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Fragments of Alarayne | The Memory of the Goddess

Once upon a time, there existed a giant tree that was the source of all Pokemon and nature. The tree existed in the center of a small continent in the center of the world, serving as a central point of unity between her bordering countries. A war, however, caused this tree to wither away and the land soon fell into chaos. Grieving over the loss, the goddess severed the island from the rest of the world. Stabilizing the tree, she flew up high above the earth and was heartbroken by the sight of man and pokemon no longer co-existing as equals. As she ascended into the heavens she left the Legendary Guardians with an edict : “If the time comes once more that the tree is threatened by evil men, you must wake me, lest the world be destroyed.” The Legendary Guardian bore the Child of the Forest, who headed off on a journey to the tree of mankind's salvation, thus marking the beginning of the creation of a new, unified world.

It stayed this way for over two hundred years, never changing aside from the inevitable spinning of the circle of life. Then, one summer’s eve, two girls arrived on the first official voyage sanctioned by the birds since the creation of the island. The mainland had changed in these few centuries. These girls, Luna and Maxie, the Poison/Psychic Duo, were going to prove it. What they didn’t count on was someone showing up and they really didn’t expect a full scale war to hit the island within seven months of mainstream people being allowed access to the snooty rich island but against all odds, the catastrophe occurred. A young girl sought asylum on the island, asylum from an evil few had even dreamed about and on her shoulders lay a heavy burden, more so than any twelve year old child should ever have to bear.

Her burden was revealed in the form of warships, airships from Evergrande City that carried hundreds of solders from the Global Police Task Force. They were led by one Lance Blackthorn, the leader of the special unit squadron, the Pokemon G-Men. He stormed into Luna’s palace with a demand, a demand for Alarayne’s of the asylum for one young girl or face imminent invasion and deportation. Luna, having befriended the young girl in question, refused, insisting on their departure of Lance and his squadron immediately. His claims of the girl’s involvement with evil syndicates and an underlying plan to destroy the holy tree were, in her mind, ridiculous. How could such a sweet child ever dream of doing such retched things? She would be proven wrong by an incident not two months later.

The girl had been living in an abandoned military base hidden snuggly under a waterfall when she received word via carrier Pidgeot from her currently acting parental unit, proclaiming that the time for her ‘mission’ had come at last and failure to complete her mission would result in instantaneous termination. Unable to refuse, the girl was forced to comply and with a sad, heavy heart, ventured into the ruins, past what was allowed for most people, and headed straight for the first of five seals that would unlock the pillars of light surrounding the entrance to the holy grounds. She was met with opposition by Luna after releasing the seal and after a short ordeal, was victorious as far as fighting was concerned. As she slipped into the fog of the night, she was left with a chilling haunting threat. In a last ditch attempt to salvage the girl‘s sanity, Luna threatened the girl with the news of the Global Police Task Force’s arrival in the area and proclaimed that she would cooperate with the task force if she continued to release the seals. The girl simply turned and after a long hard look of pure emptiness, slipped back into the night.

But not even the girl could have saved the island from its eventuall demise. Wrought with despair over the thought of the girl supposedly destroying the already declining tree, Luna felt her sanity slowly slipping out of her grasp. Unable to cope with the idea of losing her island to a former friend, she created a chain reaction of earthquakes to occur several miles off shore and cleverly, caused them to erupt at the same precise moment the girl released the fourth of five seals. Panic quickly ensued the island as it was not too hard to predict the massive tsunami that was now heading their way. As Luna settled into her beach resort to await her death, a power manifested inside the girl that the world had never seen in two hundred years.

In one single blast, the girl summoned the goddess from her resting place and together, the both of them moved the sacred tree and the people of the island to the Ore Region just seconds before they all would have perished beneath the waves. Collapsing in a heap after the exhaustive seven hour move was completed, the girl fell into a coma for five months, awaking in a Team Rocket Lab in Viridian City with little to no memory of what had happened beyond her physical connection with the goddess. It was not until four months later that it was published, in a newspaper, that a high ranking member of Team Rocket had caused the destruction of Alarayne and she was wanted, alive, by the Global Police Task Force, at a reward sum of twenty five million P. The girl, however, was not bothered by the somewhat ridiculous amount of money on her head. In a dream a few nights prior to the news report, she had been visited by the goddess.

The tree was now lost within the boundaries of the Johto Region. Pleading with the girl, pleading with the Child of the Forest, she begged for aide in finding and releasing the five seals of this area so that the tree might grow and prosper or the world would once again fall into the chaos it had once been enveloped in. Requesting aide from her adoptive father, leader of the evil organization Team Rocket (Giovanni for short) she was given a team, Team Drache to be precise, of new and old recruits, a team that would aide her in the search and release of the seals. However, a rumor soon flew through the halls of the Team Rocket base that two in her unit were spies, sent in by the G-Men to bring the girl to a kind of justice.

The girl in question? Her name was and still remains Mysterica (Mika) Ninian Blackthorn, Daughter of Claire Blackthorn and Lance Blackthorn, the leader of the very group trying to have her locked away for life for a crime she very well might not have committed.

Team Drache


A New TR Executive

You are accomplished in the Team Rocket Lifestyle in some mannor, (However, you are NOT an Elite Four Winner. A collection of Gym badges, winning small tournaments and/or Pokemon Contest Wins are examples of your accomplishments or possibly snagging a really rare high level pokemon in the wild or from another trainer), and jumped at the chance for a chance at the big leagues. You’re well known around everywhere and some of you might have a price on your head. Most of the executives are children of previous executives as the fact that being a second generation trainer makes the process go along much quicker for seemingly unknown reasons. Most of the executives who worked their way up from the grunt life have a sense of distaste and distrust of the Second Gen Executives because, in their mind, they haven't earned it.

A Lab Offspring

Expiramented on, you have been transformed from human, to super human. Mimicing the powers of the Viridian Bloodline, you are able to communicate with Pokemon through telepathic communications and your reaction, be it in battles or scenariors, is twice that of a human. However, if you chose to be one of these people, please note your character needs to be unstable. You have little to no memory of life outside the lab, nothing outside of rituals and schedules etc.

Please note:

I will be EXTREMELY picky on these character sheets. I do. Not. Tolerate. Powerplaying and/or Godmoding. The reason Mika is of the bloodline is to prove she has a weakness. If you think you’re going to control pokemon with your x-men style powers and what not, think again.

G-Men Spy

A spy for the government, you came into the TR program as an accomplished trainer but your true objective is to lead the G-Men to the TR base, to take and arrest your leader (Mika) and turn her over without being caught

Being found guilty of espionage against the company however would result in Team Rocket Style imprisonment… if not worse… (I don’t kill characters tho. Against TOS. -nodnod-)

Okiedokie, listen up. I don't want eighteen billion lab offspring or executives. When I have a semi-balanced team from the selections before, I'm closing sign ups)

(Taken from Alter Ego’s AD Roleplay with a few corrections WITH premission)
1. Follow all standard RP section rules (Self-explanatory).

2. Just to stress this; no powerplaying, godmodding, bunnying, or character control of any kind! If I see someone's character doing as much as raising an eyebrow without the creator's consent (Please note the word consent) then the person responsible will be warned, once, and if the violation is repeated then that person will be kicked out of the RP.

3. Bunnying. If you’re going to be gone and your friend is in the rp and can play them IC, then ask YOUR FRIEND to take over said character. I don’t want to bunny anybody unless I absolutely have to.

4. No posting beneath four lines. I'm serious about this one, if you can't manage four lines of coherent english then please don't sign up, I'm looking for people who can RP in proper detail, because short, flat, and emotionless posts just ruin the mood of an RP and have the tendency to infuriate me.

Sally followed Charles closely til nighttime. Then it got cold so she turned and said to ty “warm me up” and the charizard moved to warm her up. Then she yawned and said “the sky is so beautiful when it is cold like this and i like it lots“ turning towards Charles she flashed him her killer smile

Yes it /has/ four lines, but it looks like something my sister wrote in third grade when she was learning how to type paragraphs. If this is all you can type (Chat speak, which is u = you r = are etc, is included in this) go find a different rp. You will be rejected without remorse.

5. Mind your spelling. If you have trouble spelling, don't just blame it on English not being your first language (It isn‘t Alter Ego‘s and his English is better than mine (and I am native speaker person) nor does he ever complain about it being difficult) but I will accept the minor mistake here and there. I misspell a lot and if you can tolerate me, I can tolerate you. ;3

6. If I tell you to edit a post, you will edit it or I will consider that post as a not-there post. =3 And I will ignore it. I don’t do it a lot, I like it when people add to my plotline, just not excessively.

7. Read the rules and read the plot. Clash with me and I stab you. With this spork. That doesn’t like you.


9. Okay, adding this in because I've already gotten complaints and the board hadn't even hit the main threads yet. If I reject you or demand more out of you, please don't call me mean nasty names or whine and complain. If you can't handle the sign up sheet for this roleplay, shoo. I don't expect 500+ words per post, I expect literacy.

Character Sign Up Sheet Template

-Out of Character-

Name: (What you want me and everyone to call you)

-In Character-

-+- The Basics:

Full Birth Name:
Nick Names:
Age:MATURE 12 year olds + (Be realistic and I don’t have a problem with you age wise. If you want a ten year old then that ten year old better be a mature as hell child prodigy.)
Location of Childhood Home:
Type of Trainer: (Spy, Lab rat etc)

-+- Pokemon:(Read the following quote and obey it.)

Please try to use common sense when filling out this field. Your character can be a fairly experienced trainer, yes, but if I see something along the lines of Metagross/Milotic/Tyranitar/Salamence/Gengar/Swampert then I'm going to fluke you straight off. Your character is allowed to bee fairly experienced, but not a friggin' trainer god. Maximum four Pokémon, all of which should not be their last evolutionary stages in that case, and NO LEGENDARIES. Also, NO MINDLESS DRONE Pokémon, they need personality just as much as your character does.

Current Pokemon on your Person:
Pokemon hidden Depths of Tall Grass or your PC Box: (Like, do you want me to provide a pokemon for you to capture or do you want to make pokemon appear out of your box?)

-+- Appearance:

Eye Color:
Hair Color/Style:
Height:(Metric or American, either is fine)
Weight: (Metric or American, either is fine)
General Appearance: (Please write it in proper detail. You are allowed to have a LINK to a picture to SUPPORT your PARAGRAPH of DETAIL but if you post a picture on my board…. -shakes fist- PARAGRAPH. DETAILED 200word ISH PARAGRAPH.)

-+- Personality:

Strengths | Fear:
Likes | Dislikes:
Quirks | Habits:
Personality: (PARAGRAPH. DETAILED 200word ISH PARAGRAPH. Everything ABOVE the personality slot can be written in list format but the personality itself MUST BE in PARAGRAPHY FORMAT or I WILL eat you)

-+- History:

Past: (Again, Paragraph format. Feel free to create character mystery. <3 I love that sort of thing)
(No League Champs but follow what I said under whatever your character is and write accordingly. Also note that it can be fun to not fully expose your entire character history on this sheet. Leave some mysteries!)

Family: (Just names, relationship and ages)

(Other can be used to explain things like 'surfacing powers' if you're under the lab catagory or perhaps a weapon of choice [no guns] or some other little item you feel needs a bit of description, an example would be a locket he or she never removes for some secret reason)

RP example:(Okay. You can post something fresh or a link or a section out of a story. This is proving to me you're not one of those people that writes like a seven year old when they're actually a seventeen year old individual.)

Accepted Members
This= reserved
That = accepted
What = pending

Alter Ego


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OOC: I seriously need to Pokemon RP, and I've been waiting for an RP as GREAT as this one. 8D Would you mind if I took up a space? D: I just had to squeeze my fat butt in here after I read the awesome plot. I'll pay for the liposuction so I don't take up so much space, just please-oh-please-oh-please reserve a spot for me! [/Yeah I wanted to ask in an original way. So shoot me. xD]

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Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 28th, 2007, 3:07 PM
Full Birth Name: AJ Lee Valentine
Nick Names: The Fallen Angel
Age: 20 (Going on 21)
Location of Childhood Home: Blackthorn City in Johto, A nice open area. Not all the smog of the city, just fresh plains and brisk climate.
Type of Trainer: Spy
-+- Pokémon:

Nickname: Muddy
Gender: Male
Personality: Muddy is always full of energy, he resents when people call him cute though. Muddy likes to feel like he's in control most of the time, but will make friendships with others and have them help him. Muddy is a big time battler and is AJ's main battler, as competitive as he is, he doesn't rub his glory in others faces, it would just seem wrong.
When Added to Team: Muddy Was AJ's first Pokémon. A gift from his father, AJ got him when he was ten. The two had a bumpy start and Muddy wouldn't obey most of the time. After time Muddy started to listen to AJ a little more, and over the period of a while they became more together instead of apart.

Rurio: ( He's not a legendary!) (Lucario's Pre-Vo)
Nickname: RuRu
Gender: Male
Personality: RuRu likes to battle but is shy toward other people, he likes to be with AJ a lot, kinda like a dependency on him. RuRu and Muddy aren't very good pals, they have sort of a sibling rivalry to who gets AJ's attention. RuRu will play the puppy dogged eyes and timid card to win over AJ most of the time.
When Added to Team: An egg given from Lance as a gift for graduating college ( A late Gift!), after countless months of hassle it finally hatched and AJ was surprised to see it was a foreign Pokémon. A very foreign Pokémon, AJ also saw that it took an extreme liking to AJ. AJ liked this and tried to see if Ruru would get along with Muddy, didn't work out so well. But still, AJ loved his new Pokémon.

Nickname: Sunny
Gender: Male
Personality: AJ's newest Pokémon, still a baby and is a generally happy Pokémon. Doesn't make that much of a fuss and is very curious, he is oblivious to danger. This makes it so that AJ has to keep a close eye on him.

Nickname: Frost
Gender: Female
Personality: Doesn't really like to fight that much, but really feels a sense of artistic ability. Likes to listen to classic and modern music, and tries to sing. Usually not very well... But Frost isn't discouraged and will keep on. She is nice, being sassy at the same time. Will try not to get involved in bad situations and can usually sense danger of a bad idea forming...
When Added to Team: The only Pokémon that AJ caught, AJ found this Glacia while traveling. It was strange for it to be so far from it's natural habitat, AJ caught the Pokémon with strange ease and continued on his way. Only to be confronted by strange men who AJ found out soon had poached the poor Pokémon and had been looking for where it had ran off too. AJ beat them in battle, it was tough but he managed. He then called the police and had them arrested, Frost took a liking to AJ and he kept her.
Current Pokémon on your Person: Mudkip, Rurio, Togepi and Glacia

-+- Appearance:

Eye Color: An angelic light blue
Hair Color/Style: An almost blond white hair in a medium sized ponytail.
Height: 5'7 (American)
Weight: 170 lbs
General Appearance: AJ is average height and weight, he is Hispanic male which means his skin tone is dark, a tannish kind of tone. He has snowy white hair, that almost looks like platinum. His hair is in a short ponytail, about six or seven inches. His eyes are a angelic baby blue that seem to scream ' Oh my god! It's an Angel!' but his eyes are pretty deceiving. AJ has a medium type face, Not to tense, yet not to 'Cute' it's the whole pretty boy thing, with a great sense of 'I can kick your ass! And it's plastered on my face!' AJ wears a cross pendant right around his neck, it is a shining silver that just seems to kick out at you. AJ's main attire consists of a tight black undershirt made out of generic material, nothing real special. He wears a somewhat small dark crimson red combat vest with flames on the topper sleeves, on the back of the vest it reads in bold white letters ' Made In Heaven' and over that he wears a large white trench coat that has a cross on the back that is black and also the title, 'Fallen Angel'. He wears tight black pants, a nice leather texture. He also wears black combat boots, they have an iron sole in each shoe for more efficient walking. He has black fingerless gloves, they aren't fuzzy, just real padded. He is muscular, but not in the way that muscles are bulging everywhere and it looks like your kind of on steroids... AJ has a gold stud in his left ear ( Not Gay!)

-+- Personality:

Strengths | Fear: AJ fears isolation, Which is being alone. But has no real issue with heights and other things that a lot of people usually have big issues with, doesn't exactly like spiders though, since he had a bad experience of getting bit by a big one when he was a kid.
Likes | Dislikes: AJ likes to run, it's his sport and he was just made for it, sometimes he'll just run laps around a track to clear his head. He also likes gum, it can almost be a major food group to him. He doesn't like people who make fun of others, doesn't like bullies.
Goals: To capture Mika without harming her and bring a good title to his family name.
Skills: Is very fast and a real stamina type of runner, he can also take a few hits without really being affected. He is a very persistent person.
Quirks | Habits: AJ has the dangerous quirk of making sure that everyone is fine and dandy, and that usually ends up with him being hurt.
Secrets: Nothing much, his main secret is that he is a spy working for the government.
Reputation: He has a reputation for actually winning most of the battles he get into with such a strange team of Pokémon, a mainly weak team.
Personality: AJ plays the 'Good Cop, Every survivor counts. Doesn't matter what happens to me' card. He also tries to make sure that no one has to get hurt in a bad situation and this will also go for the bad guy, he has tried to keep this trait ever since learning that a long line of murderers and crooks were his descendants, he will try to make everything right and make up for his descendants sins. He is an overall nice guy but does get fed up pretty easily by annoying people, he has a very great level of sarcasm and has the greatest comebacks for when he is insulted, which would seem out of character for a guy like him. He has a pretty decent sense of justice, and not to mention the fact that he loves adventure which helps him being a government agent. AJ isn't someone you really want to anger, but to anger him you have to actually try since it takes alot to actually anger him. Considering getting fed up and actually getting angered are totally different. He is serious and strict in battle but will also have a sense of humor to lighten up all the tense moments, this makes him a good companion. Even when your on his nerves he will try to help you out, but as said before he is not good to be around when angry. And that is pretty much AJ, the 'good cop who wants everyone to be safe'.

-+- History:

Past: AJ has had a pretty regular past, aside the fact that he was slightly more clever then the rest of the kids in school. By age five he was in second grade and could read at a fourth grade level, not to mention understand more mature things like political issues and money and all the other problems in the horrid world. By age ten he was in the ninth grade, he finished college with a medical degree by age seventeen. Being a 'genius' wasn't very easy for him, it made him the outcast in a way and he wasn't socially accepted. It gave the teachers a sense of discomfort and they usually had to make him feel bad to feel safe themselves. When studying his families history in seventh grade he figured out that his descendants were known to be a line of thieves and murderer's, AJ having a sense of justice vowed to clear his families name and as soon as he was out of college he received the right training to become an agent, over the course of a few years and was eventually sent on his mission. Which would indeed change his life forever.

Father: Chris J. Valentine, Age 43. Relationship: As AJ's father he was the main pillar of support for AJ when AJ needed it, he was always there for AJ, even when AJ did something wrong.

Mother: Claire D. Valentine, Age 42. Relationship: As AJ's mother, she was also need for support and supported him when he went to become an agent. But always felt a little overprotective over her elder son, seeing he wasn't very social with other kids.

Siblings: Leon S. Valentine, Age 19. Relationships: AJ's younger brother and he wants to follow in AJ's footsteps to become a good student and even maybe one day an agent. Leon is currently in his third year of college and cant wait to graduate.

Note: I'll wait and see if anyone catches this little joke. ;)

Other: ( Is this optional?)

RP example:

Both from Secrets Of The Darkness: Major Arcana

1. Misty stayed alert while sneaking upon the random buildings of Pallet she could feel the intensity around her, she saw some spell driven cultist. " Try to divert attention" She mumbled to her group as she kept going, hearing the barley audible sound of the dead grass as they walked upon it, keeping low and quiet and then Snap! "Sh|t" Misty cursed as she stepped on a large rotting twig, and as if it was an alert to the enemy about twelve cultist started to surround them, almost moaning as they sluggishly raised large metal rods or bats. Misty nodded toward her team and pulled out her Thompson, she pulled the trigger and almost dropped the sub-machine gun as it unleashed an unholy spray of bullets onto the targets in front of her. Ratatatatatata! the sound was deafening and her ears were starting to ache and ring as the figures flew backward onto their backs, blood dribbling from several bullet holes in each one as they crumpled. Misty pulled her finger off the trigger and the sound instantly stopped, Thank god she thought to herself as she looked at the big ass pile of bodies.

"Move out!" Misty yelled as she kept going across the dead plain, while she was ran she switched the magazines out for her Thompson. This was going to be a long night.

Arcana Tower

Dillon rubbed an orb made of crystal, and smiled. " Aw yes... Cain and Sol have made it to the destination, though it looks like Cain isn't coping as well as I thought as he would." He mumbled deeply and then grimaced, My children are dying. but his grimace was replaced with a bitterly sweet smile, They're indispensable, they don't matter. He thought to himself slightly chuckling, this thought put the evil man at ease. " Master, you shouldn't have sent a boy for a mans job" a dark voice sketched itself in the darkness of the room, interrupting Dillon's thought. " Do not worry Lord James. They are indispensable, no great loss." Dillon said, his voice was smoothly sour. Like a snake. No, worse.

The door burst open without so much as a warning as a medium sized Caucasian burst through, obviously excited about something. Dillon frowned at the interruption, " Lord Dillon! The Magician wishes to send you a mess-" Dillon cut the man off. " Did I say you could come in? Did you knock? Obvious such manners can't be accepted." Dillon grumbled as he clenched his fist-
and the mans right eye exploded. Blood started to dribble down his face as he screeched in pain, " Shut up!" James shouted as the tortured man as he ripped the mans throat out, cartilage and the gleaming shine of bone as his throat exposed, the man gave a final blood filled cough as he fell to the ground. Dillon smiled at James " Thank you. I'll dispose of this nuisance." Dillon said grinning as the body and blood disappeared. " We have business to attend to." Dillon said his voice fading into the darkness of the room.

AJ was waiting for the answer he wanted, the reason for the mans appearance when he remembered something. " Barry, where is that Sandslash?" He asked anxious, Barry replied with a shrug. " Damn, where'd he go." AJ mumbled looking around slowly.

( If that isn't good..)

2. AJ smiled a genuine smile as Landis called off his Pokémon, " Lamont?" AJ asked Landis, and then chuckling a little, " Sorry 'bout that, just kind of a funny name" AJ said to "Lamont" and then putting on a serious face, " Look, we don't have much time. Very limited, have you been listening? Gunfire, I'm not even sure if my team is still alive." AJ's face showed dread but it quickly cleared up, back to seriousness.

" You don't have a very good mortality rate if you go alone, even trying to hide will most likely kill you. Come with us, we were planning on raiding The Fools base, killing him. Free Pallet of the spell, make is safe." AJ was on a roll and he wasn't even really making full sentences anymore.

AJ put his hand into his trench coat and retrieved a P-38 Handgun, he placed it in Lamont's hands with three extra clips. AJ smiled, " That knife wont do you much good, each clip holds sixteen. You have sixty four shots, make em' count." AJ said to him with his soldiers smile.

AJ's radio picked something up, "Jason to Rocky , tell the others that I've caught one of Dillon's Elites. Send a mini squad over here to fetch him. I'll keep watch on him...." the voice said, AJ scowled. " Idiot, this is Captain AJ Valentine" He mumbled into it, " We don't have time to get to your coordinates. If you can kill him, do so. If not, flee." He barked into the radio.

Almost just minutes afterwords another signal came in, " AJ! Hudson is dead! We're being ambushed. Requiring back up!" Misty yelled frantically through the radio.

AJ went pale, he froze up. " Hello? Hello?! AJ?!" Her voice went on, AJ raised the radio. " Understood."

AJ turned to Lamont, " Come on! Soldiers are dying!"

Trina had been her decoy, Misty had quickly made sure they both fell in a covered place, they had switched clothing and weapons and then gotten back up. Yet Misty didn't know she would get hit with a paralyze Misty had known that she was a target, time to end this...

Misty reached a distance of about ten feet from Sol, she started to creep up behind him. And in about a minute she was behind him, her Colt Python barrel was in the back of his head. Her finger on the trigger.

" Game Over" She whispered into his ear, she pulled back the hammer of the revolver.

March 28th, 2007, 3:20 PM
OOC: Okay, so I didn't really get what the whole pokemon section was about, I mean, was 'Pokemon' like, all the pokemon in your possession, and 'PC Box' the pokemon in your box/you'll capture in the future, and 'Pokemon in your team' the pokemon you carry around with you?


-Out of Character-

Name: Bijou, Bell, so long as I know you’re talking to me, I rahlly don’t care. XD

-In Character-

-+- The Basics:

Full Birth Name: Narumi Shogou
Nick Names: Naru, Sho
Age: 18
Location of Childhood Home: Larousse, Hoenn
Type of Trainer: Spy

-+- Pokemon:

Current Pokemon on your Person:
Magneton - - Splice - - Male ~ Impatient and sniffy, Splice gives off the very same air an old man who's gone senile and harks on good manners and etiquette every other second. His proper manner of speech and obediance makes him see himself as the leader of the group, and he's usually found arguing with everyone else over this fact. Because of his old-fashioned attitude, Forsyth has dubbed him 'Dad', usually using this mocking nickname in a degrading way.

Grovyle - - Forsyth - - Male ~ Brash and arrogant, Forsyth is over-confident of his own skills, and broods over any kind of loss that may overcome him, rather then trying again. Adamant in the thought that he is perfect and flawless, he is proud and never bows his head for any reason, often disobeying Narumi's orders to keep his 'reputation' intact. He refuses to refer to any of his fellow pokemon by their nicknames, and calls everyone by their species. Even being the second pokemon Narumi ever acquired, he still has trouble listening to his trainer's commands.

Cloyster - - Diluvate - - Male ~ To describe Diluvate in one word, it'd very easily be: Sneaky. And short-tempered. His foul mood is often brought about when people mispronounce his name as 'Die-LOU-vayte' instead of 'DILL-oo-vate'. The perfect backstabber, he's unpredictable in battle, and often lets Narumi command something of him, and execute a different attack, to confuse the opponent into mistrusting what Narumi commands to be the next attack. As skillful as his trainer in thinking up strategies, he is Narumi's oldest companion, from Shellder to Cloyster.

Pikachu - - Wattz - - Male ~ Energetic and all-smiles, Wattz is hyper-active, noisy, and suffers from an obvious case of extreme ADHD. He is usually found talking to inanimate objects when he get's bored, and is the object of scorn amongst the other pokemon on Narumi's team. Wattz is one of the only noisy, hyper living beings in the world that Narumi can stand, in fact, Narumi finds Wattz's super-hyper personality rather amusing, because Forsyth and Splice are usually found chasing after him, one trying to shut him up, and the other trying to teach him proper manners.

Swellow - - Aeron (Ae) - - Female ~ Perhaps the only calm and serene pokemon Narumi has yet to come by, Narumi enjoys Aeron's company the most, even though she is a female pokemon- the kind he dislikes the most, thus, he named her with a nickname that would seemingly be more fit for a male pokemon. Her patience allowed her to accept the nickname which degraded her gender, and she is the peacekeeper, who makes sure that the frequent arguments amongst the team don't bother her beloved trainer too much. Most of the other pokemon refer to her as 'Mom', mostly Forsyth in a sarcastically mocking way. She dislikes battling, and is primarily used for traveling by air.

Flareon - - Wicca (Wick) - - Female ~ Spunky and snobby, Wicca doesn't put up with anything, often the first to shoot a sarcastic or degrading remark at anybody and anything she feels like. Her short temper lasts for as long as it takes to get her angry- perhaps a few seconds at most. When she's not trying to put out her temper, (which is usually fanned by Forsyth and Diluvate,) she's sitting tall with her nose in the air with an expression that speaks for itself: "I'm better then you, and you, are not worth my time."

Pokemon hidden Depths of Tall Grass or your PC Box:
Miltank - - - - Female [PC Box] ~ Never been used in battle, therefore, not even Narumi has taken the time to know what her personality is like. Though from what he's seen, she seems like a female version of Forsyth...

Linoone - - - - Female [PC Box] ~ Being a new addition to Narumi's 'collection', or so as she refers to his team of pokemon, Linoone is very distrusting of everyone around her, and is often a wild spirit in battle, untameable and rebellious. She was used once in battle, but afterwards, was shut away to the PC for her disobediance, and has not been used again.

Seel - - Frist - - Female [PC Box] ~ A timid soul, Frist is usually used to stall for time, thus, is rather sturdy when taking a beating. However, her easy tears and pushover attitude make her a useless pokemon in Narumi's eyes. In the end, she is rarely used, unless he feels like drawing out a battle with a weak trainer.

Skarmory - - Alloy - - Male [PC Box] ~ A cold and indifferent bird, Alloy carries multiple scars all over his face, beak, wings, and talons due to his previous stand as the leader of a flock of Skarmory. After being captured, he was extremely indignified, and listened to absolutely none of Narumi's commands. A battle lover, Alloy was often disdainful of his trainers dislike for pokemon battles, and got himself into fights with other pokemon. He has since simmered down, however, he still sits on a short fuse. He refuses to let anyone ride him, whether it's Narumi or some other pokemon.

Wartortle - - Pier (Pierre) - - Male [PC Box]~ A gentleman amongst gentleman, he is a hopeless flirt who is a smooth liar and a wonderful storyteller. A little high on his own ego, he hates dirtying his paws, face, shell, or the most important part of himself, his tail. He spends all his free time with a brush, pulling the bristles through his tail and singing to himself. He's powerful in battle, so long as he's not busy worrying about how he looks. This obstacle can be easily overcome however, should the opponent poke fun at his prized tail or shell, he will dispose of all worries and simply attack in a berserk kind of rage.

[U]-+- Appearance:

Eye Color: Amber with bronze flecks in the iris
Hair Color/Style: Naru wears his jet black hair brushed loosely flat over his eyes, while the back and sides are tousled with a minimal amount of gel. He wears his hair long enough so that it covers most of the back of his neck, but cuts it so that it does little more then settle around his ears. When he needs to see, he brushes his bangs to the side and holds it in place with a pair of headphones.
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 110 Ibs.
General Appearance: Narumi is usually found wearing a pair of slim-fit jeans which are long enough to drag on the floor and gather on top of his black and white converse. He wears a white sleeveless cotton shirt with orange paint splatters spread randomly across the lower half of the shirt. This shirt is long enough to drape over the zipper of his pants, as he prefers to wear long clothes to eccentrate his lanky look. However, the shirt is slightly baggy on his frame, as he prefer’s that nobody see his ribs, which can be easily seen when he breaths in. His black and orange checkered wrist band incorporates the colors from his shirt and pants, and he wears a matching wrist band around his bicep on his other arm- both of which are very thin and carry almost only muscle and no fat. On Narumi’s left cartlidge is an earring of a skull with a snake that has slithered it’s way through the open mouth of the skull and acts as the hook that hangs onto his cartlidge.

-+- Personality:

Strengths | Fear: Hard to surprise, Quick thinking
Likes | Dislikes:
Likes: Quiet, Peace, Order, Success, Asian Sweets, Solutions, Logic, Puzzles, and All foods except for sour ones.
Dislikes: Noise, Arguments, Chaos, Paranoia, Battles, Camping, and Sour foods.
Goals: Get rid of Mika.
Skills: Good at cooking, organizing, cleaning, and thinking up strategic plans.
Quirks | Habits: Never seems to get enough sleep, is more awake at night then in the day, and tends to not listen to anyone else due to the fact that he’s usually half asleep. He also tends to fiddle with his earring whenever he’s bored, or thinking really hard.
Secrets: A G-men Spy, Suffers from an unknown disease similar to Cachexia, though not quite as extreme, and the ailment is of mysterious origin. He alos dislikes female pokemon that are not his own. His most hated pet name is ‘Naru-Naru’ the name his parents and younger sister address him by.
Reputation: A very intelligent person who can act like a prince when not napping, he’ll get you a solution to most anything. And if he can’t think of anything, he’ll pretend he’s too sleepy to think.
Personality: To say the least about Narumi, is that he has a one-track mind. He sets his sights on one goal presented to him, and he’ll work on that goal and only that goal, thus, he doesn’t have a future planned out for himself, nor is he a very independent person, because he has trouble making his own goals. Though he only suffers from the Cachexia-like disease, he is seemingly always tired, even if he’s slept for three days straight. However, in the rare instances that he does seem awake, which is only when he finds it beneficial for himself, he can seem as if he were the nobelest, kindest, and proudest of princes. Narumi seems indifferent and uncaring at all other times, mostly because he’s usually in too much of a fog to realize somebody’s speaking to him. His temper can only be kindled when he’s on edge because of others, who usually end up annoying him with noise. But even when Narumi loses his temper, it’s usually just a lone snap or a pitifully unintimidating glare, as he still retains his quiet attitude. Though he seems the type, he is far from shy, and in fact, is rather over-confident and arrogant at times, though he hates others who share the same traits as himself.

-+- History:

Past: Living in Larousse since he was born, Narumi has lived amongst pokemon, technology, and trainers for his entire life. Being a regular visitor and face in the audience of the Battle Tower- or at the very least watching the battles on the TV at home, Narumi was bred from the heart a trainer, excited for that exact profession for as long as he could remember. He was devastated when his father brought him his first pokemon, at the age of 6, which ended up being a reject from a pearl farm. His father, though a very rich man, was extremely sensitive about his money, which he spent only when he found it absolutely nesseccary, and the reject he handed his son that day cost him not even a penny. The shellder was in poor condition, a lazy bum who’s water gun was more like a wad of spit that could go a few meters further then a normal spit wad. Narumi, however, knew that in as civilized a place like Larousse, there was no chance that any wild pokemon would be nearby for him to capture, and he was determined to try out the Battle Tower before he left. Thus, he began a rigorous training program which he participated in himself, growing up 4 years too early so that he could become a serious trainer. As lazy as the little Shellder was, the two quickly bonded, and by battling other trainers (who took it easy on such a puny pip squeak,) Shellder learned how to properly execute attacks.

It wasn’t until Narumi was 10 years old that he finally named his pokemon, and decided that participating in the Battle Tower was an unlikely goal, thus, getting himself a Treecko from Professor Birch. He traveled far and wide, training the few pokemon he acquired along the way to their limits. As the years passed, Narumi became more and more serious, becoming untolerant of nonsense and arguments- something he once practiced on a daily basis with his first three pokemon, which were the only three pokemon he kept to this day: Diluvate, Forsyth, and Splice. After becoming a serious person, he returned to Larousse and participated in the Battle Tower. His first try was more of a success then he’d expected, and he gained extreme confidence in himself, which gave him the boost he needed to climb even higher up the ladder in the Battle Tower. He spent a year at home, where his mother and younger sister rather disliked his stuffy personality, but appreciated that he was home after half a decade, nonetheless. After the year was over however, he was enlisted into Team Rocket as a spy, though he refuses to disclose why, or how...

Family: Kiri – Younger Sister, 13
Hakino – Father, 51
Kayuri – Mother, 48

Other: Narumi is rarely caught without some kind of technology on his person, be it a PDA, his Larousse City ID Card, or anything of the like.

RP example: Running as fast as his feet could carry him silently, Katsu knew at this rate, he'd be late- again. Late was not on time, or after the time that was specified. Late was being the last one there. Which had happened more then once, seeing as for the past 15 missions, he'd been the last to arrive. Looking around himself at the pool of darkness which was no longer endless for the young boy who had lived in the black shadows for his entire life, Katsu sped up. When he saw his two teammates already at the training grounds, he skid to a disappointed stop, deciding that he was again, late. But, Katsu, being Katsu, skid a little too hard and tripped over himself, falling onto his back with a yelp that broke the eerie silence. As much as a prestiged and supposedly graceful shinobi Katsu was supposed to be, it seemed as if he were unbearably clumsy when not on missions. As demonstrated.

Scrambling back to his feet in a klutzy way and trying to block out the fact on how much the back of his head hurt, he reached around and tried to brush off the back of his shirt in the least efficient way, which was covered in a fine layer of tan dirt, "S-Sorry I'm late!" He stammered, brushing off his black shirt in a very ungraceful way, which consisted of the right arm reaching back over his shoulder and his left reaching around to the bottom of his shirt. He was relieved to notice that their sensei had not yet arrived: It was the first time in forever since he'd met up with Kari and Enshi before their prestiged sensei.

"I g-got a little distracted!" Katsu stumbled over his words as much as he'd stumbled over himself just a few minutes ago. Replacing his arms into a normal position and bowing down more then a normal person should've been able to, what with the limits of how much one's spine can bend, he apologized again, "I'm s-s-sorry! S-So, wh-what a-are we uh, er, h-here for a-again?" Katsu stammered ever more as he asked the stupid question, having completely blanked out this morning.


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-Out of Character-

Name: Cain

-In Character-

-+- The Basics:

Full Birth Name: Cain Ritham
Nick Names: Drifter
Age: 17
Location of Childhood Home: Pallet town
Type of Trainer: Executive

-+- Pokemon:

Current Pokemon on your Person:

lvl 36
Feraligatr acts like he did when Cain received him. Feraligatr acts like he has much energy. Providing it is when Cain has just released him. After Cain goes into a battle or practices with him. Feraligatr will act moody and occasionally yawn.

Lvl 20
Pigeotto is Cain's first pokemon. She of course is more like his abandoned pokemon now. Mainly Cain uses Pigeotto if Feraligatr is unable to battle or he wants to have some fun. Cain rarely trains Pigeotto though. Pigeotto is more of a moody gothic pokemon then Feraligatr is. She has acted like this since Cain caught her. The only non-battle use the flying pokemon has is just to fly Cain to random places.

Lvl 25
Cain uses Kadabra on occasion. He uses the psy pokemon just in case he is fighting a ghost pokemon, another psy pokemon or if Feraligatr is incapacitated and decides not to use Pigeotto. However Kadabra is more useful then Pigeotto is. Since Kadabra is more battle hardy then the rest of his pokemon. He of course is ruthless in battle. Always trying to please his trainer.

Pokemon hidden Depths of Tall Grass or your PC Box:

Lvl 10
Cain received Magicarp from a wandering trader. He has never used the pokemon in battle because of its lack of attacks. Magicarp's personality is unknown because of this and Cain doesn’t seem to want to use the fish pokemon.

-+- Appearance:

Eye Color: Cerulean
Hair Color/Style: Cain's hair is black. He wears it slicked to the front of his face. The back of his hair goes down to the bottom of his neck
Height: 6"4
Weight: 150 pounds
General Appearance:

Cain's pigmentation is pale yet he still retains some tan. His eyes usually put him off for people thinking he is an albino. Cain doesn’t watch his weight yet his body build up is still Slim. Cain brushes his teeth every day so you can see them white but still have some plack on them. Cain's head however is usualy covered with a black cap that has the team rocket logo on it. This usualy takes up the entire top of his head.

Cain of course is seen wearing a black hoody that he bought when he started training. Underneath this is a white tank top that he washes every week. But only takes it off then. His pants are light jeans that get darker down to the ends of his legs. The belt Cain wears is a simple brown belt. The buckle is silver in color yet Cain doesn’t know if it is real silver. Down towards his feet he wears black socks with stripes on the top of them. His shoes are white sneakers with grey soles. The shoes have traces of blue in random places.

-+- Personality:

Strengths | Fear: Cain doesn’t like to leave jobs half finished. He likes to go through with them to the end. But he has a very strong fear. Cain is afraid of spiders and spider pokemon. But is okay with other bug pokemon.
Likes | Dislikes: Cain likes to train his own pokemon. When he was a grunt he liked doing grunt-based missions. Otherwise he would usually be outside walking or watching TV. Cain though dislikes losing battles and he dislikes when people cheer about it. But he eventually gets back at them by training even harder then before
Goals: To try and get the highest rank in team rocket
Skills: Cain is good at hacking computers. He loves to battle and he usually jogs around parks in the area
Quirks | Habits: Cain is usually commented by his use of logic and ingenuity. But he still has habits. He is occasionally viewed biting his nails or shouting too much.
Secrets: Cain has no secrets yet
Reputation: Cain has completed 5 gyms in Kanto so he has some reputation above other grunts. But he still wanted to go all the way to the pokemon league but he decided to join team rocket. He would be able to have more legroom and pilfer some pokemon in the act.

Cain's personality is complex. When seen by strangers Cain will occasionally be shy to them and not show his face. He doesn’t care what other people think so he ignores any insults directed at him. When asked a very hard question it would take him longer then normal to answer it. This usually annoys people who want to ask him simple questions. In his free time Cain spends it by battling. This is his main hobby and timewaster. He is seen training with his pokemon or battling other pokemon.

When in a battle Cain's personality would shift. He would try in any way to win. This would mean he would start shouting and getting riled up. This usually works since he trains with his pokemon a lot. A few times however he will lose. When this happens Cain will do anything to request a rematch. He hates losing more then anything at all.

-+- History:

Past: Cain of course lived in Pallet town. When he was 15 he requested a pokemon from Professor Oak. When he received it he left immediately and proceeded to catch pokemon. Then in route 1 he caught a Pidgey. But didn’t use it very much unless it was against bug catchers. So with this bird pokemon he went through Viridian forest and proceeded to Pewter city. Then with his water pokemon Totodile he defeated Brock and went to Mount moon. There Cain decided to do more training with the water pokemon and kept fainting rock pokemon. After going through Mount moon he proceeded towards Cerulean where a wandering traveler met with him. Cain bought off him a very cheap Magicarp. But noticing how he got ripped off he decided to keep it in his box. Then he went north of Cerulean and caught an Abra out of his Magicarp anger. After training this Abra he let it learn a psy move. Using this he defeated misty and went to Vermilan. Then with his pokemon he went through Lt. Surge and went towards Lavender town. There he trained his Crockanaw (His totodile evolved) and his Abra. Then his Abra evolved.

After going through Celadon and proceeding through the bike trail Cain made it to Fuchsia city. After training his pokemon to a respectable level he challenged Koga. After a narrow battle Cain received the rainbow badge. Unknowing that a rocket recruiter was watching this battle. After Cain left the gym the rocket cornered Cain and gave him an opportunity. Cain wishing to be the world’s strongest trainer immediately accepted to join team rocket.

Then Cain stayed with team rocket for 2 years. Pilfering pokemon and beating small trainers and taking their pokemon. But Cain never kept any of the pokemon for himself. It was all too easy. He needed more of a challenge.

Now Cain is a brand new executive in Team rocket

Family: Frank Ritham (dad, Dead*), Ritham (Mom, Dead*). Unknown from that point

*Cain grew up in an orphanage before he received his starter from Oak. He only knew his dad's name and did not know about any siblings

Other: Cain wears a sharpened tooth necklace that he keeps around his neck. He believes that this is a good luck charm and doesn’t ever want to take it off

RP example: (Here is a modified version of my role-play sample to The star in the sky)

The clock's red numbers changed from 2:40 to 2:41. It was AM and Cain was tired. His mom had told him to study as much as he could. But he didn’t think he should study this late. It was 2:41 AM and he was searching up information on rock pokemon.

Let me see Geodude evolves into Graveler. Graveler can evolve into Golem.

The picture on the next page had a picture of a Golem in a battle ready stance. He yawned for a very long time and continued to read.

Golem one of the strongest rock pokemon has a very good fire resistance. It can resist even a Charizard's strongest breath and still continue to fight.

Cain then closed the book that had the title "Encyclopedia of rock pokemon". He put it down and took the book "Encyclopedia of Fire pokemon." He looked at the heading Torchic.

Torchic is chick pokemon. Because of its size it stays close to its trainer and fears most pokemon. However upon command Torchic can and will fight bravely. Once its relationship grows Torchic creates a bond between its trainers and may evolve. Then the page said See next page Combusken.

Cain closed the Encyclopedia and started to think. Torchic, the pokemon I asked Professor Oak for. He said that Professor Birch may have one and would ask for one. That was one week ago and maybe he will have it today. I hope that I can be a good trainer for it.

The next day however Cain walked over to Professor Oak's house. He went to the professor and asked

"I would like a pokemon Professor". He turned around with a grim look on his face. "I’m sorry Cain but something has happened. For absolutely no reason all the pokemon in the world have... passed on."

Cain looked very dumbfounded. "WHAT???" Professor Oak went over to his computer. "look I got an email from professors all over the world. Their pokemon have vanished from the face of the world." Cain was still looking dumbfounded. But he knew this would not stop him. "Wait you mean the Torchic I requested is... gone?"

Professor Oak answered "Yes i'm sorry". Cain then ran back to his house. His dream was shattered into a million pieces. But this would not stop him from traveling through Kanto. He went up to his room and put on his brown jacket. He zipped it up with the hood down. Then he went towards the Jeans he had placed on his chair the night before. He took off his sweat pants and put the Jeans on. With the belt all ready he went to his backpack. He placed a spare change of clothes and a few other possessions. Then he went to his dresser and took a bandana off it. It was a black bandana that he occasionally wore on his head. But now he decided it was time for a change. He put the Bandana on his neck and tied it on the back of his neck. Okay, I do not have any pokemon. But I wonder if there are pokemon still alive out there.. Then he took off his white socks and placed his black ones on. Then he took off the boots he put on and placed on his old sneakers. He had these sneakers for a month now and they were worn and broken in. After putting this all on he went to the 2nd floor stairs and started to walk down them.

OOC: This is one of my better role-play posts. This one took me a while to make

March 28th, 2007, 3:40 PM
Omni and Ash: You guys both need to work a little more on your details or the lack there off and for the love of all that is sugary in this world, proof it. -.-; You BOTH have more spelling errors than I'd like to admit... Unless you can shapen them up, you're Declined

Bijou: Oih... That seciton has been driving me crazy... The first one means Pokemon on your person. Your running party. The second one is just a list of pokemon in your PC box. We're dealing with mostly advanced trainers here, you should have some pokemon in your box, shouldn't you? xD; If you don't, that's fine. Still Pending and I'll add you to the pending list if my internet would stop poofing out on me

Edit: I'm going to finish up Mika's profile so I may not check the board for an hour or so.

-Out of Character-

Name: Mika, Stickeh, Larx

-In Character-

-+- The Basics:

Full Birth Name: Mika Mystearica Blackthorn
Nick Names: Mika, Black Emerald, (Her Title as one of the five Elite Rocket Executives), Rocket Princess, (Used in a derogatory mannor in regards to her adoption by Giovanni) Tear (Lance's Nickname for her)
Age: 16
Location of Childhood Home: Blackthorn City, Johto Region (Born) & Viridian City, Kanto (Raised 5+)
Type of Trainer: One of the Five Elite Executives , the Leader of Team Drache and the adopted child of Giovanni.

-+- Pokemon:

[Note: Mika has a full team because she's the leader of this group. All that does is ensure her senority and her authority, believe me, she's got more weaknesses than you could imagine so no, 'but you get to have a full semi-elite four party'. In truth, it's the party I play my pokemon games with. Just ask Alter. He doesn't like my party because it's unbalanced. extremely unbalanced. Pretty much wanted to say I'm breaking my own rule and I can do that and you can't whine at me. ^-^]

Current Pokemon on your Person:

Tina, Dragonite

Tina was given to Mika by her grandfather when she was around three years old. The little Dratini was hatched prematurely by human error and it was not expected to live. Mika, determined not to let the baby pokemon die, nursed it back to health and in respect for her little innocent actions, she was given the dratini as a permanent pokemon when it passed the critical one-month marker. The pokemon has always been a constant member of Mika's team ever since. Although she may transfer her other five pokemon in and out of her box and her staff but Tina only leaves Mika's hands to be given over to a Nurse Joy of sorts to be healed or to be released into the open. She has not once, since the baby was first put into her arm so many years prior, put the pokemon in the PC storage system. Because of this, the two share an inseparable bond. Of all Mika's pokemon, she shares the closest attachment with Tina and it is only with Tina that Mika can achieve full synchronization. They share thoughts even when Mika is unable to create a mental link and at times, share emotional and physical pain. Physically, Tina is rather short for a Dragonite, probably because of her premmature birth, but she makes up for it in sheer strength. Because she can fully synch with Mika's mind and body, the Dragonite has a tendancy to unleash massive amounts of power that are seemingly impossible for any pokemon under the legendary status.

Tina is incredably overprotective of Mika. Even though she was orginally the babied pokemon, she quickly switched roles with her trainer, becoming the the elder sister if not mother for the girl. She is a very calm loving pokemon as long as Lance or his goons stay their distance. The tender cuddly dragon can turn into a ferocious killing machine in sheer seconds if her trainer is threatened by that sort of person and she has a very bad habit of the 'maim first, ask questions later'. Her fear is, unfortunately, well grounded because of Mika's several lengthy stays in G-Men Holding Facilities and the like.

Blaze - Charizard

Mika's only dragon that isn't a dragon type, Blaze was her true 'starter' pokemon. Given to her by a very regretful Professor Oak, the baby charmander was a bundle of energy and the evolution stages have not done much to calm him down much. Very jittery, Blaze is like a dog that hasn't been walked in a month or fed in a month if he's not exercised to the point of near exaustion.

He is, however, one of Mika's stronger pokemon and when he choses fit, he will become incredably serious and kick some major G-Men hind-quarters. He is also a firm Lance hater and becomes moody and depressed if a time passes when he can't issue a flamethrower to the man's face which happens more than the poor pokemon would like to admit.

Saki, Gyrados

Saki is Mika's hot-head. He's like Tina in how he maims before he looks but unlike the somewhat gentle Dragonite, Saki will maim absolutely [b]anything that gets close to Mika in a way he views as threatening. Because of this, he rarely comes out of his pokeball other than to be used in a battle of sorts. He also absolutely detests Lance's 'new son' Baan and will emerge uncalled from his cage to snarl hiss and attempt to dismember the obnoxiuos but seemingly delicous smelling boy.

He was bought from the idiotic Magikarp salesman by Mount Moon simply out of pity. (Mika then delivered a nasty little beating to that horrible man) But she quickly grew attached to her Fishy (A nickname she still uses on the mammoth of a pokemon to calm him down) and after much patience, he grew into a larger-than-average gyrados. He's calm only around Mika and people Mika trusts and if you can get past his rough scaley meanie face, he's a teddy bear. He's, more often than Tina at times, the one she calls out when she's trully scared. When she reverts into a child-like state, she will often cling to Saki for hours (Mostly because he was the first pokemon she ever really raised from infant-hood besides Tina) until her mind starts to mellow out.

Zexibin, Altaria

The most level headed pokemon in Mika's party Zexibin, Zex for short, is a very silent very majestic bird. Average sized, he looks no different from any other Altaria. He was captured as a very shy very frightened swablu from a Team Aqua 'research' facility and when he finally opened up his heart to the girl, he evolved into a beautiful forging of love and patience. Because of this, he shares a bond just short of Tina's. He tends to be constantly mellow, the parental father figure of Mika's party. He tends to squabbles between Mika's various pokemon and only gets angry when Mika is physically harmed.

Zex is the most frightening of Mika's pokemon if the bird is angered. He has a tendancy to explode in a rage of dragon-like fury and will not stop until the persons causing his beloved trainer to bleed are bleeding four times more than his trainer currently is and then he'll maim them more before flying back to his trainer's side to envelope her with his wings until she stops her crying or her bleeding.

Ichigo - Flygon

Ichigo was given to Mika by Raven as a trapinch on her seventh birthday and neither of them knew the little brown ball would evolve into a vibrava until it well, evolved. Ichigo is just slightly less iritable than Saki and the two of them do not get along at all. Zex is constantly breaking up childish fights that involve Ichigo's ridiculous ego and Saki's disregard for personal space and personaly beliefs.

Unlike the other Pokemon, Ichigo does not dash into battle when Mika is threatened, he instead turns himself into a type of human shield and protects his trainer rather than bashing out the brains of ther person like his 'siblings' do. He is also the pokemon Mika sends out to fetch reinforcements and her personal messanger to Raven. His quiet nature (Unless provoked) makes him almost invisible at times and more so than Zex, he tends to be mellow and nonchalant more than anything else (Unless he's provoked.)

Kari - Espeon

If Mika had to chose a 'pet' out of her pokemon, it would without a doubt be her espeon. Given to her as an eevee by a very special little girl in Koga's care, Kari is treasured more so than any other pokemon and rarely stays in a pokeball when Mika is out on the road. Because of the nature of Mika's powers and Kari's psychic traits, the two are able to communicate in battle without verbal commands (Which can cause quite the problem for the opponent) and Kari is able to assess Mika's condition in a few seconds or less.

She is a lazy lazy kitten though. She prefers to snuggle up with Mika than battle and prefers to be dozing in the sun than walking through a very yucky cave. She's also Mika's true trickster. She's a master of pulling a fast one in all catagories and Doctor Kain absolutely cannot stand the espeon because the kitten can see right through his attempts at tricking Mika into doing what he believes is best.

Pokemon hidden Depths of Tall Grass or your PC Box:
[This is a list for now. xP I'll add descriptions later... because it's a LONG LIST. If you have a long list, prove when you pull them out that they have personality and I'll let it slide.]
Mira - Dragonair
Rami - Dragonair
Maria - Pidgeot
Khan - Arbok
Kitty - Butterfree
Pika - Pikachu
Miritaska - Ponyta
Minera - Tyranitar
Poly-Polp - Porygon
Lithe - Growlithe

-+- Appearance:

Eye Color: Amber, switches to a light blue in Trance mode, a bright lime green in Beserker mode
Hair Color/Style: Dark Green, almost black. Waist length, pulled back in some mannor most of the time
Height: 5'4
Weight: 105
General Appearance: Mika's waist-length dark green hair has a shimmer to it that makes it appear black with gentle barely-visible highlights but it is infact her true hair color. It's unknown as to where she inherited such a unique color hair considering that her father has red hair and her mother has blue hair but she arrived in this world with an adorable tuff of it and it just kept on growing. Her eyes resemble her fathers most of the time, his deep amber gaze all but transfered directly into his daughter's own eyes. Because of genetic enhancement, her eyes tend to fluctuate in color based on her mood or the situation but there are three main colors that are steady and unwavering. Her normal tone, amber, is almost always the visible color. The light blue color only occurs when Mika connects unwillingly or willingly with a legendary pokemon or fully synchs with a pokemon. The green color is true fury brought on by a lack of medication and pure unaltered hatred. It will make undoubtubly make an apperence when Lance appears.

