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August 9th, 2005, 1:05 AM
Well, it's my first Rp, hope it makes it..

First of all, there are four new dimensions, no earth world really in here:

Leafiatopia: This world is filled with nature, so much that most of the land is crammed in a sort of cage that the trees have knotted up over the centuries, and there's a large tar pit at the very bottom..

Aquace: This water world is filled with on big ocean, called Kyogre Ocean, a few small islands are around, the biggest is Beachside island. Beachside island is where Lugia rests and Ho-oh roosts, it's famous for it's Aquacian river that if you dive deep enough in, you will find the portal to the third dimension.

Achaie: The fourth world has a sky made of water, COLD water. This world is icy, with peaceful pokemon, the whole nine yards.. ruled by Queen Walrien and Princess Spheal, the royal glacier palace holds mirror-like portals to all dimensions, including the fourth, and that's where the true story is..

Fireara: Hot, the main word here. It's water is lava, it's sea is lava, all over that great ball of fire is lava, save the islands that float above. The corrupt world has a palace of lava in the heart of it, where someone evil lives...

And those are the dimensions. The thing is, well, in Fireara someone strange has managed to manipulate pokemon and to make them rebel. They're imprisoning humans and fighting the once standing. Only the legendaries and Achiae aren't rebelling.

But that's where you come in. Find out who this FIEND is, and kick him/her out of the stage, and convince these rebel pokemon that humans are good. Don't worry, for the dark people they can stand up as rebellious pokemon, or good, innocent pokemon or yadda yadda..

Name:(FULL name, nickname, so on)
Age:(30 and under)
Is:(Human, pokemon)
Power:(Only for humans, examples: pokemorph, phychic, whatever you like)
Pokemon(also known as are you rebellious or innocent if you choose pokemon):
World: (Fireara, Leafiatopia, Aquace, Ichiae, Earth (not recommended, the last one)
Looks:(what you look like)
Description:(nature, feelings, so on)
Occupation:(remember, if you choose to serve a legendary only one servant is allowed, and Mew cannot be served.Oh yeah, during the RP Mew will be a pokemorph GIRL)
RP Sample:

Sorry it has to be so looong..
Mine is:

Name: Celeste, always known as Spirit Ninja though
Is:Human, ninja
Power:Gardevior pokemorph, phychic, she can read spirits occasionally so that is why she is called Spirit Ninja.
Pokemon:None, they all rebelled..
World: Aquace
Weapons:Ninja sword, poison darts
Looks:She looks more like an assasin than a ninja, with a black cape and black gloves.
Occupation: Servant of Lugia
Description:Usually dark and silent, she usually doesn't like the talkative, let alone talking much herself.

1:No nonsense.
2:Romance, such as kissing, hugging, 'I love you' s, all the junk, well, that's allowed, ON THE MINUMUM.
3: Violence? Forget it. Alright, so okay, cut someone with a knife or shoot them with a gun, but don't explode in blood or something, okay?
4:Short posts are not recommended..
5:Post whenever you can, unless you got a heart attack or something, this RP needs someone LOYAL.
5:Made up pokemon are allowed.
6:After about forty posts, one who hasn't posted shall be kicked out.
7:Try not to get the spelling and grammer wrong, no 'i's, 'u's, and so on, this is an Rp, for heaven's sake!
8: Colorful emotions, try to have a colorful emotion...

Well, this RP will need five RPers more. (o_O that typing killed me)
With the effort to type it, it better last..

August 9th, 2005, 10:15 AM
Wow I haven't been on this site forever... Well this RP looks interesting... I think I shall join.

Name: Charizard
Age: 10
Is: Pokemon, Charizard
World: Aquace
Looks: Green eyes, 3 black triangles under his right eye, tail is decorated with black stripes
Description: Ever since the pokemon had begin rebelling, Charizard has had a horrible temper. He has not yet rebelled but he trusts no one, for they might be under the wicked spell of this Fiend that has so convinced his brothers and sisters so well.
RP Sample:
A small pool of lava lay on the outskirts of a trail. The molten orange, red, and yellow bubbles popped and sizzled the surrounding land, making it bare and sandy near the lava pit. Few pokemon dared approach the area, for a rather large pokemon lay in the lava pit. It's not that he was not friendly, they just were whimped out by his major size, it scared them. Or maybe it was his short temper. Either way, the few pokemon that did travel on the desert trail near the lava did not like the creature that lay in the pool.

Suddenly the lava stopped bubbling, and it seemed everything went quiet. Then, like an arrow shooting from a bow a massive Charizard burst out of the pool, sending a fury of drops onto the sand nearby. The Charizard landed on the ground near the lava and sent out a shrill and sorrowful roar that could be heard from all around.

(That good?)

August 9th, 2005, 8:44 PM
(I'm new, so I might not get a lot of this down...)
Name:Icilia (Eh-sill-ee-ah)
Power: Deep Freeze (Ice!)
Pokemon: (huh? i guess i'm innocent, but you'll have to des. it more to me, i'm a newb)
Weapons:The Blue and red sword in the pic \/
Occupation:Ice Priestess/Regice's Messenger
Roleplay Sample:Not from PC--
Icilia walked down a silvery path, that was coated in ice.

But naturally, she didn't slip, like the 100 times she had before. But that was a long time ago.

As she pushed open the doors of the mahogany city gym, her espeon started bouncing out after her.

When she stepped outside, all she got, were cold hard stares.

Well, she couldn't blame them. Pryce was the one who gave mahoghany city a tarnished reputation.

She walked out of town as quickly as she could, wearing a white cloak due to the frozen cold that was her hometown.

"Skarmory!" She called throwing up a pokeball on the outskirts of town.

"Fly us to Littleroot." She said as she jumped on the steel pokemons back.

August 9th, 2005, 9:04 PM
Pokemon:If you mean *my* pokemon then an Eevee.
World: Fireara
Weapons:A Longsword
Looks:Green hair and dressed in all black.
Description:Sort of like A.J. from original series, in actions towrd pokemon, tough but cares.
Occupation:Pokemon breeder.

August 10th, 2005, 3:18 AM
Blastoise trainer, Lugialuver, you left out some stuff, like the Rp samples, but DarkAquarius, well, you're accepted. Well, two about four more to go..

August 10th, 2005, 4:29 PM
Just edited my post... Bwahahaha! lol!

August 13th, 2005, 2:58 AM
Okay, lugialuver, you are accepted. Maybe right now we can start. Okay, Rp start!

August 13th, 2005, 4:51 PM
(Not very good at startin', so I'll let someone else do something first...)

August 13th, 2005, 10:02 PM
Name: Jonathan Icewell

Age: 19


Power: The use of a legendary art that the modern day assassins use to kill there opponents called Cornering. {Corner}

World: Ichiae

Weapons: A katana known as the Masamune. Also, he uses a Greatbow named the Marduk Bow.

Looks: He has Jet black hair and eyes, with a crystal white headband around his forehead. Wearing all full black, he wears a black long sleeve shirt and black, baggy pants. Which are long. He has a scar located on his left cheek. Also, he has black fingerless gloves and a sword sheath strapped over his back where his katana rests.

Description: He has a dark nature. He can be trusted, but dislikes people that pretends that there more superior than himself. When he attacks, he use a combination of speed and agility to easily kill his opponents. His skills and techniques are unmatched. When not on duty, he stay calm and collected. He doesn't like to show his dark side to the public.

Occupation: The servant and missionary of death of Articuno

RP Sample: It was cold as ice. The wind was soothing my exhausted body as I sat there in a nice, wooden bench. Sheathing my sword, I sighed and stretched out my arms, staring upon the crystal blue skies. I slowly got up and tossed my pokeball into the air, releasing my steel bird pokemon Skarmory.

"Ok Skarmory. Fly me to the lair of Articuno please," I asked as I hopped on his back. Skarmory nodded in response and began to flap it's mighty wings. It then in seconds, began to soar into the air and glided to Articuno lair.

After the long flight, Skarmory finally perched upon a stone pillar. I hopped of the back of Skarmory and quickly returned him back into his ball. opening the colossal crystal doors of Articuno palace, he quietly walked into the building. Articuno was perched on a crystal shard, meditating. He quickly awoke when he sensed my presence.

"Where you successful on your assignment?" Articuno asked slowly.

"Yes, sir. The infiltration was successful. It seems that they are planning something, but I can't really put my finger on what they are doing,"

"Very well. Will use the information we have to find out on what they are planning,"

OOC: Sorry for the shortness.

August 13th, 2005, 11:50 PM
Name: Jet
Age: Unknown
Is: Pokemon (Typhlosion)
Pokemon: Rebellious
World: Fireara
Weapons: Own abilities
Looks: Of the normal color scheme, with the exception of blue 'tribal' markings on the forearms, thighs and chest.
Description: With the exception of his fiery temper, Jet maintains a cold and collected disposition, acting as he chooses in any way that he sees fit.
Occupation: Former Representative of Ho-Oh.

RP Sample:
Flames curled from his breath as Jet glanced from one direction to another. His fiery spines danced eagerly as he surveyed the destruction around him. His fist tightened, and flames burst from his grip, consuming his paw in a small inferno. "Humans..." he spat as he watched the dirty, wretched things flee from building to building, searching for the weak and injured. To see them scurry for their insignificant lives was maddening, yet oddly satistfying as well.

He'd help them pick up the pace.

The flames on his back suddenly doubled in size as he inhaled. Upon his breath, a massive plume of pyre raced out, slamming into nondescript building, a shelter for far too many humans. He watched with grim satistfaction as the low building burst into flames and humans began flood out, the faster and stronger trampling those too small or weak to fend for themselves. So desperate were they for their own lives that nary a one stopped to helped those in need.

"How pitiful..." he murmured as he watched the humans flee away from him. "They selfishly serve only themselves, with no regard for others. They flaunt their superiority, enslaving the ones that truly have power. But no more! The time of Pokemon has come!"

((Short, but effective, I hope))

August 14th, 2005, 12:17 AM
Is it too late to join?

Name: K'
Age: 17
Is: Human
Power: Will be revealed as the story goes
World: Fireara
Weapons: None
Looks: Long, silvery hair. Dreamy eyes... argh just refer to avatar! =)
Description: Quiet and mysterious
Occupation: Unemployed
RP Sample: Uhmm... I'm no good in writing 'samples' eg. short text, but I can be really creative in long ones. Trust me... It'll be fun ^__^''

Note: Is it okay if I write as a first person view? That's what i am good at >=)

August 15th, 2005, 4:46 AM
OOC: Metaforte, yes, you're awesome so I'll accept gladly, Goji, if it's you're first timer do your best, because you just BARELY made it. And Kamahi, you are the same as Goji, and you can do first person because I'm also doing first person ^^. But remember, if you two, Kamahi and Goji, well, if I see hint of disappearance, well, no more second chances. Okay, great job everyone.

IC: I felt perspiration drip down my forehead as I sat on a rock on a cliff facing the sea. I turned my head to a clearing in the grass of Beachside Island. Slowly a tear formed in my eye. Emmediatly though, I wiped it away. I could remember the day when that clearing wasn't just a clearing. It was a village, one I lived in.

That day, I was among the rocks playing, then I heard Lugia calling me to his lair, and I followed involutarily, and when I was there, he enabled me to be his servant and to be a pokemorph. But then a horrible boom was heard, and calls of help. I ran even though Lugia told me not to and went to this same cliff, and overlooked what had happened.

The pokemon had been there, and the village was now simply, well, ghostly. My family was dead, everyone there was. They were killed by the pokemon army. I burned the village and came into a life of serving my master, as to a life of hating the pokemon army.

August 15th, 2005, 8:58 AM
I was in the foyer, staring at the ceiling motionlessly, tossing and small ball of ice up and down. There is something going on and must discover it. Suddenly, Articuno delivered me a distress call telipathivcly. Quickly standing back up and calling Skarmory, I rushed to the main throne room, where Articuno was waiting patiently.

"Jonathan. We have more information about the Fireara Region. Are spies will return shortly, but first I want you to head to the Aquace Region We need to investigate the problem over there as well. Understood?" He spoke sternly.

"Yes, sir. Will I need to...," I asked, but Articuno interrupted.

"No, there is no need. You are there just plainly for investigation. We are peaceful towards the Aquace region and would not like to tart a ruckus over there. Show this emblem to Regice, The Guardian of the portals and be on your way. Understood?" He spoke again in the same tone as before.

"Yes, sir," I finished as the emblem appeared on my left palm.

