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May 31st, 2012, 5:13 PM
I'm just new here, all reason why I registered here is because of ROM Hacking. I hope I'm welcome here. :)

May 31st, 2012, 5:20 PM
Welcome to the community Laperra! Nice matching Avatar and Username by the way! Make sure you read the Rules Page before proceeding! If you're in need of assistance, go visit the Official Adoption Center to receive a Mentor, who can guide you around! Hope you enjoy your time here and see ya around!

May 31st, 2012, 9:10 PM
Hi Laperra.

I think I get the pun with your username - Lapras + Torterra = Laperra.

Even your avatar matches it.

Hate to tell you, but I'm terrible at ROM hacking.

However, I still recommend going to the Emulation subforum where you will meet many Pokemon Trainers users who love to share their hacks!

While you're there, don't forget to talk to its resident mod duo - DrFuji and Giradialkia!

- Hikari10

May 31st, 2012, 9:46 PM
Hey Laprerra! Welcome to the Community! Love the sprite LOL!