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February 19th, 2005, 11:23 PM
Everybody needs a motto. XD I have two:

"If at first you don't succeed, cheat. Repeat until caught. Lie. And then blame it on your parents." ~ Actually, it's my friend's motto, but I helped him come up with it, so it's mine too. XD

"Sane? What's this sane of which you speak?" ~ Seriously, I have no idea. XD

February 19th, 2005, 11:28 PM
Umm,freaky little Ty XD For me, I've got a few but the one I use the most is "Forgive and forget" Freaky,ne? XD

And also have "Don't waste time comparing yourself with other's life, but try and make yours better"

February 19th, 2005, 11:34 PM
mine is

if you dont succed,, DIE TRYING

February 19th, 2005, 11:36 PM
I have three~
If practice makes perfect and nobody is perfect, why practice~? // Obviously I'm not the one who created this, but hey, it makes perfect sensesometimes. X3

Just believe. // I have no idea why I came up with this, but I always do that. [Poor, gullible Mari. XP]

And, Just keep smiling. // Self explanatory. ^____^

Flygon trainer
February 20th, 2005, 12:05 AM
I guess my motto would be along the lines of "it wasn't me, I swear! it was those guys! Half the lies they tell about me arn't true!"

February 20th, 2005, 12:07 AM
"Money is not the key to success, your dream is."
"This world ran out of common sense..."

Sorye HK
February 20th, 2005, 12:08 AM
I've got 2:
1. "Lazy, different? Face it. That's you."
2. "Avoid anything troublesome"

February 20th, 2005, 12:09 AM
Mine is do what you feel like doing

Mr Cat Dog
February 20th, 2005, 1:20 AM
For life: 'I'm normal, it's everyone else that's insane'
For PC: 'Moderate the forums. Spam up the lounge'

My two mottos ^_^ I'm great aren't I XD

February 20th, 2005, 1:24 AM
That 2nd one, I can relate to. XD

February 20th, 2005, 1:46 AM
"Life is like a giant TV screen you chose what happens in it"

February 20th, 2005, 1:50 AM
I don't have a motto ^^; But one of the things I often give as advice is: "It's better to be different and unique than normal and boring"~ XD

February 20th, 2005, 3:13 AM
I dont really have one, but i guess i could stick iwth the one at the bottom of my sig xD:

"If you find something you like, take it, and make it better"

Forest Grovyle
February 20th, 2005, 4:43 AM
I've always loved "growing old is inevitable, but growing up is optional". :) It's always good to keep a bit of that childlike spirit, no matter how old you are. ^_^ So I guess that's mine! ;)

February 20th, 2005, 4:48 AM
Mine is more than likely "It is all good", just look in my sig XD. Or there is "Don't be what other people want you to be, be what you want to be" If that counts XD. Or "Dont be like others, be yourself"


February 20th, 2005, 4:49 AM
My Motto is

'IM CATWOMAN *purr*'
woo yay!

February 20th, 2005, 6:50 AM
To Apply IRL.

'What makes us different from eachother is our own will , not the facts that we live in . It is just people's solemn desire to see through and look deeper, behind everyboady's minds.''-mvtm

''Big minds persevere through out endless improvements of theirselves.''-mvtm

For the boards:

''Quality is far better rather than quantity.''-mvtm

February 20th, 2005, 8:52 AM
I have one too, "Don't be like others and do the same things they do, be yourself".

February 20th, 2005, 9:02 AM
Hey FG that is a good one :) Mine is "Dont take s*** from anyone...stand up for yourself"

February 20th, 2005, 9:08 AM
mine is "life is hard, then you die, so make the best out of it while you still can" XD;;

February 20th, 2005, 9:53 AM
"Life is easy. You all suck." Not my own, but it works.

"If there's anything more important than friends, it has yet to be found."

"Like that puny orc can beat my +12 Greatsword."

"You know you're serene when there's a bug on your nose and you don't care."

Lil' Schu
February 20th, 2005, 10:01 AM
I have a couple.
Life: "School is fun. You just have to know how to annoy the teachers."
PC: "We're all here because we're not all there."

I want to know if anyone understands my PC motto. XD

February 20th, 2005, 10:05 AM
Loud and clear. Nice one. Just thought of another:

"Coming outr of the closet is a very scary experience. As soon as you do, you get blineded by the right."

Lil' Schu
February 20th, 2005, 10:18 AM
Awesome. Thanks for getting it. I was afraid no-one would. XD

I saw it on a town sign. Population was 19. They only have 2 streets. It was scary. XD

February 20th, 2005, 12:34 PM
"To me you are the light,
From a light bulb that breaks sometimes.
And the tender warmth inside,
Is released into my mind.
And it smothers me in flames,
That lick and scorch my face.
As the smoke reaches the sky,
Know i'm burning tonight.
Know i'm burning tonight..
Know that i will burn for you tonight."

