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July 31st, 2007, 2:16 PM
Welcome to the Elemental Battledome!

Rules of the Elemental Battledome

Warriors from acroos the land have come to fight at the Elemental Battledome! You are one of the choosen warriors who may enter the Battledome. The contestants will be pitted against creatures gathered all acorss the land, mutations you've never even dreamed of. The winners of these matches will get to choose to advance in the Battledome, or take the Title they just earned by defeating the enemy. The winner of each tier will recieve a new weapon of mystical sorts, and the title of tier champ! Of course, all tier champs will get the option to continu to the finals were all the tier champs stand off.

History of The Battledome

The Elemental Battledome was built long ago by a ancient people who traveled from country to country Building great wonders. Many workers were killed during the making of the Battledome due to the large amount of creatures and construction related accidents. When it was finished, the creator had a death match with a challenger. The challenger lost, and it says his soul still haunts the Battledome. In fact, it is belevied that the ancient people were an evil race and built the Battledome to syphon souls. Any warrior that falls here has there soul for ever taken into the Battledome.

Now for the part were we start playing!


Light Tier- This tier will be for small time fighters and smaller monsters to match. The winner of this tier recives a golden bow made by one of the builders of the Battledome, it is said to have special powers relating to lightning.

Medium Tier- This tier is for more high-class fighters and for monsters that know how to fend for themselves. The winner of this tier recieves a sword that has the same soul syphoning that the Battledome itself has, any mortal killed by this sword adds to it's power.

Ultimate Tier- This tier is only for top-skill warriors and have to pass an exam of pyshical and mental endurance to be accpeted. This tier will host some of the nastiest creatures, Abomanations, Demons, anything that is tough enough to make a man cry. The winner of this tier will reciecve an axe made out of solid gold, it seems to have some relation with the origanl leader of the Evil people.


Of course this wouldn't be an Elemental Battledome without elements. Every contestan is required to have at least one of the elements mastered from the list below:

Bone: With this element you can manipulate your own bones to make weaponry such as swords. A true master of this element is also able to manipulate others bones.

Steel: This element allows the controler to use steel to encase the user in a thick steel coat, or to barrage the enemy with steel pieces. A master of this element can make bullets and shape weaponry out of steel.

Sand: An unusual element that allows the user to use sand to his/her advantage, although a shortome is that if no sand is present, this element can not work. A master of this element can make sand into different forms i.e. a bird, a dragon.

Sound: A hard element to master sound is effective none the less, it can be used to cripple the ears of enemies and make them un-balanced due to the lack of hearing. A master of this element can make solid cutting waves out of sound.

Time: This element is only used by powerful people. The user has the abilty to stop time. A master of this element can not only stop time, but alter it, and skip through to the future.

Mist: This is a helpful element to mix with others, the user is able to create a thick mist in which only the user can see in. A master of this element can turn mist into searing acid or flames onto the oppenent.

Nature: With this element, the user is able to bend trees and wildlife to there every whim. A master of this element can call forth the wrath of nature to destroy oppenents.


For those not willing to master an element, they can still enter by mastering one of these elements.

Puppetry: The user can make and effectivly use puppets in battle against an oppenent. Although an odd profession, Puppetiers can use puppets for all kinds of situations.

Mechanic: A mechanic can make all sorts of things to use in battle, such as make a mechanical beast to use, or make mechanical animals that explode on impact.

Alchemist: Alchemist's can use and effciently make poison to use in combat. Some of these poisons can be deadly and burn the skin like acid, or explode when touching the skin. A master of this skill can effictivly make potions out of the simplest things, even in battle.

Demonolgy: This profession allows the user to summon powerful demons to fight and kill the oppenent. A master of this technique can summon much more different demons and definatly more powerful ones.

Hunter: These men and women have the ability to capture creatures, and effictivly use them in battle. The higher the skill level of the user, the bigger and badder the creature you can catch.

Weapon Mastery: This isn't a real profession, but some could call it one. This profession is only having a basic mastery in a weapon, such as an axe, sword, or bow. A master of this profession can handle enchanted weapons in battle.

Gunner: Recent discovery in guns made it possible for folk to specialze in these new mechanical bows. A master of this profession can hit a bullseye 100/100 times and can use and invent bigger and better weaponry.

Sign-up Sheet

Character Sign Up
Charcter Name:
Charcter Gender:
Description: (keep in mind this means what they look like etc.)
Element/Profession: (NOTE: can have more then one of these, i woudn't go crazy with it though, also, just because one person picked the element/profession you wanted DOESN'T MEAN YOU CAN'T have the same one)
Extra: (age, family, etc.

Will be taking some where around 5-9 RPers, and ill take late entries if you don't get in on time,

Since i'm the creator, i think i'll make a sign-up.

Character Sign Up

Charcter Name: Kimimaro
Charcter Gender: Male

Description: Kimimaro often wears a white robe along with loose fitting pants. He has big green eyes that he usually covers up with sunglasses. He has long bony arms and legs and has sort of a hunch, which can sometimes be a set-back. He has short black hair,which he combs back when ever he gets the chance to.

History: Kimimaro was born from a family that like violence. His father was a soldier and his mother was killed in a village raid. He has no siblings, but has an uncle that he usually stays with. In his early years, Kimimaro seemed to have a fond relation with making things and seeing how things worked. His uncle noted this, and one day told Kimimaro to start as a mechanic. So Kimimaro was offically elegible for the Light Tier in the Elemental Battledome.

Personality: Kimimaro is often laid back and would rather sit around and nap then master and learn more about mechanics. Although this would make it seem like he is worthless in battle, he already has mastered mechanics, being able to make numerous things. In battle, he's oppositly rash and doesn't hesitate to deliver the final blow if needed.

Element/Profession: Mechanic/Demonolgy

Extra: Age 13, he seems to have mastered his professions at a young age, but he still has much more knowledge and wisdom to gain.

Alright, still taking entries ^.^

July 31st, 2007, 5:16 PM
Yes, but please don't double post. There's an edit button you can use.

July 31st, 2007, 7:15 PM
This looks pretty interesting.

