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March 14th, 2006, 6:18 PM
The three legendary pokemon known as Suicune, Entei, and Raiku have tooken refuge under a Pokemon Academy in Johto. This Academy was built mainly to protect the secrecy of these pokemon and keep them from harms way. But, one of the students have overheard a faculty discussion and leaked out the information of legendary pokemon hiding in the undergorund chamber of the Academy. Word soon got out to four evil groups who call themselves Team Rocket, Team Magma, Team Aqua, and Team Dragoon (who of course by the name uses dragon pokemon). They are planning on attacking the school and stealing the pokemon for themsleves, and with so much threat against the school, the teachers must turn to the students for assistance. That's where you come in. You are a new student in Pokemon University, and have no clue of the chaos that will happen in this school. You must rank up and strengthen your team to help protect the school and the three legendary dogs from danger. Because if these guys gets their hands on them, the world is over as we know it.

I won't actually hold a limit to how much people can join, but I'll start once I have five people. Then, anyone can join in while it in process.

Extra Information:
You cannot rank up in the school unless you win a rank match which takes place every week (in game weeks, not actual weeks). The number of pokemon you are allowed to hold depend on your rank.

Courses: You choose six.
Battle 1.0- Professor Powell, a mucles bound guy with black hair tied in a ponytail.
Evolution 1.0- Professor Ceal, a cooky looking guy whose bald and pudgy.
Potions 1.0- Professor Yale, a glases wearing, science loving nerd. His hair is spiky and red.
Markeing 1.0- Professor Toma, she is pretty big, but ull of energy. She has shoulder length green hair.
Gym- Coach Leon, he is fit crazy and love to over exercise his students. His hair is short and blue.
Health ad Care 1.0- Professor Joy, who better to teach this course than nurse joy herself.
Contest Ana. 1.0- Professor Twitter, she is hyper active and tends to ook a bit nutty. She has red pigtails.
Breeding 1.0- Professor Twain, here's a ladies man. The female students seems to love his course alot. He has bushy brown hair.
Pokemon 411 1.0- Professor Oak. Wow, the professor himselff has come to teach in this school, that definitely means lots of book work and studying.
(You can switch courses during the year.)

Ranks- Rookie, Beginner, Intermediate, Advance, Novice.
Rookie Feild Pokemon:
Elektric(forgot how to spell it)




Rooms. These are the rooms in the school and their descriptions.

Main Hall: This is where meetings are held. Kind of like the auditorium. The room is on water. In other words, the seats and stage are on on water. In this "lake", are statues of pokemon with water spraying from the top. Also it has lilypads floating across it as well.

Rookie training room: A room where trainers can fight against virtual pokemon. Their attacks do lay damage, so don't underestimate them. The virtual pokemon in this room are rattata, squirtle, charmander, bulbasaur, pidgey, dratini, gastly, drowzee, swinub, houndour, geodude, sandshrew, and ekans. One of each type. The virutal zone will put you up against your types complete weakness. Once you switch your pokemon, the virtual pokemon will switch as well. The other training rooms will be posted later.

Pokemon Center: Your pokemon must be left in the center depending on how bad its condition. If it merely fainted in a battle, then a couple of hours should do. But if it was severely injured, then it must stay the night.

Trainers Lounge: Here is where trainers come to chill and relax from all the school work. It is the biggest place in the school, consisting of three floors. The first floor is the lounge itself. It has multiple round tables in the middle and seats for two on the side. Hanging lights are hung from the ceiling, and at the near back is the vending machine section. The second floor holds the battle arenas. This is where eager trainers who would love to test out their pokemon against a trainer or who just hold a grudge can battle. The place holds ten arena's. The third floor is by far the students faavorite, seeing how it holds the huge pool. Also containg arena's for tennis, basketball, and volleyball.

Library: It looks like any rich library. This is where trainers come to do their book reading of course. It holds two floors. The bottom is where the books are held, and the second is where the computers are placed. The computers allow access to any information about certain pokemon.

Green House: A room where plants are grown obviously. These plants and herbs are used as ingredients for pokeblocks, and potions. Miss daisy runs the green house and always looks foward to visits from the students.

Boys dorm: Self explanatory. Everyone shares three roommates

Girls dorm: Self explanatory. Three roommates as well.

Classes: These will be created by you guys as well. I sort of need help in creating them.

Cafeteria: who needs a description for the one subject that everyone passes. Lunch.

Test room: This is where the matches are held for the rank battles. Also, tournaments will be held here as well.

If you have any ideas on extra room, then pm me and I will post it if it sounds good.

Back on track:
They will start their attack in one month, enough for you to rank up four ranks, if you win all the matches that is.

You can't have just any pokemon, you must pick from the list of the academy's entry pokemon.

Next Rank:
When you rank up, you get to choose one new pokemon. And your allowed four pokemon. These are your choices:
(Your third and fourth pokemon should be pokemon you caught in the school's field yard. I will post what pokemon are available in what fields. Some are only available for certain ranks.)

RPing Sample:

My charcter:
Name: Rarule Romona

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Description: He's 5'9" with black, long and stringy hair. He wears these blue shades that match the designs on his red shirt.

Personality: He is quiet and secretive at first, but once he gets to know you and get used to you, het is more outgoing and energetic. He likes a good challenge and gets uninterested and bored when things are too easy.

History: Rarule grew up on an island which fed his love of water pokemon. As a kid, he always wanted to be a trainer but couldn't convince his parents to allow him to travel on his own. Growing up as an only child he was often spoiled but never let it heighten his ego. As a child of a rich family, it was obvious that they would send him to a private school.

Rarule watched his parents drive off then headed straight for the school. He couldn't believe his parents were seniding him to some snobby rich kid school. Leave it to his parents to try and spoil him. He reached the entrance when one of the guards stepped in front of him.
Guard: You cannot enter until you win a match.

Rarule looked lost.

Rarule: Match? But the school told me not to come with any pokemon.

Gaurd: Right, you must choose from these five pokemon as your starter then face me in a match. If you win, you can enter.

Rarule looked at the pokeballs. They each had the names of the pokemon held inside engraved on them. He picked the one named Azurill since it was a water pokemon and stepped back. He yelled out "Come on out Azurill!" and threw the pokeball. The blue toned Azurill popped out of the ball and bounced around on his tail playfully. The guard threw his pokeball and out came a Rattata.

Rarule: Lets go Blue Haze(his nickname)!

April 1st, 2006, 7:31 PM
Sorry, I had no idea that this rp made it through. I kind of worked on a better stroy line for it and editted it on the thread.

April 1st, 2006, 7:44 PM
Ill join

Name: Dylan Peroko
Gender: Male

Description: Dylan is 6'11 and wegihs about 145 pounds. Dylan has a plain green cap on his head. He has black hair with a plain blue t-shirt and blue raggy shorts he has black and blue shoes mostly black but some blue on the edges.

Persinality: He is easy going and very loud. Dylan is not shy at all and will state what he has to say. Dylan is very hot haeded at times and can be jeausloy some times but he is very nice to people and pokemon he meets.

Histroy: Dylan grew up in the city with many pokemon because his father studied pokemon and helped with proffeser elm. Dylan was always very good with pokemon. Dylan became a trainer and student to follow his older brother Dan foot steps.

Pokemon: Elekid

RPing Sample: Dylan had been on the same ship as Areion but he was below the deck with his pokemon. "Man I can't belive I'm going to Kanto huh guys" said Dylan smiling. "Absoll..." said Gear turning around. "Hey Gear lighten up a bit it is suppose to be a trip". "Kingler king" said Claw. "Thats right Claw you got the spirte" I said laughing. I heard the the Captin say on the speaker phone that he wanted me on the deck alone. "Alright guys stay hear I wont be gone long don't cause a mess". I walked out of the and headed up the stairs. I could hear noises on the deck. "It's probely that other trainers pokemon" I whispered to myself. When I reached the deck there were all these pokemon around. "Howl cow" I said surpieds to see this many pokemon. I walked up the stairs again to enter the Captins room to see the captin and another trainer witch was probly the one who owned the pokemon outside." Hey what do you need me for" I exclaime. "The reason you are going to Kanto is to talk to Proffeser birch about Dexoys rise to attack the earth and about the Dark Knights" said the captin calmly. "Are you siruos" I said. I sarted to blink really fast. " I am most serious and this trainer next to you is has the same quest you two should get to know each other better". I look at the trainer and said "Okay". I left the room and got back at the deck. Opened a door and yelled "Hey guys come on up". And all these pokemon raced to the deck tranpoling Dylan. "owww."

April 2nd, 2006, 5:20 AM
your approved. Just get the rpg sample and your all set

~*!*~Tatsujin Gosuto~*!*~
April 2nd, 2006, 6:11 AM
I'll join
Description:A girl that takes nothing from anyone, bad attitue other than that she is nice. She has Red/Blonde braids, 5"2 and wears alot of Red clothing. About 110 pounds.
Personality:2 face
History:from NYC
Pokemon: Phanphy

:t003:Dark Venusaur

April 2nd, 2006, 6:19 AM
Alright I have my Rp sample in my profile.

April 2nd, 2006, 7:31 AM
okay, Dark Venasuar you need an rp sample and your set as well.

~*!*~Tatsujin Gosuto~*!*~
April 2nd, 2006, 11:59 AM
Whats a RP sample for my profile

:t003:Dark Venusaur

April 2nd, 2006, 2:57 PM
it doesn;t have to be of your profile, you could copy an rp you've done in another rp.

April 2nd, 2006, 3:06 PM
Description:A girl that takes something from anyone, bad attitue other than that she is polite. She has Brown Hair, 5"2 and wears mostly the latest fashions. About 110 pounds.
History:from Philipines

April 2nd, 2006, 3:15 PM
=( sorry Faerie but you can't start with any pokemon. If you read it, you must work your way up by choosing a starter pokemon from the list. Other then an rp sample and a starter pokemon, your in.

April 2nd, 2006, 3:36 PM
Citron I have edited it as requested. Thanks if you accept me!

April 2nd, 2006, 3:43 PM
I'll join, if it's ok.

Name: Jason Galarn
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Description: Blue jeans, dark grey T-shirt, fisherman's hat
Personality: Laidback, almost shadowy, like no one knows what he's thinking.
History: He was voted "Most likely to succeed" before being transferred to the University. Now, he hopes to hone his pokemon skills by raising one.

RPing Sample: Jason looked up from his sore feet as the Pokemon University, he smiled with relief. He was almost to a nice, warm bed. He hurried quickly to the campus.

April 2nd, 2006, 6:39 PM
Okay, lets see. First, Faerie you chose from the wrong list, the pokemon to choose from are Elekid, Phanpy, Azurill, Teddiursa, and Magby. Just choose one of them and that's all I need. Second, Larvitar you need to choose a starter as well and then your in. Thank you =)

April 2nd, 2006, 9:42 PM
Haven't joined in an Rp for some time now so I'll join this one.

Name: Ryo
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Description: Ryo has sapphire blue eyes and blue hair. He wears a long sleeved gray shirt under a loose blue T-shirt along with a pair of plain blue pants. He has on a blue headband that goes along with his gloves.
Personality: (Will evidently change depending on the RP plot)Very kind and gentle, Ryo is friendly and helpful. He is also knowledgable and quite experienced.
History: Ryo has always studied about Pokemon. His knowledge of Pokemon is only second to his interesting drawing skills and tactically prowess. He lived with his loving parents and sister in New Bark Town.
Pokemon: Magby
RPing Sample:

Waving goodbye to his parents, Ryo looked at the school before him. He was quite intrigued to know of the Pokemon Academy. He felt a burning fire inside of him. Gripping his backpack, Ryo made his way towards the front gate only to be stopped by a guard.

"Halt there boy." The guard said to Ryo.

"Uh... Okay. Now can you let me through? I am kind of in a hurry here." Ryo said to the guard.

"No entrance until you've defeated a guard in a pokemon battle and that would be me." he said.

"But I..." Ryo started only to get interrupted.

"We were instructed to let you choose one of the pokemon to use. From left to right, they are: Azurill, Magby, Elekid, Teddiursa, and Phanpy. Now choose one and let's get started." The guard rushed.

