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April 24th, 2006, 3:06 PM
Every world has it's villains, those who start trouble. Every world also has heroes, those who stop the villains dead in their tracks, otherwise referred to as "Good always triumphs over evil". This creates one of the many balances in the world, one of those balances that, if changed, could result in the destruction of the world itself.

One year ago, the world of Kaan fell victim to the forces of evil. The leader of the dark force, Mankar Cammoran, took control of the capital, and had every city burnt down in hopes of turning everything into his own, personal Utopia. However, once all forms of life quickly passed away, he moved onto a new world, with the help of his personal Sage, Sarn. He quickly captured this world, and then moved onto another, and another, quickly building his army.

Mankar's lust for transdimensional conquest soon became an obsession, and he soon arrived in Jump City...

It was a dark and stormy night, and Mankar, along with Sarn had just arrived on the outskirts of Jump City thanks to Sarn's transportation magic. Somehow, Slade knew of his arrival, and formed an alliance with Mankar, leaving Slade in charge of operations in the Titans world, as well as leaving a small section of his army.

However, Slade first focused on areas to the east, and his strategy was quickly thwarted by the Titans East. Mankar learned of his defeat, and quickly replaced Slade with his own Executive officers. Many villains from the Titan's world were soon forced to join Mankar's army as well, and the Titans East suddenly went missing. Mankar's attention was soon turned on Jump City once more, and he began his assault.

Because of Sarn's world transportation magic, wormholes started appearing in various worlds, transporting random people to Jump City. You are one of these people, may you be an existing character from an anime, manga, or game, or you can make an original character. You arrive in Jump City, both lost and confused. You meet up with the Titans, and soon learn about the issue at hand, the issue that threatens every world existing in time and space. Together, you must make an attempt to stop Mankar's plans. However, take heed, darkness comes in many forms.

As a note, I will not be accepting anyone incapable of using punctuation, and whom cannot write to my standards. Also, I won't be accepting any ridiculous character ideas.


World: (Just name the anime, game, or whatever)
Original Character or pre-existing?:
Abilities/ Powers:
Other Important Details:

RP Sample: (Make it GOOD)

I'm really looking for the original Titans first, but you can have two characters, so that may even it out.

Cast List: If your character isn't on this list then you haven't been accepted

Teen Titans
Robin- Kurosaki
Raven- Bell
Terra- Lust's Veyron
Starfire- Bloodfire

David "Caster" Askan (Bleach)- Kurosaki
Xeno (Digimon)- KuraTenshi
Kali (Final Fantasy VII)- Bloodfire
Nanaki (Final Fantasy VII)- Bloodfire
Kalindra (Lubine)- Bell
Kiba Inuzuka and Akamaru (Naruto)- Garouga! Bare Your Fangs!
Silphia (Pokemon)- Ninetails
Ryouga Hibiki (Ranma 1/2)- Shiney
Argent (Teen Titans)- Lust's Veyron
Jinx (Teen Titans)- Ninetails
Slade (Teen Titans)- レオ
Lyr (Unknown)- Dactylus

Reserved Spots

April 24th, 2006, 3:51 PM
Cool Story! Can I be a Titan!
Name: Rokuo
Age: 16
Gender: Male
World: Naruto's World
Original Character or Pre-existing?: Pre-existing if that means made up.
Appearance:Inuyasha' clothes, but black, his hair has Inuyasha's hair shape, but blue, he has purple looking marks on his cheeks like this B]= =[/B]
Personality: He is fearless! He never shows emotion! He is a skilled ninja/swordsman!
Abilities/Power: He can Fly, Perform Jutsu without handsigns, Inuyasha's sword attacks, and the Demon Back Wind!
History: Rokuo set off upon a journey alone when he was 13. He traveled the world and became friends with The Hidden Leaf Village Ninja Squad 7( Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, and Kakashi)!
Other Important Details: He is a skilled ninja/swordsman!
RP Sample: Don't know what that is!

April 24th, 2006, 4:03 PM
OOC: I can be Raven. I'll just go brush up on my Raven playing skills on Neopets. XDXDXD But otherwise, I'll fill in a character sheet later. Raven will be handful enough for now.

Garouga! Bare Your Fangs!
April 24th, 2006, 4:07 PM
Whoa...Writing standards. A challenge!

Name: Kiba Inuzuka and Akamaru

Age: 15

Gender: Male

World: Naruto

Original Character or pre-existing?: Pre-existing (I don't feel creative)

Appearance: http://www.animechains.org/narutowo/stats/12.jpg

Personality: Kiba is a bit of a show-off. He's cocky and arrogant in every way possible and acts like he's always in charge. Mostly, he talks first and fights later, and he has the moves to back up his words. Being a dog-lover, he's against animal cruelty (of course). Akamaru is his best friend in the whole world, and they've been together for nearly 5 years.

Abilities/ Powers: Kiba and Akamaru have a beast-like assortment of moves. Two of them are physical changes, while the other two are more of high-speed rotating/slamming into enemies.

History: Kiba and Akamaru were part of the "Rookie 9" in the Chuunin exams (Akamaru doesn't count because the rules state him as a weapon, like bugs would be). His loss to Naruto was embarrassing in every way possible, but during the Sound 5 battles he made up for his mistakes with the aid of Sand-NiN Kankuro. Another of his great missions was the search for the giant tracker bug, where he and Naruto fought over who was the leader.

Other Important Details: If you'd like, I'll post the names of his moves.

RP Sample: (I'll do a third-person view of the Sakon/Ukon battle)

"Crap...That should have been more effective..." Kiba rubbed his head as he stood in the river where he had been forced back. Akamaru was a dark red color, signaling his ready for an attack. With a cloud of smoke, the dog became the spitting image of his master. Kiba nodded, and both of them ran towards Sakon, who squinted a little. Kiba threw his arms back, then swung them in the reverse direction. Both him and his dog became two swirls of gray, with a black streak in them.

"Gatsuuga!" The swirls lifted off the ground and dived on Sakon from opposite directions, kicking up a small dust storm. When it cleared, the two Kibas were fighting two Sakons!

"What is this guy?!" One of the Kibas kicked, but a foot appeared from Sakon's ankle and blocked it. Both of the Sound-NiNs grinned and playfully swang their opponent's hands back and forth.

"Two on two...It's nice, isn't it, Sakon?" Kiba and Akamaru looked closer at their enemy. One of the Sakons seemed to be coming from the back of the other. While they were distracted, the real Sakon punched one of the Kibas in the face. He let go and tumbled back, hitting against a rock and turning into Akamaru.

"Oh dear...So this is the real one? Tarenken!" Sakon turned and punched Kiba with what seemed to be five fists in one. As he flew back, Sakon chased after him, ready to punch again. Kiba ducked, and the second punch cut out a piece of a rock pillar. Sakon grabbed Kiba as a red pattern crawled across his skin, then darkened to black. The other Sakon did the same thing, then grinned.

"Forgive me...This is Ukon, my twin brother. He is usually asleep inside of me, but he can push his body through any part of mine! Like this!" Sakon laughed as Ukon's fist pushed out of his head, punching Kiba. Akamaru sprinted towards his master as Sakon grew an extra leg and kicked Kiba towards him. Both master and dog rolled into a rock pillar as Ukon's black pattern filled his body and became a dark red.

"Let's finish this, brother." Ukon bit the air a few times, testing out his new, sharper teeth.

"Yeah, yeah." Sakon went through the same transformation as his brother, and both began to run towards Kiba on two legs, one from each brother. Akamaru looked at his master and barked a few times. Kiba's eyes grew in shock.

"We can't do THAT!" Akamaru bit Kiba's hand and ran in front of him, growling at the approaching Sakon-Ukon beast. Kiba stared at the bite mark, then clenched his fist and rose.

"For you to bite me, I must be a horrible master...Alright, let's go for it!" Akamaru jumped at the oncoming beast, which just dodged easily. One of the brothers punched Kiba, who spat up blood. Both began to laugh, but Kiba held on to their hand.

