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  • Why? It is like Suicune pretty much lol. Tail Glow can't set up on offensive much to be honest (due to hard hitters like Latias for example), and stall teams have Toxic Spikes, TrickScarf, Perish Song, etc. Then there's Rest, which requires Rain Dance support, and also forces moveslot syndrome lol. Surf / Ice Beam is walled by Vaporeon, bulky Waters, etc, Surf / Energy Ball is walled by Latias and the like, and Surf / Ice Beam / Energy Ball / Rest is dumb. Calm Mind / Surf / Rain Dance / Rest w/ an EV spread like 252 HP / 224 Def / 32 Speed is my favorite set (of course with support like Toxic Spikes for Vaporeon).

    But, yeah on paper it looks really good, but in general all it is is just another Water-type.
    i is w e t dog says:
    *i'm going to start working on my manaphy team
    Even if it had 394 Speed my lead would screw it over. Very hardly.

    Maybe later. Im going to the apple store to get some junk for my phone, and get an Ipod nano.

    Honestly, Verizon is better than AT&T and thats why I Have an android phone now. Its just that the Ihone screen protectors are about the same size.
    Ugh, I have it...buuuuuuut

    My wii isnt hooked up, we never hooked it back up after we got the flat scren tv and honestly I forgot about it until yoy mentioned PBR.

    Actually, I hope you dont use lead aero because if you do the battle will be much too easy...
    I actually want to battle someone who wont get swept by my lead.
    Hey Chaos, could you have a look at my RMT? I'm having a tough time deciding between Milotic or Blastoise, it would be great if you could help me choose one.
    My memory is blurred.

    Im bored, and need somone to battle...
    That suckish dude from Colleseum that uses 5 Ludicolos and Suicune if you didnt catch it at first?
    That profile picture looks like a Jynx that has been sniffing crack...

    Okay, seriously the Qwilfish has to go. Now.
    Kay but you still have that horrible Qwilfish as a profile picture
    Lame jokes and Qwilfish a good post there does not make
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