Skarmory, tired of waiting, was stamping it's feet on the ice impatiently. I hopped on it's sleek back and told him to send me to the Portal Gateway. Nodding, he flapped it's great wings and flew gracefully to the portals.

After a long agonizing 10 minutes, I reached the portal Gateway. Regice stood at the entrance, guarding it. When I approached him, he pointed his dager-like fingers at me.

"......State your reason for coming here...," He whispered coldly. Even I felt a pint of uneasiness.

"I Jonathan, request your permission to have access to Aquace, region of water for an investigation," I spoke sternly, just as Articuno would have.


I flashed my emblem at him. He nodded slowly and stepped a few feet back to grant me access to the portal. Skarmory followed me obediently as I went through the portal.

August 15th, 2005, 11:55 AM

"WHAT?! You're siding with with THEM?! How could you side with those flithy, disguisting...."


I could feel the rage burning within me as I glared daggers into the Pokemon that I'd faithfully served for five long and tedious years. The Ho-Oh's beautiful red and green feathers were illuminated by the torches that burned brightly on either side of it. I'd been enraptured by their beauty ages ago, but not anymore. I could see the sick, vile human-lover for what it truly was, and I decided. No more.

I turned my back, something I had never done before, and the surge of epinephrine only fueled and amplified my rage. I was excited, of course, but I forced my stomach to still its quivering. My claws tightened into fists, and I took a step forward, away from the Ho-Oh. That first step meant never coming back.

"If you leave, you abandon your duties as my ambassador and representative. You will no longer be welcomed here."

I felt myself pause. My mind began to wander. How many things would I have to give up just to leave? I mentally shook my head. No. Not after what he revealed to me. Our supposed friends, the humans, treated with disrespect under the guise of friendship. This could not be tolerated. I'd made my decision.

"Consider my post... vacant. I won't be coming back...." I began moving, and soon the presence of Ho-Oh's glaring eyes faded.

But I lied. I did come back, but not to grovel for my old position. I'd received strict instructions. Any Pokemon that wasn't with us... was against us. Ho-Oh was against us, so we would banish it. I took a standard battalion with me, but I'd specially picked the Pokemon that would accompany me. They would prove useful if battle were to break out. We marched into the lair of my former master, and immediately, my eyes narrowed.

"Back to grovel, Jet?" the bird screeched out, and I could barely contain my anger.

"Why you pompous..." I regained control of myself. "Ho-Oh, Mistress and Master of Flame. You are hereby ordered to relieve yourself of your position and step down as Govenor of this district. You will be exiled to Aquace and..."

"You'll burn for your treacherous ways!" The Bird screeched and a raging ball of fire gathered before it. "You'll beg for mercy as the sacred fire eats at your bones!" The fireball raced towards us.

I held up a hand, and a small young Flareon, Pal, stepped forward. New to the hardship of battle, I'd chosen him for only one reason. The Flareon gulped as he leapted into the way of the Sacred Fire attack, and a flash occurred, just as I expected. The Flareon absorbed the massive fire attack. "Flash Fire is quite a useful ability, don't you agree? You're beaten! Surrender at once!"

The Ho-Oh glared at me with such intense hatred that it nearly matched my own. It locked eyes with me even as it disappeared into the portal to Aquace. As soon as its body passed through, I raised a hand again. "Lock it. We don't need any of them slipping through this way."

August 15th, 2005, 1:03 PM
It was a magnificent feeling and sensation when you travel through the portals. I could see space and the bright shimmering stars above me. It teleports pokemon faster, so Skarmory must already be waiting at the other region. I then saw something. It was some sort of gash between the two entrances. I couldn't put my finger on it, but it was unfamiliar towards myself. A brilliant, shinning light phased me for a short moment and I floated through the light.

I suddenly couldn't breath and swallowed loads of water. I stupidly forgot that the portal is underwater. Skarmory was probably above me safely in an island, not knowing that I was drowning. I swam swiftly until I reached the fresh air, gasping for breath. Skarmory, with it's beak, pulled me out of the treacherous river. It too, was wet, and shook itself to get dry. Sighing, I returned Skarmory back into it's ball and got up from my sitting position.

August 15th, 2005, 2:47 PM
A small pool of lava lay on the the beach. Surrounded by a cluster of rocks the pool was not visible except if you were flying. The molten orange, red, and yellow bubbles popped and sizzled the surrounding land, making it bare and sandy near the lava pit. Few pokemon dared approach the area, for a rather large pokemon lay in the lava pit. It's not that he was not friendly, they just were whimped out by his major size, it scared them. Or maybe it was his short temper. Either way, the few pokemon that did travel near the lava did not like the creature that lay in the pool.

Suddenly the lava stopped bubbling, and it seemed everything went quiet. Then, like an arrow shooting from a bow a massive Charizard burst out of the pool, sending a fury of drops onto the sand nearby. The Charizard landed on the ground near the lava and sent out a shrill and sorrowful roar that could be heard from all around.

Emerald eyes reflected in the light of the sun. Slowly he walked away from the pool, noticing that this island he was on was surrounded by water. WATER! Firm muscles flexed as he walked towards the water. He looked into it, a strong looking charizard looked back at him. A disgrace, that is what his family and friends had said as they banished him from Fireara, his home. Maybe he did like the humans! So what!

He always knew he was different from the other charizards. Three black triangles under his right eye looked pecuilar, but similar black markings also adorned his body. Long thin black markings coated his orange wings, while black stripes sat on his legs and arms like shackles. But most apparent where the black stripes on his tail. His mother told him that he was born with them, and that was believable enough.

August 16th, 2005, 3:39 PM
I stood up from my kneeling position on the floor, in front of the great and worshipped statue of Regice.

I lived in a province that was dedicated to Regice, and created by no other than the great ice regi himself. Everyone who lived in this frozen city were followers, and servents of this regi. Nobody who wasn't born here was not allowed inside, unless that person had no wish but to serve Regice.

Ice priestess or not, I hated my position.

I wasn't respected, nor was I even acknowladged.

People acted as though I didn't exist.

All because my father decided that Regice was too lowly a legendary, and moved on to the other Regi's.

If I left, then my mother would be forced to flee.

But then again, if I was to be sent on a mission...

I shook my head.

It would never happen. Regice had taken me as the lowest person in the city.

I turned around and walked out of the crystal temple, that was covered in intricate designs of the battle of the regi's.

As I took my first step out of the very heart of the frozen city, I felt the calm and quiet of the streets, and the crystal and ice castles, where each Priest and Priestess lived.

The people Regice chose to serve him was just a reflection of this street.

Elaborate on the outside, Cold and simple on the inside.

I pushed the heavy door leading inside the very first castle on my left with all my might, as I was only 14, with too little brain waves to open it with my mind.

A nearby scholar priest saw my struggling and sighed.

As I fell inside with a yelp, I looked for the person who'd opened the door for me.

"Lune." I grumbled.

Lune was just the same age as me, but ten thousand times as stuck-up. He was better than me at everything, and his family members were Regice's favorite servants.

He sauntered away without replying.

He was smarter, faster, stronger, everything you could think of. He was better than me.

But everyone knew he had a crush on me.

I was disgusted by him, because he acted more smug, more stubborn, and more eager to show-off in front of me than even Gailia.

She was the most popular and beautiful girl in the temple school.

More like idiocy. She's got no brains whatsoever. Which is why Regice doesn't seem to like her as much either.

Another reason the people in my city dislike me?

Nobody addresses Regice in a casual way such as mine.

It's always, Lord of Ice, or Regi of Ice, or even Master...


That's what they are.

More than anything, I wanted out.

Out of this stupid place, and to someplace that I could be welcome. Kyogre didn't sound like a bad legendary...

But no. The only legendaries that would even think of accepting me are the other regi's.

Never in all my years would I follow another gatekeeper.

I know now that even if Regice isn't the legendary I would prefer to be under, it is the most powerful of all three gatekeepers.

Maybe it's because that theory was impressed upon me since as long as I can remember.

Maybe it's because Regice gaurds Aquace, which is where Kyogre sleeps.

Whatever the reason, I wished to see Regice for myself.

I wanted to know if he was really as great as they say.

My mother? Well, she can deal with her problems. She never really liked me anyway.

I stepped in front of the swirling portal that took me to the void nothingness, where regice gaurded the gate to Aquace.

"what are you doing?"

I spun around and saw Lune.

"Sightseeing." I said, walking into the forbidden portal, where only the oldest and most reknown priests were allowed.

"Hey! Your not-"

That was all I heard until I fell into a swirl of blue colors.

I landed bluntly on my feet in front of the gate.

"State your purpose." Regice said lazily in front of me, pointing his sharp fingers at me.

"Um...I wanted to see...Kyogre." I finished lamely.

Regice's fingers started to spin.

"You are a follower of mine are you not?"

I stiffened. Not good.

"Fine. If you must. But bring this too him also." Regice said. His fingers stopped spinning to reveal a blue orb in his three fingers, in a vice-like grip.

I put my hands forth from my cloak and held them there until Regice pulled his fingers off, which left three, inch long scrape marks on the once beautiful orb.

But as soon as I blinked, the orb seemed to mend itself.

Regice stepped aside and said coldly "find him, and do not come back until you've delivered this orb safely to him."

I nodded and held the orb tightly, afraid I might drop it if I was to come to another drop, like before.

I grit my teeth and closed my eyes.

Walking forward, I felt the ground collapse under my feet as i took the 5th step...

August 17th, 2005, 2:53 AM
A cold tentacle groped around my neck quietly enough for me to not notice until it was too late. "Ugh," I stifled a quiet gasp, I didn't want to waste breath screaming. Then I reached for my dagger. I had to kill this Tentacrool before it was going to kill me. Grabbing my dagger, I stabbed into the tentacle before it could sting me. The Tentacrool made an awful cry and fell back. I pushed the limp body off myself, and sighed. A rebel. That meant, most definitely, that the pokemon army was behind me.

August 17th, 2005, 4:56 PM
After that Breathless experience, I continued my investigation. I was about to pull out my katana after hearing a bubbling noise, but I remembered Articuno's orders. Im not allowed to perform violent actions in this region. I sighed a sad heavy sigh as I continued walking. I suddenly stopped to tip toeing when I noticed a group of rebellious pokemon, searching the area. It appeared to be a group of Sharpedo, the ruffian pokemon. They usually attack in groups, but when separated, they tend to get shocked or scared, and flee. Of course I can easily kill them with a few slashes from my sword, but instead I crept away from the group.

My emblem started to glow a beautiful Aqua blue. That must mean someone has used the portal to get here. Perhaps I should be leaving as well. It is obvious that this region is in critical condition and I must report this to Articuno.

August 18th, 2005, 1:41 AM
I looked at my back. Yeah, sure enough, there was Commador Dewgong, head of the water pokemon fleet. I jumped to my feet and sheathed my dagger, for I didn't want to fight now. I wanted to run. Run, run until I ran out of breath, and that's what I did. I ran in the direction of Lugia's lair, a place I called home. Jumping over some water pokemon, I headed to the lair. It wasn't far from the beach, not at all. When I arrived I ran into it, regardless of the traps. The ground collapsed under me and I was left there, hanging on to my life at the entrance of the lair. Pretty soon the rebels would arrive..

August 18th, 2005, 1:59 AM

That's what they called us. I detested the word. Rebels only rebelled. They were weak, flimsy, crushed under the superior strength of those that they opposed. We were not rebels.

We were revolutionary soldiers.

I watched as another human settlement fell before us on Fireara. This molten rock was my home, and I would defend it against the human plague that had infested it for all too long. How such miserably weak creatures had gained so much power was beyond me, but no more. The true masters of the planet would soon regain their position, and whatever Pokemon weren't for us... were against us.

Pal was a sweet lad, but all to green to the cruelties of the world. He quivered and whined at the face of danger, shied away from disaster, and still managed to retain the innocence that I'd lost all too long ago. Looking at him, I was reminded of my younger self; as a Cyndaquil and Quilava, I'd been happy and blissful... then I was abandoned by the very humans which I'd cherished. Driven to depression, the only way was to cling to his ideas. Him, the one who'd awakened me to the treachery of the human race.

"No more..." I found myself grumbling as my massive paw crushed a brittle piece of gravel. We'd moved towards the cooler side of the planet, away from the volcanoes and lava flows. Here, groups of 'innocent' Pokemon, as they called themselves, and humans were resisting us. Of course we'd try to convert them, but in the end, some would refuse... and they would perish by my flame.

