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January 13th, 2006, 4:53 PM
Welcome to the RP! ^^ This is the first time I've tried an RP on this site in a while (after my absence), so here's what we're goin' to do, folks.

First off, the reason why this RP is titled Teen Titans ~The Ultimate Game~ is because there will indeed be an 'Ultimate Game' involved. I'm sure you all have heard of the Master of Games, right? Well, he has indeed returned and is plotting vengeance at this very moment.

-=Titans' Tower::Thursday, 4:24 AM=-

A shadow lurked around the outside of Titan's tower. The name of the creature to which this shadow belonged to was clearly unknown, though the figure looked like that of an ape, but also a man. The figure moved, at first calmly but with a sudden swiftness to it. All of a sudden, the main door of the Tower bursts open and is left almost folded on the floor of the inside room. The figure looks around, his neck turning abruptly left and right, and then finally stopping on a left turn. Hr had spotted stairs: stairs that supposedly led to the destination he seeked.

Two violet eyes shot open, a powerful sense of eerieness disturbing her sleep. Her mind began to become more alert as she quickly sat up in her violet-blanketed bed, staring around at her dark room with a bit of nervousness. The seventeen-year-old pulled the covers off herself and stood, waving her left hand to the side and watching as it glowed its usual black. Her usual cape flew towards her, surrounded in the black energy that had surrounded her hand. As soon as it rested on her shoulders in its normal fashion, the teen exited the door and entered the hallway, her gaze prying left and right, checking for any open doors.

"Hello?.." Raven called out, walking down the hall and standing before the main stairwell. "Is..anybody there?"

The ape-like figure soon heard this call. He gasped, quickly changing the movements he took and heading upwards through an opposite hallway, knowing that Raven was at the top of the stairwell which he had first planned to take. The entrance to a special room was at the end of the hallway he was running through. The ape-like man smiled, showing a glimmer of pearly white fangs as he approached the door. The label read, but faintly in the dark, Evidence Room. His hand shot out, then grasped the metal of the door firmly between his fingers, and then threw it off to the side inside the newly-entered room.

"Excellent.." the ape man mused, looming towards a particular piece of evidence. Concealed in a glass cube on a pedestal was a ruby-red jewel, strapped by brown cloth and in mint condition. The ape man was surprised at this, remembering that the last time it had been used was when it was pierced by a certain arrow-shooting Hero.

Raven turned around, more awkward feelings coming over her. She began to get a bit more nervous, knowing the possibilities of who or what could be inside the tower. To calm her uneasyness, Raven placed her hand on her forehead and began to walk back down the hall towards her room.

"This feeling..I can't overcome it..There is something here." she mumbled to herself, before a green glove-covered hand on her shoulder soon interrupted her thoughts.

"You okay?" Robin asked, his face of concern.

"Oh..uh yeah." Raven replied, taking her palm from her forehead and looking up to him. "I thought I heard something so.."

"..So you went to check up on it." Robin replied, finishing her sentence. "It wasn't just you..I heard something as well, coming from over there." The Titan leader gestured his hand over to the end of the hall, shrouded in darkness so that the Evidence Room's broken-down door couldn't be visible even to the keenest eyes.

"Let's check it out then, dudes." A familiar childish voice came from behind the two. Following the voice was a green teenager, Beast Boy, rubbing his eyes from tiredness. "You guys heard it too then, huh?"

"I sure did." the tone of the half-robot Titan, Cyborg, chimed in.

"I supposed I wasn't just, dreaming." Starfire added, floating over towards the now-full group of the five Titans.

"Alright..Now that we're all here.." Robin said, looking at each of them. "Split up and search the Tower. If anyone finds anything, contact all of us on your communicator. Got it?"

The other four Titans nodded, and each took off in a different direction. Raven decided to check the evidence room, sensing that most of her uneasiness came from that direction.

She drifted into the room, using her power of hovering as her transportation. The second she entered, Raven knew something was wrong, knowing that none of the Titans would break down the door just to see evidence. She frowned, looking around more. Raven came across one of the glass cube pedestals, now noticing it turned onto its side, and the evidence that was contained had now gone missing.

Raven took out her communicator from her pocket and held it in her hand. "Uhh..guys..I think I've found something." she said, before closing the click-screen and placing it back in her pocket.