"Do it well, Akamaru!" Kiba looked up, and his puppy was spinning in the air, marking their opponent. Kiba stepped back a few times, then ran towards a giant stone pillar and jumped off of it. Akamaru landed on his head, and there was a giant cloud of smoke. A snraling wolf head emerged from it, followed by another. Sakon and Ukon stared up in amazement at the giant wolf creature, which stared right back. Without warning, it jumped in the air and swirled in a gatsuuga-like movement. Sakon and Ukon jumped to the side to avoid the assult, but were too slow.

"Sakon, on your right!" Sakon turned his head just in time to see a giant tornado of blue coming towards him. He swore as it struck him straight in the chest, pinning both he and his brother to a rock. As the wolf beast drilled in, the brothers began to tear apart. Then, the wolf broke through the rock and ripped both of them apart. Kiba and Akamaru skidded to a halt and stared.

"Garouga's rotation speed gives us no sight whatsoever. We rely on smell alone. The attack doesn't even have to hit you to...WHAT?!" The wolf heads gasped in shock as muscle tissue formed new body parts on the torn brothers. One got a normal arm and leg, while the other was covered in black plate. Kiba stared in amazement as the brothers stood up and limped towards him like a pair of zombies, hungry for the taste of flesh.

April 24th, 2006, 4:49 PM
Name: Xeno (Growlmon X)
Age: (Mental Age is 21)
Gender: Male
World: The Digital World
Original Character or pre-existing?: Xeno is a pre-existing charcter from the Digimon Anime.

Appearance: http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c306/LegendSuicune/growlmonxXeno.jpg

Personality: Xeno is a kind creature, his apperance is somewhat scary but his heart is in the right place. He listens to other's suggestions and he also tells others his ideas. Xeno thinks before he acts and he is very smart, he is very skilled when it comes to battling but he wont hurt anything unless he has a very good reason to. He enjoys relaxing, swimming and he also enjoys this 'video game' thing that is in the Human World.

Abilities/ Powers: Xeno is really strong and he has two attacks: Exhaust Flame and Raiden Blade.

History: Xeno was born in Primary Village, his Digitama was really weird looking, it was crimson with black stripes on it. There was also an X on it, Elecmon took extra care of this Digitama because he knew that a X-Antibody had attached itself to the Digitama. As soon as the Digitama hatched Elecmon raised the Digimon to be smart and strong. Soon Xeno had digivoled into a Guilmon X, all his friends thought he look cool but the more older Digimon thought he was a freak. Soon a bunch of Digimon attacked Primary Village, Xeno protected his home and soon he digivoled into Growlmon X. His dark side also appeared, and something terrible happened, Xeno killed one of his closet friends. His dark side made him so angry that he went and killed his friend, his best friend.... Xeno ran away from his home and started exploring the other parts of the Digital World. A wormhole appeared in a place called Zeta Plains, Xeno was the only one near it and he was the only one sucked into the wormhole. When he woke up he found himself in Jump City.

Other Important Details: Xeno really has two personalitys, when he battles his 'dark side' kicks in. This personality makes him have only one emotion; Anger. It is really useful but sometimes Xeno loses control and he might attack one of his friends. Xeno is also fused with an X-Antibody.

RP Sample: (This is from a Digimon RP Site I go on)

Fear is what shall not be shown. Fear is what you must strike into the hearts and minds of your opponets. Soul showed no fear, he showed no emotion. Well that was once he reached the Arena. But just a few minutes ago he was riding on the back of his best flying Digimon; ThunderBirdmon. He enjoyed riding on the back of ThunderBirdmon, he was always relaxed and happy, yes he was happy.

Flying was one of the greatest things ever, it made you feel great. Like there were no wars or any conflicts going on. It made you feel like the world, both worlds, were at peace. He enjoyed these last few minutes of emotion, Soul was about to enter a battle, hand to hand combat. Well he was allowed to bring in one weapon of choice, any weapon that he owned. And Soul picked his newest weapon; the Dragon Scythe.

He had just gotten it and already it was part of him, it had merged with him. Part of it was inside him, he could feel its power, he could feel the demonic aura that surrounded it. The darkness, the darkness that hid inside this terrible but wonderful weapon. Yes, it was a powerful weapon but it also clawed at the users mind, taking over slowly. It held great power and only one with more power could control it. Soul had trained and trained to be able to control this weapon and he was finally ready to use it in battle.

He looked below, he was just above the arena, the battle would start soon. Soul patted ThunderBirdmon, the Digimon smiled. ThunderBirdmon glided towards the arena, Soul waited. Soul was wearing a black t-shirt, and a pair of black jeans, he had changed his hair colour from blonde to brown and now he had emerald eyes. Soul saw adair, and then the DinoBeemon. An angel Digimon was there too. The DinoBeemon greeted Soul as he climbed off ThunderBirdmon.

"Welcome Soul to the battle field! He has the power to morph into animals and change his apperance! He came to the Digital World with a strong bond between him and his Digimon, but now that bond is fading! He agreed to battle Adair to test out his new weapon; the Dragon Scythe!" DinoBeemon paused and then continued speaking. "Only one more person has to show up before this match can start!"

April 24th, 2006, 9:04 PM
Noooo... someone picked Raven already... But, I can RP my second-favorite Teen Titans character, or sould I make one up... Or both!!
Name: Jinx
Age: 16
Gender: Female
World: Same as the Teen Titans, obviously
Original/Pre: Pre-existing from Teen Titans
Appearance: Ahh, can't find a picture right now... I'll have to come back to this if necessary.
Personality: Jinx basically aligns with anything dark or evil. She's basically sadistic--she likes to toy with people when they're going through the worst of times. She pities those who are unfortunate, but she laughs to herself at them as well. Also, Jinx has a tendency to see things from an obscure or "magical" perspective--it's often "real-world" complications that frustrate her or get her into trouble. But she does pride herself in her embracing of that which people normally don't look into, the realm from which elusive yet occasionally powerful things can happen, things known simply as "supernatural". Yet, even with this she isn't really ostentatious nor egotistical--yet still creative and, um, different. In planning she tends not to follow nor lead, but to sneak around and try something new.
Abities/Powers: Something called a "hex blast" or a "jinx". (Hey, there's how she got her name!) This basically causes unfortunate, "unlucky" things to happen to a certain person or situation. These exist on many levels of power, but stronger levels of this ability become harder to perform and require more concentration, etc.
History: Jinx originally attended a school for people with special abilities just like her. Some students in the school already knew what they could do and just had to develop their abilities, but others like Jinx came in not knowing anything. However, those students did have potential--others had seen "great things" inside these individuals.

Jinx was off to a rough start--well sort of. She did have an interest in the supernatural--perhaps it was this that sparked her attendance. Anyways, when she learned how to cast curses, she realized that hers were pretty recognizable and also amazingly accurate. This eventually lead to the discovery of her ability, which she was fascinated with from the start.

Maybe it was this penchant that did it, but in the end Jinx came out as one of the top three students in the whole school, along with Gizmo and Mammoth. Though this was a great honor, something dirty and unfortunate happened. The headmaster of the school presented these three to Slade--she secretly supported him. Slade, though he wasn't too impressed with their abilities, recruited them to his side. To test their abilities, he gave them a mission to destroy the Teen Titans.

Gizmo planned out a brilliant strategy. Jinx caught the Titans off guard and tipped the situation to her side. Mammoth went in with the force of a true fighter. Yet even with this, partially because they were outnumbered 5 to 3, they lost, and Slade dismissed them. (Luckily he wasn't thoroughly furious.)

Eventually, the three realized that they would be beter off siding with the Titans--after all, their teachers had tricked them. Gizmo and Jinx especially did not like being tricked, so they sought out revenge against the school, but also against Slade and anyone on the side of evil. Jinx at first thought this strange ("But I'm a little evil too"), but she figured out that fighting evil against evil isn't evil--two evils make a good just as two wrongs make a right.