Character Name: Yukina Alvera

Character Gender: Female

Description: Standing at only slightly taller than average, Yukina is a fair girl with hard, sandy eyes and long brown hair tied up in a high ponytail. She dresses in clothes that are easy to move in but still provide protection. Usually a hard leather top with breast and shoulder plate, a belt, and white shorts make up the bulk of her outfit. High boots and black and white gauntlets protect her legs and arms up to the knees and elbows. Over everything is a white cloak and beneath her armor is a short top and shorts mainly as a precaution.

History: Yukina is the eldest of three sisters and was trained from a fairly young age to develop her control of the Sound element. As a child she was able to cause a slight change in sound frequencies which she did just to annoy her parents and sisters. Her parents, neither interested in her pranks but pleased with her ability, told her to train hard and her father made sure she did. With this she became eligible for the Light Tier and a place in the Battledome.

Personality: Yukina seems to be a friendly and cheerful girl on ordinary days. She's perfectly happy to hang out with a friend or do errands and just live an ordinary life. When training or during a battle, however, she denounces all ties of friendship and her hard eyes become cold and heartless. She fights as though her life was on the line and will only regret her actions hours after the battle is over. She works very hard to keep her heart out of all serious matters but has never quite managed to take off the kid gloves when sparing against her youngest sister.

Element/Profession: Sound/Weapon Mastery (Twin daggers)

Extra: Her sisters are Erai and Chian Alvera.

July 31st, 2007, 8:15 PM
I'm finally going to try out for an elemental RP.WoW.First time for everything.

Charcter Name: Vivian Wheschester
Charcter Gender: Female
Description: Vivian is as she defines,"short" and is said to be skinny from neck to toes.For that matter,she has blonde-white hair reaching down to the backs of her knees.She wears a black short sleeved T-Shirt with a long sleeved black shirt.Also on her arm,she is sporting a,as she calls it,"arm ring"(see my avatar,shes wearing it on her arm)As for bottoms,she wears black denim shorts,with a matching "leg ring" just above her knee.lastly,she is wearing yellow lae-up tennis shoes.

History:Vivian was born in Big Sky Country-Montanna,but her family moved to Texas when she was 5.She has always had an intrest in animals,which explains her three cats,one(Daisy,a mixed breed) did,making a big impact in her live,making her parents move to a diffrent state(they decided on Ohio)so she could get away from the death site.Thats pretty much it.

Personality:Though she is a,as she calls it,"tomboy,she will do stupid things also.And trust me.She does not like it when you make fun of her.Even trying to calm her down is hard when shes all rared and ready to go.On a lighter note,she will show kindness and enjoyment when around friends and family,making her almost have two sides of personality.

Element/Profession:She has trained ecspecially hard in the art of the Sound element,making it her top element.Her other mastered,though less evective,element is Steel,making Sound a strategy and Steel her real fighting force.

Sisters: Cheryl,age 12
Tracey,age 15

Darren,age 13

She has two cats:
Beige,age 3
Beatnick,age 2

August 1st, 2007, 5:00 AM
You've both been accepted, manaphy, do the cats help you in battle or what?

UPDATE: Four new professions, and three new elements! Feel free to switch around your sign-up sheets if you like!

August 1st, 2007, 6:00 AM
Thanks. ^_^ I gave my profile a very slight update by adding Weapon Mastery and twin daggers. Is that all right?

August 1st, 2007, 6:02 AM
Of course it's alright! Both of your sign-ups are good, but manaphy, this isn't set in modern time, this is set some where before the middle ages when there are still villages and no tyranny.

August 1st, 2007, 6:19 AM
OoC: First non-Pokemon RP. My character has a weapon as well as his element, if this is a problem, I can change it
Burkas are large felt Russian military coats, adopted by the Russian cavalry in the late 1800s, but they were around since at least the early middle ages, but not in common usage.

Character Name: Fens Ehtni

Character Gender: Male

Description: Fens is 6’0 on the dot, and weighs around 115 pounds. He has a rather angular face, with a sharp chin, and very shallow nose. His eyes are a deep gray, with blue tints around the edges, which are framed by his pale blond eyebrows, which he uses to express a lot of his emotion. He has just-longer-than-shoulder length hair of the same color, which he never even tries to get out of his eyes, letting it fall where it does. He has rather thin lips, and his oddly pointed teeth are barely covered by them. His canine teeth were removed many years ago, and have been replaced with slightly elongated silver false ones, which glint when he smiles.His pale and clammy skin tone are somewhat off putting, and the excessive amounts of jewelery he wears that clunk around his hands add to his somewhat strange appearance. On each of his fingers there is at least one ring, and on his left wrist he wears a silver bracelet, adorned with charms and trinkets from all over the world. He almost always wears a huge gray Burka, which makes him look a lot more bulky and intimidating than he really is. He wears loose fitting brown fur trousers, which look like they could make you feel warm in the Arctic. On his feet, he wears what appear to be traditional sandals, but instead of the usual wooden heels, there are inflated cushions, to absorb shock better. Overall he is quite a strange looking man, and people are somewhat put off by his appearance.

History: (I don’t know where this is set, so I am assuming Earth for the moment) Fens was born and raised in Northern Russia to a farming community. He always hated farming, and never understands people when they go on about the beauty of nature. He left his home at an early age, and explored his home country extensively, visiting all the major cities, and trekking across much of Siberia. Cold weather has always suited him best, and he lived in a coastal town for many years, as the har that rolled in off the sea only added to his ability. He has tried quite a few professions, mostly self employed; from bounty hunter to detective, he has always had a knack for finding things. He has always loved his ability to manipulate and create mist, as it allows him to not only shield himself effectively without the need for bulky armor, it also aids him in making dramatic entrances, acting like a smoke machine. He received a letter from some government official stating that he was in fact eligible for the Light Tier of the world famous Elemental Battledome, and he had accepted before even drawing breath.

Personality: Despite his appearance, he is a pleasant individual to those that treat him pleasantly. He makes it clear if he does not like you, and is loyal to people that he respects. He is a fan of mind games and confusing others, which is no doubt, in part, thanks to his Elemental abilities. Despite his friendliness, social situations are not his forte, and he is a spectacular failure with the opposite sex, seeing them as almost a different species to himself. During battle he is as quiet as he can be, and his movements and actions are planned and oddly graceful despite his bulky clothing. He plans things carefully, and means everything he says and does.

Element/Profession: Mist, he also carries a crossbow, but would certainly not consider himself a weapons master.