There you have it. That morning, The Master of Games had stolen his Game jewel back to get revenge, in retrospect. But there is one more thing the Titans don't know..The Master of Games had planned this stealing. Just one day before, the Titans had sent out invitations..Inviting their siblings to a reunion! What a mess!

-=Titans' Tower::Wednesday, 3:47 PM=-

The half-robot Titan of the group remained on his computer most of the day, fumbling through his mind of ways to type out a certian message to his sibling(s). He got aggrivated alot of the time, but finally focused himself to type out one single message to every one of the Titan's siblings to make it easier for everyone.

Dear Family,

We are inviting you to a reunion party at the Tower. I'm sure you will all enjoy it. There will be foods (courtesy of Cyborg the great), party games, and it will be an all-around great opportunity to get to know other Titans' siblings! If you are the social type, you'll be glad you accepted this letter. Please consider this offer, we would be delighted if you attend..Well..Hope you can make it!

Yours Truly,
-=The Titans=-

PS: You just gotta love those -= signs!

After finishing this letter, Cyborg sighed and pushed a button to send the letter out to multiple adresses that the Titans had gathered (of their siblings) over the years. When he had done so, he sighed and stood from his chair, pushing it in afterwards.

"Until tomorrow, I guess." he muttered, before leaving the room and the computer screen on with a picture of the Titans together on the desktop.


**After finding out what had been done in the Evidence Room, the Titans decided to unwisely disregard the take-back theft, knowing that they already had a stressful day before them. Robin had his pride in the wrong place, thinking that if they had beaten the Master of Games before, then they could beat him again. So, the only thing that the Titans guaranteed to happen was the visiting of their siblings. This was the opportune time for the Master of Games to strike, since he knew that more Champions meant more powers for him to steal. (Which means that the siblings will obviously have their own unique powers.)**

~Rules (Don't worry, they aren't too complicated.)~

1. Please be atleast semi-literate..Or literate enough so people can understand what your character is saying/doing.
2. Be courteous to your fellow RPers. We don't want OOC fights breaking out here.
3. If you join this RP, please consider joining the Teen Titans Fanclub if you aren't a member already.
4. If you decide to play an original and a sibling (That's the only double I'll allow, unless someone wants to be two originals, but not two made-ups because we need originals first), please depict who is who by color-coding, or some other form of indication.
5. When I say start, we start. If I don't say start when you want me to, tough luck. I have a busy schedule at home and I'm overwhelmed with schoolwork as we all are.
6. There will be some down-time before the Tournament. This will be the time where the siblings of the Titans can get to know other Titans' siblings. It is my decision when the charries get zapped into the Tournament Area, so don't pester me about it.
7. I know that in the last tournament, only the males were zapped. Females will be zapped along with the males this time, so feel free to be a female!
8. Have fun!

~Original Characters~

Robin- Midori Chi
Raven- Jack_Skellington
Cyborg- gothsinn23
Beast Boy- Naoko-chan
Starfire- Midori Chi


Jonathan Barrow (Aka The Blue Flame)
Kristin (Flare)

~Made-up Forms~


Alias (Super-hero name, basically)-





Powers/Special Abilities (You are limited to two, otherwise it would be too godmoddish)-

Weapons (Limited to three)-

Weakness(es)/Strength(s) (Come on, everyone has a weakness..)-

Whose Sibling Are You?-

~My Made-up~

Name- Lorane

Alias- Metallica

Age- 17

Gender- Female

Personality- Lorane tends to be the wise one. Not wise as in smart (Though she is a technological genious like her brother), but wise as in talk-back. She seems to always find some flaw in someone that is annoying her, and exploits it. If Lorane, or Metallica, is in battle, her attitude changes to more of a sassy nature. In general, this African American teen is often an open book and mostly predictable. (She likes making jokes, and will probably be a good friend of BB's later on.)

Appearance- Lorane's skin is dark, like that of her brother Cyborg's. Her hair is of shoulder length, is a sleek black color and is free-blowing in the breeze (It's pwetty. x33), almost like silk. The figure of her face is like that of the Titan's departed friend Terra, except for the skin, of course, more referring to the facial structure and width. Her eyes are a deep maroon, adorned with maroon eyeshadow on the lids of her eyes. This sibling's upper body consists of a metal armored vest, which covers a dark, navy blue jumpsuit beneath (flexible to make up for the weight of her armor). From her elbows down are metallic gloves, ones that sometimes protect her from attacks and also add to the weight she can lift (Not enough to match Starfire, maybe half of that.). Along her torso, resting on her hip is a shiny metallic belt that carries her three weapons. Finally, her jumpsuit-pants cover fromher torso down, and that is covered with metallic armor halfway down to her knees, and then almost-knee-high metallic boots to finish off her wardrobe.

