails go on fire than hits with her tail.
will learn more.
Kill Or Help- help
RP Sample- will do later.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
February 24th, 2009, 5:34 PM
OOC- Ok. Finish your SU when you can.

*CPR on thread*