Extra: He is 22 years of age, and an only child. Both of his parents have never really supported him, and would much rather he didn’t battle. I wasn't sure if this went under personality or not, but he has a long term memory problem, and the charm bracelet he wears acts as a memory aid.

August 1st, 2007, 6:22 AM
Accepted and yes, it is set on earth but before the middle ages. It's cool for him to carry a crossbow without weapon mastery, welcome aborad!

Also, if anyone has ideas about elements/professions let me know and i might add it.

And what does OOC stand for o_o sorry, i know im a noob.

August 1st, 2007, 9:00 AM
Cats: No

OCC: Out of Charecter

thank You for accepting me..

August 1st, 2007, 9:02 AM
Of course, i basically now you know anyways. Still open for more people, we'll take about 3-5 more!

August 1st, 2007, 12:59 PM
Yay! I'm not grounded anymore, so I can keep up with roleplays! Awritty, I'll play as a male then, it might be fun XD

Charcter Name: Kouya Satoi
Charcter Gender: Male
Description: Kouya wears jeans so baggy, they need to be held up with a large belt. His shirt is a plain dark blue t-shirt. He wears a black sleeveless jacket over his shirt, are rarely ever removes it. His hair is about an inch long, light brown, and messy. He also has a small video camera hanging from his neck on a lanyard, which he pulls out to record things. The camera is about 3 inches long, and a half inch wide with a video screen that flips out. It's silver with black lettering.
History: Kouya led a normal life up until he turned 10, and became infatuated with the news lady in his town. He then, decided he would be a news reporter, and got a little too exited about it. He bought an extremely expensive video camera that was small enough to carry around his neck everywhere he went. He didn't have any brothers or sisters growing up, so he's a little selfish, but he knows when it's time to stop.
Personality: Kouya is a generally nice person. He says some things that are mean without knowing what he said was offensive. Kouya loves to pull out his camera at bad times, and record things he knows he shouldn't be. He can be perverted at times, but that's one of his smaller aspects. He's got a dry sense of humor, and is extremely sarcastic, even when he's not trying to be. He has a bad habit of taking things to the next level, and creating drama that had no need of being there.
Element/Profession: Steel. Kouya likes to show off by making bullets, and sending them flying at the enemy, as if shot from a gun. He carries a dagger, which is tucked into his belt. He will occasionally smack someone with his camera as well.
Extra: Kouya LOVES his camera and won't allow anyone touching privileges. He is 16 years old, and stands at about 5"8'. He lost contact with his family a couple years back.

Seriously, if there's anything I need to add in, just tell me. Kouya's a character I use frequently in my stories, so if he's not good enough, just let me know ^^

August 1st, 2007, 3:28 PM
Accepted welcome to the RP~!

Plus i updated my sign-up, so i'll be summoning cybernetic demons from now on~!

Contact me for Questions/Comments/Concerns about my RP/Sign-up~!

August 2nd, 2007, 9:06 AM
Just to let all the members know of this RP, Kimimaro left me in charge of the Battledome due to his banning, please direct all questions to me please.

August 4th, 2007, 6:18 AM
Aw D:

So when do we start? I think there's enough people here.

August 8th, 2007, 4:55 AM
Hmmmm... good question, i'll start as soon as we have one more member active, does that sound cool?

August 25th, 2007, 6:02 AM
Alright, well im back, id like to start when ever someone posts again

August 25th, 2007, 10:42 AM
I'm ready, it's your thred, so you should start.

August 26th, 2007, 6:46 PM
Alright without further a due, let the battledome begin.

As Kimimaro walked out of the village he said his final good-byes and set off to compete in the Elemental Battledome. "Wow, this is gunna' be great!" he said exhilarated. Trekking through the forest he could already see the Battledome looming over the forest he was in. He could hear explosions going off in that direction and started to jog at a mild pace. "I sure wouldn't want to miss any action" he thought as he picked up the jog to a run. The explosions became louder and the run became a sprint. He barreled out into a big opening, seeing the entrance to the Elemental Battledome. A banner was hung around the entrance reading, "Welcome all contestants!". Kimimaro ran in just to see the end of a fight between a Hunter and a Nature specialast. The hunter had a pack of wolves surronding the Nature elemental, while at the same time the hunter was snared unable to give orders. The nature elemental snapped his fingers and the branches crushed the Hunter. "Oh, it looks like Kamsheek the Nature elemental has won the match!" there was a loud cheer of the audience, Kamsheek was obviously a crowd favorite. Kimimaro located a sign-up sheet and wrote his name down under the light tier section. The enlister looked Kimimaro up and down, then laughed. "A scrawny kid like you ain't gunna' last 5 seconds in the arena." he chuckled some more. But this stopped once he saw that Kimimaro was drawing a symbol on the ground. "Rise mechanical Hell dog!". Sure enough a 3-headed mechanical dog sprung up. The audience looked his way, then cheered at the sight. Kimimaro immeadtly regretted this and quickly un-sommuned the dog. The enlister looked at Kimimaro with shock as Kimimaro grinned at the thought of being a crowd favorite. "Heh, this is gunna' be more fun then i thought" he thought as he walked to the waiting lounge.

Anyone else can start as soon as they like.

August 31st, 2007, 6:06 PM
"Showing off at the slightest provocation will be your downfall, Mechanic," said a soft voice from just inside the door. The cool voice came from a girl, perhaps the same age as Kimimaro. A simple white cloak made up her attire and her eyes, sandy brown in color when visible, were closed in a lazy sort of way. She was leaning against the wall with her arms crossed and a calm smile playing across her lips.

There was a moment of silence while the girl appeared to contemplate the back of her own eyelids. Then she stood straight and opened her eyes, giving the new arrival and swift look over. She took in his slim appearance and her smile became more pronounced. "Well, you certainly don't look the Mechanic type. Still, I'm not one to judge, am I? I've never met a one who is successful in that skill."