Powers/Special Abilities- Metallica has no special abilities, really, except for the added strength that her metallic gloves provide. The rest of her armor also aids in protection from attacks, but is not fully non-permeable.

Weapons- Lorane's three weapons are a Forcefeild Projector, a large Laser Cannon Arm Attachment, and Rocket Boots. The Forcefeild Projector is located in one of the compartments on her belt. It is a small spherical device that will activate three seconds after Lorane presses the button. Her usual scenario to use it is: removing the Forcefeild Projector from her pocket, pressing the button, and throwing it upwards, watching the forcefield open and shield around her. The second one, the Laser Cannon Arm Attatchment, is in the largest compartment on her belt and is used to fit comfortably onto her glove armor. It immediately activates when fitted into the armor, and the laser opens. It is a focused laser, so the blast isn't as big as her brother's, but it hurts more in the area it is focused because the range is smaller. The last item of weaponry is her Rocket Boots. Lorane normally uses them for transportation, but she can also use them to get an enemy away from her (literally push them back), or to turn a fall into a counterattack.

Weakness(es)/Strength(s)- Lorane's weaknesses are definately Water and Electricity. The water would rust her armor, and the electricity would conduct it. Both of the elements used together would probably even hurt tenfold. Her strengths would most likely be fighting physically. Her moves are swift, almost as if she had studied martial arts for a while (She studied for a few years, but not as much as Robin. (Lorane probably studied for about three or four years when she was younger.)), and she can also jump high with the help of her armor. The element she is strongest against is probably wind, because her armor is enough to keep her on the ground during a wind attack, or atleast for longer than anyone without armor.

Whose Sibling Are You?- Lorane is Cyborg's Sibling.

Midori Chi
January 15th, 2006, 4:19 PM
Yay! ^^ I'll join as Starfire.

January 15th, 2006, 5:33 PM

Alias- Black Shadow (everybody know's her as Black Shadow and nothing else.)


Personality-Crow is a hot-headed girl, who is a patient as a five year old who wants his ice cream cone. She doesn't hesitate to say what's on her mind, and will say it as bluntly as she can. Though most times, after her meditation, her personality is much like Raven's, passive and easily annoyed. She doesn't sleep, she meditates, which makes her easily lose her sleep, as any sound will waver her concentration and she'll 'wake up', which results in many bad moods.

Appearance-Girl on the left (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v243/Kaiyoseila/MM.png) With a black cloak held up by a blood red brooch, with four yellow slits, like Trigon's eyes. The cloak is wrapped around her so many times you can't really see the dress underneath unless she weaves her hands through the many layers to do something physically. You can't see her hair except two strands that fall from her hood. She's never let her hood down to anyone but her mother and Trigon.

Powers/Special Abilities- Crow can summon a sort of black fire, which appears as a dark grey, which isn't hot, but is as cold as dry ice, making it feel hot to the touch. She also powers similar to her half sister's which also comes from their father, but she doesn't blow things up when she feels emotional, but takes twice the meditation time than her sister. She is absolutely silent when meditating, not using a chant, but if a single sound penetrates her state of mind she'll immediately fall from her position.

Weapons - N/A

Weakness(es)/Strength(s)-Crow is extremely weak against real fire. Real fire can cancel out her own black fire. She, like her half-sister needs to chant incantations for her psychic powers to work, 'Zynthos, Metrion, Azarath' the opposite of her half-sister's chant, as she was born on Zynthos, not Azarath, so if she loses her voice or if her mouth is bound shut, she's virtually useless, as the black fire relies on yet a different chant for it to appear. Metrion Azarath Zynthos.

Whose Sibling Are You- halfsister to Raven

January 15th, 2006, 7:31 PM
Cool!! I'll play as Raven!!

January 16th, 2006, 10:07 AM
You are all accepted. ^^ Welcome to the RP. I'm glad that the originals are being taken. But of course, Siblings are always welcomed.