Her build is almost a carbon copy of her mothers, the perfect curved hourglass shape with a barely-there waistline. Her bust is not overpowering but... it's not exactly non-existant. Her body itself is incredably well toned from years of martial arts and other methods of physical training and you won't find many muscles that aren't firm as a rock. She doesn't really mean to show off her body nor does she really like to but even though they are a bit lose, her darkwash jeans and her black cargo pants make it semi impossible with her t-shirts, even with a hoodie (zip-up or pullover) or something along those lines hiding her body. Her required uniform for Rocket events is a bit better but not by much. It is comprised of a pair of black leggings under a black leather miniskirt, a black skin-tight sleeveless shirt with the R emblazened on the chest, a pair of knee-high metal-toed boots and a black to the floor trenchcoat with Mika's ranking and the insignia R on the back in bright read lettering.

Her feet and hands are tiny. The black and red Vans on her feet barely show up from beneathe her cargos and her hands, which are almost always covered by a pair of fingerless black gloves metal plating on the back of them, are dainty doll like and smooth, even after years of working with pokemon and things along those lines. As far as formal wear goes, Mika will most likely wear her hair down and, because it's required, she'll wear a formal dress.

-+- Personality:

Strengths | Fear:
+ Masking her emotions
+ Protective of those she cares about
+ Physically adept
+ Flexible like a Gymnast
+ Kind and Loving

- Her Father
- Her Mother
- Her Brother dying
- Givovanni
- Being Alone
- G-Men Iso Chambers
- Having no Caffinaited Beverages
- Kain's Office

Likes | Dislikes:
+ Dragon Pokemon
+ Rai
+ The other Elite Executives
+ Small Children
+ Baby Dragon Pokemon
+ Caffine
+ Working up a sweat
+ Giovanni

- Running from Authorities constantly
- Lance
- G-Men
- Giovanni
- Kain
- Ice Pokemon
- Bullies
- No Caffine
- Being Alone

Revive Rai
Release the Seals
Be accepted by her parents as a true loved child

Masking her emotions
Her Voice
Physical ability to squeeze into tight spaces

Quirks | Habits:
Mika sometimes goes for days without sleeping
She sometimes cries in her sleep

Secrets: Too many to list. xP That's part of the plotline people so just DEAL WITH IT. Mah-ha. >3

Reputation: Mika is the cold-hearted biatch that you do not want to get stuck with because she'll shove you into teh dirt. Or, at least that's what they say around the TR HQ.... Some say though, that if she likes you, she'll do everything in her power to protect you and guide you along.

Personality: [Coming After sleep]

-+- History:

Past: [Coming After Sleep]

Lance Blackthorn - 38 - Father - G-Men Leader
Clair Blackthorn - 35 - Mother - Gym Leader
Rai Blackthorn - 27 - Elder Brother - In a Coma

[Coming After Sleep]

RP example:

Eska, former Drache, AD, Rivals (Button in sig will lead you to Rivals. <<)

[/Not Finished]

March 28th, 2007, 4:55 PM
I COME FORTH! BRUSH YOUR TEEEEEETH! (Oh, Ash Jr., I got your RE reference.)

-Out of Character-

Name: Yoshi

Contact: AIM - YoshiRiRu
MSN - OmegaYoshi(@)hotmail.com

-In Character-

x-- The Basics:

Full Birth Name: Blue Alexander Genjineko

Nick Names: Blue

Age: 19

Location of Childhood Home: Ecruteak City

Type of Trainer: 1st Generation Rocket Executive

x-- Pokemon:

Current Pokemon:

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfb/dpmfb215.png Sneasel - Male - "Lash" - Lash is, has been, and will forever be, Blue's right hand man. Ever since he was given to Blue from the arms of a dying man 8 years ago, the two have grown closer and closer, until the current day, when they have become nearly inseperable. He is nearly always at his masters side, ready to defend him at a moments notice. As a pokemon, Lash is great alright, but as a partner, he's invaluable. As a sneasel, he's quick, nimble, and damn near brilliant, making him a useful strategist.He loves to explore, and loves to climb, be it rocks, trees, or the enemy. He has a vast knowledge of medicinal herbs and natural remedies, so he has Blue keep a pocket in his pack open for such remedies. An excellent cartographer and explorer, he makes an irreplaceble dent in Blue's team, and his heart. Outside of battle, Lash is just as much of a charmer as Blue. You might say that he's a "mini-Blue." He's quick with a retort or a joke at any given moment, and given enough opportunity with the proper female..

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa045.pngVileplume - Male - "Enfoncé" - Enfoncé, or Fonse for short, is chronically depressed. When he isn't sleeping, he's writing deep, nonrhyming poetry, or painting dark paintings with the oils he secretes.. or sometimes he's just sulking. It is Blue's belief that this depression stems from a rather repugnant smell that he can expel when angry. This particular secretion is unusually potent, which may very well cause a chemical imbalance in the inner workings of the Pokemon. This fluid is, by chance, a very effective antidote, and Lash can, and has, used it to neutralize even the most powerful venoms.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa181.pngAmpharos - Male - "Blitz" - Blue found Blitz as a Mareep, chewing on some electrical wires around the back of the inn that he grew up in. That pretty much sums up Blitz's personality. He's a wildfire, and nobody would dare stand in his way. Up for any challenge, any dare, no matter how stupid, immature, or dangerous. A huge practical joker, Blue tends to keep him locked up unless the situation is right. His sense of humor tends to get him into trouble, and by association, so does Blue. Blitz is known to the rest of the team as the "daredevil," a title that he graciously and relentlessly accepts and defends.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa018.pngPidgeot - Male - "Archimedes" - Archimedes is an aging, wise, and incredibly ill-tempered Pidgeot. A massive creature, his wingspan is nearly one and a half times the size of an average member of his species. While on the outside, he seems to be a grumpy old man, the rest of the team sees him as a valuable asset to the team, and almost a grandfatherly figure. He served in the military for 14 years, so his gruff manner of addressing the rest of his team is adopted from "the glory days," as he fondly recalls them. He currently runs the team's training schedule, and although his training regimen is extremely rough, deep down it's obvious that "Old Archy" cares strongly for the members of his squadron, in a bond similar to family.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa203.pngGirafarig - Female - "Melody" Melody is the type of girl who always cares about her appearance. She is very vain, and very proper. She can't stand to be dirty in any way. If someone around her is acting foolish or un-dignified in any way, she becomes very embarrased. As a girafarig, she has two sides to every issue, but usually the back end handles any altercations or battles. However, she drops all of her dignity when she is battling. She fights very hard, and fights to win.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa342.png Crawdaunt - Male - "Shel." Shel might be the most unfriendly pokemon ever encountered. He's bossy, mean, and condescending, and it all stems from when he was first caught. Blue actually did not capture Shel. He was captured as a fully grown Crawdaunt, the leader of his school of Corphish. His entire life quickly changed when he was captured by a rich man who gave him to his spoiled daughter, who wanted a Kingler. The father, thinking that his daughter wasn't too bright, figured that a Crawdaunt would pass off fine as a Kingler... and he was right. The daughter was delighted, and wasted no time in naming the beast.. and thus, "Sheldon J. Crab" was born. The daughter knew little to nothing about pokemon raising, so Shel frequently went unfed, and uncared for, until Blue managed to snag him in a trade with the father for a real Kingler, before the daughter discovered that her "pet" wasn't exactly what she wanted. Shel immediately took to trying the same methods of dominance exerted upon the little girl, and as of thus far, it has failed. He is easily one of Blue's most talented battlers, and is beginning to slowly warm up to the rest of the team.

Layaway Pokemon:

To be captured, at your ladyship's descretion:

x-- Appearance:

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color/Style: Medium-long ; sand colored.

Height: 6'1"

Weight:135 lbs.

Featured Characteristics: A small stud earring sits soundly in Blue's left ear. Underneath his right eye, one can see a small, but still noticeable scar.

General Appearance: When you look at Blue, the first thing you'd notice is his eyes. A radiant crystal blue (which earned him his name) color stands out like a lighthouse to a ship in a storm. His eyes are easily his best feature. However, unfortunately, the rest of his body isn't anything TOO fantastic. His arms are not ripped, his abs are not rock solid, and his pecs are not bulging from his shirt. However, he is by no means fat - at just over six foot he stands tall and lean over most other people that he knows. His dirty sand colored hair is untamable - It runs to about the base of his neck, and it just loves to dangle a few inches in front of his eyes whenever he needs it NOT to. Because of that fact, a pair of goggles hold the hair just above his browline, where it is held at bay, for the most part.

Apparel wise, he loves to wear layers. Usually, what he wears is simple enough; a T-shirt with various logos and slogans on them, all of which is covered with an open collared shirt. If the overshirt has a pattern, it'll usually be very plain, perhaps tartan or even just simple checks. His pants are usually either a pair of ripped up jeans, or gray cargo pants, the ones with a thousand pockets, and you can never remember where you put the thing you needed. He owns one pair of shoes; a pair of all-black hi-tops with neon green laces, riddled with tears and rips. He carries with him a standard pack, configured to his liking, with an extra pocket for his Pokegear.

x-- Personality:

Strengths | Fear: Blue doesn't have many glaring fears, but what do exist are fairly severe to say the least. First of all - Blue is terrified of spiders of all shapes and kinds. Usually, it just ends with Blue covering his eyes, and trying to ignore his shaking knees, but taunt him enough, and you might find your dear Spinarak in several pieces across the room, and a sobbing Blue in the corner. In addition, although not quite as serious, Blue has a mild dislike of heights. Looking at extremely high buildings and rickety thrill rides are enough to make Blue fidget. Blue has never liked the advice "Don't look down!" Because in the end, what are you ALWAYS going to do?

Likes | Dislikes: Blue holds jazz music dear to his heart, and the old great big bands are seldom not found grooving through the earbuds of his pokegear. Blue has very little tolerance for stupidity, and will without hesitation, remove himself from a situation that he finds to not be intelectually stimulating. To people whom he finds interesting enough, however, the spotlight is on the lucky individual. Be prepared to have plenty to talk about with this young man.

Goals: In general, Blue externally seems to be so laid back that he has no goals, or self motivation. However, internally, rests a man with a true desire to be revolutionary. Blue has spent his entire life searching for a chance to make a difference in SOMETHING.

Skills: Blue's intuition is unmatched in the sense that he can tell right off the bat if he's going to like someone or not. In addition, his negotiation skills are unrivaled. He's an excellent mediator, and can usually resolve a conflict with minimal effort. He's a fabulous speaker, and you give him a piece of your heart, don't expect to be rid of him anytime soon - he'll steal the rest from right under your nose.

Quirks | Habits: Blue's mouth can sometimes run like a train off course. When he disagrees with someone's opinion, you'll know about it in a hurry. While Blue is a loyal officer, don't expect a completely obedient drone. Expect a wise cracking kid; who is always "too cute to be mad at for long."

Secrets: Blue is a sucker for a pretty girl. His flattery skills are unrivaled, and his constant compliments of a girl that he finds visually or intellectually (or both!) attractive, can sometimes be a little much - but at heart, it rarely is more than flattery.

Reputation: Blue is known throughout the ranks as the one who seems like would be so easy to take advantage of - but nobody would ever dare; in fear for their lives. Blue worked his tail off working through the ranks of Rocket-hood, and even though he's a prankster, you'd know that as soon as you crossed him so much as a tiny bit, you'd be on the ground in tears - if you were still alive, that is.

Personality: Blue may be the coolest guy you'll ever meet. He's extremely laid back, and even if he isn't THAT amazing, the way he talks, he'll have you eating out of his hand within 15 minutes. He's a smooth talker inside and out, and can usually convince people that what he's saying is true, even if it's a complete and utter lie. He suffers from a minor superiority complex. He's always been an accomplished trainer, and therefore, rarely takes a challenge seriously. He isn't one to brag or boast, because he thinks he doesn't have to; EVERYONE already knows how cool he is. When the snap hits the fan, though, he'll be the first one to take action. When disaster strikes, he becomes a powerful leader, and his sharp wit and mind are put to work. His personality really molds around the situation - he can be cold and cruel, or happy and carefree. It really just depends on the scenario.

x-- History:

Past:Born and raised in Ecruteak City, Johto. For the first 13 years of his life, he lived a very rural life. His parents owned an old inn off the outskirts of town, where he spent most of his childhood, being homeschooled by a woman from Olivine, where he learned everything he needed to know. When he turned 15, he decided to study abroad in Saffron. With a hug and a kiss from his parents, he hopped onto the magnet train in Goldenrod en route for Saffron City. That was the last he ever saw of them. Nobody know where they went. They simply disappeared. When he went back to the Inn, it was abandoned, and up for sale. He spent a few months there trying to convince the mayor not to tear it down, and finally got a young couple to take care of it - Mark and Nancy Consel, along with their son, Artemis. However, his satisfaction for saving his old home was shortlived - after 2 months back in his shoddy apartment in Saffron, the fact that his parents were missing really hit home, and he spiralled into a deep depression. He was brought out of this by his joining of Team Rocket. He was 17 at the time.

Fast forward 2 years. Blue is 19. After spending 2 years doing grunt work, Blue was promoted to the rank of Jr. Executive. Placed under an incompetent Executive (who was practically given the position due to her mother being a major funder of Rocket, and her father being an ex-executive.) who was killed on the third mission that she was assigned to as an executive. Blue took over her command for several months before being assigned to an elite squad of Rockets; the only word written on his assignment was Drache.

Family: Mark Consel: 37 (Adoptive uncle)
Nancy Consel: 30 (Adoptive aunt)
Artemis Consel: 16 (Adoptive cousin)

Blue has a multipurpose Pokegear, riddled with cards from maps to mp3 players, to address books, to Tetris. It's firmly strapped to his arm, and more often than not, black earbuds run from the device to his ears.

RP example: Not getting a response quite as quickly as he had hoped, he gave up trying to talk to the strange girl, and leaned back against the wall as Mika walked in, with a small boy whom Blue had never seen. He was small, it seemed, and timid; even more so than Sem. To Blue's great surprise, however, the child, who must have been 9 or 10, settled into Mika's lap, much as if the boy was her own child. This is odd. mused Blue. There are a lot of people on this team who might be considered less than.. mature? Blue tasted the word for a second. Well, maybe that isn't the right word for it. I guess it'd be something like - but his thoughts were interrupted by a sharp voice calling out.

"Alright, listen up." Mika's voice rang out above the small talk, and everything became very quiet. The lights dimmed, and from the table in the center of the room a hologram erupted, showing a sort of complex. Lash's eyes brightened. <Alright, NOW we get to see some action. This is probably a top secret military base, or maybe the G-Men's hideout, or maybe..> the sneasel's mind went wild, thinking of all the amazing enterprises that could be brought out from the hologram of this building.

“This is the Kanto Branch of the School for Educationally Gifted Pokemon Trainers." Mika continued. Lash's jaw nearly dropped, and the wild look in his eyes turned to mush, as the sneasel's little heart melted. <A school?! Of all places to be espionage artists..> he spat quietly, hoping in retrospect that Mika didn't hear him. Mika continued.

"Our Intel says that there are G-Men Recruiters all throughout the building, posing as students, to try and build up their forces. Somewhere on campus is an informant who’s gone completely AWOL for reasons we believe to be related to the G-Men Recruiters.” Lash shrugged, his heart a tiny bit healed. <This won't be too bad.>

Mika's tone darkened considerably, and Lash's ears perked up, eager to hear this bit of drama. “There is a small chance the agent did not go into AWOL mode to prevent detection by G-Men Forces. There is a small chance… he or she converted to their forces. This is the basis of our mission. Posing as students in the school, we will be trying to find out the whereabouts of the informant, whether they be good or bad, and attempt to, if he or she is still on the campus, bring him or her back alive. Maimed is perfectly acceptable.” Lash grinned almost malevolently, staring lovingly at his claws. <Oh, that can be arranged..> he smiled to himself. <This won't be so bad. We'll just go in, whip some ass, and get out of there. It's not like we'll be in classes or anything.. Blue already finished school, so...>

The hologram suddenly changed, now depicting a boy and a girl. An icy hand gripped Lash's heart. “While at the school, you will take classes of some sort. We’re not going to draw unwanted attention and sneaking around won’t get us the information we need." Lash almost sunk to the floor in misery. <Classes?! Classes!? Anything.. but classes..> Promptly kicking Lash softly to get him up, Blue continued to listen intently. "Those over 16 will attend the high school wing, those under 16 but over 12 will attend classes in the middle school department and anyone under 12, which I think is just Yoh, will attend the elementary wing. Before you all start groaning about school, just be thankful they have no uniform.” Lash scoffed. <Yeah. Thanks, fate.>

As Mika clapped her hands briskly, the hologram faded out, and the lights faded in. “After we all get back up, you’ve got an hour to do whatever the hell you want. I’ll have the PA ladies page you when our bus, yes a bus, is ready to go. Make sure you have anything you think you might need, the store’s on level six, the poke center’s on level B3 which is three above here.” Mika said, and snapped her arm to the side, “Dismissed!”

The hour came and went. Blue barely had enough time to get his pokemon through the pokemon center before a nasally voice crackled through the PA. "Team Drache, your transportation has arrived.." And at that, Blue was whisked away to the bus.

Lash safely tucked away in his pokeball, Blue clambored onto the bus, his bag of clothes and other such belongings safely hanging from his shoulder. He sat down on one of the seats, and within minutes was asleep. <Who knows what's going to happen? Better get your sleep in now.. just in case.> Lash had said before retreating to his Pokeball. Blue heeded these words well, and as the rumble of the bus gently massaged his head, Blue dozed off to sleep, earbud headphones lightly tucked into his ears, his hair tenderly covering part of his face.

When he came to, the bus had come to a complete stop, and nearly everyone was off. Blue stood up hastily, not wanting to be left behind. Tearing the headphones out of his ears and shoving them in a pocket, he ran outside, catching up with the group. It was almost by the time they actually made it to the school. "Almost six o' clock." he mumbled to himself, checking his Pokegear.

With few incidents, everyone managed to get their rooms okay. Blue had been assigned a room with that guy... what was his name? Bill? Whatever his name was, Blue was stuck in a room with him for who knows how long they'd be here. Truly, Blue didn't like the idea of being back in school, especially during this snowy weather.. <But hey. It's not like we've got anything else better to do.> Lash reminded him.

They were sitting at dinner. Blue had let his larger pokemon out into the back area. Since it was a school for pokemon, they had a bunch of convenient services for Pokemon. Poke-food vending machines, and even little Pokebathrooms. Blue found some of this unneccessary, and Lash found it insulting, but they could both agree on one thing - it wasn't too shabby. Blue, Lash, and Spoink sat and ate together in silence. Blue had a sinking feeling that this wasn't going to be a particularly friendly experience. The other boys weren't exactly.. sociable. To add to that, the girls, Mika included, were practically falling over the younger boys. "Looks like we might be in this pretty solitarily, boys." whispered Blue to his 2 small friends, and they both agreed solemnly.

The three friends ate slowly, being almost the last ones to leave. By the time he had collected all of his pokemon, made it back to his room, unpacked, and showered, it was nearly 10 o' clock. Blue clambored into bed, his pokemon all safe in their balls, turned out the light, and uneasily fell asleep.

Blue did not sleep well. The nap on the bus had kept him energized, and made it tough to sleep. He found himself waking up several times in the middle of the night, unable to go back to sleep. Finally, unable to stand it any longer, Blue got out of bed, threw on a T-shirt and a pair of jeans, and slipped out of the room, leaving Will fast asleep.

The night was very chilly, and Blue found himself wishing he had put on something a tad heavier. Nevertheless, he wandered the hallways, thinking deeply about just about everything he could think of. Just when he thought himself about ready to attempt some sleep for the ump-tillionth time, he stopped at his door, listening very hard. Somebody was walking. Very quietly. Perhaps.. too quietly? Suddenly, Blue's imagination took hold. A traitorous scumbag, just walking about, unsuspecting, when suddenly.. *POP!* Revenge!

Taking care to not make any noise, he snuck around the corner, peeking around it, hoping to find the person he was looking for. "..Jackpot." he snickered, the figure walking down the hallway towards the deck. Blue was preparing to dash out, when the woman stepped outside, and Blue immediately abandoned his plans for attack. Long emerald green hair that couldn't be seen in the dark was suddenly illuminated in the moonlight, and Blue immediately knew the identity of his suspect.

Mika stepped outside, fairly upset, from what Blue could see at that distance. As she stared into the sky, Blue contemplated approaching her. Depending on what kind of person she was, that could either be taken as an act of kindness, or an intrusion of privacy. Blue shot the line, and went for broke, walking down the hallway towards the leader of his team, his heart pounding. This had better not backfire.. he thought to himself, as he stepped into the pale moonlight. Taking a shaky breath, he called softly.

"Lady Mika..?"

Alter Ego
March 29th, 2007, 3:31 AM
Yaaaaay! It's finally here! Whooo! *Happy dance* Anyway, I'm sorry that this profile isn't all it could be. I was planning to give it a final polish, but now I've gone and caught a bloody cold out of all things. (I swear, only I can stay completely healthy for the whole of the cold period only to catch a cold the moment the warm winds come along <.<). At any rate, here it be. :3

-Out of Character-

Name: Alter Ego, Alter, AE, Titan, just twist the username however.
Contact: Just PM.

-In Character-

x-- The Basics:

Full Birth Name: Seraphina Geinsbrough
Nick Names: Sera usually. She's okay with most things beside her given name, though.
Age: 19
Location of Childhood Home: Celadon City
Type of Trainer: Executive (second-generation)

x-- Pokemon:

Current Pokemon:

Charizard "Flammie" (Male)

Hardly the proudest member of his species. Despite his formidable size, Flammie usually cuts a rather pathetic figure; his majestic wings and flame-tipped tail sagging, and his wide, gentle eyes observing the world with all the self-confidence of a trodden little Caterpie. In addition, the Charizard's physical co-ordination isn't exactly the best, and he consequently ends up knocking people over, lighting fires or breaking things out of sheer clumsiness, particularly when he gets happy or excited - as this is when his tail starts swinging on its own accord.

The Charizard's personality largely matches his appearance. Flammie is an insecure, almost childishly trusting, and gentle pokémon who often finds himself torn between his desire to help and his desire not to get in anyone's way. Ever the pushover, he is usually the first to give in and settle when arguments arise and would really like nothing more than to be friends with everyone. He is, however, fiercely loyal to his trainer, and should someone try to harm her that someone would be in for a very nasty shock, as an agitated Flammie is truly a fierce opponent in battle and on those occasions he's unqeustionably the strongest fighter on Sera's team. Outside of those few occasions when he can overcome his anxieties, Flammie looks far more like a lost little puppy than a star battler, trailing after Sera and sometimes trying to hide behind her back when he's scared - probably a habit from his Charmander days which he has never grown out of. Overall, the Charizard is rarely found far from his trainer, whom he constantly counts on for support and whose approval he seeks for every decision of even minor importance.

Surprisingly enough, Sera is actually extremely fond of Flammie - despite the fact that his manner rubs her the wrong way - and even though she sometimes chides him for being such a coward, Sera definitely has a soft spot for 'her little sissy' and won't hesitate to lash out at anyone who picks on him. For those who know more about Sera's earlier years, and those people are few indeed, this is not the least bit surprising, however. Flammie was originally given to the girl as a present from her older brother - whom she much admired at the time - when the siblings were parted, and when Sera was then whisked from her sheltered childhood home and left to fend for herself in the foreign environment that was the boarding school, the young Charmander quickly became a substitute confidante, source of comfort and - during her escape - warmth for the chilly nights. Even though Sera isn't nearly as dependent on the fire pokémon nowadays as she used to be, the bond is still there and as strong as ever, and on the rare occasions when Sera does feel a need to confide with someone it's usually Flammie she choses. Consequently, the Charizard knows Sera better than anyone, but out of loyalty and fear of letting her down, he has kept these things secret.

Despite their tight bond, Sera has yet to develop an understanding of Flammie's speech, but the bond they share on an emotional level is all they need to understand each other, and through their long history of battling together, Flammie can even - to some degree - predict his trainer's commands before she gives them, requiring only a nod of confirmation, making things all the trickier for their opponents.

Nidoran "Rondo" (Male)

A quick-tempered and equally fleet-footed pokémon, what Rondo lacks in size he makes up for with pent up aggression. Rondo is the smallest pokémon on Sera's team - being even slightly shorter than Minerva - but he acts with all the pride and authorative manners of a full-grown Nidoking, much to the amusement of his partners. He is loud, stubborn, and often proclaims himself a wild and proud Nidoran who is by no means a mere human's slave and - needless to say - Sera has never had much of an incentive to learn precisely what he's saying. Even though his bark is far worse than his bite, the Nidoran is a brave and eager fighter, however, and his furious struggle for self-reliance have earned a certain measure of understanding from Sera, which is probably the only reason she kept the foul-mouthed little thing. Rondo is very defensive by nature - particularly when his height is concerned - and has been known to have huge temper tantrums over it, usually challenging anyone he percieves as having insulted him to a 'duel to the death'. Consequently, Sera prefers to keep the little poison type within his pokéball unless a battle is about to unfold. Even though he is unusually small and somewhat tawny as Nidorans go, Rondo is exceptionally fast in his movements and posseses a very keen sense of hearing, something which Sera has made use of over the years.

The two first met during Sera's first escapee year when the girl unknowingly passed through a field which Rondo had declared to be his territory. Immediately percieveing the incursion as a direct insult, Rondo issued a challenge to the death which, considering the fact that he was a small Nidoran whereas Flammie had already evolved into a Charmeleon, ended with predictable results. Luckily for Rondo, neither Sera nor Flammie felt like going through with the 'to the death' condition, but - as it turned out - they had been sorely mistaken to think that the proud Nidoran would let it slide. Outraged by the trainer 'fleeing' in the middle of their duel - which the Nidoran still considered to be in progress - the stubborn little poison type spent the next few weeks in close pursuit of Sera and her pokémon, much to their combined annoyance, relentlessly demanding that their battle would be finished. Eventually, Sera did just that, capturing the weakened Nidoran and nursing it back to health with the aid of various medicines - stolen, of course - a percieved disgrace which Rondo has never quite forgiven her for. Despite his dislike for the 'cowardly' way the girl had ended their battle, Rondo eventually saw the appeal of getting to battle at a regular basis and not having to waste time on foraging for food, and even though he would never admit it he has grown slightly fond of Sera over the years, even though his constant complaints seem to attest to the contrary.

Eevee "Minerva" (Female)

Perhaps the most enigmatic member of Sera's team, Minerva was not really 'caught' in the wild nor given. Instead, she just...appeared, patiently prodding the girl awake one morning and demanding to be fed after which, the Eevee - surprisingly - allowed herself to be caught, although the locking mechanism is more of a joke to her than anything else - as she repeatedly proves by breaking out whenever she pleases.

Ever the independent soul, Minerva doesn't really seem to be a member of the team as much as someone simply tagging along for a while, wandering down her own paths and only occasionally humoring her trainer - although Minerva herself has never acknowledged Sera as such. She is bold, mischievous, sarcastic and not the least bit afraid to express her own opinions, quite openly arguing against both Sera and the other members of the team.

Also, although the Eevee is pretty easily persuaded into performing smaller tasks, she is very selective about battling and usually only does so when she has a personal grudge against the opponent in question. Consequently, Sera has grown accustomed not count on the little Eevee at most times. Nonetheless, the two do seem to enjoy each others' company and - despite how it may seem - their regular verbal jousting is a sign of affection rather than dislike. The tired old ritual of human and pokémon who have been together long enough to be largely incapable of hate but not quite ready to call it friendship.

Dodrio "Triune" (Male)

A complex personality to say the least. As is the case with most Dodrio, Triune's heads have three quite distinct personalities, and unfortunately these aren't always in agreement with each other. The main argument is usually between the head on the right, a free-spirited and loud one with a tendency to show off, particularly when it comes to running, much to the displeasure of the one on the left who is far more dutiful and solemn, believing in practicality and duty above all and considering the duty to protect his 'allies' the most important of all. The left head also has no real sense of humor, much to the annoyance of the one on the right who loves to goof off and poke fun at the overly serious and pedantic. This leaves the middle head - the youngest of the three, having been born only at evolution - in a rather awkward position. Somewhat timid and withdrawn, he usually tries to reconcile between his older siblings but is often confused as to which one he should look up to as a role model. Despite his young age and hesitant manner, however, the central head is the smartest of the three, and in the rare situations when he manages to get his opinion through he demonstrates this fact very clearly. Even though Triune's behaviour is usually somewhat dysfunctional, once the three heads reach an agreement on battle strategy they are truly a force to be reckoned with, executing complex strategies with considerable speed and strength, often catching opponents completely off guard due to the rather comical appearance they usually have.

Sera first encountered this being when she was on the run from her boarding school, the Dodrio currently locked in a heated argument concerning an abandoned can of pokéfood they had discovered. The right head had naturally wanted to stamp it open while the left had opted to search for an opening mechanism. Votes had been cast, but because the central head couldn't make up his mind, resulting in an endless stalemate. After having followed the argument for a while, the girl figured that she had gotten the general gist of it, nonchalantly stepping in and opening the can for the trio. Two thirds of the bird duly impressed by such adept understanding, the Dodrio decided to take Sera along, and since the girl could hardly think of a better way to get out of the authorities' reach she had no objections. For the next few months, the quartet - or duo, depending on how one wishes to see it - roamed the wilderness around Fuchsia city, occasionally stopping by in a town at night to pick up food supplies, and although the left head had his misgivings about her at first, even he has begun to think of her as a leader of sorts, and the whole Dodrio usually agrees - albeit grumpily at times - with her decisions.

Pokemon at Full Potential: Possibly some evolutions, but no new ones come to mind, no. :3

x-- Appearance:

Eye Color: Light green
Hair Color/Style: Dark red and rather spiky, usually kept hanging free or tucked into a sort of messy ponytail.
Height: 1.74 m / 5.7 feet
Weight: 63.5 kg / 140 Pounds
General Appearance: The way Sera looks now, very few would associate her with the frightened but oh-so lovable little girl who was once known as Seraphina Geinsbrough. Everything about Sera from her proud, confident posture to the defiant look in her light green eyes speaks of an individualist who won't take bull from anyone and won't hesitate to voice that opinion. Her dark red hair, once carefully combed and ordered, now seems to always be just slightly messy out of pure principle, the slight tendency to spike - once carefully contained - now displayed in an almost flaunting manner, stray strands sticking out here and there, all the way from her head to slightly below her shoulders where the hair ends. When practicality demands it, she ties the unruly locks into a kind of half-messy ponytail, but generally they are allowed to hang as they please. Her skin, although naturally pale by pigment, has darkened slightly and roughened, particularly around the palms and feet - an indication of spending a lot of time on the road. Having traversed the wilderness for years, Sera has also gained a fairly fit body, not really an athlete's, mind you, but enough to dispose of most of the unnecessary flab, and she's certainly ready to demonstrate the practical usefulness of the obtained muscle-tone to anyone with the nerve to make smart remarks about her appearance.

On the clothing side of things, Sera is somewhat more organized, usually wearing a fairly neat black trench coat accompanied by a pair of black trousers and a white dress shirt or - if things are likely to get dirty - just a plain T-shirt. Her feet are usually occupied by a pair of black shoes, fairly standard issue, except that the soles have a slightly deeper pattern to give her a better grip of surfaces. Overall, it's a fairly neat - if not very flattering - ensemble which Sera is quite content with. If anyone where to suggest that she put on something with a bit more color or - goodness forbid - a dress, that someone would be very liable to get smacked over the head. For reasons she prefers not to go into, Sera bluntly refuses to wear anything she considers 'girly', sometimes evasively remarking that they remind her of something - or someone - she'd rather forget. Having spent such a long time in an environment where her appearance 'didn't bloody matter' - as Sera very poetically puts it - she has little tolerance for the endless fuss over appearances that so many people seem to put up, and even her current outfit - which she still finds somewhat restrictive - is the end result of a long spree of complaints and arguments from various concerned people. For the purpose of carrying her items, Sera usually makes do with a simple grey satchel - its mouth secured by a length of durable rope - which she carries over her shoulder.

x-- Personality:

Strengths | Fear:
+ Determined and headstrong
+ Very strong fighting spirit
+ Survival skills
+ Good at thinking on her feet
+ Protective of friends
+ Open about her grudges
+ Self-reliant
+ Skilled at travelling in rough terrain
+ Very good at firestarting

- Heights
- Slightly claustrophobic
- Coming off as weak or cowardly
- Failure
- Losing her freedom
- Big, empty mansions
- Certain people from her past

Likes | Dislikes:
+ Unconditional kindness
+ Honesty
+ Arguments
+ Battling
+ The great outdoors
+ Winning (In whatever capacity that might be)
+ Tough physical workouts
+ Getting stronger
+ Carrot juice
+ People standing up for themselves
+ Self-reliant people
+ Being around friends
+ Getting to wear whatever she damn well pleases
+ Friendly insult matches
+ Defying authority figures
+ Strong, impressive pokémon

- Superiors
- Suck-ups
- Condesending people
- Team Rocket
- The GP
- Bossy people
- Arrogant people
- Loud-mouthed braggarts
- Cowards
- Liars
- Politicians
- Bureucrats
- Girly-girls
- Horny guys
- Sexists
- Idiots
- Crowds
- Whiners
- Clingy people
- People in love
- Being associated with any of the above
- Crying
- Shopping
- Girly clothes
- Small, sickeningly cute pokémon
- Singing
- Dancing
- Emotional talk and heart-to-heart conversations
- Leadership
- Being ordered around
- Schedules
- Stuffy offices
- Paperwork
- Schools
- Coffee
- Weasel words
- Being pitied

Uhh...I still don't think that's a comprehensive list, but I think you get the general idea. ^_~

Goals: Clearing her name and getting on with her life without the interference of Team Rocket or any other organization for that matter.

Skills: Sabotage, scouting, diversionary tactics, getaways, wilderness survival, and a particular knack for lighting fires seemingly regardless of circumstances. She is also pretty formidable in hand-to-hand combat, but it's definitely more brawling than any organized martial arts.

Quirks | Habits: With her history of surviving by her own terms, Sera has grown rather used to just taking what she wants, whether it belongs to someone else or not, and has been known to return to her old store robbing ways, seemingly more out of habit than need as the team does provide quite well for her. She also has a habit of slipping into speaking Dodrio when she is very upset, something which has caused much amusement for those around her.

Secrets: Sera likes to keep her fears and insecurities secret. Similarly, she is reluctant to get into details about her past or strong anti-girly stance. And of course...there's the mystery of that fire that killed her father, but Sera herself is adamant in her response that she certainly holds no secrets on that matter but will make damn sure to shake them out of whoever does.

Reputation: Even though she only agreed to become an executive recently, Sera has already gained a reputation of being precisely the wrong boss to mess with, always ready to discipline those trying to undermine her authority, both mentally and physically. The disturbing rumors about her fire starting have also earned her fame of a sort - deny them though she might - and Sera is often the subject of whispered conversations behind her back. Having eluded not only the Global Police but also the Rockets dispatched after her, Sera has also earned a reputation for being an elusive survivor and a master of improvised getaways...whether it is deserved or not is anyone's guess. But then again, it stands to reason that someone who gets into trouble as much as Sera does would also be quite adept at getting out of it.

Personality: A stubborn and headstrong individualist by nurture, if perhaps not by nature, Sera is never the first to back down, be it in a fight or argument. She is usually very opinionated and certainly isn't shy about making those opinions known. Her long time of self-reliance has made her generally mistrusting of strangers and she usually won't heed their advice or opinions until they've earned her trust. Some would go as far as to call her paranoid, but as Sera points out, being chased across the better part of Kanto for a murder you haven't committed can do that to you.

Her manner is unrefined to say the least, originally trained to throw pursuers looking for a well-educated little rich girl off her trail but now as natural to her as breathing. Sera's words often sound crude and insensitive, even when addressed to people she cares about. She is no stranger to cussing or swearing, and usually speaks her mind whenever she wishes and in whatever way she wishes - which typically includes a good bit of the less child-friendly side of her vocabulary. This, combined with her short temper and tendency to smack people who annoy her over the head, makes Sera a rather tricky person to befriend. She rarely opens up to people and it usually takes a long time for her to really consider anyone a friend - let alone call them that - but anyone who behaves is, usually, safe with her. Get on her bad side, though, and you had better make amends fast before she takes them out of your hide. Any smart remarks about Sera's appearance or - worse yet - hormonally influenced behaviour towards her is bound to provoke a violent reaction, though, and should be avoided by all individuals concerned with their health. Sera is quite convinced that she's not attractive in the least and considers such things either an attempt to take advantage of her or right out mockery, neither of which will be tolerated. Sera also won't have people she cares about acting like cowards - although the terms she usually applies are somewhat more colorful - and not standing up for themselves, often stepping in to help, of course, but just as sternly scolding them for not solving the situation themselves. Being used to saying precisely what's on her mind, she also has very little tolerance for people who try to hide their true intentions through weasle words or flat-out lying. The same goes for formalities and feigned courtesy, as she far prefers a good old-fashioned insult match to endless would-be sweet discussions and veiled insults.

Despite her preferences of openness, however, Sera is not accustomed to speaking about her feelings, at least when those feelings aren't anger or hatred, and whenever the topic shifts towards that direction she tends to get uncomfortable and uncharacteristically silent. Similarly, Sera has a strong dislike for commenting on the lives of others or giving out emotional or moral guidance. People 'opening up' to her is something she truly dreads, although her crude manner has fortunately served as an effective deterrent for such things. Sera's stance on such matters is that people should make their own decisions in life, for better or worse, and consequently she's also not too fond of leadership, trying to avoid it whenever possible.

x-- History:

Past: The second child and only daughter of Cedric Geinsbrough, a Rocket Executive of good standing, Sera was a rather lonely and reclusive child. Her mother, Elanor, contracted an illness shortly after giving birth to her and died when Sera was but two years old, while her father largely treated her like an expensive piece of furniture, making sure that the girl was fed, clothed, and educated but otherwise ignoring her in favor of her older brother, Cyril, whom the aging executive sought to mold into his successor. Both children were largely cut off from the others living in their home town of Celadon, out of fear of 'corruptive influences' and inconvenient leaks of information. Fortunately for Sera - or Seraphina as she was called at the time - Cyril was a surprisingly maternal older brother and spent as much time as he could manage with her, and for the better part of their childhood the boy was actually more of a father figure for Sera than anyone else.

This idyll was not to last, however, as their father became increasingly annoyed by the way Cyril's caretaking got in the way of his studies, eventually deciding to send off Sera - aged twelve at the time, and thus far home-schooled - off to a famous, and notoriously strict, boarding school in Viridian City, hoping to kill two birds with one stone by eliminating both the brother's distraction and the problem of what was to be done with Sera at once. The children protested of course, but they had no means by which to defy their father, and were forced to say their tear-eyed goodbyes. In the process, Cyril slipped a small but important object into his sister's hand, however, the pokéball containing Sera's first pokémon, Flammie, a Charmander who soon grew to be a valued companion indeed.

Being used to relying on her brother as she was, Sera had a hard time adjusting to the boarding school and having to stand up for herself, and her father's reputation being what it was, she was often tormented by the 'cool kids' in her class. At first, the girl could do little but cry over it and for the first few weeks, but one day something simply snapped inside of her, the once tear-eyed and insecure child suddenly becoming peculiarly determined and focused, largely numb to the taunts of her peers. Instead, she focused her efforts on a single goal: escape, by any means necessary, and one late spring night - two weeks after her fifteenth birthday - she finally put these plans into action, distracting the students and staff with a decoy fire she had lit and escaping into the night, a small satchel of clothes and provisions over her shoulder.

This escapade would probably have ended in disaster, were it not for the fact that Sera had - by chance - come across her first new pokémon, a confused Dodrio whom she befriended and soon dubbed Triune. Lacking both food and shelter, Sera decided to travel with her newfound companions - suspicious of her though the left head was - and it was thanks to Triune that she managed to avoid her pursuers as long as she did, largely living in the wilderness and usually only stopping by in civilization to pick up supplies. Unbeknownst to Sera there were many more people after her than simply social services employees, however. A few weeks after Sera's escape, the family mansion in Celadon city had been burned to the ground - with her father inside. Having heard of the enmity between Sera and her father from an anonymous source, the GP soon drew the obvious conclusion, marking her as the prime suspect in the murder. At the same time, Team Rocket had arrived at a similar conclusion, and - being none-too-happy about losing an executive - had decided to round up the girl and get to the bottom of the matter and soon, Sera's carefree roguish lifestyle became threatened by the incursion of suspicious investigators looking into the rumor of the 'wild child' in the area. Fortunately for her, Sera's long experience - through trial and error - of skulking about and making quick escapes had paid off, and the first few waves of pursuants were successfully averted. As her reputation grew, however, so did the power of the round-up squads, and Sera soon found that her old hunting grounds could no longer shelter her, once again having no choice but to flee.

As the chase dragged on, it seemed like all hope was lost for the girl. Surprisingly for Sera, however, someone in Team Rocket had apparently taken an interest in her abilities, as the next group of Rockets that caught up with her surrounded her with an ultimatum: accept a position in Team Rocket as her father's replacement or be treated as the murderer and punished accordingly. Reluctant though she was to go through with it, Sera finally agreed, realizing that this was - perhaps - the lesser of two evils. She still remains defiant, however, and there are many who question her loyalty to the team, with good reason. Still, Sera's survival skills were considered to valuable an asset to be ignored, which is why she soon found herself re-assigned to team Drache.

Cyril (22) - Brother
Elanor (31) - Mother (Deceased in illness)
Cedric (43) - Father (Deceased in fire)

Other: Sera speaks quite fluent Dodrio, thanks to the endless discussions she had no choice but to overhear while traveling with Triune. She also understands Flammie and her other pokémon fairly well, but this is more on an emotive level as - for some reason - she has never quite learned how to decipher their speech.

Oh, and a certain person from her past might make an appearance...but saying anything more on that would be a spoiler. It's officially approved, though. *Nods*

RP example: Ancient Dynasty (http://www.pkmncommunity.com/showthread.php?t=58028), Eseka (http://www.pkmncommunity.com/showthread.php?t=78031), old Drache...eh, take your pick. ^^

Yeah, no fresh sample. Blame it on my illness. .___. Still, I hope I will be able to do this RP justice. ^-^

March 29th, 2007, 4:12 AM
This looks like it will be an awesome role-play but I don't have time to sign up right now. (School is so mean. :P) Can I reserve a spot, please?

March 29th, 2007, 8:50 AM
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I just don't want to end up typing a giant profile only to find that there are no more spots left... it's happened to me several times before, and it really sucks, to say the least.

So yeah... can you reserve a spot for me, please? I'd really appreciate it.


Uh, I know this is far from finished(And I'm pretty sure I'm gonna end up editing over half of what I just typed.), but I just want to prove that I AM working on the profile, it's just taking a long time...

-Out of Character-

Name: Just call me Kasey. :D

-In Character-

-+- The Basics:

Full Birth Name: Elizabeth Leah Larkins
Nick Names: Liz. She honestly doesn't care what you call her, so long as it isn't her full name or something that's derogative in any way.
Age: 20
Location of Childhood Home: Saffron City, in the... less wealthy part of town.
Type of Trainer: Spy; After several years of working her way up, has finally become a Rocket Exectutive.
-+- Pokemon:(Read the following quote and obey it.)

Originally Posted by Alter Ego
Please try to use common sense when filling out this field. Your character can be a fairly experienced trainer, yes, but if I see something along the lines of Metagross/Milotic/Tyranitar/Salamence/Gengar/Swampert then I'm going to fluke you straight off. Your character is allowed to bee fairly experienced, but not a friggin' trainer god. Maximum four Pokémon, all of which should not be their last evolutionary stages in that case, and NO LEGENDARIES. Also, NO MINDLESS DRONE Pokémon, they need personality just as much as your character does.

Current Pokemon on your Person:

Species: Murkrow
Gender: Female
Personality: Liz's first Pokemon and longtime companion, Aditi is rarely, if ever, seen away from her trainer and will more often than not be seen resting upon Liz's shoulder, serving as a sort of 'advisor' for her trainer. (Having been around humans her entire life, she is capable human speech, although it is somewhat broken and hard to understand unless you're used to hearing her. At times, even Liz can't fully understand what she's trying to say, leading to occasional misunderstandings and disputes. [I can get rid of this if it's too much, BTW. It's really no biggie.]) Of course, how useful her advice actually is a matter of debate, considering that it mostly consists of things that are... objectionable, at best.
She is the polar opposite of her trainer as far a personality goes, and will always let you know how she feels about you, postive or not. With her pessimistic nature and low regard of well... pretty much everyone, it'll most likely be 'not'. This, along with her instinctual penchant for other peoples' valuables, often gets her(And Liz, by association.) into trouble, and has made her the target of much loathing amongst Liz's peers. They're simply forced to still their tongues, however, seeing as Liz wouldn't trade her for the world-- a feeling that is quite mutual, despite the occasional squabbles between the two.

*Stephanie (Usually called 'Steph' or 'Stephan', for reasons that'll be made clear below.)
Species: Kirlia
Gender: Male (Poor thing. XD; )
Personality: The first Pokemon that Liz ever caught, Stephanie(Or Stephan, as he prefers to be called.) could be described as the quiet, sensible one of the group, albeit a little distant. He is constantly thinking and observing the things around him, but rarely gets involved with anything unless persuaded to do so by his trainer. (And even then, he tries to have has little involvement as possible.) Despite his constant denial of it, he is also very arrogant, which, along with his constantly aloof attitude, makes him rather disliked amongst Liz's peers, although to a much lesser extent than Aditi.
Due to this, he is extemely difficult to anger, causing even more frustration to those who dislike him, as he won't bother to return any possible challenges or threats. That being said, all of his restraint and nonchalant attitude goes out the window when it comes to two things: The questioning of his gender, and Charlie, who conveniently combines the two in such a way that makes him practically explode in frustration. Once in a fight with Charlie, he is nearly impossible to calm down unless the two are separated. Needless to say, this is very frustrating for Liz, who originally intended to use the two in double battles together.

Species: Lombre
Gender: Male
Personality: The first and only Pokemon that Liz has ever hatched(She came into her office one morning to find an egg on her desk-- She still doesn't know exactly where it came from.), Nathan can pretty much be described as Liz's 'baby'. He is currently the most inexperienced(And youngest.) of the group, and while he has only evolved recently, Liz is ridiculously proud of him, although she tries to hide it around her peers. He is very aware of this, and as a result has a bit of an inferiority complex, despite how much Liz truly cares for him.(Basically, he feels ashamed that she doesn't like talking about him around others, and he doesn't understand that Liz only hides her pride because it's part of her job of keeping her facade as a spy.) As a result, he always wants to stay the center of attention, sometimes at inconvenient moments.
In some ways, he could be considered the opposite of Stephanie: As opposed to trying to stay uninvolved and aloof, Nathan's childish nature causes him to constantly stick his nose into peoples' business and always add input into situations. He is also very imature and occasionally acts very rash and stubborn, feeling that his way is always the right way. (Which, considering his limited experience, it usually isn't.) Still, despite his quirks, all and all, he's pretty much like a loveable little kid that just needs some guidance to help him mature a bit more than anything.

Species: Haunter (I'd *really* prefer to make her a Gengar though... would that be alright? I mean, you CAN find Gengar in the wild in D/P: To me, that's kind of a sign that you don't have to be a 'trainer god' to have one. They can be of a fairly low-level[As low as level 18, I believe.], as well. Either way, I wouldn't make it over-powered. ['Cause, y'know. God Pokemon = Boo.] Just sayin'. ;>>)
Gender: Female
Personality: The target of much disdain from the others, Charlie is the newest member of Liz's team, and most certainly the most hated amongst her trainer's peers, with fairly good reason: She has a 'magnificent' and 'wonderful' talent for finding out how to push peoples(And Pokemon)'s buttons. You've got something that drives you off the edge? Chances are, Charlie will find out about it, and exploit it for all it's worth. She finds making others angry incredibly enjoyable, and could easily be described as a sadist, and as an added bonus, she holds humans in extremely low regard, often describing them as things such 'evolution gone wrong' or 'biggot Mankey wannabes', to name a few.
Needless to say, she's not very easy to get along with: Just about everyone who knows her has some reason or other to hate her(Even in her own team.), something she actually takes pride in. Why Liz keeps her on the team is beyond most, though anyone who knows Liz well enough will know that for some incomprehendible reason, she's actually developed a bit of a soft spot for the trouble-making Ghost Pokemon and vainly hopes that her attitude will improve over time.

Pokemon hidden Depths of Tall Grass or your PC Box: (Like, do you want me to provide a pokemon for you to capture or do you want to make pokemon appear out of your box?)

Note: Most of these Pokemon won't actually make an appearance, but they'll probably be mentioned occasionally. And I'll be sure that, if they do appear, they have actual personalities. I have personalities in mind for all of them, I'm just too lazy to type them out. Trust me, they won't be mindless drones, 'cause I hate mindless drone Pokemon. >.<;

*Sophia (Froslass[Is inexperienced/low-leveled, however], Female)
*Frank(Sneasel, Male)
*Riley(Banette, Female)
*Tim(Cacnea, Male)
*Francene(Drifloon, Female)
*Antoinette (Carnivine, Female)
*Marie (Sableye, Female)
*Fred (Leafeon[Like Sophia, is inexperienced], Male)
*Aditya (Chatot, Male) [HAS to be kept in the PC Box 'cause he and Aditi will try to kill each other otherwise. X.x; )
*Ed (Remoraid, Male) [Is more of a pet than anything.]

-+- Appearance:

Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color/Style: Dark Brown; Is long, straight, and typically worn in a bun. She has side-swept bangs that help to frame her face.
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 135 lbs.
General Appearance: Liz is typically seen in formal business attire, and is rarely seen without wearing a suit of some sort.

-+- Personality:

Strengths | Fear:
Likes | Dislikes:
Skills: Keeping things organized, managing things. Basically, she's good at being a supervisor/boss/whatever.
Quirks | Habits: Liz is an extreme neat-freak, and a bit of a germaphobe. She completely flips out if things are in disarray or are dirty.
Secrets: Ummm... she's actually a spy? XD;
Reputation: Although still relatively new as an executive, Liz has developed a reputation for being a prim, proper lady who likes to keep things organized and who'll try her best to keep everything on an even keel... should you be on her good side. She likes to think of Team Rocket as an efficient machine and wants to have things run accordingly: Should you be like a broken cog, she'll be more than willing to toss you out with little or no remorse.
Personality: (PARAGRAPH. DETAILED 200word ISH PARAGRAPH. Everything ABOVE the personality slot can be written in list format but the personality itself MUST BE in PARAGRAPHY FORMAT or I WILL eat you)

-+- History:

Past: (Again, Paragraph format. Feel free to create character mystery. <3 I love that sort of thing)
(No League Champs but follow what I said under whatever your character is and write accordingly. Also note that it can be fun to not fully expose your entire character history on this sheet. Leave some mysteries!)

Family: (Just names, relationship and ages)

(Other can be used to explain things like 'surfacing powers' if you're under the lab catagory or perhaps a weapon of choice [no guns] or some other little item you feel needs a bit of description, an example would be a locket he or she never removes for some secret reason)

RP example:(Okay. You can post something fresh or a link or a section out of a story. This is proving to me you're not one of those people that writes like a seven year old when they're actually a seventeen year old individual.)

March 29th, 2007, 12:41 PM
OOC: WOW..I am simply amazed by this one. If possible can I get a reservation? My profile will be filled out when I get home tonight.

March 29th, 2007, 5:31 PM
-Out of Character-

Name: Lucian (Loosh-Ian)

-In Character-
-+- The Basics:

Full Birth Name: Lucian D. Wolfan (Voolfan)
Nick Names: none
Age: 17
Location of Childhood Home: Kanto, small house off Victory lane
Type of Trainer: Lab Offspring, only can communicate with one pokemon, his partner.

-+- Pokemon

Current Pokemon on your Person:

Lucario (pic) : Male, Lucario is Lucian’s partner and most used pokemon, it is as if he is a part of Lucian, Both Lucario and Lucian can tell when the other is in trouble. Lucario has a poke ball but prefers not to use it, as it confines him into a small space. So Lucian wears it around his neck, as a necklace, Lucario is always on Lucian’s side.

Glaceon (pic) : Male, Freeze is One of the Earthen twins, as Lucian refers to them. Glaceon is rarely ever happy and is almost never outside of his poke ball for more then a battle, because of this, and his close connection with Lucario, Lucian almost never uses either of the Twins

Leafeon (pic) : Female, Breeze is the other of the Earthen twins, Unlike Glaceon, she is always happy, and loves to run around, Because of this, Lucian tends not to useher unless in a dire situation, because she loves to lollygag and Lucario, and Lucian Always get to the situation, no stopping fir ‘fun’.