February 20th, 2005, 12:38 PM
One of mine is:

The Educated are not always Intelligent.

February 20th, 2005, 1:58 PM
i have a few...yes...
1. There is nothing duct tape cant solve. (wanna go on a diet? Duct tape your mouth shut =D)
2. Do you exist? Prove it.
3. It is better to take what does not belong to you than to let it lie around neglected. - Mark Twain(great advice, no?)
4. ... or .... or ..... or (insert any number of dots above 5 here)
5. (Insert little girl's scream here)
6. um...
7. Run Awaaaaaaaay
8. Life is short, so make sure everyone else has a shorter one(games people games XD)
9. XD (this is most obviously stolen)
10. There is no motto 10

February 20th, 2005, 3:05 PM
"Audere est facere" - To dare is to do. Whenever I'm in two minds about something, I just remember this.

February 20th, 2005, 9:20 PM
'Hey Brittany!'

More added when I remember them...

Aisu K.
February 20th, 2005, 9:21 PM
My motto? "Work alone. Trust no one."

Demonic Angel
February 20th, 2005, 11:34 PM
"Difference is independence. It shows you're not afraid do things yourself, and break away from the crowd."
Meh, it's my friend's but I use it anyway~

February 21st, 2005, 2:58 AM
Mine mottos would be these:

"Why would we choose anger if we can choose love"

"What feeds me, also destroys me"

"If you search, you'll find"

"When you don't have nothing but love, you'll see that love is the only thing you need"

"I know I can be called as credulous little fool 'cause I love so much but after all: I'm happy credulous little fool "

"If you want to be loved, only thing you have to do is to love"

So there ^___________^

February 21st, 2005, 3:06 AM
My motto? "Never give up."

It might seem brief, but it has a hell of a lot of meanings, which Ninpo practitioners surely understand ^^

February 21st, 2005, 7:21 AM
Here's my messed up motto. xD

"No matter how bad things get, at least you still have your health. And if you don't even have that, then screw what I just said."


February 21st, 2005, 8:09 AM
Mine is ''Nobody's Perfect so I must be Nobody''

I like this one too ''You live and learn, then die and forget it all''

February 22nd, 2005, 2:03 AM
Oh, I just remembered another one ^^

"Be proud of your weirdness, it's better that than not being proud of anything."

February 22nd, 2005, 2:05 AM
Darn I haven't heard that one before, why me?! I'm weird *cries* XD

February 22nd, 2005, 9:30 AM
Mine is...

"You don't truly learn how to appretiate the little things in your life until you lose them."

This has proven to be so true for me... ;-;

February 22nd, 2005, 10:09 AM
I have 2 i can remember now:

1. Im not stupid, everyone around me is just abnormally smart!

2. If it first you dont succeed, give up and forget it!

February 22nd, 2005, 10:15 AM
I have some

-"You laugh because I'm different, I laugh because you're all the same"
-"We're all going to die someday, why wait?"
-"I march to the beat of my own drummer"

And some more that I'll put later if I remember

February 22nd, 2005, 10:29 AM
my motto- i have a few

"just because im small, dont mean im not cool?"

"...Accusations are the route to all "SCREW UPS".."

"whats the point in homework if im not gunna do it"

"Im just super intelligant, its just ure so dumb and u dont understand me"

February 24th, 2005, 4:17 AM
Everything happens for a reason. I live my life by that.

February 25th, 2005, 12:26 PM
Mine is 'It is better to have once loved then not loved at all' that means all the bad places and break ups in life and ull get over it strongly and move on

February 25th, 2005, 3:34 PM
"Life isn't fair,get use to it,"

"Friends are ok to have,but you must do everything on your own to succeed,don't count on anyone else,they will get in the way,"

February 26th, 2005, 9:15 PM
They can basically be summed up by two of my favorite Foo Fighters songs.

Times Like These (http://files.drewcool.com/host/media//Times%20Like%20These.m3u) (acoustic) & February Stars (http://files.drewcool.com/host/media/February%20Stars.m3u)

{If you click them they will stream. ;)}

Youko Kurama
February 26th, 2005, 9:29 PM
My motto...
Don't forget the rabies. Everything tastes better with rabies. YAY RABIES!!!