January 16th, 2006, 10:19 AM
{{ Yeah..I think we'll start when 1 or 2 more originals are taken, and maybe 2 or so more Siblings. }}

January 18th, 2006, 8:14 PM

Alias (Super-hero name, basically)-Creature Girl



Personality-She inherits her brother Beast Boy's (sometimes corny XD) humor, and enjoys bringing smiles to people's faces. She likes to be the clown, sometimes at very bad times... She always will be sarcastic and witty when she feels the group needs it, whether they feel they do or not. She is very kind and warm and loves animals. Despite her hyper, happy demeanor, however, she can sometimes be reserved and quiet at times and might not be telling you all you need to know.

Appearance-Soft amber eyes, long brown hair, tall and slender, appears very elegant and graceful(how decieving!!). She has green skin like her brother's, which doesn't really mix with her other physical traits and makes her appearance even more bizarre. She has pointy, almost 'elfen' ears and the brightness in her expression gives her a permanently energetic look.

Powers/Special Abilities (You are limited to two, otherwise it would be too godmoddish)-She was bitten like Beast Boy was (though by a different creature); like him, she can shift shape into any animal. She can also communicate with animals and understand what they are thinking, feeling, etc.

Weapons (Limited to three)-She carries a small, crimson-handled knife in her pocket at all times. Its powers and uses are unknown to all but her. She also carries the radioactive green bat(the creature that bit her) in a pocket with her or on her shoulder, and has named him Yazi. Yazi can transform like her(but will always remain the same size), occassionally has some MINOR elemental control, and can sometimes give her advice as well.

Weakness(es)/Strength(s) (Come on, everyone has a weakness..)-Poison in the air, the sea, the trees, the land. Being a shape-shifter, she is sensitive to all things that animals are, and pollution above all she cannot handle.

Whose Sibling Are You?-Beast Boy's.

I hope this is thorough enough. ^^; This looks like a great RP!

January 19th, 2006, 2:57 PM
{{ Thanks! ^^
There are 1 or 2 originals, and 1 or 2 more made-ups left until we can start. (If it gets to be a long wait, I'll go with starting when one more of each are filled. If people start filling in, then I'll go with two more of each.). }}

January 19th, 2006, 4:25 PM
Name- Jonathan Barrow

Alias- The Blue Flame

Age- 16

Gender- Male

Personality- He is way too over cocky, and thinks he is all that and more. He knows that he has the looks, and he thinks that he has everything else to go with it. Girls seem to flock to him, but that's just how he is. He is charming, and can be a really nice guy when he isn't to busy being wrapped up in himself.

Appearance- He wears a blue striped business suit. His hair varys in color, it always seems to be a different color, although it is most often blue. His eyes are bright red, which makes them stand out to the normal person. He never knew why his eyes were red, and never really thought anything of it.

Powers/Special Abilities- Complete and utter control over fire. He can create it from nothing, he can minipulate it in any way you could think of, and he has even perfected the art of making fire that is cold to the touch. He also has minor water control, but his skills in this area are little to none, he has the gift, but not the talent. He prefers to not use this power if he can help it. he also has abnormal intelligence, but this is not really a power, simply a god-given gift.
Weapons: His trinkets and tools, which are hidden all over his suit,you never know what he might have up his sleve, literally.

Weakness(es)/Strength(s)- He has to use certain had movements to access his powers, so if his hands are bound, he is an average human.

Whose Sibling Are You?- Blue Flame believes himself to be "Robin's better brother." He was born with special abilities while his brother was not so lucky.

January 20th, 2006, 11:31 AM
{{ Welcome, ThEoNeAnDoNlY555. That's the last made-up I'll accept at the moment..Now we just need two more originals..I can take whoever is left. (I'm the Master of Games, Lorane, and that last remaining original, unless someone else wants to be him/her.) }}

{{ Wee, 900 posts. x33 }}

Midori Chi
January 20th, 2006, 2:47 PM
Your rules say you can allow for one person to play two originals. So..can I play Robin as well as Starfire?

~\"Metal Sonic"/~
January 20th, 2006, 3:27 PM
That's the last made-up I'll accept at the moment..
Darn... I was so hopeful...
Can I PWEEZE be a made-up? *makes kitty face* I had such a good idea for one...