"Fine." Ryo said and motioned a hand towards the second pokeball to the left. The guard stepped back and tossed out a pokeball. A Krabby came out.

The guard said, "How will you beat this, boy? We were also told not to go easy on you kids."

"Oh. So that's how you're going to play." Ryo said and tossed the Magby containing pokeball. The Magby yawned as he made his appearance. "Magby, Smog and then Flamethrower. Go!" Ryo shouted as his Magby shot out a fog of gas. The smog enveloped the Krabby. The guard started to call out a command but was too late. Magby quickly fired a stream of fire at the smog which triggered an explosion around the Krabby. As the dust lifted, the Krabby laid on the ground twitching. The guard with an astonished returned his KO'd Krabby.

"Ah. Mighty impressive, boy. Didn't know you were the tactical typ. Welcome to the Pokemon Academy." The guard said opening the gate. Ryo called back Magby. He nodded once to the gaurd and made his way in. On his way in though, he sees a boy about his age also trying to battle to get in. "I have a hunch that I'll be meeting that guy real soon." Ryo muttered as he turns back towards his destination.
And to be exact, citron, Azurill isn't a Water type ,well not yet at least, but actually a Normal type. Hate to burst your bubble there buddy.

April 3rd, 2006, 4:41 AM
Thanks =). And your in naruto.

Pineapple Pocky
April 3rd, 2006, 4:57 PM
Name: Sora Niwa
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Description: shoulder length Purplish-Pink Hair, green eyes, white arm braces, green cargo shorts, and red tank top.
(Looks almost exactly like this, just take the cat ears off)

Personality: Quiet and a little shy, Sora's not one to make new friends. She prefers to stick with talking to pokemon. Although if someone approaches her, or if she has no choice but to talk, she decides to. But she usually keeps to the side and stays out of the way.
History: Sora's parent's died on a strange new island that she traveled to to find them, only to learn they died there. Sora now wanders around different towns without a real destination.
Pokemon: Teddiursa
RPing Sample:

I walked beside the Fearow wondering where the other guardians could be. "So what's your name anyway?" i asked him. "My name is Hige" the bird answered. It flew on for a couple seconds before it stopped. I looked back at him.
"What's wrong Hige?!" "There is another Guardian nearby..." He answered. "Is it one of the evil ones you told me about?" "No. we must hurry before we lose them!" Hige said lowering a wing so i could climb up. We flew through the forest and past a plain until we reached water.

I could see three glowing auras on the far shore. "Do you see that Hige?" "Yes, the purple aura is the Psychic guardian, the light blue one is the ice guardian, and the electirc blue one is the Electric guardian.
Eventually we reached shore and i jumped of fearow's back. I looked around at the three Guardians. I started to walk towards them, but i stopped when I started to glow Gray.

Ann looked at her hands. The "aura" was coming off her like a gray smoke. "Cool!..." she said, the smoke floating around her. Fearow landed on the ground beside her. "Hey maybe you shouldn't come so close to them, yuor pretty big... and kinda scary" she said looking at Hige who was moving towards the guardians. " Don't worry, none of them can see or hear me but you." he chirped pushing me foward with one wing. "Go on." he said quietly. I took a few steps foward. "Hi... I'm one of the guardians." she said shyly. Ann wasn't one to talk to strangers... or anyone for that matter.

April 3rd, 2006, 6:05 PM
Great we have six people besides my self. We can start now once faerie and larvitar tells me their starters.

Read below posts for new information

April 3rd, 2006, 6:07 PM
I moved the pokemo list to the top.

April 3rd, 2006, 6:08 PM
I moved the rooms to the top as well.

April 3rd, 2006, 6:09 PM
(Now this is just to finish what I started in my rp sample)

"Use bubble!" Rarule orders. Blue Haze immediately shot out a barrage of bubbles.

"Dodge with quick attack! Then pull in with a tackle!" The rattata did just that. With amazing speed, it dodged that attack and went on the attack.

"Jump on top of the bubbles Blue Haze! A little trick I learned from a pokemon contest." The azurill hopped on top of the bubbles and escaped the attack. "Now, charm!" blue Haze let out a cute charm attack that nearly immobolized rattata.

"Come on Rattata. Snap out of it!"

"Too late! Let's finish this, Bubblebeam!" the stream of bubbles surrounding a light blue beam shot out and caught rattata directly. Leaving the poor thing in a daze. "Looks like I win."

"Rattata is unable to battle! Winner! Rarule!"

The gaurd bowed and stepped aside as Rarule walked pass towards the school, his Azurill tailing alongside with him.

"Aren't you going to put him back in his pokeball?"

Rarule stopped and looked down at his energetic friend. "Nah. I'll leave him out for now."

He turned to face the school and smiled. "If this is the entrance test, then this may be some interesting years."

April 3rd, 2006, 6:48 PM
I havn't done an RPG in years. It's time I do one again.
Name: Seph
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Description:He is 6'1 and has platinum white hair. He wears an orange shirt with a silver vest and Black pants. He also has shimmering green eyes.
He also wears a red shirt with a team Magma symbol at times.
Personality: A bit arrogant and a little cocky, but he has some skill to back it up. He looks up to his father, GEM, and holds a high respect for anyone he considers worthy of it.
History: He is the son of GEM, a high ranked Team Magma operative who goes by the code name M-6. He was a part of team magma since borth, but only officially became a member of it at the age of 7. He has a decent rank, M-G36, for such a young age. He has been on many missions, but this will be his first undercover mission.
Pokemon: Magby
RPing Sample:
*Shhhzztttzzz* "M-G36... do you read me?"
"Yeah yeah. I read you. So, when are you going to tell me the details of my mission?"
"Well, are sources have been telling us that a Pokemon Acadamy in Jhoto is a cover-up to hide away the three Legendary Beasts."
"...! Wow! So what I'm I supposed to do?"
"Well, you're going to go undercover as a student and give us any information you can find. We've had an application sent in and approved, so no need to worry."
"All right, so what now?"
"Your flight should be landing in front of the school in the next few minutes."
"Great then."
*Ten minutes later*
Seph's jet had already landed. He had made his way to the school's entrance.
It had a large gate, and he spyed a large gaurd with a collection of Pokeballs.
"Hault! before you can enter you must fight me in a Pokemon batttle. Choose from he available pokemon.
"Hmmm..." He looked through the selection.
Azurill, no.
Electkid, no.
Magby... yes, that's the one.
"Go, Magby!"
A Magby popped out from the Pokeball.
"Mag mag!"
"Go, Meoth!"
Hmmm..., seph thought. This shouldn't be to hard.
"Magbi, use Ember!"
Magbi shot out a small flame and spread it about.
"Meoth, use scratch!"
The Meowth lunged, but Magbi bairly managed to dodge.
"Use fire punch Magbi!
Magbi knock the Meowth down, burning it. It was clear who was victorious.
"Well, you beat me kid. Go on in."
Seph entered the gates with a sense of confidence.
"I think I'll call you Pyro."
Mag!" Pyro called in approval.

Also, how about a Princaples office. Figured I should suggest.

April 4th, 2006, 4:39 AM
Yeah. I can't believe I forgot about that one. Anyways, your definitely in. I was waiting to see if anyone was going to take the secret agent route. Now I don't need to make up one for Team Magma, cause I didn't say this before, but there will be one for all three.

April 4th, 2006, 7:40 AM
(I just realized we have eough to start the rp. Sorry)

DAY 1- I will post the day changes in my posts.

Rarule opened the grand doors and peered into the massive interior. This school was something alright. He could see a number of trainers and their picks of starter pokemon. He was about to go introduce himself when the PA came on.

"Attention all students! I am your principal Edmund Scolf, and I'd like to welcome you to Pokemon University!" There came loud cheers from the students. "Before we get everything started, I would like you all to head towards the Main Hall for a "Rookie Trainer" meeting. Of course, seeing as how you all are rookie trainers, then we shall see you there."

The speakers made a clicking sound and was silent from then on. The students immediately bustled across the rooms. There were guides helping them find their way to the Main Hall. They must have been teachers.

Rarule moved along with the other students. Scanning his surroundings as they went along. The guides acted as tour guides along the way, showing them rooms which they had access to.

Once they reached the Main Hall, the doors openned and in they went. The Main hall was fantastic. It resembled an over-water concert. The seats were floating on top of water along with the stage. in the water were beautiful statues shooting out water from the top. Lilypads floated across the water as well.

Rarule took his time to enjoy this view, then took his place into a chair. Once the lights dimmed, a man walked onto the stage. He was really stern looking, though he had a welcoming expresion. He had brown hair combed back, hazel eyes, and a scar that ran across his chin and left cheek. "Welcome. I believe I introduced myself before, but seeing how it wasn't in person, my name is Edmund Scolf and I'm your principal."

Pineapple Pocky
April 4th, 2006, 4:23 PM
If you messed up one post and need to do another one, why not edit your first post? Don't want new guys getting in trouble for doubleposting. ^_^

P.S. And I'm sorry, but I have to withdraw myself from this thread. I don't know if I can get online for a while, 'cause my comp needs to get fixed. I suppose I could wait to post till then... But I don't know how long It will take, so I'll have to start later on, okay?

April 4th, 2006, 4:48 PM
sure thing, you can still post whenever

April 4th, 2006, 4:49 PM
I know I'm not in this RP, but I have to suggest a room. You may want a 'Lounge' within the school vicinity. The Lounge will be a place where students can relax and get away from it all. You may also wish to add a library, a quiet place for those brainy students, and also a place to look things up, such as type advantages and disadvantages.

And it's a wise thing to put all the information on the first post, that way it's easier refrence for everyone.

Just some advice from a passerby. ^_^

April 4th, 2006, 5:49 PM
Once Seph entered the building, an announcement went over the PA telling everyone to go to the main hall. When he entered, he saw a large, elegant water area.
"Woah," Seph thought to himself, "This place is huge!"
As soon as he took his seat, he saw a powerful looking man step on to the stage. When he saw the face, he recognized it from the schools file as Principle Edmund Scolf.

April 5th, 2006, 6:19 PM
"Welcome students, all, to the first year of Pokemon University!" Scolf shouted, overpowering the loud bicker coming from the students, "Now I'm not that old, so I know that when an adult is speaking, you get silent!" The raucous stopped immediately and all eyes were on the principal.

"Now I know you all are eager to start battling and catching pokemon in our feild, but let me take the time to go over a little ground rules." He held up a finger, "One, no immature goofing of any sort. Any one caught playing around or running wildly across campus will be dealt with severely by me!" He paused to let that sink in, then put up a second finger. "Two, all pokemon battles that isn't during free hours are unprohibited! Those caught battling when your not supposed to will also be chastised by me!" He had a smirk on his face that only portrayed his pure amusement. "Other then that, you guys should no what not to do in school. Now if you guys turn to the far right," everyone looked back, "you'll see the schools professors waiting to hand you a list of classes you must choose from. your schedule will be processed through whatever it is you've decided on. You won't have classes today of course, your free to explore the school and meet your new roommates. Now, please exit to the far right and be here tonight for the school opening party!"

everyone huslted out the main hall and grabbed the list as they went out. Rarule scanned the paper. "Let's see, we have Battle 1.0; Gym; Breeding 1.0; Health and Care 1.0; Potions 1.0; Contest Ana. 1.0; Marketing 1.0; Pokemon 411 1.0; and Evolution 1.0. Hmmm, and you can only choose six classes to carry you out through the year. Well, I'm definitely takeing Battle 1.0."

He read the others thoroughly. "Maybe Contest Ana. 1.0 as well as Evolution 1.0. Pokemon 411 sounds a little too difficult, so I'm steering away from that. Marketing sounds boring. Breeding 1.0 sounds pretty good. So that's four. Hmmm. Gym is a waste of time. So, Potions 1.0 and Health and Care 1.0 are my last choices." He checked the courses and handed it to a nearby professor with his name on it.

"Now, let's see what the dorms look like, and who I'm sharing it with."

April 5th, 2006, 7:04 PM
Once Seph recieved his list of classes, he immediatly looked it over.
"Hmmm... from which of these classes would I get the most information about the school. Battling and PKMN 411 sound right, probably Evolution to. Gym won't be of any help to me, and neither will marketing. Breeding, I guess. Of the last three, Contest Ana. and Health Care would probably be more usefull than potions."
He checked the class and handed it to a nearby teacher.