February 27th, 2005, 4:59 PM
I have two Motto's I go by "You laugh because I'm different, I laugh because you're all the same" and (well it ain't really a motto but i go by it) "Don't worry it'll all be over soon. Life will go on" ^^; I go by that when I have to speak in front of my class or do something I hate. It relaxs me ^_^

NiNGi's Worst Nightmare
February 28th, 2005, 4:21 PM
"I'll show you! You'll see!!!"
I use that motto every day at 8:10 in the morning.

"Yes, I act dumb. The keyword being 'act'."
I use that every time there's a new student at school.

"Give me your lunch, I'll give you my attentiuon."
It works, too. I act like I pay attention to the most BORING stories ever just for a slice of pizza.

February 28th, 2005, 5:43 PM
My motto.....


Look at my signature....

March 5th, 2005, 1:35 AM
"Be yourself and not what others want you to be"

Lion Heart
March 5th, 2005, 2:49 AM
My motto is simple: "You don't like me.. I don't like you, remember that kid, for we are living in a world that has been doomed".

Okay, only the first 8 words in the motto actually count..

Doctor Zoidberg
March 5th, 2005, 2:55 AM
"Procastinate as much as you can and you will get it done!" is my motto. Pretty cool isn't it?

Trainer Kharl
March 14th, 2005, 11:40 AM
the absence of selfishness is the presence of your purpose in life. it's worth a try. (",)

March 14th, 2005, 1:46 PM
My motto is: "Why go kill yourself when you won't be hearing the talking afterwards?" XD

It's from a Swedish CD cover, and I liked it ^^

March 14th, 2005, 2:06 PM
"Two wrongs don't make a right. But three rights make a left turn!" Lol I like that one, it's from FairlyOdd Parents.

Hmm...I don't know if I have a motto. I'll make one up right now. "If it ain't broke, break it"

March 14th, 2005, 2:07 PM
i try to live by the quote from micah that's in my sig

March 14th, 2005, 2:08 PM
get the buns, its sausage time :D

Crimson King
March 14th, 2005, 2:31 PM
"Theres only two things you can be certain about in life, taxes and death." xD

my teacher is ALWAYS saying that and now its gotten stuck in my head - -;

March 14th, 2005, 6:35 PM
"Power not important, strategy is." I would say. The most trickest starategy can outsmart tremendous strength. Martial artists out there, this is the motto for you.

Samuri Scearious
March 14th, 2005, 6:44 PM
If it burns, it burns. If it doesn't, let it die.

March 14th, 2005, 7:09 PM
there is a method to my madness.

Trainer Kharl
March 18th, 2005, 3:43 PM
For me, there are only three facts. you live, you love, you die. each worth a try.

also, look at my sig. ^^

Pokemon Master #1
March 19th, 2005, 4:09 AM
My motto is,
"What comes around goes around".

March 31st, 2005, 4:11 PM
What's love backwards? Evol! Makes you think doesn't it?

What goes around comes around

March 31st, 2005, 4:27 PM
"Life sucks no matter what, so don't be tricked by the location change." Take it to heart.

March 31st, 2005, 4:36 PM
"Children in the Dark make accidentz, accidentz in the dark-" Nevermind XD

I don't really have a motto...but I zhould o_O Where can I download one?
JK XP I"ll think of one :3

March 31st, 2005, 5:28 PM
I have another one now --

Karma: Don't spam to make the millionth post, all you'll end up is looking stupid, in trouble for spamming, and probably without the millionth post.


Overlord IX
March 31st, 2005, 6:52 PM
My motto is: Its no point being false,for the earth cannot be deceived.

March 31st, 2005, 6:56 PM
My motto is: "reality is what you make of it", it was just one of those things that popped into my head for no apparent reason and it stuck.

Electric Hero
March 31st, 2005, 7:08 PM
I had at the beggining one motto, but I came with few ones through time

"what if God was one of us?" kinda "nonsense" but it has, and... it kinda makes you think.

"your life is hard, and you blame God? think it twice, can you handle one whole planet?" yea... sometimes your life seems so difficult, but there other lives that are even more difficult, so don't blame anyone...

"if you break it, you pay it" that was from a store in a downtown of some city of USA

"do you fear fire? do you fear water? do you fear wind? do you fear earth? you must fear electricity" one of my two mottos, that are REALLY mine... but it sounds better in its original al-bhed language:
"tu oui vayn vena? tu oui vayn fydan? tu oui vayn feht? tu oui vayn ayndr? oui sicd vayn amaldneledo"

and this is my own and only true loved motto, but it stays in spanish:

"Recurdame por ser grande, pero parecer pequeo"

March 31st, 2005, 7:22 PM
Mine is "Everyone's a sucker when your feeling smart"

Or in the tradition of nightmare..."REPENT!!!"