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  • WTF why can't I see anything I'm typing. The frikkin background is black and so is the text. Anyway, sup, dook?
    I have some good and bad luck, heh. After tomorrow, my next isn't until the 23rd. But then I have one on the 24th, and another on the 25th. @_@
    I've always been good in Chemistry, and I liked it. XD

    Same with ComSci, though its been annoying, heh. My exam is tomorrow and I'm not worried at all. =D
    I failed fluid mechanics....yeah I hate Physics now. ^^

    And I'm not sure of what to do really. I started a ComSci minor, may do a Chemistry one as well. XD
    Not sure what that is. XD
    Knights of Round from Code Geass.

    And dude, I can't see what I'm typing, the typing box is black. x.x

    And whenever I can think of a plot.
    I began to hate the labs, Jeez....You ever have Subray in Materials Labs? He was horrible....

    Anyways I like how it is now. Much better than Engineering, XD. And no more fluid mechanics! =D
    It sure is.. and it's gonna get (better?) soon as we add more cool things.. PC will be fun again soon!
    Hiii, 22sa~ :D

    I love being able to send messages on here. XD It makes up for never talking to anyone on MSN...
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