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September 10th, 2010, 1:51 PM
"Hoenn Version" because I'll probably make a Kanto version of this thread, xD.

Basically, what are you favourite places? It could be a top 3, top 5...whatever floats your boat. Reasons would be cool, no matter what they are. Here's some of mine:

Battle Frontier

Emerald was my first game, this thing's only truly existed in Emerald - Johto/Sinnoh Battle Frontier is a whole different organisation, Scott isn't even involved - so it's appropriate that I like it. Battle Dome really helped wind the hours away, and overall I like all of them..bar the Battle Palace. Although it's still cool, just frustrating. Encountering Sudowoodo and Smeargle was really special for me, too....especially as I only encountered them by chance...akin to my encounters in Johto..a Sudowoodo posing as a tree, and some Smeargle around a special place...

Sealed Chamber

My friend told me to get a Wailord and Relicanth, then explore the sea....which I did, as he'd done Sapphire. As so, once I found this, by pure chance, I knew to put Wailord, then Relicanth. However, this didn't work. So, I had to decode the braille using the Trainer's Guide out of the game packaging. Then I had to find and capture the pokemon, which was extremely hard for Regice, not only due to finding it, but also having to decode yet more braille, just like the others. So, this is special as it began the quest to get legendary pokemon which I have put the most effort into out of all legendary pokemon.

Sky Pillar

I know it's available pre-E4 to capture Rayquaza. However, I just...don't. I obviously tend to ascend it in the plotline, as it's compulsory. But then, I don't venture there again until I've done everything, such as capturing Kyogre, Groudon, Regice/rock/steel, [email protected], battling my heart out in the Frontier, defeating the Trick Master, et. al. Then I power up there on a Mach Bike, have an epic showdown with Rayquaza, capture it, travel back to Littleroot, then put my player into the bed and save the game. The End.

So, that's why I like those locations...what about you?

September 10th, 2010, 3:35 PM
Top 5 Hoenn places (in no particular order):
-Slateport City, because of the music
-Battle Frontier, because I like the various challenges represented
-Mauville City because it has routes that start from 4 different directions
-Meteor Falls, because it has Bagon in it
-Sealed Chamber, because I had fun translating all the Braille text.

September 10th, 2010, 3:40 PM
My top 5

1) Was always gonna be Victory road.

The music and the run up to the Pokemon league was so "Thrilling" also the amount of EXP in their is also a bonus.

2) Slateport.

Simply cause of the awesome music.

3) Battle frontier

Battle dome and Factory are the best I just wish HG/SS/PLT kept the Dome *Sigh*

4) Artisans cave.


5) Trick house

Cause it's fun (:<

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September 10th, 2010, 6:28 PM

This kinda is the same thing, really.