Pokemon hidden Depths of Tall Grass or your PC Box: None

-+- Appearance:

Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color/Style: Short blonde hair, with longer pieces in the front sides.
Height: 6’3”, or 75”
Weight: 195 lbs
General Appearance: I wear a special “Team Rocket” uniform, Custom made to match my partner pokemon, Lucario. I have black pants, and a blue generals jacket on top is a plain black shirt. The General’s jacket has a special poke ball holster for the two poke balls I carry on myself. I wear a special set of gloves that have spikes on the knuckes, along with a special pair of boots that allow me to run on my toes, like Lucario. Lucian has a special made necklace that he made to hold Lucario’s poke ball, Since Lucario doesn’t like being in it, Lucian keeps it where no one can take it. Lucian does not have a bag, or pack, because he feels extra clothing, or equipment just gets in the way and slows him down, all of his items are held inside the jacket’s many pockets, or in a small satchel on his right leg.

-+- Personality:

Strengths | Fear: Not only a Strength but also a weakness, is Lucian’s Strictness, as well as how he doesn’t like to mess around. It has always helped him in the past when he was doing things alone with Lucario, but with Glaceon, and Leafeon, it seems to slow him down. Lucian fears being separated from Lucario, as they are like the same person, that is why he wears the poke ball around his neck, so no one can steal him.
Likes | Dislikes: Lucian loves to train and work with Lucario, Because of the testing and the limited memory of his past, he doesn’t like to mess around, and he is always on the look out for a more efficient way to get the job done.
Goals: To help TR take over the world and once achieved a spot higher up in TR he would like to learn why he has little to no memory of his past, and why he was chosen to be a test subject
Skills: Because Lucian is so close to Lucario their teamwork is almost unparalleled, Lucian would like to fight along side Lucario but knows he would just get in the way, this sometimes causes him to make mistakes in a pinch
Quirks | Habits: If you watch Lucian and Lucario, you can sometimes see them sitting under a tree, Lucian playing a mysterious black flute with blue lines running up the side, it seems to make Lucario Docile and laxed.
Secrets: Lucian’s biggest fear is losing his only memory, how he met Lucario, and losing him. Lucario is the only person Lucian trusts and this sometimes causes him to be rash and upfront with other people.
Reputation: The Were-Dog team is one of the majorly respected team in TR and they always get the job done, no matter the cost, this has caused officer jenny and the rest of the police force to put out a RED ALERT status and a list of things to do if I am seen, the first being stopping me and the second getting us into captivity
Personality: Lucian was Taken and had his memory erased, for this reason he believes he was raised by his only family member, Lucario. Also because of this, Lucian has taken on traits of Lucario, such as walking on his toes/balls of his feet, and being very rash with people. Lucian also wishes he could fight side by side with Lucario in the battles, but he knows he could get in the way and die, thus making Lucario suffer, So he stands on the sidelines and Helps lucario to the best of his ability. Lucian never lets other people get to him, and if they do, they feel his pain. Lucian and Lucario work as a team but also seemto be two sides of the same person, Also noted Lucian can talk to Lucario.

-+- History:

Past: As preiously stated, not much is know to Lucian about his past. What hedoes know is that TR had selected him for a special expiriment when he was 10, and now he is 17, working for them as a special Op’s team. He believes he was raised by Lucario and that Lucario sternly family member he hasever had, he can not recall anything past the age of 10, This causes him to dream about fragmented scenes from his past, causing him mich agony and despair when he wakes.
Family: For all Lucian knows… Lucario

Other: Lucain always has a special dagger in one hand, it has a long thin blade and a grip that wraps around his hand, no one has ever seen him use it but it is always on him whenhe is fighting with Lucario. Also About the Flute mentioned earlier, It is likethe Pokeflute but there is no poke ball on it and it is more rugged and stiff, it had two blue lines going from end to end on each side, it seems to be the only thing that can make Lucario fall asleep, or relax.

RP example: “Where is this?” Lucian looked around, “What am I?” He was delirious and shocked, as he looked around, everything was green, even him, but he was wet. “Am I dead?” he looked down at his hands, they had wires connected to them, he then realized he had a metal plate in his mouth. “Now I think I remember, I’m in TeamRocket’s Base.” Lucian was floating in a giant glass tube, suspended in a green fluid. “Hey! Let me out!” Lucian began to freak out, slamming on the glass, pulling at the wires. “LET ME OUT!” Lucian bellows, and smashes the glass, the liquid pouring out. Lucian rips out the wires and removes the plate from his mouth. “WHY AM I HERE!?” Lucian roars as hetakes on the traits of a beast. “You are here because we need you, and that’s all you need to know.” A shady figure stepped out, it was Lucario. “WHAT!?” Lucian looked around surprised, “IM TALKING TO A POKEMON!?”

March 29th, 2007, 5:38 PM
Yeesh, so many humongous sign ups. I really need to give this forum more credit. XD;

Anyways, I need a bit of time to prepare a sign up even close to the length of most of the others. Is it okay for me to reserve a spot as an offspring, since it doesn't really seem like anyone has done so yet (edit: ^ except for that person~)... If I have any questions I'll PM you.

Oh, and Mika. For the record, I'm not a scary person. You don't have to address me as Mr. Scary Admin. XD;;

Edit: This is what I've got so far, need to sleep. x.x;

-Out of Character-

Name: David (There isn’t the need to go by formalities and call me Origin. I hate being referred to as Origin. XD)
MSN: [email protected] (Guess what my last name is. =o)

-In Character-

-+- The Basics:

Full Birth Name: Askan Kyra Oregon (As-can Kai-rah Or-eh-gone)
Nick Names: Askan, Kyra
Age: 15
Location of Childhood Home: Mossdeep City, Hoenn
Type of Trainer: Lab Offspring

-+- Pokemon:
Current Pokemon on your Person:

Gardevoir (Female): Gardevoir is, by far, Askan's favorite, as well as strongest Pokemon. Having being raised since it was a Raltz back when Askan was still himself, the two have a strong relationship which is built upon even further by the mental communication link they share. Gardevoir is generally calm, caring, and polite, although during battle she is heavily influenced by her masters attitude. She is fully aware of what runs through his mind at all times, and is completely aware of what the experimentation had done to this. When he loses control, Gardevoir often makes an attempt to snap him out of it, although she usually fails. This is one of the qualities that shows her persistent nature, which often leads her to victory in battle. When in battle, her strategy is essentially based around speed and surprise attacks, although she is well rounded stat-wise. This makes it easy for Askan to alter his battle strategy effectively, depending on the situation.

Quilava (Male): Quilava was Askan's starter Pokemon, as he began his Pokemon journey in Johto. While the bond between the two isn't as strong as that as the one between Askan and Gardevoir, they are still a close duo. Compared to Gardevoirs calm personality, Quilava has a fiery hot temper and is always bursting with energy, much like his owner. Quilava's greatest flaw is that he rushes into things, which often puts him in danger. No matter, the situation, though, Askan comes first. The two also share a mental bond thanks to Askan's experimentation.

Mawile (Male): Mawile is the newest member of Askan's party, being supplied by his superiors to test his training strategies. While the two aren't exactly in sync yet, they are well on their way. Mawile is a very shy and nervous Pokemon, but is dangerous when provoked. Mawile's strategy relies more on defense than attack, being used to wear its opponent down.

Masquerain (Female): Askan's Masquerain is a fairly new party member, having been caught before his scientific demise. She frightens easily, and is quick to hide when things look grim. Despite this weakness, Askan doesn't really look at her as weak, as she is a valuable asset to the team. She is one of his only Pokemon with wings, and thus acts as his scout. She is also valuable for inflicting status conditions upon unsuspecting opponents, and is often used as his starting Pokemon during battle.

Noctowl (Male): Noctowl is a very solitary Pokemon that struggles when not working on its own. Because of this, Askan is able to relate to it, and they have somewhat of a strong bond. Being the oldest and wisest Pokemon in his party, Askan generally goes to Noctowl when he needs advice. Noctowl is usually used during battles that involve one or more ghost Pokemon, but is in general a powerful flying contender.

Dewgong (Female): Dewgong was a Pokemon given to Askan to raise soon after he was awoken. Over the years, the two have become rather close as well, and Dewgong is extremely loyal. She is very calm and relaxed at all times, but on the other hand she can be very playful at times. Dewgong is used for her water and ice based attacks, being Askan's number one pick in water based areas.

Pokemon in Box: Eevee

-+- Appearance:

Eye Color: Dark blue
Hair Color/Style: Askan’s semi-lengthy, flaming red hair is normally in an unorganised mess with little to no direction. Its here, its there, its everywhere. It may even eat you.
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 150 lbs
General Appearance: Askan could generally be defined as a tall and lanky individual, with his height topping at five foot eleven, and his apparent lack of weight. As noted, he has messy c, firey red hair, and dark blue eyes. Some people who have met him claim his eyes have a crazy look to them, which in turn would match his personality. He is often seen wearing a black tee shirt with a navy blue windbreaker overtop, along with a pair of blue jeans and black running shoes. Alternatively, he may wear a dark green hoody overtop a white tee shirt, with the rest of the outfit remaining the same. He has his right ear pierced, and has a standard golden earring in at all times. He has no need for a pack, as he keeps all of his Pokeballs and such clipped around a special belt that he wears along with his jeans. The belt is black in colour, and has four little pockets on the righthand side for each individual Pokeball, and on the left a small pouch for items resides. On his hands he wears a pair of black, leather, fingerless gloves.

-+- Personality:

Strengths | Fear:
Strengths: Brave, persistent, relentless, strong, fast, mental connection with his Pokemon
Fear: Death, defeat, his past, his future, ghosts, houseflies
Likes | Dislikes:
Likes: Girls, power, working alone, chaos, Psychic Pokemon, winning
Dislikes: Bugs, losing, working in large groups, quiet, boredom, weak Pokemon
Goals: To become the strongest trainer on the force; to get a girlfriend (good luck to him)
Skills: Battling, hand to hand combat (to some degree), situation analysis, forming plans, infiltration
Quirks | Habits: Askan is mentally corrupt in the sense that he practically lives to battle. No matter the opponent or the odds, he always gets a rush from fighting. This, as you can imagine, is problematic, since he is almost always looking for a fight, and is simply arrogant because of it. When backed into a corner, Askan loses all grasp on reality and becomes crazy. With what is similar to a blood lust, he laughs crazily and he becomes more and more violent, until whatever instigated the phase is gone. Although this could be looked at as a strength, it is his biggest flaw, since he loses all grasp of the reality of the situation and usually messes up.
Secrets: With only vague memories of his past, Askan knows virtually nothing about himself. He was never told about his past life by those who used him, but he believes his dreams the claim by his Gardevoir that he was once a different person. He is afraid of this, not knowing what to expect if it is true. Despite his corruption, Askan really cares for his Pokemon, although he'd never admit that or show it in public. He often goes out on his own and trains with his Pokemon, usually to bond with them so they can perform better.
Reputation: Askan has earned the nickname of "Bloody Claw" due to his impressive battle record and cunning battle strategies.
Personality: While Askan is quite insane, it can't be expressed enough that he is overall a pretty good guy. He is wary of the feelings of others, and tries his best to not upset people, especially girls. He is very kind to his Pokemon outside of battle, and he enjoys friends. Work, however, is something he prefers doing alone, but is often assigned to work with others anyways. While in a work environment, his attitude completely flips to that of his crazy, egotistical self, however, at which point his mind becomes about the task and only the task. It becomes impossible for him to be aware of when he's close to his limit when backed into a corner, and this often has serious influences on his decisions. He is quite naive, and is easily manipulated, especially by women, which is also problematic. Strangely, he has a crush on Mika, despite all warnings against it by others.

-+- History:

Past: Askan lead a perfectly normal life for a Pokemon trainer up until his fifteenth birthday. He had recently returned home to Mossdeep from travelling Hoenn, when he was sold to a Rocket member station into Hoenn. Apparently, his father, who worked as a scientist, had gotten himself mixed up with Team Rocket, and used his son to pay off a debt that he received by purchasing scientific devices from them. Askan was brought to a Rocket Lab at an unknown location, and was drugged until he was in a temporary coma. He awoke one month later, with little memory in tact. He was given a few days to rest under the orders by the one known as Kain, and over that time several things were observed. First of all, he was able to communicate when he extended his hand towards them, and he was able to heal them. Usual qualities of a Viridian Child, as he had been injected with Viridian Child DNA. He undergone continuous injections, and still does. However, he quickly turned somewhat insane while not exposed to a special drug used to keep him stable. Even with this drug, he was only subdued for a short time, and sign were still visible, such as his arrogant attitude and constant need to fight. After his allowed rest time, he was placed in a battle simulation; which with his new powers, he completely dominated. Another noted issue was that if he overused his abilities, they recoiled and sent waves of pain throughout his body, usually leaving him temporarily paralyzed. He was then later tested on his physical abilities through the means of a minor prison break involved five captured Rocket members. He successfully snuck into the prison and got out without the use of any Pokemon, taking on any guards with his hands alone. However, it was once again discovered that pushing Askan too far had dangerous results on his body, as he went through terrible seizures after the operation was complete.

Father: Harold Oregon (45 years old)
Mother: Diana Realia (Deceased)
Sister: Dea Realia (14 years old)

Other: If Askan goes without DNA injections for a certain amount of time, he begins experiencing withdrawal in the form of headaches, stomaches and so on, that get increasingly stronger as time passes.

RP example: Taken from Sonic Thunder:

"Argh. This is all my fault. If I had just found Nega sooner, this never would have happened!" A distraught Silver sighed as he walked down the main road of Station Square towards the train station. He occasionally glanced around at the confusion still taking place around him. There were animal people every which way. Foxes, dogs, hedgehogs, squirrels, the works, and he was placing all of the blame on himself. People were crying, people were scared, people were confused. Although he wasn't certain in people was the proper term at the moment. "Blaze is going to flip when she hears about this. Oh well, maybe I'll be able to locate Shadow or Sonic in all of this chao-" Silver stopped walking and turned to glance down the alleyway between the station and a nearby bank. He wouldn't have even noticed if not for the undeniable screams of a girl in danger.

A girl, not much older than Silver, was being pushed around by a group of boys who appeared to be pigs... quite literally in fact. The girl was a bit taller than Silver, and at first glance she seemed very delicate. He wasn't sure what species she was, but she reminded him of Blaze somewhat. All she wore was a pair of black pants and shoes, while the rest of her body was coated with yellow fur aside from the peach coloured puffs over her chest, wrists, and ankles. Silver's strong sense of justice clicked in, and he began to approach the group slowly and quietly. He wanted to figure out what was going on before he took action.

"Haha! Freak!" One of the boys laughed as he chucked a rock at the girl, whom gave a whimper as it hit her on the head. At this point she was cowering on the ground, not taking any actions of self defense. Her legs were bent outwards, and her hands were sitting on her lap as she stared down at the ground. Another one of the bullies walked up to her and kicked her, causing her to whimper once more. "You don't deserve to hang out with us anymore. You're not like us, you're not even a guy like us anymore, you freaky, female, fox and cat girl." As Silver drew even closer, he noticed how beat up she looked. One of the other bullies through another rock at her, but just as she flinched in response, it stopped in midair. The group became puzzled quickly, even the girl. As if set to go off as soon as she glanced at it, it flew back and hit the bully in the head, knocking him out cold.

"You know, I really hate bullies. But bullies who who pick on others for being different really get under my skin." Silver announced his presence as he drew closer and closer to them.

"Who the hell are you?" One of the bullies said smugly as he picked a large metal rod off of the ground, only to get a stone to the back of the head. He flung around angrily to glare at the girl, who had just barely gotten up and thrown the rock at him. "Why you little bi-" The metal rod in his hand flew up and smoked him in the head, and sending him to the ground unconscious.

"Anyone else?" Silver asked as he put his hand down, the response he received consisting only of the group picking up their fallen allies and fleeing, shouting "He's a monster!" Silver chuckled in reply as he approached the girl, who now turned her back to her young savior. She crossed her arms, and Silver could only describe her stance as an expression similar to "I didn't need your help." Silver couldn't help himself when he began to laugh. "You really are kind of like her. Whats your name?"

"Celia." The girl replied coldly as she turned her head to that she could watch him in the corner of the eye. "But isn't it impolite to ask for someones name without giving your own first?"

Silver gave a stupid grin as he walked in front of her. "Isn't it impolite to not look at someone when they're talking to you? Anyways, it's Silver." He began to look her over, and in turn made her blush and look away once more. "You're pretty beat up, huh? Shouldn't you go home or something and get cleaned up? It isn't exactly safe out here after yesterdays incident."

"N-n-n-n-no, I can't go home, not after last night..." Celia said softly as she moved a little closer to Silver. "Could I come with you? Just for now? I don't want to run into those bullies again. What was that you were doing anyways? You were moving things with your mind or something." Celia shared a common curiosity of the unknown. However, at this point she was oblivious to the fact that she possessed similar abilities.

Silver stood there tapping his foot for a moment as he thought, but turned his back to her and began to walk away. "Listen. I don't know what happened at your home and I really don't care that much, but I should at least accompany you to the medical section in the station. That is, if GUN doesn't have it sealed off. As for my abilities, I'll tell you later." Celia nodded and ran after him, but the pair soon ran into a GUN barricade. "Well... so much for that idea. Have they really sealed off the whole city?"

"I think so..." Celia replied as she glanced at her surroundings. "I was looking for a way out before I got caught by those bullies earlier."

March 29th, 2007, 6:51 PM
As is likely evident, the profile is far from finished. But hopefully this will act as a sufficient "placeholder" for the moment. ^-^;; I am somewhat waiting to see what character type slots will remain available, if any . . .

-Out of Character-

Name: Kogenta . . . Or any other decent name you see fit.

-In Character-

-+- The Basics:

Full Birth Name: Asylum Traummend
Nick Names: Sy (pronounced "sai"/"psy")
Age: 17
Location of Childhood Home: Lavender Town
Type of Trainer: Lab Offspring

-+- Pokemon:

Current Pokemon on your Person:

Solrock - Oneiro
Gender - N/A
Pokeball - Level Ball
History - After a certain event involving Asylum occurred in the laboratory, he was given a Solrock and Lunatone to be kept with him at all times. For the first few weeks, both Pokemon were released simultaneously and only later were able to be alternately allowed in an out of their Pokeballs. Now Oneiro constantly remains with Asylum during the day and thus is very familiar with his trainer and knows firsthand of many of the things that have happened to him in the past few years. Some believe that Oneiro and Somnio were specifically trained--or themselves experimented on--to prepare them for a job regarding Asylum. But this speculation has never been more than that: guesses and unconfirmed rumors.
Personality - Able to read others' emotions, Solrock is often the one who reminds Asylum to be polite or considerate, or urges him to do certain things. Though Asylum may ignore Oneiro, he is usually more responsive to the Pokemon than he is to most people. Oneiro itself rarely displays any emotion, but seems view its duty to Asylum seriously. And while he may not seek interaction with others too often, Oneiro is generally rather polite when addressed, and may intercede for Asylum if he offends his authorities.

Lunatone - Somnio
Gender - N/A
Pokeball - Nest Ball
History - After a certain event involving Asylum occurred in the laboratory, he was given a Solrock and Lunatone to be kept with him at all times. For the first few weeks, both Pokemon were released simultaneously and only later were able to be alternately allowed in an out of their Pokeballs. Now Somnio constantly remains with Asylum during the night and thus is very familiar with his trainer and knows firsthand of many of the things that have happened to him in the past few years, albeit not as many as Oneiro knows. Some believe that Oneiro and Somnio were specifically trained--or themselves experimented on--to prepare them for a job regarding Asylum. But this speculation has never been more than that: guesses and unconfirmed rumors.
Personality - Somnio is quieter and more pensive than Oneiro--colder, too, some might argue. Though it may not motivate Asylum to action as often as its daytime counterpart, Somnio does direct Asylum to do certain things as needed. Despite his lazy personality and appreciation of slumber, Asylum has difficulty sleeping during some nights and often uses Somnio to force himself to sleep.

Kabutops - Eon
Gender - Male
Pokeball - Ultraball
History - Brought back to life in the same laboratory Asylum was being experimented on, Kabutops--at the time a Kabuto--was given to Asylum by the scientists. Not only did the scientists want to test and observe their subject's interaction with Pokemon, but they believed his ability to decipher, and level-headed personality would allow him to train a Pokemon the world knew little about. This belief proved to be true, and the scientists, deciding Eon would be most useful in Asylum's care, allowing him to keep the Pokemon. Within a month after Asylum was released from the laboratory, Kabuto evolved.
Personality - Perhaps due to his origins, Eon has a distinct dislike toward technology, despite technology being the force that returned him to life. He is often unsure how to operate mechanical objects and, were not the world filled with various forms of technology, would probably refuse to remain in his Pokeball. Despite whatever inconvenience this may cause, however, Eon is talented fighter and often appears to live only for that purpose. While he is not not rash or overly eager, Eon appears to acquire great satisfaction from battle.

Having had little interaction with any humans aside from several scientists and Asylum, Asylum is the only human Eon fully trusts. And, in a world he often feels he has no place in, Kabutops usually prefers not to interact with anyone he does not need to.

Jolteon - Eclair
Gender - Male
Pokeball - Fast Ball
History - As an Eevee, Eclair belonged to a young trainer who traveled the world in search of adventure and new Pokemon. While on this journey, however, the trainer was attacked, and his Eevee was captured. Whether or not his trainer made any attempts to rescue him, Eclair does not know, and he never saw his first trainer again. Still, the Eevee--in accordance with his nature--remained loyal to the boy, causing the members of Team Rocket some trouble in their attempts to use him. Eventually the Pokemon was sent to the laboratory, where the scientists used the moment of change in evolution to manipulate the Pokemon's mind and permanently remove memories of his old trainer. Thus, though Eclair vaguely knows he once had another trainer, he does not recall who he was or anything else about him.

Once released from the laboratory, Eclair was assigned to a Rocket grunt whom he attempted to obey, but found very little about to inspire loyalty. Further, many of the things the grunt ordered Eclair did not agree with, and--having minimal attachment to the trainer himself--the Jolteon was ultimately faithful to his principles and did not carry out a number of his trainer's commands. Because of this, Eclair and the Rocket grunt were often in conflict with one another, the grunt beating his Pokemon, and the Pokemon receiving the blows with an unwillingness to fight back against his own trainer, however much he disagreed with that trainer's ideals. During a particularly harsh beating, Eclair found himself knocked to the ground by a trainer who was, by now, had thoroughly tired of his Pokemon's insubordination. As he saw the grunt raise a club over his head for the final blow, the Jolteon could only lay where he fell, cringing slightly and closing his eyes in anticipation. Nothing happened. After several seconds, Eclair opened first one eye, then the other, finally raising his head in suprise at the scene before him. The Jolteon's trainer lay on the ground, over him standing someone Eclair recognized from the Rocket laboratory. Picking up Eclair's Pokeball, Asylum flicked it experimentally into the air as though testing its weight and feel. Seemingly satisfied--or at least, not dissatisfied--the boy deftly caught the object before turning toward Eclair. His voice distant and expression uninterested, Asylum casually stated, "Let's go," returned Eclair to his Pokeball, and strode away. Eclair--so called by his new trainer--has been with Asylum since that day.

Personality - Kind, caring, and "sweet", Eclair gives his name a double meaning. Though naturally docile and good-natured, Eclair is also loyal and readily obedient to his trainer, giving little hesitation in battle or any other difficult situation unless the measures to be taken are particularly extreme. Due to his sympathetic nature, certain situations can cause Eclair to feel emotional pain and depression. But, the Jolteon has also had quite a bit of experience in the world and understands necessity, inevitability, and unchangeability, allowing him to continue moving on without breaking down.

Being a Pokemon belonging to Team Rocket has always been in conflict with Eclair's nature, and not everything he does is he able to reconcile to himself. Thus, now given the opportunity to do something that would help the world rather than hurt it, Eclair has been instilled with a strong determination to complete the mission.

Natu - Z
Gender - Female
Pokeball - Safari Ball
History - During a mission to the Safari Zone, Asylum discovered a Natu pecking at the side of a tree. Human and Pokemon met one another's gaze and remained still for a long moment--both equal in steadiness of eye contact and neither apparently inclined to look aside. As the team he was with moved on, Asylum lured the Natu down with a Pokeblock and captured it using a Safari Ball. Why he captured the Pokemon, no one seems to know. Some theorize telepathic communication occurred between Asylum and the psychic bird, but this has never been confirmed. What is known, though, is that the mission leader was furious with Asylum, and Asylum--as usual--did not appear to care.

As Asylum's newest Pokemon, Z is one of the weakest, and currently remains with him to gain experience.
Personality - Z is a rather quirky Pokemon who enjoys pecking at tropical fruits--or most anything sweet--and has been known to stare at single objects or people for hours. No one except Asylum seems to know what bird is thinking, if it is thinking anything at all. Quiet and attentive, Z has never appeared to have any deep concerns, and spends much of the time out of its Pokeball eating, staring, or merely hopping about.

Pokemon hidden Depths of Tall Grass or your PC Box:


-+- Appearance:

Eye Color: Silvery grey
Hair Color/Style: Deep purple/Layered
Height: 5 ft. 11 in.
Weight: 146 lbs
General Appearance: Despite his lazy nature, Asylum exercises enough to accent the already-above average strength granted to him by various lab experiments, and give him a rather healthy physical form. Asylum's strength is not always evident, however, being that his body is fairly compact and lean. Having spent a considerable amount of time outdoors while on missions, Asylum's skin tone is faintly darker than that of most civilians. But more noticeable than this is the colour of his hair, naturally an amethyst purple. This hair is distinctly layered and of moderate length, the longest strands of the bottom layer hanging to the base of his neck around which a number of locks are partially wrapped. Asylum's bangs are somewhat long and often at least partially cover his grey eyes that almost always appear half-closed--a sign of continuous indifference and boredom. Edging on silver, Asylum's eyes bear a dim luminousity reminiscent of frosted glass.

Atop a light grey t-shirt, Asylum wears a black sweater jacket half-way zipped up with the shoulders of the jacket hanging to his elbows. The bottom of the jacket overlaps the top of a pair of worn, once-black jeans and hides the belt bound about Asylum's waist. Around Asylum's neck is looped loosely several times a black chord necklace with a silver clasp, a couple metal beads, and amidst them a metal pendant in the shape of an arrowhead. Over this necklace rests a pair of single-lensed, dark-shaded goggles. These may be used for a variety of purposes, including counteracting Asylum's somewhat heightened sensitivity to light. When Asylum is seen wearing his goggles during a meeting, he is usually asleep. Slung over one shoulder, with the strap extending diagonally across his chest, Asylum keeps a bag that resembles a large bookbag and holds most things he would need for a mission.

Beneath the jacket sleeves that cover his wrists and much of his hands, Asylum wears a sports watch on his left wrist with a loose, navy wristband at its side. Meanwhile, unknown to most people, under Asylum's t-shirt on his shoulder is tattooed his test subject number--given to him during his time at the Rocket laboratory.

-+- Personality:

Strengths | Fear:

- Ability to think rationally/objectivity
- Not submitting if he does not want to
- Difficult to offend
- Efficiency
- Creativity

- Losing control
- Loss of dignity (or what he considers dignity)

Likes | Dislikes:

- Yawning
- Sleep
- Puzzles
- Mysteries
- Pokemon training that has not been ordered ("substitute entertainment")
- Exercise that has not been ordered (more substitute entertainment)
- Freedom

- Work
- Expectations
- Loud noise(s)
- Chaos
- Formal events/parties
- Laboratories
- Bright light
- Strong scents
- Strong flavors

- Dispel boredom with as little work as possible
- Discover the cause of his father's death

- Observation and comprehension
- Problem solving
- Heightened physical abilities
- Keen senses (sight, smell, hearing, etc.)
- Dexterity, slight of hand

Quirks | Habits:
At all times, Asylum has Oneiro, Somnio, or both released--the former during the day and the latter at night. Even in the evening and morning during the times of "transition", both Pokemon will be simultaneously released for a short time, rather than one being withdrawn before the other appears.

Certain aspects of Asylum's mind and personality are psychically supressed by his Solrock and Lunatone--hence their constant presence. This keeps him more docile and stable, and therefore more controllable.

No one is quite sure what to think of Asylum, but most who have heard of him know of his unpredictable and uncontrollably lazy tendencies. Though he has never been known to be in a particularly good mood, Asylum has also never been known to be overly aggressive or threatening. Overall, people view Asylum as a rather steady, level-headed individual--a little strange--but always calm nonetheless.

Personality: Impassive, indifferent, and lazy, Asylum feels very little inclination to do anything that does not interest him or that he sees no purpose for. Many situations appear to bore him, and even most "entertainment" he does not find entertaining for very long. Aside from occasional comments such "Just take it easy" or "I don't feel like it", Asylum prefers to say rather little--most theorizing this is because he is too lazy to speak. Whether by attempts to surprise, frighten, or otherwise shake him, causing Asylum to become unnerved is a rather difficult task to accomplish, and most of the few that have successfully done it have very slowly, very calmly been removed from the world of the living. Because he does not often voice his opinion, most people are surprised to discover the intellect that lies behind Asylum's lazy exterior, and even more surprised to discover how naturally-active that intellect is. Asylum has a knack for noticing details, remembering anything and everything, and analyzing both people and Pokemon. Experience has allowed him to hone these skills to the point at which he can, given sufficient opportunity to observe, predict with a degree of accuracy others' actions in the near future.

Still, despite his accute awareness, anything Asylum knows, others are not likely to know he knows unless the information is asked for or essential. Even when he has fully comprehended a situtation, Asylum is likely to respond to questions with a noncommital shrug or feign ignorance and does not easily allow information to be extracted from himself unless he has a notion to give it. Threats are possibly one of the worst ways to deal with Asylum, as they will either have no effect or cause him to be less willing to perform the given task. On several occasions Asylum has been threatened with imprisonment and extended periods of Rocket-style discipline if he refused to comply with his orders. Each time he received the punishment, but never did he obey.

No one is quite sure what Asylum cares about--or if he truly cares about anything. Even his own life and well-being Asylum seems to hold to with one hand and loosely at best. At times Asylum has shown a degree of care for Pokemon, but seems to seek their well-being in a rather "matter-of-fact" manner, as though any favorable act done toward them or friendship between him and them is simply assumed to be. Toward other people, Asylum displays minimal care and usually acts based on convenience. Although in difficult situtations Asylum's level mind can be an asset, some might disgree with the apparent coldness of his decisions.

Due to his apparently-undependable personality, people who do not know him are generally not inclined to trust him. If he says he will do something, however, Asylum will accomplish that something, despite it costing the often-avoided "effort". For those who are not comfortable with Asylum's methods of accomplishing tasks, more specific directions for his actions may required. But for those who care not how a goal is achieved, this aspect of Asylum can be rather useful. Unfortunately--or fortunately for some--Asylum is somewhat unpredictable and moves according to his own whims as to whether he will agree to do something or not. This capriciousness has caused those about Asylum to wonder how he has survived so long; and without his skills, Asylum would likely have been discarded long ago.

While some consider Asylum's lack of concern to be irritating or exasperating, his seemingly unshakable personality also gives those about him a certain sense of security and comfort--even if people may conversely be a little unnerved by his silence.

-+- History:

Asylum's origins are, if nothing else, unusual. Before he was born, his mother and father lived together in relative peace and comfort with hopeful plans for the future and great joy toward their unborn child. One day, however, the G-Men brought news to Elena, telling that her husband had died, but refusing to disclose how or why. The loss of her husband combined with the lack of closure drove Elena insane, and she was soon confined to a hospital for the mentally ill. Unfortunately, the treatment proved ineffective, and the birthpains of bringing Asylum into the world were more than her already-fragile mind could bear. With the little strength remaining, Elena smashed a glass on the floor and shoved a broken shard into her throat, severing her jugular and killing herself. When the hospital staff discovered Elena's dead body, they swiftly brought her to the emergency room and sliced her open, removing the unborn baby in the desperate hope he might be alive. Due to the efforts of the doctors and nurses, the infant's still heart began to beat, and he was soon able to breathe without the aid of machines. Relieved, but still cautious, the doctors kept Asylum at the hospital for several weeks, observing him and attempting to keep him healthy. Though certain aspects of Asylum's mind appeared unusual, no major complications occurred, and the child was ready to be released. At this point, however, came a problem. With both of Asylum's parents dead, and his closest relatives a bedridden grandfather and drunk, in-and-out-of jail aunt whose own children were taken from her by the police, an orphanage began to seem a distinct possibility. Then, seemingly from nowhere, a man came to the hospital, claiming to be a family friend and offering photos of himself and Asylum's parents as proof. According to the man, he had been close to the family for many years, but had not talked to them recently. Still, when he had seen the news and discovered Asylum's parents had died, leaving the infant alone, he had felt obligated to come and adopt the child. Naturally, the man's background was checked, and finding that he had once lived across the street from Asylum's parents and had both a stable job and a clean record, Asylum was given to him with friendly wishes for the child's future.

Unfortunately, not all was what it seemed, and Asylum was not brought to the good home people had hoped for. Instead, he was brought to Team Rocket headquarters and raised as a member of the organization. Why he had specifically been chosed, Asylum still does not know, and has--curiously--never asked. His knowledge of his background is rather minimal, and knows only his parent's names, that his father is dead, and that his mother committed suicide during his birth. Even his parents' appearances Asylum is not aware of. And while Asylum was being raised, neither did he have any "parent figures". The child was merely passed from person to person as convenience dictated and never grew particularly attached to any individual. This lack of parental units may account, some believe, for Asylum's unusual personality.

While he was still young, Asylum displayed considerable potential both as an individual and as a trainer. Unfortunately, he also early displayed the indifferent laziness now so characteristic of him. On several occasions, Asylum flatly refused to carry out orders given to him and was finally threatened with his use as a laboratory test subject if he would not submit. He did not submit. Thus, when he was ten, Asylum was sent to the laboratory where he remained for five years. Asylum speaks little of that time, and thus few details of the experiments performed on him are known. Still, most people are quite sure most of what occurred was not pleasant, as rumors have circulated regarding a darker, more volatile part of Asylum's personality that occurred during this time.

When he was fifteen, Asylum was finally released and resumed work as a Rocket agent. Despite the suffering he endured during his years in the lab, he has not broken beneath threats of being sent back, and once spent two weeks there as punishment for refusing to go on a mission. Since his initial release from the lab, Asylum has kept Solrock and Lunatone by his side; and after a certain "incident" in the laboratory a few have whispered of, each team leader Asylum has been given to has been directed not to remove either of the Pokemon from his side.

(Father) Ciaran Traummend - Deceased // Cause: unknown // Died at 24
(Mother) Elena Traummend - Deceased // Cause: suicide // Died at 21

Other: Asylum's specialty in Pokemon training is that of training the psychic type. Whether with psychic types or another, though, Asylum often prefers to communicate with his Pokemon telepathically. Also, due to the experiments performed on him, Asylum has heightened senses which--depending on the situation--are both a blessing and a curse.

RP example: For the moment . . .
Ancient Dynasty; A Viper's Promise (http://www.pkmncommunity.com/showthread.php?t=58028)
Eseka Legends: Winter's Heart (http://www.pkmncommunity.com/showthread.php?t=78031)

March 30th, 2007, 1:14 PM
Omni: It's better... but unfortunately it's not up to par with what I'm looking for. Sorry, but this time around I'm going to have to decline you

ash jr: You've improved your profile so much but, like with Omni, it still falls short so although I don't really want to because of the effort you'd put into rewriting and editing, I'm afraid you're declined. Hope to see you next time I pull a thread.

Bijou: I love the idea of a sickly spy, you're most definately accepted

Yoshi: Even though you're not a flute, I'll accept yew :3 Nice profile

Alter: Pfft. Accepted

Clow: Hurry it up with the profile man. xP Pending still

Kasedilla: I like the idea of your character but you lack detail and depth to your paragraph areas. Sorry, but it's declined

Alana/Neji: Yeah, I'll reserve you two potentional spots (Meaning this doesn't mean you're auto-in) but if you don't have the profiles up by 6pm CST Saturday, you're out.

Lucian: Again, I like the character idea but I dislike the first person style of roleplaying and you lack detail. Declined

Origin: Accpeted, assuming you finish up your profile with the level of writing you've already been using and fine. ¬¬; I won't call you Mr. Scary Admin Man...

Kogenta: Accepted as well, assuming you finish up your profile as well. xD Yay for redundancy.

Alter brought to my attention that I pulled a stupid and forgot to veto DP Pokemon soooo


If you've been accepted but you have a DP poke, fix it. xx; The game's not out in America yet so you really don't know how these pokemon fair in battle. D< Don't argue with me, I'm always right just as stupid as the next person when it comes to DP pokemon.

Alter, if you could get ahold of Melissa and tell her to sign up if she's got time/muse for it, I'd appreciate it. I don't want to exclude her...

March 30th, 2007, 1:55 PM
-Out of Character-

Name: Wooper

-In Character-

-+- The Basics:

Full Birth Name: Andrew McGow Pali
Nick Names: Andy
Age: 16
Location of Childhood Home: Lillycove City
Type of Trainer: A New TR Executive

-+- Pokemon:

Current Pokemon on your Person:

Name: Politoed
Gender: Female
Moves: Water Pulse, Hyper Beam, Earthquake, Double Edge
Nature: Jolly

Name: Feraligatr
Gender: Male
Moves: Hydro Pump, Return, Iron Tail, Dragon Claw
Nature: Serious

Name: Sealeo
Gender: Female
Moves: Sheer Cold, Double Edge, Ice Ball, Surf
Nature: Lax

Name: Snaesel
Gender: Male
Moves: Beat Up, Shadow Bawl, Aerial Ace, Strength
Nature: Naughty

Name: Gardevoir
Gender: Female
Moves: Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Thunder Bolt, Attract
Nature: Gentle

Name: Gardevoir
Gender: Male
Moves: In Fight, Giga Attack, Focus Punch, Focus Bomb
Nature: Calm

Pokemon hidden Depths of Tall Grass or your PC Box:
In Box:
Torkoal, Chimecho, Tropius, Exploud
Quaqsire, Aipom, Ampharos, Sneasel

-+- Appearance:

Eye Color: Sapphire blue
Hair Color/Style: Brown, Spikey
Height: American
Weight: around 160
General Appearance: Andrew has shiny brown, short hair. His eyes are a sparkling, sapphire blue. He has a thin, lanky figure with a strong upper and lower body. He has a black under shirt with a comfy, loose, wite shirt. On the back of his shirt he has the symbol of a Pokeball. On the front of his shirt there is a picture of his favorite Pokèmon, Gardevoir. He has blue pants that match is glowing eyes. He has sparkling clean, white running shoes. He stands tall at 6'3". He has a thin, confident, face. He has low cheek bones, like an average American. His skin is a medium tan. He stands up straigt.

-+- Personality:

Strengths | Fear: Battling| Losing
Likes | Dislikes: Wining| Losing
Goals: To be one of the best TR Executives
Skills: Training and Battling Pokemon
Quirks | Habits: Being a little bit of a big-head.
Secrets: Being a TR Executive From His Family
Reputation: Not much of a liar, a fair person
Personality: Andrew is very outgoing and makes millions of friends. He has friends of all ages. He is a very competitive trainer and will never give up. He has always been helpful. He is loving towards all of his Pokemon old, and new. Andrew is very smart. He usually has a smile on his face. Andrew is very energetic and active. He is obedient and very observent. He doesn't get mad too often. He always thinks before he acts. Most people think he is fun to be with. At first he appears to be a know-it-all, shy kid. But when people get to know him (which almost everyone does), they find that it isn't true. At times, he tends to get stressed. He always acts calm, no matter what. He is definately and optimist.

-+- History:

Past: Andrew was born into a wealthy family of five. He is the youngest of them all. His parents usually ignored him, always paying attention to his sibilings. One day, his oldest sister died. His parents wouldn't tell Andrew why though. Andrew's parents now were always fighting about their money problems, and how the 'screwed up thier lives and their kids life'. A few years later Andrew went to a far away camp in Kanto. He came back and his parents were even more stressed. His parents eventually divorced. His dad owned all of the boys, while his mom owned all of the girs. Each kid had visitation rights to their parents. Andrew's dad quickly found a girlfriend with two kids, who was also divorced. Andrew's dad dated her for about three months, and they got married. Andrew's step mom and dad kept on fighting, but never divoreced. Andrew would lock himself in the closet and they would never notice. Eventually Andrew ran away to his distant cousins. His aunt called his mom, and his mom then got Andrew's visitation rights, because Andrew ran away, without his dad noticing. When Andrew was able to move away, he went to be a Team Rocket grunt. He moved his way up all of the way to a Team Rocket Executive, keeping his Team Rocket identety hidden from his family.


Mom: Sara Pali
Dad: Joseph Pali
Step-Mom: Kati Pali

Brothers: Sam, John, Jarod (died)
Sisters: Sara, Kari

Step-Brother: Jim
Step-Sister: Ali

He has an amulet that he keeps always around his neck

RP example:

I play all of the charactors in the post, just to let you know.

"Chimchar! Use ember on Minun!" yelled Luther.
"Turtwig! Use razor leaf on Plusle!" yelled Robert.
Chimchar breathed embers on Minun. Minun dodged most of them, but did get hit. Turtwig's leaves on his sprout turned white, and started duplicating. Then Turtwig started shaking his head, sending the duplicated leaves flying toward Plusle. Like Minun, Plusle dodged most of them, but still got hit.
"Minun! Plusle! Use spark!"
The two pokemon held hands. They closed their eyes and generated electricity. Then all of a sudden they yelled,"Mine!Plus!" and let out sparks of electricity.
The sparks hit perfectly on target, but Chimchar and Turtwig didn't faint.
"Okay! Turtwig, use razor leaf on Minun!"
Turtwig went through the same process again. Minun had used a lot of energy to use the spark attack, so it wasn't ready to dodge the attack. He used little walls of electricity to block the first couple of leaves, but then was too tired. He let the leaves pound on him, and finally fainted. Lee sent out Luxray, getting more serious now.
Turtwigs whole body then turned white, and started to transform. He was evolving into a Grotle.
"Chimchar! Use ember on Plusle!"
Chimchar used ember on Plusle, and Plusle was also weak. Plusle was weaker than Minun, and just let the embers pelt on him. He fainted, too, like Minun. Lee swithced it out with Ampharos.
Chimchar aslo started to evolve. Now, a Monferno, it is mutch stronger.
"Okay, kids, it's time to get serious. Luxray, hyper beam! Ampharos, thunder."
Both Pokemon used their attacks at the same time. The hyper beam and the thunder mixed, and created an electric hyper beam. The attack hit hard, and made both Monferno and Grotle faint.
Robert and Luther had just lost their main powerhouses. But the battle still was happening. Robert decided on Pachisiru, and Luther decided on Magby.
"Magby! Use flamethrower!"
"Pachisiru! Use super fang on Luxray!"
Magby blew his flamethrower towards Ampharos. It was impossible for her to dodge it, so it hit her hard.
Pachisiru started runing towards Luxray at full speed and bit it. Luxray lost exactly half of it's HP.
"Luxray! Ampharos! Use discharge!"
Both Pokemon used the attack at the same time. Magby survived it barely, and Pachisiru regained health by getting hit.
Luther gave Magby a super potion.
"Pachisiru! Use spark on Ampharos!"
The Pokemon tackled Ampharos, but with a jolt of electricity. Amphoros almost had no HP left, and Lee didn't have any potions.
"Amphoros! Return!" Lee held out her luxary ball. In a beam of red light Amphoros was gone. This counted as a loss.
"Come on out Manetric!" yelled Lee, "Luxray! Manetric! Use discharge on Magby."
The two Pokemon did the horrifying attack, leaving Magy fainted.
"Ruturn!" yelled Luther," Come on out Duskul! Duskul! Use shadow ball!"
"Pachirisu! Use treasure on Manectric!"
Duskul threw a shadow ball at Luxray. Luxray has just a little HP left and can't continue.
"Ruturn Luxray! Good job!" Luxray returned into his Pokeball, while Lee sent out Pachirisu.
Pachirisu used the treasure attack on Manectric. Manetric still has a lot of HP left.
"Manectric! Use thunder on Duskull!"
"Pachirisu! Use charm on Pachirisu!"
Manetric sent a jolt of electricity through Duskull fainting it.
Lee's Pachirisu made a sweet look on its face to the other Pachirisu and Robert's Pachirisu fell in love. Robert's Pachirisu refused to attack anyone on the other team.
"Come on out Mankey!" yelled Robert,"Pachisiru, seeing as you won't attack the other team, return!" It counted as a loss.
"Mankey use cross chop on Pachirisu!"
Mankey used cross chop, and fainted Pachirisu. Mankey stood no chance against Manectric.
"Manectric! Use thunder to finish this off!"
Manectric used thuder, and electricuted Mankey.
Lee had one a battle.

March 30th, 2007, 5:54 PM
Wooper: ...Yeah. Um... I'm really sorry but I couldn't get past the first part of your rp sample because of how badly your sentances are set up.... declined

Alter Ego
March 31st, 2007, 3:21 AM
Nyu, I haven't seen Melissa around for a while (RL stuff keeping her busy, I think) but I'll try to skulk around here and DA just in case she shows up. But yeah, can't promise any results at this point.

Also, was that a derogatory 'pfft'? *Insecurity* o.o Well, regardless, I felt bad about certain fields so I have edited. *Pokes profile* A couple of the fields are in the +/- format for greater informativeness and Flammie's description has been fully redone. I'll probably edit the others too if time allows it, but right now I need to go and lie down for a moment. Stupid cold...-.-

March 31st, 2007, 4:07 AM
so im confused... First of all, NONE of my Sample isin 1st person.... and secondly, detail isnt hard to fix, it was late and i just got it so i could post it.

Alter Ego
March 31st, 2007, 4:21 AM
so im confused... First of all, NONE of my Sample isin 1st person.... and secondly, detail isnt hard to fix, it was late and i just got it so i could post it.

Umm...this is just a guess, but I think she took the first person thing from the rest of your profile. It is kind of silly to write part of the profile in first person if you RP in third, you know. Also, she just made it official that 4th generation pokémon aren't allowed, so that kind of leaves you without a team. Seems like more than just a little edit to me. :\ But yeah, I'm not running this show so I won't interfere further. ^^

March 31st, 2007, 4:31 AM
ya i guess your right, i didnt notice shesaid that... damn, imsad, i really like this,and i wanted to be a part ofit :-(

March 31st, 2007, 3:20 PM
I am not sure if I can have my profile finished by Saturday night. ^-^;; In a few hours, I will be off the computer until Sunday night, so the earliest time at which it will be completed is then. Is that alright? If not, I understand.

March 31st, 2007, 5:04 PM
No, it's fine. ^^ That's a legit excuse. -nodnod- I dont' have time to put up the first post tonight anyways.

March 31st, 2007, 5:14 PM
I've already missed the required time and I don't think I'll be able to keep up with this RP even if I could finish my profile tonight. I can't even keep up with the one's I'm in right now and I don't want to be a hindrance to this one so I'm going to withdraw my spot. ^^;

March 31st, 2007, 5:35 PM
I've already missed the required time and I don't think I'll be able to keep up with this RP even if I could finish my profile tonight. I can't even keep up with the one's I'm in right now and I don't want to be a hindrance to this one so I'm going to withdraw my spot. ^^;

Aww... okay. <3 Hope to see you next time around. -gives duckie-

Teh Death
March 31st, 2007, 5:54 PM
-- ooc --
Hey guys, sorry I'm last. As.. always x_x here's Yoh's doo hickey :3 And thanks to mai Mika love for the helps < 333

-- /ooc --

-+- The Basics:

Full Birth Name:
Nick Names:
Age: 10 ( approved by Mika for plot purposes )
Location of Childhood Home:
Gender: Male
Type of Trainer: Lab Offspring

-+- Pokemon:

Current Pokemon on your Person:

Kro, Aggron

Personality: Kro, like Yoh is a very stoic pokemon. But when angered he is quite the force to be reckoned with. He like his partner Ore are never kept in balls, and usually Kro sticks close to Yoh, who in the eyes of Kro is something similar to his child. He is extremely protective of Yoh and can pick up on any distress or uneasiness in the boy almost instantly, and quite often responds quite angrily unless Yoh assures him its alright.

History: Kro was literally ran into by Yoh when the boy was only four and the Aggron had at once picked up on the boy’s innocence and young age and had in a show of previously unheard of nurturing had taken the boy in and cared for him. His armor is chipped, dented and scratched in quite a few places from old battles with other pokemon but he is far from weakened by that and in fact displays the scars from his life of living alone and protecting his ‘child’ with a fatherly sense of pride.

Name: Ore, Steelix

Personality: Ore is a very forward pokemon, if he doesn’t like something you’ll know usually by a sharp growling or begrudging look. He, like Kro is also very protective of Yoh and will put his life on the line to protect the child. Towards others Ore is usually very hard; he trusts only Yoh and Kro and refuses to do anything but. Though he won’t simply attack someone he doesn’t like, he’ll simply… push them over or trip them up occasionally and then stare with a bemused look, knowing there was nothing the person could really do when faced with a massive, thirty two foot snake of steel.

History: Ore was found as an Onix when Yoh was wandering around the mountains with Kro. At first Kro was very hostile towards Ore but Yoh took a liking to the big rock snake and after two years Ore had been evolved when Yoh got his thieving little hands on the metal coat of some traveler left out quite carelessly. And after several years of training with Yoh, Ore developed the same sense that Kro has with Yoh a sort of emotion perception that can change his mood from tolerant to deadly in an instant. But like Kro, Ore will never go out of the line of Yoh’s word and shares a bond with the boy that can’t be broken.

Pokemon hidden Depths of Tall Grass or your PC Box: None as of right now

-+- Appearance:

Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color/Style:Bluish-silver, long
Weight: 40 pounds
General Appearance: Small in size even for a ten year old, Yoh is a little one but his size was never something to judge him on. Milky, silvery blue eyes would always stare at one and it would seem the child was always in deep thought. But the truth was a far dimmer one, as though those eyes of his were utterly mystifying, he would never see those looking back at him, or the world he lived in at all, having been born without the gift of sight.
The boy’s hair often left to fan about his shoulders reached as far down as his lower back the strands a pale, silvery blue that would, given the right light cast a sort of aura around the boy’s features which were still young and could have been perfection, would there not have been a large scar running down the left side of his face, from his forehead to his chin. The rest of his body was covered in similar flaws, and he has a permanent limp in his left leg, that along with the rest of his imperfections testament to an already rough life.
Usually the boy’s dress was quite simple, jeans and a white t-shirt that was usually torn and dirty but on the occasions he was taken out of the lab he was given nicer clothes that were usually a new pair of jeans, shirt and a jacket depending on the weather. But since he rarely left the lab, or his home just behind the establishment you could usually bet to find him in the first set of mentioned clothing.

-+- Personality:

Strengths | Fear: The child's greatest strength lies in his ability to percieve emotions, thoughts, movements of his opponent, or whoemever he faces in general. But with that comes his greatest fears, and that is to be decieved by the thoughts or mannerisms of those he comes in contact with, causing him to be a very quiet, withdrawn child.
Likes | Dislikes: Yoh enjoys quiet solitude most of the time, but he also enjoys the company of one or two people he can trust, as well as the company of his pokemon above all else. He hates being stuck in a crowd, and will often do anything he can to get out of a large mass of people, or simply shut himself down for a period until he's on his own or in selective company again.
Goals: The boy is unsure of exactly what he wishes to accomplish in his life, but it can be guessed by those closest to him that he wishes to find out just what, and who he is, having no memories of his parents at all other than the pokemon, Kro, that found him.
Skills: Thievery, despite his disability and the perception of the emotions of other people and pokemon.
Quirks | Habits: He can often be seen holding his pokeballs when he is unallowed to release his pokemon, and will often talk softly to them, taking comfort in this odd, but needed action.
Secrets: There is one, but it is a secret that not even the boy knows of.
Reputation: Yoh isn't well known other than the fact Mika's taken a personal interest in him and is therefore talked about by all groups of the Rocket company in both good and bad ways.
Personality: Yoh is a strangely quiet boy for his age, and is often only heard speaking to his pokemon and though he never understands their answers he seems to perceive what they are saying regardless. The boy is very withdrawn thanks to his years of isolation with his sole two companions who had practically raised him. He will answer questions when asked but the answers are short and very quiet.
The one exception is after the boy has grown to trust any person in particular he seems to become quite attached and clingy like one would expect any child who had suffered through abandonment to do.
But with the one exception for people he trusts, he keeps his isolation as much as he can.
Yoh is not one to be easily frightened or angered, the stoic expression usually resting on his features only changing in extreme situations. And when that happens the boy’s demeanor changes altogether. Having the boy run away from fright or anger is now the one hope anyone could possibly have, for being probably the biggest success the lab has experienced of course there is one huge flaw. And that flaw is his anger, which proves to be deadly most of the time. Though it is not the boy who does the fighting as his body would prevent him from doing much damage physically, but his pokemon that go on the slaughter their minds completely trapped within the child’s extreme emotions and until he becomes calm again it is best to keep him locked away and his pokemon separated from him.

-+- History:

At the age of four, Yoh blind from birth and utterly defenseless was left, abandoned in the woods due to a currently unknown reason. The child wandered around for several hours after that crying desperately for his parents and it was then he ran smack into the leg of a sleeping Aggron.
The monster of a pokemon grunted, rearing up with a horrible screeching of its metal plated body which sent Yoh into a fit of frightened tears. The pokemon stared at the boy for a long time before he pushed a berry from his nearby pile towards the boy who quieted and took the meager offering of food, eating it hungrily and sticking his hand out for another.
And that was all it took, and as the sun set that night the Aggron took his new ‘child’ back to his cave and has since then cared for the child.
After a couple of years a lone Onix joined their little family and a few years after that the Onix was not an Onix anymore but a Steelix and the bond between the two pokemon and Yoh forged quick and strong.

