View Full Version : What's your favorite Poke'mon Intro/theme song?

October 8th, 2005, 10:19 AM
Sup, people.........
I'm wondering......
What's your favorite Into/theme song...........

My favorite lyric-wise is the Orange Islands Intro
Video wise is the new Advanced Battle Intro

October 8th, 2005, 10:25 AM
I sure do agree with you about PAB. That intro rocks XD

Come to think of it ... I think that's probably my favorite music too ;D But Master Quest's theme rocked too <33

October 8th, 2005, 10:37 AM
I think the music in Advanced Battle sucks......
Dang you 4Kids!!!!!!!!

October 8th, 2005, 10:46 AM

I have a japanese pokemon theme song~ It's really cool =3

saint jimmmey
October 8th, 2005, 12:04 PM
do u 2 know who writes them is it a band or are they written by the produces or someone only working for nintendo?

October 8th, 2005, 12:32 PM
I did like the orange islands the best. Just out of curiousity what makes you think Zangoose is so great?

October 8th, 2005, 12:39 PM
I do know of a Slaking, and Snorlax that have a One Hit KO (OHKO) Hyper Beam with Zangoose's name on it. Even if Zangoose was level 100 it would be a OHKO. I have this info through testing, statistics, and knowlege.

October 8th, 2005, 1:37 PM
The Japanese Theme song of the Johto Journeys.


Crystal Clair
October 8th, 2005, 2:11 PM
Get ready for a long post
Since I dont exacty have a favorite except for Born To be a Winner, I'll rate every English and Japanese song
Indigo English opening: the only reason I like this song is for the nastalgia and becuase it's the first song.
Orange Island E: It was IMO pretty cool, the Pokeball effect in the begining was the coolest though.
Johto Journeys E: This was okay, I like the lyrics, I just didn't LOVE it.
Johto Leage ChampionsE: My favorite because the song was off the scale in coolness, Clair had THREE FREAKIN CAMEOS and that one cameo of Misty made me drool, where she's holding Togepi and staring. http://img223.imageshack.us/img223/149/loveher4se.jpg
Masterquest E: I loved this song because it sounded so American and true! This song was truley one of the best guitar songs in Poke history.
Advanced Gen1E: it was okay, the video was better though.
AG2E: My sister's boyfriend said the song was poorly recorded and I agreed with him. But the pretty crystal blue background on the logo is so pretty. The song wasn't the best though.
AG3E: of course everyone knows that I HATE the video but the song is actually pretty awesome if you listen to just the song. I've been hearing that they say this song is 80s style. Is that true? And if so, what makes it so?

Japanese1: Until I saw the ACTUAL opening (saw only the remix and the Korean version till a few days ago. This song was incredible in so many ways, this weird nastalgic and the fact that I could sing the whole thing.
J2: Rival isn't really that bad. The first several seconds of the song is good but I think they put too much of a variety into the song because first time I listened to it, I got a headache.
J3: Megumi Hayashibara is an awesome singer! And the video made it even awesomer. Or maybe it was the first Japanese song I ever memorized. Still this song was insane!
J4: I liked this better than the original. It was much cuter and more American-ish.
J5: This was OK, not great but not too bad. A tad too techno-y for me and I didn't exactly like the way the singer pronounced the lyrics even if it is Japanese, it sure didn't sound to Japanese.
J6: Okay again, not bad, nice and calm but sometimes a little too calm for me.
J7: Ikkukyanai Yarukkyanai!!!! *sings song* I love this song because it's just so awesome and singable infact my mom says I often sing it without noticing.
J8: I wrote an essay why I thought this song and video was incredible but I cant find it, nor do I have the guts to retype it all again.
J9: I LURVE this song! I also love the singer too. I memorized the song practically within a day it was so incredible.

October 8th, 2005, 2:19 PM
I do know of a Slaking, and Snorlax that have a One Hit KO (OHKO) Hyper Beam with Zangoose's name on it. Even if Zangoose was level 100 it would be a OHKO. I have this info through testing, statistics, and knowlege.

First of all dont double post
Second of all that's way off the subject....
Third of all Zangoose has pulled a long way for me in the pokemon games
and I respect that..........
Now back to the subject

October 9th, 2005, 7:06 AM
Challenger was pretty good, but Battle Frontier is still my favorite...oh right, not English themes. <.<

October 9th, 2005, 7:37 AM
English: The lates opening, "This Dream" & "Johto League Champions Opening"
Japanese: "OK!", "Battle Frontier", "Sokoni Soraga Arukara", and "Rival!"

October 9th, 2005, 8:40 AM
@SubZer0: Yes, try to stay on topic. Why are you picking on Zangoose anyway? T.T Though, don't answer in this thread, because that would be more spam. >_>

Now to the songs. ^-^ It's hard to pick favorites, but I'll do my best:

English: "Pokemon World", the Oragne Islands theme. I will always have a special place in my heart for the original theme, but Pokemon World was just so awesome! I also liked the remixed version for the movie too. The latest pokemon intros though... if I talk about those I'll feel like I want to barf... >[email protected]

Japanese: This is a hard one. So many good ones!! But if I had to choose, and I do, I'd choose either "Mezase Pokemon Master" or "Battle Frontier". Though, I love them all.

October 10th, 2005, 3:30 AM
I reckon that season 1 intro/theme song is the best out of all season intros/theme songs as it was somewhat a heavy metal theme song if you know what i mean

I've got a copy of the season 1 tv soundtrack on CD and i always use the Pokemon Theme song while responding to fire calls during the summer

October 10th, 2005, 3:58 AM
English: I'd have to say the first one X3 You just can't beat originals..

Japanese: Advance Generation *dies* the first one.


October 10th, 2005, 4:02 AM
My favourite is the Orange Island one. I thought it was catchy...

zonic the hedgehog
October 12th, 2005, 2:09 PM
Well now, Nobody's mentioned the Italian opening songs, and that makes me sad. ;_;
Y'know what? I'm gonna be nice and include links to them, because you guys are missing out on something almost as good as the original Japanese music!

I'd have to say my favorites in order from most favorite (#1) to least favorite.

1. Pokemon Master Quest (Italian) (http://media.putfile.com/PokemonMasterQu)
2. Always Pokemon (Italian) (http://media.putfile.com/POKEMON_ALWAYSPOKEMON)
3. Battle Frontier (Japanese)
4. Mesaze Pokemon (Japanese)
5. Johto Champions League (Italian) (http://media.putfile.com/POKEMON_JOHTOCHAMPOINSLEAGUE)

October 12th, 2005, 2:12 PM
My favorite one is the Johto journey one! I wove that sound!

TB Pro
October 12th, 2005, 2:25 PM
my favorite theme song would have to be pokemon master Quest!

October 14th, 2005, 9:29 AM
I kinda like the Movie 3 Intro............ It was kinda good..........

October 14th, 2005, 10:22 AM
Three way tie between "Gotta Catch'em All!", "Pokemon World", and "Born to Be a Champion"