Within a few short days, Fireara would be ours.

August 18th, 2005, 2:02 AM
I felt my hand slipping out of sweat, soon enough, I would fall into the darkness created by my master. I had never been down there, but I was sure that it was a bottomless pit, ready to kill me, unless Commador Dewgong did that first, of course.

August 18th, 2005, 4:32 PM
"Remaining here is pointless unless I can do anything," I whispered to myself."This region is in dreadful condition," I flashed my emblem into the air and it began to glow furiously. A mystical aura surrounded my body as I began to phase away.

I reappeared in front of Regice, who was staring down at me. Quickly getting back up, I called out Skarmory and returned to the lair of Articuno.

August 19th, 2005, 9:41 PM
I tried planting my leg on the edge, but it didn't work. "Master, help me!" I shouted, knowing I would also attract the pokemon army.

August 20th, 2005, 12:27 PM
When I reached Articuno's lair, he just came back from his trip. He slowly dove down from the hole in the ceiling majestically, then he softly landed on the branch of ice. He glanced at me, studying me and trying to find out if I disobeyed his orders. He nodded slowly, giving me the sign.

"I see that you haven't assassinated anyone during the investigation. Tell me the status of Aquace," He spoke sternly.

"Well, rebellious pokemon strive over there, killing many. The area isn't in such excellent condition either. I have came here for your permission to use my weapons their for defense," I spoke back.

"Very well. Also, take this. It is the Aquace Emblem. Use this to visit Lugia. Discuss with him the problems of the regions. Lugia's servant might be there, if you see her, ask her about it as well. Don't disappoint me, my faithful servant," He finished, flapping it's graceful wings and flew back to the hole.

August 25th, 2005, 1:51 AM
A dreamy voice filled my head just as I was about to let go, Celeste, you won't be able to avenge your parent's death if you are dead yourself. It was my master, giving me words of encouragement. Grumbling, I pushed my leg up and finally got to my feet. "Now what?" I asked, then thought about it for a while. "How dumb of me!" I laughed, and slapped my forehead. "Okay, time to concentrate." I closed my eyes and ignored the pokemon army stomping. The glowy feeling kept on tingling and tingling until I was sure my feet had left the ground. Soon, I was moving over the darkness carefully, and landed on the other side of the cave's pit. "I love being a Gardevior morph with all the phychic powers!" I laughed steadily.

August 26th, 2005, 5:04 AM
Regice stood there, watching carefully with it's senses for intruders or those who lack the right to use the portals. I approached him quietly, trying not to anger him. Eventually, he heard my footsteps and quickly blocked the entrance to the portal. Regice was guarding the portals as long as I remembered, not aging one bit. He just stood there similar like a statue or a block of ice with Braille at the tip. He never shown any emotions, happiness nor pity, but that's why I admire Regice. He told me that showing your true emotions in battle, will get you killed seconds flat. Exactly why he never shown his emotions towards us, never. I always wondered about pokemon similar to him, like Regirock or Registeel, but they are simply known to us a myths and legends.

"...You wish to grant access to the portals, am I correct?..." He asked.

"Yes, I must return to Aquace to support the rebellious pokemon there and to visit Kyogre, the Sea Basin pokemon for assistance,"

"...Emblem..." He spoke sternly. I flashed the glimmering emblem to Regice. He nodded slowly as he walked stiffly to the left side.

Skarmory had no patience. He dove from the sky and swept from under my leg, lifting me up from the ground. He flew into the portal and he disappeared from Regice's sight.

"...Humans and their pokemon companions are ... confusing...," He questioned himself as he returned to his guarding stance.

This time, I was in their village. I unsheathed my sword as I approached one of their buildings.

August 26th, 2005, 5:39 AM
OOC: I'll be narrating somebody different for this post, another little Rp main character that I will control, don't worry, this one is a good person.

IC: Princess Spheal planted her palms on her chin, then felt a searing pain. She was in her human form, and she liked being in it. Glancing down to her palm, she saw a sharp cut embalmed across it. "How did I get that?" She wondered lightly. Fixing her crown, she pushed back her long light blue hair and looked at the ice paving on the floor of the throneroom of her palace.

Clenching her teeth, the princess felt that her abominable sense of adventure was taking place in her mood. "Lady Abra!" She called. Lady Abra was her teleportation mistress, and Princess Spheal trusted the also pokemorph very much, and so did lady Abra. Every close friend called the princess, 'Karli' for no particular reason.

"Where do you want me to take you today, Karli?" Lady Abra bowed and smiled in her usual serene look at the princess. "Aquace, lady Abra, I want to go to Aquace. I sense a great trouble there. Perhaps yet another attack." "My fair princess, a lot of poverty is taking place in your own to-be kingdom that the queen has lended you, and you dare to venture into the nearly dead Aquace?!"

"Don't speak to me like that, Lady Abra! i want to go there, whether I am to break the royal regulations or not! I am a revolutionary, and so is all of Ichaie! They.. they literally want me there, and I am going! So take me there, my transportation mistress."

"Fine..." lady Abra closed her eyes. Princess Spheal had to admit, for the postioin as a 'lady' in the palace, the Abra pokemorph was rather, well, young. Sure, the Princess herself was only about sixteen years old or something, but Lady Abra was about seven.

Nevertheless, the transportation mistress was very intelligent. Karli felt a glow surround her, and soon, she was in Lugia's Lair. "Lugia, I greet you with my best tidings, only to want to know, what is wrong?"

The pokemon army are approaching. My servant have brought them. "Shalt I fight with you?" No. We shall defend. But all that should happen.. when Spirit ninja arrives.

August 28th, 2005, 2:07 PM
(By the way, I changed Icilia's appearance--http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v243/Kaiyoseila/Lana.jpg)

I gripped the pendant that appeared in my hand the second I fell through the portal.

It had the Gate's symbol on it, meaning it was Regice's symbol.

I looked around, and saw that there wasn't much to aquace, or at least, not anymore.

I walked around the desereted village, gripping the pendant harder and harder with each step.

"it's so quiet..." I muttered to myself.

As I reached the waters edge, A gyrados rose out of the once still waters, and roared at me.

I screamed as I fell backward, knowing that this must be one of the rebelling pokemon.

'Should've stayed at school a little longer!' I thought to myself angrily.

But...the gyrados didn't do anything.

I looked up, and saw it bore the markings of Kyogre.

I sighed in relief, and stood up.

"Um...I was... to give this..." I pulled the blue orb from my cloak, and presented it to the gyrados, "To Kyogre."

The gyrados didn't move for a long time, and the orb was getting heavier and heavier, as I got more and more nervous under the gyrados's unblinking glare.

After what seemed like an eternity, the gyrados fidgeted, and moved back under the water.

I let myself drop to my knees, and i groaned "Why me?"

Just then, I heard a bigger splash than the one the gyrados emitted, and I heard myself scream again, but soon, my mouth was clamped shut, and I saw Kyogre, the one and only, right before my eyes.

"What an odd messenger Regice has sent to me." Kyogre said examining me, lifting the ribbons in my hair with water, psychicly controlled.

I stiffened.

"Seems like this messenger is also afraid of me?" Kyogre continued.

I snapped my eyes shut, as Kyogre boomed at me,

"Who are you what why have you come?!"

I managed to squeak out "To deliver this..." I looked down at the orb in my arms, which I still didn't know the purpose of. "Orb..."

Kyogre looked at me skeptically, and back down at the orb.

"Present the emblem of Regice." Kyogre said slowly, eyes still on the orb.

I gulped, and unclenched my hand on the pendant, which proved to be a lot harder than I thought it would be.

It was as though my hand was frozen to it.

"I see Regice doesn't fully trust you, therefore to make sure you didn't lose the emblem, froze your hand to the emblem?" Kyogre said amusingly.

I tried keeping a straight face, but I had never seen such a large pokemon in my life before.

"What does regice mean to tell me, sending such an incompetent follower to deliver such a precious item, which I depend upon?" Kyogre drawled.

"None but the bravest go into the gates, leading to the Main portals without Regice's permission." I said, wondering how Kyogre would figure that out if I couldn't myself.

"I see...So you see yourself as brave." Kyogre said, still examining me, wondering how long I could go under the strain.

The gyrados certainly didn't help at all.

It stared at me with peircing eyes, and I couldn't help but glance over there a few times, to see if it had stopped staring at me.

I take it back. I'd rather stay with Regice than go to this leviathin who plays with it's food before eating it.

Oooh that thought certainly didn't help.

"Hand over the orb." Kyogre said.

I jumped, as I hadn't been listening to the last few taunting sentences.

"Are you deaf?" Kyogre growled, quite serious now "Hand. over. the. orb."

I mustered up all the courage I had left, and stood up.

"Hand it over carefully, and if you are indeed the one who is destined to give me my life power, then you will leave Aquace in peace. If not, then..." Kyogre shifted it's eyes to it's left, then it's right.

I looked up, and saw thousands upon thousands of water pokemon glaring at me, and I knew that if I wasn't the one, then I'd be chopped into a million peices for Kyogre's dinner.

I manages to nod as I stiffened again.

Kyogre laughed cruelly and said "Regice has always sent his most admirable, and courageous followers, and they didn't even make it this far."

Was that praise?

Or was it just something to make me more nervous than before?

Probably the latter, i thought as I held out the blue orb.

Kyogre Lifted it's right fin ever so slightly, and brought it back down into the water sending ripples out to the front lines of the huge army of water pokemon.

A Swampert appeared at Kyogre's side, and gently took the orb from my hands.

Swampert put the orb right between kyogre's eyes and it melted.

"Hm." Kyogre was silent for a few minutes and then his eyes glowed red

"ANOTHER DUD?!!" He roared.

I clamped my eyes shut.


"You. Girl. When Regice finally finds the real orb. You are to take it to me. That is..." He paused purposely, to see if I would crumble now, and when I didn't, but was close, he continued, "If you can survive the water pokemon whom I won't deny the pleasure of the death of the only human they've seen for ages."

I screamed and fell backward as the whole army of the water pokemon swam toward me, ready for me to leave, one way or another.

August 28th, 2005, 2:48 PM
"What?" I questioned myself as I heard a large splash from afar. Skarmory growled deeply and without permission, flew away towards the source of the noise.

"What's with Skarmory? Skarmory! Get back here!" I yelled at the steel bird, following it as well.

Skarmory quietly landed behind a house. Panting, I walked beside him and sat down to rest myself. What do you know? Skarmory was acting intelligent by not attacking first, but instead, was observing the problem from afar. I glanced towards Skarmory's direction. My face changed from curiosity to shock to see Kyogre, the legendary Sea Basin pokemon. In front of him, stood an ice priest from our region. Thousands of water pokemon were forwarding towards her.

"Skarmory. Help her out," I whispered as I raised my jet black scarf.

Skarmory nodded and flapped it's wings. After it reached the air it dove towards the startled woman. What was Kyogre thinking? His actions were quite rash for his normal self.

August 28th, 2005, 2:57 PM
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August 28th, 2005, 3:05 PM
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August 28th, 2005, 3:08 PM
(AAhhh! second edit! lol. No problem, it worked out fine anyway)

"aaah!" I screamed as a Skarmory picked me up.

"This day keeps getting worse!!" I yelled as the skarmory curved and dropped me in front of a man in all black.

I restrained from screaming, resulting in clenching my hands against the sand in my hands, which hurt, and didn't really help in stopping me from screaming. Soon, I couldn't stop, so I let out a squeak, which sounded absolutely pathetic.

I felt my hands on my swords, but it felt as though they were filled with lead.

I just couldn't move when I was in the shadow of a person who looked like he was about to take the pleasure to kill me instead.

Kyogre growled, and hissed at me "Tell Regice, that he better. find. that. orb."

I squeezed my eyes shut and nodded.

"What are you here for?" Kyogre barked through the building he was apparently seeing through, to the person in front of me.

August 28th, 2005, 6:56 PM
Skarmory lifted up the woman before a swampert could attack her with a Hydro Pump. The steel bird landed smoothly onto the ground. The girl slowly got of Skarmory, clenching her hands onto the loamy soil. She seemed terrified as she let out a small squeak instead.

"Tell Regice, that he better find that orb!" Kyogre growled to the frightened woman. She nodded quickly. "You! With the Skarmory! State your region for being here!" He commanded, the army of never ending water pokemon advancing further.

"Well, im not here to see you, of course. Im here to visit Lugia and ask him about the rebellious problem with the pokemon," I replied.