Also throughout his life and despite his blindness Yoh has developed the uncanny ability to steal efficiently and know exactly what it is that he’s taking. How exactly he did that is unclear as is how he learned to sense the emotions of his pokemon and how he always knows exactly where they and other people are. The theory now is that Yoh can feel the movements of others and his hearing is so adept that he can pick up on the slightest movement.

About a year ago and at the age of nine Yoh found his head tilted up towards a man he couldn’t see. A man who offered Yoh and his pokemon a safe and permanent home at the simple price of a few tests and ‘improvements’ to both the child and his pokemon.
Now Yoh stays in a man-made cave behind the laboratory constantly monitored from within the building and occasionally brought in for tests and new rounds of treatment. Yoh doesn’t know exactly what he’s there for, or what they do to him all he knows is that he has a safe home and most of the people could be trusted to an extent.

Family: Parents - Deceased/Missing

Yoh is already familiar with Mika. She met him on a routine trip to the lab and quickly became attached to her 'little brother'. She pulled a TON of strings to get him out of the lab and on her team.

RP example: Mika exempted me ):

March 31st, 2007, 6:00 PM
Deafeh: Accepted love. <3 Have fun with your paper lols.


Kays, anything in [these] is an out of character blurb and I apologize if this post is jumpy, I’m watching two sick little ones and I can only proof so much with a sickly coughing seven month old on my shoulder.


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Once upon a time, there existed a giant tree that was the source of all Pokemon and nature. The tree existed in the center of a small continent in the center of the world, serving as a central point of unity between her bordering countries. A war, however, caused this tree to wither away and the land soon fell into chaos. Grieving over the loss, the goddess severed the island from the rest of the world. Stabilizing the tree, she flew up high above the earth and was heartbroken by the sight of man and pokemon no longer co-existing as equals. As she ascended into the heavens she left the Legendary Guardians with an edict : “If the time comes once more that the tree is threatened by evil men, you must wake me, lest the world be destroyed.” The Legendary Guardian bore the Child of the Forest, who headed off on a journey to the tree of mankind's salvation, thus marking the beginning of the creation of a new, unified world.

The LCD screen on the black and green pokegear said 04:15. The Station was starting to rub her sleepy eyes and trudge onward into the day ahead as the sun peeked out from hills and mountains surrounding the slumbering Lavender Town to the east. It had been a long treck from Vermillion in the dark and the only thing Mika wanted to do was sleep and sleep and never wake up, at least not for another week or so. She’d gotten to the station about half an hour ago and she’d discovered that station bathrooms are really disgusting places but she’d gotten past that and managed to change into something a little less mauled by sewage yick from her little trek out of Vermillion via the Grimer infested sewers. Clad now in a pair of black floor-length cargo pants and a semi-form fiting red t-shirt, the girl looked quite a bit more presentable and she didn’t smell like muck anymore

Saffron City; The City of Eternal Lights. This is where she was; waiting for the train arriving in less than half an hour that, by its arrival in Goldenrod, would start something that she never dreamed could be started again. Her unit was being revived for the purpose of fulfilling a prophecy that, when she’d tried to fulfill it before had ended in the unit’s complete and utter destruction. She wanted to do this alone, she’d said that so many times she’d lost count, but Giovanni wouldn’t hear of it. No, she had to take a miniature army of people with her, to protect the precious heiress to Team Rocket from harm. She had somewhere between four and eight party members. She put in the list of people she wanted and the final team list had been chosen by Giovanni himself. She had been told, when she had been given her orders a few days ago, that she would meet her team on the train and that they had been given strict instructions on how to go about getting onto the car. Saffron was still very much a Rocket-Controlled area but Goldenrod was heavily G-Force after the Radio Tower incident. Things had to be done correctly to avoid detection. The last thing they needed was Lance catching onto even a hint of her scent and the scent of her unit. That… would be bad.

Sighing in relief when the train finally pulled up to the station, she slipped her arms into the navy zip-up sweatshirt and readjusted the tan satchel on her shoulder before shuffling towards the train amongst the small crowd of commuters going to Goldenrod for whatever reasons they might have. Scanning the phoney ID over the scanner, she found a seat in the second to last private car, just as she had been instructed to in her orders, and let down her dark green locks with a soft sigh, running her hands through them once or twice. Hopefully, nobody else would be arriving too soon… she really wanted to take a fast nap and hopefully their orders would be very complex and detailed so it was oh so confusing and took them forever to get here so she [i]could get that long lovely nap. Unfortunately her unit’s orders had been simple. Get on the train and go to the second to last car. Have no Rocket symbol visible on your person. Do not talk anymore than necessary until all members have arrived and Blackthorn initiates the meeting. Do not pass Go, do not collect 200p.

Yoh, her little munchkin and in some ways, her little pet, was going to be the only one hand delivered to her by a stewardess (He was much too small to be riding alone or so they thought anyways and thus he would be delivered to his new 'guardian') but the rest would have to find her themselves and she would hold onto the illusion that it would take them years to do so to avoid being inturupted from her nap more than was nessacary. Ho-Oh help her newbies if they decided to be loud talkative and nervous when they arrived, desperate to please and none too considerate about people and their need for rest. 'I'll make them run so many laps around Goldenrod that their soles will peel right off their bones...' she thought to herself as she tucked the edges of her sweatshirt more tightly against her neck, her eyebrows edging downward softly, 'They'll learn quickly that when I say I need to sleep, I need to sleep.'

She didn't feel well; she hadn't for almost a month. Kain said it was because she was slacking off on the medication, Raven thought it was her lack of real sleep and Giovanni thought it because of the edict. No matter who was right on the reason, they had all agreed she wasn't up to par and she'd have to fake being one hundred percent so she didn't lose respect. The first seal was just west of Azalea(sp) which meant they had to 'unify' and unify quickly. Mika knew for a fact Lance would have men stationed there and anything that hinted at a weakness to him would be snuffed out like an acolyte's candle. The Trials themselves in the shrine would be impossible as well, assuming they got past the idiots at the door, if the team wasn't unifed. 'The trials can kill if a team isn't unified... Jeez... I've got about two weeks to get this group family-ized. Ugh... Why did I have to be the Chosen One? It's just not fair...' Finger the forest green crystal around her neck, she pulled her feet up onto the bench and tried to get into a semi sleeping state but, like tour buses, trains can be difficult to sleep on.

somewhere offshore of slateport city

"Sir? We've gotten a report in from the D-Bird unit."

"...patch it through."

"Yes sir!"


"Commandont Lance, sir, we've recieved word that at least two individuals have infiltraited the Emerald's squad. Both were two of your finest trainees and show promise in bringing this matter to a somewhat peaceful resolve."

"Make sure they are aware that they are not to contact the headquarters. I will contact them."

"They have already been informed of this sir."

"...Good. Is this all?"

"For the moment sir."

"Then you are dismissed."

"Yes sir, closing the connection sir."

Leaning back in his chair, the dragon lord turned from the endless display of computer screens with a light chuckle, his left hand extending in the dim light to a small goblet of pure expensive red wine. Taking it softly, his golden ring shimmering from the light of the technology, he lifted it to his lips and swished it softly, a smirk crossing his features. Extending a free finger towards the screen, a small map of the Johto region appeared with five flashing symbols, each indicated with a different elemental symbol, "The game board is set my dearest Tear. All the players have entered the field; the pawns are lining up in their traditional roles. You see my sweet, the match is about to begin and I assure you," He sipped softly from the glass, setting it down with a soft tink on the crystal end-table, "I assure you that you will not emerge victorious. Your canlde is slowly withering away and soon... soon it will be easy to snuff out once and for all."


So here's the gist of what you, the character person, needs to do.

Your character needs to get onto the train at this god awful time and make his or her way to Mika's cabin. First person there gets to wake her up. Fun job for you. If you're a spy, you should metion somewhere in your post that you're thinking about the orders. Bring Mika in ALIVE. Not dead, not maimed. Alive and pratically unharmed.

Alter Ego
April 1st, 2007, 12:17 AM
OOC: Yoshi, I see you lurking around here so don't shoot me if you beat me to the 'wake up' post and we end up with a paradox, 'kay? I'll edit as necessary, just thought it would be hilarious to have the number one rocket hater on the squad being the waker. :3


Saffron city. For all the hype of being 'The City of Eternal Lights' it really didn't look all that different from all the other cities of the world, at least not when you arrived there at the break of dawn and your ride was engaged in a heated dialogue with itself. Dialogue? Was it even possible to have a dialogue when there was - theoretically - only one of you? Sera honestly didn't care, though, the bottom line was that she was being denied her beauty sleep and she didn't like it one bit.

"Oy!" the girl called lazily, slowly raising herself from the lying position she had been in. Not many people would think of lying while riding a Dodrio, but it was a habit, and even though the young woman was now quite considerably heavier than the featherweight girl who had first tried this feat so many years ago, the middle head had always been too polite and mellow to raise a fus over it, "Would ya' mind keepin' it down, Tri? I'm tryin' to sleep here!"

{But, ma'm!} the left head protested, for he always insisted on being formal.

{He started it!} the right one cried indignantly.

{How dare you?!} his stricter complement retorted, {It is your insubordination that has caused this conflict to arise!}

{Insubordination?} the right head retorted, {Just because you want to move through life with a maypole up your arse it doesn't mean the rest of us have to follow suit! Besides, I don't recall anyone putting you in charge!}

{So you presume that you're the leader then?!} the left head replied, throwing in a score of mocking laughter, {With you in charge we'd be off running villy-nilly and chasing every set of attractive tail feathers that comes waltzing by!}

{Well with you in charge we'd still be discussing the 'optimal way of walking'} he said the last bit in a mocking imitation of the left head's voice, {At least I get things done!}

{Oh, really?}

{Yeah, really!}

Sera shook her head at the argument, groaning quietly as they passed through the sleepy Saffron suburbs, "Tri..." she began as patiently as she could, "When I said 'Would ya' mind keeping it down' I meant shut it. We're supposed to be movin' discreetly, not wakin' up the whole damn town. So just take me to the train station and stow it."


"Both of ya'!" the girl snapped, smacking the protesting head with her backhand, "Now Tri..." she turned to the middle head, "We there yet?"

{A-almost...nee-chan.} the timid one replied, nodding towards the approaching form of the train station, {I-I'm sorry I didn't-}

"Just forget it." Sera interrupted, "Ya' can't help the fact that ye're stuck with two stubborn gits." she cast a reprimanding glare at the two other heads at the statement, both of the harumphing and turning in opposite directions.

"Allright, I think ye've done enough." the girl concluded, paying no heed to the sulkers as she nimbly leapt down from the Dodrio's back and onto the ground, "Sorry, Tri." she added as the Central head made a hesitant move to follow her, "Gonna' have to recall ya'. I don't think Dodrios on trains are inconspicious." she flicked out a pokeball from within the confines of her trench coat, pointing it at the Dodrio and returning him before any of the heads could start another racket.

"Inconspicious..." Sera repeated, scoffing as she stalked into the eerily deserted train station, pulling out a ticket from her pocket as she walked up to the train, the scowl on her face clearly marking her feelings on the situation, "They've sure got some nerve..." catching the glimpse of her own reflection in the train's window, she couldn't help grinning wryly at the irony. Cyril had always been the one raised to become the next great executive of legend, yet her she was, Seraphina Geinsbrough, the one he had deemed a hopeless case, about to tread into his boots - black coat, fancy white shirt and all - assigned to the legendary biatch queen of the five. She could practically feel daddy dearest turning in his grave. 'Come to think of it', she thought for herself, 'Maybe this outfit isn't exactly inconspicious.' the girl cast an appraising glance at the clothes she wore, which - she noted - held a bit more black than what seemed to be standard, 'Well, that's the executive's problem. And problems are something she'd better get used to.' her light green eyes glinted with just a hint of malice, 'After all, just because I'm supposed to keep them alive it doesn't mean I have to agree with them.'

Drawing some comfort from this conclusion, she proceeded to step into the train, walking down towards the designated carriage only to find that the door...wouldn't budge? Annoyed - an in no mood to tolerate insubordinate machinery - the girl rattled the door for a while, but to no avail, before she finally realized the obvious, feeling a sting of embarassment as she ran her own fake ID, as identifying yourself as a notorious arsonist probably wasn't inconspicious either, through the scanner - twice, for she had accidentally placed the card in the wrong way.

"Brilliant..." she mumbled, glad that no-one seemed to be around to witness her technological ineptude as she pushed the door open and stepped inside, bracing herself to face the squad of lowflies she would be forced to put up with while trying to picture her oh-so-famous superior, "Just brilliant..."

Well, whatever picture the girl had conjured in her mind certainly didn't coincide with what she saw within the compartment. Instead of the squad of serious businesslike rocket operatives being lorded over by a vicious harridan of an executive she had expected all she saw was a rather worn-looking girl with green hair snoozing on one of the seats of what was otherwise a completely empty compartment. Yes, girl indeed...and a rather frail one at that, Sera noted as she stepped inside and inspected the sleeping individual. Had she come into the wrong carriage? Surely this...this pathetic little thing couldn't be the notorious Mika Mystearica Blackthorn? Well, Sera sure wasn't one to politely wait around for answers. If she had been incovenienced to catch this friggen' train at such an hour then the executive should bloody well take the trouble to get off her lilywhite arse and acknowledge her.

"Oy!" she called out, shaking the sleeping Mika quite roughly, "Wake up! I said wake up, dangit!". Despite her best efforts, the girl did little but stir a bit, however. Obviously, this reaction didn't quite please Sera, so she reached into her satchel, pulling out a bottle of drinking water and slowly, deliberately uncorcking it over the sleeping figure. Oh, if this was the executive there was probably going to be hell to pay, but it would sure be worth it, this every vindictive little cell in her body was telling her.

"Rise and shine, princess." Sera remarked sweetly, pouring the whole contents of the bottle over the girl's head in one go.

OOC: Mika, just to be absolutely clear. You really meant what you said about no character death, right? So technically, this wouldn't warrant Sera being thrown off a moving train, right? Just looking out for my char, you know. xD

April 1st, 2007, 12:53 AM
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Saffron City - 4:17 AM

Blue sat hunched over on a bench in the Saffron City Bullet Train Station, directly under the sign that designated the divide between platforms 6 and 7. He sat with a gray cloth jacket unevenly spread about his back, the large image of a pokeball barely visible in the dim light. He shivered and sat up straight, re-adjusting his jacket as he did so. Looking at his pokegear, he clenched his teeth to stop from yelling in exasperation. 4:18.

Perfect. Just perfect.

The boy glanced at the schedule, and sighed, plopping his chin into the palm of his hand, and resting his elbow on his knee.

He had been here for nearly a half an hour - the letter had said to expect the train any time from 4:00 AM to 4:30 AM, and Blue took the words at face value, showing up promptly at 3:50. He had considered after roughly 10 minutes that he would bring out one of his pokemon to give himself a bit of company, but over half of them were asleep, and those who weren't were incredibly cranky at either the cold, or the hour.

Blue's nose had begun to freeze over, or so it felt. Quickly stuffing his nose into his scarf, he whimpered in exasperation.

"When is this train going to fu-" he began, but an all too friendly sound graced his ears.


That sound... could it be? He leaped from his seat, nose still in scarf, and looked down the track. Certainly enough, several hundred yards away, a pair of dim lights were bobbing to and fro, and the famliar clickity-clack of the train made it's way towards Blue's freezing body. Suddenly, a glorious and somehow appetizing idea paraded itself throughout his head. Soon, he would be warm - warm at last.


The sound of the train getting nearer and nearer broadened the smile on Blue's face bit by bit, and by the time it pulled into the station with a barely audible squeak, he was grinning from ear to ear.

Warmth. Sleep. Perhaps a bit to eat? Perhaps a bit of hot cocoa? raved Blue's imagination, and he nearly had to hit himself to keep from drooling. Blue was neither a morning person, nor a cold person, and the temptation of fulfilling either one of those requests was very strong indeed.

Blue grabbed his single bag, and stepped onto the platform. He quickly drew ticket provided for him, and stepped onto the train. Immediately, a wave of relief toppled over Blue so suddenly that his knees weakened slightly. He hung a right, and made his way down to the... he racked his memory.

Was it the 2nd to last car? Or the 3rd to last? Maybe it was the last? Before he had a chance to decide, a loud noise disrupted his thoughts. Looking down the hallway, he spotted a girl jamming at a door that apparantly wouldn't open.

What is she trying to do? Is she drunk? mused Blue, but all of his confusions were resolved when he saw her pull out an ID from her pocket, and make her way effortlessly into the room. Blue nodded.

"Looks like my ticket." he noted, made his way to the door, flashed his ID, and stepped into the room, only to find the woman from before, pouring a bottle of water onto ANOTHER girl. Blue's first thought was

They're both cute.. followed by an immediate


Alter Ego
April 1st, 2007, 1:25 AM
OOC: Aww...1:30? That sucks, Yoshi. Would you believe that I wrote that at the pleasant 10 AM? Life is so unfair sometimes, isn't it? xD


While she waited for the dainty little girl - now probably quite thoroughly awake - to gather her wits and finally speak up, Sera suddenly felt a familiar tingling at the back of her neck. It was a sensation that was very familiar to the girl from her time on the road, and it could mean only one thing: someone was watching her. Quickly turning around, it didn't take long for her to recognize the culprit. It was a male - roughly her age, Sera assumed, although it was a bit hard to tell since he seemed to be slightly hunched over out of cold - he was decent enough as looks went, the girl supposed, and he had those radiant crystal blue eyes which most girls probably adored. Sera, however, did not number herself amongst 'most girls' and thus her attention was not focused on the fact that it was a pretty pair of eyes but rather what kind of look those eyes were giving her. There was astonishment, of course, and maybe just a hint of anxiety, but beneath it...Sera's own light green pair narrowed slightly, was this guy checking them out? She vaguely recalled hearing that many boys enjoyed watching girls have a tussle, and the fact that the green-haired one's shirt had now been successfully wet would probably count towards a turn-on. Well, Sera would be damned if she would let this cloth-bundled stranger - probably not even a member of the squad, had she forgotten to shut the door properly? - just stand there and oggle them with that slack expression on his face.

"What'cha starin' at?" she inquired rather sternly, corking the now empty bottle and stowing it back amongst her belongings but not relinquishing her glare for a moment, "Aint'cha ever seen a girl get a wake-up call? This is reserved compartment, by the way, so unless ye've got business maybe ya should step out. I've got some rather personal stuff to discuss with sleepy-head here..." she nodded towards Mika, "And yer starin' ain't really helpin' matters."

April 1st, 2007, 8:35 AM

Alter, you made my morning. x3 And unfortunately, Mika can't throw a person off the train. -sigh- Ish not fair. T-T


Startled was an understatement, this girl had just picked a fight with the wrong person. The shaking had done its job well enough, Mika had responded with her typical hand wave that clearly dictated the 'leave me the hell alone' command but apparently it went in one eye and out the ear as she was soon soaked from head to toe in incredably cold water. This girl didn't get the reaction she wanted; Mika didn't jump up from the seat sputtering explicitives but she did sit up, her eyes opening slowly as she twitched oh-so-visibly. Tightening her fist as her eyes closed again, she quickly ran through a reel of sorts in her mind in an attempt to get a plan of action that involved this girl's misery and possibly fear but not to the extent that it would get her in trouble, 'No, that's too violent...that's too maiming... that's just plain cruel... that'll get me arrested... that'll get me smacked... ooo! That should work.'

In a lightning-fast movement, Mika was up and the girl was pressed up against the wall of the car by the throat. Mika's grip wasn't unbreakable nor was it anything beyond uncomfortable (Going through with the choking would be maiming and that wasn't an intelligent idea) but it got her point across loud and clear. Her eyes darkening to a more yellowy amber, she stared at the girl for the longest time before she spoke, "If you ever do that again... So. Help. Me. God, you'll regret it." Releasing the girl, Mika wriggled the hair-tie off her wrist and in one fluid motion, pulled her hair up into a tight high-ponytail. Slipping off her sweatshirt (Freezing was better than being wet and freezing) she hung it up on the side of the chair and visibly more calm, turned back towards the girl and now this boy in the doorway looking like a Stantler caught in the headlights of a car and sat down on a less wet chair, "Okay. Now that we've established we do not douse the executive with ice cold water, we can move on." Her gaze drifted up to the girl she'd just slightly maimed, "Girl. If they can get into this room, they're a part of our unit so stop harassing your teammates. Now, both of you. Names. You obviously know mine but I don't think I've had the pleasure of learning yours so out with them."

Settling back against the chair, she shook the wet from her pants, "Eiiyuck... I have to change again..."

April 1st, 2007, 8:47 AM
OOC: Hooray, for having no idea what I'm doing!! *Yay!*

One could say Narumi was a wonderful morning person, all smiles, optimistic and cheerful in the mornings, even though he was constantly nodding off at all other times. However, at this godforsaken hour, this, was far from morning. With his dark hair rumpled even more then it usually was, he pressed his bangs down with his hand, to no avail. Splice's constant lecturing about how he was sitting was certainly not making the situation better, and the fact that all of his pokemon were wide awake and arguing between pokeballs was not helping either. As they shouted their names at each other in indignity, Narumi waited patiently for the stupid train to ship him to Saffron.

<'City of lights my BUTT! Everything's all dark!!> Forsyth shouted, stamping his feet inside his pokeball.
Diluvate quickly retorted with a sharp snap, <'Well excuse me if it's 4:17 AM!!! We're not even IN GOLDENROD YOU QUEER.'>

Narumi sighed, picking up three pokeballs: One with a black dot drawn on it, another with a blue, and the last with green. Splice, Forsyth, and Diluvate were all promptly shoved into the deepest depths of the messenger bag slung around Narumi's shoulder.

<'Look what you did!!'> Splice snapped in a refined tone, <'Should your ridiculous frivolity have sent me to the depths of this resentful carrying mechanism, then I shall immediately electrocute you until you are as crisp and black as a burnt leaf!!'>

<'Are you implying something Gramps??!'> Forsyth yelled, ever louder.

Narumi sighed, getting more annoyed by the second as he stepped onto the train, "Shut up." He said quietly, but the annoyance in his voice shot through all three pokemon like cold, iced needles.

"There shouldn't be any problem with this. I can easily get her unharmed- I don't know what it is with Lance and unharmed people. It should be a matter of gaining her trust. That's my specialty, considering I'm not exactly... intimidating. Well, I'm sure with how unorganized these loser pokemon I've got, it'll definetely lower her guard. At the very least, she won't be impressed or even suspect that I'm all that great at battling... or, more specifically, spying, kidnapping, and all that good stuff that people don't need to know. And with these pokemon I guess in a way it's kind of true that I'm no good at-"

As if on cue, Forsyth let out a strangled cry that oddly sounded like, 'GOODMOTHEROF-' as Narumi's bag began to spark, causing practically everyone in the car to look at him.

<'I shall have your head by the end of this cursed hour!!'> Splice shrieked in a scratchy metallic way, and Narumi sighed, trying to hide his face behind the pole he was grasping. What an embarassing lot, <'You cannot speak to your superior's in that fashion! Traitor! Blasphemy! Black Sheep!!'>

Sure, Narumi couldn't really make out what they were saying as clearly as other trainer's who were, 'in-tune' with their pokemon, and he only picked up the words like, "Head!" and "Superior!" but he could hear enough to piece the situation together, even if the big picture looked a little... empty.

To thank the good lord, it seemed as if Forsyth and Splice had come to an agreement for a quiet argument, and for the peaceful remainder of the trip, Narumi successfully stayed under radar.


He shuffled off of the train and tried to remember where he was going. The minute he'd finished reading his order's, (coupled with the TR orders,) Diluvate, as usual, clamped his shell around it and munched it down until there was quite literally, not much left.

"Hmm..." Narumi mumbled, rubbing the back of his head and making his dark hair messier then even before, "I think I'm in the wrong place."

He looked around himself. Goldenrod. Indeed this was the place. Well, he wasn't exactly 100% sure of that, but that was a detail that could be easily overlooked.


<'2nd to last car, Naru-Naru.'> Diluvate said from the bottom of the gray bag.

"Thanks." Narumi said, understanding the little phrase with difficulty, but getting the main point. He sifted around in his front pockets, back pockets, jacket pockets, and even around in his bag of stuff before finding the stupid phony, "Huh. This is fancy."

Without paying any kind of attention to whether the door was already open or not, Narumi slid the ID through the door. About, four times, because he kept on missing the little crevice to slid the card through. Pulling the door open Narumi peered into the room- a total of three people.

"Uh. I think I've got the wrong-" Narumi's eyes focused on Mika- even though with his half-closed eyes, one could easily mistake his eyes to be examining the bottle, "Oh. Okay, nevermind."

Slipping in and closing the door behind him he stood there, awkwardly not knowing what to do other then, "Umm... Hi." The words came out in a near inaudible whisper as Narumi shrunk himself against the wall, as if expecting himself to melt and disappear.

Alter Ego
April 1st, 2007, 9:19 AM
As Mika suddenly shoved her against the wall, a number of thoughts went through Sera's head, most of them dealing with the right leg which she had instinctively pulled back as far as circumstances would allow it, ready to deliver a goold old fashioned knee in the stomach should the executive in front of her not gather her wits soon enough. The girl restrained that impulse, though, realizing that violence - unfortunately - wasn't the answer this time, and Mika released her grip before the red-head came to reconsider that action, "Promises, promises..." she sneered in reply to the little threat, giving no indication of being bothered, "Careful, princess, I might call ya out on that one."

"Sheez, guess we know where biatch queen came from..." she mumbled under her breath, massaging her assaulted neck as Mika pulled back and spoke up. Her little warning hadn't scared Sera one bit, nor had the little show she had made about throttling her. Still, that girl had been pretty quick - if typically cowardly to attack from behind - and Sera supposed that she had some spunk at least. Of course, this still didn't mean that she was going to like her, but at least it was slightly more bearable to work with people in posession of a spine, "Oh, and sorry about that little bit." she added in Blue's general direction, "I just don't like people starin' at me, that's all."

"Names?" Sera echoed the executive's request, scoffing slightly. She was still sore about being slammed into a wall - hard slam or no - and her mouth was running independently of common sense, seeking to provoke something worthy of a more extreme counter-reaction. Besides, she found the question to be stupid, "What kinda' idiot do ya' take me for? We both know bloody well that rocket keeps tabs on everyone that messes with them, and seein' as how I've been leadin' yer lousy crew on a merry little chase around Kanto for the last few years - not to mention that my friggen' dad worked for ye - I'd wager that ye've got a whole bleedin' file on me, same probably goes for everyone else in this room since yer precious leader wouldn't settle for any two-bit grunt. So to my mind there's three possible scenarios here..." she lifted up three fingers on her right hand, counting off the possibilities as she named them, "One: yer bloody clueless. Two: yer one heck of a lazy student, or three: yer tryin' to play some kinda' game with us." she glared quite openly at the executive, not giving any indication of considering her a superior, "But fine, since yer probably sore about the little mornin' bath I gave ya and there's other folks in the room, I'll humor ya' this once: name's Seraphina Geinsbrough, Sera to anyone who likes their dents the way they are. Keep it in mind 'cause I sure ain't into repeating it. Nice to meet most of ya', I suppose." she said the last part with very little conviction. Her meeting with Mika certainly hadn't been nice, the as of yet unnamed guy with the oggly eyes had yet to be nice, and the insecure girly-boy creeping in through the door didn't look much more promising. The mission wasn't nice either, working for Team Rocket wasn't nice, and holding the first meeting on the bloody morning train sure as hell wasn't nice. In fact, nothing had been particularly nice about the morning thus far. Well, except for those few glorious moments when she poured out the contents of her water bottle on Mika...yes, that had been quite enjoyable.

"So..." she added after a while, "How many folks are we waitin' fer, anyway?"

April 1st, 2007, 10:32 AM
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"What the hell were they thinking? It would be better if I got more than one days notice about these stupid things! AND THE TIME! THEY WILL REGRET GETTING ME UP AT 2AM WITHOUT WARNING!" An irritated Askan - no, irritated is too weak a word - finally found himself in the Saffron train station, desperately trying to locate his ride to Goldenrod. Of course, if it wasn't between the hours of 10am and 11pm, he was entirely disoriented, and thus was having difficulty locating the train. "I guess that must be the train, seeing as how its the only one in the station. Dammit, I better get to fight some strong trainers like they promised. We haven't gotten much of a workout lately with all of those pathetic training sims- Mawile! Get the hell back here!"

Being the highly intelligent person he was, Askan had decided to let his youngest team member, Mawile, roam free out of its Pokeball for a while. Of course, the cute little devil decided to run towards what appeared to be an unmanned hot dog stand, most likely because it was, in Askan's terms, "4 FREAKING AM." The boy recalled his Pokemon, and quickly made his way to the car that he had been told to go to; the second last private car. Upon getting to the door, he found it required his I.D to be scanned, and removed the card from the left pouch of his belt with care. It was somewhat breezy out, as he could tell by his already messy hair blowing in the wind, and he almost lost his card to the breeze. He brought the barcode on the bottom of the card up to the scanner, but got no response in return.

He tried multiple times, none of which produced any results worth noting. After five attempts, his right eye began to twitch in annoyance as his face began to grow redder. "WHY WON'T YOU OPEN!?" Askan then shouted as he delivered multiple kicks to the door, making several dents in it. Seeing no other option, he reached for the first Pokeball on his belt, and dropped it in front of him. In a flash of light, a Gardevoir appeared. "Okay, can you use Psychic to open that damn door?" Askan ordered, receiving a nod from his most trusted companion as she turned to face the doors lock, and held her right arm up to it. Her eyes began to glow white as the sounds of a lock unlocking were heard, and the door opened, revealing the chaotic incidents inside.

So far there appeared to be four of them, none of which looked that strong to him. Although, there was his beloved Mika, who seemed a little upset. Knowing better, Askan decided to not act up in front of her. "So, when do I get to kick some butt!?" Of course, that wasn't stopping him from making that form of declaration. He walked in, Gardevoir trailing closely behind, and he took a spot in a seat, putting his legs up on the seat in front while leaning back and putting his arms behind his head. He laughed arrogantly a bit, saying "So they sent some chumps like you to work with Mika as well? I just hope you don't get left behind. I am one of the best new trainers out there, you know. It's okay though, not everyone can be as good as me."

April 1st, 2007, 7:09 PM
Her head was pounding, her blood-pressure peaking. The girl almost stopped breathing for a moment when Sera went on with her holier-than-thou speech; she needed to be brought down a couple of pegs and it needed to be done before she did much more damage. The insults on herself, Mika could tolerate. She was ragged on constantly and after a while, it didn't damage her at all. It was when she started attacking members of her team that Mika got angry and got more angry than she had previously. The smaller boy who was trying to wiggle in unnoticed had just been given one hell of a dirty look and Mika could tell that this wretched ignorant girl was not going to stop until she'd established herself at the top of the pile.

Standing up quietly, she tapped the girl on the shoulder and after she turned towards Mika's direction, she was given a fierce slap across the face. It wasn't enough to leave a definate mark or deep enough nail-wise to draw blood but it got her point across. Mika's eyes were much darker than they had previously been; she was starting to lose patience and hopefully, it shut the girl up, "I've had enough out of you Sera" the name came out with a slight hiss, "Yes, I know who all of you are; I hand picked your files out of a massive pile but I seriously doubt the others know who you are and I was simply trying to have you introduce yourself. Now, if you wouldn't mind sitting down in the nearest seat and keeping that mouth of yours shut, we might be able to get something done around he-"

"So, when do I get to kick some butt!?"

Mika's head tilted to the side at this latest oh-so-loud and oh-so-annoying edtion to the car with a soft crack and she simply reached over to him and pressed a tiny pale (for her height and what-not anyways) finger to his lips, "If you yell one more time, you'll end up the same as her." her voice was deadly calm, her eyes still blank. "Now, if you would kindly take a seat so as to vacate the doorway, I would greatly appreciate it." Not waiting for an answer, she gently but firmly nudged him to the side. Inhaling deeply, she exhaled as she looked over towards the timid boy trying to get into the car and smiled softly at him, "I apologize for that; I hope it didn't frighten you. Narumi, yes? You have such pretty features, it's hard to forget your face." Gently offering a hand, her smile warmed up a littl ebit, "Need some help? I hate the rocking myself; I almost always get knocked over at least partially."

April 1st, 2007, 7:36 PM
Narumi jumped, taking Mika's outstretched hand. Normally, he would've been able to jump in surprise by will, but, how kind she was treating him compared to er... the others, was something all in itself. Racking his mind for something to say, he stammered awkwardly, "U-Uh, yes, I'm Narumi, and um, th-thank you, for the c-compliment and the er... help..."

He wasn't exactly it was help, considering he hadn't really noticed any rocking, but he decided to play along anyway. Perhaps this time, he'd play the clumsy stammering fool. That one required a little less attention and awake-ness. He was thouraghly annoyed by how loud that boy whom Mika had just gone and told off was- In fact, Narumi could already feel the headache ebbing in the back of his mind, just waiting to spring once that other girl opened her mouth with that strange accent she had. What an odd assortment of people. And apparently, there were more to come, by what Ms. 'Yer' had just asked.

"S-So..." Narumi stammered, fiddling with his earring, unable to think of anything worth saying, "Ms. Mika, why did we have to come to the station so... early?"


<You have some DIRT on your FACE over there lad, let me get it OFF for you, it's only for your own good!'> Came Splice's refined tone, drenched with sarcasm.

Diluvate's high cackle was heard, <'How's this Splice?!'>

<'ARRRGH!'> Forsyth's yell was heard- it was obvious the three pokemon were having a war within the confines of the bag and their pokeballs, however they were managing to do that. And it was quite obvious- to any person who could clearly understand pokemon, and was not an extremely annoyed Narumi at the moment- that Forsyth was not on the winning team.

<'Good jumping Christmas biscuits!'> Splice's metallic voice was heard, <'Good aim Diluvate m'boy, GOOD, aim.'>

Keeping his face pleasant, and adding a hint of embarassment, Narumi sweatdropped, trying not to throw the bag through the door. Even though the bag and pokeballs and clothes and what-not that was stuffed into the bag, it seemed as if the pokemon were shouting out their names at each other quite clearly- They could've been standing right in the room and one would've heard their argument just as clearly.

April 1st, 2007, 7:46 PM
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What's with all the noise? Asylum placed a hand against the side of his head as he stirred slowly, peeling his eyelids open despite the ten-pound weights dragging them shut. Blackness. Right . . . Asylum removed his dark-lensed goggles and allowed them to fall to their customary place about his neck. Only a few of the station lights were on by this time, but they were enough to see the train now before him. As he dragged his legs over side of the station bench he had slept on, the purple-haired trainer rubbed the back of his sore neck, mumbling, "Even outside the train, I can hear them." Clearly still tired, he lowered his voice a notch, adding with equal grogginess, "Stupid experiments."

At this point Asylum double-checked the contents of the bag he had used as a substitute pillow, not bothering to look up as he asked, "Somnio, how long have I been asleep?"

"Only a few hours," the Lunatone replied telepathically, floating dutifully by its trainers side. All the same, you were expected to report several minutes ago. You should probably board the train.

"That so?," came Asylum's response, indifferent and unconcerned. Pulling back his jacket's sleeve, the Rocket agent checked the digital display on his sports watch before standing and stretching. Then, after casually slinging his bag over one shoulder, he strode forward and climbed onto the train, muttering sarcastically, "Isn't this just great . . ."

Yawning openly as he walked down the hall, Asylum adjusted the bag strap, commenting mentally, "Y'know, even if I was blind, I could probably find the cabin with all the racket they're making."

"Sy . . . " The Lunatone continued to float near Asylum's head as its crimson eye shifted toward him.

"Yeah, yeah. I know. But you're the only one who can hear me anyway." As he arrived at the cabin door, Asylum dug noncommitally through the pocket of his jeans before removing his ID and granting a glimpse of it to the scanner. Once the door was open, he took in the scene with a single glance. He closed the door. "I'm not going in there."

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April 1st, 2007, 10:46 PM
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It wasn't so much the audacity of the action that truly startled Blue, (It was far too early for something so... insignificant for something to shock him like that) but what really shocked him was the look of resentment that was sent his way. It shocked him awake, and he nearly stepped back.

"What'cha starin' at?" spat the pourer, in a southern-esque drawl. "Aint'cha ever seen a girl get a wake-up call? This is reserved compartment, by the way, so unless ye've got business maybe ya should step out. I've got some rather personal stuff to discuss with sleepy-head here..." Blue scoffed, and began to turn away. He didn't have time for this - he had more important things to do - like find the executive. The girl finished with the equivalent to a slap in the face."...And yer starin' ain't really helpin' matters." Blue's hands clenched tightly together, and he cracked his knuckles one handedly. However, he ended up with his tongue in his mouth, and his hands stuffed into his pocket. Busting this girl's jaw would have been fun, but at 4:30 in the morning, it was something that would have to wait.

He turned to leave the car, hands still clenched, when a sound caught his ear. Thump. He turned to find the pourer in a neck grip administered by the pour-ee, shoved against the wall. A quiet voice dripping with malice sounded like a loudspeaker in the quiet compartment.

"If you ever do that again... So. Help. Me. God, you'll regret it." threatened the pour-ee, and released her grip, turning away. "Okay. Now that we've established we do not douse the executive with ice cold water, we can move on." Blue's eyes opened a bit.

Executive? This girl is the executive? he thought, and as he puzzled it, it all clicked, and Blue felt very foolish indeed. This woman must be Mika Blackthorn, a woman who he had heard of, feared, respected.. but never met. The Black Emerald.. Princess Rocket.. he was working under her?! As he reveled in his discovery, he realized that somebody was talking.

"Oh, and sorry about that little bit." said the other girl, with a half regard. "I just don't like people starin' at me, that's all." Blue nodded half heartedly, and sat down in one of the available seats. He realized quickly that this was a bad idea - most of the shock from the glare had worn off, and the hour resumed it's taunting. Blue was looking at Mika, but he wasn't seeing her. His eyes fogged over, he yawned, and his eyes closed. The sounds of the outside faded, and the last words he heard were...

...I'll humor ya' this once: name's Seraphina Geinsbrough, Sera to anyone who likes their dents the way they are..."

...and he was off to sleep.

In an ideal situation, the entire world would have stopped and let Blue get some sleep before continuing. However, he was to be sorely disappointed to find this to not be the case. For not a minute later, he was awakened by a young man barging in.

"So, when do I get to kick some butt!?"

One eye shot open, and the other one followed soon after. A punk, not even 16 years old, stood in the doorway, a stupid grin on his face, his red hair plopped on the top of his noggin like a mop. The boy continued, apparantly not done with his self appreciation.

"So they sent some chumps like you to work with Mika as well? I just hope you don't get left behind. I am one of the best new trainers out there, you know. It's okay though, not everyone can be as good as me." Blue's blood rose to a rapid boil, the adrenaline started to pump and his knuckles clenched tightly. He rose quickly, and grabbed the boy firmly by the bicep. A syrupy, malevolent voice escaped Blue's clenched teeth.

"Say, kid. Do you know what time it is? " Not even waiting for an answer, he interjected. "Wrong. It's time for you to sit down and shut the hell up. You heard the lady." With this, he jerked down hard on the boy's arm, hoping to get him into a seat. Or not. The floor would work fine as well. He didn't look particularly heavy, and he hoped that the yank would be sufficient enough to at least scare the kid straight, even if it didn't manage to physically bring the boy to his seat, although he hoped it would. "Were these different circumstances, I might be a bit more lenient, but it is 4:30 in the morning. I'm cold, and I'm damn tired. There is NO room in my schedule for annoying little kids shouting about how good they THINK they are at 4:30 in the morning. Sorry."

Without another word, Blue sat back down, and looked up at Mika, the adrenaline fading from his bloodstream. "Sorry for the interruption. You were saying?"

Alter Ego
April 2nd, 2007, 12:55 AM
Mika's gesture had definitely been the final 'shut up', and most people would have taken the hint by now and just kept quiet. Unfortunately, Sera wasn't most people.

"Bloody hell, that was uncalled fer." she spat out, glaring at Mika with mounting hatred easily rivalling the executive's, "I only asked ya a simple question, ya ragin' harpy. What the heck did ya slap me fer? And sheez, if ya wanted us to have introductions why didn't ya just bleedin' say so?"

She rubbed her cheek, feeling thoroughly slighted but fortunately shutting up as she tossed her satchel onto one of the vacated seats, nonchalantly slumping down on the one next to it - only noticing in retrospect that she had happened to take a seat next to oggly-eyes as the indignity of it all ran through her mind. Now the throttling, that had been justified, she could undestand it even if she didn't like it, but this...what in all blazes had she done this time? Committed thought crime? By now, the girl quite clearly realized that the rumors she had heard hadn't been exaggerations...they'd been seriously underplayed. To her mind, Mika was now confirmed to be a raving nutcase with anger management problems, and the sugary sweet way she adressed the newcomer - shakily introduced as Narumi - was only further proof of her lunacy. Sera was so unused to interacting with people that she had no idea of how withering her glares could be. Truth to be told, she hadn't even considered that this was a matter of what she had done rather than said. Before that particular argument could develop any further, however, the announcement of yet another member easily captivated everyone's attention.

"So, when do I get to kick some butt!?"

As the insufferably loud noise violated Sera's ears, her first impulse was to give the responsible party one hell of a thrashing. Was that crazy brat trying to render her deaf as well? Luckily, Mika decided to commit her first sensible act for the day and shut the punk up and - much to Sera's surprise - the peeping tom chipped in too, bluntly dragging the lout down and telling him to shut his yap. Sera blinked at the sight, surprised but in a good way for once. Maybe this guy wasn't as hopeless a wuss of a pervert after all. It was almost too bad that he didn't introduce himself, as this guy was the first thus far who's name Sera had any interest in learning. 'Get on?' she thought for herself, 'Wasn't the business precisely introducing ourselves - something which no-one here is doing? Aren't these misfits even listening?'. Well, Sera concluded for herself, folding her arms as she leant back in her seat - partially to seek warmth and partially out of instinct - if her shutting up was so damn important then little miss psycho executive over there had better not expect her to sort this mess out.

She could not, however, ignore the growing struggle within Narumi's bag, the constant conflict of voices she couldn't understand quickly beginning to wear on her nerves until - after several painstaking moments of tongue-biting - she finally couldn't take it anymore.

"Hey, exec's pet - Narumi, right?" she turned her gaze his way, her voice sounding harsh like usual although compared to her previous speech it was actually quite calm and not quite as high on the decibels, "Would ya mind makin' yer critters in the bag there shut up? Like this guy said" she nodded towards Blue, "No-one wants to listen to a bunch of pointless yammerin' at four AM."

April 2nd, 2007, 9:15 AM
One quick thought of action shot through Narumi's mind like lightning, and he quickly bowed over and stammered an apology as he ignored the girl's brash tone, "R-Right away!"

'Exec's pet??' Narumi thought flatly, 'This girl trying to pick a fight with everyone or what?'

He rummaged through the depths of his bag and pulled out three pokeballs, snapping sternly, yet timidly, (though his glare was something to be feared,) "You guys, be quiet! It's already early enough, I thought you weren't morning people...or- pokemon..." He stared at a Forsyth who sat grumpily in his pokeball- in the middle, between a Diluvate who had closed his shell, (the echoing laughter was distinct though,) and a Splice who had all three cyclop eyes close and turned up in indignity.

<'Very well Mr. Shogou, but you really must tame this BEAST of BURDEN someday.'>

<'Beast of BURDEN?!'> Forsyth yelled, standing up in an offended flurry, <'I'm as tame as can be, and I've been here ten times longer then you, so technically, I'm YOUR senior!!'>

<'Oh? Pray tell, how so other then the amount of time you have spent under Mr. Shogou's care- have you learned nothing but how to run around like an infant and shout about your problems?'>

Narumi sighed, hanging his head a little to hide his expression of utter-pure-100% annoyance as he said quietly in a voice lightly laced with a 'you'll-regret-this-later' tone, "Stop."

All three pokemon eyed him warily and Forsyth sat down again, and Splice turned his eyes up again, facing his back towards Forsyth as Diluvate sighed, <'I'm getting some sleep.'>

Narumi relished in the newfound peace, and returned the pokeballs to their rightful place on his belt and apologized to Sera again, "I'm r-really sorry!"

For some reason, he was already worn out. What an active bunch of people... in certain ways. He wanted to go back to sleep already, I mean, it wasn't as if he were wide awake at any other time, but he swore, if this kept up for much longer, he'd end up dropping like a rock and falling sound asleep.

April 2nd, 2007, 12:26 PM
<'You three are idiots.'> Gardevoir relayed telepathically to Narumi's Pokemon, too tired to actually talk. She had been listening in on their constant fighting since she had entered the car with her trainer, and wasn't exactly thrilled with him either. <'Way to make a good first impression, genius.'>

Askan, however, was too occupied with the jerk who had just tried to pull him into his seat. "Hey! Hands off!" He shouted at the one he mentally referred to as the arrogant idiot. That in itself is quite obviously ironic. He took a swing at the guys hand with the back of his own, before walking aways from the group a bit. He turned his back and put his left hand into the air, rolling it. "And Mika, don't get your panties in a twist, nobody is exactly thrilled to be here." Following this comment, two pills suddenly flew out of his pant pocket and down his throat as he went to speak again. Gardevoir had utilized psychic to do this, having some doubts about Askan following his morning routine. It seemed like he was about to choke for a moment, which probably would have been beneficial to the group if he did, but swallowed them after a moment of struggling.

<'I thought you were acting funny, you didn't take your pills this morning, genius. Try and calm down before Mika kills you.'> Gardevoir muttered aloud this time, but Askan was able to comprehend as he had his hand extended towards her.

<'You're awfully cold this morning.'> Askan replied as he took a seat far away from the others, Gardevoir sitting beside him with an irritated look in her eyes.

<'Yeah, well, I'm usually not woken up at 4AM to open a door of all things. Just give those pills a few minutes to work, and hopefully you won't come off as so arrogant.'>

"Whatever." He said aloud as he began to sulk, resting his chin on his hands. These people were going to be real annoying to travel with for him. He was just hoping he could find someone to battle sometime soon.

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April 2nd, 2007, 5:54 PM

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For the moment, she was tuning the both of them out. They were sitting and semi-quiet and she had enough of it. The little good for nothings... they thought this was a joke. They thought this was just another routine little mission that was going to be done in a month, max, and they'd just have to put up with the biatch. Well, they were wrong. Horribly, horribly wrong. The manor in which Sera and Askan were speaking was making the whole ordeal nothing more than a trivial little necessity that they had to push through for glory and they seemingly didn't care who they hurt in the process. It was this attitude, this wretched attitude that lacked all forms of proper respect, that was pushing buttons Mika didn't really know she had.

Tightening her fists enough to draw a smidgen of blood, she unclenched them slowly, closing her eyes long enough to pull a mask of clarity over her face before she opened them. Worriedly looking at Narumi's paling complexion, she swiftly got the poor thing into a seat, his bag settled beside him, and after a light pat to the head, turned for the door, "Everyone sit down and maybe get aqquainted a little bit? I'll be right back, I need to get a bottle of water or something along those lines to dampen my throat." tapping the open button, she managed to slip out of the room without any intrusion and once it was safely locked, she turned to the nearest wall that wouldn't rattle the unsuspecting cabin and put a rather visible dent into the wall just above that shiney golden hand rail put up for small children the elderly with her still slightly bleeding fist.

Breathing heavily, she ran a hand through her hair and after a few moments, stood back up only to find a boy semi-watching her. Groaning at the sight of the key-card in his hand, she put her face in her hands, "Okay, please tell me you're not loud and obnoxious like the rest of them and please tell me you can ignore what I just did there?" It most likely wasn't going to happen but hell, might as well try the nice approach before using threats and other forms of violence, "I haven't gotten sleep in close to three days beyond a couple hours of dozing and they simply won't listen to me..." her shoulders sagged, "Seriously... I didn't want to come across this badly to my new unit..."

April 2nd, 2007, 7:19 PM
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Blue grimaced as the kid whacked his arm. It didn't hurt, but it was a definite act of defiance, and Blue wouldn't stand for it.

"Hey! Hands off!" the boy shouted, and Blue swore he felt a twinge of fear in his voice. His arm free from his grip, the boy turned. "And Mika, don't get your panties in a twist, nobody is exactly thrilled to be here." he said with a wave of his hand. With the back of his head so vulnerable, it took Blue all of his willpower to not crack the kid in the back of the head with a quick maetae, put him out of his misery for a while.

Following his smart-ass remarks, the kid had 2 pills forced down his throat, assumedly via his Gardevoir partner, as he gave her a dirty look. After choking for a minute, he sat down, undoubtedly embarrassed by the situation. "Whatever." he grumbled, and sat down.

Blue was infuriated. What cheek! Boy, if it were a little bit later in the day, that boy would be on his face by now. However, he held himself back, as the boy decided to sit down next to his Gardevoir. He was quiet now, and Blue was glad. The relative silence wouldn't last though, as Sera's voice pushed it's square shaped sound through Blue's round eardrum. When he turned, he found her glaring at another boy, a bit older than the punk, but still younger than Blue. The boy was hastily trying to stifle his bag, from which several pokemon were arguing.

"Hey, exec's pet - Narumi, right? Would ya mind makin' yer critters in the bag there shut up? Like this guy said" she nodded towards Blue, "No-one wants to listen to a bunch of pointless yammerin' at four AM." Blue winced at first, but then it turned into a light smile as Blue was mentioned. Maybe this girl wasn't as much of a psycho as he thought. The bag quieted down after a scolding, the boy stammered an apology, and Blue hoped that was that.

During all of this, Blue hadn't noticed Mika get up and start to leave. He caught her leaving, and she spoke. Her voice sounded tired, exasperated.

"Everyone sit down and maybe get aqquainted a little bit? I'll be right back, I need to get a bottle of water or something along those lines to dampen my throat." she said in a less firm tone, and she stepped out the door, leaving the carraige in near silence. Blue decided to take a little initiative. He stood up among the rest of the group, and held up his hands, hoping for quiet. As it quieted down, he spoke, a bit more softly than before.

"Alright." he said, pushing the goggles on his head a little higher, eliminating an annoying strand or three of hair that was tickling his nose. There was a certain leaderlike tone to his voice. " I know it's early, butI guess we got off on the wrong foot here. We ARE going to be working together, so I figure we might as well get to know one another." he nodded to Askan. "Sorry about your arm, kid." he turned to look at Sera. "..and I didn't mean to stare at you, Sera." Taking a broad look around the entire group, he took a deep breath. "Well, with all that aside, I'm Blue."

He continued. "I'm going to make this short and sweet. I've been with Rocket for coming up on two years, an executive for coming up on half of one, and as you can see.." he looked nonchalantly at Askan. "I have a low tolerance for BS." A grin flashed across his lips, and in an instant, it was gone. "I'm from Ecruteak, and I pride myself as a damn good negotiator. I'll talk an Ursaring into a stuffed bear if you give me a chance." He took a second and patted his belt, gently gripping Lash's pokeball. "I'm also a good fighter when it comes down to it. If anyone cares, I've got 6 Johto Badges, and 7 Kanto badges. I take pride in my pokemon, and if you give them any lip, you'll hear from me if you don't hear from them first.. if you know what I mean." Another grin went in one cheek and out the other. "In short, just don't disrespect me or my pokemon, and there won't be any trouble - I'll even have your back. I just have no tolerance for stupidity." With a shrug, he stepped back and leaned against the wall, opening the floor for someone else.

April 2nd, 2007, 8:34 PM
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"Ummm..." Narumi let his eyelids droop back to their normal position, instead of their surprised and embarassed look from earlier, "I'm Narumi... and um... I'm a kind of new member... of Team Rocket, and my pokemon? Well... I don't really care if you give them lip, they'll probably just," Narumi paused mid-sentence and yawned, "-never get off your case for the rest of your life. I don't have any badges. I don't like collecting them, I only er... I only liked being in the Battle Tower at Larousse."

Leaning his cheek into the heel of his palm, Narumi closed his eyes, deciding that since his 'introduction' was over, he might as well catch some Z's.

<'Excuse me Miss, but I am not an idiot, as I am perhaps the most civil of these three buffoons.'> Splice replied to the Gardevoir, slightly miffed. Forsyth, eyed the other pokemon with obvious dislike, but remained silent, as Diluvate was smirking at him as usual, prepared to withdraw into his shell and fire another icebeam.

<'You should really try it, it's fun- pissing him off that is!'> Diluvate cackled with laughter, and a big red veinpop emerged in the blink of an eye on Forsyth's head, as he folded his arms and bottled up his annoyance- for the time being.

During this little conversation, Narumi was already fast asleep, and sleeping like a rock. Only a hurricane and explosion of noise could awaken Narumi when he fell asleep like this, which was pretty much everyday.

April 2nd, 2007, 9:18 PM
Asylum stared impassively at Mika for a long moment, after several seconds slowly shifting his gaze from her to the dent she had recently created before looking at her now-unclenched--though slightly bleeding--hand, and finally moving his eyes up toward her face. What thoughts lay behind his blank stare were unknown, but nothing in his expression seemed critical or shaken. The trainer finally shrugged with the lack of speed that arrives from missing motivation, replying, "I don't really know what I'm like, but I don't think anyone's ever called me loud. Anyway, s'alright. Doesn't bother me." He stifled another yawn as a message from Somnio entered his mind.

You do know who that is, don't you? The Lunatone, who had previously been gazing rather intently at Mika, turned toward Asylum. In response, Asylum granted his Pokemon an uninterested half-glance that indicated what was perhaps less than half consideration. Not really. Should I?

After a moment of emphatic silence, Somnio replied, "She's the Black Emerald--Mystearica Blackthorn. You should know the name."