"Hmmm... I wonder who I will be dorming with? It might be hard to contact Magma with other people. I might have to sneak out after dark or wait untell they're asleep depending on wether they're light or heavy sleepers."
And with that thought, he headed towards the dorms.

April 7th, 2006, 9:44 AM
Rarule made his way up the stairs leading to the boys dorm. He couldn't care less who he was put with but since he was going to spend almost every second wih them, he might as well get to know them. The dorms hall was pretty basic. Like some fancy apartment or hotel with card operated doors. He searched for dorm 20 and took out his I.D. card.

Swiping it over the scanner, the door clicked and slid open. "Wow, the rich seems to hate opening doors too. Can't they do anything themselves?" he walked in and peered into a room with white colored walls, and three white beds. There was no T.V. or radio. Hmmmm. "That's a problem. Music is my life." He stepped in and was greeted by an automated voice.

"Welcome new student to your dorm room. Please feel free to customize your room as you please." Rarule stopped and looked around.

"So... I just tell you what I want?"

"Correct. I will do as you please."

Rarule paced the room, "Well, I guess I'll take the bed to the far left."

"And how do you want your bed to appear?"

"Give it an out at sea sort of look." he said, just realizing that his Azurill was right next to him this whole time. "Wow. How did you stay so silent, I hardly noticed you were there." Azurill just gave a smile and a couple of bounces. "Well, I guess I can keep you out of your pokeball for now."

He turned to see that his bed had already been changed. It now had blue flowing sheets with images of the ocean with water pokemon swimming happily and freely. His pillows had a seperate pokemon each on the covers and matched the sheets perfectly. "Wow. Now this is something I can get used to." Azurill took the moment to jump and spring all over the bed.

"Now, can we do something about this plain white wallpaper?" Rarule thought for a moment, "Maybe a light cyan, or an aquatic blue."

"Man! What is up with you and blue?" Rarule turned to see who it was that said that. At the door was a slightly built kid with a teddiursa hiding behind his leg. He had a grin of confidence on his face that showed his personality. With nothing but sweat clothes, he looked as if he was getting ready or some lifting. The bald head only added to his powerful appearance. "My names Max."

"Rarule." He answered with a hand out to shake. Max grabbed it and shook very firmly. "I see you chose a Teddiursa."

"Yeah. They seem real cute, but boy could they cause a grown man to wet himself when they evolve. I'm in to that whole power scheme. I belive with enough strength, a pokemon can defeat any opponent."

"Yeah, sort of, but it doesn't take strength to win a battle."

"I know, if you can't come up with killer combo's and tactics, then your mince meat!"

"That's exactly how I battle!" This voice didn't come from them. They both turned to see a kid with frizzy sharp yellow hair standing at the doorway. "Marco's the name and tactics my game. There's no one in this school who can beat my killer moves!" He said this with a smile, and the two couldn't help but like this guy.

"Well, looks like your the last of the roommates there Marco. My names Max and this here is Rarule."

"Glad to meet ya." Rarule said with a slight nod. "Where's your pokemon?"

"Oh. I'd like you to meet..." He took a pokeball from his side and threw it up, "Elekid!" The Elekid crossed his arms and scoffed at the other pokemon in the room. "See. I don't let him walk freely because he can't seem to get along with pokemon quite well."

Max laughed outloud. "Well, he's a little rebel is he? Just my type. Yep. I thik I'll like having Elekid as a room mate!"

They all laughed as Elekid just turned his back and went behind Marco.

April 7th, 2006, 6:44 PM
OOC: Is there particular rooms for people, I mean it could prove a bit difficult to just make up a room but... oh whatever.... I'll post in a bit.

April 7th, 2006, 8:42 PM
OOC: Is there particular rooms for people, I mean it could prove a bit difficult to just make up a room but... oh whatever.... I'll post in a bit.
OOC: Yeah. I'm not sure I can make up a whole room. How about me and Naruto dorm together to make it easier?

April 7th, 2006, 9:50 PM
OOC: I guess that's okay, MegaBlazeLight, but YOU have to make up a room. It won't matter to me.

"Hm.... Battle 1.0; Gym; Breeding 1.0; Health and Care 1.0; Potions 1.0; Contest Ana. 1.0; Marketing 1.0; Pokemon 411 1.0; and Evolution 1.0... which to pick...which to pick..." Ryo mumbled to himself. "Battle 1.0 is must... Pokemon 411 is good too...,Evolution 1.0, Contest Ana 1.0, Health and Care I guess...and... hm...maybe Breeding 1.0. I gotta work on that anyways."
Ryo handed his piece of paper to the nearest teacher and was set.
"Guess I'll check on those dorms..." Ryo said and walked towards the dorms area. Upon reaching the dorms, he saw a guy with platinum white hair who looks a bit younger than him there. He seemed a bit shady to Ryo. Walking up to the guy, Ryo asked, "Hey there. You checking out the dorms too?"

OOC: I am talking to you, MegaBlazeLight, of course and assuming you are at the dorms. I'll wait for MegaBlazeLight to get back before Rping further.

April 8th, 2006, 4:36 AM
ooc: That sounds good, and did you guys know I placed information on the course teachers in the first post?

The three room mates sat on their newly customized beds; Max choosing a weight lifing scheme; while Marco chose a thunder storm one. They sat their discussing attack combos that they could use with their pokemon.

"I always use bubble and have Azuril bounce on them to escape physical attacks." Rarule said.

"Yeah, but what about non-physical attacks like thundershock?" Marco asked. "The bubbles would only increase its attack."

"That is where charm comes in." Rarule said matter-of-factly. "They would be immobilized while Blue Haze here goes in for the win!"

"Nah!" Max said loudly. "You wouldn't beat me and Muscle that easily. Even if you use that little charm thing and attack. We'll take it and send one right back at ya! Cause we're just that tough! Right Muscle?" the teddiursa just whimpered and remained hidden from the rest of the group. "Aww, he may seem real shy, but the kid packs a punch! You should've seen him wipe the floor with those gaurds out there!"

"Those gaurds were a little too easy to me. Or maybe I'm just that good. What am I saying! I am that good!" Marco laughed aloud and turned to his roommates. "Me and elekid have a technique where he jams his fist into the ground and lets out a jolt of electricity through the bottom. That ignites the whole field into a lightneing field and electrifies the opponent no matter where he goes or how fast he moves. Pretty cool huh?"

"Yeah." Rarule said laying on his back and staring into the ceiling. "But I really should get some sleep. I wonder if the students down stairs are having fun at that party? Aww, who cares. I hate partying with rich snobs anyways."

"You said it." Max and Marco chimed.

(This doesn't mean my post is the end for you guys as well, it means that my next post will be day two, so you must signify in your post whether you are finished wih day one.)

April 8th, 2006, 2:45 PM
Seph was costumizing the dorm he was staying in. He had the walls painted with Team Magma flames, though they were slightly changed to be his own personal symbol. However, some of the walls were green with leafs symbol on them.
He was sitting on his bed using his personal laptop to use the Team Magma database to find out more about the school.
Then he noticed a slightly older looking guy come and ask him about the dorms.
"yeah. You staying in this room?"

April 8th, 2006, 5:06 PM
"I'm not so sure yet. If it's fine, I'd like to share this room too, if you don't mind." Ryo asked the young guy. "Oh. And my name is Ryo." Ryo placed his backpack on an unvacant bed in the room and sat on it. Glancing around the room, Ryo asked once more while looking at the complex flame designs, "Wow. You sure like flames, don't you?" Scanning the room further, Ryo found a small bookcase.
"You don't mind if I use some of the space on that bookcase do you?" Ryo asked. He took out from his backpack some books, a sketch pad, some writing utensils, and a clipboard. Shuffling throughout his backpack, he found a pokenav.
"Ah. I thought I forgot this. Good thing I found it." Ryo sighed and placed the navigator in his right pants pocket.

April 8th, 2006, 7:34 PM
"Fine then. By the way, my name is Seph." Seph said without even looking up.
Good. He seems like a guy who keeps to himself.
He was still conected to the Team Magma Database. He was on their Chat room speeking with Mission Controll.
How are my pokemon?
Good. Take good care of them while I'm here.
OCC: That can be the ned of Day 1 if Naruto is OK with it.

April 9th, 2006, 10:27 AM
"Nice to meet you, Seph." Ryo returned to reply. He fumbled around with his things and straigthened them. After placing some of his books on a shelf on the bookcase, Ryo relaxed and laid on his bed.
With a big yawn, Ryo said, "Shoot. I didn't remember being this tired. Guess I'll call it a day." Ryo glanced once at the busy Seph and fell into his usual light sleep.
End of Day 1

April 9th, 2006, 3:10 PM
Day 2

Rarule awoke to the alarm clock ringing by his bed. "How annoying." He stopped the noise and did a few stretches before going down stairs. After a while past of him getting ready, he noticed a note on his door. Taking the paper and scimming it over, Rarule noticed that it was his schedule containing his classes. "Well, I guess those two left it here for me and went down wihtout me."

He grabbed his notebook and headed down stairs. "Looks like I have Battle 1.0 first. What a way to start the day."

April 9th, 2006, 4:11 PM
Day 2

Seph had been up all night. He was feeling very drowsy and was barely able to stay awake. After he finished getting ready, he looked at his newly posted schedule. "Battle 1.0.. ughhh..."
Seph was barely able to move and fell asleep while down. He was awoken when two obnoxious students were racing and crashed into him. After they appologized, Seph continued to make his way towards his first class.

April 10th, 2006, 8:32 AM
Day 2

Ryo was preparing for class when a small beep notified him that it was almost time for class. Looking at his scedule, he saw that he had Battle 1.0 first.
"Ah. Good. This get me up in the mornings." Ryo said to himself. Then he noticed Seph getting up and getting ready also. He had a look of tiredness. "Hm.. Wondered what he was doing all night?" Ryo pondered. Ryo grabbed his bag and got ready to go. Turning back, he saw that Seph wasn't there anymore.
"Wha? Where did he go? He sure is fast..." Ryo turned, shouldered his backpack on his left shoulder and left also.

April 10th, 2006, 4:29 PM
Rarule entered the class and noticed almost everyone was already there. The class was split in half. One side had tables that could fit five each, and on the other side was an arena. "Cool."

He saw Max and Marco had took a table to themselves. He went and sat down, noticing that two chairs were empty. "So, looks like I'm not the latest one here." He said to the two.

Just then, Professor Powell walked in. Not a trace of welcome in his expression. "You maggots are here to study about Battling. Well, don't think this course will be any easy!"

April 10th, 2006, 6:11 PM
Realizing he was late, Seph made a mad-dash for the classroom. He was tired and exaughsted(SP?). He flung himself into his seat and noticed that Ryo hadn't shown up yet.

April 11th, 2006, 5:15 PM
Rarule looked at the guy who just walked in. He had a stern and serious look on him that said everything but "Welcome". Seeing him as just another student, another opponent, he focused on the teacher.

"Now, we will begin very fast. You must know some pretty good stuff already to have defeated the gaurds. So I'm not going to waste my time or your going through the principles of battling. Now I want you guys to come to the ring. We will start doing some battles immediately!" He smiled as he said this.

April 11th, 2006, 8:34 PM
Rushing towards his class, Ryo was eager and anxious at the same time. Oh crud. I'm going to be late. He repeated constantly in his head. He entered just in time before the teacher spoke.

"Now, we will begin very fast. You must know some pretty good stuff already to have defeated the gaurds. So I'm not going to waste my time or your going through the principles of battling. Now I want you guys to come to the ring. We will start doing some battles immediately!" The teacher said with a smile.

Ryo sighed that he wasn't late, or at least he thought he wasn't. He walked slowly to an empty seat beside Seph and sat down. He whispered to Seph, "Wow. You sure are quick, Seph. I didn't even notice you left the room back there."