Other: She just has much experience with magic.
RP Sample: (Note: This is actually an introduction to the actual RPG, and it's in a dream)

It was dark inside the castle, the one whose stony walls were donned with cobwebs and purple tapestries, with cracks and dim torches. Barely visible behind a curtain sat Jinx, in a darker room than the bigger main cavern. In front of her was a crystal ball, and she sat there looking into it.

After a while, a blue flame sparked above the crystal. Jinx looked puzzled--what could this mean? Things were supposed to appear inside crystal balls, not on top of them...
Jiiiinnnnxxxx. It sounded like a voice inside Jinx's head. Jinx jumped up at the sound, er, thought, of this... but she didn't turn around.
Face me, Master of the Academy. Master of the Academy? Jinx knew what this meant though--it was referring to her, as she was one of the best in her school.
I am not an enemy--I came to you as a stroke of Fate.
"Show yourself!" Jinx quickly spun around, but not in surprise but as a hopes to frighten whoever was there. Someone was there, but she did not falter.
"Hello," said a young woman standing in an opening in the curtain, silhouetted against the torchlight. "I know you are Jinx, but may I introduce myself as Silphia."
"Why do you come to disturb this wonderful silence?" Jinx inquired, keeping her usual sinister tone.
"I was a master like you too. I come from a world where creatures called Pokemon dwell. These Pokemon have abilities just like you and me, but..."
"What 'me'? You are a Titan too?" Jinx inquired, a bit more sharply.
"You can easily compare my own powers to Raven's, but she and I are quite different."
"Wait a minute... If you're new here, I assume, how do you know about Raven?"
"I know you fought against her once--I an legilimentious."
"Ha, that's not in the dictionary!" Jinx challenged with a bit of a laugh.
"Look at the root more carefully--as you might say, I can read your mind. Of course--this ability an inspirational psychic power, meaning I can't use it all the time... but alas, Fate made its way into my mind at this moment, giving me a glimpse of this opportunity."
"And what specifically do you want from me?" Jinx tested.
"A hand." Silphia extended her hand, as if wanting Jinx to shake it. "Sladelike forces have risen, as far as distant birds tell me. If we can agree to combine the powers of the dark mind, we can destroy this force."
"So you're saying we should work together." Jinx would have refused an offer like this normally, but she sensed something in a similar way that Silphia did. In a way she read her mind--some sort of spark signified a bond between them, one created by fate so that neither she nor Silphia could separate it. Whatever it took, Jinx would have to accept...
"I accept." And with that Jinx held her hand, almost automatically--soon the two would be off.

^^Note that the above is IN A DREAM... so the two will not start off together.

Name: Silphia
Age: 20
Gender: Female
World: Pokemon, but she currently does not have any Pokemon with her (though she might meet up with them occasionally later on).
Original/Pre: Original (she's actually from my Pokemon fanfic)
Appearance: Silphia is about 5 feet tall and quite thin. She has straight, shoulder-length, dark red hair and dark brown eyes. She wears a flowy, mediumsleeved lavender shirt, a long blue skirt, light purple socks, and black sandals. She also wears glasses and an aqua hat.
Personality: Silphia is quite modest and tends to underestimate herself. She's calm most of the time, but she's often quiet and somber as well. She gets slightly nervous around other people, especially those she doesn't know. Though her powers (especially her most-often-used telekinesis) are very strong, her emotions are fragile and can affect how she uses them. On top of that, she has horrible luck and often gets depressed because of the results of that. But like Jinx, she does show an affinity for the supernatural, and she feels a strange attachment to those with those interests...
Abilities/Powers: Telekinesis, basically. However, this looks completely different from how Raven uses it--Silphia's is more "intense", as one might say, and is often used as force fields or energy pulses. Oh and also, she can use telepathy with those she knows really well--someone she shares a true bond with. (If and when her Pokemon appear in the RPG, she can use it with them as well.)
History: For most of her life, Silphia lived under a curse by her great-grandmother Celia. Nobody in the family was entirely sure why this curse was cast, but her father guessed that it was because he "stole away" Kelsey's mom. Anyways, this curse also caused her dad to lose his job (he was a magician), so her family was basically poor. In fact, many times Silphia had to live in an orphanage due to that, but there she got teased by the other kids for how she dressed like the Pokemon Kirlia--they called her the "Kirlia Kid". But she really was into Pokemon--in fact that was the one thing that gave her hope under the curse. So she did eventually start a Pokemon journey with a Ralts (surprise surprise). The story of her times as a trainer is long, but to summarize it:

Silphia's Kirlia (evolved) was stolen by an evil organization called Team Shockwave, and when she finally got her back years later, the Pokemon was very depressed and in poor condition--it took a while to get her back almost to normal. She traveled around with a boy named David for a while, who turned out to be her cousin. They traveled in the land of Aquatissea, where many undiscovered Pokemon dwelled. Eventually, David challenged the league there and won--he was champion of Aquatissea. While traveling, she began to realize that she could use telepathy with her Pokemon (she had more than just Kirlia). Then Silphia and David parted for a while, and Silphia went to the nearby continent of Mire. There, with the help of Team Shockwave, one of her Pokemon turned against her and extracted her soul. It was the not-too-far away David who found her. Then the Pokemon realized what she did and released Kelsey's soul into the body of another Pokemon--a little fairy named Psiad. Psiad was Psychic-type, so it had many of the same abilities that Silphia has to this day. Anyways, while Silphia was still Psiad, she entered battle with Celia's Pokemon (Banette, if you must know) and eventually won, (almost) freeing the curse.

Shortly after the curse was freed, Celia died, but at least she was happy for Silphia. But anyways, after the curse, Silphia turned back into a human, and she discovered that she still had telekinesis... or maybe that was something she had all along and never knew about. But she did inherit Celia's Pokemon.

Yet before Silphia could come up with any new plans now that Celia was defeated, she got transported to Jump City along with one of her Pokemon (Harmonique, who I'll explain later). Harmonique wasn't invited along on the mission, but since she could create portals, she made one back to Celia's house to ease transport.

Other: In addition to the above abilities listed, Silphia has things that can, um, enhance her abilities. One can basically say Silphia is mentally strong but physically (and emotionally) weak. Also, in addition, Silphia has very quick reflexes when she's awake and focused, and she has an excellent memory as well. Whether the last bit is good or bad is an interesting question... And if and when the Pokemon appear in the RPG, I'll describe them as they appear--Silphia has quite a few that I created as well...

RPG Sample: See Jinx's sample above--they're in a dream together

Sumomo & Kotoko
April 24th, 2006, 10:15 PM
Hey, I don't have time now to fill that out but I would like to be Terra,
I'll edit my post tomorrow with all the info.


Wow, this is the first RP I've seen in awhile that has a great plot and makes you work at your entry.
I thought I had given up RP'ong for good, but I think I'll join. :)
Seeing that my all time favorite Titan (Raven) is taken, I'll RP as my second favorite, Terra

Name: Terra.
Age: 15 or 16 is what I'm guessing.
Gender: Female.♀
World: Same as the Teen Titans.
Original Character or pre-existing?: Pre-Existing.
http://forbidn.hp.infoseek.co.jp/gallery/upload/appterra1.JPG http://forbidn.hp.infoseek.co.jp/gallery/upload/apprenticeterra1.jpg
Abilities/ Powers: Terra (as her name gives it away) has control over the Earth and often flys on a chunk of rock to reach her destination. Terra can transform the consistency of earth and rock, cause earthquakes, tap into lava flows, and create shapes out of solid rock.
History: Gifted with amazing earth-moving abilities, Terra made rocks fly, mountains crumble, and the ground tremble beneath her feet. At first, it seemed like this hip, funny, young hero might make a great addition to the team. Upon meeting Terra, the Titans quickly welcomed her into their ranks.

But Terra had a secret. Unable to control her awesome powers, she felt betrayed when it appeared Beast Boy shared her secret with the team. Angry and alone, Terra sought out Slade, who helped her control her abilities.

Terra returned to the Titans and joined the team - but was secretly working with Slade to destroy the Titans from within. Despite her mission, Terra began to doubt her loyalties; Just as romance with Beast Boy blossomed, Terra was exposed as a traitor. She worked with Slade to destroy the Titans and take over the city.