'Kay . . .

You'll be working for her.

Oh. Asylum returned his gaze to Mika and, without much tact, stated factually, "Apparently you're my boss now. And yeah . . . It pretty much looked like a mess in there."

For the second time since his trainer had awoken, Somnio chided Asylum with a warning, "Sy . . ."

Right, right . . . 'Cause having a train car full of sleep-deprived, possibly less-than-sane criminals has worked out so well, it'd be a shame if I made myself look bad after she had the chance to be with those angels.

Less sarcasm, more reporting to your superior.

A'ight. Asylum twirled his ID lazily between his fingers, meeting Mika's eyes unwaveringly with his dimly luminous grey ones. "I guess you probably know, but I'm Asylum--Sy if that's easier. And unless I'm mistaken, I'm supposed to do what you say or something. So yeah . . . " He paused before motioning toward the door. "You plannin' to go back in?"

Alter Ego
April 3rd, 2007, 5:19 AM
Witnessing Narumi's unnecessarily visible flinch at being adressed, Sera couldn't help scoffing just a little. How the heck did someone who shivered like a leaf even in casual conversation get assigned to a job like this? 'Just my luck...' she thought, her glance travelling from the constantly stuttering girly boy to Askan, who was currently having a fit of rage stamped out by a couple of pills, and finally to the frothing mad leader she had been saddled with, 'Had to end up on the nutcase team...'

"Sheez, no need to get all jumpy..." she remarked, "It was just a simple request, not like I was slamming ya into a wall or throttling ya or anything." she made the two points purposefully loud just to remind everyone who the violent psycho in the room was.

Before the girl could pursue this line of thought any further, Mika suddenly announced that she needed a drink. Apparently screaming and attacking people really dried your throat. Rolling her eyes at the executive's ineptude, Sera had to excercise a considerable amount of self-control not to shout out a scathing remark over her shoulder as the girl exited, settling for mumbling "good riddance" under her breath.

Not soon after the number one psycho had left the room, things actually seemed to be going somewhere as the guy next to her took up on the subject of introductions, finally relinquishing a name. Blue, eh? Sera vaguely wondered what kind of parent would name their kid like that. But then again, seeing as how her given name was Seraphina she really wasn't one to talk. The way this...Blue talked, it sounded slightly too self-promoting for the girl's tastes, but compared to Mika it was a huge improvement, especially since it spared her the trouble of having to take charge. After Blue finished, the executive's pet took his turn, and what he said made something within Sera klick, her eyes narrowing again. Nothing? Nothing special at all? Who the heck did this lout think he was fooling? As if some rookie grunt would ever be admitted to a mission like this! The others might have been buying into that cheesy modesty and those oh-so-innocent eyes, but Sera sure as hell wasn't. Who did he think he was? Who did he think Sera was? If this kid seriously believed that someone who had been born into team friggen' Rocket would buy that story then he had another thing coming to him. Sera had half a mind to get up and throttle the boy until he came clean about whatever he was hiding, but decided against it for the moment, not really wanting to dig up the guy's personal dirt and certainly not wanting to do what Mika - as the team leader - was supposed to be doing. She did, however, make a mental note of keeping an eye on the lout as she decided to speak up before everyone noticed the way she was glaring at Narumi. No point in letting him know that she knew, was there?

"Well..." Sera began, attempting to dispel her intense dislike for this kind of activity as she took her turn, "Fer the benefit of whoever failed to catch it, the name's Sera. That is, the name that all of ya will call me by if ya know what's good fer ya. I've been a trainer fer seven years, wanted outlaw livin' with the Doduos fer four, chased by clueless Rocket grunts fer three, and temporary executive-" she placed a strong emphasis on 'temporary', "In place of my departed dad fer the last few months. As skills go, I might not be a smooth talker like Blue here, but I fancy myself pretty good at sneakin' and wilderness survival, what with havin' lived on the damn professions fer the last four years. Also, if ya need things done or translated with Dodrios or Doduos, I'm yer girl. Oh, and before any of ya make smart remarks about it, remember I'll kick ya square if ya do." she let her glance travel across the others in the room, giving her threat some time to sink in before she continued, "Now just fer the record, I'm only in this to get my record wiped and find the bastard who set me up, so don't try to make me do anythin' fer the greater glory of Team Rocket, 'cause I honestly don't give a Rattata's about that. Still..." her expression softened ever so slightly, "As long as ye cover my back I'll cover yers; just remember to keep yer hands, eyes, and smart remarks to yerselves and we'll get along just fine. Tryin' not to be stupid, loud, or especially both at once-" her glance briefly travelled across Askan at that point, "would also be prefered, but if either is natural to ya then I guess I could try to be a bit lenient. Stab me in the back, though, and..." she paused, "Well, let's just say that ya don't wanna' find out what happens then." with that, she sat down again, clearly indicating that she had said her piece for the moment.

April 3rd, 2007, 8:27 PM
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IC: "Oi. Witchy woman." Askan scoffed at Sera, obvious irritation present in his voice as he kicked his legs up onto a seat in front of him, returning a surprised Gardevoir to her Pokeball before she could try and stop him from what he was about to say. "Shut up or start talking like a normal person. The way you're speaking is making me sick!" At this point, it almost seemed like he was trying to make an enemy of everyone in the car, mentally picking at what made them unique. At least, on the bright side, he seemed tired by the tone of his voice, and due to the fact that his eyes were only happened. He wasn't yelling anymore, he was just mocking in a half conscious state. When he saw it fit, he chimed in with the revelation of his identity.

"Askan Kyra Oregon. Go by Askan, Kyran, and occasionally Askan the Bloody Claw." He muttered as he lifted his right leg up and down off the top of the chair it was sitting on, as he put his arms behind the back of his head so he could lay back. "I don't really care who you are, as long as you stay the hell out of my way." Ah, he had such a way with words. How even his battle record got him the nickname 'Bloody Claw' was still a mystery, as his team really wasn't that intimidating. He relied on strategy and strategy alone, he didn't have any extremely dangerous Pokemon. "So, yeah, whatever. And yes ladies, I'm single."

Alter Ego
April 4th, 2007, 12:29 AM
OOC: Ohh...personal remarks. Something tells me that Sera and Askan aren't going to be the best of chums. xD


Had the insult not been so futile, Sera would probably have exploded right away as Askan tried to take the piss out of her way of speaking. As it was, she kept quiet for a while, giving the boy time to dig himself deeper into the hole. And sure enough, his last remark about being single was just a too easy target.

"Gee, what a surprise." she remarked acidly, her tone dripping with so much sarcasm that not even Askan - drugged or no - could completely shrug it off, "Got any skills besides boastin' and nose-pickin', bloody fingers? Or did ya get that nickname fer a dandruf problem gone horribly out of hand? I honestly find ya about as interestin' as a rottin' log, and a good bit less appealin', but if we're gonna' be stuck with ya I fer one wanna' know what kinda stupidity to expect. As fer my way of speech..." she gave him a brief glare, "...get bent, I talk however I damn well please. Ya can count yerself lucky that I'm in such a tranquil mood or ye'd be pickin' yer teeth of the floor fer that. Then again..." a mocking little smile spread across her face, "Odds are that'd be the closest ye'd ever get to a woman, so I wouldn't put it past ya to enjoy it."

April 4th, 2007, 8:23 AM
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K, I just had to let that out. xD Sera is frickin' funny.

April 4th, 2007, 12:15 PM
"What's that? I CAN NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE SAYING. I DO NOT SPEAK YOUR LANGUAGE." Askan emphasized the last two sentences, while not exactly yelling. As immature as he was acting or seemed, he was used to people judging him based on appearance alone, and decided to pay it no mind. "I'D TRY AND TALK LIKE YOU, BUT THEN I'D LOOK LIKE A BIG RETARD."

"Oh, and by the way. I've had two. Two girlfriends in the past four months, wench. Dumped 'em both because they didn't suit my fancy. Apparently I've been closer to a girl than you've apparently been to acting like one." Fearless or stupid? It was difficult to tell at this point, but it was almost certain Askan was going to get his butt kicked by someone soon. Well, they could try, but Askan wouldn't take it lying down, whether it was a girl or not. "And while we're on the subject of me - the greatest subject of all - don't underestimate me. I could compete with you during battle no sweat, Witchy."

April 4th, 2007, 1:25 PM
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Blue listened with an off-interested ear to the 60 seconds of infamy given from each person. Narumi, small and timid, was the first to go up. As he listened, Blue decided that there was definitely something being hidden in his testimony, but he couldn't decide on what it was. Just the general nature of the lad seemed to be a bit off for a bunch of supposedly bloodthirsty Pokemon theives. In fact, none of them seemed to be real "Rocket" material. He supposed that it was because they had all just sorta skipped up the line. Nobody had really experienced the grunthood like he had, except for maybe Mika.. but as he thought about it, she probably was pampered throughout her career as well.. But she WAS an executive.. shame that she couldn't keep things under control.

Then Sera stepped up to the plate. As Blue had suspected, her story was told with an air of distaste, but as Blue DIDN'T expect, she's a Dodrio wrangler, chased by Rockets for three years. And now.. she works for them? Shaking his head, he listened on. As she continued, Blue got more and more interested. Her record? Set up? What's UP with this girl? She closed with a threat, as Blue expected. 2 out of 3 marks for his intuition, which was a B in his book.

As she finished, the devilspawn kid spoke up again. "Oi. Witchy woman." he spat, and Blue's name-sake eyes opened wide, and he stood up a bit straighter, his hands stuffed roughly into the hands of his jacket. "Shut up or start talking like a normal person. The way you're speaking is making me sick!" he finished, a self satisfied grin plastered across his stupid face. He kicked his legs up onto a chair, returned his Gardevoir before she could say anything, and started talking.

"Askan Kyra Oregon. Go by Askan, Kyran, and occasionally Askan the Bloody Claw." he said, and Blue nearly gagged. This kid.. "I don't really care who you are, as long as you stay the hell out of my way." he continued, and Blue's adrenaline began to pump again. He clenched his fists tight in his jacket, and gritted his teeth, excercising all his will not to just beat the living snot out of this kid. Just give me one excuse, kid. One excuse and your ass is grass. "So, yeah, whatever. And yes ladies, I'm single." And that did it.

Blue started to move, but Sera was already there. Blue stepped back, fuming. "Gee, what a surprise." said the southern girl, with a sauce of sarcasm so strong Blue could almost taste it. "Got any skills besides boastin' and nose-pickin', bloody fingers? Or did ya get that nickname fer a dandruf problem gone horribly out of hand? I honestly find ya about as interestin' as a rottin' log, and a good bit less appealin', but if we're gonna' be stuck with ya I fer one wanna' know what kinda stupidity to expect. As fer my way of speech..." she paused for a moment, and Blue grinned, enjoying watching Askan's ass handed to him on a plate. "...get bent, I talk however I damn well please. Ya can count yerself lucky that I'm in such a tranquil mood or ye'd be pickin' yer teeth of the floor fer that. Then again..."she paused again, a smile creeping onto her face."Odds are that'd be the closest ye'd ever get to a woman, so I wouldn't put it past ya to enjoy it."

In a fit of desperation, or so it seemed, Askan resorted to third-grade insults. "What's that? I CAN NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE SAYING. I DO NOT SPEAK YOUR LANGUAGE." he taunted, a big dumb grin on his face. "I'D TRY AND TALK LIKE YOU, BUT THEN I'D LOOK LIKE A BIG RETARD." With an off-hand tone, he added "Oh, and by the way. I've had two. Two girlfriends in the past four months, wench. Dumped 'em both because they didn't suit my fancy. Apparently I've been closer to a girl than you've apparently been to acting like one... and while we're on the subject of me - the greatest subject of all - " And that was the final straw. Blue was already there by the time he finished his sentence. By the time he had said the words "..I could compete with you during battle no sweat, Witchy." Blue had him by the throat.

With his forearm pressed tight against Askan's neck, Blue's face was practically nose and nose with Askan. "Alright, you little punk. I've had it with you. You might think your hot stuff, but NOBODY else here does, and there's no room for that. There's also no room for you to trash talk your team-mates. If you need to talk about how great you are, there's a nice empty field out there... " at this point he paused and pointed out the window where a plainly empty field was zooming by. "..just chock full of people who care, that I'd be more than willing to take you to." He grinned a twisted grin, and pushed a little harder on the boy's neck. "As for right now, however.. since it's 4 AM, I'll leave you with this. You're part of Team Rocket. Shape up, or get the hell out." his last statement crescendoed into a growly roar, and he thrust his knee toward the boy's gut. It was sudden, and wicked fast - Blue was confident that there was no way the kid could dodge it completely. He had the kid by the throat after all.

April 4th, 2007, 2:28 PM
"Ara..." Narumi's tire voice came, "It's too early in the morning to be fighting..." He let out a huge yawn and stretched, slouching in his chair as he remained quietly speaking to himself, ignoring the fact that this was in fact a much bigger deal then he was making it out to be. Crossing his legs and stretching them out, he folded his arms, glancing at the clock on the wall before saying absentmindedly, "A guy can't sleep with all this noise..." Now, to one who knew Narumi, one would immediately sense the killing intent in his voice, the annoyance in his blank canvas of a face, and the glare that was burning in his eyes. He

However, to these three strangers, he probably looked like any other kid his age, bored, tired, and indifferent. Rubbing the cold metal that was attatched to his ear, trying to calm down, he sighed and used the tip of his converse to scratch the back of his leg, averting his gaze from the heated fight in front of him.

Honestly. There was that Miss. Geinsbrough who seemed to have the shortest temper in the world, then there was the weird guy who seemed to be off his rocker. But, both of the other guy's seemed to be off their rockers, but Narumi was talking about the one who was currently being attacked. Then there was the attacker, who seemed to be positively bi-polar. Having fallen asleep for a few minutes, Narumi was actually back to normal, oddly enough. But, if anyone was bi-polar, it was probably himself, as his personality seemed to change every other minute.

"Hey," Narumi mumbled flatly, barely audible as the fighting continued, "Are you... listening to me?"

Diluvate let out his usual cackle and said, <'Don't think so Roger!'>

Narumi glanced at Diluvate's pokeball, and the obvious, 'Shut the hell up' gaze was enough to make all six pokeballs fall silent.

'Let's see... all of these people seem to be easily annoyed. So basically, as long as I stay out of their way, I shouldn't attract too much of their attention. Which means I should probably hold my sarcasm. And I probably should've kept sleeping, or at least start pretending. Hey... that reminds me, wasn't I going to do that stammering freaky twit of a trainer act? ...' Narumi blinked, just remembering what had happened before he'd fallen asleep, 'Oh crap. Ugh, whatever. Too late now. Maybe this'll just be my act after I wake up or something. I can't believe I slipped up.'

Scooching himself up on the seat and stuffing his skeleton-like fingers into his pockets, he searched for- ah, there it was! Unwrapping a strawberry gummy and popping it into his mouth, Narumi proceeded to suck all the flavor off, so that it would last longer then chewing it and swallowing it. In fact, to Narumi, that was the proper way of eating gummy-like candies. Crushing the now empty wrapped in his fist and pocketing it again, he watched the scene before him, which, truthfully, was extremely entertaining.

April 4th, 2007, 9:04 PM
(Baka,Baka, Baka!!! Ok listen, things have been hard for me, I’ve been busy, I’m still behind on a few things, and I’m just happy to be done with this for now. I almost had more done last night, but dad had to update something, so he shut down the comp ,and instead of saving the file on Microsoft Word, it Freaken ate it!!! >_< plus dad chewed me out on a test he should have graded five days ago, so I just want to post this before I’m left in the dust, if this isn’t good enough then FINE, I’ll get back to it later, at least I’ll have it with little chance of it going away AGAIN!!! *sigh* Ok I feel better ^_^)

-Out of Character-

Name: Clow, Clow Damon, Nate (If you must -_-)

-In Character-

-+- The Basics:

Full Birth Name: William Archer
Nick Names: Will
Age: 16
Location of Childhood Home: Oldale, spent more then a little time in Violet City with his Cousin.
Type of Trainer: Spy

-+- Pokemon:

Current Pokemon on your Person:

Mako (Gardevoir) (Female)

Mako was the first pokemon Will caught oddly enough, by accident. It all started years ago while Will was bouncing a Pokeball on a wall with his tennis racket, out of tennis balls at the time. His mom complaining Will just shrugging, but with one wrong swing, and it went bursting out the window, into a Kirlia. It was wondering around the ball knocking it out, and also catching it. Will was more then a little surprised, and the Kirlia more then a little ticked off, but the worked it out. The two have a very strong bond, naturally, psychic pokemon and close trainers normally do, and being with him the longest some would say she was even the strongest in Wills team. As a Kirlia Mako was, to say the least, sassy, crude, and mocking, and still is somewhat, but she’s defiantly maturated.

Anra (Absol) (Male)
Anra is one of Will’s favorite pokemon, one reason is because he is an Absol. Absol’s for one have the ability to sense natural disasters, which saved Will’s life. Will was actually traveling up a mountain, looking for rare pokemon, after al, some pokemon only live in the mountains, and few people travel them. That’s when he noticed an Absol, staring at him, before having time to even reach for a ball, the creature rammed him, forcing Will onto his back, and running down the mountain, just as rock slide was coming. After a chat with Mako, The Absol deiced to join Will saying “ You seem hopeless without me.” Anra is a bit of an odd pokemon, he’s quite, doesn’t say much, but when he does speak, it’s usually something sarcastic. He enjoys a good fight, but usually when there’s nothing going on, he sleeps and lounges around.

Mizu (Vaporeon) (Female)
Mizu is kind of the sweet and caring child in the group, no doubt the youngest, and she acts like it. Mizu was found in a forest alone. She obviously wasn’t wild, she was too calm, and trust worthy, she seemed way to tame even for an Eevee. After taking her to the pokecenter, he was told that some young, impatient and crueler trainers would abandon pokemon like the Eevee because some tend to be weak at the start. At first, the Eevee was basically a pet, Will didn’t need it for battles he didn’t mind, the poor thing had been through a lot. But he soon realized, she had a will to fight. One day after almost a year with the cute little Eevee, Will made a visit to his mom, talking to her about evolving Mizu. After a lot of talk, some from Mako, who chatted with Mizu, all four decided that, with her personality, Vaporeon suited her best. Mizu is a very loving creature, trusting, ever cheerful, and to be honest a bit boy crazy. But she can get angry, and somewhat easily (She once nearly drowned Anra for eating the last of her favorite pokeblock flavors) Despite getting a bit older, her personality seems unchanged some doubt she’ll ever change, not that that’s a bad thing.

Naito (Noctowl) (Male)
Naito was one of the few pokemon that didn’t come with him willingly, he’s always been a tough, stubborn bird. He was caught in the Johto region on one of his vacations to visit his cousin, who is nearly his older sister. He encountered the bird fighting with a far weaker pokemon, about to take it to far, Will stopped him and a battle between Anra and the Noctowl was the result. But even when the bird was out matched, it wouldn’t give up even after taking various poundings by the Absol, it wouldn’t stay down. In the end, Will had to bring him to his cousin. After a few days the Noctowl joined up with Will, simply out of respect. Nato is brash, rash, and can sometimes be stupid, though he is an intelligent pokemon. Though he does, sometime get along with Will’s other pokemon, he is defiantly not one to make friends.

Pokemon hidden Depths of Tall Grass or your PC Box:

Mightyena (Kage) (Male)
Sandslash (Ira) (Male)
Togetic (Kite) (Male)


(If you please)

-+- Appearance:

Eye Color: A light shade of brown

Hair Color/Style: His hair color is Orange, it’s a short, simple enough cut, with a few clomps of hair spiked down word.

Height: 5’2

Weight: 158 lbs.

General Appearance: Will’s most noticeable features are definitely his Bright Orange hair, and his light brown eyes. The hair is quite short, barely reaching the top of his neck. His eyes are a very nice shade f brown like his mothers. Will has some nice facial features, he would defiantly be considered good looking. He has attracted more then a few girls by looks alone, and has gotten a bit fed up with it. He is pretty skinny, but has some noticeable muscles mostly in his arms, but you wouldn’t call it “ripped”. His build really supports his height, he may look short, but you wouldn’t mistake him for someone much younger then himself. As for attire, Will wears dark blue, tattered, cargo jeans, that he has had for a long time (And hates to admit it) He likes to keep it simple, so he likes to wear a short sleeved red shirt, with a black hooded jacket, with long sleeves, and more then a few pockets. The jacket is usually always open, to ascent his shirt. He keeps some shades around, but only wears them when he sees fit. As for shoes, he wears some white, with a few blue stripes, tennis shoes he has grown comfortable wearing. He doesn’t have a big fancy executive uniform, but he was given a basic Rocket uniform, for when the time calls for it, He wears hand gloves instead of the long arm type, his normal shoes, instead of thoughs boots he despises, and an opened vest, with the same R, instead of that shirt. He also threw out the stupid bray, and wears a Bandana with a large red R on it.

-+- Personality:

Strengths | Fear:

+Great acting ability.

+His, always grey point of view (Never black and white)

+His head for strategy.

+He is seasoned tennis player, making him light on his feet, and giving him a strong arm.

+He’s always been a stealthy guy.

-Letting people close to him, or ones that are counting on him down.

-Getting to into his job (This is both A Strength and a Fear, a fear of taking it one step to far)

-Getting caught undercover ( Because of what might happen, and his pride in general)

Likes | Dislikes:

+Actually getting a good nights sleep
+Most of the other G-Men
+Someone he can actually talk to, intelligently.
+Being able to sit down and relax after a hard day

-Stuck up people
-People that comment on his height negatively
-Some of the other G-Men
-Lance (He’s a great guy, but even he can get annoying)
-People that he considers to be “a jerk”
-Being bested in strategy, or mentally
-People that see things in simple black and white, good or bad ect.
-Boy crazed girls.

Goals: To do something with his life, to get people on a only slightly crocked path, the chance that others won’t, to make thoughs close to hm proud.

Skills: Head for strategy, strong arm, great aim, head for teck.

Quirks | Habits: Will has a very bad case of insomnia. When he’s feeling unfocused, he may sometimes bounce a pokeball, or tennis ball, up and down on his racket.

Secrets: He used to be a rotten kid, he would prank, con, even steal.

Reputation: Though he is no higher up, such as Lance, he is defiantly good at what he does, and that’s being a spy, he would sooner get sent to jail then caught, he’s impressing some of the bigwigs, but he could honestly care less. (I will include this in past later, but he did earn 5 Hoenn Badges, two contest Ribbons, became a research assistant and was enrolled in the pokemon police, trying to find that one thing, before the G-men)

Personality: A laid back, somewhat lazy kind of guy, who plays it cool. But does sometimes slip up, and has a very short fuse, that’s Will. Unprovoked, Will’s a nice guy, willing to lazes about, just talk to someone, maybe practice his tennis, and happily waste the day away. But he is easily irritated, and when he’s annoyed things can get ugly, and when he’s mad, Mako holds him back to be honest. Will has always been a smart enough guy, though his blind furry can make that hard to see at time. He always enjoys a good challenge, for his mind, or his sport if he can find someone to play. Will doesn’t like to see anyone especially himself, looked down on upon, or pushed around, and finds it hard to stand for, giving him a big problem with authority but most of the time, he can manage to bite his tongue and stay slightly, but it is very difficult. Will, to someone he dislikes, can be a bit taunting, sometimes hitting below the belt so to speak, and being proud of it, he can be smug if he wants to but goes against that urge whenever possible. During something serious, and sometimes battle, usually he just wears a cocky smirk, viewing things in a nearly uncaring manner, which is his way. But the only time he could be considered cheerful is with loved once…. and food. He’s also a bit of a flirt, having a certain charm, to go with his looks, though he actually prefers girls that don’t go crazy over him at first.

-+- History:

Past: (Again, Paragraph format. Feel free to create character mystery. <3 I love that sort of thing) (Later, getting this up to par…)


Skyle Archer, Father, 42, Accomplish Pokemon trainer (Co-Hotel owner).
Lenna Archer, Mother, 38, Accomplished Pokemon Researcher (Co-Hotel owner)
Mandy Branford, Cousin, 22, Pokemon Nurse (She recently joined, but she is accomplished, and is doing well)
Kain Branford, Cousin in-law, 25, Teacher At Violet City’s pokemon school.

Will, will sometimes use his Tennis racket as a tool. He has also developed a little bit of psychic power, as some trainers do with psychic pokemon, but he can barely bend a spoon with all his mental might. Another note, tennis is just Will’s hobby, he excels at it, but you really wouldn’t even call it a passion, he simply just enjoys it.

RP example: Drache nuf said XP plenty of others, but I just want to get this thing done O_O
I just want to get this thing done O_O

April 5th, 2007, 9:21 PM

Clow: D: Fix it up! It makes my eyes bleed as it is!



Anyways, now that the bloody huge project my crazy goverment teacher gave us is completely finished (Psyco, the man gives us a night and a half for a project that we should've at least been given a week to do.) I get to leave for two days to go eat chocolate and throw eggs at people play with cute babies for two days.

Be back late Sunday


“…Yeah. Thanks for listening kid. Sorry… I know I’m a weak leader.” she rubbed the back of her neck softly , “…but I have to do the best I can with the cards I’m given.” Yawning, she opened the door back up just in time to hear an announcement. Pushing a hand over the nearest person talking’s mouth so there was silence, she turned her head up towards the corner speaker, listening as the school-like bells as they bing-bonged in that rhymatic tone that often caused children to bolt for the nearest exit or the nearest classroom.

Good morning everyone! We hope you are enjoying your ride on this beautiful morning. We would, at this time, like to ask all our patrons to find a seat. Do not be alarmed, this is only a small trial we all must overcome. The Global Police have set up a Checking Station at the edge of Mt. Silver. They will simply walk through the train once and leave. It’s nothing to be alarmed about. Now, if you could all take your seats, this pestilence can be dealt with calmly and quickly. We will arrive at the stop in approximately thirty minutes, please be in your seat by that time to make the process go smoothly. Thank you for your co-operation.

Mika ran a hand through her hair very slowly. Everyone in the cabin, with the exception of Big-Mouth, had clean records. Giovanni had his insiders, they’d made sure these newbies would be safe from persecution this early, but they couldn’t touch Mika’s file at all and worse, she had the bracelet on her wrist; that bloody silver, almost barbaric-looking, bracelet. One on each wrist. Each bracelet had very obvious bite marks scattered across the steel frame (Seemingly bitten in an attempt to get them off but it had obviously failed multiple times.) and each one had a horror story of its own. Simply put, the bracelets, visible to anybody with eyes on their face, were reminders of her time in a GP facility. They were put on the high flight-risk ‘guests’ to track them via one of these ‘stops’. The bracelet itself acted as a pull for an indicator. If she was within a certain amount of distance from them, she’d be easily found and this early, this early, it would be a disaster.

Breathing in and out softly, she pulled the boy in the hall into the room by the earlobe and shut the door, locking it legally and illegally, “Alright, nobody say anything for a second here, okay?” Her hands dropped to her sides, “Okay, we need to come up with some sort of a plan or we’re going to get caught before we’ve even started and that, that is bad. We need somebody to distract the G-Unit and possibly their aids and a few people to stay here. Lastly, I need a person or two to come with me. I gotta get on the roof of this stupid train so that blasted scanner can’t detect my latest accessory.” she waggled it in front of the others, “Which, by the way, I don’t recommend getting.” she smirked sarcastically, “It clashes with everything,”

Sighing, she sat down in the available not-wet chair and rubbed her forehead lightly, “Ideas. Spit them out now.” she turned her head towards Sera and Askan, “Not litterally spit, I know you two would try it, and no stupid ideas. Serious ideas because this is a deadly serious matter.”

Alter Ego
April 6th, 2007, 12:09 AM
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The moment Askan opened his dumb mouth, Sera's opinion of the boy dropped even further. Big retard? She had heard year-old Doduos come up with better ones than that. The girl had half a mind to smack the moron over the head for violating the time-honored tradition of insulting with such a pathetic attempt as he continued prattling on about having had two girlfriends - chicks in white coats who tried to stick needles in him or hired company, no doubt, unless he had counted his mother - and by the time the twit had gotten to his prissy 'I'd beat you' speech - providing a side-order of insinuating that Sera would actually want to be feminine - the girl was more than ready to do what she had wanted to get done for a long time, rising up and preparing to shut the kid's yap for good.

Just like with her last impulse, however, Blue beat her to it, slamming the punk against the wall psycho executive-style and informing him - in no uncertain terms - that if he couldn't shut it he would be looking at a one-way ticket to the empty field outside. Sera couldn't resist smiling - even though Blue had largely stolen her thunder - at least there seemed to be one sensible person on the train. It was a shame that he had to be a Rocket loyalist, though, but she supposed that that couldn't be remedied any time soon. Hopefully the loud-mouthed twit would take the hint and shut up, but Sera decided not to count on it, ready to chip in with another blow to Askan's gut if he as much as tried to make a counter-attack.

Soon, Askan turned out to be the least of Sera's worries, however, as the PA blared out the worst piece of news for the day:

Good morning everyone! We hope you are enjoying your ride on this beautiful morning. We would, at this time, like to ask all our patrons to find a seat. Do not be alarmed, this is only a small trial we all must overcome. The Global Police have set up a Checking Station at the edge of Mt. Silver. They will simply walk through the train once and leave. It’s nothing to be alarmed about. Now, if you could all take your seats, this pestilence can be dealt with calmly and quickly. We will arrive at the stop in approximately thirty minutes, please be in your seat by that time to make the process go smoothly. Thank you for your co-operation.

Sera flinched, walking by? She was suspect enough on her own, but with that loud-mouthed, witless prat and little miss psycho around she'd stick out like a sore thumb. 'Okay...' she thought for herself, feeling the pounding in her head as she shut her eyes to focus, 'What to do? What to do?' On a normal day, she would just have called out Flammie, have him bust up a wall and then high-tailed it out of there on Triune's back, but with all those louts on her back that wasn't an option this time, especially since she had to make the escape subtle and non-confrontational. And on top of all that, they had to escape off a moving train. What kind of idiot decided to stick them on a friggen' train?

"Damn it..." she mumbled for herself, paying half-minded heed to Mika's blabbering, "Damn it all..."

When the executive came to the point about her 'new accessory', however, Sera was snapped out of her thoughts, and not in a good way. At the sight of the silver bracelets - the ones she had heard others fearfully describe, the one she had seen in so many nightmares - she just had to speak up. No, that was an understatement. She didn't speak up, she yelled.

"YA. BLOODY. IDIOT!" never before on that day had her anger boiled up to such an extent, the words flying out of her mouth like punches in a bar fight, "YA WENT FER THE BLEEDIN' TRAIN EVEN THOUGH THEY'VE FRIGGEN TAGGED YA?! AND NOW YE'RE MAKIN' STUPID JOKES ABOUT IT?! WHAT THE HELL WERE YA THINKIN', YA DUMB BROAD?!" Sera just couldn't contain it anymore. Fully aware that it was entirely out of line and not at all the smart move to make, she pulled her right arm back and delivered a full-force smack to Mika's left ear that would probably leave said ear ringing for quite a while. Although this release of aggression seemingly calmed her slightly, the girl was still trembling with rage as she spoke up again.

"You all know what that thing is, right?" she cast a sideward glance across the group, "That's a GP trackin' bracelet. If one of their scanners gets anywhere near that thing we'll have every god-damn officer in a ten-mile radius on our backs. And ye're..." the girl turned back to Mika, "Ye're tellin' me that ya don't even have a proper escape plan?! Ya want all of us to sit down in a little circle on the floor and make one up in the thirty minutes we have here before they start the friggen' sweep?! Sheez, weren't ya supposed to be good at this?! I've seen two-bit grunts come better prepared, damn it!" she felt a strong urge to hit the executive again, but restrained it this time. No matter how right it felt, this wasn't the right time for a brawl. Hopefully little miss psycho would realize that too.

"Now ya said ya wanted ideas?" she continued in a more steady voice, "Well, I reckon' I could start a reasonably contained fire in one of the compartments up ahead. Should be enough to keep 'em busy fer a while. Other than that, some of my lil' friends here-" she nodded towards her pokéballs on her belt, particularly thinking of Rondo, "Could create quite a stir amongst the passengers. The way I see it, the more panic and disarray we can create out in the halls, the better our chances of slippin' by unnoticed, and I'm pretty good at creatin' disturbances. Now..." she cast her glance across the others in the room, "Anybody got somethin' to that effect? Smoke bombs? Pokémon that just don't play well with people? Anythin' poisonous but controllable to let loose in the passenger-heavy cars? Whoever's got somethin' like that I'd like to have with me on the distractions side, but only if ya know how to move quietly and unnoticably, 'cause one mistake can be enough fer both to get caught." Slowly getting into the plan-developing mood, she shrugged off her trench coat, tossing it onto the seat next to her satchel before promptly siezing the length of dark red hair spreading in all directions from the back of her head and tying it into what would probably have been a ponytail were it not for the fact that the strands still liked to spike and did so in every direction. Still, this simple procedure had altered Sera's appearance somewhat, although part of the credit probably went to the change in her attitude, her usual agression-laced tone replaced by an authorative and businesslike one and her gaze relenting a bit from its usual anger towards the world in general. There was a time for picking fights and barbing the others at every turn, a time when she could afford being nitpicky about every look, gesture and word, but this just wasn't it. This was business, serious business, and even though she hadn't fully realized it, Sera was instinctively stepping into charge, now having established Mika as completely unfit to lead. Sera was the senior here, after all, the expert. She was on her own turf now, and certainly didn't want this situation botched because of some pampered rocket-chick with a superiority complex.

"I'd nominate Narumi fer the sittin'" she continued matter-of-factly, "'cause he's our little dolly-boy and looks too innocent to even swipe a friggen' paper clip." 'Not to mention...' she added in her mind, 'That this way he doesn't get a shot at sabotaging anything crucial.', "Askan I'd stick on the roof, 'cause - quite frankly - he just doesn't know how to shut his yap and he's about as inconspicious as a Tentacruel in a bathtub. But of course, it's all yer call in the end, princess." she turned her gaze back to Mika, waiting - probably in vain - for the executive to make herself useful for a change while almost challenging her to come up with a reason to disagree this time around.

April 6th, 2007, 4:27 PM

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IC comin momentairly

April 6th, 2007, 5:55 PM
"Alright, you little punk. I've had it with you. You might think your hot stuff, but NOBODY else here does, and there's no room for that. There's also no room for you to trash talk your team-mates. If you need to talk about how great you are, there's a nice empty field out there... " Blue said to Askan as he took hold of his throat with his forearm and made a notion towards the passing field. It was coming, the peak of excitement that his body had been pushing him to create. Ever since he awoke as a member of Rocket, his body has seemingly adapted to the rush and thrill of conflict. Basically, he was addicted to chaos, no matter how hard he tried. And he had tried, multiple times, all ending in failure. It was possible a catalyst would be needed to help him drop this unwanted personality. In response to Blue's next statement, he gave what was seemingly a psychotic grin. "..just chock full of people who care, that I'd be more than willing to take you to." He went to make a cheeky response, but was quickly cut off by more jabbering. The moment was near, that which his body desired would soon arrive; the peak of the chaos. ""As for right now, however.. since it's 4 AM, I'll leave you with this. You're part of Team Rocket. Shape up, or get the hell out." Blue growled as he thrusted his knee towards Askan, whom of which had no fear of the attack, that much was shown by the look in his eye.

When the blow impacted, his head jolted downwards as he coughed up a little bit of blood in process. "THAT is all you have?!" He laughed as he lifted his head back up to look at blue, blood dripping down from his lip and off his chin. He looked insane, simply insane at that moment, his pupils barely noticeable and a big grin on his face. As he began to struggle in an attempt to break free of Blue's grip. He froze suddenly, his breaths slowing significantly, as that which brought him pleasure recoiled on his body. Another downside to his body was that once it reached a certain level of excitement, it "rewarded" Askan by sending dangerous waves of pain throughout his body, which in turn crippled him temporarily after it drove him insane for a few moments. "GET AWAY FROM ME!!!" Askan shouted dangerously as he attempted to push Blue away, and went to reach for the Pokeball of his Gardevoir. During the time he had trained under Rocket, he had been working on methods of not hurting others while in this state. While he liked to fight, he didn't like hurting those he didn't consider an actual enemy. As Gardevoir was released, she quickly took action in using her psychic to contain the boy, forcing him into the fetal position as the pain took hold. His screaming disrupted the discussion taking place momentarily, but subsided as soon as it came.

Gardevoir let go of the boy with her technique afterwards, and he struggled to get up, his breathing very heavy. In the end, he had to use a chair to push himself up. It was at this point that he overheard Sera's idea. "I'll sit on the roof... I can use my Noctowl to get up there." Usually after his attacks, he became a completely different person until he had rested. Well, in this case it could have been a side effect of his meds kicking in...

April 6th, 2007, 8:59 PM
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April 6th, 2007, 10:03 PM
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As Blue's knee smashed into Askan's stomach, the latter boy's head shook forward, and a quick cough sent blood splattering all over his face. Satisfied, Blue leaned back, one arm still firmly grasped on the boy's neck a smug grin on his face. Soon, Askan would crumple to the floor and that would be it. Dominance asessed. However, this would not be the case. Askan looked up, and no longer did Blue see the face of a bratty little kid, but the face of an insane man. Blue took a step back, internally horrified. All that showed on his face though, was a look of sheer surprise.

"THAT is all you have?!" Askan laughed. He was different now; completely different. Blue suddenly realized that he was afraid - more afraid than he'd been in a long, long time. Askan boy smiled maniacally, and broke free of Blue's grip. As he began to move towards Blue, Askan suddenly shook, as if he were struck. Pushing Blue away with a force that surprised the boy even more, he screamed. "GET AWAY FROM ME!" he shrieked, and fumbled for his Gardevoir's pokeball, and releasing it. The Gardevoir encased him in a barrier, and he convulsed with pain for roughly a minute, until it subsided, just as quickly as it had set upon him. Blue dropped to his knees, and examined the boy, who, other than some heavy breathing, seemed physically fine.

Suddenly, a voice boomed through the loudspeaker in the room. It was a calm, feminine voice that betrayed the sinister news that it would foretell.

Good morning everyone! We hope you are enjoying your ride on this beautiful morning. We would, at this time, like to ask all our patrons to find a seat. Do not be alarmed, this is only a small trial we all must overcome. The Global Police have set up a Checking Station at the edge of Mt. Silver. They will simply walk through the train once and leave. It’s nothing to be alarmed about. Now, if you could all take your seats, this pestilence can be dealt with calmly and quickly. We will arrive at the stop in approximately thirty minutes, please be in your seat by that time to make the process go smoothly. Thank you for your co-operation.

Blue stood up from Askan's side, his mind whirling. At this point, Mika strode into the room. Silencing the room quickly, she laid out the details of the situation. Blue grimaced as she finished her speech. This was bad. Definitely very bad. In what was apparantly the typical fashion by this point, Sera voiced Blue's frustrations with a bit of her own.

"YA. BLOODY. IDIOT!" she bellowed. "YA WENT FER THE BLEEDIN' TRAIN EVEN THOUGH THEY'VE FRIGGEN TAGGED YA?! AND NOW YE'RE MAKIN' STUPID JOKES ABOUT IT?! WHAT THE HELL WERE YA THINKIN', YA DUMB BROAD?!" Even though it was a bit over the top, Blue couldn't help agreeing. However, even in his mood he was surprised by what happened next.

With a quick but powerful motion, Sera whacked Mika across the ear with stunning force and accuracy. The strike seemed so painful that Blue rubbed his own ear. As Sera calmed down a tiny bit (to the point where she was no longer screeching) she explained why the situation was so dire, and Blue's stomach nearly sank into his feet. If the G-men found that bracelet on Mika, it'd be all over. They had to do something about this - and fast. Luckily, Sera would come to the rescue on that front.

The southern Dodrio tamer laid out her plan. It could all be described in a simple word. Chaos. By starting a small fire (something that Blue found unneccesary, but at this point, decided to let Sera take over from there.) and using extreme crowd control and diversionary tactics, would get Mika to the top of the train. She continued. "Anybody got somethin' to the effect of smoke bombs? Pokémon that just don't play well with people? Anythin' poisonous but controllable to let loose in the passenger-heavy cars? Whoever's got somethin' like that I'd like to have with me on the distractions side, but only if ya know how to move quietly and unnoticably, 'cause one mistake can be enough fer both to get caught." Blue raised his hand casually.

"I've got what you need on that circuit. A sneasel and a vileplume, both with some pretty nasty stuff. I'll lend their services to you, but I have a question first. We're going to have to evacuate the train afterwards. Do we have a plan for that? Because there's no way that I'm starting a fire and releasing Enfonce's gas and staying on this crate." he scoffed, old memories floating back. Blue quickly rolled up his right sleeve, and began to fiddle with the device strapped to the arm. "Give me a second here." he mumbled, quickly tapping into his map on his Pokegear. "Alright, so here's what I gather. The checkpoint is at Mt Silver, which is a few miles west of the Indigo Plateau. We're just about to pass Indigo Plateau now. Either way, Mika has to get off the train. But the question is, where? No doubt the IP is going to be crawling with G-men and goody trainers just far too willing to help with our capture. So I'm thinking our best bet is after we get to the IP, we make our diversion, we ALL get to the top of the train, and fly south, where we can go either East to Viridian, or West to Blackthorn, or even Mahogany if neccesary. Because even if the g-men don't capture Mika during the search, there's no doubt that with our diversions, the train is going to stop, and everyone will be evacuated, and then it's curtains. If anybody has any objections, speak now or forever hold your peace, because we don't have a whole lot of time here."

April 7th, 2007, 12:41 PM
Without comment and without apparent reaction, Asylum passively allowed Mika to drag him into the train car, Somnio slipping into the room an instant before the door was shut. Once his ear was released, trainer rubbed it silently, reviewing the PA announcement in his mind as he listened to Mika speak. The young executive explained the current crisis, which ran even deeper than the announcement itself would already have seemed to indicate. Ending with an emphasis on the severity of the situation, Mika opened the floor for suggestions. Asylum's greyish eyes slid lazily toward the girl as his mind began to work. A tracking bracelet . . . I guess that would be considered a bad thing, huh? At least this gives me something to do.

Somnio's crimson eyes focused on the displayed objects, the Lunatone's gaze steadily growing more intent. The Pokemon said nothing, however, apparently content to remain silent for the present.

Then, both Asylum and Somnio's thoughts were momentarily interrupted as Sera burst out in indignant fury, shouting at Mika in unchecked wrath. If he had actually cared, Asylum might have been irritated. But, being that he did not care, the male felt mild annoyance at best and merely relifted his hand to one ear, thinking, "And this is why I didn't want to come in here . . . "

Though he listened without interruption to Sera's plan, Asylum was simultaneously attempting to form a plan of his own. Clearly, opposing the red-haired female before him outright was not an idea that promised much success. And though he had never cared much for other's opinions, Asylum could also be practical and understand what means not to use to achieve his short-lived purposes.

At this point, Asylum's attention was drawn to one side as Askan drew himself up, using a chair for support. Despite not being present during Askan's initial fall and scream, Asylum had heard both clearly enough through the door, though he knew not the cause of them. The previously wild Askan now complied without argument to Sera's idea, even offering his piece to her plan. As Asylum's gaze shifted elsewhere, apparently from loss of interest, the purple-haired trainer noted the blue blood still on Askan's chin. That one . . . Looks like he's spent time in the Rocket lab, too.

Still facing forward, Somnio wordlessly asked, "Do you plan to say anything?"

Not really. Neither human nor Pokemon exhibited any signs of communication.

You were brought on this mission to participate.

We'll just see how things go.

Asylum turned toward Blue as he spoke, listening to the sapphire-eyed executive add his own thoughts on the situation.

"If you're going to say something, now would be the time," came Somnio's message.

I suppose. Not looking at anyone in particular, Asylum spoke, his tone passive enough to eliminate any notions of rebellious intent, though lacking enough interest to add a new possibility of offense. "He's right. A distraction like that will cause too many problems. If someone needs to get to the top of the train, I've got a Natu that knows Teleport, though you'll probably need to bribe her, and she can only take one at a time. But if we need a distraction, we can't let ourselves be connected to it."

April 7th, 2007, 6:59 PM
'Are we really that obvious as Team Rocket Executives and/or Members? They're just going to do a check right?' Narumi thought to himself, 'Since they're only looking for Mika, shouldn't she be the only one to get out of here, then leave the rest of us here so we look normal? Oh, but, I guess the rest of them might be more notorious then I give them credit for. Not that I think that's really all that likely, but I better not take my chances. There might be something in here I don't know about that'd give us away. But no, that would work either, because then we'd have to take it with us...'

Narumi listened silently to each plan, ignoring the odd color of Askan's blood, ignoring Sera's heated attack on Mika, ignoring just about everything but the plan's for escape and distraction themselves. (However, he couldn't help but cringe in annoyance at Askan, who was screaming bloody hell.) His eyes slid slowly over to the boy that Mika had recently dragged inside, and he quickly added to his point, "Which means we shouldn't use any pokemon that aren't common in this region, or only we might have, because that would point all the fingers at us, and even if not directly at us, it would narrow the blame to a small number of people. But, I can't say I can think of another way to escape." He shrugged, deciding he was too tired to think of a plan at the current moment. Appearing too smart or brilliant would put uneeded attention upon himself as well, so he'd leave it to Miss Fabulously Bossy.

And either he'd missed something, or he had no idea what 'sittin' was supposed to be, "So, why do I have to sit? Well, more like, what is that going to achieve?"

'Obviously it'll make at least one of us look normal when the G-men come along. But I can't do anything worth mentioning if I'm just sitting here. But I'd better not give myself away, being too eager to help Mika, so I guess I'm stuck with this... after all, it's no fun if the mission ends already.' Narumi thought tugging lightly at his earring as he averted his gaze from the rest of the group.

Alter Ego
April 9th, 2007, 7:40 AM
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Sera couldn't help feeling her mood brighten slightly when people seemed to be avoiding messing with her for a change. First, Askan decided to be uncharacteristically intelligent - then again, that blood-curling scream of pain might have been the cause of that behaviour - and not start another fight, submissively agreeing to wait it out on the roof and even remarking that he had his own means of transportation. Soon after, Blue spoke up, remarking that he did have precisely what was needed to make the diversion plan work. A Vileplume? That alone was enough to bring the whole train into an uproar. Then again, Blue hadn't failed to pre-empt sera on what needed to be done thus far so she had half-expected. Still, she couldn't help feeling a bit more cheerful over her assumption actually having been correct. Unfortunately, the boy also brought up a complication with the plan: mainly, what they were goign to do afterwards, suggesting...Sera's stomach sank at the thought, flight. Oh great, how was she going to explain herself out of this one? Flying was definitely a very convenient way to make their getaway, but...urgh, she couldn't just confess being a complete coward about heights now, could she? Askan and Mika would never let her live that one down. Fortunately, a temporary distraction arrived in the form of another boy, one who apparently stepped in with Mika but had somehow managed to skulk by unnoticed. Nonetheless, the boy in question - a rather apathetic one at that - expressed his dislike for the plan, remarking that teleportation would be a much smoother alternative to get onto the roof. Now if Sera would have been the ignorant country gal she probably came off as, she would probably have joined into that straight away, but a couple of years year of advanced move theory had infused her with a far too thick shell of cynicism for that.

"I don't think it's that easy." she remarked, "I mean sure, if we were standin' still teleportation would be just fine and dandy, but the fact is that we're on a movin' train here. That means that outside ye'd have to not only make a landin' on a roof movin' at a relative velocity of about 150 kilometers an hour but also maintain yer balance on it, and as much as I'd enjoy seein' our dear executive challenge those odds and go splat against several tonnes of high-velocity steel, I reckon' that wouldn't be particularly discreet." she shook her head, paying no heed to the fact that she had probably spouted enough physics jargon to gain odd looks from everyone in the room, "Beyond that, the wind there is somethin' fierce, and I don't reckon' a Natu could hold on. I'm not sure if even a Noctowl could. No offense, but climbin' up there is risky enough as it is, I fer one much prefer the risk of getting spotted messing around the train with something at least sort of solid under my feet. Now, as fer yer question..." she turned her gaze to Narumi, "The point is that if things go horribly wrong, at least the whole team won't be caught. Me an' Mika aren't exactly on good terms with the GP, but if ye've got a clean record - like I think ya do - then odds are they'll just pass ya by without a second glance, same goes for anyone else who looks harmless and has clean papers. The fewer people with hafta smuggle out from beneath their noses the better. Still..."

She paused, rubbing her temples as she tried to figure things out in her mind, "Wait, ye're a trainer of psychic pokemon, right?" she looked back up at Asylum, "Got anythin' that could mesmerize those GPs? I'm not talkin' full mind control or anythin', just enough to make them a bit drowsy and inattentive. Say...enough not to notice a person or two slip by? That way, maybe we could just dodge them without creatin' a ruckus. We'd still hafta' get little miss executive onto the roof, but it wouldn't be drawin' as much attention to us. That's what ya were worried about, right?"

April 9th, 2007, 12:06 PM

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Sera was going to get a talking to, if not a beating, later on if she didn't stop this play for Mika's leadership position but, for now, she used it to her somewhat unwilling advantage and let the mini team have their way for the moment, leaning back against the wall as she listened to the seemingly random suggestions (That any tactictian would know were mostly foolish, brash and would result in immediate disclosure) with decreasing intrest. Eventually, however, the seemingly endless agrueing that followed gave the young executive time to think and contract a plan of action that would result in the outcome they wanted. In the silence of the corner unused and ignored by the rest of the cabin, she dropped to her knees with a soft little thud and dug out a small notebook from her bag, along with a pen. Quickly and silently, she sketched out the basic idea of the cars, including windows and doors, on the train and indicaited, using a special little key, where certian vents and ladders were. Then, after making sure it matched the picture in her mind from when she'd exaimed the train prior to this madness, she switched the ink outlet on her pen (One of those changing color ink ones) to a red color and quickly went about marking a couple doors with the letter x and the inner room where they were with a couple of o's.

Bitting down on the pen grip, she squinted lightly at the paper for several moments before scribbling out various o's and putting them in other places, two on the roof, two in the dining car and the rest in this room. After a bit of editing with names and such, Mika nodded softly to herself and stood up, breaking into the center of the crowd, "Alright. Here's what we're going to do." Referring to her plan, she motioned for those called to make groups, "Sera, since you're so worried about being caught, which, might I add, I have no intentions of letting happen and not that this means anything whatsoever to you as the opinion of me is very much formulated in your seemingly thick head, you're coming up with me onto the roof." Barely managing to squell a budding smirk, she continued, leaning up close to Sera's ear to deliver a more personal message that the rest of the cabin had no need to know was taking place "Before you jump to conclusions, Sera-chan, listen to me. According to the information I was given in your file, you're not afraid of heights or taking risks. It's dangerous up on that roof and I don't want to take a blockhead like Askan up on the roof of a train going over two hundred miles per hour. I need somebody with some degree of skill in that sort of thing and apparently, apparently you have this skill." Leaning back, she inhaled deeply and continued her dictaiting. Mika wasn't playing around anymore and this was quickly becoming apparent with the levels of authority and intimidation levels she was now spewing into the room. There was no questioning this set of orders.

"Askan and Blue will go to the dining car to get some breakfast. We don't want everyone in the room and the two of you need to get aqquainted in ways other than beating the snot out of each other. in an attempt to establish superiority. Use your company credit card to pay for it and I want the both of you, particulary you Askan, to restrain yourselves from provoking anymore fist-fights. By the time this little ordeal has passed, the two of you should be somewhat aquainted with eachother. Sitting apart in the dining area is not an option, you must sit together. You both have brains inside your equally thick skulls. Find a mode of conversation that isn't violent or provacative or pretains to the mission in any way and go with it." This was dangerous and she knew it but it needed to happen. Even though Askan was unstable, it wasn't that hard to see, she needed this team somewhat unified and not beating eachother senseless at every single little bad look or comment. "Sy, Naru-kun, you stay in here and, act like travelling friends if you can manage it. Feel free to sleep however, if you really need it or read a book. The objective for the two of you is to both watch our belongings and be the first line of defense against the Global Unit that's going to be boarding in, oh," she glanced at her pokegear, "Fifteen minutes. Do not speak to the officers unless asked to, that's an order for the whole lot of you."

Pausing to make sure she had at least semi coherent glances, she concluded her speech, "These plans are now finalized and the execution of these plans starts immediatly. That means you need to move if you've been told to do so and that means you need to do so now. Failure to comply with my orders will result in a Rocket style court martial and I guarentee that you never want to experience one of those." Pocketing the notebook, she motioned to Sera to follow, tapping her foot impatiently in the hallway, "Sometime this year would be appriciated Sera. We're going three cars down, one past the dining car, to get to the starwell that'll get us up onto the roof. Make sure you leave your bag here but bring your poke-" Gasping lightly, she turned back on her heels, halting the movement of her team, "One last thing! Avoid battle confrontation unless it's absolutely nessacary. Use excuses, anything along those lines to get out of a pokemon fight as that comotion will raise a flag faster than a messed up question will. It's four in the morning, they're barely awake like all of us so a fumbled question won't be seen as all that bad. Now you may again! Green Light!" Unable to waste anymore time dwadling, she took off down the hallway at a half walk, half jogging pace, looking back occasionally for Sera. She didn't have time to wait for the girl to finish throwing her tantrum; the only way to escape the radar's grip was on the roof of this train that was moving ungodly fast.

