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June 10th, 2011, 7:29 PM
Due to my other thread being real quiet, I decided to post my untested team to be. Now, this is by no means finished, so please take that into consideration when rating and suggesting improvements.

i. First Glance:


ii. In Depth Look:


Infernape @ Focus Sash
Nature: Hasty
Ability: Blaze
EV Spread: 64atk / 252spa / 192spe
IVs Required: n/a

Stealth Rock
Fake Out
Fire Blast
Close Combat

This set has been changed. I originally ran a suicide lead Infernape, but after testing found out it didn't work. Changes in bold.


Gyarados @ Life Orb
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Intimidate
EV Spread: 252atk / 4def / 252spe
IVs Required: n/a

Dragon Dance
Stone Edge

Standard Dragon Dance set. I use Gyarados as my physical sweeper.


Starmie @ Life Orb
Nature: Timid
Ability: Natural Cure
EV Spread: 252spe / 252spa / 4spdef
IVs Required: n/a

Hydro Pump
Ice Beam

I use Starmie as my special sweeper. I opted for Hydro Pump over Surf for more one-hit kills (even though I prefer accuracy). Thunderbolt over Thunder for reliability. Same goes for Ice Beam over Blizzard. Recover is an option if needed.


Snorlax @ Leftovers
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Thick Fat
EV Spread: 252atk / 4def / 252spdef
IVs Required: n/a

Body Slam
Self Destruct

Snorlax is my special wall that isn't afraid to attack. Body Slam for STAB, Crunch and Earthquake for coverage and Self Destruct when Snorlax has low hp. Switch in on special attacks.


Steelix @ Leftovers
Nature: Sassy
Ability: Sturdy
EV Spread: 252hp / 4atk / 252spdef
IVs Required: 0spe

Stealth Rock
Gyro Ball

Generally used as a switch in after Snorlax destructs. Also used to cripple with Stealth Rock - Roar combo. 0spe IVs so that Steelix can take full advantage of Gyro Ball (as well as STAB). Earthquake for STAB also.


Donphan @ Leftovers
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Sturdy
EV Spread: 252hp / 252atk / 4spe
IVs Required: n/a

Rapid Spin
Ice Shard

Generally used to clear hazards. Can be used as a sweeper late game.

iii. Conclusion:

Well, there we go. I am willing to change any Pokemon in this team. As I said earlier, this is by no means complete. Quite happy with Suicide Infernape though. xD. Still if you guys think he needs changing in any way just say so.

June 10th, 2011, 7:55 PM
Wait, am I reading this right?
About your lead Infernape.
Let's say your opponent starts off with a Hippowdon. You use Infernape.
You set up SR, your opponent goes for EQ, leaving you with 1 HP.
You use Endeavor, but won't the opponent KO you with another EQ?
You will die before you can use Vacuum Wave, right? lol

June 10th, 2011, 8:24 PM

Snorlax @ Leftovers
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Thick Fat
EV Spread: 252atk / 4def / 252spdef
IVs Required: n/a

Body Slam
Self Destruct

Snorlax is my special wall that isn't afraid to attack. Body Slam for STAB, Crunch and Earthquake for coverage and Self Destruct when Snorlax has low hp. Switch in on special attacks.

I totally love how you set this whole RMT up! Very classy and easy to read.

This barely qualifies as a rate. Just something to consider.
Changes in bold:

Snorlax @ Choice Band
Thick Fat
252atk / 4def / 252spdef
-Body Slam
-Crunch / Pursuit
-Earthquake / Focus Punch
-Self Destruct

Snorlax has a good move pool and a good Attack stat, making it a decent candidate for the Choice Band. Body Slam is a good choice. I'm sure you know, Return is also a good STAB attack. Depending on how the battle is going, Pursuit may be a good option for when they switch out for those Special Walls. Love Self Destruct. So good on Snorlax with it's base power doubled and STAB and what not. Totally good choice. ;) Focus Punch may be a good replacement for EQ just because you can do some damage to Skarmory / Steel / Rock types.

Now, I ripped this right off the internet, but you mentioned "not afraid to attack," so maybe you'd want to check this out:

Snorlax @ Leftovers
Careful [+Sp.Defense; -Sp.Attack]
Thick Fat
252 Sp. Defense / 140 HP / 116 Defense
-Body Slam
The main problem I see with this set are hazers and fast Fighting type opponents. But who knows? Maybe it would work for you. There's certainly sweeping potential to be had.

