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August 9th, 2013, 3:51 PM
Ello pokemon fans, I have just joined and would like to say hello to all you pokemon fans as I am also a pretty big fan myself. This forum looks like an exciting place for all things pokemon so I'm excited to browse around and jump in, on a completely random note my favorite pokemon in umbreon (that kind of seems relevant).

August 9th, 2013, 4:22 PM
The first thing I thought of when I saw your username was this little guy:


Aw, he's so cute! Welcome to PC pengiunnn. :) We're a really fun forum and you'll probably find lots to keep you busy here. What are you interested in as far as Pokemon goes? The games are amazing so I'm assuming you're into those.. which are your favorites?! I loove me some Crystal, Emerald, Yellow, and Black 2/White 2. Though it looks like X and Y are going to be many people's new favorites. There are a lot of fun topics all around the community if you're itching to discuss Pokemon so you've come to a lovely little forum to get your inner fan out. By the way, we have an awesome new eeveelution club (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=306390) that just opened so you just have to join up sometime. You're free to share your love for Umbreon there; my personal favorites are Sylveon, Leafeon, and Flareon though, but they're all adorable. <3

Anyways, have a lovely time on the wonderful forum that is PokeCommunity, Peng! You're going to meet so many other awesome fans and will hopefully evolve into an active forum regular soon in the future. Go ahead and jump into all the discussions we have here and don't be shy to ever contact someone if you're lookin' for a good chat. There are always more popping up and you're free to start your own topics if something you're interested in hasn't been posted yet.

See you around! :D Wonderful meeting you.

August 9th, 2013, 10:06 PM

Welcome aboard, sweetheart! Big Pokemon fan here, and I am happy to see you here! There's so much to do here, as well as to see. We have lots and lots of discussions pertaining to Pokemon. What's your favorite generation? We have a section just for your favorite generation. Scroll down and you'll see all the boards that separate each generation. :D

I'm excited that you'll be browsing around and enjoy what PC has to offer. <3 Umbreon is my favorite eeveelution btw! So glad to see we have something in common :3

Anyways, have a wonderful time here. Drop me a line to chat, and see you around!

August 9th, 2013, 10:14 PM
That penguin you have there is quite awesome, and now I think I may go find that eeveelution club since it sounds amazing, and for pokemon I'm only really into the games and currently white 2 is the one I'm playing the most but I don't think i actually have a favorite since they are all pretty spectacular. Anyway I have a good feeling about this forum just based on the nice warm welcome that has already been given to me, maybe one of us will strike up an interesting discussion on some other board, well see you both around the forums.

August 9th, 2013, 10:43 PM
Penquin!! I love penguins! Welcome to PC!

Yeah it's really really hard to pick just one favorite. I really like Gen III personally , but generation V is really good imo too.Though every Pokemon game so far has brought something special and unique to the table I think and I love all of them. And I look forward to every new release. I'm very excited for X and Y, they look like they will be amazing games so far. Umbreon is my favorite Eeveelution as well cause I absolutely love Dark types and it has the coolest design of them all, especially it's shiny. The other Eeveeltions are neat too and I always thought they were a unique concept. MY otehr favorites are Leafeon , Slyveon and Jolteon. I'm assuming you like Dark types lot too? If so you might also enjoy my Dark type fan club (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=269125). If not that's okay, cause there's many other neat clubs you can enjoy and talk about the Pokemon and types you love.

We're a really nice community, so it's easy to make friends here so I hope to see you meet alot of people here. There's also a lot of variety on the topics we cover so finding things to post about shouldn't be too hard either. I'm always up to chat with people , so feel free to contact me either through visitor's message or private message anytime. Other people here too would be more than willing to talk to you so don't hesitate to talk to anyone. And moderators are nice too so if you have any concerns you can as them anything. See you around and have a wonderful time here!