April 10th, 2007, 12:01 PM
"In a moving frame of reference, all laws of physics apply as with a still one. If done right, teleportation could work the same way as tossing and catching a ball in a train," Asylum replied to Sera, his voice hardly energetic enough to constitute an argument--even by a vague definition. "Still," he added, "You're right about the wind. And yeah, I have a Pokemon that can do that." The trainer motioned toward the Lunatone floating at his shoulder. But, before he could add further explanation, Asylum noticed Mika rising, seemingly in preparation to speak. Asylum fell quiet. Anything he could have said after that, he deemed wasted words, and therefore unnecessary effort. Slipping both hands into his pockets, Asylum listened to Mika outline her plan, the executive giving him a position inside the train car with Narumi and the task of acting normal.

Asylum wordlessly lifted the strap of his bag off his shoulder before depositing the bag on the floor unobtrusively in a corner, wondering, "If she was going to tell us what to do all along, why'd she ask people for suggestions at all?"

Though Somnio said nothing in response to the unvoiced comment, Asylum could sense the Lunatone's disapproval. The male dismissed it, however, as he found an open seat and slid noncholantly into it, his Pokemon following him closely. I guess I should probably start trying to come up with a good explanation for two people having the luggage of six. He leaned back, closing his eyes as he heard the door to the train car open and footsteps move outside. No such thing as an ordinary day . . .

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April 12th, 2007, 8:56 AM
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Sera blinked at Asylum's response - specifically, the part about frames of reference - he certainly seemed sure of what he was saying, despite the detached and slightly bored tone of his voice so the girl had to take a moment to consider whether or not he had a point. Maybe she had slept through the frames of reference bit? Well, Asylum did agree on the wind, so she supposed it was a moot, leaving the matter at that. Just as they seemed to be getting somewhere, however, miss psycho executive decided to do what Sera had feared the girl would do for a while now: she opened her mouth. But not only that, she just effectively declared every plan made so far null and void, reorganizing the group in a way that made Sera want to scream and hurt someone. Askan and Blue on their own? The idea struck her as completely ludicruous. Hadn't Mika paid any attention to the way those two were at each others' throats a while ago? The real blow, however, came in her next announcement: the one Mika insisted on having with her on the roof was...Sera? The last bits might have been insulting, but this was a downright hit beneath the belt. 'Skill my ass...' Sera scoffed in her mind, giving the executive a murderous glare. To her mind, this was just an extremely cruel way of torment the executive had plotted to get to her, probably punishment for undermining whatever 'authority' the brat thought she posessed - as if any of them would bother obeying if she wasn't Giovanni's pet.

Still, she reluctantly had to admit, the girl had some nerve at least, pushing her luck with someone who had been labeled a notorious arsonist and murderess like that, not to mention that she obviously wasn't quite as witless as Sera had initially thought, either. The plan - while seemingly based on the principle of 'change everything just to spite Sera' - did seem to be at least semi-functional, not to mention that it took some inkling of intelligence to present it in a way that couldn't be argued with. She undoubtedly knew about Sera's fear for heights, so now she was pretending to have heard the contrary, meaning that the girl would have to protest and bring out her shameful weakness for all to see if she wanted to back out. Not once did it occur to Sera that maybe the Rocket intelligence department wasn't quite living up to its name, that maybe her reckless stunts had created an image quite opposite to reality. No, in her mind this was all part of the intricate scheeming against her that Mika had decided to immerse herself in for whatever petty reason she had, and Sera certainly didn't disguise her contempt, growling quietly at the 'some time this year' remark.

"Sheez, don't have a Miltank!" she called out after her, "Odds are I'll be there way before ya anyway!"

With that, the girl set off after Mika, mumbling something about psycho executives under her breath as she took up a half-sprint, catching up with Mika without any larger complications and falling in step with her - having to resist an urge to give her a good kick in the shins now that there weren't any inconvenient witnesses about. As much as she would have wanted to get all the agressions out into the open in one, good old-fashioned brawl, this was neither the place or time for it. Sera could not, however, keep in all her pent-up anger for long, finally having to let part of it out through the least violent outlet available: her mouth.

Quickly checking that there weren't any eavesdroppers about, she spoke up, hissing out the one question that had been at the back of her mind for a long time:

"Why me?" it wasn't delivered in the usual whining tone that the question was so often posed; it was a demand, one delivered in a tone that clearly brooked no bs.

April 12th, 2007, 3:06 PM
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Narumi sighed, leaning his elbow on the chair rest as he thought with a slightly annoyed air, 'Someone who pretends to value others' opinions, but doesn't.'

He glanced over at his new 'partner in crime' and flopped over onto the floor, his messenger bag landing neatly underneath his dark hair as he folded his arms as a shield between the canvas and his head, looking as comfortable as he'd been in the chair, and being exactly so. New act, but this time, it would be one that would be easily seen through by anyone who had known him for the past few hours, or even minutes. He grinned a very uncharacteristic grin at Asylum, and acting very much like Askan- save for the annoying arrogance, said in a cheerful voice that did not match his feelings of resentment towards the early morning, "So, 'Sylum is it?"

<'Aren't asylum's for crazy people?'> Forsyth asked flatly, not bothering to keep his voice down, and in fact, most likely raising his voice so that boy could hear.

Splice quickly launched into a long-winded explanation, <'Indeed, asylums are instituitions for the mentally ill. But unlike your miniscule mind, my brainpower can comprehend that in this instance, asylum is not used as a noun, but instead, a proper noun, thus, asylum would be capitalized, as it is the young man with the Lunatone's name.'>

<'Excuse me, I couldn't comprehend the difference between these proper nouns and regular nouns.'> Forsyth retorted sarcastically, an edge of bitterness in his voice.

"Ah, well, let's see," Narumi sat up, looking around for anything that might indicate that there had been more then two people in the room beforehand. Well, six bags was enough, but perhaps say that Narumi was paranoid about putting his things and his family's things in the same bag. Perhaps his family had left their belongings at his house and he was returning them. Then- Oh for God's good sake.

Narumi stood up again and threw a random bag of his choosing over the droplets of blood, courtesy of Askan.

Looking around himself again with a sort of ditzy air, he noticed the bags, in which he had virtually no explanation that would sound relatively normal, unless one of the two had some sort of crazy issue as he'd thought of earlier, or, unless Asylum had a better idea. In that case, the paranoia would be a 'last resort', as, without 8 consecutive hours of sleep, Narumi was in a very bipolar state of mind.

April 13th, 2007, 8:14 AM
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IC: "Dining car. Blue. Whatever, lets go." Askan muttered in a straightforward fashion as he through out his right arm so that it was directed at Gardevoir. The arm was shaking vigorously, which was a sign to anyone who knew about his condition that Askan wouldn't be acting up for a while. His body was too exhausted, he barely had the energy to walk. "I want you to stay out of your Pokeball. You know there are the possibilities of me passing out or even having a seizure at this point." His breaths were still heavy, and his body still shaky, but he had a tendency to push himself too far, especially when work was involved. The Gardevoir gave a nod in return, as not to weaken the boy farther, as she used her powers to open the door which lead up to the dining cart.

"Ah.... good. Let's go then." Askan said in the direction of Blue as he began to walk to the door. He suddenly lost his footing and fell forwards, only to be caught by his Garevoir in her arms, who gave him a concerned look. "Don't worry, I'll be fine as long as you're with me..." His companion nodded as she helped him stand up again, and he finally made it through the door and out to a seat in the dining cart.

Gardevoir gave Mika a worried look, and attempted to communicate with her. "You know his condition, is this really such a good idea, Mika? He's unstable. At this point he could end up killing himself. I don't know what I'd do without him..." Gardevoir had also wanted to ask about the possibility of her friend getting his memories back, but deemed it an inappropriate time.

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April 13th, 2007, 10:37 AM
"Yeah, though you can call me Sy if it's easier," Asylum replied to Narumi, not bothering to open his eyes. Though he could not see Narumi, he heard the boy's movements clearly enough and recognized the obvious and sudden change in Narumi's tone of voice. It was almost enough to pique Asylum's interest. Almost. "I guess everyone's entitled to act how they want to," Asylum thought without concern and with fading attentiveness.

"I find this one's act a little curious, though," Somnio responded, its eerie gaze directed at Narumi.

Curious-suspicious or curious-interesting?

Either works.

Riiight . . . Well, Oneiro could probably tell you this, but people don't always act the way they feel. And if I spent all my time trying to figure out the reasons and subtleties of everyone's act, I'd never have a peaceful moment.

I am aware of that. But I feel something unusual about this one. Oneiro would sense it more clearly than I.

In that case, we'll see once it's time for him to come out. You have a few hours left.

Asylum cracked one eyelid open to watch the last of the other people leaving, meanwhile listening to Forsythe's comment without visible reaction. Apparently the Grovyle's intentionally-raised voice had been raised enough for Asylum to catch it with ease, though without his time in the laboratory, he might not have understood it--or the ensuing conversation--so easily. Turning his one-eyed gaze to the window, Asylum remarked casually, "By the way, you might want to have your Pokemon double-check their dictionaries. 'Asylum' has two meanings." Both eyes opened to their usual halfway-closed status as another thought occurred to the purple-haired trainer. His grey gaze slid toward Narumi as he recalled the pieces of conversation he had caught through the door and combined it with Mika's order to him and the other boy to mentally formulate Narumi's name. "If anyone moves that bag you just threw, we can try to pass off the blood as paint. It's blue, after all. And paint is just one of the many charity items we're bringing to the unfortunate children in the big city. Right, Narumi?"

April 16th, 2007, 6:01 PM


As if they had never been spoken, Mika denounced Blue and his fellow team-mates’ plans, and proceeded to lay down her own ideas about what was to be done. Sera and Mika were to go on the room, and the new kid along with Narumi would remain in the train car. This left only two people. Blue feared for the worst, and with good reason. Continuing, Mika looked coldly from Blue to Askan.

“Askan and Blue will go to the dining car to get some breakfast.” Great. Just great. Not only would he be excluded from the action, he’d be stuck with the guy who in a series of 10 minutes had gone from annoyingly arrogant, to psychotic, to calm and docile. As confident as he was in his own physical ability, he could not shake the fear of a knife in his neck. Surprisingly however, Askan showed no outward signs of pre-meditated strife.

“Dining car. Blue. Whatever, let’s go.” He said weakly, making his way towards the door, using his Gardevoir for support. Blue felt a pang of guilt shoot through his body; tingling his toes and twisting his stomach. Were the circumstances different, he might have been offended by his off-hand and uncaring manner of speech, he had his reasons to not pick fights, having to do particularly with Mika’s previous speech, implying that he was “thick headed.” That, he was plenty peeved by.

The boys made their way down the hall, staying a safe distance away from Sera and Mika, as to not arouse suspicion. As Mika had said, three doors down was a dining car, and Blue and Askan made their way in, the former walking at the latter’s pace, making sure that Askan was in a condition as to not be seen as suspicious by the very few others in the car.

The time was roughly 5 AM, and the first inklings of people began to trickle into the dining car, their eyes shot and their hair still disheveled. The car sat maybe one hundred people comfortably, however only ten or twelve people were actually in the car, counting the two young Rockets. Blue ordered his food, and made his way away from Askan, not paying attention to if he ordered any food or not. He finally sat down at a table near a window, feeling the coldness of the night air emanate from the glass window.

As his team-mate finally made his way to where he was sitting, Blue sighed deeply. He opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out. He closed his mouth, cleared his throat, and began again.

“Listen, er… Askan… I’m sorry about… y’know, before. I’m just not a very good morning person.” Blue’s face showed the slightest twitch, as Blue knew it was mostly a lie. While he was, in truth, not a very good morning person, his malice was more influenced by Askan’s character than the time itself. He found himself hoping that Askan couldn’t read minds, which he knew was rubbish. Nobody can read minds. He smiled to himself slightly, and then shuffled uneasily in his seat.

“I just… er, wanted to know if we could just put this all behind us, and if not friends, then at least be successful business partners.” He extended his hand across the table in a semi-friendly gesture. While this was a genuine invitation of friendship, he could not help but think about Askan’s fit from earlier. It was also an attempt to curb Mika’s attitude towards the both of them.

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April 19th, 2007, 7:58 AM
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They were sending the wrong person for this job. Kiyon wasn't made for spy work, he was made to make waffles, sausage and other yummy food items. The blonde, blue eyed trainer in the typical executive ranking uniform (White pants, orange and white top with that blasted logo and the ridiculous polyester cape with the equally ugly logo on the back of it combined wiht white metal-toed boots) was not made to sit around and spy on people and not be seen or look conspicuous. For one thing, he was pretty darn good looking (if he said so himself and probably shouldn't) with his waist-legnth blonde locks and the equally adorable blue eyes were hard for females to resist. All females except the infamous Mika that is. Rubbing his cheek in rememberance of their first and so far only encounter, he sadly recalled her nasty kick to his otherwise flawless face that, of course, left it not flawless anymore. Hopefully that wouldn't happen again. Blemishes tended to stir the beast within him to a more not-sleepy position.

So what was he doing? Spying. On who? Suspected member's of Mika's team. How was he doing it? Well, the train had a Pokebucks coffee booth and these mornings were horrible on his looks and so... well, it was only a short detour! He'd finish his Venti Double Expresso Shot Frappichino with extra extra whipped cream as fast as he could (And his fast wasn't all that fast mind you) and then go talk to the 'people' he was technically supossed to be speaking to. He never expected them to waltz right infront of him, talking about who knows what but, thank Suicune, they did. Closing his eyes in a melodramatic sigh of relief, he slowed his consumption of the frosty and oh-so-caffinated beverage and took the added amount of time to stare, very intently stare, at the people across the way at a booth. And, true to his nature, he had no idea he was giving them a very nasty little intent death glare. Nope, no idea at all!

Sure enough, Lance was too damn busy to go on this run. Yeah, he’d sent Steven in his place but that was assuring there would be no capture this time around. The thought of that enraged Lucas. He didn’t like it at all, he really really didn’t like it. It was as though this mission was seen at pointless; Steven couldn’t come anywhere close to outwitting Mika and wasn’t at least the detaining of the girl their top priority? Seemingly, seemingly it wasn’t. Where was the fearless run leader? Five cars back. Apparently, the steel pokemon trainer (Who was displaying a steel-like head at the moment) thought that such an arrogent child like Mika would seemingly have to linger in first class lest her ego and reputation be tarnished. Lucas was what, a second year Executive Level G-Man and he knew better than that. That's why he was in ecomony; this is where a person could safely hide and deflect radio waves and what not without fear of rousing suspicion. A mob was easier to hide in, a mob was easier to manipulate. Mika wasn't a new crimminal; she was experienced and knew what roads led to prison and which roads did not.

His fire-tinted hair was spiked, it was always spiked and it looked as threatening as his equally fire-tinted eyes allowed. He wanted it that way, he demanded it that way because, in his mind, it made him look ten times scarier than he already did. This, in his mind anyways, made the crimminals fear him with more of a fury. The intimidation he was causing thier punitive pathetic little souls would, according to his theory, force their guard levels down to levels in which he could safely detain them without a fight. This theory had yet to make itself... proven.

This was why he was standing outside this door. The sixth little 'room' he'd been to, Lucas was starting to lose all hope of finding even a trace of the girl. The last five cars had had mostly families, buisness men in their latter years of life and old people. This... was obviously not Mika or her 'unit'. In his mind, he could already picture the next room. Since they hadn't answered any of his door bangings and subtle coughing noises, he'd assumed they were sleeping (Reasonable, it's what he'd be doing anyways) so he'd gone to the manual override box. They'd all gotten master keys and yet, strangly, this key didn't work til the six or seventh swipe.

'Strange... it's almost as if it's been tampered with...' He mused for another moment or two as the door whirred into reaction and slide open. The room held six bags... but only two people. The others must be out eating or something, right? Well, he might as well question the ones he had with him. They had to at least know where the people went (They were guarding the luggage!) Coughing lightly to clear his throat and gain some attention, he placed his left hand on his hip and thrust his right arm forward, "State your names and travelling reasons! Failure to comply with this official G-Man buisness will result in immediate and, if I might add painful, detain-ation."

'I know his condition... trust me... this is for the best. If anything goes wrong, I'll sedate him, Kain gave me the sedatives for myself but... Well, if he needs one I'll use it on him. Just stay with him and contact me if he does anything ridiculously stupid. She couldn't keep him in the room; he'd probably say something stupid. At least they could come up with plasuible excuse if he exploding in the dinning car... At least, that was her thinking.

She'd ignored Sera for the most part. Like a pesky little bug, it was much easier to ignore the little monster than to swat it (As, seemingly, you couldn't swat it dead, it always, always had to come back.) and so she'd taken off down the hallway, slowing to a walk once they got past the two semi-squabbaling duo in themeal car and didn't even bother answering Sera's question til they were safely locked in the cabbose. It was then that she turned towards Sera with a very blank 'You're dumber than a magikarp' look, "For all your nonsense you're the best I've got in the team as far as stratigic planning goes. Blue sponged off of your ideas and, as far as I'm concerned, your ideas needed no adding onto. While they were a bit rash and not very thourough in their planning... they show promise." Leaning against the wall, she chuckled for a short moment, "...and nobody else in our little group has a common thread with me." Her eyes flashed up towards Sera's general direction and the look this time was filled with much more emotion than it previously had been, "I really hope you know what I'm referring to."

The file had been pretty basic but Mika knew enough to know she could pull a thread or two within the supossedly unthreadable mask without making it completely unravel. All it had said was that Sera had a bit of a beef with the Global Police. The rest of her group? It was humourus that a couple of them knew things beyond what the general population knew. Whether the girl wanted to admit it or not, she had connections with Mika that made them seemingly good canidates for teaming up against those white-wearing goodie two-shoes.

Turning, she crouched down behind a crate (The caboose was mostly used for storage) and pulled out a small bag, mumbling something about thanking some boy for coming through and tossed four metal things to Sera along with a coil of rope, "Metal things go on your feet and somewhere on your arms. I know you've got a fear of heights but trust me, those magnets could kill magnemite; they're just that strong."

Not really waiting, she didn't really have the time to, she pressed a series of buttons into the mechanized lock and with a loud complying beep, the door swung open and a blast of cold air filled the room. After a silent moment with her hand wrapped around the pokeball around her neck, she moved to the later just to the right of the door outside, motioning for Sera to follow after a half minute or so. Without another word, she scrambled up the ladder and stepped onto the surface of the train. The magnets, kicking in the moment she'd stepped off the ladder, were working perfectly. Mika wasn't going anywhere she didn't want to. Knowing full and well Sera was probably panicing, she leaned over the edge to make sure she wasn't dead or maimed or anything along those lines.

"Awww, helping your little team-mate out? That's so typical of you Mika! Why can't you be like all the other bad guys and be a total witch to your team? it'd make dragging you in maimed... excusable." The voice behind her was, quite litterally, dripping with sarcasm and overused flowery substances one wouldn't find in a patch full of Bellosom even if they looked for over a decade. She knew, even before turning around, who the voice belonged to and she unconsciously communicated this to Sera with much the same look that she'd given Sera when she'd been woken up by a cold shower she hadn't payed for but the look was magnified at least four times in its loathing and hatred aspects.

"Baan, you never ever stop trying to intimidate me with those lines of yours; do you..." Sighing, she turned to face the boy, motioning silently that Sera get her little rear end up here before this got ugly, "...And you never look any younger." Smirking, she opened her eyes slowly and gave him the once over. The blond mop of hair that hadn't seen scissors in decades, the piercingly innocent blue eyes, the jacket emblazened all too visibly with the G-Men Logo and the lack-there of the typical white undershirt (Replaced with a white banadagey wrap) to show off his toned features.... there was no doubt in her mind that this was none other than her old childhood friend gone horribly horribly wrong.

Skating on thin ice was just something this Baan character liked to do and he was seemingly doing a hell of a job of it. With each passing remark, he was making the girl infront of him more and more infuriated and as her anger levels peaked, her ability to mask these black feelings began to disapate. Narrowing his eyes, he couldn't help a small laugh, "Mika, you give me too much credit and flattery." he raised his arms in mock submission, "I should give you credit.. but then that feeling goes away." He was under strict orders; don't initiate into combat. Well... Combat was inevidable. Besides, it wasn't Lance here today, it was Steven. After the stunt she'd pulled with Steven's daughter about three years ago, the former champ would blink the eye to watch Mika cry.

But she wasn't amused. "You keep your mouth shut Baan or I'll cut you open. Your belly." He was really starting to tick her off. She'd come up here to bloody avoid this sort of thing and the guy in charge of this run (Which obviously wasn't Lance, it was organized too well...) knew that factor damningly well, "How about we both go our seperate ways, mm? I'm in no mood to fight..." 'But.... if Sera is... well... I won't stop her. All she needs to do is ask... and he's allll her's.'

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April 29th, 2007, 12:40 AM
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A normal person would have taken Mika's words as a compliment, especially considering the nature of the remarks that the executive had made thus far, but alas...Sera was not a normal person by any stretch of imagination. Showing promise, was it? Her eyes narrowed ever so slightly at the remark. Even though Mika had misinterpreted the question, she had - ironically enough - still provided the answer Sera had sought. Promise indeed, clearly the executive wasn't treating this as the one-shot deal that the redhead had signed up for. No, those words...even if the girl hadn't intended to say such they betrayed intentions Sera didn't appreciate at all. If not the stick then the carrot, eh? So that was it, not a reprimand but an attempt to make the troublemaker feel elevated, a faithful little executive's pet who would do as she had been told in order to feel accepted and appreciated by the executive. Sera felt like snorting in contempt; five years back something like that might have worked on her, but not anymore; now it merely lowered her opinion of her supposed 'superior' even further. That little remark about a common thread and the whole 'you ought to know' look didn't help either. Where did she get off thinking - even for a moment - that the pampered little princess had any real intelligence? To Sera's eyes it was all clear now; the executive was not smart as much as cunning, making vague statements - based on the files she claimed to have studied, no doubt - and hinting at things in an attempt to make them all think she knew it all, that 'big sister' was on their case and practically read their thoughts. So Mika knew about the GP argument, no big surprise there, but if she thought that it put them on common ground she had another thing coming. Sera was innocent; Mika obviously wasn't (they didn't hand out those bracelets on a 'maybe') and she was not about to forget that distinction at the drop of a cliché like 'the enemy of my enemy'.

The girl's expression shifted through a number of emotions which might have reflected these sentiments, but unfortunately for Mika she seemed to have been in too much of a hurry to pay attention, mumbling for herself and tossing over a pile of equipement in Sera's general direction.

"Metal things go on your feet and somewhere on your arms. I know you've got a fear of heights-"

That was it.

She did know! The manipulative little witch knew all along and had still had the nerve to prattle on about 'skill' with that sugary-sweet little voice of hers?! Had the other girl not already vanished out of the door and up onto the roof of the train, Sera would probably have done something very violent to her. As it was, the mounting agression called for a scapegoat and with the caboose being as annoyingly empty as it was, the only candidate for the job was the nearby wall, which the girl punched with all her might.

It felt good too, for a few seconds before the pain kicked in with an aching reminder of why you did not go about beating up train walls on a regular basis. Swearing quietly, Sera nursed the reddened knuckles of her right hand, paying only half-minded attention to the slight dent it had made. Just then, however, she noticed the familiar presence of staring eyes on her back, turning around in time to give Mika the 'what the hell are you gawking at?' look. She would have said as much too, were it not for the fact that something was going on on the rooftop. Beneath the howl of the wind, the exchange of words was lost to Sera, but the tension in the air was practically tangible.

The girl was still angry, of course, but the punch had released most of the uncontrolled primitve anger. She was in control now, which was to say that she was angry enough to know precisely what she was doing, strapping on the gear she had been given in what she hoped was the right manner before stepping out through the door.

At the very instant she felt the cold wind hit her face and saw the seemingly speeding rail beneath, Sera felt her stomach knot with the familiar sense of dread and nausea, a river of cold sweat trickling down the back of her neck. Unlike usual, however, there was another emotion of comparable strength to rival the phobia; namely, the intense rage boiling within her. Consequently, the girl managed to snap her gaze away from the mesmerizing sight of the rail and took as firm a hold of the ladder as her sweat-covered palms would allow, climbing up at a brisk pace with the same defiant anger that had spurred her so many times before and soon enough, she poked her head over the edge, the rest of her body following suit. For a moment, the girl swayed in a rather unintimidating manner as her body attempted to get used to the wind (well, as used as one could get considering the circumstances). The magnets might have kept her feet firmly anchored to the roof, but the same didn't go for the rest of her body, and the elevation didn't help either. Angry or no, Sera couldn't avoid seeing the speeding landscape on both sides and to her it was an incredibly disbalancing sight.

Still having to strain herself slightly to maintain balance, Sera directed her gaze towards the objects of hatred that stood in front of her, engaged in banter. The girl gave them both a glare, clearly indicating tha what she lacked in grace at the moment she would more than compensate for with aggression. She might not have known the blonde in front of her, but the smug expression on his face and the brazenly displayed G-men logo were more than enough to provoke Sera at this point. On the other hand, there was Mika...and quite frankly, the redhead couldn't decide which one of them she would rather shove of the roof at the moment, momentarily stopping to wait until someone decided to be foolish enough to make that judgement easy.

"Just one reason..." she hissed quietly, her words lost to the howling gale, "Just give me one reason to hit someone..."

After a few moments of calming down - well, if that phrase could possibly be applied to someone in Sera's state - the girl cast a sideward glance at Mika, indicating that she had chosen to go with what she hoped was the lesser of two evils, "So who's this joker, then?" she asked, "Old friend of yers?"

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April 29th, 2007, 9:45 AM
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Narumi had only time to grin at Asylum (forget nicknames,) before the G-Men barged through the door. Honestly, there was such thing as knocking, after all. Had they no courtesy? The minute the door opened however, Narumi's face fell blank and he glanced at the now open door. Well if that wasn't a sight, then nothing was. Flaming red hair, spiked up just like a Lance-esque wannabe. Narumi debated whether he wanted to let Asylum talk or himself. The guy wanted an immediate response, didn't he? But Narumi wasn't sure if he wanted to spew anything out at the moment, as if Asylum had anything special in mind planned, Narumi's story would surely ruin it. He'd always had a bad knack at screwing up other people's plans...

Huh. Whatever.

"My name?" Narumi pointed at himself, giving off the impression that he was a stupid ditz, "I'm Rei Narumi."

There was a reason that Narumi never labelled anything of his with anything more then his first name. Last names were too defining when combined with the first. The only thing in the entire cabin at the moment with 'Narumi' on it, was his bag, and at the current moment, Narumi was sitting on it. The boy had no doubt that Mika had been smart enough to not label her own things, and only hoped that short-tempered lady, the violent guy, and the crazy Askan guy that Narumi was half-heartedly mimicking.

Narumi glanced cheerfully at Asylum after he finished stupidly introducing himself, indicating to the man that he was waiting for his 'partner' and apparent 'friend' to introduce himself as well.

May 3rd, 2007, 7:17 PM
"Morning person. Right, whatever. Listen, I don't have a whole lot of energy right now, and I probably won't for a while. I don't work well with others. Even if I agreed to put everything behind us now, there's no way I'd be able to stick to it when I get my energy back. I'm sorry, but I just can't help it." He sighed in response to Blue's attempt to straighten things out. He was partially distracted by an odd fellow that was watching them closely. Askan smirked as he turned himself back to look at Blue.

"...Oh, for cripes sake. G-men really are getting dumber and dumber." Askan muttered, barely audible. He shuffled his glance wearily from Blue to the grunt, Blue to the grunt. It was his own little method of making one aware of the other. The only problem was, that the grunt was staring at the two intently, in a manor that was overly obvious. Thanks to this, the grunt could have thought that Askan was saying that Blue was his enemy, instead of Blue realizing that there was a G-men grunt across from them. Seriously, if this guy were any more obvious than I might have to say something. He thought to himself as he refocused his gaze to the window beside him. The countryside before him was so much calmer and serene than the chaos he was used to. The fields were struck with orange as the sun continued to rise, and a herd of Miltank was seen off in the distance. Look inconspicuous, Askan! Inconspicuous!

While Askan was distracted, Gardevoir returned to her owner and sat down in a chair beside him. Despite Gardevoir's humanoid appearance, it was still odd seeing a Pokemon sit up like a human being. She leaned into him, and sat her overly large head on his shoulder. She didn't do it because they were in some sort of twisted human-Pokemon relationship, she did it because it helped calm the duo, especially after Askan has had a fit. Of course, this would have looked really odd to most people.

May 3rd, 2007, 8:19 PM
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Blue's face flushed as Askan shut down his half lie/half friendship proposal with basically a yawn and a wave of his hand. His temper rose dangerously high before he got a hold of himself, shook his head, and calmed himself down. This was no place to get angry. Drawing his (now) awkwardly placed hand back shakily, he stuffed his hand back in his pocket, and let his temper mellow out for a bit.

It took him about thirty seconds to make eye contact with Askan once more, but as his eyes made their way towards Askan's own, he noticed that they were focused on something behind him. Blue knew what to do. Looking around for a shiny surface that he would reflect the object of Askan's attention, he finally decided on the window directly aside from them. Now looking directly at someone in a mirror is dangerous if you're trying to avoid detection, because if your eyes meet eyes with their eyes, that means the opposite is true, and your target will realize that they're being watched. Therefore, Blue was careful to not let his eyes focus directly on his adversarys. However, once Blue spotted him, he decided that this was easier said than done. He knew this man - anyone who'd been with the Rockets (being stuck in a lab all your days didn't count) for even a few months knew this man's name.

It was Kiyon, one of the gems of the G-men, Lance's personal team of lackeys. A beatiful human being by anybody's standards, Kiyon was stunning; his angelic blonde hair and dazzling blue eyes (reminiscent of Blue's own, which some of the Rockets toyed with him about.) stood out for miles and miles - surely he wasn't just hanging around. His eyes were firmly trained on Askan, who's mind was luckily focused on his Gardevoir whom had taken a seat next to her master and rather awkwardly laid her head on his shoulder. Resisting the urge to chuckle, Blue leaned back and tried to look as normal and calm as possible so as to not arouse Kiyon's suspicion. Although he tried to talk with a normal tone, he couldn't help his voice faltering the tiniest bit.

"Be careful. I know who that man is - he's not as stupid as you think - one of the few who was able to capture Mika four years ago. The only reason he looks so confident and headstrong is that he's earned the rep. Remember; the last thing we need is a fight right now. Avoid eye contact." he instructed in a low voice, although his body motions mimicked perfectly normal conversation. Anybody who couldn't hear would just think that he was telling a story or giving advice. Blue was very good at that. He hoped that Askan would co-operate; Kiyon was not somebody that could be talked down by a fifteen year old boy with psyche issues..

May 9th, 2007, 4:02 PM
"Asylum," the purple-haired boy introduced himself casually, apparently as unconcerned by the threat recently issued by Lucas as though he had not heard it at all. After allowing himself to stretch a little, he continued at leisurely pace, "Me'n' Narumi are headin' to the city to do some charity work. Hopefully the shelters can make good use of the stuff we're bringing." Speak too little, and people might think you are hiding information. Speak too much, and people will believe you are desperately attempting to mask a lie. Here Asylum decided he had spoken enough and motioned vaguely toward several of the bags lying about the room. Then, turning face Lucas fully, Asylum lifted his gaze until he met the G-men executive's eyes. Lucas' bold appearance and fiery irises stood in stark contrast to Asylum's grey manner and even greyer eyes. This seemed not to unnerve or even slightly bother the latter, however, as the Rocket member impassively held his gaze--apparently awaiting a reply.


I know. Asylum's expression did not change as he replied telepathically to Somnio, whose unaltering appearance left it as unreadable as its trainer. Don't worry about it; I've little interest in this one and no desire to challenge him. We'll just see how things go.

Turning slowly away from Lucas, Asylum raised a hand to his mouth to stifle a yawn. "Sorry if we're not really the best hosts. We're kinda used to being asleep at this time."

May 11th, 2007, 9:09 PM
Narumi threw himself onto his messenger bag again and stretched out, placing his arms behind his head as he waved his foot to the rhythm of some kind of music that could probably only be heard by the extremely strange Shogo on the floor. The most likely choice however, was that Narumi was again, acting his way through life. He glanced at Asylum, who was just as good, if not better at acting then Narumi. His grinning and mischevious face almost fell back to it's flat passive mask, but realizing it would be odd if someone who was supposed to be friends with their companion glared indifferently at said person, he patched it up by heaving a sigh and blowing his long jet black bangs away from his eyes as if it were entertaining.

Narumi closed his eyes and let out another heavy breath, through grit teeth before settling in and letting himself appear as if he were waiting for Lucas to say something before he took a much needed nap. And in reality, this was no acting. Narumi was getting grouchier by the passing second, his act of being stupid and cheerful exhausting him even more then usual. It was all he could do, not to reach out at the door and slam it closed right on Lucas' face.

His hand twitched instinctively towards his earring, which was partially hidden by a tuft of black hair, but Narumi stopped himself. A strange looking earring like the one he wore was probably not the best thing to draw attention towards.

But strangely, Narumi felt singled out. Lucas hadn't knocked, which was probably a violation of rights. He felt like the spotlight was being shined on him and Asylum only, for some reason. Was that a good thing? Yes. That meant that the attention turned on Mika was lessened. No. Lucas was only one man. There had to be plenty. That meant more attention was turned on Mika? Narumi opened his eyes again. If Mika was caught by the G-Men, then he would've failed this tedious mission, which was not on his agenda. If there was one thing Narumi had to do, it was catch Mika.

Trust wasn't bought. And judging by the odd, rag-tag group of Rockets' crazy moodswings which were almost as bad as Narumi's acting swings, trust was not a word that was commonly used in the vocabulary of anyone in the employment of Team Rocket.

Which made everything that much more tedious.

Speaking of tedious, when was this G-guy planning on leaving?!

June 11th, 2007, 8:20 PM

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Unfortunately, Baan wasn't going to get pummled in the face by Sera at this precise moment because he decided, after reconizing what and who this little obnoxious not-Mika person was, that he was going to have himself some fun. If she really was HIS sister... well, then this was going to be worth all the pain and suffering that might come out of it. There was a reason he was the top interorgator in the Global Police, he found a way, with every single person in his existance, to get deep under the skin to the point of exploding frustration in absolutely everyone. 'Stop screwing around Baan, get your objective completed before Steven comes up, wondering what the hell is taking so long for you to deal with a couple of girls.' His inner voice soon took over the cocky exterior and in a blink of the eye, his manerisms and tone changed. Straightening himself up, he cocked his head lightly to the side, a finger raised towards Sera, "I've seen you before... in a picture. You were much smaller, prettier and not as annoying..." He stepped towards her, his finger gently tracing along the pale skin of her cheek before it returned to his side and he stepped back to his original place, "Ah... you're his sister, aren't you? The Prodigal. The Unloved Child." A sly smirk slowly stretched across his face, "You've sunk this low for acceptance somewhere? Come now, everything else has failed you? The Leagues, the Contests... you couldn't find anything you could fit into so you went and joined an organization that directly oposes your beloved elder brother, prehaps to get back at him for all those times Mummy and Papa didn't love on you? How pathetic." He knew he probably had the story wrong, he was just trying to push some buttons. This girl was more tempermental than Mika (The bruise on her hand from a wall punching episode was a clear indication of this)

He sighed, cracking his neck to the side in a slow, deliberate mannor, "Fine then. I guess I'll have to punish you for your insolence and your stupidity." Taking a pokeball from his waist, he expanded it and presented it forward, "Unless you're a coward, like your mistress there."

Mika just snorted. She was watching Sera carefully and to be honest, she had no idea how this would end. Mika fighting ended up with people hurting and Mika hurting and that was bad. She didn't think she was a coward, she was more of the selective type. She observed the situation carefully before making a rash decision for the most part... but from what she'd seen, Sera hadn't learned that lesson yet. Biting down on her lip, she turned to her subordinate. This wasn't Mika's call. If Sera was going to fight, Mika was going to let her. Not only would she get a good grasp of the girl's abilities but it would keep the dark haired executive out of this whole ordeal. She simply nodded her head slowly at the other, her arms crossing across her chest tightly, her right hand snagging the silver key from around her neck as a sort of readying an attack sort of preparation kind of thing and not because she was worried about Baan; she knew damn well that there was a certian silver haired creature watching from afar, just out of the other two's sight and she didn't like it, she didn't like it one bit.


"Narumi, Psy, okay. Your ids check out so I'll be leaving you." Yup, nothing to see here. Lucas knew there wouldn't be anything to do or say, there never was. Kiyon and Baan got all the good explosions. All he got to do was let Narumi know, let him know that Steven knew where he was and that he was 'in position'. Blah. Blah. Blah.

Rolling his eyes, he headed off towards the dining car. All this stupidity was making him hungry.


Kiyon wasn't too please Blue was in this group, no, that traitorous hamster was nothing to be trusted. Not to mention he'd just squished his hot coffee all over his hand in his short reminicing rage moment and now that his hand hurt from the burn, his already shorted temper fully set off. Taking the dripping yeucky smelling remains of the once full coffee cup, he chucked it full force at Blue's little friend's head, his eye twitching in the process, "Hey. You two lovebirds mind keeping it down? Some of us are trying to drink our coffee and read our newspaper in piece." The look he gave Blue was very clear. He. Was. Not. To. Be. Screwed. With.

Little did he know that Askan had a temper and he had probably just set it off big time. Whoopsie doodle.

Alter Ego
June 12th, 2007, 10:28 AM
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Sera had not been prepared for that, not at all. That insufferable G-men sleaze...how did he dare? How did he dare to stand there and talk like he knew all there was to know about her? And how dare he try to touch her? And above all...how dare that wretch drag him into this? The redhead trembled ever so slightly at Baan's touch, but contrary to what it might have seemed like, this wasn't out of fear. Oh no...

"Ya' smug, sleazy, disgustin' little lech!" Sera growled, her voice effectly leaving overriding the rushing wind as she made her counter-attack, snatching the g-man's retreating arm with her hands while detaching her right foot, heavy magnetic equipment in tow, for a good old-fashioned kick to his stomach. Unfortunately, the girl had failed to account for the impact the magnets had on her leg's mobility, and - for that matter - the evasiveness of her opponent, and so the blow fell just a bit short of its intended target, the magnetic addition to her footwear putting it firmly back into contact with the roof, accompanied by a dull clunk. Sera's pulse still raced as she returned to her original position, her face slightly redder than before and her eyes glaring daggers at the smug little G-man in front of her. In her mind, the same question kept resounding 'How dare he?', 'How dare he?'.

"Who the hell d'ya think ya' are?" she hissed murderously, complete and utter contempt visible in her expression as Baan continued babbling, issuing his little challenge in that oh-so-flamboyant manner that was just begging for a brick to be thrown in his direction, "What'cha think ya' know about me, huh?! What'cha think ya' know about Cyril?! And where the hell did ya' get off layin' yer greasy, lecherous little hand on me?! Ya don't know a damn thing..." she added, her voice and expression slowly falling into the kind of perfect calm that only complete and utter hatred could create, "...so I'll warn ya just this once: if I ever see those filthy hands of yers anywhere near me again I swear ye'll be walkin' out one arm short." she spat in Baan's direction, hoping that the wind blowing at her back would carry the projectile to its prefered target, although it was probably wishfull thinking.

"Get hell outta' my way, princess." she added in Mika's direction, noticing what was presumably the girl's battle stance. She seemed to be clinging to an accessory of hers, but this was neither the time nor place to analyze that, "I can't guarantee that I won't accidentally fry ya to a crisp if ya don't."

The moment she had noticed a battle on the horizon, Sera had realized that there was only one pokémon she could count on for this. The gale was fierce enough to throw smaller pokémon straight off the roof at the slightest slip, effectively shutting Minerva and Rondo out of the game, and there wasn't nearly enough running space for Triune to fight at full potential. Yes, Sera decided, her hand tightening around the oldest and most battered of the pokéballs on her belt, there was only one pokémon for this job...

"Ya' know what yer problem is?" she added, twirling an enlarged pokéball in her right hand, which had been empty a moment ago, "Ya' talk way too much!"

With that, the girl threw the sphere right towards Baan's smug, smirking, oversized mouth with all her might.

June 15th, 2007, 5:33 AM


-kicks Asch and Bijou- Wakey Wakey~


"Sera, be careful. Baan may be a person worthy of intense beatings and thwackings but he is not, under any circumstance, to be underestimated." She closed her eyes, snapping the key off her neck and left it nestled in her right palm, the silver string flowing wildly in the wind, "Don't let your anger cloud your judgement or he'll cease the moment and crush you." If that advice wasn't something she'd experienced first hand, nothing was. She sighed, rubbing at her forehead and looking in the general direction to the east of Baan. He was there, she knew he was there. She just didn't know what he was planning and it was starting to stress her out. "Please... don't do anything stupid Sera..." I don't want to lose a teammate this early...


Well, in all her ramblings, Sera had managed one objective already. She'd nailed Baan right in the crotch. Had it not been for the protective guard he'd always hated wearing (That he was now thanking profusely) he probably would've fallen off the stupid train. 'Girls ain't affected by those sorts of fighting manuevers like this... There's just something wrong about that...' He winced as little as he could but such things, regardless of protection, have the nasty tendancy to hurt somehow. It took him a couple seconds to regain his composure and when he did so, it was obvious he was slightly annoyed. Then again, he took so long to regain his brain after that obnoxious little cheap-shot that he hadn't heard anything clear out of Sera until he stood up and saw a pokeball flying at his face. Growling lightly, he swung his arm up, deflecting the ball to the ground.

Rolling his eyes somewhat dramatically, he flung his own pokeball onto the train, "Luxray. We've got two unruly children that are in need of some disciplinary action." In a foil of light blue light, the sleepy kitty emerged from the depths of the pokeball, attaching to the roof using a soft magnetic charge. Hissing lightly, the pokemon's ears snapped to his skull, his fur standing on edge as he awaited whatever was in that stupid pokeball across the way to come out. Baan simply crossed his arms across his chest. With his secret weapon in the wings, there was no way he could lose this fight. Mika sensed his presence, he was sure, but she couldn't do anything if she couldn't see him, not without blowing the majority of her cover. He could tell, from her stance, she didn't like this situation at all.

Alter Ego
June 15th, 2007, 8:47 AM
Sera couldn't help smirking. For one, her kick - while not having quite the destructive power she had hoped to instill in it - had still hit a respectable mark, but more importantly...the girl grinned, subtly returning the pokéball she had concealed in her right palm back to its place. She didn't precisely know what that weird little thing Baan had brought out was, but it certainly didn't look particularly hardy. Still...why take unnecessary risks?

"Is that so?" she replied to the g-man's little remark, giving him an impish grin. The more attention she attracted to herself the better, "Well, ye're obviously in need of a strategy lesson." her grin widened slightly as the pokéball she had thrown cracked open, only to reveal...nothing at all.

"Flammie! Focus Punch 'em, now!"

With a roar that bore the closest resemblance to a train's whistle, a sizeable Charizard suddenly lunged from the right side of the train, the very place where Sera had released him a moment before. Focus Punch was one of the strongest moves in existence, but it was also one of the trickiest to pull off as it required a good amount of uninterrupted preparation. That, in turn, required the victim to be incapacitated...or - as it were - persuaded to focus on something completely different. Sera's smirk widened a bit more as Flammie lunged onto the rooftop, his tightly curled front-paw quivering with power as it flew straight towards the Luxray. Even a partial hit from that attack would be devastating, and besides...Flammie was wide enough to block passage on top of the roof not to mention that the wind blowing from their backs would add a significant boost to the range of any given fire attack while making any larger jumping stunts or head-on attacks very risky business indeed. Oh yes...things were looking quite good, but then again; Sera was the only one of them not in on Baan's little secret.

"The first attack is only meant to draw the opponent's attention from the second." Sera explained in a matter-of-fact and purposefully patronizing tone, "That's basic, really. Considerin' all yer big talk I would'a thought that ye'd know at least that, Mr.G-man. But then again...it's not like ya idiots ever managed to catch me either."

The girl really didn't see what Mika was so worried about. If this was all that pathetic dropout had in the way of strategy then this wasn't even going to be tough. Sera might not have been a trainer for long, but she had never missed an opportunity to watch Cyril when he was going through his paces. Heck, the boy had even let her try it out a few times. Despite feeling in control, Sera continued to observe Baan. If he really knew as much about her brother as he wanted her to believe then cerainly he would react somehow to seeing a Charizard lead, Cyril's signature? In fact, Sera was actually hoping that this was the case...having him over-predict would make things go even smoother. Sera might have learned from her brother, but that didn't mean that she would slavishly copy him.

June 15th, 2007, 2:05 PM
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IC: "..." Askan said nothing as the coffee cup flew at his head. It was near impact, when his left hand suddenly flew up from his side and caught the cup, crushing it in a single move. His eyes turned to look over at Kiyon, and irritation was obviously present in the gaze he was now providing. Sorry Gardevoir, I know I'm already weak, but this guy needs to be shut up before he hurts himself... I'd rather do it for him.

Fine, you know your limit, just don't get too worked up or else you'll have another attack. Gardevoir responded in kind as she got up out of the seat, leaving room for Askan to shuffle out and stand up shakily on his own.

"Now, I don't know entirely who you are, pretty boy..." Askan began as he began rolling his right arm, and then the left, "But you're really starting to piss me off! If yer trying to start something, I wouldn't recommend doing it with me!" Askan was aware of the numerous people in the car, but there was just something about the smug little look on Kiyone's face that just sent made him want to take Kiyone out. However, the fact that he was still barely able to stand probably didn't help with the whole intimidation angle...

June 15th, 2007, 2:49 PM

IC: Narumi went to sleep.

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No seriously, I don't know what to say, because I'm just that unimaginative. Am I supposed to follow you? No, you told me to stay put with Kogenta. Am I supposed to talk to Kogenta? Noo, bonding with TR members is bad! Am I supposed to make another scene with the pokemon? Nooo, I'm not supposed to be able to talk to my pokemon!

June 15th, 2007, 10:16 PM
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Blue winced as the coffee cup hurtled in their direction. As subtle (or not) of a move as this was, Blue was certain that it was intended as a declaration of battle from Kiyon, which was the last thing that they wanted (or needed) at this point. Even if it wasn't, (maybe he had just thrown it... uh... at the trash can, and missed.) Askan would no doubt take it as if his mother's face had just been spat on. Kiyon, in his typical fashion, followed this assault with an insult.

"Hey. You two lovebirds mind keeping it down? Some of us are trying to drink our coffee and read our newspaper in peace." Kiyon sneered, and gave Blue the dirtiest, grimiest look he'd ever received. Blue resisted his urge to look away, but instead focused his blue bombardier's eyes directly upon Kiyon's own, only looking sideways at Askan to check on him.

As the cup neared their position, Askan's head remained down. As soon as Blue was nearly positive that the boy's head would be struck with the styrofoam cup, Askan's hand flew up fast as lightning and crushed the cup. Blue raised an eyebrow, and gave Askan a look that said Impressive. Now, don't you dare try anything against this guy.

Unfortunately, as he had predicted, Askan either did not see, or did not care to see Blue's warning. Blue rolled his eyes as Askan stood up, obviously in poor physical condition. He was shaking, badly. It's a bluff. mused Blue. If Kiyon calls on it, we're fu-

Askan's voice rang out, breaking Blue's thoughts apart. "Now, I don't know entirely who you are, pretty boy..." he said, and his voice definitely did not belie his physical state. "...but you're starting to piss me off! If yer trying to start something, I wouldn't recommend doing it with me!" Blue watched Kiyon's face desperately, hoping for a sign of recoil, of weakness. He stood up himself.

"Just get out, Kiyon. You don't have any business with us, so if I were you, I'd take your.." Blue made a disgusted face as he searched for the right word. "..coffee and just get the hell out of here." he finished and crossed his arms, hoping that the little speech would at least get Kiyon to retreat long enough for Askan to make some kind of recovery.

June 19th, 2007, 9:41 AM
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Waiting until Lucas had left, Asylum stretched slightly before turning to look at Narumi, who appeared to be asleep. At least I'm not the only one who found that experience uninteresting. He leaned his head back, staring at the ceiling impassively as Somnio remained motionless and silent at his shoulder. A single-coloured layer of some type of cloth composed Asylum's view, beyond that layer the steel roof of the train--or perhaps some type of electrical or mechanical works between the ceiling and roof. Asylum was not particularly sure, but neither did he care to be. After a moment of silence, the Rocket member telepathically commented, "You know, Somnio, that visit went well."

Too well?


What makes you think that? The Lunatone rotated toward Asylum as it made its inquiry.

What makes you know I am thinking that?


Following another few seconds of silence, Asylum tilted his head down to its normal angle. I'm switching you out with Oneiro.

"A little early," Somnio observed.

Oneiro can search for emotional "hot spots" around the train--maybe give me a picture of what's happening right now.

You're curious?


'Til tonight then, Sy.

The trainer curled his fingers under the bottom edge of his jacket, running them over the metal surfaces of the Pokeballs attached to his belt before pausing at a Level Ball. Flicking the sphere away from his belt, Asylum caught it and, in the same movement, expanded and tossed it upward. A scarlet flash emerged from the Level Ball, shaping itself and dimming into a Solrock as the Pokeball landed in Asylum's palm.

Oneiro glanced quietly about for a moment, allowing its surroundings to fully register in its mind. A little early.

"That's what Somnio said," Asylum and Somnio responded simultaneously, the single difference naturally being that the Lunatone substituted an "I" for its name.

"Any reason for my presence?" Oneiro asked.

"I'll tell you in a moment," Asylum answered as he returned Somnio to its Pokeball.

One explanation later, Oneiro nodded slightly as it contemplated its trainer's idea. It's possible to do that. Are there any specific emotions you want me to look for?

Anger. Fear. Apprehension. Anything of that nature. Particularly in the diner car and on the roof.

You do realize that if I find people with those emotions, they may not necessarily be those you are looking for. Or the situation may not be what you think it is. I doubt too many people are wandering around the roof . . .

If we find likely candidates, we can try to investigate further.


Asylum's head moved slightly as his ears caught a sound that differed from the previous blanket of noise that had surrounded him. Like that. His silvery grey eyes slid toward Oneiro. When you're checking the roof, try to sense some Pokemon emotions, too.

June 20th, 2007, 9:07 PM

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I've been busy with THeatrical Camp, more than I thought, but it's done after Satruday afternoon. o-o So you'll be seeing more crazy long posts.


Luxray took around twenty five percent of the blow, meowling in discomfort and slight pain from the sheer power of the bit of the blow she'd experienced and simply turned, retaliaiting with a sharp Shock Wave to the other's wings, hissing madly at Baan to unleash something a bit more powerful. He simply shook his head, "No Lux, not yet. It's not your turn yet." She hissed, but submitted, returning to a defensive stance.

"That's all you have? A focus punch? Isn't that a fire pokemon you're wielding? And a dragon? didn't you learn anything from Mika on how to wield them properly or do you still think you know everything?" He shook his head, lifting his arms in an overexagerated sort of pose that signified nothing less than absolute holier-than-thou logic directed at the flustered girl who was only getting more flustered with his taunting, "She has a charizard you know, along with every other stupid dragon type in existance. But you wouldn't talk to her, she's just a kid in your eyes, inferior." It hadn't been that hard to decern. Mika was trying to give orders and Sera was twisting them to suit her purposes. She insulted her superior officer with such venom, it was suprising that Mika was still standing. Again, most of it was just guess work but he had been right before, at least to a certian extent.


She didn't like it, she didn't like it at all. She didn't like Sera getting into a fight with Baan who was very obviuosly using a weaker pokemon from his arsonel to simply toy with Sera and humour the girl for whatever reason he'd deemed it nessacary to do so. He was doing one of two things; he was buying time or he was simply screwing with Sera's head on orders from either the lurking shadow or the shadow's superior. Mika really didn't like either option all that much, both of them put her teammate in a bad spot and both of them put Mika in a worse spot. Biting down on her lip, she pressed the small key tighter into the palm of her hand. She had to stop this before it went much further, she had to stop this before someone got hurt or worse, before someone was arrested. Just the thought, as she watched Sera combat the latest slew of insults from Baan's filthy mouth, made other images float through Mika's head and the girl closed her eyes and leaded heavy on the small little maitenence railing to keep from passing out as the words and pictures passed across her mind.

"You're new here, aren't you?" "...don't worry, he can't get you here..." "....You've never had friends before? that's impossible, you're..." "...Lady Mika? Is this right?" "Mi-chan?" "Mika?" "Myst-""Do not remember what you came here to do, you are not there to make friends, you are there to complete your mission. Nothing less and nothing more. Do not forget your place"

Snapping her eyes open, Mika's gaze was more hardset, back to what it normally was when she dealt with these people. Digging into her hand enough to draw blood, the crystalized key in her hand suddenly grew, expanding into a full length staff. It was made of see-through crystal, a light blue tint to the crystal itself, and was in that typical staff like shape with a long thing cylander topped with a half crescent moon, half sun shape on the top of the staff with four pokeball slots, only one of which was occupied, below the main part of the rod. Brushing a bit of blood that had sinced dribbled from her mouth, she looked in the direct location of the little shadow, "Steven Stone, stop hiding like a coward and show yourself. I don't bite unless I'm angered."

She had about ten minutes before she'd pass out. She'd drained herself of energy in the week prior, using the staff was foolish and if a certian power-hungry scientist found out about it, he'd have her head on a silver platter with an apple stuck fast in her mouth faster than a dodrio chasing a fleeing oran berry. It was always enough to make Steven back down but she knew she looked like crap just prior to activaiting it and unless he was stupid... he probably wouldn't buy it. Fortunately, a bit of luck was still on her side. The young executive stepped from the shadows, his rings glistening in the light, "I'm impressed Mika, but it took you longer to pry me out than expected."