April 11th, 2006, 8:57 PM
Seph saw Ryo barely make it in the class before the teacher started talking. When Ryo sat next to him, he started whispering.
"Wow. You sure are quick, Seph. I didn't even notice you left the room back there."
"I guess I''m that quick then."

prince of the sky!
April 11th, 2006, 9:37 PM
I'll take the battle course, Heath and care course (Nurse Joy = awsmeness!) , Gym course (I love Gym), contest course, Pokemon course, and Breeding course
Name: Brycee Anthony Damaso
Age: 13
Description/History/personality: Brycee is a story writer, poet, Martial Arts Jr. Instructor, preschool helper, and shy around girls when first meeting them. Loves nature, get's lovesick easily, and has a cutesy personality but is relentless when others are in danger. Black hair Goldenish tan skin and Sparkaling black eyes, well muscled but not extremely strong. Wearing Black fingerless gloves, Black cape, Black Under Armour (it's like a skin tight compression shirt) with black tank-top over it, Black jeans, Black all weather steel toe boots,black Goggles, and black one strap backpack. Mood switches from gentle to playful and mischevious at various times.

Oh can u bend the rules on starter pokemon please?! I really want a vulpix!

April 12th, 2006, 5:15 AM
ooc: I can't do that, but what I can do is add Vulpix to the list of pokemon in the Rookie field, that way he can be the first pokemon you catch right after first period. So go ahead and choose one and you can start.

ic: The class went by smoothly. The batles were quick and gave Rarule some inside information on his classmates battle techniques. He couldn't help remember the one named Seph's battle. He was a little agressive, and held back nothing. Then there was Ryo, who went against Max and won. Ryo was the tacical battler and seemed to be extremely smart. "Good competition, but not nothing to worry about. Now that I have one hour free, time to go to the fields!"

April 14th, 2006, 7:14 AM
ooc:Sorry for beening late I was grounded.

'Yes now I have got it Ill take the bredding class evolution class potions class gym class and finally battle class" said Dylan who was now on his way to breeding class. "I know" said Dylan with a thought in head. Dylan grabed a pokeball from his pocket and threw."Go Elekid I chose you". A flash of light came out and a rather small but bulk Elekid came out."Elekid"."Come on Elekid we have to get to breeding class". Dylan walked into breeding class with alot of people there.Dylan saw people pointing at him and laughing and whipsering. Dylan took his seat with Elekind on his desk."Don't worry Elekid they won't hurt you or they will get hurt" said Dylan with smile on his reasurring Elekid.

April 14th, 2006, 9:21 AM
ooc: Well then welcome back.

Rarule headed for the fields. Their was a woman standing next to the door who greeted Rarule. "Welcome, you must be here to visit the fields."

"Uh. That's right." Rarule answered. She opened the door and motioned for him to follow. "Right this way."

They went down a massive pathway. "The rookie field is the first stop. Please step onto the platorm. And heres your pokeball." Rarule stepped into a square platform that immediately jerked and swerved into motion. It took him in and out of tunnels and finally stopped in front of a huge double door. Rarule stepped off the platform and went inside. Inside, it almost was as if he just stepped into a valley. There was grass as far as his eyes can see, and to the right was a wide lake. "Exactly how do they fit all this in a school?"

He can see pokemon frolicking around, flying in the sky, and swimming in the lake. Rarule already had his mind set on which pokemon he wanted to catch. He always wanted a pidgey and finding one was not hard. There were a couple of them flying in a group a few yards away. He grabbed the pokeball on his side and threw it up. Azurill came bursting out and hopped along the grass.

"Okay Blue Haze. Let's catch us a pidgey! I want you to use Bubblebeam on that group over there. Try and hit one of them." Azurill did just that and the beam shot out only to hit nothing. The pidgey's were fast, but Rarule only did that to see who's senses were exceptionally keen. He saw which pidgey that was and pointed, "Now aim for that pidgey right there! Bubblebeam!" azurill shot out another bubblebeam and the pidgey dodged it with style. "Good, now he knows that he's our target."

The pidgey swooped down for a quick attack. "Blue Haze, spin and use Bubble!" Azurill spun round and round and shot jet streams of bubbles, causing them to spread everywhere, leaving not much room for pidgey to dodge. The pidgey didn't see it coming and got caught with the bubble directly in the face. It caused it to fly off course and crash next to azurill.

"Great job Blue Haze. Now use roll out before it flies off!" Azurill rolled like a mini boulder towards Pidgey, but was too late. The pidgey flew up and countered with gust attack. Azurill tumbled across the field. Not wasting time, pidgey used quick attack to try and finish Azurill off. "Not while I'm here! Azurill, use hypnosis!" Azurill got up and stunned the pidgey with a hypnosis attack. "Now, you know what's next. Bubblebeam!" The beam shot out and hit the pidgey directly. Rarule took the one pokeball that the lady gave him and threw it. "This is a one shot thing here. It better count."

The ball jerked and shook. The pidgey obviouly wasn't going to give up, but after a while of sruggling, it lost. Rarule ran to pick up the ball. "Alright Blue Haze! You were great! Now we have a new partner. Now, lets get out of here. Its time for second period."

April 15th, 2006, 9:33 AM
Seph decided to head out to the fields. He sent out Pyro and searched the entire field until he finally found what he was looking for. An Abra.
The Abra was sitting on a rock, meditating.
"Ah, perfect. Pyro, Smokescreen! Now Smog!
"Mag... By!!!"
The Abra, surprised by the attack was barely able to breath, henceforth negating its ability to concentrate and rendering it temporarily unable to teleport.
"Now, relentless Fire Punch!"
Abra was struck by an extremly fast barrage of fire punches, weakening it.
"It's time to end this, Pokeball!"
Seph lunged at the Abra, aggressively throwing the pokeball given to him.
Weeowee, weeowee, weeowee, weeowee, ping!
Seph had managed to successfully capture the Abra.
"Yeah! Good job Pyro. Now it's time to head to next period."

April 16th, 2006, 4:15 PM
I exited the Battle 1.0 class and made my way towards the Pokemon Fields. I was interested in what would be held there.
Upon reaching the fields, with the directions of the guide, I looked around in amazement. It was like a whole new world.
How the heck did they stick a whole place like this in an Academy?! I said to myself. I was eager to find another friend for me and Magby. I walked around the tall patches of grass that came up to my thighs. I saw a few Wrumple and Caterpie but I knew they wouldn't like Magby as much. Something like a tail quickly dashed past me and ran about the grass quietly as it tried avoiding detection. I saw just a glimsp of it's tail and decided to follow it. I lowered myself near the tall grass to hide myself. The figure jumped up and sat on a rock as it glanced back and forth around the surrounding environment. It's sleek yellow body and thunderbolt tail had a little gleam to it. The pokemon sniffed the air and raised it's tail to check the wind direction. I was amazed by the Pikachu's intelligence. I reached for my pokeball and tossed it into the air. The flash from the pokeball startled the Pikachu making it fall off the rock. Magby came out and stretched his arms and legs while I rose from my position. The Pikachu readied itself as so did Magby.

"This might be hard Magby so stay alert." I called out to Magby. Magby nodded with understanding. The Pikachu jumped upwards and shot small Thunder Wave sparks at Magby.

I shouted to Magby, "Magby. Conceal yourself with Smokescreen." Magby shot up a screen of smoke that enveloped the sparks. Pikachu increased his speed and rushed at Magby with a Quick Attack.

"Magby, heat the ground in front of you with Flamethrower." Magby shot flames in front of itself that heated the temperature and the ground around it causing flames to sprout around. The Pikachu caught in the suspenseful heat staggered.

"Magby, strike with Fire Punch." Magby dashed at the Pikachu, still trying to get away from the burning ground, and threw a blazing Fire Punch at the Pikachu. The Pikachu took the attack with full force but quickly countered with a Iron Tail attack knocking Magby away from it. Magby struggled to stand up as the Pikachu jumped into the air and away from the flames. Then an idea struck me.

"Magby. Are you okay?" I asked. Magby nodded and stood it's ground. "Shoot Swift attacks at the Pikachu now." Magby fired rays of stars at Pikachu causing it to jump once more into the air.

"Now Magby. Jump and combine Flamethrower with Swift." Magby jumped with Pikachu and combined a Flamethrower attack with a Swift attack. The rays of stars followed the stream of fire in a swirling formation. Pikachu was struck down with both attacks and fell to the ground.

"NOW! Pokeball go!" I shouted tossing a pokeball ,which I received from the guide, at the Pikachu. It touched the Pikachu and engulfed in the Pikachu. The pokeball shook three times and ended with a click. I reached for the pokeball. "Alright. I caught a Pikachu." Magby jumped up and down.

"Oh no. I'm going to be late for next class. Let's go Magby." I returned the overjoyed Magby to his pokeball and race onwards towards my next class.

April 16th, 2006, 5:40 PM
The day went by pretty good. He won his battle in Battle 1.0. He caught himself a Pidgey. He did great in Contest Ana. And the other classes were okay, just not great. Now, it was time to go up to the dorms and sleep. He was climbing the stairs when he heard the PA come on. It was the principal Edmund. "Attention all students. We will be holding a tournament in three days. This will be a tag tournament so choose a partner. And choose wisely because this battle determines who will be the squad leaders of their class. The final four teams will become the new squad captains, which means there will be eight captains total. The benefits of being a captain will be revealed after the tourney is over, so be sure to get ready."

The PA clicked o and Rarule stood there looking like a kid in a candy store. "A tourney! Great! Just what I need to show my skills to the whole school!"

He went up to the dorms and went straight to sleep.


April 17th, 2006, 7:43 AM
Sorry to post and ooc post. But i must say im really enjoying reading this roleplay.

Great stuff. keep it up guys!

Volkner's Apprentice
April 17th, 2006, 10:38 AM
(Hmm new people can jump in? Any certain way I should enter?)

April 17th, 2006, 11:22 AM
Just post your form then present yourself as a new student. Or just pretend you were there the whole time, it doesn't really matter, its up to you.

April 17th, 2006, 11:46 AM
Name: Kirana Shinaki
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Description: Long brown hair, yellow and sometimes blue shirt and jeans. Green eyes and white skin.
Personality: Loves to be the leader of a group but gives everyone a chance. she cares a lot for her friends and she's extremely adventurous
History: Her mom and dad were famous pokemon coordinators but kirana wanted to battle more. Shewas at school one day when she got the tragicn news that her mom died from a rare cancer she has battled for many years.
RPing Sample: Kirana was in her bed sleeping when two other girls ran in and started screaming. i looked up groggily and yelled "what the feebas is wrong with you guys. Can't a newcomer get some sleep around here!" I threw a pillow at them which made them shut up.
*Sorry for the sucky sample. It's not the best, but once i get in i'm better when i follow with a reply related to the person's previous post.*

Entry pokemon: magby.

April 17th, 2006, 12:25 PM
well, your in. Go on and start posting

Volkner's Apprentice
April 17th, 2006, 1:22 PM
Name: Ryan Aquane
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Description: necklength blonde hair, dark blue eyes, a black t-shirt with a blue vest. White skate sneakers, baggy dark blue jeans and a cresecent moon necklace.
Personality: Calm, cool and collected. Very sincere and controlled, uses his prowess to win a battle with a mix of mind and power instead of favoring one. Friendly and easy to be around.
History: Born in Viridian City he's lived around the world since his dad's in the military. Happy to attend the university and learn as much as he can about Pokemon and life.
RP sample: Ryan flashed back his hair as he sprinted to class. His feet moved like bicycle pedals and with no one in the hall, he could keep going without getting caught. He slowed down in front of his next class dropping his pokeballs and assignment pad in front of the open door, triggering a few sniggers from kids in the front row. The professor cleared his throat as Ryan tried to hide himself behind a blue text book, sitting in the next row completely embarassed.

April 17th, 2006, 4:07 PM
Great! So which pokemon have you decided on?

Volkner's Apprentice
April 17th, 2006, 4:10 PM
I'll start with Poliwag. Unless theres a certain set?

April 17th, 2006, 4:49 PM
yeah, look at the first post, or just pick Azurill since he is the closest to the water type there.

Volkner's Apprentice
April 17th, 2006, 5:48 PM
Jk! I'll start with Phanpy, I like them for some reason..hm.