January 20th, 2006, 3:55 PM
{{ Of course, Midori Chi. ^^ Doubling as two originals is definately allowed. }}

{{ @~\"Metal Sonic"/~: Well..Hmmm..Alright. But that's it, no more after you, m'kay? }}

~\"Metal Sonic"/~
January 20th, 2006, 7:34 PM
Huzzah! Rightful balance has been restored!

Name- Noooooobody knows... Nooooooobody really cares....

Alias (Super-hero name, basically)- Saurionis

Age- Meh. 16

Gender- Male

Personality- Angry, and blinded by furry in battle, you do NOT want to get in the way of this Saurian. However, when not battling, he is extreemly playful, and loves to mess things up. Infact, dispite his ferocious appearence and size, he could easely live with a common housecat. But still, he has small patience for things to happen. Oh, and finaly, no, he can't talk. He shows his emotions by faces, actions, and ripping vital orgins out.

Appearance-A greenish-purpleish T-rex with 3 rows of sharp teeth. He has four arms, and large feet, for supporting his weight. He also has a row of spikes running down his back. He is 30 ft tall.

Powers/Special Abilities (You are limited to two, otherwise it would be too godmoddish)- His most oticable feature is how he can rip the fabric of time with his claws. For example, he can use his claws to create a time portal, and a herd of raptors bursts out from the dinosaur period. He then uses his second power, hsi mind reading powers, to control them.

Weapons (Limited to three)- Big teeth, size advantige, Large claws. That's all to say

Weakness(es)/Strength(s) (Come on, everyone has a weakness..)- His most extreem weekness is... stupidity. Really. His brain is about half the size of a normal human's... Also, if he gets confused, knocked over, or pat on the head, his mind control powers are corrupted for a few minutes...

Whose Sibling Are You?- lt is said... long ago... during the cretaceous period on Starfire's planet, he was born by an alien dinosaur somewhat related to Starfire (In other words, he is related to Starfire.) He was brought to the current time by a time machine.

January 20th, 2006, 8:55 PM
OOC: Midori Chi, your spamming. _ _;; I added to Dove's weaknesses, and slightly changed her relationship to Raven.

January 20th, 2006, 10:38 PM
OOC: And I have added Kathleen's...er...companion animal/sarcastic sidekick. This is going to be fun....

January 21st, 2006, 8:53 AM
{{ All of the add-ins made are accepted, along with Metal Sonic's character. Now..We just need one more original..And then this RP can start. ^^ }}

January 21st, 2006, 9:27 AM
OOC: I can play Beast Boy, as I do have some experience of doing so on Neopets, and what's with Dove's name being 'Crow?' oh well, I like that name better anyway, so I'll be switching almost everything around in my sign-up now, to match her name. Totally different character now.

January 21st, 2006, 1:00 PM
{{ Okay, you can be BB.

It said 'Crow'? xDDD
That was my bad.
Titansgo.net forums have my brain jumbled,
and old habits die hard.
You know..You could have just told me to change the name.
No need for you to change your whole character just because of my stupid mistake. ^^;;

So, since you've taken BB, I'll take Cy..That should be it to start! ^^ }}

January 21st, 2006, 7:16 PM
OOC: That's alright, it let me revive a dead character. Ah the golden days of using asterisks to describe actions. Besides, I like the new character better than the old one.

IC: Crow was pissed. Nothing could describe her mood better. First of all, she was soaked. Second, she was so soaked that it had reached her dress. Third, the cloak was now so waterlogged, it was heavier than a building on her mind. Fourth, her hair was wet too, and it was sticking to her face. And lastly, what was this all for? To go see her wonderful half sister. Oh how she'd wring her neck when she got there.
At least the cold wasn't affecting her at all. In fact, the temperture with howling winds and pelleting rain was quite nice, much better than being warm at least. The one thing that annoyed her most is that as she flew to the 'T Tower' the rain hit her face like bullets.
As the stupid tower finally came into view, Crow's temper flared ever higher.
Landing in front of the door, she looked at the doorbell, and disregarding it, lifted a nearby boulder as it was surrounded in white aura, not black like her sisters, and began to pound on the titanium steel door with it.
"Zynthos Metrion Azarath." She said boredly as though she did this daily.
She continued this process as she wrung her cloak out, holding one hand out and waving it back and forth with the boulder as it slammed against the door.