Kiyon really REALLY wanted to fight these two. Askan, the trash talker, looked really really bad. He'd be easy to knock over. And step on. And squish. But then again, the squishing might get yuckies all over his shiney new designer boots and that might be bad. Luckily, the call from Lucas followed by the audible 'YOU STUPID MORON, you did WHAT?!' line that could be heard throughout the entire car, and Kiyon simply raised his hand towards the others, "Whoopsie, looks like I gots to go~"

Steven was about done up top. Finally. Maybe now he could get back to his precious beauty sleep. With that, he walked directly out of the car after pushing Askan lightly, like a popular girl would to a rather not-so-popular girl, and whistled a random little tune that was distinctively out of tune by a half step of sharpness.

Alter Ego
June 21st, 2007, 12:49 AM
OOC: Uhh...25 per-cent? Sorry, but how precisely did the darn thing take only 25 per-cent? Evasion? Super special awesome defensive gear? Luxray's defensive power isn't that spectacular, so maybe some kind of explanatory sentence as to why it only took one fourth of a head-on attack? It ain't that hard to come up with a reason, but I'd like to see one, otherwise it's sort of hard to react. o.O Oh well, trying anyways...

Btw, since we've established a fourth generation pokémon in the RP, does this mean that 4th gen moves are also allowed? Just curious.


As the Shock Wave hit its mark, Sera flinched just a bit along with her pokémon. It probably wasn't that obvious to anyone not paying close attention, but the flinches had been completely synchronized, a less pleasant part of the bond they shared. It wasn't like the shared senses thing of advanced psychics, but for as long as she could remember, Sera had always had a way of 'knowing' when Flammie was in pain...and vice versa. The situation still wasn't completely out of control, though, the girl noted. She was also starting to come to terms with Baan's character. Oh, he liked to talk big, acting in that insufferable 'I know more than you do and I'm really going to rub it in your face' manner that just begged for a brick to be thrown his way, but that was really all that most of it was - talk, a distraction strategy. That last line of banter hadn't even stung. A dragon? The prat had effectively unveiled his ineptude through that simple line. Draconic though they might have looked, all members of the Charizard family were actually salamanders who really didn't have a drop of true dragon blood in their veins, although many dragon tamers like to 'forget' this distinction to add another big beater to their teams.

And speaking of dragon tamers...the girl risked a brief sideward glance towards Mika. That was a dragon tamer? The girl was barely managing to stand. Well, that obviously proved that Baan's last remark had been complete garbage. There was nothing to be learned from that pathetic wreck. Annoyed to have actually wasted time in looking, Sera turned her attention back to her even more annoying opponent. Flammie had already recovered from the initial shock, having assumed his standard battle pose; four-legged, definitely looking more like a dog than a dragon, his claws dug deep into the roof. Trying to clip the Charizard's wings might have seemed like a clever move, but Flammie wasn't a regular member of his species...not by a long shot. Had he spent less time running his mouth and more paying attention to his opponent, Baan might have realized just how weak and unused those wings were. Sure, they could still carry the Charizard somewhat, and they were certainly capable of whipping up fierce gales if needed, but his real strength had always been elsewhere. Sera detested flying, after all, and it was not surprising that a sensitive pokémon like Flammie had picked up on it. In exchange, he had gained considerable running speed and strength for his forelegs and right now the latter was paying off.

{I-I'm sorry...} the fire pokémon mumbled, giving his trainer an apologetic look, {I got careless, an'...}

"Don't fret." Sera replied softly, her eyes still glaring at her opponent and the words sounding like absolute gibberish to her as she patted the Charizard a bit, "Just focus on the battle."

{'Kay...} Flammie replied, resuming his serious expression, although that little scene had probably successfully ruined any fierce image he might have possessed. Ohh...Sera could just feel a snarky comment coming her way, but she really didn't give a damn about those right now. That arrogant prat had hurt her favourite little sissy, and they were going to get him back for that. So it was fire he wanted, eh? Well, he'd be getting all he could handle and then some.

"Flammie..." Sera remarked, her tone now openly furious, "Fire-"

Just as she was about to finish the order, however, she suddenly realized something: that wretched little thing of Baan's was holding back. Judging by the reaction to even being grazed by Flammie's Focus Punch, defense clearly wasn't Luxray's strongest suit, yet Baan was clearly forcing it into a defensive position. Sera's eyes narrowed; that kind of stalling was just too stupid, even for a g-man. What the heck was going on?

"Steven Stone, stop hiding like a coward and show yourself. I don't bite unless I'm angered."

Sera was snapped out of her musings as Mika spoke up. That was it, she had to see what was going. But first...

"Flammie, Smokescreen! Then Fire Spin on top of that!"

Oh, this wasn't a permanent solution, Sera conceeded as Flammie spewed and snorted out a sizeable cloud of grimy smoke that quickly enveloped Baan and his pokémon, soon followed by a stream of fire that formed a constricting ring around the cloud, but it should be enough to distract the duo and let her get a view of the situation, if not because the annoying little pair's vision and movement was restricted then because of the nasty stench of Charizard breath. Oh yes, with a little luck that strange pokémon had a very sensitive nose.

Steven Stone...yes, the girl confirmed as she turned her glance in Mika's direction again, that person was definitely the one and only. And not only that, but the prissy princess that was her executive had somehow manifested a peculiar staff of some kind as well. This was just too much randomness...

"That's it." Sera remarked in a voice that indicated that she had had just about enough weird happenings for one day, "What the heck is going on?"

June 23rd, 2007, 10:30 AM
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"Seems the pretty boy is pretty good at knowing when he's outmatched!" Askan mused himself, seeing no other way to turn the opponent fleeing into a positive situation. "And Gardevoir, you can stop holding me up you know, I have enough energy to stand now..." Gardevoir sweatdropped as she removed the psychic focus on his body. "I really want to beat that guy now. Hopefully someday I'll get my chance! But, uh, I guess we better go check on the others? Chances are our cover has been blown, or something." He muttered as he began walking in the general direction of the ruckus that had started on the train shortly after they encountered pretty boy, Gardevoir following suite. He paused for a moment, however, to say one thing. "And Blue, don't interfere in my business again. I don't know who you think I am, but I'm far from incapable of taking care of myself."

June 23rd, 2007, 11:09 AM
Blue had had enough of this kid. Talking like he had all his crap together, and he had his little pokemon girlfriend holding him up psychically the entire time? Blue began to wonder if it was really him that caught that cup, or... Argh! And I had tried to make friends with this loser.. Blue thought. As Askan walked away, Blue put a hand on his shoulder, and roughly spun him around to face him.

"Who do you think you are, talking to me like that?" he snarled, although if he were outside it would have probably been much louder. "I don't give a rattata's ass WHO you are - in my eyes, you're just a rookie..." he nodded in the direction that Kiyon had just gone. "...and in typical rookie fashion, you almost just got yourself killed. I just saved your life back there, and if you want me to do it again someday, I'd be thanking me right now." he finished, and shoved Askan out of the way; Hoping - no, PRAYING - that he would attempt to challenge his authority. He was so jacked up, it only took him three steps to be out into the train's main hallway.

It was getting a bit more towards morning, and a few people were stumbling out of their rooms and heading towards the dining car. Blue hung a left, still fuming. He walked down the hall until he got to his room. He leaned down to tie his shoe, using it as cover for looking around. As soon as it was clear, he swept his key and quickly stepped inside.

"Everything cool, guys? I assume you got past the sweep?" he asked shortly and quietly, before sitting down and regarding Sy and Narumi briefly. "How about the others? Any word? Me and Askan ran into one of the nastier ones in the dining car, and he left in a rather hurry, so we assumed that something had happened." he explained.

July 20th, 2007, 9:29 PM

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And thanks for the catch Alter, I forgot about that. I'll change it to Joleton in just a moment. Also, forgive my lack of Science knowledge, I've got... issues. ^^;;; I tried.


"Steven... Sera's already fighting with Baan. Why don't you and I... tango." She twisted one of three pokeballs off of her wrist, the staff falling into her left hand, "It's been awhile anyways, since I defeated you last." She tilted her head softly, a serene sort of smirk spreading across her face, "Why don't we see if you're still worth my time." It was true. While the circumstances hadn't been in Steven's favor, he had lost a rather embarassing fight to Mika the last time they had encountered eachother. It was something no man could easily take, a defeat at the hands of a mere child, and Mika was hoping to poke a hole in the other's seemingly cool demenor and force out the anger not many people knew existed.

It didn't work. Steven was under strict orders not to provoke Mika, the Commandant had all but screamed that doing so might result in Mika injuring herself. Steven, personally, didn't really give a miltank about injuring her. She was a crimminal. Weren't they, as law enforcers, allowed to beat the guilty into submission as long as it wasn't detected by the general public? As much as he wanted to, he had to follow orders. Biting down on his lip, he regained control of his anger and turned towards Mika with the same unreadable look he'd given her prior, "No, as much as you'd like it, I cannot allow myself to fall to your level to, as you said, fight." He raised a hand towards Baan and the trainer annoyedly withdrew his battered pokemon (but not before sticking his tounge out at Sera) "I have a message to you, from the Commandant." Noting Mika's expression did not change, not that he expected it to, he continued, "He says he's glad to see you out of the hos-"

"He didn't exactly send flowers"

"It wasn't like he could. Rocket bases are so tricky to get into these days without causing royal hell to ice over."

"And yet you G-Men have learned nothing from us. Your bases are still as pathetic as they were six years ago. Nothing's changed beyond a passcode here and a firewall there. You can't even aim your cameras correctly for pete's sake..."

"Touche. Prehaps it would be good for us to revamp our system..." Blinking off the feeling and the very obvious (And very well played out mind you) distraction technique before he turned, taking Mika by the wrist in such a sudden movement, the girl had no time to react, no one would have. Pressing his lips to her ear, he mumbled something beyond the ears of the others present and stepped back, casting a fleeting, sickening look at Serra before turning towards Baan and started to walk back in that general direction, leaving the ashen leader to her misery...or so he thought.

Her own hand snapped out, catching his shoulder before he could get anywhere, "...He can't. It's forbidden, forbidden in every single one of my-our teachings! It's... it's insanity!" Steven brushed the girl off, shoving his hands into his pockets, shrugging his shoulders at her obvious fear and attempt to hide the growing hysteria. He couldn't help a smirk; it still hadn't fully dawned on her yet, "You know him as well as I do Mika, he doesn't care. Nor do I for that matter."

"You know the number of casualties that would cause, you know..." And then, like a bolt of lightning, the hidden message revealed itself, "You can't mean..."

"With the seals closed, you're vulnerable. If you can't open the seals in the given time frame, which with our added security to each place will be virtually impossible, you'll have no physical choice." He tilted his head back to the sky, laughing softly as a few drops of rain fell from the sky, "Just a tool, that's all wayward children like you are good for nowadays. If only you hadn't run when we took you the first time, if only you'd stayed. Then maybe things like this... wouldn't be nessacary."

She couldn't take it anymore. With the downpour threatening to slip from the clouds at any second and a Charizard still on the playing field, she couldn't hold back her punches. Flicking her wrist in Sera's direction to withdraw her pokemon, she slid a hand to the pokeball on her wrist, slipping it into her palm as discreatly as she could, "A tool Steven? Oh yes, the perfect example of that would be your daughter, wouldn't it now. Your precious little doll, trapped in her home to be stared at. I doubt she still has Storm, did you take him away to, to keep her at home?" Smirking, she wasn't suprised to see his gaze turn sour almost instantly, "You're just as guilty as Lance and you know it."

His mask shattered, Steven was too far gone into his ego-damaged rage to with-hold himself anymore. Turning towards Baan, he jerked a pokeball off his waist, "Withdraw your Pokemon Baan and leave." The boy, who had since Steven's arrival simply stood with a holier than thou smile on his face, turned and with a light tuff of the hair, withdrew his badly battered Jolteon and exited down into the car from which he had came after thanking Sera oh-so-sarcastically for the battle, "It was fun little girl, maybe next time when we play, I'll actually fight with my full strength. You're worth it I think."

With that, he was gone, disappeared into the blackness of the tunnel that the train had suddenly been pressed into. Much like the blackness of a new moon covered in a layer of overcast clouds, there was not even enough light to see a hand infront of a face. Still, in the darkness, Steven did not stop his mouth from moving, "Fine Mika. You want a fight, I'll give you one. But that girl stays out of it... and you fight me without holding back." He wanted a re-match, he deserved a re-match. If she touched the power Lance would have his head but if she didn't, he'd be fighitng a trainer who wasn't using thier starter, their highest leveled most treasured pokemon or their most well rounded team. It wouldn't be right and it would't feel right either, "One on one, to begin when we exit the tunnel's blackness which should happen in about five minutes. You've that long to prepare." Years of training in caves with his beloved steel types had trained him to see like a cat, he could funciton in this blackness just fine. Mika, at least he thought,could not do the same.

She sighed, rubbing her forehead before turning on her heels to Sera, "Climb back down. It's three steps backward and you'll hit the ladder. Get down on your hands and knees if it makes you more comfortable. You don't have to, it's not an order yet, but if you stay and witness what's about to happen and you tell Blue or Kain, I'll be forced to do bad things to you." Turning her back on the trainer, she gave her a final glare before returning the staff to its prior mode and attached it to her neck. If she was going to use it from the purest source, she didn't need the enhancer. Not for Steven. It would drain her of most of her reserve energy and she'd probably be stuck at the pokemon center in Goldenrod for a day but it was all worth it. At least, she hoped so.

Raising her arms to the sky, she closed her eyes and pulled them down, mumbling something under her breath. Her body glowing a soft light green, the surface wounds on her arms from her earlier spat with Sera vanished and as the tunnel emerged, Mika had fully assimilated with the forest. Releasing the pokeball, her eyes slowly opened, revealing a bright spirit filled yellow tint rather than the minty green it had previously been. Ignoring the pain in her chest, she threw the pokeball she'd previously hidden just as the trio was thrust into dawnlight, "Antiklian, assistance please."

The male of her twin Dragonair, Antiklian, emereged from the bright light of the normal greatball, cooing softly as he wound around Mika's ankle and waist for a moment, enjoying the soft pets she gave him before she waved her hand towards the space between the two trainers, hissing like mad at Steven who, out of concern for the area surrounding, had sent out his Skarmory who was screeching at this excuse for an opponent at a pitch purposely driven a half step sharp for pure torture. Sky diving in the typical Ariel Ace format, as Steven had commanded him before letting him out of his prision of a pokeball, he watched Mika's mouth for movement and, seeing none, saw no reason to be cautious and fully charged the still hissing dragon with more fury than a charmander who's tail had almost been doused with a careless child's glass of water. He didn't expect the Flamethrower that nailed him in the face on his arrival at his target nor did he expect the follow up Body Slam and Ice Beam that shortly followed. By the time it was all over, the dragonair hadn't even broken a sweat and Steven looked humiliated. She hadn't even moved, her eyes hadn't even changed. She'd controled her pokemon by Channelling. Lance was going to have his rear end on a silver platter... and there was nothing he could do about it except retreat. Annoyed with himself, he tossed the overused smoke ball into the the area between and, when the smoke had cleared, he was gone without anything left to trace him by.

Releasing her hold on the Source, Mika withdrew the Dragonair and turned towards Sera's general location. Regardless of what the girl had decided to do, Mika needed to get off this roof and she need to get off it now. Wincing visibly, she scurried down the ladder and, after noting Sera's location, blurrily explained they needed to head back to the cabin and headed there at the fastest pace any person would blink past. Once inside, she didn't even wave at the rest of group, she turned towards Blue, mumbled something along the lines of 'I couldn't let him take Sera' and all but collapsed on the open spot on the bench, looking white as snow. A few moments passed and she was able to somewhat function, at least for now, "...So, how did your respective missions go? Askan, did you behave properly and did you run into another GMan prehaps?" Her forearm over her eyes, she could at least breathe a little better now. She'd have to explain this to Sera later and Mika wasn't looking forward to it. It wasn't a story she liked to tell.

"I got a little too much air up there. Now, what did any of you find out, if anything?"

Alter Ego
July 22nd, 2007, 7:07 AM
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Sera still didn't understand what the heck was going on, and the more she listened to the exchange of hidden meanings between Steven and Mika the greater the feeling of ignorance became. One thing was quite clear to the redhead, however: she was being ignored, brushed off by both concerned like a speck of dirt - and if that look Steven had given her was anything to go by, this was pretty much how he regard her as well - and Sera didn't like it at all, so when Baan decided to bail out, still wearing that insufferable attitude despite the way his pokémon had been maimed, the girl felt like she had just been handed the final insult.

"Oy, hold it, fancy-pants!" Sera yelled after him, annoyed by the way her voice was lost to the gale, "I ain't done with ya yet, ya freakin' coward!" she had half a mind to pursue the little twerp, but just then Flammie flinched, letting out a low growl of pain. Although the attack had been far from lethal, it had still left quite an injury, and a quick inspection was enough to tell the girl that her Charizard was in no condition to continue the fight, especially with the incoming rain.

"Of all the bloody times fer a shower..." Sera muttered, as if even the weather was conspiring to make a fool out of her, flicking the worn pokéball in Flammie's direction, "Flammie, come back.". Next time, was it? She snorted contemptuously as she turned to observe the scene between Mika and Steven - the latter of whom had just lost his pretense of cool - oh, that little g-man twerp would get a next time alright, and a Fire Blast up his arse for a memento too, if Sera had any say in the matter.

When Mika spoke up, asking her to step back - or, to compound the insult, preferably crawl away on all fours like a terrified little Poochyena - Sera felt like screaming something truly vicious in retort, but just then the train entered the tunnel and her world suddenly went black. The altitude hadn't been a problem as long as Sera had had so many other things to occupy her mind, but standing there with nothing but darkness and the peculiar green shimmer surrounding Mika the redhead became all too aware of how high up she was, how fast the train was moving, and - above all - just how easy it was for her to fall off. 'Not now...' she told herself, grasping her stomach which was once again trying to re-invent the art of churning uncomfortably, 'Don't freakin' chicken out now!'. Sera truly felt pathetic standing rooted to her spot as she was. There she was, barely able to keep herself under control while the two others were fighting completely unbothered by their surroundings, but Sera was far too stubborn and proud to back out now. As the train re-emerged on the outside, the battle was all but done, Steven's Skarmory collapsing in a decidedly pathetic way while its trainer escaped in a manner easily as cowardly as Baan's. Sheez, if there was one thing these g-men twerps knew it was how to run off at the first obstacle. More essential, however, was the question of what the heck Mika had been doing; by Sera's tell not a single command had been uttered and by the looks of it the younger girl hadn't even opened her eyes. Was this..? No, there was absolutely no way that Baan could have had a point about something, Sera would sooner have believed in hell freezing over than that. This was some kind of trick, and she would be damned if she didn't dig it out of little miss psycho.

Much to the redhead's dismay, however, Mika seemed to be in no mood to be interrogated, quickly excusing herself with a vague order of returning to the compartment before charging down the ladder and out of sight, long before Sera could formulate any kind of question.

Even more annoyed than before, Sera waited on the roof for a few more moments to make sure that her executive wasn't around to watch before she walked over to the end of the train and - eyes tightly shut and hands firmly grasping the ladder at each point - slowly descended. Although part of her wanted to head straight over to the compartment and demand an explanation, another had different plans - specifically, her stomach did.

"Damn...it..." fighting the urge to the bitter end, Sera staggered over to the nearest railing, extending her head over it and duly vomiting out what little food she had in her, spitting a few times to get rid of the taste before turning her head away from the charging scenery on either side of her. The girl was a mess, there was no need for a mirror to confirm that, she could feel the cold sweat her body was soaked in, the small shivers that still passed through her now and again, her face was probably still paler than usual, and above all she felt humiliated, not only because of her current state but because of what had happened - she had fought some mere two-bit lackey, a lackey who had been holding back, and still nearly lost while the executive whom she valued about as much as some of the things that got stuck on her shoes when she didn't look were she was going had pummeled Steven without as much as breaking a sweat. And on top of that, there was the things that wretched Baan had said...no matter how obvious it was that this was precisely what the g-man had intended, Sera couldn't help feeling upset about what he had said about Cyril; those words had stirred up precisely the questions which Sera had so carefully buried. This just wasn't how it was supposed to go; not at all. The girl's right hand balled into a fist, but she was enough in control not to cause another self-inflicted injury this time around, "I won't..." she muttered for herself, "I won't be weak like that again...EVER!"

A few minutes and a quick visit to the nearest bathroom later, a slightly more presentable Sera stepped into the reserved compartment. She wasn't trembling half as bad as before, but her face was still somewhat pale, the ponytail long since dissolved into the usual tangle of spiky bangs. The redhead paid no heed, however, speaking up in her usual nonchalant tone, although there was a slight hint of fatigue behind her words:

"Yeah, sure was...airy." she remarked somewhat lamely, casting a sideward glance at Mika and rolling her eyes while inwardly sighing in relief; at last there was something worthy of a normal comment again, "Don't tell me she's takin' another nap." the girl remarked bluntly, her voice regaining some of its previous fire even as she pretty much collapsed into her seat, the lack of her usual habit of spreading across as much available space as possible making her look just a bit more...well, feminine was probably the best way to put it - although considering her pale and somewhat vulnerable appearance that would probably have been feminine in the most insultingly stereotypical sense of the word. Sera still felt as cold as hell had apparently become, but wrapping herself up in that coat would be another sign of weakness she had no intention of showing, so instead she simply went for ignoring the cold and focusing on talk instead, "Ain't Goldenrod close now?" the girl inquired grumpily, "I don't know about the rest of ya, but I've had just about enough o' this train."

July 22nd, 2007, 6:29 PM
"Nothin' of note on our end," Asylum told Blue, not bothering to look up as the two trainers from the dining car entered the room. The purple-haired male's expression grew increasingly distant as information from Oneiro was channeled into his mind, informing him of the tense situation occurring atop the train. Asylum was silent. At the moment, there was nothing happening in the cabin that might hold his attention. So, with careful listening and his Solrock's telepathic scans, the trainer mentally pieced the train-top situation together as well as he could. Then, the subjects of Oneiro's emotional readings moved. Several subjects vanished, while others descended into the train. One approached the cabin.

Seconds before the door opened, Asylum's eyes had shifted toward it, waiting to see who the one to enter would be. Mika. Finding none of her questions addressed directly to him, Asylum chose to say nothing for the moment--including the ironic remark running through his head in regard to her condition.

Looks like she got run over by a train. And here I thought she was going to the roof.

"Sy," Oneiro chided. You should be glad no one else heard that. Be a little more respectful toward your superiors.

Don't you ever get tired of saying that?

Were its features not unmoving stone, the Solrock would have smiled. No.

Moments later, as Asylum began to consider working up enough volition to answer one of Mika's inquiries, the door opened again. As Sera took her seat, Asylum stared silently at her. This one looks like she's been shot a few times with a cannon. Or maybe a tank. Must have been interesting up on that roof.

It's rude to stare, Sy.

It's also rude to lie, steal, and experiment on other people. Next concern, please.

Just stop staring.

Closing his eyes, Asylum leaned back in his seat--voice and face expressionless as he spoke with an unchecked lack of concern. "Me 'n' Narumi got past the inspection with no problems. How was the roof?"

Oneiro's sigh echoed through Asylum's mind.

July 25th, 2007, 9:33 AM
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Narumi sat up straight and looked up at Mika, who certainly didn't look as though she'd just had the time of her life. Wondering if he should play the part of a concerned rocket at this point, Narumi decided against it. There was nothing he could do for her other then fuss over her, and that was probably the last thing he was interested in doing. Ahh, what a splitting headache. Did all Rocket's get headaches like this? Or was it just because Narumi wasn't usually being pressured by the forces of justice?

Either way, the Asylum guy- though certainly not the number one on the list of Narumi's friends, was pretty darn sharp. He did a good job of covering up for Narumi, even when he didn't even need covering up. Narumi smiled inwardly, before straightening and brushing himself off after his short break on the floor of the cabin.

Narumi was also very interested as to what happened on the roof. No doubt he'd get a full report on it later, but it wasn't as if he'd read it. Dragging his belongings to the edge of a wall, he sat down beside them, on the floor once more. Though his eyes were still half closed, and his focus not particularly fixed on any one thing, Narumi was listening intently for the story that would certainly be much more exciting and captivating then his and Asylum's.

July 26th, 2007, 7:30 PM
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"I'd rather not talk about it." Askan replied in a manner that displayed both arrogance and moping, no thanks to Blue. He gave a look over to the man in question and scoffed. "Why don't you ask that idjit over there?" Gardevoir couldn't help but roll her eyes at this point. On the bright side, Askan was getting his energy back. However, he was also regaining his pompous attitude that hinted ever so slightly at his immaturity. Idjit, as he called Blue ever-so-cleverly, was a word he substituted for swearing most of the time, though it didn't make him appear particularly articulate. Askan took a seat, and leaned his torso forward, resting his cheek on his right hand. "Apparently he thinks he knows my limits, and I'd prefer he mind his own business. Besides, Mika, aren't you the only person here who knows my secret? Why do I have to hide every-" He found himself silenced by Gardevoir's psychic attack. Normally, Askan was not permitted to spill his origins to others without the permission of a higher up, and this wasn't a case that was any different. "It's unfair, I'm tired of being scolded all of the time because people think I'm not capable!" He really was a spoiled brat, whining when he didn't get his own way. This wasn't unusual though, he had mood swings so often it was difficult to identify his true nature.

July 28th, 2007, 6:05 PM

well Asch, I'll have to fix dat. :3


Like it always did when Mika was as exausted as she was, Luna's voice once again floated into her mind, nearly causing Mika to lose what little food she'd had to eat in the past day and a half all over the seat. Sitting up, she put her head in her hands, trying to focus on what Askan was saying while that obnoxious voice kept getting louder and louder within her own head, all but deafening her yet not a soul outside maybe that psychic pokemon that couldn't keep its mindwaves to itself could hear and the Gardevoir since she'd left that link open by sheer forgetfullness.

She remember that day, it had been close to the end of Alarayne. The two of them had been standing outside the mansion, close to the edge of the water on the rocks. It was before Luna and Mika had stopped co-existing on peaceful terms. Before she had a sit down wth Lance. Before she summoned the wave. It had been like so many days before, when they, the three of them, used to play together and run around the town nearby... everything was perfect. Normal. Normal girls did what they did back then, normal girls doing normal things being normal kids. Luna had told her, that day, that she sensed something coming to the island, something none of them could have ever imagined, and, for no reason at all, sang about it. Hauntingly soft, she sang as the moon began to rise in the horizon.

"Come to me children and follow my way
Into the world of darkness and magic
With all my power I'll show you the way
To all your dreams, hopes and illusions"

As quickly as the vision came, it left and Mika was allowed to regain sense of herself once again. Looking around the room, she saw two main problems, Sera and Askan. Sera was white as a sheet and shivering (And, like the arogent prideful girl she was, desperately trying to hide it) so much it looked like the car was moving less than her. Standing, she slipped out of her trenchcoat and, before Sera could complain, tucked it around her shoulders, giving her that 'Don't even think about taking that coat off' look before sitting down beside the muffled boy, ruffling his hair reassuringly, "You didn't explode. Gardevoir would've told me if you had. I'm proud, you're getting stronger." Smiling patiently, she tapped her finger against her chin, "It's frustrating, to have to hide everything about yourself, but it's simply nessacary in some circumstances. For all you know, someone in this room could be a spy. Revealing such private information might put you in danger, you understand? Therefore, we must put up with some rather unpleasent things... It's hard, but not impossible, you showed that just now, didn't you?"

Turning towards the rest of the party, she cleared her throat, that authoritative figure coming back into play, "We're almost to Goldenrod. For those of you wanting to know what happened on the roof, I'll gladly explain everything once we get to the base beneathe the Radio Tower in Goldenrod herself." Smirking lightly, she held up a keycard, "It was never destroyed, they could never find the entrance and torture didn't work on anyone who'd been down there. We'll arrive within the half hour so enjoy this little bit of a break. You won't get one for several weeks to come."

July 29th, 2007, 9:03 AM
I live! I'll get right to it.


Blue nodded curtly at Asylum, and leaned against the wall, ignoring Askan's foul mood. However, as Mika and Sera entered the room, he heard something that made his eyebrows raise. Call me an idiot? he thought, potent venom icing his thoughts. However, all of this was pushed aside when Mika's obviously weak form nearly collapsed onto him, and Blue's deepest suspicions were confirmed. She whispered into his ear, and he shook his head with just a hint of pity, but only barely visible through a heavy wall of disapproval.

Throughout the next few minutes, Blue's gaze was fixed on Mika, barely listening to the surrounding conversation. She know what this does to her.. he thought, his mood threatening to dip into real anger. This whole business with Askan had really pissed him off to insurmountable levels, and he had just begun to cool off, when all of a sudden, this happens. As he was musing about this, suddenly he saw something.

Mika tensed up, and her eyes sort of glazed over. Unless you were looking REAL hard, you wouldn't notice, but Blue was bright, and he knew these signs too well. He realized that he was going to have to do something about this.

She was an expert at hiding it, but Mika hadn't been on her assigned medications, specifically assigned to prevent her from doing, well, what she was doing right now. As she gave Sera a coat and attempted to coax Askan the Kid into a state of submission, Blue could see her nearly falling apart.

She stood up, and sighed, attempting to crawl back into the carapace of her authoritative persona. "We're almost to Goldenrod. For those of you wanting to know what happened on the roof, I'll gladly explain everything once we get to the base beneath the Radio Tower in Goldenrod herself." she held up a key, announced the success of the trip, and finished her statement. "We'll arrive within the half hour so enjoy this little bit of a break. You won't get one for several weeks to come."

Blue had had about enough of this. Grabbing Mika swiftly by the elbow, he excused himself, and pulled her into the hallway, whispering sharply into her ear as he did so. "You won't be getting a break from me anytime soon, or the G-men either if you keep acting like this." Standing her straight up several yards down the hallway, he made sure there was nobody listening, and stared dead into her face, his namesake eyes piercing her like a pair of icy swords

"The hell is wrong with you? You haven't been taking them, have you? You know more than me what that bloody power of yours does to you." he growled, his grip tight on her arm. He paused, released her arm, and looked away, letting his last comment soak in. He turned back to face her, and his eyes were much softer. He put a hand on her shoulder, and sighed. "I've known you since you were still a kid." He smiled a little bit. "You're STILL a kid in my eyes; maybe you always will be." he looked away once more before looking back into her eyes. "You can still be the big boss; I'll even still pretend that I don't know you - but don't overdo it. You've got nothing to prove, especially if you're not going to take the meds Kain gave you. It's not like he was trying to poison you, it's Kain we're talking about here. Please, for your own sake if nothing else." He sighed, brushing the hair out of his eyes before continuing, "We'll talk more about this when we get back to Goldenrod. But for now, take it easy. Or else."

Alter Ego
July 29th, 2007, 9:58 AM
Sera was still in a very bad mood after having sat down, finding it increasingly difficult to maintain the mask of strength which she vainly believed to still be intact. Her body was still trying to shrug off the incident, and at a few times she had to control herself as another wave of nausea crept on. Above all the other discomfort, however, was her senses - which had chosen this particular time to peak in search of anyone and everyone who might have found something to comment on about her, and with Asylum's behavior being what it was, she didn't have to look far.

"What'cha starin' at?" she spat out, glaring at the boy, "I warn ya, I ain't in no mood fer bein' ogled at, so-"

Just then, however, Mika made a simple maneuver that effectively silenced the redhead, standing up and tucking her own coat over Sera's shoulders. For a moment, the older girl simply sat there, apparently struck wordless by the simple gesture (or, possibly, the wordless threat that had accompanied it) before she finally managed to speak up:

"And now I'm bein' treated like a freakin' coat hanger too?" she complained, yet there seemed to be just a small hint of something besides her usual anger in her voice, a certain softness around the edges of the tone, easily overlooked if one wasn't used to paying attention to such things, "Fine." she harrumphed in that same would-be-slighted tone of voice, "But ye'd better not make a freakin' habit of it." that had been something akin to the 'thank you' of someone who had very little experience in such matters, but if Mika failed to spot that then it was her loss.

Quietly groaning, Sera leaned back in her seat, largely zoning out Askan's whining complaints like the buzzing of a particularly large and bothersome fly. Idjit? Sera folded her arms, containing the urge to snap about it; that brat was an affront to insult-wielders everywhere, and apparently stuck at the intellectual age of seven. How anyone could put up with him was a complete mystery to Sera, but there Mika was; patting him on the head and trying to talk him out of his little temper tantrum. At that moment, Sera found herself thinking the unthinkable: she was actually agreeing with Baan on something: things would have been so much simpler if Mika would just have been a complete cow twenty-four seven. It was easy to hate people like that; it was uncomplicated, but now Sera was forced to deal with two seemingly contradictory personalities in one person: the weak, clueless, malicious, screeching harpy of a Rocket executive whom the redhead had first encountered and now loathed with the fury of a thousand suns, and on the other side the strong, caring Mika, the one who had faced down Steven and defeated him in a flash, the one who looked after the members of her team no matter how whiny and useless they were, the one who had seen right through Sera's facade and done what the redhead had been too proud to do. And now...now Sera couldn't decide on which was real and which was fake and it was giving her a splitting headache. As such, she welcomed Blue's excuse to drag the executive out of the room, not even bothering to question his motives as she pulled Mika out by the elbow. Instead, the redhead spread out a bit more in her seat, attempting to take up at least a semi-comfortable sleeping position. With the addition of a coat - even a foreign one - warmth was slowly returning into her body, and with it - or so it seemed - came her usual attitude. This was all because of the stress and fatigue, Sera concluded for herself as she began settling down for a half-hour nap, once she had gotten herself some well-earned rest things would be simple and clear-cut again and she could go back to resenting her executive and everything about her.

July 31st, 2007, 8:56 PM
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Like Blue, Askan didn't fail to notice Mika's little episode. He was never told why she did, or if there was any reason behind it, but she had a tendancy of randomly zoning out, and you could only tell if you looked carefully. He had accidentally stumbled upon her issue one day when she came to visit him, but she took some pills after. Maybe those helped? Either way, Askan's attention was drawn from Mika's condition when she came over to him and ruffled his hair, before making an attempt to comfort him. Though, some of what she said was flawed. For example, he was already in danger by being on this mission, but whatever. He appreciated the sentiment either way.

She eventually left his side, and began to ramble on about the roof or something. He perked up with excitement when the word "break" was mentioned, however, and Gardevoir finally came back to sit with him, waving her hand towards the Pokeballs on his belt. He went to reach for them, but eyed Blue who took Mika out into the hallway. He knew there was some sort of connection between the two - although that didn't mean Askan had to get along with him. After they had left, he released all of his Pokemon so that they could get some air.

Masquerain, being a bit skittish, perched herself on top of Askan's head as she tried to figure out were she was. Gardevoir began talking to it, and Masquerain eventually let her guard down, and flew over to Sera, landing beside her so she could examine the girl. Quilava stood by his trainer's side, curling up in a ball and rolling around playfully as Mawile chased it, tripping from time to time. Gardevoir, being the caring Pokemon she was, began scolding the two, though they didn't listen. Dewgong clapped her fins together as she laughed at the two, and Noctowl did nothing but stare at the group, perched on the seat beside Askan. "Ahh~ It's good to get some rest."

August 16th, 2007, 6:21 AM

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Mika was speechless, embarassed and caught completely off guard when Blue dragged her into the hallway. She hadn't been expecting it, not in the least, but in a way she guessed she probably should have. She simply leaned back against the wall in the hallway, the urge to pass out still very prominent in the possible list of things to do, and listened to him. Yep. This was definatly Blue. When he was done, she simply chuckled softly, almost weakly, and pushed herself up off the wall, giving Blue a look she hadn't given anyone else thus far on this little trip, "Blue, don't worry about me, mmkay? You're sounding like Rae." With a sparkle in her eyes, she reached up and ruffled his hair, "It really doesn't suit you, big brother." It wasn't like they were actually related, Blue was simply a childhood friend who'd turned into a big-brother sort of figure after that first time in Lance's Facility. Shaking her head firmly, she threw her hands up in the air lightly, "Alright alright, you win! I'll contact Kain and get him to send me the stuff, kay?" Sticking her tounge out lightly, she ducked under the arm semi pinning her to the wall and clasped her hands behind her back, "Now, I've got about twenty more seconds to be myself before I have to be an uptight witch again, so no more talk of worries." Waving him off, she wandered back to the cabin and, after reapplyng a mask of sorts to her face, stepped back in.

Sera was sleeping. Good. The girl looked ready to keel over and unfortunately, only actually keeling over was going to make her believe she needed rest. Mika couldn't help but stare at the older girl softly for a moment. In her sleep, she didn't look like a Sharpedo waiting to strike. She looked... normal. Vulnerable. She closed her eyes for a moment and shook her head softly. No, this wasn't how Sera wanted anyone, especially not Mika, to see her. Sighing heavily, she blended the sigh into a yawn and took the only seat not completely occupied by Askan's pokemon. Normally she would've taken the boy's head off for cramping the already cramped space but he had calmed down considerably and she wasn't about to risk that. Unfortuantely, this put her in a tiny seat next to Asylum, the only member of her team she really hadn't talked to yet. Stretching her arms infront of her one last time, she looked at him with an unreadble expression, "So... Are you looking at napping or are you up for a short conversation?"

Attention passengers, the Monorail Train will arrive in Goldenrod City in Twenty Five Minutes. At that time, making sure you have all your belongings, please exit at the nearest exit in a calm and mature mannor. Thank you for riding Pidgeot Monorail, we hope to see you again.

Alter Ego
August 17th, 2007, 9:36 AM
"I'm sorry..."

For the umpteenth time, the girl uttered the words, and like so many times before there was no response. The sturdy oak door remained as firmly shut as ever and not a single sound betrayed the fact that on the other side, life went on as it always had. The complete absence of Seraphina Geinsbrough in said world meant absolutely nothing whatsoever.

"Please..." the child's lip trembled as she whispered the words again, a single tear slipping down from beneath the mass of red hair that covered her head, running down her cheek and dropping onto the floor below, but even this tiny disturbance was quickly soaked up by the carpeting and disappeared, "I won't do it again. I promise."

Still no effect. She sighed quietly, sinking down on her knees in front of the door, wiping the moisture from her eyes. What good would crying do her, after all? While she was in this room she didn't exist, so what she chose to do or not to do made no difference at all. 'I have no unruly daughter', that was the rule in this house. Cedric Geinsbrough was not some common street thug who'd beat a little girl for misbehaving, oh no, he was civilized. Either he had a pretty, quiet, and above all perfectly obedient daughter or he had no daughter at all. Misbehave and you ceased to exist until you were perfect again. It was that simple. No screaming, no long, bitter talks about respect and 'what shall I do with you?'s, no violence; just complete exile from everything in the world except for this one room with its oppressively plain walls and decor and the carpeting spread over every inch of the floor like fungus. Oh how she longed to tear up that wretched carpet, to leave at least some kind of mark, to prove that she was alive, but she didn't dare...any misbehavior would only serve to lengthen the time. The best thing to do was to just sit there and wait - without sound or motion - until someone opened the door and let her back into the world again.

It was in this room that she learned that she was nothing, nothing at all...


"Mmmph?" Sera stirred a bit in her seat, vaguely aware of something brushing against her hand, something alive, something staring at her. Wait, something alive? But she was in motion, and surely nothing could land on the back of a Dodrio in mid-run. Unless...she cursed her own stupidity. Of course, it could have be a Venonat or a Weedle, maybe even a stray Kakuna depending on where that daft Triune had gone and run in absence of directions, and a blood poisoning - even a mild one - wasn't a good way to start a day. The girl snapped awake with a jolt, quickly retracting her hand and glaring in the direction of the disturbance. It was only a few seconds later, staring at the peculiar bug right beside her and the seat upon which it had landed, that she recalled precisely what happened in the near future. These weren't particularly pleasant memories.

"Askan..." she growled, irritably shooing the Masquerain away as her glance traveled across the peculiar menagerie that had appeared in the compartment, "She said 'break', not 'pettin' zoo time'! Tell yer damn critters to keep to themselves!"

"I swear..." she sighed as she adjusted herself into a sitting position again, "Ye're like the insufferable kid brother I'm glad never to have had." the feeling of dread from her dream still clung to her as the announcement came, confirming that she had managed to squeeze in about four minutes of sleep before the obnoxious twerp had seen fit to ruin it. It couldn't be helped, though, it seemed; she was pretty sure that nothing had been spoken out loud in her sleep, but with another twenty-five minutes...no, not with these memories. Sera couldn't let anything of that particular episode of her life slip to this lot. She'd just have to stay awake until they arrived in Goldenrod. In an effort to avoid any further fights for which she simply didn't have the energy right now, the redhead zoned out the others, turning her glance towards the blur of scenery outside the window without really seeing it. Twenty-five minutes...twenty-five minutes of not falling asleep couldn't be that hard, right?

August 20th, 2007, 3:36 PM
Asylum, having half-opened one eye to see Blue and Mika's exit, as well as the entrance of Askan's Pokemon, then allowed his eyelid to fall shut for lack of interest and in an attempt to ignore those around him. This place is getting pretty crowded. Why did what's-his-name think it was a good idea to let out all his Pokemon, anyway?

"You let me out of my Pokeball," Oneiro replied, looking about with mild interest.

You know why I have to do that.

Mm-hm . . . By the way, you might want to move over a bit.

Eh? Why? Asylum's reply had scarcely been formed in his mind, when he felt someone sit down beside him. Only then did he recall the sound of the door opening a second time, and decided that the unknown individual could be either someone who had left the room, or someone who had been displaced by their return. You plannin' to tell me who that is, Oneiro, or will I have to open my eyes?

Neither proved necessary, however, as Mika spoke and Asylum recognized her voice.

"Look at your superiors when you talk to them," Oneiro reminded his trainer, as said trainer slowly slid his eyes open to their usual halfway point and turned to look at the team leader.

"I dunno," he answered in his customary indifferent manner, pausing afterward to listen to the announcement being made over the train's PA system. "Louder than it needs to be," he observed wordlessly. Though probably only to my ears.

Resuming his previous thought process, Asylum adjusted his vision until his eyes met Mika's directly. Looking from trainer to trainer, Oneiro noted the contrast of silver and amber-gold, Mika's eyes naturally glowing with every drop of life Asylum's lacked. "What about you?" Asylum asked, returning Mika's question. "Makes no difference to me."

August 21st, 2007, 7:52 PM
"Petting zoo?! My Pokemon are more than mere animals, thank you. They're my friends. If I'm having a break, they can damn well have a break with me!" Askan perked up with obvious irritation as Sera badmouthed his training methods. Doesn't she know anything? Does her head even work? You can't be a strong trainer if you don't have a strong bond with your Pokemon. He thought to himself as he slouched back in his seat, gesturing towards the Masquerain to return to him. The Pokemon did as it was told, and hastily flew back to its trainer, landing on his shoulder before Askan tossed a piece of Pokemon food up to it. He could have made more of a fight out of Sera's little comment, but he decided against it. He had to conserve the energy he had for their arrival at Goldenrod.

Once there, the entire operation would change, and he would finally be able to shine. Combat was his strong suite due to the nature of his body, and he had yet to flaunt those abilities around thanks to Blue getting in the way. At this thought, his eyes wandered to Mika once more, who was now sitting beside that Asylum person. Askan found Asylum unique in comparison to the others. It was like he was non-existent, not really there. On top of that, he was hard to read based on facial expressions and overall attitude. At the same time, there was something... not right about him. A familiar yet unfamiliar air to him that Askan couldn't seem to put his finger on. OH RIGHT. It suddenly dawned on him. That boy was like him. Askan had been introduced to him probably early on at the lab, so it had slipped his mind.

Askan's train of thought was interrupted as Quilava jumped onto his lap, startling the boy enough to jump. "...Okay guys, back inside for now, we'll get a good workout in today for sure!" The Pokemon replied cheerfully as they all, including Gardevoir, were taken back into their balls.

August 23rd, 2007, 8:13 PM

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She simply stretched her muscles out, noting the change in Sera's behaviour, she'd ignore it to give the girl some of her dignity back, and mood and after rolling her eyes at the two bickering children, turned back to Sy, smiling softly at him before looking up towards the pokemon floating overhead. Yawning, she patted his shoulder softly, winking as she turned as though to leave, "Sera, Askan, get to know eachother. That means no fighting or bickering if you can avoid it. When I return from my walk, I except this place to be a bit... less loud." Turning to the door, she exited, heading down for the always vancant-at-this-hour observation car and, after climbing to the second floor of sorts, waited for Sy's reaction.

While she had been talking to the others, she'd sent a message, via the flying heap of rock, to Sy, "If you want to talk, and don't feel as though you need to at this moment, come to the observation car and bring your pokemon with you. Don't worry, the others can't hear this message nor will they even know. I... I just want to talk, I'm curious of a couple things and you probably have questions about me or my leadership skills, yeah? Anyways, if you want to come, I'll be there for twenty minutes then I'll be returning to get everyone ready to get off the train without getting arrested, mmkay? Mmkay."

Snapping out a paperback book, she opened it and started to read. Breaks were wonderful, especially since they wouldn't have many in the coming weeks. When this stupid train finally got to the stupid train station, she'd have to take them to the base and then, oh then hell began. She knew of five missions they already had and now, now with her father being a douchbag, she'd have to bump one of those missions to the top of the list and, to be honest, she didn't think the team was ready for it. "Why, why WHY can't I freakin get a break? Mmmmm? Is that you laughing at me Rae, are you laughing at me?" Sighing at the obnoxious thought, she shook her head and went back to her book. If Sy showed, great. If he didn't, that was great to.

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Asylum watched with mild interest as Mika intervened between Askan and Sera and left, the only apparent answer to his question being a wink that seemed to delay her response more than anything else. Before he could make a mental comment on this, however, Oneiro's voice entered his mind.

Sy, you have a message.

A what?

A message. I received it a moment ago.

From Somnio?

No. The girl--Mystearica.

As the door to the room slid shut, Asylum's glance shifted toward it with new interest. 'That so? Well then, let's hear it.

After the message had been relayed, Asylum leaned back in his seat and closed his eyes. Seeing this, the Solrock turned curiously toward its trainer. You're not going?

Oh, I'm going. Aside from my usual observations, there's not really anything here to keep me entertained. I'm just taking a moment to think.

Oneiro waited patiently, hovering several inches away from Asylum's shoulder and watching his expression. Though no change took place upon the purple-haired male's features, the Pokemon sensed his mood had improved with the lessening of his boredom. And when, more than a minute later, Asylum stood and sauntered casually out of the room, the Solrock could feel its trainer's interest rising. Looking back at the others, Oneiro asked, "Aren't you going to give them some explanation for why you're leaving?"

No. The door closed.

Following various signs and arrows, Asylum eventually found his way to the observation car, pausing outside the door to listen. Only one breathing pattern. Whoever is in there seems to be alone.

I could have told you that last part.

But you didn't. Now let's find out what our young leader wants.

As Asylum entered the observation car, one eyebrow raised slightly at the sight of Mika reading a book. Did I take that long? He closed the door behind him. Stepping forward, Asylum made no motion of courtesy or form of obeisance, as many Rocket executives required--and Asylum never gave. Rather, stopping a few paces away from Mika, Asylum tilted his head slightly to one side in what seemed a gesture of curiosity and stated, "You wanted to talk?"

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August 28th, 2007, 2:36 AM
"An' Flammie's mine." Sera retorted to Askan's ravings about friendship, her eyes still glued to the landscape outside - sheez, who crowned him Miss Empathy? - "Doesn't mean I'd seat a 200-pound Charizard in yer lap. Ya can think o' those critters as anythin' ya please, just keep 'em in yer own damn space."

Seriously, leave it to that brat to miss the whole point. The girl seriously couldn't figure out what Askan would be good for...beyond serving as a noisy decoy or bashing rocks with his forehead. And speaking of brats...the one pretending to be her boss had just spoken, requesting that they'd get along out of all things. Sera and that knuckledhead? The redhead snorted. Fat chance. There was no way she could ever respect someone who was that clumsy with insults, and if Mika thought she could just command them to get along she had another thing coming.

"Better gag Askan, then." Sera replied to her executive's request for a less loud compartment, "Either that or defenestrate him."

She grinned for herself, leaning a bit further back in her seat. The best way to get rid of arguments was to exhaust them, so she might as well start on Askan now. Knowing his intellectual level he'd probably not have that many to come with. Heck, odds were that he didn't even have a clue about what defenestrating was.

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This needed to seriously stop. These flashbacks, they were starting to drive her crazy. She'd been waiting two, three minutes for Sy when her mind had wandered to days past and the crystal around her neck lit up with a light glow, illuminating the general area around her person in a soft almost radioactive glow. The last time she'd been on a train, specifically the last time she'd been on this one, she'd been so nervous her chest had refused to intake air for almost three hours afterwards. A hearing with the Council, that was something that could tighten even the strongest person's chest with agonizingly tight fury. It had been just after the tsunami, she'd gotten out of the base after a week of the usual and no sooner had she stepped onto the paved streets of freedom Viridian style than had she been served with a summons. It was different now, she was going to a base she was a little familiar with. It was abit out of the way but she'd made up her mind. Mika needed to know what was going on in Lance's head, she just needed to know. So what if she got another summons? They couldn't really punish her, there was nothing left to take.

She was snapped out of her daydream with a startled half squeak when, one moment there was no Sy and the next there was a Sy and his psychic add-on. Standing and dropping her book in a bit of a simotainious(sp) fluster, she directed him towards a chair, stammering lightly, "G-gah. S-sorry, s-sit down please?" Clearing her throat she sat back down in the chair, tucking her ankles under her knees, completely missing her book was on the floor, "A-anyways, tell me a bit about yourself. I know you're from one of the facilities, and while I could look it up for myself... I'd like to hear it from you. If that's okay." She smiled warmly, in an inviting sort of way that showed absolutely no pre-established judgement, "I want to know everything you and the others will tell me, so we can be a finely oiled unit."

September 27th, 2007, 6:02 PM
Upon invitation, Asylum readily--though not eagerly--slid into the indicated chair, leaning lazily to one side and resting his weight on one of the chair's wide arms. Oneiro, meanwhile, lifted the fallen book from the floor with a Psychic and offered it back to Mika.

"She can pick up her own book, you know," Asylum told the Pokemon, pausing from his previous contemplations of the girl's flustered greeting.

It's called being polite. Try it some time, Sy.


During his brief conversation with the Solrock, Asylum's eyes had remained resting somewhat unnervingly on Mika, so that no change was apparent in his features when she spoke and he redirected his attention toward her. At the mention of a facility, one of Asylum's eyebrows twitched slightly upward. He exchanged glances with Oneiro. Waiting silently for Mika to finish her statement, Asylum turned back to her and allowed his face to resume its usual expressionless state. When it became apparent that the female trainer had completed her piece, a quiet, humorless laugh fell from Asylum's lips. Here he was with his next team leader, and in their first real conversation, she had brought up one of his few sore spots. For a moment, the only noise in the room was made by the movement of the train and--to Asylum's ears--human breathing.

"What are you going to do?" Oneiro asked, almost hesitantly.

The purple-haired boy ignored his Pokemon's question, but answered Mika's. "If, by 'you're from one of the facilities,' you mean that I'm a lab rat, then yeah. That sounds about right." He leaned back, his grey eyes never wavering. "I don't really feel like talking about it, though. Most exec's probably know what happens in the 'facilities,' anyway." Asylum shrugged slightly, apparently amused at the use of this term. Then, after a yawn, he continued, "From what I hear, most of the higher ups and scientists that are left have tried to keep my little five-year excursion a bit of a secret, though I can't say I know why. Still, I don't doubt that you got the usual memo about Somnio and Oneiro here. All my team leaders get one."

The stone Pokemon continued to watch the scene uneasily, though one would not be able to discern the apprehension by looking at its unmoving features. As its trainer mentioned and motioned toward it, however, Oneiro appeared to respond with a faint movement. As though coming out of a daze, the psychic type interjected a mental comment. Sy, your superior asked you a question. I don't think that type of answer is wholly appropriate.

Nothing about those five years is remotely appropriate, Oneiro.

For this the Solrock had no answer.

"Anyway," Asylum said, "I don't imagine the notes about my Oneiro and Somnio are very specific usually. But if you know why I keep them around, I'd say that tells everything about my facility experience that you'd want to know."

He paused. "But if this 'honesty hour' is a two way thing . . ." Asylum's curiosity managed to dispel a sliver of his impassiveness, driving him to go to the trouble of conversation for the chance of a little more information to work with.

"Sy . . .," Oneiro warned.

Just take it easy.

". . . You don't seem like the type who's up for leading," Asylum began with his usual untactfulness. "And you've been a mess ever since that train-top trip. So, what's so important about this trip that you'd bother going through all this for it? And if it's that important, why use a team you don't know?"

September 28th, 2007, 2:22 PM
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Sy was as the bit of the report said he was, intelligent and perceptive. To be honest, he had been the only one in the packets she'd been forced to go through that she actually liked and saw promise in. Did he see that too? That the lot of these people were incompetent fools? He obviously saw her as one but to be honest, that hadn't been far off the mark. Mika didn't want the team, that much was obvious. Picking at the skin on her fingers lightly, she kept her gaze down for awhile, piecing through her thoughts before they slipped out of her mouth in a mannor she couldn't control.

