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  • Ah, that's a shame. :( I better get a job soon or I won't be going to any more either. Going to a race was definitely one off of my bucket list, but unfortunately it also added 'go to a race and actually pay for a seat' to my bucket list.

    What, really? I thought they were just playing to get a reduced rate from Liberty on paying for the race.

    Monaco is terrible as well as a race track, but the allure of it as a luxurious principality makes it glorious. I suppose it does provide more opportunities for crashes than most street circuits too. Does Azerbaijan count as a street circuit? I really enjoyed their race this year.
    Ah yes Hungary. So far Hungary is the only Grand Prix I've been to, how about you?

    Pls no street circuits, I turned on a Formula E race the other day and wondered how anyone could enjoy it on those tracks.

    I think Silverstone will stay, we'll always hear about how it's at risk, but it will never actually be at risk.

    I don't actually know much about Paul Ricard, and obviously I was too young for the races held there. Perhaps I'll do some quick research to see if any major ones took place there.
    I'm really excited about the French GP returning, one of the first races I remember watching was when Schumacher won the title at Magny Cours as our boy Kimi faltered in the final moments.

    It's also another accessible European track for me to watch a race in person. I'm not a big fan of Silverstone, so it's nice to have a lot of European options available. I suppose your closest races are in Germany & Austria?
    Haha, that sounds so wrong with a wink emoji after it. I'm sure Eruption will be gone whenever I get my next name change.

    He was good, but perhaps it's time for Gastly to have a chance at being good instead.
    Yeah, I originally liked Kvyat, but as soon as he got dropped from Red Bull he just never recovered. He's now thrown in danger to his just generally slow driving at the moment, so I wouldn't mind if he didn't have a place on the grid next year.

    I shall keep a note of it. Is aether like your universal name on the internet now?
    Ah cool, I'll have to look into it. Hopefully it runs better than Skype does on my laptop.

    I think Ferrari will get relatively slower as the season goes on unfortunately. It could end up being a pretty one sided title fight.

    Yeah, it might take some getting used to the aesthetic impact of having a huge shield around the cockpit, but I suppose it's all for the best if it improves driver safety. I am kind of worried that Kvyat says it reduces his visibility though, that has the potential to make it more dangerous.
    I know they'll take someone with experience, but since they don't seem to care about the constructor fight anyway I would love them to take on a rookie given the lack of space for new drivers at lower teams.

    Yeah, there was a lot of F1 discussion back in the day, maybe we'll have to invade the General Sports Chat at some point. :P I don't think I've even heard of Discord unfortunately, I presume it's a messenger app?
    Oh absolutely, that would be ideal. I think McLaren are stuck relying on Honda for the foreseeable future, Renault/Ferrari/Mercedes have no incentive to help McLaren at all unfortunately.

    I originally disliked Hamilton because he was a reckless driver in his first few seasons (like crashing into Raikkonen in the pitlane somehow) and obviously because in 2007 he was one of Kimi's tital rivals, but over the years I feel like he has developed this fake personality and never really says anything genuine. Being gifted some easy titles hasn't helped.

    I think Kimi's time has come. I would like him to go out with a win in Abu Dhabi (if that's still the last race this year) and then Leclerc or Giovinazzi come in to replace him.

    Yeah I love Ricciardo's constant beaming smile. The shoeys have kind of been ruined now though, it's like the episode of The Simpsons were Bart becomes the "I didn't do it" kid and everyone just wants him to do his catchphrase.
    Ah, we're very likeminded then. Raikkonen has been my favourite driver since I was like eight and Ricciardo is easily my second favourite after Rosberg retired. I'm looking forward to rooting for Ric after Raikkonen retires because it's been a dark few years as a Kimi fan. Who would you like to replace Kimi at Ferrari?

    I really dislike Hamilton, so Vettel easily, but he has became increasingly entitled this season. A lot of complaints to the stewards about nothing much at all (like vs. Verstappen at Silverstone). In an ideal world, Bottas would launch an insane comeback and beat both of them.
    Got any particular favourite drivers at the moment? Who are you backing in the Hamilton/Vettel championship fight?
    It certainly has been, between name changes and not coming on the site too frequently, it can be hard to keep up sometimes. I considered going back to Nuke to make things easier, but I kinda wasted my last name change on a passing obsession I had with Camerupt.

    Love the Senna theme, are you keeping up with F1 these days?
    it certainly didn't sound as intimidating as the v8 just before it, but it was definitely not lacking
    I have a feeling the first two would be more impressive with better audio quality; the latter two were pretty great
    Good to know! So what is even the premise of the game? Admittedly all I've really seen is the art for the game and she is sometimes scantedly dressed lol
    Thank you <3! Sorry for the late response to your wishes though :( Not on very often.
    even with headsets it's pretty loud

    it's only about 24 C, but that means in my apartment it's more like 30 C without the AC running when the computer is running.
    gonna listen to those later tonight when my AC is turned off; can't hear anything at my computer with it running
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