OOC: Sorry for the short entrance but I couldn't think of what else to type. ^^;

September 3rd, 2007, 12:38 PM
"Yeah I've been doing it for like, as long as i can remember." Kimimaro said as he brushed dirt off his shoulders. "It seems that I'm going to have to earn my respect around this place, well anyways, see you later." Kimimaro said as he lazily went to the back-room. Kimimaro entered to see a big crowd of big mean looking guys. He also saw Kamsheek sitting in the corner. "Good fight out there." he said passivly to Kamsheek. He just sat there and grunted, not fully achknowlidging him. Kimimaro found an empty seat and waited for the announcments for the next fight. Kimimaro waited and waited until finally, his preliminary match was starting. He was facing off to a Steel Elemental. They bowed and then the prompter said the magic words, "Begin." Automatically Kimimaro sent out a swarm of mech-ants which swarmed towrd the oppenent. The Steel Elemental easily crushed the ants with the flick of his wrist, but that was all the time Kimimaro needed. "Summoning Technique, Demon Realese!" an 8-foot tall demon sprung up amidst flames and started stalking the Elemental. He tried using his steel but it was useless as the flaming hot fire that surronded the demon melted the steel. "Let me do you a favor and end this match quickly" Kimimaro said as hecommanded the demon. "Alright finish him." That was all the demon needed before he easily stomped on the Elemtnals head then sent him rippling through the air into the top of the Battledome. The ddemon sprang up and jabbed the Elemental repeatdly with his horns. The Elemental died soon after the matches end. "Well, looks like this is going to be easier then i thought." he said as he looked towards the Arena as he walked off.

September 4th, 2007, 6:02 PM
From the shadows of the waiting area, Yukina's sandy eyes flashed amusement. A cold and rather nonchalant smile played at the corners of her mouth. One hand waved lazily through the air in a seemingly random pattern while the other rested at her waist. She showed no sign of surprise at the young Mechanics swift and apparently easy win. Instead she looked rather as one who has just witnessed two children swinging wooden swords around and shouting about their "strength".

"Perhaps he is not as petty as he appears," her glance pierced the edge of the arena, "but that doesn't count for much."

The voice of the referee called across the arena, announcing the next match. Not a flicker or a jolt passed through Yukina as the sound of her own name as well as that of an unknown opponent caused a roar of approval from the crowd.

A cocky girl, several years older than Yukina by appearance, stepped onto the field as Yukina herself walked calmly to her position. The girl she faced had midnight colored hair cut short and eyes of such a bright blue it was almost blinding. Her dress was not too dissimilar from Yukina's though of a pale blue and white material.

The match began a second later. As soon as it did a thick mist swirled around Yukina and her opponent. In a moment all sight was lost to the Sound Elemental. The sound of the crowd also seemed to dim slightly. The girl Yukina was fighting gave a soft laugh that sounded very loud to the Elemental. As soon as the mist had begun to set in, Yukina had twisted the sound waves around her and locked onto her opponent with her ears.

Mist was a barrier only to the eyes; it had no effect on sound. This made it incredibly easy for Yukina to determine exactly where the other girl was and prepare for an attack. Rather than take advantage of some of the other powers available to a Mist Elemental, the overconfident girl chose to move in with a longsword for a quick kill. The move failed, terribly.

Yukina, sandy eyes closed, crouched to avoid the blow while removing two daggers from her belt at the same time. An invisible wave of sound knocked the longsword away as the girl attempted a downward slice and in the same instant Yukina crossed the daggers in a quick slash over the girl's chest.

With a cry she fell back and stumbled. The mist surrounding them suddenly grew hot like flames but it was too late. Without a smirk or a gloat, Yukina leapt forward, sending another wave of sound hurtling at her opponent and knocking her to the ground. A moment later the Sound Elemental was kneeling over her with both blades against the girl's throat.

"Live or die. Ten seconds to choose."

The girl's unnaturally bright eyes gazed at Yukina for a moment, then she closed them and whispered, "Live."

The match was over and the mist cleared. The crowd cheered as Yukina stood and placed both daggers back at her waist and walked calmly back to the waiting area.

OOC: Much better lengthwise. :P

September 15th, 2007, 1:31 PM
Character Sign Up

Charcter Name: Belle Celesse
Charcter Gender: Female

Description: Belle has light brown hair that reaches mid way to her back. It is normally placed in a braid and has bangs covering each side of her face.. She has steel armor twisted around her arms leaving only her fingers visible to call forth her demons , and also steel plates around the chest area and waist area. She wears a blue skirt with black lining that is visible just below the armor she wears. Belle wears bandages over her stomach,legs and all other areas not covered with armor besides her face. She is a very short girl who is no taller than 5'2.. She has dark blue eyes and black stub earrings at the top of her ears. She wears black and gray combat boots with spikes on the bottom. Belle is a normal sized ( neither big nor skinny ) girl. She has golden light skin and wears a mask to cover half of her face. She also uses her mask to prevent poisons from getting into her system. Belle also wears a black choker around her neck.

History: Belle lives with her father and brother. Because of this she was always playing with her brothers and wasn't as fragile and petite as all the other girls in her village were. She often trained her brother and trianed herself in speed so that her legs would be able to move as fast as her attacks. This caused her to grow up as a rough girl who would not tolerate for weakness. After she got older her father had trained her in the element of steel. He had been a master of it for a long while but never used it because of the family he had to raise. Belle came across demonolgy on her own after travelling to another village for food. After her father had decided that she was strong enough he allowed her to go to the Light Tier and challenge it.

Personality: Though Belle is very open with her father and brother she is much colder to everyone else around her and prefers to stay out of things she's not interested in. She is normally a quiet person and doesn't like to talk. She is a very sneaky person and is overlooked all the time. Belle is actually a very carefree person but thinks it will interfere with her training and does not have any other ties with anyone except her village. She loves to train so much she can get caught up in it very quickly and end up making more damage than neccesary. Belle is a very curious person and tends to let her curiosity get the best of her. Even though she knows nothing good will come of it. She is known as a weird and invisible girl.

Element/Profession: Steel/Demonolgy
Extra: Age: 17 , Family: Father: 42 and Brother: 23

Hope I can still sign up.

September 17th, 2007, 3:57 PM
Yes the sign-up still is open, welcome a board.