Despite her victory, Terra still felt lost and alone. And by the time she decided to leave Slade, it was too late; Events were set in motion leaving the city in danger from an erupting volcano. Never losing faith in Terra, Beast Boy did finally see her realize the error of her ways - before she ultimately sacrificed herself to save the city. Now merged with the earth she once controlled, The Titans searched for a way to restore her.

Upon returning from a globe-trotting adventure, Beast Boy was shocked to discover a school girl who looked exactly like Terra! Finding Terra's tomb empty, Beast Boy was convinced that Terra had indeed returned - and he pleaded with her to return to the team. But the school girl insisted that "things change" and she was not the girl he knew. Respecting the girl's wishes, Beast Boy was able to let go of the past and look toward his own future.
Info is from titanstower.com
Other Important Details: Before Terra's untimely death, she had grown to like Beast Boy more then just a friend.
Name: Argent.
Age: 16.
Gender: Female.♀
World: Same as the Teen Titans.
Original Character or pre-existing?: Pre-Existing.
http://www.titanstower.com/assets/animated/episodes/callingalltitans/callingalltitans75.jpg http://www.titanstower.com/assets/animated/episodes/callingalltitans/callingalltitans21.jpg http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y163/RavenMaster09/ARGENT2.jpg
Abilities/ Powers: Argent is able to create various plasma energy constructs, including silver knives, shields and slides to travel on. Upon creation, the plasma energy become instantly tangible.
History: The H'San Natall race produced alien/human hybrids that would be activated with super-human powers on their 16th birthdays. Silver-skinned Toni Monetti learned she had the ability to control bursts of silver plasma energy. Joining the Teen Titans as Argent, Toni evolved from spoiled rich girl to capable heroine.
Other Important Details: Argent's name is another word for 'silver' - the color of her plasma energy bursts.

RP Sample:
Today, like any other day, Argent was heading off to school. She was almost never late and kept her grades at a steady "A" or at sometimes a "B". Tomorrow was her 16th birthday and she had been planing a party for monthes, inviting almost every kid in school to come to her party.
After school, she came home to find her parents weren't there, so she assumed they weren't home from work yet.
The clock reached 7:30 (PM) and still no sign of her parents. So she called both their cell phones, nither answered. Argent, starting to get worried, quickly got in taxi and went down town to her mothers office.
She ran through the doors heading to the front desk.
"Wheres my mom?!" She asked franticly to the desk lady.
"What is your mothers name?" The lady asked.
She quickly answer with "Sarah Monetti".
The lady looked at the clock-in logs and said "Your mother clocked out at 6:50 today".
Argent turned right around and ran out the door not even thanking the lady.
She got in another taxi and went a few blockes down to were her dad worked.
Argent jumped out of the car and ran to the front desk of her dad's office building.
"Where is my dad!?" she asked to the two ladies sitting at the desk.
"Aren't you Mr.Monetti's doughter? I've seen you come in with him a few times" one lady replied.
"Yes, yes, I'm his doughter, could you please tell me where he is?" she asked.
"He left not to long ago, around 6:45" the other lady said.
Argent thanked them and ran out doors to get in the taxi.
Not knowing where to look next, she told the driver to take her home.
When the taxi pulled up to her house she saw a few cop cars and two poice men at her front door.
She got out of the car and worringly asked the police men "Is there a porblem officers?"
They asked her "Do you live here?"
"Yes" Argent replied.
"I'm sorry, but your parents have been in a wrek" one police man stated sadly.
"WHAT!?" Argent yelled, "Are they alright!?"
"Their in the hospital" the police man said, "we can take you to visit them if you like"
So the police man toke Argent to the hospital to see her parents. She held bother of their hands and began to weep.
Not to long after, her dad died. She sat by her moms side praying that she would be alright. The next morning Argents mom died, making her an orphan.

April 25th, 2006, 2:54 AM
I updated the first post with a cast list. If you aren't on it, I haven't accepted you for some reason. So far I have only not accepted one, and the reasons should be obvious.

April 25th, 2006, 3:05 PM
OOC: I advise you think 'Red X' When reading this sign-up. ^^ Becuz Red X fan is walkin' through. Btw, do I need to do a sign-up for Raven? =_=

Name:Kalindra (Jet)
World: Lubine
Original Character or pre-existing: Original

Appearance: With a pure white mask that reveals none of Jet's face, not many would know that her eyes are pure black, and her face is a pale snow color. Her mask has three openings, one for her mouth, which juts in a 'V' shape, making the slanted eye slits look very sinister. The openings are covered with a dark- yet transparent material, that helps Jet see in bright light. She wears an all black outfit, with a longsleeved turtleneck with black synthetic pants. She wears an all black jumpsuit, (Red X anyone?) and black gloves cover her spindly pale hands, leaving no part of her skin exposed to the air. Jet wears black boots that reach her ankles, though they mesh well with the jumpsuits. She has an electrical the size of the eraser (on the back of a pencil) that is flat, and clings to the back of her neck- underneath her turtleneck. A metal belt painted black clips together at her waist, each oval-shaped extention evenly spaced from each other and held together by a thin line of metal, hold black shurikens that are virtually invisible in the dark. Jet has no body figure whatsoever, making it quite easy to mistake her as a very skinny boy.

Personality: Jet is virtually emotionless, with simply a talent for mischief and a disregard for others. She dislike's the fact that she is a girl, therefore don's the name 'Jet' which is usually described as a male name, and is fashioned after the black gem. She is mostly mute when alone, and with people she dislikes, but otherwise, she will not hesitate to give a snippy or sarcastic remark, or something that points some painfully obvious flaw.
Abilities/ Powers: Jet is a very good shuriken thrower, with deadly accuracy, and has the power to transfer someone's pain to another being, including herself, as long as they're both in range (not very far). She moves by melting into shadow's, something that is abundant in her homeworld, and due to her 'disability' she can see better then others for the first five minutes in a sudden dark.

History: For as long as she could remember, Kalindra has had all kinds of trouble on earth, a place she has lived for nearly her entire life as a normal student. But her colorblind condition made school work hard, especially the colorful papers that the school seemed to enjoy using, which made words hard to distinguish. Frustrated at her disability, Kalindra's frustration grew, and her vent became Jet. Starting out as a villian, she stole anything she wanted. Her target's were usually school mates who teased her when she confused signs, and other things of the like. The dark villian did little things, like stealing precious items, and trinkets. Her parents had a strange suspicion that this culprit was indeed their daughter, so they signed her up for a variety of activities, which actually fueled Jet's skills. Becoming a skilled gymnast, strength and power no longer mattered, flexibility and speed became a top priority. Soon, after all her revenge was dealed out, she became a dark heroine. Jet became a riddle, someone who stole, and robbed, and yet stood for a sick and twisted sense of justice. After a year of this life, she found 'justice' not quite justice at all. She is presently neutral, helping whichever side helps her the most.

Other Important Details: Jet is a monochromat. (A monochromat is an organism that is truly color blind. Monochromats can only see shades of black, gray and white. Monochromats may have a minor advantage in dark vision, but only in the first five minutes of dark adaptation.)
The device on the back of her neck alters her voice to make it hoarse, and deeper, so as to fool the enemy to further believe her mixed up gender. She has a pet crow that comes and goes.

RP Sample: There's nothing in the world I hate more then a prissy super hero, who thinks they understand 'justice'. Everywhere I go these days, it's the Teen Titans have done this- or that. And I wonder how villians these days make a living with those brats around. I sat perched on the edge of a street lamp, that I'd destroyed. I hated that blinding light that came from lamp posts. My head shot to my left as I heard the rustling of a bird's wings.

"Hello there Sable." I said, my voice scrambler doing it's job as my usually girlish voice came out low, hoarse, and most importantly, devoid of emotion. The crow cawed boredly in response, and took off again, sensing that it wasn't needed.