IC: Ryan trugged his trunk of clothes, books, supplies and other things into his dorm room looking around for an empty bed.
"Hm..doesn't look like anyone's around..I wonder if I have roomates?" he dropped the trunk by the end of a bed that wasn't in use (as far as he could tell) and started to unpack his things.
"Now let's see.." Ryan said opening up a map of the campus, "The lady in the front building gave me my things and..oh! I almost forgot that pokemon! Geez, great way to start out at a Pokemon School..." he quickly folded the map back up, put it in his pocket and grabbed his backpack. He flung it over his shoulder and walked outside. Taking the pokeball out from his bag he tossed it in the grass and in a flash of light, out popped a Phanpy.

"Oh good, it's ok. I believe she told me it was a boy..here Phanpy! I've got some pokeblocks!"
"Phan? Phy!" he rushed over and nearly tackled Ryan over, taking the pokeblocks in his trunk happily.
"Whew..there we go. Ok let's go see where our first class is, shall we?" He returned the munching elephant into its ball and followed a group of students that looked like they knew where they were going.

April 18th, 2006, 4:50 PM
Do we choose our classes ? Or do we just choose them ourselves?

April 18th, 2006, 5:56 PM
you choose. Its not my decision.

Volkner's Apprentice
April 18th, 2006, 6:14 PM
(Quick flarizard enter so we can start ^_^)

April 18th, 2006, 8:38 PM
OCC: Hey, I'll be gone untill saturday at Midnight, so could you guys not actually start the tourneys quite yet? I don't want to be a controlling kind of guy, but...
IC: Seph returned to his dorm at the end of the day. He was highly satisfied with the capture of his new Abra, which he had named Kenetic(SP? I'll look it up). As he went inside his room, The Principle anounced that there was to be a Tournament in three days to decide the Squad Captains. Apparently their were perks.
I must win this!, thought Seph, It could get me valuable information on the Legendary beasts!
But who should I enter with? well, Ryu is the only person I've talked to.
"Hey Ryu, want to eter the Tourney together?" Seph asked.
(End of day after Ryu posts.)

April 19th, 2006, 2:55 AM
I'm reasonable, and since there are new people here, I'll hold o the tournament until the day after rank exam. Ryan and Flarizard will then have more enough time to catch their second pokemon.

April 19th, 2006, 1:30 PM
Exiting Pokemon Breeding 1.0 and learning more on egg moves, I joyfully walked towards my dorm for a nice sleep. Upon reaching my dorm with Seph, the principle announced the coming of a pokemon tourney and the need of a partner.

"Aw crud. I need a partner." I mumbled as I opened the door to Seph's and my room. I entered just to hear Seph ask me, "Hey Ryu, want to enter the Tourney together?"

"Huh? Uh... I guess. I do need a partner too so... I'd be glad to be your partner." I replied to his question.
End of Day 2?

April 19th, 2006, 2:09 PM
"Alright then." replied Seph.
I'll need to train up Kinetic before then. It shouldn't be to hard to evolve him. He's already at lv. 13. Acheiving few more levels shouldn't be hard with some tough training. And it will give Pyro a chance to get in some extra training as well. While Seph thought this, he went to his bed. He had missed alot of Sleep the Previous night and wanted to make up for it.
End of Day 2

April 19th, 2006, 7:16 PM
Day 2

Rarule headed to the fields aer first period, trying to get some training done to prepare for the tournament. Pidgey and Azuril were both great, never giving up to the very end.

"Okay Pidgey, I'm going to try and teach you how to use Arieal Ace!"

Volkner's Apprentice
April 22nd, 2006, 10:49 AM
Ryan walked out to the fields looking over his notes from his first class. "Ok so that's super effective only when-oof!" he toppled over a root near a large tree. "Ugh..figures.." he brushed himself off and looked over to the field where he saw someone training. "Hey Phanpy?" Phanpy looked up from a bowl of pokesnacks, "Want to go see if we can catch ourselves another pokemon?" Phanpy jumped at the thought of a new friend and followed Ryan over to the fields. He walked over to Rarule, "Hey there, I don't suppose you know where I could find some water pokemon around here, would ya?"

April 22nd, 2006, 6:01 PM
Rarule stopped his training and turned to the voice that spoke to him. He looked and saw that it was Ryan, the clutz o all clutz. But he was a good kid though. "Well... you should o to the lake. Go straight down south then make a left at the trees."

Rarule motioned for pidgey to come over. "Did i introduce you to Gust here yet?"

Volkner's Apprentice
April 22nd, 2006, 6:56 PM
Ryan smiled weakly at the Pidgey, "Oh, hey there." He nodded to them and picked up his Phanpy and walked over to the pond area. He could smell the fresh breeze over the water. "Ah..ok buddy let's catch ourselves a water pokemon!" Phanpy showed some promise and began scouting for the scent of a wild water-type. It wasn't long before he found himself a group of them. A Psyduck, Poliwag, and Goldeen were hanging out under a willow by the west side of the pond.
"Ok Phanpy ready? Surprise Rollout Attack!" Phanpy curled into a ball and twisted it's way at the wild pokemon. The Psyduck ran for a bush and the Goldeen was already 10 feet underwater but the Poliwag got caught in the charge. Phanpy followed it with a tackle attack knocking Poliwag against a tree.
"Ah! Alright that's good Phanpy, were trying to capture it not destroy the poor thing. Return!" a red flash brought the Ground-type back to it's pokeball.
"Now..Pokeball, Go!" He tossed the ball at the Poliwag, it was taken in and, after a couple shakes, captured. Ryan picked up the ball and minimized it, clipping it on his vest.
"Alright! Now I've got a chance in that tournament." He went back to the field gates.

April 23rd, 2006, 3:19 PM
I come back sweating from the great workout at gym (one of my classes. wee!) I sit under a tree outside. "Go magby!" My magby come out jumping around with boundless energy to train. "Let's go over to the grass field. Maybe i can see a caterpie there or something even more awesome!" Magby jumped on my head and smiled. "Magby!" we both laugh a little as I start towards the grass field, empty pokeball in hand and Magby at my side.
Suddenly, i bump into an empty part of a what seemed like an endless forest of grass. I immediatly stopped when i glimpsed mareep grazing. "Magby! Use Ember!" i commanded and the mareep turned it's head and let out a spark attack. Magby and mareep were in battle. "Magby! Use ember again with more power!" Magby sucked in it's breath and let out big balls of ember and it hit the mareepm with a direct hit. This time the mareep struck back wih a thundershock. "Magby dodge!!" Magby go easily out of the way. "Magby now! Wrap it up with Fire punch!" i yelled as magby prepared for an attack. The mareep freaked and suddenly let out another yet stronger thundershock. A puff of smoke enveloped mareep and magby and after a few long seconds, it disappeared with mareep on the ground and magby panting with fatigue. "Good work magby. Return. Now. Go pokeball!!!" I threw a pokeball i held in my hand and captured mareep inside it. The buttong on the front blinked red and the ball shaked. finally after two minutes, the balled stopped shaking . I jumped with absolute joy as i celebrate catching my second pokemon. "WOOOT!!!!!"

Volkner's Apprentice
April 23rd, 2006, 4:33 PM
Ryan saw the girl make a capture in the tall grass and walked over, "Hey there. Great battle there! Your Magby is pretty tough. I'm Ryan, a new trainer here." he smiled and held out his hand.

April 23rd, 2006, 8:46 PM
Day 2
After an early morning of training with Magby and Pikachu, I stopped both of them for a short rest. Magby was doing exceptionally well with Pikachu as Pikachu with Magby. Both are becoming closer. Of the morning training, I managed to get Pikachu started on his Iron Tail move and Magby on his Thunder Punch attack. Both attacks will prove to be useful in the times to come as well as the upcoming tourney, at least in my opinion.

I relaxed and sat down by a large oak tree with both pokemon beside me. Magby laid on his backside while Pikachu sat in an upright position. Both were quite exhausted but still boasted some strength to train on. I peered about the environment and much to my knowledge, I saw two strange trainers ,a boy and a girl, I hadn't before. I assumed they were some new students out on training. Both ,Pikachu and Magby, peered at the direction I was looking towards when they saw my look of piqued interest.

Staring at both of them, who stared back, I asked, "What? What's wrong?" They both shook their heads. "I'm just looking at the new trainers that's all. Haven't seen those two before... Have you two?" They both shook their heads again.

"Well... should we continue some more training?" I asked. Both nodded as they were eager to learn the new moves that was being taught.

April 25th, 2006, 6:15 PM
Day 2
"Pyro, Flamethrower!"
Seph was having Kinetic dodge Pyro's shots to increeas it's speed and stamina.
"Ab! Ab! Ab! RAAAA!!!"
Kinetic got hit with one of the shots and fell to the ground, glowing.
"A... Bra... Kadab..."
Suddenly, Kinetic began to glow. It changed shape and grew larger.
"Bra! Kadabra!"
"Perfect... Now that you've evolved, we will definently win..."
"Ahhh... Kadabra..."
"Now to work on teaching Pyro how to use Mudslap."

April 26th, 2006, 9:27 AM
ooc: sorry I've taken soo long. but I'm back.
ic: Rarule and his pokemon were focused on the training. Gust nearly mastered the Arial Ace technique and Marine has put in 101% into his training.

"You guys are something else. But that's enough for now, lets get to class."

They headed out of the fields and straight to Contest Ana.

April 26th, 2006, 10:56 AM
(Hopefully i can be allowed to join)
Name:Ken Hoskin
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Description:5'8'' has short, black hair and wears blue jeans and a green hooded top.
Personality: Although he does not show it he is Smart and intelligent. He is quiet and acts childish but is serious when he wants to be.
History: Ken grew up in Oldale Town. His parents were researchers and visited Professor Birch many times his interst in pokemon grew because of this. His parents lab was destroyed during a fire which Team Magma had created and vows to stop them.
Pokemon: Phanpy
RPing Sample: Cold water gushed out of Phanpy's trunk and onto Ken's face, "Whha....?" said Ken waking up, he realised that it was Phanpy and started to laugh. He hadn't bothered to name it as it didn't talk much. He got of his bed and started to get his bag ready for class. He had caught a Pidgey earlier and after a lot of jumping. He also had missed the first class of the day as he had arrived late because of the ferry. He glanced at the clock, "Come on Phanpy time for my first class."

April 26th, 2006, 3:47 PM
"Hi ryan. my name is Kirana." i said. "Yeah i have been training my magby for a while. Thoughn it was tough enough to beat a mareep, it struggles sometimes to beat a water pokemon of course." i stroked magby's head. Now I have enough so I can battle someone and rank up. i'm not quite ready yet, and even if i lose, i'll be happy with magbys progress." I laughed and continued to strike up a conversation as magby danced around Ryan.

April 27th, 2006, 5:28 AM
ooc: monokey, your form is good. Your in. oh, and I'd also like it if you guys would rank this thread. Thank you:)

ic: Rarule reached the door to Contest Ana and turned to his pokemon. "Well you guys know I can't walk in class with you guys out. So..." he took out his two pokeballs, "Return." the red beams shot out at both pokemon and they instantly vanished into their pokeballs.

He walked into the room and headed straight for his seat. Max was already their to greet him. "Hey there Rarule!" He said slapping Rarule so hard on his back that it nearly knocked the wind out of him.

"Uh, hey Max." he sat down and waited for their teacher to walk in and start class. "So, what do you think we will have to do today?"

"Well. I heard from the other students that we will be given a chance to earn a ribbon."

"Ribbon? Don't you win those in a pokemon Contest?" Rarule was confused.

"Yeah, but Pokemon University is pretty much like everything mixed in one." He took out a brochure given to him before school started. "See, you can earn official badges and ribbons within the school. Its like an easy way to get into the Pokemon League."

"Wait, so we can enter the Pokemon League even though we're in school?"

"Of course. In fact, they make it like a field trip for those who qualify."

Rarule thought about this for a while. "So, how do you earn those badges?"

"Through the rank matches. Each rank up gives you two badges!"

Rarule nearly toppled over. "What! Two badges?!"

"Yeah. And I also got this from a teaher. The tournament their holding gives two badges to the winners! So they'll be ahead of the others!"