October 8th, 2007, 6:14 PM
I'd like to have a profession within an element. If that's too much then I'll leave it at the element masteries, but i'll originally post with both, and edit if required. X)

Name: Vahn Shiklen
Gender: Male
Descripton:Vahn stands about 6 feet tall, give or take a few inches. He wears strapped leather boots that rise up to his shins which are black and red in color. To cover everything on his legs aside from his feet, he wears baggy cargo pants with chains and pockets hanging everywhere. Holding up his baggy pants is a leather belt finished with a oversized sterling silver belt buckle. Falling towards the belt he wears a grey muscle shirt which bounds his sculpted body from the overcoat he wears that drops down to his knees. The overcoat carries his katana, strapping the large sword to his back. The katana itself is quite a beauty, although almost all the time coated in sand, it was made by the finest blacksmith he knew, infusing the molten steel with sharp glass making the edge of the katana more deadly. Around his forehead Vahn wears a black bandana wrapped around his vibrant blue hair, spiked about two inches off his head.
History: Vahn was raised by mediocre parents that gambled and cheated. Being raised this way, Vahn had no correct perspective on life or manners at all and nobody in his town accepted him. Vahn knew this, he didn't even try to be accepted. The only reason he stayed there was because Vahn was extremely smart and always seemed to know what to do in times of crisis. Beause of that trait, even though they didn't except him, the town called him when nobody else knew what to do. Because he was always right. After his ninth birthday he left the town and contiued to train under his own disciplin in the desert that surrounded his town. Thus resulting in mastering the element of sand. He then continued to live in the village after he turned 16 and spent more years there until he was about 18 and a strange man calling himself a sensai came into the town wanting to train Vahn in the area of demons and the underworld. After a few days' consideration, he accepted and spent the next three years under the training of sensai jiraiya. He then returned to the town once again as a master of both sand and demons. Until he heard of the battledome, he spent the next three years living in the town, still not accepted by other people.
Personality: Vahn is very introversive and stoic. He normally does not like to interact with others, friendly or unfriendly. But, sometimes if you can catch him in a good mood, he's a pretty good guy. He's nice, funny, and always cares about ones who are close to him. No matter what, he'd put his life on the line for anyone he cares about deeply. Although he may be drawn back sometimes, he can come out and be more of the center of attention, becaus Vahn knows how to party when he wants to. And Vahn's never afraid to be shy around the lady friends.
Element: Sand, profession with demonology (i.e. can make demons out of sand, e.t.c.)

October 8th, 2007, 11:06 PM
Guess I'll take a crack at this as well... hehehe...

Character Sign Up
Character Name: Falor Rainheart
Character Gender: Male
Description: Falor's crimson red hair fall to a good eye length from his head partially concealing his azure eyes. He stands at about 5 feet and 8 inches. His casual attire is a sleeveless dark blue shirt and brown pants with a pair of brown shoes. A brown belt is buckled but hangs loosely from his waist to prevent restrained movements, and his body is outfitted with a thin alloy armor that has only a single shoulder guard on the right side. On both sides of his waist are sheaths containing his twin swords, Shooting Star. Tied around his forehead is a navy blue ribbon belonging to his sister Fia, who made it during her spare time sitting on her bed.
History: Falor's family is a family of knights. Both his parents were great knights who lost their lives in Falor's early years as a child(I'm thinking 6-9 years old). This left only Falor and his younger sister, Fia, to fend for themselves. Falor was in constant training every single day after his parents had died but he never neglected the safe-being of his younger sister. Fia was a sickly child who lacked the physical strength to do much but she always carried a strong heart. On a day of training, Fia suddenly became very ill, and Falor could do nothing to aid her but only fear for her death; however, a mysterious man appeared before Falor dressed in a deep sapphire colored cloak that concealed his face. He restored Fia to her original state and offered to teach Falor time magic. Falor did not know why the stranger was doing it but Falor gladly accepted. The stranger said afterwards, "Think of it as a favor for an old friend."
Personality: He has a drive to become the best knight ever known. He always likes a challenge and aims to win it. He tends to be a bit brash sometimes but is actually a kind-hearted fellow especially to women. It can be hard to persuade Falor from doing something reckless but you can be sure he will survive with more than just a few cuts and scratches. He enjoys conversing with others and talking about nonsense or rubbish. He also puts training on his top priority list and constantly trains day-in day-out but he has an even higher priority than that and it is, of course, his sister, Fia.
Element/Profession: Time/ Weapon Mastery: Twin swords- Shooting Star
Extra: Age:19
Fia: Falor's younger sister by 3 years. She has short crimson red hair like Falor but her eyes are a ruby red color. She can be seen in a long sleeved yellow shirt and navy blue skirt that reaches a length of her knees. She also has two clips that hold a part of her bangs to her hair to allow better visibility and she is always in white running shoes. Fia still lacks the physical strength of an average girl but her mental ability and magical powers are extremely capable. It's probably more powerful than Falor's magical powers. She was also taught time magic from the mysterious cloaked man who claims to be a friend of their parents.

October 24th, 2007, 4:23 PM
Wow, people actually posted. Your both accepted, start RPing as you please

October 25th, 2007, 6:05 PM
YAY!! Time to use my new characterrr~~~~

Name: Dansei Buraindo

Gender: Male

Appearance: Dansei is a tall, lanky young man with sandy brown hair, which is parted to the side and hangs over the left side of his face. He wears a pair of white shorts and a deep blue t-shirt with his clan's symbol on it in black, with a black mesh undershirt. He has bandages wrapped around both of his legs, starting under his knees, which wrap all the way down to (and cover) his toes, as he refuses to wear shoes. He also has bandages wrapped around his left thigh, along with his kunai pouch. He wears two belts -- one going across his waist normally, and one slanting downwards underneath the other. He also has a pair of white elbow-pad-esque SONAR sleeves around his elbows, and wears a white cloth over his eyes. In battle, he normally has trench knives equipped on his knuckles.

History: Dansei was born for the purpose of being an experiment, the purpose of which being to enhance the naked eye. Until he was of proper age, though, he could not undergo the developing treatment, and grew up training to be a ninja. When he turned twelve, the experiment was started on him. However, this experiment failed, resulting in the loss of Dansei's sight. As compensation, he was given his SONAR sleeves, which allowed him to keep on living as a ninja.

Personality: Dansei is generally very timid, refusing to speak to anyone he does not know. He is also very calm and thinks through the situation he's in before acting. Because of these two traits, most people believe him to be a sluggish-minded mute.

Element: Sound.