I hopped off the lamp post and fell into a shadow, almost as if it were a very deep puddle. My parents for the longest time had tried to conceal the fact that I'd come from a dark origin, the planet of Lubine, where there was no such thing as the sun- and where Monochromats were less sparsely populated. But it wasn't hard to figure it out, the day I accidentally stepped into a shadow. It's about as obvious as it gets when your foot sinks knee high into what you thought was solid concrete. Adjusting my mask I glanced around. If anyone was walking down this street, all they'd see was my floating mask. A horrifying sight, no doubt, but I'd taken care to pick a deserted street. I'd also been careful to kick out every street lamp that turned on.

"Hmph." I mumbled, as I let myself melt into the shadow underneath me, staring at the always imposing Titans Tower in the distance "Teen Titans eh?"

April 25th, 2006, 3:48 PM
<OOC>I don't have the time to sign up right now, but save me a spot if you can, 'kay?<OOC>

April 25th, 2006, 4:32 PM
Name: Ryouga Hibiki

Age: 16

Gender: Male

World: Ranma 1/2

Original Character or pre-existing?: Existing~

Appearance: I *promise* to fill these fields out better later, but I'm being amazingly rushed, and I don't have the time to edit in the info for now. http://www.animeinfo.org/featured/ranma/ranmapeople/ryoga.gif


Abilities/ Powers: Martial arts, intense strength and stamina, as well as a curse that allows him to change into a small black piglet when splashed with cold water.


Other Important Details: I'll fill the rest out later, I PROMISE. x.x

April 25th, 2006, 4:34 PM
Name: Slade.
Age: Thirty-nine.
Gender: Male.
World: Teen Titans.
Original Character or Pre-existing?: Clearly, existing.
Personality: Cynical, brilliant, a panther on the prowl. It is unknown as to the reason this monster conceals himself within shadows, haunting a city known to be protected by a team of vigilante teenagers. However, it is obvious as to the fact he wishes to destroy them all.. Possibly to further his own domination of the world?
Abilities/Powers: Increased physical statistics: Endurance, Agilities, Durability, Strength, Speed, Reflexes; intelligence at an increased ninety percent.
History: A crafty supervillain, Slade is the mastermind behind much of the crime in this corner of the world. His primary goal seemed to be to destroy the Teen Titans, though his motivations for doing so were not clear. From the darkness of his secret compound, Slade dispatched other villains to do his dirty work.

Eventually, Slade's master plan became apparent: Slade was searching for a young apprentice. Choosing Robin for his superior skills, he blackmailed the hero and turned him against his own friends. The Titans soon learned the truth, and Robin was freed from Slade's thrall.

Undaunted, Slade set his sights on a new apprentice: a very powerful but confused girl named Terra. Slade used Terra's insecurities against her and taught her to control her earth-shaping powers. Terra became a spy for Slade and betrayed the Titans - which allowed Slade to take over the city. The Titans returned in full force - and Terra had second thoughts about trusting Slade. In a blaze of Glory, Terra saved the city while sacrificing herself.

Slade was presumed dead but his body was never found. His face mask had a failsafe device that had Robin doubting his own sanity. The activation of this device remains a mystery.

Slade was later awakened from his molten tomb by Raven's evil father, Trigon. Slade - now embued with mystical powers - helped Trigon bring about the end of the world! In exchange, Slade wanted Trigon to restore his flesh and blood - thus fully restoring him to the land of the living. True to form, Trigon reneged on his deal the moment he came to earth. Angered at the double-cross, Slade aided Robin in his search for Raven to retrieve what he had lost. Descending into the demonic abyss, Slade battled the undead to restore his own living body. Slade even assisted the Titans in Trigon's ultimate defeat.
( Taken from Titan's Tower. (http://www.titanstower.com/animated.html) )
Other Important Details: None.

Role Play.

Gears churned slowly, rhythmatically to the music which echoed throughout his chambers. Beethoven relaxed him, calmed him to the point of solvency; a moment which captivated brilliance to him, "The Teen Titans... Delightful." A massively-proportioned plasma screen television was before him; Cinderblock combating with those Titans rewinding and playing, over and over.

"So that is your weakness, Robin." A screen captured the resolution of an enraged Starfire, enlarging and cleaning the image, "... Excellent." A soft 'Heh' fell as he turned, hands linked on the small of his back whilst he strode confidently to his throne in the bathed light atop it. His right hand broke free, forefinger sliding across the arm of the throne, searching for dust.

"Wintergreen. Tea." Certainly, sir. The aged voice carried through the shadows, its only hint illuminated by the white of those listless hues. Several minutes later, he returned to the masked mastermind, holding a platter of tea. By this time, Slade had seated in his throne; Wintergreen rested the cup on the arm, bowing out as he returned to his known place. Its aroma wafted into his nostrils, calming him as he returned to his planning.

( Pardon me, if it's short. )

April 25th, 2006, 5:59 PM
((Hey K-man, could you maybe save me a place, I'm gonna start up on my sign up sheet right now.. but i'm gonna make it perfect so.. I'll take time!))
[color= “darkred”]Name: Sumomo
Age: unknown
Gender: Seemingly female, but none are to sure.
World: Chobits
Original Character or pre-existing?: Pre-existing
Appearance: Teeny tiny, she’s approximately 5 inches high, she’s cute with bright eyes, pink hair, and light pink cloths. Here’s a pic ( http://www.orangeday.net/chobits/images/scans/personal/sumomo-tamborine.jpg) if you need one.
Personality: Bubbly and carouse, she wants to know what everything does and what everything is capable of doing, being a Persocom, she pretty much knows everything already. But that doest keep her from getting to know everything by trying it.
Abilities/ Powers: Connected to the internet, she can produce any information that one needs, and being small she can also fit into small places.
History: She was the property of Hideki for many happy years, one day she read on the net that her happiness with him was only temporary, and that he would deteriorate under the affects of age. She didn’t like this information at all, and did all the resource she could to see if it could be reversed, but sadly, that was not to be. He died only a few years later, and she was left alone with only her memories to keep her happy. She has surched long and far for the one that she will stay with forever, will she find it here?
Other Important Details: Don’t step on her!

RP Sample:

Sumono jumps onto Hideki‘s hand, “Hey… I just learned something.”

“Really, what have you learned?” he asks lifting her up a bit.

“Well…” she says starting to climb up his arm, “I…. learned that…” she finally gets to his head, she then starts pirouetting in small circles on his head, “that you can use a password to protect everything that you have saved in me!”

“Really?” He sits up.

She falls off, “Hai!” she hits the floor with a small thunk, “Ouooo… yeah. So you going to put one?” she gets up, dusting herself off.

“Well… I’m not to sure what I should put…” Hideki says.

She jumps onto his knee, “Well…. Names, Addresses, and Dates would be to easy to trace, so using something like a sequence of numbers would be a better idea.”

“Hmm…” he says looking toward the window seeing Chii.

“Password… Password… Password…” Sumomo starts chanting as she pirouetted on his knee.

“…Chobits…” Hideki says absentmindedly, not meaning to.

Sumomo stops suddenly, possessing his voice, “Voice password accepted.” She says in a very emotionless voice.

Hideki looks at her, a face of wonder on his face, “What…?”


there's my sheet.

April 25th, 2006, 6:16 PM
Name: David Askan
Age: 16
Gender: Male
World: Bleach
Original Character or pre-existing?: Original

Appearance: While his clothing sports a similar design, his Shinigami robes (This (http://jimlhkshop.homeip.net/itempic/879.jpg) will give you the basic idea) appear in quite a different manor. While in a similar design, they are much thicker and baggier, and a large hood it positioned on the back that can hide his face in the shadows if needed. He also wears wooden sandals in an ancient japanese style. He has blue eyes and partially curly red hair, and is quite tall at 6' with a very lanky frame.

Personality: David is well known in Soul Society (the world that is run by the Shinigami), for having a dangerously blunt attitude. He doesn't dodge around the truth, he just says exactly what he feels, and doesn't regret doing it. He is actually a good natured person, but he generally acts cold to people he doesn't know very well or at all.