"I see... Hurry and proceed with your assignment," He ordered.

"Yeah, sure. Anyway, I might as well introduce myself. My name is Jonathan Icewell, servant of Articuno. and your name is...," I asked, waiting for a reply.

August 29th, 2005, 2:44 PM
I stared at him skeptically.

Articuno huh?

"Icilia..." I said slowly.

He simply nodded in response.

Kyogre seemed to calm down after what seemed like the 15th disappointment.

"I Give you this." Kyogre said, and from the water, another pendant flew toward me.

I caught it, as Kyogre continued.

"You are to search for the Blue Orb, and this pendant will allow you to look almost anywhere. Of course, My emblem doesn't allow travel anywhere in the Fireara." He said stating the obvious due to Groudon and Kyogre's heated Rivalry.

"Though I doubt you will find the Blue orb in Fireara anyway." Kyogre gave one last nod, and dove back into the clear blue waters.

The army of pokemon that was once about to attack me scattered, disappointed.

I sighed in relief.

"Thanks for saving me." I said out of breath from the excruciating experience.

"Um..." I wanted to add a question, but I was debating whether that was wise or not.

He glanced down at me.

I flinched, though I made sure it wasn't visible.

"Um...Do...Do you know where the portal is?" I asked sweatdropping.

(Another picci of Icilia. Piccie (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v243/Kaiyoseila/DarkTears.png)

August 29th, 2005, 6:24 PM
"Do you know where the portal is?" Icilia asked.

"Err... It would be up that small hill over there," I pointed my gloved finger towards a dimensional portal arched upon that small hill." It won't be such a difficult task to reach there on foot, but I'll come with you,"

She looked confused, but then I answered.

"It appears that there is no reason to discuss with Lugia about the state of the Aquace Region. I must report this to Articuno before this situation becomes out of hand, and by the way, why does Kyogre need the orb anyway?" I asked.

August 29th, 2005, 6:30 PM
I blinked as I approached the room with my master in it, but Princess Spheal had arrived too. "Your highness." I curtsied the best I could and smiled. "What is your purpose to do with my master?" I asked politely. "It's about the war." She replied vigilantly. I felt more sweat dropp down my neck. Somehow I had a bad feeling about this..

August 30th, 2005, 2:45 PM
"It appears that there is no reason to discuss with Lugia about the state of the Aquace Region. I must report this to Articuno before this situation becomes out of hand, and by the way, why does Kyogre need the orb anyway?" Jonathan asked.

I thought hard for a moment, then,

"I have no idea..." I said slowly "Well, we can just ask Regice."

He nodded, and started walking toward the portal.

"Hm?" I said watching him pass me.

"Eh-Hey!" I said pushing myself up, and darting after him "Wait up!"

When we reached the portal, I braced myself, and pulled my hands up to my shoulders, I gripped both pendants in my hands, and walked through.

"Oof!" I said bouncing twice as I landed.

Jonathan landed easily on his feet beside me.

I stood up quickly as Regice turned to look at us.

"Uh..." I said looking to see if Jonathan was going to say anything first, and when he didn't I continued, "Um, the orb was a dud..." I said.

"So I have heard." Regice said monotone.

"And...he wants me to look for it..."

"I heard that also."

"What haven't you heard?" I snapped.

I could imagine the look Regice would be giving me now if...he had an expression...or a face in the least.

"Hold your tounge." Regice said coldly, and my hand shot up to my tounge

"Ley!" I said sounding slurred and drunk.

"Now, you wish to know why Kyogre wants the orb?" Regice inquired to Johnathan.

He simply nodded.

' Man of few words' I thought sourly as I tried to pry my fingers from my tounge.

"That orb, or, rather, the Blue Orb, is Kyogre's power source." Regice said, raising his hand/fingers toward me, and pulling them together.

"Bleh." I muttered pressing my hand against my mouth which was now freezing.

"Anyone who posesses the orb, controls Kyogre's powers, which is why Kyogre's so sensitive about finding it." He said.

"So, how many dud's has there been?" I asked.

"around 14, not including this one." Regice replied.

"Must be frustrating." I said thoughtfully "Because if there are this many duds, it must mean somebody already has the orb, right?"

August 30th, 2005, 6:40 PM
Icilia had no idea why she was sent to deliver the orb when I asked her, but she suggested that we should visit Regice for more information. I nodded in agreement and walked casually to the portal as I unsheathed my Masamune. Skarmory followed me from behind. Icilia after that.

When we went through the portal, Regice appeared to be facingtoward the portal. Perhaps expecting us to come at this exact time.

"The orb...was, a thud," She exclaimed.

Regice answered all of the answers with a simple "So I heard." Then, he requested Icilia to Hold her tongue. I could help but form a small smirk in response. Skarmory began to stamp his feet impatiently waiting to receive orders. As Icilia was attempting to free her hands from her tongue, I asked Regice on where to find the orbs.

"They are about 14 fakes of the orbs. I have no clue on where they are held. Perhaps you should ask Queen Walrien for information," He suggested. That was the longest phrase he ever spoke to me in my life.

"Very well, I will take that lead, but first, I need to report this to Art...," I was interrupted when a majestic being dove down from the sky.

It appeared to be Articuno, my master. He perched upon a broad shard of ice behind Regice. Im not sure that if this was true, but it feels like he glared at Articuno. Articuno evaded the venomous glare and faced me.

"I can see that you already met Kyogre. You must aid him with the hunt to discover the blue orb. It could be anywhere, so don't stay here for long in hopes of finding it," Articuno spoke quietly."Do not fail me, my faithful servant,"

"Yes, sir," I replied as I watched him flap it's wings and disappear into the cloudy mist.

August 31st, 2005, 2:04 PM
'Well, that was a short visit.' I thought to myself.

"Okay! So where to?" I asked.

Regice answered before anyone else, "I said. Try Queen Walrien." He said, irritatedly.

"riiight." I answered sheepishly.

"Let's go!" I said.

"The fastest way to get to her palace is near the city's second gate, where you will find Registeel, gaurding the portal to Leafiatopia." He said coldly emphasising 'Registeel' "but that gate is not your destination. Next to that portal, is another gate."

"The forbidden gate!" I chirped.

"Yes." He said simply.

"Sooo, how are we supposed to get to the gate, when Lune will follow me everywhere, and there are about 25 of the temple's most accomplished priests protecting the gate?" I asked, knowing for sure, that Gailia would not leave me alone on how badly 'The Lord of Ice' would punish me for doing such a reckless thing, and how Lune would not leave me alone, because, well. That's just what Lune does. Then there's Maia, my aunt, protecting the gate, and she wouldn't be too happy if I broke through.

But, I'm not so sure she's gaurding anymore.

She was my fathers sister, so maybe the position was stripped from her after my fathers betrayl.

Whatever had changed, or happened, I wished at least I could get through the gate in one peice.

September 2nd, 2005, 5:49 AM
"Nothing is going correctly in Aquace, is it, Spirit?" Princess Spheal asked calmly, pulling away the subject. "I beg your pardon, princess?" "It's hard to find a difference of you from a boy." She laughed, pulling the subject away even more. I could feel my blood boiling a little.

"But we could fix that if you like." She laughed a little more. "I am me. If I changed, I couldn't be the way I was meant to, or the way I would like to look." I felt the words strign out of my mouth, and I could see Lugia glaring at me. Then, I knew that Spirit ninja shouldn't have said that. Princess Spheal just nodded her head serenely and replied, "If you wish."

September 2nd, 2005, 2:07 PM
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September 2nd, 2005, 4:23 PM
"Registeel, huh?" I asked myself quietly. "I wonder how is appearance is like," Skarmory continued to squawk impatiently.

"Yes, but first you should head to Queen Walrien's Castle to discover the whereabouts of the orb," Regice spoke quietly. He craned his smooth icy neck and pointed slowly towards the Castle."Head that way, and you will find what you seek," He finished.

"Thank you Regice. But something still bothers me. Why do you hate Articuno so much?" I was interrupted when Regice snatched both me and Icilia. He swung around similar like a washing machine and chunked us to the sky. Skarmory seemed to chuckle, until he stopped when Regice glared at him, ready to catapult him next. Skarmory shook it's head and flew towards the two figures in the sky.

OOC: Sorry for the Short post. Im going to a party soon.

September 3rd, 2005, 4:52 PM
"Augh!" I shouted as I landed face-first out of the gate.

again, jonathan was able to land much more gracefully than I.

"That hurt!" I mumbled, sitting up.

"Back so soon?"

I looked up, into the face of none other than Lune.

"Yeah." I snapped "What's it to you?"

"You must've met The Ice Master." He said smugly "He must've been angry was he not?"

"No in fact he wasn't." I retorted "He sent me on a mission to find Kyogre's Blue Orb."

"Probably low class." He replied waving it away.

"No! Even Articuno sent one of his servents to help me!" I shouted.

Lune finally noticed Jonathan "Who's that?" He growled.

September 3rd, 2005, 6:32 PM
"I feel like you don't have the right to know who I am," I said, chuckling lightly."All you need to know that I am a servant for Articuno as well as his missionary of death.," I finished sternly. Skarmory seemed to laugh a little bit after that remark.

The one Icilia called Lune growled at me. I responded with a small smirk. God, I don't like this guy.

The castle seemed to be not so far from here. It loomed over the entire town with it's magnificent structure. It was hard to notice, but I saw a pair of glimmering shards arched on top of the castle.

"We should get going," I spoke quietly, pacing forward. Skarmory obediently following. "Unless, you still have something to discuss with this Lune Character?"

September 4th, 2005, 12:13 AM
OOC: Wouldn't it be nice.. If we could get on with the plot and finish up the whole 'orb' thing? I'm the owner, but I'm not going to do any plotplaying and make you guys die without my permission! I could kick you out if I liked, but I won't do that, mainly only because, YOU ARE AWESOME RPERS BUT CAN YOU PLEASE GET ON WITH THE PLOT I SPENT HOURS TO THINK UP ON?! You guys really are giving me a bad mood..

September 4th, 2005, 8:22 AM
(AHHhh! Sorry! I thought up why Kyogre attacked me, which is because, the...guy...got the orb, which is why there are so many decoys. Maybe QUeen Walrien could tell us it's in Firea? ^^; )

"NO." I snapped at Jonathan.

"We're leaving as soon as possible." I started to walk down to the forbidden gate.

And, naturally Lune followed us.

"Go away Lune." I growled.

"Why should I?" Lune asked eyeing Jonathan with great dislike.

"I think I should keep tabs on you, after the stupid thing you did awhile ago." He said snobbishly.

I huffed and ignored him, and continued walking toward the gate.

"OooOOh Icilia!!"

I froze in irritation.

"So, I heard you went through the portal, bet you got your butt whooped." Gailia said in her annoyingly high pitched voice.

"SHut up." I said heading toward the massive swarm of gaurds.

September 4th, 2005, 10:18 AM
"No!" Icilia snapped. She seemed angry.

She huffed and went off into the city, following me. I never really had a chance to explore the city. This Lune person was following us, eyeing me with extreme dislike. I sighed softly and pretended he wasn't even there. A few merchants walked towards, offering us to buy some type of sword. The sword's surface was dull with a few well sized dents and scratches upon it. I shook my head no and left. We stopped when Icilia froze in place after here a faint laugh.

"So, I heard you went through the portal, bet you got your butt whooped," the woman spoke in a disturbingly high pitched voice.

"Shut up," Icilia snapped as she headed toward the vast amount of guards.

"How many of these people do you know?" I asked Icilia.

September 4th, 2005, 6:06 PM
"School." I said simply, as Gailia kept following us, naming all the thing's she'd tell everyone.

"SHut up Gailia." Lune said finally.

"You can't say that to me!" She gasped.

"Try me." He said sarcastically.

"What a rude bunch." Gailia pouted "You go through the portal" She waved at the air toward me, like a bug, and then "You don't talk or acknowladge me at all," She nodded toward Jonathan "And...your just Lune." She finished.

"I have better, and more popular, people to hang out with, thank you very much." She huffed and stalked away.

"I wonder why she followed us in the first place then." I grumbled, reaching the barricade of gaurds.

"Wait." Lune said stopping also, and realizing where we were. "Not again! You can't go in here, it's even more forbidden then the other portal!"

September 9th, 2005, 2:16 AM
"Princess Spheal will have to take you to Achiae, Spirit. It is not safe here, the army is coming." Lugia warned. "But what about you, master?" "I will fight them off." "But, are you strong enough?" "DO AS I SAY!" Lugia boomed.