Extra: -Age 15
-Elaboration on SONAR sleeves: only allow Dansei to see as long as he's focusing his energy into them, otherwise he has to rely on his other senses. Even when he's focusing his energy into them, he can only put enough to process the vibrations coming from straight ahead and slightly to his side.
-Has an addiction to chocolate and pancakes.

October 27th, 2007, 6:14 PM
Yah yah, your in, you guys can start rping, im not really gunna start -waves hand dismissingly-

November 1st, 2007, 7:40 AM
Vahn walked through the gates of the village he used to live in and saw it was burned to ashes. He had been gone for another year of training with the sand, but he had no idea that this would happen. Walking around, he stepped over the smouldering rubble that used to be his house. God damn.. He thought to himself, looking over the ruins. He walked over to a corner of the desolation and picked up a half-charred portrait of himself and jiraiya. Right... well there isn't anything else for me here... He thought again; then he saw it. A flyer was posted up against one of the tiny walls still standing. It was an invitation to some sort of tournament called the Elemental BattleDome. "Huh.. people from around the world.. loads of different types of people and skills... I like it..." He said aloud to himself. Vahn kicked open the door that was being held up by to halves of wall on either side, looked back and smiled as he knew it wasnt necessary to open it. He continued out of the village until he was back in the vast desert surrounding it. Waving his hands in an evil, taunting motion, sand grains started to move around him and soon, there was a small sand tornado next to him forming what looked to be like a human with huge arms, no neck and seemed to have a very, very bad temper. "Si rithnoth vean sentho" Vahn chanted and the form sprang to life, walking next to him, as Vahn walked casually as if nothing had happened. "So Vahn, what's on the agenda this time?" The sand demon grunted. "Oh, you know, the usual... Walkin around... gettin some food.. findin fresh ass to kick." Vahn said and smiled with a devilish look in his eye. The demon chuckled. "This better be worth my time, I was having a very relaxing nap in the other rhelm." It said with a slightly joking tone. Vahn smiled again. "Nah, I just wanted some company for the long walk.. going to the Elemental BattleDome.. It should be interesting." Again the demon chuckled. "I hope so... I havnt had a good fight since last year when those soldiers came round." "Yeah, don't worry about it biggie" (biggie was the extremely obnoxious nickname vahn called the demon, which the demon didnt like, at all) Biggie cringed at the name. "We'll be there soon enough... then you can have some fun with some other kids that seem to be pleasing to us." Vahn winked and they both laughed.
So they walked and walked, having conversation about this and that, stopping at small villages...sometimes to gather food and rest, sometimes to terrorize. Sooner or later they reached the enourmous dome that looked like it was sprouting out of the ground.
"Here we are Biggie, our next fun time is in there." Biggie looked at it, smiled and disapeared into the sand, knowing if the others saw him, they would have an advantage. "Yup, this'll be interesting." Vahn said, smirking as he walked through the double doors leading into the Elemental Battledome

November 3rd, 2007, 6:57 AM
Hey- i hope its not too late to sign up =D
im new to these forums so if i do anything wrong then please tell me =D

Charactor Name: Xeno Phillips

Charactor Gender: Male

Description: A fairly tall Teenager, he has green eyes and Spiky black hair with blue tips. He wears loose jeans, a t-shirt and a black trenchcoat. He has dirty trainers and a silver chain necklace. He carries around a medium-length sword which glows when he pours magic into it (see below)

History: he was born and raised in a small village and learned from his parents medicines and some magical powers. Unfortunately his parents were killed by the enemy- they set fire to most of the village and his parents burned in the fire. This left xeno distraught. He has since dedicated all of his time in learning, practicing and perfecting the techniques of his chosen disciplines. He hides his emotions- even from himself, and has no problem killing, he has come to the Elemental battledome to prove himself and to gain the golden axe so as to help in his quest to avenge his family.

Personality: Xeno has a hard personality and will do anything. He spends several hours a day training with intense fury. He keeps himself to himself as much as possible and doesnt trust anyone. He used to be full of love but now, im not so sure. He seems cold and uninterested as he keeps his emotions close to his heart but if he found a true friend then im sure he would start to unraval. You need to prove yourself to him in his eyes before he would let you close to him- he has felt too much pain from losing loved ones and cannot bear that pain again.

Element/ Profession: Weapon Mastery, Demonology & Nature

Extra: he's 16 and i dont know what else- you'll find out when I start (if accepted)

Note (would it be possible to make a new element? it would be fire and i would manipulate it from my sword and use fire spells ect (it would replace my nature element)) thanks =D

November 7th, 2007, 7:10 PM
Looks good, but mind adding a little more to the personality, i didn't get much from it.

November 8th, 2007, 7:51 AM
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November 8th, 2007, 2:40 PM
Dansei ran as fast as he could towards the infamous Battledome, careful not to trip over random rocks. His feet were very sensitive, and he didn't deal very well with bleeding. Within a few minutes, he was standing in front of another set of doors, starting to focus energy into his SONAR sleeves. "Let's get this started," he muttered, kicking the doors open and walking inside at the same time as Vahn.

"Monsters... I wish there were something more civilized to fight," Dansei muttered. He "looked" around at the selection of beasts, grimacing. "Let's get this over with, then..."

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November 9th, 2007, 7:57 AM
are you talking about my character "Vahn" or some guy you made up?
and you gotta make your post longer... im not trying to be mean

November 9th, 2007, 8:08 AM
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And my post is perfectly fine, as a matter of fact. It meets the four line minimum, and there's nothing else I can really add to it except useless information that just makes my post harder to read.))

November 10th, 2007, 2:49 AM
Thanks For acceptin =D

Xeno Looked hard at the flyer infront of him... "The elemental Battledome - first prize a golden axe- said to once be owned by the leader of the evil people!"
He thought to himself how this axe would help him in his quest to avenge his family, but it could be a trap. Someone had managed to get this close to his hut and he hadn't noticed- could they be trusted? Was he ready?
He heard a soft rustling in the bushes near his hut- without thinking his sword seemed to appear in his hands.
"sShow yourself or feel my wrath" Xeno shouted in his deep, commanding voice.
"What are you going to do? We killed all of your family- and now we're going to kill you!"
Xeno shuddered at that voice, it was the same voice that he had heard on the night of his family's death's. Without another thought he twirled the sword above his head and swiped it in the direction of the voice, the inferno that appeared, almost like a whip, sliced through the air but was suddenly encountered by the most powerful sheild that Xeno had ever encoutered.
"Ha- is that the best you can do? ... Pathetic"
Xeno's eyes seemed to harden then he muttered a small encantation and thrust his sword in that direction- An incredible blast of power flew at them, it was once again met by that sheild, but this time the sheild wavered, and then dissapeared.
"He's more powerful than we thought- lets get out of here"
The sound seemed to recede into the distance, and as soon as they were out of range, Xeno sat on the floor breathing hard, he had never had to use a spell that powerful. He looked down at what was clutched in his hand. The Elemental Battledome Flyer.
"Im going to need that axe if i ever want to beat these guys."
Xeno Sheathed his sword, grabbed his pack out of his hut and then set off in the direction of the battledome.....

