View Full Version : Research: Custom Pokémon Global Link Musical Songs

Spiky-Eared Pichu
December 11th, 2011, 9:46 AM
Hello all! If you have ever played Pokémon Black or White an accessed the Global Link, you'll sure know there's downloadable content for your game. You can download:

C-Gear Skins
Pokédex Skins
Pokémon Musical Songs

You can download up to three things at the same time (one of each). If you try to add a second one, the previous one disappears.

I'm now focusing on the third (Musical Songs). So, how does the cart handle the content? It's easy. Here's an explanation:

The musical is chosen on the Pokémon GL website.
On the next sync, the website communicates with the cart and checks its donwloaded content.
The sleeping Pokémon is enabled/disabled on the website and the cart.
If the musical in the cart matches the one selected online, it jumps to step 5. If it's different, the website sends a NARC file to the cart with the musical contents.
The sync ends.

You may be wondering, where's that NARC stored if a ROM can't be modified? The answer is simple: inside the saved game. The saved game has free read/write space, so that's logical.

The NARC archive contains 6 files. The first three are unknown (maybe musical name and settings?), but the other three are a SSEQ, a SBNK and a SWAR, generic Nitro Composer files.

Knowing this, creating custom musical songs and inserting them to saved games would be really easy. However, I don't know everything about how it is set, so I would need people to download musicals from the Global Link, extract the NARC (by hex it's simple) and tell what do they have. We currently need (I already have a "Charming Munna" NARC):

Japanese "Pokémon Smash!" musical
Japanese "Carnival Pokémon" musical
American/European "Carnival Pokémon" musical

This will be enough to discover if musicals are region-locked and a first step to custom Pokémon Musicals.