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  • In a few years, Sky will get 100% of the rights so it will no longer be on Channel 4 and therefore no longer on any 'basic' or 'free' channels in the UK, so I'll have to watch on acestream from then onwards.

    Yeah, Hulk is one of my favourite drivers, I think he's one of the most underrated drivers because of his relative record to Perez. Hopefully Renault gives him a good car soon.
    That would be nice, unfortunately we're about to lose F1 on basic TV forever in a couple of years. :(

    Shame about Hulk, but I would never count out the possibility of him scoring a point or two.

    It's nice to have someone to talk to about F1, a few of my friends are casual fans but they don't watch every race and keep up with the news like I do. I've signed up for Discord, currently stalking the PC channel.
    Yeah, I remember reading a statistical analysis were drivers were ranked all-time by comparing teammate's results and Brundle somehow came back as the 33rd best driver of all time. That might overrate him a lot, but yeah he was a decent driver just not particularly successful.

    I think everyone who needs to use acestream has to deal with UK channels tbh. American ones have too many adverts and other countries obviously aren't that desirable for their coverage.
    Yeah, Sky's Hamilton bias has always annoyed me. I hate Sky anyway because their airing of the sport means I have to watch it on Ace Stream for half of the races, but it adds insult to injury that the coverage is so bad.

    I like everyone involved on Channel 4, even Steve Jones (the main presenter) who originally came off as kind of clueless about the sport, but he seems comfortable now.

    Brundle seems to know more than anyone about the sport, it's funny considering his lack of success as a driver.
    I hate almost everything about the Sky coverage except Brundle, I personally watch our Channel 4 coverage instead whenever possible. I'm a bit worried about Brundle, he had a heart attack last year and now he's been missing for two races due to illness, hopefully it's not a recurrence and it's something much less serious.

    I can't say I've ever noticed anything strange about his pronunciations to be honest, but then I have been used to hearing him talk about F1 since I was around eight.
    Another problem for Jolyon in practice, really crumbling under the pressure.

    Another weekend, another radio exchange with Kimi trying to find button procedures to help his car. Kimi seemed a lot more polite this time though. (Link)
    Renault announced they're not replacing Palmer with him mid-season so we will have to wait until 2018 for his re-introduction unfortunately.

    Halo already seeing problems as the FIA have had to increase the time limit on drivers getting out of the cockpit in safety tests.
    He was really quick as well, did very well with the BMW around 2008ish time. I always liked him, hopefully he completes his return.

    Yeah, Britain seems to be struggling to come through with good drivers since Hamilton. Di Resta has been the best for a while and even he was nothing special.
    Is Kubica a big figure in Poland or is F1 not so big there? I'm really hoping he can make a return, he's certainly linked to the right team because of how bad Palmer is doing.
    Absolutely, that's a big part of racing. You could even say Rosberg is only a champion because of Hamilton's misfortune at Malaysia last year.
    Or Halo could last five races like the Qualifying Knockout system. :P

    Haha, that's a remarkable race! It must be some feeling to win a race after thinking you had retired. The other podium sitters who actually did retire must have been feeling lucky too.
    I'm sure you will get the chance at some point, I know it's something I'll save up for if I can when I have an income.

    I think that crazy race is the last time a Frenchman won if I'm not mistaken, which is remarkable. I think the only race result I've seen like that was when Fisichella won in 2003, but of course on the day it was 'only' 2nd.
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