Abilities/ Powers: The zanpakutou, "Soul Slayer or Soul Cutter", is a Shinigami's primary weapon. The zanpakutou is a reflection of the Shinigami's skill and self. All zanpakutous have a unique name and spirit that dwells in the owners inner world. Most zanpakutous remain in sealed state also known as an "Asauchi". Most low-class shinigami wield these swords because they are not yet able to summon open the zanpakutou's name.

To release the seal from the zanpakutou, the user must say a command and the zanpakutou's name. There are two levels of soul release for the zanpakutou. When released, the the zanpaktutou takes upon a new form and may have several abilities. The first release is the "Initial Release" and the second release is the "Ban Release". When the ban release occurs the owners power increases five to ten times. In order to maximize one's strength the user and the zanpakutou must be able to share one anothers powers and must trust each other. (Taken from BleachDJ (http://www.bleachdj.com))

David's zanpakutou is called Mahoukyasuto. When it undergoes the initial release, this ordinary looking sword becomes a talisman that allows David to use a variation of magic by focusing spiritual energy. This ability, however, leaves him open in close combat because he has no sword to defend himself with. The types of Magic he can preform include Fire, Ice, and some healing techniques. Over time, he may aquire new abilities, however. David has yet to aquire his ban release, otherwise known as "Bankai", but as a promising Shinigami, he may unlock it at some point in the future. Like all Shinigami, David posesses great speed and jumping ability.

History: Born, raised and trained in the Shinigami Academy, David had only recently started adventuring into the human realm. His unique zanpakutou ability quickly made him well known in the facility, and many scholars attempted to find out just why his ability was so different. Mankar soon invaded Soul Society, destroying anyone and anything who did not join his army. David then became part of his Shinigami Division, and was sent to Jump City to keep watch and make any possible moves.

Other Important Details: Soul Society gave David the title of "Caster" because of his peculiar ability. He often goes by this name instead of his own.

I also updated the cast page. Anyone who would like more information on Bleach can find it on the site provided, or on Wikipedia.

April 27th, 2006, 9:13 AM
Character 1

Name: Nanaki

Age: 551

Gender: Male

World: Final Fantasy VII

Original Character or pre-existing?: Pre-existing

Appearance: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Red_XIII_art.jpg

Personality: Wise beyond his years, he knows a great deal of things about his home planet and the life stream that travels through its core. He takes care around strangers having been taken for experimental needs by Hojo two to three years ago and ever since that day has been more protective of himself and others. He does not take kindly to those who threaten those he considers friends and is quick to act when in a predicament.

Abilities/ Powers: Other than his abilities to jump high and run faster than any normal creature, he does possess the power to use many types of magic and summon one beast in particular to the battle field, that beast being Bahamut Zero.

History: Having had a long life, Nanaki doesn’t clearly remember his past, only that a war had ranged out upon his home of Cosmo Canyon and his mother and father had both fought bravely, but died at the hands of the Gi tribe. He originally thought his father to have been cowardly and ran from the battle, but later found that he had in fact been the only one to make it so far as to be killed by the Gi. Many years ago he embarked an unforgettable journey to save the world after being freed from captivity at the ShinRa building by a close group of friends. He helped to defeat a threat named Sephiroth and save the world from the wrath of meteor, soon after he helped in the defeat of Bahamut Sin during the events of the spread of Geostigma through Midgar. And to this day he protects Cosmo Canyon and the world with his life.

Other Important Details: N/A

Character 2

Name: Kali

Age: 17

Gender: Female

World: Final Fantasy VII

Original Character or pre-existing?: original

Appearance: Kali is a tribal warrior of the Cosmo tribe. She has long natural brown hair and emerald green eyes. Her complexion is tanned and her body lithe but well toned after so much self punishment in the field of battle. Her body holds all sorts of tribal markings, some are obviously seen, like the two stripes lining her cheeks as are the ones running up her legs and stomach, but others are less viewable. Her body is marred with battle scars as are ht weapons she uses. She wears a black tunic as well as multiple belts around her waste, chest and legs. Multiple pieces of fabric are wrapped around her arms and ankles as well as her upper legs and feet. A pair of black sandals is laced tightly to her feet by leather straps and a matching pair of gloves is held snugly to the skin of her hands. Accessories include that of a rack of bracelets lining each of her arms and hand made necklaces wrap around her neck.

Personality: Like Nanaki, she is protective of her home town of Cosmo Canyon. She will do anything to protect it and her friends from harm and would gladly give her life if it meant defending them. She doesn’t take kindly to strangers and certainly does not do well around those who she is not familiar with. She is one who would kill first and ask questions later if she finds the presence of others to be the least bit disturbing.

Abilities/ Powers: Kali has the eyes of a hawk, perfect for long-range shooting with her bow. And has cat like reflexes when it comes to close range battle. Although her agility may be flawless, this does not make her invulnerable, she is still capable of being severely damaged by any type of weapon. Kali also has the ability to use a wise range of magic (thanks to material) and summon the mighty Leviathan to the field.

History: Kali was born and raised in Cosmo Canyon and taught its history by Nanaki. Her mother and father were once flawless warriors…that were was until they were classed as elders of the village and sat at Nanaki’s side when the time for story telling was at hand. She was taught every move she knows by her parents and even had the delight of accompanying Nanaki and the Canyon’s to warriors on a mission to cease the war that was taking place in Gagonga.

She has lived a healthy and worth wile life.

Other Important Details: N/A

April 27th, 2006, 11:25 AM
Yes, thanks for explaining. :)

And when RP'ing, do we RP as the character like this (as if it were us):
"I had trouble sleeping, knowing that he was still out there"
or RP like we're telling a story:
"Raven had trouble sleeping, knowing that he was still out there"
Yeah, it's up to you. And I know them as First Person and Third Person, so thats why I didn't get wat you were talking about. o.o

Right, JBC, I was gonna ask you something about your character. What use is she going to be on the battlefield? A lot of this RP is going to involve conflict, and I can't see a tiny, cute thing being much help. Oo;

We really need some people to play the Titans guys, the best I can do is Robin if need be, but we need the others.

April 27th, 2006, 11:42 AM
I can allways drop Nanaki to play Starfire if need be.
You can have 3 characters if you want, but if you only want to use two and use Starfire it'd be a huge help. However, I don't want to force you. oo

April 27th, 2006, 11:56 AM
I will keep Nanaki and also play Starfire then:

Name: Starfire

Age: 16

Gender: Female

World: Teen Titans

Original Character or pre-existing?: Pre-Existing

Appearance: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Starfire_animated.jpg

Personality: A naive and fun loving Titan. Though she may appear a little confused with the human ways, her unknowing of her current home planet is not to be mistaken for stupidity. Her main love in life is that of friendship, she would do almost anything for the love and friendship of others and it is her no one priority to defend them as well as the world. Though she is one he wishes peace in the world, she will not hold back her unmistakable potential to fight when she or any other she cares for is in any means of danger.

Abilities/ Powers: Starfire has the power of flight and super strength. She is also immune to low temperatures and radiation as well as being able to survive in the confines of space. She is capable of travelling through space faster than light and use powerful burst of light called Starbolts to ward off enemies.

History: Starfire was originally born on Tamaran before arriving on earth and joining the teen titans. Ever since she has been battling along side her comrades for a peaceful city.

Other Important Details: N/A

April 27th, 2006, 2:08 PM
Name: Lyr

Age: 7

Gender: Male

World: --Unknown—

Original Character or pre-existing?: Original

Appearance: Young Lyr is, well, small. He stands at a mere 4’8 and is not particularly large for his age besides. A flurry of dull blond hair shines on his head, the bangs swaying lazily over his eyes. Eyes that few have seen. In truth, they are not so odd as one might expect, merely large orbs that glow with a vibrant green too vivacious to pertain to a normal child. His skin radiates with health, pools of bright red blossoming on his cheeks and a healthy hue throughout. A tunic made of animal hides adorns his body, the sleeves ending a few inches past his shoulder. A black sash, strung from wool, is wrapped snugly around his waist, a sheathed dirk tucked into it. The tunic continues to his knees, obscuring his white wool breeches to that point. Moccasins serve as footwear, and a red blindfold sealed with various magic is tied tightly across his eyes.

