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  • So sorry for the late reply! I have been so disorganized lately as I juggle different things, and letting my profile messages pile up, but it's high time I get to answering, especially a message from a new friend! Thank you so much for your kind words on my profile, I kinda have no idea whether what I do looks good or not, I just usually get an idea based on a character or person I like or culture, time, place that is intrigues me at the moment and try to see if I can build a theme around it. If you say it's pretty good, and you're a girl who knows her colors then I guess I must be doing alright then :)

    Also your Animal Crossing Fan Club looks awesome! Good job. How has life been treating you lately? I thought I would ask because I know you have had business to take care of offline, and hope that things are getting a little easier for you each and everyday <3 Also thanks for the stunning water Pokemon art of Piplup, Goldeen and Milotic. I can't top that, but I can still find something that might bring you some cheer.



    Well one of the research tasks was to catch it without being spotted =p

    I'm progressing pretty slow through the game as I insist on Perfecting as many Dex entries as I can before going to the next area @_@
    Aside from the accursed 'See it leap out of trees objective'... ogawd I hate those, such a pain T^T Saving those for when I have Braviary as a mount =p

    Surely a Piplup connoiseur such as yourself grinded Piplup's Dex entry to 'Perfect' status? =3
    I grinded the entire line to Perfect yesterday lol
    Thank you for honoring me with your friend request, and a lovely picture. One good turn deserves another.

    I don't recall seeing this particular one, though I have seen several Glaceon pics with ice cream on them.

    You seen this one yet? Not particularly cute or anything, but it's a reference to a certain anime I guess =p

    Oddio... in bocca al lupo x2 per dopo ♥
    io ne ho piazzati molti direttamente al secondo appello perché il primo sarebbe tipo... adesso, ma i prof hanno finito le lezioni giusti giusti (e finire le lezioni per poi dare l'esame neanche una settimana dopo non mi pare normale sinceramente). Quindi... fine mese / inizio luglio sarà tosto...
    E non fare come me, riposati per davvero ♥
    Siamo proprio in quel momento dell'anno...
    non so esattamente come tu sia messa con gli esami (io ne ho dato uno già ieri e ne ho altri 4/5 da fare) ma in ogni caso, in bocca al lupo Angie ♥
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