It seemed like hours had passed when she could finally pull her head up and look at Sy, her gaze cold as ice, "You're a very clever boy, very clever indeed..." Placing a hand on her forehead, she shook her head, laughing weakly before, again, the hand dropped and she looked at Sy, the look in her eyes twisted further than before, almost as though the girl was somewhat possessed, "It's not my decision. I haven't held a team since Alarayne, since bloody Alarayne and Giovanni, the Boss, is tired of my hitaus. He told me to get my act together, to pull together another team. So I requested my old team and was denied. I need to, in his words mind you, write over the catatrosphe of that blasted island. Thus, I was kept in a controlled enviroment til I found the ones out of the files that I thought I could tolerate."

"As for the mission, I've been delaying to tell you all til we get to Goldenrod, to see which of you ditches on me and goes running home to mommy because you can't take the witch of an executive you've been given. The ones that are left, those would be the ones I'd tell the extent of the mission to, as it's not for weaklings." She stood up, stepping to the side, her left hand falling limp to her side while the other pressed lightly against the glass, "But unfortunately, I can't get anything done without him getting involved." She shook her head, the hand on the window balling into a fist, "...I can't wait. One person's already been dragged into this and I'm... I'm only going to take one more." Tilting her head at him, she intently bore her eyes into Sy's own, "I'll explain this to you. You want out, you can. It won't be boring however, I promise you that." Turning, she leaned against the glass, her fingers pressing into the glass in a soft compound quadruple sort of rhythm, "Have you ever heard the story of the goddess? How she sealed the power of the world to prevent people from destroying Pokemon? And how she summons a Chosen to go into the world and release those seals? That... That would be me." She sighed, "There are four main seals, all four of which are located in the Johto Region. Unfortunately, the G-Men caught wind that Rocket is releasing the seals of Legend and, just to be a big friggen pain in the arse, they've put a big nasty base around and beneth the temple. As it is, I don't have the means to get in by myself, I can't be in four places at once. thus... I do need a team. The prizes, which I didn't tell any of you, include promotions or rather you'll all be on my level of executive if you complete this mission with me. Not to mention that triples your pay. Interested...? I know... I know I seem weak. But I... I have things I'm working through, just like the rest of you." But you... you should all understand, when your entire team dies because of the leader's stupidity... it's not easy to take a new team.

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Sera had expected many kinds of trouble from the mission she had been given. After all, she knew that there was no way the king of sleezeballs - also known as Giovanni - would let off such a firm hook easily. She had anticipated tight spots, chases, extreme physical strain and dangers around every corner, but as it turned out, she had neglected the greatest peril on this journey: overwhelming boredom. That was what she felt right this moment, staring out of the stupid train window at the freakin' pastoral landscape that just kept freakin' stretching on to freakin' infinity. It was like an endless stream of bad reruns.

Askan had yet to speak up - why Sera could practically hear the knucklehead's tiny brain cracking under the strain of trying to decipher her words - and the other occupants of the compartment were being equally quiet - in other words: BORING. Sera groaned, attempting in vain to find something with entertainment value with her gaze but soon losing patience with that particular endeavor and instead trying to just sit there and stay awake without paying attention to the complete lack of useful things to do with her time.

Needless to say, neither strategy worked very well, and eventually Sera gave in to her impulse, nonchalantly rising from her chair and wandering over to the door.

"I'm goin' fer a walk." Sera announced to forestall any objections from the others, "If that wailin' harpie's got an issue with that she can shove it up her arse; same goes fer the rest of ya'."

Her little excuse thus given, the redhead promptly stepped out into the hallway, slamming the compartment door shut behind her before anyone could object. Once outside, however, the young woman was struck with the unfortunate realization that there was very little to occupy her attention out there either. Fake ID and different look or no, making a big fuss about herself was not a good idea for a wanted arsonists slash murderer. Besides, odds were that if she started socializing with random people it would end up in a brawl. Not good for the secrecy thing either. Oh well, Sera concluded as she began strolling aimlessly down the corridor, at least she had room to stretch her legs now.

"...I've been delaying to tell you all til we get to Goldenrod, to see which of you ditches on me and goes running home to mommy because you can't take the witch of an executive you've been given."

The redhead blinked, taking a brief break from her little stroll, the extent of which she hadn't even been paying proper attention to. Normally, she had no interest in listening in on other people's conversations, but the voice behind was not one that Sera would forget in a hurry, and the remark about a witch of an executive clinched it. Not bothering about the consequences of getting caught - heck, how could she get on any worse terms with her executive, anyway? - she edged her way closer to the source of the noise.

And speaking of her executive...Sera had half a mind to check the condition of her ears as Mika spoke on, relating an old legend...a fairy tale which the redhead vaguely recalled hearing in a life she had left behind long ago. Now if this wasn't odd enough on its own, the brat-in-leader's-clothing also seemed genuinely convinced that she was the Chosen. Sera couldn't help a sceptical snort at this. Sure, the green-haired girl had done something weird back on the roof, but...a Chosen of some fairy tale goddess? Deluded girl-child was more like it. Sera had every intention of leaving the room at this point, but just then Mika decided to get to the part about rewards...

"...you'll all be on my level of executive if you complete this mission with me."

As soon as the words reached her eardrums, Sera practically freezing in mid-step as the implications of what she had just heard struck her. She had been annoyed before, but now she was nothing short of steaming mad.

"S'cuse me..." she said in an uncharacteristically level voice that anyone with the least bit of understanding as to what kind of person Sera was would have recognized as a warning sign to be heeded. The redhead didn't give a damn about secrecy anymore - heck, given that psychic lump of rock that was hanging around Sy odds were that her presence had been no secret anyway - instead, she wandered straight over to her executive, giving her a withering glare, "Ya see, I thought I heard ya say that the 'reward'" the word practically oozed with resentment as Sera fired it out of her mouth, "fer this mission ain't at all what was agreed on, but instead a lifetime of servitude and riskin' my neck fer yer no-good sleezeball of a boss. Now were ya' really plannin' on sharin' that lil' tidbit of information or did ya' intend to save it up fer the very end of the mission when I wouldn't have a freakin' choice in the matter?!" her voice rapidly escalated to dangerously high levels, the will to maim the girl in front of her growing ever stronger, "Reward my arse! Ya might enjoy bein' yer male oppressor's obedient lil' lapdog but why should I, or anyone else fer that matter, want to risk my neck just so freakin' Giovanni can put a collar on it?!" she spat in contempt, "If that is what ya' had in mind, princess, then ya might as well count me out! I fer one have no interest in yer little clique, and if Asylum's half as smart as ya' seem to think he is then he won't either! Triple pay's not good fer much if it means havin' GP investigators up yer crack twenty-four seven."

November 27th, 2007, 6:01 PM
Oneiro watched Mika, saw her eyes, heard her speak, thought something was wrong with her mind, and grew concerned. Asylum watched Mika, saw her eyes, heard her speak, knew something was somehow wrong with her, and did not particularly care. As the executive began to explain the nature of the mission, however, Asylum raised his head slightly. Footsteps. Apparently someone's interested in our conversation. Anyone we need to worry about, Oneiro?

Depends on who you think you need to worry about. I think I recognize the psychic print as someone who was on top of the train.


They don't seem very happy right now, but this particular individual was standing beside Mika on the train top, so I'm guessing he or she is not an enemy.

She. That Sera girl was with her. Besides, females have sharper steps.

Aren't you going to say anything to your boss?

A smile slowly spread across Asylum's features at Mika's guarantee of the mission's interest. Maybe not yet. She's busy, and I don't want to interrupt her.

Oneiro prepared to object before pausing and deeming the unmade effort futile. The Solrock mentally shrugged. Suit yourself.

The purple-haired boy listened in half-amused silence to the rest of Mika's story. He was not sure if he believed the tale he was told, but the girl before him seemed pretty convinced. The rewards offered for surviving the mission held little interest for Asylum, but everything else had at least caught his attention--which was already a positive indication as far as he was concerned. For a moment Asylum studied Mika, quietly considering the task she had described. Then his thoughts were interrupted by Sera's entrance. The red-haired girl was tense, angry, and (Asylum guessed) would have quite a bit to say. As he heard the volume of Sera's voice begin to rise, the boy settled back into his chair without a word and pressed a finger against the base of each ear. While he could still hear Sera easily, the pain from the noise was pleasantly reduced.

Once he was reasonably sure that Sera had completed her tirade, Asylum lowered his hands and glanced between the two girls. He thought he heard heartbeats over the sounds of the train--probably the red-head's. Seconds of silence passed with a painfully slow tension that Asylum seemed oblivious to, but Oneiro felt all too distinctly. Sy, say something.

Such as . . . ?

I don't know, but . . .

You're so helpful.

A few more seconds of quiet found Asylum bored, and he finally straightened a little with a yawn. His half-closed eyes shifted impassively toward Sera as he commented, "You were just arriving about then, so you might've missed her say it. But she had planned on telling you this story in Goldenrod." He fell back in his chair again and looked up at the ceiling, as though he had suddenly lost interest in the situation. "I think it's so you could've blown up somewhere no one would hear you."

Oneiro silently continued to read the emotions in the room, uncomfortably awaiting any fluctuations in response to Asylum's comment. That's not what I meant when I told--

I'm thinking.

The Solrock said no more.

December 24th, 2007, 4:29 PM

Merry Christmas! ^-^


"Teehee... Sera you're so foolish." Mika craned her head back around towards the girl, her face and tone seemingly happy and carefree but her eyes as cold and as deadly serious as stone, "You think you can escape them, don't you? Escape them if you leave my side?" Lifting a hand, her smile faded as she stood from her perch, leaning forward, her face inches from Sera's right ear, "Where will you go Sera, where they can't find you? You, now that they've seen you, you're bound to me. Regardless of who you're with, they'll always come after you. Perhaps, once they've dug into your background which I assure you they will, they'll send the one you hate more than anything else in the world after you... wouldn't that be pleasent? Seeing someone after such a long time?" She pulled back, a sheer look of amusement written across her face. Stretching up her arms towards the cieling above them, she took a step forward then turned, facing both of them, "I'll leave it up to you Sera, as to whether or not you want to follow me. Just put what I told you into consideration, alright?' She winked, turning towards Sy with a meeker look about her, "You on the other hand don't have a choice. Sorry but you're absolutely stuck with me regardless of your own personal thoughts on the matter." Flicking her hand in a sort of wave, she turned on her heels, walked a few paces before turning and added, with the point of an index finger to strengthen the point, "Sy, you're to meet me at the Goldenrod Poke Center by Curfew. Sera, the same goes for you if you want to stay in my unit. Note that if you leave, you'll face possible Court Martial charges I won't be able to control the outcome of. Your choice tho~" She giggled and skittered off towards the cabin to collect her things.

Yes, these were the ones she would take from the initial group. Sera would come around, once she realized she didn't stand a chance without protection. Yes, this would all go as smooth as candy.


Kay you two, one more 'final post' and we're off the bloody train so finish up your train needs please!

Alter Ego
December 25th, 2007, 6:17 AM
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And whoa, why do I get the feeling that Sera is going to go against the holiday spirit here? Looks like we'll be having one third of the team plotting the gruesome demise of another third for the remainder of the RP. Better keep her away from the matches. o.o


Words could not describe the sheer loathing Sera was feeling right now. She had felt hate for many people in her life, but in many cases that had been little more than love having a very bad day, She had hated, disliked, and gotten annoyed at various people in her life, but none of them, not even her father, had she ever actually wanted to kill.

Harm, maybe, but not kill.

This sensation, however, was loathing...complete and utter loathing, loathing so intense that not even her very wide and well-developed vocabulary of insults could put it into words. Sera's hands were balled into fists, her glare not leaving the person she now detested at a level far beyond what she had thought humanely possible a few moments ago. How dare she? How dare that deluded little girlchild resort to that threat?! How dare she just stand there with that self-satisfied little smirk?! The only thing that kept her from lunging at her throat was the sheer shock of what she was just feeling. Any traces of admiration or respect she might have felt for her executive after the train top episode were now long gone, replaced by a single realization:

She had picked the wrong person to fight back there.

"So you'd resort to something this low just to keep me on the team, princess?" were it not for the indisputable fact that her mouth was what had formed the words, one would hardly have associated the placid, level voice -- quivering ever so slightly with pent-up loathing, like a string stretched beyond its limits and ready to snap at any given time -- as Sera's. There was no trace of her usual loudness, but more importantly, there was no southern accent. Not a muscle on her face twitched, but you could have skewered a Donphan on the glare, "Alright then. But just so you know..." she had crossed the distance between herself and the executive by the door with a few long strides, mimicking Mika's manner right down to the disgustingly sweet tone, "I will kill you. I don't know how, I don't know when. It could be during this mission, it could be after it. All I know is that I will see you dead by my own hands. Just thought you'd like to know that." she made as if to leave, only to turn and perform a sweeping kick towards her executive's feet. Knowing her, she'd have intercepted it somehow, but it was the gesture that counted here, "Watch yer back, princess; with yer methods I don't think anyone else will be there to do it fer ya'."

Without another word, Sera stalked out of the observation car. One more word, one more gesture, one more second with that witch and she'd have forgotten all about precaution and gone for the kill regardless of her chances of success, which would probably not have been high. Clenched hands shoved into her pockets, she shot a withering glare at the scenery passing by. This stupid train ride had already gone on far too long for her liking.

December 25th, 2007, 11:01 PM

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So have a happy oshogatsu everyone. ^^

[And this is just opening up beyond the train for you all, just so you know. :3]


She couldn't help a laugh after Sera was out of earshot. The girl was so bloody predicatable. Push a button, pull a lever, recieve the result one was after. True, it had been a bit on the low side, even for Mika's taste, but it was nessacary. She couldn't survive this run through without Sera, the girl was much stronger than Mika had given her credit for in the beginning, and there was another reason she couldn't seem to put distance between herself and the girl, a reason she didn't want to admit. Sera was nearly identical in her initial feelings towards the young executive as Maxie had been. The dead were dead. Sera wasn't Maxie, far from it, but that little glimmer of Maxie's old mannerisms, the constant ego struggle between the two hotheads, the tom boyish characteristics... All of it was just too much to ignore. The dead are dead. I know that the dead are dead. They're unable to return to this world... No matter how much I want them to return, they won't come back. Shaking that feeling off, she focused her eyes on the tiny computer screen on her standard issued black and red P*DA, her eyes blinking twice as she read over the text transmission she'd recieved while Sera was mocking Mika's quirky way of handling insubordination. "...Great. They're going to... Argh, he really doesn't trust me anymore."

Rubbing her forehead, she collected her belongings quickly, tightening the traps on her bag before exiting the cabin. She'd have to bail early, the customs would snag her if she didn't. This gave her about seven minutes to get off the train before she'd risk serious injury. Ten steps down the hall, she had to stop and, as she leaned against the hallway walls, she couldn't help but notice a wet moist thing that she certianly hadn't intended on releasing trickle down her cheek. Eyes widening, she muffled a soft gasp with the back of her right hand. Where had that come from? No, no she shouldn't be thinking about him. Not here, not now. He, like Maxie, was gone. He couldn't save her, he couldn't bring her out of this mess. Not this time. Not ever again. It hit her like a cold hard cement wall. Slumping to the floor, she placed her hands on her knees, desperate to regain control of herself. No Mika, no. Rave's... Rave's gone. You will not cry over this, not here, not now. He can't pull you through this so stop wishing he could. But her mental pleadings did nothing and, as she struggled to retain her emotions, a single phrase slipped passed her barriors, "My unit's falling to pieces again, you know? It's-It's pathetic but I-I really-I need you. Rave..."

Alloting herself another moment or two to pull herself together, she slipped on a pair of black and red goggles with tinted lenses, to hide her swollen eyes, and opened the door to the outside. Moments before the train would roll into the Station, Mika bailed, rolling, but not unscathed, in the grass just east of Goldenrod's southern entrance. Groaning, she let the wind return to her lungs before sitting up, her entire body aching from the effort of just that simple task, "That has got to be the dumbest thing I've done today..." Shaking her head, she managed to get herself standing and, pushing through the screaming protests of her body, walked as tho nothing was wrong into the bright city of Goldenrod. Slipping off her goggles, she let them dangle around her neck and headed towards the Radio Tower. In four hours, she was to meet with Sy and Sera, if she so chose, outside the center. In the time until then? She had a date with the devil's evil mad scientist. Joy of Joys, this day couldn't seemingly get any worse, could it?

Alter Ego
December 29th, 2007, 10:40 AM
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Sera was not in a good mood when the train screeched to a halt at Goldenrod train station, and the oh-so cheerful populace she faced on the ever livening streets offered little improvement on that front. In her current mindset, she would very much have liked to have run into someone who was in just as foul a mood as she was, a few grouchy faces to confirm that she was not the only one whom life had decided to be a complete Miltank to this day. Much to her dismay, however, it seemed to be 'wish you were here' postcard day in Goldenrod today. The morning sun was beaming down on the city from behind a sparse cover of fluffy white clouds, the birds were singing, and every person Sera came across seemed to have picked this particular day to be very jolly and content with their life. Smiles were thrown her way as thickly as the curses had been during her shoplifting days in Celadon, and a few even offered a cheerful 'good morning' to the tired vagrant who gave out half-scowls in return.

As this peculiar phenomenon persisted, Sera became more and more fidgety. She just wasn't used to this...any of this. Walking through the streets in clear view in the middle of the day, receiving friendly greetings, not getting pointed out and chased by every human being she came across...it all seemed so...strange.

No, Sera corrected herself, this was normality; she was the strange one. The reason these people were being so friendly to her was that they hadn't realized it yet. This-this kind of normality, it had been what she had been after from the start, to just be in the same place with people to whom the name Seraphina Geinsbrough meant nothing whatsoever, but as much as she wanted to tell herself that this was it, that all she had to do was stay right here, in this city of sunshine and smiling strangers, common sense reminded her that it wouldn't work. Baan had seen her with Mika, and they all knew where the train had been headed.

"You think you can escape them, don't you? Escape them if you leave my side?"

Sera's hand clenched into a fist as her obnoxious executive's words ran through her head. They were true, but that didn't give her any kind of right to use them against Sera like that. That underhanded, sickeningly sweet-talking, manipulative little witch! The redhead had half a mind to punch or throttle something at the mere thought of that self-satisfied little smirk on her face. Rocket, G-man, it didn't make any difference. As long as she had people like that on her back, she could never go back to being normal. She would never be able to show her face in public for long before she had to run again.

She would never get out of this damn executive job, she would never get her record wiped, she'd never be able to look Cyril in the eye again.


"Moltres damn it!" it wasn't until a fresh wave of pain from her knuckles struck her consciousness that Sera finally snapped out of her musings, glaring at the re-opened wounds on her right hand and the small, bloodied stains she had left at the point where fist and building wall had connected. The hand had been in pretty bad shape after her outburst in the train, but now it was a complete mess. The simple act had helped vent part of her frustration, but the amplified pain was quick to remind her that there was price to pay for this reprieve. Fortunately, the redhead had managed to navigate he way to a secluded back alley under the shadow of the radio tower, and as such there had been no witnesses for this rather conspicuous incident.

At least, that was what she had thought.

"Is something troubling you...Seraphina?"

Sera froze. It wasn't just the presence of another human being in the alley that had startled her. No, it went deeper than that. There was the voice, the familiar, polite tenor. But most crucially, there was the name. No living being on this earth would call her Seraphina, no-one except...

Whirling around to face the source of the voice, the girl couldn't believe her eyes. The figure striding towards her was slightly taller than her, though about as wide, carrying himself forward with a casually confident stride that gave him a far more imposing look than the ironed white shirt, dark red tie, and charcoal-colored trousers -- reminiscent of an office worker's outfit -- would usually have afforded. He looked...normal, right down to the neatly combed black hair ending around the region of his shoulders, but there was a certain glint in his green eyes. Sera couldn't explain it, she had never been able to, but something about those eyes held an intimidating, mesmeric power over her. 'I might not be showing it.' those eyes seemed to say, 'But rest assured that I could crush you in an instant if I felt like it.'.

There was only one person with eyes like that.

"...Cyril?" Sera ventured at last, the name barely a whisper as it left her lips. Part of her wanted to rush forward and seek comfort from her older brother like in the old days, another was feeling self-conscious and awkward about the whole situation, while the third kept telling Sera that the best course of action was to run as far away as possible as fast as possible to avoid the inevitable explanation of things she didn't want to explain. For all her thoughts, she only managed to stand on the spot with a dumbfounded expression on her face.

Noting the girl's hesitance, Cyril let out a small chuckle, "It really is you, Seraphina." her remarked softly, taking a step forward, "You've grown so much, I was afraid I may have been mistaken. Is your hand alright?"

"Cyril!" she just couldn't hold it back anymore. No matter how much her current self resented this course of action, Sera's instincts wouldn't allow for anything else, compelling the redhead to embrace her brother, tears of pent-up frustration escaping captivity, "I'm sorry, I really wanted to see ya', but then everythin' got so messed up and-I'm, I'm sorry I-"

She was being pathetic. Sera knew she was being pathetic. Four years of emotional hardening and defiant self-reliance, yet five seconds with her brother had been all it took to revert her back to a scared, simpering, little girlchild. Her older sibling didn't seem to mind, however, merely stroking Sera's head softly.

"Shh..." he whispered in his usual, soothing voice, "...don't worry, it's all going to be alright."

"No." Seraphina persisted, forcing down her next sobbing fit, "No, it's not goin' to be alright at all! Cyril, I've-I've done somethin' horrible. Ye're going to hate me. When ya hear what I've done ye're going to hate me."

"No I won't."

"But you don't even know what I-"

The redhead's objection was cut short as Cyril tilted her head upwards so that their eyes met, "It doesn't matter." he retorted evenly, "Seraphina, you're my little sister. I could never hate you. No matter what you've done, no matter how much I might disapprove of it, I will always be on your side. You know that, don't you?"

"I-" a fresh stream of tears interrupted her speech, "I know...Cyril...thank you..."

"Good." Cyril replied evenly, "Now, I'm going to see to that hand of yours. Please, just tell me everything on your mind, and I'll see what I can do, alright?"

And she did. When she started, Sera had no idea how much she had needed to dump everything on her mind on someone, but with each thing she told, it felt like a weight had been lifted off her shoulders, and before she knew it, the whole tale had spilled. Cyril had not made a single move to interrupt or scold her, merely holding her in his usual, quietly supportive manner, but now that the truth about her past was out, Sera couldn't help a fearful glance in her brother's direction. Much to her surprise, the other betrayed no sign of hard feelings.

"I see." he replied. Soon, however, his calm expression broke into a smile, "Don't worry about it, now that I'm here we can sort this whole mess out."

For the second time during this encounter, Sera couldn't believe her ears, "Really? Cyril, can ya' honestly fix this?!"

"Have I ever lied to you?"

"Well, no...but-"

A brotherly hand landed on her shoulder, "Then don't worry about it." Cyril said softly, "I'm not about to change my behavior now, and I know some people who might be able to help. Just...stay strong for a while longer, alright? I'll have this all sorted out, I promise."

Sniffing one last time, Sera wiped the remnants of her tears out of her eyes, "Alright..." she mumbled.

"Good. Now, it seems like it's almost time for that curfew you mentioned, so you should go. Don't worry." he reiterated, brushing aside a few strand of hair that had fallen across her face, "I'm not going to leave you again, Seraphina, I've just got a few things to sort out. I'll get back in touch with you as soon as I can, I promise."

"O-okay." nodding, Sera braced herself, soon adopting her usual, confident manner, a tiny smile gracing her lips, "Thanks, Cyril, I-I had almost given up hope. I-I'll see you soon!"

The male said nothing as he watch his younger sibling depart from the alley, waiting patiently for the footsteps to die away before he reached into his pocket and pulled out a cell phone, casually scrolling his way to a number and bringing the device to his ear.

"Sir? This is Cyril. About that...mole problem you mentioned? I have some good news."

January 27th, 2008, 2:50 PM
-blinks- So, yes, here's my profile Mika. I'm sorry it's not fully filled out. I was told that was okay. So no biting, Marsy does not like getting rabies!


-Out of Character-

Name: Mars

-In Character-

-+- The Basics:

Full Birth Name: Aazera Nikhol Carron
Nick Names: Aza, Era, Nikki
Age: 23
Location of Childhood Home: Blackthorn City
Type of Trainer: Lab Rat

-+- Pokémon:

Current Pokémon on your Person:

Dragonair – Female – “Anaryu”

Anaryu is a protector. She and Aza first joined 19 years ago when Anaryu was still a Dratini hatchling; she was a present from Aza’s parents. After Aza was taken into Rocket custody, Anaryu traveled all over to find her friend, training and growing stronger, trying to hone in on any sort of bond that might be there. When they finally found each other Aza was surprised to remember the, now, Dragonair, as she could barely remember anything from her past. Since then, Anaryu has become Aza’s keeper, far more so than any of the new member’s of the party. She keeps Aza sane, calming her down and caring for her in general like any mother would.

A dangerous opponent, Anaryu has never been comfortable showing her full power, thinking it superfluous and unnecessary to win a battle. Instead, she likes to play it safe and strike when the moment is most opportune. She has grown a very particular rhythm to her battle style from her years of self training that none of the other Pokémon have quite mastered.

Banette – Male – “Jubet”

Jubet is a mischievous little trouble maker, much like a poltergeist, he will play a prank on anyone or anything near him on the off chance that someone other than him will find it funny. That is one reason why Aza keeps this little ball of energy in the party, to lighten up the mood. He has a life to him that is magnetic, something that he has no qualms in sharing with Aza or the other three Pokémon. But as child like as this Pokémon is, he really does have a compassionate nature to him. Since joining the party, Jubet has grown quite fond of Aza and is always there with a ready hug when she’s upset, even during her moods and fits that he has become very aware of. He is protective, though not as fiercely as Anaryu and Zion, and will try and ward off any who try and harm her, even if it means protecting Aza against herself.

Though not physically strong, Jubet is very quick and has a good Special Attack. Mainly delving into dark or status inducing attacks, he likes to sneak up on his opponents and strike them with as much as he can. Is it any wonder that his favorite attack is Faint Attack?

Espeon – Female – “Kisana”

Kisana is a very sweet, bubbly Pokémon, like Jubet, she brings her own life to the group. A bubbly joy that she puts into everything she does. You can usually find her chasing anything that sparkles much like a cat. That, or chasing after Zion, whom she believes was caught solely for her entertainment. She’s free-spirited and lovable but like most creatures, she can snap into attack mode in mere seconds, creating an entirely new persona for her. When fighting, Kisana is fierce and ruthless, she gives every battle her all, and with her strong psychic attacks it can be mentally draining. Zion commonly is the one who jumps in and takes her back in battles when she does this, making them a formidable team.

Absol – Male – “Zion”

It is very clear to anyone who can get close that Zion is the Alpha Male of this pack. He has a stony demeanor to him that has only been broken by Kisana’s eccentric nature. Not that he would ever admit to that, as he tries to come off as annoyed by her, but her sweet nature breaks down his defenses and opens him up. Around everybody but Kiasna, Zion is very serious, always making sure it’s safe, being the logical one and warding off any who come to close that he doesn’t trust. He worries and cares a lot for Aza but instead of taking the stance of protecting her, he leaves her in the hands of Anaryu because he trusts her more than any of the others (except for maybe Kisana).

He’s a fierce fighter who likes to think things through instead of rushing in because keeping his head is far more important than getting the battle over with quickly. He likes to keep in control and detests anything that gets in the way of that which is one of the reasons he doesn’t get along with Jubet very well.

Pokémon in tall grass or PC Box: None specifically

-+- Appearance:

Eye Color: Bright emerald green.
Hair Color/Style: Red-orange hair cut a little past her shoulders and layered.
Height: 5’6
Weight: 129
General Appearance:
Delicate seems to be the best way to describe Aza. She’s not childishly tiny, but for her moderate height of 5’6, the 129 pounds of weight she can call her own is rather lacking. Aza has never really been a large girl though, always the frailest and sickly of her family, she could never hold much weight before losing it again. She’s come to accept that fact, but still frets about the possibility of being too skinny (sort of contradictory to the female ego). Despite her weight and lack of much upper body muscle, Aza still holds a typical hourglass shape with a small waist and proportionately larger hips, attached are her long muscled legs used for her favorite past time; running. As you can expect then, she always seems to be moving somehow. Whether that be pacing, tapping her foot, or her equally delicate hands trying to find something to keep themselves busy. She only remembers a small bit about her past, but from what she remembers, she has no clue where her new fidgety nature has come from; Anaryu says it must be another side effect from the experiments.

With her thin, lithe body, her face makes Aza look even more like some sort of a doll. She doesn't have any sort of prominent cheekbones which causes her face to look round and soft. This heart-shaped face is a pale, ivory complexion with a few scattered freckles on her cheeks and across the bridge of her nose. Her eyes, surrounded by thick brown eyelashes, are a deep emerald green that seem to always be sparkling with a life that isn't always visible in her body language. In fact her body language doesn't usually show the kind of life she possesses because of her usual discomfort. On top of that softly lined face though, is a mop of bright dark-red hair cut a little past her shoulders. Dead straight, it’s layered for a little volume to lift it away from her face.

Though a bit of an odd duck, Aza's personality doesn't completely overtake her clothing choices. Pant-wise, she sticks to three basics: cargo capri pants, skinny jeans, and the occasional loose skirt to her knees. She doesn't like anything that feels too heavy or swampy, which is hard to accomplish with the circumstance of her nearlyunhealthy figure. That also draws into her shirts, she doesn't like anything that feels excessively big. That's really her only qualm there, as long as that little rule is followed she'll wear any cut and any color as long as it still looks good wit everything else. Shoes are simple though. She is always seen wearing a pair of high-top converse, no matter what. An amethyst pendant happens to be on her person attached to a gold chain around her neck; it's the only jewelry that she continually wears.

-+- Personality:

Strengths | Fear:
~ Logic
~ Sneaking
~ Cooking
~ Understanding Pokemon
~ Fighting
~ Communication

- Khol
- Dr. Kain
- Death
- Blood
- Darkness
- Being restrained
- Large cold surfaces
- Lots of Metal

Likes | Dislikes:
+ Her pokemon
+ Mika
+ Soft things
+ Water
+ Warmth
+ Rice
+ Her brother Zion

- Darkness
- Pain
- Dr. Kain
- Giovanni
- Rai
- Cold
- Hard things
- Sharp things
- Blood
- Meat

~ To get a handle on her powers
~ "get rid" of Khol
~ Remember her past

~ Logic
~ Sneaking
~ Cooking
~ Understanding Pokemon

Quirks | Habits:
~ Fidgeting
~ Humming during silences
~ Playing with hair
~ Biting lower lip when nervous

Reputation: Aza is known as the quirky, goofy girl who is a tad bit jumpy. She's seen as fun to be around and very cuddly, but rather skittish. The party tends to be very unsure what to do when Khol is out though since she's a loose cannon and very unpredictable.


-+- History:

Aazera was first born to Lily and Alexander Carron of Blackthorn City, and as is common there, was born with Viridian Blood. The bloodline was very weak in her, but strong enough to be apparent when she was presented a Dratini at age four. For a while, her parents didn't take notice of it, thinking it was just a little girl's over-active imagination. But when she was about nine, her Dratini cut her tail on a rock while swimming so Aza (being the mother) kissed her two fingers and placed them on the shallow cut. To her surprise, it wasn't there when she took her hand away. That next year, shortly after her tenth birthday, Aza no longer used touch to communicate with her Dratini, Anaryu. That was when her parents got nervous.

The Carron's were well aquainted with the Blackthorn family, Aza always did have a large crush on their son Rai after all. After his deception of Mika, Rai returned to Blackthorn to gather yet more children for Giovanni and Dr. Kain. Aazera was twelve when he returned with the intent of taking her with him this time. With Anaryu cozy in her bed at home, Aza left to go see Rai. Being the manipulator he was, he convinced her to leave with him; little did she know that she was being taken to the Team Rocket Headquarters. Once there, Giovanni found no use of her, her powers being far weaker than what he desired, and handed her over to Dr. Kain; the single most detestable man Aza has ever met.

She remembers almost nothing about her childhood and only part of her time as a lab rat; many of them have been repressed. She doesn't quite remember how she got out of that Hell hole, only that she did and once she was out how out of place she felt. Having nothing else to do and feeling incredibly dirty, she washed off in a stream, exploring a section of her mind that she was always punished for touching. At first, there was nothing, just a tranquil feeling paired with a scorching emptiness, then all of a sudden it was like she was filled with an explosion of life; she was filled with another mind calling out to her.

Aza was finally reunited with Anaryu soon after, remembering her lost friend after a few moment of confusion and searching. After she let go of the link however...something unepected happened. Anaryu thought the cihld had merely fallen asleep or fainted from excitement but within thirty seconds Aza's head shot up almost painfully with a wicked glint in her eyes. While in the care of Dr. Kain, the introduction of all those viridian cells had caused a second personality to form; Aza's price for using the link with Anaryu.

Often wild and untamed, this personality, Khol, prefers the company of Jubet more than any of the others. And though she formed a link with the troublesome Banette, Khol rarely formed out of using it, but appeared if she used it when particularly stressed. Aza still isn't sure why she hasn't formed a bond with Kisana and Zion yet even though her powers have continued to grow.

Now in Mika's party Aza tends to gravitate to the girl, finding a sense of home in being with her. Overall, Aza respects Mika, following orders and such; Khol has other ideas. This opposing personalitylike to do whatever she can to unnerve Mika, often sassing her or, her favorite, hitting on her until she breaks in some way (or until Khol reverts).

Lily Carron – Mother – 51
Alexander Carron – Father – 54
Zion Carron – Brother - 13


RP example:
A small smile replaced the fury that had previously been there. She was content, she had talked, stretched a little, been heard, and now she felt the exhaustion set in. "If you're so worried about me moving, let me stay here. I'll lay nice and still and be a good little kitten. I promise, Dr. Romano." She fingered a cross over her heart and held out her pinky for him like a child swearing not to tell about that teachers note their friend threw away. Her head nuzzled into his chest. She couldn't feel the fever but she was painfully aware of the temperature difference his body caused. "Good, you're not a total quack. The Doctor before you thought I was an evil demon who had possessed this poor child through the evils of television." A hard laugh flew out of her throat much like the tinkling bell laugh of Roxas but throatier. "He actually had me exorcised before he decided to become a monk....the wanker."

"Not much, like I said...you doctors like your meds too much. Kitty doesn't take well to sedatives, they ruffle her fur far too easily." Chezzy turned her wrist upwards to stare at the self-made tattoo that Roxas had made so long ago with a needle and broken pen. Nothing much, a simple star emblazoned along with a single name: Adam. The whole reason this started, this insanity. Chezzy loved the boy, he was her brother too, she was only here because she was repressed and rejected. That's all. If the dimwit could've stood up for herself...they wouldn't be in this mess.

She looked up at him with patronizing eyes, clearly entertained by his "diagnosis". "I don't believe that, I don't want that. I don't want a relationship, I want company other than the other idiot sharing my body. I know about him, you would think I don't? I just want him because I can't have it, I'm sure, deep down I don't want it. But that's not how I work, hun. I lives by urges and wants, I fulfill my desires by any means necessary. I'm everything Roxas isn't." Didn't any of the crack pot doctors realize that? Were they too absorbed in their ideas and theories that they couldn't open their ****ing eyes and see the truth in flashing lights before them? No, of course not. Because they're the sane ones...they know what they're doing. Bullshit.

She thought about his offer, clearly willing to accept it, but she wanted more, to get her deal out of it the way she wanted. "You can give her the medicine...fine, I don't care. Just no sedatives, got it?" She glared accusingly at him like he'd pull one out of his ass any minute and stab her with the long needle. "And I really just want someone to listen...but you can ask the questions. First though...I have one for you. And be honest....What is your obsession with us...her?" Chezzy asked skeptically but with no hint of malice in her tone. "I intrigue you, that's obvious, but her...she's like any other woman frightened of her darker side, what makes her so special that you care so much for her after two hours of conversation in the courtyard?"

January 28th, 2008, 4:41 PM
"I hate the city," Asylum commented casually as he stepped off the train, shouldering his bag. Waves of sound beat against his eardrums, accompanied by a wash of bright sunlight that was almost painful to him after the indoor dimness of the train station. Sliding the fake ID he had used at inspection back into his pocket, Asylum glanced silently about. The boy resisted the temptation to use his goggles, instead forcing his eyes to adjust as he rubbed one of his temples. Eventually he lowered his hand and turned to Oneiro. So what do you say? Follow the red-head, track the mental princess, look for some place that won't make my ears bleed, or just ditch this city altogether?

"Sy, don't joke like that," the Solrock reprimanded a little more sharply than it meant to.

Asylum did not seem bothered. Who's joking? Or do you have any better ideas?

Oneiro did not respond. Thinking of ideas was not a problem, but the Pokemon knew from experience that its trainer was not likely to listen.

Asylum took the silence as an indication that the Solrock had nothing worthwhile to offer--or at least, nothing it knew its trainer would consider. Thought so. Anyway, I'm curious to know a little more about the people I might have to work with. See if they're tolerable and all. He yawned little. Though finding some place to sleep doesn't sound like a bad idea, either.

What if they're not tolerable, Sy?

Then I don't do the mission. Asylum stared at the Solrock as though it ought to have already known the answer to its question. Oneiro did, but asked in the hope that it might be wrong.

Mika said you didn't have a choice.

I'm not deaf, Oneiro. Asylum glanced about in mild annoyance at the milling crowds. Not yet, anyway.

The psychic type mentally sighed. Why do you always have to be like this?

Its trainer gave no answer, instead beginning to weave and circle about people casually, though purposefully. Oneiro quickly followed. Extending its consiousness, the Pokemon recognized an psychic print moving in the same direction as Asylum. You're following Sera?

Don't know where princess mental is. I'd suggest we split up so we can track them both, but I don't think you'd consent.


Asylum followed Sera cautiously and at a wary distance. Before long, he learned the pattern of her footsteps, though distinguishing them amidst the steps of Goldenrod's citizens still proved challenging. Occasionally, the purple-haired boy would drop back around a corner and track his quarry by sound or with Oneiro's abilities. After a few hours, Asylum dropped down onto a sidewalk bench and tilted his head skyward. This is boring. She's still mad, and she feels awkward around people. That's all I've gotten out of this, and I probably could have guessed it anyway. He closed his pale eyes. And the noise . . . Though by now Asylum was farther away from the general populace of the city than he had been since he had stepped into the streets, the sounds of people and life remained audible to him, irritatingly constant like someone eternally rubbing an open sore. Maybe we should've done something else, Oneiro. Or better yet, nothing.

Oneiro hovered silently near Asylum's shoulder, staring in Sera's direction with what might have been an intent expression. Not receiving a response from his Pokemon, the male considered opening his eyes, but never moved beyond the thought. What is it?

I'm sensing something. Listen.

Asylum did not move. Someone else is coming. He paused. The steps stopped near the girl's position. Before he had time to consider whether this meant anything significant or not, voices began to echo out of the alley Sera had disappeared into. The first was Sera's, and therefore of little note. The second was unfamiliar. Asylum listened intently.

After the conversation had finished, the youth stood and hid behind the nearest building to avoid notice by Sera. "Think she knows him?" he remarked ironically as he prepared to move.

Knowing Sera's situation now, I suppose her reaction earlier--

Asylum straightened. Quiet. The familiar tones of buttons on some sort of electronic device being pressed emanated from the dark passage in which Cyril remained. As he listened to the conversation that followed, the Rocket agent grew increasingly interested. Unfortunately, Oneiro's apprehension simultaneously rose. Sy, once you get the information you need, we should leave before he notices us. Besides, the meeting time . . .

What's she going to do, fire me? And what's the worst that could happen if I'm caught?

You have a responsibility to get this information to your team leader.

Not really. Have you memorized his psychic print yet?

Yes. Is that enough for you?

No, but it's a little difficult to eavesdrop with you nagging me. Asylum turned toward his Pokemon, grimacing a little before finally relenting and slipping quietly away.


By the time he drew near to the Pokemon Center, Asylum had slowed his pace to a leisurely saunter.

"You're moving awfully slowly," his Solrock commented.

Want to carry me?

I'm just saying that you're likely to be late for the meeting if you keep moving at this pace.

Asylum stopped in front of a store to look through its display window. That's the idea.

You're hopeless.

February 26th, 2008, 10:19 PM

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Can you hear me?I've been waitingI wish I could see you
My voice, can you hear it?I've been alone you knowWon't you come and play with me?
I can hear your heartby myself, behind the gateYou can hear me, right?
You cry, but you don't shed any tearsIt's scary, to be aloneIt's okay, I'll keep your secrets
Don't be afraidBut you know that better than anyoneIt's alright, I'll always be here

*maniacal laughter of a small girl*

- - -

Eyes snapping open, pulse racing thru her viens, Mika woke from that blasted re-occuring nightmare she'd been having since she'd gotten out of Kain's super evil ward of doom and realized she didn't have a clue as to where she was or, more importantly, how she got there. Where am I…? She was staring at a white ceiling, the soft beep of machines echoing as the darkness faded into an unfortunately painful white. Raising an arm, she discovered an IV and several other monitor-ish wires sticking out of her hand. Obviously annoyed, her hand dropped to the flat disgustingly uncomfortable mattress she was lying on and she blinked, her green eyes flickering in light pain as they finally began to adjust to the bright light. How… How long was I out…? Wincing, she pushed her hands up, holding her head in her left hand for a moment, she inspected herself and her surroundings. She was in a black tank top, a pair of grey sweats, no socks and her hair was out of its normal ponytail, pooling in deep emerald pools around her waist. Groggy, she looked from side to side, noting the various basic monitoring equipment on her vitals beeping in that annoying beeping way, the IV full of just delicious looking green goop slipping into her viens next to her and a TV screen above her head in the windowless room with one door. She wasn’t quite sure where she was until she caught site of a small purple flower drawing in the right corner of the room, a child’s masterpiece on a wall that hadn’t been washed off. Knowing now, exactly where she was, she flopped back down. This wasn’t good. Sighing, she slammed her hand onto a button, “Kain. I know you’re watching. What the fudge is going on here?”

A calm deep bass voice came over the intercom, crackling once (much to the frazzled executive’s dismay) with a soft little laugh before it transformed into words, “How’d you guess? Oh yes, that is your normal room, isn’t it? Well, the basics of what happened are rather simple. You showed up at the base, located below the casino, as it always had been, and after asking for me, simply blacked out. I found you on the floor of the Executive Waiting room and when I brought you down here, I found out why.” The voice paused for a moment and Mika couldn’t help but tense. She knew what was coming, “You’re tensing, aren’t you.” There came a long heavy sigh, “…It’s been nearly two months since you’ve taken a full dosage. May I ask as to why? No, I already know the answer. You know my response. I gave you what you’ve been missing, you’ll be free to leave tomorrow evening.”

“Kain, I have to-“

“Don’t worry. We found a replacement, for the two you decided you didn’t want. She’s gone ahead to fetch the two at the Pokemon Center and bring them here. She’s a good match to you. Very much… like Maxie. But more, manageable? There's also another, a boy, he'll meet up with you as soon as he finishes the route he's on. He's already an executive but he's a lower rank than you so he'll obey but he's had a bit more experience... Like, Luna, in a way. If you don't mind me saying so.”


“Silence. I guess I should expect that. Anyways, I want to run some tests tomorrow, to make sure the link is better established. The cybernetics haven’t been working as well as I like. You've probably noticed you're having more problems connecting to Yggdrassil? That's why. We’ll run them tomorrow, it should shut them up. Oh… There’s also… The matter of Yoh. Since you left, he’s been uncontrollable. We’re going to send him with you. Aza knows him decently well, he’s used her as a surogete you so you won’t be completely on your own…”

“Kain, will she be able to handle Sy and-“

“Yes, I’ve given her instructions to either make them come or leave them there. She’s got your authority until they enter this place. Now, do I have to come in and sedate you or-“

“Is Koji free?”

“Yes… why do you ask?”

“Can he come sit with me later?”

“…sure. Will you go to sleep now?”

She sighed, wincing once as she snuggled under the warm sweet-smelling (Kain hated the sterile smell more than his patients) blankets after she braided her hair, sticking her tounge out at Kain (He hated it up, it always got in his way) and was out within seconds. Well… let’s hope hell didn’t break lose from all this.

March 16th, 2008, 5:00 PM
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March 19th, 2008, 5:48 PM
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-meebles and hides in corner-

Aza sulked in the corner of the Poke'mon Center, waiting for the two people she had been sent to pick up. She hated Kain, and having to do his work just irritated her even more, but she was here, she was trying to be happy about it, and she was under control. That was good wasn't it? She hardly thought that Khol was a good first impression and she wasn't quite convinced that Kain was right in saying she could only "become" Khol in certain circumstances. Then again, why would he lie? He was the cause of it. Because it's Kain, that's why. She thought with a scoff. The sad thing was, that was the same answer for why she was here. Because it's Kain. She loathed being under his control, and the sooner she was out from under it and on this mission, the better.

Chewing on her bottom lip, Aza took out her Poke'nav and flipped through all the different things--past messages, maps, information, Poke'mon, all that fun stuff--wondering what these people she was supposed to meet were really going to be like. She had gotten pictures, descriptions, videos, and written profiles on both of them and she wasn't quite sure what she exactly thought. Sera seemed rather annoying in her opinion but yet...not? Sy...she wasn't sure about him at all. He seemed like they'd get along fairly well, but who knew. Maybe if they were here...and not late, she'd be able to form her opinions on actually meeting them instead of all the files Kain had given her to look at.

After a few minutes, she looked up seeing the Solrock that singled out Sy, one of the two she was searching for. Flipping the Poke'nav shut, she drew a strand of bright orange-red hair from her face and fixed her green stare in his general direction.

March 23rd, 2008, 2:48 PM
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...Alright alright, you win! I'll contact Kain and get him to send me the stuff, kay...

...no more talk of worries...

And with a wave of her hand, Mika was gone. Slipped out of his grasp once again. He turned away, fuming. When was that stupid girl going to learn?! As soon as he heard the car door close, he slammed his fist into the wall of the car in anger. Looking down, he saw a little sleepy eyed girl holding a stuffed Teddiursa open the door, rubbing sleep from her eyes.

"Whuyouwan, mister? I'ma tryna sleep!"

With a brief apology, Blue made himself scarce.


Blue didn't go back to the car; he decided not punching Askan nor his little sister in the face was a pretty good idea. Instead, he made his way to the junction of two cars and stood on the small steel platform on the edge of the car, the morning sun blasting his face and the brisk wind toying with his hair. A blaring announcement informed him, quite politely, that they had roughly 25 minutes until they were to arrive in sunny Goldenrod City.

Hmph. Any city that can be sunny at this hour has kudos in my book. Blue thought bitterly. As the morning cold nipped at his face, Blue kept watch for any remaining G-men personnel that might have ended up on the train; they often did that. "Ended" their search and then restarted it on the down low hoping to catch anyone stupid enough to let their guard down. However, he none were to be found. They probably decided that nobody would be up to anything at this godawful hour. They were right. As the profile of Goldenrod City showed itself on the horizon, Blue made his way back to the train car where all his stuff was. Bracing himself for Mika's stupid bravado and Askan's plain ol' stupid, he stepped into the room. But, it was empty. Not a soul was in the room.

Hah... did Mika try to get rid of me? He laughed. Am I too sensible for her team of wackjobs? Well, it's not like this little ditch job is going to deter me any; I have the damn briefing, I know exactly where they're going.

He brought a pokeball from his belt and enlarged it. I.. wonder where they are now? he thought, casually lobbing the ball to the floor to release a Sneasel.

<Yo!> Lash yawned, stretching his claws. <Why the early wake up call..?>

"Mika was in here a little while ago, now she decided to play hide and go seek with me. Do you know where she might be?"

<Uh.. sure. I'll see what I can do.> Lash yawned again and began to look around. After a while, he stood up straight. <Argh. There are waay too many smells in here. There must have been at least 6 pokemon in here, in addition to 6 people. I can't pick out that one trail specifically. Sorry.> Lash shrugged and sat down on the seat.

"Whatever. If she wants to play her little games with me, let her. I don't have time for this-" Blue was cut off by a sudden jerk and another polite announcement over the loud speakers.

Please take your seats, please. We'll be stopping at Goldenrod station momentarily.


The car came to a halt, and Blue and Lash were shuffled off the train like mareep. Heading south along the main boulevard, they eventually made it to the Pokemon Center quite uneventfully. As the sliding doors of the Center opened, a blanket of warm air covered them and raised their spirits along with the temperature. In fact, when Blue saw someone sulking around, he was almost glad to see them. She was one of the few people in the room, but there was something a little bit different about her. He made his way over to where she was and as soon as he got within close proximity, he knew. She was one of Kain's. It was the eyes. He flashed her a curt nod.

"I'm assuming that you're a buddy of Mika's.." he glanced once more at her eyes and shuddered. "..and Kain's."

March 24th, 2008, 11:16 PM
Asylum strolled down the street, staring blankly skyward and bumping into whoever he felt no desire to avoid. Whether he was deep in thought or had emptied his mind almost entirely, no one could quite decipher. Oneiro and Somnio always could, naturally, but never found cause to tell anyone. The purple-haired boy's dim eyes never seemed to focus on a single point, but slowly roved about as though he was constantly forgetting to hold his eyes still. Then, pausing in front of a store for the third time in two blocks, Asylum turned and gazed at its window.

"What now?" Oneiro asked, its tone simultaneously edging on interest and impatience. When it received no answer, the Solrock began to look about. Before long, its gaze found Aza. Sy, someone's--

--The redhead, right?

Yes. Her emotions at the moment seem unsure and unpleasant, but I do sense that she is focusing on you. How did you know--

--Reflection. Store window. What else can you tell me about her?

Holding a Pokenav, maybe green eyes. She feels almost familiar. Perhaps she is a teammate?

Or an enemy. Or no one to us at all. But we'll find that out soon enough. Any sign of our nutjob of a boss?


Then let's meet our secret admirer. Before Oneiro could reply, Asylum straightened and turned toward the Pokemon Center.

As he crossed the street, Asylum's eyes tracked someone familiar entering the center and approaching the person in question. That one . . . Blue, right? And he has a Sneasel.

He's talking to the girl. Does he know her?

The trainer mentally shrugged in reply, then sauntered through the PokeCenter's front doors. Without a word, he walked directly toward Aza, stopping directly in front of her so that he almost seemed to stand over her. For a moment he looked down at her--his eyes too dull to be piercing and too expressionless to break the awkwardness. Finally, he spoke. "Hey."

Alter Ego
April 13th, 2008, 3:09 AM
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Ahem, anyway...


Despite what awaited her, Sera was in high spirits as she made her way towards the pokémon center, even deigning to give a grimace vaguely resemblant of a smile to a passerby. Her situation was still far from secure, especially since what she had already done already amounted to an open act of treason against the team, but to her mind, it was well worth it now that she knew that Cyril was in her corner again. Her older brother had always come through for her, against odds that had - at the time - seemed far more intimidating than these, and she was confident that he would do so again. And when he did...the girl's smile briefly contorted into a vicious smirk, well...that green-haired witch would learn that she had picked precisely the wrong person to blackmail. Cyril had never responded kindly to threats to his own person, but threats to his baby sister earned a level of retribution far deeper than even that. Oh yes, Mika would be sorry.

As she stepped into the pokémon center lobby, her previous confidence fully returned, the redhead was fully prepared for the inevitable war of words with her supposed 'superior'. Much to her dismay, however, the deluded girlchild was nowhere to be seen, despite Sera having come in with at least a few minutes to spare. After a quick glance, the girl spotted some familiar faces, however; the two most tolerable males from the train, no less. They both seemed to be unusually fascinated with a red-haired reed of a girl sitting in the corner. Sera scoffed at the sight, experiencing a strong urge to mumble something along the lines of 'boys'. The lot of them were wanted criminals walking around in broad daylight, on a mission that was supposedly poised to determine the fate of the world, no less, and these two were trying to pick up chicks? Sure, she supposed that this type of behavior could be expected from Blue, but Asylum too? She had honestly thought the boy...beyond that, somehow. But then, the whole strong, silent type thing might just have been an act cultivated for this particular reason.

Donning the disapproving expression shared by all who witnessed others get the kind of attention that they claimed not to want for themselves but which they expected nonetheless, the redhead strode over to her teammates, cutting into the conversation with a brisk tone of voice.

"Oy, casanova squad." she called, "If I ain't interruptin' yer babe watchin' too badly, have ya seen the wicked witch around here?" she cast a disapproving glance at her watch, "For all her stressin' on the meetin' times she seems to have missed her own."

May 12th, 2008, 8:01 PM
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Before he could receive a reply from Aza, Asylum heard a familiar set of footsteps approaching, followed by an unmistakable loud voice. Asylum did not look at Sera as she spoke, but rather slid his dull eyes half way toward Blue, as though asking if he was planning to answer the question. Though the girl seemed rather displeased, she also appeared unaware that she had been tailed for most of the day. In theory, this should have been a positive point from Asylum's point of view, but following someone for several hours had made him even less appreciative of their presence and of their doing something to incite energy expenditure from him. And while entering the Pokemon Center had provided a welcome dimming of if the city noises--albeit partially replacing them with the humming of machines and new voices--it had not made Asylum any more favorably disposed toward being polite or amiable. I don't feel like talking . . . Why don't you talk to her, Oneiro?

You know I can't speak.

But I always thought you should learn. Go ahead. I believe in you.

Had it had movable eyes, the Solrock would have been rolling them. You shouldn't be so difficult. Answer Sera's question. Then, after a moment of thought, "And look at her while you speak."

If I had a mother, I imagine she'd never find a way to nag as much as you.

Still not looking at Sera, Asylum instead made a slight gesture in Aza's direction using a nod of his head. His reply to Sera's complaint/inquiry was brief. "Ask her."

July 31st, 2008, 6:12 AM
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