Personality: His extravagant upbringing has spoiled Lyr, to be sure, but not to the extent that one would expect. In fact, far less. The crushing pain of being the core of so much horror and the endless hours of magical trinkets around his neck and other such nonesne melted away much. As a result of being afraid of his own eyes, Lyr is sometimes rather shy, though a loud obnoxiousness can occasionally emerge when something doesn’t go his way. The weirdest of brats.

Abilities/ Powers: Lyrs power is a curse meant to be a blessing. Nature touched the child’s soul, and he is forever branded with good health, a relationship with all things living, and his terrible, terrible eyes. Whenever he looks at something, a random act of nature affects it. They can range from a special pheromone attracting butterflies for a while to something as dire as bolts of lightning raining down until only a smoking crater remains. His mood sways the effect to a minute degree, and the intensity of it is often directly proportionate to that of his emotions.

History: The moment Lyr opened his eyes, flowers from all seasons bloomed in the midwifes tent. Naturally, the young boy was thought to be a herald of a god or some such thing, a bridge between whatever world sent him and theirs. The next time his eyelids cracked apart, the first thing there was his mothers smile. The air around her face grew so toxic that she fell dead within moments. From the on, Lyr has been…feared. Not truly an outcast, for they did not wish to incur his wrath, but almost always kept in confined quarters and perpetually pleased. His tie to the natural world called him to where the hides of animals, who gladly succumbed to such an honor, and spend much time in the woods. The boy was constantly experimented upon by the seasoned wizards of the clan, and was bestowed a magical band to keep him from harming others.

Other Important Details: The lads world was one ruled by magic and lore rather than technology. Also, the more power of nature he uses, the more tired he gets.

RP Sample:

“Hey, kid!” A voice? Yes…a voice. But not one he’d ever heard before…

“Kid! You alright? Get up!” Those words would sound better if they weren’t so furious…who was talking?

“Wake up!” Wake up? Groaning, Lyr cracked one eye open, greeted only by darkness. As always. He was laying on something cold, that much he could understand. “Kid, you’d better get up!” With a grunt, he pushed himself up from whatever the floor was made off – smooth, polished stone, maybe? – and turned to face the voice, rubbing his head slowly.

“Hey, where do you get off sleeping here? This is a private building! How’d you get past security?” cried the voice, gruff and raspy.

“Security…what?” replied Lyr weakly, still ignorant.

“Yeah security! What’d you do, FLY in here? And…is that a knife in your belt? Hand it over kid!” The echoes of the mans footsteps approached, clamoring in the boys keen ears, and he instinctively took a step back, grimacing.

“Who are you? What purpose do you have for kidnapping me? The clan elders won’t stand for this!” he warned, wondering what surface made such smooth footfall echoes.

“The clan? Look kid, give me the knife before I call the cops!” An arm, strong and grimy with sweat, snapped about his wrist, “I ain’t joking ya’! Give me the weapon, and get that blindfold off!” Fear growing, Lyr began to struggle desperately, but another hand slammed onto his shoulder and kept him steady.

“Let me go! Release me! LET ME GO!” he screamed, frantically wrestling under the grasp.

“What’s the matter with you?! Give it to me now, squirt, or I’ll get security up here!

Security?! It must be some sort of champion! This must be a different clan trying to get their hands on his power! His power! But they wouldn’t get it! “I said,” one hand took a firm hold of the band across his eyes, “GET OFF!” Wrenching it down, Lyr yearned to take a good look around, but instead focused intensely on the overweight, balding man with a grubby mustache holding him. For a moment, nothing happened…and then hair began to sprout from the guys scalp in waves, lush and black. Astounded, he lifted his hand off his preys shoulder to pat it.

“How in the blazes…did you do this, kid? How did you-?” For a moment, he was simply flabbergasted, then he replaced his grip and insisted for the knife again, adding a muttered, “freak.”

“No, no,” whispered Lyr, shaking his head vigorously and closing his eyes tightly before again glaring at his capturer. “Work!” he growled, centering all his anger. Not a drop of fury escaped the defiant stare, and the unseen tendrils of rage seemed almost tangible as they weaved between the two gazes. Then it happened.

The fool began to pale. Meagerly, he released his holds and sank to the ground, moaning. His body was slowly becoming as white as snow and his left arm was growing red and bulbous. Something was inside it.

Something like every ounce of blood in his body.

But before he could have the courtesy of dying due to heart failure or oxygen depletion, the swollen limb exploded, sending globs of blood and tissue everywhere. But the confused boy didn’t care, he wildly swung his head to survey his surroundings, spiraling into a pit of panic when only metal boxes, glass screens, and other things he’d never even heard of glowered from every corner.

“L-let me out! LET ME OUT!” he yelled.

Storm clouds began to billow over the building, and sheets of rain viciously slashed down. Bizarre as it was, the rain only landed on that one, red building.

EDIT NOTE: Hey, sorry, forget to include this. Lyr will probably not even get one-hit kill effects in the actual RP. I mean, that's not in the least bit fair in most circumstances. I gave him a one-hit kill here to demonstrate how powerful he can be, but yeah, no need to worry about that happening to you or the main villains or whatnot.

April 27th, 2006, 5:34 PM
Right, JBC, I was gonna ask you something about your character. What use is she going to be on the battlefield? A lot of this RP is going to involve conflict, and I can't see a tiny, cute thing being much help. Oo;

She can be used for information on enemies... and she can attack unseen, like someone could throw her, and she can even spy for you guys. It's always good to have someone who can sneek into places, never know when you're gonna get caught and the only one left is the tiny one outside who will get you out by not being seen....


April 27th, 2006, 5:44 PM
OOC: If need be, I can play three characters as well. I could be Beast Boy, but if we were playing three characters, I'd much rather be Red X. =_= But regardless, I'll be BB if needed.

Garouga! Bare Your Fangs!
April 27th, 2006, 5:56 PM
I'll take on a second character if I have to. I'd prefer Beast Boy, seeing as his powers are much like Kiba's, but I can choose someone else if Bell wants to be him. I don't think Cyborg has been taken.

April 27th, 2006, 8:14 PM
Bleh. I can put up a claim to just about any titan not yet taken, granted, I won't do them perfectly, but if spontaneous RP'ing is a specialty of mine, personality adaptation shouldn't be that hard.

Sumomo & Kotoko
April 27th, 2006, 8:58 PM
I can possibly take on a third person aswell.
If you need me to, send me a message. :)

April 28th, 2006, 3:27 PM
Okay, thats great! But to be fair, Bell did say she'd like to be BB first, so I think I'm going to allow her to have him if she wants it.

*goes to update cast list, will add you guys when you decide*

Right, I'm moving this thread into the RP Lounge because it's too full of off-topicness. When I start the real RP tonight, I'll make a fresh thread to RP in.
I'll also take care of the removal of any uneeded, old off-topic posts.

Garouga! Bare Your Fangs!
April 28th, 2006, 4:19 PM
Alright. Bell, before I make the form for him, wanna trade Cyborg for Beast Boy? (Just asking. It didn't seem like you want him)

April 28th, 2006, 4:56 PM
*scratches last sign up sheet* Ok... here's my new one!

Name: Lucy, “Nyu”
Age: 18
Gender: female
World: Elfenlied
Original Character or pre-existing?: Pre-existing
Appearance: Seeminly harmless, with her tiny white ears, big red eyes, long pink hair and one word vocabulary. But don’t let that make you think that she’s easy to beat. She can pack a punch when she wants to. Here, have a good look at this pic (http://img95.imageshack.us/img95/6584/trailers2xv.jpg) I have of her, I was never very good at describing people that I’m planning to use….
Personality: (I’m using Nyu, not Lucy so…) Shy and semi-kind, she does what she is showed and learns quickly, she has the basic learning skills of a seven year old so it may get frustrating at times, especially since she can’t tell you what she wants, she can only say Nyu. The poor thing is also easily startled so, careful.
Abilities/ Powers: She has psychic powers that take the form of infinite hands with super long arms. She doesn’t know how to control it to well right now, but she can make them protect her and her friends.
History: She doesn’t remember much but what she does remember scares her, and she prefers not to, but she knows that she used to be held in a dark place were she was told what to do all the time, and she was never allowed to disobey, she remembers lots of blood, but she doesn’t know of who’s it might be, she can viably remember a helmet that was placed on her head that was said to diminish her powers. She wishes to learn more about herself but she can’t remember, nor does she wish to learn about….. Him…..
Other Important Details: her powers activate when she’s scared or startled, so be very careful when you wish to give her a start.

RP Sample:

Nyu opens her eyes, her sight was blurry at first but she was soon able to focus on the sleeping form of Kouta. She looks at the ceiling and feels the familiar pang in her stomach, she was hungry. “Nyu…” she says sleepily getting up and crawling over to Kouta. “Nyu.” She says when she gets close to him. He doesn’t move, she makes her angry face, “Nyu!” she says louder.

“Hmmmm… what do you want Nyu?!” he asks opening one eye, then he jumps up suddenly seeing that she was naked, although he had seen that before, it still gave him a start to see. “Nyu! Get your cloths on!”

“Nyu?” she asks looking at herself, she sees her breasts and starts poking one.

Kouta grabs her hand, “Don’t do that in front of me please?!” he says blushing as his hand brushes her breast. “Now get cloths on will you?!”

“Nyu-Nyu!” she says standing up and crossing her arms across her chest. “NYU!”

Kouta sighs and stands up, “Fine… I know you well enough that I know when you want something..” he goes out of the room to get some food for her.

“nyu!” she says smiling as she put on the shirt that belonged to Kouta that she loved to wear.

When she gets to the kitchen he already had the food ready for her, she had long since learned how to eat on her own but she could be difficult at times. “You going to eat by yourself this time Nyu?” he asks sitting on the floor on his side of the table.

“Nyu!” she says sitting down and taking one of the rice balls. She opens the foil wrapper and takes a small bite, “Nyu!” she says closing her eyes and smiling.

Kouta smiles, he just couldn’t get over how cute she was.

April 28th, 2006, 5:01 PM
OOC: Just 'cuz I'm lazy like that, I'm gonna take stuffz off Titan's Tower.

Name: Beast Boy (BB)
Age:16? (I don't know either)
Gender: Male
World: Teen Titans
Original Character or pre-existing?:pre-existing
Appearance:Beast Boy (http://www.titanstower.com/assets/animated/episodes/everydog/everydog07.jpg)

Personality:What he lacks in stature, he more than makes up for in attitude. The green-skinned dynamo also has the corniest sense of humor and is the most eager to please and entertain the group. He's never in a bad mood and is enthusiastic about every new adventure. He'll try anything new and is not afraid to fail. In short, he's like the ultimate little brother – except that he can change into an alligator.

Abilities/ Powers:Beast Boy is the changeling of the group, able to assume the shape of any animal – from a wolf to a pterodactyl.

History:Beast Boy fell head over paws for Terra, who the Titans welcomed into their ranks. He was later heartbroken when he learned Terra was a spy sent by Slade to destroy the Titans from within. Never losing faith in Terra, Beast Boy did finally see her realize the error of her ways - before sacrificing herself to save the city. Beast Boy later rescued the Doom Patrol from the hands of the evil crime syndicate known as the Brotherhood of Evil. The Teen Titans soon found themselves on a race around the world against the Brotherhood, who were trying to eliminate teen superheroes for their own sinister purposes. When Robin was captured, it was up to Beast Boy to save them all. Gathering new allies Jericho, Herald, Pantha and Mas, Beast Boy successfully led an assault team to liberate the Titans and defeat the Brotherhood of Evil. Upon returning from his globe-trotting adventure, Beast Boy was shocked to discover a school girl who looked exactly like Terra! Finding Terra's tomb empty, Beast Boy was convinced that Terra had indeed returned - and he pleaded with her to return to the team. But the school girl insisted that "things change" and she was not the girl he knew. Respecting the girl's wishes, Beast Boy was able to let go of the past and look toward his own future.

Other Important Details:

April 28th, 2006, 6:56 PM
So I guess you'll have to take Cyborg, Garouga. ^^;

And because I too, am not in the mood for writing out a long signup, I'll also be stealing stuff from Titan's Tower. >>;

Name: Robin
Age:16-18, I have no clue, XD
Gender: Male
World: Teen Titans
Original Character or pre-existing?:Pre-existing
Appearance: Robin (http://images.quizilla.com/T/ToS0708/1127573178_robin.JPG)

Personality: He makes quick decisions and barks orders when the going gets tough, but still treats the team like his best friends; he takes the time to explain the intricacies of life on Earth to Starfire. Robin is extremely competitive, whether he's dueling with bad guys or playing video games against Cyborg.

Abilities/ Powers: With no superpowers of his own, Robin relies on his daring, intellect and a fully-loaded utility belt to carry him through the challenges he and his team face. Robin is also highly-skilled in the martial arts.

History: Robin became obsessed with discovering Slade's secret plan; He even assumed the identity of Red X in an attempt to learn more about his arch-foe. He eventually learned that Slade wanted him as his apprentice - and Slade blackmailed the young hero by threatening the lives of his friends. The Titans soon learned the truth, and Robin was freed from Slade's thrall.

If anyone else has any notable history points for Robin, don't feel afraid to tell them to me. My memory is a little short tonight, XD

Now... off to start the RP... finally. XD

April 29th, 2006, 12:01 AM
Changed my mind, Ill be keeping Kali too ^_^;;

Heh heh...

April 30th, 2006, 3:06 PM
*blinks* am I accepted now?

Garouga! Bare Your Fangs!
April 30th, 2006, 4:35 PM
Alright, I JUST remembered about this. ^^;

Name: Cyborg

Age: He's a robot, so who knows?

Gender: Male

World: Teen Titans

Original character or pre-existing?: Pre-existing

Appearance: I'll post it later. We all know what Cyborg looks like for now.

Personality: Cyborg is the technical side of the Teen Titans, having programmed the security system at Titans Tower, constructed the T-Car and numerous other vehicles and gadgetry, and being able to locate anyone easily through the use of his built-in tracking device. He is generally pretty laid-back, except when it comes to fighting, training, playing video games, or fighting over the last slice of pizza. Cyborg also cares deeply for his fully customized T-Car, with a love that endures no matter how many times it gets trashed and utterly destroyed.

Abilities/powers: OTHER than his Megaman-like cannon? His other numerous electrical gadgets. And raw strength.

History: Before being involved in a car crash, Cyborg was a dedicated and very talented athelete. After being rebuilt into what he is today, he experiences limitations due to his machine parts, such as having to rely on a battery pack that requires a daily recharge. He continues to strive for athletic perfection, convinced that his cyber-enhanced body does little to impede on his abilities as a human.


May 10th, 2006, 1:56 PM
Ugh, I'm REALLY sorry guys, but I haven't the time to post until next week. School has just been killer, and I'm moving next week. I guess it wasn't the best time to start an RP on my part. xx;

May 10th, 2006, 3:15 PM
It's fine, Axel. We can put it on hold until everything's fine with you again. Good luck with everything.

May 23rd, 2006, 7:43 PM
World:Utampu (Next to Starfire's World)
Original Character or pre-existing?:NONE
Appearance:Pink Belly Shirt Blue Skirt Pink Inflatable Heel Boots
Personality:Sassy, Sapphira is the princess of Utampu. She leades the parties and ceremonies and she so used to it. She kinda likes Beast Boy.
Abilities/ Powers:Solar Blast,Energy Blast,Sabor Silar
History:Born and Raised as a Princess, Sapphira is a Princess whos father died. She rules now that her mother gave up her job. Shes in search of a king.
Other Important Details:NONE((She Loves Beast Boy))