I nodded and sighed, stepping back with Princess Spheal. "Come, Spirit. I will take you to the city of Achiae. There are no blizzards there right now, and you will be safe." Princess Spheal smiled.

September 9th, 2005, 2:06 PM
"Shove it." I said.

"Hey, your not allowed to say that here either!" Lune scolded.

"Shut up!" I shouted.

"Halt." Priest Emine stepped in front of the portal.

I sighed audibly and hoped this would work, I pulled out both Kyogre, and Regice's pendant.

Emine stood there staring at the two pendants in my hands until the began to get sore.

He fidgeted, then slowly moved aside.

"Well that worked out a lot better than I thought it would!" I piped to Jonathan.

September 9th, 2005, 6:29 PM
OOc: Would you guys stay where you are for a while? I want my character to meet you, that's all..

September 9th, 2005, 7:32 PM
"So it would seem," I replied to Icilia comment as the peculiar priest moved aside. I was right, she seems to know a lot of people that didn't appreciate her. Who is she really. That's not what's important now, we must find Kyogre's orb and put a stop to this aging war, but, we can't do it alone.

Articuno told me about Lugia once and his servant. He or she was some sort a ninja slightly similar as I was. Perhaps they could aid us in our quest. Or Regice and Princess Spheal? They could help us greatly if they know the True whereabouts of the orbs.

September 10th, 2005, 10:09 AM
"It's so small..." I said, as I bent over to see the middle of it.

"Quite." Emine said coldly "It's been fading, since the power of Kyogre has been used incorrectly. I believe you'll find someone passing through soon..."

"Really?" I asked.

"Really." He said, as if he was daring me to doubt him.

"So...we should wait here, so we don't get stuck in the gate." I commented.

"Unless your in a hurry." Emine said walking away.

"Well thanks for the help." I muttered as I stuck my tounge out at him behind his back.

"I know what you just did!" He called behind him.

I grumbled about stupidly psychic priests and/or fags, knowing full well he heard every word I was saying.

September 10th, 2005, 11:16 PM
"Here we are." Princess Spheal mumbled lightly, overlooking the ice crystal city.

"It's.. beautiful." "Yes, I know that, but we must undergo disguise to walk among the city without followers, good intentions or ill." I tugged my hood over when I heard that. The Princess smiled herself and suddenly began fading. It was her mist power, taking affect. In human morph, Princess Spheal could turn into mist and sway around, whispering into the ears with her misty voice.

"Let us go, to visit Regice; he may help us to fight. I have heard about a threatening of attack to the ice palace." The Princess whispered as she swayed around me. "But what about my master!" I cried. "Lugia is perfectly able to take care of his cave and himself, Spirit, you have to worry about your own whereabouts. And about strangers.."

September 11th, 2005, 11:46 AM
"Just when will the person get here anyway?" I asked irritated and squatting to see the portal properly.

"They've already arrived." Emine said, startling me, since he had only just recently left.

"Say WHAT??!!" I yelled getting a lot of stares "We've been waiting for nothing?!"

"Not for nothing. Sit calmly and patiently and they'll come soon enough."

"My arse." I mumbled.

"Excuuse me?" He asked in a low threatning voice.

"Nothing!" I piped.

September 14th, 2005, 4:09 AM
"Your highness. I would polit-" "Shh! Do not use my name under royal circumstances while in public! They will either think you are ill in sanity or you are with a member of the royal family! I am not really supposed to be here, but if the evil or even the good find my presence out side of the castle, I shall be killed by the rebels or be emprisoned in the ice castle by the queen!"

"Well, I would politely request permission to see Regice." "And why? I thought Regice was one of your master's enemies." "Exactly. My master wants a message that beckons peace towards Regice, so that the bond of Achiae can be increased and Aquace ca-"

"You dare to say the plans! Please be more careful, Spirit ninja, many lives depend on that!" "My apolagies. But may I see..?" "Yes, you shall, I will guide you there but when you get there, you are on your own, because I must flee to the ice castle before the queen knows I have left, and broken the royal rules." "Thank you." "Just follow me, Spirit."

I wondered why the princess seemed so tight stricken, but before I would look more suspicious, I simply followed the bluish-white mist as it guided me through the snowy, icy streets of Achiae.

We arrived at the location of Regice. "And now.. I shall leave you. Good luck, Spirit."

September 14th, 2005, 1:55 PM
Getting grumpier by the minute, I was ready to just leave, but Emine insisted on me staying a little while longer.

"I'm losing the little patience I have Emine!" I growled.

"Which is one to zero Icilia, as you can see I do not care." He replied coolly.

(u gonna meet us anytime soon?)

September 14th, 2005, 6:29 PM
"When can we go Jonathan? This is so boring," A voice replied from behind me. I twirled around and noticed that it was Skarmory. He was cleaning his face with it's sleek set of wings.

"You can ... talk?!" I whispered with a small gasp.

"Oh yes. I should have said that earlier. I guess I was bored, that's all. Well, you won't be such lonely most of the time when you watch Icilia chats to her little friends," He piped.

"Err...yeah," I turned to Icilia."Shouldn't we get going?" I asked her. Skarmory began to squawk furiously.

OOC: Yeah, when are we going to meet. Sorry to be bothering you.

September 16th, 2005, 12:51 AM
OOC: I thought you would decide that, I'm not willing to be Big Girl in everything you know. I want to be spotted, I'm at your location, I am super suspicious looking, and you're characters aren't noticing me. Can't your characters think I'm a pokemorph rebel spy or something?

September 16th, 2005, 2:27 PM
(um...okay...well, I'll try...*_*; )

I sat down and stretched my legs out.

"We should, but Emine-"


"EMINE." I said firmly to the voice "Is being stupid and won't let us-"

"HEY!" I called.

"That's the princess right?!" I said loudly, "So that means the portals free and we can go!" I stood up abrubtly knocking myself off my feet.

"Well there you have it Mr. Fart-Bag-Prude, your princess that was supposedly-going through-the-portal, can we go now?"

"Fart-bag Prude!?" He repeated angrily.

September 16th, 2005, 4:29 PM
OOC: I knew you were in the city and all, but I don't know WHERE. U didn't say anything about your location, even though I never asked.

okay, I'll stop talking now.

BIC: Suddenly the area became misty and moist, water slowly dripping from pipes. Something didn't feel right. A mysterious cloaked figure was walking down the alley in a strange way. It was colder than it was usually, but most of the aura was near the figure. I approached it slowly from a distance until I froze when I heard Icilia blurt out "Hey? Is that the princess?" Out loud.

"What?!" Skarmory spoke, ceasing it's annoying swuqaking."They don't look like the princess?"

September 16th, 2005, 9:07 PM
I scrambled back up to my feet and caught up with Jonathan.

"What is it?" I asked "Do you not think it's the princess either?"

I glared briefly at Jonathan's Skarmory.

"The Princess would never dare tread this ground!" EMine blubbed.

"Just because it's gross and icky doesn't mean she wouldn't." I grumbled.

September 18th, 2005, 12:05 AM
OOC: DarkAquarius, you are in practically another Roleplay, that I currently do not understand. Please try to be a little more understandable, I find it hard to catch up with everything, even if I'm the RPG leader..

IC: I pulled my hood over even more. Spotted. "So," Princess Spheal echoed in my ears, "I've been suspected. I do not know the intentions of these people, Spirit, but maybe you do." I could not reply without being suspicious, until I perked my voice to sound less quivery and more hard to identify.

"What are your intentions?" I clearly spoke to the group.

September 18th, 2005, 9:39 AM
OOC:Sorry, I've been having severe writers block lately, I'll let Metaforte do the next post as I really have no idea what my response'll be. _ _')

September 18th, 2005, 9:51 AM
"What are your intentions?" The woman spoke clearly.

"Well, if you must know. We are trying to reach the Castle and speak with the Queen about the whereabouts of the blue orb. An orb that could control Kyogre's powers and aid us to put an end to this rebellious war. What is this misty aura surrounding you? Is what Icilia said was correct and in fact that it is the Princess?" I replied.

Skarmory was busy exchanging glares with Icilia over something as well. He was perhaps the most stubborn pokemon that I ever knew. I found him wounded near a bay in this region, hurt physically, and perhaps mentally too. Articuno had problems with Skarmory and his temper, but we sorted thing out eventually. I wonder what Skarmory's purpose in the real world is?

September 18th, 2005, 9:52 AM
{Is it too late to join?}

September 18th, 2005, 12:42 PM
(Probably not! Ask P-K Ball. And, I think I"ll wait out a little longer, and let P-KBall post in reply to metaforte before doing something myself, because the question was directed to, and I have no right to play your character.)

September 19th, 2005, 12:58 AM
OOC: Actually, I'm looking for members. I'll be watching Charon-Chan though and she'll have to post in the character stats and most definitely an RP sample. It isn't too late, because we have barely gotten started!

IC: I cleared my voice even more, trying to not sound like Spirit ninja. The army was after me. "You are fool enough to tell of your own whereabouts, and means, in this dangerous war when you do not know of whom you speak to?" I laughed, and pushed my hood off.

"How do I know if you are meaning correctly? I do. I know you don't mean ill, because I am Spirit ninja. I can read your soul if I want to. And clearly you are correct, it is the Princess with me, out of her royal limits. your majesty, you are free to change."

Unsurely, the mist pushed away and began taking form of the Princess. "What are your names? I have to tell you, the orb cannot help to stop the war completely. the fiend is too strong. He can blast you and miss, but the trail of failure itself can severely injure you, he can crumple up your spirit and suck out it's remainings when you are dead, you care to challenge the fiend? You dare to do that, fellow humans, and you are stupid."

Princess Spheal lowered her scolding voice. "And you have other allies who are short of wit, ready to accompany you on the quest to peace. But first, I would like to hear your own names."

September 19th, 2005, 3:03 PM
"Me?" I asked "I'm Icilia, and, this here, Is Priest Fa- I mean..."

"Priest Emine, an honor." He said bowing traditionally.

I sweatdropped and debated whether I should do the same.

I scuttled back over to Emine's side and whispered "Is that neccessary?"

"Of course it's neccesary you nitwit." He said slapping me across the head "WHo tutored you?"

"You did." I said.

"Ha ha, very funny, I did none of the such." He said folding his arms.

(we're just having our own little argument.)

September 19th, 2005, 5:28 PM
"Well, if you are an ally of the darkness, I'll just have to kill you as well," I exclaimed coldly. But then Everything became clear when she stated that she was a Spirit Ninja and could identify souls. Instead, I introduced myself.

"If you must know, my name is Jonathan Icewell, loyal servant and missionary of death of Articuno. I know that the orb won't completely solve the problem, but it should provide us with some aid on our quest," I replied. Icilia introduced herself as well, then went back to her arguments with her rivals. Although, a small hint of an annoyance came over me when she called my actions "stupid"

"Well, do you have any idea on how to stop this war princess? At least we have a lead," I snapped. I had never been this upset before, but I highly doubt that any of my action would be stated stupid. Although, I still needed to remain calm and don't perform anything hasty. The last thing I'd want to do is to get in a fight with a Spirit Ninja. I didn't have the time.

"Even if you are the princess, im am still loyal towards Articuno and his actions. Do you know the whereabouts of the blue orb? If you don't, we'll be on our way then" I asked a bit more polietly.

September 19th, 2005, 6:12 PM
(I called you stupid?)

I ignored the rest of my old tutor's comments, and listened to the princess and jonathan's conversation

"You know, if she is the princess, you could get in big trouble for that last comment." I said waggling my finger at him, which I knew would be quite a sight, a bright, and happy girl scolding an assasin.

"Uh, you know, I think I'll be quiet now!" I said, remembering the last thing Regice had told me before leaving back to Ichaie, that I should be careful not to make him too cross at me for fear of my life.

I shook my head, as I thought-no I knew he wouldn't kill me, for I now had TWO pendants, and I was servent of Regice...he wouldn't dare...

As I debated on this useless topic, the conversations drifted through one ear and out the other, much like classes and lectures used to, until Jonathan mentioned something about the location of the blue orb.

(I'm sorry, I've got nothing else to post, this is really a conversation between you two, but I don't want to become a lurker.)