Was that alright? Ill add another post later.

November 10th, 2007, 3:21 PM
OOC: alright.. still not tryin to be mean.. no need to snap at me.. but we're fighting against "monsters" not each other.. If im right, and kimimaro correct me if im wrong, but I think we fight each other in the final teer, so if ya wanna edit your post.. something you make up should be a more difficult fight than me anyways. So yeah.. And i'm gonna fight now so this should be interesting.

IC: Walking through the double doors, Vahn felt a chilling presence as he looked around at all of the other contestants. Woah.. These guys look serious.. didn't think theyd all be this toned. He thought to himself, panning across the room. Then he saw the contest sheet, moved over to it and looked for his name. He was up against a kid name Varok, a fire elemental. Vahn chuckled, "A fire elemental? Ha.. Fire plus sand equals no fire." He lauhed again to himself. Vahn saw that it was gonna be a long wait until he was up, so he sat and waited...and waited...and waited. Finally his name was called and he walked through the doors to the 3rd arena where his match with Varok was. He walked out onto the floor and the crowd started booing. Huh this Varok guy must be popular among this crowd.. How sad. He walked further onto the arena and realized something was wrong. Vahn looked down at his feet. Oh crap...He thought as he saw the steel plated floor to the arena. No sand meant he was at a huge disadvantage. The bell rang and instantly Varok made a move throwing fire balls fiercely at Vahn. Jesus christ, this guy means business.. Vahn thought, running over to the wall, chanting an incantation. All of the sudden enourmous demon hands burst out of the wall, and Vahn jumped up on each one until he was high enough he was sure Varok couldnt reach him. Then he sat and thought for about 5 minutes, then he got an idea. Suddenly he jumped down off the hand falling all the way back to the bottom of the arena. Varok was smirking, thinking Vahn was an idiot. The fall wouldve surely killed him. Then, to Varok's suprise, the giant demon hands burst into millions and millions of grains of sand. As vahn was falling he whispered another chant and the sand flew from the hands to all around Vahn. Then vahn hit the floor and Varok laughed, as he thought he won the match. Varok started to walk off the match as sand shard flew at him at extremly high velocities. He put up a wall of fire, melting the sand into glass right in front of him, as they fell to the ground, shattering Varok turned around to see Vahn standing, doubled over, covered with layers and layers of sand, making him super tall, super strong and faster than he was before. He spead toward Varok at blinding speeds, fist ready to knock Varok into the next dimension. They made contact as Vahn blew Varok into the sky. Vahn jumped after him, giving him a kick throwing Varok towards the wall, then Vahn used the sand to move across the arena to get to the wall before Varok. Kicking off the wall, he sped towards Varok again, this time taking hold of his neck and kicking off the top of the arena, flying towards the ground still holding Varok's neck. Then they hit the ground and Varok was killed instantly. Vahn got up and chuckled, then left the arena, sand falling off him with every step. He walked into the waiting room again and stared at all the contestants mencaingly, challenging them. Then he walked out of the waiting room and headed up to his apartment that was in the dome.

November 10th, 2007, 5:45 PM
((Dang. I really gotta start paying attention to these tiny things....

Oh, and don't mean to sound like a Grammar Nazi, but for Pete's sake, people. Use paragraphs. Please. >>;;;; ))

An enormous gryfin roared, flapping it's wings furiously as it was released from its chains. It glared at Dansei, who simply stared back, reaching into his pocket and pulling out his trench knives. He slipped the blades over his knuckles and took a step backward, getting into his pre-battle stance, as usual.


Dansei leaped to the side, swinging his trench knives at the gryfin's wing as the beast charged past him. The gryfin immediately turned around with another roar, slashing at Dansei's leg. A thin stream of blood flowed down his left thigh as he retreated, resulting in Dansei's "vision" failing momentarily, as well as a long stream of curse words coming from the mouth of aforementioned ninja.

"Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique!" Dansei shouted, leaping into the air as he cycled through hand seals. He held his fist to his mouth and inhaled deeply, the gryfin letting out yet another roar. The ninja then exhaled, an enormous stream of fire bursting from his mouth. The stream fanned outward, engulfing just about the entire battlefield. However, the gryfin leapt into the air, unfurling its wings and soaring upward, away from the mass of fire.

Guess I'll just have to try a different jutsu...

"Fire Release: Fire Dragon Missile!"


A few minutes later, Dansei walked away from the arena, wrapping another set of bandages around his leg. He quickly put away his trench knives, breathing heavily. He was exhausted at this point, having used all his energy in maintaining his "vision". He subsequently leaned against one of the numerous pillars, smirking. The mess of burnt feathers, flesh and other assorted bodily materials was bound to be fun to clean up for the janitorial crew.

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November 19th, 2007, 7:54 AM
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Continuing from my last post....

As Kimimaro strode into the arena the Prompter looked at Kimimaro and Kamsheek. "Alright, lets get this match underway." The crowd cheered at the sight of Kimimaro. "Remember, this is a fight to the death, a contestant may forfeit the match by saying so, if there are no questions, begin!" Kamsheek charged at Kimimaro, symbols fully drawn on his arms. "Summon: Tree trunk arms!" As kamsheek dashed at Kimimaro with gigantic arms, the ground erupted as Kimimaro shouted, "Rise: Robo soldier!" As Kamsheek fought with the Robo soldier, Kimimaro was busy with drawing the complex markings to summon the Posseser, which in time, would Posess the soldier and make it into a demon soldier. As Kamsheek was about to deal the final blow to the soldier, Kimimaro shouted "Rise:Posseser!"