I wish I had more to say, but I rather like your team.
You did a good job!
Anyway, that's it for me.
Good luck!

June 11th, 2011, 1:20 AM
Uh, why 2 Stealth Rock users?

I don't think Steelix is good enough for phazing, so I think Dragonite is a good replacement, since it can still phaze with Dragon Tail while annoying the opponent:
-Thunder Wave
-Dragon Tail
Nature: Careful
EVs: 252 HP/4 Atk/252 SDef
Item: Leftovers
Ability: Multiscale

To take advantage of an opponent's sandstorm, Excadrill can be used in Donphan's place (it can still Rapid Spin and hits harder than Donphan would):
-Swords Dance
-Rock Slide
-Rapid Spin
Nature: Jolly
EVs: 4 HP/252 Atk/252 Spe
Item: Air Balloon
Ability: Sand Rush

June 11th, 2011, 10:53 AM
@solarowl Vacuum Wave has priority over EQ. Which means Vacuum Wave will hit first meaning KO. And besides The main purpose of Infernape is to set up Stealth Rock then Endeavor anyway. Also, lead Hippowdon is slower than a lead Infernape which means Stealth Rock strikes first followed by EQ which means its my turn again to use Vacuum Wave.

@Alexial357 Thanks! I'm not too keen on Choice Band Snorlax. I may consider CurseLax as I have used one before. Just thought I'd try something new.

@PlatinumDude I really should have made this clear in my first post. This team is IV Gen. I guess you could consider Steelix as a phazer but the main reason Steelix is in my team is so that he can take hits from physical attackers. It also acts as a special wall after Snorlax has been KOed. However, what you said about Dragonite (and Steelix) is a valid point and it is something I will have to consider. Thanks for the post and the suggestions.

June 11th, 2011, 11:43 AM
The lead playout doesn't work, as solar said. It would happen like this.

You sent out Infernape!
Your opponent sent out Hippowdon!
Infernape used Stealth Rock!
Hippowdown used Earthquake!

Infernape held on using its Focus Sash.

Infernape used Endeavor! (Hippo is now at 1 HP)
Hippowdon used Earthquake!
Infernape fainted.

Now if he started off with Stealth Rock as well, then it would work, but you can't always guarantee that. :x

Also, is this Gen 4? I take it it is. xD

June 11th, 2011, 11:50 AM
@.Aero That's kinda what I hope for. XD. Cause usually when I play, leads always set up SR or Spikes. So there is a lot of luck involved.

June 11th, 2011, 12:16 PM
Endeavor will NEVER work against slower leads, even if they used SR or something.
Infernape used Stealth Rock
Hippowdon used Stealth Rock

Infernape used Endeavor - It won't do any damage
Hippowdon used Earthquake
Infernape held on using its Focus Sash.

Infernape used Endeavor - brings Hippowdon to 1
Hippowdon used EQ
and you get youself a dead Ape.
and besides, Ape would die/breaks its Focus Sash from Sandstorm damage.

I don't see Endeavor working at all.

June 11th, 2011, 6:12 PM
Going with what the others said, your Infernape set might need some tweaking:
-Fake Out
-Stealth Rock
-Fire Blast/Overheat
-Close Combat
Nature: Hasty/Naive
EVs: 64 Atk/252 SAtk/192 Spe
Item: Focus Sash

This way, in the case Infernape is up against a suicide lead, it can use Fake Out to break its Focus Sash, then proceed to SR, assuming the lead doesn't carry Taunt.

June 11th, 2011, 6:27 PM
I'm not sure where the second Earthquake's coming from since Infernape will already be dead. The best advice I can give for this team is, to test it? I'm not sure where you're going with the theorymoning, but if you play with it a bit there'll be no need for us to point out things you can catch yourself, like the inability to hurt Ferrothorn, right?

June 12th, 2011, 8:33 AM
OK. I've tested the team and must agree with all of you regarding Infernape's set. It doesn't quite work regardless of whether SR is used against me or not. The only I see it working is if a faster lead hits me with SR then I use SR. Afterwards, I predict EQ and select Endeavor. Infernape holds on using Focus Sash, Endeavor hits allowing me to select Vacuum Wave next turn.

I think I will change Infernape set to the one PlatinumDude recommended and give it another test. BTW, thanks for the feedback everyone.