September 19th, 2005, 7:36 PM
Name: Tara Stevens, known as the Shadow
Power:Pokemorph (can morph into anything, ditto style)
Pokemon: Mightyena
World: Unknown as she is a interdimentional drifter.
Weapons: Wooden staff with a metal ornament at the top and a metal bottom, the ornament has rings that ring when the staff hits the ground.
Looks: Feminine figure, wears a black kimono and a black wide-brimmed Japanese style hat and black Japanese style sandles and black socks.
Description: She's very mysterious as she doesn't get used to a particular place before she moves on. No one has even seen her face. She does what she does without any remorse and no one even knows what side she's on.
Occupation: none.
RP Sample:

She walked on the road, the staff hitting the ground as she walked onward, and doing so, let out an almost surreal clattering that almost sound melodious. She walked through what was Leafiatopia, finding parts gloomy, other's bright and cheerful, but overly gloomy. The tar pit that was under her made her see it as gloomy. She didn't really wanted to fall in and she didn't choose to abuse her abilities, so she walked from one root to the next until she found herself going through another portal.

She found herself on a real road and she started walking and choose to do something she sometimes did. She started to hum a song she had learned in another world. When she hit the chourus, she went on to full fledged singing as she walked.

"Vrei sa pleci dar nu ma, nu ma iei,
Nu ma, nu ma iei, nu ma, nu ma, nu ma iei.
Chipul tau si dragostea din tei,
Mi-amintesc de ochii tai.

Vrei sa pleci dar nu ma, nu ma iei,
Nu ma, nu ma iei, nu ma, nu ma, nu ma iei.
Chipul tau si dragostea din tei,
Mi-amintesc de ochii tai."

She walked right into a Tyranitar, who let out a hyper beam and she used her staff to launch herself to safety. She stomped her staff once and grinned.

"You are a rebel and you've attacked me. Prepare to see no mercy. Show me what you can do!"

The Tyranitar howled and charged at her and she lept in the air and landed on the Tyranitar's back and kicked off and did an aerial somersault, landing on her feet. She smiled and looked at the near confused but even more angered Tyranitar. She stabbed her staff into the firm ground and placed her hat on the staff.

"Hurry! Hurry! HURRY!" she urged on the Tyranitar, who charged at her again and again, she evaded the attack.

The Tyranitar fell off the steep plateau and fell into a pool of water. She then transformed into a Zapdos and let out a thunder attack, knocking out the Tyranitar and then changed shape to what she was, and put on her hat and dislodged her staff and continued walking on.

As the Tyranitar woke up, all it could hear on the breeze was a faint voice singing "Dar sa stii nu-ti cer nimic."

((OOC: just let me know what you think, k? And yes, I made up the post... and yes, I borrowed from a character off of Hellsing, lol. If anyone can guess what I practically butchered, they'll get a pat on the shoulder, lol.))

September 21st, 2005, 12:53 AM
OOC: Tara14241. Yeah, your accepted.

IC: "I clearly know a way to stop the war." Princess Spheal murmured, tilting her head to look at me. The words came out of my mouth involuntarily, as if the Princess urged them in. "But, we may have to travel far and wide, taking many risks."

"First thing, a start is to travel to Moonlight castle, of Aquace." I almost gasped at the Princess. Moonlight castle was a very strange castle. In the mist of the night, which was the only time it would appear, the castle would only appear if the moon was full. But people fool enough to venture into Moonlight castle never were seen again, for the castle would disappear when the moon would. If you looked hard enough, you would see a small figure in the mist, unidentified.

"At the rate, I do know the whereabouts of the orb, but it would be easier to stop the war than to get it. Therefore, my first advice is Moonlight castle, by tonight, Aquacian time, which shall be in about a day. In Moonlight castle, well, you will find whta you will be looking for, and you will know it when you see it, so I will not waste time to tell you here.

You may call Spirit ninja Spirit if you like." The Princess added. "Good to meet some who aren't rebels," I grumbled, but added, "If you are to attack us, I shall tell you I am armed with poison, if you are to defend, note that I will not attack you unrequested by my master, and if you are to flee, you are cowards." It was my sort of greeting. I only threatened to to read their spirits, but the power hadn't come yet. It would come and go, so I truely didn't know until.

There! I exclaimed in my head. It had came, spirit reading power had came. "'Princess, may I have a word? A private one, with you?" I asked. "Yes, Spirit."

The Princess and I backed away, and I whispered, "I was only threatening. I couldn't read them then, but the power just came to me. Should I -?" "No, Spirit. It would attract them, the rebels. Even in Ichaie, the place is not safe to work under the power from, you master. But you may tell them who your master is."

"Thank you, your majesty." I walked straightly away by about five paces, facing Jonathan, and said, "I have a master also. He is Lugia."

September 21st, 2005, 2:39 PM
I was turning over what the princess had said about the blue orb.

Kyogre never mentioned anything about getting him the blue orb to stop the war.

Nor did he seem to have any intention to interfere with the war.

"But princess, would it not be unwise to go against Kyogre's wishes? He did give me his symbol pendant for easy travel, wouldn't it be rude to use it for other intentions?" I asked.

Nobody paid heed of what I said...at least not now.

When the Spirit Ninja told us that her master was Lugia, something immediatly sprang to my mind, as I had a knack for remembering things that had no specific importance.

"Weren't you going to go see Lugia before you met me at Kyogre's beach?" I asked Jonathan.

September 21st, 2005, 3:15 PM
Tara walked through the castle as a faint mist. She heard something about a blue orb and a war, but she figured they were on the same side. At least for the moment. The mist condensed into a human figure, wearing a wide brimmed Japanese-style hat, holding a staff.

"I hear something about an orb and about some war and something about Kyogre," Tara stated, "To me, it sounds like you're in need of my expertise."

A smile crossed her lips as she looked at everyone.

"Allow me to introduce myself, I have no name, however, some call me Tara Stevens. I don't belong anywhere, so I'm an interdimentional drifter and I don't have any memory save what happened two years ago," Tara stated, "I've had my....exceptional abilities all my life and it's said that I could very well be a ditto, but like I said, I don't even know who or what I am."

She removed her hat, revealing purple eyes and scruffy black hair as she bowed to them.

"But I'm at your service if you need me, since you're planning to stop the pokemon from attacking you and continiously kill you or your loved ones."

September 21st, 2005, 5:42 PM
I blinked at the new stranger.

"My loved ones?" I asked in a tone that said that she was talking about the impossible "This is Ichaie, no rebel's attack this region let alone this city."

"That's right, this is the city of the Lord of Ice-" EMine started

"Regice, and nothing but Ice pokemon following Regice would dare attack this place, which is technically where all MY loved one's reside" and after taht I muttered "Which really counts to zero,"

"But! That's not the point. I can't answer for Jonathan, but he certainly doesn't look very nice does he? Well-"

Emine clamped his old, white hand over my mouth.

"Don't babble like that in the presence of the princess." He stated sternly.

I muttered something completly uncomphrehensible, but nobody really paid any attention.

As usual.

OOC:You can ignore me for awhile, this is my fave RP, so I'm determined to post, but they're almost always complete and utter nonsense, so yeah.

September 21st, 2005, 8:02 PM
"Hmph. Was that supposed to scare me? Heh. I guess this is your version of a greeting, I suppose? I never run away from anything, even ninjas," I grunted."My actions are similar as yours. I don't kill unless requested by my master. Besides, I would be wasting time killing you. No offense, but my Master wouldn't like that,"

Then Skarmory came in."Err...Plese accept my apologies for Jonathan's rude behavior. Thank you for the help," Skarmory replied, casting me a quick glare. I just gave out a low groan.

The Princess recommend we should visit Moonlight Castle. A pint of shock came over me after that statement. I never been to the Moonlight Castle, but a friend of mines told me about it mysteriousness. My train of thought were interrupted when Icilia asked me why I haven't visited Lugia went. I spoke "My master's orders was to cancel the assignment. I was only supposed to investigate the region, nothing more, nothing less,"

"I have a master also. He is Lugia," The Spirit Ninja said.

"Hmm. Interesting. Very interesting," I exclaimed.

Lugia was a very legendary creature in the Aquace. Well, besides Kyogre. Skarmory began to start his continuos cycle of squawking annoyingly and stamping it's clawed foot onto the ground. That's his version of let go.

"I guess we should get going now," I replied. "How long will it take to reach there? I no it's whereabouts, but not it's distance from here to there,"

September 22nd, 2005, 1:52 PM
"Moonlight castle, I heard appears in different places depending on the month. It should be in Leafiatopia during this month, in the Lunar Fields am I correct?" I cut in.

"If it is in the Lunar Fields, then it should take a few days, but if it's not then I'm not so sure..." I said doubting my sinking math and myth grades.

September 22nd, 2005, 5:03 PM
"If it's one thing I've learned, it's to never assume," Tara stated, "For all we know, they might be planning an attack. One of the dimentions I've been to has a saying, better safe than sorry. We should prepare because this is the best possible attack and I've got no master; I'm a freelance warrior," Tara stated, "I know it's not my place to discuss strategy, but unless you want more bloodshed on your side, then I suggest we prepare for a full scale attack anywhere you assume is safe."

Tara crossed her arms and looked around at all of the expressions all the others had on their faces.

September 22nd, 2005, 5:32 PM
"Hey, I thought you just said it's better to never assume, but here you go, telling us that we should attack anywhere we ASSUME is safe, and it's just an ASSUMPTION, that that would be the best tactic." I said, not liking redundant people.

"Besides, we're not here to fight in the war, we're here to stop it."

September 23rd, 2005, 2:31 AM
OOC: The Moonlight Castle is in Aquace, as it'll ever be, as it always was for about the 1000 years that it existed. Eh, it SO is not in Leafiatopia, you guys are altering the RP a little too much than you should, my personal opinion. It's hard to keep up and it's hard to keep leader to this RP. Keep it down a little, please?

September 23rd, 2005, 1:49 PM
(Sorry, maybe you should SAY where things are so I don't have to guess?)

September 23rd, 2005, 11:24 PM
OOC: I'll bet spending thirty minutes to type something isn't enough.. I'll try better... being the leader is just hard.

September 24th, 2005, 9:12 AM
(Kay, well, I think I'll sit out until the whole conversation is over. I'll check back.)

September 24th, 2005, 10:15 PM
"I agree with Icilia," I slowly commented."We might have a surprise advantage, but on whom? We don't know who's really creating this chaos or why, so we must seek out those questions first. We are only a small group of people against a colossal army of crazed pokemon."

"Your on the right track though. When were in the position to commence our attack, we'll do it then, but not right now until we seek out more information about this war, and it appears that Moonlight castle is our only source so far," I finished.

September 24th, 2005, 10:29 PM
"What, you have decided to clash?" I said. I iddn't know why, but I didn't have a clear liking to these people. "Well, then that's it. Swim to the sky of Achiae and nearly drown through the Aquacian river, wait for the full moon in a day, and finally, venture into Moonliht castle, which can disappear as fast as two hours span!" I growled.

"You can take the portals." Princess Spheal murmured. "But.. I'm afraid I cannot help you. The queen.." Her eyes widened.. "The queen knows I'm out of the castle! I must leave!" She disappeared into mist.

September 25th, 2005, 2:24 PM
"Excuse me, but may I ask what are you talking about? Drowning in the Aquace River. For a slight moment, I thought you went mad," Skarmory replied."I agree with Jonathan. We should think about what we are going to do before we do it. And besides, how do we get to Moonlight Castle without performing this silly drowning ritual?" Skarmory seemed clueless on the current objective.

Then, the Princess disappeared into the foggy mist that was around her before. She spoke something about the Queen knowing that she wasn't at the castle.

"Should we go get her? Or just let her go?" I quietly asked the Spirit Ninja.

October 12th, 2005, 1:02 AM
"We've got to let her majesty go." I closed my eyes and sighed, "The queen knows we are the cause. Following won't help, between the princess and the queen, that's just their business. Ours is to stop this war, to stop the.. the.."

I could not even say his nickname. My eyes had kindled with anger, with hate, and with memory. I tried to keep the hatred down, but it was just about what happened to my village. You fool! I thought to myself, You want them to know you have such a.. such a.. there it went again. I could never call my thoughts stupid, I could never insult my family, But I can hide their existence in my memory. I thought suddenly. Good, that would work.

"Unless you know how to travel portals, the only way we'll be able to reach Aquace will be using the high Achiaen sky. If you aren't stupid, swimming into the Achaien higher sky of water will take you eventually to the Silver lining, a silver ring that marks the second portal, made by my master, and after you swim past the Silver lining, you may surface in to the Aquacian river."

