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December 8th, 2004, 6:53 PM
I am taking requests for Hybrid characters ( Animal/Animal or Human/animal) and Pokemorphs (Pokemon/ Pokemon or human/pokemon). I am kinda new a CG so yeah...I can do them in pencil, Black and white, Color, or with my spiffy Grey tone markers of death! MUHAHAHA!! *Cough* umm....yeah...Be patiant with me though! ^_^;;

This is demon...I scanned her goofy....And her nose bugs me...But I love the way her arms and outfit came out! ^_^
She was done with Grey Markers


And this is my adorable Vyren! She is a Eevee morph CUTE! I love this pic!

December 8th, 2004, 8:26 PM
Ok could you do a Blaziken one like the Eevee one, both genders if possible ^^.

Take your time im in no rush ^^.


December 9th, 2004, 12:36 PM
Here they are...I don't really care for the CG job so I am gunna do them in Grey tones....*Yawn!*


I hath dubed them the Blaze Twins...And I had a heck of a time tryin to come up with how to draw them....I never drew a Blazkin before....

December 12th, 2004, 12:13 AM
Thanks alot XD, they r awesome ^^.


December 17th, 2004, 5:43 PM
Very welcome PV! ^_^ Next!

December 18th, 2004, 3:57 AM
Great works :3 I like your marker ones :3 No Requesties ^^;

December 18th, 2004, 2:05 PM
i would like a growlithe girl morph and i mean little girl like ten or somthing if possible but you dont have to if you dont want to id understand

December 27th, 2004, 11:54 AM
Sure I'll draw her! Can you give me a bit of a description?

December 27th, 2004, 6:05 PM
can I have a shroomish girl with the spots covering here body and make shroomishs bottom half a skirt and make the color of a shroomishs legs like the color of socks orsomething and make her hair white plz and thank u if its to hard tell me and i'll make it easier and by the way great job I like em :D

December 28th, 2004, 9:53 AM

Here's the Growlithe! I had fun with her!^_^

I'll get right on yours GM!

December 28th, 2004, 10:19 AM
Awww. I love that morph. Great job ^_~.


December 28th, 2004, 9:40 PM
Here's the Shroomish! ^_^


I know a crappy CG job, but I am gunna do her in Grey tones

December 28th, 2004, 9:45 PM
Could I have a wolf girl with fairly short blonde hair, wearing a blue sweatshirt and blue jeans? Thanks ^^

December 28th, 2004, 10:07 PM
Sure! I'll work on it tonight! ^_^

December 29th, 2004, 12:50 PM
Hmm... I wonder how you make those. They seem very difficult to make but anyways nice pictures.

December 29th, 2004, 7:57 PM
I dunno!^_^ I just do! They pop in my head and bam! There they are!

Heres a color pic of Vyren! ^_^


December 29th, 2004, 9:11 PM
that Shroomish girl rox I love it

December 30th, 2004, 5:02 PM
Here ish the Wolf girl! She's a bit more mellow then most of my chars...I colored her with my new pencils so I hope you like her!

December 30th, 2004, 7:46 PM
It's awesome! Thanks! :D :D

Burne Starcofski
December 30th, 2004, 7:57 PM
Ooh, can I make a Human/Dragon request in Black and White please?

December 30th, 2004, 8:31 PM
Male or female? Color? Any specifics?

Burne Starcofski
January 1st, 2005, 1:03 PM
Male, I don't really care much for color, (as long as it isn't pink.), but I prefer wings, a tail, and the head to be Draconic, along with some kind of robe, (like a magic caster, or something...)

Sorry if I sound greedy or commanding. ^_^;

January 2nd, 2005, 12:55 AM
hey umm can do a male rapidash but the lower body rapidash's and the upper body of a male around age 25.

January 2nd, 2005, 1:13 AM
hey umm can do a male rapidash but the lower body rapidash's and the upper body of a male around age 25.

sorry about double posting the same message my computer was stuffing up and some how made doubles.

paige pelletier
January 2nd, 2005, 6:23 AM
can you make a girl that has shorter hair that covers her right eye has a marking under her left eye (looks like a Y except thicker a little wavey anddetached with a dot in opening part) clothes a black long sleve coat (goes down to her knees) with buckle things that click it together shows her navel black jeans kinda baggy black boot things a black chocker with a ruby attached (diamond shaped) and big black wings that are feathery
hair color strawberry red/pink
eyes red/pink
skin pale but not creepy
XD that is alot I am sorry if this sound rude!

Burne Starcofski
January 6th, 2005, 3:51 PM
Well, it sure seems that Someone has a building line of fans...

January 6th, 2005, 8:30 PM
May I request a Marshtomp girl and a Kirlia girl together? Maybe in those spiffy colored pencils you have. ;)

(Is it just me or was the last time she was here, it was a week ago? :\ )

January 9th, 2005, 6:11 PM
Can you make me a Plusle girl with the ears and cheeks and all. Ummmm red hoodie and clack jeans with a white skirt over it? if its to hard jus tell me! ^_^

January 9th, 2005, 6:12 PM
*black* sry i had to change that^_^