Beast Boy looked up from his comic book as the tower shook slightly with each pound.
"HEY!" He yelled to his comrades "SOMEBODY'S TRYING TO BREAK IN!"
He quickly returned to his comic book, disregarding the fact that his statement had been rather alarming. Robin would knock em' out soon enough anyway. It would be pretty stupid to go down there now.
BB let out a laugh as he reached the part in which the dancing dog started to sing a replusive song in front of the boy's mother.
He eagerly flipped to the next page and utter anger crossed his face at the last page.
"COMMERCIALS?!" He yelled to himself, resisting the urge to tear the last page to itty bitty peices.
He took a good swig of his Coke, as he munched on a rather old peice of pizza. Hey, no mold, still edible.
He lazily flipped on the TV, but all was static.
"Wonderful." BB said tossing the pizza over his shoulder "HEY CY! CABLES MESSED UP AGAIN!"

OOC: Sorry of BB is ooc, not much to do with him right now...especially since I haven't seen teen titans in about a year. _ _;;

January 22nd, 2006, 7:11 AM
OoC|| It's okay..I'm not too good at Cy myself, though some people think I am. x33

IC|| A young teenage girl walked out of the grocery store with a paper bag in one hand, and a net bag in the other, both filled with fruits, vegetables, dairy, and meat products. It seemed like the weight of the groceries didn't bother her, and in truth, it really didn't. The armor on her wrists, which was connected to her nervous system, amplified her strength. The only thing that was affecting her at the moment was the pouring rain she had walked out in.

"This is brilliant.." Lorane murmured, clicking her heels together and activating the static electricity which jumpstarted her rocket boots. She began flying towards her apartment in order to drop off the groceries. "I'm sure rainy days are twice as fun as any sunny day..." she mumbled, before landing on her doorstep, walking in, and placing the groceries beside the refrigerator. "I'll have to put these away later." Lorane said again, before activating the jets on her rocket boots and flying out the door.

As soon as the rain began to hit her suit, the teen winced. Since this metal was connected to her nerves, whatever hurt the metal hurt her. She pressed her hand on a large blue button on her belt buckle which activated the forcefield she could use to protect herself from the annoyance of the weather. She was already going across the lake, since her apartment was along the shore which was across from the Titan's tower. When she flew over the land, Lorane clicked her heels together once to power down, and then twice to shut them off when she felt she was in safe landing height.

The image of a stranger soon caught her eye. She looked aggrivated by something, perhaps the weather, since she was completely soaked. 'Well, I don't blame her for being angry. Rain does alot to your hair.' she thought.

The pounding on the door was soon heard by one of the Titans, followed by an annoying complaint by one of his fellow teammates. The half-robot, half-human grumbled, being interrupted from changing a few circuits on the small flame tool in his right index finger. He opened his door and walked down the hall, now hearing the complaint of his green friend in full.

"Yo BB, I just fixed the wires yesterday." he replied in annoyance, walking over to Beast Boy and standing behind the couch and looking down to him. "Watch this."

Cyborg took the remote from atop the back of the couch and pressed a large red button on the top left, labeled CABLE. The screen showed a bit of movement in the static, but then changed to the football station, where the Titans' two favorite teams were playing for the play-offs. He placed the remote back down next to Beast Boy and gave him a slight smirk.

"Ya' just got to turn the cable on."

Next, the pounding on the door was his prime focus. Cyborg looked from Beast Boy to the door, and then back again.

"How long as that pounding been going on?" he asked.

January 22nd, 2006, 8:36 AM
"Dunno." BB said uninterestedly as he munch on the peice of pizza he'd discarded before "Awhile maybe."
He didn't really feel too bad about leaving the door unopened. As long as it was his sister, -which it wasn't as the pounding would be much more unrhythmic- then it was okay with him.
"Hey Cy." BB mumbled through a mouthful of Pizza "My teams beasting your team." He chewed for a moment and soon stopped "Get the door with ya Cy? That pounding's getting annoying. It was my turn last time anyway. It's Raven's turn. Where is she anyway?"

Crow grit her teeth in pure anger now. Some house this was, not even a different roof to shelter her.
"Zynthos Metrion Azarath." She mumbled through a haze of fury, and the boulder dropped inanimate in it's place as she shifted the white aura above her, like an umbrella.
"This is absolutely ridiculous." Crow mumbled to herself "I come here all the way from Zynthos through a Space Hurricane, for what?"
She forced her mind through the door and into Raven's mind "Open. The D*mn. DOOR!!!" She yelled.