OOC: You guys.. are.. not.. posting..

October 12th, 2005, 2:01 PM
(I was going to! But I didn't know how to judge a dead thread from a live one, and I didn't want to accidentally revive ANOTHER dead thread!!!)
"So!" I said happily "Are we leaving now?"
"Because, I'm really bored of talking about stuff I have no idea about." I said, flushing, and shuffling my feet embarrassdly.
(Short, Yes, but I have NOTHING to work with here! Totally don't understand whats going on.)

October 13th, 2005, 11:41 PM
OOC: Nothing? If you don't understand anything, PM me and I'll write up everything. I'm too lazy to wriet anything here. XD

October 14th, 2005, 1:52 PM
OOC:I think I'll wait for you or Metaforte to continue this, because I'm just not in the RPing fantasy groove.

October 14th, 2005, 10:50 PM
IC: "SO what are you waiting for, you fools? Do you want to go to Aquace or do you want to stay here and get killed like my family?" I yelled, suddenly unable to control my temper. I honest to god hated the fiend.

Lowering my voice, I quivered, "The pokemon army is strong. We'd better not stay in one place, not even in Ichaie. For though there is no bloodshed, spies walk in every corner."

OOC: That's right, Lord of the Rings manipulated me into changing the way my characters speak XD

October 15th, 2005, 4:26 PM
OOC: A thousand Apologies for not be much active, I will continue, I think

BIC: Suddenly, the Spirit Ninja began to raise her voice and snap at us fiercely. She wasn't very patient in my point of view, put she did have a point. We have no idea when the threat is going to strike and need to stop it before it does.

"Hey, chill out!" I snapped. That was one of the strangest phrases that came out of my lips. "I was just, dozing off, that's all," Skarmory glanced at me, a slyly grin crept onto his face.

Icilia was a strange character. She seemed cheery and active, showing no signs of suitability for combat, but although, she's a priest, I can tell. I have no idea what she can do. The Spirit Ninja, although looks about the opposite. She wields a katana and says she is armed with poison, That could come in handy in battle, but everything else is shrouded with mystery. This other character seemed like she could aid in combat as well.

"Lead the way Spirit Ninja," I replied

October 15th, 2005, 4:52 PM
"Yeah let's go!" I said "Through the -other- portal we go!"
I began the trip BACK to the other portal with one step before Emine's annoying voice said "Wait!"
"We've been waiting forever." I snarled.
"Yes, well, you might want to forget your scroll, since you usually forget how to do things." He said tossing me an old peice of parchment.
"Right!" I piped, and turned back around.
"AND." He said
I froze again and snapped "now what?!"
"Don't forget your counter curses. Wouldn't want you to accidentally turn one of these people into a marrill and not be able to reverse the effect eh?" He said, tossing me another peice of rolled up parchment.
"Is that all?" I asked through gritted teeth.
"Yes, that will be all, good luck." He said walking back to the tiny portal.
"Finally" I muttered, then I said happily "Well! Let's go!"

October 15th, 2005, 9:05 PM
I shifted my gave towards the scroll that Emine tossed to Icilia. He mentioned something about not transforming us to Marills, something of the sort. It seems that's what she can do in battle. I wonder what type of curses she can use. One that can penetrate through enemy defenses, or can transform people into Marills like what Emine said.

I needed to work a little bit more on my techniques, even though they could kill. Aphonia was one of my favorites. An attack that aims at the throat of the target, not slitting it, but slamming a blunt instrument against it. It doesn't kill them, but doesn't allow them to speak for a medium period of time, therefore canceling all spells, curses, hexes, etc.

Shadowbind is an excellent, yet tricky technique. An attack that strikes the shadow of the victim, causing it to freeze completely, allowing vulnerability for other techniques. The user must be careful not to strike their own shadow by accident, trapping them in time.

That wasn't all of my techniques, but just some of my favorites. My gaze then shifted to Icilia.

"What kind of Curses are in that scroll?" I asked.

October 16th, 2005, 8:13 AM
I blinked
"Curses? OH! Right!" I said sweatdropping.
"Well you'll just have to find out huh?" I asked, giving him a thumbs up.

Well, actually, most of the spells in the scroll were ice attacks, like blizzard, and shift freeze, which was one of my favorite spells.

Shift freeze would render everyone within 5 miles frozen, and you could walk around as you pleased. good if you didn't want to fight, which was usually the case with me.

But my favorite....well....that was a difficult one I hadn't mastered yet. It wasn't an ice move either. It was a demi move. Black shroud made everyone around you surrounded by a black fog, that relived the worst moment of their lives, from third worst to the worst. But, I hadn't mastered the part where, 'it doesn't affect your allies'...or myself. And it took a lot of energy too. Everytime I had to practice it in the ice chambre's of Regice, I slept a full two days afterward. But I usually passed out before I could relieve my worst moments, so, I'm not emo just yet.

We also did transformation spells...I usually screwed up on those. When we were supposed to turn our partner's into a relicanth, I usually turned my partner into a gyrados. Bad memories. I usually wasn't able to revert them back to their original state either, without checking in my scroll. Lune was usually my partner, so he took the butt of things. But sometimes if I got really emotional, like, depressed, or angry, I'd turn almost anything I touched into a pokemon. Probably what Emine was referring too.

"Let's just hope that everything goes okay." I said grinning sheepishly at my low experience.

October 18th, 2005, 12:45 AM
"****.." I whispered to myself. Curses. Yeah sure, I was phychic under my morph, but I never really specialiazed in curses, I just did pure mental power occasionally. "You don't want to go by the Silver lining? You want to use the portals? Okay. But it's risky, and if we get caught by the Pokemon army, don't say I brought you to it. Now, we will be a sign of peripetieua to the army, pretty foolish ones at that. To Aquace Spirit Ninja goes with peace."

OOC: Hm.. one minute we're in an alley and the next we're next to a portal? Hard to play along with you guys. Ah well, you aren't altering it sickeningly much.

October 18th, 2005, 2:08 PM
(No, there was a small portal IN the alley, leading to the Kingdom where we were going to meet the queen, but ended up having to sit around, because the stupid gaurdian of the 'mini-portal' wouldn't let us through until the person 'you' came through. Altering of the portals, I know, but how else were we supposed to get to the kingdom within three posts to keep it short and include you?)
"Why do you have to address where you're going?" I asked "And besides, Would it help that we have Kyogre's pendant, Regice's pendant, and Articuno's pendant?"
I took out my two pendant's I had received, and the fake blue orb I had gotten from Regice. The same blue orb that had kindled Kyogre's rage to a breaking point.
"Because these grant us safe passage through most of the portal's right?" I asked again.
(Pendant=thing that Jonathan showed regice in the begginning of the RP to get through the Aquace portal. Don't remember what it was called. And after watching the recent episode's of pokemon, I have suddenly realized that the anime is...different from the manga, so in the anime the red orb control's kyogre, and vice versa for groudon. Dunno how you guys want this to work or not, but w/e)

October 19th, 2005, 8:28 AM
Name: Terry Jensen
Is: Human, trainer
Power: pokemorph Swampert
Pokemon: Innocent
Weapons: grenade and stink bomb
looks: green cloak
Description: Kind, helpful, generous, mysterious, powerful.
Occupation: helping others

October 20th, 2005, 1:06 AM
OOC: Rayquaza1, you're in.

IC: "Idiots.." I muttered under my breath, and murmured, "It's a greeting, moron. I say it when I enter a portal, and that is.. now." I closed my eyes and stepped into the portal. Soon I would be in Aquace, but time did not exist in a portal.. I continued to keep my eyes shut.. counting the seconds..

OOC: Well, Naoko-chan, thanks for the explanation. I guess this stuff happens when you plan an Rp too well. But anyway, you guys are great roleplayers *hugs*

October 20th, 2005, 2:21 PM
OOC:I know! ^^ LOL jk. I had to do that.

I blinked as the ninja disappeared into the portal.
I glanced at Jonathan and mumbled, "I still don't get it...meet you on the other side!"
Stepping into the swirling portal I felt the sickening sensation of my stomach dropping down to my feet, but it wasn't so bad this time...unlike my first two tries.

OOC:Short, yes, but I'm going to wait, because I'm busy busy busy!

October 21st, 2005, 4:47 PM
IC: I was walking down a narrow path when I heard a screaming. I rushed to the sound and I found a slugma hanging on the edge of a cliff. I reached down to grab on to it, but I couldn't. I morphed into a green swampert and I tried reaching again. I pulled him to safety. "Thank you, Thank you. How can I ever repay you?", said the slugma. I said,"Don't mention it. It's my job to help others. Take care." I walked away, my green cloak flowing behind.

OOC: What do you think? It's my first time ever in a rp.

October 21st, 2005, 6:43 PM
OOC: Oh! Sorry!

BIC: I was ready to step in the portal until, I hesitated. Why was I doing this? Why was I hanging out with a bunch of strangers, an annoying ninja, and a squawking Skarmory? But, that wasn't in my nature to pack down from any challenge. Perhaps I might be paid handsomely from her majesty herself, or from Articuno perhaps. I shook my head, clearing my head from that silly thought, and slowly walked through the portal, Skarmory following.

Right before I began through travel through the portal, my emblem began to shine brightly. It followed around me in a circular motion until it reached my sword. It slowly began to form into the sword and too, the sword began to illuminate brightly.

"What the...," i spoke to myself, until I was sucked in the vortex

October 21st, 2005, 7:23 PM
OOC: It's a lot better than some others on the first try. Keep it up hon X (Rayquaza1 I mean XD)

IC: I felt myself be tossed out onto the ground face-first. Stumbling to my feet, I closed my eyes and thoguht for a minute. I had lost count of all the seconds that I spent in that portal. "Darn." I whispered.

Soon, I took note of my surroundings. I had landed on a mossy rock, which was near to a two-meter-tall waterfall. Moss encovered everything, and I realized I was in the more jungle parts of Seaside Isle.

Light shone in on the waterfall and let it sparkle. I had seen this place many times before, unsuspecting a portal. "Hey guys, are you coming out or what? Lugia's Lair isn't a long walk from here." I yelled to the portal.

October 22nd, 2005, 3:17 PM
"Yipes!" I shreiked as I landed in the little pond next to the mini-waterfall.
"Oh yuck!" I shreiked again as I slipped in the gross moss and algae.
I dried myself off with a little maneuver of extracting water vapors from objects that absorbed water molecules, and freezing them in the air.
Pulling off the slimy and icky green junk, I emphasized my point by mumbling, "Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew!"
I flung the moss and algae that had stuck to my clothing over my shoulder carelessley.
"Something about Lugia?" I asked, squeezing the water out of my hair.

October 23rd, 2005, 4:46 AM
Out of nowhere, I flew out of the portal 10 feet away and I began to dive from the sky. I decided to make this interesting by graceful doing a flip before landing. I carefully landed on my two feet in a crouching position. The area had a plethora of mossy boulders and was coated with a dense mist. Skarmory came from behind, landing smoothly just as I have. The spirit ninja probably landed face first on the ground from the mark on her face. The priest splashed into a mossy puddle of water from the state of her clothing, but seemed to be drying herself with some sort of technique.

It seemed that I was the only one that survived through the trip without getting hurt, until I tripped over a mossy rock... Skarmory laughed hysterically at my pain as I landed face first. That wasn't like me at all.

October 23rd, 2005, 6:16 AM
I glanced at Jonathan and sweatdropped.
"Wow...you're not anything like I originally thought you'd be." I sighed looking around my surroundings.
"I hate this place." I muttered angrily, pulling off some moss stuck in my hair.
I walked over to the tripped Jonathan and held out a gloved hand.
"Are you sure we're in Aquace?" I asked both the Spirit Ninja and Jonathan.

October 25th, 2005, 1:56 AM
OOC: Ouch. Stupid computer. I made a MUCH longer post, but it got jammed up or something.

IC: "Lugia's Lair is only about two kilometers from here. Now, of course it's Aquace we're in, moron. And if you start griping about a long distance to walk, then I won't take to that attitude and will definitely not like the fact you'll be acting so bleeding kiasu. Of course.. I could see if you want to complain, and that will make me angry enough. We need to visit my master to ask about what the heck is in Moonlight castle. While we're at it, we should rest. The castle will not come out of the mist until night."

I closed my eyes and let a purple aura surround me. I was chiefly doing this playfully, to freak Icilia or Jonathan out; but I was also sensing for any rebels around. I rose a bit above the ground, and soon the aura faded, and I bounced on top of the air, making a safe landing on the ground. "There is no rebel pokemon within two kilometers." I smiled.

