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  • Giusto qualche giorno a fine luglio ma niente di che! Ti spiegherò meglio (magari anche di persona se riusciamo a trovare un momento?)
    Eh... un po' sì e un po' no, però sarà interessante ♥ mi sento molto cambiata io, magari vedrò casa con occhi diversi!
    Hello! :D
    Just a reminder that you need to post in the VPP obtain thread, as well. Otherwise we can't give you your Tag-Team VPP! :)
    Haha same here not much time these days to play.
    Animal crossing woahh sounds fun
    I've had a bit of experience with Dark souls

    The other games i play are usually jrpgs (Xenoblade etc) or Indie games, like Hollow Knight
    Hey, thanks! Just wanted a Christmas-y Mimikyu. ;w;

    Also, same goes for your profile picture! I've been lukewarm on Piplup lately, not gonna lie, but seeing your avatar reminds me of what I really like about it. It's so cute!
    My, 6'1 is quite impressive! Not too often do I meet girls even taller than I am! And yes, Pokémon Pearl was my first game, and Piplup was my very first starter as well, so it seems we have quite a lot in common! I was obsessed with Dawn and her Piplup, so it was an easy choice for me! <3
    Yes I am very looking forward to working with you as well! <33 and yes, I do tend to favour pastel colours, particularly pink, purple, and blue, as those are my favourite colours. Also, I gazed at your profile and read that you are a rather tall girl, which, I am as well. (I'm just shy of 6 foot) You know what they say, us tall girls need to stick together! <3 (I do believe Sam is tall as well, if I'm remembering correctly!) We are also born in the same year, as well, which is kind of cool as well! <3
    Hi love, thank you so much! Yours is phenomenal as well, the colour combination is fabulous and gives such a calming feel! <33
    About your signature: Is that an actual song written within those musical notes? I can't read music yet, but I will learn eventually.
    Beh, come puoi vedere... sono appena tornata e già sono piena di cose a cui pensare ;-; però si tira avanti, no? Se non altro, sono veramente euforica (cit) ancora adesso per avere amiche come te o quelle di cui ti ho parlato 😍
    Buone vacanze Angie! ♥
    So sorry for the late reply! I have been so disorganized lately as I juggle different things, and letting my profile messages pile up, but it's high time I get to answering, especially a message from a new friend! Thank you so much for your kind words on my profile, I kinda have no idea whether what I do looks good or not, I just usually get an idea based on a character or person I like or culture, time, place that is intrigues me at the moment and try to see if I can build a theme around it. If you say it's pretty good, and you're a girl who knows her colors then I guess I must be doing alright then :)

    Also your Animal Crossing Fan Club looks awesome! Good job. How has life been treating you lately? I thought I would ask because I know you have had business to take care of offline, and hope that things are getting a little easier for you each and everyday <3 Also thanks for the stunning water Pokemon art of Piplup, Goldeen and Milotic. I can't top that, but I can still find something that might bring you some cheer.



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