January 22nd, 2006, 10:20 AM
(OOC: Finally!!)

IC: Raven had felt someone go into her mind. It was Crow. "Crow? Is that really you?" she thought. She then ran to the door and opened it only to find her half-sister Crow at the door. "Crow! Oh my god, what happened?" She threw Crow a towel and then asked, "sorry I didn't open the door earlier, I was meditating, but, what could you have possibly gone through to end up like this?"

January 22nd, 2006, 10:45 AM
OOC: Wow...Raven is way ooc...

IC: "What made me end up like this?!" Crow shouted, the towel flying off her shoulders as almost everything around her grew white "What kind of question is that?! Look around! It's RAINING!" Crow yelled storming inside though, once she walked inside she was no longer wet at all, instead she looked just as she did when she left.
"Thanks for opening the door." She spat at the two at the couch "Appreciate it."
She flicked a drop of water off her cloak as it billowed to one side.
"Honestly Raven, your meditation should've been much easier to break. Did you not feel my aura's prescence?" Crow asked moodily, her hooded eyes scanning the Tower. Catching a glimpse of the sink filled with dirty dishes she let a digusted expression shoot across her face.
She let herself float into meditation position, and continued to survey the Tower.

"Your welcome." BB said, though he didn't really hear what the girl had said. Wait. Who was she anyway?
"She your sis Raven?" BB asked looking at the girl who seemed much moodier than Raven herself. Moodier, yes, but she didn't bother to hide it. The peice of pizza hung from his mouth dejectedly as he watched the conversation between Raven and 'Crow'.
"You feelin' okay Raven? You seem a little...nice." BB said. It was a strange statement, but to Raven it was regular, and normal.

January 22nd, 2006, 10:57 AM
"Whatever" she replied. "Erm, let's go to my room ok Crow?" she asked. But, before that, she motioned to Crow to the bathroom so she could wash up. "Say Crow, how is Zynthos these days?" she ased, as she only visited the parallel world once. She then went to the couch to look for the mirror she uses to enter her own mind. She found it.....At the end of BB's feet. "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS DOING HERE?!!" she asked BB, her eyes flowing with anger.....

January 22nd, 2006, 12:23 PM
"Hm?" BB mumbled looking at the object in Raven's hand "Um...I dunno. You should watch where you put stuff. After the last time I'd be the last to poke around in your head."
He swerved around Raven,trying to get a good view of the TV "Move will ya? I think Cy's team just scored."
"Oho! I take it back Cy look at that my team is totally beasting your twice over!" Beast Boy laughed, but soon turned off the TV, and crawled over to the video games "Got time to lose in video games Cy?" He asked tossing rejected video games over his shoulder as he tried to find a good game.

Crow glanced at the bathroom and looked down at herself. Well, she was dry. There was no use going in there now.
"Zynthos. As boring as ever. Daddy's visited a few times, so it's in poverty and strife at the moments, but it's not like it ever wasn't." Crow waved a bored hand inside her cloak and said "Of course, it certainly looks better than Metrion, Daddy nearly blew half the planet off in his last temper tantrum. Soon enough there won't be a Metrion in our spells."
"Do you have a sound-proof room? One where bumbling idiots won't come barging in? I'd like to get some rest." Crow said coldly.

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January 22nd, 2006, 12:28 PM
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"Yeah, you could prbably go into my room. It isn't soudnproof, but you can rest in there." said Raven. Then, to annoy BB, she called out, "Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" and pulled out the plug from the TV. She then said, "follow me" to Crow. She then walked into the hallway, awaiting for Crow to follow. She sighed, and then thought, "hmm.....If Father made a tantrum that big on Metrion, I wonder what it woudl be like here..." She then shuddered at the thought.

January 22nd, 2006, 1:13 PM
OOC: Jack, did I totally miss something on Teen Titans where Raven became a regular person? 0_0;; Raven seems like, way out there. 'Daddy'? Shouldn't it be 'Father' for her? Shuddering...annoying... I may not have seen Teen Titans in a long time, but Raven as my favorite character I wouldn't forget her attitude too easily.

Midori Chi
January 22nd, 2006, 1:42 PM
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Starfire's will be orange and Robin will be red.