Rarule couldn't believe it. The tournaments couldn't look more important than they did to him now. Because he now knew that he was able to enter the pokemon league. That gave him something to work towards.

April 27th, 2006, 8:50 AM
ooc: Thanks for letting me join

ic: While sitting in Prof. Oak's class Ken had decided spend the rest of the evening training up his pokemon.
"Come on Phanpy hit faster," presently Ken was trying to test Phanpy's rollout attack by breaking fallen logs. "Good" said Ken as Phany succesfully broke another log. His Pidgey wasn't doing to bad either it was catching berries that Ken was throwing up into the air, Ken wanted to improve Pidgey's accuracy as much as possible. Ken glanced at other students who had also been training as hard as him, Ken realised that this tournament was not going to be so simple. He turned his attention back to his pokemon.

April 27th, 2006, 3:17 PM
Ill join
Name ace
Description a emeriald trainer loves charizard
Gender Male
Age 13
Persinaltity:happy always exept when bad things happen
So can you make me one rp

April 28th, 2006, 6:14 AM
ooc: :( that's a problem I would if i could, but its agains't the rules to do that. Your sample doesn't have to be an essay, just a couple of sentences. And pick a starting pokemon, then your all set.

Volkner's Apprentice
April 30th, 2006, 6:39 AM
Ryan continued chatting with Kirana. "Hey why don't we go see if you can get a rank match now? I'll give it a whirl, I doubt I'd make it but..hm." He watched Rarule head into a building. "Maybe that's where they're held? Want to check it out?"

May 3rd, 2006, 9:50 AM
Ken had finished training and was feeling happy, both his Phapy and Pidgey had improved a lot. He now was heading back into the canteen for some dinner. when he remembered that he needed to feed his pokemon, so he rushed quickly to where they kept berries in the greenhouse.

May 3rd, 2006, 10:59 AM
Rarule couldn't believe the day he had. Pidgey had mastered Ariel Ace and he won the preliminaries in Contest Ana. Tomorrow, he will be battling for a ribbon. Then, the day after that, he will be battling in the tournament for two badges. He had his work cut out for him, but he was determined to come on top.

End of Day

May 5th, 2006, 9:11 PM
NameDarin Hisoto

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Description: He has a pair of jet black hair and eyes along with a set of black sunglasses. He has a symbol of a cross forged out of sterling silver, attached to a thick silver chain around his neck. He's not fat or anything, but he wears an oversized black T-Shirt often and sometimes, he wears a Black Hoodie when it get chilly. Around his wrist is a brilliant, diamound watch, which gleams when the light shines upon it. He has a jet balck pair of long cargo pants with another shiny silver chain attached to his right pocket. He owns a pair of jet black nikes as well. Obviously, he tends to wear black. He also owns a Ipod.

Personality: He tends to have a calm and cool personality with other people. When in battle, he's is always focoused and determined. He can get angered very easily though, but it dosen't usually last for long. (Sorry for the shortness)

History: He not very wealthy, but slightly above the middle class. His parents suggested him to join. His life was pretty much boring. He has a decent amount of friends and was always invited to the latest parties. Although, he always wondered how it would feel to have his own pokemon. Or explore with his and battle other trainers in combat. His parents strongly agreed in the idea of going out to the treacherous wilderness. But they heard about this new pokemon school and deicided that if one day, Darin goes to the wilderness, he would have good intel.

RPing Sample:
The wind was blowing the thin strands of hair across Darin's face. His knapsack slightly rocked with the wind as he walked towards the collosal building simply known as the Pokemon Academy. Darin could help but smile that finally, his life wasn't going to be as boring as he thought it was going to be. Other pokemon trainers were there either talking, showing offtheir pokemon, asking for directions, or just standing there, admiring the secnery.

Darin didn't know much of the people there, so he didn't say much. He glanced at his Rolex watch, the shine wasn't there because of the dark clouds painted in the sky. It was about 8:45. He casually walked into the building, viewing the place in awe. He went to the front desk and recieved his key and a map. As well as a much needed schedule and some direction. A couple of fine girls saw Darin and giggled to themselfs, noticing how handsome he was. Darin couldn't help put flash a smile back, ecpecially at the one with the brown hair.

"This might not be bad at all," Darin said to himself.

Starter: Phanpy

May 6th, 2006, 8:21 AM
Okay, your in. (this meassage meant to make up for the message minimum, lol)

May 7th, 2006, 12:51 PM
Day 3
Ken woke up early in the morning and without waking either of his fellow roomates he silently went outside with his pokemon. As it was still early morning there was dew on the grass, he decided to make sure that his pokemon were ready to battle for the tournament. "Pidgey, Arial Ace that tree" Pidgey flew up and came down soon the were leaves and sticks flying everywhere.While going back into the building for some breakfast Ken couldn't help but feel that he was a lot closer to winning the trophy and the two badges than he had ever been.

May 7th, 2006, 4:41 PM
Rarule walked along the hallways. "Training in the fields is getting boring." he went to the second floor and stopped once he reached the training room.

He went in and saw a virtual room that was dark and purple all over with lattitude and longitude lines everywhere. A holographic woman popped up in front of him. "Welcome trainer. Please reveal to me your trainer card."

Rarule held up his ID card. "So your a rookie trainer. Program set to level one." The woman vanished and on the field came a dratini. "Well then. Shall we dance. Go Gust!"

May 9th, 2006, 5:57 PM
Darin was walking casually to my room, his hands dug into his pockets when he saw this really pretty girl come from behind me. She was smiling, but looked a little shy from the look on her face. She had long brown hair all the way down to her waist. She wore a Jean skirt and a pair of clean, white sneakers. Her eyes matched her soft hair, but she seemed to blush slightly when my eyes met hers.

"Hey," Darin said simply.

"Hi," She replied back, nervously."My name is Kiara ... and im sort of new to this school. So can you help me? Im mean you look like you been here before...,"

Darin could already tell that she was lying, he could see it in her face. There were dorms for men and women separately, for starters. And she should have a map, plus the stuttering gave her away. She just wanted to hang out with me. Hey, this chick was fine anyway, so that's good enough for me. He walked besides her slowly, watching her blush even more.

"My name is Darin. Nice to meet you," Darin said smoothly.

"What pokemon you started with?" She asked. He told her his selected Phanpy, a decent ground pokemon that would evolve into Donphan, a powerful physical pokemon. She picked Teddiursa, just because it was cute.

I reached my room, #202. The door was made of a solid, smooth oak wood and had a bronze handle attached to it. Kiara gave me a hug, and waved good-bye. Thins were starting out smoothly, I met a fine girl, got into the academy, and received a nice pokemon. I couldn't help but smiled to myself as I entered my room.

Krafty Quill
May 11th, 2006, 11:58 PM
Yeah, okay, this looks cool. I’ll join!

Dreydé Sagi

As a youngster, Dreydé spent a lot of his time watching anime like Dragonball Z, idolising its fearless heroes in every episode he got to view. It’s no secret that that’s where the inspiration of his spiky, golden hair comes from. His eyes shine a brilliant teal, dazzling any lady they feast on. He wears a pair of long, black shorts that reach halfway past his shins and a plain white t-shirt that slops over his belt. A pair of blue gauntlets decorate his hands, giving him that Pokémon Trainer look. Unlike most Trainers however, his Trainer-Belt is strapped diagonally across his torso from shoulder to waist.

Apart from the burning rush that runs through his veins during a Pokémon Battle, Dreydé has a good eye for the pretty ladies. A self proclaimed player and master of his game, he often likes to seek beauties to impress and fall in love with. Even for a player of his calibre however, he hasn’t found that one special lady to spend his time with. He’s outgoing, easy to approach and often loud about his opinions.

When asked, Dreydé would claim that there is nothing much to tell about his past. People who meet him for the first time have little or no information to go on apart from his wealthy upbringing and mildly exceptional Trainer skills. He’s always believed that people interested in his past should take time in getting to know who he is first.

RPing Sample – (this RPing Sample will also serve as the first day at school)

That had to be the most boring speech he had ever heard in his life. Why did Edmund Scolf have to be so boring? Dreydé gave into the urge of the yawn tingling in his cheeks. He looked down to his course sheet and looked over the subjects he chose one more time:

Battle 1.0, Evolution 1.0, Gym, Pokémon 411 1.0, Breeding 1.0, Health and Care 1.0

If these courses where anything like the entry requirements then he wouldn’t have to do too much to pass. His Phanpy had mopped the floor with that guard’s Pokémon; and with a simple series of Rollout attacks too! His gauntleted hand scuffled through his spiky hair. It was time to get serious about his whole purpose for enrolling into the school. He looked left and right the massive student filled interior with one question in mind:

“Which girl do I go for first?”

Krafty Quill
May 12th, 2006, 12:03 AM
OOC – My first official RP post. I thought it would probably be best to mention that the two other characters involved in this post are Kirana Shinaki and Ryan. I should probably also say I wont be able to post this weekend. But I'll be back on Monday!


“Now where did she go?” Dreydé asked himself as he surveyed the area with a hand shadowing his green eyes. That girl sure looked fine. It was a shame she sped off right after Gym class. He would have really loved to talk to her.

“Maybe she went up these fields.”

He took huge steps up the mountain of green grass, enjoying every tiring step as the winds fluttered his luminous golden hair. When he finally reached the top, he looked down the fields and noticed two figures standing a little past a tree. He didn’t recognize one of them but the other one was none other than the girl he saw in Gym class! His shoulders jumped a little, preparing his game, before he sprinted to where the two where standing.

Be cool, be cool. That’s when he noticed the Magby standing beside her feet. It must’ve been her Pokémon. With little regard for the boy standing there, he took a stance in front of her. The way the wind played with her brown silky hair and the way her gentle green eyes met his with no resistant … she was pretty. Looking down her blue jeans, he found the adorable Magby rubbing its body against its trainer’s shins.

“Wow.” He looked at her and gave his best smile. “That Magby you got there sure is cute.” He paused for a second but continued before she could squeeze out a ‘thank you’. “But it’s not nearly as cute as you.”

That’s when it hit him hard! He forgot to introduce himself!

“Oh sorry, he he,” he laughed nervously. Cute girls often made him act like that. “I’m Dreydé.” He took her hand in his own and stroked her silky smooth skin with gentle finger tips. “And you, my sweet, are?”

May 12th, 2006, 8:16 PM
Darin released his pokemon, Phanpy. For a brief moment, the startled pokemon felt stricken with fear, but soon, it realized it was at it's new home, for now. Phanpy smiled cutely at Darin, then ran off, somewhere in Darin's room.

"I really hope he doesn't make a mess around here," Darin thought as he carefully unpacked his luggage. He found his Ipod case and slipped the fancy earphones in his ears. He flipped through the playlist until he found the song he wanted. Loud music erupted from the tiny ear pieces, forcing Darin to turn down the volume a bit. He then quietly continued to set up the room.

After a good 30 minutes, he finished the room in record time. He settled down on the soft, leather sofa and glanced at the crumbled schedule in his pocket.

Evolution 1.0, Gym, Battle 1.0, Breeding 1.0, Marketing 1.0, and Health and Care 1.0

It seems that everything he wanted happen. He glanced at his watch. It was about time for him to get to class. Fortunately, he had everything set backpacks, clothes, Ipod, jewelry, and he slid on a Raven Black New York Yankees hat with the emblem printed all around it. He sprayed a few doses of cologne on his body and fixed his snow white Nikes. Phanpy scurried towards Darin, ready to jump on him, but Darin was too quick for him. He quickly pulled out his pokeball and pointed it at his direction, returning it.

"Maybe I could ask for Kiara's number when I see her," Darin asked himself, leaving his room and locking the door.

May 13th, 2006, 3:17 PM
OCC: Hey, since Uzamaki hasn't posted here for a while, who should I have as my partner in the thing?
Seph was training both Kenetic and Pyro hard, and both had improved. He stoped them, and took them deep into the feilds where noone could see them.
"Alright, it's time to give you some real training..."
Seph pulled out a device that looked similar to a combination between aPokeNav and a Dual Disk. It put it on his arm, pressed some buttons, created a large flash. Then a strange Umbreon appers. Then it transforms into a woman.
"Shadow GEM, I need you to train this Kadabra, Kenetic."
"As you wish..."
THen Seph presses another button and creates another flash.
This time a Shiny Charizard appears.
"Pyro, I need you to train the Magby. I named it after you because of its potential."
"Good then..."