October 25th, 2005, 2:25 PM
I sweatdropped.
"Okay then." I said.
Well then, if we're taking a break, then I might as well enjoy myself...
to the extent you can enjoy yourself with two silent black garbed people in the middle of a gross and humid forest jungle thing I thought angrily, sitting down.
I froze, and felt my hair rise off my neck.
"Ew!" I shreiked Standing up immediatly.
A mound of wet moss was now slightly dented, and my skirt stained green.
I prevented myself from screaming, and instead growled "Once we get out of here, the better my life will be."

October 29th, 2005, 11:25 PM
"Oh my, now don't tell me your skirt is your life," I teased. "Oh yes, if it was your life, I could destroy it easily," I said intidatingly, drawing out ,my sword and holding it close to Icilia. "But.. I won't take 'you life' away, for modest reasons and for the fact that it would be too easy. Now, do you want your life to be better or not, because I'm not that patient. The longer we stay here, the more chores my master shall have for me."

October 30th, 2005, 11:31 PM
"What a show off. She gets a katana and thinks she's invincible with her silly threats. Are all Spirit Ninjas like this?" I grumbled. Poor Icilia. She's probably considered worthless towards the ninja.

I glanced at Skarmory, who was attacking a nearby bush for no apparent reason. Most of the Ice Monks in Articuno's temple always thought my Skarmory was worthless and unteachable. They once said I should dispose of it now, but I strongly disagreed.

"Why don't you just get rid of the worthless bird? My friend could help you get a better, more obedient Skarmory, and..." One of the Monks spoke once before.

"For the last time, the answer is no. I need a real, more lively pokemon. Not one of your lifeless, so called obedient dummies," I replied sternly, heading towards the exit.

"You'll regret it! That Skarmory's nothing but trouble!"

I slowly formed a small, tiny smile at the steel bird pokemon, but it quickly disappeared. I turned to the Spirit Ninja after the "more chores" comment.

"Chores? What kind of chores does your master intends on you to do?" I asked quietly.

October 31st, 2005, 1:39 AM
OOC: There is only one Spirit ninja.

IC: "Uh.. what kind of chores? What is your business in knowing, nosy? It's not like you're going to help me. Anyway, or we going or not?" I said. Jonathan probably thought me some snob. But I didn't care baout his opinion, he probably had parents growing up. Either that, or his parents weren't killed like mine. "Come on, you lazy people, hurry up. We all want to go to Lugia lair, don't we?"

October 31st, 2005, 8:40 PM
"Fine whatever, just wondering. And going to Lugia's lair will help us how?" I asked, wondering what Lugia could do to aid us. I heard rumors about his power, but in my opinion, Articuno and Regice are far more superior.

"Skarmory! As your master I command you to transport me to our destination on feet!" I teased. Skarmory responded by attempting to jab his razor sharp beak at my face. As usual, I avoided the attacks.

"Sheesh! Just kidding!" I responded.

OOC: OH, and Happy Halloween!

November 1st, 2005, 2:49 AM
"Lugia will know more about Moonlight castle than me.. and I think we'll have to rest up a little before we go there tonight, it only appears at night anyway. Now, let's go. And Icilia, there's a stream near the lair, so if you like.. you can wash up your 'life'.." I thought about how long I'd call Icilia's skirt her 'life'. I honestly had fun doing it, but this was not the time to have fun. It was time to visit my master.

November 1st, 2005, 5:51 PM
I ignored the ninja's remarks about my skirt, by examining my nails.
They were quite long, but it was usual tradition for priestesses to have at least a minimum amount of nails on their hands.
"I'm quite sure I don't need a 'stream' to wash up my life thank you, it's called 'magic'." I said moodily.
I extracted the dampness in my skirt, and got most of the green tint out.
Thank god.
"And I'll have you know, that this is my only skirt, so I've got a good reason for it to be my life thank you." I said.
Screw Emine. I'm transforming that ninny into a frog whether he likes it or not!
At least somebody I was traveling with wasn't completely first impression.
I glanced at Jonathan and his Skarmory, who was presently jabbing his beak at Jonathan for a remark I barely heard.
Certainly not like I thought he would be... I thought to myself.
"Well, Ninja here's goin' crazy about leaving, so before we get her more chores we should leave shouldn't we?" I said folding my arms and glaring at the snobby ninja.

November 2nd, 2005, 10:12 PM
I huffed, and sighed. "I'm sorry about my attitude. It just.. just.." I wiped my eyes for a minute, and continued. "Never mind. Come on, let's go. Master waits," I sliced my sword through the leaves, revealing a trail. Soon, we'd be at Lugia's Lair, easy enough to change a mood by then. After all, my master did not have the slightest good temper, at least to his servant. He hated to be waiting, imagine how he'd feel about all this feelign to end the war all on a loner trio that doesn't get along? I thought. Only time could tell.

November 3rd, 2005, 5:24 PM
I became immensly confused.
Snob at one moment, crying the next?!
Wow. Talk about jumpy.
"Wait up!" I said, dragging Jonathan along with me.
Well. One had to keep the semi-peace keeper in the group.
Two girls who don't get along. One guy who doesn't do anything about it. One Skarmory, who is extremely annoying.
And we were going to save the world?
This. I have to see.

November 4th, 2005, 4:58 AM
"You see," I said, believing it was about time to tell them a little about myself, "My family, and my friends for that matter, were all killed when the pokemon revolution started, and I was at a very young age. ABout five years old, but I don't really know my age. I lost count more than ten years ago, which means I might be a teenager by now. I don't know, and my voice isn't used much, and I still haven't avenged the destruction of my village. I'm angry at this, probably why I act so snobby. Is that an explanation?!" I said, now a little angr, continuing to slash thrugh the leaves.

November 4th, 2005, 10:14 PM
"Hmm, I see," I spoke emotionlessly, walking carefully in the makeshift path the ninja formed. Skarmory seemed unaffected after that statement, as he only glanced up at the sky and ground.

I couldn't reveal my personal life, well not yet. Firstly, it was too painful to bring up, and secondly, I didn't know these guys well enough to explain to them such secrets. I swiftly pulled out my katana, it's vicious blade cutting through the dense fog. I glanced at the handle, a shiny, aquamarine orb glowed brilliantly, even when there was no sun. I would have told the others, but I decided to wait until I knew more about this.

"So, how long until we reach there?" I asked the Spirit Ninja.

November 5th, 2005, 8:00 AM
"Oh okay." I said, though not feeling the most of sympathy.
"I'll tell you my history!" I said cheerfully "I like to call this kind of thing a road story."
"Well, when I was about 7, my dad began to doubt Regice's power, since we never saw him up close." I began "So one night he snuck out of the city, and went to Registeel. Naturally Registeel would want to anger Regice, and took him in as a follower without asking questions. So now my mom and I are living in what you'd call 'poverty' which is why this skirt is my 'life' because it's my only skirt!" I said, my attitude quite the opposite of the story.
"It's not that sad, but at the moment, everybody at home probably thinks I'm a Kyogre follower now, because I used to study Kyogre the most, which probably means my mom is stuck in our house- not that she wasn't before -" I muttered "And is careful not to tread across angry citizens."
"Not very sad compared to you," I said to the ninja "But anyway, I don't like calling you spirit ninja, you've gotta have a name, even jonathan has a name!"
"So. I'm Icilia, and you aaaare?" I asked following the path along shredded plants I couldn't yet name off the top of my head...besides the moss...

OOC:Pardon if you already said your name Amaya.

November 6th, 2005, 12:58 AM
OOC: Not in real life, my name is Amaya. This username just fits my attitude.. ^^

IC: "You can call me Spirit, because I barely remember my real name, and I'm not willing to tell you, one-skirt-toting Icilia. And Jonathan, is five minutes a long time to reach the lair?" I said hotly.

November 6th, 2005, 8:38 PM
"Very well, that isn't that long," I answered, slashing a nearby moist leaf. It silently fell onto the ground in pieces.

Skarmory continued to stare upon the sky. He seemed quite, distracted. I wonder what he's thinking about right now?

November 9th, 2005, 2:10 AM
I continued to slash at the trail, sniffing away the mist that got in my way. Somehow I felt a strange presence of evil, but I decided I was just feeling stuff like I used to do. Suddenly, a searing pain was emitted through my head. It was a high-pitched sound, but I wasonly hearing it mentally, and it hurt. "Ugh..." i collapsed, dropping my sword and clasping my hands on myforehead. "D-do you guys hear anything or has something gotten into my mental system?" I whispered, clasping my eyes shut in pain.

November 9th, 2005, 6:10 PM
"What the...," Jonathan spoke when he saw Spirit collapse onto the moist ground. Skarmory, was screeching at the top of it's lung, flapping it's wings ferociously. it then slammed against a sturdy tree and finally toppled on the floor.

"Skarmory! What's happen...," I was interrupted when an ear-splitting screech blasted into my head. I held my ears in pain, trying to overcome the noise. I leaned against the same tree Skarmory hit. I glanced at Icilia, who seemed to be unaffected, not yet though.

November 9th, 2005, 6:24 PM
"Are you guys okay?" I asked turning halfway so I could see both the ninja and Jonathan.
"What's wro-" I was interuppted by a...sound...that was screaming it's lungs out...
I slowly stumbled over to a mossy tree, and ignoring the slimy paste feeling under my palm, I started to breathe in short raspy breaths, clutching my head with one hand and support myself on the tree with the other.
I cried out momentarily as the sound suddenly increased it's magnitude and slid down the side of the tree, and eventually, as though it would keep the sound out, I shielded myself with a barrier of thick ice.
The sound was barely muffled, and within a few minutes of glancing wearily at Spirit and Jonathan, the shield exploded inwardly from the sound, and as shards of cold ice flew at me I knew I was cut against the upper arm, and across my cheek.
Otherwise I was able to stop the ice before anything else hit me, but with the unearthly sound blaring at me and the sudden use of so much magic, I wasn't able to sustain my consiousness, and soon, all the sounds were gone...and nothing was left. Except pounding silence and black.

OOC:If this is a mental kind of thing, then the ice shattered, because it was generated by her magic, and her mind couldn't keep them in the shape they were in, so the shattered, naturally going to the person that created them.

November 25th, 2005, 2:58 AM
I felt myself glow with power I was absorbing from rest to stop the mental signal. Apperantly, it came from an enemy. Soon I was glowing dark green, and I was standing up, wobbling. Using all my power, I began to fight the power, until it soon faded. It was a strong energy source that made it, and I was having trouble fighting it. Finally, it left my mind. I collapsed again, gasping for breath. "I-I fought it off..." I managed to cough. Soon I noticed that Icialia had seemed to have passed out. "Icilia? Tell me you're not unconcsious, I've wasted too much energy to fight off this force and I cannot carry you there, and I don't even want to."

My hair was completely messed up and covering my face as I kept it bowed to the ground, and I was frequently trembling, trying to get up. Whatever, or whoever, had sent that signal was an enemy, but it was gone now, or at least for a while.

OOC: YOu guys.. please... please post!

November 30th, 2005, 5:26 PM
(Augh, I'm sorry, my computer won't stop crashing. I can't really do anything until Metaforte posts anyway!)

November 30th, 2005, 6:44 PM
^^; Sorry Again

BIC: My back began to fell strange and bright, glowing as well. Skarmory was in hi continuos cycle of his angry squawking when he woke up, just to ram into a tree again. With the remaining energy left inside my parlayed body, I slowly reached for my katana. Finally, I grasped onto the sword, just to be burned by it's stinging surface. My arm quickly reacted to the shock, but then grasped again firmly against the handle. Quickly, I pulled it out to see a whole new weapon. A crystal like orb was fitted in the middle of the blade, emitting a unpeculiar power.

Skarmory, who reacted to this event, sprung back to life like nothing happen. I too, slowly got up from the ground. It seems that Spirit was all right as well, I wasn't sure about Icilia though.

"Hey, are you all right?" I asked her. Skarmory then began his normal squawks and screeches.

December 2nd, 2005, 2:52 PM
I groaned as I pushed myself up shakily "That hurt..."
Looking up I realized that Jonathan had asked me a question "I'm fine." I said putting a hand to the bump on the side of my head.
I used my other hand and brought my index finger across the gash as it healed almost instantly.
"What was that?" I asked, as my head throbbed and a splitting headache cut through my head again.