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August 28th, 2005, 1:59 AM
I just felt like it would be a little more encouraging to post on the forums if I made a bit of a re-introduction.
I kinda went idle a a month or two ago, when I joined, posted a bit, and then left. I've looked around the forums a little since then, but I haven't really been here for about a month, which is -- if I remember correctly -- the minimum amount of time to be gone before a re-welcome thread... So... XD

+stops ranting+ Anyway. I want to be more active here. D: I know PC is a friendly place, sooo...
... >_>

Hey, hi, howdeedoodee. Ty-Ty [Digital Phoenix] kinda bugged me to come back [... okay, not really, but still. XD] so I decided to. Some of you probably remember me, though. D:

August 28th, 2005, 2:00 AM
Bad Mina! Bad!

XD...well I'm glad you came back Mina-san ^ ^ and I really hope you stay a while longer this time XD

Welcome back!

August 28th, 2005, 2:02 AM
I so did not. D: *loves on for being bad*

Lol you're back. Welcome back. 8D And um, stuff. Um, yeah.



~ Northern Lights ~
August 28th, 2005, 2:04 AM
Heya to you, and I'm new, so I may not know you, but oh well. ^^ Anyway, welcome back to PC, and uh... rawr. =3

August 28th, 2005, 2:11 AM
[font=Tahoma]Stri-sama: Hey, I'm not -that- bad in this case, I've gone from not posting on SPPf for like four months before... XD But thank you :P +hugs+

Ty-Ty: HAR Ty-Ty used the wrong account. XD +loves on+

Kirra-chan: Thank you. XP I've never really seen you either, but I hope that changes XD[font]

Cybex Mewtwo
August 28th, 2005, 4:23 AM
Welcome back welcome back welcome back......WELCOME BACK! XD

Enjoy PC yet again!

August 28th, 2005, 4:35 AM
hello, welcoem to PC.:) Have fun, PM me if you need help with anythin' or just wanna be friends.:)

August 28th, 2005, 5:40 AM
Welcome Back! ^_^ i don't think I met you last time because I too went idle...for like six months! LOL!

August 28th, 2005, 5:42 AM
Hmmm.... *pokes gently* I don't know you... Ty-ty, you have to TELL me when you meet new people. *glares @ Ty-chan* Anyway, welcome back XDDD

August 28th, 2005, 5:43 AM
I've never heard of you,but you only have 15 posts meh. XD Anyway welcome.

August 28th, 2005, 6:09 AM
Welcome back to the PC. Enjoy here again. :D

August 28th, 2005, 6:09 AM
Minako! *glomps* Welcome back to PC! *clings* Pwease stay this time. XD

August 28th, 2005, 7:33 AM
Welcome back to PC, Minako~! :) I dont really know if we've met before, though. My name is Karli. ^^;; See ya!

August 28th, 2005, 9:15 PM
Y'know, You are pretty new anyway. But i suppose you only have 15 posts and a bucketfull of rep, So welcome! Or welcome back. PM me if you want to be friends.

August 28th, 2005, 11:27 PM
Thanks for the welcomes, everyone n__n ♥ ♥

+clings to Toto+ Don't worry, I will. XD And yeah, I didn't post much, but I'll change that, I hope. I mostly post in clubs, anyway. XD