As pure shadow dripped into what remain of the soldier, it re-constructed itself and gained an aura of pure evil. "Now lets finish this, attack!" But Kamsheek wasn't going down without a fight, "Rise: Pure nature entity!" A giant living fighting tree rose, and the Demon soldier and the Tree fought. As they fought, Kimimaro secretly summoned a mechincal exploding beetle. It flew on jet-pack and landed on Kamsheeks back. "Goodbye Kamsheek, its been a pleasure." Before Kamsheek could contemplate the words, the beetle eruptted into a vortex of blueish green flames. Everything, but of course, Kimimaro, was sucked inside. As the dust subsided, the crowd went insane when they saw only Kimimaro. "Pity, i was really starting to enjoy that match, ah well." Kimimaro muttered as he sauntered off the field.

November 21st, 2007, 4:15 PM
OOC: I ain't doing anything... lol I'm getting yelled at for constructive criticism. I wasnt about to post again because I already posted my round and I'm waiting for everybody else.

IC: Vahn sat in his apartment rented out by the battledome, flicking specs of sand into the air, making it morph into different shapes. Man... this place sucks...He looked around at the dump of an apartment he sat in. Stained carpet, ratty couch. Why do I have to stay HERE in this place. He thought to himself, waiting for the next contestant to be announced over the P.A. horribly set up in the corner of the bedroom.

November 25th, 2007, 6:24 AM
OOC:AAIIIEEE! Guess I'll make my short entrance now... agh! Maybe the battle too...

Falor walked towards the so called Elemental Battledome direction with his knapsack in hand and his combat attire. He had always wanted to prove himself and now was the time to do. This Battledome will definitely be a challenge! Falor thought. He was fired up and ready to go.

After he had finished talking to himself, he realized that the battledome was before him. A large towering battledome made Falor feel small but nonetheless he was determined.

"To restore our name and order, I will win this ba-... AH! I'm gonna miss my match! Crap!" Falor almost stumbled as he sprinted towards the entrance. Opening the large double doors, Falor glanced around looking for the counter for entrees to confirm his name. A large bulletin stood by the counter not to far from the entrance and Falor had confirmed his name. He was also relieved to find that he wasn't as late as he thought. Giving a big sigh of relief, he scanned the sheet to find out that his match was up next. A voice from the large speaker had announced his name. 'Falor Rainheart... Falor Rainheart... report to the battle floor... Falor Rainheart... You're match is up next...'

Upon hearing his name, Falor bolted towards the battle floor... but he had forgotten to look at his opponent's info not to mention the name. I'm in for a load of crap... Falor thought. As he exited onto the waiting platform, a sound of silence echoed in the air. Everyone was watching intensely on the current battle. A summoner of trees against a summoner of robotic mechanoids or so it seemed but somehow it ended quit swiftly. The summoner of robots had created a small robotic insect of some sort that exploded on the back of his foe, who was too busy fighting the summoned robotic soldier. A truly intriguing battle it was. As the contestant left the stage, Falor's turn was up.

'Falor Rainheart... Falor Rainheart... Approach the battle grounds...' The announcer said. Falor jumped from the waiting platform without thinking of the height... and landed splat on the hard floor. The crowd bursted out laughing. As he picked himself up from the ground, the crowd started to quiet down because the challenger had appeared. "A water elemental!" the announcer shouted. "Aoiumi!" A beautiful girl enshrouded in a blue cloak appeared. She had gentle azure eyes and clear blue hair like water. Her skin was tender yet elegant. Falor had been captivated by her beauty. A sudden jolt from his left shoulder, however, had caused a searing pain that surged through him. A blade of water had pierced his arm rendering it incapable of battle. Falor only smiled.

"I am not a pervert now people!" Falor shouted to the crowd only to hear them snickering. Aoiumi also smiled back at him before conjuring more blades of clear water. Falor lunged at her while quickly spinning behind her, grabbed his right twin sword and stabbed her but as he noticed she wasn't grazed by it. She instead stabbed herself with an enlarged blade which pierced through without hurting her. Falor jumped back the moment he saw the blade appear which actually made him use his head this time.

"Chrnos Second Key: Stop Shade!" Falor shouted his incantation. The spell conjured a mystical space of time around him that froze time for a limited amount of time. Falor then quickly slashed Aoiumi constantly but no cuts were made. As he appeared out of his time shade, which was only half a second later, the cuts then took effect slashing her body everywhere which confused her greatly. To the spectators, it was as if Falor cut Aoiumi godly fast without moving from his place.

"A Time-User! It's been a while since I've seen one!" The announcer shouted out. Argh! That damned big mouth... Falor thought. Aoiumi seemed to be impervious to my slash attacks but she should have a weakness somewhere... Falor tried slashing, slicing, stabbing, and even smashing but it didn't work. He'd forgotten she was a water elemental. Damn... I don't have fire or lightning... gah!

"Big Brother! Try infusing time magic on your sword!" A voice shouted from the croud. A girl resembling Falor except his eye color waved and smiled at him.
"Fia?!?! What are you doing he- AH!" Falor shouted while dodging Aoiumi's Water Tower attack. Fia had come to watch Falor.
"Chrnos Fifth Key: Time Bind!" Falor quickly did what his sister asked infusing time magic on his sword. As he slashed at Aoiumi, her liquified body started to cease function. Falor's sword now froze which ever part of her he slashed at. Since she was now unable to move, Falor did his final incantation. "Chrnos Final Key: Gates of Time!" Falor shouted. A time dimension opened up and swallowed Aoiumi. Falor's gates of time traps anyone or anything in a dimension of stillness and he can call the same dimension he created with whatever is in there back if he wanted.

With a large sigh he exited out the battlefield and met with Fia.

"I thought I told you not to come..." Falor said giving her a shaking index finger.
"But I just helped you just now... can't I stay?" Fia said very enticingly.
"Oh alright... just don't bother anyone around here... they look a little stiff..." Falor commanded.
"Yes, Big Brother..." Fia said.
"What am I gonna do with her..."
OOC: Oh god... That was long... hahaha... I might just conjure Aoiumi back just for the heck of it... hehehe...

December 20th, 2007, 10:06 AM
Very Nice... Never can be to long..