View Full Version : Starting Over

September 14th, 2003, 12:38 PM
Hi guys sorry if im like mean or immature ..... imma start over kk

* by the way any moderator please move this if this isnt the rite section ^^ *

im going to try to be more mature and intellegent know ................ im also going to be a little nicer ok? kk

September 14th, 2003, 1:56 PM
I don't get why you are doing this again but okay... Hi Dizzy.:)

September 14th, 2003, 2:27 PM
Welcome to PC Dizzy! I'm Miyu-chan., and I'm sure that we'll get together just fine~! n_n

Latios Master
September 14th, 2003, 4:45 PM
Welcome, Dizzy! What was your old user name?

September 14th, 2003, 4:47 PM
bishounenboi07 ......^^

bishounenboi07 ~ friendly since july 20th 2003 ^^

Latios Master
September 14th, 2003, 5:36 PM
That's what I thought. ^^

September 15th, 2003, 4:09 PM
Welcome back to pc, dizzy!

September 15th, 2003, 4:58 PM
:paranoid: Hey! :rambo: I think that's really nice and mature of you! :classic: Later! :laugh: :paranoid: