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January 15th, 2006, 8:54 AM
[Rating just to be safe]

There’s always been two worlds. The world of Balance, and the World of Ruin. The places are the same, the people look the same, but they’re different. The World of Balance is home. You’re home. The place where you find Hoenn, Jhoto, Kanto, and Orre, undisturbed and peaceful, thrown into chaos only by Cipher, Teams Rocket, Aqua, and Magma.
You catch a glimpse of this ‘World of Ruin’ where things are all backward, and accidentally fall into the rift that has been generated by Giovanni, that seperates the two worlds. Things are always chaotic, ruled by a raging Neo Team Rocket of Jhoto, Cipher, of Orre, Team Aqua and Magma whom share Hoenn, and Team Rocket of Kanto. They rule these regions with iron fists, having their own rules, laws, and regulations.
Aqua and Magma are having a private war, while still participating in the nationwide war of who will someday control all the regions. They each feel that they deserve more parts of Hoenn than the other. The half of Hoenn belonging to Aqua a flooded region with underwater civilizations, while the half that belongs to Magma a barren desert, with a permanent drought.
Cipher has all of Orre turned into a Shadow Reign, where all pokemon have been snagged, and all trainers imprisoned while Neo Team Rocket, has iced over all of Jhoto, into a frosty Tundra, where only the strongest trainers survive with their pokemon in the bitter cold. The only sources of heat from this empty wasteland are the renowned Hot Springs, taken over by Neo Team Rocket Officials.
Team Rocket in Kanto, has almost everybody with rare pokemon in utter fear. Giovanni has stolen almost all the skilled pokemon from trainers, and very few trainers have excessively powerful pokemon. Many people in the World of Ruin will attack you physically, because they lack the pokemon, which have been stolen from them. Nobody isn’t in poverty except the members of these notorious teams. Who knows? Maybe you'll even find your own Alter Existence.
But all you want to do is get back home. Back to where things are set straight. But the strange shadowed man tells you, you must first put the World of Ruin back into peaceful pieces.

Solving the puzzle with the Collection of Legends. Each legendary has it’s own special item, in which it has hidden. Only when you find all of these items can you discover the way to bring peace to the World of Ruin. Some you will have to wrench from the leaders of the warring organizations, and hope they don’t send armies after you. Some you will have to solve riddles to get. Some you must find in pieces. The legendaries have made this as difficult as they can. It’s your job to outwit these pokemon, ask them to help in the fight for freedom in the World of Ruin, and go home.

Mew- Creation Ring [Location=Unknown] ~-Amythest Callista Moon=Trinine/Charon
Mewtwo- Destruction Ring[Location=Giovanni’s hand]

Articuno-White Tiara[Location=Articuno’s respective island]Avis--Naoko-chan
Zapdos- Gold Gem [Location=Zapdos’s respective island]
Moltres- Crimson Locket [Location=Moltres’s respective island]


Lugia- Aero Pendant/Silver Feather [Location=Unknown] ~YoshiRiRu=Clyde
Ho-oh-Rainbow Pin/Rainbow Feather [Location=Unknown. Tin tower has been searched, no sign]

Suicune- Crystal Bracelet [Location=Unknown] ~~Icy Soul=Mayuko
Raikou- Lightning Bracer [Location=Unknown] --Alana=Kanira
Entei- Scarlet Armlet [Location=Unknown] Yen-Shylocke

Celebi- Gate Key [Location=Mask of Ice’s private stores]~Flash played by Bakers Bulbasaur

Jirachi-Wishing Brooch [Location=Unknown]-Avis played by Naoko-chan

Kyogre-Red Orb [Location=Archie’s private stores]
Groudon-Blue Orb [Location=Maxie’s private stores]
Rayquaza- Emerald Jewel [Location=Unknown]Kari-Netta

-Follow all standard PC rules, including Rping rules, and the new Sign-up sheet rules.
-Four line minimum rule. No exceptions. If you can’t manage 4 lines in this RP, wait until you can post four lines. Or maybe add another load of description?
-No powerplaying someone else’s character, at all, unless completely minimal, and for the sake of the 4 line rule.
-Don’t Spam. I beg of you.
-Don’t Godmod with your legendary. They’re all very capable pokemon, with their own weaknesses to other legendaries.
-Please tell me if there is something wrong or missing via PM
-You can be two people, but one has to be your main character from the World of Balance, and the other must be your Alternative in the World of Ruin.

Sign-up sheet (Sorry about all the extra quotes)
Name: (please include surname)
Nickname: (Optional)
Age: (At least over 12, and under 20)
Appearance: (Picture would be nice with text filling in the places the picture doesn’t have. Otherwise a very nice and detailed description is minimum.)
Personality: (At least 4 lines of good solid explanation please)
History: (Please make this at least moderately okay.)
Pokemon: (Max is 6. I don’t care if your 7th pokemon doesn’t like to be in it’s pokeball. 6. Period. End of story. Don’t have too powerful a team or too weak a team It’s your judgement in the end.)
Weapon/Ability: (You’ll need one to protect yourself at some points.)
Legendary Item: (There is ONE of each. Please check which have been taken and which haven’t. This will be the legendary you control in the end.)
Other: (Optional)
RP Sample: (No exceptions.)

I will post my Sign-up later.

Note-I’m almost positive we won’t have fifteen Rper’s who’ll even consider to join, and if this is the case, then each of the Rper’s will pick one more. We’ll figure it all out then if it happens.

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 15th, 2006, 9:24 AM
Sounds quite interesting, before i think about signing up, may I ask, how did we get to the world of ruin in the first place?
and how much do we really know about how were supposed to put the world back in order?

January 15th, 2006, 9:35 AM
Sounds quite interesting, before i think about signing up, may I ask, how did we get to the world of ruin in the first place?
and how much do we really know about how were supposed to put the world back in order?

OOC:Ah well. I guess we can screw PMing. The parts I added in are gone! I had added a few things explaining those, I'll add how we get there in the plot again, and as for how much we know, very little, which is why you have to learn about what you have to do from the civilians. They know all the legends, myths, and rumours, and can really help you on your search for the Collection of Legends. Anyway, to answer your other question without you having to go back and skim the plot, When you catch this 'glimpse' of The World of Ruin, you fall into the rift between the two worlds. I was too caught up in spell check that I forgot I'd edited it, and put the old version on top. Changed another few things as well. My second RP after my first one died, so sorry if it sucks._ _; sorry again for the inconvinience.

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 15th, 2006, 9:54 AM
Thats quite alright, just wanted to make absolutely sure, or it would have been very difficult to RP lol.
So just to clarify before I sign up, the RP starts at a point where we have JUST been ''transported'' so to speak to this new world, correct?
and don't worry, it's a very good RP, shame ur other one died, just keep em interesting to keep ppl posting, and only accept ppl who u know will post reguarly enough, so good call on the RP sample, a lot of RP started dont take that seriously.

January 15th, 2006, 9:58 AM
Yes, you have JUST fallen in the rift, and the rift starts at Pallet Town.

Ebil Slowpoke
January 15th, 2006, 11:36 AM
I'd like to join
Could you tell me what details to put down, is it like

and Etc.?

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
January 15th, 2006, 11:43 AM
Name: Edward teison
Age: 13
Pokemon: Espion,mudkip,kingdra,alagazam,umbreon,pikachu
Legendary item: creation ring
weapon: Arm blade (mechanical arm)
hometown: pallet town
History: Grew up with an abusive mother and a ill father who aventully just disapeared
under strange circumstance's. Escaping from his mother to freedom only to be gunned
down by his eldest brother with resulting to loose his right arm and left leg.
He found a good mechanic and got refitted with a mechanical arm and leg.
He then set off on a adventure across the land to find a way to get back at his brother,
yet his brother is now A powerful overlord and has much power. He one day wishes to
get his vengance and become a pokemon master.

personality: Ed is a nice young boy, most of the time he is seirous and reacts to every situation in a logical situation he stopped believing in freinds,family and hope a long time ago. He has a very short temper so its best not to mess with him.

appearance: golden orange eyes, long golden braided hair, about 4,7 feet, and he ussaly
wears a dark shirt and jeans sometimes an overcoat (he looks like my Avitar)

Rp sample: I walked down the empty boulivard hoping to find my way to A body of water
" It's scorching outside today" I mumbled putting on some shades
" Thats a little better" I said wiping the sweat off my forehead
" Now to find some water..." I said softly falling to the ground of the road and
passing put of dehydration
OOC: look at ultima,gems or twilight to see my skills

January 15th, 2006, 12:36 PM
OOC: Ash JR. That's not a detailed description of his appeance, and that's not four lines of personality. Fix it accordingly. I spent time on those quotes for a reason you know. And you might want to fix your RP sample to the VERY best you can do, because if it stays the way it is, I don't think I can accept you.

Ebil Slowpoke, Read the first post, and find the sign-up sheet. From what I saw, your own RP plot wasn't good enough, and the thread was locked. Please both of you try your very very best, as I've been wanting to post this RP for some time now.

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 15th, 2006, 1:52 PM
Name: Michael Flash
Nickname: Flash
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Head: Flash has Blonde perfect, fairly short hair which he combs carefully. He also wears a pair of dark shades. He has a prettyboy face but with an oddly shaped nose. his mouth is small and his lips are quite rosy.
Upper: Flash wears a white button shirt which he always leaves un-buttoned, Over a black tank top. he has a gold chain with a logo attatched saying his name.
Lower: Flash has light blue jeans which are quite baggy hanging over his white designer trainers. He also wears a belt supporting his pokeballs
Other: a pull string back-pack.

Personality: Flash is quite stuck up and a master of karate, having been doing it since the age of 6. He believes that appearences mean a lot and makes his to impress. He isn't a mean person in general, but is a very bad loser, and has to be the bes at everything. He doesn't say it out loud, but he thinks himself a cut above the rest for no apparant reason. he has an absolute loathing for Absol.....(see history)

History: Flash was brought up by his father after losing his mother in a tragic accident. She was an adventure and an half, and on a day of exploring the mountains with some friends on a holiday, there was a terrible rock slide which killed her. standing atop the mountain was an Absol, Flash and his father believe this the reason for the slide, and loath that pokemon more then anything in the world.
Flash started out as a co-ordinator, more then likely due to his belief in appearence, and showing it off. After winning a 4 ribbons and coming second in the grans tournament, he decided to start off on a pokemon gym battle journey (ater a heavy stress at not coming 1st) he currently has 4 badges.

Kingler (male) -
Personality: Kingler upon evolution from Krabby, became a lot more confident and stand out, it often likes to look at itself in the water (taking after it's trainer) Kingler enjoys to Rap.....XD

History: Flash caught Krabby when on a fishing trip with his Dad. it had gotten caught up in the line and in frustration that it had distracted Flash long enough to let the Feebas he was trying to catch get away, he instead battled and caught the Krabby. It evolved during his final pokemon contest

Quilava (male) -
Personality: Extremely protective of his master, proberly the only serious member of Flash's pokemon team. Very friendly with all other pokemon, and will not attack without a direct order from it's master, even if it is physically provoked. He likes doughnuts XD

History: Cyndaquil was Flash's first ever pokemon, it quickly evolved into Quilava before it's master had even had a chance to catch another pokemon, and was always Flash's pokemon choice for smart and cool contests.

Dustox (male) -
Personality: Is seemingly always in a bad mood, thinks that no pokemon is worthy of a battle, and doesn't like having a trainer (see history)

History: Dustox wasn't exactly thrilled to have been caught by Flash. It was caught AS a dustox and was actually the one who had attacked Flash out of nowhere before fleeing no less then 3 times. eventually, when trying again, Quilava managed to stop it with a flamethrower, and Flash decided to catch it. it has never really adjusted to the fact that he BLONGS to Flash, but follows orders.

Vileplume (female) -
Personality: Vileplume enjoys being babied, and is daddy's little girl. she sees the best in everyone and everything, and has tried countless time to have discussions with dustox and try and cheer him up. she always wants people to listen to her ''vileplume song'' or her ''vileplume poems''

History: Oddish was the first pokemon Flash caught, he was taking a rest near a lake with Quilava when it came right up to him and begun to snuggle up next to his leg. amused, he asked her if she wanted to come along with him, she agreed but demmanded a battle.....obviously it was no match for quilva.

Hometown: Goldenrod City
Weapon/Ability: Karate (personally idont agree with weapons in pokemon RP's, that MAY lose you sign up's, may not, meh. lol.)
Legendary Item: Gate Key - Cerebi
Other: (Optional)
RP Sample: (No exceptions.)

JJ was in the middle of jogging through a park like area when he arruptly stopped and clamped his hands to his ears

''Whoa...what the?.....''

Taillow who had kept going, done a ''U'' turn back towards it's master and perched himself on his shoulder

{like, whats that noise dude?}

Jeffery took his hands back off his ears in an attempt to try and ajust them to the sound. He began looking in all directions, other trainers seemed to have heard it too, many had stopped in their tracks to listen, some while in mid battle. even the wild pokemon for the tournament were seemingly becoming very confused...or in some cases....angry.
Not far away, a young red headed trainer had begun to back away from a Nidorino, he was shakily trying to reason with the pokemon

''Nidi!....ni...nidi! w..what are you do..doing?''
the pokemon was bearing it's teeth and showing no sign of relent

''whats happening here?''
Jeffery said to himself with great concern. That Nidorino was about to attack it's trainer....but why? someone had to do something to help that guy, but no one was.
Jeffery came to a decicion, he had to do something, but he couln't directly attack the pokemon as it belonged to the boy, so he himself would then be Disqualified......then he had an idea, spotting a nearby Rattata, he turned to Taillow
''Use Supersonic!''
one of Taillow's parents had been a Golbat.

Taillow began to flap it's wings and it's eyes turned yellow, a swirly beam was issued from it and hit the Rattata head on, confusing it...but even more so, some of the rays of the attack had carried on and hit the Nidorino

''Ooops...'' Jeffery said, my bad.

The red trainer took his chance here to return the stressed and confused pokemon to it's ball, he then took off at a run without a word of thanks. But JJ didn't mind, he had more things on his mind. Looking around, he saw a number of pokemon, all seemingly having bad time, but none more then the one he had his eye on, from a tree a Forretress jumped and began to advance towards Jeffery, his eyes showed pure hatred, fury, and it was preparing for attack, but most disturbing of all, it was throwing itself full force into any rock or tree it passed on its way towards Jeffery....

''Taillow return!'' JJ shouted, holding out his pokeball
{later dude} it said before disapearing in a beam of red light

JJ put the pokeball back in his inside pocket and withdraw instead a different one
''Corsola! I choose you!''

he threw the pokeball into the air and it opened in a beam of light which released a pink and white pokemon

{heeeeeeey, it's a beautiful day and i could not be looking finer!}

''Yes i'm sure'' JJ said rolling his eyes, ''quick, water gu....''

{Ok!} Corsola interrupted, turning to face her trainer and spraying a playful, light water gun into his face

{haha, haha, your all wet! your a drip! thats it a wet dr.....aaaaargh!!}

During Corsola's fun, she had been attacked from behind with a powerful Rapid Spin, which had sent her flying forward crashing into JJ's leg, she jumped up into her masters arms and began to cry
{Waaaaaaaaaa........that.....that....that nasty stinking foul ugly pokemon hurt me Jeffy, waaaaaaaaaaa}

''I know, I know'' JJ replied stroking the water pokemon Jeffy will make it feel better, use Recover''
Corsola began to glow a bright silver, and turned back within seconds with a smile on her face
{Jeffy made it better!!!! Thankyou!} she jumped and gave him a kiss across the cheek

''Now, lets show that Forretress whose boss''

{yeah! yeah! lets do that! and then...maybe......we can go shopping?} it replied with an innocent smile on her face {only, i could really do with a day in the pokemon sparr}

''well talk about it later.....now, use attract!''
Corsola jumped down

{ok you nasty thing time to turn on the charm!}
She smiled innocently and began to pose in all different ways, winking at the Forretress, from it's eyes, 2 Lovehearts were fired and hit the rock pokemon dead on.

*All being well, that should do it........* JJ thought

but his theory was prooved wrong, as seconds passed and the usually instant effect of infatuation seemed not to be working. The Forretress continued to just stare at Corsola, a look of great anger and pain in it's eyes.
Corsola seemed shock but carried on giving the pokemon winks

{ahhh come on...you know you want me} she said

''somehow.....'' Jeffery said in a pondering voice ''I don't think so''

The Forretress then bagan to glow....JJ knew what was coming

''Corsola! Protect, NOW!''
Corsola closed her eyes and a pale but magical barrier came between the Forretress, and her just in time, as at that moment the rock pokemon selfdestructed, issuing a humungous blast that would have defenitely been the end of Corsola.

Nearby less fortunate pokemon however caught the blast and were sent flying backwards in the high pitch boom.

{like, that was a close one Jeffey, so can we go shopping now?} she said hopefully

''JJ continued to stare forward, not taking the surroundings into his kind, just lost in thought, something had happened to make that Forretress act so strangely, and be immune to the attract......and that Nidorino was the same.....and something told him that strange noice had something do do with it. it was going to be a heck of a long day.....


^ from the RP ''A Viper's promise''

also may i suggest, that you just, don't have all 15 legendaries, just keep the relevant ones to the plot, perhaps


January 15th, 2006, 2:04 PM
OOC: 0_0....omfg. That was really long. By the way, what does your character wear? (Is his name Flash or Micheal???) As for the weapons ability thing, that's totally optional, as your ability can be a sad and low and...strange as well...picking you nose. (please, nobody do that.)
Once you've got what his clothes are or a reason why you didn't put his clothes, ACCEPTED

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 15th, 2006, 2:14 PM

I forgot clothes :|
Im naked :|


teehee *embarassed smile*

(and his name is Michale Flash, but everyone calls him Flash.

January 15th, 2006, 2:38 PM
OOC:As I said, Accepted, now ten times over. ^_^

Name: Avis Hither

Nickname: N/A

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Appearance: http://www.vargus1.narod.ru/an/2anime67.jpg with pink slip ons.

Personality: Avis's personality is never definite. Although it is very obvious that she loses her temper easily, she can just as easily be the most patient girl you've ever seen. Sometimes she calm, and collected, watching things unfold rather than be included in them, but other times she's barging in unceremoniously, but happily, ready to announce some good news...or bad news. Her personality is split, because it's extremely easy to get her angry, and when you do, she doesn't care who gets the full blow, even if it's not the person who ticked her off in the first place. Her trust is easy to get, easier to break, and extremely hard to get back.

History: Adrina's very first pokemon was a beldum, a gift that she'd gotten anomynously. She was extremely happy, because she was the only person in the orphnage with a pokemon as rare as a beldum. But soon enough, kids got jealous, and pushed her away. Soon, she grew colder, and said to her beldum 'Pokemon are the only beings you can rely on'. So then on she decided that she couldn't trust humans, and put on her mask of living a normal life when she was adopted. To her luck, these human's bred Beldum, and she easily evolved her beldum into a betang. After another few years, she got a Murkrow, and her betang fused with another without her consent while she was away, ending up in a Metagross, and a Murkrow. But after her Metagross was taken away from her to be studied in it's patterns of reprodution, she returned the pokemon into their pokeballs and ran from the home. Years later of living on the streets, she finally got a starter from professor elm, and a trainer card so she could live in pokemon centers. She caught a Skarmory along her journey, and was given a Ponyta, in which she evolved into a Rapidash. Her Pichu is the newest addition to her team, newly hatched, and extremely weak, vulnerable, and curious.

Pokemon: Metagross, Rapidash, Skarmory, Pichu, and Murkrow

Hometown: Cinnabar Island

Weapon/Ability: Spiked gloves

Legendary Item: Gold Gem

January 15th, 2006, 9:15 PM
It seems like a while since I actually RPGed. But I hope to start being more active in this forum. Anyway, could you reserve a space for me? I can't finished my profile tonight because it's late and I need to sleep if I'm gonna have any chance of using my brain tomorrow. :P I'll fill in a bit of my profile but the majority of it will be completed tomorrow.

Name: Kanira Taji
Nickname: Swift Blade(Blade)
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Appearance: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v4...rl/ALANAES.gif (She has a belt with Pokeballs on it but you can't see it because of the jacket tied around her waste. She also has two sheaths on her belt. One on each side of her body. Each sheath holds a dagger.) *May be changed*
Personality: To be revealed. (If that's not allowed I will change it.)
History: Kanira grew up in NewBark Town with the dream of someday taking on the Pokemon League. When she was ten she headed to Prof. Elm's lab to receive her first Pokemon. There she met a feisty little Chikorita who she quickly made friends with. Her past is nothing special. However parts of it are covered in mystery. Two years of her life are missing. Sometimes she thinks that other people know what happened in the time between ages four and six but they won't talk. She has learned to live with this but has always wanted to know what happened. She can vaguely remember a friend she had had but nothing more. On rare occasions she gets flashes of memories that are strange to her. Once she saw a forest and heard the buzzing of Beedrill. Another time she saw lots of blue and was unable to breath. Someday she hopes to figure out what all this means and to someday be able to unravel the missing part of her life. (Sorry I know it's short. And the memory thing isn't knew but it'll be a part of my characters personality and a part of her journey.)
Pokemon: Chikorita, Arcanine, Flygon, (shiny)Manectric, and Dewgong.
Hometown: NewBark
Weapon/Ability: Twin daggers with blue blades.
Legendary Item: Lightning Bracer
Other: (Optional)
RP Sample:
The dark forest was eerily silent as Okita walked along the well known path. The light of the setting sun drifted through the trees and cast strange shadows across the ground. But Okita wasn't worried. She had traveled this path many times before.

The last rays of sun vanished and the mystical glow of the bright moon appeared. But even so Okita didn’t stop. She had to get home soon. But, as she continued on, a cold chill crept down her spine. She looked around casually and quickened her pace. Anything could be hiding in the dense thicket of trees on either side of her. Her hand moved to the hilt of her sword and her gold eyes darted here and there.

All at once, she heard a low moaning sound. Okita stopped, every sense on alert. The sound came again, but louder. Goosebumps crept up her arms as she turned. Though she couldn't see anything, she knew that something was standing on the path a few feet from her. Her sharp eyes scanned the darkness trying to catch sight of what was there. But it was too dark. The minutes slipped by. Okita's hand never left the hilt of her sword.

Then, without warning, the creature bolted. Okita only had enough time to draw her sword before the creature was upon her. A razor sharp claw as long as a dagger ripped through the air. The sound of metal hitting metal rang through the night as Okita swung her sword to block. The creature leapt backward then attacked again. It swiped with its murderous claw again and again and each time Okita blocked and countered with her sword.

The ferocity of the battle increased until both Okita and the creature were exhausted. The creature leapt backwards into a pool of moonlight. Okita's eyes widened as she saw what it was who had attacked her. Her sword fell to the ground with a clang and she stepped backwards in horror. "Senora?" She whispered in a shaky voice. (I use this way too often. I'm gonna have to write a new RP sample soon.)

January 15th, 2006, 9:48 PM
Spot Reserved, Lightning Bracer sign-ups postponed until you've finished your Sign-up. Pending. Your RP sample is extremely well-done. (ah! so many good RPers joining! 0_0 certainly not what I expected.)

January 15th, 2006, 10:02 PM
Name: Trinine Aurora Moon
Nickname: Charon
Age: 17
Gender: Female

Appearance: Charon looks like she's on a mission, in which she really is. She has long black hair that stands out with a lavender-colored clip in the shape of a diamond. Her skin is light, and she has crystaline-azure eyes with blue eyeshadow. Charon stands at 5' 6" and she wears no makeup except for the eyeshadow. When in doubt, Charon can look different at sometimes. Charon's top is covered with a silver tank top, with the two straps twisted, therefore surrounding her neck. For the bottom, Charon has black shorts with leg skirts at different lengths. The right one is shorter than the left one, and both are also black, too. Finishing that, Charon wears tall black boots that reach up right below her knees. If it's too dangerous to wear that, Charon just switches to a black shirt, sleeveless and strapless, and keeps the shorts and the boots the same.

Personality: You can think of Charon as one person, determined and sensitive. She is someone whom you can trust. When Charon hears the sound of an arrow coming, she's the first one to hear it, and in one moment, she tells everyone to evade it. Charon is at a person't will, she'll do anything to save that person. You might think that Charon is more of an experienced fighter, than she is a Trainer, but she balances them both, Pokemon-wise and weapon-wise. Charon might not be a good sport, but she has a place for that in her heart. She knows that when there's a mission that is very serious, she'll get determined and she won't make the exception. Charon knows that this is for her fate and destiny, not for the fun of it.

History: Charon was someone who knew the outcomes of her future. Nothing dangerous happened or killed her parents, or her younger sister, Aerene, thanks to Charon's impressive skills on her Echo Bow. One time, a dangerous fire occured at the Lilycove Contest Hall, due to a Trainer's Blaziken who used a Fire Blast. Charon was about to use one of her Pokemon, but instead she used her Echo Bow, and one of her arrows. With that, Charon was able to put out the fire with one of her arrows. Knowing about this, Charon's parents could trust her now, and she was able to go out into the world herself. Still, Charon became someone she couldn't resist knowing.

Other: Charon is someone violent, she speaks in a dark voice, but not like it. (Similar to Raven-Teen Titans or Renee-Mew Mew Power)


Name: Shadow
Species: Umbreon
Gender: Female
Personality: Shadow is the main signature Pokemon of Charon. She refuses to be away from her Trainer and will do anything to protect her.

Name: Paine
Species: Misdreavus
Gender: Female
Personality: Like Shadow, Paine has the thought of attacking most Pokemon and Trainers aggresively without any pre-cautions.

Name: Starlight
Species: Dragonair
Gender: Female
Personality: Starlight is one whom Charon can trust. It makes a difference as to why she cares.

Name: Inferno
Species: Typhlosion
Gender: Female
Personality: Inferno is the top attacker in the group. To her, she knows it's because she had trained her Fire skills at Pokemon Contests.

Name: Mystic
Species: Beautifly
Gender: Female
Personality: Mystic is charming, yet whenever she is seen, Trainers can tell that Charon is a skilled Trainer.

Name: Plus
Species: Plusle
Gender: Female
Personality: Plus is the hyper sport of them all, yet she's willing to make an attempt at anything even if it's risky.

Hometown: Lilycove City
Weapon/Ability: Echo Bow-Charon can do Multiple Arrow Shooting and Echo Arrow Reflect. She can also command the arrows to a desired element.
Legendary Item: Creation Ring-Mew

RP Sample: I'll slip this one in later.

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 17th, 2006, 9:45 AM
I hate RP's that day, i hate them more then u will ever know....
but especially before they even get started....
just bumping this up.

Icy Soul
January 17th, 2006, 4:22 PM
Name: Mayuko (Mah-you-koh)

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Appearance: For to see a small sprite of Mayuko in her regular human form, just put this url in your address bar without the www! img229.imageshack.us/img229/4408/mayuko0va.png

A young woman, with blonde hair that goes down to her mid-shoulders. She has royal blue eyes that almost seem hypnotizing (sp?) which can help in her psychic career with people. She wears charm bracelets and necklaces, the bracelets and necklaces are basically polished rocks that are specially shaped into crystals, they all have their own meaning some-what.
When in public, Mayuko wears as many charms as she can, she beleives it keeps her safe from muggers, especially in the urban areas of the city. So far the charms work... Preferably she likes to wear light colored clothes, she doesn't like the heat, so she feels that if she wears cream colored shirts to cyan and very light pink, she'll feel cool and clean all day without sweat! She'd like to wear shorts, but doesn't feel comfortable with them in public, so she simply wears jeans, it's no problem for her though. She's just plain uncomfortable in shorts while in public.

Personality: She is a psychic who used to work at a Shrine, she did fortune tellings and so on. Although she is intelligent, she always have criminals coming after her, becuase they don't want her to rat them out to the police if the police comes for her psychic help.

She also HATES to let people down, she considers other peoples feelings. What she tries best is to come into agreements whenever there is a fight, she hates to fight.

History: Mayuko's parents died in a car crash, they drove through a storm and rode off the road into a lake, they got trapped int he car and drowned to death. So Mayuko became an Orphanage when she was 7. She ran away and went to some religious school, she got frustrated at school there and left.
She was so depressed about her parents, but before she was going to commit suicide, she had got a sublimal messege from her mom telling her not to do it, that her mom was still with her. So then she became a priestess and trained to be a psychic, she is now pro and started off from there, helping solve murder cases and pokemon abuse cases and so on.

Pokemon: Espeon.

Hometown: Ecruteak

Weapon/Ability: Spells, those tag things, and very rarely, psychic attacks, she can hardly do it anyway so...

Legendary Item: Crystal Bracelet

RP Sample:
(Alot of the RPG's I had, that dated back to around 2 years ago are deleted, thats when Mayuko was at her 100 % best, she even had children later on in that rp! I'm sorry I can't some stuff from there T_T)

Mayuko chanted while holding a long strip of paper with Katana written on it, "Rin, pyou, tou, sha, kai, jin, retsu, sai, zen. Akuryou Taisen!!!" Mayuko swished the strip of paper as it multiplied and threw it at the Citizens that were attacking, as the strip of paper stuck to them, they collasped, and the dark evil energy from them dissolved.

Kakuei poked at a guy with his foot and said, "I couldn't have cut him instead?"

Mayuko replied, "These people were possessed, they didn't actually want to harm you!"

"So what if they're possessed, I can still cut them in half!"

"Er, I prefer helping the people, not kill them for becoming possessed! You know they can't help it!"

"Why do you care so much for these people?!?!?! They banned you from society!!!"

"... you don't understand! I was once one of them..."

"Well you can't just suddenly become a morph one day!"

"I kno, but I've been somehow blessed with the power, or something, isn't that how all morphs created?"

"No, I was born in a tube, some scientists wanted to create some army of half man half pokemon, to go against!"

"So is there no such thing as natural morph? Wait, you were once human?"

"I hated being human anyway, I practically volunteered to sell myself to them!"



January 17th, 2006, 5:08 PM
Icy Soul---Um...your RP sample is lacking slightly in description, and I'd rather not hear 'Well I never thought of her history' in your sign-up sheet. That's just taking up space, and yes, I will not allow your morph, as the pokemon doesn't even exist. And the first form isn't perfect. If you can change your picture to something more descriptive than a sprite, though you can keep it for more visual refrence, I'd appreciate it, and that's when I'll consider your sign-up sheet.

Alana---I'll give you some more time to finish up your history, and you may have the 'to be revealed' just don't drag it out till the very end m'kay? ^_^

Amythest---So far so good! Add the history, and you'll be good to go. This can also be revealed later, but this must be in a well developed post.

Alana and Amythest, Your pretty well accepted, and you may have the creation ring Amythest.
Ash Jr. Declined. Sorry, not enough description, and I'm looking for a fair bit of it.
Ebil Slowpoke, since you're obviously not signing up, I'd ask that you delete your post. (Unless that's not allowed? ((I don't think it is)))

Once everyone has finished their sign-ups, been accepted, or declined, we can start this RP.

January 17th, 2006, 5:18 PM
Name: Clyde Kensington

Nickname: N/A

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Clyde stands at roughly 6 feet, with untamable mid-neck length blonde hair. A ghastly scar is encrypted on his chest. He is rather pale, as he hasn't been out much since he was younger. His eyes are a soothing blue that change intensity with his emotions. Zangoose was given to him in a trade in a foreign land. It hates people, and obeys ClyWhen emotion allows it, he's a very energetic young man. He slouches a bit when he walks. His apparal (sp?) consists of darkish brown khakis, black Converse all stars, a black and white T-Shirt with green sleeves that bear the text "Saffron Slayers!"(Saffron High School Baseball team) with an Alakazam holding a sword towards the viewer.

Personality: Clyde is very outgoing and intelligent. He has a deep regard for other's safety, which also leads him to have an unhealthy dislike for himself. He always pushes himself for more, but as a human being, it takes it's toll. Emotionally, he is very unstable, in such meaning that when he is happy, he is VERY happy, when he is sad, he's inconsolable, and when he's angry, he could throw you over a mountain. He adopted this cheery demeanor to cover up his father's (in his opinion) cowardly escape from his problems.

History: As a child, Clyde was incredibly weak minded. He was picked on often because his mother babied him, and walked him to school every day. So, as he matured, he grew to detest his mother, and grew close to his father. When his mother went missing, Clyde was 13. His father was stricken with grief, and after a long stint of drug and alcohol abuse, killed himself. Unable to bring himself to admit to his friends that his father ended his life, and having no close relatives, Clyde fled into the wilderness. While picking berries for food, he was mauled by a Pidgeotto. (Pretty bad luck, huh?) Lying on the forest floor, he seemed to see a large flying overhead, looking down at him. A single silver feather fell from the sky, which he kept before he passed out. (If these items mysteriously come into our possesion when we enter this world, and we don't have them beforehand, let me know) He awoke in Team Rocket HQ in Saffron. After a 2 year service to the Rockets, he left, but not without killing the executive that ruined his life when he murdered his mother. He travels the country of Kanto, doing odd jobs with his pokemon.
Sandslash, Male. Lvl 42: Sandshrew was Clyde's first pokemon. It was given to him when he joined the Rockets. It had been severely abused, and even now, 5 years later, it has a strong hatred for Rockets, and evildoing in general.
Dragonaire, Female. Lvl 35: On a mission to Blackthorne City, Clyde was ordered to steal a Dratini from a young girl. He was told to kill the owner of the home and burn it down as well, which he did not do. The owner of the Dratini gave it to him in return for saving their lives. It's very impatient, and loves to battle.
Pidgeot, Female. Lvl 39: Clyde's Pidgeot is a spectacle indeed. When he was a young Rocket, he was determined to kill the Pidgeotto that mauled him. He slayed the savage pokemon, but took in its single chick. It posseses a fierce loyalty to it's trainer.
Zangoose, Male. Lvl 41: Zangoose was recieved in a trade from a faraway land. It is very antisocial, and reluctantly obeys Clyde because it has nowhere else to go. It is, however, extremely powerful, and is more faithful than it seems to be.
Jynx, Female, Lvl 40. Jynx is the newest member of Clyde's team. It is a maternal pokemon, and shows unending love and faithfulness to it's trainer and the rest of the team. A born dancer, it has also learned to sing, and imitate human speech. While it is not fluent, it can be understood.

Hometown: Rural Saffron

Weapon/Ability: Dual Rocket Pistols stolen from a dead Executive.

Legendary Item:Silver Feather

RP Sample: *Bump Bump Bump* The thud of the tires hitting dirt road jarred Clyde. It was a long ride to Blackthorne City, especially by truck. The black truck was pretty cramped for 5 Rocket grunts, and it was very uncomfortable sitting on wooden benches. After 20 minutes of silence, one of the grunts spoke. It was Ryan; a younger Rocket who had just joined the Team.
"This is taking too long!" He whined, banging his fist on the wall of the truck. He had been complaining ever since we had left. Finally, the driver got sick of it. He nodded back to Rufus, a heavy-set black man. He nodded back, and released his Espeon.
"Hypnosis." He yawned, and so did Ryan. He fell asleep almost instantly. Rufus didn't bother to return Espeon to its ball.
"He's driving me nuts, that kid." Clyde angrily exclaimed
"He isn't experienced enough to go through with this mission." Releasing his Pidgeotto, Clyde opened the back door of the truck and sent it off to scout the area. Within a minute, Pidgeotto roared back towards the truck, screaming wildly. Clyde stood again, and leaned out of the truck, looking onwards - the wind violently whipping his face. From what he could see, there were 4 or 5 trainers standing in a line, blocking the road. The Rocket van pulled over, and Clyde got a look at the trainers. In the middle of them, he recognized Claire, the gym leader. He looked back into the truck at the other grunts and mumbled.
"This could get ugly."

(I can continue if you want, to show my battle er, style. But that's pretty much it.)

((Wow, that took a long time.))

January 17th, 2006, 5:23 PM
OOC: That's very good, but you picked a rather difficult legendary, but I guess since you've already got one of them. You see, Lugia, has TWO items. The silver feather, which you obviously already have, and the Aero Pendant. We FIND these items in the World of Ruin, though you could easily find the Silver feather in the World of Balance just the same.


Icy Soul
January 17th, 2006, 6:56 PM
I edited my post but I wasn't sure about the rp example, but I think you declined me so, I'll stop bothering you ^^'

January 17th, 2006, 7:00 PM
Icy Soul: I never declined you. It's very good now, and I think that as long as you add more description to your actual posts, it'll be fine. Please look for which items are free, as YoshiRiRu's sign-up was good from the start, I'd like you to pick a different item.

So, once you've got a different item, Accepted Remeber, you can check at my firstpost. That says which have been taken and which haven't.

Icy Soul
January 17th, 2006, 7:07 PM
Crystal Bracelet! It goes with Mayuko's charactor anyway, and I will do my best to be more descriptive in my writing!

I need to go to bed now though, I'll be back first thing tomorrow from school, it's a half day. We have finals all week this week x.x

[Edit: Suprised noone posted since, I won't double post since thats against the rules. Anyway since I'm still sick today, I get to stay home, again. Although I'm sure I'd have to wait for some people to come back from school.]

January 18th, 2006, 4:45 PM
OOC: I'm back from school too, but I dunno.. Aren't we supposed to wait for everyone else to finish their sign-ups?

January 18th, 2006, 5:04 PM
OOC: Alana can catch up. She's a very capable RPer. ^_^ Hopefully she won't mind, because she's accepted anyway. We start when we first fall into Pallet. Nighttime in the Fall I might add, as it's daytime in the spring in the world of balance.

IC: "Ow..." Avis said rubbing her head, ruffling her honey brown hair "That hurt..."
Opening her eyes very slowly, she noticed that it had suddenly changed from day to night "How long have I been out?!" She asked jumping up from the patch of...dead grass? Wait a second...GRASS?!
"Okay, I'm definetly not in Cinnabar anymore, so where am I?" Avis asked herself looking around and recognizing a large white building "I'm in Pallet!-How'd I get here?"
She quickly dashed into the lab and saw that it was near completely deserted. It looked just the same as it usually did, but instead there was a big red 'R' painted in the back wall, it was still wet and the paint was dripping onto reports on the broken desk below it.
"Seen it have you?" A familiar voice said behind her.
"Professor Oak!" Avis said cheerfully, maybe he could explain things for her.
"Team Rockets been here recently. Stolen most of the pokemon no doubt." He sighed. He seemed rather different. Less peppy that's for sure.
"How did I get here?" Avis asked clutching her pinkish red bag.
"It's a long story. Let's wait until the others get here." He said motioning to some...black...couches.

OOC: Meet in the lab, that's where Professor Oak'll describe everything. Short, I know, but I can't start until everyones there.

Icy Soul
January 18th, 2006, 5:37 PM
(OOC: K! When you say Alana, btw it's confusing me a little @[email protected] My real name is Alan xDD But noone addresses to me as that on the internet anyway so...)

IC: Mayuko was infront of the Lab, staring into oblivion. She blinked, then she looked around, and looked at the sign that was on the ground, someone kicked it down or something. The sign said Pallet Town, Mayuko also noticed that she came from Night to Day. She approched the lab.

Mayuko knocked on the door, then just entered the lab, spotted Avis and Prof. Oak. She ran up to the two and said uneasy, "Sorry for intruding, I really don't know what to say, am I in Pallet Town? I see the sign but this place looks nothing like what people described. And if you can explain to me how I somehow warped here, that'll... be great!"

January 18th, 2006, 5:46 PM
OOC: Aye! (By the by.. World of Ruin/Balance.. Did you get that from FF6?

IC: Clyde had walked for days. The stretch of land from Fuschia to Lavender town was a great one, far bigger than he had expected. And the dozens of trainers itching to challenge him didn't help.. he knew as a pokemon trainer he couldn't refuse their challenge. Then, all at once, his legs failed him. He stumbled, and fell to the ground for what seemed to be forever. When he finally hit the floor, everything went dark.

This is it. I'm dead.. it's over. Died from exhaustion along Route 34..

But when he awoke, he discovered that it was not heaven that he found himself in, nor hell. It was.. he looked around.
"Wait, isnt that.. Professor Oak's Laboratory?"
He was almost relieved that he knew where he was, but he caught himself before he could get too excited. Something was different. He slowly stood on weary legs. For one thing, the grass around the whole area was dead. Most of the house windows were either boarded up, or broken.
"This isn't Pallet Town.. or is it? Maybe the professor.."
He trailed off, and walked toward the large building. He gingerly stepped over the wreckage, and through the busted door. After navigating through the entrance, he heard voices . He immediately dashed behind a bookcase, and listened closely.

January 18th, 2006, 6:34 PM
Charon grunted as she fell onto the meadows of Pallet Town. She had wondered what had happened and wanted to know. It seemed much like an illusion or a mirage, but in this case Charon knew that it really happened. She wasn't in Lilycove anymore, she had just appeared at Pallet Town.

"Is it..a dream? Or a dream of a dream?" Charon asked, slowly getting up, hoping that she didn't get hurt or anything.

Looking across herself, Charon noticed the Laboratory of Professor Oak. She started to walk towards the entrance...

January 19th, 2006, 5:58 AM
OOC: O_O You're name is Alan. XD I find that funny because my twin brothers name is Alan. :P I'll be posting my IC after school because I don't have time right now. (Evil school.) I also have my history ready so I'll be adding it to my profile ASAP.

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 19th, 2006, 11:39 AM
The hot newly rised sun pressed it's rays hard against the face of a young trainer who had seemed to have taken a random nap in the middle of a large field. Beads of sweat were slowly crawling down his face as he slept on, in total silence, complete peace....
From under a nearby tree, a small creature began to slowly crawl out from a hole. The purple pokemon stopped and took a deep yawn, it scratched it's head with a back leg as it sat down before beginning to admire the new day.
It began to walk forward, into the sun and out of the cool shade and darkness of the large tree.

{huh, whats this??} the Ratatta said in a very dense confused voice. He began to hop forward to get a better look at the limp figure lying on the grass. Unable to hold in it's interest, the Ratatta jumped up onto it's arm, crawled up it and jumped onto it's chin.
Ratatta yawned deeply, baring its sharp teeth before peering down into the face of what was now an obvious human, yet the creature that has a history of being very timid around humans, did not move, did not jump in shock....in short, did not care.
The cute pokemon stepped forward, resting one tiny paw against the hot face of the boy and peering into his big blue eyes
{oi! you! lazy! what are you doing taking a nap in the middle of a field?! besides, it's time to wake up! coooome oooooooon!}
The pokemon jumped back down to the soft grass and placed its teeth into his jacket, beginning to pull with all it's might...but alas...no reaction.
Annoyed, the pokemon leaned against his arm, looking at a cloud, far far away, which seemed to be, if he was not very much mistaken, in the shape of a feebas.
{I got it!} the Ratatta suddenly blurted out with a smile on it's face.
He ran about a metre away and turned back to face the boy, a look of deep concentration on it's face....he charged!

{aaaaaarrrghhhh!!!!} he roared as he came flying towards the limp figure in a huge Tackle attac with hit it's mark directly into his arm!

{Hurrah!} the pokemon cheered triumpthantly as he looked on expectantly at the boy, waiting for him to rise........but he did not..... The Ratata moaned in an annoyed way....
{this is gonna be harder then I thought......} it said in a low voice.

January 19th, 2006, 1:51 PM
Name: Yen

Nickname: N/A

Age: 16
Gender: Male

Appearance: Yen has long hazel brown hair reaching down to about half way up his back. His emerald green eyes glow fiercly when light shines on them. He wears a black outfot that consists of a sleevless scruffy top with a few holes in it, a pair of combat trousers, again with holes in and finally a hood. He doesn't like to show his head very much as he has a big scar acros his forehead.

Personality: Yen is the sort of guy who never backs away form a challenge. He is very stubborn at times mainly when he thinks he's right or having an argument with someone. He is very energetic and talkitive causing most people to dislike him as he hardly ever shuts up, even when he's on his own.

History: Yen's family was killed a few years before in a fire that burned down his house. He doesn't know who caused the fire but whoever did he wants to get revenge on them. After They died he was taken in by a master of fighting named Olcadon. He took care of him and loved him as a father as well as teaching him the arts of different fighting styles. Now his path has been set. To use the styles of fighting he has learnt to get revenge on the killer of his family.
Pokemon: Vulpix Nickname: Elle, Level: 20, Gender: Female)

Hometown: Pallet Town

Weapon/Ability: Yen was trained into using any weapon in the surroundings. But he is mainly trained using a staff
Legendary Item: Scarlet Armlet

Other: N/A

RP Sample: Yen rose from his bed feeling refreshed after a long sleep. He saw Elle, his Vulpix and trusty companion laying in the corner. He had just recieved her a week ago form the Professor.
"Vul?" Elle said opening her eyes a bit. She jumped up, she did not trust Yen yet. Yen went to pick her up. She back away slowly opening her mouth a bit. As Yen picked her up she used ember on him.
"Hey what was that for?" He moaned dropping her. She needed some propper training. He picked her up making sure she was facing the oppostie direction to where he was so he didn't get burned again. They stepped outside, Elle jumped from his arms and started rolling in the grass, she loved to do that as Yen had figured from the day he got her. He took her onto the route leading to Varidian city.
"Vuul?" Elle question not knowing what she was doing her. She saw a wild ratata which tried to attack her.
"RAAATATA!" It growled jumping at Elle.
"Vuuuuul!" Elle screamed and hid behind me. She stuck her head out slowly.
"Vul?" She moaned. Yen crouched down.
"Whats wrong little one?" He asked her. It seemed like she had never battled before and didn't know what to do.
"Vuull" She cried looking down. Yen stood up and grabbed a pokeball.
"Come on Elle you can do it, use ember!" Yen shouted, Elle jumped up smiling. She sent an ember attack to his face again.
"AHHHHHHHH NOT ON ME! ON RATATA!" he screamed. Elle turned round and blasted the rattata.
"Rata-ta" It moaned falling to the ground. Yen grabbed the pokeball.
"POKEBALL GO!" He shouted throwing it at the ratata. The ball shook violently for about ten seconds, ten seconds of utter tension as he waited for the ball to catch it. The ball stopped shaking and the red light turned white again.
"I did it. I DID IT I CAUGHT A POKEMON!" Yen shouted holding the pokeball up. HE had never caught one before.

He ran to Professor Oak's lab.
"Professor, Professor I caught a pokemon!" He shouted bursting in through the door. Elle trotted along beside him smiling as well. She seemed a bit more confident than usual.
"Excellent Yen" The professor said smiling.
"Hand the pokeball to me and I'll examine it. You should take Elle for a bit of lunch." He said. Yen nodded and picked Elle up. She licked the side of his face.
She's finally beginning to trust me He thought to himself smiling. He took her up to his room and prepared some lunch. He took it up to her and they started eating.

An hour later the phone rang.
"ring ring ring, ring ring ring, phone call, phone call" The phone said. Yen rushed over and picked it up.
"Hello?" He asked sitting down at his desk. A picture of Professor Oak came up.
"Hi Yen I've finished with the pokemon" He said smiling.
"I'll transfer it over now." He exclaimed. A little round slot on the phone opened and the pokeball came up.
"Huh!? how did you-" Yen stopped himself thinking in utter amazement.
"It's a new transporting device i put on all the new phones." The professor explained pointing down to the little slot.
"If you want to switch pokemon and you are near a phone just call me and I can transfer it through." He said to Yen. Yen nodded, Elle by this time had jumped up on the desk and layed down next to him.
"Ok professor that's very clever I will use it next time I need it!" Yen exclaimed smiling.
"Thanks for calling bye!" He said smiling. He put the phone down and turned to Elle.
"So did you like your lunch?" He asked her. She looked up and nodded while smiling. She jumped into her little bed in the corner.
"Vul" She yawned.
"Yeah I feel that way too Elle, let's have a rest." He said jumping into his bed. He soon fell asleep.

January 19th, 2006, 7:42 PM
The talking had ceased - had they left? Clyde was afraid to look past the disheveled bookcase he hid behind. A stroke of wind snuck in through one of the holes in the wall of the lab, and slapped the figure in hiding across the face. He drew his arms around himself, and slowly stepped out of the dilapitaded (sp?) building.
A brisk wind again struck at Clyde as he shivered and walked into the cold morning. He glanced briefly at his belt before releasing his Pidgeot. The large bird sat majestically, staring at Clyde with it's piercing eyes.
"Pidgeot, off. Scout the surrounding area." The bird nodded silently, and rose into the air. Once the bird was in the air, the trainer released Dragonaire, Jynx, and Sandslash, who proceded to observe the surroundings. A flock of Spearow flew overhead, and a young Diglett stuck it's head out of the ground, and quickly retreated back to it's den. Clyde sat down on the ground with a sigh that stirred steam in the cold air. He silently wondered to himself where he could be, or why. And what of the mysterious couple in Oak's lab? So many questions ran through his mind.
At that moment, Pidgeot returned, and silently reported that nothing of interest roamed the surrounding area, just dead plants. Sandslash, Jynx, and Dragonaire returned. Sandslash and Dragonaire were empty handed, but Jynx jumped up and down, holding something shiny in it's hand.
"LOOK WHAT JYNX FIND!!" It bawled in it's odd humanspeak. From behind it's back, it drew a small empty can of soup. Obviously very proud of itself, Clyde could not help but admire it's dilegence. He laughed, recieved Jynx's prize, and praised it, before returning them all to their respective balls. He sighed, and waited for any sign of human life.

January 20th, 2006, 3:14 PM
"Hmm..." Professor Oak said thoughtfully "Seems the others are taking their time getting here. Well, perhaps you two would tell them the story later on?"
Avis nodded for both herself and the other girl.

"Alright. I am an alternate Professor Oak, than you two know." He began "Though I do know you, because as an alternate, I know everything the Professor Oak which lives in the World of Balance does, who he meets, what he does, etc. He knows nothing about me though of course. This is the World of Ruin. Most things are opposite to the World of Balance here. Not little things, like walking, or talking, but big things, like, who's in control or, what side the legendaries reside on. The legendaries respond only to the person in possession of their item. They choose someone they wish to have their item, but it doesn't always find it's way into the right hands." The alternate Professor Oak took a breath "The red and blue orbs are in possession of Archie, and Maxie, whom war over Hoenn, though rule the region side by side. The destruction ring, resides on Giovanni's hand, the gym leader of Viridian, and the leader of Team Rocket. You will find that he's rather difficult to get to, as he's not usually in Viridian, unlike in the World of Balance."

"What about the Mask of Ice?" Avis asked, knowing all about Neo Team Rocket, having once had an obsession with finding out everything she could abotu Neo Team Rocket.

"The Mask of Ice posesses the Gate Key." Professor Oak said "You'll find that I'm the only one who really hasn't changed much here in the World of Ruin, as I've found everything there is to know about the World of Balance. Many humans here are hostile, so don't trust too much. Pokemon aren't affected by the change, as I recall, someone wished for the World of Ruin's pokemon population to be kinder, though they obviously forgot to wish on the humans."

"What about Cipher?"

"Cipher, and it's Dark Lugia..." Professor Oak pondered on the subject and then said "The Dark Lugia isn't a regular legendary. He hasn't hidden an item, as Cipher controls it through and through. Mewtwo however, hid his item before Giovanni captured him, giving this irregular legendary an item." He pulled out a list "I've compiled who fits which item best, you'd best find the others and show it to them. I'd rather you travel together if possible, as finding certain items will take more than one person to get them."

OOC: The way to get the items will be described as we find them. Destruction Ring may take awhile to get to, as I wasn't planning on getting that until last, as Giovanni's got it.
_ _;;

January 20th, 2006, 3:33 PM
"My head..." Kanira pushed herself up and rubbed the back of her head. She had a head ache and was too intent upon trying to releave to notice where she was at first. She blinked. "This isn't NewBark..." She looked around. She knew this place. Pallet Town. But why was she here? And why did everything seem...different. This was not the cheery town she had visited when she was traveling through Kanto. There had been no desert then.

Pushing her self off the ground, she set off. Prof. Oak's lab was easy to find. It looked like it hadn't had much activity lately. But there were voices coming from inside. Prof. Oak's was one of them. "At least that's something. Professor Oak is here and he doesn't sound too bad. A but glum though." Rather more cautiously than she would usually have done, she entered the lab. There were a couple other trainers there as well as Prof. Oak. Talking and looking a piece of paper. "Hello?"

OOC: I think my RP skills have dimmed a bit. They need oiling. :P

January 20th, 2006, 3:36 PM
"Unique. Sounds like we're gonna be on a very long mission. Shadow, come on out here and listen." Charon said as she released an Umbreon from her PokeBall. Shadow looked around to see the other Trainers, and wondered about their Pokemon.

"[Wow, if I knew what the other items were, I'd love to snatch them.]" Shadow remarked.

"Don't get your hopes up too high." Charon encouraged.

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 20th, 2006, 4:41 PM
{Perhaps if i was stronger, that attack would have worked....}
the depressed Ratatta said to himself as he began to pace backwards and forwards, trying without reason to think of a way to wake the young man he had found.
He looked up at the cloud he had seen earlier, it has since moved slightly across the sky and changed shape slightly, it was almost a perfect circle now, like a pokeball.....

{heeeeey thats it!} The purple pokemon suddenly splurted out. He looked at the trainers midwsection for a belt, but could not see one, instead he ran up the boys arm and onto his chest again where he looked down on the male's other side, to see what he was looking for.
There was a pokeball belt that had come undone and was lying half underneath him, and half on the grass, there were 4 shiney pokeballs on it.
The Happy pokemon closed it's eyes and began to fantasise.....it was itself as a fully evolved all powerful Raticate, battleing in the pokemon leage, for a strong trainer, this boy for example, fighting other trainers pokemon, the crowds coming in their thousands, to watch and cheer him on, oh yes it was a dream that the pokemon longed for. He opened his eyes again and jumped down to the pokeballs, put his nose to the nearest one and taking a deep sniff, but, obviously unsatisfied, he moved onto the next and took a sniff...and then the 3rd, and fianally coming to the final pokeball, smelling it and smiling again, it moved it's whiskers cutely before raising his front legs and bringing them down onto the small button of the ball, instantly it opened in a stream of blinding white light which forced the ratatta to turn away for fear of losing it's sight. the light came as one to form the pokemon that had been released

{Good morning master, and how are we tod........} the Quilava stopped, and looked at his trainer, lying motionless on the floor. {uuum, Michael......what are you doing napping here not that you have to divolge your private matters to me, just curious...}
when the boy didn't answer Quilava turned around and came face to face with the pokemon that had released him, instantly he assumed battle position and took a deep breath as it blazed it's flame up with intense heat.

The Ratatta jumped backwards frightened
{whoa whoa whoa! chill out! literally!}

{What happened? what did you do to My master?!} the fire pokemon snapped angrily {answer me!}

The rat pokemon looked terrified. {you've got the complete wrong idea!...s...sir.....i found him like this, Michael? did you say his name was? well i found him here and have been trying to wake him up, i thought maybe one of his pokemon could help?....}
Quilava tilted it's head and looked at the Ratatta with a look of dislike
{has it crossed your miniscule brain that perhaps he did not WANT waking up?} it said mockingly, although in truth, he was sure that this was not the case, and merely wanted to let the Ratatta know who was calling the shots around here

{buuuut uuum, i'm going to wake him up anyway.....because.......}
the fire pokemon thought deeply for a good excuse {because I want to, ok}
He lowered his flame and turned back to the young male, thinking how best to awake him.....

Icy Soul
January 20th, 2006, 5:17 PM
(OOC: I kno >.< I have no idea what to say at this point though)
Mayuko said rather silently, "Espeon, come on out!"
Espeon came out, and looked around looking a bit confused, then at Mayuko.
Mayuko said to her Espeon, "Yea, we're not home..."
Then Mayuko walked up to Professer Oak and said, "We're closer to Team Rocket, do they still use their hide out at Saffron City?"

January 20th, 2006, 5:19 PM
OOC: Icy Soul, you have to post atleast 4 lines.

January 20th, 2006, 6:08 PM
((OOC: Um. . . Is it too late to join in? and what legendary items are left? *doesn't know if I need to still post ooc even though I'm not ic.*))

January 20th, 2006, 7:26 PM
Heya Naoko-chan. Do you mind if I join? You seem to have some space left.

Name: Ryosuke Takashi
Nickname: Ry
Age: 17
Gender: male
Appearance: Ry has a mixed shade of purple and blue hair coloring and has blue eyes. He wears a black, long sleeved shirt under his loose dark blue T-shirt. He wears blue pants and has on a pair of gloves. The shoes he wears are white. His skin is a light brown color and his face usually carries a pale complexion. He stands at 5 feet 9 inches.
Personality: Ry is serious and expressionless. He rarely smiles and if he does, he has a reason to. Ry seldom makes friends and if he does, they rarely last. He also tends to be quiet when he doesn't talk or maybe conversing with his fellow pokemon. Ry loves his pokemon and treats them fairly among each other. His pokemon are the closest he calls to family making him protective of them.
History: Ry was born in the city of Celadon. He knows the gym leader, Erika, very well and trains together with her whenever she has free time. His first pokemon he ever got was a bulbasaur from Erika. Ryo's parents work at a large company in Saffron City thus gives little time for him to enjoy being with his parents. He lives in a large and deserted mansion with only him and his many servants. However, he leaves the mansion ,taking nothing but some of his clothes and his pokemon, hoping to travel and meet new and undescribable things.
Hometown: Celadon City
Weapon/Ability: dual daggers
Legendary Item: Destruction Ring, if it hasn't been taken.
Other: N/A
Rp Sample: NC, is it fine if I patch you to another Rp? If yes, this'll be the link. Nevermind. I'll just copy the rp sample of another and post it here so it'll save some time.
Rp Sample:
I sat looking out the window of my parents' mansion and gave a long sigh.
"Mistress? Are you in her?" came the voice of my butler, Ronald. Ronald was tall and was quite old. He had been serving my family for years now and I trust him as much as my parents.
"Oh hello, Ronald. What can I do for you today?" I asked.
"Well. Here's a package for you. There doesn't seem to be a name from who but it does rumble a bit when you shake it." He said.
"That's fine. I will take it." I said taking the package and thanking Ronald. "What can this be?" I wondered while shaking the box. With questions in my head, I slowly tore open the box just in case. There was a note and a small red and black ball that held a pokemon. I opened the note and read it while holding the ball.
A gift to you, Astrid. was what the note said.
"Hm.." I pressed the little button in the middle and a large flash had appeared. A small, blue pokemon was floating and looking around. The pokemon came up close to my face and looked at me. It gave a small grunt and smiled. I ,too, smiled back.
"Hello there." I greeted it. It gave a small grunt again.
"Ah Mistress. That seems to be a rare Beldum." Ronald said. I stared at it as it moved around with freedom.
"Ronald. Please prepare some of my things. I am going to start traveling, with or without my parents' permission. It's time I start living the way I want." I said strongly.
"Well said mistress Astrid. I will go now." He said and went upstairs. A few minutes later he returned with a bag.
"Mistress. Here is your bag of clothing and needed items. Please do be careful. I wouldn't want anything to happen to you. It would break your parents' hearts if anything happened." He explained.
"I will. Please look after the house while I'm gone." I asked and said my good-byes. Ronald nodded and waved me off as I started my journey.

All that is not finished, I will finish when I get back which'll be maybe tomorrow.
Edited- Agh. I double posted? Dang it. Sorry 'bout that. :nervous: I hope this is enough.

January 20th, 2006, 8:48 PM
OOC: Netta: Read the list of taken items in my first post.

Uzumaki:please don't double post. Please add to both your history and personality, as the last sentence in your history mainly applies to personality, which is mainly all you need to add to when you get back...I don't particualarly fancy levels, as they really only apply to the game.

A LONG TIME AGO YoshiRiRu: Yes, I did get the World of Ruin from FF6, but I haven't had the patience to get that far in the game yet.

I'm sorry this is going so slowly everyone, but this is rather complex.

IC:"I have been led to believe that Team Rocket is scattered all over Kanto, and parts of Jhoto, where they have slightly teamed up with Neo Team Rocket, such as the Radio Tower in Goldenrod." Professor Oak said "But you can't really believe anything you hear, as it might have been spread by Giovanni himself."

"Some of these items don't have names next to them." Avis said examining the list "What about those?"

"The names will appear as the person who bears the item appears in the World of Ruin, as of yet, not many of them exist in this world yet." Professor Oak said waving to the girl who'd just come in to sit down. "I've just explained everything, these two can tell you what's happening as I go get us something to drink."

And so Avis rambled on about the World of Ruin, what was going on, and everything she could remember.

"And only then will you be able to bring this World of Ruin back to peace. It will never be as peaceful as the World of Balance, that's for sure, but at least you could make it even. The legendary items which are in possession of the leaders, like Giovanni, and Archie and Maxie, ecetera, have the legendary they belong to under full control of that person. Groudon and Kyogre are naturally warring. Causing half of Hoenn to be nearly drenched, and the other half nearly drying up to death." Professor Oak interjected placing mugs of...something...in front of each of them.

"Any questions?" Professor Oak asked sitting back down and drinking the unidentifieable liquid.

January 21st, 2006, 12:09 AM
Name: Megami Hikari-ko (megami is last name Hikari is first name. Ko is to signify that she's still a child.)
Nickname: Kari-ko
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Height: 4'11"
Appearance: She has long silverish-blue hair which is hung down and slightly parted in the middle. She has soft light peach colored skin and deep icy purple eyes. She is slender in appearance but much stronger than she looks. She usually wears a white tanktop with spaggetti strings which are actually tied on her shoulder in little bow nots. She wears blue flared jeans with a red vine design on the bottoms of her flared jeans that sparkle. Her shirt is tucked in and wears a black belt with little flower designs. On her belt is her pokeballs three on each side. Her clothes fit her figure rather nicely not being too tight or too lose.
Personality: She can be a sweet gentle girl when she wants to be though it rarely shows. She is quick to anger and very tough on her pokemon wanting nothing but 150 percet. She also gives off a very cold nature attitude to many people she meets and her glares let others be on edgey being around her. Her pokemon are the only ones who understand her and though she appears to be cold and tough, she can be a little arrogent and believes that caring for others is a weakness.
History: Her father left her mother when she was born and never heard or spoken of again. Her mother is a famous fasion model with a ninetails by her side and was always away on buisness deals showing off her looks. Kari-ko lives with her grandmother on a japanese shrine. Her grandmother tries to be the mother that Kari is, but Kari has grown so cold that it's hard for her grandmother to get close to her. When her mother does return, she often dresses in fasion skirts and sexy dresses and always has a guy that comes home with her. She even tries to get her daughter to wear a dress and look like a girl and Kari disagrees. Like her mother, she is destined to be great and successful, but Kari wonders if that time will ever come. She was befriended by a Ponyta and trained this horse pokemon to become strong. Her grandmother baught her six pokeballs to try to get close to Kari, but it fails. Ponyta allows Kari to capture her and together they set off on a journey to make her own successfulness that hopefully has nothing to do with fasion or falling in love with any boys.
Ponyta: Is the first pokemon Kari has captured and the first to be her true friend. This pokemon is nicknamed Mononoke because she was able to ease the pain of her trainer and that she would appear sometimes as a spirit or ghost.. Mononoke is very loyal and trusts her trainer more than anyone/thing Mononoke (Spirit).
Eevee: This is the second pokemon Kari has captured with Ponyta's help. This one's nicknamed Hime simply because of her unique fur color. This is one sparkling pokemon. Hime will boldily stand up to anything even her trainer and dislikes being in a pokeball so it travels by Kari's side. Hime (Princess)
Charmander: This is the thrid pokemon Kari captures with Eevee's help. This pokemon's name is Sessho. Sessho is very brave and strong. Her personality is different from most Charmanders being very aggressive and harder to train though Kari has managed to train her. Sessho (to destroy)
Vulpix: This is the fourth pokemon Kari captures with the help of Eevee. Her nickname is Hoshi. Hoshi is a pokemon who is obsessed with her looks and would rather show off her looks and attacks than battle. Though Kari had to train her the hardest to earn her keep with the team. Hoshi (Star)
Mareep: This is the fiveth pokemon Kari befriends and later captures. This Mareep's previous owner treated her wrong because of her wool not as good as the other Mareeps and it was weaker than the rest. Kari befriends this pokemon and makes her look like a true Mareep. When battling her former owner, Mareep wins and her owner wanted her back, but Mareep refuses and sends him flying with her thundershock attack. Mareep agrees to follow Kari and becomes her pokemon. Her nickname is Shoujo. Shoujo (Girl)
Growlithe: This is the six pokemon Kari captures with Mareeps help. She gave the nickname Koga. This pokemon is very brave and protective of her territory. Though as she grows to trust and love Kari, she becomes very protective of her often becomming a seragent mother to Kari when out of her pokeball.
Home Town: Lilycove City
Weapons/Ability: Twin Sai's hung on the back of her belt known as Twin Kurai and Telekenitic.
Legendary Item: Emerald Jewel (the one with Rayquaza)
Role Play Sample: ~She walked down the path that leads out of Lilycove City, riding on the back of a Ponyta who has been with her for a long time. As they walked on further, they entered the rather long road that lead to a large prarie. They walked off the road as it had cars and trucks passing by. She needed to get away from her home. A place where she felt no one loved or cared for her. If only she'd open her eyes, she would see how hard her grandmother tries. She wore a backpack and on the back of the saddle was her camping gear she needs knowing the road to find her own destony would allow her to camp in forests, praries and what nots. She had at least a week supply of food for herself and Ponyta. After about one mile, they came to a resting spot. "Mononoke? I think we've traveled for the first few hours. I do believe it's time for some rest and lunch." Said Kari as Ponyta gave a soft bey. The flames upon her mane and tail danced wildily in the gentle breeze. Kari placed down her backpack and walked over to Mononoke and took off the pack to place under a large tree full of berries. She opened the large duffle bag and pulled out some pokefood. She went to her backpack and pulled out a pop and a sandwhich. She walked up to Mononoke her ponyta and placed a large bowl down. Mononoke beyed lightly and lowered her head to eat at the food. Kari watched with a tiny smile as she bit into her sandwhich.~

(((OOC: Okay, I wasn't so sure where to start so I figured to do a sample rp of her leaveing her home. Though this will not be where I start in the area. Instead I can walk into Professor Oaks lab. How's that sound? I hope I passed.)))

January 21st, 2006, 4:16 AM
OOC: ok I have finished my sign up now if you wanna look

January 21st, 2006, 7:36 AM
OOC:Shylocke, add to your history please.


January 21st, 2006, 10:51 AM
OOC: ok done if thats not okay please tell me.

January 21st, 2006, 12:49 PM
Charon could tell that this was serious. If it meant going back and forth to the World of Ruin and the World of Balance, she could seriously notice the risks of doing such. Shadow paced back and forth, wondering what else could happen, as to a reason to why the World of Ruin was named, and it was the Trainers' mission to bring it back to peace. Finally, Charon sent out two more Pokemon, Mystic, a Beautifly, and Plus, a Plusle.

"[Wow! Adventure time already?]" Plus asked in a great deal of excitement.

"[That depends. Are you really up for it? Because it's gonna be a lot of battling.]" Shadow told the small electric Pokemon.

"[Hmm...Maybe not?]" Plus answered, a little frightened.

"[That's what I was afraid of.]" Mystic added. When Charon first caught Mystic and Plus, they were both spotted at the same time, and Charon just threw two PokeBalls in the air, and the two Pokemon were caught for her.

January 21st, 2006, 4:40 PM
It had been a long journey for Hikari and her pokemon Mononoke. They had traveled a long way and finally reached Pallet Town. Of course she had captured a team she felt was great. Sleeping inbetween her legs as she rode Mononke, her ponyta, was a sparkling colored Eevee. "Mononoke, easy girl." Said the blue haired girl in a stern, calm voice as Mononoke came to a stop. Eevee her other pokemon named Hime woke up and shook her head as she looked around blinking.

"Vweee?" Said the Hime.

"Yes, we are here. I've heard Professor Oak is the best. Though I will see for myself." Said Hikari as Hime lepted down off of Mononoke.

Kari looked up seeing dark clouds forming ahead and Mononoke grew edgy. It was going to rain and that was bad for Ponyta. Kari started to take off the sattle and the pack. She also took off the bridal and placed them all on the ground. She brought out her pokeball and held it out.

"You did well Mononoke, you deserve a good rest." She said as a red beam flew out of the pokeball and Mononoke the Ponyta turned into a red beam and went back into the pokeball.

She placed the pokeball on her belt and turned to walk into the center. Hime followed to her side. She walked in wondering if she was supposed to knock or just walk in. So, she walked in opening the door. She came in and looked around.

"I'm sorry for interupting but I am looking for Proffessor Oak." She said sternily and coldily when she noticed there were more than one person.

She knew she interrupted something and yet she didn't care all that much.

January 21st, 2006, 5:45 PM
OOC: How come when I'm actually here, nothing happens, and then I leave for a day and everything happened?! >_<

IC: Clyde sat up rather dazed. He quickly shook his head, and listened intently.


Yes, they were definetely voices. Coming from Oak's lab. Or, what remained of it. The boy stood, reclaimed all his Pokemon, and headed silently towards the old building. The voices that echoed through the dark halls didn't seem hostile, but last time he checked, Pallet Town wasn't on the verge of a desert, either. Once again, he stepped through the old door, and listened closely. He could distinctly hear 2 female voices.. perhaps more. One of them was doing most of the talking. He listened with awe. World of Ruin..? Legendaries? Items..? Clyde listened hard to every word she said. Could it be true? Leaning in to hear more, a creaky floorboard snapped, and send Clyde tumbling into view of the other patrons of the room.

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 21st, 2006, 6:15 PM
OOC - I hope no one will think me rude by saying this, but i just wanted to harmlessly point out a couple of things. Everyones characters seem to be adgusting very well to the new surroundings, and very calmly, im not saying people should be going mad with fright, but some fear would make the whole thing a lot more believeable, it seems most are just like ''ok, were in a new world, oh well, same old same old, just save this worls and back home in time for tea....''
i think some more thought should be put into that.
Also, i've noticed couple of people (not to be mentioning names) are RP'ing in a strange sence, such as the fact that different things that would happen over a space of a few minutes are being spoken of as if only taking a few seconds, like waking up in the middle of nowhere, and suddenly walking up to prof oaks house, knowing exactly where to go without question, and getting there in about 5 seconds.
I'm not saying that I think i'm a god RP'er, but i just wanted to point this out as some constructive criticism. RP'ing is a lot more fun when done more realistically in a sence of description, time, natrual thought, etc.

January 21st, 2006, 6:32 PM

Just kidding.

I agree, I'm guilty of some of these offences - however, I'd like to counter a couple of your points.

While I'm sure there is going to be some fear involved, most trainers would recognize Professor Oaks lab almost instantly, being that he's probably the most prominent figure in the entire Pokemon world. While I'm not saying you're wrong, it's not as bad as you make it out to be.
Again, not everyone RP's the same. There will always be some people who are better than others, and some that are worse. While it'd be nice if everyone could RP perfectly, the internet is not the place to find perfection. We could probably add some more soul into our words, but not everything can be explained in the sense of actually taking that amount of time. For example, a thought process that would take a couple of seconds to take in, can be written like it takes several minutes. Sometimes, there just isn't very much to say, like walking someplace. We have a general idea of the town, and walking maybe 25 yards to the only building you are probably familiar with, unless we came from Pallet Town in the WoB (which I'm not aware of any of us being) wouldn't take much time.

Please don't think I'm just trying to be contrary - I'm not. This is just my opinion on the situation. I'm sure as an RPer with your level of writing skill, you must have had enough experience to know that especially as an RP is just starting out, not everyone has gotten into the groove of the atmosphere yet, so give it a bit of time, eh?


Baker's Bulbasaur
January 21st, 2006, 6:45 PM

Just kidding.

Had to know that was coming...lol

I agree, I'm guilty of some of these offences - however, I'd like to counter a couple of your points.
Admitting to mistakes, earning of my respect, and wanting to respond to others opinins respectfully, another good attribute deserving of respect.

While I'm sure there is going to be some fear involved, most trainers would recognize Professor Oaks lab almost instantly, being that he's probably the most prominent figure in the entire Pokemon world. While I'm not saying you're wrong, it's not as bad as you make it out to be.

Very true, my point was merely that we are in a new world, and not every character would neccacarily know where prof oak lived, especially people living outside of kanto. nevertheless, true enough.

Again, not everyone RP's the same. There will always be some people who are better than others, and some that are worse. While it'd be nice if everyone could RP perfectly, the internet is not the place to find perfection. We could probably add some more soul into our words, but not everything can be explained in the sense of actually taking that amount of time. For example, a thought process that would take a couple of seconds to take in, can be written like it takes several minutes. Sometimes, there just isn't very much to say, like walking someplace. We have a general idea of the town, and walking maybe 25 yards to the only building you are probably familiar with, unless we came from Pallet Town in the WoB (which I'm not aware of any of us being) wouldn't take much time.

Once again, I agree that there isn't generally a lot of stuff you can RP about when you are alone and need to walk somewhere, but I was merely saying that it sounded wierd that so many people were just suddenly turning up, and suggesting ideas that some could come up with some way of introducing the fact that it would take a while to get to his house, into their RP'ing, for example, commenting on the thoughts going through the persons mind as he/she make their way to the lab, perhaps commenting on the fact that everything looked generally the same as always, and at that time are un-knowing of the fact that they are in fact in a new world, perhaps talk about watching a pokemon playing, or something, maybe even looking at a cloud shaped like a pokemon. just suggestions.

Please don't think I'm just trying to be contrary - I'm not. This is just my opinion on the situation. I'm sure as an RPer with your level of writing skill, you must have had enough experience to know that especially as an RP is just starting out, not everyone has gotten into the groove of the atmosphere yet, so give it a bit of time, eh?

Thankyou for your compliment, and yes you are right, i went through that a lot back in the day lol.
once again I'm not trying to be rude either, and i know everyone takes time to improve, but what i was doing was pointing out there mistakes and how best to improve them, for the future, i dont just rant, i try and help RP'ing performance, and from these past posts from me and you i believe we have already started to do that.
Top respect for your sensible reaction. Let us continue, keep these things in mind people.
IC coming soon

January 21st, 2006, 6:54 PM
OOC: Yeah this isn't going the way I'd planned it origianally. I wanted to post this idea on the drawing board, but as I posted my last idea there and everyone completely ignored it, I decided, oh what the heck? Might as well try it out. I'm thinking after this RP I'm sticking to being an RPer not an RP Master. As for the magically appearing not freaking out thing, as for my character, she feels fine as long as Professor Oak is around. At first she didn't think she was in a different world at all, until Professor Oak explained it to her. And I have to agree with YoshiRiRu on the last one, I wasn't expecting such experienced RPers to join. 0_0;; So I didn't exactly style it to an experienced RPer's tastes, as I've yet to join any RP with an extremely good RPer until recently, at a mod's RP, here, and in another, and those were all after I'd created this thread. Apologies again. IC Will come after I figure out what to say. _ _;;

I also think that nobody in this thread would be overly offended by your remark. I think everyone here is down to earth enough to take criticism, laugh it off and improve. I was aiming for this when I put the ridiculous amount of quotes in the sign-up sheet. I've found that more sensitive RPers, (not here, other sites) are usually newer, and don't know why people are giving them criticism.

January 21st, 2006, 7:08 PM
OOC: I agree with what everyone is saying. I reread my first post and I'm unhappy with it. I really haven't RPed very much recently and I need time to get my skills back in order. For the moment I'm simply going to just try and get the hang of RPing again. Once I've done that I'm going to try and put everything back in order.

IC: Kanira sat when the Professor motioned for her to sit. She listened intently but in complete confusion. More than once she had wanted to ask what was going on. It was apparent that she had missed part of the conversation. Hopefully some one would fill her in later. She got the gist though.

The talking eventually ceased and Prof. Oak offered them all a strange drink. She stared at it blankly. She was in a strange world with people she didn't know and she was being offered a foreign drink. Somehow it felt that simply picking it up and drinking it without question seemed like a very stupid thing to do. "Umm...what is this?" She gestured at the liquid in the cup and glanced at the others to see what they were doing. She half hoped none of them would touch the stuff until they found out what it was.

January 21st, 2006, 7:22 PM
OOC: Put it this way - from my experience, most of the time, the people who would drag an RP down (Wish I could say that nicer) will stop posting after a while, and leave. As long as it's got a good story, and a few RPers willing to stick with it (Which is does, I hope) I think it'll go just fine.

IC: Clyde squeezed his eyelids tightly together, half expecting guns to click into firing postition, and vicious pokemon to be released to slaughter him instantly. However, opening his eyes cautiously, he sweatdropped. Nobody had noticed a thing. He stood up slowly, unsure of whether to pull his gun, run, or try to make friends. At a split second decision, he chose the latter. He waved nervously, with his other hand twitching at the trigger of his pistol.
"Er... Hi, I'm Clyde."
He mumbled to the people staring blatantly at him.

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 21st, 2006, 7:25 PM
{hmmmm now let me think here} te agitaed fire pokemon said to itself.
He raised it's front paws up onto it's masters shoulders and peered upside-down into his closed eyes.
{I do apologise Michael, but i'm rather worried about the fact that you have chosen to reside yourself in a strange field ro rest....would you terribly mind waking up for a moment to at least let me know you're ok?}
The Quilava stared down at it's trainer hopefully, but no reaction came at all. He ran round to his Michael's other side and stared at his stomouch
{well.....} Quilava said mater of factly {he is breathing normally....}

{uuum perhaps some sort of attack?} the rat pokemon suddenly blurted out in suggestion

{I'm not going to attack my own master!} Quilava snapped {and either is any other creature, human or pokemon alike....}

{I must say i respect your loyalty to your trainer.....} the Ratatta replied in a normal unoffended tone. {You must be one of his closest prized pokemon}

{Actually, yes, I am as a matter of fact} the fire type said simply {But I didn't ask for, nor do i deem your respect as something that I would require, now why don't you do yourself a favour and go home....}

{Oh please...i'de really like to stay and help, and by the way, I didn't imply for you to directly attack your master, just something which may cause him to wake up, perhaps turning up the heat so to speak, that may wake him up....}

The Quilava stared at the purple pokemon for a moment before blinking and turning back to his master {I was ...... just about to do that, yes, i had already thought of that thankyou very much...} he lied.
Ratatta watched as Quilava positioned lightly and elegantly leaped onto his masters chest and looked down at him
{right here we go} he said before taking a deep breath, preparing to power up the flame on it's back, however, right at that moment, Michael made a sound as if just waking up, and moved his head to the side.
The shocked Quilava jumped off of him and took a couple of steps back

{yes! yes! he's waking up, job well done my friend!} the Ratatta skeaked excitedally, taking a couple of steps forward

The Quilava raised both ot's eyebrows and side glanced at it {First off, give him some space, and second, I am not your ''friend''.....}
The rat stepped back again, still not feeling down from the harsh words of the fire type, as the young man lying on the grounded moanded again, not in pain, but from the long sleep he had just taken. he attempted to open his eyes, and slowly raised his arm up to them to block the blazing sun from his view. Everything was blurry and he was seeing 4 hands in front of him, but slowly, everything started to come into focus........he was awake.

January 21st, 2006, 7:47 PM
"Umm..." Avis sweatdropped. Was this boy a native to the World of Ruin? Was the girl? She hoped not. It'd be a crazy journey if everyone was as well, as sudden and cold as they were.
Professor Oak seemed not to see the two, and completly didn't hear the girl, and was absolutely scandalized that the other girl hadn't known what the foul drink was "It's the most popular drink in the World of Ruin! It may not look good, but it is. Don't judge something by it's appearance, that's especially true here. It's called Ginge, it's mainly drunk in Kanto, as Team Rocket was the one who originally drank the liquid."
Avis looked down at the liquid. It looked like watery porridge... "And...just...what is in this?"
Professor Oak rubbed his chin thoughtfully "You know, I don't know."
Avis sweatdropped, and mumbled something about dangerous, though Professor Oak had just caught sight of the two.
"Welcome welcome! Please sit down, let's see, everyone, match your names to the list here, you'll see which item has chosen you. Now I'll go get another two mugs of Ginge." He said cheerfully.
So nobody coming in or out of the lab except for Professor Oak was native to the World of Ruin. It made Avis feel a lot better, as she felt about ten times safer.

OOC: Sorry it's short, my mom's getting pissed.

January 21st, 2006, 8:16 PM
Kanira made a half hearted attempt at a comfortable smile and failed. She stared at the Ginge. "Umm...is there anything...normal here? Maybe some soda?" She took a hesitant sniff of the liquid and decided not to drink it. Maybe it wasn't poisonuss, but that didn't mean she had to drink it.

She moved over to peer down at the list Prof. Oak had given them. "Hmm..." She scanned it until her eyes locked on her name. Kanira Taji-Lightning Bracer. "Lightning bracer eh? Sounds cool. But...umm...can I ask a question before we set out on this saving the world adventure?"

January 21st, 2006, 8:41 PM
Clyde blushed a vibrant pink at being discovered in such an embarrasing situation. The boy walked towards the paper on the desk. He quickly scanned the list, searching for his name. Once he found his name, he looked at his assigned Legendary...


The assigned items were the Aero Pendant, and.. the Silver Feather.

He felt in his pocket for the Silver Feather he kept on him. Maybe this is the one it's talking about. He recollected that day when he found the feather...

A young Clyde rushed through the forest with hot tears bursting out of his eyes. He didn't know how long he had been running; it seemed to be hours. How could his father do that to him!? Just when he needed him most! What a coward...
It had begun to rain. The rain and tears clouded his vision to the extent of him not noticing the large log blocking his path. He bolted full speed into it, tripped, and fell into the mud, sobbing even harder. The heavy rain pelted his face, and he began to drift into unconsciousness.
But then, the rain stopped. Clyde opened a tear-swollen eye, and looked up to see a magnificent bird in the air. It flew on silver wings, and had a sort of invisible aura to it. A single silver feather fell from the sky directly onto his chest. He picked it up, and as he did, it seemed to him, he picked up his life as well. He made his way back to Saffron City.. changed.

He retrieved himself from his memories, and sat down on one of the couches.

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January 21st, 2006, 9:55 PM
Seeing that the other two Trainers had looked at a list of Legendaries, Charon decided to peer a small peek at it too. She scrolled down to her name, and she found it, written in clear font. Trinity Moon-Creation Ring. It also stated that it belonged to the Legendary Mew, who was 'invincible'. Charon grinned widely, as to seeing her Legendary Item.

"Creation Ring. Probably the reason that the two worlds were created in the first place. I wonder who has the Destruction Ring." Charon remarked.

"[Maybe your future rival!]" Plus laughed.

"Not funny." Charon snapped, returning Plus into her PokeBall.

January 22nd, 2006, 3:58 AM
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January 22nd, 2006, 4:35 AM
(((OOC: Okay I'm going to defend myself. When I see that someone wants a Sample Rp. I adomatically send one that is or isnot related to a the subject. Such as, I desided to choose a part where my character leaves her home. And I also mentioned that I will be at Professors' oak lab. Think about it. I'd take me 15+ posts to captured all my pokemons, and make it to oaks lab. It isn't fun when you rp by yourself in something like that. I don't mean to be rude, and I understand what you are saying, but a sample rp is giving an example of what the writer wants to see in someone who's wanting to join in. Any hoo, that's my defense. In my oppinion, if you wanted to have a sample rp of how she made her way to proffessor oak's lab, than you should have suggested it. When someone wants a sample rp and doesn't get spacific about it? I mean you can't really confict me of well, you suddenly started and boom your here. If you want me to do the 15 + posts, than I'll do it. And I'm not upset, just expressing my opponion. I have nothing wrong with it. I will have her start out at the very beginning where meets her pokemon and how she captured them and her journey to professor oaks lab seeing as how Kari's entrance was ignored.)))

January 22nd, 2006, 4:44 AM
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January 22nd, 2006, 8:07 AM
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YoshiRiRu-I totally agree. Especially when you're RPing somewhere where people can crank out RP posts the size of the whole d*mn page.

Shylocke: Please PM me about it next time. I'm sorry to have delayed this for so long, but ACCEPTED

IC: "Well, the water isn't the cleanest, but I'm sure I've got some juice..." Professor Oak pondered "Unless the Rockets took it last intrude..."
Avis traced her name with her finger to 'White Tiara' which was apparently Articuno's item.
"Oh." Professor Oak said looking over their shoulders "I'll tell you what I've discovered about getting the items so far."
"The legendary birds have placed a harmony spell on their items. They all must be removed by the item's respective chosen at the very same moment. The destruction and creation ring, only work if they're together, because Mewtwo is frankly apart of Mew. The legendary dog's items location is never definite. The dogs like to move them a lot, so it's best to just follow them, as difficult as it seems. Now the Wishing Brooch, only works when Jirachi is well, awake. The end of the thousand years is coming, and now that the Wishing Brooch has chosen a person, it will awaken once you find and activate the Brooch. So you might want to do that as a last resort. Jirachi is unable though, to bring the absolute peace you will fight for." Professor Oak said "He cannot bend the rules of the worlds. The Red Orb and Blue Orb activated will not be in the chosen's control, but rather, the pokemon's control. This is rather dangerous item, and I see noone's name has appeared on it. They can only be removed from the chosen by the Emerald Jewel."
He sighed "Sadly, that's all I've been able to find. And I repeat, ask me any questions, in case I forgot something. This is the first time I've said this much in a long time. Even the starters are getting old..."

January 22nd, 2006, 8:22 AM
OOC: Eep sorry. I'm going to go from my rp sample if that's ok

IC: After having a couple of hours rest Yen and Elle got up.
"So where are we going to go now? Do you want to have some more training?" He asked her picking her up and putting her in his arms. He walked downstairs and stepped outside. Elle jumped out of his arms and ran to the grass where she satred rolling around playfully. Yen stretched trying to get the feeling back in his body.

After about fifteen minutes Yen picked Elle up and they walked out to the route and started battling again. They found a pidgey.
"Pidgey" It chirped. It turned round and glared at Elle.
"PIDGEY!" It growled diving at Yen and Elle.
"Elle Ember!" Yen commanded as the vulpix jumped onto Yen's shoulder and shot a small blast of fire at the pidgey. Pidgey backed away.
"Vul?" Elle asked tilting her head a bit. She jumped back onto Yen and jumped at pidgey. After about ten minutes Pidgey fainted.
"POKEBALL GO!" Yen shouted throwing a pokeball. The ball shook vigorously but settled down soon after. That was their second pokemon they had caught together.
"Good work Elle." Yen said patting he ron the head.
"Vul" She said happily.

January 22nd, 2006, 10:00 AM
Clyde looked at the list once more. He thought for a second, and then spoke.
"Professor, there are other items.. are there other people? In order to truly bring balance to the world, all items must be accounted for, correct? And you still haven't told us how we're going to go about doing this. Are we going to split up, or stay together? By Legendary Pokemon, or by country? This is all so confusing." Clyde put his hand to his head, and sighed.

There's something more to this, I know it. This whole thing seems screwy. I don't know if I can trust these people. Who knows? Everything is opposite here, so this Oak might just be a nut! And these people... they look as confused as I am, but I don't know whether I can trust them, either. I'd better be on my guard.

Clyde faked a smile, and sat down, waiting for the professor's response.

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 22nd, 2006, 12:41 PM
OOC - Yay! caught me a Snorunt in emerald!!! *huggles snorunt*

IC -

''Wha.....wha...'' The young male muttered as he put his hands down on each side of him and tried to push himself up into a sitting position. He had to struggle greatly to find the strength but eventually managed it, he began to rub his weak eyes with his hands in an attempt to liven them up

{It is fantastic to see you in good health Michael} Qulava said in relief {I do hope you are not angry at me for awaking you, but i wanted to make perfectly sure you were ok...}

''What?'' Michael said with a lot more energy then anything he had previously said. Lowering his hands and noticing that his eyes has adjusted to the new day, he began to observe the surrounding scene. There was his trusted fire pokemon Quilava at his side, they were sitting in a huge field, grass as green and shiney as a summers day, the sun shining brightly through the clear clouds, many trees all around, he watched as a flock of about 7 Pidgeys all flew out of a tree in unsion and began to get smaller as they flew in the opposite direction, it was at this point that the boys sences came back to him, he had no idea where he was

''Quilava, where are we? how did we get here?'' he demmanded
{I am afraid I do not know, when i came to be out of my pokeball, i merely found you lying here asleep....}
''Well how exactly DID you get out of your pokeball? you know perfectly well you are not to release youself without my orders...'' he frowned. It was at this point that the queaky voice of the ratatta was to be heard as he suddenly drove in

{That would be my doing Michael my friend. I came out for some exercise, on this lovely day, to find that you were lying motionless in this field, I tried and failed to awaken you, so decided to seek the assitance of one of your pokemon, and he provided that assistance perfectly} At this point, Quilava rolled his eyes, Michael turned to him and said
''What the heck did he say?'' his encounters with Ratatta's had been very few, and did not understand their language very well

{Basically he says he is the one who found you, and released me from the safety of my pokeball}

{That is right} The rat pokemon continued {and to answer your prior question, you are currently residing in the town of Pallet.}

Michael understood this, and he suddenly became interested, ''hmmmm, pallet town huh, thats in Kanto, pretty cool place, although I can;t say i've ever been to Pallet Town, then again, the place does ring a bell, i think that I battled some guy from there once, had a Pikachu or something....anyway, thats not the point, how did I get here? i live in the Johto region''
Quilava looked at his trainer, in deep concentration, trying to remember the last thing he could recall happening
{If i'm not mistaken......were we not traveling through illex forest?...on our way back home in Goldenrod?}

Michael considered this for a moment ''Yees......yes i think so....''
The Ratatta was staring at Michael intently and with admiration
{Michael, might I suggest that you seek out Professor Oak? he is one of the most famous pokemon scientists in the world, I have had the honour of being one of his pokemon used for tests twice before, and he may be able to help you with your questions...}

Michael turned to look at the rat ''First off, don't call me Michael, only some people can cal me that, to anyone else, i'm Flash, ok? second, prof oak huh?....I have heard of him, dunno whats so special about him though, still, I suppose i could go and seek him out, better then sitting around here all day''
With suprising energy, Flash leant back and Nipped up, kicking his legs high and fast to land in a perfect standing position.
''Come on Quilava, lets go'' he said to his fire pokemon before beginning to walk towards the town which he had spotted, about 2 miles away.

The young Rattata ran up behind him
{Would you perhaps...uuum, require any assistance?} it said hopefully. Flash merely sneered
''That will not be neccacary, you are free to return back to your own business, i bid you adue'' he said simply, and continued to walk on, leaving the upset ratatta staring after the boy and his pokemon as they walked off.

January 22nd, 2006, 1:11 PM
"I would expect it to be confusing." Professor Oak said "If I were you, I'd start with the easier ones. Yes, all items will be accounted for, but some of the item's chosen may never step foot in the World of Ruin. It all depends on when or where Giovanni decides to open his portals. The girls have probably neglected to tell you I'd rather you stick together, as certain items need more than one person to remove from thier resting places, and it'll be much easier to solve riddles I didn't with more than one mind." Professor Oak tapped his head "But it's your choice how you want to go about finding the items. Country, Legendary, there's no specifications. Play to your skills and talents and I'm sure you'll pull through. You might even see your own Alternate. That'd be interesting." He said "Here's some comm. watches. They'll help you bunch keep in touch if something happens." He held out color coded watches, they looked like any time keeping watch, except they showed maps instead. Presently there was a hoard of dots in the very middle.
"Try not to drop or misplace them, they show the owners location, so if one of you were to leave it here, on the others watches it'd show you here, not somewhere else. It'd be quite dangerous if it fell into the wrong hands."

Icy Soul
January 22nd, 2006, 6:43 PM
Mayuko put the cup of ginge down and went over to the list by chaoran to look at her legendary item. She was a little fascinated to see that her item belonged to Suicune.

She gave herself a small smirk, she liked water/ice types. Prof. Oak was right, about these items and legendary pokemon matching up to their personalities.

Mayuko's Espeon tugged at Mayuko's pants, and gave her a straight serious look. Mayuko said lowly, "I kno..."

Mayuko picked up her Ginge and gave it a sip, she shuddered, then she put it down, then she turned around to Prof. Oak and asked, "While we're venturing out, going seperate ways, if we run into our alternates, could they be dangerous? To us I mean."

January 22nd, 2006, 6:56 PM
As Prof. Oak was about to speak, Clyde interrupted.
"They probably will. That's why it'd be good for us to stick together, if not all in a group, at least 2 or 3 smaller groups. We don't know anything about this world, yet. So here's my proposition. I say we stay in a group for a while, at least until we know what the deal is with this world. From what the Professor has told us, it isn't very friendly. If there is anyone who seriously wishes to leave the group and go solo, I say let them, but after we make a plan. We can't just go all seperate ways - if one of us gets killed, this whole mission would be in jeopardy."

After finishing his little speech, Clyde picked up the list again. Hm.. He looked at all the names again.

"Hikari, Flash.. Who are these people? Will they be joining us?

Clyde stared at the dilapitaded enviornment, and sighed. A huge weight had been put on his shoulders. Nay, all their shoulders. The boy looked around at the other chosen individuals, saw the same confused, scared look, and felt a little bit bigger, and a little more like a part of a family.. of sorts. He smiled, and sat again.

"Perhaps we should start introducing ourselves.. If we're going to be travelling together and I guess 'saving the world..' Maybe we should know about who we're together with?"

OOC: Netta, if you're already in there, and just haven't spoken yet, let me know. I just assumed you weren't there yet.

January 22nd, 2006, 7:05 PM
I never would have thought that I'd have to do something like this. I'm a kid from NewBark. How on Earth can I track down Raikou and the Lightning Bracer? But more over, why on Earth did it choose me? Kanira stared blankly at the watches in Prof. Oak's hand. She examined them and listened to what he said but she wasn't really interested in such things.

Before Prof. Oak could continue a boy spoke up. Kanira snapped out of her thoughts to listen. She let out a small sigh and gave a slight nod to show her agreement. She sat back down and gazed at her hands for a moment. Finally she spoke, "I agree. It would be good if we at least knew our companions names. I'm Kanira Taji from NewBark Town. Apparently I'm supposed to find the Lightning Bracer." She paused and glanced around at the other trainers. She couldn't think of anything else to say at the moment so she remained silent.

January 22nd, 2006, 7:11 PM
"Ah. These names of people who haven't showed up yet. It means they are in the World of Ruin, but they're probably still wandering somewhere outside." Professor Oak said "As for your Alternates...Perhaps...they could be dangerous the might not be at the same time. It all depends on your personality. If you don't like cats, your alternate will love cats, if you hate a certain someone your alternate will most likely have a crush on that someone. It all depends on the real inner you. As for introductions, I'll leave that to you. If one of you got killed, the mission would be in disarray until the item chooses a different person. See, the items in the World of Balance, pick someone from the World of Ruin. It just depends on which world needs them more. There is only one item, but the item can switch between worlds, until it is in the hands of a chosen or is stolen from it's resting place. Many have been stolen, and they're used most frequently to the owners advantage. I believe at the moment, Archie and Maxie are trying to find a way to control Kyogre and Groudon, instead of the legendaries controlling themselves..." Professor Oak paused, racking his mind for more information.

"Oh, your alternates will have different reactions to you. You will just seem like they're looking in a mirror that shows them brighter. Some will be hostile, some will be confused, and some will just pass you by and ignore you to the fullest. And if someone on the list doesn't show up, please take care to find them and fill them in. I'm sure they'll have a wonderful time trying to find out where they are and what's going on by themselves, especially if someone tries to steal their pokemon. Watch out for Rockets who steal pokemon too. That's their trained profession, so I wouldn't use strong pokemon unless absolutely neccessary."

Professor Oak rummaged through his old files "Back onto your alternates, they'll have the exact same kinds of pokemon as you, different personalities maybe, but they'll have your battling style, counter the way you do, ecetera, so I should think it'd be unwise to challange them."
"Okay." Avis said "I'm Avis, I'm from Cinnabar...World of Balance." She added quickly as Professor Oak continued to dig through yellowing files.

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January 22nd, 2006, 7:22 PM
OOC: Lol.

My opposite? Hmm...so would that make them a girly girl who wears pink and says "like" all the time? Kanira gave an involuntary twitch. "I really hope I don't meet my alternate. In a way it'd be very interesting to meet my polar opposite...but it'd also be quite...disturbing." Then another thought hit her. "Professor, what about our alternate's past? Will that be the opposite too? Like if you had a very good childhood with your mother around all the time and your father around sometimes, then they would have had a very bad childhood with their father around all the time and their mother around sometimes? Or are our pasts the same? If we are basically polar opposites then our pasts can't be the same because we wouldn't think the same way and we'd live differently."

January 22nd, 2006, 7:40 PM
OOC: Back button sucks. I lost my whole post.

IC: Clyde stammered, and stood slowly.

"I guess I should introduce myself too. I'm Clyde Kensington, from Saffron. In the World of Balance, which I guess we're all from, yeah?"

The boy turned to the Professor. "Professor, are all the people with assigned items from the World of Balance? Will we meet any chosen individuals in this world?"

Without waiting for a response, he turned back to his new friends.
"I.. well, I guess since we're all travelling together, I should be honest. I.. was a member of Team Rocket for 2 years."

At this remark, his expression darkened, and his eyes took on a sad appearance.

"I robbed trainers... and abused the powers of Pokemon. I was young, and eager for revenge on the world that had taken so much from me."

Clyde wheeled around, a desperately wild look in his eye.

"But I'm changed now~! I eliminated all ties from the team 2 months ago. I was in the proccess of rebuilding my life when... this happened."

He mellowed out a bit, and sat quietly.

"I guess that's.. all you need to know about me."

He turned a shade of pink after realizing what a big deal he had made of it.

BOOC: *twitch* Maybe if I put a LOT of line breaks, it'll make my post seem longer... eh.. heh... hehe...

January 22nd, 2006, 9:35 PM
((OOC: err. sorry about that guys. I should be the one appoligizing. I let my anger get the better of me. Neko-chan. I know you are working hard and I am sorry you had to see that side of me. I wasn't angry with this rp. I was steamed before hand and rp usually calms me down and gets me to relax. So, please forgive me outburst. And I just came on line.))

IC: She looked at everyone and was slightly shocked when she heard their discussion and her name was mentioned. However, she could careless of what they were talking about. It was none of her buisness, though this world did freak her out, but she was one who'd never show it or even express it. Hime jumped down off of Kari's arms and wounder around to look around the place. Kari stood there off in the corner. It was nice no one noticed her yet even after wanting Professore Oak. She listened and the tough of her alternate self was rather disturbing and upsetting to her. Still she remained quiet listening.

Hime her Eevee walked over to the group and leaped onto the table to look at the paper. Though she didn't read, she has seen Hikari's name written many times and memorized it. Her ears went high as she was shocked. She turned to look at Hikari sort of ignorning others wondering about where thise sparkling eevee came from.

"Vwee. Vwee Vweevwee." Said Hime as Kari narrowed her eyes. Hime's ears went down to the sides of her head as she jumped down and walked back to Kari's side. Kari didn't like her pokemon jumping on counters and couches and stuff.

She listened to everyone introduce themselves and yet she stayed quiet. Groups weren't her big thing. Yet she stayed quiet.

"I don't work well in groups. And I don't need anyone to know who I am. If it is dangerious in this chaos world, than my pokemon and I will face up to it with no fear. Unlike you guys, we can handle ourselves." She said harshly as she turned to walk passed them and back out of the lab.

They were talking too much and she didn't like to hear everyone. Hime her Eevee followed after them. Though she knew she broke a law of jumping on furniture, she held her high up and her tail raised high as well. Her ears purched high upon her head. As they reached outside Kari looked up to the sky.

"I can't wait to see what's out there. Think about it Hime. Imagine what challenges are out there waiting for us." She said with a smirk on her smile.

"Vwee." Said Eevee happily feeling her trainers' feelings.

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 23rd, 2006, 8:25 AM
Flash walked down the hill which wasnt steep, but was slowly taking him down to a much lower level, towards the town of Pallet. He carelessly scratched his nose and rubbed the back of his neck
''I think i done my nec in from lying there in such an aqward position...'' he said angrily before turning to face his Quilava

''Now are you perfectly sure that you don't remember anything about what could have brought us here....because i've been thinking and i can;t for the life of me, we must have done something, we couldnt have just.......suddenly appeared here.''

Quilava scrunched up it's nose and began to think
{hmmmm.....well I can't remember a thing i'm afraid Michael, buuuuut, perhaps the way we got hee was due to the after effects of a psychonectic powered being who had teleported here using it's power and the after rays accidentally carried us along with it...}

Flash raised an eyebrow ''English Quilava....''
The fire type sighed slightly {maybe a pshychic pokemon teleported us here by mistake}

''ahhhh'' Flash said quietly ''well that does make sence, but it doesn't explain why i was asleep, I mean perhaps that was the doing of some sort of sleeping attack, but I defenitely would have remembered that....''

They finally reached the bottom of the hill and came to a road which they stepped on and began to walk down. Flash's head turning in all directions, looking for any signs of something wrong with the town, evantually he came to a piece of litter on the town stopped to look down at it

''tut tut tut, what a dirty place...'' although there was infact only this one piece, and the rest of the town seemed pretty perfect so far, Flash had always liked to take chances of critisicing people, places, pokemon, anything really.
His head turned to a sign just ahead, appraching it, he read

Welcome To Pallet Town!
Continue on ahead for the renowned pokemon professor ''Professor Oak's'' house
Turn right for the local pokemon market.....

Flash stopped reading and began to walk again, with a head motion to his pokemon, indicating for him to follow.
After an about 30 seconds walk, he saw the house which was undoubtedally that of a pokemon professor, to the left of it, heading forward was a huge field, many pokemon were there, although from where he was standing he could only see some of it.
''This is it'' he said to Quilava, now looking at the door ''come on, lets go''

January 23rd, 2006, 11:10 AM
Yen and Elle walked along the Route heading towards Varidian. As they were walking a figure and his pokemon jumped down in front of him. Yen looked at them.
"HUH!?" He shouted. They figure looked like his exact double.
"Vul?" Elle asked staring at the other Vulpix.

The figure attacked Yen. He kicked Yen in the stomach sending him flying into a tree.
"What the!?" Yen shouted bouncing off of the tree and landing on the floor. He flipped back up and got into a fighting stance. Elle and her doppelganger appeared to be fighting as well.
"VUL!" Elle growled jumping at the other one. Yen got into a fighting stance.
"Get ready to die you son of a gun!" He growled jumping up and kicking him in the head. The figure got up and got into the same stance as Yen.
"WHY ARE YOU COPYING ME!?" He screamed.
"you aren't speaking nicely to you other side now are you?" He asked in a demonic sort of voice.
How am I talking to my other side? He thought to himself.
"I am from the world of ruin" The doppelganger said to Yen. " There are two worlds, The world of ruin, and the world of balance. You are from the world of blance. I am from the wrld of Ruin which is the omplete opposite." He said to Yen. Elle was still fighting her doppelganger. She gave up after a while as she was tired.
"Why are you here?" Yen asked his Doppelganger.
"Because the two worlds have become one somehow" He replied.

January 23rd, 2006, 3:00 PM
OOC: It's alright Netta, I was kinda pissed myself. It happens to me...*cough* a LOT *cough*

IC: "Well...okay..." Avis mumbled in surprise as the girl stalked out with her eevee "And don't worry about, I considered joining Neo Team Rocket, even though I lived in Kanto. I know a lot about it, since I knew some grunts apart of Neo Team Rocket."

"Right, well, yes, Kanira, your alternate's pasts will be altered as well. Very good thinking, and to sum it all up, almost everything about them is opposite to you except their appearance. Such as, if someone had platinum blonde hair, then their alternate would have dirty blonde hair. Everything about their appearance is the same, it's just a shade darker usually. That's the way it is in the World of Ruin. Now, I hope Kari found which item she's to go after, it's not fun trying to chase a wild goose in the World of Ruin." Professor Oak said shaking his head "But anyway, I'm sure that the items had your alliances in...mind...when they chose you, none of you should have anything to fear of your comrades except well...maybe a few bad moods from certain members. But I think we've got a good amount of people who've shown up. One for each region, which is good. I'll let you decide if you'd like to split up into the legendary's respective region in smaller groups, or if you'd like to travel in one large group. Either way, it only matters that you come back here as soon as possible. Avoid using the legendary you control on your way back as well. Wouldn't want to draw too much attention to ourselves....though it's slightly inevitable if you're stealing it directly from someone."
Professor Oak pulled out another file "If you have any trouble, there should be some locals around who know a few legends that might help solve riddles or something. Most of their names are in here, they've told me all I know, but they still might know more." He placed the file on the tabletop.

OOC: Just have fun naming the locals. It doesn't really matter as they play an extremely small part. Two Locals for each item.

January 23rd, 2006, 3:34 PM
Charon thought about what her alternative would look like. She imagined it, as if she was the invert of that alternative. She'd always play for fun, and completely cover herself, since knowing how Charon always looked a little scimpy in her outfit. If Charon had the interest in Shadow, her alternative would have the interest in an Espeon, named Light. Or maybe it would turn out to be something that would become a total surprise. Charon wished for anything better that her outcome. Charon looked at the list of the locals that Prof. Oak pulled out. She then found out that two that had something about the Creation Ring.

"Let's see here, we have Mika Namaki, and we also have...Aerene Moon!? That's my sister you're talking about!" A surprised Charon exclaimed.

"[Hooray...Maybe we can get some sense into those two sisters.]" Shadow remarked to Mystic.

January 23rd, 2006, 6:10 PM
Hime looked up and heard a boy and his Quilava heading their way.

"Vwee." She replied in her high voice as Kari looked infront of her.

"Great, another one. Hime, what did you see on that paper?" Asked Kari in a stern voice.

"Vwee vwee. Vweevee Vwee." She replied as she blinked a bit.

"So. You saw my name. Perhaps. . . I should enter and find out why my name was on that paper." She said as she gave a cold stair to the boy heading their way and turned to walk back into the lab.

Hime her Eevee followed in after her. The two walked over to the counter.

"Hime told me she saw my name. Why is my name on that paper?" She asked sternily as she walked over to it.

She picked up the paper and scanned it not listening to what the others were saying.

"An item near my name? The Emerald Jewel?" She asked herself outloud and looked to the location only to find a rather large question mark.

She scanned the others as they had their locations. She narrowed her eyes a bit and put the paper down. She turned to walk out and stopped. Hime blinked and looked up to her.

"I heard you mention something about the last two items fall under the one who has the Emerald Jewel?" She asked trying to sound relaxed though she failed.

Hime sat there her tail swaying lightly as she began to think about it. < The Emerald Jewel and the other two spheres? That is an impossible task for just my trainer and team.> Thought Hime as Kari turned to her head to look down to Hime with a stern glare. Kari had heard her thoughts and wasn't too happy with her remark.

"We are stronger than you think Hime and so are the others." She said sternily and looked up to the others to await for an answer to her question; giving a light tiny smile though it quickly faded.

January 23rd, 2006, 6:12 PM
"I heard you mention something about the last two items fall under the one who has the Emerald Jewel?" She asked trying to sound relaxed though she failed.

OOC: Huh? I don't get what you mean. My brains not working right today. Monday's must die.

January 23rd, 2006, 6:21 PM
(((OOC: Um. . .you had professor oak talk about that no one's names were next to the red and blue orb. and you mentioned something about the chooser falls under the Emerald Jewel. I wasn't so sure what that mean so I had her ask about it. It's post Number 63)))

January 23rd, 2006, 6:26 PM
OOC: Oh. Blonde Moment there. Darn I meant something else. As in, when the Red/Blue orb fuses with the chosen, the Emerald Jewel is the only thing that can get it out of the chosen. _ _; sorry I wasn't very clear on that. I'd post an IC but my mom's being st00pid again. *rolls eyes* stupid bedtime.

January 23rd, 2006, 6:31 PM
(((OOC: ahh okay. Now I get it. Anyways, I have my character's picture, but I wasn't so sure if it was allowed. She's clotheless, but she is in a sitting possition with her arms around her chest and her legs up to her chest. It covers her. . . um. . .you knows and only shows just her skin and hair and face and what not. Other than the eye color, she looks like her. This is going to be fun. If Hikari can take the orbs with her emerald jewel??? . . . *nickers* just kidding.)))

Icy Soul
January 23rd, 2006, 7:29 PM
Mayuko just realized that her Alternate would most likely have an Umbreon, and her Alternate may not be Psychic, which means she might be a real hard headed brat who wants to beat the money out of anyone, which would make Mayuko in a hot spot, with a type dis-advanage. It'd probably be best if Mayuko avoided her Alternate as much as possible, which shouldn't be too hard, Mayuko usually goes to Temples in search for spirits who know 'information' about a certain case that has been going on in the urbans of Goldenrod. If her Alternate was basically opposite from Mayuko, then the alternate would have probably dyed her hair black and gotton a nose ring, and go to night clubs and join gangs. Going AGAINST the law, instead of helping the law.

Mayuko then saw some girl enter the lab and seem to complain about her name being on a peice of paper, when the girl asked the question and looked at everyone, even Mayuko, Mayuko couldn't help but shrug and point at Prof. Oak.

January 23rd, 2006, 7:45 PM
Charon looked in surprise at one of the girls' face. Mayuko Charon thought. She's got to be something related to my alternative, and vice versa. Charon turned to Shadow and the same thing happened with Shadow. Charon returned Mystic back into the PokeBall.

"Shadow, I wonder, do you think this will be what we'll really expect?" Charon asked.

"[Trust me, if it's truly at fault, then me and the other Pokemon will handle it.]" The Umbreon replied with a sly look on her face. From what Charon knew, she thought that she could trust Shadow, but then again, she couldn't.

January 23rd, 2006, 9:53 PM
OOC: YAR! I hate being gone for too long.

BIC: Clyde snapped out of his daze. This whole thing was way too much for him. Gone was the world where everyone could feel sorry for themselves, and here before him was the world where everyone had given up hope. He paid little attention to the angry girl stomping back and forth between outside and in. Who knows? She seemed dark and angry enough to be a citizen of this dingy region. He yawned, and shook his head. He was swamped.
"Maybe some fresh air would do the trick." He mumbled to himself. He announced his departure, and headed outside, past the angry girl with an Eevee.

Whatever. If she wants to be a solo girl and be a jerk, let her. Just leave me out of it.

Clyde thought bitterly to himself as he exited the building. Unfortunately, the "fresh air" was not as fresh as he could have wished. It was ashy, and made him cough. He looked to the east, and saw the sun begin to rise.. How long had he been in this strange world? Only a day? A brisk wind chilled him, so he began to move. As he walked down the hill towards the main part of Pallet, he came across a boy, maybe a little younger than he was. Clyde stopped. If what the Professor said was true, and all rare pokemon are practically non-existant, I doubt this kid would have a Quilava.. especially at his age.Either he's one hell of a trainer, or.. he's probably one of the chosen ones. He thought of the safest thing he could say..

"Excuse me, are you from around here, guy?"

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 24th, 2006, 10:54 AM
As Flash stared up at the house from distance, a young girl has come into appearence and was just standing there nea the door, Flash looked at her and knew that she was returning the gaze.....

Take a picture, it'll last longer...
He thought to himself irratbly, finnily enough, it was at this point she turned about and opened the door to the professors lab, disapearing inside it followed by her little fluffy pokemon, which he couldnt tell from distance what it was, but resembles that of an Evee...not that he cared.

''Why is it wherever we go we seem to stand out?''
Flash said angirly, turning around completely to face his Quilava who turned it's attention from the lab onto that of it's masters
{Perhaps they are intimidated by what is so clearly better?.....Michael}
Flash smiled
''I know your just trying that to make me feel better, and I know you dont feel that way.......and you would even think that i wouldnt feel good to hear something like that...but i do'' he finished with a slight smirk, but this was quickly turned into a frown as an elderly woman was watering her plants, whilst staring straight at him, Flash stood up straight and scratchd his nose, returning the stare with an innocent smile on his face, she seemed slightly taken back with this and quickly turned and walked bac into the confinements of her house, Flash smiled again
''Something as innocent as a smile can scare so many people if delievered by the righty person'' he said to Quilava.

At this point, he turned back round to face the lab and was harshly startled by the face of a boy, about his age standing right next to him, Flash jumped and put his hand to his heart as he heard the boy ask him if he was from anywhere around here.

''Whats it to you?'' he snapped with an angry face ''you nearly gave me a heart attack there, dont you know your not supposed to sneak up on people like that?! are you stupid? are are you just doing an impression?''

he stopped his rant abd breathed in and out a couple of times deeply before turning back to the boy and speaking in a much calmer voice
''No...I'm not, why do you ask?'' he raised an eyebrow as Quilava bared it's teeth and assumed an attacking stance, Flash put his leg in front of the fire type as a way of telling it to calm down, which it instantly did, sitting down and staring up at the boy.

January 24th, 2006, 4:30 PM
OOC: At this point, I'm thinking about one thing-does everybody in the RP hate me? Because I can tell if you're saying mean things about me, and don't think that I don't know that.

January 24th, 2006, 4:45 PM
OOC:...huh? Did I make Avis say something mean to you? I know is made one of my characters annoy your in your RP, but not here...I hope...

January 24th, 2006, 4:46 PM
OOC: No, I'm curious about Icy, YRR, and BB.

January 24th, 2006, 5:45 PM
((OOC: Yo, ACM - what gave you the impression that I hated you? The comment was aimed at Netta, who's character had been a general stuck up girl, just walking in and demanding all this stuff. I don't mind your character at all. ^_^ Sorry if you got that impression from me.))

The boy's rough answer took Clyde by surprise. He defensively backed up and put his hands up.
"Whoah, bro. Hang on. Relax. I didn't mean to scare you."
Instinctively, he had reached for the Pokeball that contained his primary battle pokemon, Sandslash, but when he saw that the boy had relaxed, his grasp on the sphere lightened as well. He took a step forward, and took a deep breath.
"So, you're not from this area..?" Clyde raised a cautious eyebrow, and looked him up and down.

He was a little bit shorter than him, maybe by an inch or two. Judging from his clothing, he decided, he was definetely not from around here. Added to his previous thinking, he was definetly one of the kids from the World of Balance.

"Well, neither am I. Suppose I told you that you were here for a reason. Would you believe me?" Without waiting for a response, he went on.
"Come with me - if you're who I think you are, we've got some stuff to talk about. C'mon."

Icy Soul
January 24th, 2006, 7:05 PM
((OOC: Er, no, I don't hate you ACM! I'm actually glad you made me more aware about my rp posts, to not make them too short. I was, too, aiming at Netta's charactor, Hime. Not that I hate Netta! But what is a person supposed to think when all they see is another person demanding awnsers? Especially since I don't know the person so... =P

How did you think we were talking about your charactor o.o? (referring to ACM)

Also, do I make an RP post? Naoko didn't post an RP post so... I didn't want to mess up the certain order we're supposed to RP in. ))

January 24th, 2006, 7:10 PM
OOC: We don't have an order, I'm just pissed right now, and would rather keep my posts to the minimal so as I don't get ticked off and rant. I will delete these posts eventually, and as for characters disliking characters, it's the way people choose to react to the actions you've made your character do, so you really have no excuses as you can't expect every character to like yours, even in the least.

Also, as I said before, please don't double post. I shouldn't even have to say that. You've just repeated yourself Icy Soul.

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 25th, 2006, 2:14 AM
OOC - uuum, no i dont hate you, i dont even know how you came to that conclusion, my post on giving everyone some advice with their RP'ing was directed as just a way of helping out people who i thought were a bit weaker then others, not as a way to rub it in, just to help them out.
I don't believe i mentioned ur name once my dear, I have just met you, why would I hate you? XD

IC -
''Excuse me?!'' Flash uttered, his mind racing, this guy had to be crazy....what did he mean, he's not from aeround here either.....and....here for a reason....what the heck was that supposed to mean.
Flash exchanged a slightly amused look with Quilava before turning back to this guy.

''I'm sorry, but, we havent really got time to play around at the moment....we have to locate Professor Oak to discuss something''
Flash looked him up and down, and noticed he was holding a pokeball in one hand which he had not been holding about a minute ago.
Flash snorted

''Oh I dont think you will be needing that'' he saoid indicating the pokeball
''Theres no need to be afraid...i'm not going to attack you, besides.....you wouldn't stand a chance against me i'm afraid'' he forced an innocent smiled and stared at him for a moment without blinking

''Now, if you'll be so kind as to excuse me'' He said in a childish mock voice
''I have to be off''
At this Flash sidestepped the boy and began walking straight past him toward the lab. I think that guy took one too many hits from a hitmonchan he thought to himself.

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 25th, 2006, 8:46 AM
OOC - I would appreciate it if you didn't bunny my character. I may not have gone straight into the lab, I may have wanted to do something before that, also your follwing me in and bolting the door just makes my guy look stupid, carelessly walking up to it without seeing what your character was doing, and then being suprised to find im in the lab with the door locked, and perhaps i wouldnt have just yaken the list straight away, i do believe i would have been in some shock first. besides, i wouldnt just walk in, ide have at least knocked first.
please dont do that again, and i would appreciate it if you edited your post.
Im not having a go at you, so dont snap back at me.

Icy Soul
January 25th, 2006, 3:12 PM
((OOC: I'm not sure if I missed something, but wasn't Prof. Oak supposed to awnser Hime's questions? Or Mayuko's? Unless you didn't want him to.

Also, to Naoko, thanks, I was already aware I double posted though, apparently my Internet told me that it couldn't find the server, which meant I had to restart my internet and press the back button. Which erased the post. I didn't know my first post actually got through, till I posted the second post. Wireless, it sucks like that =P))

January 25th, 2006, 4:54 PM
OOC: My bad, bro, chill. But give me a lesson. How exactly do you go about having a conversation in board RP? Unless I post my actions one by one, which is apparantly not allowed in sophisticated RP, how do I get anything done without a certain amount of bunnying? To me, it seems impossible to have a conversation, and not either use one liners, or to do some bunnying, both of which aren't allowed. What if, perhaps, you said something, and I wanted to just slug you in the face at that moment? It's impossible, is it not, without completely ignoring the rest of your post. Educate me, please. How would you do it?
Via PM, if you'd like.

January 25th, 2006, 6:04 PM
OOC: I think I missed a few things. XD Ok...let's seee..I'm gonna go with my usual plan. Daydreaming. Useful and tends to happen a lot in real life too. :P

IC: Kanira remained seated as a few of the others began to move around and talk. She did listen to what Prof. Oak said about their Alternates, but more than personality, appearance, or Pokemon, she wondered what her Alternate's past would be like.

After a while of staring into space and allowing her thoughts to consume her, Kanira stood. She stretched and smiled at anyone she passed as she headed for the door. Too much had happened too fast and she needed some fresh air. By the sounds of things there wouldn't be much time to think before they left. "Raikou..." Her voice drifted quietly through the air as she surveyed the landscape. "The World of Ruin is such an odd place. I don't think I've ever seen any town like this before. And yet I visited Pallet not long ago. But that was in my world. It all seems more like a dream than anything else."

With a sigh, Kanira took a Pokeball from her waste and stared at it. She twirled it on her finger for a second then tossed it into the air. A small green Pokemon with a leaf on it's head appeared. It yawned and stretched then looked curiously around.

'So this is the World of Ruin eh? I expected something a little more cheerful at least. But I guess I expected too much as usual. Are you going to let everyone else out to see what a mess we're in?'

"Not now. Doubtless they are very curious to have a look around but I don't think I should force them all to see what's happened to this place. I hate to think what NewBark looks like in this world."

'Probably no better. Perhaps worse. But then again it might be better. You never know. But I can tell you're going to go there. You have to go to Johto anyway. Just promise me you won't cry when you see it.' The little grass type grinned and stretched again hen began to trot around.

"And I thought you knew me better than that. I guess not." Kanira grinned too and looked back towards the lab. "Maybe we should go back in. I'm not even paying attention to where I'm going and with the different landscape...well we might get lost. I'm amazed I found myself here as easily as I did. Then again I did kinda land inside the town. The only recognizable building was the lab." She gave a shrug and turned. She took a bit more of her surroundings but she wasn't really paying attention to anything besides what was left of the town. Then allowed Chikorita to jump onto her head and walked back inside the lab.

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 26th, 2006, 2:28 AM
OOC - I'm calm my friend, im chilled, im cool XD

Ok, now I can understand why you would think what you think, and in a way you are right that a little bit of bunnying is neccecary, for example if your character was having a pokemon battle with another character, and you wanted to declare an attack such as a seismic toss, then the small bit of bunnying that would be allowed would be for example to do something like this

'' ''Nidoking!'' Flash cried with all his might ''Use seismic Toss!''
The ground pokemon let out a mighty roar and immediately charged at the seemingly helpless Golem, and took hold of him with his two huge arms. With total elegance, yet demmanding power The Nidoking leapt high into the air, the rock type held firmly in his grasp.
This is it! Flash thought, unable to keep a smile off of his face I'm going to win!

he watched on as his prized pokemon reached as high as it could, Flash was filled with a mighty adrenaline rush
''NOW!!'' ''

You see what I done there, i done a slight bit of bunnying like you mentioned, in the sense of taking another characters pokemon and bringing it into the air without the permission of the opposing characters owner, however i stopped the RP at the point where the Nidoking was just about to throw the Golem down to the floor. Therefore giving the creative control of wether or not the attack worked or not, TO the other RP'er. You will find that it will be the better RP'ers among people that would actually allow the attack to continue, or they will make a good RP post about how the Golem was to evade the situation. A bad RP'er would be someone who done something like this.

''Michael watchd as the opposing Nidoking took hold of his Golem, and launched himself into the air while holding it.
The young blonde smirked, this Flash trainer was a fool, this was no ordinary Golem, it's power was it's 2nd best feature only to it's lightning speed
''Golem!'' Michael called confidently ''Get out of there!''
The Golem smiled and with absolute ease, escaped the Nidokings grip and grabbed hold of it's horn,
''Use a REAL seismic Toss!'' ''

see what I mean, maming the pokemon and trainer perfect, never a sign indicating an enjoyable RP, the good part of RP'ing is giving yourself flaws aswell as good features, gives your character the ability to be more believeable, and entertaining to use. In this case, in response to my original example, a good RP'er would choose wether he was going to let the attack work or not, to let your character lose to another persons shows signs of dignity and respect, putting in the effort to make it seem more real, and to realistically lose. This is the sort of thing I would put if i was responding to my own 1st example

'' Michael raised his right forearm to his head and wiped it across his sweaty skin to sweat...this wasn't good. Tjis was one of the toughest battles he had fought in his life, not that he expected anything less from the pokemon leage itself. He turned his head to teh side, hundreds, thousands, millions perhaps, of people all in the barricades watching every move he made....but he had dealt with pressure before, and some minor set backs weren't going to make him give up....
He watched with a confident face, masking a lot of panic as the opposing Nidoking began to fall back down to earth at a great accelerating speed, holding the scared Golem below him....
Michael had to wait, wait for exactly the right moment......but he knew what had to be done....

''...........Golem! Switch Now!!''
he cried with all his might, instantly, the Rock pokemon soaked up every particle of energy left in it's tired body, and grabbed hold of the huge foot of the ground type, swinging it down to an equal level with itself.
Michael cringed as the two pokemon hit the hard groun at the same time with a huge crash.
''Golem!'' Michael cried with concern. Thick Sand from the field had risen and was shielding the two pokemon from view, which one had come off the worst?!..... ''

and there you go, that puts the original RP'er BACK in control, and it also manages to make a lengthy enough post for the battle to continue at a good enough speed.
You see what i mean? trust and respect are important attriutes in RP'ing, if you grant your fellow RP'ers and their characters those things, then they will show it back to you and grant you the same privelages, making your character looking good aswell. In your situation, I would have done something like, show your characters shock and anger at being totally disrespected by this arrogant young man, which you did, then RP as you did but only as far as to say that you watched him from out of view, perhaps hiding behind something nearby which you could decide on, being a telephone box, a post box, who knows, anything you like, and just say you watched the trainer walk up to the door.
What you did was go as far as to force my character into a lab, and without knocking. thet puts elements into my character such as ''breaking the law'' (Entering private property without permission) also you made him look like an ideot, from the profile alone you can see that he is a very suspicious guy and for 1: would have proberly looked behind him to see if you were still there (going in with what i said about granting other RP'ers privelages, say if you would have hid somewhere, i would have made my character not see you, it would be a bad RP'er that would have gone ''mwuhahahahar i can see him behind that post box! what a stupid hiding lace (lol) ) and 2: he may have wantd to look at something or witness something, slowly adding to his suspicions of the new place.

I hope you understand all this and that it has helped you, i really do, if theres any other questions you have just ask in an OOC or via PM.
now if you wouldn't mind either editing your previous IC, or deleting it and making a nw one, I would appreciate it XD *gives pie*

January 26th, 2006, 6:12 AM
OOC: I completely understand. Thanks a ton, bro. I apologize for my earlier misunderstanding. May it never happen again.

IC: Clyde couldn't believe it. What a punk! He stood in shock as feelings of rage built up uncontrollably.

Sorry.. you're no match for me.. pfft. What a punk. I bet I could take him on, no sweat. You're lucky I can't whoop you right now, kid..

The boy shook the angry thoughts out of his head. It was his Rockethood messing with his mind. He was past that. He took a deep breath to calm himself completely, and slowly feigned walking the other direction until he felt he was out of sight from this arrogant new kid. He then quickly ducked behind one of the grimy old houses. As he did so, he looked at his hand, and grimaced. Wet paint. Just great. He took care to not touch the house anymore.

He watched the boy walk towards the lab, and thought of sending a pokemon to tail him. However, he sensed, even in the brief moment that they met, that that Quilava had nerves of steel, and to have a Pokemon follow it would just fire it up. An angry Quilava is not something to trifle with, especially if it's got a cocky trainer such as that one. It would rip his pokemon to peices - and he didn't want a fight. Perhaps the Rocket within him did, but Clyde himself was bigger than that now.

Clyde sat, and thought for a second. How could he keep tabs on this kid? It looks like he was heading for the Professor's lab.. Maybe...
Clyde snapped his fingers ferociously.
"That's it!"

OOC: I hope that's a bit better.

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 26th, 2006, 6:56 AM
OOC - Done like a pro my friend XD
I made me a new banner!!! teehee'ness.

IC -
{Michael....} The fire type at his masters heel suddenly said. {I don't mean to be disrespectful or but into what are your decicions, but, perhaps it would be better if we tried not to make enemies around here, after all we are a very long way from home, and haven't exctly got the abilities of a quick escape in our hands....}
he looked up at his master hopefully as hs stopped.

Flash scratched his nose and looked down at his fire pokemon
''hmmmmmm'' he shrugged and the side of his lip ''Meh, I supose your right, but i'm not too worries about having to make any ''quick escapes'' '' he finished with some air quotes before turning on his heel to look back the direction he had come, he wasn't very suprised to see that the strange boy had disapeared, this just added to Flash's ego

''Ha, I knew he wouldn't have the gall to stick around, kind of a shame though really, it seems that everyone I meet is like that, would be nice if someone was foolish enough to try it sometime, would make for a very amusing ''conversation''
he s******ed and turned bac to face the old Oak lab
''Right, lets carry on, I don't like this dirty place, the sooner we leave the better......''

A sudden gust of wind blew across, sweeping the hair of Flash to the side, struggleing to escape like grass buried into the soil. He carelessly swiped a hand through it and began to walk towards the front gate, the boy unbolted it and lazily pushed it aside as he walked through it and up the path to the front door.
Quilava looked at his trainer who did not return the gaze, wasting no time in Knocking on the door, waiting for response....

January 26th, 2006, 7:06 AM
OOC: Are we gonna be moving on sooner or later?

IC: Charon had put the senses to the test. She let Shadow go back in her PokeBall for some rest, and then Charon took out two different PokeBalls and sent out Mystic and Plus. Knowing what the two could do, Plus just jumped up and down and then hopped onto Mystic. The Beautifly flew around Charon, and Plus cheered.

"Wow, now we're convinced." Charon remarked.

January 26th, 2006, 2:56 PM
OOC: YoshiRiRu, we'll do your idea later in the plot, but for now, let's get a move on. We've been in the same place for too long.

IC: "So what're we waiting for?" Avis asked standing up abruptly "Let's go!" She said as she strapped a red pink watch to her purse strap.
"Take the file's with you" Professor Oak said "Along with the list, as the items may switch around or add people, maybe even double."
Okay, Avis thought, So we'll carry two files with us, what happens if we get it wet, or completely destroy it? But she kept these thoughts to herself.
"Wait, should we wait for daylight?" Avis asked.
"Daylight only exists in tropical regions, like Cinnabar, Sootopolis, Cinnawood, and Pacifidlog. Your watches also tell World of Ruin time." Professor Oak said.
Avis looked down at her watch
3:00AM It said in blaring neon red lights.
"Hey wait a minute, it was 3 PM in the World of Balance last I checked, so does that mean that the time is opposite?" Avis asked.
"Sort of. A few minutes off seeing as you bunch have been here for quite some time now." Professor Oak.
BOOM. He cringed.
"There goes the pokemart at Viridian." Professor Oak said turning on the small television set, which was covered in spider webs and dust, showing a pillar of flames surrounded by people dressed in black with big 'R's on their fronts "Again." He added as though it was blown up daily.
Avis watched as the pokemart she only knew too well went up in flames...or, so to speak, the World of Ruin version. Strangely, it didn't affect her at all.

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 26th, 2006, 4:02 PM
OOC - whats wrong with being in the same place for a long period of time?......no point in rushing things, or what is the point?
and I just knocked on your door, and as your playing prof oak, perhaps answering it? or saying **bugger off** u know whatever lol, just a reaction would be nice ;)

January 26th, 2006, 4:22 PM
OOC: Augh! X( I keep missing things!!! B( well this sux.

IC: "Well then let'd not keep the one out the door waiting forever." Professor Oak said cheerfully.
"There's someone out there?" Avis asked, having heard nothing close to a knock.
"Let's see, and yes, I am right again." Professor Oak said cheerfully wrenching the door open to reveal a boy with a Quilava standing next to him "Well I'd have to guess you're..." He glanced at the list "The last guy on the list, who hasn't checked in, Flash I presume?" Professor Oak did not take long to usher the boy in, quickly sliding behind the door.
"Watch yourself, rocket's are bound to be coming down here soon after blowing up the Mart, they'll be raiding the Lab soon enough." He said cheerfully, as though it happened everyday.
"Then it's not safe to be here!" Avis said quickly "If they find us, then they'll figure out what's going on right?"
"Not likely, they'll just try to steal your pokemon, so I advise you leave soon, and travel not on the open pathways." Professor Oak said peering out the windows, though there was nothing but the blackish red of the night, trees moving ever so slightly in the breeze.

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 26th, 2006, 4:45 PM
OOC - Tis No problem my dear XD

IC - ''whoa'' Flash cried as he was aruptly ushered through the door which had been opened and shut just as quickly by the man who was assumidally Professor oak, if his picture from various magazines was anything to go by that is. Quilava managed to slide between the professor's legs, his tail narrowly avoiding the snap which followed the closing of the door.

''Whoa easy on the threads old man........wait, how did you know my name?''
he took the list which was being handed to him by the professor, and begun to scan his eyes down it, his heart skipped a beat as he noticed that on it were many names, all connected to the name of......the name of pokemon!...but, not just any old pokemon, legenadry pokemon

''What the heck is this?'' he demmanded ''all these pokemon?...there...there not real, there just myths, legends, stories......'' he swallowed hard ''a..aren't they?''

Slowly his eyes moved from the professor, to the surrounding room, he begun to notice that which he had failed to upon he entrance, there were many other people in there, all kids, about his age, they seemed pretty relaxed, or some stressed, eager, confused. Flash scratched his nose and looked down at the equally confused Quilava at his side before looking back down to the list, where a name instantly jumped up and smacked him on the nose

Michael Flash

''Celebi....'' Flash muttered to himself
Years ago, he remembered that his grandfather use to tell him stories of all the different legendary pokemon, the name celebi had always been a familiar one, as it had always been his favourite, the keeper of the time flute, the pokemon which was proberly the hardest to find of all the great ones, as not only was it a master of disguise, telekenisis and evasion, but no one would have a clue what time it was in, even a minute, or a century in front of behind your own time and you would be unable to find it if you looked forever....

Flash closed his eyes and clenched his fists, incedentally screwing up the little bit of paper in his right hand.

''Look....'' he said with frustration ''I just woke up, in a field about 10 minutes ago, I have no idea how I got there, but I know it is a long way from home. Now I come to this lab, innocentaly looking to see if you could provide an answer as to how I got here, and the next thing I know, i have been thrown into the mix with all you guys, and given a list with my name next to that of some made up pokemon....now would someone! please tell me! what the deal is?!''

January 26th, 2006, 5:04 PM
Kanira stared at Flash. A smile tugged at her lips as she listened to him talk. "Myths and legends eh? I don't think so. Raikou and the rest of the legendary Pokemon are very real. Perhaps they haven't been seen by many people, but I can promise you they are." She paused and considered how to tell him about everything else. He didn't believe that the legends existed so why would he believe in two worlds? She wasn't completely sure it wasn't all a dream yet herself. As she pondered a picture flashed into her mind.

A bright flash and a loud roar. A creature stood before her. Electric yellow fur gleaming in the darkness. She looked up...

The picture faded. She blinked. What was that? A memory from my past? I don't recall ever seeing it before. And that Pokemon...was it... She shook the thought from her mind. "Well to make this simple, there are two worlds. The World of Balance and the World of Ruin. We're from the World of Balance as are you. Now we are in the World of Ruin. We were chosen by legendary Pokemon to find their items so we can restore peace and balance to the World of Ruin. So we were dragged here and now we have to go on a journey to save the world. Oh yeah, and our Alternates, ourselves but the polar opposite of us, are here because the worlds are kind of linked. This place is a complete wreck and the teams we know from the World of Balance are here but really powerful and they're in power over the regions. That's about as simple as I can make. Impossible and very hard to believe I know. But ya gotta accept it at some point." She gave a half hearted shrug and tried to recall the flash of memory she had just gotten. It was gone. She sighed. Soon she would forget all about it. That was the way it happened when the memory slipped away like that.

OOC: This is a pretty good insight into my characters personality. Sarcastic and to the point. :P

January 26th, 2006, 5:34 PM
Clyde stood, and hastily began preparations for his plan. All at once, a dull roar was audible and in the distance, a faint glow, such as that of a large fire, was flashing in and out of appearance.

"If this world is anything like mine, that's about where Viridian City would be, yeah?"

The boy stood in wonder, and all thoughts of his plan left his mind. He slowly then turned back towards the kid who was walking to the lab last he checked. However, he just managed to catch the door closing, as he assumed the kid had entered. He waited for a second to make sure the kid wasn't anywhere else, then made his way towards the laboratory. It was eerily quiet as the fire burned in the distance. He walked towards the lab, his eyes still fixed on the inferno in the distance. As he walked toward the door, he heard someone talking.

"Pfft.. it's probably that kid, just strutting his stuff." Clyde muttered, and silently opened the door.

As he entered and shut the door behind him, he came across quite a different individual than that of which he had encountered several minutes ago. Less was he the strong, arrogant little prick he had met before, but a mortal - scared, confused, and angry. He thought about saying something, but he wanted to savor this revenge. So he leaned against the wall, and watched the once high and mighty kid squirm like an ant under a magnifying glass.

The guy was so skeptical. As Clyde listened to him argue about how it couldn't be real, it hit him how real it actually was. He had been in one big daze ever since he got here, but now it was starting to clear up - this was happening to them.. now. Whether this kid chose to believe it or not. It had to be real... right?

January 26th, 2006, 7:16 PM
Kari looked to the t.v. and noticed the mart going down. Hearing that the rockets might head their way she slowily narrowed her eyes as if glaring to the rockets in the t.v. Hime blinked slightly surprised at seeing the flames. She had hears everyone talking and being quiet it was only natural no one noticed her which was what she wanted. When everyone grew quiet, she knew this was as good as any to leave. Just as she was about to move, oak let in the boy and his pokemon as she only glared to him and started to walk away as Oak didn't bother to answer her question which was fine. If it was important to her, she would use force to get him to answer it. But to her, it was not an issue. She walked passed everyone including the boy with the Quilava. Hime shook her head and followed after Kari but stopping to look at Quilava and his trainer giving a light smile.

"Vwee Vwee weev Vweevee." She said to Quilava meaning Don't worry about Hikari refuring to how her trainer acts to everyone and new commers.

Hime than followed Kari out as they began to make their way. She couldn't help but think about Rayquaza and the emerald jewel. She had stopped and looked around. She took out a pokeball and opened it as a red beam flew out and appeared was Ponyta. She knew it would take the others a few to get going and she began to put on the bridle and sattle to Ponyta and than the pack. She was low on food and needed to get more, but Pallet wasn't the best place for it. She would have to head further away to the next city beyond Viridan. Hopefully the rockets didn't bother the stores there. She put her left foot in the hook and held on to the horn as she swong her leg over and straddled the pokemon. Hime her Eevee jumped up and landed inbetween her legs.

"Mononoke. . . Let's head out." She said softily as Mononoke her ponyta bayed softily and Kari touched reins to the right with very little pull as Mononoke turned right and started to walk off down the path of the Ruin World.

< If there is a pallet town and virdian city, than that means this place is going to be easy to navigate.> She thought to herself.

"Rayquaza. . . It lives in my region of the balance world. Hoenn. Monoke? Hime? We're going home. . . er um. . . sort of." Said Kari as Mononoke and Hime smiled within.

Hime wanted to know what the other version of her trainer would be like. She only caught bits and pieces of what the humans were saying about the ulternate parts. What made her more intreged was meeting the pokemon that her trainer's ulternate would be like. If they were all opposite that means that there'd be an Eevee only with the opposite personality of herself. Hime actually couldn't wait.

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 27th, 2006, 4:20 AM
Flash raised an eyebrow as a young girl in the room began to answer his question, when she was done, Michael continued to stare at her for a moment, before his face suddenly broke into a very amused smirk.
''Aren't we the intelligent one my dear, that's a very nice story, a very very nice one, I suppose you're all involved in this little scam, game, whatever you want to call it, and it's very good, unfortunately I do not have time to play kiddies games, I am shall we say a little more mature, then that.''

Quilava looked at his master and smiled
{Well said Michael}

Flash began to turn his eyes over everyone in the room, when he saw another young girl walk towards him, she was trailed by her Eevee, and she merely opened the door and left through it without uttering a word.
''Perhaps I was wrong'' Flash said with another smirk, indicating his attention to the girl who had spoke a moment ago ''Maybe She's the smart one, realising thay I am not one to fall for youer pathetic tricks''
Flash blosed his eyes and scratched his ever itching nose with an elegant sweep, before opening his eyes again and removing an empty pokeball from his belt.

''Quilava return'' He said simply, pointing the ball at the fire type
As you wish..} the pokemon said with a bowed head as it was engulfed by the red beam of light prodruding from the pokeball, brinnging and confiding it into it's safety. Michael returned the ball to his belt and looked back up at the surrounding crowd.
''Ok then, just for arguments sake....'' he said to no one in particular, quite the contrary, whilst staring at a cookoo clock on tne wall with miniscule interest

''Say what you say is true, and these, legendary, pokemon have sent for us, tell me first of all, why do they need our help? hmmm? They wouldn't have attainted the status of legendary without reason....why don't they sort it out themselves?.....''
Flash looked back at the professor with a mocking smile, but in rality these looks of dis-belief were masking his true thoughts....did he believe that megendaries were merely myths?....no. experience had taught him that lesson, when he was very young......

January 27th, 2006, 6:10 AM
Kanira only shrugged. "Well I'd guess because the items control them and they figured they might need help. But I'm not asking for flattery or for you to believe me. By your attitude I didn't think you would." She fixed her gaze on him and studied his features. Hesitance to accept wasn't what she would call it. More like arrogance and just trying to cover something up. But she didn't care.

Kanira stretched and moved her eyes to each trainer in the room. "Well I really don't have time to daudle or to listen to this guy mock what has happened and refuse to believe what I tell him. I'm rather bored here and I'd like to get moving. Since itdoesn't seem like that will happen anytime soon, I'll be leaving. I have to check on something anyway." And I need to find some one. She added silently to herself. She stared for a moment at Flash, then allowed Chikorita to jump from her head and walk beside her as she left the room.

Once outside she paused. "Where should I look? Would they be in NewBark?"

"It's possible. Where else would they be? Unless they're traveling."

"I don't know. I was about to set off when I was dragged here. Maybe they were about to go home."

"You think too much. Well it's the best lead we have. And no one will object to us going to Johto alone. That's where Raikou is after all."

"Right." Kanira smiled and thought for a moment. "Do you think we're being a bit selfish?"

"Selfish?" Chikorita yawned and stared at her.

"Yeah. We can't be the only ones with a legendary from Johto. And then there's the matter that the Professor said to travel in groups. Neo Rocket was.'t all that strong when I faced them, but here it's different. Also we're being arrogant thinking we can take this world on by ourselves..."

"Well I have a suggestion. We walk. They'll catch up to us. But don't fly and don't ride on Paws." Kanira nodded. She sighed then set off with only a quick glance at the lab behind her.

January 27th, 2006, 6:28 AM
Listening to this boy made Clyde madder and madder every instant. When he bore that cynical grin on his face, Clyde was filled with a more bitter rage than ever he had before. While he did not show it, a bitter fire roared beneath his eyes. He stepped forward from his hiding place with a silent rage eminating from all of his body, as Karina slowly left the room.

"You are a fool, boy." He said quietly. "What your ego is thrusting at you is no longer sarcasm or cynicism, but ignorance. Do you really believe after waking up in a field in a place that you don't know, into an alternate world, that the rest would just be 'made up?' This is REAL, kid. Get used to it. And fine, assume what you will, it's 'made up.' But you don't know how to get home. Do you want to be alone, or to stay here with people who share the same fate as your own? This is a duty, given to us. Leave your arrogance at the door, if you would. It has no place here."

Clyde's rage fueled his speech. He was filled with an adrenaline rush such as he had never experienced before.

"Before you assume that it's impossible, just think for one miniscule moment that it might be true, and this world might be doomed. Would you really sacrifice this world because you're too selfish to admit that things such as Legendary Pokemon exist?"

The rage was still burning hot as fire. He finished his little speech, walked over to the table, picked up his watch, and strapped it around his waist. He could not bear to look at this boy any longer, lest his rage go out of control and force him to try and hurt the boy.

"Take a moment, and listen with your heart, instead of your brain. You'll hear the cry of this land. Is that worth nothing to you?"

He said this last sentence quietly, and walked towards the door. The rage left his heart.. he had done what he wanted. Whether this kid would swallow his pride for a second and get a perspective of what they were dealing with or not, was his decision.

January 27th, 2006, 9:18 AM
OOC: Sorry i've been away for a while can someone explain whats going on please. Sorry.

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 27th, 2006, 9:32 AM
Flash was rather taken back by the following statemtns by that young girl, and....Oh good god this guy again
Michael put an arm out on his side and leant against the hard wall next to him, he closed his eyes uncaringly and scoffed

''Listen to my heart....HA, thats a good one, incase you haven't realised by now Junior, the only sound your heart makes is....''da boom boom, da boom boom'' if i obesyed that i'de spend most my life doing what I think the lot of you have been doing, banging my head against every hard object in my reach''
He scratched his nose, which now was really starting to irratate him.....he then stood up straight, adjuted his jacket, and parked his but on a nearby table. It shook dangerously but he seemed not to care.
Flash looked up at the group and took a deep breath, he changed his voice tone to it's regular calm self.

''Ok....well seeing as you are all so eager, and have put a lot of work into trying to convince me of this, but covered that eagerness quite poorly i think I should add, it seems to me that, you can't do this without me.''
He smiled at this, it gave him great satisfaction to know that he was a neccecaty to this group of wack jobs to continue.

''So....what exactly, are you planning to do about it?......and, what exactly are you proposing I, to do about it? hmmm?''

January 27th, 2006, 9:41 AM
OOC: Meh blank me then!

IC: Yen walked along the path. The doppel ganger ran at him and tried to kick him again.
"How many times have I got to tell you that you have the same mind as me!" He grolwed as he grabbed his foot and threw him over his shoulder. Both Elle's trotted along the path next to them.
"Darn this!" Shadow Yen said to Yen. He walked ahead of the three.
"He's got problems!" Yen said to Elle and shadow Elle. They both nodded and smiled.
"HEY!" Shadow Yen grolwed to his Elle. She giggled a bit and started chatting to Normal Elle again.

January 27th, 2006, 2:55 PM
"I think you need to step off your throne Mr. High-and-Mighty," Avis said folding her arms, though saying it lightly and calmly "You're not the ruler of the world, and besides, you're not the only who thinks logically here. Just because you've got enough ignorance and just because you don't have the manners to hold back your thoughts and put them out in a polite fashion, doesn't mean we don't. I say the legendaries need us, because some of them are already in control of the Leaders. Remember that The Mask of Ice has the Gate Key. It'd be fun playing against time wouldn't it?" She said brushing the dirt of the couch off the bottom of her skirt.

"Not only that Flash," Professor Oak said, not fazed by the least in Flash's disbelief "But the legendaries are very protective of their items. Only themselves and the item's chosen one can touch their items directly, with a few exceptions, as Mewtwo and Celebi felt they had nothing to fear, as Mewtwo is known to be rather arrogant, and Celebi was confident nobody would find it in a different time period, though it didn't count on The Mask of Ice discovering it's own way to travel through time to find the item. Archi and Maxie never touched the Orb's directly, so they have no means of controlling their legendary just yet."

"And what Clyde means by 'Listen to you're heart' is summed up, is listen to your conscience, not your logic." Avis said "Anyway, I say we go now, we can meet up with the others sooner rather than later so that the Rockets don't get to them first! Besides," She added to Flash "I think it'd be fun to travel through time don't you think so? Celebi is a very powerful legendary, and it'd be nice to have that legendary on our side, not Neo Team Rocket's. I'm proposing you help us, since you're the one the Gate Key chose. Besides, since you're obviously so powerful, you'll be able to easily take down the Great Mask of Ice right?" Avis asked.

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 28th, 2006, 11:58 AM
Flash had been mockingly smirking at the girl and professor throughout their entire speech, the old man seemed to be uncaring of the attitude the boy knew perfectly well he was giving across, not that he cared what other people thought of him. And the girl had seemed to have gone from uncaring of what Michael thought, to angry at him, to trying to offer friendship with him....what a strange girl....typical woman. However his smile broke a bit when she made the comment about being powerful enough to control celebi, he took this as a sort of mock....

''hey, of course im powerful enough!'' he snapped at her
''there is nothing I can;t handle, legendary or not......I will be able to do it easily!..''

he sruptly stopped, realising he had come a bit out of character so to speak.... ''but.....'' he said in an attempt to recover ''I didn't even sa i believe in legendaries....because i dont....because...bec...because it's a load of rubbish!''
The boy began to breath quickly, knowing he had perhaps gone a bit too far, after all....he had become immensly interesed in this entire situation......he closed his eyes, and reopened thjem with his same old cocky smile on his face.

''Very well then...'' he said simply ''I shall play along, after all, i wouldnt want all you lot going out there and hurting yourselves looking for ''legendary pokemon'' he finished camly with air quotes.

''let me get something straight though, im supposed to be getting this item belonging to this wierd green thing...celebi, or whatever it's calld, so that i can control it?.....but, the item is only available in another time? a different era?....listen to yourselves, how can that even be possible? and either way, how would i supposed to be able to get it? hmmmm?''

January 28th, 2006, 12:06 PM
OOC: She was never angry. She just pointed things out in a brash way and calmed down mid-way through. *cough* it says 'calmly' *cough* but w/e

Professor Oak raised an eyebrow "The Mask of Ice has it. The Mask of Ice resides in this time period. In order to travel through time, The Mask of Ice needs the Silver Feather and the Rainbow feather. It's missing both, so it can't really travel through time right now."

"I never said you weren't strong enough to control Celebi, I just said Celebi's a powerful legendary." Avis shrugged "I asked whether you'd be able to take down the Mask of Ice, not whether you'd be able to control your legendary."

'Wow, this guy needs to get over himself.' Avis thought, pushing the door to the lab open "So, I don't see any Rockets out here. Should we leave now?"

"Sure, don't forget these watches, and you'll also want to watch out for any Rockets that may be on the way." Professor Oak said, notioning toward the abandoned watches.

OOC: We should get this along. 5 pages and we're still stuck at the lab.

January 28th, 2006, 12:36 PM
Clyde admired Avis and the Professor. If he was in their position's, he might have slain that boy. Clyde saw where they were going, however; and put his two cents in.

"Yeah, bro. It'd be just the legendary for your level of skill..."

Clyde winced as he said this.

Yeah, skill at being a jackass..

"Anyways, the Professor said you need the Silver Feather and the Rainbow Feather for your item, yeah? Well, read it and weep, kid."

Clyde gingerly drew the silver feather from his jacket pocket. It glistened in the fading light, and swayed in the slight draft. He grinned, and returned the sacred item to his pocket.

"What more proof do you need?"

Clyde left it at that, and followed Avis' suit, and began to exit the lab, raising the hand with his watch on it to the Professor to let him know he had it in his possesion. He brushed the hair out of his face, and grinned to himself.

I've got to have him there. I've gotta. If he doesn't take the fact that I have a Silver Feather from Lugia as a sign that they're real, then he's stupider than I thought.

OOC: I explained how the SF came into my possesion earlier in the RP, I didn't just pull it out of nowhere. So I have backstory regarding it. Just letting everyone know.

January 29th, 2006, 7:07 AM
OOC: I know.

IC: "Not to burst your bubble Clyde, but he only needs it to time travel. He can still stop time, rather safely as well, and he can still control Celebi. Flash needs the feather's to travel through time safely, but who know's if he really cares?" Avis whispered to Clyde.

"Kay bye Professor!" Avis waved goodbye to the Professor.

"Goodbye, hope you don't run into any nasty Rockets!" He said keen to close the door again, now his already messy hair looked even more rumpled, but Avis couldn't blame him. He's just told the story of the millenium condensed into a mere...half hour was it? Hour? She was too lazy to look, and deemed that it probably didn't matter anyway.

"So, you're coming too right?" She asked Flash, taking a step to the side so she wouldn't block Clyde's way out.

January 29th, 2006, 8:02 AM
IC: Clyde whispered back. "Aye, but isn't the Gate Key, Celebi's item, in another time? Wouldn't he need my feather to command the Mask of Ice in the first place? How can he control Celebi without the Gate Key?" He reasoned quietly

He nodded to the Professor in parting, and then turned to the kid.

He silently awaited Flash's decision as whether or not to join them. Not that he cared, or anything. This kid would just be another nuisance. To tell the truth, he wished that he wouldn't come.

Let's just get this over with.

January 30th, 2006, 5:47 PM
Kari had just made her way to Virmillian City or so she hoped. She walked Mononoke to walk towards the Pokemon Center in hopes to find a place to rest. She knew the Nurse Joys in her world were kind and gentle, but if this world was ment for opposites, than it's most likely the Nurse Joys here would be stern and harsh. Kari dismounted Mononoke after stopping infront of the pokemon Center and took the reins to lead Mononoke into the center. She moved her to one side of the door in the lobby and began to work on taking off first the rolled up bag for camping off from Mononoke's back. Kari than worked on to take off her own backpack to place next to the rolled up back. She than turned to started unbuckling the sattle and letting it slide off Mononoke's back she placed it down next to her stuff. She than turned to take the bridle off of her and stepped back holding up an empty pokeball. Hime leaped off the back of Mononoke and looked around the center.

"Mononke, Return." Said Kari sternily as a red beam flew out and hit Mononoke and she disappeared as it returned back into the pokeball as it opened and than closed.

Kari placed the pokeball back on her belt and turne to walk towards the counter Hime following beside her. Kari picked up Hime and placed her on the counter looking at the Nurse Joy.

"Welcome to Virmillian City's Pokemon Center. Give me your pokemon now." Said the nurse joy look alike as Kari was rather shocked at the forceness of her voice.

Kari took out her pokeballs and placed them in the container. The Nurse Joy look alike took the pokemon and gave them to a Chansy. She came back and took Hime and followed after Chansy. Kari just blinked and watched as they took her pokemon. She sighed and turned to walk back to her stuff to keep an eye on it. Soon, the nurse came back.

"They'll be ready by tomorrow. That Ponyta of yours is much stronger than most. What do you do? Put it under special vitamines to make her stronger?" Asked the nurse in a smirking voice.

"No. I use her alot to train her legs to become stronger while at the same time her body and stamina. She is my traveling horse after all." Said Kari sternily pointing to her stuff as the Nurse just looked at it surprised.

"Well in any case you need a place to stay right?" Asked the Nurse.

"Yes." Said Kari as Nurse nodded and turned to walk away.

"Follow me please." She said as Kari followed after so that she could be lead to her room.

Once settled she walked back out to get her stuff and placed them back into her room. She than layed on the bed and looked up to the ceiling.

"Let see. . . After resting up, we'll head to Saffron where the train should be ready to take us to the Jotoh Region and from their we'll take the ship to Hoenn Region. But we need to take this one step at a time." Said Kari softily.

Unlike the others, she did not take the watch for she felt she didn't need it.

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 31st, 2006, 10:16 AM
Flash was feeling extremely amused, if these people were indeed telling the truth, but all still very obviously wackjobs......then they needed him, oh yes they were trying to keep that little detail covered up, but Flash could read them like an open book, they were just the sort of people he had grown up with, so convinced of there purity and good'ness, so blinded by what isn't true that it also leads to cocky'ness of it, very typical behaviour of a large population of civilisation.......just another aspect which made Flash very much unique.
I could have some laughs with these guys, besides, if what theys ay is true, it would be a fools choice to pass up the chance for a legendary pokemon of my own! he though with a selfconscience grin.

''Yes of course'' Flash said fimly, putting on his first serious face since entering the laboratory, he needed them now to believe that he had been totally convinced and wanted to coperate, finally 18 months worth of acting classes were going to pay off.....

''I think you're right, we need to get going, we've wasted too much time already, we should go, but uuum, may i ask, are you simply rubbing in my face that you have the neccecary feather for my legendary?'' he said indicating the insane boy who posessed it
''or are you actually going to allow me it's ownership?....after all, it is all for the greater good''

his face was one of general politeness and making a simple question, inside, he was laughing like a mad man.......

February 1st, 2006, 5:23 PM
Avis bristled with indignaty "Nothing can control the Mask of Ice but the man behind the Mask!" She snapped.
"Besides, I repeat Professor Oak's words, the Mask of Ice has the Gate Key, and the Mask of Ice can't time travel without that feather. So, the Gate Key is here, in this time period. And I think the reason why he has the feather is to utilized our teamwork. A mere feather cannot control his legendary, that'd be stupid! Then everyone would be controlling Ho-Oh and Lugia! He needs the Aero Pendant see?" Avis pointed at the list.
Woah. Since when did she become an expert at this. She was starting to get used to the way things were thought out here in the World of Ruin she supposed, shrugging it off.
"Let's go already." Avis said, bypassing to the back of the lab, and slipping into the trees, hoping to not run into any Rockets.

February 2nd, 2006, 9:05 AM
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February 14th, 2006, 6:25 PM
OOC: ((okay that is weird. Suddenly no one responds after the second of Feb. I wonder if this place is even open anymore. . . What's going on? Is this rp still on? Anyways, if not, I guess I can't really continue here which is okay. I can do another rp. Anyways, just asking.))