May 13th, 2006, 6:48 PM
Darin had to get to class soon, so he was sort of in a rush, walking with a more faster pace. Although, Darin couldn't help but notice some of the fine ladies he noticed. A small group of them were giggling and gossiping about a pair of nerdy boys talking about Dungeons And Dragons. One of the had a stripped dresshirt, tucked in and strapped with some kind of pull ups. He had glasses with the frames shaped in squares and now and then he picked his nose with his index finger.

Then, I noticed Kiara from the crowd. She had a jeans jacket on along with matching jeans. She had a pair of quite large sunglasses perched on her head as well as a pair of Nikes, just like mine! She also had a silver beautifly pendant attached to a tiny silver chain around her neck.

"Hey Darin," She said, hugging me. Sane kind of a hug, but a little longer. I grinned in my head. Guess she couldn't help to feel my body. Some other girl looked at us like a couple, thinking up plans to break us up probably.

"Hey Kiara. What Class you got now?" I asked, releasing from her embrace.

"Evolution 1.0. You?"She replied, glancing at her gleaming watch, which was a Rolex like mine, but smaller.

"Same thing," I replied, grinnig."Want to walk together?" Time to get my game on, yet again.
She couldn't help but blush a bit. Shyly, she said yes and together, we walked towards are class.

Sorry for the sloppy post, but im tired tonight.

May 14th, 2006, 3:15 AM
its to confusing to read all

May 14th, 2006, 7:10 AM
Do you mean the whole RPG, or just my post?

May 14th, 2006, 6:35 PM
ooc: That's why you guys should have made up a partner. But I guess since the tournament is tomorrow, you can decide not to partner up with him since your not legally registered together yet. And thanks for reminding me about it, the rest of you must choose who your partners are or just make one up. The tournaments are split into two secions for boys and girls, so your not going to be able to partner with the other. And, as a pre-warning, there will be an event where a handful of the students are sent letters calling them out for a battle. This battle will be against ten students from another Academy. The name of the Academy will come later, cause I haven't figured one out. This will be on the day after the tournament on Day 5.

ic: "Arial Ace!" Pidgey came down for a perfect Arial Ace. The Dratini used Spark and caused Pidgey to go off balance "Wow. Nice aim."

Gust got up, chirping as a way to say 'I'm okay'. "Good, now use Gust attack!" Pidgey did his Gust attack and sent Dratini tumbling along the floor. "Now, lets use our secret weapon! Sonic Slash!"

Pidgey rose up to the air, then used quick attack to launch for Dratini. Once he reached half way, he made a sudden stop combined wih a single powerful beat of his wings like a gust attack in order to cause a sonic slash. The attack wasn't as strong as it was meant to though. Pidgey was just not at the level to complete the attack. It fizzled out before it even reached the Dratini. "Darn it! Guat doesn't have the strength yet."

Dratini pointed up and charged what seemed as a dragon breath attack. "Uh oh. Pidgey get out of the way!" The blast was almost a direct hit. Pidgey managed to get out of the way just in time. The dratini didn't waste no time. It used Ice Ball, which Gust dodged again. Then, like lightening, it launched another Dragon Breath which caught Pidgey directly.

"Gust, are you okay?" Pidgey fell to the floor and looked as if he wsa tying to get up but couldn't. "Dragon Breath must have paralyzed him. Gust, please, fight it! We have spent our whole time training! If we can't beat this Dratini, we have no chance in the tournament! So I need you to fight it! Please!"

Pidgey used as much strength as it could. There was just no fighting this paralysis. Then, Pidgey suddenly started to glow. his whole body was surrounded by light. "Oh, Gust! Your evolving!"

Like clay molding into shape, Pidgey's body grew more than twice its size. It spread its wings wide and took on the form of Pidgey no more. It was now a Pidgeotto. "Gust, you ready?" rarule said, too happy to say about Pidgeys evolution. It gave a caw instead of a chirp and nodded. "Then let's show this thing true power! Sonic Slash!"

Pidgeotto rose to the sky and did the combination technique of Quick Attack and Gust to send multiple sonic slash attacks at Dratini. The Dratini tried to counter with Dragon Breath, but it didn't stand a chance. The pokemon was defeated and Gust was the victor.

Rarule gave its pidgey a rub on the head and called it back into it's pokeball. "Now that that's finish, let's go Marine!" Azurill came out of the pokeball and bounced around on its tail.

The computer generated a mareep. "Okay Marine! No holding Back!"

May 19th, 2006, 1:08 PM
ooc: wow, it's been a long time since anyone has posted

ic: Ken slowly walked down to the canteen for a late breakfast. His roomate Mikey was just about to finish his breakfast as Ken sat down.
"So, where have you been all morning?" asked his very curios friend.
"No where special. I just thought that me and my pokemon could do with an early morning walk."
Mikey looked at Ken as if he had said something horrible, it didn't surprise Ken. Mikey was known to be lazy, after all there was a saying "Like pokemon, Like trainer" it was no surprise that Mikey had chosen a Teddisura.
"You scare me" was all that Mikey said before saying, "Since we're partners in the tourney, I was thinking, why don't we pay a visit to the training room."
"Training room?"
"Don't tell me you don't know what that is?"
"Hahahah...hehe....of course I know what it is!"
"What is then?"
"cough....cough, I think i caught a slight cough this morning, I don't want to make it worse, I shouldn't be talking."
"You don't know what it is, do you?" said Mikey eyeing Ken.
"Sure I do...cough" said a very nervous Ken, he didn't want to be a fool.
"I'm not goona tell you, you know that?"
Ken looked at Mikey with puppy eyes, "Alright I admit it... I don't know what it is. Can you tell me, please?"
"Sure, but after you finish your breakfast you have to come with me to show you and do not run off, OK?"
"OK" replied Ken as he started eating toast quickly.

Krafty Quill
May 19th, 2006, 1:58 PM
OOC: Yeah, it's been a while. My character's still waiting for a response from someone else.

May 19th, 2006, 2:04 PM
OOC: AIIEEE!!!! Sorry for not posting in so long. My DSL is offline so I am currently using a school computer. Citron, you're funny. You're switching between Gust and Pidgey. Hahaha..
Everyone is evolving their pokemon after only two or three battles.... Darn it.

It was late in the afternoon and I had just exited my last class of the day, Breeding 1.0. It was a day of studying the inheritance of abilities from parents to child. I was quite fatigued during that class. I thought Pikachu and agby might need some mastering in their new techniques they were learning.

After stepping off the platform that lead to the fields, I stretched for a second and gave a huge sigh. With a swishing movement, I quickly grabbed a pokeball from my belt and let out Pikachu and Magby followed shortly after. Both gave a yawn to show their boredness.

"Ready for some training before we call it a day?" I asked to both pokemon. They nodded. Magby hopped around hitting large tree stumps with his Thunderpunch while Pikachu struck down large boulders with his Iron Tail attack. I was quite impressed with their level of skill for both were excelling quickly in their abilities. Something out the corner of my eye caught my attention. A tree stump Magby struck revealed a pokemon living or what I think, hiding in it. Magby quickly engaged with it.

May 19th, 2006, 10:44 PM
This Sounds fun! I'm Registering to get in it!

Name: Colton
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Description: Blonde Spikey Hair. Brown Eyes and Glasses. Red Jacket That's not Buttoned up so you can see the white T-Shirt Under it. Blue Baggy Pants and Black Shoes. Just look at my Trainer Card.
Personality: Tactical, Mysterious, Outgoing, Funny, Smart.
History: Ever since his older brother left to be a trainer he to wanted to be a trainer.
RPing Sample: Colton was dropped off at the university. He was wearing a backpack that was yellow and had all the things he needed to learn and live in the dormss. He walked to the doors and opened them slowly then stepped in and closed them. He walked to the dorms and looked up at one of the doors. The number: "109" was in gold above it. He went inside and unpacked.

"Talk about fun. Nobody..." he said to himself then fell back on his bed. He was exhausted. He had traveled a long way to get here. His eyes were open though. He thought of all the good times he'll have.
"Colton come to the office. Colton to the office!" said the speakers. So he got up and trotted to the office. When he got there he was given a form to fill out.

He picked Magby as his entry pokemon. For his classes he picked: Battle, Evolution, Potions, Health & Care, Breeding, Pokemon. When he filled it out and handed it to the lady at the counter. She read through it and then gave Colton a Ball and another sheet and motioned him off. Colton went back to his room and sat on his bed.

"My first Pokemon..." Colton said. He also read the sheet. It listed his classes and there times and order. There Order was: Potions, Health & Care, Battle, Evolution, Breeding, and finally Pokemon. He sighed and put the sheet on a desk beside him. He then took his pokeball in one hand and tossing it in the air.

"I choose you Magby!" said Colton as the ball swirled in the air. It then let out an electric like beam and a pokemon appeared.

"I'll call you Torch!" said colton and he petted his new pet. The Magby smiled and rubbed against the hand rubbing him.

May 20th, 2006, 3:30 AM
ooc: okay, dark fire your in. Naruto, you almost was taken off as Megalightblze's partner. If he hadposted first, he might have made one up. But do you still want to be partners with him, or are you going to make one? Krafty, never wait for a response from someone that long. The days continue to moveon so you should just have your character move on with it and pretend they already finished talking. My training post will be edited on this post later.

Krafty Quill
May 20th, 2006, 10:11 AM
OOC: Yeah, I guess you're right. See, I'm kind of new to this whole Roleplay thing. I'll try my next post up before the end of the week.

May 20th, 2006, 11:21 AM
ooc: Don't worry Krafty Quill, you're not the only one who's new to RPing.
ic: After a quick breakfast, Ken was whisked away by Mikey towards the training room. It was dark and purple withe lines everywhere.
"Now that we're here....what do we do?" asked Ken. As if to answer his question a woman materialised right in front of him.
"Hello" said the holographic woman.
"Uhh..." Ken was too shocked to speak. Am i in a movie? thought Ken as the woman began to speak again.
"Please present you trainer card" said the woman. Mikey took his card out and held it up, Ken did the same.
"Thank you" said the woman, "Please take out your pokemon."
Mikey sent out his Teddisura and Ken sent out his Phanpy.
"Please wait until the start of the battle is announced" and the woman vanished.
"Where'd she go?" said Ken.
"Don't worry." reassured his friend. Then a a Bulbasaur and a Charmander appeared.
"Please begin in....5" the woman's had appeared again above them, "4....3...2....1"
The Charmander released a full power ember attack on Ken's Phanpy and the Bulbasaur used Vine Whip on Mikey's Teddisura.
Charmander was taken by surprise, it hadn't expected a counter attack but Bulbasaur had fared worse it was now immobolised by the gentle lick of Mikey's cute Teddisura.
"Tedisura use Slash attack!"
"Phanpy use defense curl then rollout"
Both pokemon nodded before launching their attacks, Chamander was knocked out instantly wheras Bulbasaur dodged by jumping in the air Teddisura's attack. Phanpy directed its attack towards Bulbasuar as it landed and it was also knocked out.
"I don't know why I didn't know about this place" smiled Ken as a Pidgey and Houndoor appeared.

May 20th, 2006, 11:48 AM
ooc: okay, dark fire your in. Naruto, you almost was taken off as Megalightblze's partner. If he hadposted first, he might have made one up. But do you still want to be partners with him, or are you going to make one? Krafty, never wait for a response from someone that long. The days continue to moveon so you should just have your character move on with it and pretend they already finished talking. My training post will be edited on this post later.
Since he is still posting here, I'll keep him as my partner.

Volkner's Apprentice
May 21st, 2006, 11:30 AM
OOC: ack! Sorry, my comp is wierd and didn't bold this topic telling me there was a new post. I didn't know it was still going, I'm here tho.

IC: Ryan looked at the guy who approached him and the girl with the Magby (I'm not sure if you walked away or not so let's just say you did?) Ryan waved goodbye to the girl and headed for the school. He found himself in a large room where many of the trainers were battling, "Oh wow...hey Phanpy, let's see if we can find a partner for this tournament tommorrow eh?" the little elephant nodded and followed in his tracks as they headed across the gym scouting.

