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May 17th, 2012, 11:58 AM
I'm not very into Pokemanz, but my friend is here so I decided to join on another friend's laptop. I hope he doesn't kill me for using it. XD

I'm Shi. I'm 26 years old, disabled, and love to be artistic. I like designing games, art/animation, singing, etc. I'm gothic and proud of it. I tend to like things that most people hate, or so I'm told, but I don't let it bother me. I'm pretty blunt but I'm friendly too.


My first Pokemon game was GREEN version (it was Japanese though o.o). I've also played Red and Blue in English. I don't know much outside of the original Pokemon because I liked Digimon way better, but my favourite Pokemon was Dratini I believe. I didn't like the design or anything, but I felt attached to it because I battled with it a lot so it was like a digital best friend. XD Yeah.

Recently though someone let me play Pokemon Black and I like it much better than I thought I would. Pokemon finally has intelligent dialogue AND a story. <3 And I really REALLY like someone called Ghetsis I think on there, though I probably spelled their name wrong because I'm not looking at their name as I type this. They made a speech at the beginning and completely captivated me. I hope to see more of them as I go on along in the game. Their sprite reminds me of <3 Kageroza from BLEACH <3, who I am completely obsessed with! /fangirlmoment


Kiva requested my help with art in making a little Pokemon spin-off called Sweet n Sour. Its very different than the typical run of the mill spin-offs I usually see so I agreed to help out with spriting. <3 I really hope it turns into a funny and quirky little spoof. I want the motto to be "Gotta Eat Catch 'Em All", but I'm not sure if he'd agree with that XD Eating food-like Pokemon might be horrific to some people, but I find it hilarious.


I'm a very friendly type of person and have a TON of online friends and team mates, so hopefully some of you guys like me as well. I adore all of my friends online and offline. So it's a pleasure to meet all of you and hopefully someone talks to me. You can all be my Sugar Baby Loves!


May 17th, 2012, 9:05 PM
Wow this is a long intro. And a great one, at that. You should be proud of yourself. Now good luck with not getting caught by your friend for using the laptop, oddly for the purpose of joining, hahaha.

Welcome to the forums, Shi! You don't have to be into Pokémon to enjoy it here. And I love how optimistic your post feels, whatever people may think of you. Please continue that, let nothing get in your way. Great thing with this place is it's filled with tons of people, and I'm sure you'll enjoy experiencing the diversity of this community. Share them these interests!

It's funny how you got back with Black and liked it. Maybe the approach really does work for people who enjoyed more of the earlier games. Either way, I'm happy you liked Ghetsis in particular. I thought he was a really good take on the noble ideal but secretly having a hidden agenda. Wait, I think that was a bit of a spoiler, have you finished the game? Anyway, Bleach. I would talk about this more if only I kept up with it, haha. But it's a cool series so I'm glad you enjoy fangirling about it.

That's really cool that you have great hands for spriting. I still couldn't sprite for a dime. XD; Good luck with working on that spinoff! Sounds pretty interesting, in my opinion.

If you ask me, I say you really do seem friendly. So happy you decided to join. And you already have a lot of online friends! With that personality, I'm sure you'll be liked by the people here. Also I cannot believe no one here has posted before me yet, it was a pleasure talking to you, even through a welcome thread. Feel free to adopt me as one of your own sugar baby loves, hahaha. XD

See you!

May 17th, 2012, 9:17 PM
YAY a reply, sorry it was such a long intro though. >_> I'm a little bit excitable.....I should be blonde, but somehow I ended up with jet black hair and a semi-blonde bubbly personality. Go me! I did end up dying my hair half green half blonde though, to show my undying devotion to Kageroza-kun. Yes. I actually have two-toned hair. XD


I'm not really a fan of BLEACH though, per sey. More of just a Kageroza fan. And yeah well, you can spoiler me. I haven't nearly made it through the game yet I don't think, but I'm crossing my fingers to hear another epic Ghetsis speech. I tend to find one character and attach myself to them quickly if they grab me and pull me in. I will even watch/play series I dislike if one character is a golden nugget for me! Strangely, most of the characters I fall for end up being secretly evil in the end, so it wouldn't surprise me if Ghetsis was totally devilish by this game's ending.

That's how Kageroza was, too. Pretended to be a nice, smart guy (because intelligence is my biggest turn on, especially of the science/mad science type - I love extremely intelligent characters and people in general. I guess I like feeling stupid? Because I'm nowhere near smart. XD) and then he turned out to be the main antagonist of an entire arc. Sooo yep. I have strange tastes.


I hope I get to stick around here. I have horrible luck with life issues, computer issues, illness issues, that basically keep me floating online and offline in periods of time like that. Once I lost internet access for a whole YEAR and people thought I died.

Yeah, friends are pretty much the most important part of my life. They keep me going so I like to meet a ton of people even if I can't keep up with them. They're like a strong 'support system' I can lean on. I wasn't exactly blessed with a good family, so every friend I meet I consider as part of my family.

And I hope to keep seeing you around too.

May 19th, 2012, 8:22 PM
Just saw you at #PokemonClubs, and wanted to give you a proper welcome! (I'm Cadance on there btw :3) It's great to see ya here, and I hope you're having a wonderful time here. :3

Be sure you PM me if you need any help, as well as any staff member in bold names, and well, HAVE FUN, yes? Hope you visit the channel often, and I hope to see ya around the forums!