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July 14th, 2013, 2:46 PM
There are a lot of FTP games around the Internet nowadays, and they are being played more and more frequently. Though they are not the most advanced of games, they still can offer hours of fun! So, which ones do you think are the best and most enjoyable? Discuss.

Shawn, you know why this is here :3

July 14th, 2013, 4:47 PM
I played alot of them in the past. Maplestory, combat arms, pretty much everything by nexon. Recently I've been into Heroes and Generals and Neverwinter. The most fun I had on a f2p game was Maplestory back in the old days. I don't know why I found it so enjoyable considering I never got past level 50. (never reached max level in any MMO for that matter.)

Sweets Witch
July 14th, 2013, 5:10 PM
There are only two FTP games that I routinely play. When I was younger I would play a bunch of them because I had no money, but I hated the FTP MMO experience and GW2 broke me from it completely. But yeah, there are a couple that I like.

osu! combines my love of primarily Japanese pop music with my love of rhythm games and I can play it for hours, but recently I've been hesitant to because I don't agree too much with the scoring system because of how it factors your play count as a negative aspect. Basically you have a better shot of getting a higher ranking if you have fewer plays, which takes away the fun of playing for fun. But I still really enjoy playing it and every now and then I'll buy a month of Supporter status even though it doesn't do much.

The other game is Realm of the Mad God and I really enjoy it because it's a nice little time-waster. For some reason I enjoy losing absolutely everything upon death because it doesn't take too long to max out your level. Finding good equipment is a pain, though.

July 14th, 2013, 6:35 PM
Definitely osu! since I've burnt more hours into that game than a lot of other online games I play.

July 15th, 2013, 2:23 PM
I've actually grown an attraction to Super Crate Box. It's a nicely made platform game whereby you collect a number of crates and you have to kill the monsters to get guns but don't get points for killing them. If you let a monster die by it falling in lava, a very angry monster is produced and it's speed is very fast. If a monster touches you, you have to restart the level. If you played it, you'd like it better than how it's explained. It's a lot better than how it looks on paper, worth the very fast download.

Another game I have grown on is Super House of Dead Ninjas. Very interesting name, yes. It's like a fully developed game, but it's free and amazing. Another platform, you have to travel down a good 350 floors to get to the next level, unlocking and using a variety of different weapons and techniques to do so. I love it, very interesting game to play!

July 15th, 2013, 7:38 PM
Well, Guild Wars 2 lacks a subscription fee, if that counts. Despite the buying price of a copy, it's like an FTP game in that they sustain the ongoing running costs and the like with a store. Nice thing is, since the game is 'pay [once] to play', store items are kept within the purview of being merely cosmetic or convenient. I actually really like the business model and would like to see more games do this.

As for true FTP pay to win games... well, this is why I like the way GW2 is run. I do play Tribes Ascend a fair amount however; the game is far more skill- than loadout-based, although the Juggernaut class is probably more versatile than it should be.

Sailor Moon ™
July 16th, 2013, 1:17 PM
- Alliance of Valiant Arms. (FPS)
- Rusty Hearts. (RPG)
- Blacklight: Retribution. (FPS)
- League of Legends. (MOBA)
- Eden Eternal. (RPG)
- Star Wars: The Old Republic. (RPG)
- Elsword Online. (RPG)
- Aion. (RPG)
- S4 League. (TPS)
- Atlantica Online. (RPG)
- Ragnarok Online 2. (RPG)

July 17th, 2013, 2:22 PM
My favorite FTP game has to be World of Tanks.

July 18th, 2013, 9:12 AM
League of Legends and Perfect World.

I have been playing Perfect World for a very long time and even though its FTP I spent a lot of money on the cash shop.

GW2 was also fun but I got bored pretty fast due to the whole active time events.

July 19th, 2013, 6:03 PM
Every time someone asks what my favorite FTP game, I say An Untitled Story. It's one of the best 2D action/exploration games I've ever played, right up there with Super Metroid. It's a free indie game, and it's just so big and full with so many secrets and challenges. If you're a fan of the genre, do yourself a favor and download the game now.

Also: I tried LoL for a month. Hated it. It's what happens when you take an RTS, take control of almost all characters away, make playing an unintuitive and confusing mess (trying to break auto-attack is a popular competitve strategy? Really?), and add the worst online community ever. I honestly don't understand why it has such a huge fanbase.

July 20th, 2013, 1:27 AM
FTP (F2P, as I usually abbreviate it) games have always been appealing to me, considering I don't have access to a large sum of money. I tried Maplestory for a few weeks before I gave up on it. Moved on to Combat Arms, which was a great time sink. Played it for just about 5 years now (started June 2008). Albeit yes there are hackers, and the guns are basically pay-to-win, it's still somewhat enjoyable, even to this day.

Nexon aside, I found osu! in 2010. It was a pretty good game, and I put a lot of hours into that too. I took such a long hiatus from osu!, though, and that led to me making a second account because I completely forgot my account details... Some F2P games I've found more recently include Warframe and Blacklight: Retribution. Certainly good shooters, both of them.