OOC: Could someone post a list of everyone actually in this rp and whos partner'd with who? (even if their partner is themselves in another character)

May 21st, 2006, 5:54 PM
Colton's parents dropped him off at the University. Colton looked up at the gold word sthat spelled: "Pokemon University". He sighed a sigh of nervousness. When he walked towards the doors a guard stopped him.

"To enter you must defeat me in a pokemon fight.

"But I din't come with a Pokemon." replied colton.

"Choose from one of these." said the guard who layed out some pokeballs and also give each of there names and type.

"I'll choose the Magby."

"Okay," replied the guard and gave Colton the ball that contained a Magby, "What will you name it?"

"Torch," replied Colton who still could hardly believe he got his first pokemon, "Go Torch!"The Pokeball was tossed into the air and it sent out a blue beam straight to the ground a Magby appeared.

"Go Rocky!" yelled the guard who tossed a ball into the air. A blue beam hit the ground and a Geodude appeared.

"Ember!" Shouted Colton and Torch blue a smale fireball at the Geaodude. It hardly damaged it!

"Tackle!" Yelled the Guard and his Geaodude launched itself at Torch sending him flying back. A critical hit!

"I'll have to be more tactical," thought Colton then he yelled, "Torch hit his eyes with ember!" Then Torch blew another small fireball but at the Geodudes eyes. The geodude fell to the ground covering his eyes.

"WHAT!?" yelled the Guard, "That's it! Tackle!" The geodude tryed to open it's eyes to attack but it hurt to much.

"Now tackle!" yelled Colton. Torch jumped up the lunged down at the Geodude. It went a lttle back. The Geodude wasn't blind anymore!

"Now hit im' good Rocky! Tackle!" yelled the Guard.

"Quick jump Torch!" said Colton. Torch hopped up and landed to his left. The Geodude smaked into a tree and went unconsious. They won! Colton and Torch won! They could now go in!

"Good fight kid!" said the guard who handed Colton a piece of paper, "Ropcky return!". The guard held out his pokeball and it shot a blue beam at the Geodude. The gedude disapeared into the ball.

"You to Torch., Return!" said colton holding the ball out. A blue beam shot at Torch and Torch disappeared into the ball. Colton walked into the building. It was huge! He walked to the front desk.

"Uh which room Number is mine?" asked Colton.

"It's room number 109. Here's your keys." said the women at the desk and handed Colton a key. Colton walked off to the hallways that had the words "Boys Dorms" above it. He walked down it and to his room. he opened the door and then layed in his bed.

May 22nd, 2006, 6:03 PM
OOC: Oh I see, but my character just came in so im not sure.

BIC: "So Kiara? Where you come from anyway?" Darin asked, trying to find out as much info from this fine chick as he can.

"Im from Viridian City at Kanto. We had a nice home over there, but I was quickly shipped of to this academy right when I received this letter to come to this school. I miss my friends back at home every day, but im kind of excited. I got a cute pookemon and I might find a new boyfriend...," She spoke

"Yes! She's single! Maybe I could hook up with her," Darin thought, grinning in my thoughts. She moved a little closer to Darin. Not touching each other, but close enough to look like it. Her perfume smelled nice, nothing like Darin smelt before, but it smelled good. One girl looked at us with a stricken look ok jealously on her face. She looked sad, then angry as she furiously whispered to her friend. She was probably chatting about how jealous she was not to have me.

"Tough. I might already found me a lady...," I thought."Maybe. I still don't know much about her,"

"Hey, you want to battle," I asked, feeling the sudden urge to fight.

"Umm..., Okay. I need the training anyway," Kiara replied, smiling.

OOC: Tournament huh? I don't think I can enter since I only have one pokemon...

May 24th, 2006, 10:49 AM
The computer made a countdown that led to a thundershock attack from Mareep. "Dodge it Marine!" Marine dodged the attack with a joyish style. "Now use roll out!"

Marine started tumblng towards the mareep. The sheep-like pokemon tried to counter with thunder shock but it was deflected off of Marine by the spinning. The rollout atack made a direct hit.

Mareep got up instantly and used growl. The noise even rattled the pokemon belonging to the other trainers battling in this room. "Sorry about that. I had no control over it."

Rarule turned around glowing with embarressment. He focused his attention on the battle. "Okay, you'll pay for..." Mareep had already used tackle attack on Marine while he said that. Rarule got even redder as he tried to hide his embarrassment. "Okay, focus."

Marine got up and looked at him with concer. "Don't worry Marine, I'm ready. Now, Bubblebeam!" Marine gave a cheerful 'azuril' and let loose a powerful bubblebeam attack. The bubbelbeam was dodged and countered with spark attack.

"Use bubble Marine!" Marine let a barrage of bubbles out which acted as a shield from the spark attack. "Now lets show these guys what true power is! Skull Bash!" Marine lowered its head and shot out a water gun at the ground to launch itself at Mareep and began to spiral towards the pokemon with great speed.

The mareep was hit dead on and was knocked out instantly. The battle similation was over and the computer shut down. The holographic woman appeared again. "Two battles are all a Rookie Trainer is allowed. Have a nice day."

Rarule took out his pokeball. "Return Marine." The light hit Marine and pulled him into the pokeball. he looked at the others than walked out. "With these two guys around my belt ready to knock down any competition standing in my way, this tournament is as good as mine."

He then realized something. "I need a partner!" He then saw a kid standing alone, watching the two have their tag battle. He knew him as Ryan. The kid was in his Battle 1.0 class and he was pretty decent as far as Rarule knew. "I wonder if he has a partner."

Krafty Quill
May 25th, 2006, 5:11 AM
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Volkner's Apprentice
May 25th, 2006, 11:45 AM
Ryan saw a few people from his classes with whom he said hi to and asked if they had partners but most of them already did. Ryan sighed and patted Poliwag and Phanpy while they rested on a couch in the corner of the room. He let them be a moment and stood up when he saw a few trainers in the battle simulation rooms. He saw one kid come out and walked over, "Hey there. Rarule, right? I was wondering if you had a partner for the tournament tommorrow. I've asked almost everyone and they're all paired already."

May 25th, 2006, 5:07 PM
OOC: Same for krafty. I didn't post only 2 posts, but it already gone way too far for me to catch up. Im going to drop out now.

May 26th, 2006, 4:43 AM
ooc: I'm sorry you guys feel that way, but it's not that hard o catch up. You're new students so of course you'd be behind. But that doesn't mean you have to enter the tournament. Plus, there's till a couple of days before rank exams.

ic: "No. I was going to try and see I I could get one of my two roommates to partner up with me, but they already partnered up together." Rarule looked over at his pokemon. "A Poliwag and a Phanpy huh? Both our starter pokemon can do some damage with a double roll out attack."

May 26th, 2006, 1:49 PM
ooc: hope you all got citron's PM, i just wanna who's gona help.
ic: Ken walked with Mikey from the training room to the Pokemon center based at the University,
"That raichu was definatley something?" commented Ken.
"Yeah man, that thunderbolt was way too powerful!" exclaimed Mikey
"It's making me worry about tommorow's tourney"
"You don't need to worry, that raichu would have given even a novice a run for their money" Mikey reassured.
"Wahh! Look at the time we're gonna be late for Oak's lesson" said a very worried Ken.
"Lets run, I hate it when he gives extra homework!"
The two boys dropped of their pokemon and ran quickly to their lesson, while trying not to narge into the many workers that the university employed.

May 26th, 2006, 5:30 PM
Can I join in or is there aready enougth people?

May 26th, 2006, 5:35 PM
of course you can join. Just post your character's form.

May 26th, 2006, 7:33 PM
cool :D

Name: Don Miusaki
Description:blue-Grayish hair,Red backwards cap with a letter "P" on it,Brown eyes,Black jaket,red shirt,brown pants,and white and black shoes.
Sample: Don walks to his dorm to check it out,"Man this room sure is small",said Don.Don sets down his things in the room and headed down the hall as he was walking he stoped and watched a battle between two trainers one had a pikachu and the other had a gengar.Pikachu used ThunderBolt which had nocked out Gengar."Gengar is unable to battle!",Said the referee."I think im going to like this place.",said Don.seconds later the
Office called All the new students to the office.Don waited in line for at least 2 minutes,
finnaly, he was next.Don filled out the form and he was given a pokeball,inside the ball was a torchic.Don walked back to his room and set up his room.

May 27th, 2006, 7:47 AM
You can't have a torchic, you have to choose from a starter in the list on the first page.

May 27th, 2006, 4:20 PM
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May 28th, 2006, 11:02 AM
ok then I get a growlith then.

June 3rd, 2006, 8:40 AM
ooc: people should post more often.
ic: Ken was falling asleep in class again. Prof. Oak seemed to go on and on and on and ....
"Chaaaarbok!" Ken jumped and woke up.
"Arbok is terrifically strong in order to constrict things with its body. It can even flatten steel oil drums. Once Arbok wraps its body around its foe, escaping its crunching embrace is impossible. I have had many deadly ecounters with Arboks in the wild, of course you don't want to anger it. Anyway, they live of any smalll pokemon, mostly Rattata, Raticate, 1st and 2nd stage bug pokemon, Pidgey, Pidgeotto, mouse pokemon and if they're lucky an Evee or two." Professor Oak was smiling for no apparent reason, Ken thought of all those poor pokemon getting eaten by Arbok and he smiled.
Frantic scribbling meant that everybody was listening, well everybody apart from Mikey who was asleep, he had a voice recorder on so he could always catch up later.
The bell rang.
"End of class everybody, just remember that I'd like that essay on the relationship between Remoraid and Mantine handed in by tomorrow!" The class groaned as they trudged out of the class.
"You gotta help me!" Ken looked down and saw mikey on his knees with his hands clasped together.
"I haven't started that essay, I'm doomed!"
"There's always the computers in the library, my cousin worked with the pokemon in the Orange Islands for a while, I'm sure she could help. I'll tell her to email you."
"You're a life saver you know that" Said Mikey tussling Kens hair.

June 4th, 2006, 9:06 AM
ooc: I guest it might be my fault. Diamond, you get magby. the one you chose is not on the starter list.

ic: Rarurle ran into Teck along in the hallway. Teck was a technician genious (hence the name) and was pretty decent when it came to battling.

"Hey there Teck."

"What's Up Rarule. Do you have anyone for the tourney?" Teck asked while shifting through some gizmos.

"That's funny cause I was looking for one at the moment."

Teck's facial expression became one big smile, "Great! See you tomorrow!"

Rarule waved goodbye and headed up to his dorm. "Can't wait."

June 6th, 2006, 3:34 PM
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O.K. I'm planning on signing up over at Citrons forumbut I'm kinda busy but will do so soon.

Edit: I joined as GEMxMegaLightBlaze, but am considering changing to just MegaLightBlaze.

June 9th, 2006, 6:49 AM
Occ: I"M SOOOOOOOOOOOOO SORRY! i haven't been on forever i know. But i promise to be on all the time or whenever i can get on. plz forgive me.

I sit outside eating a snadwich while magby runs around practicing its ember attack on snadbags i set up. "mmfff. Magby that's enough now. Come over and eat before you exhaust yourself." Magby plops over next to me and eats his pokemon food. I pat his head. I sigh, "Boy i felt like i have been sleeping forever. Perhaps i have, but i don'r know what happened while i was." I blink my eyes up at the sun and smile thinking that the only thing that matters that i am here, and not away in a foreign land.

June 26th, 2006, 1:49 PM
ooc: Is anyone really interested in this anymore?
ic: Ken and Mikey went down to the canteen for lunch. As usual Mikey's plate was piled high with everything.
"God, i am so hungry" moaned Mikey as they approached the tables.
"You're always hungry, besides ther's much more important things to worry about like the tournament."
"Oh yeah, sorry."
"Nevermind, just tell me when the tournament is going to start?"
"Uhh, i though you were going to find that out?"
"Oh great" said mikey as he threw hos hands upinto the air. "We've entered a competition and we don't even know when it starts."
Mikey and Ken finished their food and went looking for someone who was in charge of the tournament.