There were many bangs on the door. Starfire heard BB yell something about someone trying to bust in, so she got a little worried. At this time, she was in her room, playing with her pet Silky. As Silky wiggled its little arms and legs repeatedly, it finally came to a stop and hopped out of Starfire's arms to see what was going on down stairs.
Starfire blinked. Her eyebrows lowered with a face of sadness and worriness.
She picked Silky up and flew downstairs to see what was going on.

Robin was in the training room working on his stamina, punching and kicking in the air. He was huffing for oxygen when he heard a door banging and banging.
So, Robin, curious and alarmed as he was, quikly ran through the hallways to get to the main room where he saw quite a little bunch near the door.
Robin walked through. "What's going on?" he asked in an alarmed tone.

January 22nd, 2006, 10:22 PM
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January 23rd, 2006, 11:00 AM
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OoC|| Not necessarily..It depends on which you view more: the TV show or the comic books. The way Jack_Skellington is RPing Raven is more towards the comic book Raven than the TV show, but it's a little of both.

IC|| Cy smiled to BB, a sort of 'Game on' smile as he lept over the couch and landed in his usual spot where the two would play video games. He picked up his usual blue and silver controller, then looked over to Beast Boy.

"Just for fun, I'll let ya' pick this game." he replied with a smirk. "It doesn't matter to me, you'll still lose."

Lorane was left a bit speechless after seeing Crow's rage to just get out of the rain. After regaining her smooth composure, she stepped up to the door and knocked a nervous knock, wondering how the Titans would react after what had just happened.

The cybernetic Titan heard the knocking once more and looked over to his fellow Titans, still a bit shaken up from that last fiasco. He chuckled a bit, standing up and putting his controller down where his seat was.

"I'll get this one." he said, looking down to BB. "Save my spot." Cyborg said with a smirk.

He walked down the hall and to the large, main door. The knocking had then stopped, since Lorane noticed that someone was coming because she heard metallic footsteps coming towards her.

/Is it him?.../ she thought, but her thoughts were interrupted when the door was opened.

"Is that you?" Lorane asked, noticing the half-robot, half-human Titan standing before her. "It has been over 5 years since I've seen you!"

"Lovely day we're having, isn't it?" Cyborg replied sarcastically. "Welcome sis, and come on inside before your armor wears thin!"

The teen chuckled, pressing the button on her belt that shut off the forcefield. She walked into the hall and her head immediately tipped backwards as she observed the grand design and height of the ceiling.

"You made this, didn't you?" Lorane questioned.

"With my own two hands and circuits." Cyborg replied, giving his younger sister a thumbs-up.

January 24th, 2006, 3:52 AM
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Midori Chi
January 26th, 2006, 3:22 PM
Starfire felt the same as Robin. So, now knowing it was jus her fellow freinds, she came up to Lorane and hugged her.
"Friend! It is so delightful to see you!"
Then, she stared at Crow.
"Welcome, guest. My name is Starfire! May I ask what is yours?"

Robin saw that it was Lorane, BB, Raven, and Cy.
"Oh! Hi, guys! I thought there was trouble so I came down here. Good to know it's just you guys."
Robin scrated his head a little, feeling relieved.
Then he stared at Crow. Right when he was about to ask, Starfire butted in and asked for him.

January 26th, 2006, 3:25 PM
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Midori Chi
January 26th, 2006, 3:27 PM
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SpIt FiRe
January 27th, 2006, 3:53 PM
Name- Kristin

Alias (Super-hero name, basically)-Flare



Personality-Perky, energetic and extremely hyper. Problems with talking and she never shuts up.

Appearance-She is about 5 foot 3 inches. She has average light/ a little tan skin. She is very pretty with an athletic body. She mostly wears a red fire colored tank top with bright red tight jeans and a spike belt to hold it up. She wears a pair of red flip flops all the time and a summer shade hat. She has long flowing brown hair that goes to her back. She has it tied up in two pony tails that flow down her back and bangs that reach her eyes. She has a fair complexion, and always has a big smile on her face. With loveable cute eyes that are Hazel.

Powers/Special Abilities (You are limited to two, otherwise it would be too godmoddish)-She has the ability to control and create fire. She can control it with her hands and create it from her mouth. She can control all forms of fire, such as magma.

Weapons (Limited to three)-the weapon of martial arts!

Weakness(es)/Strength(s) (Come on, everyone has a weakness..)-She fights best in sun light. She loses power in the darkness and when she's wet.

Whose Sibling Are You?-Robin's sister