View Full Version : Do you ever enter lotteries/raffles/draws?

August 15th, 2009, 8:52 PM
So, as the title says, do you? I sometimes enter raffles if it's for a good cause, but I mostly shy away from that kind of thing because usually you just end up spending a lot of money for nothing. How about you? :O

Also, if this thread already exists, I apologize.

August 15th, 2009, 8:59 PM
Nope. Big waste of money, and my money is precious: I never have much of it. :/

.little monster
August 15th, 2009, 9:00 PM
I do if I ever find money on the ground or something like that (and only if there is no possibility of finding the person who dropped it.) Never with my own.

August 15th, 2009, 9:01 PM
I do sometimes just for the sake of hoping to be the lucky one. XD

August 15th, 2009, 10:28 PM
Apparently you have more chances of getting struck by lightning (no not the admin) than winning the lottery? :|

Raffles and draws are fun to enter, since most of the time they're for good causes. But the lottery, usually my dad's the one who enters the lottery, but he comes to me for numbers, though I usually just give him birthday dates. Annnd he hasn't won anything, so I guess I'm not much of a lucky charm. :<

scratchies are fun to play though. (b'-')b

August 15th, 2009, 10:37 PM
For religious reasons, I avoid entering any lotteries. Lotteries come under gambling, and gambling is a sin in my religion, for obvious reasons.

August 16th, 2009, 3:22 AM
Lotteries are a waste of money and time. D; Raffles, for good causes, are okay, however. :P

August 16th, 2009, 4:14 AM
Well, no. Unless I can enter just for buying something, because then I will have a reason.
But otherwise, I don't because I have a one in a million chance...

August 16th, 2009, 4:53 AM
I never enter them for some reason, I know I'll never win, it's wasting money.

August 16th, 2009, 4:55 AM
I buy lucky dip Lotto tickets or scratchcards for my cousins on their birthdays, but that's about it.

I also enter raffles if it's for a good cause like our church, village hall or children's playing field funds.

August 16th, 2009, 5:17 AM
Yeah, I do lucky dips but and raffles for schools but never lotteries.

~*!*~Tatsujin Gosuto~*!*~
August 16th, 2009, 7:26 AM
the only time I enter those is the following:

1.) I'm not paying for it
2.) I steal a ticket
3.) its free

Yea, thats about it, I'm not going to pay all of that money on something about luck


August 16th, 2009, 7:28 AM
To be fair, if you play our National Lottery with Lotto tickets, it only works out about $4 (USD) a week.

August 16th, 2009, 9:03 AM
Nope, I don't wast my money on those >.>

August 19th, 2009, 7:52 AM
I don't, but in general I seem to have great luck, so I wanna start XD

August 19th, 2009, 10:42 AM
I don't, but my dad does. It's only about $3-$4 every two weeks.

August 19th, 2009, 10:43 AM
I enter them if I can enter for free. XD I wouldn't enter the lottery or anything.

Apparently you have more chances of getting struck by lightning (no not the admin) than winning the lottery? :|

Wasn't there some politician that won the lottery 3 times? XD

Frozen King Prawns
August 19th, 2009, 11:35 AM
I entered a raffle once...

I won a tin of lentil soup. Luls.

The Corrupt Plague
August 19th, 2009, 9:04 PM
Oh you mean the stupidity tax? I never enter because you have a better chance of seeing pigs fly than getting the money. I don't see a point in doing it if the odds are next to zero.

August 19th, 2009, 9:09 PM
No. I don't like the idea that my money can be wasted so easily based on luck. Needless to say, I'm not a gambler. XD;

Gary, the Magic Fairy
August 19th, 2009, 9:29 PM
You can't win if you don't enter. I would, but I'm 17, so... I legally can't play the lottery, yet. XD

Also, scratch-offs are great. :D I expect to have a gambling problem sometime in the near future.

August 19th, 2009, 11:19 PM
I enjoy the occasional scratch-off, but I don't partake in many raffles.

If I'm heading into the convenience store and I have a few extra bucks on me, I'll be sure to pick a lottery ticket up. I haven't really won anything as of yet, but my dad did win $50 with a scratch-off I bought him as a gag Christmas gift.

Some gag. >:|

Captain Hobo.
August 20th, 2009, 3:29 PM
Sometimes i enter draws at school i have won 3 i think.