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July 12th, 2011, 11:20 AM
Totally c&p'd from my blog. It was intended to go here in the first place but I wasn't sure at first so-o yeah here you are.

Chameleon Circuit's new album, Still Got Legs (http://alexdaymusic.com/261/), is now available for purchase and (this is the important bit) free listening. I've been going on about it, so might as well compile my first opinions.

The songs on Still Got Legs seem to have similar musical styles unlike the previous album, Chameleon Circuit, which was very diverse in its sound. About half of the songs didn't particularly stand out to me on the first listenthrough, but on the second some of them caught my attention more. Like Regenerate Me and Travelling Man.

The quoted bit of this is c&p'd from G+, where I was going on about it as I listened through.
Kiss The Girl - Track 7 of Still Got Legs - is sounding the best to me so far. Maybe it's cause Charlie is singing it and it seems so... him.

Oh god Track 9 - Teenage Rebel- is fabulous as well! And deviating from the album's style a bit. The song reminds me a lot of some of the tracks on Parrot Stories, but the intro is reminiscent of An Awful Lot Of Running.

Track 10 - Big Bang Two - is fast and urgent, and beautiful, awesome!

****, man. Track 12 - The Sound Of Drums - is so right on it's incredible. The drumbeat itself is perfect and captures the idea so well it's amazing. Creepy, sad, lonely, powerful, mad. The sound of the song is also very current rock-ish, and though I think they could have upped the intensity in the lyrics and melody (personal preference) it is overall very amazing.

Track 15. Still Not Ginger. References to all sorts of things. More like the first album stylistically. Oh god. The nostalgia of it all. I feel like it's a complete tribute to the Doctor as well as Chameleon Circuit itself. Oh god. I shouldn't be so emotional but that song - that one minute, fifty-seven second song- nearly made me cry.

Now that I'm listening a second time, I am picking up more uniqueness in the sounds of the songs and liking them more and more. I still don't think the styles of the songs are as diverse as Chameleon Circuit, but that's okay. (02)Regenerate Me I like for no particular reason. (03)Nightmares is kinda creepy, (04)Travelling Man is beautiful. (05)Everything Is Ending is just very, very Alex Day. (06)Mr. Pond is so fitting. (07)Kiss The Girl is again, very Charlie, and adorable.

So yeah. Originally not many stood out to me. I felt like the songs were lacking in intensity- and I still kinda do- but they're still very good. I might prefer the original album because it's a bit more "fun" (and I know all the lyrics so I can sing along <3) but this is an amazing album. :3

And how do you all like this album? Or not like it?

Spherical Ice
July 12th, 2011, 11:36 AM
As a massive Chameleon Circuit fan, this album was no disappointment. I agree that Kiss the Girl and the Sound of Drums were really good. I also loved the sound of The Doctor is Dying and Everything is Ending, and Teenage Rebel was so commercial yet so damned amazing. I found that the short thirty second "jingles" were OK though it would've been nice to see them develop into actual songs, especially Eleven.